The Backfire Continues: NRA Breaks Fundraising Records In Wake Of Gun Control Demands

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    The NRA continues to rake in money in the wake of gun control activists vocally demanding the government strip away the rights of gun owners.  The gun rights lobbying group broke fundraising records in March largely thanks to the gun control crowd.

    The numbers don’t lie either. The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund raised $2.4 million from March 1 to March 31 of this year, according to The Tampa Bay Times.  As the March for Our Lives movement captured the mainstream media’s attention because it fit their carefully crafted pro-government narrative, in the weeks after the Parkland shooting, the other side of the gun control debate enjoyed a big month of its own.

    The $2.4 million haul is the most money raised by the NRA’s political arm in one month since June 2003, the last month when electronic federal records were readily available. It surpasses the $1.1 million and $1.5 million raised in January and February 2013, the two months after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Note that many of the NRA’s highest fundraising months are those after shootings when gun control Nazis seek to disarm the innocent over the actions of a lunatic. Another important tidbit to recognize about this particular fundraising month is that most of the donations, $1.9 million of the $2.4 million total, came from small donors who gave less than $200.  That means regular, everyday Americans are paying what little they have to avoid having even more of their basic fundamental human rights stripped away.

    And much to the rights violators dismay, gun control groups haven’t been able to match the NRA’s fundraising. Everytown for Gun Safety’s Political Action Fund raised $13,580 in March while former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ Political Action Committee raised $129,589 in March, according to the Tampa Bay Times.  In fact, much of the demands for innocent people to give up rights is met with resistance and more guns flooding into the hands of Americans. 

    The March for Our Lives group founded after the Parkland shooting has raised $3.5 million since February 18 via the online service GoFundMe, though that money was put toward organizing marches around the country. BUt big name companies, such as the fashion company Gucci has also publicly announced their own half-million-dollar donation. Those publicly disclosed donations total $2.5 million, meaning a large amount of the donations came from wealth celebrities or corporations.



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            Oh yes we have. In fact we fight it every day. Perhaps the reason that we aren’t more successful is that YOU haven’t helped. All YOU do is yell at everyone. Useless Jerk.

            • Stuart, my man.

          • First of all eisenkraut, go f8ck yourself. 2nd if anyone has proven to be the absolute worst stewards are the whites. Natives have had this land for thousands of years with no issues but then here come the settlers and after a few hundred years we have a nice sh*t sandwich.

            3rd welcome to becoming susceptible to the divide and conquer, weak minded fool.

      1. Libturds don’t have a leg to stand on. Libturds can’t make any kind of demands on anyone. Libturds are not entitled to anything, nor even owed anything to them by anyone. If David Hogg confronted me I would take his stupid young ass to the woodshed and send him home crying to mama. There’s only going to be one solution to this whole affair.

        • If Master Hogg confronted me
          I doubt he would be able move very far.
          I’d call 911 and have EMS take him off.
          I find that child-man to be obnoxious.
          He makes Pelosi and Schumer sound normal.

        • Hogg ? reminds me of Isaac from Children of the Corn. ???

          Don’t get me started on his pencil-like arms, his swishy latte-sucking face, and his ridiculous argumentative demeanor.

          That kid needs a few months of outward bound. Eating squirrel and crow for dinner (if you’re lucky) instead of snap-chatting pics of your specially-prepared meal tends to have an effect on people

          • Grunty, I knew I had seen him somewhere before. He does remind me of Isaac from Children of the Corn.

            • Grunty and Justice, he looks like someone I got into a fight with when I was in the 8th grade. AND I WON THE FIGHT.

          • Yep and the devil will get him too.

        • Well don’t forget there are lots of NEO-CON libtards in the R party too.

      2. Full disclosure.
        I’m a life NRA member and have been so since the 80’s.
        I don’t always agree with the NRA, but I repudiate people that
        want to limit my ability to respond to government tyranny.
        I know I can’t go toe to toe with the military or a Swat team,
        but cops and military have to sleep somewhere, have a family, and they want to get paid. I want it in the back of their minds that we can and will cause them personal grief(4GW).
        We are about 5.5 million gun owners that know how to shoot, hunt and be safe.

        • Here here!

      3. The NRA is still the most powerful gun lobby. Large donations from wealthy contributors are fine as long as they don’t try to misdirect the lobby from its intended goal. These rich guys threaten to withhold monies as a form of inappropriate control. Let’s pray that the gun toting average Americans keep them honest and staying the course.


      4. “Stress is the emotion you feel when you restrain yourself from strangling some as*hole who desperately needs to be strangled.” Considering the way that gun control people act and talk, a lot of good people have high stress levels. It testifies to the mental stability of gun owners that the “March for Our Lives” crap hasn’t been turned into “RUN For your lives” by someone shooting at the idiots!

      5. I heard that NRA has a BIG corporate building and BIGGER overhead exppenses. I want that money to go where it was meant to be,fighting unconstitutional laws and supporting pro freedom candidates. I also want to see a break down of all their expennsee and where all donated money goes to. Then,I will join.

        • South,
          An awful lot of NRA money is donated.
          Political money would be NRA-ILA.
          Write an email to Chris Cox
          he will tell you how they spend
          the money. You can also call or snail mail
          a director, pick one, I’d ask Ted Nugent he is pretty
          outspoken, you generally have to be a member
          if you expect a personal response.

        • No you won’t Southside.
          All pricks like you ever do is complain that the organization isn’t perfect as an excuse to watch from the sidelines. It is always the same lame excuse for YOUR failure to help.
          If push ever does come to shove, YOU are exactly the type of
          person that will run and hide. You have shown that we can’t count on YOU.

      6. What really doesn’t make sense is that this country is pretty fairly split between those who support the 2A (and for the most part, the NRA) and those who do not. The first group has millions of guns and what I’ve heard is trillions of rounds of ammunition. Just how the hell does the 2nd group really think they’re going to get rid of the 1st? They can pass any damned law they want ….. I seriously doubt that they’ll get very far past the first few times they go to confiscate. Word’ll get out, the next few won’t be so easy; and then, the next bunch will be either fully ready, loaded and locked… most likely with like minds gathering to lend a hand to one another. Best thing the anti-gun crowd should do is just STFU and check into self-deportation, suicide, self-castration…. some socially beneficial step like those.

      7. Heard two interesting claims about these school shooters recently.

        First, all of these school shooters came from broken homes where the parents were divorced, dead, or missing. The main ingredient seems to be a missing father.

        The main thought here is that these shooters were easy pickings, prey, to bullies. Mainly, because other kids can sense when their prey does not have the strong support of a family unit backing them up. These bullies can do whatever they want because they know their prey is on their own.

        This makes perfect sense. After each school shooting the kid is referred by MSM as a loner, a lone wolf, a loser.

        You don’t suppose there is some correlation between the destruction of the American family and school shootings?

        I have said it before and it bears repeating. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a people problem.

        Second, not one of these shooters was a member of the NRA.

        • I come from a Very broken home.
          My mother had 4 husbands
          But I had father, uncle, and
          other men that set me more or less
          on the straight and narrow.
          Women should NOT raise boys
          after the age of 5.
          They feed them, nurture them,
          but they cannot control
          them. A man is needed.
          Just like a mother is needed
          to deal with a daughter that
          is going hormonal.

        • @the blame-e

          You’re right. The problem is the globalist social engineering and perverting of the American culture and the American people.

      8. If only GOA could outgrow the NRA.

        • GOA is a worthy organization, but it can’t compete with the oldest lobbying group in the United States, the NRA. The NRA has kept their mission simple: the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America and the 2ND Amendment. They are trying to stay the course of aggression by a totally corrupt, feckless, and dysfunctional U.S. Government.

          • The NRA is for FUDDS duck/deer hunters and paper punchers only.

            GOA is for America and patriots.

            • I’m a member of both NRA and GOA.
              Both are worthy organizations.
              Keep in mind NRA is mainly about
              training, collecting, shooting
              safety, and accuracy.
              NRA-ILA is the political arm.
              GOA is the in-your face protection
              of gun rights.

      9. Y’all watch the NRA compromise and we’ll end up with yet again more BS gun control laws that completely make it hard for good people and easier for bad people.

        • Some advice to the NRA. You cannot negotiate with these people.

          The U.S. government has no character and no honor. Do not compromise with them. The U.S. government will not honor it’s promises. Just look how it is welching on its promises to a whole generation with these “under-funded” public and private pensions. Just look at the broke and bankrupt Social Security system (all because the professional politicians broke up and raided the blind trust Social Security used to be to fund their endless wars and endless war-mongering). Just ask the Native Americans. Just ask the African Americans. Just ask the Japanese Americans in 1942. Just ask the newest lied to and cheated on group of American Citizens (so-called) to the list — the “privileged white males.”

          You cannot negotiate with these people. The U.S. government has no character and no honor, no shame and no pride.

          • The NRA negotiates and compromises all the time, and has forever been there with them allowing our rights to be slowly eroded over time. Remember their support for 1986 machine gun ban? Remember when they were against concealed carry? Remember when they were against civilian suppressor ownership? Remember their stance against arming teachers in schools? Remember their support for banning bump stocks? They are not our friend.

            NRA = Negotiating Rights Away

            • No actually, I don’t remember any of that.

            • Sources?

      10. Very on-topic: the latest 10-year treasury rate just came out this morning above 3-percent — 3.028-percent to be exact. This is a first, and a threshold that the SHTF and the Complete Systemic Collapse people have been warning about for the past 10-years, since the Crash of ’08-’09.

        The theory is that above 3-percent the interest on the national debt becomes too great to bear. The interest on the national debt becomes too big a drain on the economy. The result: “boom” and “crash.”

        Should be interesting to see if these people were right. Things could get really exciting from now on. Or not.

        • I bought my first Tbills this month. I’m only getting 1.5% It is a zero coupon bond but is not taxable. Pays better than a CD that is very taxable. People buying bonds are getting them cheap.
          Since I pay taxes, I want some of my money back. I never get refunds from the IRS, I always have to pay.

      11. Obviously, he had been informed about lax immigration laws and the loopholes for “youth.”

        MS-13 member tries to sneak into U.S. as illegal immigrant child
        “An MS-13 gang member tried to sneak into the U.S. last week by posing as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC), the Border Patrol said Tuesday, hoping to take advantage of lax American laws that give UAC a quick foothold in the U.S.”

        “UAC from El Salvador and other Central American countries are given special treatment compared to Mexicans. Under the law, court decisions and government policy, they are required to be processed and quickly released to social workers, who then try to connect them with sponsors who will take them here in the U.S. — despite their unauthorized status.”

        ht tps://

        • This has got to stop. Only the U.S. and Europe admit the trash of world, the insane, career criminals, and terrorists into their countries. The U.S. government dares to pull this crap in MY COUNTRY.

          The Russians only admit people who can contribute to society. Foreigners wishing to immigrate to Russia have to pass a language test, have a proven skill, and pass a Russian history test. Not so in my worthless piece of crap country.

          All immigration regardless of the label of the week attached to it — DACA, dreamers, refugees, migrants, undocumented, unescorted children (escorted by their mommies), George Soros bought and paid for caravans and boat people, illegals — it all has to stop.

          The U.S. government (the rich elites, the corporate oligarchs, the “powers that be”), was founded upon slavery. It cannot exist without slavery. It will die without slavery.

          American Citizens have had enough of being tax serfs and debt slaves. They have left the fully-controlled, manipulated, and rigged economy in the tens of millions. They are fighting back in the only way that works — by withholding their participation.

          The U.S. government is fighting back with uncontrolled importation of slave labor. All paid for by taxpayer money and debt. It must stop. It must be stopped.

          • Some good news. President Trump has TERMINATED this Obama program.

            Remember this…
            Obama administration imports FELONS into the U.S.

            Report: Deported CRIMINAL Immigrants FLOWN BACK into USA – paid for by Taxpayer Money – 4/7/15
            —-“In 2014, unaccompanied alien children from Central America walked across America’s southern border in droves. U.S. (taxpayers) now PAY for unaccompanied alien “children” (The majority are young men who “report” their age as “17”) to be FLOWN INTO the country, even if they were convicted of a FELONY, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot.”

            “It’s called the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors.”
            ht tp://

            Obama EXPANDS the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors – 7/26/16
            ht tps://

            President Trump TERMINATES the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors
            ht tp://

          • the blame-e

            What the media rarely likes to discuss.

            2/3 of Illegals Admitted Under Obama’s ‘Minor’ Program Are Adults
            ht tps://

      12. MetLife was one of the first to very publicly and enthusiastically jump on the “Fuck the NRA” bandwagon. I immediately cancelled my policies and sent the following letter to the Presdient and BOD:

        “To: Mr. Steven Kandarian, President of MetLife Insurance

        From: , MetLife Policy Holder (Former)

        Re: NRA Boycott

        March 5, 2018
        Mr. Kandarian,
        I am writing to express my disdain with MetLife for jumping on the NRA boycott bandwagon. I have been a Met customer for the past 27 or so years, since the old “Metropolitan” days, and have chosen to end doing business with you. I don’t have a prestigious MBA or JD like you and your colleagues, just a B.S. in Criminal Justice. I don’t wear an expensive suit like you and your colleagues, I’m just a street cop and wear a uniform. While I do not profess to have the business acumen that you folks would lay claim to, I find myself pondering if corporate governance via knee-jerk response to the blowing wind of emotional online hashtags is a winning business strategy.
        I am very interested to see how your decision to openly take punitive adverse action against NRA members plays out. I am not currently one of the NRA’s five or six million members, but I will be by the time you read this. I am currently a Met customer, but I will not be by the time you read this. Your corporate policy has very publicly and intentionally shifted to marginalize and insult NRA members. Consider that this group is the most law abiding patriotic group in the country. Lawful gun owners have a lower rate of committing crimes in their personal lives than even police officers do! This is a group of adults with the means to engage in a hobby and passion which indicates care, responsibility, judgement and disposable income, as purchasing firearms and ammunition is not an inexpensive pastime. I would even go so far as to posit that one who is a responsible gun owner is a lower overall risk to an insurance company, though I have no data on this.
        I have been a law enforcement officer in an urban area for almost 20 years. I have seen and had the blood on me of people cut, stabbed, bleeding out, and slashed open with their innards hanging out. I do not believe this means you should not be allowed to have a pocket knife in your car. I have been frustrated countless times at court decisions by activist judges suppressing evidence seemingly properly obtained, and watching criminals go free on technicalities. I do not believe that your fourth and fifth amendment protections should be ignored or nullified. I am a certified breathalyzer operator, and have been involved in countless Operating Under the Influence crashes and arrest cases. I do not believe it should be unlawful for you to enjoy a sip of the expensive scotch undoubtedly somewhere in your office. I have heard people say awful things, including the vile and pejorative slandering of those in my profession whom they later called on to be murdered, and then watched them set up a pig roast with a police hat on the pig. This, after coming in on my time off to safeguard their rights to say such things. I do not believe your first amendment rights should be restricted to party-approved messages. I have almost killed a violent career criminal who pulled a gun on me, seen many people shot, and run towards nearby gunfire more times than I can count. And yes, I do not believe our law abiding citizenry’s second amendment rights should be curtailed, or compromised by being watered down to the point of effective irrelevance. The rights of all to self defense, as well as life and liberty are inalienable. The free exercise of these rights does not exist without the means to defend them, from individuals and from governments.
        I would ask that you seriously consider if a civil right should be forfeit to a society because it is possible for bad people to abuse it, or to misuse the protections it safeguards for nefarious purposes. The fact that the second amendment is a disfavored civil right among liberal elites in the entertainment and news worlds, as well as the ideologues of collectivism and bigger government, does not erase the fact it is a right, (not a privilege bestowed on us by the government) the protection of which is enshrined in our founding documents. Consider that eventually a right which may fall into disfavor might be one that you do care about. Freedom of speech is under assault daily; If you do not believe this, I dare you to go ahead and put into public consumption ANY statement not (left) party-approved which is critical of a (left) favored identity group. You won’t have to wait long before the virtual pitchforks and torches explode in hashtag form calling for you to be burned at the stake as a heretic. The dearth of youtube users, whose only crimes were offering non-(left)party approved content for public consumption, that have had their content demonetized, flagged, censored and erased by youtube and google, may offer you some perspective.
        I pay Met about $1400 per year for two insurance policies. I know it’s not a big deal, and less than a drop in the bucket to you. If a million people similar to me take the same action, that’s almost a billion and a half dollars in lost premiums to your company! Maybe this will happen, maybe it won’t. I’d be willing to bet that it does, at least to some degree. By all means, please exercise your freedom to mortally insult a highly responsible group of adults who have money based on their support of a political position with which you disagree, in favor of virtue signaling to the Twitter lynch mob. I’ve sworn an oath to safeguard your right to do so. Unlike you and your colleagues, I don’t live in a gated mansion in the Hamptons, or a secured luxury Hi-rise Manhattan condo. Unlike you and your colleagues, I am one of the men who is prepared every single day to actually run into a school where an evil doer means to harm children, with the foreknowledge that there’s a good likelihood of my not coming out again. Yes, Mr. Kandarian, your agreement, even tacit, which is evident your in having aligned your public actions with the idea that supporting a vital but (left) disfavored civil right equates on any level to being party to the murdering of children is mortally offensive to me as a gentleman, a lawman, a citizen and a father.
        I am assuming that your plan is that the keyboard commandos and hashtag social justice warriors will bring you business that will far outweigh losses from people like me who quit their relationship with Met. It seems your board and shareholders shall find out how well politicizing your business while vilifying a traditional American societal pillar, along with countless millions of good people plays out. I can’t think of any time this has gone well, but you’re the one with the fancy suits.


        Commerce Insurance Customer
        CC: MetLife Board of Directors”

        • So, the insurance companies are apparently concerned with a financial liability.

          In that case, conservative groups should sue and prosecute, proactively.

          Rather than gunsplaining and forever on the legal defensive.

        • Nice letter!
          The bastard will never see it.
          It is a waste of time to talk
          to these people.
          It is like talking to a Democrat.

          Why bother?

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