The Canary Is Dying of Asphyxiation

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Headline News | 211 comments

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    Dennis Behreandt of New American writes:

    I have a theory about the canary in the coal mine. I expect that before it died of asphyxiation, it would panic and chirp loudly and vigorously at the prospect of its coming demise. It would then fall silent, and pass out, and its change in behavior would warn the miners that the air in the mine had become foul.

    Take a look at what has transpired in Greece over the last couple years, namely in the last few months, and it should be clear that the canary is dying of asphyxiation before our eyes. Panic has set in at the highest levels of the Greek political and financial echelons, and they are thrashing violently and with the kind of irrational volatility of a canary that senses its imminent demise.

    There is no way out of the coal mine.

    Last week the Dow Jones was propelled 600 points to new yearly highs after news that European Unions leaders had finally found a solution for the crisis – the third or fourth of its kind (we’ve lost count, at this point). By Monday morning that deal, like all of those that preceded it, was once again on the brink of falling apart when Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou called for a nation wide referendum that would allow the Greek people to vote on whether or not the EU deal should be approved.

    Global markets were instantly spooked. Rather, shall we say, it was the bankers, financiers and political powerhouse leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy who were worried. If it were up to them, the Greek people should have no say in what their government should do. Their idea of a solution is one that is approved without incident by Greek parliament leaders and economic ministers who are in the pockets of the lobbyists and special interests that would benefit from a sell out of the country’s future resources, capital and labor force.

    A solution that includes and looks out for the interests of the Greek people is simply not a viable option for the global elite. The people are, after all, just proles and serfs – certainly not capable of holding their government and financial institutions accountable for their transgressions.

    Looking back at the 2008 banking collapse in the United States, and the subsequent trillions of dollars in bailouts that followed against calls of protest by nine in ten Americans, it’s impossible to ignore the pattern that has emerged.

    • The governments and their money interests leverage the system with innumerable trillions in debt.
    • The system hits a breaking point and collapses.
    • The same individuals and conglomerates involved in creating the crisis and destroying the wealth of nations then call upon the people to sacrifice their well being, their future, their childrens’ futures and their liberty for a new worldly solution.
    • The majority of the people reject such solutions, as they see that their lives are being sacrificed in favor of global political and economic governance.
    • Those elected to serve the people, believing themselves to be gods, ignore the people, and move forward with their plans that do nothing but further enslave the populations of the once free world.

    In this respect, Greece and the USA are one in the same.

    Of late, the Greek canary is showing us what happens at the point of asphyxiation. We are witnessing the last breaths of a European Union of which Greece is still a member. The canary is struggling desperately to find a way out. The Greek Prime Minister calls for a democratic referendum one day, and less then 72 hours later reneges. One minute there are rumors that he will resign under pressure, then the reports disappear. Last week the Greek issue had been stabilized, a week later EU members are openly talking of a Greek exit to preserve the Euro – previously touted as impossible, now seriously being considered as the only viable orderly option.

    It’s a mess out there. But if you look closer, it’s a mess over here as well – and it’s much worse than anything we could ever imagine happening as a result of a Greek, Italian or Portuguese collapse.

    What is happening in Greece right now has already begun in the USA. We’re a much bigger canary, though, so it is going to take a while longer for the toxic fumes to kill us. But make no mistake, like Greece, the United States is just as volatile. The canary is chirping vigorously. The problem is that the majority of those in the coal mine have misinterpreted what the canary’s chirping really means. Rather than evacuating, they are joining the canary in song and dance – ignorantly awaiting their own demise.


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      1. Greece has a canary, but the U.S.A has an Eagle. There is a difference but they’re still birds.

        • The U

        • The US has a blue falcon masquerading as an eagle.

          • It was a metaphor. USA is unlike any other country in the world. Still way too much stability here. Look around you, folks. And this talk of it going “Down” means what exactly? Collapse? And what is collapse? Anarchy? Rioting in the streets?

            I would be willing to wager that if those who post here were asked three years ago, when is the USA going to collapse, the vast majority, without question, would have said “within a year.” But a year later, no collapse. Then a year later from then, same question, same answer. A year later, no collapse. Let’s face it, the writing “seemed” to be on the wall, even back then. So why does the inevitable keep getting postponed? Why no massive chaos in the streets? Why no anarchy? Are we creeping closer to that point? Inching day by day? Is it just around the corner? One false flag or natural disaster away?

            We’d like to think as preppers, we have our finger on the pulse of the various systems unwinding around us, that we are one, or many steps ahead of the masses. This could be so, but who out there knows, in any great detail, the tactics and strategies designed in TPTB Master Plan for achieving their goal? If you don’t know the layout of their plan, how could you know what’s coming? When it’s coming? How do you know it already isn’t here?

            As their screws tighten around our life-styles based on their ability to control with the use of Fear tactics, there could reach a point of no return when the masses will do exactly as they are told, and in that process, you and I will be perceived by the masses as Terrorists, i.e. falling prey to the reality of living in a Fascist state. When they come knocking at our doors, that day could very well represent our personal”collapse”. Maybe not quite exactly what we might expect; being shot by a firing squad, or rotting in a cell, while the USA’s motherland stays “safe and Secure”.

            Collapse will be relative to each and everyone of us and the experience, for each of us, could differ dramatically.

            • Ahhhh, the myth of American exceptionalism. The rest of the world enjoys watching you parade that set of cloths through the streets. Nothing funnier than someone strutting around butt naked thinking they are fully dressed.

            • The Federal Government is roughly $80 Trillion in debt($14 Trillion on the Debt Clock, $62 Trillion in unfunded liabilities). That is just the Federal Government. Add to that the roughly $100 Trillion that the States, Counties, and Cities are in debt. It exceeds global wealth.

              Let us not forget that 45,800,000(15%+)(308,000,000 pop) are on welfare. Only 13,000,000(11%) were unemployed during the Great depression out of a population of 122,000,000. the continuous printing of money to shore up an economy will only destroy that economy. Economic collapse is a real possibility!

            • Sorry Eagle one, I’d be the first to condemn this country of America for it’s Imperialistic terrorist ways, but the reality is, America is the only country where the masses flock to. Why, because all the other countries are MORE FUCKED! That’s the reality of the world we live in today.

            • Well EA, if you had asked me that question 30 years ago I would have answered as you have stated. Now I know different. I prepped then as I do now but for different reasons. Back then, earthquakes, now, who the hell knows! It could be financial collapse of the country, EMP attack or as simple as me getting hurt and I cannot provide an income for some time to buy food or have heat. All I know is I am ready as I can be today for whatever shit comes my way. Tomorrow may be different, so that is why we continue to prep. If we had a cyrstal ball that actually worked, we wouldn’t be on this site, right?

            • The “myth” of American exceptionalism???

              Myth, eh?

              Enough nukes to glass the planet, the world’s reserve currency, a stranglehold on half the third world, and enough oil shale in the Rockies to power us for four or five decades.

              Myth, you say?

              Morraly, yeah it’s a myth. We just happen to be the biggest most well armed bastards on Earth.

              I’m getting tired of this. We can kick the world’s ass if we really try for a change. That includes China. We are not going to collapse (as in full meltdown) for 10 or 15 years. When we do I suggest the planet “duck and cover” ’cause that shit isn’t going to be pretty. Remember how afraid we were of rogue Russian nukes?

              Our lives as middle class peons are going to suck increasingly badly, true that.

            • AZ. One of the difficulties Preppers have, as I see it, is that we have to deal with two worlds going on simultaneously. There’s the world we presently live in and then, there’s the extreme world we are preparing for; a veritable kaleidoscope of possibilities at every corner. There’s the planned man-made disasters where some entity profits in some capacity. The unplanned man-made disasters where some entity profits in some capacity. And natural disasters where some entity profits in some capacity. If one is greedy and can profit from any one of those three scenarios or all three, then the future looks bright. A sad commentary on the health of the global; economy, society and environment. There are so many “fronts” to this war that one doesn’t even have to go outside to experience some form of shell shock.

              The key we’ve all probably cognized by now is how to mesh the two worlds, and in the process, continue progressing while keeping our sanity. It’s like sailing across the ocean with a leak in the boat (that can only be fixed in dry dock). You got to keep moving but bailing out the boat in the process takes its toll. Do I hold the steering wheel or bail the boat? Will we get to our destination half dead or will the boat sink on the way, leaving us to float aimlessly in a lifeboat at the mercy of the elements?

            • So good so far, but I’m getting “ground rush” while free falling during a HALO sky-dive and everything is getting big! It’s all relative until you bounce.

            • If you truly want an answer to what’s next, and how to connect the dots….then subscribe to, and watch,

              It’s free for a month if you will click on the mic on the upper right and type in WILKOW

              You will be glad you did!!

        • The bird is on life support… Options

          Normal person
          Get a new bird

          OWS person
          Birds fault

          Govt employee
          What bird, everythings fine

          Bush’s fault it died

          Glenn Beck
          Told you it was going to die

          Oh shit it died, ready for this crap

          Redneck prepper
          Dinner will be in an hour, cook the bird and hand me that shotgun

          Had to, things are so tense right now, figured you needed a laugh as much as I do.

          • Bill Clinton
            Define “bird.”

        • The Eagle is about to crap itself.

      2. Great writting but the referendum is cancelled like I expected. It was only a distraction.

        Anyway, the truth is Greece leaving the Euro = good news for Greece and the Eurozone but a bad news for the bankers (they won’t get their money back if Greece don’t pay the debt back).

        What happened on October 31th with MT Global Finance in Wall Street was way more dramatic and cover up by that false referendum flag. They did a great job. Nobody noticed the black swan.

        • If Greece does leave the Euro-dream, then the first thing to do would be to call Iceland for some sound advice on how to go forward.

          • I think Iceland started by indicting the prime minister or the banking guy.

            Sounds like a good place to start to me.

        • Watch the birdie!!

      3. chirp chirp….,,,,flump

        • that is the dying sound of the republican fascist party, now they will use herman kkk cain the rapist to finish off the once great USA

          • Which “republican fascist party” is that? The ones with the (D) after their names or the ones with the (R) after their names? Only a fools sees much of a difference. One says they’ll lower taxes and then they raise them. The other says they’ll lower taxes then they raise them. One says they’ll work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and then increases it. The other says they’ll work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and then increases it. One gripes about too much “secrecy” in the other administration. We elect them and they increase the secrecy all the while preaching about how they’ll be more open and accountable yet all the while they are more closed and less acocuntable.

            Getting a clue yet?

            Get your fucking “republican” smears out of here. I don’t give a bat’s butt (translation: a flying rat’s ass) if Cain is a rapist. What does concern me is that he’s pro-federal reserve. So, I guess what I’m saying is that there is a pattern of rape emerging here: women *AND* citizens.

            There is only one candidate worth voting for. …he’s not perfect either but he’s damn close: Ron Paul. His worst problem is that he wants to take us right back to a constitutional republic. We haven’t been there for 150 years and the shock would be too much for some people. As much as I would love it, it scares me and the same time it thrills me.

            Get a clue you left/right paradigmist! You’re a fool. Go study your history and find out whats really going on.

            Act of 1871

            Have fun!

            • Net, calm down bro! You need to take a breath and express your inner thoughts and beliefs!!!!

              Keep it up dude, maybe someday these dumb ass mother f…..s will get a grip on reality!!!!!

            • Net Ranger is right on the mark here. It is time for everyone to open their eyes and get over the Left vs Right Paradigm.

              To put it another way, to get elected you need money, big money. Where does that money come from? Do the math and figure it out.

            • Thank you NetRanger! You saved me all that typing.

            • NR is 100% right, it will be rough going back to a constitutional republic and it will take yrs of fighting and getting other bill-laws abolished, I just hope someone will step up to take RPs place to see it thru in a few yrs because the status quo, repubs and dems will take us right back where we’ve been.

            • You failed to note that Ron Paul is running as a republican…that is one of those (R) or (D) guys.

            • Amen! +1000

          • Cain hasn’t a prayer. Both the Rebupics and Dimocraps are against him. They are sitting around laughing, saying “This chump really thinks he is going to join our club”.

            That said, he WAS a KS FED governer, wasn’t he? He may be crooked enough to join the party after all

          • Hey beardog,

            What a sick comment. It’s people like you that perpetrate lying propaganda, because your brain is missing and your heart is the size of a pea…

          • “Beardog” — You are such a dope. Do you actually think that you are accomplishing anything with your idiotic posts ? We know you are a Troll, we aren’t impressed by your rantings.

            You are only proving how utterly stupid you are. Completely devoid of any real heartfelt beliefs and convictions.

            Have you really sold your soul so cheaply ? In all honesty, I pity you.

          • Best get back to the ows clusterfuck quick like.Your commie butt buddies will miss your stinky fuck hole.

      4. You observe that the “Greek” problem reflects “the last breaths of a European Union” and then observe that the problems in the USA are just as volatile. One might conclude that there is similarity in “the last breaths of the USA union”.

        Perhaps so. Also, perhaps that won’t be all bad.

        • Perhaps the “American Union” really hasn’t been a union at all but a corporation and subcorps running under the guise of a government? If these “last breaths” expose that, disolve that, maybe we can re-unite to our former greatness before the central banksters tore us apart in the years following 1871. Maybe, just maybe the current “union” is more of a fascist usurping cabal that must finally hang itself with crushing debt that the people did not approve before we can return to our former greatness.

          What most people don’t realize is that we really are free. Its just that the government has redefined freedom to be something more like slavery and they have defined true freedom seekers as terrorists. I’m really sick of this. Let them fall. Let them burn. Let the suffocate under the weight of their own excrement. I’ll help shovel to bury it.

          Do I sound bitter? After you see the truth you’ll be bitter too. What they have done to this country is beyond evil and cruel. It makes evil and cruel look like minor offences.

          OWTFH!!! [(c)2011 Durango Kidd]


      5. The USA, Greece and the world’s economies won’t return to any semblance of normalcy until we allow all the financial institutions to take the hard knock/losses for their bad investments.
        The economy and bad decisions on my part have left me with little relief short of bankruptcy, and no one has any plans to bail me out. Let the banks, governments and corps. take their losses just like the rest of us!

        • countryboyseein, you are using logic and a sense of what many consider fair and just. If we as citizens overextend ourselves and can’t pony up to pay the piper, we go down in flames. If a government or huge banking institution does it, they get a cushy pillow to land on.

          • And if your name is Franklin Raines and you’re the former CEO of Fannie Mae you also get a deal where the US taxpayer is legally obligated to pay your legal bills. Over $24 million paid so far.

            What’s that? I hear something! It’s Franklin laughing and saying “Thanks, chumps, LOL.”

            OWTFH[(c)2011 Durango Kidd]

        • And without the tax payer footing the bill.

        • They’ll have no choice but to take their losses once more people lose confidence in the dollar and banking systems, thus causing a national run on banks so customers can pull their money and purchase PMs.

          • They won’t be able to purchase PMs. The government will lock them down when it proves profitable. Thats when the price will really go up. I can see it coming. Can’t have the serfs and proles making smart decisions to the detriment of the criminal cabal, now can we? Hmmm?

            • “Silver and gold, silver and gold
              Mean so much more when I see
              Silver and gold decorations
              On every Christmas tree.”

          • Keep stacking

      6. ah yes, ignorance is bliss…

      7. The dow was nowhere near yearly highs last week. While I agree with the sentiment, you should check your facts. What seperates a decent journalist from the pack is not making wild claims that have no basis in fact. Check facts.

        • Thanks for being a pretentious a$$hole. Your comment really adds to the article. I could give two $hit$ what the dows yearly high was. Im just damn glad Mac has the balls and the time to write his articles.

          • I agree with JAFO re Mac’s articles.

            I believe you may be on your own with this one, Joe. Mac is not going for a prize in journalism here, just passing the information on so we can read it and decide for ourselves what we believe and what we do not believe.

            Looking at your comment, I’d say he’s succeeded with you.

        • I’ll bet you sucked at musical chairs.

        • Joe, You are correct sir. …or not. Is 12,065 near 12,800? Its within about 800 points. Off the top of my head its about 7% or so. I’d say that was near. Quit being a nitpicker and pay attention.

        • Hey, just so you know there are now two Joes on here. I’m the one that was on here a couple of threads ago, talking about rifles and such.

          • …and not the above Joe

      8. As I said before; watch the Birdie!!! Our canary is hidden deep in the coal mine. The government has you watching their show birdie every week.

        When things look bad for the wall street birdie, the Federal Reserve birdie swoops in to feed them 1,2,3 billion a day.

        I take it all back, our Canary died in 2008.

        • Government: Naw, he’s not dead. He’s resting. Beautiful bird, lovely plumage…
          The People: The plumage don’t enter into it, he’s stone dead!
          Government: Naw, he’s resting. See, he just moved!
          The People: You hit the cage!
          Government: No I didn’t.
          The People: I saw you!
          Government: No you didn’t.

        • now the fascist republicans want herman kkk cain to finish off this country

          • Whats the problem? Get tired of shilling on The Blaze? Obama and the Obamabots can do it all by themselves, they don’t need Herman Cain to help. Once Bush got the ball rolling it doesn’t take much to keep it rolling.

            Ron Paul will finish off the banksters. Honestly, were Ron Paul to get elected, he’d be assassinated within a week of entering office. The evil of TPTB would send their most highly trained minions to kill him off and it would plunge this country into a civil war that would make the first one look like a kindergarten fight.

            • Yup, agree,just like JFK..TPAB will have one of his own or the limo driver axe him before he changes anything worth value to the citizens.
              than probably blame the assasination on the Taliban, or some other patsy

            • Ranger you are absolutely correct. Let Abe, Kennedy’s and Regan be the example of the TPTB. Civil War is good for the elite, they make money on both sides, All the wars in history has taught us that.

          • Wow, I thought this was, not

            Now I am not defending their stupidity as both parties are now one, and both are their just to stay in power not fix things, BUT, Fascism is the same as socialism.
            Democrat Republican, it doesnt matter anymore.

            In the end it is Tyranny, you loon.

        • Our canary died in 1913. What you have been seein is a “stuffed bird” to keep you from noticing that “tweety” doesn’t “tweet” anymore.

          • For the “bad with dates” history buffs, Woodrow Wilson Peckerwood authorized the FEDERAL RESERVE.

            • Actually, the canary started getting sick in the 1860s when Lincoln formed the rump congress. He started chirping in 1871 when they passed the Act of 1871. Louder in 1913 (Fed Res Act), even louder in 1916 (16th amendment) and even louder in 1933 (Soc Sec Act).

              Now, no one is paying attention to him. He’s chirping away but he might as well shut up. 97% of the people are asleep.

              The uSA wouldn’t know how to act if we got rid of all the faux laws they think they have to obey. All the taxes and fees. People are so used to it that they’d demand to be enslaved again because, well, they’d feel exposed. We have to change their thinking. We are the 3% and we have to keep talking.

            • Net, you are being generous with 97%

            • as history shows, it onlly took 3% to make a difference ..maybe its time to stand on the capitol stairs..all 3% of us

      9. The USA, Greece and the world’s economies won’t return to any semblance of normalcy until we allow all the financial institutions to take the hard knock/losses for their bad investments…the INSTITUTIONS are not the problem, its the banksters, politicians and the white shoe boys of Wall Street that have created this world problem. They need to be run out on a rail and silenced. NWO is on the way folks, get real, become a prepper and get ready, fasten your seatbelt and hold on….for the ride of our lives….Peace and GOD Bless.

        • Governments are the problem. They’re the ones who borrowed the money. The banks were either stupid enough to trust the governments or they lent to them knowing they would default. There are people working towards a one-world government. That’s what all this will lead in the next few years.

          • Not for me it won’t!

            Either it won’t work or I’ll die trying to make sure it not work. Either way, I get remedy.

      10. Mac , you Rock you have been right on for several years and no matter what Greece does the E U is toast and the U.S.A. is just a short step behind and CALAMITY is on the way ! keep up the great work

        • Thx cap’n!

      11. i say let them all go bankrupt if it has to be , it has to be but i was totally not for any bailouts what-so-ever no banks and/or corps if they can’t make under there own power then let’em burn nobody in government bails out the common joe on the street so why should we the people half to help out corp that would not walk across the street to piss on us if we were on fire

        • I beg to differ.
          We bail people out every day with food stamps, welfare, extended unemployment benefits and so on. Thankfully I haven’t had to apply for any yet, but, who knows what tomorrow holds.

      12. If there is one thing I have learned since all of these monkey shines began, getting out and protesting the garbage they in power are up to does nothing. Our protests fell on deaf ears with the bail-outs here in the USA, the protests in Wisconsin against the union breaking fell on deaf ears… I could go on, but you get the picture. It is not what “the people” want, it is what those who have designated themselves as the power-elite want. Period. If you are just starting to prep, you might want to put it into the highest gear you can.

      13. Your 5 pattern points are excellent. What a shame that these 5 points are true, could be more but it doesn’t matter. Each point is right on the mark. Thanks again Mac.

      14. Stuffed canary for Turkey Day.

      15. “geez mommy! Why are all those guys aiming those cannons at Fort Sumpter?”

        “Oh Billy, they’ve just been in Okie’s shine again”

        • Yeah, I noticed our weekly deliveries were a few gallons light.No wonder I’ve been more sober than normal.

      16. As Durango Kid said in some previous post, it’s better for Greece to leave the eurozone.
        My personnal opinion is that Greece shouldn’t have entered in the first place. At least not with those politicians and all those Greek statistics.
        From the other side though, Greece was a fanatic consumer of German and French military goodies. Frigates, submarines, personnal defence weapons, tanks, anti-aircraft batteries etc. All that crap just sucked money without giving any productive potential. It only had to do with the artificial “fear” of Turkey.
        So it was a eurozone based on consuming rather than producing; screwing its partners rather than providing equal dividends.
        Of course al the above show my own point of view, as i experience things from inside.
        I tell you one thing though. Europe don’t give a shit about us. They care only for their bank loses. As soon as Greece goes down, then it’s Italy’s turn.
        Even though i’m depressed, i’m also a survivalist. I’m healthy, i’m strong, and i will manage it.
        And as D.K. said, in some years we will be able to climb up again based on our own feet, rather than Merckel’s or Sarko’s.

        I hope for the best, and you have my wishes. I know what kind of people you are, and i surely don’t want you to have such an experience.

        Be safe my friends.

        • Hi manos, I feel for you mate! we’re in the same boat!
          let me show you what they have in store for you and me and the rest of the so called Union.
          first, take a look where those bad bonds are going now. French and German banks are dumping them en masse. but where to? European Central Bank!!! and it is buying them alright.
          now, what does that tell you? IMHO this is the scenario they are aiming:
          Greece will leave EuroZone and EU altogether. and then Greece will be left to hang and dry. a combination of corruption, bought politicians, new/old currency, heavy taxes on export (remember – you’re no longer in EU) and political turmoil will make Greece a new Ecuador.
          and then, the Big Bro in the shape of ECB will step forward and say to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Irland and others for that matter – do as we say, or suffer like Greece. remember, ECB buys now not only Greek bonds that are outright toxic, but also Italian and other trouble ridden countries.
          so, in a nutshell your country will be slaughtered and gutted just to force other EU countries to go along with yet another “integration” and that means the end of financial sovereignty of all EU member countries. France, Italy, Germany and other will be countries in their names only… and that is a sad fact.
          yet another stepping stone towards NWO

          • Giurza, nice theory and quite possible. Only time will tell.

        • Thanks for stopping by Manos. It’s always good to hear from you!

        • At what point do the Eoropeans say “This sucks. It ain’t going to work and its every country for themself? See Yaaa!”

          Will Germany really let the PIIGS drag them down?

      17. I’m sorry, but did any of us who truly follow the news need further evidence from anyone that we are already in TEOTWAWKI?? I agree with Patriot One that our bird died already……however, I’d go so far as to say it started it’s “Swan Song” over a hundred years ago. We are just starting to see that last domino fall so I’d put your tray tables in their upright and locked position cause this bird is making a water landing or hitting Everest!!

        • Granite Prepper – I agree but would like to be more specific. When Abraham Lincoln effectively shot down the Tenth Amendment by having the federal government seize what should be states rights, the first domino fell. In 1913 Woodrow Wilson knocked over a bunch by establishing the federal reserve. Years later FDR knocked over a few more by trampling on constitutionally guaranteed rights. In 1942 Wickard v Filburn emboldened the government to outlaw growing food for your own consumption on the grounds it affects interstate commerce. Now Barackalypse Obamageddon is doing his best to knock over the few remaining dominoes. Hang on to your hats, folks!!

          • Thanks for the specific clarification. It sure helps to make the point stronger!!

        • good one Granite Prepper!
          aircraft pilot on the intercom:
          -Dear passengers, please put your tray tables in their upright and locked position, fasten your seatbelts. we are experiencing a minor turbulence, everything will be fine in a moment… [pause, some fumbling sound, continues with a large exhale] damn, now that we have them calm, get your shute Paul and let’s jump, the plane is doomed anyway…oh shit, I forgot to turn intercom off… shit, shit…

      18. We are all trapped in that coalmine with the canary. We have seen it fall off the perch. Only by having guns, metals, food and faith will you be able to escape that mine into the daylight of a new world.

        • Damn GP. Beat me to it (Swan Song).

          • PO, want to thank you for the ammo site reference.

            • Your welcome. Enjoy helping where I can.

        • The canary says he will gladly pay you Tuesday for a cracker today.

          • Brilliant. Haha

      19. It would be great to hear from Manos about know. What does he hear from fellow Greeks about the referendum – on again, off again. What is the reaction “on the street” from those that he knows?

      20. LOL – when the page refreshed — guess what was there.


        • you will be waiting a very very long time ! this whole economic mess is a diversion and you have many other things to worry about !

        • Shortly after Pearl Harbor was attacked, the Japanese invaded the Philippines. Lt. Col. Warren J. Clear of the U.S. Army made this observation:

          “Three piers nearby were aflame. And directly across the street in front of me was the Manila Hotel. It, too, was ablaze – but not from explosives. A big New Year’s Eve party was still going strong at 4:30 a.m. While Manila’s solid citizens were at home preparing for the ordeal which would come in a few hours, the less stable element was engaging in one last, hysterical binge.
          I went into the hotel. The gentlemen were in white ties and tails; their ladies wore formal evening gowns, gardenias, orchids. Mostly American, with some English, they were sipping tall cool drinks or swinging gracefully across the polished dance floor – while outside in a night of death and desolation, not five miles away, American boys were fighting in blood and filth…” (from Reader’s Digest Illustrated History of World War II, Copyright 1969)

          I think that is what we have come to. They know they can’t stop it, and they don’t care. They just want to delay it so they can continue to enjoy their good life up until the last possible moment.

          • And divert as much wealth as they can to their own bugout pads, where they THINK they’re going to keep living the high life while we all fight with each other for the scraps.

      22. C-can’t Breath… HACK… dizzy.. GASP… tell family… HACK… luv them.. COUGH..

        Heading to the mountains of Southwestern Mexico for some fresh air.. try to hold things together ?

        • thats EXACTLY the type of comment i expect to see from a DOOM JUNKIE ! nice work

        • No that is the Last Gasp of the Right Wing Fascists who have ruined this country, now they want to bring in Herman KKK Cain Rapist to finish the job

          • Son, you really shouldn’t try to type while you’re eating a slice of Idiot pie and washing it down with a bottle of Stupid. If ignorance is bliss, you must be one happy SOB.

            • Obviously he is overdosing from the free Bubbleup & Rainbow stew at his occupy protest.

              What is so difficult for people to see? The Kenyan (rightly) castigated the Bush / Cheney axis of evil for giving us the patriot act and the TSA. Then these commie morons, drunk with their self righteous kool aid, bitch about B / C all the while ignoring the fact that Kenyan homo strengthened and renewed the patriot act and put the sadistic, butch bitch Nappy in charge of the Orwellian DHS. Makes me want to slap the stupid out of them.

              On a side note I hear a large flock of flying meat outside. Maybe I’ll get camo’d up & grab the Browning tomorrow and see if I can’t acquire some natural prep food. Gotta be better than rainbow stew.

        • I hear Mexico has pyramids!

          • It does.. but they’re funky ones.. lot’s of stairs, snakes and ugly dudes glaring at you…

            • Talk about your cardio workout!!!

      23. The Obama administration has done a lot to destroy the economy. Business cycles come and go. A normal recovery would’ve happened by now if the economy was left alone. But it wasn’t. We have the monstrosity of Obamacare. We don’t know what it will cost. Neither do businesses. There are tons of new regulations out there and who knows how many more are in the works. Businesses do what they always do during times of maximum uncertainty: they hoard as much cash as they can and they don’t invest it in their businesses or hire people. They have to look at the 400,000 job losses every WEEK and 100,000 new jobs every MONTH and they have to be scared to death. Where’s the bottom? When is it going to get better? How long can you survive if your customers can’t buy your goods and services any more?

        • W bush admisnistration has done more to Destroy the Economy and Country than anyone ever could. Bush’s Hitlarian Patriot act, Homeland Securtiy and TSA Gestapo, has basically finished this country, all the Fascist Republcans need now is a Hitler Herman KKK Cain to finish the Job. A Black Hitler, Just what the REpubicans want,

          • This gentleman would like to shed some light on your inability to see the real from the unreal, beardog, unless, of course, you have ulterior motives for posting here.

            Obama’s Legacy Of Shame
            By Stephen Lendman

            Promising change after eight Bush/Republican years, Obama delivered betrayal.

            With congressional Democrats, he exceeded Bush’s harshness, lawlessness, belligerency, and public trust betrayal.

            He violating every major domestic and foreign issue promise made. As a result, he’s been complicit in:

            looting the nation’s wealth, wrecking the economy, and consigning growing millions to impoverishment without jobs, homes, savings, social services, or futures;

            giving Wall Street crooks greater money power, disguised as financial reform;

            waging multiple imperial wars and occupations, spending more on militarism than the rest of the world combined at a time America has no enemies;

            belligerently ousting Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and Libya’s Gaddafi;

            promoting regime change in Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Lebanon, and elsewhere against independent leaders, while continuing support for the world’s most ruthless, corrupt tyrants;

            presiding over a bogus democracy under a homeland police state apparatus;

            continuing Bush’s worst lawless policies; adding more of his own, including indefinite detentions without charge, and deploying Special Forces death squads in over 120 countries to kill targeted suspects, including Americans;

            targeting whistleblowers, dissenters, Muslims, Latino immigrants, and environmental and animal rights activists called terrorists;

            illegally spying on Americans more aggressively than Bush;

            destroying decades of hard won labor rights;

            waging class war to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public and private pensions, as well as other New Deal and Great Society gains;

            wanting more aggressive media control than Nixon, according to veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas;

            stiff-arming budget-strapped states and distressed households;

            four years into a Main Street Depression, none of the millions of promised new jobs were created at a time real unemployment approaches 23%.

            imposing austerity when vital stimulus is needed;

            planning new cuts to sustain Wall Street, militarism, favoritism, waste, fraud, and other rewards for America’s top 1%;

            wanting education commodified, government’s responsibility for it ended, and making it another business profit center;

            enacting healthcare reform that taxes more, provides less, places profits above human need, and leaves a broken system in place; and

            promoting “shared sacrifice,” forcing worker sacrifices to let America’s super-rich share…”

          • *YAWN*

            • after reading once upon a beardog.

        • farm cat… a “normal” recovery wouldnt have happened by now, however people and institutions would have been allowed to fail by now and we would have hit the base that we hopefully get to… however with all these communist, puppet master games, nothing is allowed to fail other than by slow miserable death, making it very difficult for the best of us. the government is just too big and far reaching and has created such distortions with the zionist policies , that no one except these leaches, can possibly succeed.

      24. While we are busy watching the front door, the high-dollar criminals are taking the money out of the back door. In many cases, they are robbing us in plain sight…they pump liquidity in through “Berkshire Hathaway,” and out through Apple, Google, and CME funds. It is all about raising money through pump and dump techniques by the “plunge teams” around the world. The market is one big trap…warning, Will Robinson. Do not enter! Stock up, stack em’ high, and pray.

      25. another article for the doom JUNKIES ! MORE…..MORE…..MORE !

        • How d’ya like it, how d’ya like it?

      26. What we are seeing now is the FED, IMF, ECB etc conspiring to keep a system afloat that should have sunk a long time ago, it will not matter how much money they keep pumping into Europe. The PIIGS have been eating at the public trough for too long and nothing short of total collapse will rectify the problems. The choice now is how much money are WE going to throw in to keep kicking the can? As long as WE THE PEOPLE allow a central bank to control our currency WE will be on the receiving end of the world’s greatest goat screw.

      27. Another good joke for a good day, and forget those Greek suckers (except me of course):

        Why some men prefer a dog instead of a wife?

        1. The latest you return home, the happiest is the dog to seeing you.
        2. Dogs don’t get depressed if you call them with another dog’s name.
        3. Dogs like you to throw stuff on the floor.
        4. Dog’s parents never come for a visit.
        5. You never have to wait for your dog to get ready for a stroll out. The dog is ready 24/7.
        6. Dogs think it’s funny when you’re drunk.
        7. A dog will let you to put him a leather collar with black nails, without thinking you as a pervert.
        8. Dogs like to take a ride on the back of a truck.
        9. When the dog leaves, he doesn’t take half of your property.

        Finally you can make a test:
        Put your dog and your wife, in tha trunk of your car. Lock them for an hour, and then open the trunk. Who’s more happy to see you?

        • Actually, I tried that test. My wife was happy to see me because she could grab the cell phone and call a lawyer.

      28. we have the money junkies in wall street and we have the power junkies in washington d.c. and we also have the doom and gloom junkies on the internet

        • and we have the dinks like rich…. what a quadroika!

      29. Question for the round table:

        I have recently had two tempting job offers abroad, in Taiwan, specifically, as an English teacher. A year ago I would not have considered them at all; now, I am.

        I don’t like how close China is to Taiwan but then again, things here seem to be deteriorating at a much faster pace than previously. Surveillance everywhere, armed drones buzzing about, microchip IDs, taxes going up (and up), wide-open borders, etc. It seems like anyone who resists the police state will be easy to isolate and kill/apprehend as conditions deteriorate. I just don’t see how we can evade/escape the tech TPTB have.

        I am thinking about moving to Taiwan to make some money while I still can, and to wait and see what happens here and how everything plays out.


        • If you’re qualified, interested and able.. do it. Live as cheap as possible and bank the bucks. You never know what contacts you might make there which will prove very useful in the times to come.

          Do it.

        • Take wader boots.

        • I’m inclined to say do it also. However, if the U.S. breaks down, I wonder what will happen with U.S. citizens abroad?

          • mr blu is not too bright a guy, does not understand china will take taiwan soon, usa to weak to intervene, because it is in too many stupid wars, China owns us and wil take Taiwan, you will be swept up in that if you are there

            • Considering the broken english and poor grammar beardog exhibits I suspect he is either a)not too bright b)Chinese c)both a & b

              My bet is on choice c.

          • Won’t matter

          • If it really does hit the fan.. a US citizen would be fine abroad; especially if they are connected locally and have a lucrative and useful ( to the locals ) position / job in place..

            It is amazing what a few local friends, seemingly poor and unconnected can do for you when needed and willing.. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count.. everybody knows somebody.. and somebody somewhere knows somebody who can “fix it”.

          • My only real concern in living in another country is the fear of being unable to get back home if, for example, my mom needed me. In a SHTF situation, I’m pretty certain the borders will be slammed shut and where you are is where you will stay.

        • bad idea, soon china will take taiwan, they have wanted to for years, but we stoped them, now we owe them too much money and China will take them soon, if you are there, youre a goner

        • I think we’re going to see the complete collapse of the US economy and total chaos in the next year. Possibly much sooner. Taiwan is a very densely populated country. Not the place to be when that happens. If it was me, I wouldn’t be going.

          • Don’t sweat it. Rich says everything is fine with the world.

        • Scott,

          Only one thought. Let’s say you leave. And with you another 5 million Americans leave too.
          Are you guys going to let your land, your fathers’ land, to all those illegals?
          Are you going to let the country’s fate to all those fake polititians?
          I know when the belly is empty, then patriotism is philosophy. But, just my thought.

          Hope for the best Scott.

          • One of the main reasons I’m thining about going is because of the illegals and NAFTA. I think with the restrictions on Mexican trucks lifted you will see many millions more of them arrive very quickly, plus drugs and weapons and gangs/cartel-related violence.

            In short, I forsee the problems in Mexico moving north, wholesale. I see our politicians enacting laws to make this happen, and sending their LE thugs after any of us who resist or fight back. Their drones and snooping tech give them an overwhelming advantage.

            I hope I am wrong, but fear that I am not…

            • I would suggest something totally different which may seem weird.
              Our neighboor, Albania, is developing very very fast. They are hard working people, the country is now running with a fast pace, and surely an English teacher would come in handy.
              It’s not yet in the eurozone, so you will not have any problems during a potential collapse.
              Life is cheap, and the country has beautiful beaches and scenery.
              Try to find some connections through some Albanian consulate or Embassy.

            • If you’ve answered the questions of 1) you’re qualified 2) you’re willing and 3) you’re able ( family, property, obligations, etc. ) .. don’t think twice about it. Go for it.

              It isn’t permanent unless you choose to make it so..

            • I’m totally in agreement with manos, Scott!
              now, it is possible that my opinion might change over time, but even now after being 3 years unemployed I am extremely against emigration… even though almost all my neighbours, friends and old schoolmates have fled the country. as I’ve told before, almost 1m our of total 3m population has fled Lithuania. I’m clinging to my forefathers’ land as long as I can. My ancestor fought in Grunwald battle back in 1410, got his coat of arms there, and everytime I see that coat of arms I’m reminded that I can not flee. I’ll live in a bunker out in the woods if need be, but I will not abandon my land.
              however, if there is any (and I mean ANY) sign of collapse and real turmoil in Lithuania, I’ll grab my AK and do some sweeps through those govmen 😀 Do you feel lucky !@#$!#@$%^ elite???? 😀
              that is what I would like to see in any fellow patriot around the globe! don’t flee, don’t surrender, cling to every inch of your country and wait until the moment is ripe, then, let them know what you’ve suffered and what you think of them!

            • Lisa: What are you gonna do?
              Creasy: What I do best. I’m gonna kill ’em. Anyone that was involved. Anybody who profited from it. Anybody who opens their eyes at me.
              Lisa: [Whispering] You kill ’em all.

              Rayburn: He’ll deliver more justice in a weekend than ten years of your courts and tribunals.

            • Teach English in the Ukraine, the women are beautiful ….. just saying.

            • Yes DK they are. I’m married to one!

            • Sorry, hit the submit to quick. Ukraine is not a place I would want to live in. Very close to third world, rampant corruption, bribes, infrastructure sucks. Driving on most roads is like going 4 wheeling in the country here. Scared the crap out of me riding the elevators in the apartment buildings and offices. People are not very friendly as they still fear talking to strangers. Nice place to visit, very beautiful country but I wouldn’t want to live there.

          • Manos, The sentiment about the “Land” is nice..but it dont pay the bills, and as it is, We the people of this country cant own any of “This Land”
            I know you mean well Manos but our government has fucked us, out of ever seeing a return for all our family generations hard work.
            Its complete shit, and until more then this group of the people here want to get into the faces of these corrupt bastards, and to hell with the leaches of society and their lack of support, we will be screwed out of anything we could have owned.

            Im thinking its going to come down to a complete middle finger to the establishment by more than 50% of the people before we will ever “Get this country Back”

            And I mean a complete fuck you to our government.Every one in Unison stop funding these treasonous bastards, and this treasonous government. Shut them down and lock up 99% of them, seriously put in prison and work their asses to the bone for what they have done to this nation, and other countries that they have victimized in their quest for resources and weath.

            But the masses will not wake up until its way way way too late, Im already fearing that the point of no return has already passed, and that its going to come down to something that is going to be very ugly before any type of real push back will come from the general populous.

            And at that point it will come out of self preservation or survival more so than to take this country back over , because once you let them stuff your face forward in the dirt, and you allow them to run up your back, its too late to be diplomatic about the wrongs they have perpetrated upon the human beings of their country,,a nd is at that point where the people should have become awake to mass up and order it to stop with out question of who’s the boss..the boss will than be WE the People again..but i fear its not going to happen, not enough of us are really awake

        • By all means do it. I don’t know your family status but if you have one and they “are game” then hell yeah. You can learn Mandrin as well which if you don’t already, is a plus. Even if you don’t like the way of life it will be a learning experience. Hell Scott ain’t nothing gonna beat a “try”, but a failure. But this is just my two cents worth. A lot of times customers will ask me, ” If it was yours what would you do”? I then tell them, “Well it’s easy for me to say when it’s not my pocketbook”. If you’re a prayin’ man I’d say seek God’s face.

        • just remember taiwan is a break away state of china, a u.s. allie… china wants it back… we just sent them new f-16’s to hold the chinese at bay… there are better places too go to… in asia. and those english jobs aren’t all that great… they’re always hiring for a reason! if ww3 breaks out … plan on jumping a chinese junk boat with a bunch of foreign refugee’s to australia. and know this the local chinks will prey on you just for being there… other than that sounds just peachy! ;0) snicker snicker

        • Don’t think about it, just GO!

      30. This little canary has been saying for years that Europe is going to be invaded by the Muslim countries soon. Chirp chirp.

        • @iowa… ya might wanna pull yur’ head out of your milk cows ass and read a book … the muslims have BEEN in europe since pre – jesus da’ jew days! the reason the muslims have radicals too begin with is because of ignorant phucks like you threatening their right to practice their religion unmolested by the likes of you!

          and it’s da Israeli jews you need to worry over moron… cause we GAVE THEM KIKES NUKES! Israel has the fourth largest nuke munitions pile in the world and is selling them to whomever has money!

          • Actually I think they got it from France.

      31. I’m afraid that the US canary has been replaced by a drone that only looks like a canary. It’s only job is to keep singing forever, keeping our miners misled.

        I hope they get alternative media down in that mine.

        • *its (yes, I hate it when I use the wrong grammar)

      32. the canary has turned into a buzzard.

        • And the sheeple will go by the way of the Dodo.

      33. I think the canary died in 1913 with the passage in the middle of the night of the Federal Reserve Act.
        It hasn’t looked like death because it took almost 100 years for the symptoms to make the death rattle audible.

        No way fractional reserve banking continues. The problems are becoming exponential.

      34. Don’s Column
        (Tue and Thu)

        A Warning To Democrats
        November 3, 2011

        This is a warning to Democrats, and I hope they pay attention. I use the word ‘they’ because none of them read my screed, I am certain. The Democrats constantly say, and actually believe, I am sure, that the only way to balance the budget and kill the deficit is to raise taxes on the richest people, even though they already pay most of what’s collected. Democrats don’t think they pay enough, and if their entire of people earning a million a year and above were seized, it would fill a fraction of one percent of the deficit, and then all wealth would promptly leave the country, and I wouldn’t blame them!

        Day before yesterday, Colorado had a state wide election, and it was for one single reason. To raise taxes a wee bit, ‘to fund education,’ as if education wasn’t already funded by property taxes. The measure would have raised individual and corporate income taxes from 4.63% to 5%, and the state sales tax would have been raised from 2.9% to 3%.. It was defeated close to 2 to 1. I say this is a clue which Democrats ought to realize and stop hindering Republican’s efforts to not raise taxes, get rid of regulations, and make government a lot smaller. Smart Democrats would change their minds and parties.

        Here’s a quote from Tyler Houlton, president of Compass Colorado, which I have never heard of, but it hits the nail on the head. “Liberal special interest groups and their allies in Colorado’s Legislature simply do not understand that multibillion-dollar tax hikes lead to massive job loss and stifle economic recovery. Fortunately for our economy, Coloradoans rejected this job killing tax hike that was never guaranteed to fund Colorado schools in the first place.” State Senator Rollie Heath, gave a typical Democratic attitude when he said that, “I don’t understand why Coloradoans are unwilling to pay a little bit more to fund their public schools.” A little bit more? Americans have been paying “A little bit more,” since the income tax Amendment was passed, and a lot more when prohibition was made an Amendment. Tax on alcohol paid a great portion of government expenses, and when prohibition was passed, it cut a major part of revenue to government, which of course has grown and grown and grown like a huge weed, even after prohibition was abolished in 1933.

        Legislators are always ready to spend your money for their little pet projects which will get them re-elected if they pass, and many, many times, one party will trade with the other to get each others’ bills passed, which is disgusting. Meanwhile, the National Debt Clock has gotten over the $15 trillion mark, and long term, committed expenditures are close to $175 trillion, which can never be paid other than with printing press money, whose amounts grow like Topsy every day

        Herman Cain is even more disgusting to me than before, and not because of the three gals who swear he was a bit suggestive to them, and which he has several answers to their accusations. No, it is because he was asked last week on TV, with which person in history would he like to have lunch. I would have chosen George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ben Franklin, or maybe even Robert E. Lee, but certainly NOT Cain’s choice, which was Martin Luther King. Urp. It made me want to throw up. Newt is the smartest, and Ron Paul gives all the correct answers. Who will it be? I have no idea.

        I am deeply worried about the world’s economic situation. If the Greeks default and go bankrupt, Italy might do the same, and Italy has ten times the economy of Greece. Would Spain and Portugal do the same? That would wreck the euro, and banks all around the world would go bankrupt because banks all around the world have bought heavily the bonds of those four nations. Everything could go, and gold and silver would go heavenward. The dollar would remain, but its purchasing power would be greatly diminished because the FDIC would have to print trillions to bail them out. A Coca Cola might cost $10, or maybe $20. For goodness sakes, PROTECT YOURSELF!

      35. Sorry to bother you again but developments are radical.
        I have some jokes more 🙂

        The wife: Baby, do you sleep with other women?

        The husband: No darling, only with you. With the others i stay awake all night long.

        Why unmarried men are much more thin than the married ones?
        The unmarried guys when return home, they take a look what’s in the fridge (nothing), and go to bed.
        The married guys, take a look what’s in their bed, and go to the fridge.

        – Sir, i would like to ask the hand of your daughter.
        – Why, don’t you have a hand of your own?
        – Yes i have, but i’m tired to do it with my own hand.

      36. I like to look at the world economic system as a PREGNANCY.

        You start out with morning sickness. A sign that things are changing. You hope for the best, but you know that there are going to be some bad days to get through. you can’t keep anything down, it keeps regergitating right back up. Well that lasts a month or two. Sometimes it can continue on through the whole pregnancy. It just depends on you and your circumstances.

        Then you notice a little bump! At first you get excited because it is a sign that you are inflating. There is someting deep inside and growing. Now in most pregnancys it is a good thing, but in some it can be a devistating malformation of what it is suppose to be.

        But you are assured by the professionals in the field that everything is progressing normally and you are fine. Don’t worry.

        As your pregnancy changes, you notice that you are getting cravings. They come out of no where and you have to have it now. I mean RIGHT NOW! Your craving is satisfied by those that love you.

        This is normal. Don’t worry.

        However, after awhile your loved ones notice that you are taking advantage of their kindess and willingness to fullfill your every desire. They start complaining about being used.

        But you are pregnant. You need these cravings filled so that you can have a healthy delivery at the right time.

        So your loved ones give in to your demands and continue supporting these cravings that are getting really weird.

        The professionals are assuring your family that everything is normal. Don’t worry.

        As your pregnancy progresses, you notice your bump has turned into a bubble. This is a good sign. Everything is going well. Don’t worry.

        Pritty soon you feel movement and you are so excited. You bring your loved ones around and they touch, and oooooo and ahhhhhhh. This is good you are inflating. Something is growing.

        You wake up one morning and find that your back is hurting from the weight of this new growth. It is uncomfortable, but you will bear it. After all it is an extention of yourself and the love of those around you.

        There is nothing to worry about. You are being well cared for and nothing can go wrong.

        You loved ones notice how you are hindered by this burden in your daily activities. So, they help with little gifts here and little gifts there to stimulate food feelings for you. Don’t worry. It’s all good. Everything will be fine.

        It is getting to the point that your inflation has gotten so big…..Almost OVER NIGHT! This can’t be right. It looks sooooooo bloated. I mean, really out of shape.

        The professionals assure you that everything is alright. Don’t worry.

        You’ve grown so big that you can’t see your feet. How could it have grown sooooooo big……soooo quickly. This can’t be normal. But the professionals tell you everything is fine. Don’t worry.

        Then you have those first pains. The ones that let you know that you have come to that point. The point where you have to pay for all that fun.

        But don’t worry. It will only hurt a little. You can handle a little pain to reach your end goal.

        “Oh My God!” Wooooooosh………….

        “I feel like my life has been swept away in a flood.” There is a frantic ergency that enters you at this very moment.

        You look around for your loved ones. They are as pale as you are with confusion. They are not sure that everything is alright. They aren’t sure what to do or where to turn…..

        Of course, let’s turn to the professionals. They’ll know what to do.

        The professionals assure you that everything is fine. Don’t worry. It’s almost over. Just a little more pain.

        Your loved ones surround you as you are moaning a groaning in pain. They hold your hand and wipe your brow.

        But right now all you want to do is rip someones eyes out! You want to rip this painfull thing right out of your life. It should not hurt this much.

        Everything is NOT right.

        “The next time someone tells me everything is going to be alright and not to worry:” Breath….Breath….Breath….”I’m going to shoot them!”

        The time has come! You know what time I am talking about.

        The time where you feel stripped naked and exposed to the world in all your pain. The agony that is riping you apart is shared by your loved ones who in their ignorance are putting all their trust into the professionals. So, even though, they worry, they are sure that everything is going to be alright.

        Push…….PUsh…….PUSh……..PUSH……. The bubble is slowly moving out. I can’t imagine how it is going to get through that narrow passageway. The professionals have got it all wrong. This can’t be happening to me.

        Even with your loved ones all around you in this time of pain, you are all alone.

        I don’t know if this will be any comfort to you or not….but no matter how painfull it is……you WILL live through it.

        When you are done pushing this bubble out, your life will change. You will not have the same life style as before.

        You will not be able to spend money on yourself willie-nillie.

        You will have to take into account that bubble that is now a part of your life for many years to come. Eventually it matures and goes out into the world, leaving you a much smarter person.

        Most pregnancys are a joy……But the pregnancy our Government is going through, has become a night mare. One that our whole world will have to take care of.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Mona, with the gov’t, it is the first abortion I agree with. Loved your analogy, thoughtful.

        • Mona,
          After my 4th attempt to make it thru your post I might suggest making it a little shorter.
          At 2nd attempt,
          Slick starts to glaze over,
          Letters bleeding together….
          ADD coming on strong now…
          Can’t quite make …
          Reaching for Ritalin…
          Look A squirrel !
          What was I complaining about ?
          I think I gave you a thumbs up once I got thru it.

        • Wow, first for me too! You may need a luv stitch.

      37. When Greece fails, it will be a domino effect, next Italy, Spain, Ireland, etc. The US will prosper at their expense for a short while, but we will fall the hardest because we as a country, are a bunch of spoiled, entitled, lazy brats, who have tunnel vision when it comes to our economy.

        Do you know how many US Familys even cook dinner everyday? Junk food, fast food, nasty fake reality tv shows, more concerned with Kim K. wedding and divorce than picking up a book, and learning about how they will survive when the sky falls. These are people that don’t even know who the vice president is, but are experts at using the system. What will they do when the check doesn’t show up and no one answers the phone? They will flip out and there will be hell to pay. Part of me doesn’t even blame them for what they are; the government has made it so easy and tempting for them to use, and count on the system for their mere existence.

        Almost half of our country is on some sort of assistance right now. I don’t know what the end result will be, but I think it is already happening. What will be will be, and there aint nothing we can do about stopping it.

        I have felt anxious, like something is not right, for about six months now, I am not a fear monger, nor am I someone who wants things to go awry, but this feeling is pushing me in a direction. I am preparing and I am praying. That is what I feel compelled to do, like so many of you.

        When you have a clear direction and you follow your instincts, things seem to have a way of falling into place.

        • 45,800,000 receiving food stamps. How many are on social security that shouldnt be? I know about 30 myself, 20 of them are in my bloodline (shudder, i hate even admitting that). When you have more people taking out of the system than putting in, something is wrong. I know we are probably ignoring Rich, but I cant help it. Go home Rich

        • exactly… good post… the trick is to watch the growing wave… and when the us dollar hits its peak , bail out of the market, buy real gold silver , store in safe hidee hole… and then set back and watch the world whither and die!

          then ww3 and global armageddon!

          tee hee… ;0P

          my bet is pull out end of dec 2011! just before new years!

          after that your just fooling yourself… and a fool is soon parted from their gold!

          they have no other choice… in the end it’ll be a big CRASH!

        • I was talking with my son tonight about his rights as a free person in this country and explaining corp. identity vs. his individual identity as a man. He was a bit confused at first, and then the light came on blindingly bright and he more than understood.

          It’s not hard to open a person’s eyes if they are willing and desire to understand. It is when individuals do not want to accept personal responsibility that they quickly become disinterested in understanding. Thus, ignorance rules.

          It is easier for the massess to suckle the government teat than it is be for them to take personal responsibility and admit they gave in to the “temptations” waggled in front of them by the government and easy credit by banking institutions.

          Why stay within your standard of living when you can keep getting more credit? If you lose your job having lived this way, why scale back to your reduced financial means and eat beans and rice and cook at home when you can have box dinners in the microwave in a few minutes? The massess simply file their papers, recieve their handout, and tune-in to their dumb-o-vision for the latest trash to occupy thier minds.

          They long for their past life of keeping up with the Jones’s family and the easy money credit afforded them. Reality has come home to roost, but they are all sucking on numb-dumb pops, refusing to face it. It’s amazing what some anti-depressants and a little TV will do to keep the massess calm.

        • But you didn’t tell me who IS vice president!

        • Justice said “I have felt anxious, like something is not right, for about six months now, I am not a fear monger, nor am I someone who wants things to go awry, but this feeling is pushing me in a direction. I am preparing and I am praying. That is what I feel compelled to do, like so many of you. ”

          I feel the same way…

      38. Another Boogy Man?

        This week, Christiane Amanpour looks deeper into the Haqqani terror network, an organization that some experts say is the “glue” that binds the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. While the Taliban and Al- Qaeda have dominated the headlines over the last ten years, the Haqqani’s have become a politically influential and dangerous presence within Pakistan and on the border of Afghanistan

        They are a family run organization that operates like the mafia. Lead by Jalauddin Haqqani, they control the border region of North Waziristan, between Afghanistan and Pakistan and are thought to have deep influence with the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI. Well funded with deep fundraising ties within the United Arab Emirates, they have the resources to maintain influence and carry out terror attacks. Their trademark is the use of suicide bombing; their most recent attack in Kabul killed 13 Americans.


          sigh… you ALL DESERVE what is coming!

          simply deserve it!

          • and you dont deserve it you self rightoues SOB?

        • They can spend hundreds longer than we can spend billions.

      39. I am SOOO confused on something very basic..take 4 people named 1,2,3 and 4. If 1 and 3 go broke then there is an imbalance, 2 and 4 are now ‘richer’ by comparison. BUT, as it seems, all are broke. wouldn’t there then be a balance and NO problem? because if everyone is equally broke then NOONE is broke.

        Where has the money gone. Supply and Demand dictate that if everyone is broke at the same time then there isn’t a problem..THIS CONFUSES ME.

        • Ace USMC: Why is there an “imbalance”?

          Psychological studies show that if money is evenly distributed within a group, that after a period of time, certain individuals who are more capable will have more of the money than others.

          It does not necessarily mean that those with more money are smarter than those without the money; it just means that some people are more capable of managing their money than others.

          Consider the case of four Marines off base for the weekend: sometimes one Marine will piss all of his money away on a girl at Disneyland, another will not be able to get a girl at Disneyland because he is not in uniform, another will not be able to get a girl even with his uniform, and another will get the girl with the Porsche to pay his way AND take him back to her place.

          That’s not an “imbalance” that is “adaptation”, and survival of the fittest!

          Semper Fi Brother.

      40. I dont know how anyone can look at this country and think there is hope. The youth nowadays have no concept of life except what their xbox or facebook tells them. If they cant go to the fridge or mcd’s to eat, I think they would starve. This young kid the other day was broke down on the side of the road, so I stopped to help. When I asked him to pop the hood, he gave me a blank stare. So I showed him where it was and how to open it. I asked him what the car was doing, and he said it just stopped. Did you hear any noise? no, just my music. Well, to make a long story short, i finally figured out that his alternator had died, draining his battery. I finally got it out of him that the radio started going on and off, and the lights on his dash were flickering. I told him it was probably his alternator, and he said, what is that. When I got my first car, my dad showed me how to change the oil, change a tire, chaeck every fluid there was, and give me a rundown on the car. I did the same for my daughter. She is 23 now, and two days ago, she told me her car didnt sound right, it made a noise at 40 mph. she wasnt sure if it was the tranny or something to do with a wheel. I heard it, and figured it was a wheel bearing, ujoint or tranny. It turned out to be a ujoint. But she knew there was something wrong. I was so proud of her. Most of the kids coming out of school are lost. If they are our future, we are definitely screwed. Where are their parents? I know they probably wont get a chance to mess this country up, but what happens if we survive this garbage. GAME OVER

        • But, Jim…You’re describing the generation that brought in that generation too.

        • I have hope for the remnants of USA. The slackers will end up being pushed into their own area or liquidated. One thing I have noticed about the some of the younger generation is their refusal to carry someone. They like the freebies when they are on the recieving end, but are appalled at the idea of THEM carrying someone else.

      41. The same is coming here. But we have “the nuclear option”
        If you are an American, Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        Don’t stop until you understand the nuclear option.

      42. after having followed these doom articles on a daily basis for over 4 years now i clearly see its just food for another type of junkie or addict and thats the doom addict but i can see now that these events wont happen. we have financial problems but to go as far as calling for a collapse is SCI-FI stuff.

        • Rich 99, love your optimism. I hope it keeps you warm and your belly full in the coming days.

          • hahahahahahahahahah… mean its FINALLY gonna happen in the coming days ???? DAMN…..FINALLY !! I have been hearing about it for so many years and NOW ….NOW finally i can see it actually happen !

      43. No one knows how the outcome is going to play out >neither here nor in europe..

        If 2012 rolls OUT and we make it to jan 1st 2013 without a losing any more skin off our rear-end than we’ve lost in the last 4 years.. I BET THINGS WILL GET BETTER PEOPLE..

        I do understand the fact that the usa is drowning in debt.. we have only to blame who is ultimately responsible for this unfortunate circumstance.. “we the people”

        We ELECTED all of these clowns who are supposed to be working for our best interest.. obviously we made a Huge mistake by turning a blind eye to the a DECEPTIONS that these “elected servants” have done to us.. FOR MANY MANY YEARS!!

        Here, TODAY, are the consequences that we must face > what to do with the mountains of debt..or “theft of funds” that is still even happening everyday..

        WE made this possible.. we voted them ALL in.. the story goes.. you let one rat get in.. & the rest will follow it path..





        • let me analyze your comment because it made me angry and chuckle at the same time…..first , we do know how this will play out , they will kick this can further and further down the road BUT we will never have a collapse nor were we ever going to have a collapse , it just made for good reading and stirred people up to open their wallets and spend on sponsors , etc.

          secondly , if you really think that voting works then they will be in control forever.when will you realize that the whole game is rigged , even the voting , remember the florida recount , remember ? VOTING DOESNT WORK DUDE , WAKE UP !!
          anybody that would want to be a politician is only interested in the power that comes with it and the self serving interests that benefit them and family.
          i know i wouldnt want to be a politician and i could ask 100 people and a majority wouldnt want to be a poLIEtician. it takes a certain personality to be a politician and those people are megalomaniacs , period !!

          • SO Rich, what you are saying is that this is the way things are going to be, live with it? That we really have no hope but to be sheep? I really dont get you. Most of your comments are just meant to make fun of everyone here. Yet, what you just said here is the truth. Sometimes I think you are the Bankers Boy toy, then sometimes I think you may understand all this. You have some issues my friend

            • JIM, what im REALLY trying to say is that protesting and moaning and groaning on the internet and FAUX VOTING wont change a damn thing . you have to do what a bouncer would do to a rowdy drunk at a bar would do period !! anything else HAS and WILL BE a waste of time .

      44. When the SHTF hits…all preppers need to move their stores to a safe place.
        Think about it..the govt. will get the shipping lists from the suppliers and come knocking.

        Your next Prep…

        Figure out a safe place to hide your stashes.

        • VERY good point…we have been thinking the same thing…

        • Another great article Mac..always my first read with the a.m. coffee.

          Remember OGS that all transactions at army/navy surplus as well as survival sites are now tracked and flagged by d.h.s…

          That being said, I purchase all prep supplies with cash every week,excepting mylar bags..even ammo can be purchased locally by cash without a swipe on the database.

          Keep your activities in a stealth mode and the neighbors will not be knocking on your door once the shtf..


        • year after year after year its the same with you guys……..WHEN the shtf ! its always WHEN isnt it but when never happens does it? doesnt that strike your curiousity as to why ? we are in such bad shape but the shit never hits the fan….hmmmmmmm

      45. It is really bad for the greek’s now .I have some greek friend’s in tarpon spring’s fla. Very Big Greek Area here in fla. The family’s over there one of my friend’s say’s.There prepping and getting every thing they can get there hand’s on.They know it’s all a house of card’s ready to fall.

      46. The referendum would have been nothing more than a way of (not) saying that “we don’t know how to fix this so we’ll let the people have their say so they only have themselves to blame when it doesn’t work”.
        There is NO SOLUTION, period, except for economic collapse.
        The EU countries have debt/GDP ratios that make this the case. FIAT currency is worthless. It’s all too far gone to save. The Phoenix-from-the-ashes is what awaits.
        The question is will mankind actually learn from all this (they didn’t from the 1929 crash as this is just history repeating itself right now).
        Perhaps WW3 is the solution…make all the banksters, politicians and other oxygen-wasting human scum do the fighting and dying though…

      47. I read only the first few posts. I am struck by the mood of the comments. Are preppers getting ready for some unforseen catastrophic event? Are we headed for a crash or is this a slow boil? Who really knows? Nobody, I say. I have a slightly different take on the whole thing. A different way of feeling the whole push. I very wise man once said: “be the change you want to see.” I am not getting ready for the black swan. I am simply living the way I believe is best. The way we have been living in this country has gotten us into a big mess. Prepping is no solution. But, living simply, honestly, and close to the earth is the solution. Plant a garden, an orchard, grow your own food, raise your own animals; not because there is something terrible about to happen, but because it is a better way to live. If every suburbanite planted one fruit bearing plant, there would be such an abundance of food, it would put grocery stores out of business.

        If you don’t like the game, simply stop playing.

        The code word is “home spun”.

        Think about it.

        Semper Fi.

        • Semper Fi, good post. My aim has always been with a duel purpose. I’ve always been leary of contents in cans and boxes that are suppose to be good for us. Therefore I can veggies, kill, skin and butcher my own deer, geese and small game, raise my own chickens, garden, and fruit trees,(still don’t have enough to satisfy me).
          Rich 99, I know I mess with you from time to time, but I do wonder sometimes if this could be another Y2K or something on the order of the Jim Carey movie “The Truman Show”. Anyway, I justify what I do as maintaining a healthy way of life through good food and exercise along with the satisfaction of knowing where it came from.

      48. Mac, another hit! I really enjoy your articles. I print them out and give them to the Internet Challenged.

        Keep after it! I say it often and I’ll say it again: you are a crusader and when it all falls down, a hero to many. Keep up the fine work. I’ll keep referring people. Somebody has to wake up the masses. Everyone here needs to do their part.

        …I’m still mulling over my book choices. Any suggestions?

        • One Second After. That should scare the pants off of them & wake them up. It’s an easy, interesting read with good character development.

          • it makes you a “person of interest” and a “potential home-grown terrorist” too! 😀

      49. I will fight for my land…..

        Rate this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

        • THUMB UP Rick! that’s the way to do it mate! that’s the spirit!

      50. The wild gyrations by the Greeks is not quite as severe as depicted. The press (MSM?) is likely fabricating crises just to sell papers. They’ll print and disseminate that will get attention. So take it with a grain of salt….

        But having said that, yeah it’s a mess, a big mess, but lets wait it out.

        Maybe Greece should declare war on the EU, lose, disavow all debts, and receive much more “aid” than they would otherwise get.
        Germany and Japan both became economic and industrial powerhouses because they got new infrastructure in the form of modern and efficient manufacturing capability, while the US and UK struggle along with outdated plants. Those plants could be modernized, but Wall Street bleeds off profits which should go into R & D (research and development) or, to put it more quaintly, plow profits back into the business.

      51. Good article Mac ! We can all see what is going on. The gyrations of Wall Street & markets worldwide are getting more volatile every week. The only reason the market is up is the Fed’s continued money printing. And….since we cant get an audit of the Fed….we really don’t know how much they have loaned to the EU…. I graduated many years ago with a Biz/ Economics degree. This whole mess makes my head spin. I still say that the Banana Republic of Obama knows exactly what they are doing. No one could make so many bad decisioins…& then double down on them.
        The law of averages says that just by dumb luck…something he did would have been good for this country….. All I can see is to continue prepping…getting my duckies lined up….& praying that there is more time to get things done.
        On a posative note…Wally World has Winchester & Federal 12GA 7-1/2 & 8 shot …100 round packs for just under $22.00. Their 22LR bricks are reasonable too.
        Buy “em cheap & stack the deep. Stay Safe All !
        Montgomery County Texas

        • yep, paying the same price up here in Michigan, every spare 20 bucks and change i get, goes to 100 rounds of 12

      52. Sometimes the canary wouldn’t asphyxiate. Sometimes it would just suddenly explode.


        put this at the begining of both these …http://

        signs of the times

      54. It’s disturbing to see people on this site still believe the government in D.C. is theirs. The government has been taken over by Globalists and Marxists. It’s not our government. It won’t be ours ever again. That part of the issue is a done deal. And we were left out of the deal. Now, prepare to survive that.

      55. > The government has been taken over by Globalists and Marxists. It’s not our government. It won’t be ours ever again.

        That one is true, sadly.
        And if such a government is calling for a public vote, it is just because it’s sure about the outcome. If not, the vote will be repeated until it matches the elites expectation – as seen in all public opinion polls in the EU.

        That whole mess continues until the public votes for the gallows – for the government. This is not far…

      56. @NetRanger

        Write one. I’d read it.

      57. I’ve often said its impossible to know what reality or truth is because nothing exists today, and i mean nothing, that hasnt been distorted and disfigured by centuries of lies, corruption and fantasy.

        No matter how good one thought his or her life was or has been the moment you realize you’ve been played, as most everyone has, the past and the future seem so empty and become almost meaningless. If we were that clueless in the past what are the chances we’ll suddenly be capable of seeing what lies ahead let alone be able to change it.

        How different would each of our lives have been if we hadn’t been ignorantly complicit in the grand scheme of TPTB?

        I have a hard time imagining anything being other than what it was. I just have a different perspective on it now. I like to think its a more realistic one but I’m not sure it’s a better perspective.

        I think I need some sleep…

      58. Just got back from Wally World. Peanut Butter prices have not changed yet. picked up another couple jars. The kid at the checkout counter sadi that he had heard that prices are going up…..
        Also, if you have a 99 Cents Everything Store in your area the have Mother’s brand Cerial…Penut Butter Bumpers crunchy Corn Cerial for 99 cents a box. The boxes are 14oz. and the ingredients are decent : Corn Flower, unsulpherated molases, natural penut butter, (ground penuts & salt) oat flower, rice flower, honey, salt, natural mixed tocopherols ( vitamin E ) . That’s it . Not a bunch of garbage you don’t know what it is. I bought a box yesterday to try them….& they are not half bad. Distributed by Quaker Oats Co. I’m going to head back & buy a case or two for the prep room.
        Montgomery County Texas

      59. since Angela Merkle is Hitler’s daughter it stands to reason that she and her Zio banking pals desire to sell out the sheeple of Greece since they know how vicious the Chinese are when they get their hands on slave laborers… bankers get their money and the Zios won’t need to build concentration camps in Greece as that will be handled by the Communist Chinese invasion.

      60. Greetings Everyone!
        just a short note.
        Greece gave us the first Democracy.It was called Athens.
        As corruption grew,Athens turned into a Oligarchy/Fascist state that needed to force it’s “democratic” system onto others.
        Finally with the majority of the populace in extreme poverty,Athens ran into a different State that was better at war.
        Sound familiar?
        just saying…
        Best to All(including the poor saps reading this for the NSA,I do feel sorry for you and your families future)

      61. @rich99: it depends on your expectation. Are you prepping for a physical calamity, natural or man made? Or a financial collapse? The preps tend to overlap. I do not know when jellystone is gonna blow and create a life extinguishing event. But it was nice during the last hurricane when all I had to do was top off the gas tank and fill a few Jerry cans with fresh gas. It felt good to simply drive past the overflowing parking lots outside the various stores on the way home. IMHO, the financial collapse is happening. Death by a thousand cuts (inflation). As Greenspan testified: I can guarantee you SS, and colas, I cannot guarantee what those checks will be able to buy (afford). So, another ten years of stagflation or a flash crash caused by??? Your guess is as good as anyone’s. It’s prudent to prep for any and all scenarios, diversify, stock up on B, B, and B’s. One of my least favorite presidents said: the business of America is business. I sure hope so, but my friends and I cannot figure out what the “trick f@ck” is that will keep our economy from failing. Something like cold fusion would be a game changer that could energize (I’m sorry for that) our economy. Not likely, unfortunately.

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