The 7 Walls of Your Mental Prison: Mike Adams “Counterthink” Video Teaches You the Art of Mental Freedom

by | May 4, 2018 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at

    Most people live inside mental prisons, afraid to venture outside the walls that define the “boundaries” of socially acceptable ideas or speech.

    There are seven walls that define your mental prison, and there are seven enforcers who keep you imprisoned. Those seven enforcers use seven weapons to destroy any thoughts of freedom or self-identity.

    I lay all this out in a 47-minute video lecture that teaches you how to escape your mental prison and find true freedom. In this video, shown below, you’ll learn:

    • The 7 WALLS of your mental prison
    • The 7 ENFORCERS of your mental prison
    • The 7 WEAPONS used by enforcers to keep you trapped in your mental prison

    Watch the video below and share widely. To continue expanding your freedom to think, watch all the counterthink episodes being posted frequently at Also, request a video content channel at, the new alternative to YouTube censorship, launching this July.

    About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.

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      1. Want to free yourself from the mental prison? Turn off any and all media on radio and TV.
        Understand what real news is. The great awakening is coming. Many can’t handle it.

        • Bingo, Its a choice to watch Z-I-o-n-ists TV or NOT, as we call it here Main Stream Media Propaganda. I cut the zippo Cable TV Cord over 3 years ago and do not miss being bombarded by drug commercials and other lie psyopps BS and I refuse to give Hollywood a single penny. Screw their polluted films and movies. Stop feeding the Beast. Cut them off from your dollars. BOYCOTT!!

          Turn off and Drop out!! As they used to say back in the 1960’s when this social engineering program by the controllers took over and started destroying our freedoms, destroying the family unit and began their race wars and division of Hate and then call it freedom of speech. And all their phony wars including their phony drug war. Why can’t Government just do the right thing and work for the people?

      2. Mike Adams, interesting approach to correcting limited thinking. To the President’s legal team: beware the thought police that “innocently” want to know what the President thinks about this or that. The dumbasses (thought police) are not entitled to that information. The witch hunt (coup) led by Mueller needs to stop before it starts a civil war.

      3. There is only one quote you need to know to free yourself.

        “Fuck that.”

        • JS,
          RIGHT ON Bra!

        • I just told my son yesterday just that. Lol

      4. Mike Adams makes many good points.

        I disagree with his approach to the black & white genocide.


      5. It truly is an info war. Full spectrum dominance of the creation and flow of info. Former head of the CIA, William Casey, said that the CIA will know the effectiveness of it’s propaganda campaign, when everything, that every American believes is wrong. What a country.

      6. What Mike Adams and this site need to understand is that if I spent 47 minutes watching this video; and then, again some other video on something else, and some more again elsewhere ….. I’d not have a life of my own to think anything independently. Sorry, I’m sure you have the best of intentions – but for God’s sake, put it in text. I can read just fine. I actually speed-read (learned in high school). Just don’t expect me to watch any video that takes much more than 5 minutes tops.

        • His 7 walls are:

          * Anti-progress
          * Negative
          * Racism
          * Hate speech
          * Conspiracy theory
          * Anti-science
          * Offensive

          He talks about how these concepts work to form social behavior and even voting; how these become accusations to prevent a person from thinking freely and limiting themselves to what the “approved” thought is.

          He describes the Mental Prison enforcers of Social, Schools, Tech, Employers, Sponsors Gov’t, and Self.

          The 7 weapons of mental prison guards are:

          * stress
          * hatred
          * censorship
          * fake news
          * language
          * false flags

          He speaks of how people are kept obedient with these tools and notes that cults work in the same manner.

          Note: I didn’t listen to the entire video. I could see where he was going and skipped through the video in a few minutes. Like others here, I don’t have that much time to waste on videos. Hopefully, this outline will help the comments readers to decide if they wish to see the whole thing. Most regulars readers here understand all this and aren’t bound by these walls. Others just beginning to understand what’s happening in this country will find his explanations and concept examples helpful.

          • Thank you Yahooie – I appreciate.

      7. How many times have we heard about the Elites.
        Well here is a different set of Elites.



        ELITE Model Agency Transvestigation


        _ YouTube


      8. just saw a tv program where kids in middle school had to do vocal presentations and discussions, darn near all of them could not form a coherent thought once their cellphones were taken away, it was pitiful..

      9. B from CA… gender inversion? Read a comment yesterday on an article at veteranstoday that led to a pdf download naming the transgender from male to female writers from the 1800s to 1900s. These included George Eliot, Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, Agatha Christie, Erica Jong, JK Rowling, Harper Lee, Jackie Collins, Ayn Rand, Gloria Steinem and many more. I guess you can’t tell the difference anymore, but the pictures were obvious and ugly.

        • Gloria Steinem admits she was a paid tool for the CIA to destroy the family unit by empowering women to hate men. Ms Magazine and all the rest of these hate magazines are designed and run by Z-I-o-n-ist, to break up America, Yeah burn your bra’s. How dumb, now you women libbers got saggy bosoms. The same crew started the NAACP, yeah 3ews started NAACP, to stir up the racial wars. Now its Transgender bathrooms, bi-racial relationships, etc. Boycott everything Disney!! Its gutter pollution for your kids minds. Beauty and the Beast, pure hedonism and bestiality for children and under the name Disney.

          • I used to be a supporter of Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Now with their new policies, it’s hard to believe in what they are doing. Why is it that Girl Scouts can still have only girls but BSA is now for all genders. Boys and young men need a place separate so they can learn to be good men. Yes, I was a scout leader but I knew when to retreat when the guys needed guy time. (The youngsters also learned to respect females so it was reciprocal.)

      10. You can read along.

        47min to mental freedom…

        (Dominant black vs submissive white guy ad. Always my fav. Def gonna buy this!)

        -> Skip ad…)

        K. Now 7 more steps to mental freedom…

        Special attentions to African Americans, he says (regardless of our skin color) …

        A founder and a contributor of how to think and brought us that video…

        It’s gonna be banned…

      11. The Seven Walls remind me of the Seven Deadly Sins;I can give them all up except Lust! People’s self identity as a citizen of a particular country prevent them from emigrating to another country even when it is the logical move.

      12. A synopsis would’ve been nice…
        I don’t have 47 minutes to dedicate to this to decide if he’s right or wrong.
        Takes up 21 lines.
        Very simple.

      13. Also at Natural News today or the same found at Mike Adams has info about the author Jim Fetzer material that has been censored by youtube and attempts to censor other free speech across the internet. A free download of the Fetzer book “Nobody died at Sandy Hook” is there plus articles about the Las Vegas and Parkland shootings. Adams doesn’t agree with all of the info but supports free speech. Thank you Mike Adams.

        • If you work with or broadcast from Infowars, you’re not allowed to stray from the official narrative of Sandy Hook. Else, Alex Jones, with his sudden change of opinion, might look bad.

      14. Adams makes some good points for sure and close to hitting the nail on the head, but not quite clear enough or specific enough. What he described are simply psychological and emotional control mechanisms that have been in use for a very long time here in USA. The real freedom, knowledge and understanding only comes when you fully grasp all of the illusions and control mechanism in motion and created to control you. There are many, not just the few he mentions. But they are a good start for sure !

        Most Americans are in fact afraid to grasp it all and Adams was afraid to say that part. But it is a fact ! Most of the internet marketers will not spell it all out in black and white, but I do, because I am not at all a click bait kind of guy. So I do not have to pander to any of it. Yes it means I have a smaller following , but 10K to 20K a month is all I can handle anyway and I get to tell it all exactly as it really is ! So I sleep very well and stay super fit and healthy as well. Chuckles !

        Bottom line is simply the people that have created the bigger sites have much bigger overhead and have to market more aggressively ! But that does not mean they put out good info all the while ? And that is obviously why it all gets very redundant. And that is why I rarely talk about what has already been talked about ad nauseum. I far prefer issues and matters I know actually make a difference in our lives that I have created or found or actually experienced myself !

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