The Collapse Of The United States Is Going To Be Messy

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The United States, and several other countries, are on the verge of an epic collapse.  Not just a collapse of the central banking system, but the control system that’s been in place for over a century.  Most people on this planet don’t even realize what true freedom is thanks to the indoctrination and mental prison they’ve been put in.

    If you haven’t noticed, the cities of the U.S. are burning and people are angry. Many are finally realizing the prison they’ve been put in their entire lives has all been fabricated by the handful of “elitists” and those in the ruling class, so they can be used as tax cattle and fodder in the bloody wars concocted by the .01%.  It sure looks like people get upset when they realize they have been lied to for their entire lives.

    ROBERT KIYOSAKI: “It’s Not A Free Country Anymore! Pray For The Best-Prepare For The Worst”

    The collapse is coming, and it’s going to get worse. Those in power will not loosen their grip willingly. In fact, they are doubling down in an effort to control us all.  Human beings were actually fired upon by their own government in the U.S.S.A. after agents of the state said:”light ’em up!”  These people were committing the crime of being on their own porch.

    Instead of quitting, and taking off their uniforms, cops and the military are becoming increasingly violent against their fellow Americans on American soil.  Maybe all that war in foreign countries was practice so they could cram the globalists’ agenda down our throats.

    Military and law enforcement are following the orders of the ruling class to destroy your freedom. The real question is, when is it enough? It appears that that time has finally come. People all over are realizing they don’t have to live their lives enslaved to anyone. “The system is in collapse. Your own government is going to be your biggest enemy,” says Jeff Berwick at the beginning of the video linked below:

    “This is mostly all orchestrated,” says Berwick.

    SHTFPlan also warned that the real problem will be the rioting and looting, and general social unrest caused by the collapse of the central banking’s debt-based monetary system. COVID-19 was most likely a cover for the collapse of the central bank they (the ruling class and elitists) already knew was coming.

    Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

    Although, we thought it would be due to the unemployment and extreme poverty and overly exaggerated levels of fear caused by the government’s reaction to the coronavirus plandemic.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of the mainstream media. Nonetheless, the collapse is here.

    The next step will be to bring in United Nations troops to make sure you’re effectively enslaved. All of the agendas are being attempted right now. There are only two options. One, complete enslavement for all of mankind for the rest of humanity’s existence. Or two, the complete abolishment of all slavery (all power structures), meaning absolute freedom. Figure out which side you’re on because ultimately, it will end in one of those two scenarios. Our hope is that it’s the latter.

    The Great Awakening: Our Future Will Be One of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace


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      1. Who said that there are only two choices, absolute enslavement of all of mankind or absolute freedom?

        The false dichotomy are two roads that leads to the same destination.

        If predators, thieves, and murderers have absolute freedom, what does that lead to?

        Absolute enslavement.

        • Global super thieves, mass murderers, super-predators have been, and are, ruling the roost. Those mentioned in your last lines will constitute major improvements over the current monstrosities..

          • Yes. Those now in power are in violation of the law, the constitution, for which they may be held accountable for at some point in time. The constitution still exists. Anarchy, or the absense of law would be even worse. Look at the slave trade that is taking place in Africa now. It is really bad. Libya has an active slave trade, and other countries in Africa as well, funded by George Soros Open Societies.

            Look at the way that U.S. corporations and bankers treat people in other countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

            You sound totally ignorant by all accounts.

            Even in native societies where formal elected governments do not exist elders or the community imposes punishments on individuals that violate the rights of others or customs of that society.

            Anarchy does not exist, it never has, and it never will because the majority of people hate to see people getting away with evil crimes.

            – Andrea Iravani

            It is not the constitution that is the problem. It is those who violate it that are the problem.

            • Anarchy is not the absence of law. It is the absence of rulers. It is the absence of control of any man by others. You are predicating your arguments on the notion that absent a government/the State, there wouldn’t be any law. Law, like money, does not originate from government/The State.

              Government/The State is by its very definition a crime syndicate. A voluntary society cannot be improved by superimposing a crime syndicate on it. So it is erroneous to think that any net good at all can come out of a government or The State.

              Constitutions do not stop the inevitable transformation of so-called constitutional government into unconstitutional tyranny. In fact, constitutional government is already tyranny to begin with. The transformation is just the elimination of the need for a fig leaf cover in the form of a constitution.

      2. It dawned on me that maybe the reason that the COVID economy is so important to the psychopaths in charge is because the only sector that has not entirely left America that America still dominates other than financials is Big Pharma.

        Of course the medical mafia could not exist without Big Pharma which is essentially the mob boss of the medical mafia.

        Since the medical mafia was busted for fraud and people stopped trusting them, medical insurance providers probably have a pretty high increase in profit margins, where as property insurance providers have taken extraordinary hits with the anti-fa hi-jacking of the George Floyd murder.

      3. Planned takedown of our Freedom. Plandemic. Scamdemic. PsyOp.

        Bioweapon was released by ChiCom CCP. A cover story to hide the murders of dissidents within China and HongKong.
        * AntiAmerican globalist communist spread Fear with the commie US Media. Nothing but LIES.
        * AntiAmerican globalist communist power grabbing Politicians locked down your lives with Fear. Destroying our economy and livelihood.
        * AntiAmerican globalist communist are now rioting, burning, looting your cities.

        You do nothing?
        There is a BIG difference between a RIOT and a Protest.
        Protests are lawful. Riots are Criminal acts.
        Arrest these Criminals that are Looting and Burning.

        – Who is bussing these criminals in, from out of the area? Arrest George Soros. Arrest all involved.
        – Who is prepositioning pallets of bricks at riot locations? Arrest them.
        – Who is coordinating the riots movement? Arrest them.
        – Why no accountability for a Media literaly fanning the flames?

        STOP calling violent criminal Rioters, “Protestors.”

        Why are you so damned afraid to engage a violent criminal enemy that is rioting, burning, looting? This is NOT a protest.
        It is an attempt to use violence to justify even more theft of your rights in the very near future. Politicians will use this as excuse.

        The supreme court ruled that petty Tyrant Politicians from the Lockdown Lunatic AntiAmerican commie states can prevent church services. Where is your protest?

        – My protest is that I will be in church with fellow believers.
        – I ignored lockdown. I take care of my business.
        – I cancelled cable TV with Media mind control propaganda.
        – No I will not wear a mask. I don’t celebrate Halloween.

        Besides too much candy will rot your teeth.
        Halloween 365 days a year with people in masks is bad idea. But the Dentist will be happy, Halloween 365 should be profitable for them.

      4. Imagine that! People that have proven for decades to have virtually no credibility at all are surprised to find that they are losing the narrative! 

        These slime balls are obviously totally insane to be surprised by that!

        From the 9/11 hoax, to the forever wars all based on lies and in support of terrorists, to the Too Big to Fail bail outs starting in  2008  the DNC primary rigging,  to the Russia Hoax, to the COVID hoax, to the covid vax hoax and other vaxxes hoax,  and countless other hoaxes, they are surprised that they are losing the narrative?! Why is that a surprise to them?! What is surprising is how long it took for it to happen!

        It had to have been deliberate! Absolutely had to have been the plan all along! I cannot believe otherwise! Nobody could be both that stupid and that insane to believe that they would not lose control of the narrative. I do not believe that it is humanly possible to be that stupid and insane.

      5. There are no righteous actors in this collapse.
        America has had this coming for many decades. The systemic abuses of human rights and egregious lying and corruption has finally broken society.

        The system is broken and worthless. It must not be ‘fixed’.
        The communist system is demonic. It must not be allowed to take root in the ashes of what America will be left.

        Either return to obedience to God with full repentance or face judgment and die. That is not a false dichotomy.

        • America coming down is going to be the best entertainment of our time. But America will not be alone: the vassal states (the UK, France, etc.) will also come down as they lose the power structure.

          But don’t take it personally. America is failing just as states have failed throughout history. America is past its due date with history. The project no longer works and that’s okay. Forcing blacks and whites together does not work. Forcing whites to support blacks does not work. It makes both races depressed and angry.

          We need to let the best race run the world, Asians. They are the smartest, most disciplined, the longest running civilisation, and they (apart from Northern European Women), are the best looking women. Face a new future that will be better if you get with the programme and stop fighting the change.

          • Asians are so smart that China is a backward country where people have no air conditioning & still wash their clothes in filthy black river water. They steal the technology from other countries because they didn’t have their own. They don’t even have toilet paper in any public restrooms in China. North Korea is backwards by at least 200 years. S. Korea isn’t much better. The only Asian country with any advanced civilization is Japan and they are way more in debt than the U.S. Some Japanese are so arrogant as to believe they would overtake the U.S.

      6. I really have to laugh at the bullshit coming from white guys Bill Ayers, John Kiriakou, and Brian Becker on Sputnik’s Loud and Clear radio show.

        I am white, but if I was black, ( and this is all based on conjecture since I am not, but do however have somewhat of an understanding as to the wants and needs of all people, regardless of race, ) I think that I would tell them to fuck off, because they are claiming that what black people really need that will elevate them is more services predominantly provided by white people in public schools, colleges, and health care, since these are corrupt institutions wrought with fraud that have in fact been directly involvec in the opression of blacks, it is laughable that they now hold the solution.

        We need a national homestead act for all races. What would you rather have, services, or something tangible, like a house? How about if you shut the fuck up, give people houses, and let the people decide in the free market if they want to spend money on your fraudulent services instead, you fucking psychopathic frauds! Yeah, paying teachers more money is really going to help black people. That was the problem all along! The teachers weren’t paid enough. Thanks for the info!
        – Andrea Iravani

      7. I remmember that Nixon was going to stay in office for ever,and SE asia was were we had to be to stop the dominos from falling,or the doomsday bomb,or the battle of the sexes,Bills zipper gate,Papa Bushs SR71 flight,Carters 444 days of inaction,the oil embargo,Bonds blowup,dotcom blowup,Watts blowup,gold window closed,need I go on. We have been living a dime store novell since Billy the kid.We are all being hustled and the ones that see it will stop telling the masses and spend more time at the cabin.The one with LP lights,generator,solar heat and water pluse panels charging batterys.It only ends for the unprepared inner city sheep,soccer moms and green new deal lovers the rest adapt or they dieoff to.So stop worrying new laws get passed we getaround them the underground economy grows and all the political class gets to blame someone else and we get stuck paying more taxes.

      8. Global super thieves, mass murderers, super-predators have been, and are, ruling the roost. Those mentioned in your last lines will constitute major improvements over the current monstrosities..

      9. ” Human beings were actually fired upon by their own government in the U.S.S.A. after agents of the state said:”light ’em up!” These people were committing the crime of being on their own porch.”

        Shot by a paintball while hanging out outside after curfew during a riot?. about the least lethal munition known to man aside from the spitball?? seriously, lets not make this out like its on par with Kent State. Jeez.

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