The Collapse Of America In Raw Numbers *Video*

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    Looking at the numbers behind our federal budgets reveals that the majority of our government’s spending goes not to running the day to day operations of government, but rather, to social safety net programs like Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, welfare, food assistance, rental stipends and a host of other entitlement programs. In many cases, the programs themselves are used as a marketing tool during election campaigns, with the winner of an election often being the candidate who promises the most benefits to their constituents.

    While this strategy of indirect vote buying has worked well for politicians on both sides of the aisle for many decades, and has been instrumental in ushering in an era of centrally planned economies and expansion of government influence on the individual lives of American citizens, it is as Bill Whittle suggests (video below), an unsustainable system that will ultimately fail.

    It’s generally true that the people who receive the most in benefits pay little or nothing in taxes, so people are voting themselves other peoples’ money. It’s not just a vote pump. It’s a wealth redistribution pump, and it pumps $2.2 trillion every single year from people who work and pay taxes to people who often don’t work and don’t pay any taxes.

    As long as the benefit receivers can outvote the benefit producers there will be more and more people taking, and fewer and fewer people working harder and harder to produce those benefits. That’s exactly what we’re seeing today.

    We face a choice. One option is to cut back on this [entitlement] food supply and gradually but firmly reduce this entitlement dependence to what it was originally intended to be: help for those, who through illness or physical incapacity, cannot help themselves, and return everyone else feeding on this supply from the wealth consumer column to the wealth generator column. That is going to be very, very, very difficult to do.

    Or, we can let this continue until the system collapses, and that’ll be sooner rather than later, and much sooner than many of you think. Then there won’t be any benefits at all.

    There is certainly something to be said for the ethical and moral obligations of an advanced modern-day society with respect to taking care of those who cannot care for themselves, or those who have experienced a short-term medical or employment emergency. But providing extended womb-to-tomb safety nets and entitlement programs for those who are perfectly capable of working a productive job but refuse to do so, or for those who make poor personal budgetary choices, leads to the inevitable outcome in which everyone eventually realizes that they’d be better of by simply collecting their income from the government.

    We are at the point in America where there really is no turning back. While Mr. Whittle’s solution of drastically cutting back these types of nanny-state expenses is a sound one, it is simply not politically feasible for individual politicians. In today’s America, the idea of cutting back on social expenditures and facilitating a return to individual responsibility is political suicide for incumbents, and a non-starter for those wishing to enter the political arena as first time candidates.

    Moreover, eliminating these types of expenses is simply not going to be possible without massive social upheaval. Consider what would happen if you cut supplemental food assistance by 50%, or eliminated extensions of emergency unemployment insurance, or, heaven forbid, you take away access to the millions of Obama Phones that will be distributed this year.

    We are now so far gone that entitlement cuts to the federal budget will have the same catastrophic impact on society as will the eventual collapse of the monetary, financial and economic systems when our creditors finally stop lending us money. It’s a catch 22 and both options lead to the same end result. Thus, for Congressional representatives who control our budget, the choice is simple: kick the can down the road to keep the system from completely destabilizing for as long as possible.

    When the money runs out – and it will, because China, Russia, Japan and the rest of our lenders know we’re a lost cause – the entitlement system in America will fall apart, leaving tens of millions of people without any way to meet their basic needs.

    Once this new paradigm becomes apparent you can fully expect riots in the streets – bloodshed, starvation, martial law – all of the worst case scenarios you’ve imagined.

    The system is coming unhinged and the math is all the proof you need.

    References: Declaration Entertainment, Market Ticker, The Daily Sheeple


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      1. First

        • Certainly much money is wasted on those who will not help themselves, but that is a drop in the bucket compared to the money looted by Judaic banksters, warmongers, and other swindlers.

          • And who do you think gives them your hard earned dollars? Yes the gobberment that those assmunches voted in.

        • And yet another pinhead who has nothing more interesting or worthwhile to say than “First”.

        • you are forthwith banished to the dustbin of stupidity.

        • It annoys me a little bit when people call Social Security an entitlement. I PAID for that shit my WHOLE working life. I should be allowed to get it back. The government took it without my consent. To get it back on retirement is not a government expenditure – I PUT THE F*ING MONEY IN THERE! And, no – SS should not exist as a mandatory program. It violates all our rights as adults. If we want to save for ourselves, then that is our business. The government should not be allowed to force us to save in worthless paper.

          • “I PAID for that shit my WHOLE working life. I should be allowed to get it back.”

            Sounds to me like you feel “Entitled” to the money you are or will receive from social security.

          • i could be wrong but I think social security is a TAX and therefore your not entitled to get it back if the system goes belly up… I mean when it does.

          • This is false. You are not getting it back. I bet you a silver Eagle Dollar that those who draw SS draw more out than they put in. Why? Because they draw it out longer than the modeling anticipated because we all live longer and the SS payments have grown larger over time due to inflation which means that for every dollar you put “in” to SS you will draw out a 20% return on that dollar. So, no, you are not getting your money “back.” You are actually taking out 20% more than you put it. This is called wealth redistribution and it is, in fact, an entitlement. If it makes you feel better to say you are getting it “back” then fine, phrase it that way. However, if you are willing to look at the reality of the situation then admit you get out much more than you put in. That is, until the whole system (read “ponzi scheme”) collapses.

          • We don’t knock any one’s religion I do want Musli,s to leave the things we we’re brouhgt up with and our adult children,we shouldn’t have to turn the other cheek for others that are let into the USA with out legal background check’s Photo’s -Finger Prints Health Records and Job skill’s and we don’t mean babies-speak read write English the language of this Land and our National Anthem our songs for the Holidays and saying God and Jesuse’s our Flag every where their are suppose to be the Flag of America and each state Flag not Latino Flags or any othe countries flying on our White House on down and nobody should be able to burn our Flag any where if so they get fined we own them money we deduct it and if we invest or gave money for some one elst to drill we get profit shareing or an Investment back with interest. Yes we worked for are SS and paid the Taxes on every penny and it was to be put into a saving account to grow for all that did what we did put in those are the only person’s that should get it not any one that arent Natural Born CITIZENS OR THAT HAVE DONE THE ABOVE TO BE HERE THAT IS WHERE THIS gOVERNMENT HAS DONE US IN AT. yES bUSH DID HIS THING BUT IF YOU LOOK UP IN 2007-2008 WHOM TALKED rEID AND pE;OSI INTO SPENDING ALL THETIME TILL HE GOT INTO OFFICE THEY EVEN TRYE DTO CHANGE SOME OFFICAL PAPER FOR oBAMA TO BE PRESIENT LOOK IT UP. wE STILL HAVEN’T SEEN HIS LEGA bIRTH cERTIFICAT ANDOR DOCEUMENT’S IT’S TIME TO JUMP ON THIS MAN AND WIFE AND GET THE CBS CNN AND THE VEIW TO NOT ALWAYS SEE ONE SIDE OF THIS pREISDENT HE HAS PUT US IN A DEEPER PLACE AND WE WON’T GET OUT IF WE DON’T STOP HIM NOW SORRY FOR THE bLACKS THAT MAY THINK HE IS GREAT HE ISN’T WORRIED ABOUT aMERICAN cITIZENS HE IS WORRIED ABOUT MONEY AND VOTES id AND lEGAL DOCUEMENTS MUST BE HAD BY ALL THE RIGHT WAY nO MORE Amnsety-Green Or Dream Acts or Totaliszation or redistiburtion Agreements or treatries with any one over sea of are land either for china europe german saudi arbia and so forth,our Militay is getting shafted like us. wake up world from SanFransico to LA OPEN YOUR EYES EAR’S AND KEEP US SAFE FROM CHINA THE un AND THSE AWFUL sHARIA’S lISLAM iLAM WE DON’T NEED THESE PEOPLE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN OR TELLING US WHAT WE SHOULD PRAY LIKE OR TO WHOM.THEYKILL PEOPLE SOME RAPE THEIR CHILDREN OR KILL THEM AND IT’S CALLED AN HONER THAT WE DON’T NEED IF THEY KILL THIS hOLMES KID THEY BETTER KILL THE fORT hOOD GUY TO THEY HAVE ALL THE WITTNESS RIGHT THEIR THAT LIVED FROM THE SHOOTING IT’S LIKE KILL THE aMERICANS BUT DON’T KILL THE MUSLIMS. WAKE UP WORLD PRESIDENTS AND CONGRESSWOMEN AND FEDS TOOK FROM OUR SS IT’S TIME TO GET OUR SS BACK WIT INTERESTAND CUT THE PAYING FOR THEIR CHILDRENS EDUCATION VACATIONS AND GATHERING THEY COLLECT MONEY FROM PAYINGS FOR THEM AND NO MRE PERKS PROK OR ANY OTHER CASH ,EVERYONE HAS TO CUT BACK FROM THE WHITE HOUSE DOWN TO THE SMALLEST POSITION IN GOVERNMENT CITY STATE NOT ALWAYS THE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN’S THAT WEREN’T HAS LUCKY TO HAVE RICH FAMILYS OR WERE IN THE RIGHT PLACE TO GET AHEADMADE ALOT OF MONEY THE OTHER HALF PEENY PINCHED TO GET WHAT THEY MAY HAVE TODAY,IT’S TIME TO SOUND OFF. GOD BLESS US ALL ATHIEST ANGOSTIC AND LATINO;S MUSLIMS TAKE THE BENEFITS AND EVEN THE RICH BUT ARE TRYING TO DESTROY US AND MAKE IT A HANDY CAP AMERICA LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES THAT HAVE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WITH BABIES AND OUR SO COWRED IT’S SAD. JUST LOOK AROUND YOU.GOOD LUCK

          • Buddha: Add up all them money you paid in and then divide it by the monthly payments you will receive, you will have gotten back all of your money within 5 years, perhaps a little less. After that you are then living off of someone else’s money. That’s when it becomes and entitlement like welfare and food stamps.

        • There should be a difference between SS/Unemployment and so forth and food stamps/bailouts/welfare and so forth. The first were PAID for out of our wages (see YOUR PAYSTUB for further details), while the second were taken from our wages. Meaning – to get SS/unemployment, you must work first and pay into the (terrible system). Not so to get a bailout/food stamps/welfare, etc.
          Why can’t anyone see the difference? Not trying to defend or attack either thing, just to differentiate so-called ‘entitlements.’

          • you are right Buddha, but if you go on SS disabilty at a young age and don’t pay in much then get it for 20 years before you die then you are still a wellfare fuck.

        • How about an IP ban for a week when you post “First”?


        “We are now so far gone that entitlement cuts to the federal budget will have the same catastrophic impact on society as will the eventual collapse of the monetary, financial and economic systems when our creditors finally stop lending us money. It’s a catch 22 and both options lead to the same end result”

        • Agree Tony!! I’ve been saying the same thing!

          • Hey Smoky! There ya are! Default on your mortgage debt yet???

          • Oh, stop this doomsday stuff! Its all fantasy. The Federal Reserve loves American and will print to keep us safe. There will always be plenty of fresh $10 bills to keep us going. You don’t really think America can fail, do you?

            Ugh! I just can’t play “Sheople Advocate” for long.

            The end is in sight. When will it go? Certainly it will be kept together until after the election this fall. None of our criminal bastard class want to appear to have the blood of America on their hands. Of course, in reality, they’ve had the knife in their hand for years. A little cut here… I small stab there… We’ve been bleeding for years.

            It won’t be long. The subdued America will return. Whats dieing is the fake, the fiction, the corporate. …and I for one am ready to see the self-destruction. No one needs to do anything but prepare a way to defend yourself and feed yourself. Whats coming won’t require “revolution”. It just requires survival and patience.

            I find it comical how the FBI and the other inconsequential FedCo agencies are all buzzing with terrorist warnings and classifications. They need to deflect attention onto “sovereign citizens” and “freemen”, etc. After all, psychopaths never, ever blame themselves. NEVER! But, when it all falls apart, they will eat each other.

            Set back, watch the show. Just make sure you’ve got something to eat and something to protect what you eat. When America wakes back up after the fall, a new age of prosperity will spread like a wildfire. Its historic.

            Hang on. Good luck! We are about to see the re-dawning of America.

            • Bullseye Net Ranger!

              The collapse has already begun. Not a matter of if, but when. All the slugs, fleas, leeches, users and takers in society had better start getting nervous. If they’re not scared, they’d better get scared really f’cking quickly!

            • TC, thats right! The age of welfare is OVER. Charity is going to get real scarce here soon.

              Advice to EVERYONE: YOU better make provisions for YOU and YOURS because NO ONE ELSE WILL.

              When it gets really bad, even I won’t give you a cup of wheat.

          • Hey deadbeat!! Did honest hardworking hubby give ya the thumbs up yet to walk out on your responsibilities? Buy that motorhome then default on that too…?
            What a deadbeat you are. Hypocrite.

            • @smokymtn deadbeat: Hey deadbeat!! Did honest hardworking hubby give ya the thumbs up yet to walk out on your responsibilities? Buy that motorhome then default on that too…?
              What a deadbeat you are. Hypocrite.

        • Personal responsibility for all that are not disabled: If you work at some type of job and put in at least 32 hours each week and pay taxes you may qualify for and recieve assistance based on need. If you choose not to work you are on your own. NO assistance from the taxpayers because you are choosing to not work.
          Personal Responsibility also called Moms rules: if you plan on eating and sleeping in this house you will help take care of it.
          Moms are so radical.

          • ‘Moms are so radical’.

            Wouldn’t be surprised if moms are on the terrorist watch lists.

      3. My good friend came by my house today and asked me to go to the gun shop and help him pick out a handgun. He has been semi-consious but now has become fully awake. He asked me how to start prepping…I almost cried. He told me that I have been right about a lot of issues and he admitted he likes to argue. He also asked me if I would take him and a couple of his friends to the shooting range and teach them weapons safety and proper shooting techniques. By the time we got back to my house, I was crying. People can change and wise up. I know its a pain in the ass to try to tell people the truth and getting the bovine stare gets old but now is the time to really work on the people you love. The time is getting near and no man is an island. Help people see the light. The ones that can’t or won’t aren’t worth the trouble. I’m actually glad its coming to a head because I’m sick of watching my country be destroyed. I will never be shot in the back!

        • very good the way you said this. i dont know why someone gave you a thumbs down, i wish it left a name for who does that, not to make fun of them but curious why they do that.

          • If a total breakdown of the system were to actually happen, then perhaps the advanced survival prepping for doomsday type disasters may do little beyond providing a brief (few months) easing of the eventual anguish coming to all. Given the collapse-of-America scenarios commonly voiced, the unthinkable endgame could and maybe would be that of an invasion and conquest of the nation with the surviving populous hunted down, eliminated, or otherwise hauled off for slave-like servitude elsewhere in the world –the way Americans may be required to pay off their seemingly unstoppable national spending binge.

        • Don’t cry Buddy and don’t wish for the end. You say you want it to “come to a head”? You said you just brought your friends to get there first gun. They are probably not ready yet if that’s all they got. Good for you to help them “open there eyes” but don’t pray for this to happen any time soon. Good god man… I buy car insurance in case I have an accident but I don’t hope that I crash my car soon.

          • When will be a good time?? Is there ever gonna be a good time?
            The answer is a resounding…NO!!
            I am ready to push that ‘reset’ button…what is there to wait for??
            Are there any liberties left TPTB can rob us of?
            The longer we wait, the harder it will be with inflation on all commodities… gas isn’t going prices aren’t going down..utilities, property taxes, and inurance aren’t going doewn.
            We every year see more and more corrupt dual citizenship traitors elected to run our nation into the ground.
            Oh, EVERY night I pray for God to come smite these evil bastards!!
            “Reset’??? Hell yeah..let’s roll.

            • RESET. Its kind of like not wanting to hit the handle to flush the shit down the toilet. It sets there and stinks and stinks yet we’re afraid to hit the handle. HIT IT! LET IT GO!

              Auto insurance is for things you DON’T want to happen. This is something *I* *WANT* *TO* *SEE* *HAPPEN*!!!

              …just so we’re clear: its all fake. All the laws that are enforce that are, in reality, fake. All the taxes (aka theft).

              JJ said, “Oh, EVERY night I pray for God to come smite these evil bastards!! ‘Reset’??? Hell yeah..let’s roll.”

              Thats two of us!!!

              “God, please grant me the privilege to watch these evil bastards go down. But, I hope they will repent. If they do not, if they refuse, may I please be your witness when you make them pay for their evil deeds?”

              Oh, and B.R.W., sniff… Your narrative makes me all wattery eyed! Such a beautiful story. (Well, I’m sort of kidding but if it were up to me, I’d certainly give you a gold star.) Here is a virtual pat on the back: GOOD JOB!

            • We already knew 30 years ago what was gonna eventually happen, but we did not do anything about. Kicked the can down the road. Let the SHTF and be done already. No more waiting for it. Whatever will happen let it be already so we can move on, no more effort to freeze time prior to the event. LET THE RAGNAROCK BEGIN!!!

        • ~BRW~

          Believe it or not, there are folks awakening daily & once one figures out that the crap on Talmudvision is a lie…they start thinking!

          You evidently, at some point in the past…planted the seed kernel of truth in your friend’s mind & it took root…& was fertilized by all the ‘establishment shit’ residing therein…until one day it rose above the mainstream weeds & briars surrounding it & demanded the sunlight of truth & the soul comforting warmth, of trust.

          He remembered & thought of you, because you carry the truth & speak/write it…regardless of the consequences!

          That speaks of honor & a courage that’s born…not made! Your “Black-Rifle-Warrior” handle is fitting, indeed. Kudos, I salute you!


          —–Referencing your quote…”I’ll never be shot in the back”—–

          See video below for example of what happened in judeo-communist enslaved countries(i.e Ukraine for example) in the early 20th century & is on the NWO’s agenda/itinerary for us, here in the 21st…..

        • BLACKRIFLE – Had near identical experience with two neighbors. They are aware of my AR’s & other weapons, they are fully aware of my Viet-Nam time.

          After the past few weeks of “Bovine-feces” economic garbage numbers, the curtains have lifted and my neighbors don’t like what they see that is coming.

          I rejoiced, and teared, in their stunning awakening. If only more in the neighborhood would wake up. I have the time. We are all going to need as many like minded to survive the shit-storm brewing.

          Bless you my man for the moment to share & teach.

          Watch your six.

          • It was a pretty amazing thing. My friend is probably one of the best friends I have ever had and I truly love the guy. I always got the sideways look, you all know the one, when I would bring up current events and the coming collapse so I kind of eased up a bit but I had planted the seed and it grew! I have been placing Ron Paul campaign fliers at my VFW post inside the smoke shack outside and I now have people coming up to me to talk about him. Guys that used to rib me about my weapons and preps are now a little more interested in why I do it. I am suddenly not the crazy guy with all the guns anymore. I see an awakening coming, slowly but surely and it kind of lifts me up. I thought I was going to have to fight whatever is coming all alone. I have bought both of my sons ARs and 870s and taught them how to use them. They need a bit more work on pistol-craft but otherwise I feel like we can make it. My next-door neighbor is pretty awake and I feel I can trust him to stand with me and my family. And to delphmer..I don’t want the SHTF but I bleed red white and blue and I am sick to death of watching these cheese-dick scumbag politicians ruin our country. I have two fine sons. I want them to have a good life. It doesn’t seem possible anymore does it? I want to live in peace and have grandkids someday. All the things I was expecting when I got older has all been washed away. There was a day in my life one time when I swore I would never fight again. But I might have to break my promise to myself and that really bothers me. Patriots didn’t cause this mess. Liberal whining snivelers have. We are just left to clean up the mess. Thanks for the kind words. God Bless the few Patriots we have left.

            • Thank you for your posts, blackriflewarrior. Very moving.
              I just respectfully disagree on one thing: “Patriots didn’t cause this mess. Liberal whining snivelers have”.

              The bags with money created the mess we are in. Divide and conquer, remember? They have us just where they like us.
              They just know how to push people’s buttons and turn people against each other.
              And the sooner we realize that all the “differences” between parties are just a political theater, the sooner we can stand united.
              It doesn’t matter which side seems to be “in charge”, the bags with money will always get what THEY want.

            • BRW; God bless you also for being there for others. You have stated what many feal ‘the destruction of this country’, and being tired of the constant attack against us. They don’t want peace they want hell.
              Jesus said “ peace I leave you, not as the world do I give to you.” John 14:27

              Stay in His peace and grace.

            • Wow! Man! You made my day! On this cold, damp, sleeting rain Friday, you just invoked a 100% smile.

              Wooo! Hooo! I always look for the good in Americans. I know its there! But, honestly, the blessings are in the struggle. frankly, we’ve had life a little too easy (aka boring). That, I hope, is about to change.

              To all those doubters, really, America is still there. Its just going to take some time to wake them up. Its almost unavoidable now. You have to be into active denial now to not realize whats going on. We’re going to have to reach deep, but once we do, America will rise once again.

              I wish you, your sons and your neighbors good luck in the coming months.

            • Only have one disagreement: Lots of Patriots left, Mostly smart ones. Only a few of us idiots, willing to stick out heads up and watch the SHTF. OPSEC is nice but I’m to old, fat, and comfortable, to run, hide, or care. Let them come to me first, they will need thinning.

            • Fellows I have been waiting for someone I know to wake up and see the light. It took me months of hard fact evidence and reports to get her to open her eyes, it finally happened in the last month. To this date no one else I know or said anything to has showed any signs of awakening to reality. The number is like 1 out of 100 people will get it. The rest are doomed I suppose. Black rifle I agree all the stuff that was for the future got washed away in the gutter into the sewer.
              Folks would rather dream a lie then face up to the hard cold truth; its done and ruined in this country for the next 30 years at least and maybe the rest of our lives. God bless you (blackrifle) and a salute at ya sir. We’ll have to clean up the mess.
              Unfortunately I don’t feel like saying much to anyone now about the coming storm as they might start this citizen snitch crap.

        • There ya go blackrifle, just take a liberal/nonshooter to the range. Go ahead, pony up say $100 for gun rentals, ammo, targets, etc and lunch. It’ll be the best $100 you ever spent.

          If we all do this, if at least most of us do this, put our money where our mouth is and treat someone to a range day, we’ll have done a ton for freedom.

        • Beautiful.

        • @ blackriflewarrior, Well said! I’ve taken my share of ridicule from folks but I don’t care. If even a tiny bit of warning manages to stick to help one person prepare, that’s good enough for me. The time for half measures and second guessing is almost past.

        • Your friend sounds like a worthy passenger for your lifeboat. You may need his help clubbing zombie survivors who attempt to board your boat and risk sinking it when it reaches maximum capacity.

        • I hope you talked him out of the handgun and into a shotgun or rifle…

      4. My President.
        1. Is man named Barry Sotoro… check.

        2. We know not where he comes from or his true past… check.

        3. Promised no more “signing statements” or “executive orders” yet they continue… check.

        4. Immediately upon taking office he signed Executive Order 13489 sealing his records… check.

        5. Still has not prosecuted a single person on Wall
        Street for the housing fraud and financial collapse of 2008… check.

        6. Has an administration filled with Goldman Sachs execs… check.

        7. Gave $535 million to Solyndra, who then filed for bankruptcy and fired 1,100 employees… check.

        8. Gave $529 million to an American car company called Fisker to manufacture cars in Finland by Valmet Automotive… check.

        9. Referenced Ener1 Company as a successful energy investment during his SOTU speech. Two days later the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy… check.

        10. Failed to veto the 2012 NDAA which authorizes the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial or evidence… check.

        11. Won the Nobel Peace prize in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”… check.

        12. Killed two innocent boys, Tariq Aziz and his 12 year old cousin in a drone strike… check.

        13. Has a secret committee that drafts a kill list… check.

        14. Ordered the assassination of two American citizens without trial or presenting evidence… check.

        15. Started an unconstitutional and illegal war against the people of Libya… check.

        16. In Nov 2011, sent troops to Uganda to fight against a rebel group… check.

        17. Continued the illegal war with Iraq started by George Bush… check.

        18. Said he would put all legislation on the internet for five days before it comes to vote but still has not… check.

        19. Promised to close Gitmo within a year of taking office but still has not… check.

        20. Promises amnesty for illegals… check.

        21. Promised to walk the picket line with the unions but failed to do so when Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin went on a public union busting spree… check

        22. Decided to sell massive amounts of weapons to Sudan’s People’s Liberation Army… check.

        23. Negotiated with Asaib al-Haq terrorists in a hostage exchange releasing Laith Qazali and his brother Qais Qazali… check.

        24. Was detained by the Russians in 2005 under suspicion of being a British agent… check.

        25. Staged a false flag operation known as “Fast and Furious” in an attempt to undermine the American people and 2nd Amendment… check.

        26. Has ordered 15,000 plus troops to Kuwait as a precursor to invading Syria/Iran… check.

        27. Is expanding the military’s role in Australia, Guam and the Philippines…check.

        28. Killed Osama Bin Laden, who according to FBI, was never wanted in connection with 9/11… check.

        • great list, don’t know if you heard vis a ve #8 fiscar motors filled for BR protection. say they need additional 450 million to complete production. bet they get it… Check

          • Nice to know and totally agree. All I can say is WOW.

        • You left out todays news item. Obama has promised amnesty to all those banks and bank employees who knowingly robo signed documents to kick people out of their homes and then resold them even if the bank that sold them did not hold the paper (never had a mortgage on that house). In exchange for the amnesty the federal government (my pockets) will pay those banks to “work with” homeowners to refinance or rework their loans so the don’t default. ( Didn’t they already order banks to do that? Yes but the banks didn’t do it. So now we will promise no prison time and hand them cash to not do it again). And if the bank “accidentally” sold a home that you owned and they did not, they will pay you the princely sum of $1500.00. Check. Check Check

        • Remember when Osama was pronounced guilty without any sort of trial or basic due process? If you are going to have a society based on the rule of law, everyone should get a fair trial. Then again, the rule of law has been on vacation for many years now and may never return.

          • Rule of law is never coming back. Not for the paymasters, at least.

      5. Since we are already bankrupt, may as well go ahead and put a few groceries on the credit card. Use this time to become self-sufficient and store up provisions to ease the violent transition from a world power to a third-world country.

        “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over lousy fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”
        – Alexander Fraser Tyler, Cycle Of Democracy (1770)

        • We touched on this before. There is no reason not to max out your credit buying preps before the collapse. You’d be far better off with a few extra months or years of beans and rice than useless plastic when the banks go on holiday.

      6. Take some time to look deeply at the area you live in, you will see a collapse already happening, drive through a KOA campground or the like, walk through or volunteer at a local soup kitchen, its not just the homeless eating there…there are complete families, we donate food regularly to the food bank, I was shocked to see people drive up in never bmw’s, mecedez benz, and cadillac’s, nicely dressed, still having nice vehicles, but still can’t make ends meet to feed there families …I observed hundreds of peple in line, waiting to walk out with USDA and other donated foods…to top all of that off….take a look at state and local parks by the water or rivers…..1000’s of people living in make shift tents and cardboard. and makeshift shelters….I pray for them and the rest us, in the start of these dark days around the corner…I am just glad I have open eyes, and have my bug out preps in order….god bless each and every one of you..good luck everyone…

        • Redought – I ride my bicycle everywhere, if a trip can be done by bike, I do it by bike. It enables me to *see* a lot. And indeed, the third-worldization is well underway. The number of shacks, hovels, old beat-up RVs being lived in when they should have been scrapped in the 1970s, I mean, not only the old POS *I* live in, but tons of other people are living the way I do.

          Go out and ride a bike around. Number one, your fat ass needs it. Your thin wallet needs to not spend the $ on gas. And you’ll see a ton.

        • I’m more concerned about the Balkanized urban communities where millions of angry, unassimilated immigrants don’t even speak English, let alone hold or identify with American values. Believe me, they have stronger “us vs. them” attitude than the average U.S. citizen… only the “them” is not the government, it’s the average U.S. citizen.

          • That is very true. Many families in this country don’t speak any English. I had a fit last year when my son started HS and found out they don’t have to say the pledge anymore. In middle school, he got mad at a classmate because he didn’t stand for the pledge and when my son asked him why, he shrugged and said that he was a citizen but didn’t care about America because he was Mexican. (No digs on Mexicans, I’m just sayin’ what the kid said.) All this while my husband was deployed, AGAIN– the 3rd time in 4 1/2 years, to Afghanistan to defend kids who don’t care enough to stand up and pay their respect to the country. There will be a population of people who will NOT fight for American values because they don’t HAVE them in the first place. I’m sure they’re nice enough folks, but I wouldn’t count on any of them during a crisis.

        • It would helped these people to have or to buy older or cheaper cars. I wonder what the carl oans of these fancy cars are, they choose to pay every month.

          We can not afford a bmw,meredes benz or cadillac.
          We own one car,a 12year old Ford, we bought used 5 years ago, to make ends meet.
          We not living of foodbanks either.

          Maybe these people should get their priorites right.

          I do not feeel sorry for people how choose to buy expensive houses or cars and then come begging for food.

          It’s is sad that they taking food away from people who really need the ressources, like homeless people.

          Some people taking advantage of these foodbanks too.
          One guy told me that is how he saves money. So he don’t have to spend much money an food and he had a good income.
          Some people tour three to four foodbanks and sell food they recieve again, as I was told from a friend, who know people like this

          My post is not politically correct,but I think it had to be mentioned.


        Oh….. oh shit.

        I really thought I was first again.

        Sorry everyone. My bad.

        Everytime someone just sneaks in there. damn it.

        Sneaky shits.

        • Take that stupidity to Free Republic where it belongs.

        • @ thumbs down if…

          Maybe you should either increase or decrease you daily dosage?

      8. I do not happen to think that Obama is ignorant. In fact he is a smart guy. What is stated in this video is obvious, and I can’t accept that Obama, Boner, Pelosie……………blah blah blah………..don’t know this, and have known it all along.

        I suppose there is more than one conclusion that can be drawn, but I can’t get pass the conclusion that this is all intentional.

        I have to wonder if when the SHTF, will the military and police remember the Constitution they swore to uphold, or were they physiologically evaluated and selected because they won’t remember or care? I don’t worry about the older individuals, but the younger ones are products of an education system that also has me worried.

        I recall reading / hearing that during the Civil War, it was brother against brother quite often.

        I believe all of this is fuel for the Ron Paul 2012 extravaganza. I also can’t get past the “conclusion” that RP is truly our last chance. Maybe if we all send our cell phones to Ron, he coul……………………..nah

        • In the USAF most know nothing of the constitution,Blank stares all the way. commander of SF/MP unit speaks of “quelling” civil unrest on a regular basis, Says he looks forward to it. Stated “We have the Guns we have the Power.” Cant speak for the other branches. Not good here though. Will be getting out soon. Pray that the right decisions are made.

          GOD BLESS.

        • In the USAF The constitution is completley overlooked and forgotten,Blank stares all the way. Commander of SF/MP unit regularly speaks of “quelling” Civil unrest. He stated “We have the guns we have the power.” I can only speak for this branch. Pray the right decisions are made. Will be exiting soon,as many are clueless they even took an oath and have no idea what it meant.

          GOD BLESS.

      9. “When the shit hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.” Nuff said.

      10. I agree that cutting these “entitlement expenses” will cause a major social upheaval. We, however, have no choice because,the money WILL, eventually run out. Whether the cost cutting measures are done now or done when the money runs out, the results will be the same: social upheaval and violence, more like wholesale rioting. That’s one thing I think we need to be prepared for: rioting in the streets. People who are used to living on the dole will not be very happy.In fact, they will be very angry if these entitlements are cut. I’ve heard of two examples at food pantries when people perceived they were either going to lose their place in line to get food or they didn’t get the amount they felt they were entitled to. Agree the entitlements need to be what they once were: for those ill or with physical incapacity.

        • Years ago my state implemented a 60 month lifetime limit on welfare use. That meant that anyone who was not disabled had to attend a “Work First” program just like going to a job. They taught job skills, job hunting skills etc and you attended or got cut off. We used to have a high teen pregnancy rate. The girls saw a baby as a priority path to free medical, housing, monthly cash, food stamps and other benefits. Then along comes Work First and they all have to go to work or loose it all. They SCREAMED. But they all got jobs and a year after she started her first job one of those young moms was in my office still screaming about what the state did to her – alternating with her happiness about her very own new appartment and her very own new used car and all the cute clothes she got her baby at the discount store yesterday. I listened and then asked her if she had heard what she had said. I had to help her see that she, SHE,had come a long way and now was giving herself and her baby a better life from her own hands. I could see the lightbulb go off.
          The sofa is nice for a rest but if you live on it – it will kill you.
          By the way, after 2008 this state started giving benefits to anyone for any length of time and I have never seen this many people on this many free benefits since I started in my field in 1987.

          • Unfortunately their a people, they found a way around the sixty month limit, by having a baby every three for years, so they can stay on the welfare roll for ever.

            The baby father for sure is never in the picture to pay any childsupport.

            • I feel sorry for every baby, that was born in these world to get their mother benefitis or financal gain.

              No child deserve to be born as a moneymaker for the parents. This is a fundamental disrespect of a human live in my oppinion.

              Unfortunately the world and people are far from beeing perfect.

            • I agree Critical. That is why the state took the action to set 60 month limits in the past, and we have not had a resurgence in teen pregnancies but the downturn in the economy in 2008 is the main reason for all the people on the benefits rolls now. Thing is, with most of my clients, when their benefits run out, they find work. It’s kinda nice how that just works out isn’t it. 🙂 ( Yes that was me being sarcastic).
              Mind you I can see that many are really in a bad place and I am not taking about those people, just the ones who use the system to sit on their sofa and eat my groceries in my electric light talking on my cell phone.

          • Good for the limit.

      11. The more time they “buy” with their printed material the more preps I can make.

      12. Collapse or total public/private bankruptcy is the only fix. Let’s get it over with.

        With that said a collapse would purge the system of the entitlement crowd. I don’t want to sound cruel or callous, but a systemic financial collapse will kill the old, young, sick and dependent first. Survival of the fittest is the oldest natural law.

        • Regarding survival of the fittest, physical fitness matters most for two Rams butting heads on a mountainside. For humans, mental fitness dictates physical fitness and will matter greatly for humans butting heads in an information-age societal collapse.

          • Your gonna need them all, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The is not going to be a camping trip or picnic. Its will be deadly for all regardless of your skills. At best, the best trained will only increase their odds of survival.

      13. Mac…and from whom does the govt borrow from for the debt service?


      14. “When the money runs out – and it will, because China, Russia, Japan and the rest of our lenders know we’re a lost cause – the entitlement system in America will fall apart, leaving tens of millions of people without any way to meet their basic needs.”

        I wonder if they’re going to eat their free iphones?

        No, all kidding aside (was I kidding?) I think they will keep the entitlements coming. They need the meat to be fresh; keeping it alive in the form of slave labor.

        • EA

          I’ve got news for you, their broke too. It’s just a shell game now. You loan it to me, I’ll loan it to them, they will loan it to others who will loan it back to you.

          China’s GDP is all fake. It’s held up by government building. They now have 64 million vacant new units, empty cities and ghost malls. To move to a consumer based economy you need consumers. Most Chinese can barely keep food on the table, so how are they going to buy a condo? But hey what other county do you know of that has spare cities?

          • Do a Google or you tube search for the world’s largest mall. It is in China, and is almost empty.

            The CCP knows that if they don’t keep the masses poor, the days of the CCP are numbered.

      15. I’m a hard core prepper, 2A nut and constitutionalist. This fast talking video moron is little more than a liar. He counts social security tax as general revenue to the government. THEN he claims that SS pay out is an “Entitlement” and implies that it is wasteful and over done. BS! SS is a mandatory government retirement plan that you pay for separately from income taxes. Half is paid by you and your employer pays the other half….meaning you worked for it. If you don’t pay SS taxes then you can’t get the benefit. It’s not an entitlement for anyone like food stamps or Medicaid, it is something you paid for your whole working life.

        • Yer a real genius – and quite ignorant.

          SS money collected does not go into ManBearPig’s lil lockbox. It’s spent with general revenues.

          You’ve never heard of people collecting SS due to disability? That’s called an entitlement.

          And yes, it’s also a “retirement plan”. One that pays far less than anything EVEN YOU could generate in the private sector. Dope

          • Thank Nunya.

            People don’t realize that after the federal reserve, social security is the biggest con ever perpetrated on the US Citizens.

        • The Supreme Court has already declared that social security is not a retirement plan, but an entitlement. The original benefactors didn’t pay a dime in. My grandmother, for example, collected benefits for twenty years without ever ‘paying in’ one dime.

          Declaring yourself a hard core pepper doesn’t make you smart. I’d bet my social security check you are suckling from the grid right now. Wake up and smell the coffee!

        • Chris I agree. I worked, overpaid a ton in taxes, and earned the SS I *may* have coming someday.

          Think of SS more like unemployment insurance. You paid in, you get $ out.

        • Chris,
          I understand where you’re coming from. Instead of laying into you , I would just say SS is one of the biggest investment frauds ever perpetrated in history. Since its inception, SS has collected about 4 trillion more than it has spent. What the federal gov has done is spend that surplus in the same way Bernie Madhoff spent his investor’s money.It no longer exists. It has been replaced with IOU’s in the form of treasury bonds issued by the same entity that took and spent your money. The US treasury is broke. In 2011, SS ran a deficit of 40 billion and it’s going to get worse from here. I feel for you and understand your anger, but direct it where it belongs – the politicians that lied and stole from you.

          • I have paid into SS all my life. I will never collect a dime. I make too much money.

            • Good your “money” is gold

          • I remember reading that in July, 2010…the Social Security funding had seriously gone in the red..I remember because my dh was born in May and received the first check that month.

        • I watched a documentary show once where a young father died (18 years old) and probably only worked 50 hours total in his life – at minimum wage I’m sure.

          His baby’s momma filed for social security benefits for their child and the baby will get them until she is 18 – for a FULL 18 YEARS.

          If that’s not an entitlement program, I don’t know what is.

      16. i like all people and truely mean that. But a lot of this is because of illegals and many lazy black people and a lot of white ones too. But we need to get rid of cell phones and SSI/section 8 and limited medicaid, not better than what we are getting paying for it. I think food is a good thing to have, but i hear from people that druggies will sell these food cards for a hundred bucks cash and give someone the difference. I know at least 5 people that have done that. This is just nuts. If you are poor then give them one apartment for multiple families to live in, something reasonable and food and limited basic coverage. but getting over 32 thousand a year is wrong!! You all know it too. Food is the onlything they should be getting and a decent place where a couple of families can split an apartment with one family of their choosing, this is nuts. I hope the system does collapse sooner than later. Now some new tax that we might have to pay is called the AMT.

        • eric, I agree with you except for the joint housing. People can’t get along with people they know & love let alone strangers. I would say maybe a type of fema trailer but just the size of a shed. Keep them in parks with security. Add a curfew. No alcohol allowed. Anyone gets rawdy or hostile, kick em out.
          Hey, if I had no other option I would do it and be damn glad to have it.

      17. I could not agree more. The collapse is “baked into the cake.” No one could get elected on the platform of cutting spending for any of the entitlements.
        We are on the Titanic, we have hit the iceberg. It doesn’t matter who is captain (president). Build the lifeboats. Go to
        for the solution out of this mess.

        • He’s selling his product at this site

        • Dude, finish your website before you advertise it.

      18. Basically this phone give-away will be the governments method of initiating millions of informants into intelligence gathering on those citizens deemed enemies of the state. You now live in a police state identical but more diabolical than East Germany’s Stasi era.

      19. Great video. I like to see more videos that present their case calmly and are backed by facts. It makes for good evidence when I’m trying to convince friends to start prepping. Ranting and fear mongering only work to convince people preppers are crazy. I suppose I’ll never feel like I have enough preps even though I know I’m well suited for myself. It just never feels like enough.

        • What’s wrong with having too much?? It can always be given at the church near your residence and when the sheeples come to your door–don’t answer– have a note on the door telling them where to go.

      20. Either we cut it now or reality will cut it for us, and that will much more painful. Sadly most of my fellow Americans are either to stupid, to deluded or to ill-informed to know this simple fact. I fear for all of us.

      21. My heart and mind are split. Everyday i wake up and go to work wondering and hoping that today is the day everything finally goes down. Then i get home, see my two beautiful kids and realize i havent prepped nearly enough for them. I want this to be done, im tired of waiting but waiting gives me more time to prep. Keep your heads my fellows and dont shoot until you can see the wh ites of their eyes. RP

      22. I’m not a big fan of the entitlements,HOWEVER, what ticks me off even more is our country sending it’s money to other countries to feed their hungry or arm their militias.
        Call me crazy but if I had to choose, I’d rather the money stay here. Help our hungry but with…. LIMITS!

        • Sometimes I run into people that thank everyone profusely. They’ve run into bad times and they’ve filed for assistance and got it. I’ve looked them in the eye and told them I pay $600 a month and I’m glad to do it so they can hang on until they get a job or conditions improve.

          Sometimes paying taxes isn’t bad. Then I go to the grocery store and see people with no job on food stamps buying steak and things I feel like I can’t really afford.

          The fact is the entitlements do great things. But, thats not what they are there for. They are USED for political gain and for control. People don’t seem to understand that. We will always have the poor and we need to be generous to them. But, when the government comes in and FORCES you to support this, that is nothing less than evil. …and just try to stop SS taxes. Oh, they’ll let you opt out of the benefits, however, they will not allow you to opt out of the PAYMENTS.

          We have criminal bastard running our government. To say we need to clean house is like saying a stool that hasn’t been flushed for three days needs flushed. We need to clean house in the worst way.

          I’m tired of the theatre. What most don’t realize is that what you see is not even real. The authority, the laws, the officialdom. It is all FAKE. If you knew the real truth about the United States Federal Corporation, you would, like me, laugh at the NDAA and all this bullshit chicken-scratchings-on-paper.

          They’ve brainwashed you into believing that you are the trust that your birth certificate formed. Do you get wet when you turn the shower on? I don’t unless I’m in the shower. If you stay out of the shower when the water is turned on, you stay dry. What gets wet? The shower, not you. Think about it. Step out of the shower.

      23. It feels to me like we need a 21st century Revolution….Or lose are freedom forever…

      24. I hope for a complete global financial break down.
        I want it to be a catastrophic collapse. Were everyone is wiped out financially I want a total reset of the system. I know it will not happen like this because TPTB will not give up their power but a guy can dream 🙂

      25. JBS was right all along.

      26. A note to all who wish to get (this) over with. consider that in first two weeks all who depend on meds for living, will die. est: 35 million. after which the real death toll will begin to go parabolic. it won’t be safe to travel so no food distribution. no food.. it is beyond the minds ability to take in, the level of human suffering will be staggering. think before you utter words that will sentence hundreds of millions to death in many, many horrific ways. yes, it is going to happen, it is economic physics. but to wish it on the world, man that is a sick, sick thought. get right with God. help those in need, for you will truly need all the help your sorry soul can get. pray for time, it is why we have been given a grace period since 2008. how many of you where fully (prepped) two yrs ago?. I truly love this forum Mac provides for us, and the hard work he puts into it. I only wish some would show compassion for those who are to blind to see what is coming.

        • Watchermax – Agree. A sudden crash will NOT be fun to anyone but an utter psychopath. There will be a lot of dying and a lot of dying will be done by those you don’t want to see die. How many out there have seen people die?

          A gradual collapse is, I and many others think, what we have coming. What we’re in now. This allows for a lot of “wiggle room”. It allows a few seasons to learn to garden. It allows time to build up community. It also allows for a hell of a die-off, sad to say, but in that die-off, it allows for arranging for steering those who really ought to be ushered off of this Earth, off of it, and time for saving those we want around. Read Dmitry Orlov’s writings on the Russian die-off in the 1990s, how he looked at old HS pictures and thought, “that guy’s dead, and that guy’s dead and that guy’s dead….” and realizing they lost about 20% of their population and no one, other than hospital staff and the folks down at the morgue, really noticed.

          What’s scary is, slow collapses can also allow for things like Pol Pot and Mao’s Great Leap Forward, things done without the aid of computers, internet, cell phones, or phones in general. Pen and ink, bullets and blood. The Holodomor, too. This is what We The People have to be educated, armed, and ready to prevent.

          • ~DT~

            ***(quote)…Pen and ink, bullets and blood. The Holodomor, too. This is what We The People have to be educated, armed, and ready to prevent…(unquote)***

            …you mean like this example…? -(the real Holocaust)—-correctly termed:..The Holodomor…???????


            …and this also, identifying/naming the ring leaders….!?!



            Damn straight, brother! Let us hope others possess the courage to view the above historical videos….!!!

          • Agreed….”Death by a thousand cuts”

          • Great post, DomesticTerrorist.

            I shake my head every time I hear “bring it on!”.
            I feel that most people who keep hurrying the time never lived through any REAL difficulties.
            All of them were lucky to be born in this country of plenty and never experience any wars or serious turmoils in their lifetime. Not a day of closed supermarket or fast-food joint. Not a day without TV, phone, power and/or water.

            To them I say: Be very careful what you wish for.

            I, as some here, hope and pray for more time. The system can’t be fixed, we all understand this. But a sudden collapse would be extremely devastating.
            You will suddenly realize how many things you didn’t think about and have not prepared for.
            It all sounds “cool” in books and looks “fun” in movies, but it is an absolute hell to live through.
            I promise you, you will look back at these times with nostalgia and wish they lasted longer.

            • I doubt many of the “bring it on” crowd are currently raising small children…

            • Wow, ZEN..share with us some of those things we ‘didn’t think about’..please??
              Not being sarcastic; just like your views.

        • @ Watchermax— If I could have given you one hundred “thumbs up” I would have. I would love to talk with you.

        • watchermax, great post, thank you.

      27. There’s also another point to be made about how this borrowing is affecting our economy that the press will never tell you.
        The Federal reserve has been purchasing about 50% of our debt for the last 3 years by printing currency. Since government spending is added in the equation to determine GDP, it means about $600 billion per year of our GDP is the printing of money – or in other words – about 4% of GDP is from printing. Take that away and our economy has been in a Depression since 2008. ALL of the GDP growth( and then some) since 2008 is from creating new currency. We are in the final stages of economic collapse, it just takes basic math skills to recognize it. How long it takes depends entirely on how long our country and the rest of the world continues to believe in the fairy tail that the US dollar has become. Every mainstream media report and political speech will tell you the economy is getting better and growing. It is a lie. I’m not a doom and gloom sort of guy, I don’t want a collapse to happen – have one kid just starting college and 2 more soon to be. But I’ve accepted the inevitable and have spent the last couple years preparing. If anyone reading these posts is still on the fence about being prepared, you don’t have much time left.

        P.S. Hey Mac, I know you’ve mentioned trying to get a forum going and I think it would be a great idea. But if the logistics of it makes it too much to do right now, how about a section where guests can post articles on some of the things they’ve done or built as part of their preps? I know there are other places on the net people can do it, but in forum form, it kind of seems to get lost in the noise. I and probably many of those who post and read here are tinkerers. There’s probably some great ideas floating around others can build on. As example I just got done building a rocket stove that can be used for cooking, bake bread and makes coffee ( got to have my coffee).

        • @ BillJ—-
          Bill, this thing going on in Europe is a shame. Its sucks bad for them. HOWEVER, it MAY allow the can to be kicked down the road HER for another ten years as the money is FLYING out of the euro and into the dollar.
          Should that really en up being the case, and they can kick it down the road ten years….
          Lots of things can happen for the good in ten years. I hate to see us prosper on others hardships though.
          The other part being preached about here ( not by you) is to end all entitlements NOW…. do you know that they could DOUBLE the entitlements in the USA if they simply CUT THEM to other countries??????
          I’m not saying to do that, but I guess what i am saying is the entitlements are not the “game ender” everyone thinks they are.

          • There was a point in time when I didn’t think we(USA) would make it into 2012. I’m starting to lean more to the idea that as things do collapse,it will happen through a course of years instead of some event that unfolds in days or months. Yet because our economy is built on the facade that printing is growth, there is still the chance of it collapsing quickly. But everything I’ve researched tells me that we have moved past the point of no return – to fix things and return to an economy driven by “real” growth will cause pain and suffering for those who count on government redistribution of wealth for their survival. For them, it will be an economic collapse. Entitlements are an economic game ender.They are what is ending Greece, Portugal, Spain, and the Euro for that matter. We are watching what happens with every society that allows entitlements to grow until the majority of its citizens count on it for survival. I’ve yet to see an example of where only a major economic reset or war fixes it. You don’t cure cancer by cutting off appendages so your body can divert more energy to the tumor. And you sure as hell don’t cure cancer by feeding it more. Before i get attacked as someone who doesn’t care about children starving on the streets. The vast majority of entitlement spending in this country has nothing to do with saving starving children or the truly disabled.

        • Bill J,
          I’m VERY interested in your rocket stove. would you please email me @ [email protected]? And anyone else who has prep ideas, I would love to hear from you as well.

        • I will be living under a bridge, eating squirrels, and clutching my bricks of freeze-fried coffee…

      28. Anything can happen!

      29. I am way past the hope and change of getting our country back on the right track. The Constitution was written to protect the people and to keep the Governement, of that people, on a foreward moving track that would benefit all Americans,.

        Well, the power hungery have taken the Constitution and shredded our words, our government and our lives. We the people stood by and let it happen.

        Now, the powerful are scrambling to gather as much wealth and power in the little time America has left.

        There will be no Savior, there will be no fiscal responsibility from our leaders. There will only be collapse in our future.

        Prep while you can. Gather family and friends close for the benefit of all.

        Look closely at where you live and identify the danger to you and yours. Are you able to protect you family, friends or neighborhood? If not, you need to get out of there.

        Has your police department turned into the Gestapo? If they have, you need to get out of there.

        To a lot of homeless people, Tent City is a safe harbor that many are thankful for. Will you be one of them? If so, you better get your brain into the prepping mode for survival.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Excellent advice Mona. I couldn’t agree more! God Bless to you as well.

        • Agree with you, Mona, on everything except “we … just stood by and let it happen.” I don’t know how long the plan has been in action to destroy the US, but I don’t think “we” could have done anything to stop it, just like “we” have even less power than we did five years ago. Obama has totally shredded the 5th amendment and is working to destroy our right to religious freedom. I’m really proud to be a Roman Catholic right now. I’ve lost two friends and one cousin who are staunch Obama supporters. None are on welfare or entitlement takers, they’re just idiots, softhearted (and headed) who think that electing Obama makes up to Blacks for all they’ve endured. Never mind that Blacks are worse off under Obama than they were under Bush. I really can’t understand that mentality, or the huge support Obama gets from Blacks. I just think being a perpetual victim must be terrifically seductive.

      30. I dunno Eric. Do you actually know anyone on the gov dole living in subsidized cinderblock gov housing, collecting 1200 a month, no food stamps, but tons of free medical, with a gov cell phone? I do. She doesn’t do drugs or drink anymore because the med center has her taking lithium. Yes, my unfortunate lil sis is living that crap life of her own making. The ones who are selling link cards are like any other underground hustler and 2 bit lowlife. Those people know how to play the system and they’re trading entitlements between themselves mostly. Yes, it’s crap. All of them are scraping by now, in the SHTF event, it won’t end well.
        For 3 years I’ve been harping this plea to her, but she just doesn’t get it. All I can do at this point is stock my house as a safe place for her to come to.
        I knew I wasn’t nuts to start prepping when I did. To the like minded, we talk about it, but feel, that if people don’t see what’s comin down the road at this point, it’s theirs to bear. I’m not gonna open the door for just anyone.

        • I understand this too well. My sister is married to a bum on disability. She works hard at a minimum wage job but won’t do anything to better herself. She has no extra money to prep and isn’t interested in doing so anyway.

          Her husband spends all day cruising the Internet. He could easily be earning a very good living from all he knows about computers but he chooses not to.

          Already I am getting calls asking for help. My sister ended up in jail for unpaid fines from the garbage he threw out in the yard. I bailed her out because I couldn’t see leaving my little sister in jail over Christmas but the law immediately grabbed her for unpaid traffic fines in another county. No more help from me. I can’t support another person when I am already supporting my own family. (Somehow she got out of that situation without my help so they can be resourceful when they need to be.)

          I know it will get worse. I have tried to give them tools to help themselves. They just seem unable to learn.
          When things worsen, I worry about how to draw the line in providing help. I think there may come a time when helping them will cause too great an amount of harm to me and my family. Not only because I need the resources for my own family. The additional problem is that they attract lowlife others- birds of a feather. This could pose some real safety dangers as well.

          I have no idea what I will do because I don’t know what will happen. Perhaps that is the hardet part- just thinking over scenarios and not knowing what I will end up facing.

      31. All these free phones have GPS in them. I’ll be willing to bet you can’t turn the GPS off or if you do its still on anyways.

        • I was watching “Vaney & Friends” on FOX this morning and Charles said that the reason all these poor citizens were getting free phones………

          The Government wants to make it legal to VOTE over the phone.

          Talk about BUYING VOTES!

      32. godsofold,
        God bless for being right on.

        Y’all Beware! The truth knows where it’s gonna’ be!

      33. It’s just a matter of time..

      34. At least the built in solution of collapse relieves us of the burden of federal plunder and control as the federal government likely goes away just as the Soviet Union did for substantially the same reasons.

        As callous as it sounds, the collapse also relieves us of quite a few of the less esteemed members of society as their support system evaporates over a very short period of time and nature prunes them from this earth.

        But what ticks me off is the probably survival of those at the top who have used the power of government to give them privilege. I am talking about politicians and the corporate executives, particularly the bankers who have lobbied, made political contributions, and outright bribed venal politicians in order to have laws that favor them and allowed them to pick the pockets of the majority.

        I don’t know if it will all go down as a peaceful end of the federal government or violently like the French Revolution where the Aristocracy was processed through Madame Guillotine, or alternatively if we will see a dictator arise from the ashes of the federal government to take over from them the task of plundering and controlling the public.

        Whatever the outcome, it will not be a pretty process, and you can bet that those who benefit, even if the benefit is small, will not volunteer to give up what they receive. It all reminds me of a monkey trap where a coconut is hollowed out, leaving a hole just big enough for a monkey to reach in, but not to extract his hand once he clenches his fist on the small treat inside the coconut. With the coconut ties to a tree, he cannot leave as long as his fist is clenched, and he cannot bring himself to let loose, even as the monkey hunter approaches with a club to bash him over the head. Such is the human mind, too.

      35. What is happening to the US is scary. An advanced industrial nation is being deliberately de-industrialised at an amazing pace. The wealth generating heart of the economy has been gutted via the globalisation rubbish and ‘off shored’, ‘out sourced’, ‘in sourced’ to the point where tens of thousands of factories have been lost (50,000+) in the US along with millions of jobs. On top of this a massive slice of US knowhow and wealth generating capacity has been handed to China and India so that a narrow few in society (and Wall Street wankers, sorry bankers) can make a few more cents in the dollar profits. What sane nation hands its ‘crown jewels’ to and creates a dangerous competitor?

        Thus far the only way to stop society imploding has been to extend government benefits but if you are not creating any value through products and services that can be sold to foreigners it will eventually collapse in a very bad way. Pity the jerks that created the whole mess will never be made to answer for this.

        • The average government hack (from you local tax collector and zoning person on up to those in very levels of the federal government) doesn’t enjoy Secret Service protection and many will indeed be make to answer for their misdeeds…

      36. Its not the wheel barrel full of money that it will take to by the bread .
        the baker really wants the wheel barrel,
        its worth more than all the money.
        tools and the ability to produce goods will be youre salvation,
        if you dont have a trade or ability to do back braking work youre dead.

      37. SNAFU is the new normal.

      38. I do think people need to stop blaming Obama – Bush senior and junior were worse (anyone remember the vote count scandal for Bush junior?). The guy is a puppet/figure head, he has no POWER. IF he were to try and stop the corruption they’d kill him. JFK was murdered, there was an attempt on Reagan (after which he did a quick policy U-turn).

        If candidates don’t understand the corruption on the way up (& I find this impossible to believe btw!)they do as soon as they attain office. Tony Blair now has a personal fortune out of all proportion to the salary he received as the UK Prime Minister. That’s the system – these guys do not work for “the people”, they stopped doing that a LONG time ago.

        Welfare is all that stops the return of another French revolution and the media is modern bread and circus stuff.

        Don’t criticise those who are out of work, too often all that seperates them and you is sheer luck. The real productive jobs have been sucked out of the economy.

        If you have a useful trade like pumbing – teach a youngster for free so that after collapse they can be an individual who can make a societal contribution, even if right now they need food stamps. Institute the old art of the apprenticeship on a micro scale it used to take 7 years of working for food to train a real craftsman. Food stamps will pay your apprentice’s food – all you gotta do is overcome the programming to start building tomorrow’s world right now.

        Genuine education (not dumbed down gubbermint curriculii) is prepping. Our young are being left with no hope. The death of hope is the death of freedom.

        Unemployment is used a tool to keep those in work from complaining about their finances – fear works to control! Divide and conquer works every time without fail!

        We have a class of global parasites and the ONLY way to overcome them is to prep to survive, yes, but to ensure the next generation have the skills and smarts to rebuild after the die off.

      39. We are in a “no win” situation here.Even if entitlements are cut, where would these people find gainful employment? Don’t let the MSM fool you. There are very few jobs out there.Thats why people are falling off the back end of their unemployment benefits. They are no longer being included in the work force so Obama can fudge the numbers down. This is what happens when people who have no skin in the game vote the people in who will continue to provide them with benefits.

      40. All we can do is take care of what we can do, help our fellow peeps who prep as well.

        Food, medicine, water supply, Secop, fuel, and self reliance.

        There are many Americans, real ones, who are patriotic and believe like the majority of us. I think in the long haul our perserverence will overcome.

        Mac Slavo, Thank You For ALL your support and your urging me to continue doing what I do. You have a friend for life, and if I give you a hard time occasionally it is because I love you like a brother.

        Terry Reed

        • I wish I had neighbors like you. Mine are all liberals.

          • “” ditto —-> Rich99

        • hate to say this at this point you should be very careful who you talk to or help. They may not snitch on you but they my tell someone who might what is going on. Be careful.

          • loose lips sink ships and actions done are impossible to retract.

      41. Metro-Goldwyn-Okie proudly presents…GONE WITH THE APOCALYPSE
        An epic saga of life, of passion, of romance, and the fight for survival in a war-torn, revolutionary, post-crash America. The story of a patriot, a fighter, a man…and the love of his life. GONE WITH THE APOCALYPSE

        *Capt Dirk Manhood- A patriot fighting with the 2nd Artillery Brigade, Montana Sovereign Militia
        *Betsy- The love of his life
        *Sgt Ben Therenback- A battle-hardened warrior and the one true friend of Dirk

        Scene Uno- Our story opens in an abandonded house south of Butte. It’s an hour before dawn. Ben and Capt Dirk are discussing battle plans. Betsy sits quietly nearby, on the edge of a bed…

        Ben: “…what’s left of 8th squadron will rendezvous with us here.” (he points to a spot on a map) “Then we’ll move northeast to the copper mines. Colonel wants to roll out in an hour.” (he looks at Besty, then back to Capt Dirk) I guess you two need a few minutes alone so I’ll wait outside.” (He exits, Capt Dirk follows and closes the door after him)
        Capt Dirk: (turns and looks at Betsy then switches off the light) “Betsy, we don’t have much time, and there’s some things I really want to tell you.” (he lights a single candle near the bedside and turns on a stereo.)
        Betsy- (lays on the bed, she says nothing)
        Capt Dirk: “I realize we haven’t been together very long, but I…well, I…I’ve fallen for you.” (he reaches down and softly touches Betsy) “I want us to be with one another always.”
        Betsy- (lies there, expressionless)
        Capt Dirk: (he softly caresses her smooth round curves and whispers) “Oh Betsy. Stay with me forever. Together we can light up the sky with a thrill like we’ve never known. We were meant to be together. My heart is full to overflowing. Betsy, I never knew I could feel this way about a grenade launcher.” (he picks up Betsy, slings her over his shoulder and heads for the door) “C’mon Betsy old gal, let’s go light up that sky. You and I are gonna make some beautiful and very LOUD music together.” (as he exits, Barry Manilow’s ‘Somewhere in the Night’ plays quietly on the stereo)

        Scene Dos-
        Capt Dirk and Betsy are in a foxhole 20 miles south of Flathead Lake. They’ve just been through a harrowing firefight but now the battlefield is quiet and they are safe. A small MP3 player sits on a rusty ammo can in the foxhole.
        Capt Dirk: “Wow! That was incredible! We took out two APCs and a light tank! Betsy,I knew we were a great team, but that was just awesome!”
        Betsy- (leans against the side of the foxhole, smoking. She is quiet)
        Capt Dirk: (lights a cigarette and pulls deeply on it. He exhales a smoke ring and looks at Betsy)”Was it good for you, too?”
        Betsy- (says nothing but continues smoking)
        (AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ plays quietly on the MP3)

        Scene Tres- The pair are in a sandbagged bunker west of Billings. Capt Dirk has a frantic look on his face as he turns to Betsy.
        Capt Dirk: “Please believe me Betsy, she means nothing to me. You’re the only one I care about.”
        Betsy- (leans against the sandbags, she is quiet)
        Capt Dirk: “Look, I met her in a foxhole, and we had our moment together, but it was Nothing to me! My heart was never in it.”
        Betsy- (just continues leaning on the sandbags, expressionless)
        Capt Dirk: “Honestly, Betsy, she was just a silly little M16. And she didn’t even work on full auto! How could the have been any chemisty between us?” (a Tony Bennett song crackles from a loudspeaker off in the distance)

        ##Special Video Bonus! Deleted scenes, edited from the theatrical release-

        1> In a foxhole outside Great Falls.
        Capt Dirk: “Betsy, you know I’ve always respected you, and I don’t mean to sound crude. But I have to say, you have the cutest little exhaust port I’ve ever laid eyes on.”
        Betsy- (lays on the ground, motionless. She says nothing)
        ( a staticy field radio plays quietly as a corporal somewhere sings karaoke with the Carpenter’s ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’)

        2> The house from the opening scene, 10 minutes before dawn. Ben rushes through the door, catching Capt Dirk and Betsy by surprise.
        Ben: “Captain, you need to see the colonel right away and…oh crap! Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to interrupt you two.” (he looks at the floor, embarrassed. then looks up again at them) “Gosh, Cap’n, I never knew you could do that with a grenade launcher.”
        Capt Dirk: “Just gimme a minute to pull myself together. Be right with you, Ben.”
        Betsy- (lies still on the bed. she is quiet)
        Capt Dirk: (looks at Betsy) “Just hold that position and don’t move. I’ll be right back.”
        (Garth Brooks ‘The Dance’ plays softly on the stereo)

        • Private Joker: Sir… does this mean that Ann-Margret’s not coming?

      42. What irks me is the corporate tax rate(5%) IF CORPORATIONS are “people” now, lets tax them ATLEAST 25%!!! I PAY WAY MORE THEN 25% WHEN YOU FACTOR ALL THE OTHER BULL$HIT TAXES IN!!! If corporations are owned by people, that means “people” are OWNED by people. Isn’t that slavery???? Where is jesse jacka$$, or al UNsharpton on this, not to mention our first HALF BLACK president??? I’ll tell you, THEY RECEIVE BRIBES FROM THE CORPORATIONS!! Mittens pays 15%, his kids pay 0% on their “growth” of their money until they actually take some out of their trust fund?? Mittens a “front runner ” MY A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • depending on income say a person single making 50 to 60 thou a year at a job is paying at least 35% and with indirect taxes like sales tax, property, phone taxes, gas taxes, and at least 20 other indirect taxes you are near 47% of your money gone. If you make less then the tax bracket goes down for direct tax, never on indirect ones. No employer will ever tell you hey if you work X amount hours you are going into a higher tax bracket where you pay more to the state and feds. Do some research and find out the levels of the brackets and what gets paid into them. Being married even if filing separate brings the rate down 11%. If you make say a million a year then you are definitely paying 55 to 60% out in taxes unless you hide the money or know how to play loop holes, own a buisness. Guys like Peter Shiff (europac capital) pay over 50% because it is an investment buisness and can’t avoid the taxes; he says he may take his buisness overseas and lay off all the workers and start again in another country, if the taxes get any higher here. The corps don’t pay shit because they know that they are not really bound to and that I quote income tax is voluntary; no written legislation ever got passed that said you must pay fed income tax. So they typically don’t but, they must pay state taxes to operate in each state, hence the 15% amount they get away with routinely. If they are true fuck buddies to the current administration they can get a free pass; as the laws are only good so long as they are enforced by the PTB. The rich also pay millions each year to lawyers to find tax avoidance schemes, note not tax evasion; two totally different things in the legal sense of things.

      43. “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of it’s experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”. Samuel Adams,1776.

      44. I beleive the social safety became a hammock long ago, but… the facts don’t support this “vote pump” thesis.

        If you you look at voter participation rates amount low, middle and high income earners you see that the less you earn the less likely you are to vote. If the low/no income are getting benefits through voting its because a whole lot of middle and/or high income folks are voting for those benefits too.

      45. guess theres more fed money to be handed out ,if a trillion is the new billion then 100 yrs is the new 10 for my city is asking to replace it 100 yr old sewage treatment plant which is the nicest building in the area beside the real 100 yr old plant which they may have sent pictures of . maybe the new building was to nice to process s#!t

      46. I always love how they like to call social security, medicare & medicaid an entitlement when they been charging me for it in the form of tax for the 20+ years I’ve been working. It’s not an entitlement when u pay for it.

      47. look, there is no choice… we need to just do it and move on… these twits will not riot for long when they actually cant eat! i would start a soup kitchen and feed them after they fucking calm down and accept reality.. however i am not supporting any more of this bloody nonsense… let them have their fucking riot… and when they get it out of their system we can all move on… this has become absurd… excuses excueses excusees! ENOUGH!@

      48. RON PAUL and until i hear a better option JESSE VENTURA As vp….. if the powers that be , take out ron paul .. well than heres the next batter up… and he aint as friendly as dr paul! lets get real… if we dont take control, the entire world will erupt and we will all die in a nuclear halocaust! WHY! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

      49. ALSO,
        abolish partisan politics, abolish lobbying , and impose term limits! thats it, thats all that needs to be done to make the republic or democracy or whatever you want to call it work! perfect? no. workable and much better than the staus quo ??? ABSOLUTELY!

      50. when you dont allow people to get it out of their system(their anger) than the anger builds up to the point where it will be total chaos and than nuclear destruction! WHY DO ANY OF US OR ANY OF THE BUILDABUGFGER FAGGOT ZIONISTS wnat this? How is this good for anyone? i have yet to hear a good answer as to how nuclear destuction and zionism will help anyone in the end… it wont. get over it… youve all been fed a pile of horse shit…. we all have…. time to wake up.

      51. my belief is we should always prep, however we should always try to fight the very problems that cause us to prep…. they are two battles separate from each other but with the same purpose….. neither is more important than the other.

      52. Buying votes with other peoples money…plain and simple…

      53. This video provides us CRYSTAL clear evidence as to how a man like barack hussein obama can get elected in this nation. I know he’s not the only one doing it, but he’s the grand daddy champion of it.

        We will not survive as a nation with this type of entitlement. How sad.

      54. This guy makes the same wrong assumption as everyone else, that taxes support these programs.

        The programs are funded by government borrowing of fiat paper from private creditors.

        The money (labor) taken in taxes goes to transfer your productivity, already put up as collateral, through the same “government” forcing you to work for the evidence of that debt in a MASSIVE fraud against you being perpetrated by both on demands of the creditor.

        There is only one enemy. It is the BANKSTERS. The fraudulent debt must be denied and the power of money creation returned to the People.

        So much energy wasted on the symptoms, yet the cause is still being ignored by the vast majority of those who claim to be awake.

      55. LAWYER’S FIRST

      56. Many Americans won’t care until their cheese is taken away. Then all hell will break loose like it is in Greece right now!
        As far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better. Let’s get it over with.

        • The longer the inevitable fiscal collapse is delayed, the worse it will be.

          I’m starting to wonder if that has been the plan all along? Get us when we are REALLY down.

      57. As long as the traitors keep giving away our jobs and keep telling us we’re all going to be fine in our new service jobs in this rigged game called global neoliberalism (that’s conservative economics here in the good ol’ US) then this guy is right. We’re screwed.

      58. Social Security, is NOT an entitlement program…I’ve payed for it! I’m 49.5 years old been working scene I was 13.Been paying into it for 36.5 years got at least 15 more years to go.
        I want whats mine!
        You want to trim the budget? go after the defense budget it take 2/3s of the entire pie..S.S.I takes 7% of money we ALREADY Paid for…just because it was stolen from us doesn’t mean I don’t want it back!
        Hand off our S.S I.

      59. A guy at the library I use, mentioned that no one should have guns. No one. I know where he lives. What car he drives. Now I know where I can get food if I run low.

        • Sort of like the unarmed Amish people getting robbed and raped on an ever increasing basis…

          • I’m in Amish country—here they are armed quite heavily.
            Dh bought me a ‘cute’ youth single shot 20 guage from a member and a nice Henry HMR 17 for himself.

        • Pretty funny eh Fuzzy?
          Little do people with a mind set like this, realize..the technology to build a gun is almost in every household.

          And some of us have small workshops that could turn out things that would make his brain smoke.

          heck you could probably down load a PDF on all the working parts of an AR

          People who have the skills to opperate machinery can make what ever their minds fancy. out lawing guns wont erradicate them..people need to embrace the fact they are here to stay, and have a purpose.

      60. For those interested in a good research and practical website for alcohol distillation, read this quote and see following link, where it was found.

        “A FRACTIONATING column is a pure form of the reflux still. It will condense all or most of the vapour at the top of the packing, and return about 9/10 back down the column. The column will be quite tall – say 600-1200mm (2-4 foot), and packed with a material high in surface area, but which takes up little space (pot scrubbers are good for this). It will result in an alcohol 95%+ pure (the theoretical limit without using a vacuum is 95.6%), with no other tastes or impurities in it. Note that both reflux and fractionating stills can still be used to make whisky, rum etc, as they allow a very precise “cut” between the heads, middle, and tail runs.”

        So, I again apologise for being off topic but wanted to inform the SHTF fan base that you must be careful of what is stated in opposition to certain topics.

        Just because someone says they are “whatever” and have done “whatever” and critisize a proven claim with unfounded verbage and follow up with the addage “Don’t play with peoples lives” or “Peoples lives are at stake”,
        Do your own research on topics and you will learn who is truthful and who is baseless.

        Also visit milehighdistiller.

        So, not being off topic is me saying watch the numbers, stay with the peeps that are proven because when the SHTF you will want to be prepped with FACTS not someones ill begotten criticism.

        Thank you very much!
        Terry W. Reed

      61. EPIC is pursuing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for information about the agency’s surveillance of social networks and news organizations.

        In February 2011, the Department of Homeland Security announced that the agency planned to implement a program that would monitor media content, including social media data. The proposed initiatives would gather information from “online forums, blogs, public websites, and messages boards” and disseminate information to “federal, state, local, and foreign government and private sector partners.” The program would be executed, in part, by individuals who established fictitious usernames and passwords to create covert social media profiles to spy on other users. The agency stated it would store personal information for up to five years.

        • That’s old news rehashed. Look up HB Gary and Stratfor (which was recently hacked to pieces)…

          • Ahh.ok will do..

            I think what I found is some more info going on about this, but I didnt post the takes too long when a link is in my post for it to come up on the board..

        • Which is neither ‘here nor there’–I have pretty much decided all this surveiling is just another brother to TSA..job creation; the only way this administration knows how.

      62. LINK:

        Thursday, February 9, 2012
        The Fed is on a dollar devaluing spree
        From Forbes Magazine this week,

        The Federal Reserve’s Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%
        “The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) has made it official: After its latest two day meeting, it announced its goal to devalue the dollar by 33% over the next 20 years. The debauch of the dollar will be even greater if the Fed exceeds its goal of a 2 percent per year increase in the price level.”

        • the fed will be long gone before 20 years.

      63. Let it collapse. i don’t give a shit anymore.

      64. We can wean this nation back from the millions of entitlement leeches starting right now. Cut back in increments, Welfare and all the other Federal and State freebies. Tighten up eligibility, slowly but surely, for all the giveaways.

        Mandatory birth control implants and drug testing for anyone on Welfare and Medicaid.

        If you’re on Welfare…you don’t vote. You want a vote…get a job.

        Perp walks for all the Banksters on Wall Street, and no more outsourcing of American jobs to the Third World.

      65. I am with you king crazy
        Let it all go, screw it.
        I just hope we shut down all the nuclear plants before it’s too late and we don’t have the means to do it safely.
        Some of the comments above did not like my earlier comment about wishing for the collapse, But I stand behind my original post. I know millions would die and it would be a hellish thing to go through, but I am so sick of things that i still welcome it. I would love to go back to a pre industrial way of living. Even if I had to go through the violence and hell to get there.
        I lived in northern Alaska for several years the only way in was by plane and I was totally isolated during that time I was in heaven. Someday i would like to return to that way of living because what we have down here is a JOKE!!!!!

      66. There’s no doubt that this country and our fundamental system created more wealth and power than any other system or country in history. Unfortunately, sharing wealth was never a mandate, thus only a portion of those with excess truly shared, but to those that did, we reduced poverty quite effectively and could have easily funded the programs to nearly if not completely eliminate it.

        The problem is, those millions who could work can all find jobs and criminal legislation has made it possible for too many millions to not look, because their basic living standard is high enough to reduce the intensives to work.

        I have no easy answers, but I do know, that beginning with National Education and over powering public unions, the disease of entitlement has destroyed the substance we all used to call decency. There is no loss of pride in those who steal an excessive retirement from unborn millions, even when their life’s contribution to the world is found to be negative or at best of little difference.

        Perhaps we will finally find the situation unsustainable and intolerable and then the millions who work and get no breaks will have to be forced at gun point to provide for the millions who receive the unauthorized largesse. Good Luck Losers. though no one wants a fight, you may be leaving us NO CHOICE!!

        Now before you think I’m some right wing warrior, let me tell you what also MUST HAPPEN! I don’t find those asking for better medical and retirement too out of line, ot those asking for more wages unreasonable as long as Representatives can become wealthy after a term or two, along with Senators, give themselves raises in spite of their dismal incompetence at managing America. I think as long as CEO’s make thousands of times want a good line manager makes in a factory, the workers should band together and ask for more. I’ve served as a CEO in a company doing some millions in business and frankly, $100,000,000,000.00 is not much beyond $1,000,000.00 dollars in terms of daily effort, so salaries in the tens of millions and bonuses of the same are ludicrous and like the sports guys who make fortunes in a game, ONLY NECESSARY because the rest of us don’t have the nerve to fire them all and wait to see how long other competent managers and players step up and deliver the goods for a lot less.

        The same goes for entertainers and stock brokers and whatever. Capitalism without moral standards, the internalized realization that when you got a few million in the bank you’ll be fine, so SHARE with your community,. is the ONLY ANSWER. No mandates. No TAXES!!

        There’s enough wealth in America to pay the debt, leave everyone who’s rich still pretty darn healthy and preserve the ONLY means to a safe future . . America. If you want someone to help you out, don’t stick out your hand or call them names, offer to work for it. If you are spending more than a few million a year to live, get therapy my friend, for you will NOT TAKE ANY OF IT WITH YOU ANYWAY!!

        Dialogue hopefully, not name calling and whatever, so I apologize here for anyone I insulted, but we are all losers if we think earning Billions has no further community responsibilities or that we deserve to live better off someone else’s money . . NO we deserve a system that realizes millionaires and billionaires ALL, will perish if this country falls. Don’t believe me? READ YOUR HISTORY!! You won’t find respite except under the stars and stripes.


        B Forbes

      67. greetings everyone
        appreciate all that has given advice and wisdom on all things prepping, i’ve seen the numbers, read the articles, watched the videos, and my conclusion as many are sayin, this system of fiat currency is drawing to a close. TPTB have placed they’re cards for a ” controlled collapse “, and we’re riding it. Take heed friends, downsize YOUR standard of living, buy/get only that is needed, not want, & stock-up. mend your wrongs w/ lov’ed ones as best you can, and continue for as long as we can share all things survival. – usa from HI

      68. NWO.Kill the Dollar/Const,it’s over.Period.

      69. O.K. Enogh talk about wanting it to be over or wanting something to start. We are the ones who have to start it. Let’s hear some ideas about how and what and where to start it. Suggestions please. And keep it to something real and possible and productive.
        What we need to start with is definine what our endgame soultion is and work backwards from there to find out how that can be acceived.
        Endgame soution proposition; return to the Constitution as the law of the land and the idea that we are a nation of Kings. Each of us is sovereign over our own life. We are subjects of no man and no man is subject to us. Individual liberties trump the state and the state trumps the federal.

      70. This is a bunch of crap. I and my wife worked 60 years paying into Social Security and Medicare. If they wouldn’t have put it in the general coffer and blown it there would be plenty to take care of everyone. Why don’t they cut out foreign aid and close the borders, charity begins at home.

      71. Ironically, the way to fix this is for the wage earners to STOP WORKING. Everything would sort out in less than 2 years.

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