THE 3D GUN HAS BEEN BANNED: “The United States Government Claims Control of The Information” *Black Market Download Links Available*

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    Last weekend Cody Wilson and his team of gun access advocates at Defense Distributed broke ground with the introduction of the first ever 3D printed gun capable of firing a live round. Immediately after the organization developed proof of concept by firing a .380 caliber round through their new CAD designed and plastic printed Liberator handgun, they released the blueprints for the gun to the general public via their web site.

    Over 50,000 users immediately flocked to the site to get a free copy of the plans, which anyone with a 3D printer could then use to print their own handgun.

    Gun control proponents went into overdrive against the new technology. By Monday, Senator Charles Schumer of New York, who claimed the developments were “stomach churning” and “must be stopped,” was already in the process of drafting legislation that would ban access to the new technology. Gun control proponents within the Obama administration immediate started looking for a way to shut it down.

    Today, they found a way. The government, through the enforcement division of US Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, has demanded that Defense Distributed remove access to all plans for The Liberator project claiming that it may violate the Arms Export Control Act by releasing technical data without prior authorization from the Directorate of Defense Trade.

    What this means is that Defense Distributed has allegedly disclosed the gun’s plans illegally.

    But here’s the kicker.

    They didn’t violate the law by disclosing the blueprints to American citizens. Rather, they are being forced to remove America’s access to the plans because the technical data made available on their wiki web site was accessible by foreign states or individuals, an action which apparently requires authorization from the United States government.

    The letter, issued by the US Department of State, says:

    “DTCC/END is conducting a review of technical data made publicly available by Defense Distributed through its 3D printing website,, the majority of which appear to be related to items in Category I of the USML. Defense Distributed may have released ITAR-controlled technical data without required prior authorization from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), a violation of the ITAR.”


    “The Department believes Defense Distributed may not have established the proper jurisdiction of the subject technical data. To resolve this matter officially, we request that Defense Distributed submit Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) determination requests for the following selection of data files available on, and any other technical data for which Defense Distributed is unable to determine proper jurisdiction:

    1. Defense Distributed Liberator pistol
    2. .22 el3ectric
    3. 125mm BK-14M high-explosive anti-tank warhead
    4. 5.56/.223 muzzle brake
    5. Springfield XD-40 tactical slide assembly
    6. Sound Moderator – slip on
    7. “The Dirty Diane” ½-28 to 3/4-16 STP S3600 oil filter silencer adapter
    8. 12 gauge .22 CB sub-caliber insert
    9. Voltlock electronic black powder system
    10. VZ-58 front sight”

    The letter goes on, “Until the Department provides Defense Distributed with final CJ determinations, Defense Distributed should treat the above technical data as ITAR-controlled. This means that all such data should be removed from public access immediately. Defense Distributed should also review the remainder of the data made public on its website to determine whether any additional data may be similarly controlled and proceed according to ITAR requirements.”

    Made available by

    Adam Salazar reports that the DefCad web site had posted an alert to their readers regarding the government’s takedown order.


    DefDist Liberator Pistol: The File has been removed from public access at the request of the US Department of Defense Trade Controls. Until further notice, the United States government claims control of the information.

    Access to the file has been removed by Defense Distributed at this time, as their failure to comply would likely lead to the all so familiar “This web site has been seized by the Department of Homeland Security” banner and a host of legal filings by the federal government, including the possible revocation of the Federal Firearms License.

    The thousands of copies that were downloaded when the blueprints were first made available are now making their way to the black markets of the internet, a common side effect of all manner of government censorship and intervention into the free market.

    It has already popped up at Torrent network like Pirate Bay, were it can be readily downloaded by anyone who would like a copy, including foreigners and their governments.

    You can visit the following links to download the complete Liberator blueprint, which were still available at the time of this writing:

    The Liberator - 16 Pieces

    An administrator at the DefCad forums posted the following warning regarding the government’s takedown and the current status of The Liberator and 3D firearms based on its plans:

    I’ll be bringing in legal authority and FAQ, but for now, if you are not a registered FFL/SOT:

    1. DO NOT print a completely polymer firearm capable of firing a bullet (barrel inserts or no), as you will likely create anNFA regulated firearm. Specifically, you will likely create an AOW zip gun.2.

    DO NOT print a completely polymer firearm capable of firing a bullet (barrel inserts or no), as you will likely violate the so-called Undetectable Firearms Act.

    Not listening to items 1 and 2 means you are on your way to committing a Federal crime. Because of the public profile and interest over this kind of activity at the moment, you WILL be made an example of. You WILL go to federal prison, and you WILL never be able to own a firearm again.

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      1. this action was certainly expected

        after all the government is the only one allowed to break the law

        and they don’t like competition !!!

        • Everytime the government “bans” something it gets me sick to my stomach. It is only a matter of time before they “TRY” to ban ammunition. Yes, ammunition and black powder without signing over your life like they do with ammonia nitrite to feed your crops, because someone MIGHT make a weapon of mass destruction from anything that can be made into explosive material. IT IS COMING. This is the way they gain control, take away your ability to defend yourself. Right now they are trying to find a way to loophole the 2nd. Amendment, guaranteed.

          NO ONE can lose for a moment the dangers that this country is in from the destruction of the Constitution that is going on with the 2nd, and other rights.

          • My next door neighbor with lethal farts
            will soon be under their scrutiny.
            Smart fellers and fart smellers.

            • They can ban whatever they like, but some genies will not go back into some bottles.

              The fact remains, if someone is worried about your ability to defend yourself, to the point of actually trying to take it way, they are planning to attack you.

              You will certainly lose any war if you allow the enemy to make your laws.

          • Give the rabbis enough time and they will make the Law say anything they want.

            • Whoa Dude. That anti semetic crap may be OK during a Klan meeting. But preaching about a ZOG just gives sites like this less credibility. Keep the Jew hating crap to yourself Mein Herr.

              • Interesting that this content was held up in moderation limbo. Perhaps it was the links to the facts that held up this one.

                Facts are facts. In the Jewish press, talmudic rabbis themselves boast of their influence on the US legal system.

                The Jewish Week reported that “Conservative Catholic” US Supreme Court Justice Scalia is fascinated with Talmudic law and is involved in the launch of a Talmudic law institute in Washington D.C. with Nathan Lewin, Alan Dershowitz and Noson Gurary, a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi.

                Jewish Law Comes to D.C.
                James D. Besser, The Jewish Week, 12/6/2002

                Justice Challenges Privacy Rights at Talmudic Conference
                by Yosef Lewis, News 1/30/09

                I have many more such references, but apparently two links are enough to delay posting.

                Have a nice day.

                • Looks like the fact-haters are out in force today.

              • justice I assume you feel the same when it is Jewish polititions and MSM or Hollywood Jewish folks, which by the way most of hollywood and msm Is owned and run and staffed with/by Their group. Who are Constantly attacking all of Us “Goyims/gentiles”? You know as in attack Christianity ceaselessly(who else but msm or hollywood does it as much or often?). Not to mention Almost if not all antigun laws since fed gun control act of 1968 has been done BY those Jewsih folks you seem so concerned for.

                Or are You, like They antiGoyim-antigentile? Why is it always Their(jews) folks so many treat as if They are the Only Victims which matter? Mention WWII to You Justice and I bet the First thing you will answer is something like “Oh those poor SIX Million Jews”. Yet probobly never consider that way More Non jews were Victims. Every hollywood movie(1000 or more) with anything to do with WWII always devotes the entire movie to that same six million(which has been proven to be Far far Less) yet not a single movie I ever heard of was devoted to Gentiles Alone as victims.

                Especially the nearly 1/3 of a BILLION innocent Goyim/gentiles killed since 1918 when Russian Jewsih Bolshevik Kommies began to Butcher and Murder all those gentiles. Those not killed off directly By Jew bolsheviks, were done by jew invented and Ran and Controlled Communisim by various Others loyal to kommie Jew masters.

                So why exactly is it so bad to mention such factual and truthfull issues where Jews are shown to be somewhat more than always just victims? Perhaps you agree with Glen Beck who states that the greatest atrocity of Modern times was the Holocaust? Funny Glen Rants and Raves against Prez Wilson and all those kommie bolsheviks surrounding wilson when prez, yet Glen believes 6 million jews is far worse of a tragedy when compared to 1/3 Billion of which at least 100+ million Were killed BY hands of Jewish Kommie Russians and jewish Polaks due to the jewsih invented communisim that Glen Beck so hates.

                So by Me mentioning these facts, does that clasify me too in Your mind as a bonified Clan-Nazi-antisemitic?…If so Please describe Why? I thought 1st ammendt rights applied to ALL speech, even when it Out’s Jews in less flattering or, less an Eternaly Victims class and More like what True histroy has proved as truth.

                Perhaps your knowledge of issues related to communisim are somewhat lacking, Justice? IMHO kommies are a Far greater concern since almost every Nazi is Dead now, yet Kommies abound all over america!…Leftist antigun=Kommies. And during our entire lives so far Most all such antigun/anti america/anti gentile goyimisim, is and has been Jewsih folks here and, previously also located in Moscow and London(still in london uk). Today most are here in the usa and running most everything we call culture-society-economics(banks/wall street,corps)fed govnt, as well as Hollywood and MSM’s. Therefore that is my main reason to be so concerned about such kommie threats for us americans. Especially that 98.5% who are in Fact Goyim/Gentiles!

                • Good work, Them Guys. In the days of the internet, the fact-haters and truth-hiders of the synagogue are having a tougher time — their “anti-semitic” drive-bys are no longer enough to spike the facts. The facts and truth are right there for anyone to check.

                • Jews built this system of institutionalized diversity, along with the “hate” industry to prevent western societies from maintaining control over their countries, and eventually take over and genocide them into mixed-race non-nations.

                  Over 1/3 of the leading globalists/internationalists, aka the “ruling elite” are these Jewish billionaires.

                  For example: George Soros, Carl Icahn, Bloomberg, Jerry Speyer (owner of the rockefeller center through his real-estate company), Big-Boom Larry Silverstein, media magnates like “Disney’s” Bob Iger, Sumner Redstone (MTV/Viacom), etc. AD NAUSEUM.

                  They are supported by a network of millions who meet at their synagogues to support and donate to this system and their fellow tribesmen.

              • Amen!

                • @Justice,

                  Hey, don’t attack his freedom of speech. We’ll know if it’s propaganda or not.

                  Do you guys know if Jews worship God? Who’s their God and what is their gods name? Or how do Jews know if their God even exists for them?

                  I feel that no one knows that much about their own religion.

                  • Timely that you should ask that.

                    The second (expanded) edition of Judaism’s Strange Gods was recently released.


                    There is, as you’d expect from the title, plenty of evidence about Metatron, Shekinah, Baal, Moloch, and those other strange gods in Judaism; plenty of evidence about the Egyptian and Babylonian black magic accretions, gilgul (reincarnation), and—sad to say— the “kill the best of the Gentiles”—the evidence speaks truth to powerful lies, the evidence contradicts the rabbis’ pose for Gentiles of humanistic Mosaic monotheism.

                  • The god of the Jews is…the jews.

              • He’s right, douche. They are antithetical to the American Republican form of government.

            • @ Justice

              Your criticism did prompt me to re-evaluate what I posted. Here is a more accurate version:

              Give the rabbis enough time and money and they will make the Law say and get anything and everything they want.

              You realize, of course, that we all pay a kosher food tax at the grocery for the tiny little “K” (kosher, kashrut) or “P” (pareve) stamped on most of the packaged food we buy. What a racket! Make the goyim pay, pay, and pay more to support their genocidal Master race creed.

          • I didn’t want a 3D gun anyway. I want the new ak-12 that will be licensed for production in the USA. I hope they build the plant in Arizona.

            Lock ‘n load.

            • Howdy DK,

              Saw that did ya? The AK-12 I mean…just got to read the write-up yesterday…looks mighty “interesting”, No?

              For all here…Be Advised I AM having massive Net problems…source unknown, Mac IS aware of this…


              • I’d like that new AR COLT that can exchange uppers from 223 to 308. A flipper had one for $5,000 online yesterday and some elitist dog bought it.

                • Best to let true investors hold low serial number experimental guns and have shooters buy revised models that have the bugs worked out. Give the 901 some time and see what the competition does.

            • Hack saw, hand drills, files, railroad rails and other scrap high carbon steel, a forge fire and you’re set. That’s the way they do it in the Kyber Pass. Make the good stuff, no plastic POS.

              Semper Fi

          • This ‘issue’ all comes down to a very sad matter of fact. The Citizens of the United States of America, in ever increasing numbers, have lost ALL faith, confidence and trust in their government. They no longer believe that their government has their best interests or the interests of our country as the first consideration in their decision making process. Folks no longer automatically accept the government’s representations as truth. Most people basically distrust their government.

            The ‘beast’ is really pissed about all this. The more folks who ignore, disrespect and disregard the ‘Imperial Edicts’ of the government, the more pissed the ‘beast’ becomes.

            The ‘beast’ is fast loosing ALL control of the situation; look for it’s level of desperation to grow. As the ‘beast’ grows ever more desperate; the ‘beast’ will grow increasingly violent and heavy-handed towards the rebellious and ungrateful citizens. Please ALWAYS be aware of your immediate surroundings; avoid any conflict in the streets at all cost.

            God Bless and good luck to all.

        • Of course it was going to be banned.

          When it comes down to it, it’s just a fancy zip gun anyhow, and those are pretty much illegal anywhere.

          Anyone with a metal tube, a live cartridge, a rubber band and a nail can shoot someone.

          • That’s in no way advisable, by the way.

            Just sayin.

            • thumbs down for ‘just sayin’. just sayin… most god damn annoying phrase on the god damn internet. god damnit

              • So You think using the Lords Name in Vain is better?

              • I’ll work on that, Andy.

          • I made my 1st. zip gun 46 years ago. Was tought in Detroit.

        • LMAO By now every gang-banger has a copy and a printer and they are on the street. Drug war crimes will be more difficult to detect. Fire the gun and burn it. No prints, no weapon, no proof. Once again, the government has no idea of how to control the internet. I hope they never learn.

        • I expect that we will all be federal criminals sooner or later. Waging civil war against the federal government will be a “federal crime,” for example, even though the government is the traitor to the country whereas we are the patriots of the country. So don’t consider the prospect of committing a federal crime be a MORAL deterrent to action. It is really only a tactical consideration.

          • Eventually so many usa citizens will be added to various fed lists, most all of americans will become what are called Taliban-alqueda-insurgents-etc.

            I bet many folks in all those countries america keeps attacking or carpet bombing into oblivion, call Their own citizens “Freedom Fighters”. Soon most americans, especially all patriots will be labled by fed govnt and its cronys in msm’s the same as in Those other countries.

            That may cause a huge problem for the current status quo of propagandising most usa citizens to believe all those other nations fighters are indeed “Bad guys”. Many will Rethink that belief when even Their own usa family members are called terrorists and insurgents here by msm.

            Thats when Many More who are still not awoke shall become Awakened. That will add to the huge numbers the msm and fed govnt are against. Given enough time, and perhaps here in usa Freedom minded folks shall be who Wins it all.

      2. THE 3D GUN HAS BEEN BANNED !? “The United States Government Claims Control of The Information” !?

        ‘ ‘They’ Control only what ‘We Allow’ ‘Them’ too Control !’

        ‘ Use your Imaginations , then ‘Act with a Purpose’ !’


        • I don’t have any kind of 3-D printer, or access to one, but I have the file just to have it in my ‘collection’…in the same folder as “The Anarchist Cookbook”…just because I can.

          • dear sixmeister,

            i just saw your may 9, post about DEFCAD. I found out about the open file downloadability of the diagram(s) a day after cody let the fed’s close the lid. I’m losked out of any of his sites at the moment, and wonder if you could forward a copy of your data to me. If you can’t, i’d appreciate it if you would send me in the right direction. i am particularly looling for blueprints of the “Mega Pack”. thanks, and get back. ricwin

        • They could easily be stopped by mass tax protest or even by mass verbal protest. All governments will take as much as the people let them.

          • @Eisen … exactly … Well Said !

            which is why the Illuminati Zionist Freemason Bilderboybuggers are 10-15 years behind schedule on the Global Domination Master Plans .

            ‘ They take in inches what they can in yards !’

            to let society adjust slowly to the changes so there’s no sudden shock to the masses normalcy bias of society , unless they use it as a tool to direct society social opinion in the direction of their choosing .

            eventually they will have to be confronted en mass to stop the NWO GLOBALISTS and restore individual Freedom to man and woman both .


            • Wow. Very impressed to see you and so many others that have it right. Thank you!

          • Oh Eisenkreuz, “a mass verbal protest” ??? Ok everyone, lets all at once say “we are mad”.

            • Isn’t Congress’ approval rating hovering somewhere around 11%? I think they know we hate them with a passion. I dont think anyone gives a shizzle.

      3. Make the barrel from steel and rifled and it is a different story depending on the state…

        But never sell or transport state to state any homemade anything. Many other rules but there is a way.

        • Or simply leave the printer out of it and machine one…ABS is quite simple to work with…it would be a different animal, legally.

          Or just get some pipe and make a zip gun. It’s the fanfare that killed this so quickly. The public “stare and dare” just provoked this reaction.

          I personally believe we should be able to make anything we want to, as long as we don’t hurt anyone else or destroy their property with our creation. Period.

      4. the bumper sticker on the back of Ron Paul’s electric car says …

        ‘ Don’t Steal … the Federal Government doesn’t like Competition !’


      5. Too late satanic statists. I have the files already. And everybody I know that wants them will have them too.

        The fight for freedom will never end as long as free men are breathing.

        • I’m sure he’ll end up in a high office government position. Birds of a feather flock together.

        • follicle: Quite right, the horse is already out of the barn and there’s little they can do now. Besides, anything we really need can be easily smuggled, I’m mean brought in undocumented , from Mexico. The end is approaching and TPTB just want to try and limit the total number of guns and ammo out among the citizens who will become very angry with them when it all falls apart. They’ve already got their well-stocked “Hidey-Holes” to go to. They just want fewer armed citizens looking for them as possible because that means more fire-fights for their private secuity teams to deal with and a greater chance they will be smoked out of their “hidey-hole/rat-holes” and held accountable by the angry mobs. These stupid f*cks are terrified of an armed populace, and for good reason.

        • AZ spent $1.7M on Jodi Arias’ defense. If you or me go on trial for murder, we get a lawyer who can barely afford his/her office in the mostly-abandoned strip mall.

          BTW, Whorezine stole at least $1.6B.

      6. TPTB can’t stop this, it’s already ALL OVER the internet.
        They would have better luck striking a match on the ocean floor.

      7. So what, it was a piece of shit anyway. I mean unless you plan on some kind of suicide mission, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this thing will blow up in your hand sooner or later. It’s like motorcycling, but with a much shorter window before you crash.

        I often have to get my 3-D prints re-done multiple times due to build quality issues.

        The only way I know there was an issue is when it breaks.

        In this case it’s going to break rather catastrophically, and with unfortunate consequences.

        I mean come on, really, this shit is weaker than that crappy ABS from the 1980’s, you know the stuff in kid’s toys or your heater control levers in your car, behind the dash…

        It would have been cute as a curio item though. Like a relic of this whole time and place.

        Not real sure I’d go “arrrrr” on this if I were you though. The .gov has been known to plant fake torrent files with IP tracers in them.

        • I agree, all the hype and the first time i saw it i just sorta went huuuhh???
          Cost of the printer, risk of catastrophic failure, ugly as hell!
          Buy a Grizzly gunsmiths lathe and a small mill and you can copy receivers all day long!

          • Now you’re talking. 3D printing at this stage is a novelty anyhow.

            If you’re going to manufacture illegal guns, do it right. Or go get federally licensed and do it right.

            Don’t do anything illegal.

            • Thats what i was thinking, i can do the CAD drawings, machine prototype parts and the receiver to 80% to confirm fit and finish, then hand it over to a gunsmith buddy with FFL to finish machining the receiver and produce a working prototype, then patent it.
              Not worth the jail time to make illegal firearms. Plus whats the fun in it unless you are making something people really want!

          • Better idea , get rid of the current junta , then under the new Confederate regulations ……………pretty much anything goes .

        • I actually thought it would be cool to develop a bolt action receiver similar to a rem 700 that had a custom bolt that would mate up with off the shelf AR barrels, set the receiver up with a threaded flange like the AR upper, wide open possibilities for custom rifles, and interchangeable parts.

          • Kula! I like you more all the time.

            I’d think that was an asshat of an idea except that I live in NY where everything has been banned, and that is a very good way to ensure the ongoing availability of AR parts.

            Might actually be a good bolt gun too.

        • All kinds of excuses to let the government do whatever tyranny they want.

          • Lazy.

          • You are right eisen; but because there are commies and cowards everywhere.

        • It does seem like a lot of trouble for a little gain. With hundreds of millions of commercially manufactured guns out there, this thing is mostly a symbol.

        • If it`s a POS or not isn’t the point, the first auto was a POS too. It`s new technology, people will take the plans for that POS and improve upon it. That`s what the government is afraid of. Think about it; the US government is actively limiting their sheep’s access to new technology, they`re standing in the way of progress because they are afraid of what the serfs might do with it.

      8. It’s just another step that proves it’s about control, jackass’s. There Scared vary Scared, keep stockn.




        • We veterans have lived to become veterans by not doing stupid shit. As for me I am an old pilot, but there are no old, stupid pilots.

          If you don’t like the site, then leave. Sorry that you have so little grasp of what this website is about.

          Every veteran & decent person on here should, …well, I won’t say it because there are ladies that visit the site.

          BTW, Staples has some nice keyboards on sale.

          • I’m a pilot too.

            • You will have better luck with the ladies if you tell them you are a test pilot. It worked when I was younger.

            • OH GREAT now he is a F&*%ing pilot ?
              a nazi skateboarder biker hillbilly pilot sheesh

              what next ??

              • You forgot “offshore” sailor… 🙂

                • Jerrytbg

                  ?? i havent heard of this one
                  wonder whats next from eisen shit

                • Don’t forget “rear” admiral.

            • Remote Controlled aircraft doesn’t count eisen

        • I scream that all the time.

          I think I’ going to regain my liberty though, by getting people to vote for pro 2nd amendment candidates. I thought I said I had a bunch of anti Cuomo bumper stickers made up.

          Vote no on Cuomo 2014! Molon Labe!

          Molon labe is largely symbolic. Nobody actually wants to be on Ruby Ridge. Vote, man, vote.

          • We seem to have some electile dysfunction.

            • eisen has read yet another bumper sticker


          • Vote and piss up a rope.

        • I addressed this the other day on another post. Its a bad idea and doesn’t accomplish anything except get the participants a federal firearm felony that will then apply in their home state. DC is a federally chartered municipality.

          March from Pennsylvania to New York City after the ban takes effect and support NY Gun owners. The Constitution is OUR best weapon. Use it to your advantage. And think strategically.

          If you have a brain, now is the time to use it.

          • You don’t deserve freedom.

          • The thing that bugs me about the march, besidest the whole fellony thing, is that all it takes is one idiot to rack a round and pull the trigger and the whole group will get massacred,
            I dont mind a fight but damn, that would not be the one i would pick!

            • Coward. If enough people attend nothing will happen.

              • pick your battles and live to fight another day, obviously you dont posess the constraint to do either,,,,

              • Google “bonus marchers”.

            • Agreed. All that “march” does is play into the hands of the PTB. Now, if the PTB come for your guns in your State, that’s a whole different storyline.

              Support your local Sheriff or Authorized Militia.

              • And believe me the MSM and TPTB will have a field day with this,,, I am going to be glued to the tube on the 4th, the gov will use this to demonize and make gun enthusiasts look like a bunch of nuts,,,,
                I think it would be better for this guy to use his exposure to create the first nation wide citicens militia,
                out in the open, and ready to engage,,, there are the issues of infiltration, but that sword can cut both ways, when the shooting starts I would bet there will be lots of friendly fire casualties on their side,,,,

              • Yo DK –

                Marching on Washington, DC didn’t seem to do the Veteran’s Bonus Army very much good in the aftermath of WWI. They got themselves shot down in the streets by their former comrades in arms; currently serving military members. And all that they were peacefully asking for was the bonus money that the government had previously promised them. I don’t believe that the WWI veterans were ever paid that money.

                I think that I’ll stay home for this one. Let’s let Eisenkreuz lead the march and then he can get back to us with a first-hand account on how well this works out for him.

              • I may be wrong, but to me it seems as if Adam Kokesh is thinking that if any or all get arrested peacefully then the msm and avg citizen folks will somehow equate Them in the same way as Civil Rights Blacks were regarded back in the 1950-60’s. I do hope He or whoever attends do Not think that way, as I do Not think any such considerations will be fostered for gun owners as equal to black civil rights marchers back then were. Especially withOUT msm support! Every MSM will portray such a progun event as Homegrown Terrorists or Predjudiced racist white guys who Hate that we have a black prez. You Know it will be as such in msm and of course most citizen tv watcher folks Will agree 100% with whatever msm portrays. Especially the massive white voters who elected him. This will go down badly weather or not guns are fired. Bad plan.

                • The MSM is going to portray us as nuts no matter what we do. I wish them the best.

          • That’s interesting coming from a guy who recently advocated shooting US government officials.

            Young Cody Wilson should move abroad and run his operation from a server in Russia or somewhere else the US can’t bully. Besides, he’s in line for a Main Core red list roundup anyway if he doesn’t act soon.

        • Damn, Eisenkreuz. You forgot your Ritalin again.

          Not to mention your caps lock key.

          By the way – that’s Molon Labe.

          If you’re going to rant, it makes a better impression if you do it intelligently.

          • he has been reading bumper stickers again and inhaling the exhaust fumes

        • Says the guy typing on the internet. Eisen, needs a hug.

          • Get him a straightjacket and he can hug himself.

      10. And I’d rather have this than an ammo ban. Which is where I thought they were going with it.

        Not that it would help. There are tons of ways around that which are completely obvious if you’re going to be so desperate as to build a stereolithography gun.

        Not sure if there’s a way around a black powder ban but I strongly suspect the answer is yes.

        Meh whatever, stereolotho a mini cross bow if it comes right down to it.

      11. And the truth of the matter is that this was really just part of the “downloadable ap” fad.

        Come on, the trigger group’s been around since before 1890. Take something apart and copy it.

        The real trick is the barrel, and in my opinion he took it far too literally. He tried to make something that looks like a gun instead of something that will lob a projectile, and I could give a rat’s ass what it looks like. A brick maybe. Or a discardable barrel. Or something. Get creative, it’s just got to lob a projectile and not explode. A challenge to be sure given the utterly shitty material, but as long as you’re not thinking “gun barrel that looks like a gun barrel”… it’s probably possible.

        Any foreign country would have 3-D printers and more than enough brains to figure this out. Remember the cold war pen guns and zippo lighter guns?

        I’m sure it’s been done a long time ago already.

        • Flare gun with a 12 gauge insert is way cheaper,

          • yeah, that’s a quick trip to prison in NY.

            • Pretty much anywhere, as well as not so safe, light target load, great, heavy magum or buckshot, might be missing your hand

              • Yeah, I’m not signed up for that.

                • Yep, kinda partial to keeping my extremities if at all possible, made it through close to 25 years as a carpinter and didnt cut anything all the way off, so dont really want to do something resl stupid and ruin that record!

                  • Don’t know who but someone makes inserts for a few different calibers…38, 22, 9mm…and I think 45.

            • NY state is a gulag. All commies go straight to the gulag, do not pass go. Die, commies, you dumb shits.

      12. if I was in Canada right now I would be sweating bullets
        and moving my $$$

        If Cyprus Is the Bellwether, then Canada Is the Red Flag

        and the author makes a good point
        governments generally move slow as molasses
        this was RUSHED through

        WHY ???

        “If the reader finds himself agreeing that it is likely that the Canadian government had foreknowledge of the events in Cyprus, his next logical conclusion would be that other nations had the same foreknowledge and have very likely been getting their own ducks in a row”

      13. We knew this was coming. Mr. Wilson should patent it to protect ownership of the concept. As with open source software, the government could simply patent it and keep anyone from making one in the privacy of their own home, as it would violate patent laws. It doesn’t sound like they have authority to ban it, but to keep foreigners from the information…As if foreigners would care about a one-shot-wonder.

        If it was me, I’d simply categorize it as a “novelty” and patent it, before someone else does.

      14. It’s a good thing I didn’t buy that $6000.00 3d printer on my want list…

      15. I think Waco showed pretty clearly what happens to small armed groups that stand and fight. The good souls at Waco won the first day. They let the ATF agents retreat. The next day fed goons came back with reinforcements and a tank. Members of MOVE in Philadelphia were winning their standoff before the PD used a helicopter to drop a bomb on them. For all practical purposes, the State possesses unlimited resources. Maneuver is key to any civilian resistance. Guerrillas don’t fight from fortresses, they shoot and move, winning the sympathy of non-combatants and exhausting their larger, more cumbersome adversaries.
        The lesson here is that the collectivists will exterminate anyone who is a threat. They always have and that is certainly what they plan to do here. Be ready and be sure to fight when the time comes. Surrender = death. Prepare its going to get UGLY SOON!

        Keep the FAITH




          • Eisenpussy: Ah, the tough little mall-ninja has the nerve to call all of us vets cowards. But you didn’t have the balls to walk into the recuriters office because the you’re a total limp-wristed sissy-boy. You’ve got a yellow streak running down your back that you’ll never get off. Punks like you love to talk tough but are the first to wet their undies in an emergency. Stock up on pampers little boy because things are about to get very scarry for you, you little ‘Momma’s Boy’.

            • gregory8 want to bet eisen is Nina and she/he suffers from multiple personalities

              read the posts there all most the same style

              • no no no…young eisen is AI…

            • Some people simply have enough brains to not walk into the recruiters office, their balls never enter the equation.

              • Common Sense: Do I detect a note of cowardous behind that snarky remark? You and Eisenpussy can criticize vets all you want but your kind are the first to wet themselves and cry for their mommies WTSHTF. If you’ve never delt with a serious casualty or had to pull a gun on someone, then you too can shut-the-f*ck-up. Oh, and you’d better lay in a good supply of pampers too before Eisenpussy gets them all. And by the way, when the draft was on I didn’t wait because being a young man who actually thought it was his duty to serve, I enlisted.

                • I enlisted to serve my country and defend the freedoms we cherish…Now, enlisting means serving globalist masters who are out to eventually disarm us all.

                  If it was my time to choose, today, I WOULD NOT ENLIST.

                • Am I suppose to be offended by this? Did my comments strike a little too close to home? You “thought” is was your duty but what about now, do you think it is the duty of todays young to “serve”? Did your service do anything of benefit to the preservation of freedom? Or can you acknowledge that you simply helped an attempt to crush a countries struggle to shake off a series of foriegn powers? Do you feel proud watching any military invade a country and destroy self determination or just when they have USA on the uniform?

                  Go ahead and call me names if you wish but it won’t prove anything about me. It will give evidence as to your character. Acting tough on the internet was proven folly about 10 seconds after the first chat room went online. So either argue my statement or accept that this water is over your head. Or waste our time with you childish name calling.

        • WATCHMAN:

          + 100 ^^

          I’m too old for maneuver tactics. I won’t be going to a BOL. That’s why I like the movie 300, even if some liberties were taken with the real history. If I can’t live in freedom and peace the best I can hope for is to die honorably.

          • Amen!

        • @ Watchman

          Your observations are accurate.

        • Watchman, as with any equation looking for a possible solution or scenario, such equation which never considers the full number of armed Americans, and full number of guns in their hands, constitutionally allowed, and infringement upon by Zionic hijackers and usurpers in government NOT allowed, such equation is flawed and must not be even considered.

          Waco was NOT the U.S., and Sheriffs were not in favor of Koresh, back then. 80% of the military will NOT fire upon Americans. Oath Keepers is making strides in arousing citizens against a POSSIBLE attempt at a coup by the Ziotic traitors and hijackers of America. And the Internet has exposed every scam, ploy, and lie by these genocidal criminals.

          Taking this country by force MUST be off the options by these beasts, else, they would have done it long ago, when citizens had far less guns.

          Big mouths, kosher subversive media at their disposal, they are engaged in a psychological war to disarm the people voluntarily. Stupid, useless, shows their frustration.

          And by the way, the Davidians DID down a helicopter, watch The Rules of Engagement. Without even the use of their .50 Cal, which was being auctioned at the time.

          Recently two arms companies in the U.S. just teamed up to manufacture a series of shotgun cartridges with D.U. pellets, and claim CAN down a criminal, treasonous, Bolshevik directed DRONE attack on civilians, when flying at some 2900 feet.

          One more: Several manufacturers have sent warnings to several state governments and their UN-constitutional Police Depts. (imposed in 1835 to destroy the Elected Sheriff’s office), denying them their stock of guns and ammo, since these traitors vowed (bent) to kosher usurpers in the Latrine, by accepting their unlawful plans to disarm America.

      16. This may be a repost sorry:

        _Deal with Reality or Reality will Deal with you!

        Keep the FAITH

        • Here’s a corollary to that Watchman…

          “You can avoid reality. But you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” –Ayn Rand–

        • Now, THAT’S funny! Thanks for the link, Satori.
          Mainstream media reminds me of a drunk guy walking around with his fly open. Everybody is laughing him to scorn, and he’s the only one who doesn’t know it!

      17. Illuminati Pedophile Rings: The Detroux Affair

        “Child sexual abuse networks are part of the lifestyle of the generational satanists who make up the Belgian ruling elite. This behavior is not confined to Belgium.”


        Beyond the Dutroux Affair
        The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks

        Retired FBI Agent on Child Sex Trafficking Snuff Rings in U.S., Ted Gunderson on Franklin Coverup

        Beyond the Dutroux Affair



        • THIS IS GLOBAL …

          this certainly isn’t a Belgian phenomenon.

          People need to wake up to the fact that this is occurring in many countries. It is primarily used as a tool to blackmail and control politicians, judges, public servants, successful businessmen, the wealthy, media personalities, celebrities, and other influential citizens etc.. Literally anyone they can get with a seat at the table of power. In a nutshell, it all boils down to corruption and the subversion of democracy.


          Age of Consent Should be Lowered to 13 to Stop Persecution of Old Men, Says Top Barrister

          A TOP FEMALE LAWYER barrister has sparked outrage after claiming the age of consent in Britain should be lowered to 13 in order to stop the “persecution of old men” in the wake of the Savile sex abuse scandal.

          Lawyer Barbara Hewson’s shocking comments have been condemned by children’s charities after she dismissed child sex abuse crimes as mere “low level misdemeanours” which would not normally be prosecuted.

          Describing the recent arrests of multiple celebrities like Stuart Hall under Operation Yewtree as a “grotesque spectacle,” Hewson bizarrely likened what she saw as the post-Jimmy Savile “witch-hunt” to Soviet-era Russia.


          • Is she perhaps Muslim?

            • Her name don’t sound muslim. However she may subscribe to the verses of the talmud which state that jewsih men can have sex with Gentile girls up to age 3yrs old. But if girl is 3yrs and One day old, then it is forbidden. With Gentile Boys the age allowed is 9yrs old. But again if 9yrs and One day old then it is also forbidden.

              Other Talmud verses state that such child girl age 3yrs old sex with full grown jewsih men is akin to, if he poked the girls eye with his finger, a tear will come from it, but it will heal and be normal again. It says the Same is expected for a small 3yr old gentile girls virginity. IE: it “Grows Back”!!!…Those who refuse to believe this please First research talmud verses mentioned, prior to going off from kneejerk emotional reactions so many usually do when the subject or issue is regarding that particular religious beliefs(judaism/talmudisim).

              • ‘ Judaism is nothing but a Religious Cult of generations old opportunistic thieving nomad outcasts , narcissistic pedophiles and sex pervs .’

                these people are AMERICAS REAL ENEMY not the Muslims .


            • IN REVERSE, (wink, wink). The surname makes her out. She should be DUMPED out of the U.S., together with her BREED of pedophiles and pornographers. And we may see that day come, sooner that not…

          • I’ll probably get flamed for this but that’s ok… won’t be the first time. The legal “age of consent” is a recent phenomenon… (recent in as 19th / 20th century). For thousands of years the “age of consent” was, crudely put simply… “when she’s old enough to bleed, she’s old enough to breed”.

            • ‘ Still Don’t make it right !’

              * mentally they’re children till age 25 .


      18. At this point ban whatever you want; I’m one of millions that have stockpiled enough to fight a local protracted conflict for an extended period of time.

        I at this time don’t fear making this knowledge known because I’ve done nothing illegal, based on my background I’m already on some list some were, so I say come and fuck with me at your own pearl.

        Let it be known I’m not one who plays defense, I will attack when threatened.

        • y99 feel the same if they want my skin i am going to make them work very hard to try & get it they must think about the diminishing returns in trying to capture/destroy one individual then multiply by thousands & calculate manpower equipment resources logistics. Did anyone observe how much resources/manpower & time it took to capture one cabin thief a few weeks ago

        • If you have the DEFCAD file for the “Mega Pack”, I’d appreciate it if you’d wire a copy to me.

          Thank you!!!

      19. III liberty ! the resistance is underway .

      20. Not a big issue – most of us are able to reverse engineer easily just about any item. I think this whole thing is less about the fact it was a gun, and more about what else can we print/manufacture from home. It is all about keeping the sheeple from becoming more creative and self-reliant. There is a drone plane that was also printed out. Their hold on us is under threat as we take back reliance on the system, and starve it of attention and money. The more this goes on, the less use is their hammering.

      21. “The CIA is a state-sponsored terrorists association. You don’t look at people as human beings. They are nothing but pieces on the chessboard.” — Verne Lyon, former CIA agent in revealing documentary “Secrets of the CIA”


      22. Good evening, Y99, and I’m right there with you. I’m not going to say what I have stockpiled [OPSEC] but I will say I have enough to hold my own. Attack me at your own peril. Let them ban what ever they choose; I’m not giving up squat. They didn’t waste any time killing this guy’s idea. Of course the whole concept was “stomach churning” for Schumer and the rest of the gun grabbers and it “had to be stopped” before the 2nd Revolution can get started. Hell, we don’t need some 3-D novelty to take back this country when we already have the real deal in the hands of 100,000,000 gun-owning Americans. Now the gun grabbers will renew their efforts with some real vengeance. I can feel that coming and I’m still on razor’s edge. There’s no telling how many lists I’m on but I don’t care. The feds are not the only ones who can have lists; that is still a 2-way street last time I checked. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      23. Eisen, I understand your point about what DHS is prepping for, but your insults to everyone here need to stop now and once and for all. We “old people” didn’t survive this long by being stupid. When I read your idiotic rants, I sometimes wonder who the real enemy is. What I do know for sure is I’m going to stand and fight the NWO when the time comes along with the other people in this community. If I have to fight you also, that’s no skin off my nose. If you would put as much effort into attacking TPTB as you do attacking us, then MAYBE I’d start believing in you. I’m not so sure you really want to fight the NWO. I’ll take NinaO over you any day. He may rant a lot, but he does provide credible information and attacks our enemies instead of anyone else on this site. So, what’s it going to be, Eisen? I’m saying, EITHER SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT! braveheart



          • Eisenpussy: Cut the crap, you’re not going to fight anyone you little sissy. You’re legend in your own little mind. Playing HALO and Call of Duty doesn’t qulify you as a ‘warrior’ you snot-nosed punk.

            • Well,it depends if you call fighting with mommy over when bedtime is as combat.

          • @EISEN
            I’m assuming you’re going to the march? Please share your real name so when you’re arrested we can find your name on the list of idiots who lost their right to own a gun. Until then you are just a sheeple with no balls wanting someone else to do the dirty work.

            • I am curious if you believe a person can lose their rights? How do you reconcile “shall not be infringed” and the idea that some government lackey can decide a person no longer qualifies? As a persons rights are inherint and not granted by the state how is it that the state can remove those rights?

              • Only commies remove rights and so far commies dominate. Haven’t seen a commie removed in years. Wear a che shirt and be safe.

                Rest are cowards.

              • Unfortunately you are playing into their hands. What you talk about by “inalienable rights” is based upon a religious standpoint, namely that God has granted certain inalienable rights. You are dealing in general with atheists. With atheism, which is based upon evolution, there is no such thing as a right, let alone an inalienable right. It is for them survival of the fittest. That is the reason for the constitution and it’s attached bill of rights to be viewed as an outmoded document.

                For those politicians and judges who do believe in rights, everything breaks down to definitions. For instance, “infringed” legally may not mean what your Webster’s dictionary says that it means legally. They have their own dictionary of legal definitions.

                It is obvious to everyone who reads the amendments as to what the writer intended.

                In reality, no human being has ever had any true rights, as long as they are governed by men. Rights have been granted, and taken away, and in every case supposedly for the good of the country.

                Truth be told, the bill of rights was an illusion. They were written far too simply even then, allowing easy “interpretation” of the reading. However, the illusion was an accepted one by the majority of the public, and the government did not dare break them.

                However, break one legally assured ‘right’ just once and see how the public reacts. Once this is done and the people allow it, then ALL of the rights are gone, fait accompli. This already happened with the gun control act of 1934, and the various sedition laws passed previously.

                The bill of rights are part of a greater contract, and once any contract is violated, the whole contract becomes null and void. We have been living in an age of illusion, as law has not been DEFINED by the constitution for a long time. They use the constitution as a GUIDE concerning law. There is a huge difference.

                Letters or other documents written by the founding fathers are given as much weight as the constitution itself or the bill of rights concerning Judgments issued by the Supreme Court. That should say something. The excuse is that they were trying to determine the intention of the fathers, when the intentions are obvious to the illiterate.

                Governments exist now, and always have existed for one purpose. They exist to rule over those governed.

          • Oh Eisen the great leader, why don’t you tell us the date and time and let’s all go. Come on Eisen let us know now.

          • note to DHS and FBI
            This is the guy to start with,,,,
            openly has stated he is going to kill you guys,,,,
            is most likely a dangerous bomb making gun toting terrorist.
            im sure they will read this because every time I log on this site or any of the others my location services that is disabled gets turned on mysteriously by itself,,, and then turns off again,, by itself, is not an apple thing cause my bud is a tech.

            • Thank you for participating in the ‘See Something, Say Something’ initiative of the Department of Homeland Security where our primary objective is your safety. Be confident that we take every complaint seriously and investigate every one to the level deemed appropriate.

              Have a nice day!

              • Any time, always willing to assist in the cause!
                Most of us do this for entertainment as well as to vent,
                But there are definitely some who are dangerous! Drop by some time.

        • Braveheart: Eisenpussy is just some fat little turd ball that thinks on-line gaming war scenarios makes him some sort of warrior. He’s nothing more than a delusional little boy who still lives at home with his mama. He’s never been in the military and probably couldn’t even hack the Boy Scouts because he’s affraid of the dark and creepy-crawly things. He’s a total douche bag. Never mind him.

        • Eisen is just a kosher troll. Ignore him, and he will crawl back under his rock.

      24. Keep them tilting at windmills for a few more months, They are making a laughing stock of themselves. Each months they dig the hole deeper and a few more good people figure it out. As the Princess said: ” The tighter they grip the more comes out between their fingers”. This keeps up they won’t be able to pay their thugs.

        • 100th monkey syndrome is going to fuck them right up the butt if they do not act soon.
          More and more people are wising up every day.

          I supply a number of engineering shops and a guy voiced the obvious this week during a conversation about print your own. His comment, “why do that when we can turn them out by the hundred like grandad did during the war. I still have the blueprints.” Love the thinking.

          • Eagle Eye: That was my thinking as well, let them spend the time and effort banning this. It doesn’t accomplish anything. Wilson’s design is already out there. There are probably 1 million copies by now. Besides, no one on this site is going to spend the money for a printer to fabricate a zip gun when you can make one for 5 bucks with basic supplies.

            • @Ghost rider
              “Besides, no one on this site is going to spend the money for a printer to fabricate a zip gun when you can make one for 5 bucks with basic supplies”
              that or they are just going to grab the AK they bought at a gun show from some guy with a sign on his shirt,,,

          • The Brits made the STEN gun without a 3D printer.

      25. WOW !!! A MUST LISTEN TOO … it checks out !!! ;0p

        ZOG AmeriKa’s CIA FBI NSA child sex trafficking auctioning of children as slaves to the highest bidder (part 1)

        CIA child trafficking, pedophilia, and snuff networks on the Peer into Darkness radio program

      26. Another “misdirection” to temporarily take your eye off the “relevant ball”. Seriously, a “one shot” plastic replacement that still requires REAL AMMUNITION combined with a 3D printer that cost more than a proven and reliable delivery system.

        I smell something “burning”…smells like “plastic” illusion and hype designed to satisfy a yet to be “announced” agenda…ultimately worthless/useless at this “stage-of-the-game. THINK! Someone is about to “get rich” off of some rank BS!

      27. Too bad Barry can’t (or won’t) act as quickly on jobs, economic improvements, and a host of other more important issues as he has on ‘gun control’. When have we EVER seen the gobment move so quickly, swiftly, and unwavering on ANY issue facing our great Nation since 2009? What a maroon.

        • If they spent the amount of money they blow on foreign aid on infrastructure improvements that would put a lot of folks to work, then if they cut all the benefits they pay out to people who are not American citizens, they could dump that money from the deficit,
          Bring all the troops home, and put them patrolling the borders and doing comunity improvements in some of the worst cities we have, still better than being over seas and then they dont have to be as big a target, let the middle east and pakistan and afganistan kill eachother off, NOT OUR PROBLEM, those people have been killing eachother since Jesus Christ walked the earth!

          • Kula, Now thats true common sense Thinking, Thank you..

            • You would think so,, but for some reason TPTB think we need to be stirring every one els’ pot while ours burns!

          • Thank You, Thank You, & Thank You!!!!!!! I wondered the same. Where is the payback for the money, equipment, supplies & such the U.S. has loaned/gave foreign countries over the years?? That repayment would probably pay off the deficit. They want us out so bad??? Fine, let us leave the regions and give them the equivalent of putting foes in a room by themselves and letting them duke it out. Use our troops to patrol our own border, round up illegals, & STOP benefits for illegals. Why the hell should someone here ILLEGALLY get SSI, Disability, Medicaid, & welfare???? To me this is FRAUD. They are not citizens & NO, I do not believe they deserve a “fast track” to citizenship.

            • I agree,,
              You get that, I get that, Millions more Americans get that,, so why is this even an issue for the elected ones?
              we have a ton of micronesians here, they are all on welfare, all on food stamps, almost all get housing subsidies through HUD, and then they want me to pay 1/3 of the $ that I have to go out and bust my hump to make??
              yea good luck with that, I am just not going to make much, I can live on a subsitence level income and eat all my own produce, sell just enough to keep the refer running and the trucks and equipment fueled and make enough extra to pay for other incidentals, but the beast called Wahington DC cant do that, sooner or later it WILL come to a screeching halt, in my mind, it cant hapen soon enough!

              • The micro in the wh is a micronesian by education and dog eating. He gets welfare and a free ride.

      28. Time to repeal the NFA of 1934

        • And repeal, revoke, all commies that support gun control.

      29. The cat is out of the bag. It has now been demonstrated that guns can be 3D printed. ‘Nuff said.

        Molson Label!

      30. I would support banning one thing; Eisen from our community. Braveheart

        • Stop whining you pantywaste.

        • Defending speech you agree with is easy. Defending those you disagree with is the true test of where one stands in regard to freedom.

        • NOOO!!! ever heard of Gunkid? or jMacdonald? two morons that folks got banned from various sites but now those same folks miss the crazy comments and opinions. You gotta learn to enjoy these loons! Its all entertainment man!!

      31. Gonna get me some ink cartridges and print a million of them!

      32. Lol. You can go to Home Depot and get the stuff to build a much better metal weapon for $20.oo. How do they presume to ban plumbing pipe? The government is like the schoolyard bully that can’t handle being told he can’t control you. Laughing at their stupidity. 🙂

        • correct on a hobos budget I can buld a serious catapult that will do a lot worse than a hematoma on the skull all one needs is old leather shoe a well shaped Y branch cut from a tree, elastic material a good source are those DIY home gym contraptions they normaly have elastic pulleys & a supply of nuts bolts & ball bearings

        • You would just have to make plumbing supplies a legally controlled substance which requires a special licence to buy or use legally.

          Dude, they can practically ban whatever they wish. In numerous instances they have banned common things which used to be available at Walmart. It is all in how they do it.

      33. Just got my 3D printer fired up and running. I’m printing out a couple hundred new congressmen. They don’t talk much, and they ALL vote Pro-2nd! Gimme a couple of weeks and I’ll re-stock the whole damned Capital with these bad boys!
        Side note: I did have to print out a few plastic hookers for the ones I’m shipping to Nevada…

        • Soylent Green

        • You forgot the prissy adolescents??

      34. most cnc programmers and operators take a blueprint or program as a scratch pad , there usually is a glitch between tool compensation and what the dumb machine thinks ,what do ya expect for a $600,000 machine . i know the osha boys hated it

      35. I wrote Wednesday that I hoped everyone downloaded a copy of the CAD files. I have my copy, whether they will ever be used or not. I also copied all the other CAD files.

        • I’ve been seeking high and low for a copy of the Defcad “Mega Pack”. If you have one, please transfer it to me.

          Thank you very much!!

      36. They banned a plastic zip gun… whooptyfffukindoo… You can get CNC files to make an full auto M60 reciever and trunnion set for belted .308, and these idiots are happy about banning a POS plastic toss-away that couldn’t hit the side of a house from 25 yards? The people doing the banning obviously know NOTHING about firearms, are scared of them, and will do whatever rediculous thing they can to prove it. Oooooo, plastic guns! Oh no!…. it isn’t as if there are already composite ceramic guns that can pass through metal detectors… pffft, like THAT would ever happen….. (they already exist)

        • Sorry, but it’s the tech they want to either ban or regulate to death…

      37. ….Additionally, any person capable of doing basic machining could make something as devastating as an AA12 without much difficulty. There are only a few moving parts in an AA12, and they are very simple to make… this 3D printing is just people realizing they CAN do this… anyone with a desktop CNC can make things much more sophisticated with a few keystrokes, and this can’t be prevented. We depend on such technology now and banning CNC mills just isn’t going to happen.



        • Gee Eisen, What the fuck are you doing about it? Typing tough on the internet. Fuck yeah baby, you are a kick ass kind of dude. Start the march now Eisen. Get a sign and people will follow after you. Eisen is a dick licker

        • Eisen. You do realize that you are typing on a computer while bitching about people typing on the computer and not taking action? Do you see the issue???? Aw never mind.

      39. @ those who would minimalize the making of a “one shot plastic gun” and the assumed unworthiness of it’s potential:

        the issue at this point isn’t the gun as much as it is having this effort added to the ever extending list of things we, as freemen, aren’t allowed to do… you seem to be agents provocateur of your own brand…

        this technology and it’s proven application is what scares tptb… they can see the potential beyond the end of their noses though some on this board can’t/won’t… if a gun today, what about ammunintion tomorrow: casings to be precise..? what about other articles of war in general..?? before anyone goes too far in wanting to have me committed, think again – did anyone ever think(make serious consideration of) that a functioning 3-d weapon would ever be made when 3-d first appeared..?? i thought not..

        maybe it’s time for those with the file to copy it to a flash drive and begin to pass it around… i wonder just how many copies of this little bit of technology can be made and how long it would take to get one to every person who wants it…

        necessity is(often the best) mother of invention

        pray for the best, but prep for the worst…

        • oops… I posted too soon…you are on point PP/

          • just think what all them Harley Chopper guys now can make with their huge pro-cdc machines as seen on TV. If they can make custom Alum wheels and various other cool parts, how hard is it to Retool and make guns or hollow gernades etc?….The posibilities seem endless.

            And who would ever suspect hard core biker guys to do that?

      40. Now what we have here is Failure to Communicate, now Luke here Doesn’t want to fallow the rules, so were going to have to brake him.

        • I’m shakin’ it, Boss! Just got to get my mind right!

      41. Quote: “Not listening to items 1 and 2 means you are on your way to committing a Federal crime. Because of the public profile and interest over this kind of activity at the moment, you WILL be made an example of. You WILL go to federal prison, and you WILL never be able to own a firearm again.”

        That isn’t entirely true. Most felons have and carry guns with them when they commit their next crime. They can’t legally do this. But what the law has to say about it doesn’t matter to them.

        Well, some laws are wise and just and good, and they should be obeyed. But other laws are foolish and unjust and evil, and those laws should never be obeyed. If you are a felon for breaking an evil law, or for breaking a law that would have been foolish to obey, then being a felon is an honor and the time you spent in prison is a sacrifice for which your fellow good citizens should revere you.

        If I see a good man carrying a gun, I will say nothing about it to anyone. If he is a “felon” whose felony was breaking an evil law or an unjust law or a foolish law, then his “crime” of carrying a gun will not matter to me at all.

        • @ David Sims

          Decades ago as now possession of half an ounce or more of pot in Florida is a felony. To the statist mind, sufficient justification for denying an otherwise responsible adult his RKBA.

          Government is about coercion, theft and murder. They don’t give a hoot about “protecting us.” There are scores of mal de jure “crimes” the conviction of which keeps the criminal justice statist industry humming. While it subjugates the peasantry.

          The Bat Feces site speaks of people denied RKBA because they went on a joy ride with the neighbor’s tractor or purloined a porker.

          The few laws that protect an individual’s life, liberty or private property are legitimate. Most law exists to give the power vermin an excuse to loot and oppress us. The same people who select and fund the political vermin select the judiciary. At the upper levels they have a common background and world view: they rule, we obey.

          Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Some non-theists say An though you harm none do what you will.

      42. Off topic but is anyone else having problems finding out about the latest earthquakes on the usgs site? I am not able to see what the last 7 day map is or the list of quakes. Thanks

      43. Its too late, the horse is out of the barn already

        • To All SHTF Community!!!

          Off topic but a” Must Read” by Kirwin on the “Fifth Element” @

          Whats your Views ?


          • @Thinker Comment ID: 1644010
            ~~~There is also a need to remove all US/Israeli dual citizens from any government offices~~~

            I’ve been saying this for years, but include ALL dual citizens.
            Military intervention will NEVER happen if not already.

            • Jay Jay; You are right we have been saying all the things listed on this article but i hope your wrong about the military,its sure going to be tuff for us to fight them both!!


              • Just saying it’s waaay past time; what’s next??
                We are so close to losing all our freedoms and that’s happening with no input from ‘we the people’.
                Papers anyone??

      44. Seismic activity heating up on the plate boundaries this morning. One on the Asian/North American boundary has lead to in the past to very specific areas; Fiji/Kermadec Islands area, Chile, Mexico. That one has 100% of the time lead to a major quake, 6.5+ within 15 days.

        The one south of Africa I really narrowed down because this area has been very active in the past. Out of the past 7 times, 5 times there has been a major earthquake within 15 days. Really aims at southwest China (one of these was a 7.8), Kermadec Islands, Indonesia/Phillippines, and a huge one back in 1975 west of Morocco and Portugal that was a 7.9.

        As you can see something quite large is still coming, again likely from Mexico to Chile. On top of that I would really watch around Fiji to north island New Zealand, and southwest China to India. These are the areas that have the highest chance of seeing a very large earthquake by May 25.

        • BE Informed?
          Thanks for keeping us up to date, on earthquakes as well as all other topics!!
          I am having a hard time uploading the USGS Map/ Earthquake has it changed ??

          • @ Thinker. The USGS has gone to a very flawed system that they feel is more “convenient”, I would personally be ashamed of this new “user-friendly” system.

            Thius is the link:
            You will have to key in at the top where it says options what you want shown. I used 2.5+ earthquakes for the past 7 days, but you can use other options. The list is also linked at the top that shows the earthquakes.

            I sure don’t like it, someone really messed up with this one. But after all, what can be expect from government employees that work under king BO.

      45. alright kids
        it looks like we’re gonna have to walk AND chew gum at the same time

        The Next Pandemic: Not if, but When

        “TERRIBLE new forms of infectious disease make headlines, but not at the start. Every pandemic begins small. Early indicators can be subtle and ambiguous. When the Next Big One arrives, spreading across oceans and continents like the sweep of nightfall, causing illness and fear, killing thousands or maybe millions of people, it will be signaled first by quiet, puzzling reports from faraway places — reports to which disease scientists and public health officials, but few of the rest of us, pay close attention. Such reports have been coming in recent months from two countries, China and Saudi Arabia.”

        • Satori; Did you also see the MER CoV cluster that was found in France?

          • yes I did

            gonna have to keep one eye on H7N9
            and the other on this corona virus

            things can change fast
            and this corona virus is more widespread
            and has quite the fatality rate

            its nothing to mess with

      46. And they are put back out on the street for us to deal with again, and again, and again…

        OTTAWA, Kan. (AP) — Authorities in eastern Kansas said Thursday they have arrested a 27-year-old convicted felon in the deaths of three people whose bodies were found on a farm, and that a fourth victim — an 18-month-old girl — is presumed dead.

        Franklin County Sheriff Jeffrey Richards said during an afternoon news conference that the prosecutor has 48 hours from the time the suspect is arrested to file formal charges. He was arrested early Thursday and is being held at the Franklin County jail on a first-degree murder charge.

        The man previously served prison time for shooting a former employer in 2005 after being fired, according to court records and interviews with that victim’s relatives. Franklin County Attorney Stephen Hunting said earlier Thursday that the man does not have an attorney in the latest case.

        So you want to take my guns away…LMFAO yah like thats a solid plan..

      47. Well I took a little time to think it over and my conclusion is that I am done here. I see that I am receiving the same insults from 42 years ago. Amazing that this still exists today. I have a good friend whose name is upon “The Wall” in D.C. and it troubles me that he gave his life in vain. Confusing now as it was then.
        I have spent lots of time here at SHTF and I am most grateful for all the info and exchange of comments which will be passed on to others. I hope my info was helpful.
        Maybe with what is all going on it’s a good time to go silent.
        Good Luck everyone.

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

        • It troubles me that 42 years later you still think of killing poor asians in the jungle thousands of miles from your country who live in homes made of sticks as something worthy of respect. Your friend gave his life in vain because he was never actually fighting to defend america or freedom not because some of us see naked agreesion and refuse to call it anything else. Having fallen for the lies they told you is acceptable as we have all been fools at some time but refusing to accept the truth about the past when in possesion of the facts says more about you than those who speak the truth.

          I also must simply shake my head how someone who I am sure claims to have been defending freedom cannot handle people exercising those freedoms. You make me sad.

          • The SV wanted our help. They did not want to be commies. Our soldiers did a job ordered by their gov and for a commie like yourself to degrade makes me sad.

            A little lesson for ya. When we had a turning moment in the war called the “TET offensive” and the NV generals were crushed ( by their own admission), What did walter cronkite say? He said we were losing the war and should stop. This gave the NV motivation and the war dragged on until Nixon ended it and brought everyone home. At this point, the Commie NV came down and slaughtered 3 million people who asked for our help. Now that makes me sad also.
            You sir do not know what the F$$k you are talking about.
            And yes walter cronkites name is not capitalized because a commie like him does not deserve respect. He cost more lives over there than the politicians did.

            • First you need to understand why there was a N and S vietnam (hint, why is there a N and S Korea). Then you can ask why did the occupying forces (that’s USA for those keeping track) repeatedly prevent an election from taking place in S vietnam. Why, because the people of s vietnam would have overwhelmingly elected a communist government, N and S could have reunited (notice this happened eventually) and the foriegn powers would have had to go pound sand. The only S vietnamese who wanted american and french intervention (read occupation) were those who benefited from foriegn control by being what would be called a collaborator (aka traitor).

              It is amazing what you can learn if you put your mind to it. Take the flag and your chauvinism our of your eyes and recognize invasion, aggresion, destruction of national soveriegnty, imperialism, and simple war for profit when you see it.

              Unfortunately you will not. You will likely keep you head buried deeply in you red, white and blue ass, chant “USA USA USA!” Untill you are red, white and blue in the face and continue to insist that good ol’ ‘merica, just simply cannot be wrong. No matter how many millions we murder in their own countries you will always find a way to justify the actions of those patriotic ‘mericans who mindlessly kill because people like you mindlessly support them.

          • @ common sense

            Yay. Bravo.

            For the Nth time. NVn patrol boats DIDN’T fire on those U.S. destroyers. Never happened.

            Vietnam for Centuries Struggled to Throw Out Foreign Occupiers to rule themselves. Ho Chi Minh worked as a photography assistant in NYC in his youth and admired the D of I [ do you? ] First it was the Chinese, then the Japanese, then the French and then the U.S. The S Viets in power were traitors sucking up to foreign occupiers.

            Source: Secretary of Defense Mc Namara in his autobiography.

            The VietCong were the embattled farmers. We were the Redcoats.

            The Power Elite likes its cannon fodder to be ignorant. Hundreds of thousands of people paid the highest price because so many people bought the PE lies.

            Isn’t it about time you stopped being so willing to let dishonorable people use you, when you and not they are coming home in coffins?

            • Like I said you don’t know what you are talking about. You just eat up the commie BS and regurgitate it. Whether ol Mc and lbj (DEMOCRAT) lied to get us in the war is not relevant to my post.
              The SV desperately wanted our help against the commmie VC and NV. When the commies mounted the TET offensive against the SV and US forces, they got their A$$ handed to them and were devastatingly crushed. But our media especially walter cronkite reported and kept reporting it as a massive loss for the US and SV and the commies over here kept pumping out propaganda. This gave the NV motivation and hope, so the war dragged on and on. Had ol walt told the truth, the war would have ended sooner and we would not have lost so many soldiers and 3 million SV and Cambodians would not have been butchered by the commies.

              • Let me guess … you were an ignorant brainwashed storm trooper with corporal’s stripes at TET and 40 years later you’re still an ignorant fool. You dug ditches, pointed the machine gun and slept where you pissed. But sure enough Ezekiel, you know more about the country, its history and why we were there than the Secretary of Defense who was 17 ranks above your dumb ass. I have substantiated my view, you’ve got nothing except repeating the tired old indoctrination over and over.

                “Invective is the last refuge of the ignorant.” Suck it up “anonymous.” The power elite likes its storm troopers to be ignorant. You’re the perfect illustration of why.

                Let’s hope your boss at Walmart gives you a raise so you don’t hafta choose between buying groceries and paying the car note again.

                • Not to mention 6.8 comments are all laced with anti american,pro whatever,overwhemingly pro muslim sentiment.He’s never met an enemy of the U.S.he can’t get his lips around yet. He’s likely a sorry assed looking aging hippy.Notice how often he feels the need to point out the books he’s read and equate that as the undisputed truth,and an equally pathetic attempt to look intelligent as he tries to tell everybody the thing we need to do is surrender to anyone who hates us.

                  • @ tears

                    It’s so much fun baiting ignorant trailer trash.

                    Your power elite masters like their cannon fodder ignorant. They make billions off your stupid ass, you come home without legs. Only a brainwashed moron thinks that’s a deal.

                    Reading … hard work … gotta agree with the other ignorant trailer trash or you’d have no friends. You don’t have the guts to think for yourself.

                    Do you have a single thought of your own in that vermin-infested indoctrination pit between your ears?

                    Contempt and slight regard.

                • Just like a commie, can’t argue the facts and resorts to childish rants.

                  • Indeed,sounds like somebody is a little pissy about be called out what he really is. His favorite books are the koran and mao’s little red book.

            • Like I said, you don’t know what you are talking about. You eat up the commie BS and regurgitate it. Whether ol Mc or lbj (democrat) lied to get us in the war has nothing to do with my post. The SV that you degrade by calling suckups did not want to be commies and desperately wanted our help against the vc and the nv. When the nv and vc mounted the tet offensive against US and SV forces, they got there A$$ handed to them and were crushed and demoralized. Ol walt reported it as a major loss for the US and SV and kept pumping out the commie propaganda successfully turning public opinion against the war. Had walter reported the truth, the war would have ended sooner with victory for the SV and we would not have lost so many soldiers and 3 million SV and Cambodians. you’re the one eating up the lies, not me.

              • Are you actually arguing that the truth does not matter? Do you actually believe it is irrelevant that many people around the world took a stance against aggression and destruction of national soveriegnty? Do you really believe that since we could have killed everyone who tried to stop our attempt to control the internal affairs of a soveriegn nation that we should have, could have, and would have if those damn “pinkos and commies” and simply stopped saying bad stuff about wholesale murder?

                WTF is wrong with you?

                Simply put yourself in the shoes of the viet cong for one second and decide if the one defending his country is in the right or if you would still side with the invader.

      48. People have been making better guns and silencers in their garage and basement machine shops for decades. And don’t forget, the Boston bombers allegedly killed a policeman for his pistol. The politicians are starting to panic. That’s a good sign.

      49. When there are 300 million guns out there already, I don’t think this is a big deal in the context of the 2nd amendment. What concerns me more is that it sets a sort of oblique entry point /precedent for internet censure for the masses, even as the government bolsters it’s ability to spy on the people and mine data from internet use


        Drudge Report

      51. heads up Brits

        British savers could face losses in eurozone bank stress tests

        “Uninsured depositors and bondholders in eurozone banks could face imposed losses following stress tests carried out before a “single-supervisory mechanism” headed by the European Central Bank begins work next June.”

        the banksters/government stole money in Cyprus and got away with it
        and now its no holds barred


      52. Slingshot, my brother, I, and father Ret,Lt,USN.Have all been in the Military, I hope your ate not leaving here because of one PUNK stiring the pot. It is always sad knowing how the Armed Forces are and have been Treated for FollowingOrders to keep this Country free, only a man or Woman that has Served truely knows the Definition off the word Freedom because they have seen the other side of the Fence. You Sacrifice your life an Family, just to be shit on when you come home. People need to wakeup an Realize who the real Heroes of this Country are, and were.

      53. You know, this reminds me of the time the Federal Government tried to stop PGP software. They came up with some DoD related buck yack, you can’t distribute the software, etc.

        So. What to do, what to do. Easy! Print all of the code on paper (it’s not software now, just stuff on paper), take it to another country (I believe Sweden) which didn’t have such laws, and type it all in by hand. Which, apparently, WASN’T illegal. And now you can get PGP software pretty much anytime you want!

        And I love this little gem: “This means that all such data should be removed from public access immediately.” Um, sorry, dudes. The horse is already out of the barn. Once again proof that our Government, despite they love of the prefix “Cyber”, can be complete morons when it comes to computing issues.

        The Liberator isn’t really the issue anyway. The real issue is that the idea is now out there: YOU can make your own gun, it’s NOT that complicated, folks! Despite all the mystique, firearms are NOT all that high-tech. The things attached to them often are, but the basic principles? Nope.

        • Hard as .gov tries, they can’t unring a bell.

      54. Eisen, let’s see you come say that to me face to face and you’ll find out the hard way that I’m not. I dare you.

      55. World war II and German occupation was mostly made possible by European gun control. Every single resistance group in Europe was begging for allied weapon drops because they had none other than what they could capture from the Germans and it’s hard to capture weapons when you have no weapons to begin with.
        German occupation would have been a nightmare for them had the European citizenry been armed to the teeth. 100 Jews with a handful of guns held out longer in the Warsaw ghetto uprising than the entire nation of France. I give it maybe 30 years before Europeans are under the boot of another tyrant which, frankly, given their unwillingness to be armed for their own defense and insipid need to be totally dependent on their governments is where they belong, you hear that Pierce Morgan?
        The Russians had such a shortage of weapons in many battles they sent two men into combat with one rifle.(friken fools) When the man with the rifle was killed, the other picked it up, and was probably killed shortly after or sooner as he was unarmed.

        Are you people picking up what im putting down?

        Hey Austrailia?/?// Wake the Fuck Up!!

        oh and hey America wake the fuck up too..before its too late

        oh and the recidivism rate in this country well thats just another toppic all together.

        • England didn’t make weapons to arm their civilians in WWII. They begged for weapons, (fearing an invasion of nazis) from the U.S. to arm their ‘home guard’. The U.S. then send many thousands of weapons, mostly rifles and shotguns to England. After the war the brits destroyed the weapons and now England, like the U.S. is communist.

          Redcoats, tories and commies can go to hell.

          • England now has a Muslim problem ……………and NO GUNS for the people . I said it once and will say it again : What do the British and the Russians have in common ? Everywhere in the world they went , the people couldn’t wait to get rid of them .

      56. the laws of unintended consequence..
        hahahhaha..yeah like i would even give them the brass shavings from my case trimmer

        they have no duty to protect , I have no duty to provide..

        guess they havent sucked up well enough to DHS, and I sure as hell aint gonna do it for them.


      57. Obama and Holder desire a Civil War to erupt, so that they can invoke Martial Law, cease elections, and remain in power indefinitely.

        • Every Soviet and every dictator THINK they can remain in power indefinitely ………history proves them wrong almost every time .

      58. The plans to make a WW2 Sten MkII submachine gun are still freely available… and you can build one with basic hand tools and plumbing parts. Banning guns, or the technology behind them, is just a waste of time. The problem they attribute to guns WILL NOT GO AWAY, even if every last gun was destroyed. I can still beat your ass with a stick… It is nothing more than “control”. The best analogy I have ever heard for gun control is this: If the government was a man and the citizens were a woman, their conversation would be this…
        Man: Why do you need that gun?
        Woman: So you don’t rape me.
        Man: Uh, I wasn’t going to rape you.
        Woman: Then you don’t need to worry about my gun, do you?

        So, the only reasonable conclusion is that they want gun control because they plan on doing something rapey……….C.Y.A.

        • Yep, they sure do

        • .gov has in mind some things they know we’re going to REALLY hate, and they don’t wan’t us to be able to say “NO!”

      59. sorry but the 2nd amendment protects one’s rights to 3d printed guns and ammo. arms means arms. and the 1st amendment protects my right to point my finger at you and say, “bang, bang.”

        “And we will make it illegal to have something we can’t find,” he said definitively.

      60. VRF, I checked out that article. That is wild, police turning to us “civilians” for help with ammo. I still blame the gun grabbers and DHS for the shortage.

        • I can’t see me handing ammo to “the thin blue line”.

      61. Ok so, am I the only one here that knows that you can build ANY KIND of fire arm legally for your own personal use and doesn’t break any other atf laws? You guys do know that right?
        You cannot build a full auto weapon, a silenced weapon, a weapon larger than .50 cal… without licenseing.
        If you do build a weapon you can not sell or transfer in anyway without permission from the atf.
        Why would anyone want to spend several thousands to make a zip gun when you can make one out bits found in a junk yard?

      62. Believe it or not, people were manufacturing firearms in their garages, basements and bike shops long before the internet popped onto the screen.
        Censorship didn’t work then and it won’t work now.
        This isn’t he first Liberator pistol and probably won’t be the last. Simple, crude, inaccurate and deadly.
        They will never learn that you can’t moderate a revolution…

      63. I should print the CNC info to make a SOCOM M1A (M14)… That’d make Obummer sh!t a brick. Oh NOZ! Teh gotz gunz dat’ll blow froo body armzorz! Heh, sorry, had to get a shot of geekspeak in since we’re talking gray area CNC nerdery.

      64. Making a smoothbore pistol out of plastic doesn’t even sound safe. This whole affair smells like a public relations stunt to give the government a reason to intervene. How many people have a 3D printer that can even do this? I’d guess almost none, and if they could afford one they would just buy a real gun instead. They are just hyping a reason for ‘government action on this problem’. The next step will be to install software on your computer’s operating system to prevent ‘illegal activity’. In a word plastic printed guns is HYPE.

      65. One thing about the internet …………once something gets out …..its there forever . Dont worry folks , people have put all of Defcads files on The Pirate Bay , they also plan to put all future works on there as well . You cant stop people from thinking and wanting to be free , the Romans tried force against Christianity ………… didnt work .

      66. Female politician Lying to American people with blood on her hands , score 1 for you.
        American People building plastic guns undetectable by current security. score 1 for us. i say were even!

      67. Maybe private sales of these 3d printers isn’t such a smart thing and should be nipped in the bud.
        Maybe there should be privately licensed shops that oversee usage.

      68. Look it up if you live in Wyoming. You can legally print these regardless.

      69. I’m a US citizen, and I declare The US Government-Illegitimate and defunct! Therefore, I declare the 3D Gun and the accompanying technoledgy, legal to own and legal to manufacture…..

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