New Cold War Lines Are Being Fortified: There Are Interests Behind The Throne That Are Not Controlled By The Trump Administration

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    For those of you who have completely fallen in line with the thought that President Trump is the panacea to all our problems, it’s advisable that you rethink that stance.  Firstly, there are interests behind the throne that are neither controlled by nor parallel to the interests of the administration.  Secondly, the “transition period” is not over.  It is far from over, and the lines that are developing…both of intra and inter-party dissension domestically…and the “Second Cold War” lines throughout the world…have materialized.  They are beginning to solidify, and they are becoming fortified.

    Yes, it was mentioned last year that the U.S. was sending troops to Poland and the Baltic States as a “show of support and encouragement.”  It was mentioned last year, but it is happening now.  A battalion-sized element deployed to Poland this past week.  The slow but steady buildup begun with Obama is not being curtailed with this administration.  The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is too ensconced within our society and too powerful to sweep under the rug.  We already have emplaced missile defense units and equipment in Romania.  Last week Montenegro was officially “welcomed” into NATO and the EU.  More troop deployments to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Norway are continuing.

    It appears Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Mattis are at the forefront of foreign policy, and the MIC-controlled Senators McCain and Graham have not yet relented on pushing for a war to commence in Ukraine.  Foreign policy should (with the first two individuals mentioned) not be delegated at this stage of the President’s term, as it is still in its infancy.  Regarding the latter two, they should be removed from their offices and charged with treason.   The U.S.-installed government in Kiev has been pushing the separatists in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine relentlessly, violating the Minsk accords of 2014 ceaselessly.

    The intent is to put so much pressure on the Eastern Ukrainians of Russian ethnic derivation that Russia will feel compelled to act on their “behalf.”  Such a response by Russia will ensure the U.S. throws its hat into the ring.  This plays right into the hands of McCain, Graham, and others of their ilk who wish war with Russia, who has in no uncertain terms declared that war will arise if one bullet is shipped to Ukraine.  More than that is on its way, as at the end of 2016 Congress approved an “aid package” to Ukraine of weapons and munitions.

    Last week Russia took some key actions, as well.  Russia signed an agreement with South Ossetia, the breakaway (self-declared) republic from Georgia that Russia has held as a “protected territory” since the 2008 war between Georgia and Russia.  The agreement provides that South Ossetia’s military is in alliance with, and is a part of the Russian military.

    Here’s the “kicker”: South Ossetia will vote this month whether to officially become a subject of Russia.

    That ought to “go over” well with Georgia.  In the meantime, you are well aware of the missile tests, threats, and posturing by North Korea, and the U.S. moving assets into the area to “counter the threat.”  The latter is viewed as an encroachment by China and Russia.  To make matters worse, Senator McCain has been publicly insulting Kim Jung-Un.  One would think that McCain has done enough damage already and should be prevented from doing any more.  Because of Obama, our relations with the Philippines are a shambles, and China’s strength in the region has been increasing.

    The Middle East was Obama’s “piñata party” for the past six years, and the countries (such as Egypt and Libya, among others) are smashed, with detritus strewn all over their backyards.  The withdrawal from Iraq was premature, we’re in a stalemate in Afghanistan, and there is no clear direction for Syria, Yemen, or any of the other countries in the region.

    Domestically the President just lost a major fight over Obamacare.  It would appear Obamacare will not vanish as readily as everyone thought that it would.  This is due to the bought-off members of the Republican party in Congress who have kept Obamacare in play.  Everyone was so excited with the election!  Yay!  We have a supermajority in Congress!  Yay!

    Nothing has changed: we have nothing in Congress, except a pack of misrepresentatives who represent only their own interests, and not the will of their constituents.

    Even the President’s executive order (designed to keep Arab terrorists from entering the U.S.) has been shot down by the Obama-appointed judges in the courts.  They’re fighting the creation of the border wall/fence.  As time passes, the fickle populace begins to turn their back on the President.  Their attention spans are less than the gnat’s, and the clock is ticking.  It is hard to determine who is doing more damage to the President’s standing: The Democrats or the Republicans.

    The clock is ticking.  That mid-term election campaigning will begin in the fall, and the President needs to tighten the screws on things happening in the United States and abroad, or he will be viewed by Americans and foreigners alike as someone who is ineffective.  The first two months have been extremely rough, and his opposition is not letting up one bit.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. “It would appear Obamacare will not vanish as readily as everyone thought that it would.”

        Obola Care IS dead.

        The mandatory participation clause has been revoked by EO, allowing health care recipients to seek their own voluntary health care plan. Health Insurance companies will develop programs for these people as they did in the past; this time across state lines.

        Health Care Insurance Providers are already leaving the Obola Care program.

        The loss of healthy customers from Obola Care will cause the system to implode as premiums soar and subsidies from the healthy disappear. The poor (who have expanded Medicare in many states) will exit as well, unable to pay the sky-high premiums of Obola Care.

        The Republican Plan is to allow OC to implode, preparing the country for a program of their own. What that Plan is, remains to be seen. Ryan Care was designed to fit the BUDGET.

        RINO CARE is not happening. 🙂

        • All of these fake votes to end Obama Care is a sham. Its a dog and pony show to make Americans think the politicians are trying to help Americans. Its a big Fraud. Why would they end the plunder when they are being fed on the Medical Insurance pig trough. The drug companies pay for the political hacks campaigns, so they can keep voting to keep up the plunder.

          When the shooting begins, and lead starts flying, that’s when they will rethink their votes otherwise business as usual illusion as if they care.

        • DK, agreed. Obolacare was designed to do only 2 things: TO RUIN OUR HEALTH-CARE INDUSTRY AND ELIMINATE OUR PRIVATE INSURANCE MARKET. It’s already done that to a large degree. Insurance companies have pulled out of the exchanges and not been penalized. Doctors and hospitals have turned away Obolacare patients and not been penalized. Obolacare was never designed to work in the first place. The original goal was to bring in ‘universal health care’ and Obolacare was just a stepping stone on the way. I never signed up for Obolacare and won’t sign up for RINO care either.

        • We do NOT want a replacement for Obolacare. No ‘repeal and replace’, just a complete repeal, only. Let the private sector take care of the replacement, keep government the fuck out of my healthcare.

          • Exactly!

        • “a pack of misrepresentatives”… I like what this guy called them, who wrote article at Paul Craig Roberts website… Oops! forgot! Will get back with you.

      2. “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself…almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.” H L Mencken

        Seems things have been out of hand for a long,long time.

        You can’t vote prosperity in and you can’t vote the deep state out.

        • It all depends on how you vote… LOL ? The rule of .308 will solve the next election ?

          • Ultrasonic voting, vote often and vote accurately

            • Place your votes carefully, one greentip at a time.

              • Holy Cow- 20% of Federal Inmates in US Prisons are of Aliens and Illegal Aliens (Non-Citizens).
                Atty General Jeff Sessions just changed all of this, because these Aliens regardless of legal status are now set to all be deported, emptying the prisons. Illegal Aliens are now FREAKING OUT BIGTIME!! The Program IHP – In Person hearings by a judge, will determine if they are to be deported.

                Check this article and Video out. BUH-BYE!!!

                ht tp://

        • Voting only works when the foundation laId is sound. When the foundation has crumbled, all of the voting in the world will get you nowhere. The ONLY solution to our problems is to fix the foundation. Jefferson made very clear what that entails. I’ll give you a hint: it has something to do with watering the Tree of LIberty.

          Time is up. Time to water that tree.

      3. I have stated it many times; all roads lead to war. Some meander, some are more direct, but they all go to the same place. This isn’t any war but real war, destructive war. Hubris and greed are the most likely motivators.

        Sorry for this expletive but under the circumstances its well deserved.

        Fucking Madness.

        • “Massive academic cover-up concealing a near-total collapse of ocean food chains … mass death to humans will follow”

          Good it will get rid of the ocean killing japs and Asians, karma is a beech!

          ht tp://

          • Do you drink COKE? Pass this article on to those who do.

            The Coca-Cola syrup formula trade secret is kept well-guarded, known only to a few. What is known is that Coke contains the equivalent of 15 teaspoons of sugar, and that it is easier and cheaper to purchase Coke in many third world countries than it is to get clean drinking water.

            What Coca-Cola does to your body

            All 15 teaspoons of sugar hit your system in the first 10 minutes of consuming a Coke. This alone is over 100 percent of the amount that should be consumed daily. The astounding sweetness would make anyone vomit, but the phosphoric acid keeps this from happening.

            In the first 20 minutes of drinking a Coke, blood sugar skyrockets and the liver begins to turn the huge amount of sugar into fat. Shortly after, blood pressure rises and the liver delivers more sugar into the bloodstream. Pleasure centers in the brain are stimulated in the same manner as when heroin is used.

            Within an hour, the body has a sugar crash.

            The carbonation in Coke irritates the stomach lining, and the body draws calcium from the blood to heal the irritation. The blood, low on calcium, pulls it from the bones to compensate. The phosphoric acid also reduces the calcium in bones.

            The caffeine in Coke causes insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, birth defects, anxiousness, breast lumps and has even been implicated in some forms of cancer.

            More Bad News for Coke: A study published in the journal Respirology states that drinking soft drinks is associated with breathing and lung disorders, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

            In another startling study, researchers followed the food habits of 42,000 Swedish men over 12 years and found that those who drank at least two sweetened beverages a day had a 23 percent higher risk of going into heart failure.

            Read the entire article here:

            Its all by design folks, the crap on the Grocery store shelves called food is just as deadly as RAT Poison. They want you to die early so you will never be able to claim your Social Security Benefits.

            • Thanks, Apollo! I sent the information to loved ones… Yep! They are trying to eliminate us!

      4. But this is one of the risks we carry being a republic, and it’s still preferable to a dictatorship.

        • An illusionary republic is a de-facto dictatorship just with more paperwork.

          The US Military is used without approval in Libya flying air cover for Islamic Fundamentalists unknowingly doing the bidding of internationalist bankers. We ostensibly go to war for WMD that does exist, once again for the internationalist bankers. Both of these was to preserve the “Oil Peg” the replacement of the Bretton Woods gold standard. Does a functioning Republic fund ISIS in Syria for, drum roll please, internationalist bankers? Does a functioning republic thwart an accounting of its gold reserves? Do they sub contract the creation and value of money to internationalist bankers with the creation of the Federal Reserve?

          In substance we operate a lot closer to that dictatorship than a Constitutional Republic.

          • Kev2- Yep!! Been like this since WW1

            • 1913-Federal Reserve Act, 1914-WW1. The Bank of International Settlements was instituted for control of war reparations following WW2. That purpose being long over it proves that all wars since are indeed banker wars and I think that Napoleon would agree that his Waterloo holds true for us all. The jailed Icelandic bankers are now suing for violation of their human rights. It proves that the only solutions to this are final ones. Their red shield hides the green but its golden border tells the tale. Central banks and their agent MIC are the real enemy, there are no others. The eastern World’s move to sound money will assure that they will prevail by undermining a fundamental we seem to deny. That debt based fiat currency is unconstitutional seems to be of little point to us now. But the next total war may be fought with weapons but it will be won with gold. The reason is hidden in our Constitution as the definition of the currency to be used in this Republic. Our problem is why it is not. Now that the central bank ruse is up on a global scale maybe now would be the time for reassessment. Audit the triumvirate, the FED, national gold reserves and most importantly audit the Pentagon as the law already calls for but they refuse to comply. One final correlation presently being debated as to being a myth is 10 Sep 2001 Rumsfeld announces the Pentagon cannot account for 2.3 trillion dollars and on 11 Sep 2001 the coup was initiated. The unaccounted for lost Pentagon funds now stands at 10 trillion dollars and that is no myth. Up in smoke, the legacy of a lost empire.

            • If you want your mind blown, go watch the Three Stooges’ episode, “You Nazty Spy!”. It was released in 1940. In 1940, we were ASSURED by the U.S. Government that we would NEVER get involved in the war that was starting in Europe. Watch that episode, and see who is REALLY behind the wars, and be amazed that something so obvious was presented so matter-of-factly in NINETEEN FORTY!! Yet, today, 99% of the American people are so completely brain-dead, that they cannot understand where war comes from. So, even though we have had one of the top Army Generals from WWI, Smedley Butler, write a manifesto called (I’m paraphrasing) War Is A Racket, explaining that ALL wars are created by banksters in order to make more money, the American people are still sound asleep, as they watch sit-coms and sports every day, while Rome burns to the ground. Circus Maximus, all day, every day.

              Another mind-blower is an episode from the Twilight Zone, called The Invaders, demonstrating the existence of the secret U.S. Space program. That was 1960.

          • Which country would you prefer to live in?

            And why?

      5. Apparently the hiding ex-marine did not notice that fake Obamascare repeal was just a different version, a wolf in sheep’s clothing – Obamascare “light” – and the brave radical right who fought it off are heroes.


        • What a perfect false flag that would be to have the commy bassturd assasinated while on American soil,,,,

      7. Zionist Occupied Government.

      8. And here we thought growing up that the Vietnam War was pure evil. Hell no we won’t go! Now war is none of our business. Americans as a whole are slow.

        • isn’t that the truth. I noticed yesterday the military will no longer disclose troop deployments. Also trump has given the drone killing project over to the cia, so yea military dictatorship

          • Ring of fire about to start. MSM will act shocked. CNN will show Andy Cooper standing on
            a hotel balcony wearing a Kevlar. Lester Holt will be in some underground shelter with
            refugees. Churches will be telling us to adopt Korean orphans. All the pundits will be out
            en masse drumming up support for the mili-complex. McCain will be on every Sunday
            morning talk show ad nauseam. More than usual.

      9. I tend to agree with the author that the MIC is now and has been for decades outside control of not only we the people, but our leaders as well.

        Considering the missions and seemingly nonsensible engagement, the safe bet is that our military has been wholly co-opted and acts as the enforcement arm for, of, and by the Globalist Powers.

        • A team Obama operation…

          Susan Rice ORDERED Spy Agencies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ Involving Trump

          “Former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered U.S. spy agencies to produce “detailed spreadsheets” of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president, according to former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.

          “What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals,” diGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group Monday.

          “The overheard conversations involved no illegal activity by anybody of the Trump associates, or anyone they were speaking with,” diGenova said. “In short, the only apparent illegal activity was the unmasking of the people in the calls.”

          Other knowledgeable official sources with direct knowledge and who requested anonymity confirmed to The DCNF diGenova’s description of surveillance reports Rice ordered one year before the 2016 presidential election.”

          “Also on Monday, Fox News and Bloomberg News, citing multiple sources reported that Rice had requested the intelligence information that was produced in a highly organized operation.

          Fox said the unmasked names of Trump aides were given to officials at the National Security Council (NSC), the Department of Defense, James Clapper, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director.”

          She lied (again)…
          FLASHBACK: Susan Rice Said ‘I Know Nothing’ About Unmasking of Trump Officials
          “The revelation contradicts Rice’s past comments on March 22, when she claimed she knew “nothing” about the intelligence reports.”

          “As the Obama administration left office, it also approved new rules that gave the NSA much broader powers by relaxing the rules about sharing intercepted personal communications and the ability to share those with 16 other intelligence agencies.”

      10. All wars are Bankers wars.


        • The fastest way to plunder a Nations Treasury is through perpetal War, bankrolled by massive bankster loans that can never be repaid. The IRS is actually run by Brittan to Tax Americans for the war debts incurred under King George, that somehow just never seem to be enough repayment.

          Its pretty silly to Tax Americans when the Government can print as much money as they want to fund the wars. Taxation is a hidden way to keep Americans broke and helpless, unable to fight back as they are too busy trying to keep their heads above water. And if you accumulate any kind of wealth like land, then fail to pay taxes the Government will take that too. We are all perpetual indentured debt slaves, generation after generation. Sad but very true. The only thing we have left of any sort of Freedom is the ability for Gun ownership. That’s why the PTB are working overtime to end the 2nd Amendment. Once that is gone, we are pure slaves.

          The Biggest lie, is when the Government Propaganda Machine says BS like “the Military is keeping us safe and protecting our freedoms.” And dopes who believe that crock of dung are morons.

      11. I told you guys, what Johnson is saying if true. Nothing has changed, its just been rebranded under Trump to look good, keep us relaxed, so that when all shit bust loose, they can declare martial law and bring in the new world order. Tryrany rebranded. I Knew this whole election was just a bullshit PR stunt to get us to relax, and a lot of people stopped prepping. My prepping has increased like many other on this site. Once the cabal finds out for certain that we have not fallen for the new leader which just like the previous leader, then they are going to cull us, and start the war. Look at when the early elections start, in October. Look at the date and look at the date I am being told, and I was told that by the time October 2017 rolls around, Trump will be caught in this lie. A lot of people have lost homes, cars, etc. They are not going to ever recover from this. The damage is done, they have suffered a lot, and I was one of them, living in the streets for 2 1/2 years almost 3 years, my credit is damaged, then IRS started to raid my account, taking money out, garnishing my wages and earnings, etc. who will give me back what I have lost. Who Donald Trump, BULLSHIT, NOT HAPPENING. I only got out of the jam because I took other competitors customers, and am good at what I do. But I am one of the fortunate ones. What about the people like me who died, who did not make it, who are still homeless. Government cannot bullshit the way of joblessness. The manufacturing will take 35 years to come back. Where are the people going to work. Every year millions of students graduate for universities, then one semester, another million, then another million, then its in the millions every year. Where are they gong to work? This is why I know that they are going to kill us in mass, because the numbers don’t match up, the jobs are slave labor bullshit jobs, we are really in deep shit. I don’t listen to spicer, not do I listen to Trump speeches anymore. Instead I listen to, and many others who have real facts. THE UNITED STATES HAS NOT HAD A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT SINCE THOMAS JEFFERSON. We are being lied to.


        • Drain the swamp sounds like hope and change. Americans will believe any damn thing.
          Pour gravy over shit and they lap it up. Gives me no pleasure to say that about our country.

        • Old Tommy Jefferson had some fun with the wenches. He knew how to entertain himself
          around the homestead. The pioneer of jungle feva.

        • HCKS< I've also become disillusioned over Trump. My prepping is still continuing also. let the f#$%ers start a war; we'll damn sure finish it. I don't think Trump will make it 4 years now. It's warming up now and the libturds will really be stirring up the pot now. Going to be a long hot summer. that's when I expect everything to go south.

        • The manufacturing jobs are not coming back, Katy… its all over. EVERYTHING is going to change… everything.

      12. The swamp has been filling inexorably for arguably the past 60 years and is deeply entrnched. The fringe outliers in Congress who have not capitulated to the Globalist Overlords are the only real support Trump has–support by the people means nothing and is twisted and augmented by the same occult powerbrokers who have usurped our birthright.

        Until the head of the snake is severed, all will be as it always was.

        Now, where’d I put that machete?

      13. April 3rd at SHTF: 1) Bursting financial bubble. 2) Nuke plant dangers. 3) War.
        On a Monday.

        • And gold heading higher.

      14. So what did you do today to Prep?

        I hardened one of my corner fences and put up about another 30 Feet of barbed wire fence in the water in the corner, so intruders can’t just walk around the last fence post up to the lake then on to my property. Now, once around the corner they would have to walk in the water for another 30 ft where the gators lurk to get around that obstacle, then they hit some dense waterline brush. All of this just slows them down. I also have motion detectors set up on my side of the fence so anyone approaches within 30 feet of the 350 ft of fence line from the outside, the detectors go off. Each detector has its own signal, so I know what location it is. The water level in down right now, due to lack of rain, so this is a great time to put this in place. I also put on some knee high water boots, and dredged the canal shoreline, on the other side of the property of sticks and debris, so when I fish it will lessen any snags. I am also planning on going over to the other side of the canal and cut and clear all the greenery up to about 8 ft tall for 50 yards in, so I have clear shooting for this fall deer season. They are on the other side snooting and stomping their front feet all the time. My property peninsula backs up to miles of swamp preserve on the other side, and ducks are hanging out there. Its pretty dry over there right now, since the water level is down, so gonna get er’ done ASAP while I have the chance. I will have about 50 yrds of clear view of the other side of the canal for bow hunting. The dense trees canopy above to the canal, will still keep the cover from above, nicely hidden. I am just clearing the underbrush for shooting lanes at eye level. Its gonna be bad-ass when I get this done. Everyday, get something done. Also checked the water levels in the solar batteries. All good, and the turkeys are stating to come in again. Spring hunt is on until the middle 20th of April. Get your metal trash bins of cracked corn and start laying it out, to attract all wild life. 16 squirrels within 20 yards of yards cottage door yesterday. That’s the backup protein food plot. Was 89 degs here in FL today. Summer is here. 92 degs this Wed. Don’t have to worry about freezing to death here. Location, location for a BOL.

        • Well let’s see. I got me some more sugar and canned goods. Got a bunch of batteries for the night vision and red dot. Sold some solar panels. Aired up all the vehicle tires. Got some more towels. Got a couple more stainless pots. Got a bunch of extra reading glasses. Got 10 sheets of 1 inch plywood and 18 4×4 posts (free from work). Got 2 boxes of screws and brackets (also free). Installed some microinverters (also free). Rounded up 2 off grid solar jobs for the summer. Ok so that was in the span of a week but I have a full plate of shit to do this summer.

        • Prepared a very nice apron pattern to cover my dress.

          This may sound like a strange prep, but…

          Aprons were the mainstay of clothing in the 1800s. It was much easier to wash an apron than all those layers of clothes.

          I expect to use much less water and less home made soap by wearing an apron.

          Think about it ladies. Even the blacksmith and the news print man wore aprons and arm coverings.

      15. Betwen the CIA, MIC, we don’t stand a chance! Ask JFK!!
        They will get their war.

      16. Everyone


        keep prepping

        do not let up for 1 nano second

        we have no idea what can happen at any given moment

        just saying FYI.

      17. Interests behind the throne? Are they paying protesters this time to yell Crusify Him? Rev. 2:9 ,,3:9 Mathew 8:44 The tribulation . Tri. Means 3, as in world war 3 Will come . The Tares will burn. And the smart virgins will see the new and better world. Mathew 25.

      18. Well, I’ve tried twice to post comments… and no luck.

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