The Battle for the U.S. Border, Besieged by Illegal Aliens

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    For several months, now, there has been a steadily growing focus on the U.S.’s implementation of increased border patrols, the creation of a permanent fence or divider on the border, and the question of illegal aliens. The president has taken a firm and unyielding stance. On June 25, AP was quoted as reporting “President Donald Trump on Sunday compared people entering the U.S. from Mexico to invaders and said they should be back without appearing before a judge.”

    The president was quoted as saying, “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country. Our immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting [in] line for years! Immigration must be based on merit – we need people who will help to Make America Great Again!”

    Absolutely right: they are illegal aliens, and as they are crossing the border illegally without citizenship, they are foreign, non-citizens – aliens, by definition.

    The stance of the ACLU, the Democratic Party, and other communist organizations are just such: communist platforms that are evident within Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” Van Jones’ “Top Down, Bottom Up,” principle, and the pseudo-heartfelt “welcome” to the illegals from lifelong party operatives such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer. In the manner of the “open dams” in Europe, allowing the floodgates to open up with Muslims and destroy the European nations from within, the Democrats, communist-sympathizing domestic corporations (globalist and communist are interchangeable), and the “entitlement nation” of citizen-sheeple are pushing hard to make that happen here.

    From a technical standpoint, not only are they illegal aliens, but also they are invaders, just as the president stated, and that by their own admission. In the words of the Mexicans who are proponents of “La Reconquista,” the entire southwest and half of California “belongs” to the Mexicans. The exact percentage is unknown: polls of this nature are not taken, and if they were, the results would be discounted or labeled as “racist” in the manner of “The Bell Curve,” released in the mid 1990’s with amazing statistical analyses.

    The majority of these “Reconquistadores” truly believe that with a combination of illegal incursions, the drug cartels, and eventually the support of the Mexican government, that the territory ceded to the U.S. in and surrounding the war with Mexico will be reclaimed and renamed Aztlan. Tens of millions have already crossed, and the majority of these illegal aliens brought that philosophy with them: thus, they are illegal aliens, and this is an invasion.

    Complicit with that invasion are the politicians in the United States and the moneyed interests, lobbyists, and corporations who set up and pay the politicians’ “second retirement fund,” as in the “Clinton Foundation,” the most massive presidential money-laundering operation carried out by a former president, his family, and his network. The corporations have paid these politicians to look the other way and make it easier for illegal aliens to work in this country under the table. President Reagan had a big hand in triggering this “amnesty” mind-set with his policies that did not enforce border security or crackdowns on corporations employing illegal aliens outside of the tax-format of society.

    President Trump is doing the right thing. He is setting the wheels in motion for a no-tolerance policy for illegal entry into the United States. He is fulfilling his job as the Commander-in-Chief by dealing with the border and protecting the interests of U.S. citizens as provided within the Constitution.

    Time Magazine’s June 25 edition has an article entitled A parent’s nightmare at the U.S. border.” The article is a perfect characterization of the Left’s demonization of any…any…upholding of U.S. laws relating to border control. The article uses “A young Honduran woman named Miriam” and her “18 month-old son” that she carried in her arms and walked across the border with, on grounds of “asking for asylum.”

    The author’s name is Haley Sweetland Edwards (go figure), and it painted a picture of the struggling, valiant young mother and her infant son against the evils of the U.S. government who wouldn’t just let her walk across. Asylum? Viktor Belenko was granted asylum back in ’74 when he flew a MiG, the “Foxbat” to Japan and defected from the USSR. That’s a case for asylum. Haley Sweetland Edwards, you just walk across the Mexican border asking for “asylum,” and see what they do to you there, or in any other country for that matter.

    The mindset is this: you give your money, open your homes, and you let them into the borders…but just don’t give them my things: that is the liberal mindset in a nutshell. Liberals are always generous with things that don’t belong to them, generous with anything that doesn’t come directly out of their pockets or bank accounts.

    The irony: it does, because indirectly these illegal aliens are responsible for making their taxes rise, making their wait time in an emergency room double, and is adding to the cost of goods and services in the U.S. across the board. The illegals take jobs out of the hands of American citizens and devalue your own money, liberals, by allowing an outflow of cash that increases the balance of payments for the U.S. and undermines the economy. The president is looking out for the interests of the United States and her citizens, bottom line.  July 2 of Time Magazine’s cover has a picture of the president looking down at a crying Latino child, with the caption, “Welcome to America.”

    Let’s take an investigative look at this and find out who the staff at Time is and how many of them have an interest either politically or economically or both – of allowing illegal aliens to cross the border with no restrictions. The American media is one of the vilest, most evil, most despicable institutions that has ever existed on the planet. The crimes that have been committed with their blessings make them nothing less than complicit in their commissions.

    And regarding that Time issue? They don’t have a page that lists the editor-in-chief, the editorial staff, and the photographers: the anonymity to protect operatives of the communist party, card-carrying or otherwise. “Pravda” or “Izvestya” is a better title for those fawning communist-syndicated AP parrots.

    Omitted are the details of the gang-bangers and narcotrafficantes, and the challenges the Border Patrol faced within the administration that was supposed to support it. Omitted are the crimes committed…murders of U.S. citizens…after these illegal aliens have been let out of detention. Fast and Furious and a dead border patrol agent was under Obama’s watch, and these detention camps that are just now coming to the forefront of the media’s camera lenses? They all sprung up during Obama’s tenure, not under the current administration.

    In Europe, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and now Italy are taking a stand and stemming the inflow of illegal aliens into their countries. The United States has the chance to do the same. The globalists cannot win unless they completely collapse nations from within and destroy and devalue the borders, language, religion, economy, and culture. They’re using mass migrations (illegal aliens) to accomplish this. In order for the president to succeed, he needs the support of the Congress and American people to stem the tide of illegal aliens into the United States.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Illegal is Illegal! Pick another country on this planet who has the illegal problem the US does. See what would happen if you walk across their border without paperwork or permission. We’re the bad guy? Many are using asylum as an excuse to come in here and take advantage of our benefits and welfare,they could care less about our culture and laws. Europe is experiencing the same thing with the muslims and are finally reacting to it. Time to do the same here.

        • How to shut these bleeding heart liberals up when they cry about the poor mistreated illegals.

          “How many are you currently housing in your home?
          How many are you willing to house starting today?”

          • OPEN BORDERS = a core necessity of western governments destined to repopulate their lands due mainly to westerners’ inability to successfully procreate. Besides that, people in western countries have been severely exposed to heavy pollutants for decades right after WWII (including radioactive materials), massive mandatory vaccinations that in the end made them more vulnerable to diseases of all kinds (both, harmless and lethal).
            Let’s also take in consideration that western couples are well known for their sexual apathy caused mainly by low sperm counts and lack of testosterone in males, and constant miscarriages on women; besides that, the feminization of western males is a de-facto reality, including new social trends in life-styles such as transgenderism and lack of gender identity during childhood and puberty.
            Moreover, people in the western hemisphere have been forced to accept and consume GMO-based foods as part of their daily diet for many decades, thus the alarming levels of cardiopulmonary related diseases (including obesity) and new forms of cancer affecting westerners at alarming levels.
            Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is 100% correct supporting a massive immigration of Mexican nationals to the US, since America is facing during the next decade a transfer payments crisis of apocalyptic proportions: by 2030 the United States will have a population of about 150+ million people totally dependent on government benefits (senior citizens, pensioners, baby-boomers and the disabled) AND THE ONLY PLAUSIBLE WAY TO MITIGATE THIS INCOMING CRISIS WILL BE BY DOUBLING THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE LIVING IN AMERICA (and additional 300+ million immigrants will be needed just to sustain those transfer payments).
            Finally, Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants (both legal and unlawfully present) living in the United States are already the predominant ethnic group, estimated on 75+ million people as of today, and during the next decade these people will occupy key role positions in government, the military, law enforcement and municipalities. THESE UPCOMING CHANGES ARE IRREVERSIBLE, SO BETTER START ACCEPTING THOSE NEW REALITIES.

        • Shoot and kill the sons of bitches. All of them if they cross.

          • 1000% Yes VOTE. Set up .50 Cal Gatling Gun, Machine Gun Nests spaced out about every 200 yards on the boarder and let Americans volunteer to man the gun nests and shoot anything that crosses into the 300 yards of open field, no mans land. Use night vision for night time. Hell yeah!!!

          • Agreed.

      2. Jim, you just hit the nail on the head. DITCH. THE. WELFARE. STATE. That’s the PRIMARY reason they come here. Cut off the gravy train and they’ll deport themselves.

        • So many countries have it where you must be able to support yourself and have funds until you can or you don’t get in.

          Visiting is another matter but people don’t visit for months or years without an excellent reason such as caring for a relative.

        • No they won’t deport themselves, they will steal and rob.

      3. Build a gigantic leaf blower to push them back across the border.

        Now that’s irony.

      4. In some areas of Southern California, Mexicans already have large areas that are primarily Mexican.

        I agree. Benefits of welfare and medical care are very attractive.

        White people who have children with these migrants decrease the white gene pool. And while Hispanics are not an endangered species, white Caucasians most definitely are. Save the endangered species on this planet, starting with the world’s most important species, white western human beings, the creators of the better life every other human is seeking.


        • Try going to the Emergency Room in Southern California. The wait is to die for!

          • I went into what I thought was a private practice.

            Walked around long lines, like it was another brownwashed themepark.

            The walls and floors were all dirty, in a hospital.

            Stores in the worse, most-compromised regions, reek of whatever is in lice shampoo.

      5. J.J. Thanks for another great article. Teaching U.S. Citizens about the reconquistadores (reconquerers) and AZTLAN (the currently U.S. states that were formerly part of Mexico or Mexican territory) is extremely important. Having lived in CA for more than 50 years, I experienced first hand the invasion of southern CA. Many of the invaders have no desire to assimilate as U.S. citizens, they want to take from U.S. citizens. They scoff at our immigration laws, jump to the front of the immigration line, displace U.S. citizens in the workplace, send their pay checks to Mexico rather than circulate that money in U.S. Communities, bankrupt many of our hospitals by handling everything as an emergency, and generally ruin our country. J.J. Is right on the money again – this is an invasion.

      6. Remember 95% of brown people voted for the same crap the Browns in South Africa voted for , now out of power the top crap is calling for the genocide of the whites. This will happen here. What is our alternative , Revoking citizenships, mass deportations, Declaring them the domestic enemy. Or a race war.

        • We will have to kill them all.

      7. All of this hard liner stuff was perfectly fine when Putin was doing it. Remember all the libs kissing his ass?

      8. the entire southwest and half of California “belongs” to the Mexicans.

        You actually WANT this shit hole? You can have it. Enjoy.

        No this is not a good deal for you trust me…

      9. All we need to know is in their playbook, “Rules for Radicals”. They have shown their strategy. Stupid unless they think the populace is stupid, and maybe they’re right. Most Americans are dumb beyond belief. Thank you, indoctrined “public” school system . Public meaning ” propaganda” .

        Bunch of dumb people supporting another bunch of greedy manipulative people

        • Most Americans are NOT dumb! The media portray us as dumb to frustrate us and to remove our spirit for fighting the AGENDA. They have convinced us that there actually ARE enough stupid voters to keep Pelosi, McCain, Waters, Ryan, etc. IN OFFICE! With Americans DOUBTING EACH OTHER they will excuse the OBVIOUSLY impossible election results of (insert name of corrupt/delusional politician) elected OVER and OVER. The media has portrayed our youth as dumber than a box of rocks, and millenials as snowflakes with a disposition of a wilting flower and no work ethic. As a generationX person who has worked at public schools, I know that our youth are mature and wise beyond their years. Millenials are a kick *ss bunch of people who are trying to make it in a world of impossibilities and obstacles that everybody else is in denial of. Yes, there are a lot of imported duncebuckets. That isnt who WE ARE! Stop believing we are the problem and LOOK for evidence to support what I am saying. Like when 4chan (millenials, I think) figured out who the masked bike lock attacker was in the Berkeley get togethers. There are amazing examples of young people ALL over yt questioning the narrative, the fake news, etc. THAT is what you need to do. Stop doubting America and it becomes easier to see how corrupt our government truly is.

      10. It’s one thing to be nice to people and another to be a doormat.

        Show them all the door and apply boot leather.

      11. Obama REmade the immigration system as part of his plan to DESTROY America.

        Who was he fooling?

        Let’s put the blame on Obama and his party = where it belongs. Truth is truth. Pelosi can spin Trump’s protecting our border (as it had always been pre-Obama) as cruelty, but she is the real Cruella de Ville! As Dr. Peck wrote in his book on evil (people who are destructive), “We see the velvet glove that masks the fist of fury.”

        Be furious, Nancy, your party is dead.

        The America taxpayer does not have the means to support each and every illegal alien/invader. yet, Obama and his Democrats gave them the moon while our own taxpayer citizens cannot get a fair shake in any sense of the word.

        Trump is trying to stop the bleeding out of our greatness. Obama and the huge staff he meets with every day can scapegoat Trump all he wants, but all the rest of their fingers are pointing right back at him and them.

        Scapegoating is evil. It allows the scapegoater to AVOID taking responsibility for what THEY did!

        Not on our watch. And not on Mr. Trump’s!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      12. “…very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting [in] line for years!”

        Why are those “good” Mexicans, in an era of admitted invasion, supposed to receive better treatment than WW2 Japanese.

        According to Murphy’s law, how were they supposed to be so readily recognized as friendly.

      13. The bulk of the illegals are pawns used for emotional appeal and cannon fodder. The real reason to keep the borders open is the drug flow and the money it generates. everyone has their price as politicians. the amount of money involved is so huge that if cannot really be imagined by the average person. corruption is the issue. We have been sold on he auction block The rich get richer and the people are kept docile with drugs and desperate for the next fix for ever with no change in site.

      14. We need the purge to start sooner, rather than later.

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