The Beast: Tracking You and Your Family Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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    “When your life and all you love are on the line”

    It’s been hailed as the ultimate in personal identification and human tracking technology, and now it’s going mainstream. The VeriMed system, formerly known as the Verichip, is a passive RFID microchip measuring about the size of a grain of rice and is implantable under your skin, making it possible for health care providers and other parties to instantly access your medical history and other personally identifying information.

    The chip itself doesn’t store a whole lot of information other than a personal identification number, much like a social security number. When scanned it connects directly to the Healthlink global network via the internet allowing doctors immediate retrieval of everything they need to know about you.

    The systems are not only limited to human medical data storage, however, and have been used for years as location tracking for cattle and pets by Verichip’s former parent company Applied Digital Solutions.

    Recently the UK prison system proposed that these machine-readable chips be implanted into prisoners to keep tabs on their whereabouts and help prevent escape:

    Because of concerns about the security of existing tagging systems and prison overcrowding, the British Ministry of Justice is investigating the use of satellite and radio-wave technology to monitor criminals.

    But, instead of being contained in bracelets worn around the ankle, the tiny chips would be surgically inserted under the skin of offenders in the community, to help enforce home curfews.

    “All options are on the table, and this is one we would like to pursue.”

    Source: NZ Herald

    While reportedly plagued with security problems and health concerns, RFID chips are being rapidly implemented into society, often with the argument that that they will protect the safety of our loved ones, namely our children:

    While interviewing Scott Silverman (Applied Digital CEO), Sean Hannity said on October 24, 2008: “[Parents are saying:] we can’t even allow our kids to play in the front yard. Is there anything – technologically speaking – that [parents] can do that can help the situation, like a kidnapping. Is there, for example, a microchip…we can use for our kids?” In the interview, Silverman describes a PLD, which is an acronym for “Personal Locating Device,” which is an RFID chip. This PLD is to be implanted into the body of the “child or someone you are interested in tracking.”

    While Hannity initially presents the RFID’s use into the context of “protecting children from being kidnapped,” Silverman quickly admits the multi-function purpose of the RFID: “It is the first implantable microchip for humans that has multiple security, financial and healthcare applications.” Sean Hannity’s response: “I love this idea, Scott.” Security, financial, and healthcare: These are the vast categories of use which would encompass all of human life and activity in America.

    Source: Right Side News

    While VeriMed and its precursor the Verichip are reportedly designed for medical application, the system itself is already capable of wide ranging tracking implementation that includes personal location services. Coupled with the recent advances in federal surveillance technologies that include a massive newly built National Security Agency data center and tens of thousands of drones patrolling the skies of America, an implantable tracking chip would give the government unfettered access into the personal lives and daily goings on of every man, woman and child in the country.

    As Mark Dice points out in the Resistance Manifesto, the ultimate goal of the chips is to replace “drivers licenses and cash by using these devices so that every person on the planet will not be able to buy or sell anything without one.”

    I’ll Never Stick One of Those In My Body!

    Revelations refers to it as the mark of the beast.

    And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a MARK in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the MARK, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Revelation 13:16-18

    To suggest that Americans would willingly accept such a “mark” under their skins for the purposes of health care or financial security may sound ridiculous, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.

    Consider the current state of affairs in America and the world and we can see how easily global governing entities may move to force such a technology on the vast majority of the population.

    There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide, including half of all American households, on some form of government assistance, be it medical insurance, welfare, food stamps, disability or retirement stipend. With all of the fraud rampant in the system as it exists today and the lack of funds to maintain it, it would only take one major crisis for the government to step in and pass a law that forces anyone receiving government benefits of any kind to be implanted with an RFID chip in order to continue receiving those services they can no longer live without.

    Can’t happen? Heck, these days the government doesn’t even need to pass a law. The President can either mandate such an action through Executive Order (as he and his predecessors have done so many times before), or a government alphabet agency can simply instigate a new rule requiring it, such as the USDA’s recent call for exactly what is mentioned above – RFID tracking for those receiving food stamps.

    Some would bow out of the system on personal moral or religious grounds, but millions would be left with no other choice but to concede their liberty.

    Do you need to put food on the table to feed your family or gain access to that life saving medicine for your wife or child? Then you and your family had better have the chip, otherwise there will be no help coming to you.

    It’s that simple, really.

    With more Americans than ever before dependent on government redistribution of wealth and services to get by, acceptance by most people of this technology is not such a far off proposition, especially with the threat of cutting off access to those services which people have come to depend for survival.

    Those who refuse the chip, of course, would soon be labeled unpatriotic domestic terrorists, added to no fly lists (because if you’re not chipped, you’re probably hiding something and are obviously dangerous), and we’d soon see FBI/DHS bulletins distributed to doctors, retailers and government bureaucrats about how to identify potentially threatening activities of non-chippers.

    If you see an unchipped, say something. It’s your duty.


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      1. Works great in my pets. For me, I’ll pass. No thanks!

        • I hear it caused cancer in pets

          • If it was really about OUR heath information you could post medical “File of Life” on your fridge with the data for first responders/emts with stickers on the front door to alert them to check the fridge.

            In Northern Arizona, all across the Rim there are community programs well recognized by EMTs for this very purpose.

            In Prescott Arizona where I spent part of last summer, 100,000 “File of Life” data packets have been distributed by volunteers. There’s less than 50,000 people stretched across that valley in 4 or 5 towns.

            Even if there was no sticker on the front door, they are likely to check the fridge anyway.

            You can also place them on and in your vehicle. Chips are about control of US. Its not about OUR health.

            If it were about OUR health WE would have the same health care and retirement plan that Congress has; and that both O’Bummer and McLame promised US.

            Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

            • It does make sense from a first responder’s POV. One county in my area is testing using a special sticker on cars, to alert first responders to check the glove box in an emergency. Its a great idea, and could easily save someones life. I have several medical allergies, and I want to see that sticker program in more counties. As a first responder, it could tell me so much about a person, diabetes, allergies, heart conditions, pacemaker, etc. It takes some guesswork out of assessing an emergency. But stickers on a car or house don’t go with the person, and if some customer passes out in my store, having info on them is crucial. That said, there is so much this chip could used for, aside from medical reasons, it is not worth the risk.

            • In order to make people interested in accepting the “mark” the PTB need to make it enticing. At first it will “appear” to be a good idea, you know to show your patriotism or to prove that you belong here or so that you can continue to get all the freebee’s that the govt offers.

              They started desensitizing us with those damn store discount cards. You have to show this card to get all the “discounts” or you pay this crazy high price. They can track all your purchases…they know what you buy.

              I try to avoid these places because when I shopped there I started to get coupons in the mail for the same thing I just bought. It kinda freaked me out and now I do not shop there anymore. I would rather pay more to shop somewhere else. RIGHT NOW…I still have a choice.

            • I was a firefighter EMT. A medical alert braclet works just fine without having to reinvent the wheel.

          • For all those that think this will be hard to implement; Look at the Hardware and other assorted tackle box contents the current crop of sheeple are are voluntarily sticking in and on their bodies.
            I, for one, think the human body is a beautifil creation, right out of the box. And maybe a little bit of make-up, or the right clothes sometimes helps the presentation, I’ll admit.
            But tatoos, peircings ( on every conceivable part of the body), colored hair, even horns, makes life seem like a circus sometimes. And these morons PAY for this.
            You promise these idiots something in return, and they’ll line up in a heartbeat.
            I believe your body is yours to do whatever with, and beauty is in the eye if the beholder, but the average population are looking like clowns to me. I must be getting old.
            Oh, no; this will be easy for the “younger” crowd.

            • Careful on the Tatoos..I have em, and I would never play this game

            • “…assorted tackle box contents…”

              I will be laughing for hours over that one. So apt, so funny!

            • Everyone hates filling out the same old medical forms every time you go to a doctor or dentist. It will be easy to convince everyone. Esp. if they promise no one can steal your identity or money.

            • @Rick:)
              I agree that the younger folks and the folks on welfare could be enticed, but watch the tattoos big guy 🙂 I like mine and they will never chip me. I hope you are talking about the tattoos they are getting on their necks, and the giant holes in kids ears, etc. My tattoos are in good taste (my opinion) and concealable by pants, etc.

            • @ Rick
              Said- “I believe your body is yours to do whatever with,…” I disagree. God owns your soul and your body. That body people call their own, while abusing and defacing it, is supposed to be shown as a temple for the Lord. I don’t think God will see it the way most individuals do. As far as tatoos and piercings go, I personally think they are “cheap and trashy”, but to each his own, and it’s not like a woman that thinks she has the right to kill an innocent fetus just because it is in “her” body that she “thinks” she owns. Everyone will be held accountable for their actions, even if it is on their own body.

            • I have a tattoo and a piercing. I do not take any help. I’m married. I’m also a Libertarian. If I were you I would be careful on certain stereo types you may have made over the years. I think that rather than it being the tattoos and such making the youth today so easily swayed, it is most likely progressive movement and may even have a little to do with public education and parents unwillingness to get involved in their kids’ lives. Just a thought.

            • Tatoos, whether flowers or evil looking creatures, get old after a while. My wife has a beautiful looking flower about 4 x 6 inches on her lower back that she had done way before we ever met. It has lavenders and pinks etc. She doesn’t wear high top shirts so it isn’t visible unless she is bending down with a shorter shirt/top on. When she goes to the beach it stands out nicely with her tan and one-piece. I ask her why she had it done. She said it was because she was always told by her mother what she was supposed to do with her hair and clothes. After she got married to her highschool boyfriend, he told her what to wear and how to do her hair. So it was done out of rebellion. Now I have to see it and I’m sick of it. She said she wishes it were never done. The point is: Have respect for your significant other when it comes to tats and bling in the bod. A bud of mine that I grew up with, had a eagle tatooed on his right shoulder with a wing down his upper right arm. that was twenty years ago. Now, at age 54, and much fleshier, the thing is out of proportion. It now resembles a buzzard and his wife is embarresed when he shows it off.

            • One more thing and I’ll STFU. We ride a Harley and wear leathers/Harley gear, etc. It feels good and we like the extra protection. Does it make us somehow look “cooler” or more badass? Don’t know and don’t care, cause it works. When I ride solo and it is hot, I wear shorts,sleeveless T-shirt and tennis shoes. The point is: You can’t put on “coolness” or “confidence”; even with tats and body-bling, it has to come from within. OK, now back to the topic. It would take an idiot to accept a tracking chip just to score more tats and bling, and it doesn’t matter what age you are. There may be a handful of braindeads that would fall for this deal but the majority will not “willingly” accept such governmental control.

          • Cancer will be all the better. No euthanasia. Of course, all the elite won’t be getting them, just like Pelosi’s congress took a pass on their fraud Obamacare bill.

            • I volunteer to shove a RFID brick, one up her ass and one down her throat,Just so she’ll stfu…

            • Like pelousi said..”you’ll have to pass the bill to see whats in it”
              Luckily Obozocare will be shot down this coming week.

              What about the FAILED fake downgrade,by the CIA, I mean Moodys, of 15 MAJOR banks yesterday.Obama can’t even CAUSE a disaster…But im sure he will keep trying.

              Funny but NO spraying over my house for several days,I wonder if the spray plan is complete? Most I know aren’t feeling very good.My family included.

        • I used to have an RFD card to get into my office building. I kept it in my wallet so all I had to do was rub my ass against the wall and the door would unlock. They are easy to beat. The easiest way was wrap a foil wrapper off a candy bar around them and they become useless. Certainly not something I would want in my body.

          They are relatively easy to duplicate and unless so far easy to remove although they could be imbedded with some type of booby trap I suppose.

          Even if they were ‘the mark of the beast’ as social security numbers were originally thought to be, this alone would not condemn anyone to hell because the Bible is clear they must take the mark AND worship the beast. BTW, there is no -s in Revelation.

          • It also states that by NOT actively worshipping God you are serving the devil. If you accept the mark you are in essence worshipping the beast

          • GG,

            Not exactly… I’m referring to your last paragraph. Reread Revelation 13:16-18; 14:10-12; 15:1-3; 16:13 and 19:19-21. I believe you will see that it’s an “either/or” concept within the correct interpretation. Meaning, 1) there will be those who actually WORSHIP the beast and his image. They will do so gladly and openly with no remorse of foresight of God or anything He stands for. Then 2) there will be those out of ignorance and/or fear who will accept the MARK of the beast (what ever the exact “mark” might be). They do this so they will still be able to buy and sell and live their life as they have in the past. They are duped into taking the MARK in a subtle yet cunning fashion.

            You must also remember, a “true” believer will NEVER take the mark nor be able to, no matter the consequences. “If it were possible even the very elect would be deceived.”… remember? Yet, because of God’s plan, it is not possible… praise God! But we, the true believers, must be vigilant, aware and awake so as to know what is happening within this realm and other prophesies. We must warn others of the danger and the result of taking the “mark”. And, who knows, this may be… or may not be… the “mark” spoken of by John in Revelation. Time will tell…

            • Considering the beast was nero ceaser, I don’t think taking a chip 2000 years after he died would be considered worshipping him. Just saying.

              And since most people are so literal when they read Revelation, will you still consider this the “mark of the beast” if you are allowed to put it in places other then the forhead or right hand?

            • V, I am reminded of something that was told to me when I was younger and had a little run in with the law. The LE guy said to me, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”! I think maybe God will say the same thing since He gave us the warning in His Holy written Word. Those that take the “mark” and follow the Beast- the One World System, and vow allegience to it/him, even out of ignorance; “will” be held accountable.

            • Mark on the forehead IMO means knowing what you are doing and the hand means out of ignorance. Although it may be a literal meaning. Why would the good book not be written so that all would understand its meaning witout translation on its meaning. So a literal translation is probobly the best bet.

          • Accepting the mark is an act of worshiping the beast or the Anti Christ himself because you are pledging allegiance to him by simply accepting the “mark of the beast” or this chip in your body and if you do so according to the bible you cannot be saved because you have chosen the Anti Christ over the real McCoy who is Yeshua of Nazareth.

          • It’s still scary. I don’t want it.

        • Works great in my pants. Where can I get one?

          • There’s always one in the crowd, isn’t there?

          • Here’s an outrage that you and your kind can relate to!!!

            www .weeklystandard. com/blogs/activists-take-out-frustration-ronald-reagan_647733.html

        • If it’s in your pets, they can see you.

        • They might force it into me, but removing it with an exacto knife would only be a flesh wound…and a band-aid…maybe.

      2. Goodbye freedom if this gets implemented.

        • @NP

          I hope not, if mandatory chips are implemented, it will surely be time to “lock and load em”. I for one will not hesitate.

          • @ peteropolis

            You’ll find out after you get chipped. The new generation will be snipped, chipped & pricked at birth.
            That is if we don’t wake the HELL up and make that hard commitment that it’s going to take to free yourselves from this,this damn government!

            • Yes…a Midwife will be worth her weight in Gold

            • I actually thought that these companies that save Cord Blood for newborns was a good cover up for govt that want your child’s DNA.

              Of course they sell it to parents as a way to SAVE YOUR CHILD if they ever get a disease or need a life saving procedure.

            • Don’t forget to add “in massive debt” to your at birth predictions!

            • One of the reasons I became a home birth midwife is so people could have knowledgable attendant at home. There is no reason, usually,for any parent to subject themselves to the crap that goes on in most hospitals in America. Avoid it and maintain your privacy with a Certified Professional Midwife.

            • @ Bioddyfellow. Personally, I don’t think God will ever let it get that far.

        • F^CK that, *kevin yells* “goodbye to them”

          If that is implemented, their services will no longer be needed here anymore.

          and even if it was, it would be hard for them to be public servants with their heads in an apple bucket.

          Get the guilotines out boys and girls.

            • an ax is easier to conceal.

          • a short rope has worked for centuries.
            cheap, easy, works, satisfying,
            its the American way…

            • LOVE the non-rhyming free verse commentary. This one is almost a haiku.

            • Thanks mamabear…;)

              Wasn’t aware anyone cared…

          • Guillotines are for shock value but the quick death would be ideal.

        • Relax; I dealt with the Gov daily for 25 years. IMHO they would need two of these and both hands to locate their butt.

        • @ Norse Prepper. I truly believe that many good people out there would fight absolutely like a wolverine in a pit before those sons and daughters of bitches government scum filth would be able to put one of those tags into them. I sure do enjoy all the comments and fury about putting up a resistance against one of the lowest points that those miserable slime buckets in the government could condescend down to.

          I use to see these horror movies in which these nazi governments track people like insects by putting homing devices into. These movies use to freak me out, but I would say that the technology is not yet there. NOW IT IS. Taking away freedoms is bad enough, but infringing on someone’s personal body like some zoo animal is beyond what anyone ever needs to take. I was watching Red Dawn today, and IF those MF’s try to do a type of ultimate freedom raping of people, it is time to fight like a wolverine. Making it mandatory to have some f’en chip put into you is RAPE.

          • What about the TSA? Little steps towards the edge, kiddies! I don’t fly anymore, and I wouldn’t take a chip. But a lot of people do and would. Talk is cheap. Look at New Orleans where TPTB decided to take away guns, and did. And people submitted. People are generally sheep.If we all quit flying because of the TSA gropings, there wouldn’t BE a TSA. instead, we submit.

            • Well, when 12 guys with weapons at the ready bear down on two men, there isn’t much choice when their guns were in the cabinet…

      3. As long as all the sports are still on, and the food stamps are flowing, most wont care.

        • “America is being conquered by debt.”

          Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City To Be Owned By China?

          “By running a gigantic trade deficit with us, China has been able to become incredibly wealthy. We have begged them to lend us back some of the money that we have sent them, and this has made them even wealthier.

          Now China is gobbling up U.S. real estate and U.S. assets at an astounding pace. In fact, some cities are in danger of becoming completely dominated by Chinese ownership. One of those cities is Toledo, Ohio.”


          • They can have Toledo

            its 1 step from Detroit..they can have that place too..they must not be too bright , because those cities are a bad investment

            • China is good at building entire new cities from scratch, which is why they have “extra” vacant cities in China.

              With a good urban renewal program that levels Toledo, the Chinese will rebuild it from scratch; with the tallest building in the world as its centerpiece, gleaming high rise condo towers with all the amenities, bike paths, parks and lakes.

              All you gotta do to live there free is take the chip and hop aboard one of those red, white, and blue buses with the FEMA logo …

              Just saying! 🙂

        • Right! Bread and Circus.

      4. This is something that really, really disturbs me. This is the very thing that would drive me to take action. I refuse to be tagged like an animal, like cattle waiting to be “processed”. For anyone who would like to force me to wear one of these things, I have something to put under your skin. It comes wrapped in a brass casing.

        • Actually many of us that own livestock refuse to use rfid tags and are still resisting the USDA, and always will.
          Of course they want to chip critters for your and my safety, but my cow having an rfid earring won’t help keep us any safer. It is actually to give the government control and knowledge of what one has.

          • It would also help the aliens in government locate your steers at night when they have the NWO cattle sex mutilation parties ….

            Just saying. 🙂

        • Kudos..Made Me Laff…best of thread! I too have saved a lot of Gifts for TPTB…Semper Fi!

      5. Its in the Bible

        Dont fall for this

        • If it is forced, I will forceably remove matter how deep I have to dig under my skin..period!

          • VRF

            I agree entirely, there is no way that I will go along with this. It would not be a problem to take it out, the problems would start when they came around to see why it was not functioning properly.

            I am assuming of course that they have had the good sense to put something in it that detects removal.

            1. Stuff chip into rat friendly food
            2. Put in a place ratty can get at it
            3. Wait for the door to knock
            4. In US fire several shots. In UK shout go away nasty man

            Take care

            • Burt, all is not lost in the UK, there are still ways to fight back, just takes a little imagination. Think medieval. What about high powered pellet guns, bow and arrows, large axes, power in numbers, booby traps, ect… I do feel for UK citizens though, I have no idea, and have a very tough time imagining life without my firearms. There are solutions though, never chose to go away with devils without a fight, and even when in their grasp, fight, fight, fight!

            • Cutting it out, or disabling it will be “destruction of government property” and will be punishable by no less than 5 years…

            • LOL

          • It will make no difference if you cut your hand off, just the fact that you RECEIVED (1 : to come into possession of : acquire
            2 a : to act as a receptacle or container for b : to assimilate through the mind or senses
            3 a : to permit to enter : admit b : welcome, greet c : to react to in a specified manner
            4 : to accept as authoritative, true, or accurate : believe
            5 a : to support the weight or pressure of : bear b : to take (a mark or impression) from the weight of something <some clay receives clear impression.) the mark, rather than die. That has already sealed your fate at that point.

            • I don’t know what Bible you are reading, but the God I worship does not send his people to hell, because someone held them down and put a chip under their skin.
              Do you truly have an understanding of what it means to be saved?

          • VRF….the “mark” is not supposed to be FORCED at least not physically forced. The bible states that you will choose. God always allows us to make the choices.

            Some people will feel like they do not have a choice because without it you will be unable to buy or sell anything…in esscence it will be a death sentance with or without it.

            But like I say all the time there are worst things than physical death…..I can handle physical death….I can not handle spirital death.

            This is a mental game ……get ready

            • You may have to choose, but that doesn’t mean your options are good:

              “and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name”

            • We need to get ready for the Lord who is coming back for His church. Are you ready for the rapture whenever He comes? That is the most important question.

            • yes, it will be a clear choice.
              this will happen after the rapture, after millions of people have disappeared.
              this will happen when judgement has begun, and millions are in fear.
              the bible is clear.

              if you are left behind, you will have to choose the Mark or choose death.

              choose life now.

          • between 1/8 and 1/16 of an inch—tops.

        • Mark of the beast…

          • and everyone in the federal government should have one…and the Fed Res.

        • Where?

          • The ones they put in people so far have been under the skin on the back of the arm, between the elbow and shoulder.

      6. Thanks for a site to get us a little riled up Mac! 🙂

        • Peterpolis

          I know, I was just messing around. I think many aerosolised things catch fire you know. It’s a terrible risk if you happen to have a lighter I your hand. Someone could get badly hurt lol

          Take care

          • Wasp spray is a fine weapon

            • aquanet hair spray.

      7. Russia, Syria, Iran, and China are planning war games . Insect robot spies and our Dear Leader ruling by decrees of executive order. Now we all need chipped.
        The first time I read Revelations it scared the crap out of me.
        Now we get to see it happen. Good luck all. Get right with God now.

        • You know….I always hated futuristic movies….now I feel like I’m living one.

      8. The efforts to computerize health records (even without a chip) is also alarming. The government is moving from encouraging electronic records to making them mandatory for receiving payment for services.

        These records mean everything about your medical history will be available forever. One high blood sugar or cholesterol and insurance premiums can jump. Doctors might keep info confidential but insurance companies and others will have access. If you’re on Medicare or Medicaid, the government has access. And a desire to keep things confidential is seen as pathological.

        • This is one of the sad lies about HIPAA. It was sold to the goyim as a law protecting medical record privacy, but what it actually did was:
          (1) made it easier for insurance companies to amass and share YOUR personal information;
          (2) made it easier for the government to amass and snoop through YOUR personal information; and
          (3) made it more difficult for physicians to access YOUR information when YOU need help.

          Count on it—whatever they name a plan, it is the exact opposite. They call their plan “privacy”? It is surveillance.

        • The solution is not to have insurance. If someone else is paying they have a say. Freedom comes with a cost. It’s the same relationship a child has with their parents. The parent takes candy away because it rots the kids teeth thereby costing more at the dentist. Move out, pay your own dental bills and eat all the candy you want.

          I don’t like tracking any more than anyone else but if you have a terrible driving record you pay more. The good driver should not be penalized. The same holds true for medical insurance. If your obese, smoke and drink like a fish your going to use more medical services.

          The “chip” is ostensibly for medical records but would be used an identifier just as the social security number has morphed in to a national ID. There lay the problem

          Access to medical records is one thing and all in all a good one. It can very well keep you alive. “Branding” people is out of the question.

        • They can also use it to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. One visit to the doctor for depression or other mental disorder, and you are all done. Ask the thousands of veterans who have been disarmed because of being treated for PTSD.

          • …or being disarmed for being in the government’s medical marijuana database.

      9. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

        • I don’t see ANY good intentions at work in this particular case…none at all

      10. Mac,

        There’s an article on with a video that basically says white people are evil.

        • Quite an interesting video and article…

          Here’s the vid you mention:

          I’ve never really thought about how ‘lucky’ or ‘privileged’ I am to be white… I am pretty sure I am not evil, or at least strive not to be… With respect to what I do for a living, my day job is essentially working on the internet, as is my hobby here at SHTFplan… I am fairly confident that I could do the same thing if I were black, hispanic or Asian and no one would have known or cared…

          It’s interesting, this divide and conquer strategy…

          • Are these people smoking crack? WTF!!!

            These people have to be the stupidest people on the planet.

            CLUELESS how the world works and race.

            You know the unemploment rate is high when people do this for money.

            • Remember, privileged people don’t smoke crack, they force people to smoke it…don’t you KNOW?

            • It’s about aiding the parasites in thier program of White genocide.

            • Of course they’re smoking crack…just look at the dead fish eyes staring out at you from this video…seriously, I’ve seen more life like eyes in the “House of the Dead” video game!

          • This video has irked me for some reason.

            Girl says-“people see us, not a color”. REALLY?

            Why doesn’t this brod go try to get into the miss “black” america contest?

            Sorry, nope.

            Start a show on BEC?

            Nope, sorry.

            I think this is the biggest politicaly correct piece of garbage video I have ever seen in my life time.

            @people in video- If you hate you race that much, do me a favor and jump off a 10 story building and end your pathetic, weak, and ignorant lives!!!

            I bet this is required viewing in schools.

            EXCEPT the black ONLY schools here in america.

            I tried to post a list of black only colleges, but it was to big and got cut into a 3rd of its size and lost its visual. There are ALOT of them.

            • I don’t see her color…I see a brainless POS dumbass ObamaNazi fruitcake

          • It’s about “color justice” and all us whiteys need to buy colorant to get a tint.

            Here again is the hypocrisy of “diversity”, one of those Progressive ideologies that goes smack against propaganda like this. Can’t be rich. Can’t be talented. Can’t have a great job. Can’t have stuff. And now you can’t be white. It’s all part of the Cloward & Piven strategy to turn everything upside down and bombard people with everything so that people will go “crazy”. Oh do they underestimate those of us with common sense, who think before they obey….

            • White Americans owe Black Americans absolutely nothing. Go ahead say it out loud. The truth will feel good.

          • This relates to the topic. All the people in the video have marks on their faces. We don’t even notice because we have been conditioned by media saturation, and the emotional rise the video provokes distracts the reason and skeptical awareness.
            Along with economic necessity, branded a terrorist, free travel; requiring marks on the body (and/or a chip) will become mandatory. And giving over one’s country, body and soul (sovereignty)to a cabal of vipers is much worse than death.

            • Holy Crap! I just checked, and I’m white! Is there an 0bama sponsored section of the health care bill where I can get Gov. funding to get a skin color change? I guess I’m pigmentally challenged. Seriously. No-one picks their freaking color! No-one picks where they are born. I’m happy to have been born an American, but embarassed to be a part of this country, at present. People have to CHOOSE to be a-holes. People have to CHOOSE to work for the Gov., …or vote for an idiot.

          • Evil? Hmmmm. Who said that?

            “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever… their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews…” Abraham Foxbrunner. Habad: The Hasidism of Schneur Zalman of Lyady. Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson Inc., 1983. Pp. 108-109.

            “The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.” Rabbi Saadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (“Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile”) 2003.

            “Souls of non-Jews come entirely from the female part of the Satanic sphere. For this reason souls of non-Jews are called evil.” [Yesaiah Tishbi, Torat ha-Rave-ha-Kelippahnbe-Kabbalat ha-Ari (The Theory of Evil and the Satanic Sphere in Kabbalah) 1942, reprinted 1982]

            “Some of the Turks and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.” Maimonides explaining who is not fit “to participate in the world to come,” Guide for the Perplexed, Book III, chapter 51 cited in Israel Shahak, Hebrew University Professor, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. London: Pluto Press, 1997. p. 25.

            “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”
            Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1:

            Puts a clear face on Chabad and Judaism? Don’t you think?

      11. From the old TV series: The Prisoner
        Number 6: “I will not make any deals with you, I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered! My life is my own.

        “I’m not a number. I am a free man.”

      12. Best be aware that there are stories popping up about these RFID chips being put inside someone when they go into a hospital for surgery without the patient knowing. It also, has been happening when going into get dental work done. They have been pushing for everyone to be digitized, now it is only a matter of when??

        It’s time to develope the micro EMP that will single out an nuetralize these very intrusive mechanisms!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive


        • ::thump thump thump::

          • To be snide is to show your ignorance. Keep it up, and soon you’ll show your ass!

            • Yes “V”, yes indeed.

              Said with great reason and true class.

          • Yeah, keep those thumbs down coming. No doubt your righteous disapproval will give you a leg up on getting past the Pearly Gates by and by. Glad to help.

            And while I’m at it – does beseeching Lord Jesus in all caps really help with making Him get it in gear and scooting along to answer one’s request?

            I know that if I was a deity, all caps would impress me mightily and definitely curry my favor.

            • Say there free from brains,

              I’m not a Christian…never have been. That much said, I don’t have a problem with a fellow patriot beseeching his lord to protect him from evil. Here’s a prayer that I say every day, its part of my faith

              “protect me from the wicked schemes of my evil enemies
              may all their wickedness crumble and rot to dust
              may all their villainies become ashes in their mouths
              may they be cast down overthrown and destroyed now and forever,
              so that they may never be able to hurt me or mine ever again,
              And may we have peace in our time
              and victory in our day,
              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life
              GOD IS

            • and btw, free from brains, I’d just love to see how smug and “cool” you’ll act as you’re being dragged off to prison by TPTB. I’m sure you’ll never crawl on your belly and lick the hand that pimp slaps your face

            • Say there, Sam Junior,

              While your first reply seemed direct, to the point and addressed my comments succinctly, your second reply was so far out in left field it might as well have been written on an entirely different topic.

              Did you forget what you were talking about in the first place?

              Get a grip, man. Take a deep breath or two.

        • Jesus is coming… look busy

      14. Declining the Mark of the Beast, whatever it is, will be the toughest and hardest decision some people will ever make. The coercion and intimidation to take the mark will be extreme. Many will take it willingly for its benefits, and some for the fact that they actually believe in what it stands for.

        Preachers preaching Pre-Trib rapture will be saying, “This can’t be it, cause we are still here!” Causing many to be misled, i.e. “And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.” Matthew 24:4,5

        “To suggest that Americans would willingly accept such a “mark” under their skins for the purposes of health care or financial security may sound ridiculous, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.” Especially when faced with feeding their family and themselves. Unless you are prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically, it will be quite difficult not to accept the mark.

        I believe there will be a moral aspect associated with the mark that will make it obvious for those who know their Bible to know that taking the mark goes directly against God.

        Interesting times are in store for sure!

        Many people think of “666” when they think of the mark of the beast, but what John saw on the Isle of Patmos as “666” in the Greek is completely different than what we know to represent that number.

        Is this what John saw: χξς ? It wasn’t “666”.

        “Those who refuse the chip, of course, would soon be labeled unpatriotic domestic terrorists,…” and worse!

        • PLUS…the “mark” has to be freely accepted…… if this can be forced, its not the true mark…YET…remember those who do not will come to a point of being told to take it or be EXECUTED.

        • Wild Goose Said: “To suggest that Americans would willingly accept such a “mark” under their skins for the purposes of health care or financial security may sound ridiculous, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.” Especially when faced with feeding their family and themselves. Unless you are prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically, it will be quite difficult not to accept the mark.”

          Food for thought: The push to ban GOD and all forms of Christianity from everyday life. Among the Sheeple : Out of sight is out of mind. Or the possibilty that one might be ridiculed by their peers for believing that a silly little chip just might damn them to Hell. Even if you don’t beleive in the Beast, what better way to get a population to do as you want by using the same old method the PTB has used for centuries: shame, fear and shunning.
          One last thing. I will not comply. Under Common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefit. Because I do believe in GOD, more so than whatever asshat in a suit has to say about my “well being”. And when and if they come for my head, I have a sharpie marker to draw a nice straight line for them to aim at.

      15. Can you pass the salsa with those chips?

        They’ve been heading this direction for a long time, and working up the software to handle all those functions which the sheeple believe are essential, many of which they are pretty close to right about. Driving, for instance. You pass an intersection without your chip, “click” — smile, cuz you’re on camera — and your registration was just cancelled.

        No, ma’am, we don’t take cash anymore. No, I don’t need to see your ID; you’re right here on my screen. Sorry, but you only have $12 in your EBT account.

        There is no alternative but to do whatever we can to get off the grid. The longer we’re tied to it, dependent on it, the surer we are to suffer painful disruptions in our lives, or need to submit. As for the latter, not me. Those chips look quite a bit smaller than 5.56 mm.

      16. Every Liberty minded person knows that they (the Leviathan, aka The Beast) have been pushing this for years. I have a wife and two teenagers that I can assure you will never be chipped. If they won’t let us buy food or work, then it’ll be black market food and work for me. If they point a gun and say this chip IS going in your hand, then they better be prepared to pull the trigger before I do. Either way, it ain’t happening here. That is the bottom line!

      17. if this comes, and a revolution doesnt start.than this counrty is so done..I wont be able to fight this fight alone people..a one person Revolt is not recognised as a movement or revolution..its viewed and construed as me being the problem..not them.

        • VRF:
          I am right there with you. Where and when………..

        • VRF should have a 1000 thumbs up by now!!
          What’s up, people??
          Afraid of getting on another list??

          • I gave him a thumbs up the second I read it

        • @VRF….

          You won’t be fighting this alone.

        • @VRF,

          MOLON LABE!!!

          We need a network of like-minded setup most rikky tick! Problem is, some of us have tried that for a few years now, and it turns out being a lot of “wannabe commandos on a keyboard” than real Patriots with REAL solutions. Time is short, and we need serious people ready to act!

        • You won’t be alone.

      18. “The mark of shame does not wash away”
        – Omaha

        What is happening to our beautiful world is shameful. I am saddened by the state of our government, our youth and our future. There is no better time than now to pray and speak out against the crimes being committed against humanity. So much heartache, chaos, turmoil and confusion stretching to every corner of the globe. I will never allow a chip implanted under my skin under any circumstances. It is time to rise up against the criminals and demand that they back off. I will stand as an army of one if I must, because I can. I control what I say and what I do regardless of the consequences, that is my choice as a child of God.

        The ones in charge, may think that the control they have puts them above the almighty but in the end, they will answer to him on their pathetic knees with sniveling pleas for mercy.

        God’s justice is what keeps me sane.


        • Great comment.

        • The Realists: Quite right; the more complex something is, the easier it is to for something to go wrong with it. And with a computer savvy generation all about us, if something is ‘forced’ it will blow up in their faces becasue the whole system will be hacked and destroyed. But I don’t see this happening because the the entire planet, and especially the west, is so overdrawn on credit, the whole system is about to come down around all of us. The is no more money; no money=no NWO. Things are about to get very local as governments from the federal level down to the state , county, and even city levels run out of funds, it’s going to be YOYO Time=Your On Your Own. The real danger we all face is the chaos that will follow the collapse, not some giant worldwide computer system tracking us like Big Brother. Better get you preps ready.

        • Right on!

        • I believe that a caps lock key is man made and some folks can’t figure out how to use them.

          Good luck with disabling a freaking chip.



            • LOL!!….???


              Do you text a lot?

            • C’mon, gang…you have to admit, it was a pretty good snark on the caps lock key. I think BF is kind of a weirdo for stalking the religious folks, but I do have to give a nod to a very humorous comment. Well done.

            • Mama Bear,

              Thanks for noticing and apply a response other than the usual knee-jerk thumbs down. Some people just don’t/won’t/or can’t get it.

              But let me explain what you see as my “stalking” the religious folks.

              What it actually is, is me coming here to read some of the really worthwhile articles and topics that Mac puts on this site.

              And then while scrolling down reading the many (mostly) well considered and thoughtful replies all of a sudden… “BAM”, I run smack dab into some silly, unnecessary overblown Bible-thumping gobbledegook that belongs more appropriately on the “” than it does here (my opinion, admittedly).

              Occasionally, my reaction to this fingernails-scraping-on-a-blackboard nonsense is to post something equally inane and off topic.

              I know, I know – two wrongs don’t make a right, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

              Regarding the Bible, religion, etc. – I’m not anti any of it. I just tire of the incessant in-your-face off topic compulsion to cram it in here.

              I’d be more than happy to agree to: Don’t plaster your dogma in this forum and I won’t reply with my opinion of it.

              And as I’ve stated before – for those that don’t like that – so sorry. I don’t need to be loved by all. And, there are even a few here who appear to share my opinion.

              At any rate, keep on preppin’, Mama Bear.

            • I agree, sometimes it can be annoying, even for other Christians, like the aunt who is always wishing you a blessed day. But to fair, perhaps the best place for a smack down is not on the responses to an article about the mark of the beast. I am sure that, like me, many people imagined themselves facing that decision to get the mark. I personally don’t think Revelation is interpretable, but I have studied the early Christians and their martyrdoms, as well as the martyrdoms that continue today under Islam, and an article like this makes you wonder how much strength and fearlessness you have when TPTB are forcing you to betray your beliefs. Especially when you have two babies (like me) who might be joining you in the arena, torture chamber or killing fields. What Iowa originally said, come lord jesus, is an ancient and profound part of the Christian liturgy. So what might seem a bit of brainless bible thumping is actually a very powerful prayer that has given strength to others who have suffered over the centuries.

              Not that you wanted a mini course on Christianity, but I thought it mint be helpful to put it into context and show why, to some, it might be offensive to mock a phrase that has been on the lips of many a Christian as they died.

              I know you are not a troll…more like a merry prankster.

            • And you, Mama Bear, are the voice of civility and calm reason around here.

              And I say that without the slightest bit of mocking or sarcasm.

              Kudos to you.

            • LOL. You just havent seen me in smack down mode. I do enjoy a good snark. 🙂

          • Good luck grabbing your ankles as you bend over for your masters, bi-atch

            • There you go again, Sam Junior.

              You seem to be a bit hung up with certain physical activities. You have a fetish perhaps that everything that upsets you seems to lead back to?

              Seriously, you can do better.

          • being a pompous smartass like you free of brains is also man-made..well, maybe not “man”, more like sniveling little poser

            • Well, then again – maybe you can’t.

          • @BRAINLESS MORON!




            • “V” –

              Got you so upset you busted your caps lock key?

              How can I argue with your quick wit and eloquent responses?

              I know when I’m outmatched.

          • What are you, eleven?

            • That’s what I’m saying…..I mean Really?????



          • Sam, Sam, Sam (Jr., Jr., Jr.),

            You need to learn to control that temper.

            Honest, life is better when you don’t let the little stuff rattle your cage and control you.

            ps… Have a nice day (now that tired old phrase ranks right up there with LOL, don’t you think?).

            • This is me having fun, free of brains….if I were really mad at you, you wouldn’t hear a thing,not ever

            • He’s either just one of the “regulars” who doesn’t have the courage to use his original user name and has to hide behind a different one so as to not get a tremendous amount of thumbs down… OR… he’s just another basement-dwelling Troll.

              Either way, simply ignore it, and IT shall go away…

            • This is you having fun, Sam Junior?

              Well I’ll be darned – then that makes two of us.

              I’d hate to think that you might get so mad that I wouldn’t hear from you, not ever.

              I’d miss the snappy insults and comebacks.

      20. This is how it starts,…Its for Health and Saftey then ,…You Know it’s probably a good idea for mom and dad to get the RF chip, so the doctors can …You Know where this is going! then its mandatory!Because the corporation who stands to make the most money, LOBBIED for it! Then it becomes LAW, Because the DICTATOR President singed an Exucitive Order! Then the U.N. adops the process and, The Intrenational BANKING comminuty SPONSERS it , then its woen into your every day lives! WAKE UP! and may God bless!

      21. I’ve done a lot of research on this from back when this company was still operating as Positive ID – then Verichip – Now VeriMed. What many people don’t understand is that this company is the only company that had this type of technology to be granted an approval as a class 2 implantable medical device by the FDA back in 2004.

        This micro chip is only one side ofthe equation. This is the personal application part – but as the article alludes to, there is an entire data base associated with it for PHR Personal Health Records. Google and Microsoft are both competing with eachother to end up with the final useable version of database.

        In Obama’s stimulus package circa ’09 – there was a lengthy provision called the HiTECH Act. That legislation goes hand in hand with Obamacare. The high tech act offers subsidies and funding for hospitals to implement electronic medical records for a 3 year period – then the subsidies turn to penalties in years 3 to 6… The whole thing was to force early adoption by the hospitals so that once Health Care Reform was passed – they would be able to force the individual to have health insurance and by default an electronic medical record. for those who accept it – This evil RFID chip will become their personal digital shackel and tracking device – as well as their meal ticket to participate as a slave for the NWO. And biblically speaking – a one way ticket to hell.

        As for the health care mandate – The SCOTUS should rule next week if the individual mandate to force people into a purchase of health care is or is not constitutional (we all know it’s not!!) – but even if the individual mandate is struck down, the govt subsidies will act as a defacto mandate – because they will bribe most people to get coverage anyway.

        As you begin to connect the dots, you can see a very sinister trap being sry for the people of the US. But it goes deeper down the rabbit hole… India is currently involved in a program to Bio-ID all 1 billion of their population. This stuff is world wide.

      22. @thefeds- TRACK THESE NUTS!!!!!!!

        • IN THE FACE!

      23. @thefeds-Why don’t you put those things on guns going to mexico? or how about some poppie’s leaving afganistan? Or how about a pallet of a $1,000,000,000 you send to iraq and lose?

        Our country is pathetic!!

        • I’ll take my countrymen over any other.

          – Oathkeeper

          • Amen to that.


            Taking a billion dollars to iraq for “road improvement” money (bribes) then losing it, is not the actions of a responsible government, nor is the heroin trade(oh if we don’t do it some one else will!! blah,blah,blah,blah,blah!!


            Our corrupted so called leaders are NOT my countymen, my countrymen love the constitution and the rule of law. Our so called leaders(along with the bankers) are subversive, and are destroying,selling, and stealing our rights away from under us.

        • Yes it is. It reflects the sorry state of it’s population. A nation of idiots and morons.

          • Oh you hooked me on that comment\. IDIOTS! Go to a a check out and if something messes up anyone under 35 can not make change. I am in NC and they do not teach spelling and grammar. PATHETIC. OK I usually have alot of typos cuz I am in dark room with toddler when putting kid to bed but darn I can spell and speak well. I can make change. most people believe whatever is on TV> They are cattle. Just graze and poop. Call the cattle for meat grinding time and they come, not expecting what is going to happen. STUPID people. I have neighbors that came over today ( and a few nights ago) for ketchup. THey borrowed coffee yesterday. Not even a weeks food in the house. last year when we lost electric they had no water to flush a toilette. They knew bad weather was coming. I am almost appalled how dumb people truely are. They all think they will go a fishin and a huntin for food when it hits. LOL that is what every other no prepped person will be doing. How long will that work out? people are F.U.B.A.R.The DOW was down 250 pints today ya think anyone has a clue to what is comin? Naa can not happen here. Geez TPTB are looking out for us. I mean since the Depression we are better prepared to handle economic difficulties we can not crash. Good ole uncle sam is lookin out for us. man all I can think of is I am watching a real life pinl Floyde “The Wall” unfolding. People are dumb. I should not be shocked, not at all but I still am. Can not write, read, spell, make change, do not know the Consitution, can not solve one damn prob without youtube or google on thier own. Baaa baaa sorry but ut us the truth, They dummied alot of peole down and people are so juiced up an meds etc they do not even realize it. Sorry for the rant but John you got me started on this one 🙂

            • Maybe you can help your neighbors by not enabling them. Fer cryin’ out loud, these people had no COFFEE in their house? That’s the sort of thing that if you drink it, you make sure you ALWAYS have some on hand.

              Seriously, don’t let them borrow anything….when things get really bad, they’ll be expecting you to help them, and they’ll be pissed off when you don’t

      24. It’s one possibility for the Mark of the Beast. But just getting an RFID chip won’t be enough. Those who worship the image of the beast will get it. Those that refuse to worship it will die.

        (Rev 13:14-17 NIV) Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth. He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. {15} He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. {16} He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, {17} so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      25. the chip won’t be the Mark of the Beast, once the Chinese find a way to hack them and steal your info and identity, they will be trashed.

        The mark of the beast will be something far more sinister…..Chillllllller

      26. Let me be the first to tell them: Molon Labe you crooked bastards!

        I have my own implantation device. Its a lot noisier and a lot more painful. An attempt to implant me will result in me implanting you.

        But, there are some myths here that need dispelled:

        1. The RFID tag does almost nothing but hold that unique number. 48 digits, I think? In the article it said that it “connects to…” Not true. The tag itself is nearly harmless. Its all the rest of the infrastructure is what the deal is.

        2. One could let them implant it, then, suck it back out and put it in a container of some sort. The problem is not that they use it, the problem is that they would ABUSE it. Like all forms of tracking, it allows them to create and enforce more non-crime crimes.

        3. The scan distance, even in extreme cases is less than 20ft. I suppose better technology will change that in the future, but, as someone above mentioned, a little tin foil and the thing is dead until you remove the foil.

        I won’t take the chip until I can hack it. Once I can hack it, I may just volunteer. Would it be neat to run your hand over something and the console to say:

        “Good Morning, Mr. President.”


        Now, here is the deal, if you can scan it, you can hack it. I’ll resist as long as possible, however,

        • I actually had a job implanting these things in fish. A cobalt magnet of sufficient power will disable it. What worries me other than the actual chipping/gov. abuse part, is the amount of electricity needed to create the field to read the chip as you walk through a doorway. There has been no effort that I am aware of to test whether these things cause cancer in humans from the EM field needed to get them to power up for the burst.

      27. interesting that ultra right winger Sean Hannity support this

        WTF ???

        ““I love this idea, Scott.” Security, financial, and healthcare: These are the vast categories of use which would encompass all of human life and activity in America.”

        I guess they ain’t makin’ conservatives like they used to ?

        • Hannity is in no way a real “right winger”, let alone an extreme “right winger”. He is one of them, but a good poser.

      28. If the chip is forcibly implanted under skin, and by saying “forcibly” I imply against one’s individual will, one would need these to remove it:

        1. Some knowledge of anatomy and physiology

        2. Sterile forceps + Sterile scissors – 1 pair each

        3. Sterile scalpel – 1 piece

        4. Sterile gauze, dressing & medical tape

        5. Sterile non-absorbable sutures w/needle.

        6. Iodine solution as antiseptic

        7. A will to remove the abomination

        Something tells me that for something like that to happen a person being tagged would have to be unconscious at the very least. For many, including myself, it would only be possible if I run out of ammo and can no longer use my rifle as a club.

        • I have all of the above in my first aid kit, and my will to be a free man..But it will be really hard for them to tag me while dodging bullets wont it?

          • VRF

            If and when it comes to this people likes will be viewed as the resistance, removing the chip raises even more awareness of us as individuals, possibly resulting in our incarceration and re-education and/or death. Who would then be fighting them if we are gone? Should this come to pass we would need more than ever to defeat these evil bastards.

            You will know where the chip is, at 8mm x 4mm and implanted under the skin you would feel it, muscle would interfere with it so they cannot plant it deep. The idea of shielding it as required and when the men come showing them a working chip appeals to me, and leaves me free to carry on with the defence of my family.

            I have just read this back……your idea is better, ignore the above….take it out and shoot the bastards.

            Take care

        • These tags can and sometimes do become keloidally encapsulated, turning them into a benign cist. Then the hole needs to be bigger to remove them…

      29. Old news. SHTFplan has become little more than a 3rd-tier news aggregator with average to slightly above average commentary/commenters. The yet-to-be implemented 1990s style forum would not change a thing except to make common topics more static and the nested comments run a little deeper. Mac, it’ not too late to join the 2010s and implement social networking so people can communicate effectively, maintain profiles, see what the other members are really made of, and actually network and build a community. For cying out loud, Buddypress is merely a WordPress plugin that takes seconds to install and a few hours or a few days to really customize.

        • Why then, are you here? Still waiting to see those mass arrests.

      30. On a good note I read yesterday that Apple Inc., is perfecting and patenting a clone program that can help you duck electronic survelliance….technology will prevail. I mean look…drones/12 gauges….a match made for each other.

      31. I’m new to SHTF and prepping and all this stuff, so hi everybody!! I’ll try to do y’all proud 😀

        It’s saddening to me that most of my generation would sign up for one of these things without a question. I’d dig it out myself if I had to.

        • If it comes to pass, they will propably be located in the middle of your back. That one goddamn spot you can’t reach or seem to get a good look at, even with two mirrors. ( that spot that always gets an itch!)

          • thats when it will be time to help your fellow man..and a way for us to know who we can trust

          • If that’s the case, then it simply can’t be the “mark” then, can it? Even then, who in their right mind would accept it??

          • Rick….”I got your back”…YES with pun intended, LOL

        • evie welcome!

        • welcome aboard evie…I’m not sure which generation you’re in, but I’m betting that many more of them are standup people than you might believe…many times, we patriots have trouble finding each other because we’ve been trying to blend in or not attract too much attention

          • I’m in high school, but I hope you’re right. Maybe we should come up with a secret code or something so we can tell each other apart. We can hang red, white and blue bandanas out of our back pockets, LOL

            • or hold up three fingers for a W…three Ws for

            • “Don’t Tread On Me” patch, pin or flag.

            • Welcome Evie…

              Great idea!

              I have a “Dont Tread on Me” flag decal on my pickup. You can’t miss it either. And no… I could give a tinker’s damn about being put “on their list” for having it proudly displayed! Until we ALL get on the same page and STOP the inner-squabbling …. NOTHING will ever come together, and nothing will ever truly be accomplished.

        • Hello Evie


          Take care

        • The Europeans are using them for an easy way to pay for drinks at bars! SCREW using them for gov’t ID. It’s a bragging right to have 5 or 10 of these RFID bumps on your shoulder, because it shows what a partier you are! You will be amazed at how many people will try to be first in line for these things here in Amerika!

      32. This my friends is what woke me up from my ptb induced slumber. Back in 2007, i found house resolution after house resolution introduced bi-partisan style in-order to get this passed. The Clinton’s and senetor brownback was spear heading the whole program. Also the company applied digitalto had strong ties to alcool the south american company that produced e85 ethanol.

      33. and they are like sheep (sheeple) for the slaughter. I nor my family will take this. As long as I have breatg my children will not get it. They are aware of what it is. My lil one will not get it. NO WAY! I have accepted that I will meet my maker and I good with that. Hoping the sky rips open first though! Just saw something interestin. I was watching Jack Van Impe (Pastor) on TV the other night interesting as he tied in revelations 7 horns with 10 king being BIlderburg, group. the club of rome,Illuminati,tri lateral comssion, new age, etc. how they will move to a Nwo AND DIVVIDE TH EARTH INTO 10 NATIONS(oops sorry for the typos and caps lock)
        1 north america canada mexico
        2 south america
        3 australia and new zealand
        4 western europe
        5 eastern europe
        6 japan
        7 southern asia
        8 central asia
        9north africa
        10 the remaining territories of africa
        Found it interesting and to me it just proves that we are not crazy but just gettin ready for the long road ahead…. wow buckle up guys we are gonna be in for one heck of a ride
        “stand for something or fall for anything”

      34. Will some one please get the FAT LADY a glass of waterso she can sing. Time is running out, so load and lock a mag and let’s get to work on taking this country back. The ballot box is broken. There is a song that say’s ” don’t be a puppet on a string ( ROM and Big O ) you got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” Well I stand for FREEDOM,and will fight for it. When the TPTB sent their puppets around to tag everone tell to shove up their A-S’S. Hey THANKS to who ever got the FAT LADY a glass of water, now she can sing. That’s enough said from me.
        Live Free or Die standing up for what is right.

        • Patience copperhead. It’s coming. Use the time to prep.

          • @ Rick: I’m Preped and waiting for the song to start. There is a h-ll alot of us old vets out here ready to ruck up and get started. Just like riding a bike, you don’t forget how to. I learned to ride in the NAM, Republic of. 1st Cav co. H 75th. Just walk in Indian coutry. We lurped around in the woods and took in the sites(lol).
            Be Free

            • Rangers, lead the way.

      35. Christians will NOT allow this to be placed in them!

        • That’s right Nam, nor will we, nor can we be deceived.

        • Neither will I, despite not being a Christian. This thing is sick and evil and there is absolutely no damned good reason to have it!

      36. Isn’t there some wording in the Odumbacare Bill that passed a few years ago that states Americans are to start recieving Verichips by March of 2013? Anyone got any info on this?

        • @ Chop My hubby was telling me he heard that too on a Chrisian station. I am sure it is in the obumacare somewhere. Geez why will they not just leave us alone for goodness sakes, we made them rich ..ingrates. I think I read that they will ship us on a site, above top secret..a long time ago. you can search that site, somw is a lil cooky but like anything else take what ya want leave the rest.

        • For your perusal…

          NOTE: I neither agree, disagree, nor endorse ANY of these, they are for your own investigation and analysis. Simply search “does health care bill mandate verichip” and you will find a multitude of info…


          This one has A LOT of videos on it from various sources…

          Hope this helps…

      37. I think obama should stick one of these up his ass so they can test it.

        • He doesn’t have an ass, he’s a space alien

      38. This is so far from implementable reality, it’s pathetic. Yes, the technology exists, and in the hands of private corporations, it could be scary. The reality is, however, that our government is so inefficient that this is at least decades away. Right now the various governmental organizations have no central database. Dept of human services can’t access social security, can’t access child support, can’t access Medicaid directly. Not to mention the public sector is way too broke to even think about building something so intricate. I’m not saying there isn’t evil intent, but the red tape that binds the bureaucracy will keep this threat at bay for awhile.

        • Too broke?? Can’t they just print more??

        • Thanks, this is the other variable in the equation I run every time someone tells me the government is breathing down my neck. From my experience, they can’t even find my neck. Even if I sit still for a long, long time!

          • That’s why you need to be chipped….they need to find your neck……LOL

            • LOL Tina! Right!

        • @Lottie, I’m not certain this is accurate.

          They are building this huge repository in Utah specifically for the reams of digital data from all our communications. They have already put DARPA to work on the programs that will be needed to simply extract an entire file on a specific individual and further, to then link that person to others. Just like “Minority Report”.

          Once upon a time, perhaps, governments were slow and inefficient. Now, they contract out the work, sometimes to multiple private firms and the results can be accomplished quickly.

          The red tape is really just pesky legislation passed for reasons of privacy. As we are seeing, it takes a simple EO to direct agencies to work together in specific instances. One Directive at a time, these barriers are breached.

          Go to a Social Security office. Your entire life history is on the computer screen of some low level government worker. The same is true at the hospital or clinic. Your surfing history in in multiple ad databases. Your purchases are correlated by your card company. with one stroke of an Executive pen, all of these can be directed to share information.

          Given these elements are in place or, at most 5 years way, that gives them 5 years to convince people to be chipped. At several universities and at trendy private clubs, young people are already using a fingerwave to pay for books, meals, an evening out. The kids love it. They hate to be stuck in line out in public while someone even swipes a card and enters a PIN, let alone writes a check. Many folks, even on this board, never carry cash any longer. They use a reward card, instead. So convenient and you get points!

          By the time the tech is available and debugged, a couple of cohorts of students and yuppies will be demanding no one slow them down at checkout and it will be a social faux pas to pay anyway other than w/biometrics.

          At some point, even the progressives will realize that they cannot stop voter ID, so they will agitate for chipping. After all, a chip is simply inserted quickly under the skin w/a needle. It takes a few minutes. No big deal. So, we will get voter ID and the price will be our personal sovereignty. Just like the bankrupt nations of the EU can be bailed out of they give up their national sovereignty.

          I give it under 10 years. And a majority will clamor for it in the name of convenience. I hope you are old. I am glad I am.

          • You greatly underestimate a 2nd amendment progressive. This is a common problem with you right wingers. You think progressives and libs are the same thing. Lemme clue you in. We hate the libs hand outs as much as we hate the right’s stingy greed. We want well thought out solutions, not knee jerk reactions spurned by the rantings of similar minded idiots. Glenn Beck comes to mind on the right, Soros on the left. Guess I’m stuck in the middle with a big brain, a big heart, a huge level of frustration, and a big pile o’ ammo. FWIW.

            • Tym. Exactly what makes Glenn Beck a right wing “simple minded idiot”? What makes him far right?

              I watch his show every day. It is about changing America to be more compassionate, more loving, more charitable.

              It’s about preparing – physically & mentally for what is coming.

              It’s about educating American on our history, our present and trying to change our future – so America survives.

              It’s about smaller govermnent, less regulations, less oppression. It’s totally anti-progressive (right & left).

              I don’t agree with him 100% but he is not an idiot and he’s not far right.

              I think YOU’VE been brainwashed and clearly you don’t watch the show.

            • @mrB- Glenn beck ALWAYS, ALWAYS,ALWAYS says the word isreal BEFORE usa.(you should know this you watch every day, perhaps you should just listen to him on the radio, I find that I see alot more, when I just listen.

              @tym-What the hell is a “2nd amendment progressive”?????

              Please explain to me what that is in detail.

              Left wing, right wing, but they are connected to the same bird.


            • Kev, it’s a name I found somewhere that seems to fit. A two part explanation follows:

              Economic liberalism has typically focused on using the government’s treasury as a means to ends, whether those ends are better healthcare (Medicare/Medicaid), stronger job growth (tax credits) or more robust export businesses (corporate subsidies). The idea is that taxpayer dollars can help individuals afford bare necessities and entice institutions to support the common good.

              Economic progressivism, by contrast, has historically trumpeted the government fiat as the best instrument of social change — think food safety, minimum wage and labor laws, and also post-Depression financial rules and enforcement agencies. Progressivism’s central theory is that government, as the nation’s supreme authority, can set parameters channeling capitalism’s profit motive into societal priorities — and preventing that profit motive from spinning out of control.

              Looked at this way, liberalism and progressivism once operated in tandem. But regardless of which of the two economic ideologies you particularly favor (if either), three of the recent epoch’s most far-reaching initiatives make clear the former now dominates both parties.

              Liberalism sans progressivism — i.e., public money sans regulation — turns the Treasury into an unlimited gift card for whichever private interests are being sponsored.

              So, we bemoan the cries of “get the gov’t out.” It’s more of “make the gov’t do the simple things we gave them power to do for the good of the nation, and get them out of our states’ powers and our lives other than what we have granted them”

              So, someone such as my self who cannot agree with either side – former republican neocon-hater here – envisions himself somewhere in the middle. With a lot of guns, just in case 🙂 You dig?

            • Blutarsky, Beck’s too polarized. I have, and do watch his show. As I said, I think broad spectrum. Being Christian, I like that he supports Israel. I like that he supports being prepared, etc.

              That said, I still believe there’s a solid chance he’s an NWO shill, a planted distraction. Sometimes he sounds so scripted it leaves me shaking my head. As does the likes of Soros spewing his left “for the good of all” propaganda.

              Again, we’re probably closer than you think, somewhere in the middle.

            • One last thing. I’ll have to admit a bit of bias. Most of my political opinions derive from one very focused thing.

              I run a manufacturing co. For twenty years I’ve watched my market, my work, move overseas in the global economic model called neoliberalism – often called conservative economics in the U.S.

              I’ve laid off more people in the last ten years than I care to recall. Not because they’re not competitive, but because we’re forced to “compete” with rotten chinese bastards who devalue their currency and treat their people and land like chattel.

              The right wing of our politics calls this BS the free market, as in free trade. I’m sorry, David Ricardo wrote the book on free trade and said if a businessman moves his means of production to a developing country for absolute advantage he is a TRAITOR to his own county.
              My personal experience leads me to think the very same way. I see an “internation conglomerate CEO” and I see a rotten ass traitor. I’ve sat across more boardroom tables from them than I can stomach.

              SO, when I hear the right calling for bullshit “free markets” I just about puke. Look around. Where did our jobs go. I’ll tell you where and why.

              A Jeep grand cherokee costs upper 20’s, 30K here. It cost $85,000 in china because of tarrifs. I can’t sell parts at all in china.

              Our gov’t is scared of doing anything, lest there be a trade war. Oh hell, we’re already in one!

              The thing is, I can’t slap a tariff on china. My state cannot. My country can though, through the federal gov’t we originally assembled to do just such things.

              So, yeah, I hear “free market” rhetoric, which only comes from the right and I go red. Along with all the other bs the right feeds people to keep them distracted from this very issue. Probably the most important issue we have. People say jobs is the biggest issue, and I say this is why it is that way.

              Then I look at the left, with their nanny state solution to our economic woes, and frankly, no backbone either to deal with our “partners” who have a full fledged trade war going on that we’re losing. Bad. NO THANKS.

        • Hate to break it to you Lottie, but that lack of a central database is about to become a thing of the past:

          Additionally, you’re thinking in terms of “efficiency” that would help YOU, the private citizen. You’re right, the government does NOT have that effiency… and it couldn’t care less. They’re not efficient at helping you, they’re efficient at controlling you


        • I beg to differ. Our Government is a three ring circus when it comes to truly doing good things, but they are AMAZINGLY GOOD at anything to do with hammering the little guy (and making him pay for it). That DHS VIPR team going door to door for “terrorists” is paid for by your taxes! Drones in the sky over Denver?, we paid for ’em.

      39. Three decades ago we were issued fire proof clothing at work. We could get our name or nickname on it. One employee had his employee number put on in place of his name. The logic behind it was, “Your only a number here anyway”. Well it was not too well received by management but it was an accurate analogy.

        Someone please remind me why children are given names.

      40. sorry…. secret! Whites only.

        Just a social experiment posting.

      41. Wow theres an app for it. Visi-Trac for health care professionals on the android market.

      42. ((Track this)) 🙂


        One gallon


        4 TO 5 lb. Blackberries
        ½ lb. White granulated sugar or until Specific Gravity is 1.095
        Add enough water to make 1 gallon
        1 tsp. Yeast Nutrient
        ¾ tsp. Pectic Enzyme Powder
        1 Campden Tablet
        Wine yeast suggestion Lalvin 71B1122

        Suggest a Starting Specific Gravity of 1.090-1.095
        For 12 to 13% Alcohol by Volume Potential
        Suggested Fruit Acid Should be .4% to .6%


        Be sure to use berries that are ripe as well as sound. Lightly crush
        Fruit and put it into the fermentation bag. Crush campden tablets and
        Mix all ingredients, except the wine yeast in primary fermentor. Cover
        With plastic sheet. After 24 hours and when must is 70 degrees F., add
        The yeast. Ferment for 5 to 7 days or until Specific Gravity is 1.040.
        Remove fermentation bag and lightly press. Rack wine into gallon jug.
        Attach fermentation lock. Rack after the first week, then one week later
        And again in two weeks. Rack every two months, until the wine is clear
        And no sediments are formed on the bottom. When wine is clear and
        Stable, bottle.

        Optional Extraction Method

        Boil ¾ gallon of water. Pour boiling hot water over the fruit. After
        24 hr. Strain (press lightly). Add sugar and enough water to make 1

        Age 12 months or more. :(“““` F**K!!! 12??? YES! Note: Previously frozen blackberries work well for wine making.

        • NICE..OT, but what the hell.Just picked my raspberries this week and made 2 gallons of wine.Gave some to the neighbor to make jelly. I always have 5 gallons of some type brewing and you’re right….they never get to be a year

        • yep, printed that one, thanks! will have to use the long lasting bottle tops. have you got anything that could be ready a bit sooner, say, by november? strictly for medicinal purposes of course….

      43. Good Luck getting one of those in me….

        • Sorry to say but that book you’re reading has on in it for “inventory tracking”. You may have one implanted in your shoe rubber. Put one in the collar of your shirt? No problem…RFID’s are used for inventory tracking on most goods anymore. So, you go pay for thoses Adidas at the counter with a credit card, the scan reads the card, the name etc. and then reads the chip in the Adidas,and puts that number under your name so every time you wear those shoes, that number is associated with … wait for it … YOU!!! Now, lets throw your phone, a book in your bag, your computer, the RFID in your shirt and/or pants, or your belt or… Get the picture? It’s already too late.

      44. Hi..dont really know how to start might be please bare with me.Ive been blessed to read this post now for over a year and truly it got me off my rear end and started preparing..For what God only knows…I believe more people are reading this site and are also doing the same, very very quietly..that i can asure you all of. so a big thank you from all of us to all of you.Today reading this really made me just sit in my chair in husband walked by and asked me why i looked so paled…Its funny how people mock the bible( not here) to justify their actions or lifestyles and still the bibl holds true…I was going to vote for Obama years ago and six months before the election i changed my vote.i sat down and listened to what he was saying in between. My mum was terrified..shes from germany she saw and remembered standing in the crowds as a small child and saw how Hitler grew..He also promised change and remember everyone lovved him he had so much charsiam…He said one thing then did another..God only knows what Obama does while we germany when the truth comes out we are screwed..I for one will not take a chip nor my family..For those who wonder for a split second if there is a god or heaven..the answer is yes..yes there is .i will not go into detail but my exsperences have changed my life..We do not know what the next months will bring..All i know is to prepare for the best . And pray..God is in control..he knows all..We may lose are lives if it gets bad.but we will be rewarded in heaven for enternity..The evil ones as it seems right now there winning ..will lose…for enternity…remember that…keep God close to ur heart..protect ur family and most of all help each other….Manos my prayers are with u always……thank you all , everyone here helps more people than what u think…P.S……ive talked to many many vets..soliders etc…they will up hold the constition……..even if they dont say so in public..

      45. I’m keeping tape over my webcam….anyone else??

        • @ JayJay:

          Thanks for the link… 🙂

        • I use a spongebob band aid… adds a lighthearted feel to my paranoia.

          • Good idea…I don’t even have the webcam service…but I read they CAN look in.
            Didn’t have a worry till new laptop.

            • My XBOX 360 kinect is watching me…

        • i taped mine the day my laptop arrived in my home lol

        • I flip mine off at least once a day 🙂

      46. Man is this going to piss off most of you, but here we go.
        I bought 5k worth of shares of DIGA or Digital Angel Corp. when the family in Florida got chipped in early 2003? That 5k is worth about $68 now, they did reverse splits and basically have ran the stock price to .035 cents now. This company is basically the old Destron-Fearon company that started chipping salmon to record thier movements to reproduce. I did not sell out, I knew it was a “high risk” investment, hoping it will come back to life. IT HAS NOT. These are the same people who have developed Verichip. Now the strange thing, the chip that everyone is calling a tool of the “Beast” has nothing to do with Revelation in the Bible. If any one of the readers or posters have ever heard of a television preacher named Arnold Murray, he preaches that the “666” is a timing on Earth when the Antichrist comes back. When a believer in the AC follows him and does his work, this is the “MARK”, or what is in his brain. Satan is smarter than that, to place a chip in the forehead or hand. Here is the part 1 of 8 video with Mr. Murray explaining what it says in the Whole Bible, not just Revelation.
        If you do the work of the AC, most will be doing it thru the “CHURCH”, and think they are doing God’s bidding. The AC will come in and make all things better for the first 3.5 years, then attack Isreal in the end at Armageddon 3.5 years later, in the valley of Meggido in Israel, per John who was imprisioned on the island of Patmos. Watch all 8 parts of the videos, it will make you reevaluate what religion you believe, and start wondering if what we have been told for generations is just one big lie, and everything you know is wrong. I imagine that many people will get upset to no end, but look at the situation we are in now. Religions molding into one, fiat money breaking down to the point that we will have one currency worldwide, and the formation of a one world government “NWO”, just like what is written by Paul in Revelation. One world govt, money, and religion.
        Do your own research, without being jaded by what you have been taught. And for the people who will come back with every kind of excuse or rebuttal, look at all the religions of the world for the known written history as we know it. There were many things going on a long time before Adam and Eve who which started the second of three eons of time. Look at all these televangelists on tv now, do you think they want to save you or just get you to send money for thier cause, or for them to live like rock stars with more money they need. If they were for real, they would live in realistic homes with modest surroundings, not what you see now in the news or tv. Everyone from Swaggert to Haggerty to Roberts, to even Creflo Dollar at the present have done things that God would not approve, but yet they keep bamboozling the people of the world to take your money. Sure some of them do some good things to look great on the surface, but underneath they are just scamming you. So keep sending money to them, so you will be “blessed”. Many will tell me that I’m going to hell, but maybe we are there already.

        • Not worth the time to comment on….

      47. Had enough yet???

      48. They can tag you. You can take it out. And stick it to a mouse. Then let them locate you. hahahah. ala Total Recall?

      49. I am not a cattle or some trout to be tracked by some government official. There will ONLY put one of those tags in me if I am dead. It made me so angry that several months ago I wrote a short article about how the government will try to look like the good guys to the common imbecile and what excuses they will use to get people to gladly get tagged like some animal to be shot later when the government sees fit to easily find the person.

      50. Just let them put it in, put a pencil in the microwave door interlock, set the timer for 1 second and hold the implant in front of the little plastic window in the microwave wall.
        Not long enough to burn you, but the electronics will be fried.

      51. Reminds me of The Star Bellied Sneeches by Dr. Suess

      52. …I hear they go well with fava beans and a nice chianti…..just sayin’

      53. Cover the chip with a “tinfoil bandage”.

      54. End the end…most will beg for them.

      55. not to go O/T
        but ..I have been trying to build a list of how many counties and city municipalities/gov. are in debt up past their eyes and growing every day.

        Many in Michigan, Ohio, ets..mostly all have some form of legacy costs, over funding know etc.. that is pushing this all in the hole with out much open talk about it.

        any one have any of this info? any of the info say to what dollar figure of it all comes to?

        Ive found stories like this one I found today surfing the web in different states

        “Wayne County finances shows the county does not have the money it needs to cover it’s pension legacy.

        According to the recent audit, the Wayne County pension plan was fully funded when Robert Ficano took office in 2003.

        Now the pension plan only has 60% of the money it needs to cover the projected payments for the next 30 years”.

        we all know this is no surprise, but it would be nice to put an area by area picture on it..might give a heads up to where the hot spots are

        • This off topic, but I read an account that said most states SAY they are underfunded, but really have columns on their ledger books doing well– better than well– by the article’s accounts, under a different category/name.
          Might want to look into that.
          No, I am not gonna search for the link.
          But, about 3 years ago when California announced it was waaaaay underfunded and claiming a huge budget deficit, I read the same analysis about it.

          • Years ago, a local County Clerk tried to unravel the books.
            The County was poor-mouthing and she didn’t believe them. What she found was that they simply tied the money up in out-of-state land. It was an asset that existed, but wasn’t readily cashable.

            I am sure there are other ways to accomplish this sort of insolvency.

          • (realitybloger.wordpress. com/2012/05/25/california-government-hides-billions-from-taxpayers/)

          • Yes…Try to get a look at your local corp gov’s CAFR to see where all the money that is being stolen from the common man is being hidden. This is the slush fund for the PTB that goes back to the DC corp and on to the City of London.

      56. Heres the thing: Fewer and fewer people from younger and younger generations will have to be “forced” or “legally obligated” to have a chip implanted. Technology advances are no longer novel for more than a week. People will easily agree to something that “syncs” them with their smartphone, virtual network, and “the cloud”.

        Not too long ago color televisions and VCRs were state of the art.

        I, for one, will NOT!!!!!! accept a chip.

        • I would LOVE to come to your house and show you how many “chips” are already there! Inventory control methods even have these things (flat versions) on some orange juice containers! In books! In the sole of your sandals! I LOVE all this “Never in me” stuff, because they are everywhere, in your purse etc. Ever have a book and you find that flat thing about 1″ by 1″ with all kinds of little maze-like metal tracks on it? RFID baby!

      57. By doing this, The Elite want to create a herd of cattle.

        But they will create an army instead.

        Modern people are soft. Spoiled. Most don’t know real hardship and privation. It will take a LOT to push them into action.

        It will take desperation.

        Perhaps this will be it.

        I’d hope it would’ve taken much less. But people put up with drug testing. They tolerate police checkpoints for “drunk driving”. They comply every day with thousands of violations of our civil rights.

        What will you do?

        I have made my decision and I am at peace with it.

      58. Alrighty now,here we go-just like I saidbefore-the B/S comes in dribbles and drabs,then POW,right between the eyes!!!It’ll start with that line about healthcare,pets and whatnot,but the “MARK OF THE BEAST”is hiding behind it. DO NOT BE MISLED OR FOOLED for the BIBLE speaks very clearly how the “ANTICHRIST”will come amongst us and that’s way WE MUST ALL BE EVERWATCHFUL AND KEEP PREPPING cause if&when the day comes to EAT OR ACCEPT THE MARK,there’ll be a wailing heard in every corner and terrible consequences. PREPARE NOW FOR WHOM YOU WILL SERVE AND MAY GODALMIGHTY PRESERVE THOSE TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE for souls are at stake and a bowl of soup cannot compare to the paradise of HEAVEN. My fellow preppers;PLEASE STAY PRAYERFUL.

      59. I look at how much has changed since the early 1990’s, with our society. Instead of becoming even more moral, educated, respectful, productive,our nation became more lazy, obese, uncensored and hedonistic and dumbed down.
        Bright shiny objects and false rhetoric dominate while truth and practicality fall behind. It’s like funneling the population to the point of no escape.

        @Tina-maybe the govt doesn’t need cord blood to get DNA-have you got kids born after 1978? I think the PKU blood sample taken 24 hrs after birth may indeed be stored DNA.
        I’m sorry if anyone’s kid suffers from PKU, but seriously, does anyone know enough kids that have PKU to warrant taking blood from every baby born here to test for it or is it a bullshit way to take our baby’s DNA under the guise of PKU??
        Nurses, doctors, anyone know anything about this or am I as crazy and delusional as my neighbors think I am?!

        • And I just read, the test is done at birth and at 2 weeks old.

          • I actually had not thought of that…….

            • The hospital even sent a nurse to my house to take the test. It’s pretty important to them, getting that blood.

          • DNA tests can be conducted with a cotton swab of the baby’s mouth. No blood is required, as any guy who has been falsely accused to be the father in a paternity suit can tell you.

            Just saying …. 😉

      60. nope I will never have it done no matter what they offer me or dont. if they take me to prison over this so be it I will fight and once they chip me i will cut the fucker out believe me. wont happen.

      61. My husband does not want to use cash, i spend it if I have it. You spend it anyway just with a piece of plastic.same damn thing. I hate technology!!!!!! It has ruined us! !!!!!!

        • I not only like to use CASH but I get a kick out of using half dollars, $2 dollar bills etc. I love to see the reaction of people when you hand it to them.

          I also like to see just how utterly STUPID some cashiers are when you hand them a .50 cent piece and they think it is a large quarter….This really happened…..I swear,

          We are so screwed!!!!

          • @tina-I like doin the same, but with those “gold” prez dollars.

            The look on some of the peoples faces are classic!

      62. This is the reason for the Wilderness network you have heard me speak of before. The mission the spirit has set the Piper upon, gather the good from the evil.
        No man is an island…the Bible tells us that we must go “into the wilderness on wings of eagles”.

        When the dollar goes down, “evil capitalist money” will be replaced by “good socialist credit”…this will be the Mark. It will be voluntary, but a death sentence for rejection.

        The wilderness of Babylon is all about building a trust network of brothers for alternate infrastructure, alternate economy, alternate communications, alternate money, backed up by alternate spirituality that unifies the denominations. We have a superior technology set, gov ain’t so smart, just full of money.

        What most people don’t get, is that the internet must stay up, in order for The Mark to FUNCTION. What else must happen, is that your church must go along, or be padlocked. The Age of Churches, must end my friends…

        When that happens you’ll wake up to the fact that The Rapture is a doctrine of devils, quick. I would discuss more but it is frowned upon to ‘advertise’.

        • Piper Michael,

          You have my attention. Please continue.

          • God Bless,
            What would you say, if I told you that the Piper was given a gift, a vision, of a Temple of Minds in the darkness, a web of lights on Earth as it is in Heaven? A system outside The System, to move the Brethren to be a Remnant, by overcoming the Babylonian system, the Rule of Gold, by the Golden Rule?

            What happens when the dollar dies? What would be the result? Many say it would be Madmax, but that is unreasonable, the world of Madmax was the result of a nuclear war. The history of economic collapses, says, that things will just get worse, and worse…and worse. And the government will only care about saving itself, and to do that, it must globalize. The point being, we, must save ourselves in order to save our souls.

            For this reason the Brotherhood of Iron was born…
            But people think “You’re crazy”, am I? Think it through.

            What happens if a 100,000(or more) brothers, pooled their resources?

            If a million sets of skills were developed for production of goods and services that people take for granted now? (Turning hobbies into productive endeavors, for all.)

            What happens if a million(s) people just said “F*** it” and went “into the wilderness” (went Galt en masse)

            What happens if that ‘network with a purpose’, was hiding in plain sight, backing each brother up with a local and national support system of trade and barter, with its own ‘money’?

            What happens if the network was so secure, it couldn’t be cracked.

            What happens if that network had the outward appearance of being nothing but ‘poor’ folks on paper?

            What happens if that network was outwardly, a Joke, nothing but a bunch of people playing a Virtual Game?

            What happens if that network had it own aerial transportation network, that wasn’t based on oil, or fast movers?

            What happens if that network, like a web of lights in a dark place, became the only way to thrive in a hyperinflating or collapsing economy?

            What happens to refuges if TSHTF and people have to abandon hoard’s in place, to the horde?

            What happens if the brother who is about to be taken down, is simply moved, lock stock and barrel to another refuge? With skills and goods intact?

            What would you say, the Holy Spirit told me to build a site protected by the Lord Himself? To build an unbreakable and unmonitorable system of communications. To build trust, by giving and sharing and fellowship, that goes beyond church.

            What would you say, if I told you that the Piper loved the Lord, but hated religions. Searched for absolute Truth for 40 years, by knocking on the door of heaven, and was rewarded. Was given The Secret of the Theory of Everything, the Holy Grail, that is the Sword of Truth, that came from a rock, that proves, mathematically, scientifically, that God exists, in all things. That shows definitively, that Daniel’s God of Forces is revealed in the ‘Forbidden books’ that were left out of the Bible, combined with the unfinished work of Einstein, this is the God Calculus, that lives in the Babylon Wilderness.

            We are the Brotherhood of Iron, the spirit was clear, this cycle, The Knowledge is not accepted by the Clay, but is only for the Iron, who are attracted out of the Clay by knowledge, like an electric current. The Clay will laugh and ridicule, for they love their Mystery.

            Can anyone see how, we come to a place of “pounding our swords into plowshares…and neither shall they learn war, anymore”?, without elimination of the cause, wealthy? Without elimination of ownership of land? For war is the product of wealth, and land and resources, as well as denominations of religion.

            The Rule of Gold(He who has the gold, rules.)is the Babylonian system, and it must be replaced by the Golden Rule of the Lord. No? Think. We must have vision that extends beyond today, that overcomes Mystery with knowledge, and unifies denominations that are the product of that Mystery, of the People that came out of Babylon and Rome. Ten toes of Iron and Clay, ten horns of the Shofar, on a Beast that controls the world, we can tear down that Statue of Nebuchadnezzar with the power in the rocks, that power is; anti gravity, the hidden power of the Holy Spirit.

            We can pound our swords into plowshares, and our children can see the birth of the Star Child, headed for the New Heavens and the New Earth. For the Earth will be destroyed, one day.

            As it says in the Dead sea scrolls, the Brotherhood of Light must do battle with the Brotherhood of Darkness. The Iron must be attracted out of the Clay, by the power of Knowledge that overcomes the Mystery of Rome. And to those who say the Lord will save you, reality is all you have, the rest is Mystery, fairy tales and superstitions, interpretations of Pharisees. They were those who did not even see that The Lord was with them, are the same today. This generation is as bad as the Generation of Noah. What will you do if your doctrines are wrong? What will you do if you cannot buy food? When your preps run out? You will sell your soul to the Beast.

            The Piper plays a tune, The Chorus sings, and the forests will echo with laughter.

            (Sorry for the rambling, these little boxes are hard to think in…)
            Now let the Scoffers begin.

            • Where can I get a ticket?

            • I too am Iron. Defender of The Light. Allow the failure of the world, for it is the Darkness. The Clay must be used. But for what?

            • Piper Michael,

              You should have my email. I will ask the site admin to forword it to you. It’s the only way I can think of.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

        • All work etc will be in Babylon. The great whore of Babylon will rise up. This will be the NWO capitol The US already had many buildings built there with a swimming pool the size of a football field food court etc. It is surrounded by waterways etc that is to make a great location for trade. As they build they will need workers. As all other countries collapse and people will need work this will be the hot spot to go to for work, shopping etc. It will be gloriouse. Vegas on steroids so to speak. People will be lured there for money. You know how they got people to go rebuild iraq? ALOT of money. I know electricians were gettin over 50 an hour over there. That will be Babylon. Monbey power, and sin galore. It will be easy to need and choose to go there. Thus being called the great whore, enticing. Be warned my friends it is coming and fast. I just hope I have enough time to finish somemore preps as I am limited with funds and time. Only a year in and knowhere where I need to be. Good luck to all

      63. Just a little note about RFID tags… a couple of years ago I had an unauthorized charge on my Conoco Mastercard of about $450 from “Fashion X” in Guangdong, China. How did they get the credit card number? I am convinced it was because of RFID. You see, this particular Conoco Mastercard was a “pay pass” version, and had an embedded RFID, in addition to the magnetic strip on the back. I didn’t know it until I read something somewhere that made me look – you can see it if you hold the card up to a bright, focused light. It is molded into the card. So anyone close by with a RFID reader could get my card info. I fixed this problem by microwaving the card for 3 seconds – the RFID device sizzled and popped, and apppeared burnt when I held the card up to the bright light. So check your cards now. I suppose that this could be used to track your movements as well as stealing card information.

        • I like crushing them..but your idea works too

      64. Not sure how to much i subscribe to this now but Torah and Tanachaly speaking we reside in the land of the beast. Example the days of the week are named after Norse gods except for Saturn-day ,Sun-Day and Moon-Day Tuesday is Tiu Wednesday is woden Thursday is Thor Friday is Freya or Friga

        My favorite is the “I US monument” the largest phallic symbol aka obelisk aka penis symbol bka the us monument resides in our nations Capitol. Homage to the Horus. The statue of the ten commandments in DC has the all seeing eye of Amen-Ra in the center.

        The Hebrew god YHVH gave his people holy days and Sabbaths and told them that by observing them they would have his mark. Naturally since the new testament was added to the books of Moshe his holy days were turned into Sun-Day, easter-Astarte god if fertility Christmas ancient Tamuz worship etc… by keeping these days you except the mark.

      65. Say good bye to abolition. But then again who need a chip when there are Adidas shoes with shackles.

      66. Resist to Endure! Resist to Endure!

      67. Hell, we don’t need stinking chips….give them I-phones that track and keep info on the masses and the asses will gladly pay for it themselves.

      68. I know people have a tendency to type really fast and I can deal with the typos and lack of grammer. But it drives me nuts when people type what would be 3 or 4 paragraphs as one long string.

        I try to read them but usually wind up giving up. You can type fast and still add eye breaks for the reader by hitting the enter key twice. It’s fast. It’s easy. And makes a huge difference for the reader.

        See what a difference of adding a blank line in between thoughts can make. Ease of reading!!!

        I love this site and have been reading it for years. A person can learn so much from reading it and the comments.

      69. I am an atheist. I do not believe in the mark of the beast. Having said that, I will not under any circumstances take a chip because I understand what it is. It is a mark of ownership. A cattle tag. Not for me, thank you.

        • Glad to find there are more Heretic’s. But, you will find out when you die, that God is real. Now proven by the God Calculus…science and religion, become One.

          The Heretic’s were murdered by the Roman Church, whole villages were put to the sword, it is the beginning of the phrase;
          “Kill them all, let God find his own.”
          (Google Cathar’s if you want to see the real Heretics.)

          I know, because I AM THE Revenge of the Heretics.
          The Revenge of the Heretic, is an assault on MYSTERY, with the power of KNOWLEDGE.

          Let the ridicule begin.

          • On your advice here, I did a small amount of reading on the Cathars.The belief that hell is actually the life you have on earth is interesting. I had never heard of them.

          • I am familiar with the Cathar’s.(although apparently my spellchecker is not)I’ve been called a heretic since childhood for asking the wrong questions in church.

      70. Well this is as crazy as a bag of cats!

      71. Long time reader, first time poster.
        Many people have written about various things being the “Mark of the Beast” (such as Social Security Numbers). One humble opinion (mine) is that the Mark of the Beast that is spoken of Revelation will be something that is universal, i.e. worldwide. The Social Security Number is a USA government program, so logic should dictate that it is not the “Mark.” Along these same lines, if this is an individual government program (for now?), and not world wide, universal, applicable to all people, everywhere, then I would hesitate to state that it is unequivocally the “Mark of the Beast.”

        That’s not to say that this is a good idea. I think it is terrible idea.

      72. Most will LOL at this comment. I still have to splash cold water on my face, to face the reality of it, but it is real and not by some drug induced hallucinations. A good friend of mine had it happen to him, sometime around 1965. There is a network of people that have had it happen to them and they usually won’t talk about it except among themselves. Why? Because they are labeled as freaks when it gets out. Here goes… Aliens have been abducting and “chipping” people for years. My friend was “chipped” in his bedroom one night as a child. He did not realize it was more than a nightmare until ten or so years after the incident when he began to have discomfort in his left shoulder. The thing got removed and it was about the size of a grain of rice.

      73. There’s a good documentary here entitled Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda –

      74. This a great thing…….for 4 LEGGED animals… know…lets start in Washington DC with all the democrats then work our way out from the beltway……If it such a good idea, let the politicians wear one, I mean after all we CITIZENS ( their bosses) can keep tabs on their infidelity, parties, drug use etc….it is not use who need them it is most of the Politicians that need them

      75. Just one quick clarification. While governments are trying to and will chip us, that chip itself is not the mark of the beast. The mark is in fact more likely the patch or insignia like tribes and army wear for identification. This patch shows your allegiance and acceptance to the authority. The mark will be the crossed swords of Islam, the mark of the false moon god Allah, the bismallah. John actually wrote down what he saw, later manuscripts just tried to make sense of it and translated what they thought was meant to be greek writing.

        That said, you can put a chip in me when I dead. No sooner, and I will take as many of you as I can with me if you try to force it.

        Couple quick references:

        • Forgot to mention, scroll down to the pictures for a quick idea and actual pictures of the earliest manuscripts that show the mark.

      76. I have a trusty knife to cut that sucker out if I am forced to have it implanted.

      77. The Bible says if you believe it, that the Mark of the Beast will be placed on your forehead or on the back of your right hand. Placed means it will be permanent so it either has to be tattooed, on or injected.

      78. There’s nothing about the back of the hand. And the way the language was used when John wrote about the mark of the beast right hand can also mean to be taken right arm. Like tying a bandanna around your arm or forehead, or the unit patch worn on your uniform or helmet. The right side is used because that is your sword arm, and the source of where your projected strength comes from.

        The Great Deciever (also a name Allah gives himself) knows the bible and prophecy well, and is quite adept at long term strategy, and twisting words to fit his vision. It makes sense that he would obfuscate what the mark really is so that it well be accepted when it is seen, and this is also why we are told to calculate or reason out what the mark is.

        However, I won’t say absolutely it is not a tattoo, just that I think it is more likely to be this. For one thing, the cloth is far more logistically plausible than tattooing a couple billion people.

        Still, I AM very certain (High 99 %) that the mark is the name of Allah, and part of the new caliphate.

      79. One more piece of food for thought; is this government really global? If so, then who is the beast warring against, and what are the “strongest fortresses” which he attacks?

      80. If it’s so Great…..why not “chip” every ILLEGAL captured here, before sending them home to Mexico.

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