The Bottom of the Food Chain Is Experiencing a Catastrophic Collapse: “Dying In Absolutely Massive Numbers”

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. Michael is the founder of The Economic Collapse Blog and author of The Beginning of the End.

    A 1,000 Mile Stretch Of The Pacific Ocean Has Heated Up Several Degrees And Scientists Don’t Know Why

    pacific-blobAccording to two University of Washington scientific research papers that were recently released, a 1,000 mile stretch of the Pacific Ocean has warmed up by several degrees, and nobody seems to know why this is happening.  This giant “blob” of warm water was first observed in late 2013, and it is playing havoc with our climate.  And since this giant “blob” first showed up, fish and other sea creatures have been dying in absolutely massive numbers.  So could there be a connection?  And what is going to happen if the Pacific Ocean continues to warm up?  Could we potentially be facing the greatest holocaust of sea life in the Pacific that anyone has ever observed?  If so, what would that mean for the food chain and for our food supply?

    For a large portion of the Pacific Ocean to suddenly start significantly heating up without any known explanation is a really big deal.  The following information about this new research comes from the University of Washington

    “In the fall of 2013 and early 2014 we started to notice a big, almost circular mass of water that just didn’t cool off as much as it usually did, so by spring of 2014 it was warmer than we had ever seen it for that time of year,” said Nick Bond, a climate scientist at the UW-based Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, a joint research center of the UW and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

    Bond coined the term “the blob” last June in his monthly newsletter as Washington’s state climatologist. He said the huge patch of water – 1,000 miles in each direction and 300 feet deep – had contributed to Washington’s mild 2014 winter and might signal a warmer summer.

    It would be one thing if scientists knew why this was happening and had an explanation for it.

    But they don’t.

    In fact, according to the Washington Post, they are calling this something that is “totally new”…

    Scientists have been astonished at the extent and especially the long-lasting nature of the warmth, with one NOAA researcher saying, “when you see something like this that’s totally new you have opportunities to learn things you were never expecting.”

    The following map comes from the NOAA, and it shows what this giant “blob” looks like…

    Pacific Ocean Anomaly

    According to CBS News, ocean temperatures inside this blob have risen anywhere from two to seven degrees Fahrenheit above normal…

    This warm blob, which is about 2 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 4 degrees Celsius) warmer than the usual temperature for this region, means the winter air that crosses over the Pacific Ocean wasn’t cooled as much as it normally would be. That, in turn, spelled warmer, dryer conditions for the West Coast.

    Meanwhile, while this has been going on, scientists have also been noticing that sea creatures in the Pacific have been dying in record numbers.

    In fact, last summer I wrote an article entitled “Why are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the west coast right now?

    Since then, things have continued to get even worse.

    For instance, it was recently reported that the number of sea lions washing up on Southern California beaches is at an all-time record high…

    A record 2,250 sea lions, mostly pups, have washed up starving and stranded on Southern California beaches so far this year, a worsening phenomenon blamed on warming seas in the region that have disrupted the marine mammals’ food supply.

    The latest tally, reported on Monday by the National Marine Fisheries Service, is 20 times the level of strandings averaged for the same three-month period over the past decade and twice the number documented in 2013, the previous worst winter season recorded for Southern California sea lions.

    And of course fish are being deeply affected as well.  Sardines have declined to their lowest level in six decades, and National Geographic says that a whole host of tiny fish species at the bottom of the food chain are dying off rapidly…

    Since the 1950s, researchers every year have dropped nets 1,000 feet (300 meters) down to catalog marine life many miles off California. Most track commercially important species caught by the fishing industry. But J. Anthony Koslow tallies fish often credited with keeping marine systems functioning soundly—tiny midwater bristlemouths, the region’s most abundant marine species, as well as viperfish, hatchetfish, razor-mouthed dragonfish, and even minnow-like lampfish.

    All are significant parts of the seafood buffet that supports life in the eastern Pacific, and all are declining dramaticallywith the vertical rise of low-oxygen water.

    “If it was a 10 percent change, it wouldn’t have been worth noting, but they’ve declined by 63 percent,” says Koslow, of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

    So if the bottom of the food chain is experiencing a catastrophic collapse, what is that going to mean for the rest of the food chain in the Pacific Ocean?

    In turn, what is that going to mean for the seafood industry and for the price of seafood in our grocery stores?

    Some really strange things are happening on the other side of the Pacific right now as well.

    Over in Japan, the media is buzzing about the recent mass beaching of 150 melon-headed whales.  A similar incident was observed just six days before the great earthquake and tsunami of 2011.  The following comes from the Japan Times

    The mass beaching of over 150 melon-headed whales on Japan’s shores has fueled fears of a repeat of a seemingly unrelated event in the country — the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami that killed over 18,000 people.

    Despite a lack of scientific evidence linking the two events, a flurry of online commentators have pointed to the appearance of around 50 melon-headed whales — a species that is a member of the dolphin family — on Japan’s beaches six days before the monster quake, which unleashed towering tsunami and triggered a nuclear disaster.

    Very strange stuff.

    For our entire lives, we have been able to take for granted that our oceans would always be stable and healthy.

    But now it appears that things may be changing.

    So what do you think about all of this?

    Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.



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      1. fukashima

        • The Bottom of the Food Chain Is Experiencing a Catastrophic Collapse: “Dying In Absolutely Massive Numbers”


          Whatever it is, you can be sure that it’s the fault of the NWO ZOG.

          • Well double dog ZOG

            • And ZOG spelled backwards is GOZ and GOZ is Ebonics for gauze.

          • FS:

            Ever hear of Corexient? Who owns it and who promoted its use in the gulf? Ever checked to see what chemtrails are and who is behind them? Ever hear of HAARP?

            Ever read the Book of Revelations, FS? Ever see the verse about “the synagogue of Satan” and what GOD says they are responsible for? It is the present day “moneychangers”, FS. Now go figure out who they are in this present day and you will have figured out the “synagogue”. You might go a little further in your studies to find out what God says happens to them and “their useful idiots”.

            You are first to jump on a subject at shtf; are you being paid by that “synagogue” to be first up to the plate with your ‘sly’ sputum?

            • If I’m not mistaken the Gulf of Mexico is not near the Pacific Ocean…unless you are meaning that Corexient has been used in large amounts in the Pacific Ocean, similar to the amount used in the Gulf of Mexico in proportion to water volume.

              • Corexit is the most toxic of the chemical concoctions created to deal with huge oil spills. It doesn’t get rid oil, it just hides it for a time – and renders seafood toxic before killing it off. Between that and the radiation from Fukushima, which has STILL not been handled in any way that stops more radioactive particles from contaminating the Pacific Ocean (in one test 17 of 17 tuna were too radioactive to eat). There are other sources of radiation as well that we’re being exposed to. There are also reactions with energy sources like HAARP and the chemtrails, among other sources that are toxic – like GMOs which, among other things, cause cancer.

                Dammit, America is fighting itself over a fake theater/government in a set of corporations (Washington D.C.) owned by the same insane “elites” who are in the process of destroying the planet are likely laughing their asses off at us!

          • What is this ZOG stuff?

          • What is this ZOG stuff?

            • Christian identity/arayan brotherhood bull shiz. Get used to it, the weirdos have moved in at shtfp

        • Yep… Fukashima beyond a doubt but you will never hear it! Massive cover-up of the worst disaster in history! We focus on Iran and the Middle East or Russia and the Ukraine (not that they are not worth noticing!) while this happens.
          The scientific community has been conducting tests and experiments since 2011 and things continue to deteriorate at a amazing pace considering the size and depth of this event.
          Japan is the 2nd largest holder of our worthless paper… wonder if that has something to do with this?
          The Kings play merry while the globe burns!

          • Yep…Nail IT, it’s Fukashima, and 97% of all life forms have died on the bottom of Ocean off the West coast, and that’s a fact they are attempting to hide from the American People! All this is right out of the book of Revelations…and a third of all life in the Sea will die.

            • Also stuck in stupid people are still eating gulf seafood, which is contaminated with chemicals from oil leak, etc. Not to mention the gulf is contaminated with raw sewage/an open sewer. A man with a cut on his leg went swimming at Gulf Shores and got infected with a bacteria and died. One of hubby’s former co workers died three days after eating under cooked seafood near Mobile bay, before the oil leak, which proves bacteria in the gulf. We don’t go in the gulf water and haven’t for years.

              • same here with the Chesapeake Bay…ALL BAY SEAFOOD is TOXIC ! scum-bag O’Malley invited a 1,000,000 illegal aliens here to sh*t & p*ss in the Bay every day… & that dipsh*t want’s to be POTUS… lol 😛

          • This first thing came to my mind was Fukushima, and I have warned people not to buy Pacific Salmon or sea food since early 2014 when radiation traveled to our west coast.

            • Why? it’s like getting a free glow stick in every can. No need to use lights to eat these in the dark. Plus the nuclear half life is way longer than your typical battery shelf life and it’s probably even antibacterial and antiviral. Just think of the added value of a canned product that inherently sanitizes the can from the inside out for decades!

              I’m feeling so positive right now I’m going to go watch X-men.

            • Scientists were surprised to learn after Fukushima, that larger species like dolphin and tuna swim across the pacific and back at least 2x per year. So they have been swimming across the radiation patch since it happened. And they have been eating irradiated food sources.

              Tidal species of the west coast have been decimated. A once vibrantly alive tidal zone along the west coast is empty. It had contained an easily visible wealth of varied life forms. It was RICH with life but now it is like a ghost town.

          • or as i like to say it…as japan FIDDLES, the WORLD BURNS!…right you are mac….and it’s amazing that when i mention fukushima, the person NEVER knows what i’m talking about until i explain it to them,,,,,DEBT MAN WALKIN’!

        • These “scientists” must be incredibly stupid not to know what is causing this.

          Everyone with a brain knows it’s the Fukushima radiation. Are the sheeple actually that stupid to think there are really scientists who don’t know what’s going on?

          This is pitiful.

          • I agree. But you can add climate change, pollution, and underwater volcanoes to the list. I stopped eating seafood before Fukushima because of pollution. Oh, and the real bottom of the food chain is plankton, and they are disappearing everywhere….

            • Don’t count on the Climate Change scam to add any validity to what is happening to the die offs.

              Climate Change/Global Warming is a hoax program designed to further control the masses through manipulation and further increases in taxes.
              It is a program designed by TPTB to explain negative changes and impacts of toxic leakage into modern day environments associated with corporate profits and mistakes.
              There has been climate change since the dawn of flesh man and the removing of the Firmament that encased the earth by the Creator. God himself told us there would always be climate change by His own words..
              Gen 8:22 “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

              The gov,scientists,environmentalists, and all that push the “Climate Change” agenda point to the decreasing Arctic Ice Cap as their so-called proof of “global warming”. The fact is, the melting or decrease in the Ice Sheet, from the last Ice Age, has been shrinking since then.
              According to Wikipedia… “There have been at least five major ice ages in the earth’s past (the Huronian, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan, Karoo Ice Age and theQuaternary glaciation). Outside these ages, the Earth seems to have been ice-free even in high latitudes.”
              Did anyone catch that last sentence?

              So, if the last Ice Age period of ice sheet coverage, began shrinking/melting since about 10,000 years ago, wouldn’t this explain how the Arctic Ice Cap coverage, that reached well down into the southern regions of North America, has been in a steady state of decline/decrease/melt off?

              Of course it does.

              Also the figures used to claim a steady increase in average annual global temperature increase, has been proven to be partially tainted because of “scientific estimates” used in their hypothesis.
              Also I follow the facts based on the worlds largest ice sheet, which is called the continent of Anarctica. It has an average annual average temperature of about …minus 56.2 degrees with the warmest average during the summer months to be about minus 28 degrees, the usual high temperature.
              Scientist say there has been a steady increase of about, point two degrees per decade, since the data has been kept in the mid fifties.
              Even if that were fact, which I highly doubt; researchers report the total increase in annual temperature from 1958 until 2010 is estimated to be about 2.4 degrees Celsius.
              Hardly enough increase to use as proof of “Global Warming”.

              It is all one big cover-up and con game. When some of the biggest con operators in American politics are spouting the “Climate Change Agenda”, it is a safe bet that there is a con-game going on and the con “mark” is the American public.

              • beautiful post.

              • So let me get this straight.. We’re not under the control of banks, corrupt governments and trans-national corporations who are exploiting workers, the environment and “democracy”, but are actually under attack by the green left who are trying to save the globe from a environmental collapse?

                Who has the real financial advantage here? Who has the most to lose? What is there to be gained by private interests?

                The bizarre disinformation based accusation that it is in fact the environmental movement that is corrupt and trying to take over the world is next level insane. If you follow the money trail, follow the corruption and follow the secrecy then it quite clear who is conspiring against humanity.

        • your right! end of life on planet earth as we know it………

        • Maybe it’s this:

          Scroll down to ‘Impacts’. Do it before “This article needs attention from an expert in Climate change or Meteorology. See the talk page for details. WikiProject Climate change or WikiProject Meteorology (or their Portals) may be able to help recruit an expert. (September 2014)” The article looks like it was written by an expert, Just not one brainwashed into the climate scam.

          • Sounds like scientists who have never seen this water pattern should check out this wiki article. Data going back to 1661 does not sound like a new pattern.

            • Thanks for the article. Yep, I remember NASA used to have a chart showing global warming occurred every 300K years (if I recall correctly). Showed the results from core samples and stuff. Welp, once Global Warming [scamsters] got rolling then that disappeared. Not to say the earth doesn’t warm; but to say we are a fly on the back of an elephant.
              BTW, what was the name of that Serbian dude who figured — while in POW camp — all of this out to be caused by celestial changes. Oh yeah, Milankovitch. I guess these other “scientists” posting articles on the Intronut never heard about him. Anyways, we have about another 50k years of similar W/m^2 being about what it is now before we really head for some hard ice age. The article explains it best. may be where the wikipedia authors copied from, still trying to find a fine-grained past/future projection chart. E.g. 100 years instead of K years.

        • Fukushima and geo-engineering I am sure is to blame. These two items alone are causing massive die offs of habitat and trees in the forests. A friend said he regularly travels by boat to Japan and since the fukushima incident the dolphins, whales and other sea life he used to enjoy watching has disappeared into a dark spooky silence. Satellite imagery shows the sea floor of the Pacific is littered with dead sea animals and fish. This planet has been given the kill shot and it’s only a matter of time before we are all gone especially the west coast of the USSA.

        • Could it also be underwater volcanoes? There have been reports for years that there are many of them in the Pacific Ocean.

        • yes i agree, the water that fukishima used and flushed into the ocean was full of radiation.
          could also be because of planet X or Nibiru disrupting the earth as it enters our solar system.

        • Ya think? Nuclear waste pouring out of Japan…no end in sight? I can read the tea leaves…yet educated (supposedly) so called journalists can’t? We are so screwed.

      2. Does not show up on Weather Underground ocean temp map.

        • Weather underground is a rothschild owned NWO organization. Same with the weather channel. You cannot trust info from these assholes.

          • I have also read that weather underground is the owner of technology that can take control of aircraft away from the pilots and remote control them. Sound like a piece of the puzzle?

      3. Can’t figure it out my ass! They know exactly whats causing it! Let’s see here, don’t they use radiation to HEAT water in reactors? Doesn’t radiation KILL living things? Gee Butch, I can’t figure it out derrr. We are soooo fookin screwed!

        • G
          I don’t disagree with you I think you are right. The other thing it could be Volcanoes.

        • But hey, nuclear power is safe and clean. I’ll take coal anyday over nuke shit. Funny how they also have many, many reactors on fault lines too. Solar is great but the chemtrails block a lot of the sun power out. These MFers all need to die!

          • Modern reactors -particularly Thorium reactors- are safe.

            The problems we are having are with those from the earliest days of reactor design, nuclear dinosaurs so to speak,

            But they are almost impossible to replace with modern and safe ones since environmental groups effectively oppose them and make the continued use of the ancient ones necessary instead of replacing them with the new and safe ones.

            • GE said these in Fukushima were the safest in the world when they built them. There is no such animal as a safe nuke plant and when an EMP attack happens there will be no cooling and as a result multiple meltdowns. I am as conservative a guy as it gets and i agree with others to take my chances with coal any day.

              • Jimbo,

                The key there is “when they were built”.

                Designs have improved greatly in both safety and efficiency, compare for instance the safety of an automobile form the 1950’s with the safety of one from today. (FWIW, the 1955 Ford was considered the safest car ever made in it’s day with things such as safety door locks and other innovations but it wouldn’t even be allowed to be sold in any developed country in the world today. It didn’t compete well with the 1955 Chevy which ignored safety and came out with a much more powerful engine that was faster than anything else.)

                Take a look at the latest generation of reactors, LFTR’s and MSR’s in particular. There’s no reason we could not be replacing the dangerous antique ones with these today other than political opposition.

                • There is a reason they aren’t replacing them. It’s call culling, genocide, euthenasia, population control, soft kill, and other names. Death and disease of the masses is not a top concern of TPTB. It is what they want and they can point to an accident instead of themselves.

                • When Fukushima occurred, some nuclear scientists said that one of the reactors that blew was already shut down before it blew so it should not have blown. They said that a charge from a working reactor went down into the ground and traveled through a liquid layer of the earth and back up into the shut down reactor. When they learned that this happened, they did not know if this could set off other reactors or how far it could travel. They literally waited to see if other reactors around the world would be affected because this liquid layer encircles the entire planet.
                  That is NOT my idea of safe.

                • Got news for you: the same company that built Fukushima and declared it safe has been hired to build a nuclear plant outside of Atlanta. If you think nuclear plants are safe, then you wouldn’t mind them burying spent fuel rods in your backyard, would you?

              • nothing withstands stuxnet or nuclear sabotage

              • You are correct in saying they are safe if built properly. I work in the industry and there are many misunderstandings about Fukishima for example. It was not designed to withstand a tsunami. That should have been in the original plan.

                One within two hours of me was designed to withstand a 6.2 earthquake. We had a 5.8 a few years ago. No one knows how close we were to a major disaster. The back up systems worked but what if we had had a 6.3

                Nuke stations can be designed and run safely. With the government involved the cost of one is astronomical. They should also be designed far above the expected worse case natural disaster. The government should be doing all they can to decrease the cost of building them and our energy needs would be solved. Instead they are doing everything in there power to make money off of every form of energy both foreign and domestic.

            • New and Safe? You are talking about sodium reactors aren’t you? The type of sodium that explodes on contact with air and explodes violently when water comes into contact with it, while operating under HIGH pressure?

              The nuclear dinosaurs you speak of like the GE Mark V are still being built as I type.

              Please cite the safety record of these Thorium reactors, their proven reliability and nothing from the NRC, IAEA etc.

          • Actually it’s the elite that think we are the MFers that all need to die 🙁

          • I think it’s the elite who think that we are the MFers that all need to die 🙁

      4. Simple Volcanoes!!!
        The water warmer? Still only around 50 to 60 degrees.
        When I read bottom of the food chain I thought they were talking about the Zombies and Leaches on society.

        • Sarge, those bottom feeders are toxic too lol.

        • Right, like state pension sucking worthless eater leeches on society. They got paid to a job, if you want to call it that, they should have all their god damned pensions revoked, the scum.

          • d

            My sister has been a teacher for almost 30 years now and she is going to get her state pension. Are you saying that she shouldn’t get a pension?

            If you are. Why not?

            If you are talking about my pension. Well, wrong Spanky I get a pension but it its a state pension from the City for over 20 years of police work. This might just piss you off more. I’m now getting my pension from the factory that I worked at before I became a cop. I now have two pensions coming in now, and in less than 8 month YOU are going to get to start paying for my Social Security. That means three forms of income for working for 50 years.

            • Wrong. You should have been able to save plenty over working for 50 years. As for teachers, it’s well known that they’re way overpaid and underworked, they’re the worst kind of leech on society, you’re the second worst kind of leech, just another worthless eater to suck off an already broke system. The sooner you get planted, the better for all the rest of us.

              • Dale, pensions are a part of your pay package in many jobs. It is YOUR money just invested in your name by the companies retirement managers. Once again, IT IS THE EMPLOYEES MONEY AND PART OF THEIR PAY! same with social security, YOU pay it all your life and if your lucky you get it back. Are you 12 years old and never had a job or what? Your statement is one of the stupidest I have ever seen. Do you realize what a moron you are saying that? Get a job when you grow up and before you retire you need to be planted so the rest of society and govt. can steal your money.

                • Errrrm… Pot, kettle, black!

                • “G”
                  little dale has no frigging clue!
                  Never had a job I’ll bet. Or if he did it hasn’t got a pension plan.

                  • Only the suckers of gooberment tit get a pension anymore brain surgeon, and if you call sitting on your ass eating donuts all day and handing out speeding tickets hard work, you’re just as big of a leech as anybody in the food stamp crowd, so when you speak about zombies and leeches in the future, don’t forget to include yourself and your sister, { eeeeewwwww, a FEMALE version of YOU? That’s just wrong on soooooo many levels}.

              • Gee, I consider the education of my children pretty damn important, since I’m not independently rich, I don’t get to stay at home and homeschool, and those who work as teachers rate higher in compensatory priority than politicians, attorneys, and cops!

                Here is a thought, when a employment CONTRACT includes a retirement and medical benefits, why should politicrats and CEO’s be the only ones who get golden parachutes and fat retirements while the organizations they work for (And the “PEON” workers too,) go down in flames? Talk crap all you like, but the “TRICKLE DOWN” economy hasn’t worked yet, and with such an abysmal track record, why should it be allowed to continue?

              • Genius,

                I’ve read enough of your commentary to understand your handle is a figment of your imagination, and I’m not the only one who’s noticing. If it has to do with electronics or electrical problems, I’ll gladly listen to anything you have to say about that. Other than that, you’re a legend in your own mind.

              • Heh. I would bet a LOT of money that you do not qualify for any pensions. Sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me. REALLY sour by the sound of it, like maybe you’ve tried to get a job with a pension and didn’t make it.

                I say, don’t be pissed at the pensioners. If you don’t like that certain people receive a pension, you should blame the people who gave it to them.

                And you’re pretty much dead wrong about teachers. Yes, there are leeches like in any occupation, but I went through a Masters/teacher prep program (though I have yet to teach…I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years) and I know a lot of those people. Most of them are seriously dedicated and some are truly talented. They’ve also mostly had it with their jobs, and turnover is very high. Most teachers don’t stick it out long enough to even collect a pension. If you’d just mellow out and take a critical look at what is involved in being a teacher you might not be quite so vocal with that opinion. Just a thought.

                • Jaxx, I’ve worked as a mechanic in a school district, non union of course. I’ve seen how ” dedicated” teachers are to their profession. They’re ” dedicated” to their unions keeping their sorry asses employed with contracts and raises, and tenure after 3 years work. I’ve heard them in backyard summer barbecues when they’ve a little too much to drink, they openly laugh about how easy their job is, all the great time off, can’t get fired after 3 years tenure, the union gets them a good raise every year, etc,etc. Bit when they threaten to go on strike, well now, you would think that they’re being made to carry their own cross through the street for their own crucifiction they way they’re treated. Now, if I hadn’t seen it myself firsthand, I might have believed your fairy tale, but you unknowingly told it to somebody who knows better.

            • Pensions are just money you should have been paid up front and often end up being a carrot people don’t get to bite just a lure to get more from work without pay.

              As to teachers there are some who are convicted pedophiles who victimized children on the job so why should we pay them for conducting their crimes?

              • My parents were both teachers. My dad died before retirement and so his money was stolen. My mother died 3 years after retiring and the rest of her money was stolen. Many jobs have pension plans as part of your benefits but they do NOT allow you to opt out of them. That way it is basically the same as social security, just a fukkin scam to steal your money. Sorry to hear you were buttraped repeatedly by a pedophile Joseph but that isn’t the norm.

                • Genius! Glad to see he eyes still have it and all is well with the op,can’t believe that most still question what the sixth level extinction is from? Getting time to get to the BOL Eh?

                • Genius! Glad to see he eyes still have it and all is well with the op,can’t believe that most still question what the sixth level extinction is from? Getting time to get to the BOL Eh? Welcome to the insanity!!!!!!!!!!!

            • I am pretty much in opposition to any ‘pension’ from the state. I am sure my Uncle and Grandpa would roll in their grave to hear me say that but it is true. I come from a family of military and police officers and I don’t think pensions are right. Nobody twisted their arm to take on that work. A family member took a spill on a bike whilest going from court to the office. He wasn’t on duty but had traffic court and was in uniform and on his bike. He will never be the same, traumatic brain injury. Now, I do believe he ought to be cared for by the tax payer for the rest of his life. He will never work again. But my one uncle who is retired, well, he shouldn’t be getting a pension. My other uncle was killed after he retired and so he was getting a pension before his death.

              Sorry. Not trying to be offensive, just honest and consistent.

            • You never produced a durn thing. your entire income was & is derived by robbing (taxing) the productive. Illinois has so much money going out to pay pensions that its insolvent. People and companies are fleeing illinoise. places like east St Louis & Rockford are ghost towns. Some day those pensions & social security checks wont be there.

        • There is much actual research to say you are correct. My father was on Bouganville in WWII, and had a photograph taken from offshore showing the smoking mountain above the jungle. He captioned the photo “the volcano will get us if the Japs don’t”. I have seen movies taken on the edges of the Pacific trenches showing underwater geysers by the thousands. There was a new island born near Iwo Jima a couple of years ago, and like Iwo is in a chain called the Volcano Islands. About the only people who know what is on the bottom of the Pacific are the U.S. and Russian submarine forces, and they are not talking.

      5. It is the coolant outflow from Nanny’s data banks. No the Pacific is in for a twofor. Homer and Mr Burns.

      6. On the Oregon Coast my family and and I had the unfortunate experience of of seeing a mass die off of Auklets. I am talking hundreds and hundreds of dead Auklets and other sea bird species laying dead all over the beach.

      7. Something else the White House can blame on Bush.

        • I’m surprised our tribal media does not blame it on Russia and Iran.

          • Mongo,

            Don’t give them any ideas. You know they will do anything to keep the banker’s wars going! 12 years strong so far……..

          • They are blaming it on Washington state having not passed a carbon tax bill, though, of all the stupid cause and effect unicorns ideological journalists are capable of dreaming up.

            First they tell there is no scientific explanation yet discovered for the warming waters, then tell us how it can be ‘fixed’. They really believe we are as dumb as they think we are.

      8. Godzilla is peeing. Duh..

      9. For what it’s worth:: Fukushima= E. L. E.

      10. Volcanic activity. You can put the tin foil hat back in the closet for now. I know to the climate change crowd that this sounds crazy, but the planet just sort of does what it wants to.

        • A geologist buddy of mine says that’s exactly the reason. Magmatic levels possibly rising, and gaseous emissions certainly rising.

      11. The real Fukishima disaster has not yet begun. Scientists estimate that another earthquake will cause a complete nuclear melt down to reactor #2. Despite Japan’s best efforts to contain the mess, the situation appears dire, and the death of the Pacific Ocean biblical.

      12. Could be all the plastic they dump in the ocean, is that not the same area it all circulates.

      13. Undersea volcanic activity. It happens frequently around the globe.

      14. “‘In the fall of 2013 and early 2014 we started to notice a big, almost circular mass of water that just didn’t cool off as much as it usually did, so by spring of 2014 it was warmer than we had ever seen it for that time of year,’ said Nick Bond, a climate scientist at the UW-based Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, a joint research center of the UW and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.”

        The scientist never said the water warmed up. He said it didn’t cool off as much as usual. By the end of the article, it is sounding like the ocean heated up, which is not the case.

        It’s not good anyway, but we need to keep the facts straight. I do think there may be some ocean bottom volcanic action of some sort that may be adding energy.

        • Problem is the NOAA is another govt. agency that only reports what is allowed. I would trust an independent study waayyy before I would anything the ZOG govt. says. Might as well believe the FDA too.

          • Yet another ZOG moron!

            • LOL!

      15. RADIATION??

      16. Godzilla farted.

        Ok, really? Volcano? Methane pocket release? Hope not the methane thing…

      17. Hopefully “the blob” will take out Kalifornication and all the weirdo’s and queers.

        • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but…..

          the “weirdo’s and queers” are everywhere, especially in all the bigger cities.

          It seems as though they have been coming out of the woodwork since the mid eighties.

      18. They supposedly checked Alaska salmon for radiation last year, and reported they were safe. Unfortunately, with the price of oil down, the state has a 3.5 billion dollar budget deficit. Knowing how astute politicians are, I am sure they wouldn’t lie about the states other large money maker {seafood} would they? The sardine fishery on the west coast has been shut down, but it has happened before in the 1940’s, so there is a historical precedent. Not a church goer, but a Bible reader: in the book of Revelation isn’t it noted that 1/3 of fish will die at the End? Pray and prep……

      19. Moochie jumped into the Honolulu waters after eatin’a bag of pork rinds and farted.

      20. Whoa calm down on the pension attacks people. Leeches don’t like pensioners because of jealousy. It takes a long time for people to get enough to retire like this. I’m in this racket and I know the sacrafice workers make. Let’s not attack workers pensions that they sacrafice big time for. Like I said only scum welfare leeches would bitch about it. Shit all the freeloading they do don’t equal a pension so just goes to show ya they don’t know shit. Can’t wait till I retire gonna get me a caddy and some tommy Bahamas threads and smoke Cuban cigars through the projects wearing a half inch diameter gold rope around my neck. I love to pour alcohol on wounds.

      21. We have Fukushima dumping toxic radioactive waste into the Pacific. Volcanic and seismic activity in the area. A big floating garbage dump floating in the middle of the Pacific. Chemical trails and drought on the West Coast. Mass die offs of marine and sea mammal life.

        Do you think there is something wrong here?

        My question is, Is the Pacific Seafood Supply safe? Let alone swim in it.

      22. This is the beginning of the judgement of God upon America and the world. Come this September is when it really begins in earnest. Repent and trust in Jesus if you haven’t done so, for the time is near.

        • Revelation said that 1/3 of the fish would die. It really does matter how, as to know will not change the out come. The only thing that will change th out come is what God said. “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray I will heal there land”.

      23. It is a volcano under the deep ocean.

        • Agreed:

          Tremendous amount of volcanic and underground activity like vents and what not under there…

      24. Great puzzles are solved by attention to detail. Warm water rises. Hot air fogs the brain. Eranum makes great fertilizer. Does a little warm water really kill animals to that extent, or is this warm water just another sign, along with the coming economic wreck, the approaching little (or big) ice age, the increase of large earthquakes, etc., that the sky may actually be falling?!! The Fiddler

      25. Time for a truthful assessment of the Fukishima diaster. That is if it is not to late.

        • Max radiation readings more than doubled at the 3 Fukushima ‘china syndrome’ reactors since 2012 — ‘Eerie footage’ shows orange glow in area with highest levels (VIDEO)

          Officials: “Such a bizarre thing” off California coast — “We’re seeing multiple aborted fetuses every day” — 100,000s of seabirds that nest in area now missing… “Huge, unprecedented die-off like we’ve never seen” — Many baby seals dying after mothers led them to a cliff edge… “Brutal to watch” (AUDIO)

          • star fish are dying and losing legs as a result, yet marine biologist refuse to report the obvious due to being de-funded.

          • I live on the coast and go to the beach at least once a week and haven’t noticed anything different at all. Not saying it isn’t happening somewhere because I can’t see how it couldn’t. But I am not seeing it on the California Central Coast.

            My kids and all the guys at church are surfing in the water multiple times a week and I would like to have something solid so I can hide their wetsuits.

      26. why do we have reactors anyway???

        • Because solar doesn’t work well with all the chemtrails.

      27. it’s a combination of natural events, west coast fukushima radiation shield weather control/ geo-engineering and man made pollution.

        weather control geo-engineering is the primary cause!

      28. HAARP

      29. It’s not easy to screw up an ocean and not any ocean but the Pacific at that.

      30. It so happens the Fukushima power which blew up in 2011, was actually finally shutdown in Sept. 2013! That was the fall of 2013.

        • huh?

      31. The bottom of the food chain is not “experiencing a catastrophic collapse”. It is an anomaly covering a very small portion of a huge body of water.

        I think everyone here understands what “normalcy bias” is. Well, it works the other way too. Just because something unusual has sprung up doesn’t mean it will continue to develop along that same line until everything is dead. These things are all part of a cycle, they just may be part of a cycle that takes many human lifetimes to repeat.

      32. Or maybe its the Pacific decadal Oscillation.

        Scroll down to “Impacts” but do it before it gets attention (see below).

        This article needs attention from an expert in Climate change or Meteorology. See the talk page for details. WikiProject Climate change or WikiProject Meteorology (or their Portals) may be able to help recruit an expert. (September 2014)

      33. It could be lava seeping up. Perhaps a new volcano. That would be really bad.

      34. Millions and millions of RAD’s of radiation being released into the ocean has got to do something, besides sterilize our oceans. (that is in the Bible by the way).
        And to top that off a lot of very connected insiders, PhD’s etc. say our economy is going to collapse by this Sept. or Oct. 2015.
        And the icing on the cake is all the recent reports of North Korea and Iran are developing EMP weapons to detonate over America killing everything electronic in America effectively putting America back in the stone ages. And that will kill 90% of our population within one year.
        Buckle up this ride gets very bumpy from here on out.

      35. I don’t trust eating seafood that comes from anywhere in Earth’s oceans, bays or gulfs. In other words, no more seafood is to be eaten. The double whammy of the Fukishima and Gulf of Mexico disasters were planned events imo. I believe Israel planted bombs in the Japanese reactors and then on the seafloor to cause the tsunami that set off the subsequent chain of events. I read this scenario on the internet, but can’t find that info anymore. The Georgia Guidestone dictates aren’t just some whacko fantasy, the implementation is underway.

      36. Perhaps cause of this:
        Mystery glow over the Pacific Ocean | Daily Mail Online…/Mystery-glow-Pacific-Ocean-Pilots-left-…Daily Mail
        Aug 26, 2014 – Strange lights have been spotted near the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka (shown). The sighting was made by pilots flying from Hong Kong to …
        Mystery Red Glow in Pacific Ocean Baffles Pilots – YouTube
        ▶ 1:50
        Aug 26, 2014 – Uploaded by Strange Mysteries
        A mysterious red & orange glow with lights over the Pacific Ocean has left pilots bewildered. A flash of …

      37. I seem to recall that there is an area of the Red Sea that was quite warm in the 1980’s and that it was due to underwater volcanic activity in the region. Could this be the cause of the warm Pacific blob?

      38. Come on…it’s simple guys and girls….underwater subterranean volcano. Everything you see on the internet is not always a conspiracy.

      39. The Bible states in the end times 1/3 of the sea creatures die. Nothing to see here, folks…move along.

      40. Dont worry I see plenty of Soylent green around to eat LOL.

      41. Fukushima was a FALSE FLAG. Need proof? Videos of the tsunami showed no damage to any of the infrastructure or buildings. Nor were there any people in the streets as you would expect after a 9.0 earthquake. Impossible.

        There’s usually one glaring, inconvenient truth when it comes to these manufactured events. 9/11 has building 7. Boston bombing has the bloodless amputee victim. When you find the one thing that can not be explained, it means it’s all bull. We need some real investigators who are not afraid to ask the tough questions. I’d start with Israel.

      42. There have been more volcanic eruptions and earth quakes. Some cannot be seen or felt because they are under the ocean and these type of earth quakes and volcanic eruptions can cause tsunamis and or warm the ocean waters. I think this falls in line with the huge open pits (sink holes) that are appearing in many places. To me, these are earth changes that must occur after a certain cycle is coming to an end, as have occurred in the past. It will get worse.

      43. I read an article about a year ago with a similar 60+% decline in aquatic insects in river systems in northern California. The research scientist linked it to the metals that were being sprayed in the chem clouds. Unfortunately he has “mysteriously” died… It’s hard to imagine that dumping loads of chemicals & metals into our atmosphere and untimely oceans doesn’t cause some type of catastrophic event…

      44. Even if that were fact, which I highly doubt; researchers report the total increase in annual temperature from 1958 until 2010 is estimated to be about 2.4 degrees Celsius.

      45. Where is the End?

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