The Death Of Truth

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    Over the past several days I have had some time to think, and my thoughts have repeatedly turned to the current state of the Internet.  For a couple of decades, after it was popularized, the Internet was one of the greatest tools for free speech that the world has ever seen.

    It allowed ordinary people like me to share the truth on a massive scale with other ordinary people all over the planet.  I have always been grateful for that opportunity, but now our ability to share truth with one another over the Internet is being systematically eroded.  Nobody can deny that this is taking place, because it is literally happening right in front of our eyes.  Over the past decade, control of the Internet has become increasingly centralized.  The big tech companies have become exceptionally powerful, and they have become addicted to using that power to suppress speech that they do not like.

    This is an extremely dangerous trend because the Internet has become the primary way that the vast majority of us communicate with one another.  It truly is our modern version of “the marketplace of ideas”, but now the big tech companies are absolutely determined to distort it into something else entirely.

    At this point, there are a whole host of ideas that you aren’t allowed to freely discuss on the Internet anymore.

    In fact, there are a whole host of questions that you aren’t even allowed to ask.

    When a society gets to a point where you aren’t even allowed to ask questions, that is a very clear sign that you are living under a very oppressive authoritarian regime.

    Years ago when they started banning various prominent voices we all knew that it wouldn’t end there.

    And it hasn’t.

    Today, the big tech companies have no problem banning literally anyone.  For example, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene just got permanently banned on Twitter

    Twitter permanently blacklisted the personal account of a sitting member of Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) over the New Year’s weekend. “Twitter is an enemy to America and can’t handle the truth,” Rep. Greene said, in a statement responding to the ban. “That’s fine, I’ll show America we don’t need them and it’s time to defeat our enemies.”

    Rep. Greene has one of the largest followings on social media of any Republican member of Congress. Prior to her ban, she had over 465,000 followers on Twitter, meaning the Republican party and conservative movement has lost one of its most influential accounts on the platform.

    Five years ago, if you told me that the big tech companies would start banning our politicians in Washington, I would have told you that you were crazy.

    But now nobody is safe.  Once Twitter and Facebook banned a sitting president, we all knew that there was no going back.

    Of course, the pandemic has given the big tech companies an excuse to push their levels of censorship to even higher levels.  Just a few days ago, Twitter banned Dr. Robert Malone just before he was interviewed by Joe Rogan

    Dr. Robert Malone played a key role in the invention of the mRNA vaccine, the type of vaccine that is being administered to many Americans in an effort to stave off COVID-19. Malone has often been critical of the use of the vaccines, as well those in the media and government who support them.

    He shared a great deal of research on his Twitter account, which had more than half a million followers.

    “We all knew it would happen eventually,” Malone said on his Substack. “Today it did. Over a half million followers gone in a blink of an eye. That means I must have been on the mark, so to speak. Over the target. It also means we lost a critical component in our fight to stop these vaccines being mandated for children and to stop the corruption in our governments, as well as the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industries.”

    So now it appears that Twitter is preemptively banning people.

    We truly have entered “Minority Report” territory, and that is extremely chilling.

    Considering everything that has been happening with the pandemic, you would think that we would want to hear what one of the inventors of mRNA technology has to say.  Dr. Robert Malone has decades of experience, and he had been one of the most respected names in his field.

    But because he has viewpoints that don’t align with the official narratives being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry, he is being blacklisted by the big tech companies.

    If you think that you can get around all the censorship by simply refusing to use the big tech company platforms, you are wrong.

    Just consider this example.  Gateway Pundit is reporting that T-Mobile is literally erasing links to their articles from text messages…

    Hi Jim. In one of the screenshots you can see where my sister tried to send me your website link four times but I never got it. The other two screenshots it shows me sending a link to one of your articles, that’s the one with the picture of the fox in it. In the other screenshot from my sister it shows that she never received the link. The text message it still has the fox in it. I hope this helps. But what I realized is it’s actually just my boost T-Mobile carrier that’s blocking your links. I have a friend in the 949 area code and he was able to send it to his wife, however, I can only receive it in a group text. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks. Mark.

    I have had a similar experience with articles written by Mike Adams of Natural News.  When I try to send links to Natural News through Facebook Messenger, the links are simply erased from the messages somehow.

    That is the level of censorship that we are now facing.

    They literally want to control what we see, what we hear and what we think.  And of course this is setting the stage for a level of authoritarianism unlike anything we have ever seen before in all of human history.

    Without freedom of speech, all of our other freedoms will rapidly become meaningless.

    Sadly, at this point freedom of speech in the United States is getting pretty close to being completely wiped out.

    Our Republic is rapidly dying, and millions upon millions of Americans are cheering as it happens.

    The big tech companies have become the arbiters of truth, but most of the “truths” that they are relentlessly pushing are actually lies.

    I don’t know if there is a way out of this mess, but we must find one, because the future of our society hangs in the balance.

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      1. They were all given their power because people piled on to use them since the time they were just curiosities of the net.

        They maintain their power because people, even their critics, will not leave them.

        I doubt this will change.

      2. How could tech companies ‘cancel’ a sitting US president? How can they ‘cancel’ powerful politicians? Because tech companies are nothing more than the children of the military and CIA funders that birthed them. They know who made them, pay their bills and gives them the licence to operate.

        My personal theory is that the Covid operation is a live-fire global control operation. A test. What for? Whatever: geological disasters, civil wars, wars, environmental breakdown etc. Control is what it is all about.

        Notice that while we were locked down, the biggest operation to throw satellites into space took place. War-footing moves ACCELERATED during the lockdowns. Rather than tackling the pandemic, the military spent their time putting more satellites into space, deploying more weapons systems, and going ‘cruising’ around China.

        As a side note, just as Indians are used as the mega d-bags of the tech community, I have noticed Indian origin so-called public health officials and doctors are the biggest pushers of the Covid nonsense. That’s coming from a country where people poop in the streets and don’t win awards for good public health. Just saying …

      3. We all know this, nothing new. What kind of douche canoe uses facebook/twitter/etc. for news anyway? I get news just fine from our home computer. In the greatest information age in history, people choose to be as ignorant as possible….

      4. On another note, I ordered all the stuff for my hydrogen injection system for my old truck. 4 litre per minute dry cell hho generator, separator unit, pwm controller, amp/voltmeter, antifoam additive. I can’t wait to install it! If it works like I hope I will put it in my toyota truck and rhino too. I will just add about 15% alcohol to the tank to keep it from freezing in winter. The old dodge 5.9 I’m putting it in gets about 10 mpg lol. If I can hit 15 mpg Imma happy camper! CHEERS! 😀

        • In case your interested here are links to what I’m getting. Gas will only go up from here and all the other benefits you get will pay off fast…

          HHO GEN SET:

          PWM controller:

          AMP/VOLT meter:

          SHUNT for amp meter:


          All total 230 bux. The only thing you need to run it is distilled water and a tiny bit of baking soda. You should get about 1000 miles on a quart of water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. You can make a torch with it too or small heater/cooker. You can control the amperage use with the pwm controller. It works with both gas and diesel engines. A very small investment for the payout. And it’s so easy to do, a caveman can do it! CHEERS! 😛

          • You might want to consider adding a higher amperage alternator and higher capacity battery to your vehicle to compensate for the (energy in)>(energy out) factor of the system at both the generation and recombination phases of the production/consumption cycle.

            Otherwise you may end up with shorter life of your (expensive) alternator, battery, and other associated electrical system parts.

            Some kind of fire suppression system might also be of value since all hydrogen systems are subject to the Hindenburg effect as well..

          • Let us know how it works out. I had a friend in Louisiana who was working on the same thing way back in 1978. I left the state before I found out if it worked.

          • Let us know your results.

            Will you need to use an electronic module to “fool” the O2 and MAF/MAP sensors on the gas Toyota? Won’t the ECU work against it by richening up the mixture that the hydrogen molecules have leaned out?

            • Anon, I have 2 batteries in the truck and a 140 watt solar panel mounted to the bed topper. I will add another panel when I get it from the cabin. It has a 130 amp alternator and I can adjust the amp draw with the controller. It doesn’t store hho it uses it as it is made so very little is in the system and it has a one way valve on the output. Ya I should get an extinguisher though just in case.

              JRS, As far as I have read it won’t affect the O2 sensors and they make some gizmo so it won’t affect the MAP sensor. I will find out soon enough lol. I think it also depends where you connect it on the intake. The toyota has the brake vaccum hose attaches on the manifold right before it goes into the head.

              • So I figure that using 35-40 amps (max) is around 450-500 watts at 12 volts. I just remembered I have 2- 250 watt solar panels laying around that will fit on top of my bed topper. If I can use say 30-35 volts instead it will power the system without connecting it to the trucks electrical system. I can borrow a couple of batteries from my house backup system and I have a spare solar controller to make it run full time too. This will stop any drag on the engine and not affect the alternator. After hours and hours of reading I have concluded that the point where I need to install the hho should be past all sensors and/ or have my sensors tweeked . Some say that resetting the computer will adjust the 02 sensors to where they should be. Damm my brain is mush from so much reading/digesting/computing lol.

                • Thanks for sharing on the hydrogen conversion. I have a truck with a 5.9 liter engine that also gets about 10 mpg. Gas & diesel prices are scary, I need to do something as we all prepare for Mad-Max-World. Thanks again.

                • What you would be effectively be doing is trying to add that 4-500 watts (-power lost in the total production system) to your fuel use.

                  That’s not enough, even ignoring some obvious things like the extra fuel needed to transport the weight of the panels, batteries, etc.) to make any measurable difference in fuel consumption. You cannot get more energy out of the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen that it took to electrolyze the water in the first place. In the real world you will get less since some of the initial energy will be lost in the physical process of production.

                  Unless, of course, you have figured out a way to rewrite or modify the laws of physics that have been developed since the 1700’s. If you are able to do that I should think you would easily qualify for a Nobel.

                  After you get all that stuff installed do yourself a favor and do a before and after Dyno test to determine if it affects the output power and real time lambda and maf monitoring while driving it to see if it changes anything in the ration of your fuel to air consumption (the water vapor produced in the exhaust shouldn’t have any effect on that since the ecu doesn’t monitor water vapor).

                  After you’ve done that, consider fraud charges against the manufacturer. That “up to” used in promoting products like this needs to be backed up by real world data.

                  • The energy used to make it does not come from the engine it is a stand alone system. and the weight is negligable. The issue is will the sensors lean the gas mix on their own or will it have to be done manually. Like I said it’s an experiment that will require some fiddling.

                    • Who was it said “There’s one born a minute”?

                  • Wow, you really have the sarcasm going today. Yes, the “Law of Conservation of NRG” (meaning NRG cannot be created or destroyed) & other laws of physics apply. When analytically describing the equation the advantages might seem trivial in today’s world – but you should remember we are looking for survival alternatives in a much more primitive America (brought on by idiot politicians). My physics classes were long ago and sometimes I like to try stuff for the hell of it.

                    So sue me.

      5. how can you not like a guy who has an i.q. that’s probably off the charts…yet grounded enough to use terms like “I’m gettin ready to pop
        open the big can of whup ass”?…. Dr. Malone

        another term he used several times that didn’t get past me was the word “fusion”.

      6. Unfortunately truth has always been a very limited commodity.

        • It isn’t the truth that’s limited in quantity, it’s the people willing to accept it that is.

          Most people hear only that which they want to hear and ignore, or even suppress from being said, that which they don’t.

          • People have gravitated towards information that reinforces their own personal beliefs.
            Doesn’t matter if the information is true or lies.
            Just as long as it reinforces their own beliefs is all that matters.
            That’s not a good thing for society.

      7. The evil ones have taken advantage of the net and have slowly been taking over the control of it. while the sheeple are just being fleeced as they move closer to the edge of the cliff that they are on. The only question left to ask is when are they going over the cliff? I say some already have the rest are going soon.

      8. It’s all part of the “pc culture” that was introduced to the public more than 30 years ago.

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