The Chart That Will Crash The Market: “We Have Reached the Terminus”

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Headline News | 435 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The screeching coming from CNBS and elsewhere this morning is amusing.

    There’s only one chart that matters, and it will, when recognized, blow up the stock market — sending it down 50% or more.

    It’s this one:

    Employment Rate of the US Population

    That’s it.  And the ADP report this morning is showing the pathway to recognition, as construction has stalled and the destruction of job creation in small and mid-sized businesses exposed to Obamacare will finish it off.

    I continue to maintain that we’re in a time very similar to 2007, when the facts were on the table.  Banks paying dividends with money they didn’t have.  Hedge funds that blow.  Bubbles in crazy places, then housing, this time in subprime car lending, student loans and even Bitcon.

    The transports are telling you that all is not well.  CAT is confirming it.  Copper is warning that we’re in deep trouble internationally, and irrespective of the claim that “America benefits from everyone else’s pain” that’s only partially true — in the end earnings are what drive stock prices, and the red flags are waving at warp speed on earnings.

    To go along with this are rail car loadings.  The trouble here is that baseline is in a serious downtrend — and after halting its decline from 2008 to 2009 over the last year it has slid severely once more.  There will be those who argue that this is “no big deal”; I disagree.

    At the end of the day the premise behind the Fed’s intervention in the market is that “cheap money” promotes hiring through an indirect process.  But inherent in that process is a belief that the economic model from 1980 to 2007 can be restarted — a model predicated on ever-larger amounts of leverage in the economy.  That model had positive feedback that came from the bond market rally from 1980 to 2008 as well with yield compression helping to fuel the fire.

    More than five years into this experiment the results are clear: It doesn’t work.

    I believe that by the time we get to the end of the year we will be looking back at these signs and asking “what the hell was I thinking?”

    Credit expansion is not going to restart because it can’t — we have reached the terminus of that economic model, like it or not.

    Reprinted with permission from Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker


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      1. Jimmy Falon will be the new Tonight Show host. That counts for something, right? These are the important issues, right?

        • Does anyone know what color shoes Kim Kardashian is wearing today?

          • I hear you Leslie Anne. Actually, I’m more concerned with the several recent shootings of law enforcement officers and DAs.
            Today I found another one.


            It seems to me that TPTB realize that we enjoy the support of a large block of law enforcement officers in regards to the second amendment fight. That could easily change if LEOs keep getting shot in their cars, etc…

            If I was going to try to divide and conquer a strong group of patriots, I’d drive a wedge between LEOs and civilians with guns. Perhaps false flags are getting more subtle but still deadly. Just what I see.

            • sixpack, great point.

            • Nice find sixpack. I am also concerned with this North Korea crap that is going on. I’m worried Obamao and cronies will find a way use this to their advantage. False flag anyone?

          • Gonetolong and Leslie Anne: Do you guys know if either one is going to be on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon? And I’m so worried that Lindsey Lohan won’t complete her latest rehab. Oh well, better get some more ammo in the meantime.

          • Honey Boo Boo and her mama got fatter, Kim’s shoes don’t fit right, and everyone on Jersey Shore is now knocked up. The level of stupidity and uninformed people in this country have us doomed. I no longer have ANY faith that the good ‘ol USA will recover. When and how the collapse comes, remains to be seen, but when it does, it will be fast and brutal. It’s very sad to see what has become of our once great nation. Gov’t left unchecked for better than 90 years has given us what we have. Sad doesn’t even really sum it up.

            • The govt left unchecked? come on! the biggest banks and companies own our govt. What we are getting is our lazy lack of standing up as citizens and letting the corrupt rich rule

              • You never had a choice… and neither did we.

            • Starts with the federal reserve in 1913. Went downhill from there.

              • the civil war gave us the all powerful central gov’t. it gave us gov’t tyranny in the first class. it changed everything. that gets lost in the slavery argument. however i think that was the point.

          • who is looking at her feet?

          • Chrome.

        • GWB gutted the American economy encouraging 42,400 factories to off shore during his administration while he pursued wars of phony crony capitalism to benefit the Dual Citizens and the MIC at OUR expense.

          O’bummer has continued Bush Economics, allowing 15,000 factories to off shore during his first term. Now he is proposing to create ‘Navigators” to translate ObamaCare for the Illegals across the nation and proposes to train them and pay them $20 p/h. California wants 21,000 “Navigators”.

          Can you say Sequester? Can you say Budget Crisis? Can you say National Debt? ObummerCare will be a financial disaster for America before its ever implemented.

          Engage your employees or be made serfs and subjects for them.

          • GW Bush didn’t encourage US Jobs to leave the US. Bill Clinton codified the policy with his signature on the China Free Trade Agreement. All BW Bush needed to do was nothing and that’s just what he did. Clinton unlike Bush told his supporters he was against Free Trade. I heard him state it at a UAW “get Out The Vote” rally when he yelled, “NO NAFTA”.

            GW Bush told the public his actual position regarding Free Trade every time, all the time.

            • In the end, does it really make any difference who did what? As far as I’m concerned, they all take their marching orders from the same group of global elitist. They may each have their differences, but in the end, they report to the same folks. The end result of each administration is evidence of the reality of the situation we are in. Nothing is going to get better. The situation we are in as a nation has been planned for years. Americans tend to only look at the here and now, and the globalist look at their agenda and think decades ahead. War is always the dying last gasp of any dying nation, and we are there now. Watch for the distractions to go into hyper drive, as we approach this event. it is close.

              • Yes indeed. In the end if Bush didn’t agree with what Clinton did why would he not try to repeal it. The same can be said about Obama. If he doesn’t agree with what Bush did he can at least TRY! to undo it!

              • 37 people have no idea what is going on. Please oh please let me hang onto the idea of this dichotomy. Red Vs. Blue…it must be true! They can’t all be in on it. Durrr folks, time to buy a vowel and get a clue. God our country is full of idiotic sheep that have no real arguments; just emotion-based rhetoric. It’s sad. To the United States of Idiocracy! Here here!

                • I always judge it by past history. For example, if This means That, and That means This? Then what I think Now today Must be true. Otherwise why else would it be in my mind or thoughts?

                • Come on PDaddy… This is America, don’t ya know? TPTB allowed us to become “exceptional” therefore it must be true… right?

                  In America, I’m entitled to my “be-lie-fs” no matter how insane they may be.

                  Folks, we are doomed if we can’t rise above the duality complex these parasites have provided to keep us busy. Stop shooting the messengers. Awaken your consciousness. Stop jumping from one illusion to another illusion.

              • Actually it does make a difference because to deny Clintons massive role in the evisceration of the US Industrial Base leads one to believe this emanates from one political party when it actually emanates from neither the Republicans or Democrats but powers above them.

                I only mention Clinton when Bush is mentioned.

                It’s my version of “Fair and Balanced” reporting which has far more of both than the MSM.

            • So, your point is that Bush was a failure, or a coward? Which was he on 9/11?

              • A co conspirator.

                • DK is a racist and uses code words like dual-citizens to refer to jews since hes also a jew hater antisemite. Hopefully some day soon DK will join a Baptist church to learn how special and chozen those jewsih folks are.

                  • Puppy Prepper: I use the term “Dual Citizen” to accurately identify their political loyalties, not their ethnic classification.

                    It is the Jewish political class, masgaurading as loyal Americans who have embedded themselves into the Defense, Intelligence, Security, and State departments, who are hijacking American foreign policy to benefit Israel rather than the best interests of the United States.

                    Even that Leftest, Bill Mahr complains that Israel is running OUR foreign policy. get a clue.

              • Bush was part of the plan on 9/11. Anyone who has seen the evidencde and doesn’t think it was an inside job is a complete moron and probably also thinks there was a magic bullet that killed Kennedy.

                • What if one thinks that GWB was in on the planning of 9-11 and that a “magic bullet” did in fact kill Kennedy?

                  • Then you are retarded.

                • Anyone who believes in the blatantly fraudulent “evidence” of 9/11 troofer sites is a retard.

                • Bush was NOT part of the “911 Plan”. He was stunned to hear the news and did not know what to do, which is obvious to anyone looking at the video of when he got the news.

                  He was however the man who authorized the COVERUP, whitewashed the investigation, and sealed the records to hide the truth of the complicity of the Mossad from the American people.

                  Aiding and abetting the enemy is TREASON, makes him complicit, and if complicit, then a co-conspirator. You Bush lovers need to get a brain. That family is no better than Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; or the Three Amigos, McLame, Phil Graham, and the Senator from Jerusalem who has retired.

                  NWO members ALL.

              • He was neither. He was complicit. The Directed Energy Weapons that turned the steel components of the WTC towers to DUST BEFORE THEY EVER HIT THE GROUND could not be done by Arabs in caves.


                9-11 was the greatest gold heist of all time. The real question is, who received what is now valued at over 1 trillion dollars in gold that was stolen that day?

                • Media Mike hint for search to locate stolen gold. Begin search in Telaviv since Israel law reject’s all request’s or demand’s to allow for extridition of any of their own. It matters not which nation desires criminals to be handed over for prosecution. All demand’s for extriditions are refused by law if it is one of their own.

                  A perfect set up for steal it all, then emmigrate to Israel and remain free of prison and get to retain stolen loot/gold.

            • Oh come on. You all blame Obama because he is a liberal, democrat, or whatever. Bush is as responsible for destroying our economy as Obama is doing. Bush put us into so much debt. Than Obama continued is at a more accelerating scale and pace. There is right and wrong. The right is that both Bush and Obama f***ed up this economy. Bush did out source jobs:


              I don’t like neither parties. I am independent. But you all better stop choosing one president over the other.

              Don’t f***en kid yourselves. Bush screwed this country and destroyed the global economy and so did Obama. Grow up and stop politically defending your parties and defend what is right.

              I believe that if this were a republican president, more would defend his record. That’s the problem we have.

              • Didn’t you get the memo? USA NEEDS more illiterate landscapers.

              • BlaBla there are some pretty blind people here on this forum and they are republicans who think their sh!t don’t stink. You are 110% correct. Bush is as much to blame as Obama. Some people still think there are two parties and they have choice when in reality both parties lead to the slaughter house. Gave you a thumbs up my like minded friend.

                • President= NWO puppet. It’s a club hell they are all related too each other, in one way or another.Look up Bush’s family tree.

                  When the boot of government is on your neck it matters not weather it’s left or right.

                  • it has no branches

                • I agree that they (the politicians) are all to blame, but for the last 5 years it’s been the Republicans blocking any legislation that might help the average person. They are still the party of big business.

                  We all agree that companies that outsource jobs should not get tax credits. A Democratic senator (Byron Dorgan) kept trying to get a bill to the floor to stop that and the Republicans would never let it get to a vote.

                  • Republicans are the only reason you still enjoy some second amendment rights, they were the only ones standing up to the govt take over of health care, and they are the only ones that try to keep the tax burden reasonable to the steal it and give it away democrats.

                  • Yes. Which congressperson sneaks the Monsanto tumor into the budget… Blunt? Obama happily signs it.

                    Dems smile while they slide the knife into your back, allowing citizens to lose their ability to control their livelihoods. Worms.

                    Reps get up in your face about what you don’t deserve, but they’ll protect your right to shoot it out. Snakes.

                    The perfect political marriage for society’s destruction. I’m referring to the political animals, not citizens who feel strongly about one direction or another in this divisive mess.

                  • All part of the game. We have leftist on both sides of the isle. Need to route them all out.

                • you are so right. as long as Americans keep trying to fight among themselves, they are not looking at the real ones who are responsible for the mess we are in. If one looks back at recent history, both political parties have had the chance to effect change, but nothing ever really changes.
                  The defining moment for me, was when our representatives in congress passed the NDAA by a margin vote of roughly 93for-to 7 against. When does anything of that magnitude pass by that margin, that quick, with virtually no discussion?? Across both party lines, our useless reps voted lock step to remove our constitutional rights, AS THEY WERE TOLD TO DO!! So, if anyone thinks your vote on the national election front means anything, if you think your opinion matters, go back and look at what your rep did to your constitutional rights. They are gone, all in the name of safety. Wake up people. The deck is stacked against all American citizens. It’s going to get worse with each passing day. Some type of war will be the end result. Look for it. Plan for it. Good luck, you’ll need it.

                  • Yep, Howdy. Tough not to succomb to the doom and gloom; unfortunately, I’m in no way ready. Still living in the big city with plans in motion for my and the family’s extrication, but nowhere near “ready” for any of this. Clear about what needs to be done, but still flatfooted by any measure. BTW, the Patriot Act was it for me in terms of a “this isn’t Kansas anymore” understanding. That ‘grope-a-dope’ routine we’re put through at the airport is just too much. Sick way to treat people.

                  • Some type war. Yep ya got that right. I suspect it will be very similar to how it happened in Hatti, where My ancestors got equality rights and then used teir new status as equals to Vote. Once they voted in a majority of their own kind, they changed laws to allow the newly created equals the ability to first kill off the entire French Whites in Hatti, island wide, and then to loot all they could carry and burn down to ground whatever remained.

                    That is why My great grandparents came here to America. To escape the devestation and third world lifestyle in Hatti. I think America will see the same type events soon. Think any hatians will bring rescue supplie’s and food or medical necessities to the USA after all the help provided by American’s so many times to Hatti? Good luck!

              • OK, let’s say Bush was just as responsible. That is history, it doesn’t change the fact that Obama is steering us straight to Hell. Obama enablers always bring up Bush in order to distract from the fact that things need to be changed, NOW.

                • O-man is just continuing the same playbook that preceding presidents have been following for years. it’s all part of the plan. As long as you focus on the politics, you aren’t paying attention to the fact that they are just carrying out a plan that someone else has designed. Banksters rule the world, and control everything. As long as you keep looking at the political front, you aren’t watching the real crooks. It’s all part of the big game. Distraction is the name of the game, and war is the ultimate distraction , coming soon to a theater near you.

                  • By Chuck Baldwin
                    April 4, 2013

                    Is Christ King, Or Is Caesar King? Christian, Make Up Your Mind

                    With the Easter message fresh on my mind, I am again reminded of what the Jewish leaders said to Pilate when they tried to coerce him to crucify Jesus. They said, “We have no king but Caesar.” Remember, these were the Jewish Pharisees, scribes, elders, priests, and high priests. They prided themselves in being scholars of the Torah. They believed themselves to be the sole interpreters of the Mosaic Law. Yet, the very First Commandment of the Decalogue handed down to Moses is, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” But in order to stay in the good graces of the Roman government, they emphatically proclaimed that they recognized no king but Caesar.

                    Remember, Caesar insisted that everyone recognize him to be, not only king, but God. To be loyal to Rome, one had to acknowledge the deity of Caesar. One could worship any other god that one wanted to, as long as Caesar was acknowledged as Sovereign. Historians famously say that there were as many gods in Rome as people. Rome prided itself in being religiously pluralistic and tolerant. First Century Christians were not persecuted because they worshipped Jesus; they were persecuted because they refused to worship Caesar; they refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of Caesar. It was for this reason that early Christians were fed to lions and made sport of in the amphitheaters.

                    In their desire to use the Roman government to advance their own agenda (crucifying Christ and later His disciples and apostles), the Jewish leaders were quite willing to acknowledge the deity and sovereignty of Caesar–even though doing so was a blatant violation of the First Commandment given by Jehovah to Moses. Is it a little more than interesting that after conducting a secret, illegal trial of Jesus and blaspheming God in declaring Caesar king that they immediately afterward sat down to observe the Passover? No wonder Jesus called them “Hypocrites.”

                    “What does all of this have to do with modern America?” you ask. Everything!

                    Continue reading:

                  • Time for some thumbs down…

                    America was never what we were told it was. Just a giant excuse for creating the largest and most dangerous military complex the world has ever known. American exceptionalism was crafted to appeal to our egos, as if we each have some important part in this grand illusion.

                    The greatest weakness of humans is their inability to see larger pictures. This rise and fall scheme has been used on humans for tens of thousands of years, maybe longer.

                    They keep us occupied with politics, economics, religion and entertainment; with catch phrases, and the alphabet soup of agencies and policies. We grant them authority over nearly every aspect of our lives and then sit back and smugly criticize our captors as if we are the ones in control.

                    Our be-lie-fs, the ones they gave us, become our prison and our coping mechanism for pretending that we have at least part of this illusion figured out, and for maintaining some level of perceived sanity. We are too afraid to rise above it.

              • Biabla,
                You’re right, both parties are to blame for the mess we’re in. Dems are the welfare party. Repubs are the warfare party. Dems will vote for warfare if the Repubs will vote for the welfare. Everyone is happy, except the taxpayer, our children, and our grandchildren.

            • K2: While I respect your view in most things, the fact that you continue to defend GWB helps US all to understand how the sheeple can be deaf, dumb, and blind.

              His daddy was the architect of Free Trade and the transfer of the American manufacturing base to China. Bush Jr was just continuing in daddy’s footsteps.

              Like father, like son. You can see that in OUR comrade Dear Leader too. His mama was a pin cushion and party girl for the American Communist Party.

              Is it any wonder why he wants to take OUR guns and fundamentally change America? Its their DNA. The numbers are in on Free Trade and continue to compound.


              • Oh come on, DK! Bush was a compassionate conservative. He did wonderful things for USA.

                I’m still looking for the right-wing fanatics in the GWB administration and congress. I’ll let you know when I find them.

                • Bob: Your sarcasm betrays you. Look in Wyoming. Cheney the war criminal cannot leave the USA for fear of being arrested for indicted war crimes against humanity.

                  Something he and the old pope have in common.

                  • On, not one hijacker was from Iraq nor Afghanistan but 15 of the 19 were from Saudi Arabia. Under GWB watch the national debt went from $5 to $12 trillion dollars from congressional budget office to General Accounting Office. The same GWB told Al Gore during the presidential debate in 2000 on budgetary matters ” it’s fuzzy numbers.” GWB should never have been voted. I voted against him it was moral thing to do when he wasn’t as qualified as Dan Quayle how could’nt spelled ” potato.”

                  • Michael, you are retarded.

                  • Michael: All that you have posted is true. The people on this site, all who are above average in intelligence, are giving you thumbs down at a ratio of 3 to 1. These are people who profess to be AWARE, yet they blindly follow one of two political parties; both of which has been co-opted by the NWO.

                    Some of the brightest like K2 for example continue to deny the source of OUR financial dilema, which was rooted in the NWO plan for Free Trade pushed by GHWBush.

                    The Bush family is the leading political family of the NWO Globalists pushing financial serfdom upon the American people. Obama is just continuing those policies to the chagrin of his supporters while adding his own communist twist (O’Bummer Care).

                    How these otherwise intelligent people support these NWO jackals I’ll never know, but it explains how the lemmings are willing to march off the perverbial cliff.

                    Engage the NWO Globalists or be enslaved by them.

                  • I am just posting the facts. Cheney has been indicted by several courts outside of the United States. It is possible that he could be arrested if he left the country; which is why he recently cancelled a speaking engagement in Canada.

                    Engage the NWO or be enslaved by them.

              • Our politicians didn’t demand the foriegn outsourcing the consumer did.

                • The average consumer is so stupid, that they’ll buy everything at Wal-Mart, save 5%, then have all of their mom-pop business neighbors become unemployed and lose their houses.

                  No, it was the politicians who made foreign-based business more profitable than American-based business. It is domestic tax and regulations which helped move companies off-shore. Listen to interviews with Steve Jobs for instance. Then you’ll have FIRST HAND knowledge, since not one of you runs a multi-million dollar corporation and deals with the problems of hiding millions from the fed’s egregious tax grabs.

              • GH Bush was no architect of Free Trade but rather a high paid employee of those that were the architects. Unlike Clinton the Bush’s all said they were for it.

                Here are the events.

                1. Republicans propose Free Trade
                2. Media and labor go ballistic calling the Republicans a tool of Wall Street
                3. Democrats take a strong stand against “Free Trade”.
                4. Democrats win the election.
                5. The Democrats vote in “Free Trade”.
                6. TheMain Stream Media is silent
                7. Organized labor is silent.
                8. The masses blame the Republicans
                9. Industries close
                10. People loose their jobs.

                • It’s a page out of the “Good Cop Bad Cop” playbook.

            • It never ceases to amaze me to see how many people credit the President with anything but looking good.

              The truth is the man, no matter who he is, is nothing more than a “straight man” for the comedian Banksters and richest one percent.

              • So, does the low rating mean that the president dosen’t look good or, that he is not the “straight man” for the comedian Banksters and richest one percent? No one had the courage to reply. If it is the latter then man oh man we really are in trouble in this country.

                • I’d say it’s the latter. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating politicians’ power. Guys in secretive organizations with lots of money have all the influence on politics that money can buy–which is substantial, but doesn’t give them the politicians’ power to make the final decisions. No matter who’s lobbying them, it’s still the politicians who ultimately write, vote for, and sign the laws that wreck our country. Don’t let conspiracy theories distract you from the devils in plain sight.

                  • Admirable example of the “normalcy Bias” type of thinking. Typical of info controllers who would throw around the phrase “conspiracy theory” to denigrate an obvious fact to anyone who actually thinks instead of repeating the right or left political paradigm. Politicians, by the time they leave the local scene to the higher offices, are bought and paid for every step of the way. Be it through money, favor trading,vise or blackmail, they are no longer their own. Quite obvious to anyone who is looking at the steady loss of freedoms in this country and the thievery of the reward of our labor. And that, no matter who is in office. The steady institutionalizing of the control of the proletariat is indisputable.

            • And let’s not forget the Union’s collusion and involvement. If it wasn’t for their ridiculous wage/benefit demands, more businesses could have afforded to stay here rather than having to stay competitive by going where the cheap labor is.
              That’s not to say that big business isn’t at fault for their greed as well. When 19 of the top 20 corporations pay no effective income tax (they actually received refunds from the IRS) things are seriously upside down.

              • kittyhawk

                The lowest paid manufacturing in the US was the Textile Industry that was predominately non union and even the union factories paid $8 – $15 per hour. That was too much compensation so the industry fled to slave labor Asia.

                When 50 cent to $3 labor is available those jobs were going overseas. I’m glad they made a living when they could and I hope they saved.

          • NAFTA was implemented in the 90’s. The government new it would displace workers, the government had retraining programs in place for those that were the victims of NAFTA. First hand experience in 1997. There are no clean hands, both Republican and Democrat administrations are sleeping with the same devil.

            Now for the chart, if you look at it in the modern sense where up is down, two plus two is five, bad is good and good is bad then it’s obvious that the chart is upside down and we are in the best recovery ever. Employment has been relatively stabile for the past five years and now it can only go one of three directions, up down or sideways, so two out of three isn’t bad. Can you imagine just how much better the employment picture is going to look once the undocumented democrat voters are allowed to work above the table. It’s going to be all rainbows and unicorns.

            • I’m sick of hearing their “pathway to citizenship” BS. Almost no “undocumented immigrant” (gag!) has any interest in citizenship. They have the best of both worlds.

            • There sure was a lot of Chinese made shit for sale here in America during the Bush years. Just sayin’. I used to be a blind Repub. Not any more. Just dislike like the Obamabots even more.

            • Thank you for speaking the truth. When you find some rainbows or unicorns, let me know. I’m fresh out.

            • Holy smoke, I’m honored, I struck a nerve with truth and sarcasm, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the thumbs down, you have filled my ego more than a paid hooker. You’re great, the best, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

              • Let me repete

                Holy smoke, I’m honored, I struck a nerve with truth and sarcasm, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the thumbs down, you have filled my ego more than a paid hooker. You’re great, the best, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

          • Any “naviogators” who actually know wth they are doing . Helping people actually get the healthcare they need. Will of course be summarrily fired .

          • Isn’t it amazing how the truth always strikes a negative chord in the hearts of the majority of the homosheepians?

        • It might as well be… The BLS is a group of goons. Anything these regards graph need a plus or minus 25%!!!! With all of the illegals working in this country and more Americans working under the table to avoid taxation there would be no way of tracking the true number… Don’t forget, they also use the birth / death rate in many of their chartings. But that’s a whole other story in itself.

          As for your choice of viewing on the tv, I would prefer walking dead rerun than the tonight show. I’m sure you would agree ..
          Keep prepping folks.

        • Just keep in mind they’re bringing it all down on purpose (and with design)….just sayin’

      2. I many bunker doors sealing shut hear over the next 21 days. What fun.
        If you are not preped your screwed. Now who’s fault is that .

        • I hate this little keyboard.

          • Is this way of thinking real:”cheap money” promotes hiring through an indirect process ? Then by golly, fast food is real food indirectly.

            • That is another way of saying “trickle down economics”, which never really worked out too well…

              • Since you don’t think that “trickle down economics” works, please tell me when was the last time you got a job from a homeless person?

                • B&C:

                  You do have a good point, but…
                  The “1%” have all the trickle, and it only selectively goes down…
                  And ultimately, it is the “1%” who are shipping American industry overseas.


                  I do get what you are saying. But, we’re talking about Amerikans, here, who control most of the real capital. The people who are sending GM to China. They are not your friends, they never were.

                  There was a time, when I believed everything Ronald Reagan said, but have since learned the truth about who pulled his strings, who really owns the dem-rep fantasy. It is of no use to cling to the ideas of the way we think things should work, because they are ideas that were only smokescreens for what is really going on.

                  In a “fair and just” world, “trickle down economics” might work, but we are not in such a world.

                  • The 1% pay 25% of federal income taxes,
                    you probably believe that corporations pay taxes,
                    they are moving to china because of the stifling regulations.
                    Conspiracy theorists make laugh.

              • Trickle down economics does work (it means to let successful, proven business owners — aka as “capitalists” — keep and utilize more of their own resources). On the face of it the notion of trickle down is both just and effective. Why it “doesn’t work” in the minds of many (as Mainstream progressive Media has defined it as a failure for non-thinking parrots), is because the poor within a meritocracy are generally in poverty for a reason. They belong their by their own merits, unwilling or unable to be productive in a consistent way of living. So, instead of trickle down economics, we get trickle down entitlement programs that, for the progressives, do work. The provisioning of the free fruits of other people’s labor, to those who cannot or will not produce their own.

          • FP……android phone?? Mine is too……
            Canning cabbage and potatoes today.
            This is why we prep……..

            Keep preppin’

            • How do you do your potatoes?? I have them growing wild all over my place and would love to find a way to hold them, too warm to keep in the cellar here.
              Also curious about your cabbage, most folks make sauer kraut but no everyone likes the bite, i love it but sweetypie doesnt, sooo
              Anyway, curious about others techniques

              • OK guys……cook chopped cabbage and pour into quart jars.
                Chop peeled potatoes (raw pack) place in quarts with salt and
                Pinch of citric acid. (Keeps them white long term)
                lids…….rings….pressure can 40 min. Use lbs. Of pressure
                for your elevation (mine is 10 lbs).
                I’ve opened my cabbage from over a year ago
                And it was great.
                Hope this helps!!

                Keep preppin’

                • Forgot to mention hot water, leave half inch
                  Head space. I assume you all know how to pressure can.
                  I’ve also had good success with my canned butter, cream cheese
                  And velveeta spread. Still perfect after one year.!!

                  Keep preppin’

                  • Thanks a bunch!! Got my taters planted last week. God bless and keep ya.

                  • Love cabbage, thanks; and you do the butter and cheese, how?

                  • @ CHF go over to endtimesreport. For directions in canning butter
                    and cheese. I used her method with good results. Just tested
                    A jar after one year. Smelled and tasted fresh. Melted fine, not grainy.
                    You can also find several other methods on YouTube and Jackie at Backwoods
                    Has done it as well. With the cream cheese, don’t be concerned with air
                    pockets, it doesn’t hurt it. After I boiled my lids I dried them so as not
                    To get any water droplets on my cheese.

                    Keep preppin’

                  • Hey Mom…

                    Thanks for the idea. I want to try the ‘taters. Can you give me an idea on how they turn out? As in what dishes you use them in? I buy the Lil’ white ‘taters in the can from the store, but they are only good IMHO for using in dishes for the crock pot. I’ve tried to make mashed ‘taters once with the ones from the cans. Can you say NASTY!!! 🙁

                    I’ve started canning last year when Mrs. hillbilly got me my first “All American Canner”. What a great tool. 🙂

                    Been doing stew beef, hot dogs and hamburg. Mixed results on doing everything but the stew beef. That comes out perfect for our heat and eat dishes. Like beef stew over rice. Yum, Yum…

                    Thanks for any help you can give.

                    Y’all play nice. 🙂

                    hillbilly SC

                  • Thank you, been wondering about different ways to can both those things, always interesting to see different peoples techniques. A little different flavor on stuff.

                • lol – just posted mine below in case you werent back online til tomorrow! 🙂

                  • Thanks Kim, it’s difficult to go into much detail
                    on a phone anyway. Your input rounds out the info

                • How do you keep the cabbage from becoming mush? I’ve tried canning it and it became nasty mush.

                  • NSM……it does lose it’s color and is somewhat mushy.
                    I still can it anyway and use it in recipes that camouflage
                    the lack of texture. It smells and tastes like cabbage so
                    I just make it work!! You have no idea how much free cabbage
                    I get so it just makes sense to me.

                    Keep preppin’

                  • Cabbage is very esay to Dry and is far better than canned. or you make sourkrut

                  • Like Paranoid, I dehydrate cabbage for storage. I did make a really good cabbage and beef soup that I canned, and the texture remained good. 🙂

                • do you just blanche the cabbage or do i need to let it cook awhile ,and thanks for the info ,i didnt know what i going to do with my cabbage

                  • Blanche is fine. You can even raw pack, but you
                    End up with far less after processing ….

                    Keep preppin’

              • I can potatoes in my pressure cooker. They are low acid so a pressure cooker is the only safe way to go. If I have to buy them I purchase Yukon Gold because of the smooth skin. Makes not having to dig out all those eyes. I am very particular about how my food looks after it is in the jar.

                You can dice them or cut them in whatever size you prefer: I do both; add 1/2 tsp. salt for pints, 1 tsp for qts. and process for 40 minutes. Then do accordingly to all processed foods letting the lids seal. After 24 hours I remove the bands and check for a good seal.

                I leave my bands off. That is a personal choice. Some prefer to put them back on.

                This is off subject, but it is a good way to prep. Need taters to go with all that meat.

                4 year prepper

              • You can dry (dehydrate) both potatoes and cabbage. A big handful of dehydrated cabbage is good added to soup. Or, soak it in water for a bit, drain, and use it to make pierogies. You could also add soaked drained cabbage to browned ground beef with some onions, noodles, etc. Heck, I can go on and on with ideas for both dried potatoes or dried cabbage 🙂

                • All you preppers talking potatoes makes me want to move to Idaho. Thanks for canning advice.

                  • If you have an outbuilding or root cellar, you can keep potatoes from harvest time until time to plant more in the spring. When I was growing up, my father would put the potatoes on wooden shelves, one layer deep, in our tool shed. If we were going to have a hard freeze, he would hang up a shop light in the shed for a little heat.

                    My mama would can small new potatoes whole.

                    Cabbage was on sale several months ago, so I tried canning some. I couldn’t find directions, so I made it up. I precooked the cabbage just to soften it up so more would fit in the jars. I added a teaspoon of salt per quart. Then I pressure canned it. I can’t remember the time, but it was the least amount that I saw in any other recipe. I fried some in bacon grease recently, and it was just as good as if I had used fresh cabbage. Plus it was quicker.

                • Have you tried dehydrating onions??
                  Cant find much info on onions, other than pickling,

                  • Dehydrate onions and garlic outside or your house will reek! Learned that the hard way last fall!

                    ~ Daisy

              • Hungarians make a cabbage stew with pork, sour cream, and noodles.
                If you want I can post the recipe

              • I individually wrap each potato in a couple sheets of newspaper or phonebook pages. Then I place them in a cardboard box with a lid. Each layer of potatoes is separated as well. If one rots it doesn’t touch the others. I keep the boxes in my cool basement. It works!!!

              • My mom cans potato soup. I just can the potatos and mash them when I’m ready to use them.

            • canning spuds? Why, how?

              • canned spuds are soooo nice when you dont want to wait 30 min for them to boil or dont have a cellar. would recommend a ball blue book for interested canners.

                small potatoes can be left whole, larger ones quartered. i boil mine about 10 min then hot pack qts and cover with hot water to 1 inch headspace. pressure @ 10 pounds for 40 minutes in pressure canner. my neighbor doesnt boil hers first and they are a bit firmer to use after they are opened. hope this helps!

              • canning buds”””””””””???

              • Eagle….I used to have a food pantry when I was in the ministry.
                Every month I usually get 50-100lbs of produce and simply
                don’t want it to go to waste. Jars and canner were handed
                Down to me so I’ve become a preppin’, canning addict!

                Keep preppin’

              • WOW, I didn’t think canning spuds was so controversial, LOL

            • Cooking mom, I’d LOVE your recipe!

              • @blg@Eagle eye

                A good Ball canning book will tell you exactly how to do this and more. Mine says to parboil them 10 min. It was overkill in my book so I skip that step.

                I use citric acid in the water I place the potatoes in while peeling. A little in the jar helps too. I use 10 lb. pressure for just all my canning. If my peach trees are loaded this year, I plan to preserve some since they are Elbertas and freestone.

                I have potatoes from 2009 that are still delicious. I especially like them diced and fried with onions.

                I have not done cabbage because I would have to buy it. I purchase dehydrated cabbage for my soups and stews or whatever.

                Green beans, tomatoes, homemade veg. soup, spaghetti sauce, stew beef,sausage patties, and cube steak were my specialties last summer. I also can left over Row Boat Chili or just about anything that I can get into my pot.

                Anything with meat in it needs to process for 90 minutes.

                Happy prepping

                4 year prepper

                • 40 years of prepping and canning everything-i have found that veggies canned with the raw pack method works very well. i like to do up potatoes for potatoe salad, soups, stews and hashbrowns..dont forget to try dehydrating your potatoe slices…blanche and then spread out in the dehydrator…these take up less space and is an easy and quick way to get those potatoes used up before they start growing eyes or rotting.

                  • I dehydrate potatoes; they make great hash browns, cubes are great in soups and slices are wonderful as scalloped potatoes. Can also mash um. Try making a dehydrated meal in a jar; so easy when you come home tired or need to grab something quick!

                  • When you dehydrate them do you blanche them after they are sliced or before?

              • That’s funny Z!! I remember those shows too!!
                I’ve even got the country accent, down here in East Texas!

                • Five points on that great find, sixpack! Some late-great folks in that clip. 🙂

                  • Zol, sixpack,

                    I shall fight for your right to go where you go… 😉
                    (rolls eyes)

                  • Oh jerrytbg, now you’ve gone and pissed off one of my personal trolls already this morning. Sheesh.

                    Zoltanne loves most types of music, but learned piano (trained with classical) plus now learning the hurdy gurdy, celtic style. Love metal, rock, blues, bluegrass. (But rap needs to be buried!)

          • Have I got a deal for you! Am starting the worlds first: “Mail Order Bitcon er Bitcoin” Just send me your cash, Send to: “Good Luck Sucker” C/O Paranoid @ Shtf Plan. Act now and we will send you a double order for only the cost of shipping.

            • Now THAT’S Funny Para… ;))

              “Act now and we will send you a double order for only the cost of ‘shipping’.” Oh YEAH!


          • Size does not matter.

          • Do you have that stupid little wireless Mac keyboard?

        • @FP,
          Please elaborate on why you specified 21 days. Maybe you could provide links to your sources as well?

          • Size does matter!

        • Why the next 21 days?

          • Large amount of extra “War” funds are being spent right now. Whick the commands there do not have. Right now if this was all show they would not be spending so much. Yes the B2 Maybe a ship or two. But noot some of our most expenise ones.

            There are limited amount of liquid mponey in war reserves with out congress acting and 30 day limits on actions O can make without congress.

            I also question now if money was the reason to have most of the carriers close to home…

            NK can be handle with land based air in the area if needed.

            Also a friend of mine lives on hood canel Love fish. But his hobby is watching for subs at the Canel bridge for some magizine that pays him some for the reports. Like Popalor mechenis have plane spotter out at Spokane for the B1.

            To many hot spot at one time. I dont think they will have to plan and dirty dead all the they have to do is wait for the first human error and game on.

            Also I do not see where fat Boy or Obama can back down. Neither have a way out. They forgot to conpare notes before this started.

            • Sercurty Friend of mine just let me in on something.

              How do you tell the difference between a South Koren and a North Korean Spy.. The NK Suitcases sets off the alarm.
              Or is to hot to handle.

            • FB,

              Interesting observations, thank you.

              It does look like someone is really hoping to get some use out of the North Korean issue. They are probably grasping for anything that be of use, and keep the masses diverted.

      3. Does this really surprise anyone?
        I don’t think it surprises anyone here, but when the sheep find out that’s going to be the funny part.

      4. The market will never crash. The fed and the O administration are doing everything to not allow it to happen like cypress or greece. All of you people are wasting your money on preps when you should be investing in stocks and mutual funds.

        stop living in a dream world and get on with your life. Also, the UN arms treaty was signed and I hope congress ratifies it. All of you crazy preppers will have your precious guns taken away and will no longer be able to do mass shootings like that prepper mom in newtown that allowed her son to shoot up the school.

        • you should just put all your moolah in the bank so your government can take it when their own methods fail. What does it hurt to be prepared for anything? You will be one that we defend against when you have nothing left.

        • Thanks for the comedy, bro. Oh wait, you’re serious? You’re out of your fuckin’ mind, jack!

        • It’s great that there are dump fucks like this guy… it makes prepping so much easier….lower prices.

          I wonder how his wife will take it all when the gang bangers invade to find food when all collapses.

          Get a visual on that one.
          Not pretty.

          At my place… the entire family and neighbors are armed.
          It would be a duck shoot.

        • i think i might know the reason why you have come to this conclusion ,you see when you have your lips placed on obamas ass it makes it a little harder to see whats really going on around you ,we used to refer to your type as “cob totter’s” thats the little guy that ran around behind the masta ,and everytime he took a shit you’d be there with your cob to wipe his ass

        • Hey theres a wonderfull little spot near Nicosia Cyprus, I hear its going cheap prolly %40 on the Euro today, tomorrow prolly even less. How did that happen?

          And ummm the prepper mom that “allowed” her son to do mass shootings, pray tell finx was that before she was murdered or inferred afterward ?

      5. All of this information has always been available to those who know or care to know. Obama got a total free pass from the press and the power brokers. This could have came out before /durring the election to underline the lies (economic recovery, success of the kenyan stile of keynesianism)aka spending money you do not have like an african warlord. Hope you all have your preps ready, your friends and loved ones are blind and happy to remain so, organizing like minded groups is as easy as curing drug adicts. Peace to all untill it begins.

      6. I have thought about the stocks crashing, and there is a really terrible aspect of this, that the population simply accepts this and allows the government and the elitists to enslave them. I wrote this the other day while thinking about the other avenue that such an economic collapse could turn, without the physical resources need, just plain numbers collapse. It ain’t pretty.
        Many people have the misconception that WHEN the financial collapse occurs that there will be riots in the streets and a Mad Max type of world where everywhere is a Escape from NY or LA, that this is inevitable. There exists however a much uglier scenario in which the masses of the people simply AGREE to being an enslaved population under the control of BO or some other dictator because the state supplies them with the bare necessities that they need. People are being weaned off of self sufficiency on to a welfare state for many years now, in which they become totally dependent, and under total control to what the government can provide to them. Yes, you can a gentle transformation from what is now to something awful because 99% of the people will have no other choice because they have nothing stored up or anyway of finding or growing what they need. The 99% have buttered their bread and will get what they did to prepare, NOTHING.

        The financial collapse does not have to be something you see in the movies as long as there is still enough food and basic needs to “give” to the public. Without a physical shortage because of a physical event, the government can take what they need from the land and those that own it and compensate them pennies, if anything, on the dollar. Happens all the time in bankruptcy courts now before SHTF. Executive orders during times of national emergency allow this martial law rules of the government obtaining anything and everything they want. Let’s face it, farms and food production plants can easily be taken over, and whom is going to do anything about it? The masses? The 99% only care about getting what they need each day and that their lives are not too different from what they consider “normal”. Those of the 99% might talk, but this is all that it is and will fold like a house of playing cards.

        Standing in long FEMA lines after going without much for a couple of days will not be a problem at all for most. The masses will learn to “appreciate” FEMA and all the nice guards aiming machine guns at the crowd. After all everything in FEMA lines is free. Nice goverment cheese, some crackers that a parrot wouldn’t even like, some nice nitrite ridden lunchmeat, a banana and maybe even an apple, some Kool Aid, semi sour milk from sitting in the Sun too long, a bag of peanuts, and lots of other tigbits reserved for animals at some rescue sanctuary. Life is good with FEMA. Line up at the feeding trough, baah, baah, baah.

        The government can zero out debt and the entire monetary system and make it into something like the movie “Total Recall” where credits are used for everything. Johnny Cab anyone?, the fare will be 18 credits, and thank you for using Johnny cab. Unless there is a physical event that leads to energy or food shortages the transition to this type of awful police state of total control like 1984 novel, most people will gladly go along with it like the good little conformists that they have been conditoned for the past years to be the thoughtless zombies so many are now. No civil uprising, no widespread rioting, just plain agreement and some bitching along the way from those not too brain dead, and total surrender of the masses before even trying for something better. Regular money might even become illegal with risk of imprisonment.

        Gold and silver will of course be valuable, but ultimately gold might become illegal to own. Silver however because of all of its industry uses probably will remain legal and may surpass gold in real time value. Same goes for copper, as people with rolls of copper could have a real barter item. People during this time that can grow food on a small enough scale that the state will not take over, can barter with the extra food they grow. Many blackmarkets will develop and regular “luxary” items not provided to by the state with get high demand and prices for. It sounds like I am talking about the ex-Soviet Union. No I am talking about post America government take over.

        The masses will gladly accept this, just as they have adapted to using credit cards and everything for their money transactions. Convenience and ease is sold off to a very stupid and extremely lazy population for safety and freedom. People will accept the new steamline and let their friend the government handle it. Just as the 99% of the masses that don’t take the time or effort to store up for their needs in case of disasters and emergencies, let the government recover anything horrible.

        Those that picture utter chaos after the monetary system breaks down on solely its own numbers, without a strong physical event, will be shocked at just how the population simply accepts the new monetary system that government has started to “save” the country. The 99% will gladly be happy to use casino chips with radio linked to satellite GPS systems for money transactions, OR worse simply use their new ID card or body implants to make all purchases and be paid for. Hell, this is what many people do right now and enjoy that they don’t have to think for themselves anymore, just let someone else do it. As long as you feed, clothe, provide housing, and provide the basics to the people, most people will sell out to the government, and that is all that a government needs to reamin in control. The “wonderful” 99%.

        What about the 1%? Well, if nothing physical happens to destroy the infrastructure they will become the enclaves of the society or they will be rounded out on charges that range from conspiracy to illegal contraband disturbution to just being alienated to fend for themselves. Look at how the government and mass media already demonize preppers. Those that have planned for society collapsing along with the monetaty system will likely be stunned at how “George Orwell” the masses gladly fall into line. The preparation of the 1% would come in handy to remain free for at least awhile. Firearms and ammo will be the literal lifeline of the 1%. The 1% though may find that they have to move out of any populated areas as they cannot legally obtain or sell anything with the government’s mark of the beast type of ID. In short, those getting ready for the mass civil wars because of simply the numbers collapsing of money, may very well have to adapt their plans a lot.

        Bugging out will highly likely be the ONLY recourse for those 1% that want to retain their freedom if the financial world comes crashing down without a strong physical event(s) that brings about the mass physical shortages that would cause certain social chaos. Without a physical event(s) to collapse the raw materials and create shortages that the masses need and use, people will likely face a terrible passage into enslavement that the masses will gradually or quickly fully conform to.

        • “the government can take what they need from the land and those that own it and compensate them pennies, if anything, on the dollar. Happens all the time in bankruptcy courts now before SHTF. ”

          FUCK YOU Asshole. You’re advocating Cyprus not bankruptcy mitigation.

          • @ Not so Much
            Learn how to comprehend.

            YOU are the one ADVOCATING — fudge packer!

            • Uhh yea, not so much. Douche bag is advocated what Stalin did – seize the land and the crops from the farmers. So let me splain to you, that din work out so well Lucy. Try to keep up dumbass.

          • Not So Much: Dude, you’re a deep thinker.

            • Apparently.

          • @ Not so Much. I am advocating the ugliness of what people have become, the masses. Consider yourself lucky if you take preparedness serious and you are the 1% that still think. Almost everyone on this site is that 1% that thinks, thankfully. Trust me, when the masses follow the government like sheep so does the country, and why the 1% could end up HUNTED down or become a minority that society ignores. The collapse doesn’t have to bring chaos to the 99%, just the 1% that still respect the Constitution, freedom, and thinking.

            You may not like this at all, but IF you are a prepper/survivalist you must consider it, because society has become total conformist non thinking zombies hyped up on GMO and MSG and other chemicals that poison our foods. The 1% may fight to the death or be forced to the hills, and the other 99% will just stand around and gladly accept Mr. Goverment. Scary thought isn’t it, no mass revolution against tyranny, just blind stupid acceptance? Again, be thankful that you are the 1%, if you are the 99%, well be happy to be part of the herd.

            • I dont give a shit what others have become. I wont be one of them and I dont care for the broad brush with which you paint.

              You advocated stalin and that ended in mass death. Congrats but no thanks. I do NOT agree with you.

              • Dude, what is your problem? Be Informed is merely painting a possible scenario that some of us on this site have not given thought to. He’s not advocating what he is suggesting. Thank you BI for offering a scenario that is different from what I would envision an economic collapse to entail. And Not So Much, drop the attitude. It’s not (and your not) welcome on this site if you continue. We’re here to help one another, not cut each other up.

              • BI is not advocating anything, just offering his/her vision of what may transpire. I think he/she may be right. Most people will probably just adapt to the new normal and “go with it” as long as their basic needs are met and they don’t have to think too much. Throw in a few I-toys and they’re good. Most people will find it easier to lower their expectations than to make their own way. They will tell themselves “I have always been a survivor”. I see this mentality every day.

            • Be informed
              We will know it’s all over when we see
              a gov’t bounty on prepper scalps

              • I guess that depends on how you define ‘bounty’. Preppers have already been designated as terrorists and whackos, I’d say that we’re pretty close to having a bounty on us right now.

            • Howdy BI,

              Funny you metion that…

              …”and why the 1% could end up HUNTED down or become a minority that society ignores.”

              Remember looong ago, when I mentioned the Hopi, thier prophecy’s…we are scientists, yes…but there are stil mysteries in the World…things that simply cannot be…things we simply cannot explain…

              The Hopi say that,

              “According to prophecy, the day will come when people in high places will be hunted. This will get out of control. The hunting will gather strength and spread. This situation might even erupt on our land. Finally, this will lead us to the Biblical version of Armageddon (the Hopi version is closely related). A final decisive battle between good and evil. This will occur under one
              God or Chief. The prophets say we will speak one language and that this will happen in Hopiland, in the village of Oraibi , where the new life plan will be drawn, in the pattern and cycle of religion. Here also a final decision will be made for the wicked. They will be beheaded and speak no more. If this does not materialize there will be a total destruction through the acts of man or nature. Then new life will begin from a girl and a boy. This is a frightening prophecy
              and will not be supported by many.

              It is also the case that lomf ago they saw the following,

              This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not
              living like Pahana – men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies
              with thunder. (Thunder Sticks…Rifles)*

              “This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of the spinning wheels of wood filled with
              voices. In my youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes – the white men bringing
              their families in wagons across the prairies.”

              “This is the Third Sign: A strange beast, like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun
              the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his own eyes — the coming of the white
              mens’ cattle.”

              “This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be criss-crossed by snakes of iron.” (Railroads)*

              “This is the Fifth Sign: The land will be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web. (Electical Lines)*

              “This is the Sixth Sign: The land will be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures
              in the sun. (Roads, the ‘heat mirages’ which come from them)*

              “This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying
              because of it.” (Oil Spills)*

              “This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people,
              come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.” (Hippies, from the 60’s)*

              “And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens, above
              the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after
              this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.” (SkyLab…or the ISS?)

              WHO knows what the truth is Friend…

              ….but it GET’S more interesting by the DAY, Don’t it?


              • @ JustOneGuy. The one aspect of the Hopis that I think everyone can agree with are cycles. Right now we are at the end of a cycle that will bring a new cycle that is going to be extremely hard for most people to handle and survive. I mean, it may not be the absolute end times, but it is very difficult times coming. It is getting more interesting by the day and more frightening in that we don’t know what is coming, but it is not some bed and roses that I am pretty sure of. Just like when a land mass goes through rebirth, it is dramatic and usually catastrophic. I guess like the Phoenix bird, there has to be some burning away so the ashes can reseed everything and grow back. It is just surviving the inferno long enough to see when tomorrow gets better (which it will), and that is what preparedness is all about.

            • Most of the people I know, simply kneel right now, if they were told to. A very astute Man once observed that most people will accept a very weak position in life. Most people in Amerika will simply roll over and not even try to defend themselves if they are physically attacked.

              Let the economic system go down for a couple weeks, and when the gang-bangers start getting out of control, most people will cry “Don’t hurt me! Save me!” They will gladly bend over and take the chip, if they think it will save thier miserable hides.

            • I see it plain as day. We have all been indoctrinated for the whole of our lives’. I am still running around screaming every time the subject of TSA screenings comes up. (And I have never flown anywhere!) How many people questioned that? How many people got hauled away for not complying? How many people that do fly just get in line?

              It has been going on all around us forever. What would make this change? Why would anyone stand outside the box and draw attention to themselves? Even our politicians “Go along” to get along every dingle day of their lives.

              I think BI is right that just about everyone on this site understands ‘outside the herd’ mentality.

              Get out of the chemtrails Not So Much. You are getting your panties in a knot over something you totally agree with.

              • Used to fly a lot… if you question or complain you get pulled aside to the search room. I don’t fly any more unless it is for family emergency when I there in less than a day.

              • Ya. She said, ‘the govt can…” which I read as should and then instead of saying ‘hey dummy, you misinterpreted, I meant the gov does…’ she bloviated. I’m an ass, but her writing sucks.

          • NSM,

            Be Informed wasn’t advocating it, he was giving a scenario that he could envision as possible. I don’t believe for 1 second that Be Informed was advocating the government doing this…no way.

        • I see your concern. I think the reality is that should the government try to just take over. Food production will tank.

          And then the masses on the government dole will get cranky when not fed.

          • Is it us or did some of these people suddenly become Stalinist idiots?

          • BI,
            you’re probably correct. Too many people on the teat of uncle sam. Laws to outlaw trade in farm goods such as raw milk, small numbers of lifestock, and even having a garden. So, framework in place to make living outside the system = illegal.
            On the flip side, with so many people underemployed (or not even working and just getting a free ride from uncle sam); then the USA has LOTS of room for growth. I think bad times for the people = good times for stocks. I think there is some rule like that. Also, employment follows market. (That song has been sung for a few years now but only sour notes so far).

          • I don’t know how these percentages about preppers could be in any way close to actual numbers.
            Most preppers I know don’t tell anyone what they do….

            So how do you come up with that?

            How about the 74 million background checks that have been done,in a couple of years.

            What % of those are preppers,…won’t find out till its time…

            • Many of the gun buying now is from people who actually have no idea what they are doing. A gun months worth of food is the best they do.

          • The masses on the dole will not be a problem, they will simply be herded into camps.

            • I still beleive the camps are for who they want to survive. Look how they are set up. The herds will just sit down and die. Lazy Fuc s

              • The barbed wire at the top of the fences points inward at the camps. That is to keep people in not out.

                • The contracts read v tops with razor wire on the outside double walled.

        • BI,
          Great post.

        • BI, provided the 1 percenters don’t get thinned out too quickly, we’ll become a higher percentage during tptb’s genicide.
          Follow the logic, if 15% of the population can’t survive the first 30-90 days when the shtf, then we’ll be 1.2% of the population that is left. Just food for thought, because as society spirals out of control, there will be a mass of people killed by gangs and rogue groups. Plus, I imagine most prisons will be emptied.

        • As always BI, you are spot on.

        • Ehm… yaaaah.

          That’s like… why they call it “the government”…

          Early stages, yes exactly like that.

        • BI
          I both agree and also disagree,
          Lots of good and quite plausible as well as possible points.
          There are HUGE numbers of people who will not be pacified as its called in JWRs books.
          There are also i suspect a lot more “producers” of commodities such as beef or vegetables or grains who will not go along with any of that progressive collectivist crap either. Add to this the MILLIONS of independent thinking patriots and TPTB will be hard pressed to push anything like what you suggest. I know i am not about to be forced to grow or supply anything for anyone. I dont care how many people are starving, i dont believe in the collectivist crap, survival of the fittest and a free thinking mind dont have welfare state anywhere in their descriptions.

          • KULA i agree.
            i will shoot every last head of cattle and burn down the fields before i surrender it to the government for “free” distribution .
            i refuse to cmply .

            • …scorched earth!…leave nothing of any value behind you!

              • They can try to come n get me n my fields but ill Dorner anything thatll light and dump all my fuel and waste oil and chemicals on the fields.

          • @ Kulafarmer. BO is spending all this money to map the human brain, not for everyone’s benefit that is for sure. BO wants to find no ways of controlling the common person and turning them into even more pacifist controlled conformists. The first time I saw that ONLY 1% were preparing it was shocking to me, I thought the number was at least 10%. Then I saw just how few people were prepared during power outages, and I said to myself SH^&. Yes, people will do roll over as long as they get what they need. Even worse, as long as the government let’s them think they are getting what they need.

            I have confidence in the people here and the 1%, to the other 99%, they are just all talk and no action. The 99% are the walmart day and night walkers that will slip into a government enslavement like a good fitting pair of shoes. I know this shows like a defeatist, but honestly I have no respect or trust in the 99% to keep the freedom of the country. Roll over like a pill bug is what I suspect if no physical shortage leads to the 99% being totally desperate and forced to rebel against the government. As long as the government supplies the 99% with food, shelter, and a few more token items, the scenes of Total Recall movie will become all too a reality. I know, ugly beyond words.

            • They will have to add barbed wire facing OUT and guards to keep the masses from storming INTO the FEMA camps. Most people you ask think the emergency FEMA rations are for US. I think it was Zibiegnew (sp?) who said “It is now infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them”. FEMA has no intention of feeding or taking care of us.

              • Why do you think the DHS are (tongue-in-cheek) holding drills for the “zombie” invasion? It will be surreal to many people conditioned that nothing like this could ever happen. I have discussed this issue with many young people and you would think they would say I better get prepared…nope…they tell me they will take what they need by force to survive.

          • Kulafarmer,

            When a couple of Brads roll up with a couple squads of nwo grunts, with a Predator overhead, and a busload of New American replacement farmers, they will not worry whether you will grow anything for them. The family farm will soon be a thing of the past. The parasites want to control all food production.

            • Not gunna be. That’s what USSR tried and almost starved the whole country, when all they wanted to starve were the Ukranian’s. You just don’t say to a guy: “You are a farmer” unless you want to starve. And sorry you cannot do it in large numbers, way to expensve. That’s why the USSR was 3 times our size with more produceable land and nearly starved.

              • They have lots of “New Amerikans” coming over the “borders” daily, who will be very happy to replace the last real Americans…

                There are very few family farms left. And, the parasites have learned from the mistakes they made in Russia…

                • These “New Americans” are in league with .gov only while it suits them. They are takers all the way.

            • Well whatever, it wont be me doing any of the laboring for anything, better hope they kill me cause im dangerous with a big Cat crawler and know were there are at least 15 of them within 10 miles of here. I would bet im at the end of their list lots more bigger operations to take over and if they start moving bradleys in here ill know it and so will every other like minded patriot on the rock.
              Locals say Ainokea

        • @BI,

          Hmmmm. Me thinks I smell a little bit of sarcasm on your part. Thought provoking to say the least and giving that the sheeple of this country when faced with hard times and making the tough decisions will probably initially react in the manner you have described. Probably being the key word.

          However the true patriots of this country will not simply fade into the night. The actions of a very few, say the 1% you describe, can and will make an impact in some way or manner that will force the powers to be to spend a lot of time in trying to stop that 1% and the disruption of the supposed kindness.

          This in time will wear on the peacefulness of the people who will ultimately see that they have been placed under the yoke of socialism. When that happens, when the powers to be are unable to provide then the people will rebel. The 1% will then become the seed of freedom from where a revolution and mass rebellion will begin.

          There are many reasons why this country and its people cannot be taken over as easily as you describe. Guns being one of those reasons and the reluctance to give them up. Another reason is although the people such as you have described have been indoctrinated they are also educated more than a third world countries people. With knowledge of and how a free nation should be there will become a disentrancement in very short order.

          Just the thoughts of one guy with some common sense and limited education.


          • @ BigB. I think the government and the elitists have set all sorts of mind traps for ALL of us to fall into. This is why I try so desperately to think way outside the box and try to weigh in most possibilites, just like chess players that try to out think their opponent. I have been personally bothered with this economic collapse thing with mass chaos and social upheaval, etc. It seems to me to be way too well orchestrated, too well aimed to trap.

            Granted the money systems are bad off, but because so much is hidden do any of us actually know how bad it really is? Phantom money can be used in both ways, to scare and the opposite to entice. We watch these collapses of European countries, yet do we know that this is nothing but done for a much broader unseen plan? While so many feel they know the answers to this, mind traps are like this to give that FALSE sense. Like the animal that knows the food in the trap is a trap, falls into anyway. WHY? Because the temptation is too much for them of the food. Mind traps are like this, THEY give us something that seems so obvious to get our attention taken away from what THEY are really up to.

            This is is why I try to bring up far out and not so far out theories and speculations, because they go outside the mind traps that the elite and the governments of the world set for people to get snared into. This is why I like non-conformists so much because they don’t take face value of something, they dig a lot deeper to find the truth. What is going on with this world is way more complex than most people want to believe. These bastards in the secret world of evil have been planning all sorts of mega black swan events for a long time. We can either just wait for them to happen, or search them out. I am for searching them and preparing for them. By the way if I disappear you write me at my new address, Area 51. ;(

            • @BIA51,

              LOL. You know when you are right you are right. I too think that “they” have this thought out way in advance and we are playing with a rigged deck as it were. Your point and the point of a lot of other free thinkers is that this must be looked upon as a chess match. Thinking 5-10 moves down the road. That is where your point is taken in your initial statement.

              We cannot win in a normal chess game. As you stated we must think out of the box. It is my only hope that when the time has come that there will enough out of the box thinking to over come what is thrown at us. I refuse to believe that all is lost and a struggle is futile.

              If Picard believed this he would never have beaten the Borg.

              🙂 BigB

              • ….so they want to get us to play a rigged chess game eh?…well then the answer is simple…we play checkers and crown their kings! 😉

                • I’ve been kicked in the teeth and stomped on my whole life, because I always insist on playing by my own rules, not theirs. Basically, that’s what the criminal justice system was created for.

              • We are the state..

                Resistance is futile..

                Individual liberty..irrevelant.

                Personal property…irrevelant.

                Constitutional rights…irrevelant.

                Resistance is futile.

                You will be assimilated.

                We are the state.

                Just couldn’t resist. Its my moniker.

                • DOH!!!,

                  Finally, I ‘GET’ your MONICKER…Good one, the post I mean…the ‘handle’ is good too…


            • BI,
              What you say is so true. However, I find that the people who are so invested in the system and its rules are also unable to have the mental flexibility to see things in a different way. This flexibility and creativity is a big advantage that we have. There are so many large dinosaurs today. I plan on being one of the small mammals staying out of the way when they fall and staying ready to take advantage of the openings left behind.

        • Crackers no one likes? SOYLENT GREEN! 😉

        • Be informed

          ?????? Using Yakima WA as the center (250 Mile Cirle) is the ground there the tpye that would rumble or liquifiy if the “Big One” Hit.

          Affect under ground storage is the key to this question. I am getting conflicting anser from my looking at info.

          • @ Facebook Page. Yakima is about 275 miles from the Cascadia fault, even a 9.2 at this distance would at worse produce the destruction that a 6 would and that is with the several minutes of shaking. The ground there would not liquify. Actually those that live in the area I would be way more concerned about Mt. Rainer or other nearby volcanoes going off. Yakima resides in valley where large scale mud slides from rapidly melted glaciers could be a problem.

        • I think you have called it pretty much correctly. Human nature backs up what you say. Unless the one percent can hide in place for a very long time, they will eventually be forced by circumstances to migrate to and with, more favorable areas of like minded individuals. I do think that neighbors that see eye to eye, and understand the reality of the situation, can last a good while on their own.
          We already see preppers being demonized, and I think they will be scapegoated, and blamed for the shortages that are sure to go. This “share the wealth” mentality that is being preached by our government everyday, will be used to brainwash the masses, and make them turn on anyone who has though ahead to prepare.
          The reset grows closer with each day. watch for the daily distractions to increase, and a new war to begin soon enough. The only thing that might change all of this, is a preemptive strike by one of our many haters, that throws a kink in the plans of our slave masters. None of this is going to turn out well. Plan your work–work your plan. good luck.

          • @howdydoody

            This “share the wealth” mentality that is being preached by our government everyday

            That collectivist liberal progressive crap makes my blood boil,
            I havent busted my ass and figured stuff out only to have to turn it all over or utilize it to benefit anyone but myself or my family.

            Ayan Rand
            Atlas Shrugged, best book i have read in a long long time

      7. Evening BI

        I might only be one woman but I will not conform. I have worked too hard for too long to build my supplies and to make sure my child has a future, even if its not the one I would prefer for her.

        Take care

        • Dear Birt: Never say: Only one woman, When times get tough that is about the same as only one PO’ed Mama Grizzley Bear. (Anyone know why I’m not able to connect to Google Spell Check?)

          • Paranoid,
            Due to the sequester, google had to lay off all the good spellers and hire only Chicago high school graduates. They can’t read either so I have no fear that they will read this post.

            • …true but all theyll find is ashes when they get here…I already have that backup plan ready to impliment…five gallon gas cans at important locatons all around the farm…wont take me ten minutes Ill be gone and everything else will be in flames…madethat decision years ago!

        • Hiya Burt!!

          How are you all doing ‘across the big pond” Sweety?
          Been busy here…very. I hope everything is well for you over there!


        • @ Burt the Brit. I say this to you and everyone that will not conform, thank you. Conformists are nothing but a large moveable mass that is programmed by its genetics to go with the crowd. I thought that human beings were in the 85-90% range that fitted this conformity label, but evidentally it is closer to 99%. I say this to everyone that is a non-conformist, be so grateful you are the 1%. So grateful not to be part of the herd, to be a maverick. 🙂

        • Burt: BHO has already signed an executive order giving the government the power to confiscate peoples’ food stores and farm equipment in an emergency.

          • Remember Waco……..I know what I would do if they tried to take my stuff ……I’m not gonna starve, to feed useless eaters,they better kill me!

            • They will

            • Just remember to burn whatever you can lay hands on to ash if it comes down to it.

          • @ big,

            ….Well…they CAN try… 😉


          • One problem though – he has to find them.

          • He can sign one that says I can tap dance on the moon if he wants to. Not gunna be.

            • Thats where im at friend.

              They can sign or legislate or mandate whatever they want, as soon as i dont need to spend all my time trying to make a living cause theres no living to be made i have wayyy too much time on my hands and a deviant demeanor to go along with that.

        • make that two women who have worked for years prepping, ever so quietly.

          • Three. good company!

      8. Job destruction in small and medium businesses is what will do it. The goods and services they provide will have to go “grey market” – no more tax revenue from that sector.

      9. The word TERMINUS is just not used enough today…What a definitive word for a cycle brought about by manipulation and fraud. They all deserve what they have coming…they asked for it.

        GOT SOLAR?

      10. Can we get back to focusing on gay marriage and the homosexual agenda? And what about the illegal Mexicans? They have demands! Stay focused, my friends!

        • I don’t always take out the recycling bin…

          but when I do… I look like a raging alchoholic.

          Stay thirsty my friends.

          • Simply awesome.

          • Too damn many wine bottles……

            • Send your wine bottles to Europe. They will soon need them for their petol-bombs. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

          • Wine and whiskey bottles should be saved. They make great Molotov cocktail bottles.

            • Be careful the carbonated bottles are way to strong they don’t shatter when they hit. Best is disposable beer bottle, 2/3 gas, 1/3 used oil, paper for wick.

          • All my empty rum bottles are storing over 500 lbs of rice! Split pea and lentils are also stored in them. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!

        • HocusFocus

          Agreed. I got rained out today so I went to get the oil changed in my truck. While there ” good morning american idiots ” was on and then kelly ripa? and some black guy. What a bunch of f*ckin mind garbage. If this is what people ( women and welfare bums ) are sitting around watching every morning it’s no wonder their all on anti-deps. I would be suicidal. Thank God for ass busting construction work.
          PS No offense to good working women.
          PSS Yes I change my own oil but it was raining so F it.

          • No, I have done home health care. They are watching “The Price is Right” and “Family Feud”. Most do not watch the news and get their news through family and friends and the National Enquirer.

        • Noooo, come on, they’re nice ^^

          Dorner was just bullshitting…


        • It seems they are going after the Vets… and now also, the sheriffs, I believe… anyone that poses a challenge to the Maffia-Elite.

        • …and they wonder why they’re getting a hole in their head to match the donut in their hand…

      11. JASPER, Alabama (Reuters) – Thanks largely to the U.S. Federal Reserve, Jeffrey Nelson was able to put up a shotgun as down payment on a car.

        Money was tight last year for the school-bus driver and neighborhood constable in Jasper, Alabama, a beaten-down town of 14,000 people. One car had already been repossessed. Medical bills were piling up.

        And still, though Nelson’s credit history was an unhappy one, local car dealer Maloy Chrysler Dodge Jeep had no problem arranging a $10,294 loan from Wall Street-backed subprime lender Exeter Finance Corp so Nelson and his wife could buy a charcoal gray 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara.

        All the Nelsons had to do was cover the $1,000 down payment. For most of that amount, Maloy accepted Jeffrey’s 12-gauge Mossberg & Sons shotgun, valued at about $700 online.

        In the ensuing months, Nelson and his wife divorced, he moved into a mobile home, and, unable to cover mounting debts, he filed for personal bankruptcy. His ex-wife, who assumed responsibility for the $324-a-month car payment, said she will probably file for bankruptcy in a couple of months.

        • Critics of the Fed say the growth in subprime auto lending is just one of several mini-bubbles the bond-buying program has created across a range of assets – junk bonds, subprime mortgage securities, and others. The yield chase delivered big windfalls to some Wall Street firms and hedge funds holding securities that soared in value. But so much money has flowed into these assets, the critics say, that the markets for some are beginning to resemble the housing boom in the run up to the financial crisis

        • Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan most likely funded Exeter Finance, the sub-prime lender. We can only pray Bernanke still has enough ink and paper to bail these poor Wall Street bankers out.

          Stupid people that count on jobs to make ends meet should think twice about how they are harming these poor bankers.

          • A lot of hedge funds invest in these buy here pay here places-the interest rates charged are very high. They also invest in a lot of the sell your gold places and title pawn operations..

        • ._.



          I have never owned a new car. In my life. But if I was stupid enough to buy something that depreciates by $5000 the very second the tires hit the other side of the dealership driveway… most certainly I would not attempt to do so by hocking random shit for 7% of the downpayment, because I can’t even scrape THAT up…

          • Will never own another new car again– between depreciation, insurance costs and ad valorem taxes doesn’t make sense. I’ll keep the clunker I have– taxes cheap, insurance cheap, kid spills a drink– so what, gets a ding– so what– It gets me from point a to b.. I’m done trying to impress anyone..

            • Me too! I agree with you 100% New cars are a joke! I have friends that have one every other year and they spend a fortune on all the crap that goes with them. It’s just amazing to me how important it is to them to have that new payment. I laugh at them all the time right to their faces and they just don’t get it! Whatever… Fools.

            • Bravo, Chantilly Lady. BRAVO! The mrs spent a few yrs (very early in our marriage) teaching me that ‘shiney stuff only impresses those who own it.’ I finally got it. Just one more lesson in learning to focus on what’s truly important.
              Best to you. keep on preppin’

              • The only ‘shiny stuff’ that impresses me is gold and silver coins, my wedding ring and the glint of new #10 cans on my shelves…just saying.

            • As soon as obummer started flaping his big lipps about how the cost of fuel will necessarily go up and everyone should be buying new high efficiency cars i made up my mind i would drive my F350 4×4 withe the big block ford hog in it till the freakin wheels fall off.

          • You drive a new car off the lot, then park a used car in your driveway.

          • Many years ago I bought a new car. After setting up the financing, the dealer said I needed to pay a down payment. I pulled out my credit card and handed it to him. It took this large dealership a good while to figure out how to handle this. They said nobody had ever tried that before. It did work, but I’ll never buy another one that way.

        • This is classic. Not only did they do the obvious stupid shit, they picked a car manufacturer that went out of business here in the US as well. These mini-bubbles are nothing more than signs of desperate people longing for the way times used to be.

          • Gonetoolong- sad, but true. Bet he wishes he’d done things differently. Lost the wife, lost the car, lost the shotgun….dang I miss that gun!

          • Reminds me of cockroaches.

        • We always did call them Walker county idiots.

      12. The employment situation in this country is like nothing I nor many people I know have ever seen. I’ve been unemployed since 2009, couldn’t find anything in the first 6 months of unemployment– must be something wrong with me, never mind when I got laid off 500K people a week where losing there jobs. Six months later about the same. Yeah some jobs have come back but the mid level professional jobs are what didn’t come back replaced with low level service positions. Can’t get one of those overqualified education wise but under qualified because you haven’t worked in whatever crap retail— since college.

        Employees have become a liability to employers, those still working are doing the jobs of 2-3 people and don’t put up any slack- just where the corporations want them– next best things to slaves. Most of the people I know that have been unemployed are over 40. Corporations don’t want ’em. They want the visa holders which are basically slaves- if you lose your job as a visa holder you are supposed to be out of the country within days (not that they do of course).

        They want the 25-35 age group, that someone has already trained, that is devoid of independent and critical thinkers (read about the group think mentality of Gen Y and Millennials)

        Despite the shortage of nurses- hospitals don’t want to hire recent college grads– gotta have 2 years plus experience on someone else’s dime..

        Hubby’s been saying you gotta make your own job, well I’m working on content for a real unique website. Don’t know what else to do, maybe buy some surplus stuff to sell at the flea market for cash. I sure wouldn’t be risking any amount of cash in a business right now. It scares me to no end to see all the middle age people in my area opening up franchises of different types. Many of whom have lost there jobs and reading between the lines probably cashed out 401s and equity in their house to start. A lot of those will be left with nothing in a year or so when they economy collapses going into 2014-2015 as the impact of Obama Care strangles the country’s retailers, restaurants, etc. that are dependent upon discretionary spending and people having jobs which many will lose from Obama Care.

        I imagine a lot of people saw the articles about Walmart shelves being barren due to staff cutbacks. Its not just there. A lot of the stores I go to these days have no one to help you. I just have to wonder if they are really coming out ahead by cutting labor costs vs. loss of sales and increased losses from shoplifting.

        Scary times…

        • Are you all nutes? Just go get a certification in Software Testing and you’ll have all the jobs you want. Or evena short course in computer programming if you have the acumen and make your own website with some javascript code. If you have a college degree of some sort, then you will be ready to roll. According to brightfuturejobs website, there are literally tens of thousands of tech jobs which no American can do and they have to import people from other countries. I’m sure many on this list could do those if they knew how to apply. Unfortunately, you have to apply directly to the companies and keep a log book of your applications because (IME) these jobs are not posted on majob jobs sites. Some are though.

          • “Just go get a certification in Software Testing and you’ll have all the jobs you want. Or even a short course in computer programming if you have the acumen and make your own website with some javascript code. ”

            FYI, in my experience, software testing is usually outsourced to India FIRST and there is no such a thing as a credible website done in javascript.

            And yea, outsourcing programmers is the scourge of the day. If you have some actual programming experience, they WILL come to you. Holy crap, it’s been years since I updated my resume on dice and monster, I’m on Linked In and I have people emailing me every day, “hey I have this old resume of yours. Your qualifications and experience are a match for my company….”

            But cheer up, you get what you pay for and Indian’s come from a caste society. They are worth exactly how they are trained and what they’re paid.

            • I’m with you on this one, Not So Much. I hold 4 Microsoft Certificates and a BA id computer sci, and yet the only cash I can make from IT is cracking people’s computers for them when they lose their Windows or Mac passwords…actually, I make more doing that, than trying to find some company to work for.

              • My ex-FIL had a degree in Electrical Engineering and is a software developer/programmer. Lost his 120K a year job and took him over a year to find a contract position paying 1/2 of what he was making. Went thru a couple of contract positions and finally landed a longer term contract gig making around 100K. Know of lots of kids right of school with engineering degrees in the Atlanta area waiting tables, accounting majors, IT. What are kids supposed to major in the get a job in their field of study???

                I’m going to look into software testing, sounds interesting.

                • Like I said, be careful. I’ve very rarely worked with onshore testers. You may be spending money that’ll never pay you back.

          • And BTW, programming isn’t as easy as you’d think. I recommended it to a friend once because I think it’s easy. He signed up for some classes and the first one blew his mind.

          • Rod-

            I never knew there was a Software Testing Cert. What would be some certifications that one could get- thru self study, or a class or two and then testing that would be suitable for someone with a business but non technical background that would like to have a shot at a new career in your opinion?

            • Try The classes are all free and you can opt for a certificate of completion. At the very least, it will cost you nothing but some time at your own computer to find out if you have an aptitude for something or not.

              There are others too, just search “online college courses free”

        • @ C.L.

          To give you a heads up on surplus, especially military gear. I have been doing this for years and I can tell you that when you buy in lots, the gear is almost at its life expectency and they want a good penny for it. Go to an ARMY/Navy store and look at what they have brought at these military auctions. Gun shows have increased their prices, same as ammo for the same stuff that was at the last show. Even the flea market sellers have done the same. Ammo cans of various sizes have doubled and some seals are bad. One thing for sure most of it has dried up. That’s a plus for me.

        • I am a business owner as well. I will do anything I can and wear more hats now to keep from hiring anyone. I don’t want 1) the unforeseen obligations and costs coming down the pike and 2) to feel responsible for someone else’s life as I nitpick hours shooting for efficiency. I don’t plan an any new hires unitl I see a better, more secure picture going foreward. Unfortunately, I feel this could be a while and my mindset has changed accordingly.

          • sorry gone! was supposed to be thumbs up!

          • @gonetoolong,
            There is also the added benefit of being able to run your overhead down to almost nothing and thus be able to still conduct business. Depends on needs of the business of course but i have been up against the same stuff, its amazing how many people have told me i have an obligation to provide jobs and food for the public,
            Thats why that collectivist crap makes me want to puke!

        • There are some industrial jobs available, have to keep the war machine going, you know…

        • Chantilly Lady, your husband is right. You can make a job. I tell young people that all the time.

          I quit my job years ago and made my own. I do a lot of different things that add up financially. I have my own websites to promote much of what I do. I work on genealogy for clients, clean up computers, install hardware and software, tutor people on computer software, administer a church website, compile and print family photo books, sell genealogy books I have written, scan photos and negatives, put old tapes and records on CD, and copy old videotapes and camcorder tapes to DVD. I have done some major camcorder projects (20 DVDs in one project).

          Half my income last year came from genealogy, but I’m currently doing pretty well creating the photo books. I scan photos, arrange them on pages in WordPerfect, add captions, convert the pages to PDF files, print them out on good photo paper, insert the pages in archival clear sheet protectors, and put them in a notebook. I also compile the client’s genealogy and print out reports to include in the back of the notebook. I pass out my business cards to everyone and put stacks of them in local businesses that allow it.

          Having multiple income streams means that something is going on all the time. I am currently creating a new website for someone based on WordPress. I am also working on genealogy for a couple of people, and I will be printing a photo album for the sister of one of them who lives in another state. I am busy as I want to be. When it gets dry enough outside, I will be back in the garden. I sell black walnuts, herbs, peppers, and whatever else anyone wants. I have entirely too much stuff, so I have a yard sale occasionally. I undercharge a little for everything I do. Most people feel guilty about the low bill and pay me extra, even above what I really wanted. So everyone is happy.

          I am almost old enough for Social Security, and I don’t want to be a greeter at Wal-Mart.

          I’m certain you can find a number of things you can do to bring in cash. If you try any crafts, be warned that you can’t get much for your time. So if you do a craft, make sure that it takes as little time as possible per item. And you can work on some crafts during short periods of time that might otherwise be wasted. My wife knits anytime we ride in the car, or have to wait at a doctor’s office.

          Buy from local businesses, and they will buy from you or use your services.

        • Times are hard for most working people I know; they are worried about the future, if they’ll keep their jobs, and how they’re going to pay their bills. When I try to teach them a few basic skills they give up because “it’s too hard” (to keep a garden);they want me to can for them and they would rather go brain-dead watching some mindless TV show. But they are stuck in the “it won’t happen to me” syndrome. I feel sorry for them, but I’ve quietly moved on and left them to their self pity.

      13. David Stockman,former Reagan budget advisor’s investment strategy

        “DS: My investing model is ABCD: Anything Bernanke Cannot Destroy: flashlight batteries, canned beans, bottled water, gold, a cabin in the mountains.”

      14. my trigger finger is itchin’ .

        • Wtf? Then type type away.

        • Not really. The guy is a fruit loop survivalist that’s been breaking into people’s ‘bug out cabins’ for several years.

      15. If possible, get all debts paid. Get the mortgage done if you have the means to do so.

        • Depends, if your up to your eyeballs in CC debt and upside down on your mortgage youll be better to default and save your cash till it comes full circle, then walk!

          • While I dont advocate what you’re suggesting because it’s stealing, I’ve worked in several industries surrounding mortgages for over a decade – including the now infamous Countrywide.

            Depending on the specifics of your mortgage, you can get away with staying in a house and not paying the mortgage for YEEEAAAARRRS.

            I worked at a default servicing kind of company once and they were dealing with people that hadn’t paid a mortgage payment in over 3 years – and had NO active plans to evict.

            • While an argument could be made that banks steal from people, I certainly see the value of your point. No one can accuse me of doing any of that, and I find that a good reputation to have.

              • I think I make the point simply because if/when econ collapse does darken our shores, There’s a high probability that there wont be many evictions because the property will simply sit there empty.

                I’m sorta hoping that’s the case rather than throw everyone into the street, but I doubt that will be my situation. I have a very nice house in a very nice place and I have a LOT of equity in it. 3 strikes…

            • I have an email friend whose been in her Az. home for almost two years and not paid one cent to BofA.

              Of course, she has signed on to the lawsuit with the lawyer in New York suing BofA also.

            • @notsomuch,

              Why evict when you can charge Fannie and Freddie to service the loan they have been paid on. Besides that you keep them in there on the pretense of a loan modification they have the hope of staying and will keep the place up. Freddie won’t even file a notice of default unless they go a full 12 months with out one payment. One payment and the calendar year starts over. Now they have the government guaranteed loans for house underwater. Chase Bank is re-doing mortgages going from a 30 year loan to a 40 year loan just to bring the payments down and keep the homeowners in the house. Crazy stuff.


              • Add Quicken Loans to that plan–ads are on my radio daily.

              • I’m looking for a sixty-year loan right now.

              • Oh indeed. Like I said, there’s lots of things that go into who gets to stay in the house they ain’t payin’ for.

                But typically, if there’s equity, you’re out on your ass.

            • @notsomuch
              Was just sayin,

              Personally i dont have any ccs and no mortgage and never will again!

              • You’re lucky my friend.

                Mortgages are my only debt.

          • In your loan docs, it is very clearly stated (not verbatim) that if you as the lendee fail to make good on your mortgage payments for a period of time, the lender (bank,etc) whoever owns the note, can take that asset back.

            • Not if they don’t have access to the original paperwork.
              Like when BofA bought Countrywide, bundles million dollars worth of mortgages together, and lost the court filings.

      16. Our Tax payers monies

        David Montoya, the inspector general of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, says of $700 million in missing taxpayer money that Louisiana homeowners were given in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to elevate and protect their homes from future storms.

        “Considering there was just under $1 billion earmarked for this particular program and there’s $700 million that wasn’t used for that, I’d give it a very low D,” he says.

        • Not that I condone taking taxpayer money and pocketing it or using it for something it wasn’t intended for, but what did Montoya expect given the examples of the bank and other fraud that has gone unpunished over the last 30-40 years?

      17. YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — Underground tanks that hold a stew of toxic, radioactive waste at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site pose a possible risk of explosion, a nuclear safety board said in advance of confirmation hearings for the next leader of the Energy Department.

      18. wont be for awhile yet-
        obama is in campain mode , with his sights set on filling the house and senate with socialist democraps.
        he still has alot of laws to pass thru the exec branch;).

        so i believe we will not see a collapse before the 2014 midterm elections . after that , game on!

        just my homespun opinion .

        • My opinion as well. However, Obama is good, but he is not that good. I believe these administrations can somewhat steer the bull but sometimes it gets to being more like herding cats. All sorts of different shits could hit the fan at this point. I actually hope that something gets set off before he completes his agenda. We can get things rock bottomed on our terms and then rebuild America the correct way.

        • I’ve been telling everyone that will listen this same thing since last November.

      19. “So…like…is this bad…or something? Like should we be worried or something…”

        • ‘like…totally’

        • …yeah, worried about Kartrashian’s baby bump and who’s leaving dancing with the stars next…

      20. Cyprus was their beta test.

        Chris Dorner was a fascinating case study in media distortion, police corruption, and asymmetric warfare. Interesting to see the outcome of pitting a trained individual against TPTB.

      21. Confiremd at the Hedge,

        “Hagel Deploys Missile Defense System Amid “Real, Clear Danger” From North Korea”

        As always, though, it’s the case that when the right hand is doing ‘something’ don’t
        FORGET to pay ettention to the LEFT. Y’All KNOW that they never ‘waste’ a perfectly
        good crisis, Eh?


        And the hits just keep COMIN’…THIS just up at Business Insider, NOW,

        No comment neccessary here, Eh?


      22. “When” will happen? Other charts(CPI, BDI) support the impending crash. My guess would be in next 12 months, but could be sooner if there is another surprise in Europe or the fat little dick~tater in N Korea does something stupid. The housing market is being pushed by people doing what this site preaches, buying hard assets. Once these folks have reallocated their assets the housing market will soften.

        • “Germany’s economy slowed to “near stagnation” last month, while France’s recorded its biggest contraction for four years, according to a closely watched survey.”

      23. George Orwell, 1984, Ch.9…

        War, it will be seen, is now a purely internal affair. In the past, the ruling groups of all countries, although they might recognize their common interest and therefore limit the destructiveness of war, did fight against one another, and the victor always plundered the vanquished. In our own day they are not fighting against one another at all. The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact. The very word “war”, therefore, has become misleading. It would probably be accurate to say that by becoming continuous war has ceased to exist. In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance. The problem was how to keep the wheels of industry turning without increasing the real wealth of the world. Goods must be produced, but they need not be distributed. And in practice the only way of achieving this was by continuous warfare. The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.
        In principle the war effort is always so planned as to eat up any surplus that might exist after meeting the bare needs of the population. In practice the needs of the population are always underestimated, with the result being that there is a chronic shortage of half the necessities of life; but this is looked upon as an advantage. It is deliberate policy to keep even the favored groups somewhere near the brink of hardship, because a general state of scarcity increases the importance of small privileges and thus magnifies the distinction between one group and another.

        ***This was written in 1934. Almost 80 years later, it seems to be the screenplay for society today.***

        The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites.
        We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

        • It’s not enough to just obey big brother Winston,you must love him too. Now,how many fingers am I holding up?

          • “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” ― George Orwell, 1984

          • Five 🙂

        • Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.
          G O

      24. this situation is continuing to develop

        New Bird Flu Strain Creates Fear And Surveillance

        ““I can tell you this thing is real and definitely has the markings of being a killer,” says Jason Tetro, coordinator of the Emerging Pathogens Research Centre in Ottawa, which on Monday examined gene sequences from three of China’s H7N9 cases.”

        and of particular concern
        when SARS hit China
        they lied and covered it up for the longest time
        are they doing the same thing now ??
        I trust the Chinese government just about as much as I trust ours
        which is to say
        “not a hell of a lot”

      25. Finx, F#$% you! Go somewhere else with your MSM drivel. Go F#$% yourself!

      26. You can’t have a “jobless recovery”. Too many jobs shipped overseas. We are in the $ death spiral.

      27. the Chinese can most definitely not be trusted on this latest
        flu outbreak

        H7N9 bird flu kills 2 in China; concerned scientists are monitoring,0,4324207.story

        “He said he was concerned that Chinese health officials had not shared everything they knew about the outbreak and might be trying to minimize reports of its severity.

        The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention posted a FAQ about H7N9 on March 31, the same day officials reported three illnesses and two deaths. News of the additional four cases emerged Wednesday, reportedly after a hospital staffer leaked a patient’s diagnosis on social media.”

        enough said…

      28. a great book on the 1918 flu pandemic is

        THE GREAT INFLUENZA by John Barry

        lets hope that is never repeated

      29. HI, I’m starting to feel like Edward G. in SOYLENT GREEN, I keep thinking years after the SHTF I will look at a fresh veggie start to cry, and wonder how we all let it go to hell! Escape to the country now! there is still time for the safety of your family – you must move soon!

      30. Wow just look at the market…
        Gold down
        Silver down
        Copper, corn, BDI, JPM
        All dropping
        RTN & LLL defense contractors up

        • This is the deflation before the spike.

          • Buy now or forever do without?

      31. screw all this crap and on to more important sutff like who is on Dancing with the Stars and American Idol???
        Ya better be prepared cause the preppers aint gonna share, they got theirs and you better have yours, or your FU_KED.

        • Thanks drbuzzsaw, I forgot American Idol is on tonight. Don’t forget to vote. Results tomorrow night. 🙂


          • BigB I always vote for the African Negroes because they are always so oppressed.

      32. I agree with Max Keiser this April 15th thru the 20th will be game over. Cause the Fed. Gov. will NOT take in from taxes anywhere near what they expect. The economy is that bad and instead of the 2.2 Trillion Dollars they expect they will only bring in 1.6 or 1.7 Trillion Dollars and then it’s game over. Next our credit will be down graded by several notches (to just above junk bond status) and then our interest will go sky high on our 16 + Trillion we owe and we will not be able to pay that, and that will be crash time. So by May it will start to look like Nigeria around here.
        Any way, any time, you know it’s coming, so get ready.

      33. @ Mac. Have you been able to refine that article I sent you to make it a good quality article for others to read? I am really on this about the 99% of the masses and the shear foolishness of those that don’t prepare. The people that the government has made and wants to begin the enslavement process of the human race. I at least think that people would like to read it sometime.

        • it’s already solid as is.. will likely get it online by Friday..sorry for the delay BI

          • @ Mac. Just please correct any grammar or spelling errors as I get to writing and I lose myself in ideas and my deficiencies in English skills become all too apparent. No problem with the delay, I know how busy you are, I just wanted to make sure someday others could read it. Thank you again for running this site, one of the last ones with true freedom.

      34. Posts not going through. Oh well. Just wanted to say silver is at $27.11. I’m sure most of you know that. Some may not.

        • “Support our troops”

          Aren’t you glad you put those ribbons on your back window? Still think you beloved meatheads do no wrong?

      35. I hate to change the subject, but did anyone else see the headline on “Conspiracies Believed in US”. Read the article and the wording. The article makes a distinction between Republicans, Independents, and Democrats and who believes what “conspiracies”. It attempts to sound objective and non-biased, but I’m not so sure. Sounds like more demonizing of those who aren’t following the prescribed program.

        • Public Policy Polling, a young company founded by a Democratic businessman, surveyed 1,247 registered voters…..well, I know we cannot trust this as an unbiased poll.

      36. Has anybody seen my car keys?

        • I think Ted Kennedy took ’em. Said he was going to the car wash….

          • The one across the bridge?

      37. BI, good evening, once again, right on target. burt, good to heqar from you again, and to both of you, I am proud and honored to be part of the 1% that think, are truly aware, and prep. I gave up long ago trying to convince others to wake up; it’s like talking to a wall. they can think whatever they please about me. I don’t care. it’s only a matter of time before this house of cards comes crashing down. I’m continuing prepping all the way to the last minute. BI, the scenario you outlined could very well come true, i’m sorry to say. let them come after me; they better bring enough body bags for themselves. braveheart

      38. If that employment rate were a stock chart, only a day trader would pick it up. No one in their right mind would go Long.

        Oh wait….

        • U.S. banks have 10.8 in deposits.
          FDIC has 33 billion in insurance. OOps!!

          • 10.8 Trillion in deposits
            33 billion in insurance.

            I never was great in math, but these government and banker mathmaticians would have failed any math class I ever took.

      39. No worries here. I’m canning potatoe’s and checking my cabbage;0)

      40. Knew this was coming but it is so sad that this is starting with cancer patients and NOT Obama-phone candidates mooching off the system.

        Just wait until this is food stamps and other freebies…or people unable to get more of their psychiatric/anxiety/depression meds. There is WAY too much tension in the air right now…something will snap.


        keep an eye on EUROPE , ISREAHELL and the FEDERAL RESERVE .



      42. Just putting it out there,,I think one of the best post-shtf barter items that I haven’t seen posted,
        would be hand cranked radio….I know I know,besides a emp attack,what would people who don’t have generators or solar , pay to stay tuned?

        Just a thought …

        • Yeah, got my Baygen Freeplay, we can all listen to the propaganda organs…

      43. @ Not so Much. I think you totally misinterpreted and failed to understand what I was trying to say. One of the number rules of a prepper/survivalist is to plan and be able to adapt to ALL possibilities of what the world has to throw at them. With what I wrote above in no way to I subscribe to Stalin anything, he was a monster. However the enemies of those that want to be free absolutely DO. This was my point, that while everyone is focused on one scenario of an economic collapse, something horrible that few expected can certainly happen.

        Sometime watch the movie “Fortress” and see just how society can de-evolve to a police state that anyone that doesn’t conform to society’s rules are imprisoned in a nightmare with explosive charges put into their bodies to prevent escape. Watch how private companies totally run the penal system. Watch how people that commit no crimes are put away to die out of sight of the world. This can happen because upwards to 99% of the people don’t care anymore about freedom anymore. It is far easier to allow the government to do their own thinking for them.

        IF nothing physical happens to drop the everyday whims of those 99% that don’t prepare, the government could supply them with what they need while they change over into a futuristic type of something you see in terrible science fiction movies and novels. In which the people have lost their will to be free. The 1% are the ones that remain a problem for the government. Yes, all the while preppers/survivalists and freedom cherishing people are labeled insurrectionists, rebels, revolutionaries, terrorists, criminals, (the bad guys).

        This is a possibility that the prepper/freedom seeker must face and at least think about. I don’t like it, but I wrote about it because it is something that is one of the most difficult scenarioes to deal with. A prepper is well prepared for a physical collapse of civilization. Most preppers would extremely dislike the events I talked about above for good reasons, because 99% of the society and the government bad guys are against us and possibly hunting us down in a society that has remained physically intact. Denying this could not happen will only make it that much more difficult to survive IF it does happen.

        • Hi BI: I agree with your profound view of how easily OB will control the 99, but I expect everyone to receive federal or other mail informing us how we will qualify for the new, ’emergency’ benefits if we will declare that we have no stacks, no preps, no garden, no off-grid solar, no water filtering, no home-defense, no bug-out capability or plans – and what is a good date for the federal agent to arrive for our home interview?

          But I haven’t seen any of your counsel on what to do: the wealthy 1% just have to go expat, but what do us poor 1% do? If I have missed this could you give us some direction, or put some counsel in your ongoing posts: OB is tearing America apart, and many of us feel like we’re going to end up in two or more pieces in his balkanized, shredded America.

        • BI, you make yourself perfectly clear most of the time. Some people just have to find something to pick at, so they ‘re-context’ a long post to suit their needs. There is no reason to defend your views to the finx’ out there…they just don’t get it and it don’t matter.

          • “There is no reason to defend your views to the finx’ out there…they just don’t get it and it don’t matter.”

            Yup…got it.right-toe…perfect +1 Brother!

            See BI, I’m NOT the only one who thinks like that? 😉


            • BI, sixpack said it correctly and with Just, I agree. You are long winded but appreciated for your thoughts. Keep it going and don’t fret the opinions of (as sixpack says) the finx.

              • by the way; I meant long winded as a compliment. There are 3 of you long writers here, where I’ll read each word typed with appreciation.
                You’re ok in my book.

          • @ sixpack. It is puzzling how certain people could somehow think that I am not totally on their side and the side of the people here. I guess looking way outside the box that sometimes people don’t see it that way. Truly I got to thinking about BO and the long line of Executive Orders he keeps signing and I thought about the Executive Order that allows the goverment to seize all farmland, I can’t remember the exact number of it. This can be done with so much of the infrastructure from communications and the internet to anything that they can lie about that must be taken over.

            I can see BO or even a future president using these Executive Orders to issue in Martial Law. So many of the masses would believe that this has to be done with a believable lie. This is what is so frustrating, the masses believe anything and willingly go along with anything that sounds good. I can see something just like my comment developing because the 99% have lost almost total touch with common sense and reality, and that is what is so frightening that this could happen.

            • I think I read they’re all numbered in the TEN THOUSANDS or so

      44. Anyone tried the oven canning stuff. I had some biscuits made with some mix oven canned in 1997 was just like out of a new box.

        Keep the FAITH

        • I oven canned meal, flour, and pancake mix Sept., 2011.
          Check it often and it seems sealed and okay.

        • About six months ago I canned some bread in the oven in wide mouth pint jars. It’s still good, so very shortly I’ll be doing another batch. The problem with it is that the shape of the loaf isn’t good for sandwiches.

          The bread comes out of the jar in the shape of the jar, I turn the loaf on it’s side and slice it about three eights of an inch thick. Brush some garlic butter on it, sprinkle some parmesan cheese on it, toast it under the broiler and have it with diner.

          • When canning bread, if your recipe calls for egg, then substitute it a product called “knox”. Two table spoons of water to one pack of knox = one egg.

            • Unflavored Gelatine.
              1 tsp. unflavored gelatin + 3 TB cold water.
              Then add 2 TB hot water.
              Equals one egg.

              • Thanks JayJay

      45. While I don’t disagree with your premise that we have reached the terminus of the current economic model, I do take exception with the data you are using to justify your premise. Employment Rate data is widely known and has been bobbing along now for several years, and rail car loadings are still trending upward over the long run.



        When the US Collapses…we…the people with all the guns will
        put all the dems in the fema camps.
        I’m just kidding here…but it’s a funny thought.
        All these people trying to mess with our lives.

        We’re armed…they are not…


        • Since at least 95% of African Blacks, and an average rate of 86% of Jewsih voters always have voted democrat, that makes you an Antisemiteic-Racist. Please stop such hate!

      47. troubling

        “Usually, virologists wouldn’t expect such a virus to jump over and kill people, Brown said, but “this one breaks the rule.” The key to its ability to do so, he added, may have to do with the H9N2 with which it combined, which has been deadly in people in the past.

        “It has some features about it that make it more virulent,” Brown said. “Now you’ve transferred the history of that lineage to the H7N9.” (The deadly H5N1 bird flu also has a similar genealogy, he said.)”

        H7N9 bird flu kills 2 in China; concerned scientists are monitoring,0,4324207.story

        • Don’t be surprised if one of the dirty little secrets with these avian virus mutations tracks back into Monsanto-land or Baxter.

          • damn skippy

      48. I look at this NK thing this way. If China and or Russia where not behind this; little round man he would be taking a dirt nap by now. He makes something happen, an EMP, BIO, or even a NUKE HIT here comes the HORDS. If he fails and is taken out by the U S, no big lost, they will just try something else.

        Keep the FAITH

      49. BI
        You are a bright guy but you have a tendency to be a drama queen. Try posting something that is not demoralizing sometime.

      50. Repost,

        STILL think everything is fine? Read this at Business Inider,

        REPORT: Soros Has Asked To Pull Hundreds Of Millions From Bill Ackman

        Coincidentally, George Soros, AKA “Star Wars, the DARK EMPEROR” wants a BUNCH
        of his money BACK….funny timing huh? Looks like the Emperor wants to GET his
        ‘skin’ OUT of the game…I WONDER why?


      51. We are moving in a week, so I hope nothing happens until I refill my water containers. I have been using them in my washing machine, so I don’t waste my hard work.
        but on the other hand I am tired of this kicking the can shit, and am ready for the beginning of the end.

      52. RE: Korea, China, Russia and the US.

        The game is over between china and the US.
        They won’t buy our debt and we do not have the funds to buy their plastic crap.
        So they build up markets with Russia.

        Now…their new export will be war with the US.

        China has a big oil refinery coming online in Saudi Arabia.

        China has also been stocking all it needs to wage war on the US.

        So they told Korea to start something and they will finish it.

        When the US Dollar collapses the UN will bring in Chinese and Russian “peace keepers”.

        Game over.

        At that point.. I should be open season on dems for disarming us.
        Dems are Traitors and should be dealt as such when this all goes down.

        The Pro Repub. gun folks should step up the dems = commie concepts.
        Make these fuckers fear us.

        You watch…I’m right.
        The end of the Petro dollar is going down this decade.

        I’ll say this…
        China should get their heads screwed on straight…
        We are still the most armed nation….
        They’s still have to fly or ship their people over here to kick ass….

        Anti gun is just Anti American.
        It’s clear a Commie take over is underway.

        • Damned straight.

          Boycott Colorado. Colorado has more than its share of commies. Those fools think they can pass unlawful gun control laws and that communism will keep them safe.

      53. I’ve got to post this joke by someone on yahoo named “Jefery”…

        Ralph was driving home one evening and realized that it was his daughter’s birthday and he hadn’t bought her a present.

        He drove to the mall and ran to the toy store and he asked the store manager, “How much is that new Barbie in the window?”

        The Manager replied, “Which one? We have Barbie goes to the gym for $19.95, Barbie goes to the Ball for $19.95, Barbie goes shopping for $19.95, Barbie goes to the beach for $19.95, Barbie goes to the Nightclub for $19.95, and Divorced Barbie for $375.00.”

        The man was astonished. “Why is the Divorced Barbie $375.00 when all the others are $19.95?!?”, Ralph asked surprised. The Manager replies, “Well, Divorced Barbie comes with Ken’s car, Ken’s House, Ken’s boat, Ken’s dog, Ken’s cat and Ken’s furniture.”

      54. I’m just holding out and keeping cool until the entire (former) middle class hasn’t eaten for a week post-SHTF….

        when the government’s empty promises ring hollow….when the police are no longer there to respons…when fires burn out of control and trash piles high in the streets…when the stores have been looted empty and the roads have become impassable…. when a tank full of gas is the equivalent of goldmine…when once-proud women consider prostitution themselves to feed their children and when the banks are empty and commerce has frozen across this once-great land… when the minorities have risen-up violently against whom they consider priviliged and when our once-subsidized undoccumented “guest laborers” have either attacked us or fled back across the border…

        then and ONLY then will all of the people witness the naked truth of where our “elected leadership” has intentionally steered us since JFK was assinated.

        But they’ll all be too busy combing through the scraps of this corpse of a country for food and the means to keep alive to notice.

        Russia had it easy when it collapsed…everybody there but the 1% already expected to have to scramble to survive.

        • Yes, indeed, commie JFK didn’t start it nor did commie FDR. It goes back to Lincoln and then Wilson.

          Stalinist commies everywhere.


        US govt. preparing for collapse.

        I saw one of these today, it was labeled FBI.

        There’s no way you can fight what is coming.

        So… shelter in place.
        Make sure your wealth is in silver.
        Gold will be nationalized.
        Prep up.
        Have your survival garden in place.
        Be armed.

        The cities will just riot.

        This is a commie take over.

        • Make no mistake aboaut it. All .gov agencies are full of Stalinist commies. The higher up their ‘authority’ the more powerful the commie, they think.

          Commies think they can pick up a turd by the clean end.

          Time to flush.



        MY THOUGHTS…

        Chem trails designed to mess up the weather and cause a food shortage.
        Massive credit extension to bankrupt everyone…individuals and govt.
        Dollar to be collapsed.
        Agenda 21…with all their “flavors” of it… Private property surrendered.

        Ammo up!

      57. Its Bitcoin not con. If you were to read you would realize its something the American government is terrified about because they cannot sieze assets of someone with an account, nor can they tell who has one. Its a real currency, one of the few, that is backed by something. Even if it is just the price of electricity to build a Bitcoin. Its safer then a bank, more and more places are accepting it and if you want to do online transaction in privacy it is a way to do it.

        Also, stock prices are not just going up because of corporate earnings. Ben is printing money like made, its not doing anything, so the big guys put it in the market which is beating inflation and Treasury bonds. A bit of research before putting out a thesis is always a good idea.



      59. On, not one hijacker was from Iraq nor Afghanistan but 15 of the 19 were from Saudi Arabia. Under GWB watch the national debt went from $5 to $12 trillion dollars from congressional budget office to General Accounting Office. The same GWB told Al Gore during the presidential debate in 2000 on budgetary matters ” it’s fuzzy numbers.” GWB should never have been voted. I voted against him it was moral thing to do when he wasn’t as qualified as Dan Quayle how could’nt spelled ” potato.”

        • And commie bommie thinks there are 57 states.

          Put all .gov’s names in a hat and pull out their names one by one and you’ve got a sonofabitch and a Stalinist commie.

          Stack ammo high.

      60. And They want US to give up our Guns……


      61. CO Dem Doesn’t Understand High-Capacity Magazines Can Be Reloaded

        Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO): “I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.” (April 2, 2013, Denver Post forum)

        Where do they find these morons? and why are they “representing” any one or any thing?

        oh, notice to, another Democrat showing their lack of intel..Mind you the Republicans are also a scar on this countries government..Its time we get rid of them all and start a do over because its too late,,..( notice i dint say “before” its too late)

        I just cant wrap my mind around this stupidity

        • HA! I LOVE this. I saw the video this morning. I am not at all amazed that the people making these suggestions have NO f’in CLUE what they are talking about. I am laughing as I type this post. Haaaaa…..

      62. @ Mac Slavo

        Good Morning.
        When reading all the comments on nuclear,biological and chemical threats, would it be possible to discuss that subject in more detail here at SHTF. We mostly think in terms of tear gas and pepper spray but many are unprepared as to the real nasties. As I have stated before the process is complicated in decontamination but procedures can be followed to lower the risk, if that can be said. Maybe a good source is the way Isreal handles the threat as they lived under a NBC attack.
        I have used the M17 and M5? gas masks, painters masks and OBA,(Oxygen Breathing Apparatus)but there more products to be considered.
        Being Ex-military and have worked around harmful industrial vapors, I do understand the subject more than most people. What this stuff does to you.
        The use of Chemical Weapons was so unnerving that they band it after the First World War. That ought to tell you something.
        You can get way with a flashlight,bottle of water and some batteries for awhile but NBC there is no room for error.


        • Full disclosure, I have iOSAT tablets, N95 masks, and gas masks with the proper filters.

          But in the event of a nuclear exchange it’s questionable where you’re going to be able to go quickly enough to get out of any blast radius and lacking any communications know which way to go.

          As a result, I’ve done what I can to prepare for it, ham anc cb radios in the safe (faraday cage), proper medications, charts of typical prevailing wind patterns, known nuclear plants and bases known to hold nuclear munitions.

          But it’s still going to be a crap shoot.

          • @HAW
            I often wish there was a flash drive I could plug into my head, download and pass it on. We are probably close on that tech. Untill then I bang on this keyboard and hope I deliver a cohesive thought on prepping issues.
            Trying to put myself in the battlefield where the warning, Gas,Gas,Gas, is sounded and having to put on chem gear in 100 degree temperature and then staying in that gear for long periods of time. What warning will we have, if any. Imagine an itch, eyelash in your eye or even a fireant inside your mask? How many will resist the notion to rid themselves of the irritant, risking death.
            This is really tough on me to bring to light.

      63. While the US burns–in N Dakota, “Republicans have voted to make it illegal to sell or loan any underwear that does not cover at least 50% of the wearer’s buttock cheeks.”

        At least voters will have a chance at the ballot to shoot this down. And they wonder why the Party can’t get more people to vote for them.. LMAO!!

        • I want the job of checkng on what some of the people are wearng, just to be sure they aren’t breakng the law. Oh Lord please brng; Jane, Loni, and Carol back.

      64. The longer things go on, e more of a genius I believe Matt Bracken is. His novel Enemies Forieign and Domestic could pass today for investigative journalism.

      65. On this Martial Law Thing. How many Government thugs would it take to implement it? 100,000, 500,000, or a Million who knows? Now look at the size of the Lower United States 2,959,064 Sq. Miles.

        A little perspective; Iraq 169,234 Sq. miles, Afghan 251,772 Sq. miles, so you see just a little chunk of ground to cover. For me the only way is You Guessed It, DRONES.

        Now if only 5% (15,000,000) of the people say, screw you government, one big tuff job to control that many people now wouldn’t you say. Look at the size of the force it would take just to lock down the cities.

        Implementing Martial Law would be a very HUGE under taking, let alone enforcing it. They will have to do something to control the people. Now comes as BI has said; A MAJOR HEATH PROBLEM FOR THE MASS’S, make them sick where they cannot FIGHT BACK. This is what I feel will happen here in the U.S.


        Keep the FAITH

        • Brilliant, Watchman…and much cheaper than arming and paying for martial law.

      66. With the sequester, government spending is being slowed down a little, but there are no real cuts. Government overseers are making sure they cut things that are most visible so the sheeple will cry out for the “cuts” to end. Big Brother wants everybody to think they can’t survive without him. The sad part is that many people rely completely on the government.

      67. Too many comments are hidden on this post.
        Why do you have to qualify each and every post? It’s the posts that have been hidden that I want to read.

        • Daniel, comments are hidden because so many of Us have highjacked this website in order to Hide posted comments we disagree with. As an example, all posts with ANY negative mention about African Blacks, Mexicans and Jewish people will be quickly thumbed Down!

          That is because this site doesn’t need any negative comments about those type people period. And it has zero to do with weather or not such post comments are true or not. All that matters to Me and others here like Me is that we stop all such negative racist or antisemitic posts from being visable.

          Too many White persons have came here and posted many such comments and We are finally ending it. From Now on, any posters here who make any such comments WILL be down thumbed Pronto! Like I said it matters not at all if they post truth or include links that can prove they are correct. No more negative, anti black or Jewish or Mexican comments are allowed Period!

          However, I do agree Fully 100% whenever a poster comments on how terrible all muslims are. So I have informed my buddys here to allow negative or anti muslimist comments. Muslims deserve whatever anyone says about them as they are all evil. Got it?

      68. I am really nervous for what I am about to say. Fact is, it is better to be forwarned and Kulafarmer touched on it.
        Do you know how many chemical products we have in our household that are dangerous? Turn it up a notch and all you garden and planters know what you are using to kill those creepy crawlers?
        Mull that around in your head.

        • A little will go a long way.

        • So why have those chemicals in your house?
          I am getting ready to spray my weeds in the flower beds with vinegar, an effective, eco-friendly answer to Roundup which I threw away a long time ago.
          Undiluted kills weeds overnight. Use 2 or 5 gallon buckets to cover plants that need to stay.

      69. Anyone else on here tap Maple trees for the syrup?

        just getting started with this, this year, have a few on my property..learning as I go.

        Any advice welcome.

        • It takes a really large amount of sap to make a little syrup. Also, the sugar maple is best, but you can tap any type of maple. I don’t have any maple trees, but I might try planting some for later.

      70. Well,

        This morning’s ‘print’ on the unemployment figure dydn’t come out well….expected to come in at 353K, instaed it was acrually 385k….it just keeps going downhill Guy’s.

        Their not even bothering to try to lie about it.


      71. BITCOIN is VIRTUAL money, new digital cash, and a new Revolutionary currency.
        Jim Rogers & Dr Faber has complained about massive printing of dollars and has caused many crises, the dollar becomes worthless, now useless. It’s simply just that and that’s the entire PURPOSE.
        1. EASY CREDIT for credit expansion is not the main problem; it’s one of the tools so lenders can print money. This is NOT to help people to get cars or student loans. It’s just helping the lenders to be exact and to steal your resources and your land.
        2. Another tool is to create massive spending, for example more expensive programs to create debt ( such as wars and social programs aka/ it’s called democracy or liberty in action ). They are very effective tools to create infinite debt.
        3. Easy credit for CAR LOANS is not the main reason for the collapse. Transportation should be available for all people. However, Air force one and Limousine to corrupt politicians at taxpayers’ expense.
        4. Easy credit for STUDENT LOANS should not be another main reason for the collapse. Education should be free for everyone, instead of only for a few who are in-charge.

        🙁 Since Capitalism was controlled and manipulated by bankers, wallstreet and their agents, therefore, it’s no longer a free market.


        The collapse of the US for the new system and Britain, Russia, etc. with the new leaders and/or a new system is on its way since agents keep telling you about the “POST-COLLAPSE” which the gov’t can afford this and that.

        The first collapse was an experiment during the 14th century in the entire western world (Britain, France, Italy, Germany, etc…) during the BUBONIC PLAGUE or BLACK DEATH. People believe that’s when the FIRST Bio-terrorism weapon was used. 🙁 During this time of Anarchy (their gov’ts did not have police or soldiers), and the citizens were ill and dying; but at the same time their citizens were robbed and killed during the black death period.

        The new immigrants moved in since the 14th century, and America will experience the same thing, but much worse. 🙁 Democracy now for liberty is taking a turn for the worse. Every country will have the worst changes that you’ve ever seen.

      72. FUN FACTS ;0p

        Over 30,000 people are reported shot to death every year in the United States. This is while about 4.5 million firearms are annually sold across the country at a cost of two to three billion dollars.

        According to the University of Chicago Crime Lab and the Centers for Disease Control, the US has an average of 87 deaths each day as the result of gun violence, with an average of 183 injured.




        • About 18,000 of the 30,000 are suicides which is a terrible waste of a firearm. Damn if your planning on checking out I do thank you for going alone and not taking the unwilling with you however you won’t be needing your guns afterword so may I please have them?

      73. If I don’t see it, it ain’t real… Bitcoin exists in ones and zeros. Anything with bytes can be hacked and taken in miliseconds. At least with fiat money I can wipe my behind when it goes down. PMs will help after the crash and the B’s are ready for the rest. The sky’s not falling just yet, but soon, I feel…

        • Wow, the bitcoin may be falling…

          I didn’t think bithacking would start so soon…

          And btw, the sky is falling, as sleet here, in the smokes…

      74. kinda like my paycheck ??

        direct deposit
        I never actually touch it

        debit card
        on line payments
        on line transfers
        etc etc

        my “money” is nothing but a bunch of pixels on a screen !

        • looks like my bank is under ANOTHER denial of service attack

          this is a regular thing now

          can’t get to my pixelated money !!!

          good thing the pantry is well stocked
          and the car full of gas

      75. Totally off topic but wanted to give everyone an update:

        I am in Northern VA, very near to Quantico Marine Corp base. My house has been shaking from the blasting or “target practice” they have been doing for the last two days. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the situation in Korea but they are doing non-stop target practice.

        Still trying to get out of here (DC Metro area) before it all falls apart but my hopes are sinking :-(.

        God bless and keep prepping.

        Southern Gal

        • Have you lived in same spot long? If so, is this normal or have you experienced in past?

          • It is rare for Quantico to be “booming” as much as it is. I have lived here for almost three years and I have NEVER heard as much “target” practice as I have heard in the last two days. IT IS NON STOP. Every great once in a while we will hear some “target practice” for a few hours and that is it…and it is usually 6 or 8 months between “target practice” sessions. But the last two days it has been non stop which makes me nervous.

        • Southern Gal…they are just playing with that huge stock of ammo we bought!!!

      76. All the talk of war, doom, collapse and enslavement made this mornings walk especially nice. There’s a nice patch of Pacific Northwest rainforest near where I live and I take my dogs there most mornings for a hike, walk, run. This morning was peacefully quiet, the type of quiet before the rains start. There’s a light mist and spring is underway with green everywhere, the trees are budding, fiddlehead ferns are popping up, wood sorrel’s bitter sweet taste is a refreshing treat (as long as you pick it far enough off trail that the dogs haven’t pissed on it), the moss that’s cloaking the tree limbs and hanging like an old mans beard is dripping with dew, even the little feeder creeks has a peaceful quiet sound. Taking the time to soak it in is a refreshing break from the crazy.

      77. I remember it well, the good old one party system in Communist Russia. One thing about the Russians they were pretty honest.
        There was only one party and you could vote for any candidate you liked.
        In the US there are two parties and like pro wrestling you have the good guy and the bad guy and it makes little difference who wins, it is all just entertainment, except the looser buys the beer.

        • In the U.S. they’re all Stalinist commies, so take your pick.

          • Since communisim was invented by Jewsih persons, your hate for commie’s is nothing but thinly disguised Antisemitisim.

            • Marx was an Englishman, Puptard.

      78. Never again.

        Here’s a true story. I’m in Canada. Last weekend, I get a robo-call: “your line of credit Mastercard has been cancelled ‘due to unauthorized activity’, the new card is in the mail. Your line of credit has been frozen”. I freak out because I have a positive balance (overpayment) of $500. So in iPhone I try to transfer from line of credit to checking. It works! (so not frozen?!). I go to the bank, there’s 4 people who received a robo-call about their debit cards being re-set so they had to enter a new PIN, etc. But the 2 out of 3 bank machines were down. Thank god the drive-through ATM worked and I got my $500 out. Apparenty there was some scam scare in town and all banks re-set everyone’s cards. So I stood there, watching a poor 70 year old lady bending down to that drive-thorugh ATM, resetting her PIN, all stressed out and thought to myself “my god, this is our money and they make us bow down to a machine to have access to our cash”. Never again. End of story. I will store my own cash, thanks.

      79. 2008 was bad and we never really recovered, some might say we have continually gotten worse and now we are about to hit another huge drop.

        How much longer before we hit rock bottom?

        • I have heard that if the dollar index gets down to 70 or less and stays there, it won’t be long.

      80. The stock market and trading of food commodities has to GO! It’s a speculative gambling-lizards’ game prone to manipulation, anyway. It’s what ruins capitalism and countries, creates monopolies and financial psychopaths, makes business’ act like people-eating psychopathic mon$ter$ and artificially inflates food prices and ruins farming.

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