The Attack on the Second Amendment is not Finished

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    The Statist-Marxists (self-termed “Progressive Democrats”) are by no means finished hacking away at the branch of the Tree of Liberty bearing the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The right of a free citizenry to keep and bear arms is a right the Marxist-Statists absolutely cannot tolerate.  We have seen it all throughout history: Hitler’s Germany, the Soviet Union, Cambodia…all of the totalitarian states must take the firearms from the hands of their citizens in order to make them subjects.

    Ben Franklin once said, “Those who beat their rifles into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”  How simplistic, but eloquent in its truth.  Bill Clinton kicked off the Brady Bill on November 30, 1993, and this was followed by what was termed the Bill Clinton Gun Ban that imposed drastic restrictions on firearms that lasted for ten years.  What Clinton did not foresee was the severe backlash that occurred as a result from angry citizens that ended up propelling the Republicans to regain the House of Representatives after they had lost it for forty years.

    This lesson was not lost on Obama, who preferred to attack the 2nd Amendment indirectly without the passage of legislation.  Such actions are his attempts to control firearms with executive actions.  The Arms Trade Treaty was adopted by the United Nations on April 2, 2013, and on September 25, 2013 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry signed the treaty.  This action was proposed before and argued over tooth and nail for more than ten years.  The treaty went into effect on December 24, 2014, a quiet Christmas Present for the whole world that nobody noticed.

    The U.S. Senate has not ratified it and will not ratify it: we know, it violates Marbury vs. Madison and is onerous to the Constitution.  The problem lies in the fact that Kerry signed it as Obama’s representative and thereby made the United States a signatory to the treaty.  What this means is the United States is now obliged to refrain from any actions that the treaty holds in its terms.  One example of this would be a federal opposition to gun control, as this UN treaty clearly makes the objective of removing firearms from every human being on the planet not sanctioned, certified, and approved in the service of a government.  Here are a couple of points to this:

    Obama can still use signing the treaty as a justification for executive actions or orders that would institute gun control.

    Only the courts could undo this (and the judges for the Circuit Courts and the Supreme Courts are owned by Obama), or actions by Congress (that would inevitably be vetoed anyway).

    To return to the “friendly Senate” issue, the treaty (even if not ratified by the current Senate) could be ratified by another Senate at a future date.  Not to mention the factor of time.  Look at the Executive Orders to stop the deportation of illegal aliens that Obama put into play.  The courts ruled that the executive orders crossed the line, but that ruling came almost two years after the orders were initiated.  So, in that time…how many illegal aliens crossed the border between Mexico and the United States and are now here?

    Fast and Furious: Everyone is well aware of it, and the Teflon-coated administration allowed rotten egg Eric Holder to slip right out of the frying pan and slither under the rug until he resigned.  Prior to this, Obama directed the DOJ and the FDIC to pressure lending institutions that the government regulated to curtail any dealings with “high-risk” businesses.  The maneuver was designed to affect firearms manufacturers and other industries dependent upon the sale of firearms for business, such as ammunition suppliers.

    Yet no pressure was placed on the government to curtail its own purchases of billions of rounds of ammunition, for “worthwhile” groups such as the US Postal Service (technically a private corporation, now), the IRS (hollow points for IRS agents), and a slew of others that you have undoubtedly read about.  Why would the Motor Vehicle Administrations and the Social Security Administrations need firearms and hollow point rounds?  And the Postman?  What is he going to do, breach the front door and clear the house before he delivers the mail?

    What the Federal Government cannot accomplish directly, it tasks to the states.  California and Massachusetts are placing Ever-More-Draconian restrictions on the purchase of firearms and ammunition.  The ATF has been picking up the slack and demanding of owners and firms with FFL’s to report the sale of certain calibers and types of weapons.  This has been primarily in the states on our southern border.  The ATF has also been going after different types of ammunition, and has been instrumental in creating categories of people to be restricted from purchasing a firearm for “mental or psychological problems.”

    There is still also the problem of time.

    Yes, Obama is a “lame duck” president, but there is still plenty of time left for him to do more damage.  He isn’t officially out of office until January 2017, and he still has four months to play before the election.

    The probability is high that he will do something drastic, and then bow out of office.  Such will not “tarnish” Hillary, should she win, and she will certainly keep whatever measure he institutes.  The death of Justice Antonin Scalia did not help matters, either, and Justice Thomas is nearing the end of his career.  This has been the frontispiece of Obama’s successes:

    Using the Courts to subjectively reinterpret the Constitution, and subsequently bypass it…under the “color of law” upheld by justices in black robes…less than a dozen, who decide the fate of 315 million Americans.

    The battle for the 2nd Amendment is far from over for the moment, and the election will determine how that battle will proceed.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. They will not take them here and will pay a damn high price for trying. Death to traitors!

        • they can have them as soon as i run out of ammo!

          • The attack on my 2nd ammend. rights was finished years ago. I just ignore their shit and do what I want. Try it, you might feel a little free’er. Or just keep being a sheep afraid of your own shadow govt.

            • Well said.

        • “What this means is the United States is now obliged to refrain from any actions that the treaty holds in its terms.”

          No. the United States is NOT obligated to anything. A treaty that is not ratified is not a treaty, because it is not legally binding.

          Having said that, if the Globalists ever get a majority in the Senate, it will be ratified in a heartbeat, and it will not require the signature of the sitting Executive to become law.

          That’s why Kerry signed. 🙁

        • Traitors at your door pay the high price, or the ones orchestrating events to allow the traitors at your door?

          If the latter is not chosen, the exact same set of events will repeat again for a future generation of your lineage (provided, of course, you have kids).

        • Just because Kerry signed it does not make the united states obligated to the united nations small arms treaty! It would have to be ratified by 2/3’s of the senate. Which they will not do and the American people will never bow down to the UN! We will not let the UN rule over us and make us slaves to them. Kerry and Obama and the UN can go f@#k themselves!

          • It is the best put Robert. Stick their UN! When it comes to push to shove GOOD LUCK! We the people still have the last say with our constitution in place as it has been for over 200yrs. Send the radical Islam Muslims back to where they came from including Obama with the Cinton-scumbags! Thats our 1st Amendment free speech.

        • Boyo, BRAVO. Damn good clip.



            There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms. That is not disputed.

            What is never shown, though, is a breakdown of those deaths to put them in perspective, as compared to other causes of death. [CJF emphasis]

            • 65% of those deaths are by suicide, which would never be prevented by gun laws
            • 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and mostly justified
            • 17% are through criminal activity, gang and drug related or mentally ill persons
            • 3% are accidental discharge deaths

            So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100 (0.17 x 30,000).

            Still too many? Well, first, how are those deaths spanned across the nation?

            • 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago
            • 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore
            • 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit
            • 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington DC (a 54% increase over prior years)

            So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities. All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.

            This basically leaves 3,825 for the entire rest of the nation or about 75 per state. That is an average because some states have much higher rates than others. [50 states + DC]

      2. When it starts we are going to remember names and addresses of those calling for this.

        • Menzo,
          there ate people who have been tracking IP address for a long time and I believe there will be pay back IF or WHEN the revolution starts!!

          • I’m mad enough I wish it was now, but I will be patient.

          • Apache,

            They have us right where we want them. 😉

            They will come to us.

            • Exactly. They don’t have us surrounded, by our very numbers, we have THEM surrounded…

              • You aint got a goat surrounded unless you have comms other than cell phones.

                • Aren’t ham radios just as easily jammed to minimize communications?

            • that’s right… time for arguing or trying to educate the stupid bastards came and went a long time ago – be ready, when the time comes – just kill em !

            • California, that’s a big mistake, you never want to wait for the enemy to come to you, you want to take the fight to them. If you wait for them to come to you, you’ve lost the initiative, you are now on the defensive. When you take the fight to them, your the one who will know when, and where the fight will take place. You can pick the place of battle to control the high ground, to cover both your enemy’s avenues of approach, and departure. Plus you’ll be able to plan out both your primary, and secondary paths of egress before the fight begins. Remember “The Art Of War”, since your enemy is bigger, and stronger then you, you need to strike fast, inflict as much damage as possible, then withdraw to fight another day.

        • Menzo, they have their lists and we have ours. Lists do work more than one way.

      3. I hate the people for gun control even more than I hate scum muslim trash. And that is saying something.

        • Menzo, give it time. It’s coming. In the meantime, keep stacking. Storable food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, guns, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, spare parts kits for your weapons, etc. Get all you can while there’s still time. My next trip to the BOL is Oct. but could come sooner if circumstances dictate. next trip may very well become the BUGOUT for me.

      4. My wife just passed I’m getting long in the tooth. To make a long story short F*&k you liberals CATI.

        • Yes, sorry for your loss.

          • Treason is when the President arms terrorists, and bans guns allowed by citizens under the US Constitution.

            Hang em high for all other would be traitors to clearly see.


            • Guns have 2 Enemies;
              The Government and Rust.


        • Nubria,
          SORRY for your loss!!! and I agree liBtards have HELPED destroy this country!!

        • nubria:
          Sorry to hear about your loss. There are no words that can really comfort you during this time, but the people on this blog wish there were. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Stay the coarse.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Nubria, my condolences for your loss. I lost my wife to a drunk driver after only 6 years of marriage so I know what you’re going through. My wife was from Cuba. She and her family suffered at the hands of Castro’s commies. So I also f#$% the libturds. MOLON LABE

        • God bless you, Nubria. Your lady is in a better place than we–and she’s in the hands of God himself. Take care of yourself, brother!

        • NUBIA
          Sorry for your loss. I don’t know what I would do If I lost my best friend.

          I do know that I would not have anything to live for so it wouldn’t be a good idea to PISS ME OFF. Taking or trying to take my guns would be a major PISS ME OFF!!!

          Lord have mercy on them, because I won’t.


        • Sorry for your loss. Typing that and you reading it doesn’t help at all, I know. Hope you come out OK on the other side of it.

      5. nubria 123

        Sorry to hear of your wife’s passing.

      6. The swords/guns to plowshares quote is a variation on Isaiah 2:4 usually attributed to Thomas Jefferson though there is no evidence he wrote or said it. I have never heard it attributed to Franklin.

        I may be self deceived, but I think the USA will be highly resistant to any confiscation in the next generation or so. Even a significant number of non-owners understand the consequences of civilian disarmament.

        The numbers:

        315 million residents (not all citizens)

        250 million adults

        250 – 300 million firearms in private hands

        80 – 90 million gun owners (assuming almost all are adults)

        So about 1/3 of the adult population has firearms.

        How many would resist and in what way ?


        • Dont forget to consider most have a few guns so as to arm many

        • 3% will fight. Maybe a little less.

        • Probably about 3% just as what supported independence in 1775. Gotta win a few before others will join and or ride along.

          • Rather than become slaves I think there is way more than 3% that will fight. I think it is more like 85% like when New York and Connecticut made laws that the the people there had to register their semi auto rifles.

      7. Count my ass in all the way…there are hundreds of thousands or men larger or smarter than I, so that when we consolidated, their idea of conquest will quickly turn into a bloodstained Beltway, void of politicians.

        We have this right via The 2nd Amendment in the event our government ever DID go tyrannous and on the edge of enslaving the people. So, we’ve got a damn job to do sooner or later. What’s wrong with sooner?

        • Equorial, count me in all the way too. Braveheart never gives up anything without a fight. MOLON LABE

        • There are better targets than the politicians. Should the hypothetical time come when such actions are necessary, going after softer targets, such as the large political donors who own the politicians may be more expedient. Remember that there are plenty of people willing to play ball and be in the employ of these donors, so taking out a politician just ensures they will be replaced by another actor. Taking out the power structure beneath them fundamentally changes things (for a little while) and allows the republic to be restored.

          The bigger issue though is the public itself. As much as we may see ourselves as in the majority of thought, we are not. Most people are easily manipulated by media and emotions and will freely give away rights and freedoms if they hear that they need to often enough. So, it is not enough to have some sort of hypothetical political revolution. It must also come with a cultural revolution with good propaganda to lead the lemmings by the nose, and therein lies the problem. If we purport to be lovers of liberty and free speech, how do we do such a thing without infringing upon the rights of those we disagree with and by doing so wind up no better than those we seek to displace? The issue then is how to change the cultural direction of the country. For without doing that, all is in vain and we will wind up right back where we started from in short order. That is unless you just wish to replace one form of statism with another.

      8. I received a letter from Rand Paul today. He talks of how NAGR is fighting the O B.S. administration on our 2nd Amendment rights. Its going to get a whole lot worse before O B.S. leaves office. He wants our guns taken from us, and to have the U.N. small arms treaty as the law of the land. What a POS.

        • It’s going to get worse after Hillary takes office, if she wins. The Democrat Party platform no longer mentions any support for the 2nd Amendment whatsoever.

          So now it’s official. They are coming to take the guns.

          • Smokey, to my knowledge, the commies, er, demos have NEVER supported the 2A. No surprises here. Let the f#$%ers try. They make the attempt at their own peril.

      9. Ain’t ever gonna happen because if we lose our minds and actually allow the sob’s to have our guns, we are as good as slaves or dead or both.

        The Muslims would be extremely delighted as would many nations around the world to hear we were disarmed …and soon to die into non-existence.

        Screw that. We are NOT going to turn our weapons in because we will not recognize any “game-playing” or “word games” with The Second Amendment. We were given the right to have arms equivalent to soldiers to “level the playing field” in the event the government got ‘high-minded’ (like it has) and is about to wreak total havoc upon all civilians in the nation …in the name of Islam (if you have not figured it out yet).

        At best we are looking at all those millions of gun owners ensuring that we retain our right to “Keep and Bear Arms”. At worst, we are going to have to destroy the sitting government and replace it with one that will confine itself to The Constitution and The States “as it is written their sorry asses will do.” And I should think that could easily be the bottom line on the entirety of circumstances. Stop them in their tracks now and, as The Founding Fathers suggested, hang them from the lamp posts for all to see until dusk, then take them down and bury them and forget about anything they ever did.

        We need to “undo” about everything Obama has ever done, at no matter the “how hard it is” or “the cost” …everything has to be returned to “as is supposed to be”, and there are a great many who that fit that bill (certain people of the military not necessarily in positions of command), yet would strictly serve with honor as Commander and Chief with NO “mind games.” (Then step down after four years max …maybe less). NO “stay-over” workers excepting military soldiers wishing for careers. Everyone gets replaced periodically to prevent capitalizing on their position(s) (like Hillary is).

        Lastly. Nobody is above the law, and we live under the laws of God. This is America. In God We Trust – E Pluribus Unim

        Back to where I started, there isn’t ANY WAY we can ever remotely considering giving up our guns, meaning we are going to have to use them (which is precisely why we have the damn things to begin with, to overthrow a government that has gone “mad as rabid dog.” (And about as vicious …with more of that to come. Lot’s more).

        MOLON LABE EVERBODY! (The kids are counting on us, and we can NOT let down our children and let them be knowingly become ensnared in horrible conditions of living). Off topic: Just read where there’s a group who wishes to start satanic teaches to elementary grade students at the end of the school day. It’s actually under consideration ‘somewhere’ (I’ll have to backtrack my history to find it). THAT just ain’t right folks …ain’t right.

        • Equorial, BRAVO. Same here with me. If it’s my time to go, then so be it. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” MOLON LABE

        • AMEN!

      10. sorry for the latin (damned spell check…)

      11. The Germans were disarmed during the Weimar Republic.

        It’s time for German citizens to rearm. There is going to come a time when self defense means life or death.

        After WW2 German soldiers gave their weapons to the allies, Americans under the J*w Eisenhower. Instead of taking these 1&1/2 MILLION boys and men to the camps prepared to house them, Eisenhower penned them up in remote fields and let all of them starve to death.

        That’s what happens when you let yourself be disarmed.

        • try telling some truth, or don’t waste our time ass wipe!!!

        • B from CA – you really are one sick puppy! Where do you read these lies? Try counter checking your so called facts.

          Freedom of speech is great – except when silly people like you abuse it! Brainwashed moron!

          • B/CA’s post info is 100% correct and facts period.

            Eisenhower got 1.5+ Million german soldiers to surrender unconditionally and give up their weapons..Then eisenhower pulled a fast one and Changed the german soldiers designation from “POW”s aka prisoners of war, TO..

            Unarmed citizens as he knew that geneva convetion war rules on treatment of POWS differed from unarmed citizenery.

            Then he had them ALL placed into a huge fenced field in the open air. And had them slowly Starved to death.

            Many suffered terrible wounds of war, missing arms/legs blown half off etc etc…NONE got fed nor med help nor ANYTHING but forced starvation which took aprox 60+ days before all died.

            This is documented WWII facts. No of course You two fools shall Never see or hear of it from ANY USA nor EU nations jewish owned and run TV news nor newspapers nor the jewish run “history channel” which exists mainly only to broadcast Daily repetitive tv shows about hitler, nazis, and suferinks of them poor suferink jewry oy Vey!

            Ironic that #1 NO such TV shows ever yet show or document the aprox 250-300+ MILLION Dead white and christian eastern europeans killed by jewdeo soviet bolshevik russian kommies huh? and #2 Also Very ironoc that NO elie da weazels aka nazi hunter jewboy ever yet have even arrested or charged let alone convicted as yet one single Soviet jewish kommie for ANY types of Crimes against Humanity etc eh?

            it is YOU Two foolish duped souls that need massive research and a huge RE think on 98% of what you thought you knew of WWII issues and jewrys true agendas!

            But Of course! Neither of you two will EVER read or research any such valid documented Facts which so disprove most all we were prior taught was WWIi truths etc.

            Becaise foolish folks like you two are fully Unable to handel such factual proof truths for it would force you to re think it all, and same as typical duped antigun lib dems are…Such an idea of actual truth research that may cause one to change mind on various former lies as taught on WWII etc is totally Unthinkable and fully a forbidden topic, much akin to the worlds greatest biggest Taboo of jewry issues.

            Thats fine you two can remain in the abject darkness of WWII lies, while today millions of other concerned americans are and have awoken to these truths.

            With so many awake now we can afford to lose a few foolish souls if necessary eh. That be Your loses not ours. So stay duped and happy with all them WWII lies and keep believing whatever jewish tv news and hollywood jewry pumps out weekly to keep you types so duped.

            Maybe it wont too confuse your small minds to at least research what them jewish folks actually Mean when They label/call You a Goyim aka sub human animals eh? be sure to find out the several Whys they do that too ok and amaze yourselves on just how badly you was so deluded and holohoax duped.

            Go to website of codoh dot com

            and do a site search for this issues facts and Vetted notated documents that Prove it all as fact. That site also contains EVERY issue from A to Z on such issues and more too….in Fact I Challange You two to do this and get back to us with what you found. or just slither off like your favorite tribe so oft does.

      12. Oh no, this is only the beginning.

      13. Of the 250-300MM firearms, how many are not registered? There is no way any gov could confiscate.

        Hitlery has stated that she will do a gun buyback like Australia. Interesting timing given our economy is falling so quickly. Nobody will have any cash to pay for basics. But our benevolent Hitlery will generously offer top dollar for those evil guns.

        The one item that the proponents of a gun confiscation fail to see or choose to ignore…unlike Australia, we are directly connected to Mexico. They have more guns in Mexico, a gun free zone BTW, in the hands of the gangs than we would probably care to know. What will be the “untended consequence” if we were to hand in all of our guns??? I’ll keep mine, thanks anyway.

        Something like .0005%, and probably a few more 0s, of the population is responsible for all the black on black, drug, mass shootings etc…. So instead of doing what needs to be done, saturation patrols of the crime infested areas, our hapless leadership seems to think taking away guns from our law abiding citizens is the answer to the issue. Asinine at best.
        To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless.
        Lysander Spooner (1808 1887)


        • That 300 million guns in the USA figure has been around since the 1968 GCA became law, and was a bad estimate then. The true figure is probably between 500 million and 750 million.

          No one is going to pay you ‘top dollar’ for your guns in a confiscation scheme. You’ll be lucky to get a token payment. When there is no legal market, the legal requirement to pay ‘fair market value’ becomes nonsense, they can make up any number they want to use.

          • In order for there to be 500 MM guns in the USA with an estimate of 300 MM in 1968 (48 years ago) you would need a net increase on the average of about 4.2 MM guns per year.

            I have a two charts: one that shows that between 1994 and 2008 we averaged about 5 MM per year that netted into the USA (some were exported). Since BHO came in it has ramped up to about 16 MM per year (by 2013). The other goes back to 1986.

            There was a bump in 1992 when Bubba came in to about 8 – 9 MM, but before that much lower back to 1986.

            So if we take a grand swag average of 6 MM per year for 48 years we get close to 300 MM more guns than in 1968.

            If the 300 number from 1968 is good, then we have about 600 MM in the USA in private hands with at least 10s (maybe 100s) of millions of them untraceable.

            This means that the average gun owner has 5 or 6 in a mix of hand guns and long guns.


            • Lets not forget the 10s of billions of rounds of ammo in our hands. It dwarfs the number the scum feds have.

          • 500MM+ guns. How does that saying go. There’s safety in numbers.

          • Top dollar? I’ve got at least 12-15 old clunkers I’d take pop can money for. Got a .25 Auto that came with 50 rds of ammo free, when you bought SEARS Barn boots a LONG time ago. Boots and all only cost $2. I WANT A BUY BACK. Better yet I’ll give them to anyone that wants to start a riot in my area.

        • Lysander Spooner was full of shit.

          • “Lysander Spooner was full of shit.” Why is that??

            • If you read after Mr. Spooner (1808 – 1887), who was an abolitionist, you will find he was intellectually consistent on several subjects.

              Although he hated slavery, he thought that secession was perfectly in order and something any State could consider. His position was that it is corrupt to bind generations unborn to a political/governmental system forever.

              And that is exactly what the current understanding (since 1865) of the Union means. It is like the old Mafia, once you join you can never really get out without dying.

              I don’t think our Founders ever meant that to be the case.

              I don’t however recommend all of Mr. Spooner’s ideas…


        • @rednek101

          You’re right about them not being able to confiscate all the firearms because smart Americans have multiple caches.

          When freedom is outlawed only outlawz will have freedom

      14. According to the US Constitution Article 2, Section 2 states:

        “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur”. No treaty or law can override the Constitution. And no treaty can be entered into without Congressional approval. Let Kerry sign whatever he wants and then try and enforce it.

        Also the Constitution did not give us the right to keep and bear arms, it only codifies the right that already existed. Rights, if granted by government aren’t rights. They can just as easily be taken away as they are granted. A right is outside of man-made law.

      15. There will be a ban.

        Most will be turned in. Because the wife said either you comply or I leave with the kids.

        the rest will fight.

        And most everyone will die from a pathogen.

        TPTB win.

        • From experience,
          You can get another wife and you can have more kids
          But once you give away your rights they are hard to get back

      16. TPTB have no idea of what kind of a big steamy pile they will be stepping into.

      17. The problem with gun control is that we waste too much energy and time and nothing is resolved.. As long as there is a gun nut there will always be a anti gunner..
        Now if Trumps wins he could reverse some damage to the 2nd amendment but the next election cycle we are back in the same boat. Fighting each other. Hillary could start a revolution or whatever you want to call it. Then we either defeat the Fat Ass Pants Suit Lady or we give up our guns. I have been fighting this crap for about forty years. I want it to end once and for all.

        So one of us (GN or AG) has got to go. We can’t live together.

        • Forget Trump. Heck Lets just go with the flow. I really don’t think it matters who is elected. I hate to make predictions. Yet Im going out on a limb. No matter who is elected. Its being primed to detonate. Most likely sometime around this years end. They will shut down the citizens electric. Places like Mt weather and the Nukes will still have power. The cold weather, starvation, disease, race war, ethnic cleansing and General chaios will quickly reduce the population. They will achieve the desired population reduction without the UN blue helmets firing a shot.

      18. Anon, spot on. The commies have to go. When war/revolution comes, all govt. officials will be fair game along with whatever foreign scum aka “UN Peacekeepers” appear on our streets.

        • Braveheart, those blue helmets will make very enticing targets, I think…

          • Leonard, that’s right. I expect to be ‘ventilating’ a lot of those helmets myself.

      19. When the day comes when they come for mine. I hope they bring body bags. They will need them.

        • Sgt – the first guys to come will be your local cops with a piece of paper signed in some court – saying that either you have to come with them, or that they can search and seize your property, or that you have to vacate your house. If they catch you unarmed they will shoot you when you resist. If you pull your weapon they will bring in more fire power than you have and kill everyone in your house. I have never heard of a SWAT team packing up and leaving someone in peace. Just don’t let their cute little robot get you!

          • You prepare for and kill the entire swat team. Trap and burn their asses alive.

          • And your scenario will play out first and better in the Big City where nobody knows anybody.

            It is a lot more difficult in small town America where you went to school with one of the Deputies and the Sheriff goes to your Church.

            In the end, being well armed may just give you the option to determine the time and circumstances of your passing. If it makes a difference to the big cause, fine.

            If not, you may get the satisfaction of taking one of the agents of TPTB with you (or blowing up their damn robot 🙁 ))


      20. while the NWO-UN has been setting up shop here in The United States with subversive elected officials, Americans have been off to Disneyland hypnotised with bulls— 900 channels of constant streaming propaganda and useless meaning entertainment….. the bread and circuses so to speak. There are literally millions of Americans who would be willing to bend over and give them the last remaining fragments of their liberty under the guise of safety and that is a shame.

        It is amazing what the nwo has acomplished by the dumbing down and the weakening of the American people I will give them that.

      21. Sgt. the day IS coming Trump is a NWO shill. He gets the nomination and then immediately begins blowing up his campaign insuring Hillary gets elected. She is backed by folks who intend to have our guns, one way or the other. I will not surrender mine willingly, everybody dies of something right, but I question whether the millions who own them have the stones to keep them, I think not but hey I’ve been wrong before.

        • Ive been saying its a dog and pony show from the beginning. Trump played many like a fiddle. He is a very good scammer. Even I hoped he was the real deal. Now it appears Like Ross Perot He is trying his best to lose???

      22. Everyone seems to think violence against gun grabbers would look like open war. Not so. Go read the book “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. If a loose-nit group of like minded individuals (think like terrorist cells) decided enough is enough, they could do a massive amount of damage to TPTB by targeting individuals determined to be responsible for violating the 2nd (or any other) Amendment. Individual targeting of those people (think sniper, poison, fire, etc…) taking out a number of these people would be hard to stop, near impossible to capture the culprits (the hardest murderer to locate are those with no connections to the murdered), and, unless these people want to live behind a ton of walls and security (who may be part of the patriot movement) they will never be able to go out in public or live a semi-normal life. In Fact, just as liberals try to stop conservative speech by threatening public shame and police harassment, the threat of being killed might silence them and send them into hiding. It’s hard to campaign for gun control when you cannot come out in public. As in the book, after a significant number of anti-gun politicians, judges and activist are killed, the president negotiates an end to the violence by upholding the Constitution as written. Sounds a bit simplistic but the book is very detailed and just one possible method and outcome.

      23. The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I have little ones to worry about. As much as they need me, they need a future. Their future is gone if We The People allow our guns to be taken. Therefore I will do what’s required to ensure their future, even if that means laying down my life in defense of their future.

        • Well said and agreed.

      24. BB in GA… thing that isn’t taken into account is that only one background check is needed to purchase multiple guns .16 million background checks could equal 20 million guns purchased

        In S.C we’ve had 1 million background checks in a 4 year period for a state that has a little over 4 million people . When Obozo runs his mouth about guns you’ll see folks making multiple gun purchases at the gun shop . The last time I was at the local gun store I saw several gents buying multiple guns .

        The gun ban will come in increments, taking away hard earned freedom is done that way .

        • @Buckhed

          The data I was using was guns manufactured in the USA minus exported guns. The background check data is as you say, but separate (but accounted for) in my post.


      25. We in the UK handed our guns in and all that happened was the police state now uses taser guns on us as if we are cattle at a cattle market as the police do the bidding of the elite.

        Handing guns in will get you killed!

      26. First, Thanks JJ for recommending “Inside the Soviet Army.” I bought and read it. Compelling reading for sure.
        I opine that folks best have a secure place to stash smokepoles and inserts. Several stashes in fact. I know a lot of folks who will resist any attempt at smokepole confiscation and have extras. We all need to have a plan A, plan B, plan C for this. Like JJ I very much fear what Obama will do after the election.

      27. YES IT IS! I pay absolutely no attention to ANY so called laws from filth.

      28. This fixation on the 2nd Amendment is our undoing. While we wait for FedGov’s ‘knock on our door’ to confiscate our guns, our Bill of Rights was basically destroyed. Our ‘experts’ preach to keep our powder dry, the time is not right. Meanwhile we lose liberty and the tyrants grow stronger. If the signing of the NDAA did not cause patriots to revolt, I believe nothing will. If you think Trump will restore Constitutional government you are mistaken.

      29. NO

        • Hey J.J . I read that Hitler actually relaxed gun laws . Except for the people that declared war on Germany in 1933. Guess who that was? You sacks of uninformed brainwashed . That believe anything the tribe media say need to be culled . And it’s comin.

      30. It’s hard to respond to filthy demonrats and that whore hillery with how much I truly hate them. For myself when it looks like shit will be going down, I’ll take a page out of the VC handbook on traps since we have seen that once bullets fly, cops will run for cover. That said it will be better to smoke them in their units before they are sent out. As for judges and gov figures in your AO, track them to where they live and make sausage out of them and their families as an example of what they are facing. Don’t start about the family thing with me, they had no problem in Waco killing innocent children after the whore ordered reno to get rid of them. Make them so paranoid that they will leave what they are doing and head home to their families. When the un is unleashed they will have the little blue berets. Shoot their balls off and let them bleed out and anyone trying to help the sob that’s bleeding shoot his balls off to, if a woman just kill the bitch. In the end they may get me, but I haven’t trained for 30 plus years to not make a mark against the traitors and dog soldiers they will use. Oh any mudslimes or demonrats I find will be dog food on the side of the road. In the 300 Leonides sent the ones who demanded his compliance into the vast hole, a democrat or mudslime no matter what age or sex is no different into the hole to hell they go.

      31. Yes Nra. George Washington crossed the Delaware at night and attacked the British on Christmas Eve. We will have to get way dirtier then that. The British soldiers would rape a mans family until he told them were his gun was then execute him for possession of a firearm. Government employees are the worse mass murderers in history. And the only way to stop them from attacking our families . Is to attack there’s . They started it . If they stop we stop. We have no other choise. Never have.

      32. And another thing J.J. The only man in history with enough balls to fight the media banker machine. Lost . And now look what we have . Ww2 was all lies. And the bottom line is we helped the Bolshavik Jew communists enslave half of Europe. Deny that. O we didn’t know . Bullshit. And you know it. We were manipulated by the media. To allow the holomodor Jews to destroy and buy up half of Europe. Pennies on the dollar. Thanks vets.

      33. The attack on the right to keep and bear arms will never stop.

        Re-elect no one. At least until our congressmen start acting like the humble servants they keep telling us they are.

      34. true very true our communist party leader obama makes hitler look all american even linnen and stalin hillary will be even worse even though she is falling apart mentally and physically this being understandable she is old demented and gets a lot of very bad advice from the religious fanatics who support her the people who want to use her as a puppet leader so they can take over the united soviet america some what easier and literally force their religion on every body

      35. “In an interview with Britain’s BBC, President Obama said that Americans having guns and observing their Second Amendment rights is far worse than Muslim terrorism.In the interview Obama lamented that he has not been able to put an end to the Second Amendment and noted that Americans are worse than terrorists.” – Now what kind of a President states this about his own citizens, especially to another country?

      36. Protect and Defend the Constitution ( and Bill of Rights)against ALL ENEMIES, both Foreign and DOMESTIC, SO HELP US GOD! Remember Concord & Lexington!

      37. Obamas father and grandfather were arrested as mau mau terrorists. He was not raised as an American Christian. His school records list him as a moslem. Sooner or later it will come to war that is obvious. it will be a long drawn out struggle years in the making. Survival will be the greatest challenge. So long as you remain in the field they have not won it will b5e like Valley Forge more than glory and waving flags. Your family members an6d neighbors will turn on you. To win you must never quit Once all of Japan6 owned weapons Then the leaders pushed sword control as was the term used and really did say the swords would b5e turned to plows. They were kept instead by the ruling class and the serfs were never again allowed weapons they did get plows though to plow the ruling class lands for the ruling class.

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