The Age of Machines and Unemployment: “Robots Could Steal 80 Million US Jobs”

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    Image: S zillayali, Creative Commons.

    Image: S zillayali, Creative Commons.

    A vast joblessness is coming. Perhaps the system will develop some gentle pretext to keep everyone occupied with busy work to cope with the problem. But the simple fact is that the future doesn’t need us.

    And central banks are officially gearing up for that impending reality.

    via CNBC:

    80 million jobs in the United States are at risk of being taken over by robots in the next few decades, a Bank of England (BoE) official warned on Thursday.

    With U.S. data showing that total nonfarm employment hit 142.6 million in October, that’s roughly over half of the total jobs at risk.

    […] The bank’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, said that up to 15 million jobs in the U.K. were at risk of being lost to an age of machines, which is almost half of the employed population currently.


    Jobs with the highest level of being taken over by a machine in the U.K. included administrative, production, and clerical tasks.

    Historically, human works have learned new skills to stay relevant and do needed work, as machine increasingly fueled economic development during the industrial revolution.

    The question, now, however, is whether artificial intelligence is advancing faster than human innovators can keep pace with. The answer, disturbingly, seems to be yes.

    Billionaire Jeff Greene recently commented on how American workers will soon be put to pasture:

     “When we first had the internal combustion engine — the horseless carriages, the car was called — look at all the horses they just put out to pasture,” he said, making an ominous comparison to the present-day advances in automation. “We are going to be destroying jobs at a record clip.”

    “The way software, computers, robots are taking over … what’s going to happen more and more is the American worker is going to be marginalized,” Greene said.  “Artificial intelligence (AI), right now, can do the task of a 100 IQ person… Ten years from now … artificial intelligence will do the tasks of a 120 IQ person.”

    Already, Americans are dealing with 90 millions adult Americans of working age who are out of the work force. Some are officially unemployed, but most have simply given up looking for work, and have adjusted to new realities – part-time jobs, shared living arrangements, juggling government benefit checks with a gig economy that afford a few extra bucks to get by.

    All that will likely trend much worse as automation, artificial intelligence and robots become not just well known topics, but dominant forces in our everyday lives. The Bank of England, a central bank with a much different stake in this transition than the average individual, remains more optimistic:

    Haldane suggested society may have an edge against machines in jobs which require high-level reasoning, creativity and cognition, while AI (artificial intelligence) problems are more digital and data driven [but] a change in how society works may be underway. People may opt towards work in more tailored businesses [and] move towards more flexible working and temporary contracts.

    “The smarter machines become, the greater the likelihood that the space remaining for uniquely-human skills could shrink further. Machines are already undertaking tasks which were unthinkable – if not unimaginable – a decade ago. Algorithms are rapidly learning not just to process and problem-solve, but to perceive and even emote.”

    The saving grace is the social complexities of human behavior, which still puts importance on human interaction. However, that will not save low wage and blue collar workers, or even white collar ones in many sectors. This will be THE challenge of the next few decades for the average family.

    Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller [said] there’s an “increasing fear of technology” in all its different forms. Technology seems to be leaving questions of what will life and people be like in 30 years. (source)


    “The current model is not working. We have to figure out how to reinvent the economy,” urged Jeff Greene. (source)

    Business and individual households will be run in most aspects through computer-managed algorithms and data; your boss, in essence, will be a robot.

    Unless the model is changed, there will be lots of spare labor and useless eaters hanging around to take care of. And in the absence of jobs – and with it economic lifeblood –  government agencies run largely by technology will be “rationalizing” decisions about how much to spend on your care, and whether you live or die during routine cost-benefits analysis decisions that dehumanize the people who will be affected.

    Is that why developing countries are having a “global vasectomy-aton” to drive sterilization and birth control? Concerns about overpopulation and running out of food are exaggerated lies meant to mask the real reason “they” don’t want us around anymore: human resources are outdated and over-supplied. It’s economics, baby. And we are out of date and very expendable.

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    Billionaire: “We Are Destroying the Middle Class. That’s What Keeps Me Awake at Night.”



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      1. Why would it be “stealing”?

        This is a Luddite sort of headline.

      2. Totally agree, they are called “refugees”. They have “one” mind

        • Fuck the bots.

          We have a more pressing enemy at this present time…
          The blood thirsty savages of Islam.

          God bless the military drones.

      3. Can’t steal a job that nobody has anyway.

        • That is true JS

          Robots will make great Cashiers, Waiter/Waitress’s, Security Provisions, Cab Drivers, Dock Workers …etc.

          • FTW.

            Self serve checkouts.

            Vending machines.


            Chip data/recognition.

            Driverless vehicles.

            Automated cranes.

            Dude the futures is already programed.

            The technology is just being tweaked.

            • Here’s an idea: send a shipload of ambulatory robots to Mars and let them get busy. The rest of us useless eaters can stay home and write poetry. (snark)

        • Oh, I don’t know about that. There are plenty of jobs currently held by unionized employees of the lowest caliber (e.g., deli slicers/scoopers in big supermarkets) that quite frankly I’d love to see farmed out to robots. These are jobs held by people of IQs well below 100, typically, who are often hostile and incompetent. (And yes, I had another run-in with one of them today; I know she cannot be fired, but she should be, for both insolence and incompetence.)
          Big Unions have protected these classes for decades, but the unions themselves are running out of steam politically. Even Obama appears to ignore them, as does Hillary. While the Big Unions do represent many trades that are highly skilled, I daresay that slicing salami, or scooping tuna salad, is not one of them. The real question is whether the unions will fight to keep these jobs, or fold to protect those that actually matter, i.e., the unions have organized as the sole teaching authorities. I am speaking primarily of plumbers and electricians, although, of course, there are plenty of others.
          From what I read in the Wall Street Journal today, it appears that even decades-long held legal positions on open vs. closed
          shops are an open issue now.
          But that, of course, brings us to the real question, which is what to do with those whose abilities are superceded by technological advances. All of human society has had these confounds before, but typically in the past it did not involve actual cognitive ability, and people were able to adapt. With AI, that will become a far less likely event in the future. What are the powers that be intending for those who can only be drones, so to speak? My meat slicer comes to mind…This is a very worrisome issue, for any number of reasons. Ultimately,
          however, it reminds me quite terribly of what Hitler finally decided to do, incrementally, starting with those who were deemed “mentally unfit.” I am very much afraid of another such scenario arriving in the not too distant future.

      4. As a guy who can design and program robots. I’ll tell you most peoples jobs can be replaced by a machine. Democrat/Socialist politics have made it profitable to get rid of the “pains in the ass” called employees.
        What society has not considered, is what to do with all the displaced workers. The low IQ populace that vote, riot, and generally are a pain to have around. How do we make them feel
        useful and keep them occupied?

        • With advancing AI designing and programming can soon be replaced by AI empowered robots.

          Minimum wage hikes will make advancement of robotic workers more and more desirable as their initial costs will become less than the cost of hiring, training and replacing workers that quit will become quite high in comparison.

          Withinn 20 years at the most we will no longer need people.

        • Relik – I foresee this being played out.

          TPTB will make sure they are not useful –

          I’m sure they will deploy: OPERATION DE-POPULATION CONTROL

        • ” Democrat/Socialist politics have made it profitable to get rid of the “pains in the ass” called employees.”

          US Textile Workers making the huge sum of $15/hr lost their jobs to Asians making 50 cents per hour or less. Free Trade with virtual slave labor nations, championed by Republicans and passed into law with the help of Democrats facilitated the exodus of well paid US jobs. I came of age long ago with the primitive idea that “Well Paid” and “American” were virtually synonymous. It was that way until the mega wealthy used the US Military to free up a huge pile of ultra cheap labor. Sometimes it worked (Korea) sometimes it didn’t (Vietnam). When the Berlin Wall fell the entire world became a labor source.

          Your statement is blatantly inaccurate in substance.

          • I disagree.
            We sent all our manufacturing
            overseas because of EPA, OSHA,
            Federal government policies, and
            a Federal government run by union
            Democrat bureaucrats.
            GOPe has some skin in the game,
            but can barely control the system
            when they “own” the congress.
            Democrats/Socialists are
            at the heart of Americas problem.

            • Disagree all you desire. Why did the entire developed world follow suit with “Free Trade”? 50 cent labor devoid of civilized safety and environmental laws beat $30 hr labor by too much. Union Carbide can, and did kill 6000+ people in Bhupal India W/O repercussions. Thats the world they desire to operate in. China looses so many coal miners every year that the number is a state secret.

              If you don’t think you don’t need an EPA or OSHA you didn’t work in the Chemical and Oil Refining Industries. I grew up in what was referred to as, “Cancer Alley”. Pre EPA / Clean Water Act the Delaware River was dead. Even self respecting bacteria refused to live there.

            • Lets see…….50 cent per hour verses $15 – $30 per hour……..No tariffs to level the playing field.

              No Brainer………..

              • NO Tariffs are you kidding me. LOL The USA has NO tariffs on Imports but the Countries we buy from have a Tariff on our goods. Your a Idiot for thinking this is SO Called FREE TRADE. What a FN joke. Americans Lose their jobs for this So called FREE TRADE. What’s Free about it?? The Other countries can sell their goods here with no tariff but we can’t ship goods to them without a Tariff. YOUR a FN dumbass!!

                • Just thinking about it, we wont need any more Illegals, an our country would be cleaned, once again. We need Mr. Trump.

                • “NO Tariffs are you kidding me”

                  No I think you misunderstand me. The lack of tariffs I described was US.

            • The Insurance Industry wouldn’t insure an asbestos worker as far back as the 1930s. Its danger was known to many except the people working with it. It took the creation of OSHA in 1970 to ban its use. John Manville was told what his product was doing to his employees and he said, “They’ll work until theory die”. His workers weren’t informed of the danger.

              We don’t need no stinking OSHA.

              This is the world TPTB want to operate in.

              • You know Kevin2,
                I debated on responding to a troll.
                I used to make Asbestos cement
                figures in the first grade.
                Government decisions based
                on politics I reject.
                Decisions based on science
                I will consider.
                I’ve been exposed to radiation,
                tobacco, nasty chemicals, you name it.
                I’m quite healthy.
                Democrats/Socialists are more deadly than any
                thing nature or industry can come up with.

                • “I’ve been exposed to radiation,tobacco, nasty chemicals, you name it.
                  I’m quite healthy.”

                  There are job openings in Japan to clean up the reactor. Love Canal can still use a clean up. Hell speeches in Bhopal India go over big.

                  GTFOOH……. your comical

            • Kevin2 is spot on in terms of what has happened. The move offshore and also insourcing cheap labour has been a race to the bottom in terms of globally accessing the cheapest capital and labour. Having not to deal with controls on pollution and health and safety at overseas locations was a nice bonus. For a few cents more profit the 1% have enriched themselves and destroyed the wealth generating capacity of the US – they are all culpable politically as both parties support globalisation over multiple decades. The ‘threat’ of the unions was merely a scare tactic to convince people to go against their own best interest.

        • I design, build and program robots too. I wish I could find 100 more people to work for me. Its hard to find people with the right skills and if you hire someone without the right skills and train them for 2-4 years, they just one day skip out on you just when they start to become useful.

          • They’re leaving for higher wages.

            • Pay is $30+ or $100k salary depending on skills and job. You can make more depending on what you can do. However you cant do a lot with 2-4 years of training. People do leave for higher pay but usually lose their new job because they don’t have the skills necessary to do it.
              You got to be a Electrical engineer, Mechanical engineer, Internet Engineer,Embedded systems engineer, programmer and a mathematician all rolled up into one. In 2 years you can learn a couple of protocols and some mechanicals but that is about it. It takes 10 years or more and most people don’t get competent until they are in their late 30’s early 40’s.
              Most kids these days come out of college and think they know it all. But they don’t.

              • “Most kids these days come out of college and think they know it all. But they don’t.”

                Every generation can make that claim and they would be accurate in their assessment. Its a sign of immaturity. They, “grow out of it”.

              • I worked for fours years in clean rooms for Texas Instruments repairing semiconductor equipment, some being robotic. I was an equipment engineering tech. I have a degree in physics and math. I would love to be involved in the building of robots. I would like to get your contact info. [email protected]

          • The move to automation will probably create a small but highly paid class of worker. After all you will need people to handle raw material inputs, do the design of products, looking after the robots, etc. Lights out factory and other operations with a small support staff. I can also envisage programming jobs going as well as the whole development (coding) phase of building a software application can be done by a machine.

          • a robot won’t do that

        • I’ll live up to my moniker right now and answer you Rellik. Simple – see that they die off. Start war(s). Poison them with chemicals in their food. Encourage sloth, mindless addictions to various forms of ‘entertainment’. Create a ‘bread and circus’ atmosphere in society where they are housed, fed and made to feel entitled to having all the ‘good things’ in life for free.

          Oh wait – too late. Already happening. Someone needs to draw a dual-curve chart with the rise of automation vs. the rise of die-off.

          Yep, all it takes is to keep doing what the mindless unwashed masses are already doing – nothing.

        • Historically, the answer to this is one word: WAR

      5. Before Rome finally fell, a large part of the population looked to the Government to feed them. The Government was broke and their cities were filled with non-Romans. The Elites lived a life of pleasure hidden away from the general population.

        So, put more people out of work with robots and see what happens next?

        • The only difference is when Rome debased their money people noticed. Now, most people have no clue. They can keep adding the debt and giving out SNAP/EBT benefits no problem.

          • Until one day the merry go round stops and the SNAP/EBT benefits are not there.

      6. Yours truly started out as a “tool & die” maker in the automotive industry. HAH! That was 40 years ago.

        Now, they send out their tool and die needs to either Europe, India, or even China. They make the stuff and ship it here at bargain basement costs.

        Same with unskilled labor. Their jobs are G-O-N-E.

        Look at today’s production workers (not skilled trades, mind you), in the automotive sector. I am guessing 70 would be an average IQ. Even with minimizing operator error, there is still a lot of scrap and re-work. These current production people are toast when lines are 100% automated.

        Couple that with their lack of desire to educate themselves or better their lot, and you have millions who will unemployed. You have line workers whose only goal is to work 30 years pressing the “green button.” No thought process, no challenge, no nothing–AND THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT! No responsibility.

        H-E-L-L-O, Mr. Robot. No strikes, work stoppages, little scrap, little downtime, no EEOC, no lawsuits, etc.

        • “H-E-L-L-O, Mr. Robot. No strikes, work stoppages, little scrap, little downtime, no EEOC, no lawsuits, etc.”

          Walter Reuther, the UAW labor leader, just before his tragic death in a suspicious plane crash (He was outspoken against the Vietnam War) toured the first Ford Plant with 1st generation robots. The grandson of Henry Ford said to Walter, “Walt those robots won’t go out on strike”. Walther Reuther replied; “They won’t buy any cars either”.

          • And even today new cars are selling like hot cakes? I see folks buying and driving them. look at all the really nice cars teenagers drive to school? in the 1960,s Those of us teens who had a car drove a old beater that we worked on ourselves. And many time we couldnt afford the 25 cent per gallon gas. I still have my 55 chevy I drove in high school. Its all fixed up and the difference is Now I can afford to drive it. Never think twice about the cost of fuel.

        • You bring up a good point. I grew up in the sub-burbs of Detroit. Both Grandpappies were tool makers (non union) and my dad started with Ford as a Tool and Die maker, and ended up getting a degree and being a metallurgical engineer. My sister works for Ford in the Glass House (HQ) in Dearborn. Me I went into the Army and got the hell out of dodge. My wife’s family were all GM line workers and union. All they wanted to do was come home and watch TV and drink beer. Bitched about having to learn new machines and processes. After the Army I stayed in the Augusta GA area and worked at SRS. (Nuclear Weapons Facility) We weren’t union, but we became union after a bit. I got to see union politics first hand, as a union steward. I was bored out of my mind and when Clinton cut back I took a buyout and left to do information technology. Been doing it now for about 20 years. These jobs can’t be replaced and I have so much experience no one blinks when I ask for $90K to do a job. I get up in the morning. Brush my teeth and crank up the computer and jump on a conference call every morning. Real short commute. Not trying to brag, just saying that I got lucky/blessed. Kind of supporting the idea that you can learn stuff if you aren’t too lazy. BTW I don’t have college degree. Did the Army again after 9/11 and I have a full ride GI Bill. Don’t need it and wish I could give it to my wife. They started letting us do that after I got out, so can’t. I might burn some of it learning something totally different, just for the hell of it, like Paramedic or something survival useful.

      7. So, stealing fewer jobs than obammy.

      8. Breaking news Paris has been attacked by Isis!

      9. human resources are outdated and over-supplied. It’s economics, baby. And we are out of date and very expendable.

        After all the “blind” (air quotes) eyes turned toward family law and the utter joke of “just-us” it has become… you’re just now figuring this out?

        Great way to encourage marriage and reproduction… tell one party they’re better than all that and should “hold out in order to have it all”, whilst simultaneously financially eviscerating the second half of the equation for being born and daring to have anything resembling a sex drive.

        Result: birth rate far below replacement level.

        … and this was an “accident”.

        Sure it was.

      10. You are right about one thing, Americans will go out to pasture; but not the way the powers foresee. Americans are tired of their lot as a colony of Isreal. I predict the departure from our Zionist lords of the manor.

        Americans once returned to self determinism, will implement laws that benefit Americans. They will reclaim their land and they will make their own tools on their own land. They will hire their own people and use their technology in a way that benefits them. Since I have an IQ to match anyone’s but a rare, rare few; I don’t worry about robots. I worry about my Country in the hands of a foreign entity, Isreal, and the traitors in our government, and financial centers.

      11. Off topic, 140 dead in Paris attacks by ISIS. Used pump shotguns. 7 coordinated attacks. Shooters yelled “Allah Akbar” !

        Makes a Christian man’s blood boil.

        Watch out fur them evil, stink’n savages, the hell with them hogs.

        • I just save about 20 % by switching to Geico,times to celebrate with some “Freedom Fries”,any one want to join me?!Just remember,behind every fucking blade of grass…….

        • Like I always said, never let a sect of religious people in your country whose religion says to kill innocent people who don’t believe in the religion they do.

          France allows Muslim Sharia laws to be set up and they have their own countries within the country called “No-Go-Zones for Muslims ONLY, and killing innocent non-believers is not prosecutable, but justified.

          • Yes indeed look at what the Christians did to the native americans. Old Chief Bigfoot even converted to christianaity, as a reward they imprisoned starved massacared his people anyway.

        • This Paris Attack is interesting.

          Isn’t this the weekend, starting Saturday 14th that Paris was going to hold a Climate Summit and how to resolve the Syrian Crisis?

          H’mm …. coincidence ??? … it is starting to appear very much unlikely that it is. Sure is a sick world that we all live in!

          • Merde!

          • Al Gore has postponed his climate summit for the next day or so.

            I doubt if it will get any media coverage at all.

          • Wierd coincidence it was Friday the 13th!

        • Them Hogs.

          It is the Christian countries that invited them to Europe.

          It will be the Christian Goodie Two Shoes who invite them into this nation.

          Can’t tell me they will remain passive once there are a sizable part of the population.

          • @slingshot

            Not all “Christians” are similar, but you know that. Ever hear of The Crusades? Christians have been fighting in countless wars for thousands of years.

            Also, it was the Socialist Governments of once Christian Nations that invited this scum in to secure their Leftist agendas.

            • Them Hogs.

              We do have an administration that is socialist and invites refugee’s that are beneficial to their leftist agendas.

              If we can not screen those refugee’s correctly we will be fighting our own crusade. I don’t want to hear the excuses and complaints from those who brought terrorist to our shores after the attacks begin.

              That is why I am so angry at people I call Goody Two Shoes because I will have to also pay for their stupidity. I have had to do that most of my life and I tell you. Me being an old bastard. That If Muslim attacks from refugee’s happen here, I am not going to take it anymore.
              I will place GTS in the same the same category as terrorists.

          • Sweden is just as or more guilty as any of the and Sweden is not a Christian country. Christianity is a minority influence there without much in the way of political power.

        • First thing they need to do is arrest the traitor “leadership”. Dissolve the European Union.
          Work with other Countries to relocate these so called refugees. My heart goes out to the victims. Remember who was at the center. Lerner and her accomplices should be tried for genocide.

          This is like putting the Bloods and the Crips in the same yard and delighting in the carnage. It is the Jewish agenda at its bloody best. Enough is enough. Europe must wake up or die.

      12. I just saved 20% by switching to geico,I think a order of “Freedom Fries”is called for,anyone else?!Just remember,behind every fucking blade of grass……

      13. Robots can’t do what I do, (maintenance worker driving 180 miles a day to service many different jobs along the way) but my supervisor can be replaced, he sits in a chair all day, sleeps at his computer and collects a nice paycheck.

        This new generation will be in for a surprise when they lose those job entry McDonalds, Hardees, Taco jobs to machines since they want $15 hr to start out on. Machines are cheaper.

        What will all those low intelligent people do? Since many never graduated from HS or learned anything substantive, they will be paid less than machines are that could replace them or riot. After all, that’s what low intelligence does if you see how the colleges are today.

        • The FED funded standardized tests aren’t there to find out just how smart you are.
          NO WAY.
          They’re only there to confirm just how dumbed down you’ve remained.

          The school of hard knocks is a fine institution.

          • $7.50 hr is homeless money. I made that at DuPont in the late 1970s.

      14. Did you all see what just happened in Spain.. looks the United nations Jihadist just pulled a false flag in spain.. well since you Muslim isis pricks like to come on here threatening me calling me names
        Make sure your don’t try that stunt on my town..Spain has no second amendment but we do..



        • LOL.
          HCKS, We need to meet up one day and get totally fuckin’ shit faced.
          In the mean time fella, cheers.

      15. So whose gonna buy all the crap if noone has a job?

        • Good question….

      16. can those robots defend themselves against displaced workers ?

      17. A Chinese company that assembled electronic components and had around 600 employees recently replaced their production line with robots. This reduced the workforce to 60 or so and this will go lower. The Robots are slower then humans but make no errors (human errors and rework around 25%). Slower does not matter as they are massively more productive as they operate 24hours a day and don’t need breaks.

        Foxconn is the company that assemble iPhones and other stuff and has over 400,000 employees. The CEO wants to replace his human production line with robots. Even if manufacturing comes back to the US in some form it will only create a few jobs.

      18. Yes the robots are coming to town so we are all going to become very poor or worse still the population will be culled.

        Smart people in jobs need not worry so long as they can double there IQ about every five years (Moorse laws broken, PC power in Intel Chips we buy have not even doubled in the last five years)

        Corporate profit is all that counts even if robots make items like light bulbs that are designed to break after a short life span like our kids toys because it’s all about profit regardless of the costs to the enviroment or jobs.

      19. Look at it from the point of business you’ve made a commitment to your customer and your employees are lazy calling out crying sick quitting on you. Now a new technology comes available to you to get the labor done it’s a one time investment where as employees want benefits retirement $ proper working conditions. The robot don’t care will keep working after you’ve gone home for the day. I’d say it’s a no brainer to go this route. It sucks for the worker sure but if you don’t like it don’t give your boss shit come to work do your job and don’t give him a reason to buy robots. Anyway people still think there are good muzzies I hate these fucking people I say kill them all the kids too they are brainwashed too. They will start attacking here next and then what. I can live with killing them befor they victimize us. Kill or be killed it’s just that simple.

      20. Any rapid chance has the capability to be destabilizing. Technology has introduced a massive amount of chance simultaneously on all fronts, economic, political and military.

        With any luck, if we survive all of this bruised but not broken the world might be a better place. Its the chaos that comes with it and the speed that its being introduced that is frightening.

      21. We are a long way from having one human fix it person running an entire robotic automated plant.

      22. Will the robots purchase the goods they produce? The displaced workers will not have money to make the purchases.

        • No robots don’t buy stuff. howeveer they use raw materials energy that has to be purchased. any thing that helps to keep production here is a benefit.

      23. What else do you expect fine tuning to come too? The whole idea is automation.

      24. Will the bots speak spanish? Afterall, the corporatists won’t need the illegal cheap labor anymore.

      25. Computers replaced many white collar workers and layers of lower and middle level managers over the last 20 plus years and will continue to do so. Robots are doing the same thing to blue collar workers. It is only going to get worse over time. I have been saying for years that the United States needs to implement a population control program. The family as we know it, is gone. There are way to many individuals going to college for nothing because there are no jobs once they graduate. Education is over valued. The United States has become so political and dysfunctional, it can’t get out of its own way. We have a political mess on our hands with no cure in sight. Hillary in not the solution, we new blood and less corruption.

      26. “could”? with the politically correct, functionally inept morons we are turning out today employers/manufacturers will have no choice but to use robots

      27. How many men will it take to design, build, install, repair, and sell the robots ?

        What will happen to the product price of the products produced by all of the robots running 150 hours per week ?

      28. consider your computer as a minor robot. What would you do without it ??

      29. Didn’t they make a series of movies about this?

        Can you say Skynet???

        Seriously we don’t need to be afraid of this, the world is full of jobs that a machine can’t do.

        I have a handyman business, I fix all kinds of things no machine can’t fix.

        If you are in a line of work that could be automated, you need to get another job that robots just will not be able to do. Problem solved.

      30. the head line of this article is wrong. Robots are not stealing jobs. for there to be theft something owned by someone has to be taken by someone else. The jobs belong to the employer. The employee owns nothing. Better to still have the company on USA soil using robots than have it in some other place that pays very low wages. but no you want then to stay here and go bankrupt.

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