The American Empire Was Challenged On Nearly Every Front This Week

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Since the end of World War Two, the United States has established itself on every continent with hundreds of military bases, and has sent troops to foreign nations (both covertly and overtly) on so many occasions that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. And this doesn’t even take into account the nations that our government has quietly and successfully pressured into going along with its financial and military agenda. The US government commands a sprawling empire which, much like the British empire that preceded it, never sees the setting sun.

    But this massive global empire can’t last forever, and there are forces at work that are challenging the US at every opportunity. And this week in particular, the barbarians were brimming at the gates, so to speak. That’s because our government’s interests were confronted by adversaries in several different regions.

    For starters, North Korea tested several missiles in the Sea of Japan over the weekend, three of which landed within Japan’s exclusive economic zone. Alarmed by North Korea’s improved missile technology, Japanese authorities went on high alert. The United States has since sent 14 Super Hercules military planes to Tokyo, and has deployed an anti-missile defense system in South Korea.

    While that story has been widely reported on by now, the mainstream media has hardly touched this astonishing story from Afghanistan. If you can believe it, the Pentagon has confirmed that the Chinese military has been operating in Afghanistan, albeit for unknown reasons. So far, both the Chinese and Afghan governments have denied this.

    Meanwhile in the Persian Gulf, multiple vessels with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard swarmed a US Navy tracking ship in the Straight of Hormuz, coming within 600 yards of the vessel and forcing it to change direction. The US Navy claims that the vessel was unarmed and the interaction with the Iranian military has been called “unsafe and unprofessional.”

    And finally, American troops were recently deployed to the Syrian city of Manbij, after Turkey threatened to attack Kurdish forces in the city. Colonel John Dorrian tweeted that the Joint Task Force in the region “has taken this deliberate action to reassure Coaltion mbrs & partner forces, deter aggression and keep focus on defeating ISIS.

    Can you believe that all of this occurred within a few days? If it weren’t for the fact that the US has racked up an astonishing number of enemies over the years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a concerted effort, organized behind the scenes. In reality, it’s probably just a coincidence. America just happens to be odds with so many forces at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the day when our nation is busy protecting its own shores and nothing else, because hearing about this stuff every week is exhausting.


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      1. when i was a youngster, there was so much talk of this nation or that one being “so corrupt”….now that i’m an OLD man, i see who the REALLY corrupt nation is. going down in flames, as it was all financed on debt…by the people of the world loaning U.S. the money to do it to them. PFFT!

        • The Statue of Liberty IS LUCIFER. the washington monument IS a PHALLUS. the Lincoln Memorial IS a Baphomet. the Pentagon is a five point star.

          THE ‘great deception’ already happened. OUR ancestors fell for it. illuminati 1776, same as revolution FFS.

          All been a SCAM.

          we are ALL subject of the CROWN. they still rule ALL.

          • The USA as we know it must be destroyed for the Antichrist to rise. It will happen. It does not mean that we have to like it or go along with it though. We American patriots must forcefully resist whenever possible.

            • Perhaps as we know it, but for all we know, a reborn America could lead a very unexpected battle against his global empire. I agree that Christians and patriots must resist the Antichrist. We must try, in the way our Lord and Savior calls us to do. And if nothing else, to rage against the darkness and provide hope that the Light will again return to this land. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. God bless and God bless America!!!

              • AMEN to that!

            • Menzo, I’ll damn sure be resisting regardless.

          • Did you ever read the book, “Most Dangerous Book in the World, 9/11 as Mass Ritual. I know you would like it if you haven’t yet. I think everyone should read it. The second part of the book is a fictional prediction. The first part of the book is almost like a primer into the occult. Simple little book. I say it’s a must read to grasp just how occultists see things different and have their symbolism right in front of your face.

      2. So basically the NWO and all their propaganda have created a huge dependent class/snowflakes/libtard commies to of which did the NWO’s bidding for them to give them so much power and leave us at the footsteps of potential disaster.

        Of course the elites are bad people but without stupid brainwashed everyday regular people that I mentioned above the elite would not be able to have gained all the power they have.

        I don’t hate the elites…I hate the riffraff at Walmart on Black Friday that allowed the elite to become as powerful as they are.

        Many people say that the government will just sit back and let the masses go at it by letting the economy go. I hope that is the SHTF scenario that happens. You know how much fun that will be engaging these retards? I mean you gotta think the elite will throw us a bone right? And let us have some fun, instead of just dropping a nuclear bomb on our heads.

          • Holy Shit I thought Gene Wilder died

          • This video is sarcasm. He knows that Trump isn’t going to go after the deep state. The deep state put him in there. And Brother Nathaniel has been saying that since long before the election. You especially know this is his point when he says that he has to remove the Jews from around himself, when that is just about all he is surrounded by, including his son-in-law standing behind him in the White House along with his daughter who has turned herself into a 100% Jew with the help of a rabbi.
            Oh yeah, and he has said that he will do anything for Israel more times than the MSM has accused him of talking to Russia. Hey, looketh over there.

        • And they are intensely trying to expand the dependent class by declaring sanctuary cities all across the country. They must be stopped or we will go down in flames.

      3. Everyone helped to bring the country to where it is today. Like that home repair guy says as he looks at the most recent mess, they either didn’t know enough or they didn’t care enough, or both. That pretty much sums it up. And both of those tactics were baked into the cake. Or like what was said in the movie ‘Animal House’, “Hey, you f’d up, you trusted us”. We have been lied to all of our lives. They kept everyone so busy, or entertained, that they didn’t realize that they were being manipulated to do others bidding while paying them at the same time. We were the freest and the richest people on earth. And according to them we still are. They just need more money for a new pencil with an eraser to prove it.

      4. Every new president gets challenged to see where the new lines are. China won’t let north korea off the leash until they want to invade taiwan. Then they will tell north korra to go ahead and do it just before china makes their move and our military will be too busy. China could care less about north korea, just a convenient diversion. Iran has been attacking and killing our troops for years with revolutionary guard covert ops and hizbollah. Marine barracks in beirut. Snipers and EFP IEDs in shia areas of baghdad (saw it myself) and now they are emboldened by their russian buddies. Need to put them in their place without invading and occupying. Just a good smackdown.

        • The US government and it’s military knew that the Marine barracks in Beirut was going to be bombed. It was just another false flag to get more troops into the ME for that little country on the Mediterranean. Look it up. It fits in with all the other false flags where people die and are just pawns in their game. Including the US military, which was admitted in their own words.

          • Really? I had a friend who was there, survived and pulled his buddies out of the rubble. Believe me they didn’t know it was coming. In fact the Marines pulled out right afterward. False flags lead to something. We keep avoiding confrontation with Iran and they keep attacking. Everything can’t be a false flag.

            • Look it up. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m not saying the Marines there didn’t know it was going to happen, I’m saying that the people who allowed it to happen knew it was coming. Weren’t the guards on post carrying weapons that were unloaded?
              Here, go to youtube and search “Kay Griggs full interview”. It’s seven hours long. You should watch the whole thing, but just watch the first few minutes instead. I believe it’s in those first few minutes that she says that she was told by her husband, a Marine Colonel, that they knew it was going to happen.
              I have gotten in discussions just like this with former military and they don’t know anything about what I’m telling them either. Though they may know who Chesty Puller is, they don’t know who Smedley Butler is.

              • I really don’t like to debate anything like this that I don’t have first hand experiance with. I do have first hand experiance both in the streets in direct combat and through intel briefings of the activities of Iranian revolutionary guards and their shia militia surrogates attacking US forces. Hizbollah flags flew all over east baghdad. Hundreds of Iranian made EFPs were used in our AO. I am not saying Iraq was not a mistake however since we deposed the sunni government and installed a shia government if Iran’s intentions were good they would have worked with that government and helped the iraqis. Instead they wanted al sadr and his shia finatics so they meddled killing US troops. Bush did not want to open up a third major war so they brushed it under the rug not taking care of the troops. Obama and valerie jarrett wanted to suck up to the iranians so they never cared either. I don’t want Iran invaded but if we gave them a real smackdown and hopefully the iranian people will rise up. The shia are more dangerous than the sunni because they take their time and are actually more religiously motivated because they truly believe a major war will bring back the mahdi. My complaint is when americans sympathize with them. Just because we meddle too much their doesn’t mean their aren’t some real bad people there.

                • O.k., so you were trained to follow orders and were pointed at the bad guys. (if actually are who you say you are) Now you know who the bad guys are, but not the policies of the people who made them the bad guys in the first place. And you’re still not concerned about the false pretenses that get American troops put into harms way, or even murdered with premeditation. So you’re still a good soldier like Travolta should have been in ‘The General’s Daughter’.
                  So what makes you want to be an expert on the ME if you don’t know or care about policy. And what makes you want to be an expert on Asian policy if you don’t seem to care about what got us to this point. It’s seems that you are just looking for reasons to go and point a gun at someone. Without realizing that someone got you to do only that, purposely not telling you exactly why they wanted you to do that.
                  Yeah, it’s NK again. No, it’s Iran. No, it’s still Iraq. It’s never Israel is it?
                  This conversation sounds familiar. Everyone knows there’s bad guys out there. But some just don’t want to believe that they are running this country. And the military is just part of their game. Or they’re covering it up. Watch the video. No, you know what’s in it.
                  Unemployment helps to keep the military ranks full. And so do false flags. That’s where were at.

      5. That is true, no empire last forever.

        Not that I like it but we’ve had a long run and have influenced many cultures on the planet. We have spent much money at the expense of the American Taxpayer. It is time to bring some of that money home.

        Our concern, the next empire may rule with an iron fist as Rome did during its time.

      6. AZcats

        “I hate the riffraff at Walmart on Black Friday that allowed the elite to become as powerful as they are”

        By and large it wasn’t the Walmart ‘Riff Raff” but the greatest generation that despite warning examples such as the JFK assassination trusted their government, sent their kids to Vietnam because they, depression babies, had the good job, home, car.

        I think of this clip from the movie Animal House as the example of what happened to us.

        h ttps://

        • Exactly!


      8. I just wish that Pa-rumps phone would break so he can’t tweet the riff-raff. He needs to keep his pie hole shut, let his actions speak for themselves and stop the school yard “Dozens”

      9. It was never and “American Empire”..It was always the private “deep state”s and the NWO empire.. It was full of fools who believed everything and every jingoistic chant of “USA USA USA” like they were “free men”….You awake yet? Even you loyal military and exmilitary patriots believed that you were free and America was great… Eisenhower WARNED You what was happening, the military industrial ELITES ascended to power with Johnson aided by the all the Nazi technology and advances we “saved” from the Russians post WWII.. Criminality BRED criminality..American “empire”…..HaH! It was never American, it was just wrapped up in the flag.

        I don’t mock you lightly PATRIOTS, we were all fools wanting to believe we were Righteous, but we ended up being fools, first led astray through out upbringing, our public schooling then hand delivered into the service to do their bidding..

        We WERE THE FISRT SUCCESSFUL BRAINWASHED MASSES…but hopefully you have shook it off now, because our country and our CHILDREN NEED US NOW more than ever to REALLY deliver them from their and our bondage. Now you must realize where your courage to fight back must come from.

        • Neal Jensen

          I always thought about Eisenhower making that MIC speech just so coincidently right before leaving office like the cartoon character Snuggle Pus with, “Exit left”. Less than three years later on November 22nd 1963 did he think, “They got him”.


          I also thought about the possible conversations in the Kremlin that marveled how the USA pulls off its propaganda and unlike their attempts the people actually believe it. I do know that late in the game some Soviet politician had the bright idea that the communists needed a role model like Superman for the youth. So they created, “The New Communist Man”, cape and all with super powers. Needless to say it didn’t work but the attempt was interesting and acknowledged our “Truth, Justice and the American Way” propaganda.

          On a similar note does someone actually believe that the Vault 7 revelations were just an afterthought? You can bet good money that those “Smart” TVs, cell phones and the like weren’t manufactured with the back door for the intelligence agencies? I was always suspicious of Steve Jobs untimely death. He had been known to be somewhat of a Libertarian and liked to buck the system.

      10. In my tool box, a special cigar, the “Devils Horn”.
        On my phone, Beethoven’s 7th, movement #2 in 528 Hz.
        That I will listen to via ear buds the fully plug the ear.

        Until that time. Another day exercising my free will to learn something new, while roaming amongst the free range inmates.

      11. Attention all preppers, go to western rifle shooters blog, and scroll down to the article entitled, Suidlanders: our emergency plan. Copy it and study it. Their plan was in response to the pending genocide of White South Africans, by their government. Their President proposed taking all land owned by Whites and giving it to his supporters. That plan will require great violence to be committed against the White people. There are about 6 million White people in SA and about 50 million blacks.


        They could be found on the outskirts of Sirte, Libya, supporting local militia fighters, and in Mukalla, Yemen, backing troops from the United Arab Emirates. At Saakow, a remote outpost in southern Somalia, they assisted local commandos in killing several members of the terror group al-Shabab. Around the cities of Jarabulus and Al-Rai in northern Syria, they partnered with both Turkish soldiers and Syrian militias, while also embedding with Kurdish YPG fighters and the Syrian Democratic Forces. Across the border in Iraq, still others joined the fight to liberate the city of Mosul. And in Afghanistan, they assisted indigenous forces in various missions, just as they have every year since 2001.

      13. Eisenhowers Farewell Address Jan. 1961

        Here is the warning given to the American people, and chillingly represents what is happening today. A short video of Eisenhowers speech and the Military Industrial “Congressional” Complex.

        August 16, 2016 Pentagon Cannot Account For $6.5 Trillion Dollars

        A new Department of Defense Inspector General’s report, released last week, has left Americans stunned at the jaw-dropping lack of accountability and oversight. The glaring report revealed the Pentagon couldn’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars worth of Army general fund transactions and data, according to a report by the Fiscal Times.

        • Eisenhower:

          Father: Swedish “Chew”
          Mother: named Ida, light skinned black woman

          Barry was not first.

          Do the research. Hidden truth.


      14. Him,where is the problem,with those numbers works out to about 9 rounds per white person needed,give or take a round!That is assuming the blacks buy into this after seeing what happened in Zimbabwe next door,they are inviting white farmers back as they are starving and have not learned how to work with the land,that and one hell of a capital flight out of country!

        The article on western is very good and also recommend giving it a view,perhaps incorporating what one can reasonably into your life.

        • The government controls the military. The White people don’t have anti armor capabilities. Plus, other African nations might send help to the commies. Our own government backed the commie take over of South Africa, Rhodesia, Southwest Africa, Zaire and Angola. In Zaire (Peoples Democratic Republic of the Congo) 1 million people have already died in the decades long fighting. Anybody see that on the news? Nope.

          • I was in an Army Ranger Battalion at the beginning of the war on terror. In late 2003 they sent us to South Africa for a couple weeks to do a joint exercise with their airborne mainly to encourage them to be available for possible africa ops. They had become a completely incompetent military. The only whites were a handful of officers and they were refused promotions. The Battalion commander (LTC) was black, incompetent and only had 5 years service. The lieutenants were white and each had over 10 years service. The lieutenants kept asking how they could get to the US and enlist in our Army. I think as long as the whites stick together like glue they could easily outfight the opposition. Those out in the bush would have a tough time of it being so spread out. At any rate I wouldn’t want to be there now.

        • It is ironic that Zimbabwe was a net exporter of food until Mr Mugabe expropriated the land from the Whites and gave it to his buds. Now they are in ruins. Very sad for everybody there. <bb

      15. I don’t think KJU has enough brain cells to back down. They better summon Dennis Rodman. The Iranian navy looks like a bunch of souped up bass boats. Give me a
        Ma Deuce and about 1,000 rounds. No more problems out of them.

      16. Back in the 90s Art Bell was always talking about the Quickening. This is where events come together and world society, order falls apart.

        I didn’t much feel it much back then but in the last few years I’m really feeling it. I hope Trump is strong enough to keep things together. Probably not.

        I think most people agree that a major reset needs to take place. The house ain’t worth repairing so burn it down and start over.

      17. America has abandoned God and become the bully of the world. They human suffering caused by today’s US military is of Biblical proportion. They are oath-breakers yet we idolize them. Think about that before parroting ‘Thank you for your service’.

        This old coot no longer calls himself an American. I didn’t leave America, it left me.

        • It’s fashionable now for people to say, “thank you for your service.” I remember back in the
          80’s that was almost unheard of. Back then when you walked thru an airport
          with your Class A’s on, some people would look at you like you were a martian from outer
          space. And many civilians that lived outside of military bases treated servicemen like scum.
          They were always trying to entrap military people with no money down vehicle sales,
          pawn shops and payday loan places. I would advise young people to really think before
          signing the bottom line and taking the oath. It’s not for everybody. I found that out.

      18. But one thing that went right this week was the teeth gritting Hillary ad with photo has been replaced with a Marijuana Millionaire babe ad. Thanks!!

      19. My comment was censored.


      20. Item of interest: MY DAUGETER WORKS FOR A CERTAIN dept of Aviation in an east coast state. Her office sits on a runway of an international airport. She recently sent me a photo of a Russian Anotov airplane sit g ing on the tarmac for 2 days.
        The reason being it was picking up supplies. Why?..
        Strange things hsppening everywhere

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