The Blueprint for World War III : “This War Will Be Utterly Devastating”

by | Aug 30, 2014 | Headline News | 462 comments

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      1. this right here is one of my primary reasons for getting the hell out of major cities.

        these psychopaths are eventually going to push the button.

        • Total bullshit Dave. BRIC’s??? LMAO!!! Brazil, India, and China have no skin is this game. They can sit on the sidelines and watch Russia, Europe, and the USA destroy themselves.

          No reason to participate in your War Game. 🙂

          • China and Russia have a military mutual aid treaty. Research the SCO Durango. I admire your truth telling and taking unpopular stances, but India and Russia also have many economic/military ties too.

            • Sinner: A lot of good that mutual military aid treaty will do Russia once China decides its time to colonize Siberia for its vast mineral wealth and WATER. Can you say, “Barbarossa”?

              China is running out of CLEAN water too! 🙁

              • I have long thought that the estimation of Chinese nukes being in the low hundreds range is THE most deceptive numbers ever given by Jane’s and other so called military “experts”. To think that China has not stockpiled thousands of nukes is beyond naive. We are not given accurate anything to what the sides process, including NEW Star Wars type pioneer weapons.

                Anyone can say that nuclear war is not possible based on the sanity of people in charge, if that is what you can call it. However one just has to look at someone that goes postal to see just how fragile the human mind is, along with rational and logic. Fear can do anything to anyone and push the most sensible person over the edge to doing something nuts. These so called leaders are if anything more unstable than the regular citizen and would do anything to stay in power. When fear becomes unmanagable panic, anything and everything goes.

                it has to be remembered that these nuclear weapons are armed and ready to be used. They are on a hair trigger. The only thing that prevents one side from launching at the other is the fear of mutual assured destruction or MAD. The issue is that this fear of MAD has been replaced with the notion that one side can take out the other before they can destroy our side. The “leaders” know that conventional weapons WILL become nuclear because when ANYONE is in a life or death fight you use ANYTHING you have to avoid being killed. Any prepper/survivalist will tell you that when faced with dying, they will try to safe themselves with anything they have.

                This is the whole equation about nuclear weapons. Both sides now regard these weapons as just that, weapons to safeguard their survival. This is why the thought of nuclear war is now more possible, if not very probable than anytime in the nuclear history of the past 69 years.

                • BI: The US “gave” China the plans for the L-88 warhead so that they would have neutron bomb capability, reducing the likelihood of fallout to the USA if China went to war with either India or Russia, or both.

                  This a much more rational possibility for China than war with the Big Kid on the block. I expect a skirmish in Southeast Asia and the South China sea so that China can give real world training to its armed forces.

                  It will be localized and of short duration. 🙁

                  • “Yes, our leaders may be working to peacefully resolve this crisis”

                    Uh, Dave, have you lost your mind? Do you need to be reminded that obullshit has done EVERYTHING IN HIS PUNY LITTLE POWER TO GET US INTO A WAR?

                    Syria didn’t work out…Iran and North Korea didn’t bite, and so far, Russia has put up with obullshit pulling shit in Ukraine, then blatantly blaming Russia…Not to mention the IS crisis that we now know is CIA-MADE.

                    How the hell can anyone say that our leaders may be working to peacefully resolve this crisis, with a straight face? Obullshit has slung mud in Putin’s face for months now. Demanded that Russia let their own get killed without lifting a finger, or my favorite—Russia was expected to support the illegal puppets in Kyiv by squashing their own people…Give it a break already.

                    Russia has stopped at least three confrontations from going into full-on WWIII, so far…NAME ONE THING OBULLSHIT HAS DONE TO AVOID A WAR?

                  • Gilad Atzmon, the Jewish jazz saxophonist, says:

                    “… If Israel defines itself as the Jewish State, we should accept its own definition … America is not the first or second super power to be brought down by Jewish power. It is just the latest in a long line … I think that a ‘goyim defense league’ is a necessary development. I have come to believe that resistance to Jewish politics and power is the only thing that can save world peace as well as the Jews. The suppression of anti-Jewish feelings by means of ‘political correctness’ has led, on the one hand, to Jewish impunity, and, on the other, to explosive and violent resentment toward Jews. The natural opposition toward Jewish politics and supremacist attitudes should never have been suppressed…. ”


                    • Hitler was on to something wasnt he?.. History that gets taught in schools was chosen by the victors, doesnt mean its absolute truth…

                  • The Large Sucking Sound!!! The US Patent is the Chinese Blue Print. Yeah Post all the patents on-line for all the world to see. When there are Billions to be made why let a US Patent stop them. In fact how about US Corporations also send the tool and machinery to china and even train them and send them the schematics of every US Patent so Walmart can sell it back to the US. That’s what has happened over the last 30 years. Brilliant Strategy Wall Street and the US Government. Now What. 47.5 Million Americans now on Food Stamps which is about 20% of all US Households of food assistance, and the real Unemployment rate in the US is about 25%.

                  • ” … obullshit has done EVERYTHING IN HIS PUNY LITTLE POWER TO GET US INTO A WAR?”

                    I agree that that Mr. Obama forced Mr. Bush to get us entwined in an elective war in Iraq. Which we lost.

                    Oh wait.

                  • JQP, here’s a link some people might be interested in. The percentage of population that is jewush in the U.S., state by state.

                    ht tp://

                    Just notice where the higher percentages are, and think about the over-all laws in that state. Then think about the over-all economy of the state…you might be surprised, but I don’t think so.

                  • Excellent to see the thumbs down on my post about who actually started the Iraq was. Truth hurts. Anyhow, No hard feelings to anybody. And here’s proof:

                    Two little boys are going to the hospital the next day for operations. Theirs will be first on the schedule. The older boy leans over and asks,

                    “What are you having done?”

                    The second boy says, “I’m getting my tonsils out, and I’m afraid.”

                    The first boy says, “You’ve got nothing to worry about. I had that done when I was four. They put you to sleep, and when you wake up, they give you lots of Jell-O and ice cream. It’s a breeze.”

                    The second boy then asks, “What are you going in for?”

                    The first boy says, “Circumcision.”

                    “Whoa!” the smaller boy replies, “Good luck, buddy. I had that done when I was born. Couldn’t walk for a year.”

                • @ Be Informed,

                  “I have long thought that the estimation of Chinese nukes being in the low hundreds range is THE most deceptive numbers ever given by Jane’s and other so called military “experts””

                  ‘Acutely correct’ I’m afriad; one of the easte-coast university’s sponora professor whoi term-by-term uses his graduate staff to perorm exhaustive analysis o Chinese nuclear capabilities. You’ll have to give me a short while to summmoon p the rlevant names and details, however, that groups conclusions were beyond simply ‘startling’ IF memory here serves, thier estinate o Chinese stategic capbility (warnead size, number of) was fnally estimated form transcribed documents/training manuals of the Peoples 2nd Rocker Corps(?0 to be in excess o the SUM of all strat-bucs possesed by BOTH Rusiia and the SS.

                  Bear in mind that China has NEVER been signatory to ANY SALT/START treaty limitationbs and has repeatdly and quite disengenuously evaded any qwustions as to thier nuclear capacity uniformly…always, OFFICIALLY, seemingly as a matter of policy…

                  Mr hodges sem to have a few other mall details askew as well )though on balance I won’t oibject to his premise/conclusion to excesss) among them , the staement that “, the USA and her allies are matched by their BRIC counterparts.” which is a patently false statement of the situation; China’s ‘nuclear Navy’ is practically non-existent…as is thier carrier capacity. Russia as one time was a formidable adverary in this venue but in the time since ‘perstroyka’ and ‘glasnost’ thier nuclear submaribe fleet has decayed exponentially, though they are attempting to implelemnt it’s renewal currently. However any such effort would take TIME and quite a bit of it..

                  No other BRICS nation has any long-range potential such-like as the US submarine capbility, be assured. Additionally, inb thre field at hand ofg which I speak it simply doesn’t matter how MANY nuclear subs one has; what matters is HOW QUIET they are…a noisy sub is located and ‘killed’with extreme rapidity…and prejudice as well.

                  What here troubles me mot is Mr Hodges ASSERTION that ‘our only hope lies in a pre-emptive first strike” dangerous notion – Sir – for the obvious reason. What is delineated above in my response relating our submarine capavility DOES change the equation no small bit and by that and aa well the tated US policy of NEVER contemplating a pre-emptive ‘first’ then your analysis may need further polihing.

                  No, what is the true Ragnarok is something else, something actaully worse. I any pair of sophistecated comnbatants engage today milirtarily then the various nuclear facilities within thier repsctive country’s will become impaired – likely – sufficiently so to effect a ‘release’. THAT will spread downwind therefrom – in ANY direction determined by Mother Nature – and the result will likely be a enleagement of the the number of involved parties. thid will escalate till the entire world is involved; No goovernment can NOT do so as it’s populace is randonmly irradiated. Thi WILL get out of hamd VERY quickly indeed with a high pronanility that the entire Northen Hemisphere will end up ‘sterilized’ from a high latitude down to and beyond the equator.

                  IF that were to happen – though the Northern and Southern Hemispere’s are on different, mostly independent ciculation pattern it would STILL be the case that (over time) a large portion of that area would alo be similarly ‘sterilized’

                  The use of the word ‘sterilized’ twice above means this; those radio-isotopes released in THOSE quntities from facilies that had went catastrophically ‘China Syndrome’ post-deisel loss, post-personel/operator loss (after all, none walks into an irradiated area WILLINGLY) would be broadly scattered into the upper atmosphere quite high; think Fukishima was BAD…not quite Folks…it GETS much WORE WOSRE, believe it would be ubstantially of adifferent character than we have heretofor seen; expect a period of no less than 1100 YEARS until ‘safe conditions would return witjhinthe eqatorial regions and mid-latitudes.

                  The selection made by Hyman Rickover that compelled the Industry to adopt our standard PWR-type reactor (for the purpose of Plutonium generation) was nothing short o a ‘deal made with the DEVIL’ almost literally. ANY event which disturbs that ‘Sleeping Giant’ ends humanity, virtually completely….’civilization’ UTTERLY.

                  The End will be unpleasant – for most of Humanity – to say the least. In all coniderations of a potential BOL location research the prevailing and seaonal local/global air currents and ability of the environemnt to PURGE itself (rain). Hmm, I suppose that is enough for one eve…Dwelll on it.

                  NOTE: MAY BE TYPO’S…excessively long…not proof-reading due to same; Excuse M’oi?

                  • SHE-it…awful typing,

                    DK it’s the W-87…the rest of your analysi is correct, carry on

                    Uh, incidentally, one more ‘slight’ addition to the preceding…

                    Take a look sometime at the NMVER of ‘classified’ vs ‘unclassified’ STS (shuttle) missions….way more than neccessary to simply maintain “Keyhole” inegrity. That said, it is a simple matter to mouut a small tac-nuc onto a multi-hindred pound aluminum cylinder and attach a remote steering package, why? Weelllll, when you detonate asmall itty-bitty teensy-weensy NUC on the end off a metal cylinder it produces the MOST AMAZING burst of coherent x-ray radiation…an ‘X-Laser’…the perfect ‘sniper rifle/scalpel’ imagineable for shooting ‘things’ out of orbit…say, oh, ballistic missles? (!)

                    “It’ a Wonderful day in the (destabilized) Neighborhood, a WONDERFUL day for neighbor…Would you be mine, could you be mine?….”

                    Mr Rogers…….

                  • Dave, Mac, All,

                    Great article! Personally, I do not expect The Chinese to risk everything for the Russians even if they could afford to lose a couple hundred million of its population. Technological superiority is an Ace up the sleeve that is not as known a quantity as many think but some have eluded to in the comments. Certainly, should give some hesitation to to those planning the destruction of humankind. China has not had kings or emperors for nearly a century and I do not see them returning to that form of government. India and China have fought wars against each other and are unlikely to join together in an endeavor to destroy the West. China just recently made some incursions into Indian territory which was not appreciated by India. Economic cooperation is not the same as military joint ventures. BRIC is an interesting phenomenon but it is too early to equate it with a NATO type organization. The whole article is built on an unlikely scenario pitting NATO against BRIC. The recent emergence of a Caliphate could bring about a mighty foe who could turn into”the Kings of the East” referred to in the ancient prophesies.

                    Louisiana Eagle’s view from atop a bald Cyprus in the swamplands

                  • If it’s not worth correcting typos, it’s probably not worth reading. China has to have a good deal more nukes than “Jane’s” has any idea of.

                • Calm abandonment of cities (and even the county of a big city) and abandonment of the entire “store-bought” economy is NOW in order. At the VERY LEAST, having a relatively fast but NON-MOTORIZED and self-sufficient course for evacuation at the least appearance of crisis (basically NOW) is most prudent–before it becomes a battle with martial law to defend oneself and one’s loved ones from authoritarian (including “Constitutional Republic”) attempts to segregate and concentrate everyone in (slave or murder) camps intended to “restore order” (to impose slavery of the many for the prosperity of the few). As for “bug-out bags”, only a simple, small, lightweight and durable set of basic HAND tools will give one a good running start and, if fortunate to keep them, can serve for one’s survival by bushcrafting what one needs to survive without civilization. Having the bushcraft skills to make one’s own implements from scratch as well as knowing what Nature provides for one’s OWN and one’s loved ones’ survival (NOT for any kind of capitalism) is a huge plus. There’s NO need, nor is it strategic, to attack others as if they’re all the enemy (and making them such by doing so!) BUT, don’t be close enough to strangers for them to have an advantage over you. Pass peaceably but guardedly like ships in the night–signalling intentions to avoid offense and to detect ill intent. True generosity, hospitality and courtesy are age-old virtues, even, and actually more so, in lawless times such as in the past BUT, beware! The New (and permanent) Dark Ages will be at hand! Self-armored defense is imperative for the individual liberty and therefore, the survival of everyone!

                  • LM,
                    Bushcraft skills will be essential to Surviving what is to come , there’re is no way you can carry everything foe long duration and be agility mobile at the same time . In the military we called this field craft . your best bet is to ONLY carry the essentials for Water , Shelter , fire, and Sustenance
                    And have the knowledge to reprovision without modern resupply capabilities ( I.E. forage to augment your food supply) .
                    A good basic kit .

                    .02 micron filter with a way to boil it to destroy viruses , get the add on charcoal filter for chemical removal , Katadyne pocket filter , canteen cup with stove and a metal canteen . Alternate SS water bottle with nesting cup and bottle stove ( canteen store has some really neat stuff.) coffe filters and rubber bands for creating a pre filter that makes the filter last Longer . I use a heavy cover titanium canteen system.

                    Shelter: climant dependant , tarp ( bushcraft usa MEST or max velocity thermal tarp ) with assorted anchoring systems ( niteeze figure 9 connectors ) carribenners and TI stakes . alternate hammock .
                    Jungle bag or MSS patrol bag for summer with sea to summit cool max adapter with insect shield
                    Winter :

                    MSS SYSTEM with thermolie REACTOR liner , tarp ( kifaru paratarp with stove) or MEST with TI goat stove ( light weight system can be used with the patrol bag and bivy with liner for less weight .travel light freeze at night. )

                    at least three ways , fire steel rod ( light my fire steel) blast match, NATO matches , tinder , solar fire starter etc. have an alternate covert source for boiling water (esbit pocket stove) learn and practice fire making BEFORE an emergency.

                    high density food , favorite mountain house freeze dried , augment with mylar bags of tuna , chicken, beef crumbles , spam slices, also they ( HORMEL ) make corned beef in Mylar bags .
                    Think light .

                    This is just the basics you can also add signaling , communication , etc to your preparedness pack , remember this pack is the LAST DITCH OPTION buggin in is preferred but if your life depends on it to leave THEN LEAVE. Live to fight another day .

                    Finally a pack to put it all in a 40 liter pack is probably the most useful size that most can handle for long term trekking . Keep the weight below 40 lbs , ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED .
                    Your heaviest items will be water and AMMO distribute it evenly over your person , keep on your person at all times ( AFTER SHTF WROL ONLY) your side arm , combat knive , canteen and Personel survival kit . I prefer a S&W model 27 in .357 for long term durability , along with my trusty Randal number 1 , I carry 12 rounds of last ditch ammo on my belt in 2 desantis cartride holders on my belt at all times this never leaves my emergency belt . Along a best glide military scout survival kit In a belt holder. What you carry for defense is dependant on what the conditions are where you live will dictate what is allowable depending on circumstances . General breakdown where authorities are still functional refugee situation my side arms will be buried in my sleep system no long arms, and be ready to bolt on a moments notice into cover to avoid the bus to the fema camp. Full out collapse full battle rattle with associated acessories.
                    Hint a well made .22 revolver(S&W 617 , 10 Rounder !) for long term bug out is an asset , save your larger caliber for personal defense .

                    My preferred pack KIFARU molle express with an E&E pack all the essentials are stored in the E&E .

                    Total load with all 35 LBS with 50 rounds .357 , 200 rds .22 . 2 liters water
                    Bushcraft skills learned weight = 0 lbs.

                    IMPROVISE ADAPT OVERCOME .

                    YOUR MIND IS YOU BEST WEAPON
                    THAT WEAPON IS YOU



                    MORE P.T. = SURVIVAL

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • Hello BI

                  Sorry I told Brave heart I had taken a break from things for awhile. I have red post occasionally but stopped watching any news and just needed a break. Hope you have been great. As usual your post are intelligent, spot on, and well written.

                  I was in the service in a light infantry division from 1986 to 1992. For the people on here that are young this was during the cold war with the old Soviet Union. We were trained in tactics against Russia. They were the enemy. Light infantry means we would fight in squad and platoon size elements normally behind the lines. Guerilla warfare tactics. I don’t know if the Russians have changed there command and control techniques and I don’t know how close they are to us in technology now. If things are still similar then the thought that we could not win a prolonged ground war is flawed. This is why.
                  The Russian units did not have a chain of command. The officers were it. If you took out the officers then no one else knew how to command. Secondly most of there equipment was very outdated. Even though they outnumbered us 4 to 1 it did not mean much. Take a look at what was said about Iraq. The media talked about how large there army was and we absolutely kicked there behinds in a few days. If China gets involved then they can literally send waves of men at us. This happened before in Korea where the Chinese were actually climbing over there own dead to get to us. This would be a problem but they are similar to the Russians if things are still the same.
                  One other key factor is air power. We have them outnumbered and our technology is much better. That also greatly increases our odds in a ground war. The amount of men and equipment the plains would destroy is astronomical. I am 99 percent sure we would win a conventional war.

                  That is exactly why we all better hope this does not happen. If China and Russia start to win then we will put a stop to it one way or the other. We cannot afford to lose because the country we know would come to an end. Guess what they feel the same I am sure. Therefore if this ever happens whoever is losing will break out Nukes to prevent there loss. It could only be tactical nukes but look at the danger that creates. Do we just sit back and allow all our men to be vaporized without retaliation.
                  We all must hope and pray that we do not end up in a direct confrontation with Russia or China. If we do then God help us all.
                  A side note. My son will be an officer in the army this fall. It appears he is going to be special ops. He is in charge of all army cadets at two universitys right now. He also has been through basic and Ait with the national guard. He knows how the enlisted man feels. He looks like he will go far and be the kind of officer I would have loved to have had in command.

                  I worry about him so. God please don’t let this happen. I believe it is more likely now than ever before. Along with about 20 other major threats to peoples way of life in this world today.

                  Please everyone don’t become impatient. Prep like your life depends on it because I think at this time in history it surely does.

                  • Mike, I was in same time but on tanks in West Germany, for those that remember that country. Since then I have spent a lot of time in the old Soviet Union. Putin is nobody’s fool, and the flaws the Russians had in the cold war have been addressed to a large degree. For decades now Russia has been training with NATO and have worked hard on small unit tactics. The “shoot anything with two antennas (command vehicle) tactic” has been nullified. Their technology has also been improving. I do not think we will find them to be the softies they were back then. That’s my 2cents worth!

              • Bullshit to you DK….

                Most times I tolerate your crap…it’s entertaining….

                On this… you’re way out of your league son…Go back to school…

                fyi…I was there…

                • I was there too dirt bag, so what? Make an argument or challenge mine with a rational rant.

                  If you can 🙂

                  • RE: “Make an argument or challenge mine with a rational rant.”

                    Why? You Love empire, more than your own children even.
                    What’s the point? You’ll put up with any excuse the empire gives. Your Only problem is, your wind of the bird of prey does not seem to be in total control of everyone.

                    That’s your true wish: that the empire could control everyone, as you see fit.

                    “Freedom’s'” just another word?
                    Empire is all that matters? That’s how you and your ilk come across as.

                  • I take it that the Thumbs Down are from those who wish to control others.

                    There’s certainly plenty of those types.

                    Seriously, I pity you all.
                    Also, you’re the source of all our problems.
                    …May you reap what you sow.

                  • DK–I think the boomers each carry about 24 missles, probably MIRVS.

                    I’m not a sick fuck, but I’d like to be one someday.

                    Ask me about my explosive diarreha.

                  • I will no longer respond or engage in or to your masters desires…

                    If you all will recount…ALL “rants” of dk typically center around a central theme…
                    That being, simply, what is good for his master is good for us all…

                    At times he will take the flack for his master…
                    But when called out will resort to name calling….typical…

                • Night breaker. Nice list, but if you add all of that up in a BOB, you are at least 70 Lbs. lol I’ve repacked my I’m never coming home bag several times.. I’d need a pull cart. lol So I am designing a behind a bicycle pull cart. There are some nice Deer pull cart for about $60 out there, that will handle up to 300 Lbs. Need to really think out of the box on this one. Brains will beat Brawn.

                  • If you want to transport relatively large loads over long distances with no fuel, no noise, and no fuss investigate the NVA use of bicycles over the Ho Chi Minh trail.

                  • Plan on already being out of the Cities, you will have to leap frog supplies to where you are going. No Mountain Man or Indian did not have supplies to survive a Winter. Spring,Summer and Fall are to be spent gathering for Winter.

              • DK,

                One question. All of these theories and battle plans aside; does anyone in their right mind actually think Obama has the stones in his pants to confront Putin or China on the battlefield head-to-head???

                So far all Obama seems capable of doing is announcing new sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine…. in between golf games.

                Obama is not Commander-In-Chief material, he’s definitely not a military tactician, and he has no love for the military and vice versa. JFK may have stood up against the Russians, but Obama will fold like a napkin.

                • Oh, come on now! Why just today Obama issued a beige alert! (Yes….he really did wear a beige suit at a press conference.)

                  As far as Kennedy goes, you also have to give a fair amount of credit to Nikita Khrushchev too. Unlike Stalin, he actually gave a damn about his people (read up on what he did in terms of housing, food, medicine, etc.) and didn’t want to see a nuclear exchange with the US. It’s the fact that neither side was led by a psychopath that kept the Cuban Missile Crisis from turning into WWIII. Sadly though, I doubt our current leadership is of the kind the world saw back then, making the future far more uncertain than it was at that time.

                  Slightly off the subject, but it is interesting to note that one of the things Putin has been working on is rebuilding the civil defense system that was in place during Soviet times. The Soviets had the best civil defense system in the world (except for maybe Switzerland) and so many shelters still exist today. The old ones are being refitted and new ones are being built with enough capacity to house all of the citizens of Moscow. I believe this started in 2008, way before the idiot-in chief started trying to harass Russia. Sadly, the only US city that still has a viable shelter system is Huntsville, Alabama, and it is no match for what the Russians are doing. It just goes to show which government values it’s people’s lives more-and it ain’t the USA.

                  • Interesting! I didn’t know Russia was rebuilding their civil defenses. It almost sounds like they’re expecting trouble. Here in the U.S. I think civil defense preparation is left entirely up to us, and even that is under attack. We may even be facing new laws banning body armor if lunatic fringe Californian politicians get their way.

                    I saw that beige suit he wore. All he need to complete the ensemble was a thick fur coat, a wide brimmed hat, and dark glasses, and he would look like the Pimp-In-Chief.

                  • Winston,
                    Back then the leaders were tempered by war surviving WW2 was not a distant memory for them it was just a mere 20 years after the war . Khrushchev was no angel but surviving Stalingrad may have temperd his enthusiasm for global war. The soviet union at that time did not have the missiles that US intelligence thought , they were liquid fueled and required considerable time to fuel . There we no missle gap in reality and a nuclear exchange would have gone badly for them they were a third world country recovering from a devistating war on their own soil.

                    Today it is a different story , with a much different outcome if comes to this.

                    ” Two Suns in the sunset , could be the human race has run, ashes to ashes foe and friend all were equal in the end”
                    Pink Floyd the final cut .

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • Winston, I was only 5 years old when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. I helped my older brother and Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and we stockpiled it with supplies. That was my first contact with what we call prepping today. Thank God Khruschev backed down and WW3 was averted at that time.

                  • Hey… Pimpin’ ain’t easy! (and to be honest, requires a white suit, not a beige one)

                    Khrushchev was no saint, but I do have a fair amount of respect for him. Before him, Stalin was content to have the Soviet people live in “communal housing”, where each family was given a single room in an old house and several families shared a common bathroom and kitchen. His solution was to embark on a massive building program of standardized apartment blocks that the Russians call “Khrustovkas”. He also commissioned a “people’s car”, the ZAZ 965. While not a particularly good car, it was available in larger numbers for the common people, unlike the GAZ Victory or Volga (GAZ is an interesting story in itself and part of the reason 15,000 American were executed in Stalin’s purges), or even the Moskvitch (a Opel Kadet built from factory equipment taken as a war prize). Also, the limits of free expression were somewhat lifted, and the Gulag system was closed during the De-Stalinization period. Ultimately though, he was seen as too liberal by the party apparatchiks and was deposed in 1965. His replacement was Brezhnev, a party hardliner that basically did nothing to try and reform the system and it fell into stagnation. Brezhnev’s hand picked successor though was a reformer. Unfortunately, he was blocked by the party as being too radical. His name? Mikhail Gorbachev. Two other men would assume the leadership role and die in office before he was finally put in charge. (and yes… Soviet history is one of my interests.)

                    Anyhow, as far as backing down goes, BOTH leaders backed down. Kennedy got the missiles taken out of Cuba and Khrushchev got the missiles taken out of Turkey. Both leaders had a way to save face and look like they won. Luckily for the world, behind all the sabre rattling that went on back then, neither side really wished for all out war with the other. Both were afraid that the other would launch first and neither really wanted to make the first move.

                  • YH: Just noticed your post to me. No, O’Bummer is not a Commander In Chief. A CIC feels for his officers and men. O’Bummer didn’t send a single emissary from the WH for the funeral in Arlington for a Two Star General who was recently killed in Iraq.

                    Not even Joe Biden. 🙁

                    But military decisions are strongly controlled by the Joint Chiefs and O’Bummer rubber stamps their decisions once they are approved by Valarie Jarrett. 🙁

                • Who’s in charge of these supposed BRIC vs US & Allies nations currently makes me think Daves’ scenario is way off the mark. Putin may have the stones if pushed, Obama is not a first strike button pusher. Saying this country will capitulate and this country will…. no, not with some of the current “world leaders”. And even if this nuclear scenario plays out, there are so many other allied nations, true, with little to no nuclear capability and smaller standing armies, but would still have major roles to play and major impacts in many battlefields.
                  I just pray Dave is wrong for the simple fact that despite how f*&ked up sssh&t is now.. he is right about how bad it could be.

                  • I pray Dave is wrong as well. I’m hoping that our military would not follow a first strike nuclear launch order when we are not being directly threatened. I’m not worried about that possibility with Obama.

                    He may organize and arm a proxy army to fight Putin, but to send in our military in a head-to-head war against Russia? That’s not Obama’s style.

                  • Ever notice about CNN, when ever the subject of ISIS comes up they always seem to bring on their favorite Jew Shills claiming Obama is not doing enough. From Diane Feinstein to John McCain to Lindsey Graham, who all call for massive bombing. Of course this is all really just a smoke screen to protect Israel from any opponents. CNN is Pathetic.

                • We are all just Pawns while the Global Masters play their Chess Game. We are thrown a Bone pretending like our vote counts as the Corporate scum like Diebold counts the votes. Our Government hassold us out as they stole the Airwaves which are suppose to be Public Domain Product for free speech has turned it into an propaganda mill by the few. Hell even the air and we breath and the water we drink is supposed to be owned by the public as a whole for the betterment of the public, but that too has been sold off to Wealthy corporations who pollute it at their will to make profit for their stockholders. There is barely a fish out of any body of water here in the US that is free of contaminants or toxic chemicals. And even when given the other choice of manufactured food they pollute it with Frankenstein GMO’s to manipulate the nutritional factor for with worthless nutritional filling. Why why American’s are so obese? Our tax payments goes to war machines instead of helping our people or creating jobs. We are funding our own demise by allowing this fraud to continue. The US has been caught in so many lies over in Ukraine, to demonize Russia. No-one is innocent in this game, but the US has now lost it’s power through the Global dumping of the US Dollar. And migration away from the Petro Dollar. Most Wars are a disguise of incompetence. The US Govn’t has destroyed about every aspect of our great society with scandalous foreign policy, and the real victims is our people. And they will creat some other bogus war to mask their crimes. And Duped Americans will wave their flags like they did after 9-11. But the problem now is each false flag has to get bigger and bigger to trigger more outrage and hate. To end the world hate of America and terrorist attacks on our country “We need to immediately dump Israel and any and all funding and support to that criminal element, dragging America in to their fights at every turn. When did you ever see Israel with Boots on the Ground in Iraq or Afghanistan. stop being duped. Spread the word, keep voting and call out these Shills by posting the truth. Keep the pressure on and fight for our country, it is still worth it.

                  • WWTI:

                    You sure have it together as far as to who, what, and why. Thanks!

                  • Thanks Granny.. Just telling it like it is. Its just disgusting what our country has turned into. Zero integrity out there, as we are run by a bunch of criminal self serving thieves. I wish our founding fathers could see where our country is now and what would they have done different to execute the Self Serving Tyrants. The 2nd Amendment was supposed to be the enforcer of the Regime change if necessary. Not sure what the hold up is. Game on Let er’ Rip.

                • Russia is not the enemy, no matter how loud the MSM screams that they are.

                • I wouldn’t be so confident in your conclusion. He did in fact authorize an armed incursion into one of our supposed allies to ‘punch the ticket’ of OBL. Had the whole thing ‘gone south’, as it easily could have, it would have ended as a ‘Career Limiting Mistake’. He clearly spoke about his apprehensions as he contemplated authorizing the mission. It took a lot of balls to put his reelection chances on the line to ‘get it done’ instead of ‘letting it slide’.

                  I fail to see why he would be scared of Russians 2nd rate military force while he has direct control of the most lethal killing machine in all of human history. We are the ONLY country on the planet with the ability to project force and conduct sustained combat operations anywhere on the planet. That is why we are the sole ‘super power’. We can and will bring the fight to wherever you are.

                  If it ever came to us having a direct force-on-force confrontation with Russia, they will loose badly and quickly. Given that they are a ‘nation-state actor’ with a formal organized military they are almost guaranteed to do the one thing you cannot do today and survive. You cannot mass your forces for a conventional ‘fixed piece battle’ when the US DOD is in your operating theater. We will identify their maneuvering units, fix their positions, and then rain (almost) solid sheets of iron, missiles, and sub-munitions onto them. They will never know what hit them.

                  And that is before the ‘Big Red One’ even gets to them (or God help them the USMC).

              • No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

                • Very true Joe. The battle plan is usually the first casualty of any war.

                  • I thought the truth was…

                  • During World War II Germany’s war plans against France, Poland, Holland, Belgium, and Norway went pretty well, didn’t they?

                  • Barn cat, the Nazi’s plans went smoothly right up until they lost. Normandy went badly for the Nazi’s among other battles.

                • The first plan and battle of the war is to promote the truth and expose the fraud. “No revolution has ever been won with out the support of the peasants.” Said Fidel Castro. So as long as the peasants here in the US keep getting their Food Stamps then will keep supporting the Government Fraud.

                  Only will an EMP that destroys the electronic EBT system and the MSM ability to keep up their propaganda mill, will the people and peasants on the ground eventually wake up and join the Revolution.

                  Human civilization has survived millions of years with out electricity, it is just the last few generations that have been groomed and raised with no coping skills to overcome no electricity or smart phones. They are being raised as useless eaters. And it is every parents responsibility to teach their children to hunt, to gather, to grow a garden, to cook over a campfire, to own up to seeking the truth, respect the planet and fight polluters, show them the difference in truth vs propaganda and support justice, and doing the right thing. Take your kids camping, get out there and go on hikes. Get rid of the useless computer games and TV that pollutes your children’s brains. That is destroying your kids coping skills. They will be useless when the grid collapses.

                  • WWT,
                    Well said my generation embraced the outdoors you could not keep us inside , my father taught me many of the skills I have now in life , like him I was a Marine those early life lessons probably extended my life on occasion . It is important we pass down those skills to our prodgeny .
                    Every day I think of those times of my youth leaning those important life skills .
                    My dad is my hero ” name redacted for OPSEC ” 1st raider regiment / 4th Marine Regement (1944) 3rd battalion ,WW2 , HMH-463 Danang RVN , KIA operation tailwind 9-11-1970 .

                    ” if the Army and the Navy
                    Ever Look on Heavens scenes;
                    They will find the streets are guarded
                    By UNITED STATES MARINES”

                    Gone never Forgotten,

                    SEMPER FIDELIS

                    Gone but never forgotten.

                  • Correction to post below ,
                    September 1970 crashed due to enemy action after events on the 11 sept 1970.
                    Dug out the paper work and letter from then president Nixon.
                    He was award the Silver Star .
                    Memory foggy after 40 + years , we recieved notice on 28 September 1970 .
                    Actual date 0f KIA and circumstances remain classified .

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • Any good general concentrates on determining what the enemy general’s plan is and then works to wreck it. If your ‘OODA’ loop is faster than his, he’s fucked.

            • If all the Russians look as good as the one in the add at the top of the page, why on earth would we want to destroy them?

              • Forget it, the ad with the Russian dating service is gone.

                • Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Let’s look at the stats for the percentages of Jewish people in the populace, by Country—

                  Jewish Populations By Country Chart:
                  ht tps://

                  India 0%
                  China 0%
                  Syria 0%
                  South Korea 0%
                  Nigeria 0%
                  Philippines 0%
                  Taiwan 0%
                  Thailand 0%
                  Egypt 0%
                  Ethiopia 0%
                  Democratic Republic of the Congo 0%

                  Yemen .001%
                  Kenya .001%
                  Dominican Republic .001%
                  El Salvador .002%
                  Zimbabwe .003%
                  Bolivia .005%
                  Slovenia .005%
                  Colombia .005%
                  Republic of Macedonia .005%
                  Peru .006%
                  Singapore .006%
                  Jamaica .007%
                  Cyprus .008%
                  Kyrgyzstan .009%

                  Iran .011%
                  Russia .133%
                  Ukraine .143%
                  Serbia .02%
                  Mexico .034%
                  Croatia .04%
                  Ecuador .04%
                  Cuba .04%
                  Suriname .04%
                  Turkmenistan .04%

                  Make a list of the countries most devastated by Western aggression. How many of those countries are on this list?

                  Now make a list of the countries where the West has most interfered in their economy, and with their govt. How many are on this list?

                  Now make a list of the countries most often threatened and/or sanctioned by the West. How many of those countries are also on this list?

                  How many countries on this list are sworn enemies of the West?

                  How many countries on this list are among THE POOREST in the world?

                  Do you see the bigger picture?

                  FYI, here’s some of the countries with the largest percentage of Jews:

                  Israel 75.4%
                  United States 2.11%
                  Gibraltar 1.935%
                  Canada 1.089%
                  France 0.751%
                  UK .459%
                  European Union .22%

                  Now do you see a pattern?

                  Now consider the “Law of Return”
                  ht tps://

              • Russian women are HOTT!!!!! I can’t wait to see the ads for fat-assed American women looking for foreign men after an economic collapse in USA.

                • Honestly RE: Russian Woman in Russia want to come to the states, and party in Miami… Russian Woman here in the States are Good Looking, warm bush but cold hearts. They are callas and cold and always plotting their next move. They put on a good act, then eventually need money or your credit card to buy Boots. lol And most have fat calves like the old Russian ladies you see in photos sweeping the streets in Moscow. I dated about every nationality out there. Advice, stay single stay free. lol

            • Sinner says, “I admire your truth telling”

              Ha! That was sadly funny. …Are you blind? Or, dumb?
              … Or worse, a blood thirsty lover of empire and conquest?

            • China and Russia may have a mutual Plunder agreement. When one is destroyed the other walks in and take it all. Mutual Aid On paper it does’t mean shit when SHTF.

              Just like the Police on paper, they are suppose to respond if you call for help. When SHTF all bets are off.

              • Just like the people on this site who claim they are patriots and talk tough, but already admit when SHTF they will run away and be the “Gray Man.” COWARDS!! Or Oh, “to fight another day” they claim. They will never fight and never fire a shot. Until the war is on their doorstep then probably submit like a bunch of women and give up their guns when promised a hot meal at the FEMA Camp. You know who you are. I have some old guy friends who will never fight because they “don’t believe in violence,” they claim. They will be some of the first to die or die in a FEMA Camp.

                • Fighting is pointless if facing overwhelming force. If a SWAT team kicks in your doors and windows, what is the point of shooting at the one or two you might hit before they kill you? They probably have awesome body armor and won’t be hurt (well…badly) and you’ll be dead. The only reason to fight is if you are part of a larger movement that can mount an acceptable offensive or defense. It has to make sense to fight. Male machismo is not enough reason to fight. It needs to be logical, not just feel right. Now, if you want to launch a movement and see if you can mass a large enough force to join you, go ahead. Until such a force is ready and has good ideals behind it all you are is a lone wolf that will be dispatched quickly and change nothing.

                  • When enough of us are “dispatched”…
                    We then become force multipliers in the memories of those we loved.

                  • Maybe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything changes overall. All I am saying is that you shouldn’t waste your life. Dying for a cause in war, when it might have a chance of serving a greater good is one thing. Dying needlessly as someone who will easily be passed off as a lone nutter is another thing entirely. Right now war is not here and it may not ever get here. We may just muddle along on the precipice of a great big something for a long time without anyone striking the match to get it rolling. If possible, try to work toward a peaceful solution now to avoid needless bloodshed later. Don’t be so itching for a fight that you miss a way to avoid one.

                    In case you are wondering, I see a few things that could spark such a conflict. One of them is the elimination of the second amendment or an excessive curtailment of it (no semi-autos or high cap mags, for example). Then there is also wide spread martial law declared for the wrong reasons (almost all of the reasons are wrong), or either the suspension of elections or a revelation of massive election fraud that goes mainstream. Then again, a widespread deployment of the military on US soil would also be good cause too. I just hope that none of this ever comes to pass. I would rather not be forced into fighting by the government.

                  • Winston, if they are knocking at your door you already lost. Before that happens you better bug out. Your door will not be the first to be knocked on so stay alert and pay attention ahead of time. Those current SWAT tactics will never work when all your neighbors are on alert with rifles hanging out their windows shooting anything that moves that shouldn’t be moving. You get the call from your neighbor miles far down the road alerting you they are coming. That is the call of the Minute Man and begin to muster up.

            • Just for information purposes, I’ll point out that the UK and US also have a mutual defence treaty that’s much stronger than the NATO arrangements. It’s largely based on nuclear weapons, for example, the UK produces enormous amounts of weapons grade plutonium. But it goes much deeper than that. Any strike Russia would make against the US would have to also include the UK.

              • You should pay very close attention when any NATO signatory starts mentioning ‘Article 5’. If any member nation invokes it then we are legally obligated to come to their immediate defense.

          • In a conventional war, either on land, sea, or in the air, the advantage is to NATO, in men, material, and arsenal. Any attack on the US satellite system would evoke a retaliatory strike on considerable proportion.

            The US is not totally dependent upon its satellite system as it has the military space plane orbiting the earth that can change orbits and evade killer satellites. In addition to high resolution cameras, it is likely equipped with the US Particle Beam / Laser weapon that is being added to American naval vessels.

            We also have drones and spy planes: a redundant system that is UNEQUALED by any other Power. 🙂

            • Eight missiles per sub??? LMAO! Ballistic subs carry 16 nuke missiles each. Some are likely equipped with MIRV’s. The US has about 80 nuke subs. Many subs carry 500 cruise missiles with many tactical neutron warheads.

              One such sub is sitting off the coast of NK in case dear leader gets froggy. That sub ALONE can send NK back to the stone age.

              Not that it has that far to go! 🙂

              • China and India are SWORN enemies and the Third World War is as likely to break out between Pakistan and India as it is Russia and NATO. So I do not see thw two of them together, in a war with the West. Not gonna happen.

                Pakistan is China’s “Israel”. 🙁

                • Dave, do you have a prescription for that medical marijuana (aka West Valley Weed)???

                  It’s required in Arizona, ya know. 😉

                  • weed is not legal for any reason here. 🙁

                  • Occasionally even agents provocateur say something meaningful.

                    In this case, Hodges notes that the tribal banksters are in thrall to Satan.

                    Satan is committed to minimizing the population of Heaven and maximizing the population of Hell, so certainly another World War serves the agenda of Lucifer and his accomplices.

                    Keep your lamps trimmed and burning!

                  • you can spew all the crap you want DK…

                    On these issues in the game of “Risk”…

                    It’s not a board game son… nor is it a chess match….

                    Again I say… you’re in WAY over your head…

                    I strongly suggest you cease…
                    What you’ve read in some book… does not apply…

                  • DK, good evening. I usually call BS on Hodges’ articles, but on this one only certain parts of it I can dispute. Like when he said, “Your children picked a very bad time to be born.” BS with CAPITAL BS on that statement! None of us ever get to choose the time and circumstances of our birth. That decision is God’s and God’s alone! I do agree with the rest of your comments. Take care.

                  • king krazy: I have seen ads for “Medical Marijuana Doctor”, but it was only a guy standing on a street corner waving a sign. I’ll have to check the latest issue of New Times.

                    Medical marijuana is on the table at the Legislature if it is not yet legal. Figuratively speaking of course. 🙂

                  • Yep. BRICS are grouped together because they have economies similar enough to group. They are not a political unit nor a military alliance.

                    If I ever start using that wacky stuff again maybe this would make more sense to me.

                  • See: “do you have a prescription for that medical marijuana … It’s required in Arizona, ya know. ;-)”

                    Always defending the empire and its rules over The People.

                  • Medical Pot is on the Florida Ballot this November. It will easily pass. It’s already coined as the “Puff Puff Pass Amendment!!” lol

                • DK

                  Why do you assume that nuclear war will break out among the major powers? I am most fearful of Iran! They think that if they destroy the world, they will get to heaven faster. They have no motive to preserve this earth. At least the other nuclear powers want their kids to live.

                  There was a song long ago that said, “I hope the Russians love their children too.” I can’t remember who performed it.

                  • DaisyK: Iran will not destroy anyone. Iran will be destroyed. Iran will not forego its RIGHT to nuclear weapons and Israel will not forgo its RIGHT to exist, and therein lies the conflict between the two.

                    When Israel is certain that Iran has nuclear weapons, Israel will nuke Iran in a massive First Strike hitting all of its major military bases. Iran will respond as best as it can with attacks against US interests in the Gulf. The US will retaliate and reduce the Iranian capacity for organized war to rubble. Can you say “shock and awe”?

                    Whether it is this year, next year, or the year after, I know not. I do know that Israel will NOT allow Iran a nuclear capability. Thus conflict between the two is inevitable. 🙁

                  • I do not think that nuclear war will break out among the major powers. That is Dave’s war game, not mine. 🙂

                  • Song is called ‘Russians’ by Sting, great tune and very appropriate during these current trying times.

                  • Dear DaisyK, I gave you a Thumbs Down because, “I am most fearful of Iran! They think that if they destroy the world, they will get to heaven faster. They have no motive to preserve this earth. At least the other nuclear powers want their kids to live.”

                    Why are you fearful of Iran? They’ve never attacked anyone.
                    Think about that. Especially in light of Fat Man over Japan.

                    Would you say that so-called ‘Christians” in the unitedstate believe that if they help to destroy the world, they will get to heaven faster? …How are they any different from others who have a similar outlook?

                    I wonder, what motive does the unitedstate have to preserve this earth? As opposed to any other gooberment?

                    You say, “At least the other nuclear powers want their kids to live.”

                    Have you read about the controversy re: forced vaccinations, the USDA food pyramid, etc…?

                    Yeesh, wake Up.

                    Pardon me, but it seems that Americans Love their children to Death, and far far more than they love their own government.

                  • Daisy: I am totally unafraid of Russia. Russia is the kid who just wants to play on the European team, and who is right now standing up to the world bully (the US).

                    China, however, is the world-bully-in-waiting, who is almost ready to make its move. When it considers the US and Europe sufficiently weak (i.e., the purposeful accelerated weakening of the US courtesy of Obama), you will see China more boldly take over something substantial.

                    So what does Obama do in the meantime? Obama shoves Russia into China’s arms…not an inconsequential bad play on the US’s part. The Ukraine fiasco can totally be laid at America’s political door. Obama and NATO angered the bear over violating the agreement to not camp on Russia’s doorstep. The US/NATO did this mainly because the US wanted Russia out of the Syria picture, so that Qatar (a Sunni country) could get its natural gas pipeline through Syria and into Europe.

                    Yet, Russia is really not interwoven into China as, historically, as a whole, Russia has always been part of the European scene. Even Catherine the Great was Prussian (her real name: Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg). So Russia will most likely end up playing on the West’s team again… like it ended up doing in WWII.

                    Iran (a Shiite country) is in a period of time that could be comparable to the 60s (with a Muslim theme)…their young adults don’t want to go to war; hence, their current lessening of political anti-American rhetoric. They were never really America’s enemies anyway…they just got seriously pissed at America’s and Europe’s continued attempts to colonize them and interfere in their politics, and who wouldn’t?

                    Pakistan (a Sunni country) is going to be a problem, as they are nuclear and the nuts are making their move; not to mention, they have aligned themselves with China, who is making a move into India, Pakistan’s enemy.

                    A good portion of Africa (except northern Africa, maybe) will most likely be out of the WWIII game if Ebola has its way — not that they would contribute much either way anyway, although their natural resources are a target, the same as they were for Hitler…if you could extract them without dying from Ebola.

                    So if you pay attention, you can see the WWIII players aligning themselves (China-Pakistan-other Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia again US, Europe, Shiite countries, etc.). And in a WWIII scenario, Iran most likely will end up, because of its Shiite majority, aligning itself (which will surprise a lot of people) with the West.

                    But what frightens me the most is the ISIS situation.

                    How is it that out of the blue, this organization is suddenly so well organized that it can raid Iraq for its American-supplied SERIOUS weaponry, then drag all that weaponry back to Syria and use it against the Syrian government forces WITHOUT any move by the US (you know, the U.S., the country who now invades other countries at the drop of Obama’s bend-me-over pants and made a religion out of its anti-Al-Qaeda rhetoric?)….or any move at all by anybody else?

                    Obama was born to a Sunni Muslim father and spent his important formative years in a Sunni country (Indonesia). Obama does nothing that does not further the Sunni Muslim agenda….it is what he does all day long by his actions and inaction. ISIS is Sunni. However, what should put fear in the hearts of the puppet-masters is thinking they have a leash on the ISIS monster.

                    So you now see that Obama allows the flood of illegals into the US….tens of thousands of them. It was for a specific reason. How else do you allow a country’s enemies through the gate: You disguise them as part of an illegal flood of “kids” and their “parents” and order everybody to not “touch” them and to “shelter” the enemy through your presidential orders. So please don’t get distracted from the real meaning of what he just accomplished. Obama appears to be a traitor, he appears to be a “plant,” and he appears to work against America every second of every day.

                  • @ DaisyK,

                    Unfortunately, CHINA will soon have NO choice in the matter; internal population pressures, a failing economy and a corrupt hierarchy of beaurocrats will soon conpel thier leadership to commit atrocious acts on the World stage; thier leaders all too keenly aware of what happens to THEM happens when the population loses it’s last vestige of of respect for AUTHORITY, thus they MUST divert that anger ‘elsewhere’.

                    As well, they are of the ‘oriental mindset’ and as such thier disregard for Human life rivals the middle-eastern zealots (idiots) closely. No Joy there…

                  • MaybeSo: You are right about China, but water, electricity, and power follow the path of least resistance because Nature abhor’s a vacuum.

                    The least resistance for China is to their West. The greatest prize (oil, gas, minerals, and water) is to their West and North.

                    They use US as a straw man to hide their natural “manifest destiny” from Russia, India, Mongolia, and the “Stans”. What they cannot dominate through economic hegemony (Russia), they will someday take.

                    China is regularly pushing their Border with India, and they will use the Muslim terrorism in their western provinces as the excuse to invade these Muslim countries when the time is right, for them.

                    For now they are content to PREP for the long haul. 🙂

                  • yur’ a ma’roon.

                  • For some reason I cannot reply to some of the messages. The Reply button is there but no text and it doesn’t work. Not sure if they’re being locked on purpose or what, but anyway, PWYPreach said:

                    Comment ID: 3216127
                    August 30, 2014 at 11:41 pm

                    So you now see that Obama allows the flood of illegals into the US….tens of thousands of them. It was for a specific reason. How else do you allow a country’s enemies through the gate: You disguise them as part of an illegal flood of “kids” and their “parents” and order everybody to not “touch” them and to “shelter” the enemy through your presidential orders. So please don’t get distracted from the real meaning of what he just accomplished. Obama appears to be a traitor, he appears to be a “plant,” and he appears to work against America every second of every day.

                    Even with everything going on at the border it is STILL “off limits” to scrutiny or any action to close it and get a handle on the wide open mess.


                    Well… we’re about to find out. And I don’t think it’s about getting more Democrat voters.

                  • I believe that was by sting from the 80’s band The Police.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • GW Bush looked into (Puty Poos) Putin’s eyes and believes and trusts the man. So why would you ever doubt that. lol

                  • Sting’s lyrics in Fragile are also worth some thought.

              • YOU are full of BS. Trident boats carry 24 SLBM with up to eight MIRV each. Los Angeles class fast attack boats carry 12 Harpoons which can be conventional or nuclear.

                Then there’s always the old standby, the nuke SUBROC, a fleet-destroying tactical nuke which can launched from any standard 21-inch torpedo tube.

                It would be best if you spoke about those things you know of.

                How do *I* know about the weapons systems on boats? Six years working on fast-attack boats while in the USN.

                • Breathial: And the point being that all of these subs carry more than eight nuke missiles as numbered by Hodges, right?

                  Some also carry 500 cruise missiles capable of being armed with a tactical nuke warhead. And one of those subs is sitting off NK. 🙂

                  • Gawd, you are truly one sick fuck, Durango Kid. “And one of those subs is sitting off NK. :-)”

                    That smiley face you tagged on the end of that speaks volumes about you. Your heart seems Very black, from this viewpoint.
                    I pity you. … and those in your bunch.

                  • I think the converted boomers carry something like 176 cruise missles. Still a lot of havoc before reloading.

                  • Some carry 500 cruise missiles? REALLY? Please enlighten me: what class of boat are you referring to? Name and hull number would be awesome.

                    Have you ever seen a cruise missile in person? I doubt it… or you would quickly realize such a claim is physically impossible, akin to stuffing 200# of poop into a 5# bag.

                    Again, stick to what you know. It’s not often I feel embarrassed at the obvious ignorance of another poster, but I’ll say you’re not looking too good right now…

                  • I hope an EMP will take out Dick Cheney’s heart pacemaker.

                • @Breathial
                  Thank you for calling BS on DK. Saving me the trouble.

                  I don’t often comment around here anymore, but I read every day.

                  Dk said… 500 SLBM/cruise’s on ONE SUB?
                  … now that’s funny, since I doubt if they could fit that many on an aircraft carrier. Even reading some of Tom Clancy’s novels would be good enough education to be able to laugh at that one.

                  The veterans of the world need to get together, and hang a bunch of suits, because, the Vets are the only ones with the moral authority, experience, and discipline to do what needs doing. The Robert Heinlein solution, the ultimate “come to Jesus” meeting.

                  Oh, from one old Vietnam vet, thank you for your service.

                  DK, sometimes, even if I agree with you, its hard to agree with you when you pull this kinda stuff, you reduce your credibility to zero. Stick to finance, you’re good at that.

                • Billy Hill: My little brother, Chicken Little, says you’re right. Those aren’t children coming in with their parents, they midget terrorists disguised as children. They’re actually members of Al Qaeda and ISIS who will soon infiltrated our schools and day care centers and recruit our own children to kill us in our sleep. The most devilish plot to date. A curse be upon them all !

              • “Eight missiles per sub??? LMAO!”

                “One such sub is sitting off the coast of NK in case dear leader gets froggy. That sub ALONE can send NK back to the stone age.” …With a smile face tagged on the end?

                Man, you are one sick fuck to LMAO about that shit.

                Are you a total psychopath, or do you get paid to be one?

                • helot/CLARK: North Korea threatens US all the time. We are still, technically, at war with North Korea. The Korean Armistice is basically a cease fire that can restart at a moments notice.

                  Death to ALL enemies of America, Foreign and Domestic!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! 🙂

                  • North Korea has some serious genetically targeted bio-weapons. Think which ethnic groups are the most vulnerable to this after centuries of fairly close breeding? Then think which ethnic groups are causing the most trouble globally and in positions of real (not puppet) power? There’s a damn good reason noone has invaded N Korea recently.

                    (e.g Ethnic groups which are still fairly unlikely to have cross-bred with other groups e.g The Basques, some native american amazonian tribes, Ashkenazi Jews, the Koi san)

                    Question for the military buffs – am I right in thinking many criical, military widgets & components are manufactured in China nowadays from microchips for the technology to socks for our troops? In a war situation isn’t it likely that some mission critical systems would be designed to fail if turned upon their manufacturer?

                  • NK is as much of threat to the USA as you look like a military strategist.

              • Ok, my bad, I will concede that 500 cruise missiles may be the wrong number for now, even though I am sure I read that number in an article some months ago, specifically with respect to a US sub offshore NK.

                However four Ohio Class subs were converted to guided missile subs replacing each Trident missile with 7 tomahawk missiles for a total of 154 cruise missiles (each still capable of carrying a tactical nuke).

                154 cruise missiles can still defend against Dear Leader if he launches against US. 🙂 🙂

                • Per sub if I wasn’t clear about that. 🙂

                  • Expat: Are you aware of the small Thorium power plants that have been miniaturized for industrial use? I imagine that any advanced power technology to run a laser in space would be highly classified.

                    BTW, it would weigh NOTHING in space, maybe that is why the plane doesn’t come down. 🙂

              • DK’
                Your numbers are way, way off. Trident subs carry 24 missiles each. They used to be MIRVed but that was negotiated away. We have only a few Tridents left that carry ballistic missiles. The rest carry cruise missiles with unknown warhead types. No sub carries anyway near 500. Are you insane or just a nitwit?
                As to particle beams in space, they are not being deployed yet but are still in the test phase. Also the power supply alone would weigh tons.

                • Expat: Are you aware of the small Thorium power plants that have been miniaturized for industrial use? I imagine that any advanced power technology to run a laser in space would be highly classified.

                  BTW, it would weigh NOTHING in space, maybe that is why the plane doesn’t come down. 🙂

              • The ‘boomers'(aka Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Submarines) each carry 24 Trident III missiles, we currently have 14 in service, each missile carries 3-4 W88 warheads (treaty limited).

          • It will be what it will be, it is written, maybe not now, but one day.

            Matthew 24:6-7

            And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.

            • Yup. I was thinking of this very verse while I was at work today. I was kinda hoping I would not get to see it come to pass in my lifetime, but it looks like it just may happen.

            • Swinging on a Star:

              Hodges and SHTF would have done us a better favor if the “Blueprint” article was from ALBERT PIKE. Look him up, Swinging, and see if you don’t agree on his blueprints for WW1, WW2, and the one coming to us, WW3.

              Revelation and Pike’s blueprint for WW3 are right on target; as is Pike’s explanation for all three wars.

              Scary times for all of us!

              • The whole Albert Pike and the three world wars thing is a hoax. No letter has been authenticated, to my knowledge, and in addition to a style of writing that is not his, there are words and phrases not commonly used in 1871, or would not be coined into existence until decades later.

                • Yup Tim:

                  Just like the Protocols are a forgery. Can’t read Pike or the protocols without thinking:

                  HMMMM……some forgery.

                  Follows close what has happened and what is happening. Read them and decide for yourself what the truth is.

          • Defund and defang the war machine. Its time to deckare war onthe MICM Military Industrial Complex Mafia. And the Criminal Bankers that start these wars. Cut tje head off the snake and Hang the Banksters.

            • Now that’s what I’m talking about!

              If war wasn’t PROFITABLE, the banksters wouldn’t fund them…and the world would be at peace.

              • what would happen if they held a war and no one showed up?

                • They’d have to pillage our bank accounts, to regain the money they’d lose. One way or the other, WE PAY.

          • Does anyone actually believe that Obama would respond to any attack on the US? Especially a nuclear one. He spends all his time trying to be a traitor without being obvious. I would expect that Obama would simply go golfing and not do anything.

            • You’re wrong, he is doing a great job as president says the 100+ millions deomcratic sheeples of America.

            • The Welfare /Food Stamp crowds Love him, and in fact will Vote again for Obama as a write in Candidate in the next Presidential Election. Cause when things Changed Obama gave them hope and a new EBT Card. In Dec of 2008 there were 31.7 Million Americans on Food Stamps and now over 47 Million of Food Stamps. Or 20% of all households in America. Food Corporations also love Obama too, for all this new Government food stamp revenue stream.

            • As the US Economy is driven into the ditch, Obama is driving his Titleist Golf Balls. Here watch this drive. !!

            • Obama with out a doubt would respond, he would draw another line in the sand. If that would not be enough to scare the pants off of them, then he would issue more sanctions!

          • How do the “elites” intend to enforce their position? What’s the plan when the guys who actually carry the guns decide to “move up” ? That’s the hard part about farming out your dirty work to enforcers. a different “elite” would emerge from the bunkers.

          • DK. I don’t see you here writing articles on anything.Every country in the World has skin in the game, as every Global event has some sort of backlash or they are being asked to support the causes. You know the Old Are you with us or the Terrorists scam.

            I will also say, I talked with Dave Hodges on the phone back in about 2010 on a particular subject we both had in common fighting the scams by the Government. And was even invited on his show to discuss these matters. Although I declined, because of the sensitivity of the matter, I did not want to be exploited or jeopardize my case which I am still fighting. But I will tell you this, America needs more patriots like Dave Hodges who bring to light the complex compounding problems we are all going to face sooner or later. From every article, or comments, gather the info and you decide. Not every person every time will present all the facts, as if you ever had to write daily on subjects you will or may not have everything exactly right, or how you perceive them. If you would like to be a global reviewer then go ahead and submit your beliefs into the system and we will vote up or down if we think you are correct. Keep Writing Dave, thanks for waking people up.

            • WWHTI: I do not doubt the Patriotism of Dave Hodges, or Brandon Smith either for that matter. I believe they can be important voices against tyranny and hope they will be.

              I just think they need to be realistic about what they are saying if the rank and file of mainstream America is going to join the Revolution. 🙂

              As far as researching and writing articles to entertain you, I have bigger fish to fry right now, but thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

          • This article assumes the BRICs have a military alliance akin to NATO. LMAO. India hates China with a passion. The likelihood of India declaring war against the US and allying with China is slim-to-none.

            DK is right about Russia/China too. Russia might be using China right now to help accelerate the end of the petrodollar, but those two countries don’t trust each other either. China eventually going after Siberia is a distinct possibility and the Russians know this.

            All in all, this article is a joke. Sorry.


          • You are so full of it Durango Kidd! Read the Bible, Ezekiel 38, Psalms 83, and Revelations and tell me China will sit on the sidelines! The countries listed in the Bible are listed by their names of that era! Figure out though what all those countries are called today! If you know even a little history you can figure it out….

          • mr hodges will soon be outed as another alex jones. bought and paid for half truths mixed with fear mongering. sex sells but, like a horror movie fear sells more.

        • All the fire power that the U.S. has and in the hands of a Muslim, Kenyan. Does anyone really think we have a snowballs chance in Hell of coming out on top in this game? According to the gov. goons, the Ruskies, Chinese, etc, are not the enemies–it’s the Vets, Teapartiers, gun owning redneck Bible thumpers, and the White honky crackers that are the real enemies of the state.

          • I am gonna go out on a limb here and say yes, to what, Say When says, about USA having a snowball’s chance in hell of coming out on top.

            For this very reason; TPTB have too much invested in their USA underground cities, resources, and power thirsts, to let anyone like China,N Korea,Pakistan and Iran get the upper hand in a Nuke War.

            TPTB have created this Middle Eastern/Asian mess to supplant the power bases of those countries for the NWO. If they/TPTB, allow enough chaos and death at the hands of those countries above; then, they will have the “all clear” to engage full out annihilation of the “evil” bastards, without regards to political fallout and revolution at home. The innocent peoples are just considered the casuality cost of war.

            “never let a good crisis go to waste”

            This is their mindset; to create a crisis for their own agenda. Anyone that doesn’t believe this has been living under a rock for the past 30 years, or is too young and dumb to understand what is really going on.

            If the prophecy, of Rev 9:15 “And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men”; is meant to be a “literal” meaning; then there will come a time soon that there must be the total of 2.4 billion + lives lost in the coming World War.

            That war has begun, but it isn’t actually affecting the entire world quite yet. The spirits that will be loosed to put that “thirst for death” into the hearts and minds of TPTB; are getting antsy and stirring. It will happen “if” that prophecy is a literal death of the “flesh”, third of mankind; and not a spiritual death of the soul.
            If it is meant as a physical death, then the debt of much of the USA and other countries would evaporate with those 2.4 billion lives of middle eastern and asian peoples.

            I’m just saying “what if”? It is very possible.

        • Steven Starr who’s an expert on nuclear warfare says that if just a small fraction of the nuclear arsenal between the USSA and Russia is used. It’s pretty much over for the planet. So even if the Elite cower in their bunkers the same fate awaits them as well. They’ll just live a little longer than the rest.

          http : //www . paulcraigroberts . org/2014/08/23/guest-article-steven-starr-senator-corkers-path-nuclear-war/

        • Europe and NATO are not going to nuclear war over Ukraine, or the Baltics. Any conventional war will be short and end once the nuke sabers get rattled, with Russia the winner.

        • Russia; the wizened, limp-dick, fossilized remnant of the former Soviet Union doesn’t have all the nukes it once had, and the ones it does are sketchy at best, just like the rest of their sorry stockpile of equipment. They have a few good fighter jets but the rest is pure crap. Our stuff is far superior to anything they have and during drills there is often a ‘failure’ of some equipment. The former Soviet failures were always far higher than ours. Much of the Soviet stuff has gone into disrepair. We have more nuclear warheads that the rest of the planet. We have more deployed on ICBMs, SLBMs, and Bombers than the Russian and Chinese put together. The Russians are great chess players and won’t make a move unless they think they can win. They are very defensive, not offensive, in their movements unless they think they can sweep the board decisively. But their civil defense is to both admired and we should do the same. This is yet another sign of defensiveness on their part.

        • If you follow Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show, (I have from time to time), he once wrote an article stating the US had some sort of secret technology for war that could negate all conventional and nuclear weapons. He cited an inside source and also from some family connections. I believe this article came out earlier this year.

          So if what Hodges writes now is true, what about his previous assertions? How does that play into all of this?

        • This article is a total fantasy, not because I believe the U.S. is right but it will never happen. We might and I repeat might see a tactical Nuke used somewhere in the middle east or the Balkans but beyond that not a chance.

          I 100% agree that sooner or later we will come into direct conflict with both China and Russia, but those will be both be short lived air and sea engagements. Violent yes but narrow in scope.

          Nice try author but you are living in La, la land if you believe any of this.

        • “It’s A Mistake”

          Jump down the shelters to get away The boys are cocking up their guns Tell us general, is it party time? If it is, can we all come?

          Don’t think that we don’t know Don’t think that we’re not trying Don’t think we move too slow It’s no use after crying

          Saying it’s a mistake It’s a mistake It’s a mistake It’s a mistake

          After the laughter has died away And all the boys have had their fun No surface noise now, not much to say They got the bad guys on the run

          Don’t try to say you’re sorry Don’t say he drew his gun They’ve gone and grabbed old Ronnie He’s not the only one
          Saying it’s a mistake It’s a mistake It’s a mistake It’s a mistake

          Tell us commander, what do you think? ‘Cause we know that you love all that power Is it on then, are we on the brink? We wish you’d all throw in the towel

          We’ll not fade out too soon Not in this finest hour Whistle your favourite tune We’ll send a card and a flower

          Saying it’s a mistake It’s a mistake It’s a mistake It’s a mistake, ooh

          It’s a mistake (it’s a mistake) It’s a mistake (it’s a mistake) It’s a mistake (it’s a mistake) It’s a mistake (it’s a mistake) It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake (It’s a mistake)

        • IN ADDITION TO ALL THE BS/LIES ON TV, they also have been airing stories about past aggressions by USSR/Russia and have interviewed men who bombed Hiroshima, saying how the nuclear bomb helped to save lives in the long run… so they are DEFINITELY preparing the US citizens for war with Russia…

          Really sad! It seems PCR was right… they are dragging us to war, it seems, over our dead bodies. ; (

        • WOW. I read DH’s site frequently, and I can’t believe that (IMHO) he’s strategically and tactically SOOOO mistaken. India would side against the U.S because? They wouldn’t. They’re more afraid of China than anyone else in the world is- for good reason. We’d put our naval forces in the Black Sea (which is wholly Russian owned, for all intents and purposes) when we can attack Syria from the Med much more safely, more effectively and have resupply and repair ports MUCH more available from that route…because? We wouldn’t. Also, by attacking from the Med we’d having the option of moving assets through the Suez to then be available to counter Iran or plain flatten it. India would be too busy with Pakistan, because as unstable as the Paki Gov. is, India has every right to wonder if the Pakis would use the fact that all that ordnance is flying around their neighborhood to either strike first to take out India- or out of sheer fear as to which side India will take. India will be busy enough on their own.One of them wold likely fire unprovoked on the other however (prolly the Pakis would shoot first). As for our nuke missile boats (Ohio class SSBN’s) they carry as many as 192 MIRV’s on 24 SLBM’s EACH…x14. Am I saying that an all out nuke-fest isn’t possible? Not at all. But DH went to great lengths to expound on the details on the why and how, and I’m afraid he got a great deal of both of those wrong. Let’s just say, if he was in charge of the first Gulf War- we’d never have won it. He should stick to what he knows best, and Military Strategy quite obviously is NOT his forte.

        • The us numbers need to be adjusted to include all the NRA members and even their families. Imagine some troop carrier…foreign rolling into your neighborhood.
          Shooting gallery time. If anyone invades…let them kill off the unarmed dems first.


          Told ya dems. It’s NOT a nice kumbya world like Uncle commie obama told ya.

          Darwinian socialism.
          The smart, well planned survive.

        • Great, so you die a much slower and painful death out in the hills. Starvation, radiation, freezing, and more. Great plan.

      2. Interesting read – the numbers charts seem confusing – not lined up well.

        • Apologies Jerry – those alignment issues on the charts should be fixed now.



          • Sorry about complaining Mac – thank you for all of your hard work!

            • Straight Talk About Zionism
              by Mark Weber

              … A Zionist Jew, by definition, owes his primary loyalty to the Jewish community and to Israel. Zionism is not compatible with patriotism to any country or entity other than Israel and the world Jewish community … Zionist Jews and their non-Jewish supporters embrace a blatant double standard. Jewish-Zionist organizations, along with their non-Jewish allies, support one social-political ideology for Israel and the world Jewish community, and a completely different one for the United States and other non-Jewish countries. They insist that ethnic nationalism is evil and bad for non-Jews, while at the same time they vigorously support ethnic nationalism — that is, Zionism — for Jews.


              • What a bunch of crap. Israel is an ally. They’re the only democracy in the Middle East. They treat Palestinians better in Israel than in their own countries. They treat all women better too. Israel is the only country in the world with armored school buses. That says all you need to know about the one billion Muslims that want to destroy them.

                • Barnie Kitty. Go back to the barn and stop spreading stupidity you idiot.

                  • Every word from your mouth is a lie, Barn Cat, even “a” and “the.”

                    Here’s some insight into the Torah’s traditional teaching about women:

                    “…a man may do whatever he pleases with his wife at intercourse: Meat which comes from the abattoir may be eaten salted, roasted, cooked or seethed; so with fish from the fishmonger…. A woman came before Rab and complained [of her husband’s sodomy with her], “Rabbi replied: ‘Wherein does it differ from fish?”
                    Nedarim 20b, Soncino edition, p.58

                    Here is some insight into how Jewish misogyny thrives today:

                    Rabbi Dov S. Zakheim, the former Pentagon Comptroller (among a myriad of other military appointments and positions) has written a statement on the ‘ethics’ of rape of non-Judaic women during wartime:

                    It is the consensus of many halakhic [rabbinic law] decisors that the defat to’ar [Gentile female prisoners] can be subject to involuntary intercourse [rape], though only once, after which she must undergo a specific regimen prescribed in the Torah, conversion and marriage, before her [Judaic] captor is permitted further sexual relations with her.
                    Rabbi Dov S. Zakheim, “Confronting Evil: Terrorists, Torture, The Military and Halakhah,” published by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School

                    Gotta love those holy people!

                    I have MANY more examples.

                • Barn cat. You gots your story backwards. Its Israel-lies that wants to destoy the Billion Muslems. They want to destroy Russia as well since Putin is fighting against the New World order Tribe. So that is the new bogus enemy thatthey istruct the US to Demonuze and fight and misuse the media to spread lies as nd propaganda. Jews are Evil, Satans best friend. Lies hate and war and who else on the planet Murders 300 children in Gaza in one week and still has the gall to call theselves the victim. Poor me Jew holocaust victim and send us lots of money cause we need lots of money.

                • Barn Cat: John Q. Public is really Moishe (Moses) Publicstein, a self-loathing Jew who is trying desperately to deny his heritage by bashing his own people. Pay him no mind, he’s a very conflicted individual who needs help with his on going identity crisis.

              • SPOT ON!! JohnQPublic. I flat out Busted Grafique for being a paid Jew Shill on this site. MAC did not kick him off as he wanted you to believe. Then he playrd the poor me victim game looking for sympathy to test to see who his supporters were. And sure enough there were gullible souls saying don’t go. So he sucked you in one more time. If Mac supposibly kicked him off why then would Mac allow him to post under Mr Smith aka Grafique. Busted again. You see Jew shills don’t like the truth or like to be exposed for what they are. Barn Cat also is riding this Jew shill line. Israel is destroying America like stage 3 Cancer. What America needs right now is some strong Chemo therapy to destroy these Jew Cancer Cells. ‘ll ikeget rid of Diane Feinstein and Bloomberg who wants to disarm America so her Jew shill tribe can take us over with little resistance. Wake us Patriots and expose the shills here on our soil. Never gove us resist their Tyranny and destroy the Cancer.

                • much agreed Q & Who

                  Mishnah from Kethuboth 11a:

                  Rabbi Dr. Samuel Daiches translates:
                  7.A man who was of age.
                  8.Lit., ‘who came on’.
                  9.Less than three years old.
                  10.Less than nine years of age.
                  11.Lit., ‘One who was injured by wood’, as a result of which she injured the hymen.

                  It’s all twisted sick regulated Talmudic law and sad when people (goy/animals) can’t see what’s right in front of their eye’s. even sadder when they see it and then told they didn’t and they believe it. how controlled is their freewill? chosen people for _________ (i’ll let ya fill that in)

                  • Mezizah:
                    By this is meant the sucking of the blood from the wound. The mohel takes some wine in his mouth and applies his lips to the part involved in the operation, and exerts suction, after which he expels the mixture of wine and blood into a receptacle (see Fig. 4, below) provided for the purpose. This procedure [repeatedly sucking the boy’s privates] is repeated several times, and completes the operation, except as to the control of the bleeding and the dressing of the wound.

                    “If a boy under the age of nine perpetrated sodomy upon an adult, the adult is not liable for punishment, for the intercourse of a boy under nine years of age is not legally an act of intercourse. Since a child less than nine years old cannot commit sodomy, he can also not be the object of sodomy….This Baraita supports Rav, for it teaches that if a man engaged in homosexual intercourse with a child under the age of nine, he is exempt from liability.”
                    Sanhedrin 54b

                    “…intercourse with a boy under nine years old is not considered a significant sexual act…”
                    Ketubot 11b

                    “If a girl is less than three years old, it is permitted to be secluded with her. Likewise, if a boy is less than nine years old a woman is permitted to be alone with him.”
                    Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: A Classic Guide to Jewish Law (Metsudah Publications, 1996) v. 2, p. 1023

                    “If a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for having intercourse with a girl less than three years old is like putting a finger in the eye.”
                    Ketubot 11b

                    “A father may betroth his daughter without her consent as long as she is a minor, and she also remains under his authority as long as she is a maiden. . . . [I]f she is three years and one day old, she may be betrothed by an act of intercourse with the consent of her father.” Maimonides “the Great Rambam,” Sefer Nashim 3:11

      3. And so it begins……
        The anti-Christ, who suffered a mortal wound “from a sword” (losing the cold War?) attacks Babylon “The great whore” ( A Christian Nation ruled by Muslims and advancing ungodly principles?)
        Later a huge army know as “The Princes of the East” pushes Westward into the Middle East.

        Russia/The West/China/ and Islam, it fits all too well.

        I’m not a Prophet, nor the son of one, this is just my take.

        • The antichrist is a man who will be possessed by Satan.

          (Revelation 16:13 NIV) Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

          Babylon in prophecy is the city of Rome.

          (1 Peter 5:13 NIV) She who is in Babylon, chosen together with you, sends you her greetings, and so does my son Mark.

          China has a part to play during the Great Tribulation.

          (Revelation 16:12 NIV) The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.

          • @ Barn Crap
            Please stop commenting on my posts. I have been a Pastor for over 20 years with an advanced degree. You on the other hand have fallen for a “made up” theology with little hermeneutical support . You embarrass yourself.

            Try putting Christ in the center of your life instead of the lies of the Dispensationalists. You’ve been tricked. Like everything else, for many religion is a business, and the easiest way to draw a crowd is to make up wild tails about “End Times”. That is what Darby, Scofield, and Moody did. That is what La Haye and Hal Lindsey do today.

            • Christ isn’t a nation, and neither will be the anti-Christ. The Revelation of John is pretty clear about that one.

            • Let’s not overlook the JOOS did it crowd. Disgusting vermin mostly left wing communists.

              • John W.


                Great analysis. The Zionist Joos are “disgusting vermin, mostly left wing communists”. Truth there, John.

            • RE: “I have been a Pastor for over 20 years with an advanced degree.”

              Oh, high and mighty. I might, or might not agree with the barn cat, but spewing that is beyond disgust.

              • Another one confusing “educated” with “smart”.

                • Hey Joe…didn’t someone ask you who the smartest guy in the room was and you said it was you..j/k

              • Agreed helot,

                He had my attention until the “advanced degree” part.

                Seminary colleges are responsible for much of the lies being spewed from the pulpits of America.

                They propose segments of the bible to be left out of teaching lest there will be less turn out on the pews.

                Which in turn translates to less dollars into the coffers.

                ….”a little twist to the word here, and a little twist there, and no one will ever know the difference…. like let’s preach a “feel good”, fly away to escape tribulation, doctrine. We can fill up the seats with that one.”

              • @helot, you can f*ck off with barn crap too, A-hole!

                • Sinner,
                  You are no Bible expert with an Advanced Degree. Look up the word, Dipshidiot….

            • Sinner as a Pastor, you rank right up there with Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton.

              • Mountain Trekker… All these blowhard preachers with Reverend before their names should be ignored. They are not to be revered. That designation applies only to Christ, not to these charlatans.

              • FO!

            • Really, you’ve been a pastor for 20 years? I’m surprised based on how little of the Bible you actually know.

              You should stop sinning against me by questioning my walk with Christ.

              You’re an embarrassment to the faith.

              • That well may be, but the Antichrist is still a man-whether you are a dispensationalist or not. It is one thing that is agreed upon by anyone who has taken the totality of what is written about this person in Scripture. Now Gog and Magog is thought by some to be a reference to either the USSR or Russia, but never the Antichrist.

              • You have no “walk with Christ” you’re a member of a false religion/cult and in my eyes (and I dare say Scripture’s) no better than a Mormon/Muslim/Jew.

                The trouble is, you don’t have the guts to look into the real Christian Faith, the one handed down from the Apostles, not the one made up by John Darby in the 1840’s.

                I labored in the ministry for over 20 years as a Hospital Chaplin, what have any of you numb nuts down with your lives?

                • Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 (KJV)

                  You are making out the Christian faith to be about you and not about Christ. Thus, while others on this board may be in a dangerous spiritual condition, so are you. Be careful and search your heart to be sure that your motives are correct and not self-righteous.

                • Sinner,
                  What you think of the Isaiah Scroll?

              • He knows nothing of the Bible. Dipshidiot is his origin….

            • Sinner,
              You have no advanced degree. Where did you study? Please don’t say 1 hour online. Or, the College of Darwin aka CLOD….good luck….

            • Right on Barncat!
              Just ignore all those ignorant Jew haters.

              Praise Jesus brother!

              Right on Barncat!

              I have been a pastor for 30 years.

              And Jesus is coming soon.

              Keep the faith brother.

      4. I’ll believe it when I see the flash. Then and only then will I bend over and pucker up. Ain’t no way they’re going to toss nukes. They’ll gain-zero. JM2CW.

        • @PO’s
          The Gatling Gun was invented by a Doctor who wanted to make war so horrible/expensive that they would end.

          Every weapon that mankind has devised to kill others has been used already, even nukes.

          • Yeah Sinner, that’s the same bi-line we get from big pharma. “Roll up your sleeve, this won’t hurt a bit”. “It’s going to save your life”.

          • Eisen….sorry I meant Sinner….sorry.

        • And further more, my two children had no say of being born in this time. It wasn’t their choice scooter.

          • Po’d Pat. It wasn’t your kids fault they were born. It was your fault you didn’t keep your pistol in your pocket. Another sinner with lust in his heart. Only thinking of his own self gratification.

        • They still have neutron bombs which Carter got rid of. A nuclear attack is possible if they have been told that we will not respond in kind. Just the loss of three major cities will finish us as a power even though leaving the rest of the country intact..

      5. Every week there’s a new “calamity of the week”lurking around the global corner..

        Be afraid!

        Very Afraid!!

        You know ,Mr Hodges, you publish articles weekly that surpass the week before in fear scenarios that never reach fruition along with most of your compatriots in the alt media here on the web..

        First it was N Korea ready to go nuclear
        Then we’re attacking Syria which will result in ww3
        Then the DHS is ready to round us up into FEMA camps
        Obama is to declare martial law
        EMP’S are coming

        The end is near..

        Know what?

        I’m going to continue preparing my gardens
        go to the range and send a few down
        then come home and kiss my wife and grandkids

        then have some adult libations and enjoy the sunset..

        perhaps many of your compatriots should do the same and enjoy life each and every day..

        yeah we know the world’s all fucked up…so what else is new?

        me…I’m going to keep on living and stop looking up for the sky to fall..

        hell..if it happens.. then those of us who are prepared might survive..maybe not!

        until then..I’ll continue to enjoy every precious moment on this earth..

        as the Good Lord intended..

        enjoy the day

        • @ubiq
          If you are so certain that none of these things are going to happen, why do you bother to come to this blog?

          You’re right, The Father’s plan will happen and just like the coming of His Son, it will happen in a way that we don’t expect.

          So have a nice day in the garden.

          • I love the geo political discussions and am also a preparedness individual..

            Have been a contributing commenter here for many years under the moniker of possee..but recent glitches to effectively comment here have caused the name change ..

            Why do you bother?

            To convert me to your religious aspects?

            I don’t adhere to any political persuasion nor religious affiliation..but do have faith..

            Mac does have some excellent statements and articles from all sides of many issues at hand..and allows us to comment freely without censorship matter what..

            Enjoy the day


            • Ah..POSSE!…I get IT now,

              …thought the writing style SEEMED familiar. Sorry, been OUT of the loop for QUITE a while,

              “enjoy the day”

              Yes…every one of them, always!

              Been SO busy moving lately, the house is ready, the ground is ready….as is everything else; only a VERY LONG drive remians now. Preparing to return sometime next week with the LAST load; JOG said to tell several of you ‘Hello’…you included, BI, DK, Daisy…and a HORDE of others I can’t remember.

              LAST trip…LAST load, Closing up shop forever; Humanity is near to it’s big decision now…time to get out of the way and let it happen! We are very safe, VERY secure where we ALL are…it sure took a while to find ‘him’…he was the one who suggested “Hyder Alaska’ to me…specifically for everyone HERE; he says it was his SECOND chioce and absolutely perfect as such. He also said – especially – LOOK at the ‘tidal bores’ along various ponts on the Portland Canal…ELECTRICITY generation. However, his first choice is ‘elsewhere’, as is mine….

              Closing here as he asked me to, “Adios Muchacho’s”

              • @ MayBeSo…..recognized that ‘certain style of writing’ and one of my favourite people came to mind! It has been 8 long months since I heard from JOG and have thought of him every day…wondering if he and his group were alright…(as so many of us on here were wondering.) Give him all our best, and a great big HUG! take care, CC

                • Ahhh, one my TWO last unfulfilled directives, yourself and BI (that one will not be well recieved for what it bears though)


                  Astute!…”Imitation IS the sincerest form of Flattery”; is it not?, though I do it poorly at best, still, one tries to emulate ‘him’ studiously…such a mind, No?

                  I am not at liberty to ‘run off at the mouth’ here, the price paid for ‘inclusion’ as it were…which I HAPPILY pay. My story is for HIM to telll at a later time….someday mayhaps I will be permitted to tell it directly, I will keep my piece until then.

                  What follows here is trnascribed DIRECTLY – verbatim – sa a ‘sent’ thing.

                  “Hello Dear Friend,

                  To start, allow me to aplogize for my abrupt vanishing, Yourself and DH are and have remaained in my thoughts closely throughout all time since; as likely this bearer will tell you…

                  A massive generator malfuntion occured immediately prior to my safe return which destroyed our non-redundant comms outward; 600 V suge and electonics do not play well together. Simulatneously, “J” had discovered ‘XKeyscore’ embedded in our sytems. According to her the insertion was ‘masterful’ and aa such we thereafter have bben rather circumspect in our external communications. Thi onbe is dooinbg so from the eschelon locale far from us. Also, according to “J”, this was targeted, deliberately so; draw your own conclusions there.

                  I so HOPE that you and DH are WELL; I have fretted that for long and long being ‘out of the loop’ during the past several months. Please do not use this venue as means of allaying my concerns though. comms wILL follow, but please be patient yet a time.

                  All is – as said – well here, though I SEE that the ‘Fall of Rome’ is proceeding at an accelarating pace, unortunately, Likely by the onset of this Winter the final pieces will have been positioned by the PTB to thier satisfaction…and the execution will begin; Winter-time is REQUISITE for those to be able to ‘neutralize’ the broader populace. Be prepared therefor. IF you do not feel that your locale is ‘safe’ I have directed this one to ‘broadcast’ the alternate location – one of 4, the only one I will reveal openly- that I had sifted through in locating our own refuge. That place is nearly as secure as our’s is…in some ways better yet, however.

                  Be well, blessed Friend…till later, ABJECT apologies, FORGIVE I pray you me. “J” does send regards, strenuously, as well apologies also…


                  He speaks of you often Ma’m; moreso than he does of any others, in truth you remain near to his thought at nearly all times, from my experience. Till later then…LAST thought here; this is NOT an approriate venue for further venue for comms….

                  • Apologies M’am,

                    20 hours a day, prolonged, does not go well with typing. I hope that you can infer adequately what is there meant, above. Please do not relate my failure – later, to him – above if possible. Thia was a MOST important thing to him…I am ashamed that the flesh is so weak, though the spirit yet is willing. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.

                  • MayBeSo; That is the first mention of JOG here in many months. He is deeply missed. I’m glad to hear that he is still in contact, even with the setbacks you mention. Please extend my best wishes to him.


            • Ubiquitous, change back! It’s much too hard for the voice in my head to read, causes a trip, stumble and a forced read again. 🙂

          • Sinner, I think Ubiq. is just saying that, yeah, its all going to happen, so what? Live your life and enjoy it. Don’t stand around wringing your hands and wallowing in it.

            I didn’t hear Ubiq say he didn’t think it was going to happen.

            As for me, I’ve got things pretty well packed away and on rotation that will keep me eating for a while. I’ve Got enough ammo to keep the place protected for a while. Enough gasoline to run the deep freeze and the pump a few times a day for a year.
            So, I don’t have to worry. Let the dishonest bastard thieves do what dishonest bastard thieves do. As long as I can keep their theft to a survivable level and keep them from intruding into my life, I don’t give a crap what they do. …and it wouldn’t matter if I did: they won’t listen to me (us) anyway.

            Don’t stand there and wring your hands and watch for the sky to fall, live, love and relax. Just make sure you have the tools and the talents to survive. When the collapse comes, its sounds crazy, but find a way to enjoy that do. As long as you don’t wake up dead, things are really pretty good.

            • NetRanger,
              pretty much same boat here. had the power go out today, which was odd, because the weather wasn’t too bad. called the electric company to find out their best guess was on coming back on, they didn’t know.
              ate what was warmed up in the slow cooker, then started the generator. figured I would fill up the tub while the genny was running anyways, and guess what.. those tubs don’t hold water very long. so I learned something anyways.
              if your planning on running the deep freeze and pump a few times a day, plan on using it within a few hours, or have another container on hand.
              thought I’d pass this on to you, your comments are usually pretty on target.

              • DB,with tub two answers,first is one of those tub bladders you fill,has a hand pump for pumping back out,about 100 gallons I believe and about 18 bucks,the other answer for tub is pull drain cap/screen and put in rubber plug with wing nut,expands in tub drain,will basically be watertight,I keep one in shower/tub,about 2 bucks at hardware store,probably you have 1&1/2″ or 2″ drain.Keep in mind both these require pre planning before a storm/generator or if you can a actual in home hand pump,thus would add some sort of water storage i.e. rain barrels/cistern/handpump at well,hell,a few empty and refilled milk jugs better then nothing,what ever works best for your situation.

            • RE: “As long as you don’t wake up dead”

              I saw that portrayed in the film, ‘War and Peace’.

              That exact thing.

              I still think about that scene.

          • I don’t need to be included into the “we” part of the “way we don’t expect”.


            Because I have read and understood the Book; by rightly dividing the word and using the necessary study tools to do so. I know precisely when and how my Saviour returns.

            Some of the 1611 KJV translations lost the true meaning of the intended Hebraic Word, but it is fine for the beginning and intermediate student, not teachers. The newer translations have changed words and meanings, but not for the better.

            It didn’t take an advanced degree to ‘get er done’, either.

            Good luck and God Bless you for trying.

          • sinner
            your an idiot. Read what he said and stop being so self righteous

        • A refreshing bit of reason. Rare for this site and sires likeit. Well done, sir, well done.

        • @ ubiquitous: well said. I was going to Hodges’ website for a while, and deleted the link a few days ago because of exactly what you described.

          We can only prepare to the best of our abilities, stay alert and pray/hope/whatever for an outcome that includes our survival and the survival of those we care about.

          THIS website – and a select few others- keep me focused on core preps… of which the most important preparation is mental, IMHO.

          Good luck and Godspeed… to ALL of us.

          • Thank you ..

            We each must prepare according to our abilities and sensibilities…..

            The possibilities of any such occurrences
            Martial Law
            another 911
            economic collapse
            etc etc

            Are all real..


            To dwell in the definite beliefs that all are coming our way at any moment is foolhardy and plays into the PTB’S constant fear mode ..

            I do know that “they” are actively fomenting crisis after crisis throughout the globe and will continue to do so..the evidence is overwhelming on all fronts..
            As you stated..

            “We can only prepare to the best of our abilities, stay alert and pray/hope/whatever for an outcome that includes our survival and the survival of those we care about.”

            Agreed wholeheartedly!

            Enjoy the day as well


            • Best comment EVER!

      6. Each side will not attack unless they have secret weapons they think will give them the edge. For that reason, the Russia- China alliance will probably dominate on the oceans, and the USA-Europe alliance will probably have the advantage on land. It’ll be a massacre on both sides. Vaya con Dios.

        • You have it bass ackwards. The ocean is our strength and land war the Soviets. Who really knows what the Chinese will be good at.

          • John no doubt about who rules the Seas, and as for the Soviets ruling the land wars, I have my doubts about that. They couldn’t even handle the Afganis right next door. Seems many on this site always want to bring down America, but until something changes, America is still the World Power, whether anyone likes it or not! The Oceans are a formidable obstacle to any force that would try and invade America. As we all know, the greatest danger to America lies within. I just pray that God don’t turn his back on us, like we’ve turned our back on Him. Trekker Out. U.S. Rules, Sea Air Land!

            • MT….you are missing the point but purposely. The greatest danger to America is the ZOG controlling the money supply and creating wars. God will and has turned back on us since we are forced to follow the direction of the satanic tribal SOB’s.

            • MT.
              Most of us want America healthy, not destroyed. Here is what I wished America would quit doing.

              1. Quit starting and funding World conflicts and deaths.
              2. Quit destroying the dollar
              3. Quit destroying the economy
              4. Quit ushering in this NWO shit
              5. Quit increasing welfare dependency
              6. Quit. Just Quit. They have done enough.
              7. Quit destroying peace. Most people want peace. A few control-heads do not.

              That is my wish list

              • Nice list, but I’m still cooking/canning tomatoes and apples today.

                More sauerkraut as well.


            • Wrong Mt Trekker. Russia couldn’t handle the Afghans cause the US was funding the Taliban to fight the Russians. And that came back to bite the US Big time. Ever hear of Bin laden or 9-11. You see if we let Russia kick their ass we would not have a 9-11. If we let Hitler have his way we would not be dealing with the Jews today who now run our foreign policy. The US cannot beat some ragtags in Afghistan either from the Land sea or air and $7 Trill dollars later. Get off yiur high horse and accepr the facts.

      7. “Nope…no weapons of mass destruction here…” Thanks jug ears…

      8. Evil forces may be the catalyst of the coming war, and most wars even some of the ugliest have had the pure sense of the battle between light and dark, good and evil.

        The frightening reality today is the friction and hatred that TPTB have fomented has set us up for a fight in the fog, the bar to see friend or foe is so thick now we will through fear and anger kill our brothers and sisters without even knowing.

        I’ve tried over the years to think of a possible litmus test that can be used in a SHTF event that would help gage the soul and character of those we may meet on the next road of war. Although I believe it’s a good idea I’ve still found it difficult, but we’ll need to start somewhere if we expect to maintain any moral society.

        Feudalism is what’s coming when this starts and it will be like nothing ever seen in the history of man and war.

        • y99

          You said,

          I’ve tried over the years to think of a possible litmus test that can be used in a SHTF event that would help gage the soul and character of those we may meet on the next road of war. Although I believe it’s a good idea I’ve still found it difficult, but we’ll need to start somewhere if we expect to maintain any moral society.


          I have thought the same. If our country is mostly a Free Shit Army. We will have to be very careful in our choices. Triage comes to mind. Save those you think are worthy and forget the rest.

          • Slingshot

            Exactly, we must be able to tune in to people, most of us have a sense of what people are like but WSHTF you better have that skill to fined wisdom, kindness and a will to survive, because these are the people you want as part of your group.

          • slingshot,

            An old friend – a mutual “Acquaintance”‘ – asked me to SPECIFICALY say ‘Hello’ to YOU’ you might want to read his recommendation for a BOL back in the last strategic relocation’ article that Mac had here posted a couple of days ago..and NO; He’s NOT there…WE are ‘elsewhere, everyone should remain as indicated – if they can get there – where they WILL be ‘safe’ He spent an amazing amoumt of time ‘vetting’ that locale FWIW, I know…he showed me his research. Oh he said ‘tell sling to remember right after the elections…be at PEACE” he thinks about everyone here a lot….concerned.

            • MayBeSo.

              Talk of the elections, struck the chord.

              • Affirmative.

      9. Actually the effects on humans by war or natural causes can be much in the same.

        EMP by nuclear weapon or by a X flare.
        Disease by contact in the wild or by terrorist event.
        Destruction of major cities by shelling of by hurricane, tornado, earthquake or volcanic eruption.

        War is determine by the length of time and destruction as much as a storm would be by length of time and destruction.

        As you see if you prepare for one type you get an overlap. As everything will interact with each other, the best thing to do is Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The rest will take care of itself or you will not be alive to care about it.

      10. While I don’t think the nuclear war happens but it shows the blood sucking ZOGs thirst for more blood as they did throughout the history.

        Weather by an EMP or CME or a Grid Down Terrorist Attack, WE WILL LOSE POWER and soon. And No matter how we loose power WE COULD BE IN THE DARK FOR YEARS, EVEN FOREVER
        I can show you how to prepare for such an event and when you lose power you will be sitting in your home with lights and power. I live in a large 5 bedroom home that is all electric with a big chest freezer and 3 teenagers who all have large TV’s, DVD Players, Game Consoles and more. My smallest power bill was $67.00 and my average is about $100.00 per month. When I loose grid power to my home the only way I can tell is by looking at the street light across the street to see if it’s lit or not.
        I have a 12 volt system that charges a bank of batteries and from that I run almost all my house lights, inside, outside and in my basement. I have a 12 volt coffee pot, a 12 volt Evaporative “Swamp” Cooler to cool my home, a 12 volt alarm clock and a 12 volt electric blanket to keep us warm on cold winter nights. I even have a 12 volt Plastic Pail Hot water heater to make me FREE hot water from wasted energy that would otherwise be dumped and wasted. I even have an Aquaponics set up that grows fresh fish and fast vegetables to eat and that is powered by 12 volt as well.
        (This is NOT a Grid tie system, this system works independently of your grid power).

        • spoil your kids much?

          • OH C’mon now Wrong, it’s the American way.
            You need to get out of the Dark Ages… hic.
            Sorry, have had tee many martooni’s tonight.
            Talk to you again in the morning.

        • Are you paying for this advertising space?

        • Then EVERYONE will be after your stuff……..

          • I’ve often wondered what will happen to the prepared individual in a SHFT situation when at nightfall you are the only visible spot in a region with obviously plenty of power and light. Well armed you can protect yourself and wait the clock out, but it will take 24 hour vigilance. Whether it will be roving gangs or government drones, that find you, life won’t be routine. There is a reason the elites are creating their little sanctuaries under ground…as in the Denver Airport.

            • If you are visible while everyone else is in the dark, you aren’t doing things right. You either need to go to bed when it gets dark or cover your windows.

            • Jojo.

              Are you comfortable in the dark? Do you know about your night vision? Traveled the woods in moonlight? Do you know your home or campsite well enough not to use a light?

              You can go from frogs and insects making their noise to dead silence. Ever have a large animal run by you in the dark. They can see you. Be very quiet and stand perfectly still till they want to break and run.

              Now add the Human factor and fear. Also silence can be just as loud.

        • Im cool with the power going away,,,,
          Im cool with everything going away,,,,
          Dont really care

        • Bullshit. An electric blanket running at 12 volts would draw some serious amps. 50W/12volts=4.16 amps. I’m sure everyone would see your lit-up house in the distance and think “lucky bastard”

          • All they’ll have to do is fire 2 warning shots from their double barrelled shot gun and they’ll run away…

            Live Free or Die from wasting 2 shots
            BOOM BOOM

        • In a total “grid down” situation, you don’t want to be the only house on your block with the lights on. Just sayin’…..

        • Must be nice being a trust fund baby. I was out skiing in Aspen one winter and a group of us strangers were sitting around a fire pit and one lady says lets go aound the the group here and tell us what you do. One lady ran a title company, another said she worked for a car dealer and finally got to this one guy who says I am a ski bumm. My grandma dies and left me $10 Milon dollars and all In do m ow is enjoy my life skiing. Rrrrrr

      12. Sounds good, ubiquitous, but at Zero Hedge, they are saying that France is talking of war in Europe and so has Putin’s advisors…

        When asked about some of the restrictions the West is trying to impose on Russia, he responded something about it was rather irrelevant because “war is coming to Europe”… dunno!

        And of course, Paul Craig Roberts has been warning about it since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis…

        And then there is Global Research, which has much detailed documentation on all this, and more! (They really go into details!!)

        • Wars and

          rumors of war..

          Heard it all before..

          Let us not forget that every damned internet site is driven by traffic to that site..unless we live under a rock.

          That being said..

          Everyone has an opinion..

          those money driven sites espouse headlines and articles that will draw one to it..

          No one knows what’s being planned by any nation..period!

          It’s all conjecture,,,even Paul Craig Roberts whom I respect…

          The world has been a shit storm since day one and will continue to be so..

          Take heed with advice that fits your world view..

          and then


          Enjoy the day


      13. This scenario is sick and yes it can be imagined. The bankers control the whole nightmare, with heavy dependence on the U.S. military might to do their dirty work. This is what the distracted American population has allowed to be built in their names and by their labor. Makes you want to stand up with hand over heart and recite the pledge of allegiance.

      14. Interesting article and warfare statistics. The fuse is short and may be lit soon….keep aware friends….

        • I pledge allegiance to the banks, and the International Monetary Fund.

          And to the destruction, for which they stand,

          One World Order, without God, with slavery and death for all…

          • That is definitely their pledge. But definitely not ours.

            • Yep.

      15. centralized money systems are bad…

        world wide global war is what happens when you let a handful of zio-(wanna be real)j e w s control the purse strings and flow of spice, the global money supply system.

        world wide wars didn’t start till the international global banking system was established, by the usury vampire zio-j e w s.


          • nice!


      16. Sometimes I think this site is all about fear mongering. Gloom and Doom!!! I agree things suck but come on……. Personally I’m more worried about the ass holes coming across the border. I don’t feel we’re going to nuke the world. Who’s going to benefit from that?

        • Nobody will benefit from the nuking but there are huge political gains to be made if you keep people afraid.

          If you’re scared, you won’t oppose the cops.

          If you’re scared, you won’t buck the system.

          If you’re scared, its easier to influence your vote.

          If you’re scared, you won’t try to find another job.

          If you’re scared, you’ll put up with more inflation and money theft.

          If you’re scared, you’ll continue to think politicians and their lies are relevant.

          So, its not a nuke war they want, they just want people to see the threat. Screw them. I’ve got stuff to do. They are irrelevant.

          The three things governments do:

          1. Lie
          2. Steal
          3. Murder

          80% of it is lies.
          15% of it is theft.
          5% of it is murder.

          Its just what governments do.

          • Best post Ever, NetRanger.

          • Only “15%, and 5%”?

        • Wrong:

          The Bolshevik Communist Russian Revolution was, for the most part, formented and carried out by imported SOB’s.

          See any correlation between that and what is coming over our borders?

          There is an article on the internet that states a couple of the leaders of the KGB have been showing “Homeland Security” how to “Get ER Done”.

      17. By the way, my children didn’t get a choice when they were born. Neither did I. That’s just a stupid thing to say…

        • wrong said, “By the way, my children didn’t get a choice when they were born. Neither did I. That’s just a stupid thing to say…”

          How do you know?

          Maybe you did get a choice?

          You have no proof either way.

          • Another stupid thing to say……

      18. We are a pathetic race of people. You, me, all of us, we are all a part of the failure of the human experiment. We have had over 2000 years to figure this out and mostly what we have done, and do, is fight with each other.

        I sued to love the expression (back when I still had optimism) but these days I roll my eyes when I hear someone say “Peace on Earth”… there has never been peace on this planet, there will never be peace on this planet.

        “They” decided long that war is just too profitable to stop it. “They” learned that they can manipulate human society with wars… but honestly in the end, we are the “They” and we have had 2000 years to figure it out and we can’t. As a species humans deserve to be eliminated.

        I could go on, but it is pointless.

        I now wonder more about what happens after I die than I wonder what will happen to me in this world.

        I wonder if I will just rot away and that is it… or is there a next existence that my soul goes? I (of course, like everyone) have no idea, but I have lived my life based on “I want to be able to proudly answer for my actions on this Earth if questioned in detail about what I did”.

        I have tried to make this world a better place and all it has gotten me in the end is being poor/broke with no optimistic future. I guess I had my chances to sell out, be a bad guy, but I chose honesty and doing what is right and that has turned out not a very profitable choice.

        I will say I appreciate the spoiled life I used to be able to live in the greatest country during the greatest time period in history. It used to be great. I used to have a lot of fun, but it has been a long time and the good times have long since faded away.

        • “I have tried to make this world a better place […] I had my chances to sell out, be a bad guy, but I chose honesty and doing what is right”

          That’s worth more than all the gold in the world, imho.

          I think they call that, integrity.

        • “Peace on Earth”….a sad, broken concept…all things considered.

          However, there WILL soon be just that…here! When the survivor’s meet – AFTER the fact, all 50 million minus of them -, the only thought in thier minds upon meeting each will NOT ne ‘What race are you?”, or “What political party do you beleive in?” or even “What RELIGION are you?”

          instead, it will simply be,

          “Oh Thank GOD!…you SURVIVED!”

          Food for thought Friend. it comes now, soon.

      19. Does anyone know where I can pick up some nuke tipped 308 ammo?

        • I’m sure the US Military has some depleted uranium bullets lying around if you want to go get them…

      20. There won’t be a nuclear war that destroys the world. But it’s still possible that billions of people could die before the Great Tribulation starts. It takes a lot of chaos to bring about a one-world government. It might take more than just an economic collapse. It might take a war that goes nuclear and biological too.

        I get the idea that our lives could go from normal to never being the same again in a very short time.

        • @Barn Crap
          As usual you are spouting your “Hal Lindsey/Tim La Haye” nonsense. The “End Times” started the day Christ ascended.

          Want proof? Tamerlane, a Muslim king killed 10% of the world’s population during his reign of terror. Stalin/Mao murdered 100 million! Right now Christians are being crucified in Iraq. I could go on and on, wars rumors, earthquakes, hurricanes. 56 million aborted babies in the U.S. alone, my friend, how much worse do you want it?

          How much worse does it have to get for you before you come to the conclusion that there is no “Get out of Jail Free Card” i.e. the phony pretrib rapture, IT”S A CON JOB TO FILL CHURCHES WITH DUMB PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

          My point, there ain’t going to be any “poof” until “The last trumpet sounds”, check the whole text of scripture, not Darby’s selective reading of it.

          • I hate your sneering, condescending attitude.

            We know that Jesus will return when we don’t expect him.

            (Matthew 24:44 NIV) So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

            We also know to the very day when Jesus will return at the end of the Great Tribulation.

            (Daniel 12:11 NIV) “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.”

            That’s it, folks. Just count off on your calendar for the final return of Christ. Count off 1,290 days after the antichrist enters the rebuilt temple.

            It’s obvious from scripture that Jesus has to come back twice.

            • Barncat:

              “Jesus will come back twice”?

              Just more KITTY SCAT.

              • Obviously, yes, Jesus will come back twice.

                Just like Jesus couldn’t fulfill every Old Testament prophecy during his first coming.

                • You have to understand that he is an amillennialist to see where he is coming from. They believe that the Tribulation period began after Christ’s death and that the millennial period started shortly thereafter. They also interpret the millennial reign as not being a literal thousand years, but a figurative one. It’s not a very popular theory amongst evangelicals, but it is popular among Catholics and some older denominations. In the end, it is my opinion that we can agree to disagree on it so long as the individual Christian’s theology regarding sin and death, the nature of Jesus Christ and the nature of man follows the correct path of orthodoxy. In other words this would exclude sects like the Mormons (as man now is, God once was and as God now is man may become), Jehovah’s Witnesses (Jesus and the Father are not equal and not one), etc. When dealing with Biblical prophesy and eschatology (the study of the end times) there will always be disagreements and misinterpretations because we have not yet seen what the future holds. It’s interesting to discuss it but it should never get in the way of the Gospel.

                • Sinner. Everytime Barncat opens up his trap, flies come out from all the BS he’s spews. Making popcorn here watching the Religious freaks fight it out over who’s religious hoax is more believable than the other persons hoax belief system. In the end only Preppers and the Meek shall inherit the earth. BTW/ JESUS only comes here on Tuesdays to cut my neighbors lawn. I’m thinking he was a carpenter in his last life as he sure seems handy. Peace Out..

          • @Sinner

            I call shenanigans. For a so-called preacher with “advanced” degrees, you sure do spew a lot of condensation and hate.

            Childish crap such as name calling is a poor way to get your message across. But of course you should know that, being an adult.

            I may not always agree with certain posters, but at least I try to keep my responses (if I choose to make one) civil.

            Name calling is for school yard bullies. What are you?

          • Stop being so prideful and arrogant! You seem to be more convinced of your own need to be right than to spread the Gospel. In the end, I concede that I don’t really know what will happen as it hasn’t happened yet. Neither do you. Try some humility on for size. I also know both sides of the argument and, for the record, tend to be post-trib. I just hope I am wrong.

        • Barbie Kitty… Life won’t change for stupids who are living in a barn. Take a trip to TelAviv and bang your head against the wall.

        • “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matt. 24:22

          I won’t bother to explain. The words of Christ are pretty clear.

          Man certainly has the capacity to destroy all human life on the planet. God is not going to allow that to happen. But that doesn’t mean there are not going to millions upon millions that will die….in fact….there will be BILLIONS according to Revelation.

          • I’m with ya on that walt.

        • I agree Barncat.

          Jesus is coming soon.

          Are you saved????

      21. Let ’em fly…..

        After supper, I had a nice Gabietou on toast with sliced onions, sipping icewine…………mmm.

        All is good here, I can die happy and full.

        Just picked up a Marlin 60….gonna shoot it this next weekend….sweet.

        ….stand and deliver….BA.

      22. Bring it on already. Before weapons get worse. Before the bankers bet richer.

        Nothing is getting better as it is. Not even sure there are more preppers. As if that helps counter the open borders and the flood of illegals swarming us. Looking for free hand outs. Only to become rioters and raiders when TSHTF.

      23. This sucks…now I’m depressed…goin for ice cream

        • Stewpedaso says: “This sucks…now I’m depressed…goin for ice cream”

          … As long as there’s no Carrageenan in it.

          • “Gelatinous extracts of the Chondrus crispus (Irish Moss) seaweed have been used as food additives since approximately the 1400s.”

          • Just great! Another food additive I didn’t know about thats poison to humans.

            Quote “Dr. Tobacman also told the board that in the past, drug investigators actually used carrageenan to cause inflammation in tissues in order to test the anti-inflammatory properties of new drugs.”

      24. I like the article but on the topic of Russia and Iran, the bible says that Russia will come out of the north because of Persia(Iran).

        • Ezekiel says that God will “put hooks in their jaws”. (Ez. 38:4)

          To me…that implies that Russia will do this unwillingly.

          Russia has commitments to both Syria and Iran. How hard is it to imagine that if the U.S. and NATO nations, in their zeal to destroy ISIS, launch attacks into Syria…which might very well induce a response from Russia. Especially in light of our continued provocation of Russia re: Ukraine.

          So….while Russia may not WANT to go down into Syria and Israel, they may feel compelled to do so. The “hooks in their jaws”, so to speak.

          Of course…behind all of this is the globalist banksters….a true global conspiracy that I believe is led by Lucifer himself through human agency…that has been in operation for hundreds of years. And their plans are now coming together.

          Make no mistake…..the agenda of Satan (i.e. Lucifer)is the destruction of mankind. That has ALWAYS been his goal. That is how he rages at God. By destroying the crown of his creation…….man.

          Of course….he will be ultimately defeated. But that does not mean there will not be much carnage before that happens (as the Bible clearly teaches)

          Such a war could create conditions that would be perfectly suited for the globalists to finally institute their “one world government” and usher in the anti-Christ.

          But I also wonder sometimes if this one world government is going to be Islamic. The Shiites believe that their “12th Imam” will be ushered in following a great calamity.

          What if…..the western nations and Russia get into it and neither is left standing? That would leave a vacuum that the might be filled by the new Islamic Caliphate. Can you imagine what kind of horrors will be inflicted upon the people of this world by such a government?

          Just some speculation here…and my own musings about this. Many mysteries that are of course at this point, unknown.

          I am confident of this however. There is not going to be any “fire escape” rapture to spare believers from the tribulation. They are not subject to God’s wrath. But I see no evidence in scripture that they are to be spared from going through it. The “pre-trib rapture doctrine” is a fabrication of John Nelson Darby and C.I. Scofield.

          • There are three “key” verses here Walt, that don’t rightly correspond with the idea that A Russian led federation will come against the Nation of Israel, but rather the “house” of Israel, being North America.

            Eze 38:11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,

            The Nation of Israel is definitely not dwelling “without walls” nor dwelling safely, or at rest; and never will be until after armageddon. Our states and cities have no barricades/walls/fences.

            Eze 38:4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth,…..

            This implies Russia has been there previously and is being “pulled back”. The USA bought Alaska from Russia, so Russians were there at some point, to some degree. Ummm?……..also

            Eze 38:12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.

            …”upon the people that are gathered (immigrated) from, out of the (other) nations…..
            ….”gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land”…..

            kinda sounds like the heartlands of America????

            Is the Gog/Magog war going to take place in Alaska (wilderness) as the federation of armies come to take a spoil from Americans??

            Very possible….Just sayin’.

            • “House of Israel” is North America??? So what are the “mountains of Israel” as described by Ezekiel then?

              • Barbie Kitty.. Translation for idiots living in a dark barn: House of Israel in North America= Federal Reserve in DC, Wall Street in Infested NY and their branches throughout the country. Mountain of Israel = Working 80 hours/week to pay payroll taxes and then other taxes on top of that setup by jooo selected parasites in DC.

                Go back to your beloved tribal parasites and hit your head against their wall.

              • I’m with you on this one. This preacher sounds like someone stretching his imagination.

      25. Sometimes I am glad I am old, but I still have fight left in me and I will face whatever comes. Not exactly the way I planned to spend my golden years, but it is what it is.

        • This Texan……… God Bless You and Yours. May God shower your golden years with health and prosperity and peace.

          • Well,that beats the golden shower the powers that want to be let loose on us and call it rain!

      26. Well, shit.

      27. Look!!!!

        Just about everyone has THE BOMB.
        Of course no one mentions the NEUTRON BOMB ????
        For all you people out there that do not know what it does.
        It vaporizes living tissue, and leaves structures intact.

        Its like hitting the RESET BUTTON.
        And the way I look at things now let it go O.K.
        Push it.
        I am so tired of hearing it.

        O.K. Revelations and all that.
        Good I am either going to go up in the 1st wave or the 2nd wave.

        Or I am going to be left down here to clean things up.
        Either way I am going to have to deal with it.

        Enjoy life everyone the best you can.

        • I guess we’ll all do the neutron dance?

          • Outstanding

          • I think I’d much rather do the safety dance.

      28. So many scenarios to cause the beginning of WW3. A lot of people don’t think it’ll happen. Then I like to remind them that WW1 started from the assassination of one person, and that WW2 started because of the peace treaties of WW1. Anything can happen at any time. Alliances change. Pacts have no meaning if you are trying to stop a tank.

        • The BBC ran a three part series on the Ottoman Empire.

          Very informative.

          If you want to understand the mid-east and the Muslims, you have to have at least some knowledge of the Ottomans.

          What many do not understand is that the Ottoman Empire was not completely overthrown until WWI. After WWI, Britain and France carved up the old Ottoman Empire and created……Iraq….as well as other countries. So….the “nation” of Iraq did not exist until after WWI.

          To us…that seems like no big deal. But for the people living in those regions, it created conditions that have led to many of the problems we have today.

          And when you consider that it was our CIA that overthrew the duly elected Prime Minister of Iran in 1953, in order to install the Shah (who was more friendly toward the west) it is no wonder that the whole area is a powder keg.

          What you are seeing in regard to ISIS today is the attempt to re-instate the Islamic Caliphate.

          Watch what is going on in Turkey as well. Turkey has for years been ruled by secularists. That is changing. They are becoming more and more influenced by the radical Muslims.

          To say that this region is a tinderbox is a gross understatement. It could literally blow up at any time….and it may very well start WWIII.

          In fact… may already be started and we just don’t realize it yet.

      29. Alaska looking good, not much of a target…sparse population. Russia I think wants it back….they did sell it cheap.

        • Jim…
          Just too ca, ca, coldddd for my, my fa, fa farken 80 year oldddd bbbbbbonesss. I’m 25 years to late for Alaska, Dammm.

      30. Leave it to Obama to manage the destruction of all humanity and civilization. The moment I saw him in the primaries running up to the 2008 presidential election I knew that this was going to be the one that either hearalded the coming of the Anti-Christ…..or is the anti-Christ himself.

        The money changers have indeed reoccupied the temple; and in their blind enthusiasm they have mortgaged it right out from under God’s feet.

      31. If there is some global nuke catastrophe, I would only wish that Israel, along with the wicked vermin that reside there & rule the US are vaporized along with it.

        • Amen Dave.

          • Amen? You want God’s chosen people to be annihilated? Anybody who hates the Jews is an enemy of God. You can’t hate the Jews and love God.

            • Oh yes Barbie I can. The norm should be loving God and hating stannic Zogs.

              • You love your father the devil. He hates the Jews too.

                (1 John 4:20 NIV) If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.

                • Your logic and self translation is very similar to the ISIL subhumans.

                  • Not true. He didn’t threaten beheading in order to make you change your mind.

          • Israel……two nukes = world peace.

            • Risky W. 1000 Amen to your post . Humanity has suffered for years from these satanic minds.

      32. Boring. Wake me up. Oh, don’t bother ill be dead.

      33. WW3 is bad no matter how you cut it. If nukes are used by anybody more than likely most countries will think “use them or loose them”. They will also think who is my worst enemy?
        China and India have be sniping at each other for years. China and India have armies about the same size. China has a pact with Pakistan who hate India.
        You can see al sorts of different angles as to who would nuke who?
        All you can do is Pray to God that it doesn’t happen.

        • @Sgt Dale
          FYI…Russia/China/ and Iran are all members of the SCO, a new version of the old Warsaw Pact. Both India and the Paki’s have applied for membership. Russia supporting India and China supporting Pakistan.

          • You know, if you have a resident bully on your block and you’re not strong enough to defeat him, you have five practical choices:

            1. You submit and give him everything he demands.

            2. You keep your head down and hope he doesn’t notice you.

            3. You stand behind the second strongest, and hope he can/will protect you.

            4. You get together with the rest of the bullied people and take down the bully together.

            5. You arm yourself with a wicked arsenal and, destroy the bully, the next time you see him, you get him before he gets you.

            You can pretty accurately put all of the countries of the world, in one of these five categories.

          • Sinner
            Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that.

        • Sgt Dale now you have made a post that I fully agree with.

          • O.G.
            Great minds (Ha-Ha) are like trains. there are times when we have to go down different tracks.
            Doesn’t mean still can’t be friends!

      34. Not sure if it’s been posted yet or not
        But someone has dissected the video of that 9 year old shooting her instructor with an Uzi
        It’s another hoax
        I’m sure if you dig you’ll find it
        I could go on and on about why I believe it’s a hoax too
        But I don’t have time to waste on it
        It’s fake and I know it and that’s all that matters to me
        It’s all about garnering support from the unwashed masses for gun control
        Another sandy hoax
        And there were also findings on sandy hoax recently that brought more evidence to the table to support sandy hoax as well , a hoax
        Adam lanzas hat wasn’t made until after the shooting , like , many months after according to the manufacture
        Have you had enough of this shit yet people?

        • VRF, It’s too bad you won’t go into why you think that’s a hoax. Ferfal seems to be caught up in it quite a bit. I’ve thought about it from time to time throughout the days.

          I wonder, “someone has dissected the video of that 9 year old shooting her instructor with an Uzi”

          …Who? …. and, where? Got a URL?

      35. Ya know, I read hodges, but… he has no military experience. He never served in the military. In addition, if my memory serves me, he is not an engineer or tech type. Frankly, his statements such as “US medium range missiles in Syria will stop Russia from moving to protect Iran.” Well… sounds a bit simplistic to me. A few Pershing battalions, even, a few squadrons of 16s or A-10s, really isn’t going to stop a division moving into Iran. So… unless he has a fairly senior cadre of military strategic planners advising him… well, you get my point.

        • Nobody’s ever sure how the next war will go down. That’s what makes like so interesting…and scary.

          All we can really know is that it will. Prepare the best you can.

        • ^^ This.

          Hodges articles suck.

          • LOL! I’m sure glad Hodges is writing crap for obscure internet sites and not war-gaming for our armed forces.

        • David, for your own sake, stay out of the war room. You haven’t got a clue. You seem to put a lot of emphassis on the USA et al. America has started more wars than any country in the world. And haven’t ever won one.

          • How about the World War II? Have you ever heard of it?

            • Well…if you want to be technical… the Soviets did more to win that one than we did. A better choice would be the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, The Spanish-American war or any of the conflicts we had with Mexico.

              • Um, not in the Pacific.

                And we won in the Pacific all by ourselves despite Harry Hopkins starving the Pacific Theatre of material by sending it all to the Stalin. If we hadn’t fed, clothed, armed and vehicled the Commies, they would be speaking German now.

                • I’ll agree with you on the Pacific theatre and that Lend-lease was essential to the early days of the Soviet side of the war. However, you can’t minimize the contribution they made either. They had the best overall tank of the war, the T-34, and some fairly decent planes too. The biggest issue they had was a psychopathic leader that had executed all of the senior staff and generals right before the invasion. Plus, he also had very contentious relations with his engineers and tied their hands from developing better weaponry due to his own ignorant views. (The USSR had some absolutely brilliant minds that never reached their full potential.) Had it not been for Stalin, millions more people would had survived the war. Even still, they got it together and, thanks to Hitler’s short-sighted decision to start a two front war, they made the largest contribution to winning the European theatre. Stalin was also able to achieve at Yalta what he tried to get from Hitler in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. That of course being the “buffer states” between the rest of Europe and the USSR. About the only thing he failed to achieve was victory over Finland in the Winter War/Continuation War.

                  There is, of course, much more detail that can be gone into about WWII/ The Great Patriotic War, but this is a blog post comment and I simply don’t have the space or time to write a book.

                  • I think there’s more to know about how much Lend-Lease supported Stalin right past the end of the war. For example, Lend-Lease sent them shiploads of machine tools with which to make their tanks and planes. We also sent huge volumes of raw and semi-finished material such as copper. (Hopkins also sent them uranium, but that’s for another day.)

                    As for Yalta – don’t let me get started. Look into this new Diana West book, “American Betrayal”. It’s really just a summary, almost an index, to the research work that many others have with regard to the Stalinist agents in FDR’s administration. I will never look at WW2 histories the same way again. e.g. the Morgenthau Plan, named after but not developed by the Treasury Secretary.

                  • Screwed up the HTML closure on the italics. Sorry.

        • Estrella says: “I read hodges, but… he has no military experience.”

          Yeesh, always the cry for the need of “experts’?
          As if being in ‘The military’ is the Be all to End all? Psft.

          I remember once reading about this person studying a subject, facing the same B.S..

          He replied, “I’m no expert,… but, I can read.”

          RE: “A few Pershing battalions, even, a few squadrons of 16s or A-10s, really isn’t going to stop a division moving into Iran.”

          …Oh, you mean how the dirt poor People in Afghanistan kicked ass?

          • Afghanistan has a lot of lessons to teach any would-be freedom fighters in a future US civil war. You can never permanently conquer a people who universally don’t want you there or who are opposed to your government.

            • Winston, unfortunately Americans and Afghanis have nothing in common. The Afghanis have been living in mud huts and fighting in wars and skirmishes since the beginning of time. And thats not just their army, thats the whole populous, to them it is a way of life. Now America on the other hand, does have the best trained and bravest fighting men on earth, but the American populace is use to all the modern conviences that life has to offer. AC, TV, Big Fridge and American Idol, and throw in a few Video Games, the toughest thing American kids have to look forward to, is football or a soccer game. How would we react to long term survival and door to door combat, Who Knows. I really ain’t anxious to find out. But we maynot have a choice. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

      36. World War 3 won’t happen, much to the disappointment of media, be they mainstream or alternative. It amazes me how they make it sound like we, 7 billion people, have no choice but to accept it. While the war pigs plan to kill a large portion of us while they hide like cowards in the hiding places, it’s time for us to out them. Rather than be more concerned with being part of the popular crowd as you were in gig school, try learning the real history of the world and get the truth out. Rather than believe 19 Saudis and a Saudi leader in a cave pulled off 9/11, rather than believe story 2 that those buildings were brought down only with controlled demolition, take a look at the 2012 video presentation by Dr. Judy Wood. At the 47:20 mark, watch what happens. What did you just see? Who and what could have done that. When you understand that we don’t know what they are capable of, you can understand what we are capable of, which is coming together, exposing the truth non-stop and watching them run and hide until they are caught and put on trial for crimes against us, humanity. They NEED to convince us that their way is the only way when for so long, it has been the wrong way. They NEED to convince us that this or that must be done. They aim for our minds in order to control us. When we fall for their lethal tricks, they win. If we stop doing so, they lose. Do you want to be free? Expose them with the truth and you can be. Peace.

        • Sheep herders really hate it, when a few sheep just REFUSE to go through that gate…

        • Right. We don’t have to accept World War III. Obama could launch a limited nuclear strike against Russia and we could stop that.

          • Luckily for us, no one listened when Nixon tried to do that.

        • Which Judy Wood video? There are lots of them, and many of them were done in 2012. Please post a link.

      37. The earth is about to crack wide open all over, volcanos spouting out ash and lava everywhere, Japan radiation getting so high the birds now have landing lights, the next knock on the door is someone wanting to behead you, it’s ready to start popping mushroom clouds, etc. etc. and the two things that are making the HEADLINES; pull the plug on Joan Rivers and the color of POTUS suit. I don’t know about any of you, but old River Rat is starting to lock the doors and head for the BUNKER.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

        • The birds ARE the landing lights.

      38. The reason nukes have not been used for 70 years is that the global leaders who possess nukes know that they cannot use them. While we will not likely see Russia and the US toss nukes at each other, the BIG change today is that some very unstable leaders now have nukes and they have NO fear of using them. And with US foreign policy stirring up unrest across the globe…

        • Some people, when you get them scared and cornered, will come out fighting like there is no tomorrow—mainly because for them, there might not be…

          • If im going to die anyway, im definitely taking as many as ican with me!

          • I was taught when you are outnumbered, and you can’t run fast enough to escape numbers of attackers, back yourself into a corner. Fighting from a corner, you only have to face the front attack and you have the “edge”, you’re scared shitless and they have the option to leave. Your odds of surviving go way up.

            • Good point.

              • Fight like a cornered/rabid weasel!

      39. Crap post.

      40. (Looking at the 2nd to last chart, under the affiliation column)

        It’s that kind of poor attention to scholarship that does a major disservice to preppers and tosses the credibility of the article up in the air.

        • dsmbmxdude82 says: “(Looking at the 2nd to last chart, under the affiliation column)”

          Care to elaborate, just a tad?

          • The chart says that Russia is a NATO member, ha.

      41. no worries all is well, according to obamma

        Obama and his particular group of Globalists create the Arab Spring to put Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Power. Ignore the uprising in Iran…to insure the Islamofacists stay in power, Apologizes to the world, sends messages that he will do Putin’s bidding, Guts the military…..and sets America on a path of neverending “recession”, and Purposely leaves the Border Open so Drug Cartels and mideast terrorists have free access. Then Retreats from Iraq and gives a date when America will retreat from Afghanistan.

        -China is becoming more Belligerent and preparing for war against the US and Japan because of Obama’s gutting of the Military.

        -There is now War in the Mideast in Syria, Iraq and Israel. With Beheadings, Rape, torture and slavery.

        -The UN forces have been attacked.
        -There is now War in Ukraine.
        -The Taliban are on the rise in Afghanistan.
        -The Cartels on the Border are Murdering Border Patrol Agents and Mexican career criminals are raping and Killing American Citizens.
        -The Obama DHS and FBI are targeting Patriots as threats while Illegals get supported by Taxpayers. And ISIS has crossed the Border he leaves open.

        And Obama blames the MEDIA for creating a sense that the World is on Fire !!!
        This is yet another part of Obama’s plan to Take Down America by blaming the Media so he can do away with 1st Amendment rights by claiming they are creating Hysteria.


      42. It wont happen for exactly the same reasons it did not ever happen, simple reason……everybody loses

      43. So if the elite will be under the denver airport…
        We can dump concrete down the air shafts and seal them in forever.

        At their entry points and so on…
        Weld the doors shut, concrete up the entrances and so on.

        If we did have ww3… then I’d become a canibal and live in he sewers. ha

        Feels like something is funky.

        So have you noticed how the sky is no longer blue from all the spraying of chemtrails aka geoengineering.

        Damn.. how I miss those deep blue skies..they made you so happy.

        Now we live under an ozide dome and so on.

        They can create ozone…why didn’t they just use that?
        I depopulate the planet.

        Well is is sure nice to watch all the fucking boomers starting to die off.
        I’ve always hated that generation. The “WE got ours” generation.

        But I’ll be able to buy all the nice vacation homes and toys their kids are maxed on credit.

        • I’ve often thought the same thing as far as the airport is concerned. Don’t know about living in the sewers and becoming a cannibal, I guess we’ll have to see.

          • So if I show up to your house with my BBQ sauce in hand, you won’t invite me in, eh, Clarisse?

            • Only if you bring some lamb with it!

        • The sky here is as blue as it can be, same as always. Of course, if I put on Blu-Blocker sunglasses, they block the blue and make the sky kind of grey.

      44. “Last time this happened over 60 million people across the planet were dead before it was all said and done.”

        Let me see now. 100 seats in the US Senate. 435 seats in the House.

        What would be most logical path to pursue and involve the least amount of lives lost?

        535 new tombstones or the entire populations of the USA and Europe and any other nations who are downwind from the radioactive fallout that would encircle the entire planet as a result of these diabolically evil, clearly psychopathic, war mongering, blood thirsty jews who are trying to stir up yet another catastrophically destructive war that pits White nations against White nations?

        Which would be the smartest casualty count to pursue, whereby the interests of the entire world were best served – as opposed to the interests of a tiny cadre of excrement particles that were dug out of Satan’s evil rectum?

        The other day, there was a former CIA official, Herbert Meyer, a jew – who was foaming at the mouth and advocating for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, who as we all know – is a White man who has dared to refuse to kiss the evil asses of these war mongering, blood thirsty demonic jews and who has been interfering in their psychopathic, murderous agenda to drag the USA into wars in Syria and in Iran. So, because of Putin’s courageous opposition to this extremely evil and criminal cabal of neo-con war mongering jews and their war machine – these blood-thirsty jewish psychopaths are boiling with maniacal rage and fury at Putin and are now trying to gin up a thermo-nuclear World War 3 that will likely destroy most human and animal life on this planet.

        Putin could do the entire sane world a huge favor by air-mailing one of his sunburns to the district of criminals and relieving America of their mentally insane psychopaths who comprise the gang of 535 greasy, treasonous assholes who all seem to be addicted to the taste of jewish lobby toe jam and various other jewish body fluids of a seminal flavor.

        What did Voltaire tell us about these jews?

        Voltaire was a true prophet when he wrote 250 or so years ago:

        “They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

        I have an idea. Let’s take a vote. Would we rather see 535 lives lost or every human and every animal on the entire planet? Once the votes are counted, let’s send the results on a post card addressed to Mr. Putin, with a CC: to Herbert Meyers.

        • Walt:

          You are correct “behind all this is the globalist bankers, a true global conspiracy”.

          However in your “what if” comes some of the MSM BS about the Mooslums dominating the world. Name some of those globalist bankers that are mooslums, please Walt.

          BTW, do you think the mooslems could come up with anything to top the killing of millions upon millions of Russians killed by the Bolshevik Jews (psycopaths) in every horrible fashion imaginable. It would be impossible…..

          I am as concerned as all of you about the “Caliphate”. I do not support what mooslums believe. However, we are being spoon fed MSM BS to take our eye off the true enemies of all of us, THOSE GLOBALIST BANKSTERS, shoving us into their planned WW3 which will bring their prize of owning the whole globe.

          Read up on Albert Pike and his description of all three world wars; you will then have a true picture of what is planned for WW3.

          • I see the Muslims as a tool in the hand of the banksters.

            I think there is an excellent possibility that ISIS has been funded, armed and equipped by the banksters via the CIA (was this what Benghazi was all about?)

            The purpose?…to bring about WWIII.

            • I am in complete agreement with that, Walt.

            • Walt Kowalski hit the bulls-eye, dead center in the number 10 ring. Great shooting, Walt!

              With the American public, by overwhelming percentages in just about every poll taken (polls that hasn’t been fabricated by the blood-thirsty jews who control our media and who try to use that media control to shape and mold the opinions of the brainless and gullible couch potatoes) – growing increasingly sick and tired of fighting and funding these jewish wars of aggression all over the planet, as evidenced by the massive public opposition to the earlier attempt by the Israel lobby and Tel Aviv and their toe sucking puppets in the US Congress (McInsane, Lindsay Graham, etc) to drag the USA into an invasion of Syria – and which Putin played a very important role in helping to circumvent, it is pretty obvious that the neo-con war mongering rats have not given up on their war on Syria idea.

              Syria is their stepping stone to an attack on Iran, apparently. So, all these blood thirsty rats did after being rebuked the first time they tried to con the American public into accepting another war against another one of Israel’s enemies – was to fall back, and cook up a different strategy.

              That strategy included manufacturing a brand new bogeyman – ISIS, and then launching a media blitzkrieg that would hammer the couch potatoes 24/7, 365 with stories of all kinds of gut-wrenching atrocities and play the same kind of basic con that Poppy Bush used when he and his administration lied their asses off and hired an actress to spin bullshit lies about ornery Iraqis seizing tiny little Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and bashing their little heads on the floor, in order to snooker the stupid, nose picking, gullible American public into supporting the first Gulf war against Iraq.

              Notice now, how these war mongering, treasonous rats in our Congress and who are on the Israeli payroll are even trying to capitalize upon, and tap into, the boiling hot anger of the American public over the wide open Southern border? ISIS is scheming to sneak into our country and launch car bomb attacks in American cities!!

              I’ll bet used car salesmen all across the Southwest are grinning big grins over that piece of news, as they will be selling a lot of old clunkers to the CIA and Israeli Mossad, who will be soon in the market for cars that they can load up with their false-flag explosives and then light off, to kill a few hundred kwan-zombies in order to force the rest of us to ‘get our minds right’, in the infamous Cool Hand Luke movie fashion.

              Walt is right. ISIS is a CIA and Israeli created and financed phony ‘bogeyman’, and they were created because these blood thirsty, lying, war criminal neo-cons both here and over in Satan’s Sandbox in Tel Aviv have surmised that their Al-CIA-DA bogeyman had started to run out of gas in the minds of the kwan-zombie nosepickers.

              My advice to the SHTFplan community – be on the look out for cars or vans that are parked in unusual locations and which seem to be abandoned. And, if the vans happen to have a logo on the side that reads: “Urban Moving Systems”, I’d haul my ass away from them as fast as possible.

              Oy Vey, dumb goyims! “By Deception, Thou Shall Make War!”

        • Walt:

          You are correct “behind all this is the globalist bankers, a true global conspiracy”.

          However in your “what if” comes some of the MSM BS about the Mooslums dominating the world. Name some of those globalist bankers that are mooslums, please Walt.

          BTW, do you think the mooslems could come up with anything to top the killing of millions upon millions of Russians killed by the Bolshevik Jews (psycopaths) in every horrible fashion imaginable. It would be impossible…..

          I am as concerned as all of you about the “Caliphate”. I do not support what mooslums believe. However, we are being spoon fed MSM BS to take our eye off the true enemies of all of us, THOSE GLOBALIST BANKSTERS, shoving us into their planned WW3 which will bring their prize of owning the whole globe.

          Read up on Albert Pike and his description of all three world wars; you will then have a true picture of what is planned for WW3.

          • Sorry about the double post.

            I have no explanation of how my reply to Walt ended up way down here?

        • Great post, Tucker

          • Thanks, P.O.’d Granny!

        • Voltaire hated Catholics, too.

          • I think I’ve read somewhere that Voltaire was basically an egg sucking dog liberal of his generation.

            But, as we all know. Even a broken clock is right twice
            a day.

            • I wasn’t going to but it so bluntly, but yeah. Howard Zinn has nothing on Voltaire, except that Voltaire had a better sense of humor.

        • Tucker-

          -(quote)-…”They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)


          Truth, if I’ve ever read such! Kudos for your post!

          …that said, “Truth” has no manners.
          It is no respecter of persons. It wounds kings as deeply as commoners. It cuts down the high, and confirms the lowness of the low. It may dress up for formal occasions, but it does so only that it may expose itself more shockingly in front of the assembled company.

          And just as it respects no one, likewise there are few who respect it. But those who do are granted many favors — knowledge, understanding, steadfast resolve,…and of course the honor of, the unswerving hatred of the ignorant millions / multitudes.

      45. I no longer care: in my work, I always made it explicit – you can choose the path of peace and intelligent use of the world’s resources, or, mindlessly consume crap and switch off, or, engage in violent conflict. People have chosen what they want – laughing off the first option. Just back from visiting family and all I saw were people driving SUVs, buying condos, and eating, eating, eating.

        They do not care and few know much of anything of the world outside the borders of North America. Ignorance is bliss. Ipso facto.

      46. Has anyone had major bridge repair in their area in the last year or so???
        I have read that many bridges in many states have had their bridges reinforced to handle the eight of Tanks and military traffic. We have had one in our area of FL. It was stated as a repair to paint the underside to protect it from rust. But the bridge repair took months. To clean and paint the underside should have been a few weeks.
        It has been reported the UN has paid for these repairs.
        Please think about the bridges in your area and comment back if you have noticed anything strange going on to prepare for a takeover.

        • L.C.
          The area that I live in have had three new bridges over the Illinois River replaced in the last 15 years. Ottawa, Marseilles, Seneca. Local county roads have had bridges replaced over about 10 roads that I travel, about 20 0f them. I never even thought about it.
          Thanks for opening my eyes.

          • Don’t overthink it. Bridge building is a way to send tax money to unions and companies who support Demoncrats by feeding a portion of it back to individual politicians.

            Should add that there are also plenty of Republicrats who play that game, too. Remember the infamous “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska?

          • South of Joliet, they just finished a huge project on the I-55 bridge over the Des Plaines River.

            • To everyone, there are numerous bridges being repaired or replaced in Memphis where I live.

        • Two new bridges, both have double lanes w/ center dividers. Bridge construction on both was 2 years or more. One is a major overbuild in the country and makes no sense on any account. Must be sumthin hiding in the mountains nearby.

          Great point of view.

        • Made a trip north earlier this year and it seems that most of the overpasses going over I-35 between Dallas and the Iowa state border were being worked on.

          • Iowa junior colleges are pushing programs for construction work.

        • lc: I have a friend who is an engineer for a construction company and they have been busy inspecting, surveying, and checking for weight capacity of bridges both big and small all over the mid-west, just could be something is up. He said mainly weight and width.

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

          • It could also be that they are checking them for condition too as much of our infrastructure in the former industrial heartland dates to the Eisenhower administration. There are lots of bridges that are in poor structural condition and need replacement. Or, it could be a grand conspiracy top move military vehicles over roads and bridges that routinely see 80,000lb tractor trailers hundreds of times a day without incident.

            • Conspiracy, Maybe-Maybe Not! As Winston states, a lot of our infrastructure is in bad condition. Remember Oklahoma and Minnesota. There ain’t always a boogie man. Trekker Out.

              • @Mountain Trekker,
                your right, those bridges where built after ww2 as well all interstates to allow free movement of our military in case of invasion. after ww2 Eisenhower wasn’t taking any chances. most bridges are in need of these repairs.

        • Just beefing up the Pan-American highway.

          At our (or our kids/grandkids) expense.

          I like coaches comment about the unions as well.

      47. They don’t need ash piles, they need serfs! It wouldn’t profit the elites if most of the population were dead. Imagine the stench and disease it would spread.

        Just remember through all the chaos and shouts of world war, it’s all scripted! It’s meant to scare the populations into submission, and thereby creating a constant state of fear!

        • Well, keep in mind that there are large populations of alleged humans who consume much more than they produce. and foul the environment doing it. (e.g. Detroit.) Where are the PTB on that score? Dunno. They keep them around now because their votes are useful. If they finally get a true dictatorship, that raison d’etre disappears.

          • Wow Oldie…no wonder you love your Zionist tribe. I bet you love to manage concentration camps.

      48. ok,

        this guy is an idiot. Russia wants no part of WW3. Their population is dwindling faster than almost everyone else and is not being replaced fast enough.
        what Russia is doing is using the western world as a patsy. the western world will spend all its capital trying to beat back the islam nuts by being nice about it and end up even more broke than it currently is and if the islam nutheads happen to set off some dirty bombs in western cities; then so be it; as far as russia and china are concerned.
        while this goes on, russia will slowly continue its land grab and continue to look like the best place to be for all those former soviet countries because russia will not be nice to the islam nuts on their soil; thereby looking like a safe place.
        and there you go, russia is back on top; the western world is a shell and then russia and china go in and kill every muslim nut left in the middle east by any means neccessary and rule the world by owning middle east oil.

        this post was right in one thing, if youre under 20; youre life will suck; the world will be going thru regional wars, riots and widespread crime in the usa as the financial issues make people become desperate and lawless, possible nuclear or chemical bombs in the usa from the muslim nuts and defaults on currencies all over the world; all thanks to 50 years of liberalism in the west.

        • I agree: the best thing we can wish for is Russia and China going ape on the militant islamists since it is clear the West is either appeasing them or actually working hand-in-hand with them (notice how many senior positions at all sorts of organizations in the West are now being occupied by muslims: wtf?). The UK is done for example and a few other European countries are on the way to sharia/caliphate hell.

          You can be damn sure sharia law and the caliphate will not be set up in Russia or China, or North Korea for that matter. These places will be the last bulwark of civilization in a world gradually going dark and coming under the cloak of satin’s faith.

          • Plese Frank:

            List those” senior positions being given to mooslems”. I can’t seem to find many.

            • Huma Abedin? Rashad Hussein? C’mon, your Google skills need polishing up, POGgy.

              • So Old Coach, these two useless souls are all you can named? How about the head of Federal Reserves, Goldman Sachs, etc… Remember POG asked for key mossies and not useless ones. btw Huma is married to a child molester jooo from NY a former congressman in the ZOG land of the USA and is a close advisor to another jooo selected bitch named Hellary Clinton. Also the point is we need God fearing people to be in change of this world and not some parasitic mossies and satanic tribe who simply have no God and no souls.

              • Old Coach:

                I said I could not find many. Is three the best you could come up with, and one being a staff aide to Hellery Clinton?

                Makes your position that mooslems are taking over our government seem laughable, doesn’t it OC?

            • Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development;

              Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council;

              • Old Coach:

                Refresh my memory on what “synagogue” you are a member of.

      49. Our children did not pick bad times to be born in, we as decent people have temporarily lost our way. Our moral compass needs resetting. Our political system has morphed into a business geared for profit and control rather than governing the masses. Political parties spend millions to secure positions that in no way justify the return on investment. Our leaders no longer hide their corruption. It would be very hard in this system for a leader with true values to rise to the top.

        • This is besttime to be alive
          Like a golden age
          More peoplelivein peace now than anytime in human history

      50. That first sentence is the most ABSURD comment I’ve heard in a long time. News flash: Children have NO say in when they are conceived, thus, no say when they are born! That aside, the only thing the readers here need to do is to treat people with respect and fairness. Those that show they don’t deserve either, then, avoid them or dispatch them to their maker. Simple. When the SHTF, that will be my motto to be sure. Anyone “showing their ass” as we say, will get a load of 00 Buck in it.

        God bless you all!

        • Oh, c’mon. That’s just a figure of speech that was old when Andy Jackson was in office.

        • Children have no say? Really? I just so happen to believe in the theory of reincarnation. I believe a soul does pick out their parents and picks out a life situation that would be of benefit to them. Of course I could be wrong. And so could you. Taking a quote from Hub (Bob Duvall) in Second Hand Lions. Just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean you have to stop believing in it. If its worth believing in the believe in it. Whether its true or not don’t really matter. There are literally hundreds of religions. The ones that are not true are nothing more than superstition. However they all serve a purpose. Many are necessary to allow the individual to cope with their lifes everyday task & problems.

      51. The past four earthquakes on the outer plates shows that something quite large is very likely coming. The almost exact spots in the past that have been hit lead to some very large earthquakes:

        N. Mid Atlantic Ridge 43.7n-28.5w 8.2 Paupa New Guinea and 7.5 in Northern Peru

        SE Indian Ridge 41.9s-84.8e 8.4 Peru, 7.6 Loyalty Islands

        W. Chile Rise 44.4s-82.0w 8.1 Macquarie Islands, 9.1 Mega Earthquake in Indonesia

        Svalbard region 71.6n-2.9w 7.8 Eastern Russia

        The earthquakes at these spots in the past have been within 7 miles of the most recent earthquakes. These areas are extremely narrow like a needle in a haysack and are showing signs of a lot of stress building. To have the same tiny areas hit out of the vastness of the tens of thousands of miles of plate boundaries is almost certainly no coincidence. Again from comment 3215877, these are the areas to closely watch:

        It therefore is highly likely that one or more of the following locations will get hit with a major earthquake by Sept.15:

        Indonesia 7.2-8+
        New Guinea 7.4-8.3
        Santa Cruz Islands to Fiji/Kermadec Islands 7.1-8.4
        Samoa to Tonga 7.0-7.5
        Pakistan, Iran and eastern Turkey 6.8-7.5
        China 6.5-7.4
        Japan 7.0-8.0
        Kuril Islands to Eastern Russia 7.5-8.7
        Aluetian Islands to Southern Alaska coastline 7.2-9.0+
        Mexico and Central America 6.5-7.0
        Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, northern Argentina 6.8-9.0+
        Guam and Mariana Islands 6.7-7.5
        Mid Atlantic Ridge and South Sandwich Islands 6.6-7.8

        As anymore precursor earthquakes hit, the list could have an additional locations added to the warned zones. It is quite uncommon to have such huge earthquakes that have followed these precursor earthquakes in the past. Something is very likely coming that will be huge, maybe even large enough to cause an ocean wide tsunami.

        • Hello BI,

          Thanks for the info. I have a question for you pertaining to the earthquake we had here in California last weekend. This was not the long anticpated and expected big one was it? What is your predictive planner thinking? As always, appreciate the info.


          • @ Big B. There are over 200 faults in California that are more than capable of a 6+. This fault was likely just overdue for an earthquake. It could have been a reaction to the very ready San Andreas, and other faults could break before the San Andreas goes. The issue that really shows just how locked the San Andreas is has to do with the lack of major earthquakes 6.5+ in the state. It seems a commonplace, not always though, that before really locked strike slip faults like the San Andreas there is a lack of large earthquakes on surrounding faults. Maybe this is because the whole land mass is so jammed up that tension is more difficult to release on smaller faults. Could be too that the faults around these type of strike slip faults have longer duration times between breaks. Either case the San Andreas in the southern portion is way overdue, the central part overdue, and the northern part almost overdue.

            • Hello Be Informed, BigB,

              BOTH of you are om my ‘to-do’ list. BigB, a friend from a while back sends greetings…you probably know who if you’ve been ‘watching things’ here for a bit, last day or so. “Gone but not forgotten…and not forgetful as well”. Might want to look back at his recommnedation for a last-ditch, final BOL…one truly safe. Look under my header a bit ago in the last article tht Mac possted on strategic relocation; that is from HIM.

              Be Informed…the last to-do I have before departure. An old friend send greetings to you as well…and very much misses your previous lengthy dialogue’s. The advice given above to BigB is apllicable as well. Ere I departon inal return to THERE, a final missive will be sent openly therefrom (as you cannot be accessed via other means) What is comning is in the standard style you are accustomed to; quite lengthy and in his estimation of extremley high importance…possibly.

              Though others might well read it they will likely NOT benefit, it is a bit techinical. Considering the source, it goes without saying.

              Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen….one and all, and Good Nighht as well.

              • Thank you BI.

                As to you MayBeSo my heart truley rejoices in the knowledge you provide. I really had given up any hope and have mourned the loss on many occasions. You know how to reach me if needed. For those that have my contact information you have my persission to share if asked. Take care of yourself.


                • Agaim, Good Evening Sir…

                  That will be WELL-receieved I’m sure. Yourself and sevral other here are spoken of often, fondly.

                  To Be Informed,

                  “Two phrases”,

                  “Eta Car_____”


                  “La Plata”

                  …fair warning given, as directed…bordering on obession lately. Sans any repsonse – here – the final missive will not be sent, also as a directive. Ea!…I AM DONE!

      52. Turn the keys !!!!!!!!!!

        • Some babes

      53. Q: if your wife comes out of the kitchen to nag at you, what have you done wrong?

        A: made her chain too long.


      54. Q: if your wife comes out of the kitchen to nag at you, what have you done wrong?

        A: made her chain too long.


      55. New season of Walking Dead was just released.
        They say timing is everything.

        • I am Rick Grimes..
          BTW Calgagus..I got a reply to Perry and the guard. Basically supported my claim that the guard is not stopping anyone from coming over the border and are being used to round them up for quicker expediting for the border patrol..they are being used to dissolve the border…Agenda 21 and Rick “the Richard” Perry is a clever roost of distraction.
          What’s up with those Germans arming the Kurds? Who invited them in?
          …and the beat goes on…yeah the beat goes on..

          Live Free or Die..schnitzel anyone?
          Talon 1776

          • My guess is the Kurds invited them in. Of course, it’s hard not to get an invite to the party when you’re bringing the free guns and ammo. Hmmm… that gives me an idea for my next party…


      57. @ DK,

        Yes, the path of least reistance is West; as well, the Chinese are very much in it for the ‘long-haul’, thier ‘manifest detiny’ written in the stars in thier own eyes.

        JOG is very concerned that what will occur – soon -will be an engagemnet (on some level) between the US and Russia. This will – in his esimation – escalate rapidly. We are old foes, No? Force of habit dies hard. China will remain ever so quiet throughout…until either one or the other…or worse BOTH are weakened, at which point the ‘Coup de Grace’ will be administered. In the case od the Russian’s that will be via ‘nuclear’ means, however, the Chinese dare not do likewise to any portion of North America…the fallout would destroy any hope they have of FEEDING themselves, hence the solution in that cae would be ‘biologic’ in nature…and since NK has been a proven ‘field testing’ apparatus then….

        JOG asked me to say ‘Hello’ to you en passant; your passion he admires.

      58. An Observation.

        If we ever managed to get together and with all the disagreement in religion and politics. I do believe we would all be dead by morning, killing each other.

        We are suppose to be the good guys, right?

        • “We are suppose to be the good guys, right?”

          We were..but that was last week, now?…who knows.

          slingshot…the entirety of Human thought absolutely must stop treating ANY group as ‘priveledged’ or central to human existence. This is the largest part of all current difficulties which occur daily, each will either admit – at least – the right of existence of the others and refrain from undue interference…or all WILL perish.

          The Dawn will come….and ever so soon, be there to see it. I need sleep, so am gone.

          • No we not the good guys this tme
            This time we the Nazis trying to dominate the world
            its just since the collapse of the USSR there hasnt been anything to control our march across the planet.

            I just hope Putin and the BRICS. (I call them the Earth Alliance) dont get pulled into conflict until they are ready.

            • Hello Little Aussie,

              ACTUALLY… I quite AGREE. Witness that the entrenched, monied interests in this country (and elsewhere as well) have soooo successffully embedded themselves in the ‘weft and the woof’ of the fabric of civilization and society that there is no real way they can any be – realistically – dislodged…unless SOMEONE as BIG as they are comes along to DO IT. Thus, strangely enough, I concur with your thought here.

              The FASTER that the metro-planetary traitors that have sold us all down the river HANG, the Happier I WILL BE. Thier just DESSERTS, nothing more…

              Nice ‘talking’ with you, hang in there, a NEW DAWN is soon to come…and it’s Light will amaze us all when it does…when those whom remain look around to SEE that they are FREE; I promise you thusly. Be there, on that Day, alive….

      59. Hmmm….If I were the BRIC nations I would already have my missile subs positioned all over the globe to launch nukes on all the NATO countries. When the time was right I would launch multiple EMP nukes over all NATO countries and let em rip! As soon as the first EMP nukes went off and did their dirty work I would launch a second set of EMP nukes for good measure. The amount of nukes required for EMP’ing the NATO countries is miniscule compared to how many it would take to destroy all the military installations and large cities of the NATO countries. After the second set of EMP weapons have done their job I would launch nukes on all the major military installations of all the NATO countries and a big one for surface detonation at Ground Zero on the White House in D.C. and all the backup underground bunkers in all the NATO countries. I’m sure both NATO and the BRICS know where the majority of the government hide out bunkers are so that shouldn’t be too far fetched. Will nuclear war happen within the next two years? I do think it will and most likely around October, 2014. The banksters and elitists want to wipe us out and hide underground for five to ten years and then come out and make slaves out of whoever is left to rebuild the world into their paradise. Rock on!

        • Most Likely Scenario Number 1

          It is not even as hard as you say. All they have to do is a combined EMP/cyber attack first, and all the grid comes down across the NATO countries. While panic ensues and politicians finger point and blame, then you launch an invasion, with China and North Korea in the lead. Both countries have the man power and force multiplier and coordination to enter the US land mass and start taking over cities (Russia will start on its end into Europe). Once that starts, panic will hit the nth degree and also the normal human reaction of thought-freeze – or shock – will hit in. Few will be able to absorb the severity of the situation and will not be able to respond, buying the combined BRICS forces time to take all major installations.

          This scenario would play out in just a few weeks. A fight back would occur, but now NATO forces would be fighting a battle in their own backyard, on all flanks and without the ability to coordinate their battles (and with the useless, narcissistic f#ggot populations that now comprise much of the West: “Is there, like, an app for a resistance movement?????”). Wisely, China would deploy the ‘p#ssy brigades’: very hot women whose sole purpose will be to seduce key people in the Western elite and buy their switch to the new world order. This will work and most will decide it is better to do business than to die. China will pick off the easy countries to co-op – Canada, the Nordics, Germany, France, Spain (afraid of Islam they will switch quick for protection) – and the US will be the only trouble spot. Not because of brave patriots, but because of the low-life population with low IQs, whose violence make them difficult to corral into a workforces. Eventually, these individuals will just be rounded up, sent to concentration camps, and disappeared.

          • You CAN’T be serious in suggesting that Chinese women are attractive, let alone to WESTERN men??!!

            Get real.

      60. Are you prepared to pull the trigger on your firearm? Will you pull the trigger if you or your family’s safety and your way of life are threatened? If you are prepared to do both or anyone of those, tell me the difference between any of the countries of the world using whatever they have at their disposal to do the same to protect themselves. Oh sure a round is different from a missile, but is it really. When one is truly threated with surviving or not surviving anything will be used. IMHO do not think that nukes will not be used; for they will be, if it means life or death of their country, and way of life. The next world war is going to be horrific to put it mildly. Death will be in the billions and destruction will be unimaginable. With any kind of luck “One Tin Solider Rides Away”. Like I said this is MHO.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      61. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” How right…How True….

      62. What Mr. Hodges has failed to relate in his article, which was well written but full of errors. the US inventory of nuclear “weapons”, ONLY pertains to the launch vehicles used as opposed to the amount of actual individual warheads, which remains a very closely guarded military secret. I was in the USAF awhile ago, but, I did have the clearances and access to that specific USAF inventory at that time.While Vladimir can fantasize all he wants about making nuclear threats, Russia-or whatever name you wish to use, STILL, cannot manufacture a working reliable motor vehicle, as in automobile or truck. Also, we do have enough intel already on Russia’s capabilities in the nuclear arena to know what they can actually operate, and what won’t even be able to be launched. Our inscrutable Asiatic trading Partner, the PRC, has never been honest, nor should we ever expect them to be, about their actual nuclear capabilities, which I am guessing are far superior to Russia’s, in spite of Vlad’s outlandish grandiose claims. Mr. Hodges is way off the mark in his reported “locations” of nuclear weapons in the NATO inventory and at US bases located within NATO. Also, his lack of knowledge on the US Navy’s submarine capabilities is astounding. Boomer (missile) boats, are all nuclear, and carry missiles with MIRVs on board as their payload. MIRV is the acronym for Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle, and each missile with a MIRV payload actually has multiple warheads on board, the actual number is classified and no veteran with integrity is going to “hint” at what the actual number is, as it does vary with targeting missions.
        Going to nuclear war with the US, is a losing proposition for ANY adversary. Nuclear war is horrible, but imminently survivable. We need not worry nor fall prey to the war-mongering idiocy, being spouted by Russia’s version of Pooh-Bear-Obama, that being Vlad. Vlad is all talk, and bluster, he makes the Obama mistake of truly believing his press excrement that is called news releases. Mr. Hodges could have done a LOT better in his article, and not slanted it to fit his personal agenda. While SOME of the material is good, most if not accurate, but it does titillate those who are reluctant to read for themselves.
        We need to be prepared, but not fearful of outcomes we cannot personally control, if you believe in God, and are a practicing worshipper, then be prepared as you can be, have faith, NOT FEAR!

        • Sorry to rain on your parade but you seem to have not noticed. Russia has for many years been building the rockets to supply the ISS and put satellites in orbit. When this Ukraine event started the supply of rockets stopped, the US had to build their own. Did anyone see the report the first US rocket had to be destroyed, due to the thing going out of control. Also, the Russian and Chinese arms industry is more up to date.
          Recently a US frigate sailed into the Black Sea and was buzzed by a Russian aircraft several times, it then sailed to a port on the western shore. After some days there, sailed home. Weapens systems malfuntion, maybe.?
          How about the Russian sub in the Gulf of Mexico for a month, before it was detected. Then the US spyplane off the coast of China whingeing about the Chinese pilot doing a barrell within 15 metres of it. Damned good flying I would say. What would the US do if Russia/China cruised off the east or west coast of the US on a very regular basis.
          I live in the UK and am 10 minutes away from devastation if events turn nasty. So!! Washington stay in your own backyard and leave Europe and the rest of the world to sort out its own problems and give the people of the USA some peace, that includes my relatives in Michigan.

      63. The Paul’s will eventually be vindicated and their current “crackpot” ideas will be mainstream. The US destabilized the world not just by starting wars for oil, or the guise of removing an asshole from power. There are hundreds of Bin Laden’s filling the void in the form of ISIS. There are countries (Russia, Isreal, China) who see a opening of weakness.
        The concern of what the US will do is no longer a second thought. Everyone does what they want. Isreal is going to bomb Iran which will kick off a braid regional war and eventually a world war.
        The US economy will not implode until the wars start. The facade will crumble and people will panic. There will be a short lead time where everyone ,sans people here will pretend as though it will be a passing issue. Recognize the shoe dropping and spend the time hoarding more of everything.
        The Paul’s mentality will prevail. The Paul’s are right except for the fact sometimes people need their asses kicked. Never mind, that’s how we got here. When it kicks off, watch your ass. No “I told you so”. Pretend like you are either dying or dead.

        • Israel attacking Iran.
          Now that would be interesting to watch

          • Interesting and not surprising. Isreal will bomb a reactor or enrichment sight when given the opportunity. Isreal, until recently actually cared what the US wanted. Isreal no longer gives a crap about the US. They will bomb Iran.

      64. Where are the MH-17 air traffic control voice and radar tapes?

        • “Safely” in the hands of our “friends”, the Ukrainian government.

      65. What a great time to be alive
        Seriously could you imagine a better time
        WW3 is going to be very interesting to watch.
        I just hope Putin and his team have been building up their nuke arsenal.
        WW3 has to be fought on the American Mainland and the mainland of all her supporters
        Surely he sees the advantage of taking he fight to american cities.
        I reckon he can win if he plays his card right
        Lovin the Putin!
        First Earth President.

        • We definitely live in interesting and exciting times. I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else. “May you live in interesting times.” Confucius

          So much BS is going to get called out on and it will be transformative as to how the world is re-shaped in the 21st century.

          WWW3 is already happening they just have not declared it. In fact, they never will. It will be the job of historians in 20 years’ time to map it out and it will look oh so obvious that that was what it was.

          9/11 was like the US getting its cherry popped: now, do not think anyone who has their cherry popped is going to just get laid once. Some more serious screwing always lies ahead.

          • Yes its a exciting time to be alive on the planet. The fact is we humans really have very little control of the planet. Mother nature the earth & sun pretty do whatever they wish. The Magnetic Pole Shift the is occurring is affecting the magnosphere . That in turn effects the weather & makes earthquakes ,Volcanos & other types of clatyclismic events. These events are symptoms not the cause. The cause is a magnetic pole shift. Its going to be a big adventure. Think of it as an end of an age earth changing event, We will likely see all the things that occurred when the poles shifted during the EXIODUS. Nothing will stop it so just as well embrace the adventure. The goverments know the pole is shifting. Why don’t they announce and tell the citizens? Because the citizens will stop doing the bidding of the government. Announcing will cause chaios & turmoil- Rioting civil unrest Ect. The Us government knows all the low lying elevations will flood. See the U S Navy future map of the US.

            • Immanuel Velikovsky, Jr., I suppose.

              “Data indicates that the geographical poles have not deviated by more than about 5° over the last 130 million years, contradicting the hypothesis of a cataclysmic polar wander event.”

              (Wikipedia article on “Pole shift hypothesis.”

              • The north magnetic pole shifted over 100 miles in 2013 and the south pole just a few miles. In fact the corridorinates on the airport runways had to be changed .Wikipedia data is not accurate. Many lowland places in the world are already flooded with sea waters. Australia , Vietnam , Jarkata to name a few. You don’t need to be a certified looney wearing a tin foil hat to know something is up with the planet.

      66. so, is that the reason “they” bombed a mostly dutch nationals passenger jet out of the sky in ukraine? to get unquestionable NATO support? Who benefits of such a heinous act?

      67. Question did you take into account the Kinetic Energy weapons we have up in orbit? Also don’t we have some point the defense laser clusters in orbit to help with ICBM?

      68. “This War Will Be Utterly Devastating”

        Dang! Will it? I had no idea…

      69. From the article:

        “From a conventional warfare standpoint, the engagement is likely to be naval and involve aircraft. This plays to the advantage to the USA, whose superior long range strike capability is enhanced by their superior aircraft carriers.”

        But… but…. Mitt Romney said that our navy only has as many ships as we had in WWI. And everybody knows that a ship is a ship is a ship, regardless of technological advances. We’re doomed. Doomed, I tell ya.

        • Still trying to go after Mormon Romney? Only 1.8% are LGBT. Abnormal is a numbers word – not a Religious Concept. Your Religious Strawman Boogieman is not why you’re estranged. The 98.2% aren’t into you – that is why.

          No one has believed the Satanic Bush Family are “Born Again Christians” for 10 years. You need to update your Briefing Book.

      70. This article had so much time and effort put into it that I hate to call it laughably propagandist, but that’s what it is.

        Enough said.

        (This elitist/Satanic/evil monster banker crap has gotten old, as has the very ignorant repetitive proclamations of the CIA being behind every evil action in the world. Some very serious growing up and waking up needs to occur here.)

      71. New episodes added for Aftermath, the mini series about bugging out after an EMP.

        Aftermath, What Will Life Look Like When The Lights Go Out?

        The Prepper Project dot com

      72. “WW4 will be fought with rocks”

        Meaning that there will never be world peace. There will always be someone that wants to have power over you.

        To prevent the next battlefield from being on your homeland there are a handful of strategies that you can use. All of them will be under constant assault. That’s the game.

        The Swiss thought they had it figured out, stay neutral, have a secure and secretive banking system that allows despots to hide their booty away, now Dubai is vying for that reputation and position in order to service the despots that would gladly destroy the Swiss. If islam marches through europe, the Swiss will not be spared.

        Suicide isn’t a good strategy either and that seems to be the one of choice for the western civilization.

        • @ RickInOregon,

          The orginal story which is the origin of that (partila) quote is as,

          “Once a reporter asked Albert Einstein, “Sir, what weapon do you beleive that WWII will be fought with?” Mssr. Einstein pondered a moment and replied, “”I do NOT know what weapons WWIII will be fought with…but I know what weapons WWIV will be fought with…sticks and stones.”

          slightly abbreviated from the original, only.

      73. (Big Jake): “Your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault” the first one to go off and everyone that is in existence will go off or until there is no more or nobody is left to push buttons. You can pretty much take that to the bank. “Your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault.” It will happen.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      74. @everyone…heads up. I just came back from a week in the woods at our place. One of our neighbors came by to say hello and bs a bit. He brought his friend. Very nice fellow who has son who works for Homeland Security. At Mt. Weather. Can’t even talk to his Dad because NSA got their hooks into all of his communication devices. He said they are all (people at homeland security and lay people there) are PREPPING LIKE MAD!!!!! He gave his Dad a heads up to just prepare but couldn’t say what. (I asked him that question. I wanted to know…economic, war, famine, ?) Dad said son couldn’t say but wanted to warn Dad.
        He said that ALL of them are buying up food, shelter, water, you name it. He didn’t suspect there would be room for them all at Mt. Weather.
        I wanted you all to know this. The Dad was very pleasant but the talk gave me the heebie jeebies.

      75. you people forget we have a war coming to Israel…Psalms 83 war is between Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordon and Egypt….then the Ezekiel 38 war between Israel and Russia who invades her with certain of her neighbors of today…Persia (Iran), Cush (Sudan), Put (Libya) Gomer and Bethgarmah (Turkey)……and then Armageddon which is the valley of Megiddo or the valley of jezreal…..the players are already set for the Psalms 83 war…..then after that war,Israel could very well be living in peace in unwalled places…we already know that Russia wants her natural gas deposits….Putin has already tried to make a deal there and was turned down….and even though he has plenty of resources having more would make him a stronger force in the world…and who better to get them from then Israel…and if he does that then all the other mid eastern countries would be beholding to him and they have plenty of oil to give him power over…whoever owns the oil owns the world

        • yeh um ….as soon as you go quoting that religious rubbish. I just know you are full of shit.

        • I believe you are mistaken. Magog (the land of Gog)is most likely Turkey, which was secular and a supporter of Israel but which has recently radicalized and become hostile toward Israel. Meshech and Tubal were conquered by Nebuchadnezzar and the book of Ezekiel tells us all about that in chapters 27 and 32. In Psalm 120:5 the psalmist laments in captivity that he lives in Meshech, among the tents of Kedar. Elsewhere in scripture we read of the black tents of Kedar. Bedouins of Syria still use black goat-hair tents, another indication of the Levantine location of the lands of Gog.

          No where else in scripture does God name specific and known lands only to have them indicate somewhere else, so why do we insist on trying to make Russia fit where it does not? We do it because of current geopolitics and old prejudices, not sound interpretation of scripture.

          If you take all of the lands named in the post above, it’s most of the Eurasian and African 10/40 window which would mean the heartland of Islam allied or gathered into a Caliphate and ready to attack Israel. (I went to look for something I saw last week, an Imam saying that Turkey should be the head of any new Caliphate because they alone can unite the Islamic factions. I found this story instead and think that you should take a look at it. The author clearly believes that the Ezekiel 38 coalition could be rooted in what we see forming now. (For those who desire to see the US as the villain or a fool, you will love this!)

      76. Nice article.

      77. “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. Matthew 24:22

        Bad times a’coming…:(

      78. A topic that no one seems to be talking about is technology and its dependence on computers. Where have all the hacking of accounts, corporations, and other systems? Russia and China. How many people have written about the taking down of our grids and banking systems by hacking? Only a few that understand that technology is an ongoing game of cat and mouse that constantly has to change to be effective. Can hackers be more of a threat than the nuclear capability of anyone. Can hackers stop any threat or cause destruction on their own? ABSOLUTELY war talk and nuclear self destruction is a lot of posturing and hot air as it all takes superior technology and its ability to stop hackers from being able to nullify the advantage. Ask yourself who has gotten into whose systems. It isn’t the USA. Look at the people that come here to learn everything and go back home. USA students don’t do that.

      79. I’m ok with a nuke war, really!
        It’s alright to have the flash bang destruction of major cities and the deprivation & the Mad Max savagery that will follow, if Israel is rendered into protons, neutrons, light & heat in the process!
        It’s worth it!

      80. This article is a tiny bit laughable!

        In the nuclear weapons chart, they have labelled Russia’s affiliation as “NATO” and Israel’s as “Independent”. HAHAHAHA!

        And the comments at the very top about the 72 hours are too stupid. Ant blind person can see the truth as to what’s going on a continent away: USNATO is driving the confrontations in Ukraine, Syria, Korea, etc. To make it sound like both sides are equally guilty is ludicrous at best.

      81. Counting on rational decisions to always be made under severe pressure with emotions running rampant never works out well. History is full of examples of mistakes being made. Sooner or later our luck runs out, just because “so far we’re all good” attitudes prevail, a rogue general in pakistan doesn’t care.

      82. I sick to death of this “US” – “Central bankers” bullshit! all of this is being instigated by the usual
        suspects ! THE ASHKENAZI JEWS !!!!!

        ITS THE JEWS!~ say it ten times out loud until you finally get it !

        They’ll see the entire planet I n ashes before they give
        up on their 1913 satan dollar ! The only chance the world has
        ‘is to round up all the bankers and sink them in wet cement ! how can so meany people be so fucking blind !

      83. Both the US and Russia have better weapons then nukes….look up scaler weapons

      84. Just be okay with death.. It’s not so bad really….the pain centers shut down..and there is much less pain..even if parts of you are blown off. Really…stop feeling worried and sad..and accept what way to go..and then you enjoy the moments so much more…and live life to the fullest…

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