The 17 Elements of Martial Law

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Headline News | 155 comments

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      1. Well they DAMN sure are prepping for it! whether it happens or not will depend on many factors that either way ARE NOT good for the average citizen, and if it does will lead to civil war.

        • Thus the reason we prep…
          Had 12 people for shoot-a-paloosa, had a great time, then the local LEO’s showed up. Had no problem, since I am always nice to them, they were nice back. He left, came back with another, just to see the arsenal…
          Did to get a newbie shoot her first time at 26. With her own pistol, got to hit targets 75% of the time. Impressive in my eyes…
          GOD bless all here, we sure need it….
          Next time I will invite the locals…

          • Eppe, that’s only one of the things I prepare for. I went to a gun show today and bought a new Mossberg 590 semiauto 12-ga. plus some extra shells. Best shooting shotty I ever tried.

            • Shoulda bought an Rem 870 tactical magnum… With extender, hold 9rnds… 590 has a known “tang” issue. Just my tcw…

              • I’D SAY THAT ALL 17 CONDITIONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MET. Allow me to address them individually—

                1-Mass roundup and/or execution of political dissidents—Does that include the covert ops, like Michael Hastings’ “car accident”? Or the “conspiracy theories” like several major political dissidents have died in plane odd crashes, brain tumors or just flat been assassinated in full public view like JFK? How about the crash that took out virtually all of Seal Team 6?

                2-Dusk to dawn curfews—Like those imposed because of protests and/or riots?

                3-Rationing of essential resources—Like AMMO? Like during disasters? Does that include pricing us out of those resources?

                4-The seizing of personal assets such as food and water—I shouldn’t need to itemize the occurences of this lately.

                5-Control over all food and water–It is a fact that the govt/corps already have full control over ALL food and water sources. It’s even illegal to collect rain water or hmake a pond on your own property.

                6-The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives—I shouldn’t need to itemize this one either.

                7-The confiscation of property, homes and businesses—Like the TBTF banks did AFTER we bailed them out, during the housing bubble?

                8-Arrests without due process—Like has been declared LEGAL under the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA? Or like what’s going on in those recently exposed black sites the police are now operating?

                9-Massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches—Like the TSA is now doing, or the 100 mile “no constitution zone”

                10-Forced relocation—like what happened in New Orleans?

                11-Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military

                12-Outlawing of free speech–I think we all agree this on is currently present in the net neutrality scam.

                13-The installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs—LOL, no one should argue that this one isn’t a “go”.

                14-The total control or elimination of religion—there’s little debate that Bishops, Priests and Church leaders are not part of a posse for the govt now.

                15-Control of the media—no argument on this one either.

                16-Executions without due process of law—Obungler has already publicly declared his right to summarily and unilaterally order executions without any due process.

                17-Total suspension of the Constitution—Exactly how much can we suspend, before we consider it “total”? Once the basic protections are gone, isn’t the whole thing falling apart?

                • I meant “ALL 15” out of 17. Sorry.

                  • Well here’s something that should just chap yer hide as much as it does mine:

                    “Report a convicted felon or juvenile with a gun, collect $250”

                    ht tp://

                • Ah, your gonna get in a lot of trouble sayiny stuff like that sixpack. But your are right, its just the sheeply just dont see it. I think Hammerun said it best about a year ago. They couldnt pull off full Martial law the Populous is too many to contain. They dont have the man power, or resources. Just trying to Coordinate locking down all the road would be impossible. No it will just continue to be a slow boil till the next Generation, then they’ll have it lock up with no Resistance..

                  • PA farmer, GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK! That was quite the vacation my man. Hope all is well on your end. I agree, the logistics for countrywide lockdown is impossible. Thank god we don’t live in the big shitty 🙂

              • what is a “Tang” issue? USMC standard issue to MARDET in the 1990’s. (now Benelli) Excellent gun!

            • Brave, got to ask, what are you gonna ‘name’ this new one???
              Kidding ya, but will say, cannot have enough 12ga guns & ammo….

              • I suggest ‘Helga’…

                • I suggest “BOOMER”

                  • Snarf

                • “Miss Daisy”

              • Eppe, I think I’ll avoid naming it anything. Tried it out at a ‘private range’ 50 miles from home at a friend’s ranch. Less recoil than a pump gun. Very impressed with it. The top of the receiver has 4 holes pre-drilled for mounting a Picatinny rail. Will be adding a rail and tactical light soon. Just enough ‘reserve cash’ left on hand for those 2 items. Spent a nice chunk of change today and had some fun.

            • Thought the Mossberg 590 was a Trench Style Pump Shotgun.

              • Kevin 2, I got the model number wrong. It’s the 930. I was thinking of my neighbor who has a 590.

            • mav.
              Good choice on the shotgun.
              Boomer would be a good name. I named my 1/2 Lab, 1/2 Australian Shepherd dog Boomer.

              • Sarge, I was thinking of my neighbor’s 590 when I typed that comment. It’s actually the 930. Holds 5+1 in the chamber. Tested it out at a friend’s ranch today and was very impressed. has 4 holes pre-drilled in the top of the receiver for a Picatinny rail. That and a tactical light are next on my shopping list. had a lot of fun today, but my bank account is still smoking. That’s OK. It’s money well spent.

                • Cuz are you sure you even have any guns. Or does your neighbor own them all and just lets you borrow one. If so I hope its just a BB gun. Don’t want you to get hurt before you come home. We love you Cuz.

                • Mav.
                  I thought you made a mistake with the #’s. My brother has a 590 and it is a pump. Doesn’t matter just as long as you got something.
                  Our last gun show of the year in this area is the 28 and 29Th in Princeton Il. I’m going to stock up on bullets and powder.
                  I still think you should name it Boomer.

            • Correction on the model number; that is the 930, NOT the 590. one of my neighbors has a 590.

            • Cuz your still dumb as a boot, the 590 is a pump. I still don’t know if your safe enough to come to our compound in North Georgia. But you never did know the difference between a single shot and a double barrel, we spent years trying to teach you that, no wonder all the girls are better shots than you.

            • 590 is not semi auto, it is a pump-action. Now the 930 spx, on the other hand, is semi auto. 🙂



              If Wikipedia isnt proof enough, check out the mossy website. I know it seems nitpicky to call you on the carpet over the action of your shotgun, but I couldn’t help myself….BTW, I prefer Mossberg over Remington too…GREAT CHOICE!

          • Eppe
            I really wish I could have come to the Shoot out. maybe next time.

        • No need for martial law. The American citizenry are
          caving in nicely to the political thugs without
          resorting to such harsh and draconian methods.

          • Amen, could not state that any better!

          • Sadly I agree.

        • There is really only one element to martial law: Might makes Right.

          • I think we are under Martian law, The shit going on is out of this world!

            • Reports have had China and Russia preparing for war for several years now. While the US has been downsizing.

              China is about to roll out their alternative to the US petro dollar and plans to make it a world currency and they hope to replace the dollar. That is what got Muammar Gaddafi killed and his country bombed.

              Now there is a report that the US has a battle plan against China. It is not a contingency plan like the military has for so many situations. It is said to be current and potentially immanent. The Congressman who saw it was shaken because he believed that it involved potential nuclear weapons and was not a stock plan but a current situational plan.

              If Libya was bombed for trying to create an alternative petro dollar then would the lunatics running Washington DC be planning this for China? Would a martial law situation be needed for war time in our very racially mixed nation? Would we see removal to FEMA camps of those of Asian or Chinese ancestry? Would this all be to protect their monopoly on the world currency as the US dollar and to also eventually roll out the new One World Government?

              Look for a possible “banking virus” that shuts down the banks for several days just prior to martial law or war being declared. Also look for potential “internet virus” to shut down the system and block out alternative news sources and online social contact. They could be blamed on China but your bank account would be cleaned out and you would be unable to get into any internet accounts during that time.

              This is just what I see as a possible outcome from pieces of info out there. They can’t control the US even with Martial Law but if the people thought it was due to wartime needs….?

              How many sheeple will stop and consider that the “man behind the curtain pulling the levers” is a group or evil madmen bent on satanic world control? Baaaaah.

              • “Reports have had China and Russia preparing for war for several years now. While the US has been downsizing.”

                The US has more “woop ass” at its disposal than the rest of the world combined. A dozen or so Fleet Aircraft Carriers that have more offensive capability than entire air forces of other developed nations. Regarding quality of weapons systems USSR equipment was junk.

                We don’t have a Defense Department. With that kind of firepower its an Offense Department.

                The problem is we use this stuff far too readily.

                • Come on Kevin….put your bong away mate.
                  US Military “Woop Ass”???
                  I’m laughing pretty hard.
                  Vietnam…..humiliating defeat.
                  Afghanistan……utter ongoing defeat.
                  Iraq……embarrassing humiliating ongoing defeat.
                  Ukraine……”Ref, stop the fight.”…..US proxies smashed into defeat.
                  Kevin……2…… Where is the Woop Ass?
                  Sounds more like a fickle fart list in the breeze to me.

                  • Most people still don’t get it.

                    The wars that America has fought in, except Civil and Revolutionary wars, were never about winning, but all about milking and bilking.

                    The banksters bilked the American taxpayers out of trillions, while the industrialized war machine milked it for every dime they could squeeze out.

                    If it were about winning, they would have nuked the phuck out of them to begin with.

                    That is what is coming in the middle east/ Islamic countries. TPTB want USA, thru the Obama regime, to set up/allow, Iran to be able to make a “first strike” with a small nuke. Ever heard of the phrase, “Acceptable Collateral Damage”, and “never allow a good crisis to go to waste…”?

                    That is all it would take for the world and israel to start WW3 and drop nukes of their own.

                    If the verses in the Bible in the book of Revelation are taken literally, there will come a war/battle in which a third of “some” population is killed.
                    Could it be mostly muslims? Or, could it be a combination of Muslims and Chinese?

                    Is it a third of the world’s population, or just a third of the Middle Eastern/Muslim population?

                    Or maybe it is an allegory statement and is talking about a spiritual death. Only time will tell, and that is one thing we are running out of….time.

                    • The bible is naught but a play……written long ago by the very powers in control today.
                      The Sheeple… fear of their God, will go along with the whole shebang COMPLETELY ACCEPTING & BLINDLY……..led to their utter slaughter, and the NWO will win, win, win.
                      Here is WISDOM: “God” in ultimate reality, is “love”……and their is NOTHING to be feared from Love.
                      ANY religion that suggests otherwise is merely the puppet of Human filth and greed…..AKA, The New World Order.

                    • oicu: Exactly. Wars, as they are fought by the US and UK, are about money and control of money and resources.

                      If the US dollar is no longer the petro dollar, the world reserve currency, it instantly becomes worth much less. The prosperity of this nation is directly tied to the fact that the US dollar is the world reserve currency. That means that it reigns supreme over all other currencies. The SECOND that is not the case, the world has changed. The financial types will feel it immediately but the average US citizen will need a couple of years to really understand that. But they won’t understand that they will never have the buying power or prosperity that we have had because of the dollar being used as the world reserve currency.

                      What will they do the preserve their dollar? (The lunatics in power, what will they do?) And don’t forget that they consider most of the worlds people trash in need of removal.

                    • oicu: “If it were about winning…”

                      We would not need to nuke them, just wage war on them and not pull back every time we almost finished it.

                      History shows that in Korea and Viet Nam the US could have ended the wars decisively and before they actually were “ended” but TPTB kept making them give up advantages. They were pulled back time after time when they had the advantage. They were prevented from taking actions that could have ended it sooner. If you are actually waging war, it is an all out, fighting for your life battle, not a dance. TPTB wanted more money. They did not want a quick end to the war. They did not care about the soldiers or the citizens of either nation, only the money they could make for every month of war.

                      Now does that bring to mind any current “wars”.

                  • Duke,

                    “Viet Nam…Humiliating defeat”? Did you go to public school, or do you just believe the hype? We bombed North Viet Nam SILLY until THEY sued for peace in the Paris Accords. Of course, Dems in Congress later defunded the defense of South Viet Nam, and NVM later invaded them, but that was AFTER we sent out troops home. Google it.

                    • Whatever Noisy…….fact is you didn’t win the war, and hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT Vietnamese citizens were slaughtered in yet another filth display from The Indispensable Nation under God.
                      Sometimes I wonder why the US isn’t mentioned in the Book Of Revelation.
                      The more I turn it over in my mind, the more I am inclined to think that some nation ultimately gets sick of the entire US Fuck Up and nukes it off the face of the Earth.
                      Hope you and the good people of the US survive……your government, military and Wall St can get well and truly fucked.

                  • Nuke em Duke: Korea=Defeat, not even after smoking what ever is in your bong pal. Our kill ratio was more than 415:1; the N. Koreans were forced to withdraw back across the 38th parallel and there they remain to this day, and the Chinese slithered back across the Yalu River into China. South Korea is a major player not only in Asia, but in the world while N. Korea is an abysmal shithole that’s got starving people and military equipment that’s 50 years old. Ever been to S. Korea, it’s huge and rich. No, that’s one we won.

                    • No G8……you only win a war when you get the other side to submit and sign a document to end hostilities.
                      DIDN’T HAPPEN.
                      As far as history records, both sides said “what the fuck are we doing here”, and called it a draw.
                      Look….Greg… Americans aren’t a bad bunch, truly, but……
                      FUCK OFF…….
                      America is at war 24/7/365…….year after year…..and we have had enough.
                      You are PART of the planet……not OWNERS of the planet……commanders of the planet.
                      NOW……the whole world can see through America’s game of Problem, Reaction, Solution, via the corporate media, banks, Gov and the CIA.
                      We also know that you are FLAT FUCKING BROKE and CAN NEVER pay your MASSIVE DEBTS.
                      The world wants / needs / expects you to step down graciously and get yourselves sorted.
                      If you refuse…..well fuck…..can you honestly expect the rest of the world not to turn your beautiful, beautiful country into twisted molten glass & ash?
                      There is no such thing is an “Indispensable Nation”.

            • Genius, that’s a good one. How original.

        • Well the USA is fucked !!!!! So keep watching Beverly hills house wife’s with silicone inflated tits… and do nothing about it !!!! ENJOY !!!! YES WE CAN does it sound familiar !!!

        • All this talk about Martial Law is said as though the government could actually pull off such a thing. It took these clowns 2-3 days and over 1,000 armed federal, state, and local cops to find one injured teenager in Boston. It took 7 weeks for that same number and combination to find one sniper in the woods of Pennsylvania. There are 1.5-2Xs the number of gang members as there are cops in this entire country. There are 20Xs the number of veterans and gun owners as there are total U.S. military throughout the entire planet. If anyone is really scared then it’s because they’re really bad at math and believe the fictional hype of t.v. and the movies. They, TPTB, are the ones that are scared shitless of us. They know that their power is purely bluff and once someone pulls back the curtain like in the Wizard of Oz, they will vanish like a fart in the wind and go into their hiding places that they’ve been building for years.

      2. We are living in a police state, under martial law now. All Americans are now suspected terrorists. if this wasn’t the case NSA and others wouldn’t being monitoring our every move.

        • If you were actually living in a police state under martial law, you wouldn’t be making that post.

          In fact, you probably wouldn’t even have free and legal access to the internet in the first place this and type of site wouldn’t be here to read anyway.

          We may be moving in that direction -actually to a new sort of soft handed martial law, not the kind we usually think of when it is mentioned- but we’re still quite a ways from it at this point.

          We probably don’t need to worry about ever actually arriving there, at martial law, since we have both the Democrats and Republicans to protect and defend us from it.

          On the other hand …………

          • Sharon, HARD CORE martial law is coming and that’s what I’ve been prepping for all these years.

          • Yet!
            Were headed there, just a matter of time

            • Kula,
              and the time is getting shorter!

              • yep, this is martial law of the “soft core” variety. so slow and tender at first. it gently holds your hand and guides it slowly, so so slowly, to exactly where it wants it (into handcuffs), then, at your most defenseless moment….BAM! in short, if youve gone along to get along, youre (teardrop) fucked. HARD!

          • Sharon: Reality check please.
            Republicans and Democrats are just theater for the masses. The majority of Congress and the Judicial branch are card carrying NWO advocates or bought by them. There are a few Congressmen who are still Americans but they are well outnumbered by those who only look out for their own bank accounts. If there were actually 2 parties and they were actually looking out for the nation then the people we would never have seen the removal of the 5 year waiting period between Federal jobs and matching corporate jobs.
            We would not have seen the banking changes that allow banks to gamble with bank funds and then steal from account holders.
            We would not now have a law that allows further bail-ins to happen at any time the bank is in need of funds.
            We would never have seen genetically modified foods in our food supply.
            We would not have seen the federal “travel planning” that is shutting down rural roads that go through federal lands and that deny access even to sheriff and emergency personnel.
            We would not have seen federal US government lands that belong to the people of this nation, handed over to the UN and placed in their custody and legally theirs.

            I could go on and on but IF the Democrats and Republicans were actually public servants how come we have not heard ALL of them screaming their lungs out to the press and at public meetings about these and so many more issues? They are not Americans. They care only about their bank accounts. Never place your trust or your safety in anyone who values money over people or integrity. Those people will order you killed and it will not be hard for them.

        • Anonymous: The NSA stands for Not Sure of Anything; they, like the rest of our so-called intelligence community, couldn’t catch a cold, let alone any ‘bad guys’. A 29 year old contract worker walks out of NSA HQ with most of their files on a couple of thumb drives and is half way around the world before they even know it. Yeah, a real scary bunch they are-NOT! It’s all fiction to get the ‘sheeple’ to cower and just obey, but’s all a bullshit game they hope the rest of us will go along with. The emperor has no clothes.

      3. Turn Up The Fucking Bass F.F.S. I’ll go out on a fucking high. Shoot me stranger. I never meant you no fucking wrong. You screwed up paranoid fucking tit.

      4. most people do not understand there already is a war going on internlly at the government level and we will see who wins and that will have a major bearing on martial law or not!as well as civil war or not.

        • APACHE –
          I agree , there is a coup or an attempt at a coup going on right now in DC .
          I believe the socialist left is trying to take control , and i dont think it will be long until everyone see’s it.

          • “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”
            ― Benito Mussolini

            • Hammerhead: You hit the nail on the head. USMC Gen. S. Butler, winner of 2 Medals of Honor, said pretty much the same things in his book “War Is A Racket”. Politicians are the puppets of the large corporations who determine what our national policy is, it’s certainly not “We the People”.

            • John V. Denson write about Mussolinin in 2006, noting:

              1927, Benito Mussolini stated:
              Fascism … believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace…. War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to meet it…. It may be expected that this will be a century of authority, a century of the Left, a century of Fascism. For the nineteenth century was a century of individualism…. [Liberalism always signifying individualism], it may be expected that this will be a century of collectivism, and hence the century of the State…. For Fascism, the growth of Empire, that is to say, the expansion of the nation, is the essential manifestation of vitality, and its opposite is a sign of decay and death.[2]
              Guiding Principles
              Mussolini’s statement bears closer study because it dramatically states some of the guiding principles of the twentieth century:
              1. It states that perpetual peace is neither possible, nor even to be desired.
              2. Instead of peace, war is to be desired because not only is war a noble activity, but it reveals the true courage of man; it unleashes creative energy and causes progress. Moreover, war is the prime mover to enhance and glorify the state. War is the principal method by which collectivists have achieved their goal of control by the few over the many. They actually seek to create or initiate wars for this purpose.
              3. Individualism, the philosophy practiced in the nineteenth century, is to be abolished and, specifically, collectivism is to rule the twentieth century.
              4. Fascism is recognized as a variation of other forms of collectivism, all being part of the Left, as opposed to individualism. It was not until the “Red Decade” of the 30s, and the appearance of Hitler, that leftist intellectuals and the media began to switch Fascism on the political spectrum to the Right so that the “good forms of collectivism,” such as socialism, could oppose the “extremism on the Right” that they said was fascism.
              The founder of fascism clearly realized that all of these collectivist ideas — i.e., socialism, fascism, and communism — belonged on the Left and were all opposed to individualism. Fascism is not an extreme form of individualism and is a part of the Left, or collectivism.
              The ideals upon which America was founded were the exact opposite of those expressed by Mussolini and other collectivists on the Left

        • Apache, it sounds more like 2 competing factions of the NWO having at each other for now.

          • Maverick,
            there is definitely a war and WHO they are is not known as of yet, but I guess we will find out soon enough! and i am sure none of them are good for us!

      5. I hate to say it, but here’s another DAVE HODGES article I cannot dispute. The list of essential elements for martial law is 100% correct. If everything goes right, I’ll be at the BOL before martial law gets declared. Have a supply run scheduled there for later this month.

        • Maverick
          Learn every side road, back road and two track
          to your BOL and you will get there safely.
          It’s more than worth your effort.
          Stay safe, my friend.

          • OutWest. I have already picked out and tested SEVERAL alternate routes to the BOL years ago. I have already tested each one of them. Some are longer than others but are all doable. I’ll get there by hook or by crook.

      6. I think it would be hard to lock down the entire country from a logistics standpoint.

        • They wont have to RICHARD , They would most likely lock down the big cities and then cut off supplies for everyone else.
          Thus driving the masses INTO the cities for better control.

          And that is why ya need supplies stacked up , unless of course they come and take them , but thats another topic.

          • Please get real, I just spent 3 weeks in LA 1. No one can control LA, if there is any lock down. Thousands of trucks and rail cars must get into and out each day, or the city starves. 2. No way they are going to drive more people into the cities/ It’s the people outside them that produce all the food, lumber, oil, gas, coal. That the cities must have to survive. 3. Mass arrests? Ya sure; The Gov cannot even control East LA after dark, with the support of the majority of the people. 4. Mass executions or jail without trial? The National Rifle Association has 3 times the membership of the US Army. Ohio, Penn and Mich field a bigger deer hunter force than the US Army, Mass arrests just isn’t going to work.

            • Iget it , lock down and out right control are two different things.
              You think they wouldnt try ?
              And in the process start a civil war ?
              Damn right they would .

            • Can’t control East LA after dark?

              What do you think, say, 10 men with M60’s mounted on jeeps could do if they knew there were no consequences the way the police face now.

              Someone on the street and it’s dark? Just pick up the bodies in the a.m. and be done with it – in a war zone such as Vietnam was this done and was referred to as a free fire zone, you could shoot anything that moves and not face a problem about it.

              Expecting the new rulers who have set the rule of law as we know it aside to follow the same restrictions and face the same consequences as now is unrealistic.

              Remember Katrina?

              And Katrina was an extremely limited operation that we went into with full expectations it would be of short duration and things would return to normal, with the participants facing normal and retroactive accountability, in short order. If everything gets tossed aside on a nationwide basis by some lawless usurper don’t expect things to be that easy or go away that quickly.

              • !0 men in jeeps mounted with m-60’s at night would provide me with even more ammo than I have now. Come to papa. Here in Wyo we shoot rodents at 500 yds cause it’s fun.

                • Well, you’re not going to get many 500 yard shots at night in East LA, and 500 yards at night is different from 500 yards during the day.

                  Then there is the problem of dealing with the other 9 gun jeeps if you do manage to get the first one and disclose your position while doing it.

                  Most likely, in Wyoming you would face supplies being cut off rather than an armed attack. A starve out situation you would not win. Think about a different strategy.

                  • Cut off our supplies? You must be joking!!! More antelope and deer in the state than people, and more cows than deer. Million BU grain silos all over Nebraska. We feed you guys. Export power, coal you name it. you city people will freeze before we even get cold.

                • Paranoid, the M60 is chambered for 7.62×51 NATO, correct? That ammo would be far more useful in another weapon of that caliber. My friend’s ranch I mentioned earlier; he was a doorgunner on a Huey UH-1 in Vietnam. he swore up and down it was a wonder he survived that war because the M-60 was just as notorious as the M-16 for jamming at the WRONG time. the ammo will be useful, but leave the M-60s behind. They’re POS.

              • The LA Riots and the Rodeny King Riots are also proof it isn’t always a given they can control the masses. I know what happened in Katrina was successful in terms of marital law but that doesn’t necessarily make it rule.

                They seem to have been gearing up so maybe they will have control more than I think they will, but who knows. It will be easier in some places than others.

            • You can bet there a lot of patriots within govt keeping their heads down and when/if the oportunity arises things will happen. A lot of info is being leaked on Obama and Hillary that will change things. She may well not run with the scandals going on around her. there is also the possibility that the country will break up with state seccedding from the Union. there is a lot going on out there and behind closed doors.

        • Not really.

          Control the supply chain of vital necessities -including such necessities as medical care- and you control the people who are dependent on them, which is almost everyone. The few people who can withstand a cutoff of necessities for any length of time will be considered irrelevant and hunted down at leisure if they cause any problems before they run out of the ability to support themselves and surrender to the controlled areas.

          Try to think of a plan to avoid this and I’ll point out how easily it will be defeated if or when the government becomes your enemy and wants to take over.

          • Sharon loves the Government…..knows it’s every move like a pre schooler knows Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
            When someone blows her head clean off during the coming Day Of Government Cleansing, they may be overheard saying “How I wonder what you are”.

            • You seem to misunderstand me.

              Pointing out control tactics that can and maybe will be used by one party against another is not loving anything. It is objectively analyzing a situation that may develop and adapting to it in advance.

              It is analysis of a potential situation with the intent to understand what may happen and form tactics to deal with it. This is what made Rommel and his “contingency plans so effective during WWII. This is also what Sun Tzu wrote about in depth in “The Art of War” which I encourage reading on a regular basis.

              I can assure you that there are powers that are doing so at this time, and you may profit from realizing that and planning accordingly.

            • Or Sharon is a student of history.

              When Russia and China took violent control of their countries they used mass deaths as a control tactic to eliminate citizens and produce fear in others. Fear is a powerful jail cell.

              They also swept through the country and “nationalized” the farms and ranches removing food and supplies and many of the people, leaving a skeleton crew behind. Often they remove the farmers and left city people to farm. Of course they did not know how farm or keep animals alive and productive and so we all remember hearing stories about the food shortages in Russia and China for decades after their revolutions. Do you think that is because their communist government just could not understand what they should do to increase the food supply? Or that they used food shortages to control the people and they used the deaths from starvation each year to produce fear.

              Paranoid: Study their tactics and be prepared for those. Make alternative plans to work around those behaviors. Don’t forget that in Russia and China they did not have technology to spot a human from space, to find their heat pattern or “see” through the earth to spot underground cavities. That technology exists now. Wyoming in winter requires a food cash and heat to survive. How will you do that and not be seen? You need to put your thoughts into that world to make alternative plans for that environment, not your current one.
              Just saying.

              • Agree with studying in order to be better prepared…but they were different and didn’t have armed citizens either…..under every blade of grass……

            • No, I don’t think so. You might not have understood her meaning.

          • The government is already my enemy. I would certainly not put it on my list of ‘buddies’.

      7. Now We Are Talking!

        Most people have no idea what is Martial Law. Only a concept. First time I have seen a composite image of what takes place with more possible additions. Easy to read. Easy to understand. So we have an internal war in government. A war on the populace by the government. Then a war between the people. The Have and Have Nots. Three Dimensional Chess so to speak.

        As long as the chess board remains stable and the pieces move about, the country will sleep. When the board overturns and the pieces scatter, I do not think Martial Law will be able to hold things together long enough to pick up the pieces and start over..

        Why all the bunkers? Hmmmmmm. They know what is coming.

        • SLING –
          Your comment reminds me of this :

          Russian President Vladimir Putin has allegedly said that “negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board, then struts around like it won the game.”
          Read more at ht tp://

          Made me chuckle .

          • Hammerhead.

            Yeah, I was thinking that too. I was talking about all this happening within our boarders. All this secrecy and disinformation we will never find out the truth or the reason why. The well water is poisoned so unless I have a visual, (Flash from a nuclear detonation), I will remain a skeptic till verified.

            • YEP, Can’t keep up with it all , scandal followed by disinfo followed by unconstitutional EO’s followed by conspiracy and more disinfo and propaganda.
              Its hard to know where this all will go.

              • YEP. You’ve just about summed ALL things up in that post. I’m feeling dizzy already!

              • There has been no end to all the scandal, lies, and deceit out of the White House. It never ends because it can’t.

                Lookie here…lookie there….no here, lookie here…a puppy…a unicorn….a leprechaun!

                With our gaming, instant gratification society, distraction isn’t hard. Seems few can stay focused. Can’t even wait a week to watch a new episode on the TV, they binge watch on netflix, hulu, and whatever else is out there.

                Notice how houses have gotten bigger and bigger, McMansions so everyone can have their own little techi space once they return from their government run non-education institutions and government jobs.

      8. I’m athinking that most of you all here are decent law abiding citizens? So why are so many so ready to fill the rest of us “THE DUMBASSES” full of lead? Not all if any here wish you or your kin any form of harm. Even when the crunch time comes there will still be a sense of humanity… Try as hard as you want to justify the elimination of ordinary folk for just being in need and you’ll know in your heart of hearts that it will suck… The reality of such a given scenario mite just subject you to retain some form of “HUMANITY” If not then you’re more than welcome to the mind fuckin’ innate existence of the dog eat dog NWO aftershock… A nightmare scenario that you’ll wish you hadn’t survived for sure.

        • Agent Skinhead.

          Filling the Dumbasses full of lead.

          It depends on how the situation unfolds at the time that dictates the actions I will perform. The slightest threat to my survival, under duress, may cause serious injury to others. I would suggest that encounters where words are spoken softly and to limit excessive body movements that may otherwise, by interpretation, cost you your life. You are in a sense being evaluated as either friend or foe. By the time we reach that point it will not matter if you are right or wrong. Only that you lived another day. Repugnant as that may sound.

      9. i solemnly swear …

        i will commit grievous acts of violence and murder against the zog state, rather kneel to a false president zionist puppet dictator or their zog gestapo agents of chaos.

        ~ proud to be a freeman peckerwood

        • Hats off to you peckerwood, and those like you.

        • You’re SO full of shit dude…. Just like I solemnly swear to burst your fuckin’ arse once you’ve taken a fuckin’ sheeit… Take a hike you fuckin’ Harry hot breath fraud. Sheesh.

          • The freedom to have that kind of fun is truly American.
            This is what makes America exceptional in the world.
            HOORAH !

            For how much longer? no idea.

          • Good stuff

      10. It won’t take very much to push “things” over the edge, any excuse will do. I say sometime in October or November. Time does grow short.

      11. It is against TN Constitution to impose martial law. I wonder how they are going to get around that? I’m sure they will attempt a way.

        • They already do lots of this that are unconstitutional now. The feds have already made their position clear that state law is trumped by federal law and/or executive decree. You might remember there were a lot of good people in TN that tried to prove otherwise in the early 1860’s. The odds of the feds losing this argument haven’t improved.

          What do you think will happen when the Feds just impose martial law anyway? Is the governor going to order the national guard to shoot them?

          It’s much more likely that they’ll just keep doing as they please and just pass an enhanced patriot and security act that they can point to for legal cover if they feel they need it. An executive order will probably be sufficient and most people won’t care so long as the superbowl isn’t stopped and the ebt cards continue working.

          • It’ll be up to Tennesseans to make good on their Constitutional prohibition against martial law. Tennesseans will have to be in foreign positions (outside of Tennessee) to effect the protection of Tennessee from near-abroad (federal) imposition of martial law there. Tennesseans, especially East Tennesseans, however, have shown themselves to be very much in support of their own “Yanukovich-type” of authoritarian rulers who will no doubt kow-tow to their Federalist puppetmasters on whom they depend.

      12. #18… The mass of people come to the realization that the government want’s them all helpless or dead. Yeah, that’s unlikely to ever happen. Divine intervention perhaps? More like tens of millions of dead American’s.

        • It’ll never happen. The majority will be demanding the government do it for their security and way of life. The government will just label dissidents as anti-government terrorists that are trying to destroy the healthcare system, prevent the government from feeding the people, corrupting the internet by spreading lies and/or viral attacks, and threatening the American way of life in general.

          The government will just say they’re doing whatever to keep children safe, fed, and protected from the bad guys. Most Americans will not only accept it, they will demand the government do it.

          Who will be against the government ensuring the integrity of the utilities and the people’s right to electricity as the government nationalizes them?

          Who will be against government ensuring the safety and distribution of food from the terrorists who want to starve children?

          Who will be against public safety?

          Who will be against universal free education from pre-K through college?

          Who will be against public health and endanger the public by refusing to be vaccinated or take their psych meds?

          Deep down inside we all know that the majority of americans will support martial law for the security and general welfare of the public. After all they’re doing it now with an overwhelming majority.

          • Sadly, you have a good point.

      13. I read TPTB won’t call it martial law, but continuity of government, so as to not spook the public, at least the majority of those who will never believe the government is a threat.

        • Of course they won’t call it martial law. It’ll be called the Secure Legal American Protection and Safety (SLAPS) act or something and people will cheer. Hannity and all the talking heads will talk about the fine americans who passed the SLAPS act and rail against all liberals who kept it from being sufficiently strong while CNBC will say the SLAPS act doesn’t go far enough to ensure all the children get fed and have access to healthcare and education.

          One side will demand such and such part be strengthened the other side will demand that the such and such part be made permanent and run by the new Dept of Patriotism. It will seem that there is debate, a judge will rule that some little part can’t be done unless there is double secret oversight by the Dept of Homeland Security, but none of it will matter to the outcome. People will cheer briefly then return to their regularly scheduled programming no longer worried their ebt cards won’t work.

          Sorry so depressing today, I’ll go have a drink now.

      14. —–if one takes an ‘oath’of office, pledging support to the Constitution, then declares or supports martial law, isn’t one guilty of treason?—-

      15. —–if one takes an ‘oath’of office, pledging support to the Constitution, then declares or supports martial law, isn’t one guilty of treason?—-

      16. If they try to pull this off. They will start in the big City. I don’t believe that the will try to pull off martial Law in the country areas, because they know that they are out gunned, and all the jets and special weapons they try to deploy won’t work on Gorilla style warfare. They couldn’t win in Nam, Iraq, and just because we are pulling out in Afghanistan doesn’t mean we won. Once we are gone it will fall back into the hands of the Taliban.
        Also how is going to enforce it. We all know where the Cops like me live, and I Sure As Hell Won’t Enforce It.
        This also goes for the military. People know where they live.
        Most of those that (TPTB) believe will enforce it will be going home to protect their families. I know that is where I will be.

        • Sounds to me like you’re hedging your bets Sgt… Once a cop always a cop. You’d do well to stay true to your original allegiance. There’s nothing worse than a turncoat.

          • A S
            My Family comes first. PERIOD!
            You are right once a cop always a cop, until the order comes down for martial Law, and we are told to do the above 17 things or more. That is when I’m not a Cop. That is when I become nothing more than a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Brother-In-Law, Uncle and Son if my folks are still here. And #2 a PATRIOT!

            • You are a good man, Sarge.

        • I imagine that is one reason cops were brought in from everywhere else for Katrina.

          But I’d be more expectant of NG units from other parts of the country, like the Chinese at Tienanmen Square where they brought in troops from 5 different military regions outside of the Beijing area.

        • Yea I got to agree with you on this sarge.

          They won’t try a nationwide martial law unless there comes a nationwide uprising against the obama regime.

          Especially not until next January, 2016 when full implementation of the National ID System is supposed to go into effect.

          Even though it was signed into law by little Bush in 2008, it has been kicked down the road by many of the states by resetting of deadlines for implementation, by the goobment.

          I believe part of the implementation process will come about by being attached to obamano-care, and will carry a possible medical “reason” chip implant/ tracking system, “for the good of all the people”.

          The ebola scare and push for flu vaccination programs were just trial runs to “test the waters”, and see how much tptb could get away with in scamming/deceiving the sheeple.

          From where I sit, the mass majority sucked it all in; hook, line, and sinker.

          One worldwide catastrophe and sheeps will line up to get stuck in the hand or head. If it’s free, they want it.

          Then martial law will be much easier to bring about and manage.

          • oicu: Obamacare does have a required implanted medical device that is to track medical and financial records.

            Of course that is not a medical device like a pacemaker because we don’t all need these and they don’t record medical or financial records so that leaves a chip type device. The government denied it but it is in the requirements. Don’t know about the roll out time frame.

            Obamacare also has requirements for all medical employees at any level from custodian to doctor, to get annual flu shots. That goes into effect next year but many large employers are getting a jump on this by firing employees this year who don’t comply. There are medical and religious exemptions but those are hard to qualify for and are only allowed for a maximum of 5% of the people. Personal beliefs are not allowed. ( And that is because 43 to 60% of all medical personnel at all levels have refused to get flu shots in the past.)

            I have heard of this going to court but in the past the courts sided with the employers saying that the employee has the choice to get the shot or leave. But now leaving means leave the medical profession entirely. You can’t go somewhere else and work because it is required by Obamacare. So at this point the government can order you to put chemicals into your body against your beliefs or preferences and despite their own CDC documents that you will probably not be protected from the flu.

            The developers of one of the flu shots was seen on video laughing and saying “we protected them from the flu but in 20 years they will all have cancer.”( They use known cancer causing viruses to make the flu shot work because those viruses can force their way into body cells and reproduce themselves. That is how they get the flu immunization into your body cells.)

            There are hundreds of different flu viruses. And the shots are made 12-18 months ahead of time. They guess which flu might be here at that time. They put 1,2 or 3 types of flu virus into the shot. So at BEST you have less than a 3 % chance of protection IF the virus in the shot is the only virus around that year. But the CDC says that if you are correctly immunized (in that 3% chance) and have strong antibody reaction you have only a 50% chance of protection from the flu. And that is when everything went perfectly. And over time, documents show, immunizations break down our immune systems, leaving us more vulnerable to infections and disease.

            The CDC statistics report all SUSPECTED flu deaths as actual flu deaths. You have to dig through their data to find the actual flu deaths and that can mean a difference for say 30,000 reported and 25 actual. Now how can that be?? Unless the goal is to instill fear and compel citizens to get shots that they do not really need. Or maybe to condition the people to do what they are told and now to get chipped.

            What happens to those who refuse the chip? No medical coverage. But what else??

        • I am with you in your thoughts about “not enforcing” unconstitutional commands. You would be able to enforce them once and then your days would be numbered. You would have to permanently cross over to the dark side, take all your family, and leave everything behind. These NWO types seem to forget there control shit only works for a short time. Ask Hitler and his henchmen how it all worked out for them?

          • Of course the police will enforce unconstitutional laws and martial law. Look the police arrest people every day for owning property the government doesn’t approve of and happily charge them extra if they had a gun while owning said property.

            Anyone doubt sgt dale and every other cop has arrested people for owning plants and plant products the government doesn’t approve of?

            Anyone doubt sgt dale and the like have charged and arrested people for having a legal firearm while conducting voluntary commerce with another consenting adult?

            Anyone doubt the cops will enforce truancy laws if your kids don’t attend their mandatory free universal pre-k through college “education.”

            Does anyone doubt that cops will enforce “free speech” zones?

            Anyone doubt that cops will serve eviction notices when ordered by the courthouse?

            Anyone doubt cops will arrest people for driving without the correct tag and sticker on their car?

            Anyone doubt the cops will seize your property if you have lots of cash and/or PMs?

            Look the cops are not your friend now or ever and they will happily enforce martial law because they’re just doing their jobs and providing for their families.

            Cops already have unconstitutional (read the 4th amendment sgt dale) dui checkpoints now, they already enforce free speech zones now (read the 1st), they already arrest people for not getting permission to carry firearms and carrying types they don’t approve of (read the 2nd again – I don’t need your permission for anything), they seize money all the time and don’t even charge a lot of the people they stole it from with a crime.

            The cops enforce unconstitutional laws every day right now. They are already the enemy too.

            Does anyone doubt sgt dale would feel totally justified beating a citizen who resisted arrest of an unconstitutional law?

            Shootit just ask yourself honestly how often cops enforce unconstitutional laws now. We don’t even have to mention all the violations of the 9th and 10th amendments occurring daily to recognize that the cops will continue to enforce the laws their government masters tell them are “legal” constitution or no.

            • Quite right, Rebel In Idaho…Anyone in politics or law enforcement is most CERTANLY NOT YOUR FRIEND! Particularly if your not a member of the financial elite.

              Look at the circumstances surrounding the establishment of law enforcement, they have ALWAYS been used AGAINST the people to enforce compliance to government rule over the threat of violence upon anyone who dare resist arrest, curse the cop in the comission of his duties, or defy the application of law en masse (the right of the people to assemble)…

              I know there is no such thing as a “Black or White” issue, there are exceptions to every rule, etc., HOWEVER; Finding good cops, soldiers, judges, politicians, lawyers, etc. is like a cold snap in hell, it just doesn’t exist. One cannot actively participate in a criminal system and be exempt from responsibility of said organization’s actions while employed by it.

      17. I hope most of you know US only have enough troops to control a few cities .

        • Grey dog, those troops couldn’t even control Baghdad or any other cities in IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN, let alone any US cities. The NG won’t do any better.

          • I agree .

            • Limited thinking. They control them now, they just use television and ebt cards.

              Ever considered that you already can’t leave the country or travel within your own state by plane without the federal governments permission?

              Ever considered you already ask them for permission to drive, sell stuff, and make stuff?

              They don’t have to use many troops at all, most people will go along willingly.

      18. HEY

        CHECK OUT

        HB 1274


        REV 20-4

      19. 30,000 OF THEM AT FT LEWIS ?

      20. All 17 martial law characteristics listed in the article are great reasons to resist ANY change to “shall not be infringed”.

      21. 590 is nice. Anyway if anyone come to my door to take what I have it’s time to fight you can have my guns when I’m done unloading every round into you. Then you can take my food and water and take me off to labor camp. If I make it through all this alive I will be your servant but I know I will be dead well before that. If you snitch on any one around here it will be the last time you do. People around here hate snitches and once you are found out in this situation your better off killing yourself. Outlaw religion I know there are armed folks at church trying anything there would be not in your best interest. I say what I want especially in Marshall law. I’m gonna encite people to take extreme action to restore freedom. I’m not the media so I will tell people what they need to hear not what the establishment wants. I would rather die standing than live on my knees.

      22. Today is my 55th birthday. Can’t believe I made it this long!

        • Six
          Happy “B” Day you old Fart! HA-HA.
          I hope and Pray that you have had a good one, and you get a lot more.

        • Happy B day!
          Aint 50s grand

        • happy b-day 6pack

          from ;0p pssszzt

          • Thanks to everyone for the happy birthday wishes. Considering my recent health issues, I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this far. The good news is, my health is improving since I got off those high blood pressure medications….best thing I’ve done in a long time, was getting off those pills.

            No regrets.

        • Sixpack.

          Wait till Sixty. Happy Birthday.

          • peckerwood and slingshot, I’ll be 58 on the 16th. the Mossberg I bought today is an early birthday present AND another survival tool for me.


      23. happy 50

        hope you make to 60

      24. Lots of good comments here.

        But is what I hear is that the NRA has more members than the US Army or Michigan has more hunters than the Army.

        I’m really not worried about the Army or police if martial law goes down and things get ugly. Everyone needs to remember that we are part of the UN and what is stopping TPTB from bringing in foreign troops to enforce martial law.

        They won’t have to worry about their families and will be happy to kill, rape and pillage.

        I don’t think US Soldiers / police will do much when it gets really bad. They have too much to lose. But foreign troops are the real threat.

        Good thing we have the home field advantage.

        Be well and stay the course.

        • Those foreign troops and the feds will be vastly outnumbered.

      25. REMEMBER!!! IF this does happen its a way for them to round up your weapons and you WILL NOT get them back!! That is why if it happens you must NEVER surrender your rights or your property. Try not to start a fight in your area otherwise they will bring more people to fight you and then your done. Watch out for neighbors calling the police on you and ratting you out!! Believe me they will and will do it without a doubt. People are 2 faced and love to see problems. If someone calls the cops on you and causes conflict to you, then you need to take action against them. This is a big one. Ride and travel with people like you. Roadblocks are another one where they will take your stuff. They will try and tell you please give us your weapons and you will get them back, REFUSE! You are not going to get them back. 100 percent guarantee!!

        • Have you ever refused to show ID at a dui checkpoint? If tomorrow men in uniform show up at your house with a warrant are you going to refuse to let them in? If you get pulled over next week will you refuse to step out of the car?

          Do you think you will stop getting their permission to drive? Really? No license or tag for you if they just cross that line? Do you run a business without a license? Do you go armed anywhere you like or do you already voluntarily restrict your travel?

          Martial law won’t be “declared” at all. It’s simply the direction our country is headed and will be here soon with no declaration needed.

      26. Martial Law…. is where the only movement is bowel movement.

      27. You forgot to list a few elements for Martial Law in America. You forgot to mention all the Americans who will not put up with tyranny and will shoot back. You forgot to mention the piles of dead government loyalist troops who have been stripped of all their weaponry, supplies, equipment and armor. You forgot to mention all the burning diesel tankers all along the highways and byways across the continent, left there by patriot snipers. You forgot to mention that the only safe place for government troops would be highly fortified green zones (a la IRAQ, Afghanistan) where they will huddle afraid to venture out, less they be ambushed or captured and tortured for information. You forgot to mention that those green zone resupply lines, electricity, communications will all travel through territory teaming with terrorists (you and me). You forgot to mention that our lives mean more to us than their lives mean to us, and that is a very bad equation for them.

      28. they got all the time they want

        one at a time is how they are already doing it to us..they have already started the war, were still sitting on our hands

        “My friend at the USMS tells me that they have clear pictures of every swingin’ Richard that entered the plaza carrying a weapon, and that arrests pursuant to 18 U.S.C ss 900 will be made in the near future on an individual basis to protect the public and the arresting officers. Sounds like a sensible plan to me.”

        see the above quote.. this is how they are playing.. set us all up one at a time and take us down,, if we dont all band together on these issues NOW were done, more then half your brotherhood will be in jail or have their weapons removed by these BS laws

        • Slow is right. We already have the largest prison population on the planet and no one minds much. We already ask the government’s permission to drive, carry guns, start a business, travel, what kinds of property we own, and what percentage of our labor we get to keep.

          You don’t file income taxes? You don’t have a driver’s license and tag? You didn’t fill out a form to buy a gun or another to carry it? You don’t have a business license? You don’t shop at businesses that have those licenses?

          Have you ever left the country without a passport/id (illegally) to buy something illegal and then smuggled it back in? Have you ever made a product without their permission that is illegal, such as raw milk, marijuana, or whisky? Have you ever bought a firearm that the government wouldn’t have approved? Have you ever sold stuff without a license, collecting sales tax, or paying taxes? Ever hunted or fished without permission/license?

          Most people won’t violate government’s laws unless they are also willing to violate other people rights through force or fraud as well. These people are criminals and rightly condemned. A very very few will violate the law so long as they aren’t violating another’s rights through force or fraud.

          Thus martial law hasn’t been all that difficult historically because most decent people won’t break the law, even if it’s wrong, and the people that will are mostly criminals/evil types and easy to use as justification for program abc and law xyz.

      29. General Order No. 11. Walk my post from flank to flank and take no shit from any rank.

      30. Number 18….. When the banks tell you on a Friday afternoon that there will be a “Bank Holiday” the following Monday. It gives banksters 72 hours leeway (Sat, Sun and Mon) to get the heck out of Dodge while they steal your checking and savings accounts (and investments). When you go to your bank the following Tuesday morning you’re met at the bank doors by jack booted thug Homeland Security goons dressed in black with AR-15’s. They tell you to “go home”. They will “rope off” the doors and entrances with yellow crime tape pretending a crime has been committed, so you are not allowed anywhere near the area, or you’ll be arrested. If you ask the men dressed in black “how do I get my money out of the bank” , they haven’t got a clue and get even more violent because you spoke up for yourself.

        • Ooo, you know that the courts have ruled that the “money” you believe you have in your bank account -which is actually a computer entry not something in a vault- is not yours but belongs to the bank as one of its assets?

          You don’t have the status of owner of the money, the bank does.

          Your status is that of a creditor the same as anyone else that has loaned it money.

          That means you get paid a percentage of its assets if it bellies up, liquidates assets, and the FDIC should fail to pay off if for some reason or for any amount above the FDIC insured amount. You will have the lowest priority in asset distributions with various bond holders and such coming in front of you.

          • Too few are upset about this because they don’t know it. Thus it will be with many things to come.

            Just wait until ISPs are more heavily regulated.
            Wait until places stop taking cash and your bank has requirements.
            Wait until you can’t travel anywhere without their permission. You already can’t leave without permission, like so many things it’s just a matter of degree and most will remain unaware and never get upset.

        • A few years ago my husband cashed a large check. He wanted the money in large bills, 12,000.00 total. The bank couldn’t give it to him, he had to wait 7 days because they had to ‘order’ it.

          Once the ‘order’ arrived and he was called to pick it up, they asked him what he was using the money for and he told them, “Cocaine and hookers”. He was so mad with the line of questioning he insisted that is what the money was for.

          I never laughed so hard in all my life as imagining my nerdy, engineer husband saying that to a banker…

      31. Martial Law? We don’t need no stinkin’ martial law! We already got our stinkin’ martial law!

      32. Bail Bond Authority has the greatest customer service for bail bonds in Van Nuys.

      33. Do any of you really think your home grown group will be able to resist the military or heavly armed in force police (AKA security forces).. Once given a green light for deadly force it will end horribly for the civilians …
        Yes you might inflict some causalitys aginst unarmored forces. But that’s why all the police departments are getting the free aromered hardware (prepositioning of equipment ) for the future events. They are bomb resistant will stop .50 or greater . All capable of mounting heavy weapons. Hell they don’t even have to engage up close for a .50 caliber can decimate most neighborhoods from the street and keep on going.
        Living at remote will help but with drones they can kill and never leave the base .If you have travel hiding in plain sight is whats required and no you will not be able to brandish your favorite long gun.
        But it really boils down to this which side will the US military support.
        God Bless….

        • In all of history how many examples are there of the army not supporting the government? Sure sometimes they question who runs the government, as if that matters.

          Can anyone seriously think of an example where the military has supported liberty and individual rights in the past against their government?


      35. sorry forgot e-mail address

      36. If you’re waiting for those outright signs of martial law before you will act, you’ll be in the concentration camp before you know what to do, much less have any ability to do it.

      37. It’s here already and it’s called capitalism

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