The ‘Big One’? Anomalies Discovered Under The Cascadia Fault Line

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Geologists have found anomalies under the Cascadia fault line off the West coast of the United States. Scientists say pieces of mantel have been discovered “rising up” from underneath the underwater fault line.

    New data from the seismometers monitoring the Cascadia fault line helped University of Oregon researchers identify seismic anomalies at both ends of the fault where they believe pieces of the upper mantle are rising and modulating earthquake activity. According to Sci-Tech Daily, these anomalies may influence the location, frequency, and strength of earthquake events along the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

    There is now four years worth of data on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The data has come from 268 seismometers on the ocean floor and several hundred on land. The 620-mile subduction zone, which hasn’t experienced a massive lengthwise earthquake since 1700, is where the Juan de Fuca ocean plate dips under the North American continental plate. The fault zone stretches just offshore from northern Vancouver Island to Cape Mendocino in northern California.

    These newly discovered anomalies, which reflect regions with lower seismic wave velocities than elsewhere beneath the fault line, point to pieces of the Earth’s upper mantle that are rising and buoyant because of melting rock and possibly elevated temperatures, said Miles Bodmer, a University of Oregon doctoral student who led a study now online as an accepted paper by the journal Geophysical Research Letters. What we see are these two anomalies that are beneath the subducting slab in the northern and southern parts of the subduction zone,” Bodmer said. “These regions don’t have the same behavior as the entire fault. There are three segments that have their own distinct geological characteristics. The north and south segments have increased locking and increased tremor densities.”

    If they [the San Juan de Fuca and North American continental plates] are stuck together tightly, as is the case here, they are building up stress, and you have the potential for the release of that stress, or energy, in large earthquake events,” Bodmer said.  And some government agencies, such as FEMA have been preparing for earthquakes on this fault line and a subsequent tsunami that could devastate millions on the west coast. Although these findings won’t help predict earthquakes on the fault line, they could help prepare those living in the dangerous areas.

    The junction of the Cascadia-San Andreas faults contains a lot of complexity and is the most seismically active part of contiguous North America. Seismic history also shows more earthquake activity in the Puget Sound area than in central Oregon. Both regions accumulate energy that eventually is released in large earthquakes, said co-author Douglas R. Toomey, a seismologist in the UO Department of Earth Sciences. Toomey is also a lead investigator for the Oregon component of ShakeAlert, the West Coast early warning network.

    Our study is worse news for Portland northward to Seattle and for southern Cascadia, but central Cascadia is not off the hook,” said Toomey. “More frequent earthquakes to the north and south are seen in historical seismicity patterns. This research helps to understand that.”



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      1. And I’m sure that if ‘The Big One’ does hit…somehow, some way, the libtards in government will blame it all on president Trump. And the Russians.

        • trump did it !

          • I’m looking forward to the Big One wiping out all the liberal snowflakes in cesspool Portland. Make PDX Great Again, come on Big One.

        • Well at least 25% of the radical asshole left will be dead, and that’s not a bad thing.

        • What if an enemy chooses to exploit this with nukes? Kersploosh!

          • Foreign or domestic? (“Same thing”)

      2. ROCKNROLLA….

        Be safe….carry a whistle…BA.

      3. 78 years over due for the 8.0, 18 years over due for the 9.0 big one. Its a real good chance it will happen sometime during the 2020’s and when it does break loose it will be 10 times more costly then hurricane katrina, it will be the tipping point for our country. It will push us into another great depression and if history repeats itsself another great war will happen several years into the depression to help jump start the economy again. The cost of food during that next great depression and war will be very difficult to afford, fresh healthy food will be a real treat during the summer.

        • 1) You can’t prepare for it.

          2) Why a depression? The re-building will add BILLIONS to the economy and create an awesome construction boom. With unlimited Federal Reserve Notes, there is no restrictions.

          Back in 1929, we were tied down by the old useless relic “gold” and could not issue unlimited notes. Today we can, and that will make all the difference.

          3) The destruction of this Cascadia Area will be what we need. It will be just like a “war zone” without the war. War is extremely profitable and excellent for nations to get them to manufacture and “use” up resources. Thus, WW1 and WW2 were excellent means of refining steel, building massive ships, and then sinking these ships, build more, sink, rinse, repeat.

          War is an excellent business plan.

          4) With a Cascadia earthquake destruction event, we will have the “war”, and all the healthy destruction first, and then ramp up and build, build, build!!!!! JOBS JOBS JOBS. MAGA !!!

          5) Just the manufacturing of the destroyed cars, furniture, inventory will be as good as the World Wars, and no long term Veterans health care obligations!!

          • This is correct CENTURION.

            It is inevitable on this earth tragedy strikes. But, why not mitigate as best as one can with

      4. The way I seen it happen is this muscle bound ex-wrestler guy comes to the rescue of his daughter in a whizz-bang of a super power boat, while thousands of other people just die. In my version, Steppenwolf is blasting in the back ground to “Magic Carpet Ride”. Did you know that after the Johnstown Flood, in 1889, several survivors and rescuers nearly died, of thirst? A big killer in monster disasters is lack of clean drinking water. After all the big noise and crashing is over.

        • Speaking of Fresh Water what is everyones opinion of Life Straw?

          • Kevin2, I’ve tested the Life Straw. It will work in an emergency situation But I don’t think it’s suitable for long-term use. If you have several of those but nothing else for obtaining clean drinking water they are better than nothing. For emergency and even long-term use I bet my life on the Sawyer Water Filter Bottle. It has a built-in straw and filter which can be maintained so there’s no need to worry about replacement filters. Go to Sawyer’s website,, and check out all of their water filtration products. Sawyer’s products work very well for me, but that’s just me.

          • Seems to work as advertised in water; not useful in beer.

            • isn’t beer already purified? 🙂

              • That made me laugh out loud! For everyone else, when brewing beer, it has to be very pure water and have nothing like chlorine in it, or it makes lousy beer. Ask any brewer.

                Anything which imparts a chemical taste won’t work for making beer.

                On a side note, I know a guy who was trying to make wine but in the tropics but that climate had lots of strange things in the air, I guess peculiar spores which ruined his wine several times.

          • I have use it camping so as not to be experimenting if I need it it for real. It worked as advertised. My impressions are: Life Straw is first rate for personal, mobile use. It’s not suitable for multi-party or large volume use. Hope that helps.

          • K2
            Life straw is OK, but the Sawyre is better. Get both you can’t go wrong.

        • It’s Washington State, for God’s sake.

          Let them drink Wine !!

      5. Some, but not all, of these viewers go offline, when something interesting is happening — say, in space, or on a fault line.

        There have been straightish lines, over the last week or two, connecting volcanic fields, on the West Coast to Hawaii.

        SO2 and CO2 —,20.67,899

        In general, energy concerns have been built over volcanism, and major cities around the energy concerns.

        • Rhetorical question —
          Do these mapped emissions come from any specific factory or a highway?

          People complain about sulfurous smells, coming from Salton, assuming that farm runoff, from some generations ago, still causes occasional fish kills.

          There are fumaroles and hot springs, in the immediate area, where rare Earth metals have been brought to the surface, naturally.

          You enter coordinates into a satellite map, when there is an earthquake, you see one of these dry ‘streambeds'(actually a fault) yet your specie is blamed for using up the water, heating the ground, or causing a spark.

          Natural seeps, bubble with natural tar, which washes upon the beach, naturally. It gets on peoples’ feet, is part of the natural ecology, and some had hoped that industry would actually clean it up.

          • Asphalt being used to preserve life, so is venerated —

            Smells like tar and hot, burnt, unidentified gas — ozone(?) hot granite(?)– coming from some active areas, in recent weeks.

            You live and walk on it, every day.

            Geology and volcanism are ordinary parts of nature, which we usually ignore.

          • Yep. An earthquake can alter hot springs which then seep into wells and contaminate them with sulphur. I have heard of that happening many times.

            A well is not intended for watering a large area and watering livestock and for the family. Rainwater catchment would be essential by saving it into a cistern. This is hard for city folks to understand as some goof is always asking why desalination plants can’t make enough water for agriculture. They are clueless as to the huge volumes of rainwater that are needed and that is nothing compared to the colossal amounts for almond trees.

            • You live with it, already, you can sense it, directly, and it’s not necessarily your fault, all the time.

      6. If the whole thing rocks and blows and there is massive damage and many casualties they will not be eligible for FEMA or federal aid if it happens after they secede from the nation. Wonder if they thought about if the big one happens after they secede who and where they’re going to turn for help.

        • They will simply apply for Foreign Aid and we are stupid enough to pay it…..OR…..they can all claim UN Refugee status and all the other States will be forced to bring them in and support them.

        • Unfortunately, if you look at a map the area most affected is quite a ways north of San Fran-not that they will not be shook up too. I would feel bad for the red northern most part of Calif and have family in NW WA state, heck I am visiting them now!

      7. The “Big One”.

        Could be a massive natural event. More likely the “Big One” for many will be similar to this:

        It’s like you wake up in the morning, climb into your old truck to go to work. The battery is dead, so you get fired for being late again. The past few days there was no gas, so you had to walk. The landlord hears you got fired so he kicks you out since you haven’t paid rent for 2 months. Your wife leaves with the kids since you have no where to live. The phone company shuts off your cell phone since you are out of units. By the end of the day you’re living under a bridge without a dollar to your name.

        There’s a country song in there somewhere.

        • “There’s a country song in there somewhere.”

          there surely is.

          make your millions

        • And you have the title:

          “The Big One”.

          Paging Garth Brooks, Paging Garth Brooks

        • Probably needs a little work.

          Should have something about dogs, trains, mama, prison, and gettin’ drunk.

          Or did some guy already write one like that?

      8. “…San Juan de Fuca and North American continental plates…”

        Well, Fuca you


        Fuca me.

        This sounds like something the Children Of Satan would conjur up to totally Fuca us.

        Remember that with waves from HARPO going up into the stratosphere, using the technology developed by Tesla, an earthquake can be created. Never forget. You are not human beings, just animals with no soul. It is permissible to end your life.

        A 9 point earthquake is worse than you think. It would be very devestating. And we have the technology to create it whenever we choose. Prepare for this and more.



        • Fuca Juan. And all the rest of the spics too.

      9. Is there a way to release the energy between the two plates? Maybe stick a large bomb between the two and see what happens? Anyway, after the tsunami rolls in and out again there will not be much left being the water will take everything out to sea.

      10. Good Gawd…Fukajhima is poisoning the WATER from Alaska
        to Chile..(and any place the current flows) is contaminating rainfall
        over the whole west coast is poisoning
        the FRUITS, WINES, FISH & PRODUCE, and if another sunami hits….
        dead bodies, and chemicals of all kinds …past and present
        will add to such a toxic soup we have never seen before!!

        Rainfall over the whole west would be contaminated. Rivers,
        streams, foods, everything.

      11. A tsunami is what would be required to clean all of the human feces from the streets of California sanctuary cities. Karma……

      12. My younger brother lives in Longview WA and I have warned him to get on the east side of I5 then move to high ground if it hits…There is no way I could mount a rescue operation in that area…The whole damn area would be a M.C.F…

      13. Lots of islands off the coast of northern WA to dampen a sunami. Vancouver island however will solidify and sink into the ocean.

      14. Many years ago, the federal government did studies and found that most water sources are severely polluted with industrial waste or agricultural runoff. The later has fecal matter, insecticides, and chemical fertilzers in it.

        Water purification works on a variety of methods but not all can elimiate these but have to use distilation as filtration willnot always work.

        Say you were desperate. If you caught the rain off your roof to drink, well it is full of bird fecal matter and aspestos in the shingles and chemical runoff. That won’t due.

        In a pinch you would use clean tarps and catch the rain.

        If you put in a shallowpoint well, it probably would be okay though these are intended for agricultural use ie watering the garden. You could do that yourself for $150. Then for $50 put in a biosand filter and 95% of pathogens would be eliminated and there shoud be no chemicals in that.

        A shallowpoint (or wellpoint) is this kind of well. In my region, anyone could find water about 15 feet down unless they hit bedrock.
        This is not dfficult or complicated, just don’t bugger up the threads.

        But ideally you have a deep well as these are more pure and combine that with a biosand filter and a solar well pump.

        You can buy water purification from $100 to the Berkeys which are more expensve but you can buy just the filters and make something work if handy.

        I bought mine a long time ago when they were cheap.

        The main issue is proper placement of the privy and care about runoff. After the SHTF, then grave location is equally important and if you have a tribe, then coordinating so no one screws up on sanitation and no one does something goofy like get soap in the biosand fiter.

      15. There are many ways to acquire water but not all are practical and they are based upon the conditions of rainfall, the types of soil, and the depth of aquifers.

        The most useful is tapping trees as that is pure water and these are maples, box elder, hickory, walnut, birch and sycamore with the latter not producing sugar at certain times of the year so the first five are the sugar producing plus electolytes. Sycamores are great trees because if one is around it found water so it’s an indication you could dig a well. They also will hollow out and our ancestors would live in them as temporary shelters.

        At the other extreme is a solar still. You need special equipment like a plastic sheet, surgical tubing, and it needs to be hot, and the amount gathered is very little and probably will end up spilling or evaporating PLUS heat exhaustion will likely occur first before gaining enough water.

        Likewise transpiration through leaves collects droplets of water, but what they never say is contamination by surface plant residue may make what little you gain to be pointless.

        So those are nice experiments but not very useful.

        There are emergency solar stills for mariners stranded at sea that collect some water.

        There are solar stills you can build using a lot of time and for desert use that will produce a little more water as it distils.

        There is solardys which is used in 3rd world nations where a specific kind of plastic bottle with water will be heated on the roof and kill pathogens but not remove them nor remove toxins. But if you use the wrong kinds of plastic, it breaks down in nanoparticles and you are contaminating your body.

        There are shallowpoint wells and deep wells but typically someone screws up on sanitation so today a biosand filter is there to work in tandem to ensure no coliform bacteria is in it.

        There is distillation but that is expensive and takes fuel. Various toxins have various boiling points to ensure that what drips out is only pure water. And typically a germcidal UV light kills any pathogens.

        There is cloud vapor catchers in areas of high humidity.

        The Army developed extractors that using evaporation chillers to catch condensation.

        There is carbon filtration using charcoal but this is just improving taste and the best charcoal is made from coconut husks.

        There are a range of water filters that remove pathogens with the Katadyn being famously used by backackers. They come with prefilters to catch the larger debris, then very teeny tiny micron filters.

        Then life straws are cheaper tech but not as good naturally.

        Then a variety of water filtration with Berkey being the best.

        You can’t filter everything as some are not pathogens but chemicals and so you would need many filters and or distillation to get all these. Frankly prescription drugs are in the water supply as these plus metabolites are excreted through the liver and kidneys as your body thinks they are toxins. This is likely why young children are having early on puberty in girls due or oral contraceptives and feminization in boys causing gynocomastia. In addition many things like soy consumption (phytoestrogens) and estrogenlike compounds are found in plastics and when plastic is microwaved it leaches into food.

        Obviously rainwater catchment and cysterns and filtration to remove contaminants. Then they may have lower ph due to acid rain and pollution like sulphur dioxide.

        In India and China they do condensation catchers of dew and then send that to filters to provide drinking water to schools.

        A clever person could circulate chilled water in some regions from lakes and the condensation effect coud gather this condensate and then you could filter that, but that is a little complicated. Any lower temperature that then is exposed to warmer temperature (like a cold glass of lemonade) produces condensation. Say you had a root cellar at 55 degrees and brought piped water up outside to 72 degrees, well condensate would form as the humid air would hit the cooler pipe producing dew. But how much engineering and materials would it take to make it practical?

        On a side note this is how springhouses collect deep water which is cold, send it to a rootcellar, and create an even cooler temperature to briefly prevent spoilage of food items. The chilled water flows through an insuated chamber.

      16. I’m glad someone mentioned water filters and volume because filters are rated to purify a certain volume and then they no longer operate at full efficency. This shoud be common sense as they are absorbing particulates. Also realize that a bad installation of a filter can allow polluted water to flow past. You must have a perfect seal.

        A prefilter catches the larger micron particulates and without using one you can overload a water filter so it prematurely fails. People don’t realize how large some particulates are versus bacteria and bacteria are huge compared to viruses. It very wellmay be catching pathogens like cysts.

        When the SHTF, imagine you are going to the water source, and then coming back, and purifying it at home. Why? If you have a special cart for hauling water, and you will because otherwise you are sloshing around a very heavy load, then without a cart, you will quickly get tired and be unable to repel an attack.

        If you take the water purification, and it is stolen, you are sunk. It becomes essential to your families survival. Therefore you have to haul it back and purify the water at home.

        Ideally you have a well in your yard, but instead you may be in the field or on a hunting expedition. You really need to plan how you will haul water and it’s very likely in some situations for two guys to be hauling water so one is watching for predators.

        10 US gallons of water weighs 83.4 lbs. Now imagine why simply drawing 10 gallons a day was work for children. And if you have a well and no method of hauling it up, or if it breaks, then you have to find a way to fix this. People do not realize how much work this is on laundry day or when taking a bath.

        • I appreciate your discussion on water and all that goes into obtaining it and purification.

          • I am glad you found something useful in what I wrote. I have found a lot of beginning preppers focus on gadgets to deal with something like water purification when our ancestors did not.

            The greatest increase in public health occurred with cities providing drinking water that was far more pure as people most often screwed up on sanitation and polluted their own wells.

            And when the SHTF, history will repeat itself with water bourne disease as it is a vector of transmission in epidemiology.

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