The 3 Best Zombie Apocalypse Shelters For Cheap Bastards

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    Editor’s Note: The following guide has been generously contributed by Dan Carpenter of The Daily Prep. We encourage you to read Dan’s brief overview below and then check out his FREE and incredibly detailed Shipping Container Bug Out Shelter Guide.

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    Let’s face it, if you’re a prepper, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking about the concept of a bug out shelter. It’s something that’s frequently talked about and debated over. Often times people envision it as a stronghold in the middle of a remote mountain range that nobody knows about. It’s there that we will comfortably wait out the apocalypse, until it’s safe to surface again.

    At least…. that’s how it would happen in the movies.

    The reality for most of us however, is that we simply don’t have the money to plunk down on a dedicated bug out shelter. TV shows like Doomsday Preppers routinely feature people that have dedicated their entire lives and every penny they have to their zombie hideouts. Watching those shows can make you feel like a cheap bastard if you’re not shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars on your retreat.

    But, since it’s not the movies, and most of us have a limited budget to work within, here’s a brief look at 3 bug out shelter options for us real people:

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    1. Bug Out Shelter By Reciprocal Agreement

    If you can’t afford a dedicated, stand-alone bug out shelter (like most of us), why not still take advantage of all the benefits of having one, by setting up a reciprocal agreement with a friend or family member? In a nutshell, you contact a like-minded family member or friend who is interested in preparedness, and set up a mutual agreement that benefits each of you. If a disaster hits your area, you and your family are welcome at your friend’s house, and vice versa.

    While this sounds simple, you should give this some careful thought if this is something that you’d like to do. First of all, your friend should be strategically located. Usually, this means 2-3 hours away (although it depends on your area’s geography, population, etc). Second off, any time you set up an agreement where people are depending on each other, the potential exists for things to go wrong. Be careful about who you make these kinds of agreements with, especially because lives are potentially on the line.

    One final piece of advice for people thinking about setting something like this up with a family member, is to be sure to actually set it up. Many people will say that they already have an unspoken agreement like this with their family. After all, you’re family right? True, but things get crazy in a disaster. You may not be able to contact them if phone lines are wiped, or they are out of town. They may already have 4 other friends that have turned to them. It could be a lot of things, but the bottom line is that it serves everybody involved if you at least have a conversation about it ahead of time.

    zombie-shelter3Image Source: Glassdoor

    2. The Shed or Cabin Kit Option

    This option is a good one for people that have strategically located property that isn’t yet developed. Many of us have property like this. It could be a property that we are planning to build on or eventually move to later.

    But in the meantime, how about setting up a small shed that you could live in temporarily if needed. Many sheds like this can be had for $2,000-$3,000, and could be made plenty habitable with just a few modifications. If you would like a slightly nicer setup, there are also some really cool tiny homes and cabin kit options that start around $5,000. A lot of people put shipping containers into this category as well, which in theory would also work, although in actuality, it’s a little harder to do a shipping container shelter on the cheap (I actually have an entire guide on this, that you can check out here, if interested).

    Granted, putting a shed on a piece of property doesn’t mean that you are going to be comfortable staying there for 90 days at a time (or even safe for that matter). This option means that you’ll probably bathing in the river, cooking over a fire, and digging a latrine (although tiny homes and cabin kits are getting pretty close to full amenities).

    zombie-shelter4Image Source: CQMSJT

    3. Bug Out Shelter + Vacation Property = Love

    A third option for people that want a bug out property, is to make it a property that can double as a vacation property. The reality is, that in your life, the number of instances that occur when you would need to escape to a bug out shelter are very few. Once maybe? Maybe 2-3 legitimate emergencies when it’s not safe for you to be at your primary residence? Why not purchase a property that can double as a great vacation spot? A spot that you and your family can create happy memories in a few times a year.

    With a little thinking and planning, you can easily find a property that makes strategic sense for both uses. Perhaps it’s a cabin in some foothills a couple hours away. It just so happens that a place with trees, a lake, fishing, and hunting, makes a great vacation spot, and a great place to “bug out.” If you really want to go the extra mile, you can stock it with basic supplies to ensure that it’s livable in a pinch.

    A vacation property like this could actually end up being some iteration of the “reciprocal agreement” as well, depending on your situation. If you have family members or friends that you go in on the vacation property with, then perhaps it can function as a emergency spot for you both, if needed (again, proceed carefully, and consider that you could hate each other in a year).

    Hopefully these 3 ideas at least give you a good starting point however. As always though, the best bug out option is the one that makes the most sense for you, and fits your situation. Be smart about it, think creatively, and have some fun!

    Since 2010, Dan Carpenter has published articles, guides, and over 400 videos teaching people how to be self sufficient, on his site The Daily Prep. He is a Certified Permaculture Designer, and a major proponent of alternative housing and internationalization. When he’s not helping people become self sufficient, you can find him eating some BBQ, reading a good book, or enjoying the mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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      1. Never fall in love with anything, except your wife and kids…

        For a mere 250k, I would sell my bol.
        And profit about 75k.

        Common sense seems lacking with some here…

        • Hey eppe,
          For 1 million someone can buy my two 1000+ sq ft houses( one is brand new, just finished it), studio, and 2400 sq. ft. shop( effectively a Faraday cage) located on the most remote island on earth. Year round water, power off grid (if you desire), hunting(pigs), fishing, and growing season on 5+acres. You get a great ocean view and are at 1000 feet, so way above the Tsunami from when part of California falls into the ocean. Lifetime supply of wood, but you don’t need heat here. It never gets below 55 degrees. It is one hell of a bol. The Commute sucks if you aren’t retired or can’t work from home,(I just bought Satellite Internet).

          • Some time back, got a pic of Kula-Nail’s place looking out at the mountians, ocean and land.
            Awesome place to live…

            You guys in the islands are lucky.

            Be well sir…

            • Blessed by the Lord!

              • #3 is the option I have. Love to hang out in spring/ summer and go exploring. If you have a shed or whatever be sure to NOT keep your preps in it! A good idea is to dig a root cellar and put a shed on top of it for concealment with a trap door inside that can be well hidden. Keep your preps in at least 3 places so if 1 gets discovered you still have at least 2 more stashes. Public land is a good place to hide stuff. Get to know your surrounding area well, look for secondary bugout places (mines, old shacks, anything livable). Even old structures that have collapsed have a plethora of wood and nails etc. to make an improvised shelter. In fact an old shack on public land would be a free bugout for you while you look for something better or build something.

                • I am going to go with option 4,while Genius getting hammered at end of the world deck party will saunter over to his shed and see whats available!

                  • Would it not be cool if some of us could meet up in one place at the same time.

                    That would be a mind fuck…

                    • wish i lived closer to you, eppe….anyone comes out to californ, look me up in high desert, victor valley.

                    • Its called “heaven” eppe. See you there !!! 🙂

                  • Buy an RV. Make sure it is the cold / winter / extra insulation model. Those are the ones you want for year round living. They are fully self contained portable housing. A couple of solar panels on the roof and you are good to go.

                    • that what we have minus the solar

                    • Fish and Mud,have an old Airstream for hunting season works well,not overly insulated though!Bought good sleeping bags for the whole tribe $$ get what you pay for.A couple solar panels to trickle charge the batteries,lights and comms.Old cobra CB with 300w Gray for a little more zing,gotta make do with what you got!hey wtti Be well all!
                      Maniac –out

                    • The ‘buy an RV’ (new or used) idea does make good sense, especially when you consider the fact that they are mobile and can be moved if the need arises. But, they do require gas and in a SHTF situation – finding gas might not be a reliable expectation.

                      Ideally, it would be best to have a few acres in a secluded location that also has one or more fresh water springs on it – and make that the base location for your RV. Or, you might consider digging a well on the property.

                      Also, consider the size of the RV and remember that it should not be too cumbersome to drive or maneuver – since you’d want to avoid the main highways and stick to the narrow back roads. You would not want to be caught driving a huge RV in a tight spot where it would be next to impossible to turn it around and head in the opposite direction to avoid a potential ambush/road block by Zombies looking to steal your rig and your food.

                    • Yes and No.

                      Like Tucker says, it has its hazards. You also have a (very) limited amount of space to store stuff.

                      Personally, your best bet is to (if you can) *move* to your BOL. I did this a few years back, and every day, I’m damned glad I did. Lots of like-minded folks living out here, and all it will take is a couple of chainsaws and 20 minutes’ work to keep the hordes at bay (or at least make them get out and walk)… and most of us intend to do exactly that. Not a perfect solution, but it will slow them down a lot (and persuade the majority of them that maybe they should go somewhere else while there’s still a chance to drive to it.)

                      Either way, it all boils down to finding a good location, and an RV won’t let you entirely skip that responsibility (mostly because you have to park it *somewhere*).

          • Rellic:

            Sounds like you’ll have plenty of Banksters for neighbors, and Roseann Barr, too. Lol


            • Why are you censoring this post? Was it the Christmas tree?

              • I think our Spam protection plugin freaked out when it saw pretty pictures.

                Thanks B,


                • Yea … one can clearly see the Pine Tree is completely at fault here.

                  Notice how low the tree limbs are … obviously showing the knots (knees) … pure porno filth fo ‘sho!!!

                  Still the 1950’s or am I wrong here?

        • Eppe, option #1 is what I pursued back in 2013 only after a lot of very careful thinking. At the time the family wanted me to have some kind of option for getting out of the city when TSHTF. They knew my ‘lack of credit’ situation so my closest female cousin offered me shelter at her cabin. The rest of family chimed in and pushed for me to accept the offer. I was there on vacation at the time so I asked for a day to think it over. I considered all the pros and cons very carefully. The pros actually outweighed any cons. The cabin is on 30 acres with a year-round creek bordering on one side as a backup source of water and good fishing as well. Full solar system as backup source of power which can become the primary source once the grid goes. Wood stove for heat in the winter with many cords of wood stacked and covered and a lifetime supply of same all around. The rest of the family are all very close by in the same area and there’s a mutual agreement to come to each other’s aid in case of any emergency. The land where all of their homesteads sit has belonged to the family since the 18th-century and they won’t give up the land for any amount of money. The big steel building behind her cabin was one of the biggest deciding factors in my decision to accept her offer. Big enough to hold her supplies and mine also. best decision I ever made in my life. It also gave me some real peace of mind knowing I wouldn’t be doomed to staying stuck in a city and be taken out by any of the ‘free shit army’. I’m coming back the last week of Oct. and this trip will probably be the ‘bugout’ for me. I’m already hearing ‘through the grapevine’ that the cities will all blow up on election night if Trump wins. Don’t want to be here when that happens.

          • they should make a movie about that…..let’s call it…..oh, yes,….the PURGE…..i LOVE IT!

        • I am looking forward to sell all 3 properties, and moving to Athens/Clarke/Oconee county to be my final home/bol. Athens is a college town, lots of action there. Plus I went to HS with the sheriff. Also my surname is famous there for being the first to build a airplane and fly it in 1907. Six roads are named after him.
          Nice property there, find a foreclosed place with a pond, 20+ acres, build my own ponderosa.will happen soon, could give my girls something to live on and make a future for them too.
          Would be nice to make a comedy/rock place for college kids.

          That is how REM got started…

          • BH and eppe,

            Y’all are knocking on my door step. Don’t like giving out too much info on the web, but I’m guessing we’re within ham range.

            • The catch is eppes wife relatives need to die off first, then she inherits some property, to even sell. Why not do it now big boy? 20 years of prepping and now you want to go buy a BOL a month before all hell breaks loose? Keep dreaming, you can say what every you want bigger than life, which is mostly lies. You either do it or just keep dreaming. Talk is cheap. Tell us some more whoppers. LMFAO!!


          • eppe,

            Just remember…
            We have Duke Power’s Oconee Station here.
            At least stay on the west side of it. 🙂

            Y’all enjoy the evening.

          • Oh now this is a good one. eppes kinfolk were Orville and Wilber Wright. LMFAO. I bet they were preppers too back in 1907.. That was way back before prepping was prepping. lol Keep day dreaming. What’s the matter with your BOL now you claimed to have? Your house all on the Grid in the burbs is your BOL right? LMFAO!!!


            • Wrong again asshole.
              Jeez, this prick thinks he knows everthing.
              Never said the Wright brothers.
              Look up Athens airport.

              This site has been drug down with one poster.

              Sad to say, but truth stands…

              • Tell us about your BOL you have now? LMFAO!!! We are all waiting.. F-n liar. Why do you call your house in the burbs, and all on the grid, your BOL? lol

                That’s right everybody, beware of the liars on here, talking smack. They bring this site down, like Laura said on her post from another website. She referred to you as Loser.. lol

                ~WWTI… Just stop lying and you will more credibility to your posts.

        • Eppe
          Wiser words have never been spoken.
          Fell in love with wife in 1975
          Never been another
          We been prepping since 1999
          Moved to backwoods in 2015
          Lost her May 2016 Cancer

          Used to love prepping now not so much
          I have everything I need
          Except my Melanie

          • Law Of One, I met my beloved in 1975 and we tied the knot on Valentine’s Day 1976. I lost her to a drunk driver in 1982. No kids and never found anyone else worth having for a 2nd wife. I know all too well where you’re coming from. Take care.

        • Never fall in love with anything, except your wife and kids.

          The best quote epee.

          • There are those who take action and get it done. Talk is cheap. Wishing, day dreaming, for that BOL. Fiddling every day, bigger than life, but no action, sorry but if you are not already at your BOL by now, and settled into place, you better plan to hunker down in the burbs and fight it out with the looters. Smart people are armed to the teeth and will have a chance. Dopes will wish they had weapons and will soon parish.

            You can’t fake prepping. There are those who DO, and those who watch and wish. Anybody after a few years of prepping would have taken the proper steps. Now if you wasted 2 decades fiddling.. sorry Charlie!!


            • Wwti took what he reads here and acted upon it in the worst way.
              Did you vet out your neighbors?
              Did you think about hurricanes that will wipe you out?
              What an idiot can one be???

              You are a blight to this site…

              • 20 years of prepping, as you claim, and you have done nothing to improve your chances for survival or for your family. Shame on you. Now when SHTF is just around the corner and everybody here is talking about BOL’s, you speculate on looking for a BOL. You are unprepared, unfit as a family man and just a friggin joke really. Many of you like that out there, dopes. Good luck with that plan set up for failure. Failure is your middle name. eppe failure dopey.

                I’m safe and secure out where I am at. Just finished building the deer cleaning station, and will fill my freezer up for the winter soon, if it all works out. Bow season right now either sex can be taken now for this part of the entire season. Turkey bow season right now also. Gobblers only.

                eppe – drink, drool, dream, delusional.


        • Bugging out, is, in no minor way, a great deal more than most survivalists imagine. It is of absolute importance if our culture is to survive, but it is by no means a goal that requires little thought.

          I routinely estimate combat ops, from border wars to a full scale nuclear engagement, and this does not include planetary events of a natural cause, and events such as an asteroid. how are going to achieve this?

          Is your goal to survive as a viable combat team? Then consider this. The highest probability for any attack is an EMP, designed to knock out our electric grid. No electricity. No vehicles. No nothing.

          If so, what is your probability of success of directing your team to a “safe location” 50 to 100 miles away. If your team has members who’s motto’s used to be “Who dares wins”,” “Pamwe Chete”, or “De Oppresso Libre”. you might stand a chance. Even then, you might be burying some of your members along the way. If not, do you really want to evacuate to a safe location?

          I would ask that you consider an alternative. I don’t have three years to develop a mission dedicated team. I have time to teach EMS skills. I have time to teach communications and shooting skills. I have time to teach surviving off native foods and medicines.

          The cities will be the weak point. They are full of people used to being entitled to food, medicine, and housing. They have no probability of being independent souls. But they also present a problem. They have the bulk of the population to be dealt with. This will require a power to dedicate significant assets to deal with them.

          Resistance is time consuming and expensive. Perhaps that is where our efforts should be placed.

          • PAY ATTENTION FOLKS!!!

            RYU – put up a very good post … and it one that does not get talked about much here … but I’m sure it does in those “groups” that we are or not aware of.

            Yes … most of us know the info. coming from Ryu … but it is the way he/she presents it.

            Communication/Team/Skills = success … ‘core message’ … have those who have skills that are outside your skills within your group …

            It is necessary for survival …

            First thing is first though … “Trust”

            If anybody has any “ill feelings” about another … then you know what to do.

            Trust is hard to find in another … which ‘lone wolves’ such as myself … makes it hard to find others such as us to find.

            If I wasn’t surrounded by liberal stupidity … I wouldn’t be having a fk’n problem.!!!

            • RYU ,very thought provoking post!No military training,but have hunted most of my life,as well as street smarts,gonna have to do.Brother makes it here we’ll be alright!
              FTW, (surrounded by liberal stupidity) lol !What’s worse,redneck stupidity,one neighbor has AK ,AR and lots hunting hardware.Has couple mags 500 rounds,thinks he’s set,game plan steal horses ride to Co.from La.NO SHIT!
              No food stored,no preps those you don’t trust!
              Be well all
              Maniac –out

            • FTW

              Many are way behind the curve to survive. As a lone wolf myself, I hope I will be able to join up with others with comparable survival skills. No Babysitting of grown men.
              Have to wait and see how the chips fall.

        • “The 3 Best Zombie Apocalypse Shelters For Cheap Bastards”.

          Actually there is a FOURTH alternative for a cheap BOL. Land will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars before you put a shed on it. Spend those thousands of dollars for a used motorhome or fifth wheel that gives you a MO-BILE option. There are many available from those who do not recognize their true potential.

          They are totally self contained.

          Add solar $2,000 including battery bank to run your fridge and freezer 24/7 avoiding expensive (if available) gasoline or propane power that, potentially, could become unavailable.

          Get an electric infrared space heater or two ($100 each); two window air conditioners ($129 apiece Home Depot). Get battery chargers and rechargeable batteries; minus 40 below sleep bags, camo tarps, solar bicycle, etc.

          You get the picture.

          You are limited only by your imagination. I took out two really nice swivel chairs gave them away and installed lots more storage. The MO-BILE option is good if you must relocate. Best to have that BOV in the BOL guarded by ex-Marines if civilization goes south.

          I will be bugging in unless NIBIRU suddenly appears. 🙂

        • Keep day dreaming, Nobody wants your House in the Burbs all on the grid, outside of Atlanta where the hungry hoards will be a coming. So you may lucky now to get a low ball offer of $150K. You are stuck with zero equity. No Plan, No Weapons, No life. But hey everybody wanna hear a joke? Keep fiddling, and see where that gets ya.


          • Only in your dreams…

            • Eppe, I’ve been watching this war of words between WWTI and you every day and have stayed silent on it. Well, I’m breaking that silence now. WWTI is one of the best PRICKS I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll give him that. Other than that, he’s a total POS. I agree he needs to go. I wish Mac would do like he did to Eisenkreuz/Acid Etch that time and just delete all of his posts.

              • Gee bravefart, just when you are about to go squat in your 2000 odyssey on your cuz’s back yard in north jawja. Bragging about your new motor mounts, eating fish crackers. Funny to see losers cling together in safety. Why doesn’t eppe invite you to his BOL? Keep you around for security? Since he has no weapons and you have no BOL either. Why does he keep blowing you off to meet up? Why is that?

                Whats really funny, is this is just a few banter of words, in real SHTF neither of you will make it, since you get so twisted of me calling out the liar for lying on a website. eppe’s ego is frightenly fragile.



      2. I almost bought a cabin in the deep woods of Oregon for seven thousand dollars. When I found out there were many bears, I changed my mind. I wish now I had bought it. I could have rented it out to hunters, or resold it for twice the price to a Prepper. And I could have kept it as a secondary location. That deal went to someone else, but there are others.


        • Most bears are not a problem, IT IS YOU (people), who can make it a problem they go to smells for food, you can control them MOST of the time, every once in awhile you’ll rum across a bad one and then you have to take care of it, been around bears all my life and these in the lower 48 are NOT like a brown or silver tip grizzly, YUP, you should have bought that place!!

          • Much rather deal with 4 legged predators than two legged

            • Nail,
              Definitely agree.

          • Bears usually a easy deal,do not keep trash ect. about encouraging them/try and be aware and don’t get near cubs/watch em fine,from a safe distance with binoculars.

            My bud occasionally has one that on over 100 acres gets too close to house when he is there,he has a drawer with bottle rockets/air horn/large hand bell,choices in case same critter gets close,different go away noises.I was there when he used a bottle rocket into sky,was fun watching how quick a bear can move(away!).

        • Living with the grizz not nearly as much a problem as the black bears seem to be. Use pepper spray on a black bear and they just lick their lips and demand tacos to go along with it. Better use some scare tactics to convince them to high tail it.

          Grizzlies pretty much mind their own business. Even mammas with cubs don’t go out of their way just to cause trouble, and the boars also will avoid a confrontation if at all possible, as it is in their best interests not to suffer a debilitating wound. If you’re unfortunate enough to stumble upon a bear defending its kill, that’s another story. To avoid that scenario, practice situational awareness, using all your senses. Sense of smell is especially valuable in detecting the sewer-like smell of bears and/or their cache.

          MOOSE, on the other hand, have to be the stupidest animal around (with the exception of some homo sapiens). For an animal that size, it has got to have the smallest capacity for reasoning in proportion to its weight. They will challenge you for the right of way, even tho they’re big enough to easily walk around. They can move with amazing speed, and their deadly hooves are lightning fast. It’s like a freight train barreling down on you at 70 mph, but there’s nothing you can do except put something between you and it, i.e. whatever small tree or scrub brush happens to be close by. They have wounded more people than grizzly bear and black bear attacks combined.

          If I have my druthers, I’ll take my chances with bears over moose any day.

          • Ya SARGE , I have more troubles with young bull moose than the black bears.
            Damn things rip down fences and ive had one stand on my back porch for an hour , no way to move an animal that size .
            Just stay outta the way !

            • Moose are one of the most destructive and intelligence deprived creatures on earth, again with the exception of some homo sapiens. A couple of years ago, we had a bull practically just step over the six-foot fence around the house where the dogs stay, and attack them without provocation. In the end, to make a long story short, one was so badly injured we had to put him down.
              We live in one of the few places on earth where people are excused from being late for work if there’s a moose in their driveway or blocking another part of their route. No one wants to risk sacrificing life or vehicle damage on account of a behemoth with a pea brain.

        • oregon, my home state, where i still own a home with my brothers, is a DEN OF LIBERALS now…i just don’t know if i can go back there….when i was a kid, up to 21 y/o, it was heaven….not so much now.

          • Think of it as a target rich environment. 🙂

        • Bears? Excellent meat! Nice floor rugs.

      3. Unless your BOL is in the middle of farm country, you’re going to starve once the game is gone, which is going to happen in a very short time.

        • Smokey,
          YUP!! lost more people than game and so game will be gone in a heart beat from sheeple who did not prepare and the rest of us will suffer for there idioacy!!

          • lot’s NOT “lost” forgot to turn off auto spell again!!

        • Thats why im staying put, on farm lot, near forest,,,
          Bugging out is for amatures

          • Nail, check my reply to eppe,
            I can be bought, but I feel
            the same as you

            • On the BI if i needed to bug out it would be to the upper slopes of Maunakea above Hamakua, up to about the 8500′ el. Theres a bunch of cabins up there, pigs, cattle, sheep, water (if u know where to go) fruit trees part of the year plus a hell of an overwatch that can place you down in a more hospitable climate in a couple hours on foot.

        • I live in farm country … fairly remote on 38 acres and an abundance of farmland joining my property.

          Game will be in abundance … those that may find themselves in my personal A.O. will be the “new game”.

          Outsiders Not Welcomed!!!

          • >> those that may find themselves in my personal A.O. will be the “new game”.<<

            And with enough steak sauce…

            • I’m not desperate … no plans on eating them … just burning them … giving them their natural ritual and spiritual right to the after life … “burn ’em'”

              Doing Society a favor … by doing the right thing is what FTW is all about.

          • My BOL is surrounded by Fresh water, fish, gators, birds, deer and turkey, and miles and miles of nature preserve beyond that. I see no problem acquiring game for food. And going by boat from my property I have another 75 miles of fresh back water to also hunt and fish. People living in Florida will not be affected by an EMP as much as the northern climates, who are so Grid dependent for heat and electricity in the winter. That will really suck up there, an EMP in many will die.

            ~WWTI… Choosing a worthy BOL and location and getting settled in, is what most should have been doing this last 5 years as the writing was on the wall. Talk is cheap, The unprepared and fake wannabe preppers will soon find out the hard way.

      4. Well,one thing George Romero has taught me is during zombie invasion want the mall to meself,of course mall in original Dawn Of The Dead had a gun store loaded to gills,the remake,eh,Andy’s Guns,across from the mall,not so good!

      5. On a more serious note,a vacation/bol not bad IFyou can get to it.You can’t get there for whatever disaster hit you are fucked,also,by time you get there may be cleaned out,leave small amount of food/tools like any vacation spot,hide very well the real gear.

        Whether your home base or vaco/bol you on the road much have a basic car/truck kit with basic bug out pack,you never know when or what will hit.

        Oh,make sure any gear you buy says “survival supplies”on it or you will be screwed,nope,not gonna let that one ride easily!

      6. “The reality for most of us however, is that we simply don’t have the money to plunk down on a dedicated bug out shelter.”

        If you can’t even provide that for yourself you’re not gonna make it, you’re a goner.

        So get your doctor to prescribe some suicide pills for you and at least make it a painless end.

        • Pills? Never a sure fix…….12 GA. to the roof of the mouth….you won’t hear it go off. Hated those calls as a cop, when they didn’t have the class to go outside, that shit falling off the ceiling on your uniform…..

      7. Florida Residents Urged To Start Preparations For “Serious And Life Threatening” Hurricane Matthew

        ht tp://

        “Haiti residents have been issued a severe flood warning as Hurricane Matthew is expected to dump as much as 40 inches of rain on parts of the island in a very short period of time.”

        3 1/2 feet of rain
        now that is impressive

        • “3 1/2 feet of rain”

          Grab a wave & “Cowabunga Dude” ?

      8. For those on this site those in possible storm path perhaps taking a longer then usual hot shower/finding the oldest food stock if needed after fridge cleanout ect.Hope you down south ride it out well and hope it doesn’t head up the east coast to me mums with anything more then some rain,that,the island could use.

      9. Putin makes another smart move …

        Putin Bans Bill Gates And Microsoft From Russia

        “Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Microsoft products from Russia and placed Bill Gates on a Federal Security Service watchlist.

        Get rid of Microsoft & MAC/APPLE – LINUX is the only way to go!

        • Thanks FTW for the link. Putin really is showing his leadership and the fact that he’ll kick these NWO Zio’s in the testicle.

          • Right On Stolz –

            Regardless of the nature of the subject …. Putin just seems to show up and do the right thing …

            Is he an honest person … is he deceitful? Iduno? … but he has been playing the “field” like any true man should and so far I give him he benefit of the doubt … only because … nobody else in the world has been doing what he has been doing.

          • Well Microsoft is basically the NWO, like Facebook and Google. All hacking into your personal data, tracking, browsing history, etc. Microsoft 10 even owns your passwords and access to all your banking data. Read the user disclosure on the software if you are stooped enough to install it. Putin is on track in keeping his country safe. Our current Government is FUBAR.

            ~WWTI…I refused to put Google on my system. You can use search engines like DuckDuckGo that says they don’t track history.

      10. The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week

        Duration: 7:25

        Topic: Banking (China)

      11. Speaking of zombies I was watching season 3 of walking dead last night on Netflix. All the killing of zombies I was totally desensitized to the death. I went into Walfart a bit ago to get a can of camo spray paint and took a walk by the ammo case. They had cci stingers for 6 change box of 50 I didn’t grab any good stuff though. I been eating boiled rice out of my stash it’s not blah at all with salt and butter. Rice is a good filler to add to some beans serve with some meat. Go thru your food and supplies.

        • Asshat-

          Not sure what is going on with your post … I like you … but … stop doing drugs.

          Drink some good quality Wine instead … does the body good ‘bro!

      12. The ‘reality’ is that you will probably NOT recognize the time when you should go to your BOL and will end up bugging in anyway. If you miss the ‘BOL Time’ you won’t be driving 3 hours to any location, and will put yourself in danger at road blocks, riots, police checkpoints, etc.

        The 3 choices are all valid, though I would upgrade the ‘cabin’ option to include enough ammenities for you to survive at least 90 days in modest comfort.

        I watched ‘Book of Eli” recently and noticed something new – the ‘bad guys’ were actually more like two ‘gangs’. So a valid option is to join one of these gangs – if you provide a useful skill. I had thought of honing survival skills but this option might be worth further thought.

        • Norseman, Anybody who has a BOL should be living there now and working on it daily to keep improving. That takes time. 20 months out at mine from raw land, solo and still projects on the shelf to get at. I am getting a lot done though, and working on the Rabbit house. I really enjoy the peace and quiet, and all sounds of nature, fresh air, etc. Waiting to trying to time your Bug Out, will most likely run into roadblocks, ambushes, and hijacking of your entire vehicle and preps. And then you will be on foot with noting. Plus you will be abandoning your property in the city. Sounds like a bad decision financially as well. And after it all collapses, then try to sell your house in the city for pennies.

          Play to win, not loose. Losers dream and wish, pretend and procrastinate.


      13. There are no ‘safe’ places left in America where one can safely hide from the golden horde AND have the necessary
        resources close at hand for survival. The only places remote enough are in the arid deserts….where water is always an issue as is fuel for heating, cooking etc. Anyplace where it’s relatively easy to live, meaning timber, water and game, is already well stocked with two legged predators.

        • Keep believing that. I’ll be safe, no golden horde would come where I am remotely located with plenty of natural resources and winters so cold it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

      14. there are folks who have vacation cabins on the lake and rivers. Others have hunting cabins. And they all have one thing in common. They are regularly broken into. stuff vandalized and stolen. The smart folks have a RV or travel trailer. And keep it where they can guard it. I think It would be prudent to have the tools and materials stored on site to build something at a remote Bol. You arrive and live in a leaf and stick hut until after the great die off happens. then you build your cabin.

        • Old Guy,, That is so true, My relatives on Mom’s side, all had the Cabin up north in Wisc, for VaCa. My family had a popup trailer and we traveled the entire country as a kid. All my cousins never traveled much outside the state. But their cabins were broke into all the time.. people stealing blankets, and everything else they could steal. I got to see much of the country via camper, and it was a great way to grow up and travel as a kid. We looked at it as Camping, some could call it a Bug Out. A few times we took off for an entire month to go camping, all over California, Florida, Grand Canyon, and site seeing. Lots of those skills as a kid, map reading, fire making, I use today. Lots of people today don’t have the luxury of traveling, and are on permanent Stay-Cation, and day dream.

          As an adult I too traveled all over, going on Scuba-diving trips, 15x week long snow skiing trips to many resorts out west like to Aspen, hiking, Mt Biking out in Vail in the summer, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, Went to Maui for 2 weeks, and boating trips on my cabin cruiser that slept 6. There are those who do, and those who are reduced to only dreaming about it. Those who act, vs. those who just talk and day dream about inventing diamonds or fishing lures. In the end they accomplished “NOTHING” cause they fiddled with big talk, and fade away and nobody cares. lol.


          • WWTI

            PADI cert. Advance Open Water. Deepest Dive 85 ft. 15 minute bottom time. Cristobol Colon, North breakers Bermuda. Man a long time ago.

      15. The main thing for any future collapse is have a plan and then a back up plan other than we are going to the country where food is grown and will be just fine. Know where you are going and a ideal of what to expect when you get there, if you are going to bug out. Some say we will just stop at a farm when things totally collapse forgetting that the kinder gentler world is totally gone. Yes millions of city dwellers have this false hope. Chances are if you don’t end up as hog food you will be used as a total farm slave there, if chosen from among the many that will be trying the same thing. so please have a better plan and some preparations says the old swamp rat.

      16. I am still lost, but not as lost as some.
        Good dog, horse, machete, for me mobility is key. Same location in the middle of nowhere, mountains. Water fish and game. Yes a portion will be inundated with 2 legged vermin. Reality dictates survival. Survival is dictated by circumstances. I lost the mindset for bugging out. I have been bugged out for 6 years now. You must maintain the ability to move or hide depending on circumstances. I laughed at number two it might be okay with about 3 layers of floor to ceiling sandbags. Number 3 was laughed at as well awesome fields of fire but no discernable method of retreat when shit gets hot. Number 1 looked doable. For those afraid of emp don’t be. It will be your best friend, the great equalizer. Pray for it. Gunships will be grounded artillery a mess. Gps and satellites rendered obsolete. Learn to survive in the environment you are in or forget about surviving. One of the best things I saw in this thread is dumping trees behind you. Lots of them. Teach your dogs to growl not bark. Bugout in place. I have literally made it where bugging out involves saddling the horse and fading into the woodline and fully understand even the horse is an option I might not have time for.

      17. We bought our BOL in December of last year and just got the house in the suburbs SOLD! We live in our BOL now. Great, like minded neighbors, got some land, a good pond that’s stocked with bass and brim, and we are about 25 miles from the nearest interstate. The commutes are tough, but every time we come home now… we’re glad we live HERE!

      18. The friend thing is an excellent idea because it’s good to have more people when SHTF. If it’s bad enough that you need to bug out; then you need to get with more people. It means people near you are a security risk, or you would just stay home.

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