The Cognitive Dissonance Surrounding Donald Trump

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    In general, it has always been dangerous to put blind faith in human icons of any kind; not to mention, entirely unnecessary. The maxim that one “should never meet their heroes” is something far more people should take to heart when applying elevated status to political leaders in particular. Hero worship of a celebrity is unhealthy, but hero worship of a president can be truly dangerous.

    Why? Because political power relies mostly on “human capital” — the number of people within a society that are willing to support or even fight for a particular change. Swaths of citizenry can be wielded by politicians with ill intent like a weapon to create the illusion of consensus and dramatic reversals in cultural principles. These changes usually tend to involve more control for government and less freedom for the public and can last for generations.

    The cult of celebrity has never been more prominent in politics than it has the past decade. Starting with Barack Obama, something changed in the American view of presidential leadership. With Obama, there was an element of naive adoration that leftists largely embraced. Obama was more than a president — he was an idol.

    Unfortunately, I am also seeing some of the same behavior in elements of the conservative population when it comes to Donald Trump. There are many reasons for this.

    First, Trump is one of the few presidents that was already a celebrity before running for office. His notoriety went far beyond that of someone like Ronald Reagan, who did rank as a kind of known cultural element, but certainly not an icon or idol before becoming president.

    Second, Trump rode the wave of a backlash movement against the far left, which is now by every definition fully invested in cultural Marxism if not economic Marxism. For many people, Trump represents the moment America was “saved” from imminent destruction by an insane ideology. In fact, I would say Trump’s popularity was directly proportional to the moderate public’s disgust with social justice fanatics; people who believe that sabotaging a culture from the inside, breaking it down through deliberate crisis and then replacing its core principles with their own, is an acceptable strategy.

    Third, the election of 2016 was not about Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton — it was about traditional American values versus moral relativism. At least that was how many conservatives viewed it.

    Some people may argue that Trump earned his election win by bravely taking on the establishment and the hard left when no other candidate would. This rebellion remains to be seen, but the notion is powerful and people take it personally. Trump cheerleaders react with disdain when any critical tone is applied to his behavior. In their mind, only evil leftists are critical of Trump, and if you are on the political right, then you better be toeing the line. If you are not with them, you are against them.

    It’s funny; when I was writing analysis on the disturbing nature of the Bush administration, I was called a leftist. When I went after Barack Obama, I was called a “far-right extremist” and a potential racist. Now, when investigating Trump’s odd activities, I’m back to being accused of leftist antics again. I’ve magically come full circle.  When it comes to political bias, reason takes a back seat to team-based psychology.

    Trump’s win, of course, had nothing to do with his validity as a candidate nor did he create his own following. His following was prepackaged. The rage against social justice and leftist absurdity was already vast. Trump was simply used as a focal point for that rage and his rhetoric tapped into the conservative psyche. He said most of the right things during his campaign; whether he actually believes in those things is another matter…

    So far, his track record is not so great. One of his most vital campaign promises which appealed to the largest portion of conservatives was the idea of “draining the swamp.” What is the swamp? Trump defined it himself by going after Hillary Clinton’s contingent of elitist allies from think tank cronies to Goldman Sachs banking ghouls. This is a perfect example where Trump rhetoric does not match reality.

    By Trump’s own definition, he has actually added to “the swamp” rather than draining it. Trump’s cabinet is loaded with an ensemble of elitist freaks that should have been relegated to a carnival side show.

    Goldman Sachs goons like Steve Mnuchin and James Donovan lurk the halls of the White House while other Goldman alumni like Gary Cohn seem to cycle through and are replaced with other equally unsettling characters like Larry Kudlow, a former adviser to the Clintons and John Podesta as well as an economist for the Federal Reserve bank. You have Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State and a rabid supporter of mass surveillance of the American people. There’s Gina Haspel, a CIA director wrapped up in numerous torture scandals. And let’s not forget about John Bolton, National Security Adviser, Council on Foreign Relation member and one of the chief architects behind the aggressive U.S. war policy in the Middle East since George W. Bush’s administration.

    I could go on and on…

    Obviously, the swamp will not be drained anytime soon, if ever. But cognitive dissonance on this issue reigns supreme. Even in the liberty movement there are those that argue that Trump is merely “playing 4-D chess,” and that his introduction of even more elites into his cabinet is somehow part of a grand scheme to “keep his enemies close.” The laughable nature of this delusion aside, the fact that some people are willing to stretch that far in their mental gymnastics to justify continued faith in Trump is a bit frightening.

    I have also witnessed a growing and disturbing trend of leader worship when it comes to Trump’s pursuit of the international trade war.  As I mentioned in my article ‘Trump Trade Wars A Perfect Smokescreen For A Market Crash’, tariffs are not inherently destructive and can actually be very effective in undercutting the imbalances created by globalism; they are a natural part of the conservative methodology. However, if implemented poorly, and without correct preparations, tariffs can destroy a nation’s economy.

    With all the rah-rah and pom poms from the Trump devout, you would think that America’s economy is virtually invincible under his watch. I’m sorry to say that this is not the case. The fiscal instability of the US is still very much a “thing”, and nothing has improved under Trump. Given, he has not been in office very long, but most of our economic problems cannot be solved by any one president regardless of their time in office. Those problems stem from the power of the Federal Reserve to prop up or sabotage our system at will, and the ongoing presence of elitists within our government. Trump appears to have no intention of ever going after the Federal Reserve, and as mentioned earlier, he has invited a gang of elitists into the White House. Fiscal improvement is now impossible.

    Beyond the root cancer affecting our nation, Trump has not even taken the more rudimentary steps of giving corporations incentives to bring production back to America BEFORE attempting to enforce trade tariffs. With America’s dependency on foreign production as well as the elephant in the room – America’s dependency on foreign investment in our debt and the dollar as a world reserve currency, a drawn out trade war will eventually result in severe retaliation. This means extreme price inflation on most goods due to import dependency or possible scarcity, not to mention the dumping of US Treasury bonds, the end of the petrodollar and the dumping of the dollar in bilateral trade creating even more price inflation.

    America looks rather hypocritical crying foul on unbalanced trade while we benefit from the greatest trade imbalance of all time – the world reserve currency. If you think that the dollar will not be a target in the trade war, then you are gravely mistaken.

    I’ve heard all the naive arguments before as to why a negative trade war outcome is supposedly impossible and countered each of them in the article linked above. But, the pressure to support Trump without taking a skeptical position is high.

    I would attribute this to what I consider a psychological game being played by the establishment. As stated earlier, Trump’s political success relies entirely on the existence of continued foreign and domestic threats. As long as foreign economies are seen as receiving unfair trade advantages, and as long as the left keeps acting insane, Trump will receive blind support from many conservatives. Rather than making his administration weaker, the “Russian collusion mania,” for example, only continues to strengthen Trump’s position.

    The idea that the “Deep State” is after Trump is an illusion. On the contrary, without the perception that Trump is under constant attack, Trump becomes superfluous as a leader and conservatives will begin to question his decisions. The establishment actually helps Trump’s image by continuing the Russian farce, just as the constant (but weak) attacks by establishment controlled media made Trump a 24 hour news phenomena and propelled him into a new level of celebrity status during the election.

    One could argue that perhaps the establishment is unaware of this dynamic. I think not. The manner in which they track social trends through web analytics is rather precise. Though I know it will twist the panties of quite a few people, I would suggest that the establishment PREFERS to have a Trump administration in place.

    Look at it this way: Conservatives will cry foul for the remainder of Trump’s first term all based on the false premise that Trump is going to be “impeached” or sabotaged at any given moment. I remember all the claims before the election when I predicted a Trump win that the establishment would never allow him to enter the Oval Office. After his election, the same people argued that he would never make it to the inauguration. Now, they argue that the so-called deep state is going to try to bring Trump down before he reaches the end of his first term. And as long as Trump continues to stick around, there are those that argue that he is “defeating the deep state” with his magnificent strategic prowess. You see, the cognitive dissonance circle is infinite.

    Few people appear to be considering the possibility that Trump is exactly where the establishment wants him to be; that the Trump administration is loaded with the very same swamp creatures he railed against during his campaign and that these elitists are the true power in the White House, not Trump.

    Let me say this as clearly as possible — presidents do not matter. They do not matter in terms of any important change in American society. Those great changes are always made either by a contingent of free people fighting relentlessly for good, or by a contingent of power mongers manipulating the halls of government from behind the scenes. In the end, like most other presidents, Trump is irrelevant, unless you view him as a pied piper leading conservatives down a terrible path.

    The danger of Trump, if followed blindly, is threefold.

    First, the more conservatives tie themselves to his administration, the more they leave themselves vulnerable if and when his administration sinks into infamy. For example, the Federal Reserve has been avidly pulling the plug on its decade long artificial support of stocks and bond markets. Continued interest rate hikes and balance sheet cuts will ultimately crash those markets, and this will happen before the end of Trump’s first term if the Fed continues at its current pace.

    Trump may very well be the next Hoover, as I have warned time and time again since his election. A conservative president presiding over an economic catastrophe that developed long before he ever entered office, but still blamed for the consequences. In the case of Trump, it will be conservative ideals and policies that are demonized most of all, leading to renewed public support for another FDR (i.e., another hardcore communist president).

    Second, Trump’s trade war activities continue to provide perfect cover and distraction on a monthly basis for the Fed’s balance sheet dumps. Every time stocks drop dramatically, very few people blame the fed’s activities and all attention shifts to Trump. I see a narrative building already, one that hides all central bank guilt in the degradation of the economy. The more conservatives support a badly planned trade war, the more they will be seen as complicit in an economic crash that actually started over a decade ago.

    Third, if Trump is meant to become a war hawk president as the introduction of John Bolton to his cabinet suggests, then conservatives may very well repeat the mistakes they made years ago when they fervently supported the Bush administration and the Iraq War. This time, though, America will not economically or philosophically survive another unjustified or ill-considered war. Not with Iran, North Korea or any other nation for that matter. Once again, true conservatives could have the tragedies produced by war wrapped around their necks if they do not apply critical thought to Trump as they do with most other issues.

    And this is the solution to the problem. It is very simple; just treat Trump as you would any other politician, remove all bias and examine him under a microscope in the light of day. The more conservatives openly criticize Trump where it is warranted, the less the establishment is able to chain us to any disasters that happen under his watch. With the cabinet of grim elitist figures surrounding him from day to day, it is the only logical recourse.


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      1. No matter if he is a good man or bad, we must save ourselves from tyranny in the end.

        • This short Video will explain why everyone needs to DUMP CABLE LIE TV, Mind Control Propaganda. Cut the Cord and Starve the Beast. Jut because you have 400 channel access like you have choices? Its all the same blithering Propaganda BS.

        • I am really tired of this lie. People do not idolize Trump, the defense of Trump stems from a very real threat of an illegal coup trying to remove the elected President. Noone thinks of Trump as some kind of idol. People defend him bc they are defending our country. If these idiots remove him our country is gone and that is what people are thinking when they come to his defense. Trump derangement is so our of control it is insane. By accusing people of worshiping the man they are ignoring the real issue here and that is that we are very much in a civil war. Open warfare hasn’t hit the streets yet but if the president the people elected is removed it will.

          • If only Hillary had won, things would have been so much better!

            Imagine that by now the UN would have teams going door to door to confiscate firearms for our own safety.

            No one would have an inkling that the government spy’s on everyone’s, every electronic communication and records them forever. Anything you do or say anything to annoy this government your most private conversations will end up in court of on TV.

            Google, Twitter and Facebook would control all elections.

            Unemployment would be 50%, but the published statistic would still be 3.5%.

            American business would be shrinking faster than your Johnson in a cold swimming pool.

            Oil would be $300 a barrel so we could save the planet.

            Healthcare rationing would have been implemented to save Obamacare.

            America really dodged a bullet when Trump won.

            Last point, Trump has waged war on pedophiles and human trafficking like no one else. In his first 500 days his DOJ has put more creeps in prison than both prior presidents in 16 years. Jesus said Satan would never allow his house to be divided, so if Trump was part of the same swamp, why has Trumps DOJ targeted the most evil Satanic people including the very rich and powerful in both parties, business and government.

      2. Smith’s best point rests in the fact that a big economic FALL is clearly on the way; and in this first term. That preparatory conditions have been in place for a considerable time via forces such as the Fed, will seem unimportant when financial collapse drapes itself on conservatism and the Trump era in particular.

        Brandon overworks the diction “cognitive dissonance” of course; more simply, he might well have expressed the point that in general the electorate is just too stupid to understand realities…as his history of correct perceptions are recorded. A bit of vanity there Brandon? A case can certainly be made for believing in a general ‘dumbing-down’.

        Overall though, an interesting hypothesis; you consistently prepare interesting reading Brandon.

      3. We are “informed” about everything, yet “know nothing”.

        This information overload age leaves a desperately troubled world because of a fundamental lack of basic understanding and common sense.

        Opinion pieces like this one are prime examples-pure speculation.

        To acquire information is no great accomplishment; it is automatic for humans via the senses.

        We are not accustomed to having a moral, decisive, patriotic leader and it is taking a while for him to undo all the wrong which has committed. Hold your horses and your biases and most of all unfounded predictions presented as prophecy. Wise Up…

        • Quite true Duck Plucker.
          Having information doesn’t mean one acquiring knowledge, it required understand principle and wisdom in life. Saying “his track record is not so great.” and not mentioned the fact that they – both parties – throw everything at him since day-1; but if the North Korea event turn out successful, it would be enough for generations to come to remember of him. Anyway, it’s God’s will and Trump could be used as HIS instrument.

        • Duck Plucker, which came first, the chicken or the egg ?

          Is Trump being undermined for a reason or is he actually a plant and Smith is correct ?

          This article is complete nonsense and the answer is well past obvious, who is who in the zoo of DC.Trump has exposed more corruption and crimes than any president in my life time. If a person cannot see that simple fact, they are either not very smart or simply not really looking ?

          Is Trump the perfect guy ? No he is not , but he is far better than the alternative was ! Beside ht fact I am NOT aware of that perfect guy on the planet ? Seems much more prudent to work with what we have than open unnecessary cans of worms ? That always seem to lead to more of this, a big reason USA is whacked today !


          •, I definitely agree the alternative was really no alternative at all. Had the hildebeast won I doubt we would even exist as a nation right now. I’ve never completely on board with Trump but I was willing to give him one term and wait and see what happens. I already knew what would’ve happened if the ‘alternative’ had won.

            •, BTW, I read your article earlier. VERY interesting and nothing in it I can dispute. I’m also opposed to the ‘go along to get along’ BS.

            • I’d wager Smith is correct about Trump, and “conservatives”, in general, being pinned for an economic depression type event. That was after all, what paved the way for the traitor, FDR…

          • DTW, you just made Branson’s point.

          • Scripture records nothing about God creating eggs, he created animals before man, therefore, the chicken came before the egg AND the chicken came before man who also came before the egg.

        • Brandon is right on several fronts. One, Cold War 2.0 is well underway with Russia. Two, we are still deeply involved in the Middle East with no end in sight. Three, very minuscule progress on a Southern Border wall. Four, no one has been prosecuted despite the MOUNTAIN of evidence against the intel complex, the DNC, the Clinton’s, and their foundation. Five, there has never been any talk of reducing the size and scope of the federal government… BAM!

      4. Trumps over inflated mafia as usual ego spews pure BS as an acceptable stooge for the bankers. The huge ugly swamp leeches are the fattest ever. Making America Grotesque Again. No matter the winner the same result.

        • aljamo, my biggest concern about Trump has always been that he may be overwhelmed by the corporatocracy here in USA. There are many level;s of the corruption and you are focused on just one. They are all important.

      5. Damned is the man who puts his faith in another man. Trump is another one world lackey, he is more dangerous than Obama. He was placed there to hurt us not help us. Obama was the antithesis and then steps in Trump. Coincidence? It’s all planned and America keeps getting taken. Will not end well for us.

        • Kate D.: People have told me they vote for no one and point out Bible to read not to place faith in people or man. If Trump doesn’t meet patriots expectations they will sit out the next election and realize America is without any hope (like Europe is already soon to be a Muslim EU). I say to others get house in order and “everything else in order too.”

        • More dangerous than Obama? Ha!! That’s some funny excrement right there…

      6. I am not a Trumper…. but he is better than any other
        choice we had.
        I cannot understand some of his appointments or
        why he leaves known Obumhole supporters in office
        to do more dirty work and to protect the swamp life.
        Maybe he needs them to expose the deeply embeded tyrants….
        who knows?
        I will trust Pres. Trump until he gives me reason
        not to support him.

        He is playing “truth or dare” with the drug infested Swampers,

        As long as he is working for the law-abiding, Constitutional
        supporting,public and puts our legal citizens and countries
        saftey, sanity, and security first….then
        I will back him up …he will be my guy.

        • Kay123, He has made some serious mistakes mainly because he was not a professional politico for decades. And the political environment would NOT let him fire those needed to be fired, YET , the key word being yet !

          At this juncture Trump is our only hope of any resemblance of a lawful society and any liberties at all. He is the king pin, just as Sessions and Rosenstein are is the exact opposite !

          •, I believe Trump is our ONLY chance for PEACEFUL change. If anything happens to Trump, all bets are off.

          • DTET, Washington’s Farwell Address is arguably the greatest address ever made on American soil. I suggest you read it. And then reread the Declaration of Independence.

      7. Sheldon Adelson pulls the strings. Impeach Adelson. That would be doing something.


      8. I said Trump was a snake oil salesman during the primaries and election and I still do (even though I voted for him over Hillary). He’s kept just enough of his promises to keep the adoring fans adoring. He still hasn’t kept many other promises (draining the swamp, putting Hillary in jail, getting out of Afghanistan/Syria, etc.). I’ll continue to look at him with an open and critical mind and criticize him when due and congratulate him when due.

        • Old Sailor: Syria and Afgan. are utter failures like Viet Nam and Iraq. All are money pits accomplishing nada.

        • Old Sailor and how many of those promises have been deliberately squashed by the opposition and DSA ?

          You are judging quite wrongly with a pea brain attitude. Would the wall be up if it were up to him completely which it is not ? Congress and the RINOs have blocked him at every turn and done everything in their power to undermine him from day one ! If you cannot see that you are not looking !

          And please name me the perfect guy ? I can name you many criminals Trump has exposed !

          • Have any of those criminals been prosecuted? Wake me when that happens. If it does not happen then there is no rule of law and the final take over of this country by the socialist progressives is complete. It’s GONE…

      9. As usual, people hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe, almost never bothering to investigate it to see if it’s true.

        • Anonymous, now that is accurate ! Americans are very slow to grasp much of anything. The more important the matter the slower they are. And there is a very simple reason for that phenom.

      10. It’ll take another revolution to straighten out the mess we are in. Heads and institutions will have to go to bring back what the framers created. It may be a financial crisis, war or catastrophic event of some sort to get it going. The canary is singing…

        • Agree

        • Can I hear an Amen! to what Jim wrote? Have we not written enough letters to King George?

          Hint to keyboard warriors: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism….”

      11. Old Sailor, the last part of your comment is the way all politicians should be viewed. They must be looked at with an open and critical mind and criticized when due and congratulated when due, that’s what separates us from the sheeple. But when I read other comments, it’s like Trump is dammed if he does and dammed if he don’t, he’s a total polar opposite from Obama and still he gets called a swamp creature or globalist. He has accomplished more than could be expected considering being under continuous attack my the Deep State and the Media, and resistance by his own party. For a minute it seemed that Kay123 was the lone supporter of Trump, one thing that separates Republicans from Democrats is that Democrats stick by their people and Republicans are always looking for a reason to throw their own under the bus, such as what happened in Missourah. Trekker Out.

      12. Seems to ave moved on, to the bigger dealmaking of world peace.

      13. A great objective article on Trump for once. Most analyses are either too pro or too anti Trump. This one just explains things as they really are.

        • Agreed…

      14. Just go over to Blackstone Intelligence to get the scoop. Great presentations on that site.

        Trump is owned by the bankers, mainly the Rothschild family that bailed him out in the 80’s.

        Watch the videos. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        The truth will set you free ..

        Love of money is the root of all evil.

      15. Such propaganda. Utter BS complete with the “if you disagree with me” cultish by-line. Can you not see the manipulation right in front of you? It’s DESIGNED to ALLOW you ONE conclusion. By now everyone should see this for what it is but I guess not.

      16. Trump underestimated the swamp and overestimated the power of the Presidency. He is doing better that I thought he would. The opposition party usually picks up congressmen in the midterm elections. Hope not!

      17. Here is my message: do not underestimate Mr. Trump. He’s a strategist. A very good one at that. If he permits certain perceptions of him to prevail, it is part of his strategy.

      18. Trump has been building high rises for years? He must know about building 7 ?

      19. Trump is the war president. He exists to prepare America and the West for the coming war against China. That’s his job. He has methodically put the pieces together and you can see it coming together if you pay attention. He now has a War Cabinet in place, he has generals and admirals in the White House, he has boosted funds to the military industrial complex and he is re-arming the military. He is using tariffs to block foreign benefit of the re-armament process and make sure the US economy benefits.

        He has slowly cut off Europe from US information and knowledge to protect strategic advantage. He has begun arresting corrupt Chinese in the US and dismantaling their networks.

        He has flipped North Korea out from China, which is a major move. He is working on Russia and getting them to side with the US.

        World War Three will be against China and we are seeing the sides line up. It is still unclear where India will line up, where Russia will line up, where Europe will line up, where Canada will line up. These are the tensions we see play out in the media.

        • Well put together Frank!

      20. Good points Brandon. Perhaps maybe though it takes fire to fight fire?

      21. Here’s another view in response to this article… granted it’s use.

        INTRODUCTION: Get a grip on reality, hold tightly to it, and let all other forms of mental intrusion fall into the ditch of disinformation. Today I am quoting an entire article of what I call “rat poison” disinformation. It appears to be logical and worth knowing. It is not, because it lacks the most significant information on the planet concerning the U.S. Presidency. Review the facts about Operation Mockingbird, which was designed to totally dis-inform all Americans. The article posted below is an example of RAT POISON information because like rat poison, it is 98 percent healthy cornmeal (truth), but it is laced with 2 percent Arsenic (poison). It is deadly.
        QUOTE: We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)
        FIRST: The most important information that Americans must know is that in 2012 a small group of Patriots came together, drafted the Nation/State Project, worked with White Hats (not the “white helmets”) in the U.S. military, and removed the U.S. Corporation, Inc. from claiming sovereign control via the Hague. I have copies of the documents. I have a copy of the Chain of Custody for the “28 pound box” of paperwork as it went through The Hague and was implemented. It is real.

        SECOND: With the national sovereignty in place, the joint effort between the reinstated State governments and the Military became legal. The Hague notified the Military, who asked for Certified-and-True copies of the completed paperwork. Thereby, it cemented the newly formed sovereign nation called the United States of America. The Citizen patriots requested assistance from the Military to oust the hostile hidden U.S. Corporation from our country. By law, the Military must go through the U.S. Marshall offices, which inform the Law Enforcement and guide its behavior.

        THIRD: President Trump was asked to run, because he was military trained, a billionaire, and could fund his own campaign; thereby, circumventing the Chairmen of the political parties that sabotage all Primary candidates who are not Establishment connected. Three generals went to Trump, per the request by the Patriots, to get his help. That action is completed and it is history. The Plan worked.

        FOURTH: Our nation is following Process and Procedure to reestablish the three branches of government, to oust traitors, to purge those who commit Treason, and to round up the most egregious pedophile group ever found on earth.

        FIFTH: Why is Trump surrounded by men who have been in Washington for a long time? He is following the Sun Tzu military strategies. For example: Keep your enemies closer than your friends. The Marines are under control of the President, and their intelligence operations are hearing and watching everything and everyone. These people either change and repent, or put themselves into jeopardy with real evidence. It is the legal evidence that has to be secured by this administration before charges can be made. The Public has no idea about the definition of “legal evidence”, and remains ignorant.
        Reference: Sun Tzu quotes –

        SIXTH: Trump is certainly NOT LIKE other Presidents we have had. He is outside of the Establishment, which is obvious by the way liberals hate him. From George Washington to Obama, our Presidents have been controlled from under the political table. Today our nation is controlled by real Americans.

        SEVENTH: Read the following article. Do not accept the “liberal Logic” offered to you by the author, albeit, he might be a “nice man”. He is either not fully informed, or he is trying to bend your opinion of President Trump to embrace “doubt and unbelief”. Do not go there.

      22. I agree. Don’t underestimate Trump. He is far from being naive or stupid. Perhaps he has to move slowly on certain individuals, or, give them enough rope to hang themselves. Yes, he is human, and made mistakes. I voted for him as President and pray he gets another 4 years in office.

        • My sentiments exactly.

      23. ALL American presidents are descendants of King John 1st (John Lackland), and all Presidents are related to one another. Thus the idea that anyone can grow up to be President is merely a myth.
        Martin Van Buren was the only exception to that rule.

        Presidents are not elected by the people, they are APPOINTED.
        That we “elect” our Presidents is an illusion.
        The same people (or their progeny) who gave you the Federal Reserve, are responsible for The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission.
        Other groups such as the Bilderbergs, the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, the United Nations, and numerous “charitable” foundations (such as the Rockefeller Foundation), use their prodigious wealth and power to fund people/programs that are designed to destroy public morality, belief in God, and patriotism, to promote globalism, and to enshrine mediocrity and perversion.
        Homosexual billionaire Peter Thiel, was a keynote speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Peter Thiel is also a member of the Bilderberg group.

        The alleged feud between Republican Donald Trump and the Democratic Party is an illusion.
        No matter who gets into office, Republican or Democrat, the agenda to enslave the masses continues behind the scenes.

        • No Trump was elected. He received enough votes that the electorial college had to vote for him. Folks turning out to vote is why he is President. If folks had not voted we would have Hellery.

      24. Trump was a better choice than Hellery. But the president & congress are not in charge. Its the military that’s really in charge. The NWO folks may have influence in the USA military. But they don’t control it. The military allowed Trump to back out of the obummer paris climate deal. They allowed him to cut funding to the UN. The most reciently let him cancel the Iran nuke deal. Yep loose cannon Trump is much better than the last half dozen presidents even when under the thumb of the military. He Has the Know how to make a Deal. Certianly he is a shitty snake. But he is our shitty snake. Like when you go to court and your adversary has a no morals vile Lawyer. You need your Lawyer to be a worse vile desipicable crook in order to prevail.

      25. JD….is right.
        I swore I would quit voting when Bush 2 got
        re-elected. He betrayed us in so many ways.
        Then watched the then, Illinois governor
        Obumhole go to Africa and illegally interfere
        with their election. He did everthing he could
        to get the Sharia loving muslim Obonga
        elected. When he ran for president… I was
        shocked that this would be allowed.

        Everyone who knew him, convieniently died. All of his
        records for anything and everything were sealed by
        a woman he put on the supreme court immediately
        upon his Presidential election.
        He was and still is…a snake in the grass.
        He spent 8 years putting his communist forces in
        place to insulate himself from the legal forces.

        Every nasty blow he gave the American people,
        his “Communist press” said give us more!!
        While he hid behind his whipping boys, he
        encouraged the inflow of illegals, the desruction
        of our Constitution and our country, while he
        prepared for, a muslim overthrow and takeover.
        He and his hate filled muslims friends were long
        awaiting their chance to destroy our Christian,
        Constitutional, and Freedom loving culture.

        He hasn’t yet given up on his appointed task. He is still

      26. I think many folks are denialist. They still think some how the republic will be restored. They think there is a viable political or ballot box solution. Still others think a revolution or reset would be the cure. I think Trump Knows that America is in decline. and I also think there is more than one group of Elete. Trump has allied with the military Elete. He has military folks in his cabinet. SHTF is going to occur. The fact is SHTF is unavoidable. We should know this fact. Trump Knows this fact. And He wants the military to be the dominate force when the collapse happens. I think he has a plan. And his plan runs counter to the Dem Lib NWO crowd. Just think who could withstand the continual attack’s he has endured. Im kinda thinking its bordering on divine intervention. That Trump became president. Who else has a thick enough skin and a large enough Ego? Time will tell about Trump I believe Is the best that could be mustered out of all the possible choices. Tell me who would be better? Of course Trump is part of a Dog and Pony Show. But he is the military’s Ringmaster. We can thank God that the Dem’s next choice bombed during the Democrat response to the state of the union. Drooling Joe Kennedy will never be president LOL. Brandon as usual is full of it.

      27. Reminds me of several people who have verbally agreed to anything I said, no matter what (yippee, hooray, sweet deal) then, did whatever, whenever, in real life.

        In this case, there are never any deadlines with legal consequences. I would like the parties make those campaign promises into a formal, binding contract.

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