The Earth’s Rotation Is Slowing Down And Our Days Are Getting Longer

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

As the moon slowly pulls away from the Earth, our rotation is slowing down making our days longer.  Very slowly, we are adding more time to our year; about 1/75,000 second annually.

According to fresh calculations, a day on Earth was a full five hours and fifteen minutes shorter a billion or so years ago, well before complex life spread around the planet. According to the Guardian, that happens because the Earth’s rotation gradually winds down as the moon moves further away from the globe.

Writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Stephen Meyers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Alberto Malinverno at Columbia University in New York calculate that over the past 1.4 billion years the moon has drifted about 27, 340 miles (44,000 kilometers) from Earth to a distance of 238,855 miles (384,400 kilometers.)

Scientists used a combination of astronomical theory and geochemical signatures buried in ancient rocks to show that 1.4 billion years ago, the Earth turned a full revolution on its axis every 18 hours and 41 minutes. That number means that, on average, the length of the day on Earth has grown by approximately one 74 thousandths of a second per year since Precambrian times, a trend that is expected to continue for millions, if not billions, of years more.

Meyers and Malinvern set themselves the task of reconstructing changes in the distance between the Earth and the moon, and variations in Earth’s orbit, along with wobbles and tilts known as Milankovitch cycles, further back in time than ever before. Until now, it has been difficult to work out reliable figures for more than 50 million years ago.

Because Milankovitch cycles affect how much sun reaches the planet’s poles, they are prime drivers of climate change over timescales ranging from tens of thousands of years to millions of years. To pin down the frequency of the cycles in planet Earth’s long history, the scientists looked at copper and aluminum ratios linked to climate changes in the 1.4 billion-year-old Xiamaling marine sediment in northern China, and the 55 million-year-old Walvis ridge in the south Atlantic, and fed these into a model.

“We were interested in reconstructing the Milankovitch cycles because they provide a powerful tool for evaluating the history of our planet, and the solar system. They are like signposts on a trail, allowing us to navigate geological history,” said Meyers. “For example, the identification of Milankovitch cycles in sediments spanning the past million years has revolutionized our understanding of the nature of ice ages, the instability of ice sheets, and how Earth’s climate system works.”

As for the moon, the scientists say, it won’t forever be pulling away from the Earth.  Eventually, it will settle on a comfortable distance and remain there.  But it will never be seen by half of Earth, and much further away to the half that will still be able to see it.

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    1. ted


      • yourdaddy

        Good grief!
        The Earth is a flat plane folks and isn’t moving at all.

        These “scientists” must be laughing their asses off as they publish this bunk. 1/75,000th of a second/annum.. I can only see them now in their useless labs..

        “Hey Marv, you got anything else we can throw at them to continue to believe in the round earth nonsense?”

        “No not really, but wouldn’t it be fun to convince them that their days are shortening by an incalculable amount and then watch them defend that “science” by re-posting and justifying it simply because we say so?”

        “Brilliant! I’ll dig up some bunk dating back to a billion years or so (they always love when we tell them the Earth is billions of years old) and I’ll drum up some official sounding cycle to attribute the cause and watch them all drool over it.”

        “what a bunch of dopes!”

        “I love our job!”

        Seek the truth my brothers & sisters…IT will set you free.

        • Ketchupondemand

          I knew you’d come out of the woodwork, Dad.
          Hope you don’t teach your kids this crap.
          There are enough morons already.
          You post this stuff about a flat Earth and nothing to back it up. Nothing.
          Maybe a satellite photo, hmmm?

          • yourdaddy

            This isn’t the venue (or my job) to “back it up.” I’ve done plenty of research into the topic and I can assure you, this is something you should look into. The information is readily available but to seek it, you must first overcome the strong pull of indoctrination that has you blinded.

    2. Kay123

      Ok…. first problem is listening to anything that comes
      out of the UW Madison. The home of basement dwelling
      snow flakes…..whose sex they don’t know how to tell.

      This is spring….duhhh. Days get longer until August when they
      start getting shorter. No wonder these pea brains can’t tell
      male from female!!!

    3. anonymous5

      Great. Something else to worry about.

      • Paranoid

        This is news so old the day was noticeably shorter when first published. I got this in school over 50 years ago, This site is going down the tubes

    4. Jas

      Holy shit, does that mean I am even older than I think I am. For the people on earth today, I don’t think this will make a damn hill of beans. But, there is always something that people insist on worries about.

      • durangokidd

        “As the moon slowly pulls away from the Earth, our rotation is slowing down making our days longer. Very slowly, we are adding more time to our year; about 1/75,000 second annually.”

        Earth Changes will shorten our days as did the major quake in Indonesia that created the Tsunami that killed so many thousands of people.

        When speaking about the End of Days, the Bible says: “Except those days be SHORTENED”, no one would escape destruction. So no one should worry about longer days and nights. It ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

      • Jacknife

        1/75,000 of a second? How the hell can they even gauge that?

    5. Fritz

      I’m slowing down too now that I’m getting older so it all kind evens itself out.

      • TharSheBlows

        I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this useless article. I want my time back.

        The facts are, the older I get, the FASTET time flies by.

        I want to party like its 1999 again.

        Heck, even a broken clock is right Twice a day.

    6. Sierra Dave

      Totally useless post. Who gives a rats arse about the loss of a fraction of a second every year.

    7. rellik

      Let me see, the sun will be come a red giant and burn us to a crisp in about 5 Billion years. Andromeda galaxy is a lot bigger than us and will run into the Milky way in about 4.5 billion years. Who knows what that will do?
      I may have done my math wrong but we will stop rotating in 6.5 billion years.
      Ask me if I care!

      Off subject
      I started on the preparation for my 10 kWh solar today. Grubbing out a 6,000 sf area for sheds. I’m building sheds for animals, farm stuff, general storage, and will put the panels on the roofs, batteries and other stuff needed inside sheds well away from occupied dwellings and work spaces.

      • Nailbanger

        Hey bud,
        Bummer about Kapoho,,
        I spent a lot of time at a beach house right there at the end of beach lots, closer to the last flow, is sad to see all of that gone, bay, reefs, fish ponds, houses, everything just gone,,,,
        Actually feels sorta numb,

        • rellik

          I only went down there once to snorkel.
          It is a shame that all that beauty is gone.
          My Kalapana friends are OK. Lots of wild pigs
          coming out because of the Lava so they get their
          pick of the best.
          Hurricanes , floods and other stuff come and go
          but this black rock is forever.
          Big thing now is to how to help those that lost
          homes and make sure we don’t let some Democrat
          developer ever build there again.
          For you non-Hawaiian types Republicans are as
          rare as hens teeth here.

    8. Joe

      Nonsense written for idiots who don’t know how to comprehend Earth tilt.

    9. RMS1911

      I call for new clocks and calendars.
      Rage against the chaos.

    10. B from CA

      In 75,000 years the day will be one second longer.

      And in 75,000 years we will have worked out our problems and become super smart and highly

      evolved; or,

      destroyed civilization and become extinct; or,

      become a bunch of “jungle bunnies”, outbred by sub humans,

      who canabalize us when food is scarce!


      • buttcrusty

        Think meth will solve the issues with our self destructing race! The silver lining is that food wont be as scarce!

    11. Craig Swalby

      Thanks for pointing this out. I had to ask myself where I first came across this information – and it was the suppressed source Billy Meier. See the links for yourselves (also posted on twitter)

    12. someguy

      The earth does not rotate. lies,

    13. Borodino

      ***** 5 Stars ***** Thanks Mac!

    14. TharSheBlows

      Yeah, but did you know that filling up your ice cube trays with warm water freezes faster, than filling them up with cold water? Thats a fact.

      Wrap your head around that one.

      • rrrr

        Only if you heat it enough to drive out the dissolved air.

    15. Martus

      After thinking about this for a million years I concluded that there are way to many people with useless degrees and no understanding of time and after another millions years I came to another conclusion and that there are way too many stupid people that simply accept the nonsense that comes out of those people because of their degrees.

      Go back a billion years the sun would of been a billion years hotter and fried everything into a molten mass and we would of seen the moon leave the Earth on it’s own accord.

    16. GLS

      The moon will never escape the earph’s gravity. It will drift out to a point and stabilize, for eternity in all practical senses. By that time the days may be an hour longer. None of us will know about it.

    17. Ketchupondemand

      Where’s the flat Earth people on this?
      Come on, we know you’re out there.

    18. Deplorable Neal Jensen

      “As the moon slowly pulls away from the Earth, our rotation is slowing down making our days longer. Very slowly, we are adding more time to our year; about 1/75,000 second annually”

      And this is a “thing”, WHY?

      If we aren’t adding HOURS and it TRULY AFFECTED our staggeringly SHORT blips of lifetimes, WHY ARE WE PUTTING ANY energy into this?

      I want my 5 minutes of wasted distracted time on this garbage back. FOR F**KS SAKE!

    19. Beaumont

      “We were interested in reconstructing the Milankovitch cycles because they provide a powerful tool for evaluating the history of our planet, and the solar system. They are like signposts on a trail, allowing us to navigate geological history,” said Meyers.

      If you reverse these same measurements, and the moon gets closer to the Earth, you arrive at a geological age, which you cannot corroborate with the secular worldview.

    20. Jas

      And the government probably spent a kazillon dollars funding this study.

    21. Red Hawk

      And the government probably spent a kazillon OF OUR dollars funding this study.

      there fixed it for ya

    22. Pubs.

      So how do I prep for this? Stock a couple of extra wind-up clocks and maybe a sundial or two.

    23. Brian

      It is 1/75,000 of a second? The first time that I read it, I thought it was 1/7,500 of a second. I can’t tell you how panicked I got. It was like the whole world was spinning around me. Doesn’t that mean that gravity is being reduced so we should all be losing weight?

      • Beaumont

        Some people believe that gravity is the weaker force.

    24. Yahooie

      The Milankovitch cycles are also used in figuring out past ice ages and help in predicting those in the future.

      I liked this article even though it didn’t explain when I should plant corn or how to rack-and-stack supplies (important stuff to be sure). However, it’s interesting and fun to learn more about our world.

    25. raygun

      Another contributing factor for the earths rotational rate is the Earth’s and Moon’s increasing mass. There are tons of cosmic debris that pass through the atmosphere and collect on the surface of our planet each day. Most is on the order of a small pebble. On occasion it is alerting. It’s a very small change on a yearly basis but none the less over a period of centuries, it is significant. I’m glad others are aware of the Milankovitch variants and write about it. Regards, retired engineer, physicist and astronomer, TTU 1973.

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