The Cataclysmic $243 Trillion Global DEBT BOMB Will Explode Impoverishing EVERYONE

by | Apr 21, 2019 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    Once the global debt bomb explodes, there won’t be much left for anyone.  Governments will fall, individuals will be impoverished, and businesses will implode.  The elitists in power have tried to keep everyone in the dark, but maybe there’s an answer to this devastation.

    Global debt now stands at a terrifying $243 trillion according to a report by the Institute of International Finance this week. That’s quarter of a quadrillion. We’re in the realms of the absurd and the unsustainable. That’s money that will never be repaid. The debt-based system is irrevocably broken and is still propped up by the lies told by central bankers and governments in order to remain in positions of power over others.

    The record debt figure stands at three-times the world’s total gross domestic product (GDP). In other words, it’s three times larger than the value of all products and services on the planet.  And the United States is contributing massively to this problem, propping up a debt bubble that will crush everyone when it finally bursts. It’s pretty safe to say that if you aren’t concerned, you simply aren’t paying attention and will be hurt when it all collapses.

    An irresponsible monetary system addicted to printing money and issuing credit is destroying the standard of living almost everywhere on the planet. It’s time to admit that we, as human beings, need a new alternative to the control, wealth redistribution, theft, and slavery that’s overtaken humanity. And one website dares to say that while it’s far from perfect, bitcoin offers a viable solution with its fixed supply.

    According to CCN, Bitcoin, the decentralized cryptocurrency, is a way out of the poorly designed monetary system forced down all of our throats by power-hungry sociopaths. When economic growth is insufficient, governments and companies borrow more money.  But this is nothing more than a cycle of addiction, writes  John Mauldin in Forbes:

    “This is classic addiction behavior. You have to keep raising the dose to get the same high… Central banks enable debt because they think it will generate economic growth. Sometimes it does. The problem is they create debt with little regard for how it will be used.”

    Bitcoin could be the answer to a fiat currency because there is a fixed amount.  No one can magically print a bitcoin out of thin air. In our current fiat system, central banks create money in a process called quantitative easing. The central banks issue new money and use it to buy bonds and assets. This has the effect of introducing more money into supply, lowering the purchasing power of your money, and encouraging low-cost lending.

    The ONLY concern with Bitcoin, is that it only has value if someone wants it. It’s a commodity. If there’s any kind of ultimate cataclysmic event and no power grid to access your Bitcoin, it’s going be of no use.  If the system collapses and people begin to starve, they can’t eat a bitcoin any more than they could eat a bar of gold. That’s why diversification is key – and a point far too many tend to overlook.

    If investing in cryptocurrency makes sense for you, consider also storing some extra food, and maybe picking up some precious metals.  It’s almost impossible to tell what will happen exactly when the debt bubble explodes, and you may want to have several options at your disposal.  Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.  The more options you have in your arsenal, the better.


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      1. Go with litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash , and the real sleeper wax

      2. “Mac” I apricate what you do. Saying that why is it 80% of the columns on here is about Money (IE) Global and nation monetary crashes. We have had them from the being of this Nation and we will have some more, and no matter how bad we always pull out of it. I can’t see the next one or even the nest 5 being any different.
        Again you do a SUPER JOB here. So thank you very much.
        God Bless and Happy Easter.

        • I second that Sgt.. I appreciate you Mac. Happy Easter to all. As to the article, if you are a prepper and have done your job, when it crashes we will be considered rich. But secretly rich!

          • Mac, I know we’ve had some disputes over the years but I still come here and still appreciate what you do. I hope everyone here had a good Easter. I spent the day reflecting on everything that’s been happening and what is still yet to come. I go to the BOL in the next few days.

        • Because this isn’t a prepper site, it’s just a fearmongering doom and gloom fearporn site and I’m tired and done with it. Signing off for good, I’m out of here.

          • Infidel,
            Too bad, I just ordered my next, may be second next, to the last batch of stuff for my off grid solar system and you won’t get to read about how stuff works out.
            I’m the only engineer that I know of on this site that can talk about big solar systems, water catchment systems, et al, Designed and built from scratch. If there are others they tend to be quiet. I don’ t sell stuff nor do I do anything less then top notch code compliant, safety is #1.
            I certainly bend my local laws, but they were passed by Democrats, whom I ignore to my peril.
            There are professional farmers, and other very knowledgeable people that occasionally hijack posts to tell you interesting stuff like how to make fruit “Shine”, I just wish we’d get a still design with Thumper, out of Genius.
            I rather tire of the doom porn also, but your comment was read,
            Had you made such a complaint on Brietbart, you would have been buried in the thousands of other comments.
            Enjoy your life, see Ya!

            • All ya had to do is ask lol…

              ht tps://

              • Or this 5 gallon unit…

                ht tps://

                • A 5 gallon unit is great for trying new recipes. You can just copy the design and make a bigger one for larger batches. Start small then get tall! No paperwork since it ships from china (fook atf). 😀

                  • Oh ya, before makin shine you need to run some vinegar through it. To treat the copper worm part. 1 gallon is fine. Run some vinegar through the worm every 5 runs or so too.

              • Gen, Thanks for the info!
                Problem is most these a$$holes don’t ship to Hawaii because they are too stupid to realize we get USPS delivery. I have to go to the post office as we don’t get house to house delivery, like city people do. but it will get here. Hell, Amazon can get me #120 of wheat berries with free shipping, to the post office, why can’t these guys get a lighter smaller package to the same place?
                I’ve spent almost twenty years beating these guys down.
                I’ll have family forward it.
                Once again ThankX!

                • If you only have a p.o. box you can get around that. I had the same problem.

                  Just use your address and then put #15 ….

                  1735 Anywhere Drive #15

                  The shipper will think it is an apartment and the post office will see the #15 and put it in box 15

                  • Yohan,
                    Thanks, I figured that out years ago.
                    I actually out USPS box XXXXX as a second line
                    after the physical street address. It helps out the mail lady
                    at the post office.
                    However some places will not ship USPS and will only use
                    UPS ground. #1 they are too stupid to realize that there is a UPS ground to Hawaii( go figure), or #2 they are too stupid to
                    know that USPS will pick up at your location much like UPS or FED-EX.

            • Army MARS/ DOD is having an interesting exercise from April 20th to May 3rd. They are asking Amateur Radio Operators to listen to WWV (in Colorado) at 10 minutes past the hour. There is a message giving instructions and an Email to report signal strength on all five of their transmitters. 2.5 Mhz, 5 Mhz, 10 Mhz, 15 Mhz, 20 Mhz and the experimental transmitter 25 Mhz. Everything is AM.

              WWV/H in Hawaii is also transmitting on the above listed frequencies, 10 minutes before the hour. WWV/H has antennas that broadcast west so as not the interfere with WWV in Colorado. (It probably booms in at Rellik’s house)

              If something really bad happened and satellite, cell phones and grid dependent communications failed, the government could broadcast messages to the public on WWV and WWV/H that HAM’s could pick up and relay to local authorities in a real SHTF scenario.

              I have heard strong signals over the last 24 hours on one to three of their transmitters depending on time of day. An example would be 2.5 Mhz works well at night but not during the day.

              Another good reason to have an HF HAM Radio.

              • Red,
                Yes it is loud. WWVH? Female voice.
                We don’t get much radio here,
                after all we are on the islands most remote from any continent on Earth so nobody aims a signal here. On shortwave I can pick up a Chinese station once in a while.
                My internet and the wife’s TV is all Satellite. Most the time our cell phones( AT&T) don’t work. Ham radio doesn’t work here due to terrain, I don’t have codes to use the private and government re-transmitters.
                There are less than 200,000 people here on an area the size of Connecticut so who gives a shit.
                Rural and I love it.

                • Hey Rellik,
                  WWV uses a male voice and WWV/H uses a female voice. Both WWV and WWV/H are on the same frequencies.

                  We are rural too. I can shoot off my front porch and there is no one to complain. (The chickens don’t like it) 120 acres surrounded by federal lands. Closest neighbors are 2 miles away.
                  You would do well with Ham radio from your area. You would make worldwide contacts with all that ocean around you. All you would need is a wire dipole antenna.

          • This site has turned into a “chest puffing and pecker measuring” contest with the usual posters..A lot of veteran posters got tired of all the BS and left..

            • I guess they were ashamed of their small peckers.

        • USDollars 433 tRILLION


      3. If the net goes down so does bitcoin. You are better off with no debt and plenty of supplies to weather the storm and the arms to protect yourself and family. With a collapse nobody will be in charge to deal with it and you will be on your own.

      4. “The ONLY concern with Bitcoin, is that it only has value if someone wants it.
        Be it Bitcoin, gold, dollars, or Euro’s they all have the same problem, they only have value if and only if someone wants them, nobody needs them.
        Land, shelter, water, animals, food, tools, education, “how to” books, and skills are needs and necessities that will always have significant value regardless of the state of society.
        Invest wisely.
        To paraphrase Sarge,
        God Bless all and Happy Easter!

        • Rellik, we’ve got all those things in abundance at the BOL which I’m returning to in just a few days. I’ve got years of supplies already in storage there. I’m debt free and I have a much better chance of survival than any sheeple out there. If you don’t prep, you’re inept.

      5. This quote sums it up in a nutshell. “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.” – John W. Whitehead

      6. Regardless how it kicks off anything disrupting the established world order of this of magnitude has historically (actually this would likely be the greatest boat rocking in history) been a fertilizer and catalyst for war. Post war the period preceding it would be known thereafter as, “the good times”.

      7. Quite literally, I am expecting a ‘New Dark Age’.

        • Says we are in the dark ages, strike a match will you 🙂

      8. I agree in hand goods of all nature the way to survive(or at least have a chance).Sure,you got a lot of cash burning and are truly prepped as reasonable(plus extra)buy some gold,may be handy you make it to other side of crash.You again have a lot of extra cash(check your preps again,you sure you have extra cash?!)you want to invest a small portion into stocks/bit ect. and see if perhaps your cash count can increase go for it.As others have pointed out a real crash the 1’s&0’s will vape in those accounts,only bet what you can afford to lose!

        On a side note,why are bunnies screwing chickens and hiding the evidence,is this to avoid paternity suits?!

        • Warchild, Happy easter to you. Rabbits will screw anything lol even your feet. Toss them a stuffed rabbit that is lifesize, it will entertain them all day long lol. In the spirit of Easter I am making some “purple jesus” (thanks for the idea repr!). Had 2 cases of purple grape wine laying around so I decided to run it! Not bad at all actually. Start proof of 140 so a good yield. Gonna mix it 4 to 1 with frozen grape juice concentrate. I will tell jesus hi for you after I drink some and see him! 😀

          • “Had 2 cases of purple grape wine laying around”,i.e. Thunder bird,gonna make paint thinner/what could possibly go wrong?!

            ” I will tell jesus hi for you after I drink some and see him! “,keep drinking that swill and you just might meet Jesus!

            • Ha ha ha, I thought you were gonna say I will meet the devil! It was some home made wine from last dec. made with welches. It was ok but not what I would call good. Do they still make Thunderbird? Ha that stuff was a guaranteed puke fest! Ya need to try my new double rye apple cured wheesky!

              • I think they do,17-18% fortified!I am still not drinking,about 5 years now,but,given the nonsense am going thru would love a few drinks,but,given the shit I have to get done probably more harm then good would be the outcome!

                My best friend said I will drink again when I am happy and celebrating life,I responded to her guess I am never drinking again!

                • That is until you are on the end of the world deck with me! Ha we will have a great time! 🙂

          • it won’t be Jesus you’re seeing.

            • True. It might be the easter bunny!

      9. Debt Bomb? More concerned about a bomb in church on Sunday.

      10. Brought to you by the Rothchilds and the puppets that serve them.

      11. Nothing going to happen..
        SHTF is not happening either and deep down everybody here has doubts that SHTF will happen..If you didn’t you would’ve already quit the job,moved,etc.,but you haven’t…

      12. The Cataclysmic $243 Trillion Global DEBT BOMB Will NOT Explode, Impoverishing NO ONE.

        The only impoverished ones are those too stupid or too lazy to work for it, to earn a living. Opportunity is everywhere, expect for those that refuse to do, they are the so called victims, boo-hoo I demand a handout.

        Like I said back at the recent lows during December 2018 when everyone was crying THE SKY IS FALLING, I said the US market will set new highs by July 4th.

        The US governments [plural], and the entire world for that matter, are falling behind in their growth targets, so the world will need to create new ways to create new debts.

        *** The economic explosion will never occur as long as the ships keep sailing, the trucks keep moving the ten cent Chinese garbage to the American debt slaves that buy the shit. ***

        by 2050 : DOW 100k, S&P 20,000, US national debt $60T

        Go ahead and short the market.

        • Bert,
          I expect by 2050 I won’t give a shit. I’ll be 95 and drinking really cheap beer, living on hard boiled eggs, avocados, whatever else I raise, or have growing. The problem with all the debt is that it is owed to us old farts. We earned the money, the Democrat pricks spent it to get elected, and they now expect the younger ones to pay out, to cover their asses.
          Problem is the young ones weren’t educated correctly and are about as useful as rocks.
          It will be an interesting time. Billions of ignorant, stupid beings that don’t have a clue how to survive in a world designed to kill the weak.

      13. When the crash comes I’ll be a rich man with lots of ravioli. My wife will regret the day that she left me just because I spent all our savings on ravioli and crackers. I’ll show her and her new boyfriend, Doug.


      14. Rellik, we might not make it past 2020 let alone to 2050. I get the feeling something will happen this year.

        • Yup, Labor Day through the last Friday of October for starters.

      15. I’m with fellow Montanan Brandon Smith. The purpose of Bitcoin was to get people comfortable with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s demise is planned along with the US dollar.

        Back in 2011 Smith addressed a gathering of Oath Keepers and predicted a plan for a “global economic reset” to replace the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency with IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s) basket of ‘reserve currencies’. Smith predicted that China’s Yuan would be added to the IMF’s special drawing rights (SDR) basket). That happened on October 1, 2016 with the yuan joining the U.S. dollar, the euro, the yen and British pound in the IMF’s basket.

        Everyone TALKS about the pending ‘economic reset’. Brandon is thinking way ahead of them. He can pack my parachute any day.

      16. The three most dreaded words in the world today are “Pay me now!”.

      17. I wanted Bitcoin to be all that; unfortunately, the more I understand how it works, the more convinced I am that it is a NWO tool.

        Lots of posturing and theater by the banksters to give the illusion they are being dragged kicking and screaming to Bitcoin.

        Also, many security flaws inherent in the system.

        I see the emerging global currency as blockchain technology.

      18. Re: An irresponsible monetary system addicted to printing money and issuing credit is destroying the standard of living almost everywhere on the planet.

        It’s actually the OPPOSITE: Debt is the government’s SOLUTION to enabling some semblance of a standard of living in a society where wealth is unevenly distributed. You don’t have money, but you can still buy a car, thanks to the loan from your local bank. So in the end, you have a car, just like your neighbor who paid cash. The government supports this system of banks of lending because it simultaneously a) speeds up economic development and consumption, which is good for the corporatocracy and its beneficiaries and b) keeps the poor masses happy and fed and consuming. Et voila! No revolt.

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