The Dollar Dump Begins: “China, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia Have All Become Big Sellers”

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    As global financial markets teeter on the edge of collapse, a report  published this morning suggests that the run up in the U.S. dollar may be over. As of today, some 80% of post-Trump election gains have been wiped out and as noted in the special video report from Future Money Trends below, it appears that things are only going to get worse:

    China sold more U.S. Treasuries last year than any country has ever sold in a single year… $188 billion worth… Japan is also making an exit, selling nearly $30 billion since election day… Belgium, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia have all become big sellers too… 

    Official national debt is $20 Trillion… the real debt has been calculated to be $200 Trillion… what’s not included in the official numbers is social security, Medicaid and Medicare obligations… Think about it… every penny spent on the military, welfare programs, foreign aid and even your Congressman’s paycheck… it’s all borrowed money…

    As explained in the video report, our creditors know this and they are in the process of dumping their holdings before the whole system collapses in on itself.


    While President Trump may have the best intentions, Future Money Trends warns that the debt ceiling debate is just getting started, and chances are that neither Republicans or Democrats will make it easy on the new administration. In fact, it’s quite possible that, as we highlighted previously, the Deep State will make their move to overthrow Trump in June, because on June 1st the United States will literally run out of money unless the debt ceiling is raised.

    While Congress would normally just take a vote and push the limit higher, the current political environment is such that the debt ceiling itself could be used to attack the Trump administration and potentially even crash the U.S. economy.

    The U.S. is borrowing money to pay for it all… the largest debtor in history is flat broke…

    Without borrowing it won’t even be able to pay for social security recipients or the interest on our debt… the same debt and creditors who have been selling Treasuries… Democrats will see this as the perfect political opportunity to do permanent damage to the Trump Presidency… and frankly, so will establishment Republicans who hate him, along with many of the Tea Party representatives who were elected to stop the reckless spending in D.C.

    The debt ceiling will be a vote that no one wants to give, but has to happen…. otherwise the United States… the holder of the world’s reserve currency… will experience a real national default. 

    This year is anything but normal with President Trump at the helm, so the debt ceiling may well be used to crush his administration.

    With our creditors dumping dollars at an unprecedented rate, coupled with the possibility of Deep State operatives and politicians using the debt ceiling as a financial weapon of mass destruction, one could certainly see the potential for serious problems going forward.

    Moreover, and perhaps the most important takeaway from the video above, even if a debt ceiling vote does take place, it is clear to our creditors that there is no paying back any of the money we’ve borrowed, which may explain the mass exodus out of U.S. Treasuries over the last several months.

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      1. they need a really good crisis and this would be easy to do

        • It wouldn’t matter if the debt was $400 trillion we will still be here. There’s more to life than a picture of digits on a computer. And no they won’t win because it is written….

          26 And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it. 27 And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

          • Hahahahahahahaha… Really?

            • Y E P !!

              • We’ve been hearing about the sale of US treasuries for over a decade now. Yet there always seem to be more treasuries for them to “massively” sell. Not adding up anymore.
                This is just more generic fearmongering

          • Mark H., I so do hope you are right!

          • Sorry Mark, but that Scripture refers to Heaven, not the USA. As much as I have admired America for almost 75 years now (I am a Canadian), and as there is virtually NO mention of the U.S. in end time Scripture, the majority of Bible experts agree that the old Red, White and Blue will cease to be a major power, or cease to be at all. EMP, Financial Collapse, etc. All the great civilizations of history are recorded in Scripture, EXCEPT the USA. I have seen the decline of the British Empire in my day what used to be “Brittania Rules the Waves” or “The sun never sets on the British Empire”, and now we are witnessing the death spiral of the greatest nation ever. Our hedonistic and depraved lifestyle, along with some 70 million abortions and the total lack of morality in our current world is bringing God’s judgments on this sick and sinful world. Look around you and step back 30-40 years, if you are old enough. This is not the same planet that I was raised on and it is in a nose dive that is irreversible. “Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh” (and His name is Jesus) would be a more suitable Scripture.
            Rev. Roy……<

            • The Tribe of Ephraim is the USA from what I know.

              Is this something you have heard of and can refute?


              • Mystery Babylon is the united states do your research folks this year there will be two events that america will see before her fall one in August the other 33 days later in september. We are in the third month of the birth pains. There will be a pierod of 3 hrs where the sun will blocked out and total night for 3 hrs then an hr later will be her fall.

            • Preacher,
              I believe the whore of Babylon is the USA!
              Matt 24:29…Jesus says the rapture comes after the tribulation!

              • Agree, “25 Reasons why America is Mystery Babylon” by Christopher Gregory fits USA perfectly.

            • The USA is in plenty of Scripture. You just have to discard the “Jewish fables and commandments of men” (Titus 1:14) and learn who’s who. Isaiah 18 is absolutely, singularly about America. King James is not always so good. Read it in multiple versions. Until the invention of “whirring” /”buzzing” wings all ambassadors were sent by sea, except for Canada. America was surveyed into squares entirely by foot (“trodden down”) A “tall, smooth skinned” people?

            • Jesus was the idea guy, Paul did the marketing, and James did the heavy lifting – for 30 years.

          • Your speaking of the Mosaic economy of 70a.d. Josephus, Tacitus, and Dio were clear on this. Judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron..True Christianity is the only way. Read it, study it, and dont listen to dumb preachers that claim to represent Gods people..

          • I’ve always found it difficult at best to read the United States into the prophecies, it’s easier to find us missing from them in any major (or even minor) role.

          • Wow delusion is strong, go take out 1 million dollars worth of debt that you can’t possibly pay back as an individual, and tell me what would happen!

        • “Why is China selling US Securities?”

          Easy question. To prop up its currency, that’s why. Its the only strategy that is keeping the Yuan from becoming CONFETTI !!!

          China is going broke faster than WE are !!!

          They sell US SECURITIES which are a primary financial asset in the global economy and buy Yuan and sop up the massive printing of Yuan (15 times the number of Yuan as the dollar in the same time period) to create a false demand for the Yuan, to stabilize its “value”.

          [BTW, The Euro is not in any better shape than the Yuan.]

          The dollar has risen 20% since the election; it is too strong. It needs to decline by that much just to reach the parity it had in November. It makes SENSE for financial players to sell the dollar as its value has reached a peak. When the global crash comes in Europe or China, or both, these same sellers will be rushing to the dollar for safety.

          They always do. 🙂

          • This is a delusion the US govt is promoting. China is dumping treasuries before Trump defaults. Once the delusory confidence in US economy breaks, the dollar will crash.

          • LMFAO !!! This is not a delusion; it is a global financial fact of life !!!

            In the global financial system, US dollar debt is a fungible financial asset used by the NWO to facilitate their trade and business activities, backed and enforced by the most powerful military ever created.

            When China is forced to sell US Securities to prop up its Yuan, it is losing a valuable asset that disappears from it’s balance sheet. It represents a real loss of wealth.

            Obviously you have no understanding of financial accounting. 🙂

          • No question all the major currencies are insolvent just as every major government is, because one is synonymous with the other. But the Trump bounce was always doomed simply because all markets were already pumped beyond what could be called blue sky since 2009. I find it incredible that many Americans cannot see that 20+ trillion in debt actually means you are insolvent not anything else ? Yet many still think all is well and all was resolved. And some actually think they have made real money in the stock market HA HA HA HA HA AH

            China and others have been selling UST for years and have only stepped up the pace, nothing new. And the race to default only continues.

        • Only a fool thinks Trump can save USA. Even if he really wants to, he has too many forces arrayed against him. At best, he can provide a delaying action.

          • Hopefully a long one that will allow us to prepare enough to rebuild as the same nation instead of breaking up into several new ones under foreign domination.

      2. So who is buying the treasuries? Are they using them to buy infrastructure here and abroad? Are they buying up resources with them from turd world countries? Someone has to be taking them in, I doubt the fed wants to buy them back. I am investing in sugar, lot’s of sugar 🙂

        • Investing in more sugar?I find it easier to get paint thinner straight from big box stores(not sure paint thinner 922 r compliant though!).

          • It is 922r compliant BUT too expensive. Home made cleans my colon just as good as store bought 🙂 . I must confess though I bought more 7.62×39 because although I have plenty for my stash I like using it and I don’t reload it. A tisket a tasket I must refill my basket!

            • You using brass or the inexpensive steel case ect. euro ammo.That can be reloaded from what I have read but tis a royal pain,better to pay for the brass and then reload,are a good bit of suppliers now for the 7.62 but for all around plain plinking/pogo stock shooting the euro trash does fine and still cheap(at moment,keep buying extra).

              • I have about 1k rounds of brass reloadable but the cost of powder, primers, boolits is about the same or more than steel cased so I just use the disposable. The pogo doesn’t work with my unit so it is out. I can do it with my finger but not as reliable or accurate. Cheap ammo… another reason to love putin lol.

                • The stock doesn’t work,a fit issue or just plain don’t work?One friend has a pogo stick stock on your favorite,the AR platform,says it works but have not yet visited to try out,does say can actually pull with same speed and better accuracy,says a bit of a toy really.

                  • They don’t make one to fit my unit.

                    • Well,hope you didn’t buy a lot of blanks and blank adaptor,was what I said to me friend when he told me he bought one,how many blanks you buy.He asked why and I told him how it will make a cool/noisy pogo stick!Needless to say he had a snarky/profanity laced reply!

        • The FED is buying them, it is called monetizing the debt. It’s like racing skidoos over open water.

          • The FED might be buying SOME, or retiring some issues, but not in any volume.

            US TREASURIES are the LIFEBLOOD of the NWO. Companies like APPLE (ONE TRILLION DOLLARS), EXXON, and others keep their cash in the largest, most secure, and most LIQUID capital market in the world: US TREASURIES.

            They are the grease that lubricates the wheels of the NWO ROTHSCHILD BANKING SYSTEM. There are always buyers for them. Even “small business” buy them, not just Pension Funds and Insurance Companies.

            US treasuries are where the Multinationals park their excess cash until they can find a more profitable use and/or return for that cash.

            More hype from Daniel. If I had a dollar for every time he claimed the sky was falling I would own a gold mine by now. 🙂

            • BTW, the Saudi’s are selling because their budget is under tremendous stress due to the low price of oil and they need to buy additional arms. They need revenue and have GINORMOUS amount of US TREASURIES.

              The exact amount is classified as I remember.

              Others like Switzerland recognize that it is time to take their profit and move on. They will reload at a later date. You make money when you buy. You realize the gain when you sell.

              That’s the way the financial system works. The equities market will display this phenomena eventually; but don’t hold your breath.

              Keep stak’n & pak’n. 🙂

        • Got 300 lbs of sugar. Is that enough ??? 🙂

        • has our own government been buying its own debt massively for 10 years ?

      3. Waiting for DKs opinion on this.

        • Um…Car sales are up!

        • Now you have it, K2. 🙂

          Car sales may be up but so are delinquencies, as predicted. Yes it’s in the archives and a good indicator of where we are in the cycle.

          King dollar will be at a premium in a deflationary crash. Ten dollar bills in number ten cans unless you live in Arizona or Utah. 🙂

          • I figured you would say something like that…

          • Hi DK,
            I agree generally on your assessment.
            But here is where the worm might just turn:
            USA is bankrupt…..everyone here admits that to be true.
            USA has lost it’s manufacturing base……ditto.
            USA hasn’t been a very friendly global neighbour…..ditto.
            USA spends more than it produces, and IS FORCED to borrow the difference, year after year…ditto
            USA, during a SHTF moment, must just be told to PHUCK RIGHT OFF, as nations calculate what the USA really does……RAPES nations to keep itself afloat.
            Not having a go at you or any American person here…..just saying……eventually, someone stands up to the bully, and shows the entire rest of his class what a cunt he really is, and people drop him to where he should rightfully sit in the overall pecking order.
            There is no such thing as “King Dollar”…… It exists only in the mind of the slave, and for them, it is indeed “real”, but a poisonous trap.
            The dollar, in reality, is a piece of utter blood soaked filth.
            Fortunately, when the USA is kicked to the curb, she will have good folk such as yourself and other here , many others here, to lead her back to a place of respect among the nations of the world……and that sir, is a good thing.

            Nuke em Duke
            East Coast
            Southern Heaven.

            • Duke: “USA spends more than it produces, and IS FORCED to borrow the difference, year after year”.

              No Duke, the USA is NOT FORCED to borrow the extra trillion dollars it spends every year. It the PLAN of the NWO to transfer American Wealth to others and undermine American Sovereignty.

              China is subsidized to the tune of $500 billion a year. ILLEGALS cost the American Taxpayer $500 billion a year. Canada $25 billion. Mexico $125 billion. These numbers do not include the many tens of billions of dollars GIVEN as FOREIGN AID.

              Civil War is HAPPENING NOW in the United States and it will determine the future of the world for decades to come, for well or ill.

              TRUMP cannot do it on his own. Patriots must rally to his defense and engage the globalist enemy at every turn, at every level of government. We must be vocal and we must be organized and we must take the war to the enemy wherever he or she is, at every level of government.

              Its them or US !!! 🙂

              • Fair enough DK……I still stand behind my point regarding USA needing to borrow money though… that is never to be paid back (just rolled over into the next round of Treasuries)
                Anyway, you make a good point: USA is approaching Civil War, and if I had to choose a side, I would happily fight alongside you and others here at SHTP against the filth of the NWO.
                Good luck with it all.

                Nuke em Duke
                East Coast
                Terra Australis Incognita

      4. Not sure that the selling of treasuries has anything to do with getting out of the Dollar.

        In fact, it has more to do with needing FRNs for FX trades to stabilize a country’s currency and to pay back international debts denominated in Dollars.

        • JRS, that sounds about right.

        • That is what the currency wars/manipulations are all about. There is NO way any of it can actually be resolved now by any actual reasonable solution. It is all well to far corrupted and polluted. DT is the only hope for anything reasonable at this juncture. But we cannot avoid some form of major economic and political malfunction and chaos going forward. We are seeing the different machinations aligning forces as we speak and the vast corruption is being exposed for all to see daily. Problem is Americans are very slow to grasp what is real because they have been seriously mind effed more or less forever. Combine that reality with the many outlier events present in the world and here in USSA and it is quite impossible to have a good idea which event will unfold and start an unwind.

          It should be clear now that our government is little more than a giant criminal enterprise of control mechanisms and all agencies are completely corrupted. They work for themselves and that too is a big part of the current equation. We do NOT have a legitimate government and once that sinks in to the masses it too will be a serious outlier component. Consider the parts and pieces in play right now ? We are simply seeing it all unwind in slomo, and the pace is increasing daily ! DT said a while back we have no idea what a mess is behind the scenes ? And he knows he cannot simply say it all , because most people simply would not believe it ? They far prefer to live with the lies because then they do not have to take any actions or actually think. They can simply keep being spoon fed and tranquilized in various ways.

          I am convinced we will see some forms of escalation of violence from politically inspired shit like the racist junk BHO and crew have spawned on many levels and in every color/flavor they have created. These people are sociopaths and psychopaths and they are still actively trying to undermine the nation daily in a multitude of ways. This is a very powerful outlier component to add to the mix of what already exist. TPTB know many are seeing thru their shams and control mechanisms and they know DT does now as well. I do not think DT was very aware until recently and he is getting a serious schooling and likely a bit set back himself with the magnitude of information and levels of vast corruption. I am very curious why he keeps Comey as he must know Comey is co-opted big time and completely untrustworthy ? when he takes some sort pf action with Comey I will consider that a serious sign. If he does not I will also consider that a serious sign ? What a tangled web Hey ? And every bit of it created by the supposed smart guys we called our leaders ? There is nothing to do but observe, get healthy and fit and have the correct mindset 24/7. Clarity is critical at this juncture. Fantasy thinking is a sure death sentence. But truth is there are no guarantees when dealing with maniacs so we are all on our own merits and or demerits as the case may be ! all else is bullshit.

          • Amen…

      5. SNYDER again? [JUST KIDDING, MAC]

      6. The end of the dollar will begin with a run on the bank.

        Two overlooked precious metals are platinum and palladium, both used in catalytic pollution controls. China is swimming in pollution, they will need to clean up their environment, or face huge medical bills, and the impact on industry of sick employees, for the people they make sick.

        You can buy coins made out of both.

        • Even more, South Africa and Zimbwawe are the two main producers, along with Russia. the RSA is in for a world of trouble under their fraud rhinestone commie leader Zuma. A massive percent of the RSA is also infected with HIV. The PGMs are indeed a buy right now. The price over spot is MASSIVE, which should also tell you something.

      7. I’m not going to worry too much. I worried until they raised the debt ceiling last time. President Trump will do it again. He doesn’t have any other choice. Allowing the economy to crash is not logical. He’ll kick the debt down the road. Then he’ll continue to encourage small businesses and fair trade. It is going to improve. President Trump will be here for eight years. We are going to win this time, whether tptb like it or not.



        • Depends on what you might call a win ? DT and crew have stated clearly they will shoot for a lower USD. In some ways it will be a good thing for trade, but it is all so very convoluted and interconnected today it may backfire on us as well ? As more and more corruption is exposed at the highest levels we will see many more people lose confidence in our systems of governance. As well the other countries we deal with world wide. All part of the outliers I keep speaking of.

          Everything is based on confidence in any given system. That is the problem not an answer. We are simply seeing the end game of all the games that have been played for decades unfold before us daily in a multitude of ways and machinations of men, or better said criminals !

      8. I think the dollar is a long way from collapse to the point it is worthless – it’ll continue to lose value over the coming decades due to inflation, which isn’t a problem if incomes (and savings/investments) grow with the inflation rate. It’ll be a surprise if this happens though and that’s why poverty will continue to increase.

        The reason to prep is because the world is unceasingly at risk of unstable due to reliance on technology. The power going out now (compared to a few decades ago) means few people can buy or sell, travel and even work. An EMP or terror attack on the grid is most likely to cause a nationwide power cut, a weather event but be localised.

        Stop worrying about the collapse of the dollar and other currencies – it won’t happen overnight.

        • $ will become worthless in an hour. You live in an electronic age. All value in digital debt market is imaginary. Sooner or later reality will make it disappear.

      9. Oh well,,,,

        • My sentiments exactly, Nb.

          • I been dumping my debt notes on sugar, wool blankets, ammo, seasonings, construction supplies, night vision, liberty tool parts, mags, buckets, you know, the fringe stuff 😛

      10. when countries sell our debt we buy it back which in turn weakens the dollar….then when the dollar is weak they buy it back. The problem is the fed is raising the interest rates which in turn keeps our dollar stronger….I think?

      11. The Saudis are dumping their dollars on lap dances.

        • And gold-plated Lambos. 🙂

      12. If this is a smooth transition of power I wonder what a rough one would be. Our hand rests with a dis-functional government with the shakers crippling the movers. Thusly we lose control and I don’t know what to expect but given our past, mercy will be nowhere to be found. Payback really is a bitch. We should have audited the FED and the Pentagon sooner, could of saved 20 trillion and hung the real perpetrators out to dry. So it is true that the taxpayer will hang for their sins. “Let em run rampant did ya…Guilty… now fleece em good and get em out of here”. Some say we deserve it.

        • “Some say we deserve it.” ? Kinda, maybe, sorta grandpa. There several components involved.

          1. Massive lies and manipulations by our own government for decades now and yes BHO and crew put it all on steroids. It was and is all about control mechanisms.

          2. Our government/congress does NOT represent us any longer they represent other entities and themselves. We are just the idiots that are forced to pay for all the crimes committed against us.

          3. And yes the American people have become fat, dumb and lazy !

          All of these components are part of the mix and I have them in the correct order. NO question our so-called leaders have most of the blame because of their greed and lust for power.



      14. Great! Weaker dollar makes our exports cheaper(more competitive) and DOMESTIC products more attractive to the US consumer.

      15. “DullAIR”. So the ether is a real, quantitative force? So when you dumb it, does it make a whoosh sound?

      16. We just need to go back to issuing Constitutional US Notes along with eliminating capital gains/loss from US Treasury issued gold and silver coins which will keep a check on excessive private credit growth via floating prices relative to currency.

        Allow up to 500K of Federal Reserve Notes + retirement accounts to be exchange 1 to 1 for New US Notes gradually reducing it to 20 to 1 up to a 2 Million dollars per SS number.

        We can do this with very little impact to about 99% of the US population because the IOU wealth is so highly concentrated.

        The best part is all the offshore accounts can get an additional 100 to 1 haircut. So all that tax evasion the big boys thought they were getting amounts to near zero.

        What’s the catch? The US budget and trade deficits will need to go zero going forward, with the primary adjustment pressure on transport fuels. But this not unlike the trade off any bankruptcy in which debt discharge also cuts off future credit for time.

        It won’t be a walk in the park for sure, but it will be a lot better than becoming perpetual debt slaves to the international banking cartel fiat, while living within an ever increasing debt to GDP ratios as what remains of US hard assets are picked over by the vultures, just like what Greece has experienced.


        • Actually, the sheep moved into the market before the recent 2% correction. The wolves sold into the retail rally and took profits.

          Meaning they sheared the sheep again !!! 🙂

      18. Everything actually depends on Syria, if we lose in Syria (we are currently racing to Daqqa to beat the Syrians to their own oil) the magic apparatus holding the US dollar together will fall apart. The only reason people buy into the dollar is because it 1) buys protection from having freedom dropped on you and 2) It is the oil way to get oil. Losing in Syria will tell the world we are weak and no one likes a weak bully, translation we arent leaving Syria. If we lose hyperinflation is a distinct possibility as we will have to actually trade real goods for goods instead of minting the magic money.

        China is hedging its huge vulnerability to US treasuries, that is how I see it. It is smart to sell some off, if we do lose in Syria the dollar hegemony on oil is over and nations will start using other currencies. Better to get rid of some of it while the getting is good.

        To avert a debt ceiling crisis for D Trumps young administration he can gain huge amounts of money by simply “retaking” the oil fields in Iraq, Syria, Libya and probably some other nations. Venezuela seems like low hanging fruit, perhaps Sudan. He can the oil on the open market even force US suppliers to buy the oil and fill an empty treasury.

        Trump can save the US if he had the balls, all he has to do is bring a large portion of the military home and Garrison certain states in violation of the 14th amendment, California, New York, Mass etc.. gun rights, the 14th gives the authority to use force on states not in compliance with the Bill of Rights. Send their politicians home until they meet the requirements for statehood. Enact Martial law since we are in a perpetual state of emergency. He can arrest members of congress he deems traitors, supreme court as well. He can then seize the fed and start printing greenbacks. To back this all he has to do is give concessions to China, Russia and the spice will flow. If he had the will it could easily be done. The president has unlimited power thanks to the previous administrations.

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