The Apocalyptic Global Food Crisis That We Were Told To Prepare For Has Already Started In 2022

by | May 25, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.

    There isn’t going to be enough food for everyone this year.  We have been waiting for the nightmarish global food crisis that so many have warned us about, but we don’t have to wait for it anymore because it is already here.

    Millions upon millions of people around the globe will be desperately hungry tonight, but what we are experiencing right now is just the tip of the iceberg because things will be so much worse by the end of 2022.  If you don’t want to believe me, hopefully, you will believe some of the experts that I quote in this article.

    For example, the CEO of Gro Intelligence just told the UN Security Council that we are facing a “seismic” crisis that will reach an extremely painful phase in about 10 weeks

    The world has only 10 weeks’ worth of wheat left to deal with the crisis, according to Sara Menker, CEO of Gro Intelligence.

    “This is seismic,” Menker said during a special meeting of the U.N. Security Council. “Even if the war were to end tomorrow, our food security problem isn’t going away anytime soon without concerted action.”

    Of course, many others are issuing similar warnings. A top aide to Vladimir Putin named Maksim Oreshkin says that a worldwide famine “will occur closer to autumn”

    “It is important that in the conditions, for example, of a global famine that will occur closer to autumn, by the end of this year all over the world, Russia should not suffer, but be fully provided with food,” Oreshkin said.

    On the other side of the conflict, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is warning that the war in his nation is going to have a catastrophic impact all over the globe…

    “Russia has blocked almost all ports and all, so to speak, maritime opportunities to export food – our grain, barley, sunflower and more. A lot of things,” Zelenskyy said Saturday. “There will be a crisis in the world. The second crisis after the energy one, which was provoked by Russia.”

    “Now it will create a food crisis if we do not unblock the routes for Ukraine, do not help the countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, which need these food products,” he added.

    Let me give you one more source.  The head of the UN World Food Program is telling us that global food shortages are “worse” than anything that we witnessed back in 2011…

    Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, David Beasley, executive director at the UN World Food Programme, warned the world’s food security conditions are “worse” than what was observed during Arab Spring over a decade ago.

    He is particularly concerned about the lack of exports from Ukraine because that country “normally feeds 400 million people”

    “What happens when you take a nation [Ukraine] that normally feeds 400 million people and sideline that … it’s devastating to global food security,” he warned.

    This crisis is very real, and it is going to affect every man, woman, and child on the entire planet.

    The truth is that we were heading toward a horrifying global food crisis even before the war in Ukraine erupted, and that is because fertilizer prices have gone absolutely crazy.  Of course, the war has made things even worse, because Russia alone normally accounts for approximately 20 percent of all global nitrogen fertilizer exports.  And it would be extremely difficult to overstate the importance of nitrogen fertilizer

    In fact, according to noted Canadian energy researcher Vaclav Smil, two-fifths of humanity –more than three billion people—are alive because of nitrogen fertilizer, the main ingredient in the Green Revolution that supercharged the agricultural sector in the 1960s. The chemical fertilizer trifecta that tripled global grain production—nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K)—enabled the greatest human population growth the planet has ever seen. Now, it is in short supply, and farmers,  fertilizer companies, and governments around the globe are scrambling to avert a seemingly inevitable tumble in crop yields.

    “I’m not sure it’s possible any more to avoid a food crisis,” says World Farmers’ Organization President Theo de Jager. “The question is how wide and deep it will be. Most importantly, farmers need peace. And peace needs farmers.”

    Here in the United States, soaring fertilizer prices are putting an extraordinary amount of financial stress on our farmers.

    One farmer in Indiana named Rodney Rulon is horrified by how much more he has to pay this year…

    Rodney Rulon is better off than many farmers this year. A progressive farmer in Arcadia, Indiana, he has been using no-till techniques, cover crops, and chicken litter on his family’s 7,200 acres of corn and soybean fields since 1992. Combined with extensive soil testing each year, he’s cut his chemical fertilizer use 20 to 30 percent, he says—but it’s still his largest input.

    “We’re making big cuts to what we’re spending on fertilizer this year,” Rulon says. “It’s $1,200 a ton for P and K. It was $450 last year. Nitrogen was $500-550 a ton last year. Now it’s well over $1,000. You just took our biggest expense and doubled it.”

    Most farmers in the western world will bite the bullet and pay the higher prices.

    But in poorer nations all over the globe, it is going to be a different story.  Many farmers in those countries will either be greatly cutting back on fertilizer or won’t be using any at all this year.

    As a result, production will be way down.

    And that will mean that global food supplies will be getting tighter and tighter.

    You may be tempted to think that hunger is an issue for the other side of the planet, but the reality of the matter is that it is already starting to hit home in some of the wealthiest nations.

    For example, one recent survey found that approximately a quarter of all Britons are already “skipping meals”

    A quarter of Britons have resorted to skipping meals as inflationary pressures and a worsening food crisis conflate in what the Bank of England recently dubbed an “apocalyptic” outlook for consumers.

    More than four in five people in the U.K. are worried about rising living costs and their ability to afford basics necessities like food and energy over the coming months, according to a new survey released Tuesday.

    Here in the United States, the nationwide out-of-stock level for baby formula just hit another alarming new high

    Out-of-stock percentage for baby formula stood at 45% nationwide for the week ending on May 15, according to retail data firm, Datasembly.

    In April, baby formula shortages hit 30% before jumping to 40% at the end of the month, according to Datasembly. By early May, the out-of-stock rate rose to 43%.

    Sadly, this is just the beginning.

    The real problem will be the food that is not grown and not harvested in the months ahead.

    Winter wheat will soon be harvested in the U.S., and thanks to the historic drought in the western half of the country it is being projected that the total amount harvested will be “the smallest since 1963”

    Some farmers already are writing off losses from parched grains. The US Department of Agriculture expects lower yields in Kansas, the top-growing state for hard red winter wheat, a staple relied on for bread flour. The shortfall is seen by USDA as pushing national production to the smallest since 1963, fueling fear of global food shortages as war in Ukraine and weather challenges elsewhere puts supplies at risk.

    In 1963, the population of the United States was 189 million.

    Today, the population of the United States is 329 million.

    On top of everything else, skyrocketing energy prices are also making things extremely difficult for our farmers.

    On Monday, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States reached another all-time record high

    Prices at the pump have hit another record high on Monday, the same day President Joe Biden discussed the United States’ and the world’s ‘incredible transition’ away from fossil fuels.

    The new nationwide average now at just under $4.60 per gallon, the highest ever recorded by the American Automobile Association (AAA)’s gas price tracker.

    But if you think that $4.60 is bad, you should check out the prices in California.

    At one station in Los Angeles, consumers were being charged $7.29 a gallon.

    That is nuts!

    And as things get worse and worse, the American people are becoming increasingly restless.  In fact, a CBS/YouGov survey that was just released discovered that just 6 percent of Americans believe that things are going “very well” in this country.

    6 percent.

    So what will that number look like six months from now when global food supplies are much tighter than they are at the moment.

    In my entire lifetime, we have never faced anything like this, and so the vast majority of us have absolutely no frame of reference for what is about to happen.

    A “perfect storm” is here, and the vast majority of the population is completely and utterly unprepared for it.

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      1. The Rich will eat and the poor will die.

        For a while.

        This is the beginning of sorrows, sorrows that will eventually spread to everyone without regard to wealth and status, and come in waves of increasing intensity till life itself is in danger.

        Prepare for these coming times, most of those living now will not survive them.

        • Anon – Could there be serious even widespread hunger and associated human problems in various parts of the world with this – yes unfortunately. Could it even affect the US, – yes, but hopefully not. I don’t think it is likely but if it does affect the US to a serious degree we will see social problems like this country has never seen before. The byproduct could be worse than the cause.
          Controlling the food supply was the best way to controlling a population. The feudal lords knew it, the Bolsheviks knew it, Mao knew it. And the “elites” know it. The present elites don’t like us, they would would prefer us dead. In a famine, the authorities would be coming after those they don’t like. First, to use them as the scapegoats. Second, to strip them of everything. And third, to use the opportunity to eliminate those they don’t like.
          The most likely byproduct will be countless millions of people from the third world flooding into the developed world. Even European officials said there could be 20 million more third worlders coming into Europe next year, they better hope it will only be 20 million.
          This whole food shortage thing is manufactured. Apparently, covid and other disasters didn’t work as planned. The sheep are the majority, they will happily volunteer to let their own children starve. They will gladly take the food out of their children’s mouth and give it to illegal immigrants. The worst thing I hate about sheeple is their demand for mass suffering, they want to drag everyone down with them. They’ll want to make sure your family is starving too. How virtuous.
          Even if the supply of food and fuel is not a serious problem in the US it will be terrifically expensive and theft rampant. Life could get pretty inconvenient. Keep prepping, make contingency plans, keep a low profile, and keep your mouth shut. Oh, and by the way, this whole climate change hoax is just getting started, standby for more restrictions, inconveniences, and even curtailment of rights, all for the “greater good” of course.

      2. The Lord works in this fashion…

        1. He removes the food production of the land.
        2. He removes the wealth.
        3. He removes the people.

        This pattern is well documented through out the Holy Scriptures. Yet even most sin blinded Christians still point the finger at the leaders…

        Sin of any nation against the Lord God comes with consequences

        Read and reread Psalm 9:17, Isaiah 45:6-7, Amos 3:6-7 and Job 12:20-25…it may shock some sense into you… yet it most likely will make your heart harder than flint.

        To all my Christian brethren…as the Lord God directed Joseph in the dream of Pharaoh…fill your storehouses for their is a great famine coming upon the land…but yet do not pass by the words of that account in Joseph’s life where he told Pharaoh that the One bringing the famine was none other than the Lord God Almighty….and let these days be a comfort to you for these days were ordained before the Lord ever laid the foundation of the world….and it means our Lord Christ Jesus is standing at the door waiting for the Father to send Him to claim His bride to usher us into glory.

        Yet for those who do not know Christ as Lord and Savior, well lets just say, the reason you prep is…deep in your heart you know your destination and it ain’t gonna be lala land, more like lava land…the lake of fire is real, its very real and I tell you, you do not want any part of it….just a glimpse of what the Lord God will do at the day of destiny of judgment to those who are not called by the Lord.

        Revelation 20:11-15
        Judgment at the Throne of God

        11 Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose presence earth and heaven fled, and no place was found for them.
        12 And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds.
        13 And the sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades gave up the dead who were in them; and they were judged, each one of them according to their deeds.
        14 Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire.
        15 And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

        Those who will mock me, makes no difference to me for I know and speak the truth from the Lord God.

        To those who the Lord God is calling to His beloved SON Christ the Lord Jesus, confess Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart He was raised from the grave and be saved, for with the mouth one confesses and with the heart one believes and the who confesses and believes will not be disappointed…

        To the Lord God be the glory forever more, Praises His holy name.

      3. Snyder has no idea what the word of God says…he uses John 3:16 as a salt shaker…yet I say go down to verses and then go to John 3:36…also read Psalm 5:4-5 and Psalm 11:4-5…and now we turn to the Lord Jesus and His words.

        John 14:23
        King James Version

        23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

        Hmmm, seems Snyder has contradicted the word of God….since the Lord Jesus Himself said His Father would only love those who Love the Lord Jesus and follow His word…

        To tell the sodomites and fornicators and adulterers and all other prideful unsaved is to flat out lie to them and to blaspheme the word of God.

      4. So after reading this article one question stands out. Is Putin’s inept invasion of the Ukraine really more of a campaign designed to bring the world to its knees? Because once this war between two nations started energy and food resources have become a serious concern for all. At this point I’m still waiting to see the cyber attacks which majorly cripple the way of life enjoyed by many.

        • The way to look at the war in Ukraine is like this: ignore all the stuff about Ukraine’s democracy, or the stuff about Russians being genetically lesser etc.

          The war in Ukraine was started by one of the richest men in the world, Putin. Putin has most of his wealth in energy, property and commodities. War has made all those investments grow. Putin is substantially wealthier now than he was 4 months ago.

          Putin knows the West will never invade Russia so keeping the war going in Ukraine is net positive for his bottom line. He also knows the American military-industrial complex likes the war and is thriving.

          The only people to lose in this arrangement are the poor Ukrainians, who will be shunted this way and that, have their homes blown up, their cities and towns laced with the poison of munitions (depleted uranium etc.), their women shipped off to the West to work their booties (though this will SUBSTANTIALLY improve the genetic beauty of the US and the UK). As for the starving third worlders, they will be bailed out by America’s farmers, another win for the US.

          In short, the war is just what the stock market needed to keep going.

        • Ask this:
          Why Ukraine? What does Ukraine have that everyone wants?
          Think about it. Now go find the answer.

      5. Snyder is a broken record.

        Globe, globe, planet, planet, repeat as necessary.


        • Realist – nothing personal but I guess there has to be one in every crowd.

      6. In the West most people could do with eating less. Five years of calorie reduction would actually be very good for public health. People would look better too! No more American land whales.

        The West has the power to secure food supplies so I would not be worried. The people who will suffer will mostly be in the Middle East. There is no functioning economy there outside of the handful of petro states – Just teeming mobs of horny Muslim men with no prospects. They are going to f#?k and fight their way through this.

        • I guess they could all go gay, if required…plenty of goats, too!

      7. Ah some Thursday Snyder morning doom porn to get my day going. I wonder if Snyder is scared to drive? This guy worries more than any mother I’ve ever met and including mine! Take a volume Mikey, we are all gonna die someday.

      8. The Marxist Fomminists for years “smashed the Patriarchy.” TARGETING against men. These men were productive, had families mortgages and families. After their firing, the Marxist HR army in now “Feoominist, Inc ” kept them from jobs. Later, the wife divorced him, took the house and kids.

        Now we see the state of the supply chain.
        Food issues.



        Thay $65k Ford Mustang to impress a woman will not be bought, the sales tax will not be osid, no finance, insurance or gas bought..

        I simply went fishing for life.

        Why participate in a society which hates me?


        FREE MALE

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