The ‘BIG ONE’ Is A Threat To Those Who Don’t Even Live In California

by | May 24, 2018 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 29 comments

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    A massive earthquake many are calling “the big one” is overdue to strike California, either on along the San Andrea fault line or the Hayward Bay fault line.  But this earthquake is still a threat even to those who don’t live in the Golden State.

    The second-largest city in the United States, Los Angeles, sits atop 100 geological faults. A big earthquake is an inevitable part of its future and almost everyone is afraid of that massive earthquake dubbed “the big one.” But this earthquake is a threat to many who have chosen to not reside in California.

    Ten years ago, while at the U.S. Geological Survey I led a team that created the ShakeOut Scenario, our best scientific estimate of the consequences of a big earthquake on California’s San Andreas fault. We estimated about $50 billion in direct losses from the earthquake itself. The fires triggered by the earthquake would double those losses. The business disruption costs over the next six months caused by disruption to water, power, and transportation doubles the total again to more than $200 billion. –Lucy Jones, MarketWatch

    But that $50 billion in losses translates to the national economy as well.  More than 40% of the total imports to the United States come in through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Even if the damage to those port facilities is minimal, the railway lines that carry goods to the rest of the country run across the San Andreas fault, where they will be upended 20 to 30 feet by a big earthquake. No other port on the West Coast has the capacity to pick up more than a fraction of that cargo.  Pipelines that carry fuel from the refineries in Los Angeles to supply most of the need in Arizona and Nevada also cross the San Andreas and will be broken. The transport of fuel and train cargo cannot resume until the fires started when those pipes break have been put out and the roads and railway lines can be repaired.

    Effects will be felt across the country, not just by those immediately impacted near the fault lines. The true cost of a future California earthquake will only be seen in the years and maybe even decades after the actual event occurs. According to MarketWatch, one could argue that San Francisco never regained the central economic role it had before the 1906 earthquake. That’s the last time an earthquake above magnitude 7.7 hit the state. The cost of the next great earthquake will be seen in the ability of California communities to inspire their residents to stay, to put up with discomfort, inconvenience, and even deprivation to fight for the future of their homes.

    Being prepared is the best way to shield yourself from any possible negative effects of a major earthquake in California. Since prepping is a daunting task and it’s often difficult to know where to start, we suggest a book titled The Prepper’s Blueprint.  It’s a great resource for those beginning a prepping regimen and for more advanced preppers who may have overlooked the economic impact of a California earthquake.


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      1. The economic losses from having Los Angeles wiped out would be negated by the economic savings from wiping out the liberal and mexican parasite infestations there sucking money from the taxpayers. This could really be a huge benefit to the entire nation.

        • Infidel, agreed about the benefit to taxpayers. But I can well imagine the parasites in DC pissing on themselves because of the loss of federal revenue from Cali.

          • My county is going through that right now with losses due to volcano damage. Council looks like it got so many “political death” threats they are backing off and are going to cut stuff. It is mandatory to have a balanced budget here.
            I don’t think the critters in DC would be afraid of similar threats.

        • Come on earth quake!!!! wipe out the communist strong hold so we don’t have to.

      2. Mac, Jim in Va may accuse you of posting a fake article and fake pictures. He thinks this is all fiction. The big one is cali is not a guess or if, its a matter on when. Once cali hits, the atmosphere there will not be breathable from the ocean from the gases from the volcanoes, and the refineries and other issues inland, and the populous will be disappeared and a lot of them will be Arizona. FACT. Sorry Jimmy Troll and you buddy troll john stiner and the rest of you fake ass preppers on this site. Go back to work from the local fusion center. Try fusing this morons.


        • HCKS, while I agree that Cali is doomed and may not be worth saving, I’ve never had any trouble with Jim in VA or John Stiner. The old timers here are REAL people so lay down the crackpipe.

          • ???

            • “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”

        • HCKs…I never said the article was false just your reaction to everything as the end of the world. Stop and breathe and get your blood pressure down and playing the victim.

          • Jim, I’m not sure what HCKS’ problem is but he needs to get a grip.

      3. I understand that this can happen as i live in southern california, but this always seem to be pushin the sale of this book that honestly is not that detailed anyway. Besides what is money going to do in some of these situations anyway? Anything to make a buck but for what when our dollar is about to hit a low negative below zero.

      4. California is beyond screwed without an earthquake anyways. Homelessness, crime,disease and illegals are bankrupting the state anyways. That’s why our family left. I was not paying 50% of my businesses profits in taxes.

        • Bob, kudos to you for getting out of there. I’ve always believed the good sensible people in Cali should leave there if at all possible.

          • DB,
            We did leave.

        • Glad you left, wish several folks we know would lv the state, high taxes and a mess unfixable.

      5. You need to worry about yourself and stop this. Did you take the Valerian Root as I suggested? California has always been ready to have earthquakes and has 1,000’s a year which helps relieve pressure. There is no place that is safe. So find your peace within and What happens – happens and what does not happen does not happen. But quit trying to be the alarm. Let people live their own lives the way they want. Live yours the way you want. If you want to move the place you stated where you are going to move is NO better it will just prolong your life for a few days while you suffer the wrath of people.

      6. we don’t want cali’s trash in AZ! we’ll take the good ones, but the illegals and liberals can find another place to destroy.

        • It’s likely that the MASSES of refugees will be stopped at the AZ BORDER / COLORADO RIVER as the numbers would double the AZ population and overwhelm our infrastructure and resources; creating CHAOS within Arizona.

          It would be smart for authorities to stop the flow of refugees at BLYTHE AZ where there is plenty of water and space to accommodate FEMA TENT CITIES for the coastal dispossessed, and an abandoned airfield next to Palo Verde Community College to which supplies for refugees can be airlifted.

          All refugees should be vetted and only those with verified liquid assets, SS, and or pension income should be allowed to travel through AZ or to family members who reside in AZ.

          Gasoline supplies will be immediately rationed when the BIG ONE hits, negating the ability of CA RESIDENTS to travel very far, if at all. Palm Springs / Coachella Valley could get crowded.


      7. I read on Drudge today that Arizona is preparing to take in 400,000 Californians should tha Big One hit. I can’t think of a worse threat then that.Citizen,besides,if they’re coming from San Diego,they have to go on the I-8,otherwise known as Camino del Diablo. Good luck with that. Coming on the I-10 won’t be much easier. Desert all the way through, and them city folks won’t make it

        • Not enough gasoline after the Big One to get past Yuma !!! Thank God !!! Anyone getting as far as Gila Bend would die of boredom if not the heat !!! 🙂

      8. DK,that was funny. ?

        • The truth is often funnier than fiction, SS. 🙂

      9. DK,that was funny. ?

        • I do what I can. 🙂

      10. This line from the story above is incorrect. ” Pipelines that carry fuel from the refineries in Los Angeles to supply most of the need in Arizona and Nevada also cross the San Andreas and will be broken”

        I lived in Arizona for many years and the pipeline that supply’s most of the gasoline to Arizona comes from refineries located Texas. The reason i know this, i lived in Arizona when the Kinder Morgan pipe line broke close to Tucson in July of 2003. That break left most of the state of Arizona without fuel for weeks.

        The pipeline from CA. that supply’s gasoline to Arizona is just a small backup line. During the main pipeline break in July 2003, the pipeline from CA. could not even meet 20% of the daily gasoline needs for the state of Arizona. That’s the reasons i now always keep 10, full 5 gallon Nato cans of gas on hand, just in case.

        • Then there is a “new” KM pipeline that was constructed a few years back coming into N PHX that runs through BCC and through Prescott Valley to Ash Fork.

          But I believe that only carries natural gas. 🙂

          • Yes it is a NG line and the one along I 40

      11. What used to make me angry now just leaves me amused. Needless to say I’m amused all the time now. Californians like to believe that they are way ahead of the rest of the country as to new ideas and technology. If that’s true, then ahead of us are extremely high taxes, housing prices you can’t afford, overuse of drugs, homelessness, etc. For those people into California dreaming, an earthquake is a rude wake-up call.

      12. This article is more fear-mongering than being correct.

        IF the BIG ONE ever hits LA and totally destroys the Port Facility at LA/Long Beach as well as the joint BNSF-Union Pacific Rail Lines over looking Tehachapi Pass and the Union Pacific’s Sunset Route in the Imperial Valley, where the ports are totally isolated, the maximum time that most of us will be down is a few weeks (and I’d bet it’s less than 1 week!).

        Due to the new Panamax Lane of the Panama Canal that opened last year, many ships are now calling on East Coast Ports. In the following blog,, reasons are given as to why the twin ports of LA/Long Beach have had their run as the import capitals of the US.

        As people of prudence, we should prepare for things that can or will affect our lives as best as we can see them. However, we shouldn’t let our emotions rule us, causing us to make poor or illogical decisions.

        The Bible (even if you don’t follow the tenants of Christianity) is a book of wisdom. It often says “Do not fear.” Those are wise words! carefully consider and think about how to prepare, make your preparations and go on with your life.

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