The Debt Party Is Back: “Somebody Has Clearly Turned the Lights Back On”

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    This morning we learned that just one day after Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling yet again and relinquish any control it had over the national debt, the U.S. government ran up a record $328 billion dollars in new spending, topping the $17 Trillion mark for the first time since our founding.

    With the nation as a whole taking on more debt than it can ever hope to repay, it only makes sense that the private sector would be engaged in the same kind of reckless behavior.

    We may be on the cusp of the worst financial and economic crisis in the history of the world, but that is not stopping Americans from taking on record levels of debt.

    This is going to end badly. Very badly.

    Whether it’s corporate loans, all quality levels of bonds or simple consumer credit, the debt party is back on in the U.S., whether it’s in the boardroom or the living room.

    Amid the financial crisis of 2008, the U.S. went into what economists call a “debt deleveraging cycle”—akin to a credit hangover, where the party has ended and everyone there decides to quit drinking cold turkey.

    Somebody has clearly turned the lights back on, though, and corporate and individual buying is soaring.

    Consumer credit, for instance, surged past the $3 trillion mark in the second quarter of 2013 and continues on an upward trajectory, according to the most recent numbers from the Federal Reserve.

    At $3.04 trillion, the total is up 22 percent over the past three years. Student loans are up a whopping 61 percent.

    “As long as you can support that debt through growth, it’s really not a major concern.”

    But with the U.S. economy growing at a steady, if unspectacular, 2.5 percent rate, economists are mostly dismissive about another debt crisis hitting.

    “The building blocks for the consumer to grab the torch are being put together with each and every passing data point as of late,” he said.

    “Don’t fight it. Embrace it.”

    Free money, apparently, is being dished out to anyone who’s willing to take it.

    But according to most economists we need to embrace all this excess cash and stop worrying about where it’s coming from or how its making its way into our pockets following a de-leveraging cycle that almost seized up the entire global economy just a few short years ago.

    “Someone,” has clearly turned the lights back on for your benefit, so that you can continue to gobble up new iPhones, cars, student loans, and over-valued real estate properties.

    Don’t worry about how you’re going to pay for it. Just buy it!

    We’ll figure out how to create jobs, reduce the 100 million people on monthly government subsidies, and balance our national budget later.

    It is a wholly unsustainable strategy that is actually impoverishing us further, even though it may seem like happy days are here again:

    When the limits of that person’s ability to pay are reached they wind up homeless.

    The reason this imbalance happened in the first place is not because wages are depressed, it is because the debt accumulation in the economy, including particularly the increase of debt issued by the Federal Government of 70% over the last five years, drives asset prices. 

    You, Americamost-particularly including those cheerleaders on CNBC, Fox Business and elsewhere in the “financial sector” are cheering on a daily basis the destruction of these people and celebrating their ruin.

    Via Karl Denninger of Market Ticker

    We have solved nothing.

    In fact, the government has made it worse by convincing the people that we should be doing exactly that which led to the crash of 2008.

    But this time around, when it’s realized that the leverage in the system has exceeded our ability to manage it, the collapse will be magnitudes worse than what we’ve already seen.

    The last crisis wiped out 40% of Americans’ wealth.

    The next one may well reset the entire paradigm of our consumer economy.

    Financier and a master of the global chessboard George Soros has warned of this real and present threat previously, recommending to those paying attention that they must think the unthinkable and prepare for scenarios that most can’t even fathom:

    I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career.

    As anger rises, riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable.“Yes, yes, yes,” he says, almost gleefully. The response to the unrest could be more damaging than the violence itself. “It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.

    At times like these, survival is the most important thing.


    Collapse is coming. You can be a victim like the majority of our fellow countrymen will be, or you can take steps now to prepare for the great transition that will soon come to pass.

    The powers that be are telling us there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

    What they’re not telling us is that it’s an oncoming train.



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      1. We all know it’s coming, just tired of hearing about it. Collapse already so we can begin to rebuild. Lock and load, hope and pray we make it to the other side together.

        • Sad to say I too was hoping for something serious. This country is like a man with a gangrened foot who just won’t get help, because the surgery to save his life is gonna hurt. Gonna hurt a lot more the longer you wait, sucker!

          • Now, tell me you don’t believe
            we’re on the eve of destruction…..

            • I’m thinking it’s past the eve – more like 5:00 AM on the day.

              • Debt is like tumor. Remove prostitutes whose target is to continue feeding on this.
                Later they will tell – “You elected us, thus you are responsible.”

                • Get as much as that free easy “money” as you can and spend it on preps. When the bill comes due and the SHTF, screw the banksters and live off your preps.

                  You will be left with no other choice anyway. How much would it suck to sit back starving wishing you had taken the criminals offer of free “money” and smartly invested it in food?

                  Not one single bill in this country has been paid, by anyone or any corp, since 1968, the last time the states had silver money available.

                  Profit from the bankster scam while you can. You will pay the same price whether you do or not.

                  • That is exactly right.

                    No one will be coming to save you and you can bet your last paper dollar that no one will be coming to collect.

                    Everyone gives them so much fucking credit.

                    This time there will be no place for them to hide.

                    Know who they are in your community.

            • 9 Signs that China is making a move against the U.S. dollar

              Economic Collapse blog

              • @ KY Mom. Eventually someone is going to move against this madness of the U.S. credit card junkie and cut the strings. E to x doesn’t work with finance debt, it becomes a runaway slope that goes right to not only default, but utter destruction of the country. BO worshippers can continue to shake their BO dolls in alligence until their asses are in the grinder like everyone else. There is loyalty towards those that are basically dead weight to those in control that no longer need an anchor. BO supporters will find this out one day.

              • “The Chinese are now accelerating their long-term plan to dethrone the U.S. dollar.”

                “And due to the recent political instability in Washington D.C., the Chinese sense vulnerability.”

                “The U.S. debt spiral cannot go on indefinitely. Our debt is growing far, far more rapidly than our GDP is, and therefore our debt is completely and totally unsustainable.”


              • Also on zerohedge.

              • Well, I’m not sure what “move” they can make. They won’t go to any gold convertible currency, regardless of the amount they are accumulating. It will eventually leave their hands as DK says.

                The Zionist bankers won’t let it happen. Without leverage, rehypothecation and usury they would be out of a job. They will never let control of the currency go.

                Nuclear destruction would happen before the international bankers ever give up any control. They call the shots.

                • I forgot. If you have a Jewish great-great-great-great-grandfather that makes you a Zionist.

                  • “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

                    “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

                    “The Jews are terribly afraid that the world will discover that their impersonation of Israel is nothing but a gigantic charade. Hence, this knowledge must be suppressed at all costs, even to the point of demonizing anyone who dares to bring up the subject. Yours truly has been so demonized by the Jews for the mere fact that I expose these truths about them, even though I mainly quote Jewish sources for this information.” ~ William Norman Saxon, in his booklet entitled “The Mask of Edom”

            • They are self destructing. I will not submit to their agenda. Who are they? The CORP. They can build their own house and harvest their own food. I hope they like MRE’s and can live off of MOOCHELE’s garden.

              We will enjoy watching them drink their own sweat.

          • The problem is, the longer the wait, the more prepared the .GOV is: bullets, armored vehicles, FEMA camps, nuke relocation, artificial intelligence in robots and drones, and whatnot.

            We, on the other hand, are getting squeezed out of the last of our money, and the weaponized drones are not available to us anyway.

            I agree: the sooner “it” starts, the more chances we have.

          • Like a man with a gangrened foot who just won’t get help, because the surgery to save his life is gonna hurt. That’s also a good way to describe those who are stuck on the idea there’s a lick of difference between the democrats and the republicans.

            It’s like they’re all Statheist’s or sumthin’?


            • Average Guy: You’re right about the false dichotomy of the Dems and the GOP; it’s a choice between a raw steaming dog turd or one sprayed with Fabreeze. In the end, you’re still left with pure crap!

              • Both the left and right get (and hold) their power by spending more and more or our money. The sheeple are all too happy to let them take as much as they want as long as they get to keep buying their new cars, iPhones, and cable TV. Even tho most people know their is a humongous spending problem, they will not vote for anyone who tells them it time for sacrifice and for giving something up. The medicine we need to take now requires a few years, perhaps a full generation, of the people simplifying their lives and stopping feeding the beast. But they simply refuse to take their medicine. The result is going to be cancer, a stroke, and a heart attack per se, all combined. They’ll all be pulling their hair out windering how it could have happened.

          • I am curious to see how the next debt deal will play considering how Mitch the traitor McConnell handed BO the house’s power of the purse.

            In the deal forged the other night ultimate control of the debt limit power was surrendered from the house of representatives to the executive branch.

            The house can negate any debt ceiling increase (as the constitution allows them to do) but now after they negate the increase they have surrendered this unfathomable power to BO to then raise it ON HIS OWN and then the only way to over ride it is 2/3 of congress which will never happen.


        • This is going to end badly with a full scale world war, possibly nuclear. The US will not go quietly.

          As Gerald Celente likes to say: “trade wars, currency wars, world wars. When all else fails they take you to war.”

          • Boy, I don’t know if the US will go “quietly” or not. There’s a chance Obama will give up and bow while doing it. The government grows stronger and more manic every day. If something happens, I hope it happens soon.

            • One thing I’ve learned in life is you sure have to watch what you ask for cause you may get it, but in spades!

            • We could only wish BO will give up, but unfortunately he has nothing really to do with it. There is a global neo-progressive agenda at work, and their main goal is to get as many of us as possible dependent on the govt. Dependent peopel will never vote them out of power. Instead, they’ll vote for more and more free stuff, and they’ll vote for whoever can promise that to them. We are rapdily approaching a point where the freeloading teat-suckers outnumber the self-reliant and sane. Once we reach that point we will truly be doomed. Imagine a world where you are self-relaint, self-accountable, and responsible for your own success or failure. Now imagine losing that to a dominant voting block that just wants bigger govt and more free benefits. They will totally bleed us dry until there is nothing left.

        • No matter what insanity happens in the wider world economy, the USD still stands. It defies all that is known about natural economic laws of cause and effect, but why? Because the powers that be are going to manipulate it to keep this mad house functioning until they and they alone are ready to pull the plug, probably around the time this global war they’re preparing for kicks off. It will be the grand reset and they can absolve themselves of all blame for the economic and general ruin if they can provoke China / Russia into making the first move in WW3.

        • We have plenty of credible issues to worry about without having scaremongers like Jorgustin whipping fools into a frenzy to sell blog hits, Satori. Please keep that junk science in the back of your refrigerator.

          • Hope you aren’t stocking tuna in your pantry…..

            • My tuna is older than the fukushima disaster…haven’t bought a can since. I had just stocked up on several cases when it happened…lucky me.

          • We have plenty to worry about true but everything we worry about is irrelevant and trivial compared to Fukushima. Debt, who cares, Fukushima trumps all problems facing man kind. Mentioning Fukushima isn’t fear mongering its reality. Just because the MSM doesn’t mention it doesn’t mean its not happening.

            • Once again, keep in mind RE: Fukushima, a man who was at ground zero over there, Twice! Lived to be about 90 or so years old.

              Radiation and volcanoes, they don’t kill everything. Not even the tuna. Nor that which eats the tuna.

              Note: “ground zero over there” means, the man was very close to where they dropped the atomic bombs in Japan during WWII.

              • U can’t tune a fish in spring water.

                • Until you can, with a tuning fork.

            • what sources state fukishima is effecting the whole world? is it at least for know only effecting the west coast of the US?

            • As a global threat Fukushima is NOTHING. I see crap about it everyday in the alternative media. It’s all nonsense.

          • Radiation from Fukushima has now circled the Earth, and is now poisoning the Pacific Ocean in a really bad way. Another thing people ignore, because they cannot directly see it…

            • I’m glad I’m getting old.

              • senormechanico, other things aside that result from living long, how could you ever be glad about getting old?
                I cannot understand that.
                …Getting old’s such a drag.

                • The alternative is worse. Old age is terrible if you give up, sit down and quit dreaming.

          • I was a Reactor Operator. I have a background in nuclear physics and I have been telling people since day of that disaster that it is way worse than what we are being told. Not only has our govt and the media intentionally downplayed and ignored the problem, but our own agencies and regulators have turned of our national detection system. As the radiation and contamination climb higher in our air, water, and food, they’ll just raise the safe limits along with it. At least I don’t live on the West coast.

      2. Each day is another day for us to get ready for what is coming. Some time in the near future, we’re going to run out of days.

      3. When the Dems take the house in 2014, were phucked. Even phuckeder than we are right now. Watch what happens on gun control (I mean gun shutdown). A legion of Dem voters is coming. They are currently called undocumented something or others. You think BO is ballsy right now? Give it a year. Best thing that could happen would be for the SHTF prior to the next elections. Ain’t going to happen. These guys are good and are playing this shit to perfection. They control the megaphone via with the media. We can only hope for help from God in the form of a natural disaster to bring the country’s weakness to a head. Either way, preppin is good. There isn’t a good way out of this shit any way you cut it.

        • Good point Goon!The path towards a complete commi/police state is almost complete. Gun control is the next step taken by these people. Be prepared to fight, or enjoy that fema camp/coffin. I love the weather this time off year…

        • If the Dems do take the house in 2014 (if there is a vote) then there will be no way to believe the ballots aren’t rigged. Red state- blue state civil war will follow.


          • Dick
            You are right!!!
            If they win you will see States leaving the Union. Obullshit will bring in the Marshall Law that he wants to implamnet. This will start a Civil War. The UN will send in peace keepers and the SWHTF.
            The true Patriots will start stacking up blue helment like there is no tomorrow. I for one will do my best to help. It looks more and more like the SWHTF very soon.
            Now they are talking about water. CAN YOU SAY FALSE FLAG!!!
            It’s too damn bad we can’t trust out Gov.

        • Gonetoolong, while we’ll make it into 2014, I don’t think there will be any elections. things will finally come to a head between now and then.

          • Yeah, but that’s what people said in 2012. In a way they were right because it was rigged in a few, key and strategic places where it guaranteed the win while giving the semblance of a fair fight. Still, there too many things converging next year for me to hope that 2015 will dawn on anything less than a different world than we see today.

            • Ok…. I have a problem with all this. I come here every day to see what is going on and have for a few years. I love the conversations and agree with most. Many here talk about how bad things are and what we should get prepared for. I’ve been prepping for about 4 years and both of my sons (21 and 23) are completely on board.

              I also here most talk about how voting means nothing. Do you think if all those who would have voted against Oblamer actually showed up, held their nose, and pulled the lever for Romney, we might at least have slowed this train wreck down long enough to get some GOOD candidates in place. Unfortunately, elections have consequences and it won’t change over night. It will take a few elections. I know most believe govt is corrupt. I agree they are, but they are still the ones making the laws. Legal or not, they do. Gun Control? Same people. Illegal Immigration? Same people. Whether you comply or not, sooner or later it will affect you.

              I liked Ron Paul for most of what he believed in. But I also know he isn’t the only person capable of fighting for this country. By staying home, Obutthead was GIVEN his power with no resistance. Yes many polls were rigged. I have NO doubt. But to just stay home, give in and let these Marxists take over our country, you are as much to blame as the brain deads who SHOWED up and pulled the lever for him.

              I’m not here to be liked or hated. I really don’t care. I had to voice my opinion before the Muslim in charge takes that right from us. Trust me, he intends to if the Democraps take the House in 2014. Think about that before you decide to stay home the next time. They will take EVERYTHING! Think about your kids and grandkids if nothing else. Give them a fighting chance.

              I’m not a Corp person at all or a troll. I lost my long term, high paying job earlier this year. I am in the process of opening my own business just to pay the bills. I refuse to let anyone take me down, but I refuse to hand control to the enemy on a silver platter. Vote to resist. It’s a starting point.

              • Welcome and thank you for your opinion…its a valid one!

              • Amen 10…God bless you and those young men that you raised correctly.

                Way to have a set and fight back. Starting a biz is a ballsy move anytime and right now we wish you the best.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                We will win in the end.

                • REB and LMS – thank you for the support. We all need to stand and fight this before we ACTUALLY have to stand and fight this!

                  • They will push until it happens…greed and power can only be resolved by more of the same.

                    …then we handle it.

              • We will never solve this countries problems by voting for Presidents. This has to be done at the ground level in our comunities. But it goes much deeper than that. Our communities have bascially been destroyed. they’ve been Walmarted, strip-malled, and burbed out of existence. This is where we have to start. Stop shopping at Walmart and all the other big box stores and support your local businesses. Stop buying the shiny gold crap they advertize on TV like smart phones, big screens, new cars, etc. Start buying only with cash, do not get any loans, and stop banking at national banks. Support your local cummunity banks and credit unions. This needs to be a sea change in our attitude if we ever want to stop being a debtor nation. Anyone who thinks the federal govt, red or blue, is going to solve their problems is sadly mistaken.

          • Another bravetard prediction that won’t come true. What do you base your stupidity on? Another feeling. If you check, you started having that feeling something bad was coming several years ago. By the way, I am getting sick of paying your daddy’s government pension. Tell him to get off his ass.

            • Urban dog, now you’ve really crossed a line talking about one of my relatives, you sorry mf! My Dad worked for the govt. for 20+ years and EARNED that pension. He paid into SS all of his life and EARNED that too, you retard. He is in his 80s now and has already paid all of his dues. he EARNED the right to retire. Earning is something you don’t seem to know anything about. One day this house of cards will fall down. When it does, everything will come to a halt. I know my Dad’s retirement checks will stop coming along with everything else, but so will the check you get for trolling. Life in this country as we know it will change along with our lifestyles, but I’m prepared for it. What about you, @hole?

              • BH…the bottom line is that his and every fucking govt employees pension was paid for by the regular working guy and gal.

                Every real taxpayer had their income stolen and govt was paid from that confiscated money. Then govt emps had taxes taken out of that money which came from real taxpayers. This essentially is taxation to those like me twice. I earned the money got to keep some and the rest went to pay others like him.

                This may have been acceptable then, but many of us are so fucking done with it.

                I have earned the right to retire and I may do it someday on my own accord…without the fucks in DC.

                I know lots of people my age that are retired/ing from the govt with lots of things that I will never have.

                They wanted to divide us, well they did one helluva a job…and those of us that worked our ass off have to pay for them as well.

                He better appreciate the fact that others paid for his “retirement”.

                That is just one of the things we have had shoved up our asses…soon it will end.

                I’m sure your father is a good man and never thought twice about where his paycheck came from but facts are facts…and America needs to realize who is the real backbone of the USA.

                It is the small busines owner.

                • There should be no such thing as a govt pension. Pensions are ponzi schemes to begin with and are based on a philosophy of never-ending growth that is unsustainable. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

        • Gone there can be only answer in the future,as much as I hate it. Bloodshed in quantities unimaginable.
          I fear that there will be few options once things get out of hand. People will defend their property their families and frends. I can only hope that the light of reason will one day return. Id love to know just what is it that politicans want to do, that they wont feel secure in doing until we are all unarmed. Adolf Hitler said in the 1940’s that assination and terror would be the war of the future. God help us all.

        • Good, then ill find a place to stick all those SMKs i loaded

          Gun controll away!

      4. George Soros is part of the plan and more than likely a designer of the current crisis. The can is being kicked down the road again, the problem now is we’re in it, making Americans into beaten and broken slaves is the goal.

        I for one will stand my ground regardless of a crash, false flag or any real or imagined event this communist government comes up with.

      5. Its simple.

        The dollar is toasted.

        The Govt is preparing. Shouldn’t we?

        Be prepared and be ready the best you can.

        When will this start? Nobody knows, but we are looking at the events happening relatively soon.

        Actually it has started, just when will the panic start?

      6. So should I run up all my credit cards and buy a new F350 ?? Maybe some liposuction and a belly button ring. I’m too hot !!!!

      7. 9 Signs That China Is Making A Move Against The U.S. Dollar

        “On the global financial stage, China is playing chess while the U.S. is playing checkers, and the Chinese are now accelerating their long-term plan to dethrone the U.S. dollar. You see, the truth is that China does not plan to allow the U.S. financial system to dominate the world indefinitely.”

        the day the dollar dies ?
        game OVER for us
        you think it’s bad now?
        we ain’t seen nothing yet

      8. Signs of the times:

        Furniture stores are advertising 0% interest until 2018.
        Subprime auto loans are back big time!
        Loans extend for 8 years on autos.
        House flippers are back.
        Property taxes are increasing again and idiots are voting to raise taxes for “the sake of the children”.
        Stocks hit new records while gold gets crushed.
        HARP allows people to refinance at lower rates.
        Ads are all over the radio advertising IRS forgiveness of debt.
        (That last gem is my favorite.
        According to the ads, and these are lots of ’em, the IRS is accepting settlements on back taxes for pennies on the dollar.
        Now, if this is actually true, why the hell am I paying the full amount of my taxes???
        If others get to settle for pennies on the dollar, why should I play the fool and pay the full amount?
        Everything is geared to help the irresponsible and punish the savers and prudent people.)

        • Good points, BK. Amazingly, some people point to all that and say it’s an indication things are looking up.
          Ain’t that strange?

          I think your last line should have been: if they can print the money from thin air to pay for the debts, why do we have to pay taxes? Why can’t they just print that up too?

          • …because it is about control, not money.

            Just stand your ground and walk away from them.

            EVERYONE just needs to boycott the govt and the corps.

            There are alternatives without them…they think/know that you are weak and will take the easy route to being a total slave.

            Tell them to go to hell. Send them there when the time comes.

          • Excellent point.
            Since money printing is their one size fits all solution, they should go full bore and drop the pretense of debt ceilings.
            It’s a joke as it is now.

        • And look at the govt’s numbers, they’re all a sham. 2.5% positive GDP?? I don’t think so. You can’t borrow $500 billion, print up another $900, and then call that GDP. It would be like me getting an unsecured loan, maxing out my credit cards, and calling that income.

      9. CynicAL says

        Not to worry. With the extended debt ceiling they will appropriate funds to make the tunnel longer. No problem.

      10. I want the FED to purchase ALL America debt!!! 🙂

        • Not being sarcastic, but do you want that cabal of private banks to own the entire US Government.

          • LOL!!! They already do…

            • Well, of course, JustMe.
              But why would anyone encourage them?
              …And encourage others to support them in their quest?

              The only three words I can think of are: bamboozled, sellout, or stupid.

              In Duango’s case, I’m guessing it’s: stupidly-bamboozledly-sold out to support the empire at every turn and twist. All the while pretending he’s not. There’s many out there like him. Thank goodness it appears there’s many more quite the opposite.

              Bring on The Fourth Turning!

              • The banks love lending money, and especially to uneducated and poor people. Every piece of property they lend money on, that property belongs o the bank until it is paid off. And in this day and age of TBtF, they simply cannot lose. The more they lend, the more they own, and the gobt is guaranteeing it.

          • It’s their gold…they might as well own the building.

        • The Old Coach: Just one small problem with that article on China; it’s highly speculative at best. Why you may ask. China’s economy has been slowing down over the last couple of years to the point of factories cutting back on shifts and many even closing. A little extra research will prove this point. The follow up question is; why is their economy slowing. Because the west, U.S. and Europe, are running out of money because our economies haven’t been restarted by our own attempts to flood the markets with ‘free money’, hence China is not selling as much junk to us because we are broke and our credit is failing. Add to this China’s growing middle class that has become accustomed to the easier life, they got to keep these folks happy. So they been quietly selling large chunks of their sovereign debt instruments (US and Euro Bills) in order to buy gold, and lots of it. Now China has also been loosing a lot of farm land to creeping deserts due to a combination of climate and bad farming practices. They need to increase their food imports. Some time in the near future, I think they will use some of their remaining instruments as bartering chips to force us (US and Canada) and Europe to sell food at prices they set or we all risk having them dump all securities at once, killing our economies. They’ve played this very well.

          • China has leased farmland in the Ukraine. Expect the US to hand over all of Nebraska’s farmland to the Chinese in exchange for not dumping all their dollars and treasuries. If not Nebraska then Iowa. Maybe even more than one state.

      11. “With the nation as a whole taking on more debt than it can ever hope to repay”

        Thank God I’m not part of that “whole” … or is it “hole”?

        Hopefully, you aren’t either.

      12. The never ending borrowing and money printing will be disaster. We’re going to see a dollar collapse. People should check out the dollar index. The dollar is at its lowest point since February.

      13. Karl Denninger is a very smart man, and he knows what is coming down the pike. Another little item, don’t just blame the politicians, most of the newspapers and other media with their cover-ups of Fast and Furious and the financial mess take blame also. I won’t forget.

        • And there’s also the American people themsleves to blame. If a con man rips you off, who’s fault is it? Even with all this information at their fingertips on the internet, most people are still putting their heads in the sand because they don’t want to admit that the party is over. They want to go on partying like it’s 1999 so to speak, and they want so very desperately to believe that some fancy suit on a white horse is going to gallop into DC and save them.

      14. A trillion dollars worth of $1 bills stacked on top of one another would reach about 67,000 miles (108,000 kilometers) high. Therefore,$16.699 trillion of stacked $1 bills would be more than 1 million miles (1.6 million km) high-enough to stretch from the earth to the moon four times and still have money left over. If Any one Any where thinks this debt can be or will ever be paid. They know not what they think. I think we are living in astounding times. The times the Prophets of old yearned to be in.

        • That doesn’t mean too much. Think about it.

          If I had a $1Trillion dollar bill, I could hold all 17 of the USA debt in my fist.

          Guess what. The $100 bill and the $1 bill is printed with same paper and same ink.

          That should tell you the value of paper currency during a debt crisis when there is nothing to back it up.

          Why not just print 17 $1 trillion dollar paper bills and then just pay off the debt?

        • It doesn’t really matter how high a trillion dollars will go stacked on each other. We’re a country of about 310 million. A national debt of a trillion dollars would only be about $3000 per every man, woman, and child in the country. The problem is that the debt is $17 trillion. That’s about $50,000 for every person in the country and $200,000 for every family of four.

      15. CAUTION: Proper use of the brain is not endorsed by governments nor huge corporations involved in serious financial profit from a brainwashed and enslaved population. Mild discomfort may occur as confusing independent thought challenges popular views of the world.

        • Anon, I love that one. Spot on!

      16. John F. Kennedy warned: “Those who would make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”

        • And look at what that comment got him?

        • Its Peacefull RESOLUTION not ‘revolution” the 2nd part is correct with “revolution”.

          If Resolution is not peacefull it will mean Revolution with violence. RESOLUTION is the First part.

        • Its Peacefull RESOLUTION not ‘revolution” the 2nd part is correct with “revolution”.

          If Resolution is not peacefull it will mean Revolution with violence. RESOLUTION is the First part.

      17. Yeah, I’ll keep buying silver and gold.
        You just know the dollar is going to fail within the next 20 years…maybe next year.

        $17,000,000,000,000.00 Govt debt
        150,000,000 productive tax payers
        $113,333.33 Debt per tax payer with a job.

        Think about all the old boomers retiring..their grand kids, and people to lazy or to inept to work. That means the tax burden falls on guys like me…the Monday morning Joe.

        Re: Solar Cooking in a Wheelbarrow Prepare dinner at breakfast time when the day is over 75 Degrees
        1. Wash out the wheelbarrow, then line with aluminum foil.
        2. Select a sheet of glass to cover the top of the barrow.
        3. Position in a sunny spot.
        4. Place potatoes and veggies into a Dutch oven with lid and put them in the wheelbarrow on a couple of bricks, replace the glass.

        • Thats an excellent idea! Like a solar powered crock pot.
          If you could put insulation under the wheelbarrow tub it would get even hotter.
          20 thumbs up’

      19. OK..Here’s my list.
        12 AR15’s
        100,000 rounds of 556
        12 Springfield 308 Socoms
        100,000 rounds 308
        50,000 MRE’s
        Solar Panels
        Oh, and send the credit card bills to Obama’s grandchildren.

        • You never survive to fire all those rounds eating MRE’s.

          The body was not designed to eat them. (period).

          i know people who have 1000’s of them…I do have 1 that is a WW2 remnant.

          Produced by the MIC…if that isn’t enough info, do some research or as a vet.

        • Say:
          \I Like you IDEA.
          Send that SOB’s kids and grand kids the bill because that is what he is doing to my Grand kids and Great Grand Kids.
          I would get.
          6 Ar’s + 5,000 Rounds
          6 Ak’s + 5,00 ”
          6 1911 + 2500 ”
          6 USP 45 2500 ”
          6 M1A’ 5,000 ”
          6 Socoms 5,000 ”
          The above is for the LEACHES & ZOMIES
          10 stinger rocket launchers
          20 stinger missles.
          The aboe is for the DRONES
          10 3rd Gen night vision
          MRE’s 2,500
          5 Years WISE Foods
          5 Breky water filters
          10 replacement filters.
          3 pairs of Solar Panles
          20 deep cycle batteries.
          And 2 amarms.\
          The above is for survival.
          What the hell they can spend our money I’ll be happy to spend thiers.

          Anyone else have a Christmas List???????

          AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!!!!!!

          • Should be 2 AMRAMS not 2AmARMS

          • I just want 600# +/- of dinamite and a couple hundred radio operated detonators and controller,
            Got a bunch of stumps and rocks i want to get rid of to reshape some of my fields.

            • Kula
              Those damn two legged stumps are the worst to get rid of. Those rocks that you want get rid of are harder than the heads in D.C. Good luck in clearing your fields.
              You know that shooting at those stumps will loosen them up a little.
              After all it is just a wish list.

          • I just want 600# +/- of dinamite and a couple hundred radio operated detonators and controller,
            Got a bunch of stumps and rocks i want to get rid of to reshape some of my fields.

      20. Love you Mac and this website! But, so sick and tired of this crap. Thought they were not going to raise the debt limit, and not fund food stamps (among other things) come November 1st. Now what? How much longer are we going to play this endless game? November 13? The so called grid down “Drill” ??? Then what? Back to business, like any other day?
        So Tired of living a double life. If they are going to pull the plug…THEN DO IT ALREADY! Stop kicking the can down the street.

      21. No thank you. They can go play with themselves. They wine about 25 billion and the day we let them out of their cage they spend 350 billion. hmmmm?

      22. Holy Cow! The “Leave Reply” square landed right next to the two busty chicks in the right column. Why is it that I now have a sudden urge for a cold glass of milk?

      23. Skeered yet?

      24. So Preppers, from this and many other readings. I have $5,000 to invest and would like to purchase some T-bills. If I buy, should I purchase T-bills that expire in:

        1. 30 years
        2. 15 years
        3. 10 years
        4. 10 days
        5. 10 hours
        6. 10 minutes
        7. 10 seconds

        I would appreciate your financial advice since you are Americans and know how to manage money….

        • If you have money to invest and want to “invest” it in T-bills, I don’t think you know what investing means. 😉
          Precious metals and lead all the way!

        • Invest in Z-Bills. After the zombie apocalypse, they will be the only bills worth anything.

      25. Party like it’s 1776…

      26. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

        New International Version (NIV)

        3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

        • What did you say? I can’t hear you. Real Housewhores of Miami is on.

        • Are you referring to the feel good preachers in our houses of God??

          • You gotto make em feel good if you want donations. The truth usually has them leaving….

            • I like Dr. Charles Stanley out of Atlanta; he tells it like it is; In Touch Ministries. My only complaint is he comes on at 7:30AM here in the Midwest; a tad early after a late Saturday night. Check him out…

      27. Random question so don’t butcher me. Has anyone ordered from the LDS online store? I was thinking about adding 8 of their starter packs to my stock. Each one is about $34 with tax and shipping is free. I’m just wondering about the quality of the food. Thanks.

        • Yes, The starter packs are great for… well, starters. I get a few every couple of months to put back for “just in case”. The price is excellent, so is the product; and, you can’t beat the free shipping. Their water filters are a good choice as well as the mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.

        • The food from the LDS website or canneries is very good quality. I use it for my everyday eating as well as for long term storage.

          • Agreed! We do the same. In fact, I am going to be using LDS pancake mix in the morning to whip up a nice meal 🙂

            • Thanks for all the replies. I will definitely pick some up now. The local cannery is only open certain times for non church members, so online is easier.

              • It is not just you. They are only open certain times for members also. They are run and staffed by volunteers who also have a living to make, just like (formerly) every one else.

      28. Reported on the MSM???

        FBI investigating possible threat to Midwestern city’s water supplies?

        • I work water treatment for a living. In September the EPA, DEQ, Fema started giving municipalities around the country pretty bizarre orders. This is not a surprise to me after everything else the government has done over the years with false flags.

          Expect more, is my personal thoughts.

          The water systems in this country are very vulnerable and most are old and short changed regularly in budgeting choices because it isn’t visible like parks or schools.

          • I wish to share this; take it or leave it.
            I’ve been cleaning toilets for over 45 years; married for 44 of those years; I am a clean person especially when it comes to toilets; not so much with base boards. 🙂
            I started checking my toilets-charting when I clean, etc.
            The one in the lavatory gets used sparcely, so it was accumulating the black lines more quickly.
            So, I watched both the other toilets. Same black rings, just every other day.
            THIS mess, what ever it is, is going into our cooking water, drinking water, even our bath water.
            I have had a Berkey for 3 years now, but think about what I drank before that.
            I flush EVERY time I use and it still accumulates, just not so quickly.
            My neighbor said she ALWAYS cleans her toilet every day(BS) and doesn’t notice it–folks, I lived in Tennessee for 57 years and never had this problem.
            Clean the toilet every day?? I don’t think so!!!! 🙁

            • Get the material in the black rings. Get it analysed. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

            • Same black-green goo here. I let it build up once, just to see what it really looked like. It is a slimy fungus/mold.


              We have well water and, it gets tested twice yearly. They don’t test for this stuff. I have to use peroxide in my ears if I get any water in them in the shower. If I don’t use peroxide, my ears itch so much it isn’t even funny. There is some speculation that the slime comes from an internal issue, like diabetes. The glucose in the urine makes a good medium for growth. You might want to research that possible link, in case you need to get someone checked for diabetes.


      29. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me!

      30. Maybe we all need to start talking about the levels of SHTF…
        I’ll start a list.. feel free to chide in.

        Job loss…spouse…you’re still working
        Your both out of work.
        Your fine but a family member is out of work and needs help.
        Meteorite hits and the skies are dark during the day for 36 months.
        Dollar collapse.
        OR…what’ gong on..dollar devaluation…down 44% since 2000.
        Commie prez…current situation.
        All factories gone…zero real jobs for the avg. guy.
        Aging parents not prepped up and they run out of money for retirement.
        Gunshot wound
        Daughter gets pregnant and not married.
        Nervous breakdown by you, a family member …
        Nuclear war.
        Nuke strike or bio or pandemic.

        You get the idea.
        Now the idea is to come up with as many of these as you can…then formulate what you’d do.

        The common denominator.. shelter in place.

        Say a gang broke in…the’s be locked in the house with ME.
        Breaker box out… then on go the night vision
        and out comes the bow first….silent and deadly..then the shotgun.
        You get the idea.

        I prepped up at work with many computer books…all others fired off…and I’m still there decades later. Knowledge, wisdom and self education.

        Be proactive.

        Seeing a pattern here?
        Self reliance
        Think for yourself
        Assume the worst, plan for it and hope for the best.

        THE BIG ONE…

        You earned it.
        Stop waiting for the shtf Xmas like event.
        It might not come.

        I pay my life insurance…I don’t expect to personally get a check….the wife might one day…

        Final thoughts…
        We are entering the winter time in history…go read the 4th turning.
        Bad times.
        The boomers will vote to steal all your wealth.
        Fuck hide it from the most selfish generation in history.

        If a big flash SHTF hits… you’ll need to move your preps.
        If you’ve been on these sites and ordered from the supply houses…
        They already have you on a list.

        And lastly this…
        Chem trails.
        I think we are in the dark galactic rift.
        They had to blanket the planet with a metal shield to decrease the magnetic spectrum getting though and to decrease the suns increased UV.

        Expect a depopulation within 20 years.
        Most likely a pandemic.


        • Invasion, it’s interesting you mention The Fourth Turning. I hadn’t noticed your comment before I mentioned it. That idea is coming up more and more these days. Like we’re getting closer to the realization?

          Also, RE: chemtrails. They are multifaceted, imho. But one thing is certain, try as I might, I couldn’t get sunburnt or get enough sun to cause a peel this Summer, try as I might, it just didn’t happen.

          Strange, that.

        • Invasion, I noticed you lay a lot of blame for the current situation on the Baby Boomers. Being a Boomer myself, I thought I’d spend a little time and educate your little immature Nintendo-loving brain, then I decided that, no, if you’re so stupid that you blame this mess on when people were born, rather than their fiscal policies and social philosophies, then you deserve whatever you get.
          There just ain’t no fixin’ stupid.

          • I’m a boomer, and I DO partly blame boomers for this mess. You look at the wackos we have running this country, well who voted these con men into office? Who sat around doing nothing while this country was being driven into a sh*thole? The boomers, just like everyone else, think just because we’re Amercians we should all be able to live like kings so long as someone else is footing the bill. There’s just as much private debt in this country as there is federal. That didn’t just happen by accident. I wish I had known this or woken up 30 years ago, I’d be living in a much better situation right now, but I bought the Amerian dream just like the next because I was just as igorant and drunk on materialism as he was.

            • I bought the American Dream too, and I’m living it. It has NOTHING to do with when I was born, it has to do with my work ethic. Get it, Reynaldo?

      31. Random musings:

        Most of us who visit SHTFPLAN are religious in some way, shape, or form, and if the prophecy stuff I heard as a kid in the 1960s like the Constitution would “hang by a thread” and the Native Americans would “come back into their own” comes true — things never even dreamed of by the mainstream 50 years ago, but now currently occurring…

        …then if one believes that God can fold the fabric of time to see various points into what we consider the future and that the Bible verses are to be believed, such as Revelation 20:4:

        [4] And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

        Something wicked this way comes:

        …one would then have to think ahead and try to imagine who exists in the world today who desires total dominance and then figure out who uses beheadings against Christians.

        …then one would have to look who has signed treaties: China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia….

        …what an unimaginable alliance.

        One could then conclude that our Little Hitler in Obama Clothing could very well be the weasel who flips the switch on America’s demise, as Obama and his minions are clearly opening the door to the total annihilation of this country in every way conceivable: on an economic basis, moral basis, religious basis, and even unto our physical death.

        Such battles lie ahead…

        • Just read Luke 21: 7-36 is plenty to advise us.

        • We will see another “rebellion” by freemen against federal tyranny and I don’t think it’ll be too many more years based on whats happening in this country…sad, but it has to happen…freedom isnt just going to go away because barryo wants it to…

        • America will become part of the one world government prophesied in Revelation. I think we’ll have a one world government within a year of the collapse. I expect the Rapture to take place during the collapse just before the antichrist is publicly revealed as the world leader.

          The only real question I have is whether the collapse will take place later this year or sometime in 2014.

      32. Oh and BTW anyone just starting out, or anyone always looking for more 🙂 Krusteaz Pancake Mix… This is a just add water mix. That’s all you need! They sell them in 10lb, 270 serving, vacuum sealed, resealable bags. Expiration date is stamped and good for about 2 years! You can buy this 10lb bags for about 7 bucks a bag at Sams Club!

      33. Let’s see if this can go in as one, single post….

        Good Evening Everyone,

        This evening’s a somewhat ‘longish’ tale
        whose salient point, it’s ‘moral’ is to be found at the
        end, following the the story’s conclusion,

        This tale is titled,

        “The Man, the Mule and the Mail-Order Bride”

        Once, long ago, there lived a man… a man who lived
        in the mountains. far from the hustle and bustle of
        modern life. One day, while browsing the Sears and Roebuck
        catalogue he saw something that made his Heart leap for
        Joy: an advertisement for ‘Mail-Order Brides”. The man’s
        life was somewhat lonely as his sole companions were his
        dog, his mule and the local wildlfe thereabouts alone;
        ergo, he was without any good, fitting, companionship,..
        thus – probably – his Joy ‘pon seeing the advetisement
        is easily comprehended.

        He followed the directions given in the ad meticulously,
        preparing a suitably polite letter which – with the
        corresponding fee – he dutifully sent off when next the
        rural mail carrier chanced by on his once every 3 month
        visit. Weeks passed…and Lo, A REPLY was forthcoming!
        With utter delight he read the responding note and gleaned
        therefrom that his prayers had been answered. For it was
        the case that the ‘She’ who had corresponded with him
        seemed, in a word ‘perfect’ As he read the note he noted
        – with mounting satisaction that the woman seemed to
        present herself as one who was hard-working, who loved
        the great outdoors naturally…and naturally, as well,
        the quietude of a wilderness existence. As well, the
        picture that had come included in her letter portrayed
        a truly winsome, ‘handsome’ woman…seeming, fully the
        fulfillment of any good, respectable man’s desire.

        In the letter, the woman indicated that she could
        arrive in the nearest town – some 30 or more miles away
        – on or about a particular date…one not terribly far
        into the future; some few weeks, no more.

        As the joyous date approached, the man made all the
        neccessary arrangements to allow him to journey forth to
        meet his bride-to-be at the pre-determeined place, on the
        appropriate date. Finally, the morn of his daparture from
        his mountain abode arrived – and with high hopes – he
        saddled his mule and began the long trek to the town
        wherein the long-awaited meeting would occur.

        Once the man arrived he realized that he – quite likely
        – was a slightly less than ‘promising sight’ in the eyes
        of his soon-to-be bride. Thus and so, without further
        delay he took himelf onward to the local Barber shop;
        whereat he found a hot bath, accompanied by a much-needed
        shave and as well he was refered to the singe, local
        establishment where he might obtain a suit of clothes
        appropriate for the momentous occasision soon at hand.

        So equipped – and ‘cutting a fine figure’ as well – the
        man saw that the appointed hour was near to hand.Thus With
        abundant Joy therefor, he walked down to the local train
        staion to meet his soon-to-arrive bride.

        Suffice it to say that the woman arived without incident
        and no sooner had the pair met than it became plain that
        there ARE ‘Matches made in Heaven”, for the two took to
        each other at the moment they first laid eyes upon each
        other….as this IS something of a ‘Fairy tale’, just let
        it go; sometimes, it IS ‘nice’ to at least IMAGINE such
        good things, Eh?…whether they actually EVER exists or no.

        After a few days had passed – and the initial ‘Conubial
        ‘Bliss” had served to bind the pair together as ‘Man and
        Wife’ truly , it came time for the pair to return to the
        Man’s residence, tucked deeply in it’s mountain fastness.
        The pair Walked arm-in-arm down to the stables, where the
        Man meticulously prepared the Mule – Which was to carry
        his already beloved, lovely, new bride – an inexperenced
        rider – along the way home. Thus mounted, with the Man
        judiciously leading the animal by it’s reins, (to thus
        ensure that his as yet untested bride would be safe), the
        trio, Man, Mule and Bride, departed along the long rough
        trail leading back to his abode – in high spirits – onward.

        The day was btight and sunny and intially – at least –
        all seemed well and the World, wholly accomodating. However,
        some several miles along the path it happened that the mule
        suddenly startled as a rabbit ran from the brush right twixt
        it’s feet. In the ensuing confusion the startled animal
        nearly unseated it’s rider, much to both the Man and the
        Woman’s suprise. Swiftly, the Man interceded, grabbing the
        mule’s reins firmly to compel it to quiet itself and also,
        to obediance. After satisfying himself that his bride was
        unharmed and sufficiently restored of her serenity, he then
        drew the mule’s reins up so tightly that he and it stood
        eye to eye, seperated by mere inches. Looking deep into the
        mule’s eyes, the Man said firmly, flatly – just once,

        “That’s ‘One…’

        …after which he again took up leading animal up the
        path, onward, taking his bride to thier new home.

        A bit later, it happened, that a rock perched high above
        the path, on the rocky slope above the trio, slipped from
        it’s rest and careened downwards. Though – happily – it
        missed the group by a wide margin. Nonetheless, the animal
        was again startled and this time it near broke free of the
        Man’s grasp ‘pon it’s reins….again also, quite nearly
        tossing the Man’s new bride onto the dusty, rocky path
        they travelled. As before, the Man drew up the reins of
        the Mule till thier noses were seperated by but a hair’s
        breadth- this time far more sternly – again they stood
        eye to eye – or rahter nose-to-nose, and as before, in the
        same flat tone he had used previously, he said only, simply,

        “That’s TWO…”

        …wehereupon he again took up leading the animal
        carrying his new bride along the path, onward.

        When the small group was only a few miles from arriving
        at thier intended destination…and accordingly, all the
        comforts of a well-deserved rest after the long, arduous
        trail they had travelled that day, CALAMITY STRUCK!

        From out of the the brush, ahead of them on the trail,
        a GRIZZLY BEAR sauntered into view, eyeing them all
        much as a hungry Man eyes a well prepared pork Chop.
        Having lived long in the Wild – and so being accustomed
        to the vagaries of Life therein – the Man unhesitatingly
        stepped to one side of the Mule, whereat was strapped a
        gun scabbard housing his trusty 45-70 Winchester. As he
        was so occupied, it happened that the Bear elected, at
        that exact moment, to pounce upon them. As the Bear
        charged down upon the trio, the Man turned, raised the
        rifle and taking his aim with full deliberation, (a long
        practised maneuver for those living a did he), and
        pulling the trigger slowly, fired a single shot…JUST
        one time.

        When the moment had passed, the bruin lay as dead as if
        God’s own Thunderbolt had struck it down…not 15 yards
        away from where they HAD ALL stood…that is, until the
        rifle’s discharge – which when coupled to the prevailing
        scent of BEAR – had finally driven the animal beyond the
        simple bounds of it’s limited Sanity. Rearing high up as
        the report of the rifle startled it beyond tolerance, the
        woman was summarily thrown from her perch upon it’s back
        to land – luckily, unharmed – upon the hard-packed trail.

        Naturally, the Man immediately rushed over to his bride
        to ascertain if she was unharmed and as soon as he had
        helped her to her feet, and as well, had helped her to
        dust herself off, he hugged her tightly, whispering a
        silent prayer of Thanks to his Maker for her safety
        throughout. He then gave his bride a long, deep kiss
        and then turned from her to again secure the errant

        Once the mule was again, in-hand, the Man re-sheathed the
        rifle in it’s scabbard where it hung upon the saddle and
        then – curiously – unstrapped that from the where it resided,
        setting it aside carefully, propped up against a tree nearby.
        Thereafter, following suit, the man methodically unstrapped
        the beast’s saddle – along with the saddle bags – before
        lifting, and then laying them, all, on the margin of the
        path near the mule. AT THAT POINT, the MAN, took the mule’s
        reins in-hand, drew it close up to him and withdrew the
        Colt 45 Single Action from the holster in which he
        customarily carried it, adainst his thigh…..

        Without saying a word, the Man promptly inserted the
        barrel of the firearm into the mule’s right ear and
        – without apparent hesitation….PULLED THE TRIGGER!

        The net result of that action was – of course – one
        EXCEEDINGLY ‘DEAD’ mule. The woman was both stunned, as
        well as horrified, by what she had just witnessed and
        without significant delay, thereupon commenced berating
        the Man – at some length! – for so ‘discharging’ a
        perfectly good mule from it’s servitude. THE MAN listened
        – very patiently as his new bride ‘explained’ – in
        full, meticulous detail – the nature of the ‘error’ he
        had just commited (in her erstwhile opinion). Throughout
        this display, the man showed all evidence of gravely
        considering each and every word his new bride uttered;
        nodding at the appropriate points during the diatribe
        he was beimg subject to…appearing, for all intents
        and purposes, to be the the very picture of rational,
        considered, PATIENT “attentiveness” throughout.

        Finally, the woman – clearly aghast with her New Husband
        – and seemingly out of anything further to say on the subject,
        – said; ‘Well, don’t you have anything to SAY about this, Hmmm?”
        At that point, the Man stepped up to her, taking her by her
        upper arms – gently – in his large, strong hands in what
        appeared to be nothing other than a simple affectionate,
        embtace, whilst looking somewhat bemused by his wife’s
        FULLY expressed displeasure, replied with only two words;

        “That’s ‘one’…”

        ………… 😉

        The MORAL of this piece, as it relates to us, here, today,
        is this:

        “That’s ‘one’…was the day that the PTB elected to cover
        thier ASSES on OUR BACKS, via our taxes…and the taxes of
        our Children…and THIER Children…as well, their Chidren
        also, apparently into all future perpetuity – by anyone’s
        curent estimation, at least!… while they continue to RAPE
        this Country and EVERY last Citizen thereof DAILY without
        so much as a slap on thier manicured, perfumed ‘wrist’
        …NO MORE People.


        Anecdotally, you might likely find the the following
        somewhat here ‘instructive’. Some several hundred years ago,
        at the dawn of modern ‘Banking’, in one of the Nordic country’s
        it cane to pass that the original ‘BANKSTER’ – from whom all
        this MESS today is deirved – began his time-dishonored practice
        and in relatively short order, what you would naturally expect,

        The method of ‘monetary exchange; in those days required a
        physically-based medium of exchange which underlay all
        the transactions of the time; As it well should naturally,
        Yes? Indeed, but as time has shown – clearly – give a BANKER
        an INCH…and he’ll soon OWN EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE…sound
        familiar here Folks? THAT character from history – all too
        soon concluded – that if NO ONE was ‘WATCHING’ him – his
        actual operations….the BOOKEEPING – that he could actually
        simply ‘CREATE MONEY out of ‘thin air’ via the age-old method
        of ‘creative accounting, degining thereofor, the now standard,
        ACCEPTED practice of ‘FIAT’, which he promptly used to multiply
        the MONEY what he could actually PRODUCE on demand…Again,
        I ask you…Does this SOUND FAMILIAR?!

        It should, it is the SAME BULLSHIT pattern the that the
        wretched ‘financial’ class have foisted pon us in all times
        since. However, as it happened – then – some bright Soul
        figured ir all out..and then …suprise, suprise, SUPRISE!
        (Yep, that’s old ‘Gomer Pyle’ there for those who were
        wondering…and AFTER being ‘found out’ what do you think
        the Folk of that time did about it? Hmmm?

        Allow me to satisfy your curiousity here; The KING sentenced
        Mr Banker…to DEATH. Unfortunately (much like we see today)
        Mr Banker ESCAPED the consequence at hand, the sentence was
        later commuted…a pity, No? For HAD things begun on THAT
        foot, then, perchance, jut POSSIBLY…we might all have taken
        a different path completely in the long march of History.
        Oh well…We might still look to the ‘wisdomn’ of the past
        …Well, the original SENTENCE, at least…as a patern for
        the FUTURE Folks,
        just sayin here.

        The second component here involved is – quite naturally, that
        relating to our profligatly BASE, SELF-SERVING, UTTERLY CALLOUS,
        INCOMPETENT Governance as embodied by the Federal construct.
        Soooo, right away, we have as a DIRECT consequnce of the
        Goverment’s clear inability to actually RUN THIS FUCKING
        COUNTRY for the benefit of it CITIZEN’s…Wait for it here
        Folks, Ta-Da!!

        “That’s ‘TWO'”

        Gee, we appear to have a REAL, DIRECT, PROGRESSION here…
        don’t we? There will MO MORE BE a valid solution to the
        mess that the Government…in FULL collusion with the
        BANKSTERS, has created Lo these several decades past; any
        who beleive OTHERWISE are simply ‘FLATULENT’ as, frankly,
        anyone who even THINKS that they’ll – suddenly – find SOME
        MAGIC ABSWER to ‘it all’ is little more than HOPIUUM-addicted
        Consequrently, WHAT HAPPENS Therefor,, when MARCH 2014 rolls

        Good Lord People…it’s fookin’ OVER…ALREADY.We are
        actually talking “Dead Country Walkin'” here.

        I submit – as there is NO EARTHLY chance, whatsoever – that
        ANY of those who brought this MESS into existence, will EVER be
        brought to any JUSTICE, PROR to the LAST, FINAL act of this
        pATHETIC ‘Play’, that waits just ’round the ‘turn of the new
        year’ that all here – many of whom I hold to be my Friends –
        consider the following ADVICE: MOVE like you have a PURPOSE
        in Life PEOPLE. Time is no longer simply ‘short’ Folks, it’s
        completely GONE. Do as you think best….Me and Mine have
        ALREADY DONE SO…food for thought, that.

        Those here who are more than passably acquainted with my
        words will take the following for what it is worth,

        “Bankers, Politicians, .00001%’er’s…you have only one last
        decision to make, here it is,


        And BO, you won’t be GOING where all the Good Folks are
        heading later…you’ll be ‘segregated’ from those. Adios Y’All


        …Told ya HE was COMING…just WAIT to you see what comes
        NEXT, Stay tuned…the DAWN is COMING, I PROMISE.

        • 🙂

      34. They will find a way to make this party go on for at least 5 or 10 more years. Or it could suddenly fall. In the meantime we must not forget to live our lives the best way possible. Embrace life in an authentic manner, find your own freedom, share more time with your kids and loved ones. Also, be prepared, but don’t fall in the trap of hate, for living in the wait of disaster is just another way to die.

        • 5-10 more years? No way, China’s on to us; we’re in the 9th inning, 2 out and we ain’t got shit for a closer. I believe there’s a reason Obongos’ daughter is learning Chinese. They are probably making demands which we know nothing about and aren’t kind to us and that’s hugely understating it.

        • Oops didnt mean to red thumb your comment. Nodded off. Time for bed

        • Alephs, uh, sorry, no way we have another 5-10 years. maybe 2 at the most and I’m being generous with that estimate. We all better look for implosion to take place anytime between now and the 2014 elections.

      35. As AZ Ready said:
        “We all know it’s coming, just tired of hearing about it. Collapse already so we can begin to rebuild. Lock and load, hope and pray we make it to the other side together.”

        Hell yeah.. I am SO SICK of all this delay.
        It’s 100% unfixable in our lifetimes so these f-wit politicians need to wake up and see the bleeding obvious. Admit your mistakes (eg Euro/Eurozone). Man up dammit !
        Let the economic dam collapse, do its damage, so we can all (worldwide) MOVE ON !!!
        Every country is suffering badly because of this crap.
        Maybe we need global elections with extremely strict new controls on those elected.
        Fixed term, fixed salaries, independent oversight, JAIL for failing to keep election promises etc.
        Global collapse is coming, we all know it and the sooner the better.

        • The Powers That Be are not done looting us yet. They would also like to get our guns before the collapse happens. It will make the takeover easier. If they collapse it without getting our guns, they will take away our food until we give up our guns. Brutal time indeed. Guns and grub. Need them both.

      36. Not to worry, people. You can clearly see in the photograph that the light is only illuminating the entrance to the tunnel. If a train was coming there would be directional light shining on the interior walls.

        So get a move towards the exit, that’s right, just walk towards the light. Better hurry because when you’re inside a photograph you cannot hear trains coming during the daytime.

        17 trillion dollars, wanna bet it will be 18 trillion by February 7th when Coongress’ Walmart EBT spending spree ends.

      37. The debt problem is only problem #2. Problem #1 is the leftist/socialist/Marxist/atheist Democrat Party. It is successfully destroying America, which is its unspoken intent.

        • Unspoken? Do the words “fundamentally transform” ring a bell?

        • Yeah, and the right/conservative/necon/bible-thumping Republican Party is in on it. Obama has not done a single thing that was not originally put into motion by Bush. This isn’t a left vs right issue, they’re both killing us.

          • Reynaldo, it is a left vs. right issue. Your problem is that you see Bush as “right”. He wasn’t. Most Republicans are “left”. A truly conservative society will prosper.

      38. The economy isn’t growing by 2.5%. It’s imploding. Real inflation is about 9%. Therefore, GDP unadjusted for inflation is about 4.5%. When adjusted for real inflation it’s -4.5%.

      39. My take on consumers racking up new record-level debt is not that it’s because they think “Happy Days are Here Again”, it’s not because of high consumer confidence- it’s pessimism. I think their attitude is “Eat Drink and Be Merry, for tomorrow- we’re all screwed anyway”. I think we’re seeing the death of consumerism, and people just figure out that they’ll go out in a blaze of debt glory! And if you think about it- why the hell not? A) If we do have a “reset” of the economy, debt will have to be forgiven- across the board. Yes- I know that some folks believe there will always be debt-factors that go around buying bad debt to try to collect on. But you can’t get blood from a turnip, and eventually those vultures will get tired of being shot. B)When the credit rating curve is pushed down by bad debt to the point that 99+% of the population cannot get enough credit to buy a Happy Meal, this will force financial institutions to have to reduce their credit rating requirements universally, otherwise, the money changers will be out of business for a lack of qualified customers.

        • I agree: I think the past two years have been very instructive. I too thought the whole system would blow up and reset way back in 2010. But it didn’t. And that was when I realized that, no matter what politicians publicly say, they would do anything and everything to make sure credit stays available.

          We have now crossed into the Age of Eternal Loose Credit. This will last another 20 years at least (look at Japan). We hit what should have been a catastrophic deflationary depression. But because governments all over the world decided to turn on the printing presses full blast, this did not happen. We are now facing a long period of steady low growth which will be maintained by the printing presses and easy credit. Think of it like this: before all this massive debt built up in the past 30 years, the banks could just use a small hair dryer to propel a marble across the wooden floor. Now, we need an engine from an Airbus A380 on full throttle to move a lead and gold suitcase along a floor made of sandpaper. Its growth, but just growth at a very high cost.

          The social consequences are plenty: the very poor will suffer a great deal, there will be more sleaze as people will have no respect for work and wealth, criminals and gangs will flourish, bridging the gaps in the mainstream economy, the sex trade will go nuclear, and chemical dependency and ill health will sky rocket (I am in medicine, so I am now rubbing my hands in glee:)).

      40. Lol the train is coming baby the train is coming now oh whoa whoa whoa ehoa. Nothing stops the money train!

      41. When you print the money, the debt limit is fiction. As long as the rest of the world does the same it is all relative. The harm is to you and me. The country will keep on keeping on until the rest of the world says they won’t play the same game any more. Their problem is, they are so addicted to the same drug by now and unless they have a mutually agreed upon alternative they will go down with us. When the alternatives now being created overtake the current paradigm then the financial end will be near.

      42. I hate to think of it when the collapse comes, Soros of all people will say, “I told you so”. Ugh.

      43. Maureen, that was a great piece! Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts on BO.

        He, BO, has become the father of lies, more lies, and then some. I do not have a problem that he is Black, but, he is a Kenyan American trying to pose as an African American, a fraud, selected before elected to somehow represent our African American brothers and sisters.

        How anyone thought that just because he went to Harvard law school that he was qualified to represent all the people of the United States is mind-boggling. As a result of this one man and his party, there has been a steady erosion in race relations between the African American community and the non-African Americans.

        His policies, as an extension of the policies of the Democrats and liberal MSM and so called academicians, have done more harm to the African American population than anything else since the Gettysburg address by President Lincoln. This is not boding well. The darkness in his heart that you speak about is spreading like a cancer throughout this fair land that we love and cherish so much, propagated, promoted, promulgated by the liberal MSM and the Democrats. Evil, corruption, and darkness is spreading like never before. He has managed to infiltrate every arm of government with his minions and policies.

      44. I can hear the thunder…there’s a storm coming!……

      45. Hi all I’m new to prepping and have been reading posts here for a few weeks. My guestion is does anyone else think if the dems take the house in 2014 do u think they will do away with term limits for potus to set obama up for the dictatorship he wants

      46. More meaningless drivel from this Mac Slavo character ?
        Come on ! People dont realize they are being bamboozled with the 2 party system and the kabuki theatre of daily nonsense they are pumping out thru the MSM. Nothing will change, until there is a massive politics-ending revolution and by that time, we may as well have zombies and werewolves running around picking at the scraps of what used to be. Mac Slavo is just another yellow journalist cashing in on the subterfuge driven drama of modern day USSA. Why does this site even stoop this low to regurgitate this waste of bandwith ??? Its been the same pablum since 2008.

        • Drivel Stopper, don’t you mean the “drivel” coming from the MSM? If so, then OK I can agree with you on that. The MSM is where all of the “yellow journalists” are located, and they’re really nothing more than talking heads reading from prepared scripts. Mac Slavo is NOT a “yellow jouirnalist cashing in on the subterfuge driven drama of modern day of USSA.” Nor does he “waste any bandwidth.” mac set up this site for preppers/survivalists to come together and exchange useful information on survival-related topics of great concern to all of us so we’ll all have the best chance possible of surviving what is coming to this land in the weeks, months, and years ahead. You post under the wrong name. You can stop your “drivel” now and go somewhere else.

      47. Back in the 70’s I would have thought that the whole idea of where we are as a country and what I see around me on a daily basis, would have made for an awesome comedy sitcom. I can just imagine the laughter and sarcasm that could be brought about because of all things in general with our current situation. Sadly though it is not so funny now when I actually see it for what it is and what it all entails. Still though I sometimes chuckle at what we are letting our government and those that have called themselves in power over us do to us. Sometimes I have to laugh at it all….

      48. There is nothing to worry about and this is why: the debt is necessary because we now live in a consumer society where our lifestyles and well-being are being served by the money making machines that spew out credit. This in turn is used to make the other machines and factories that produce the goods we consume function.

        We crossed the line into a consumer society some time ago and there is no turning back. Governments know this and that is why they always turn the credit machine back on. They have no choice. The only difference is that it will spin faster and harder now, and thus people will need to work harder to keep a step ahead of total bankruptcy and poverty. For our lords and masters, there could be nothing more fun than to watch the puppets dance frenetically on the end of the strings.

        My advice? Definitely get a job and make sure it pays well. The people who are on fixed incomes or who rely on welfare are going to be totally crushed as the inflation picks up.

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