“That is a Coward Pointing a Gun at Me” Veteran Refuses to Submit During Police Standoff

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    police standoff

    If you’ve ever had the rare opportunity of having the police draw their guns on you for no apparent reason, you know how absolutely terrifying it can be. It’s a completely helpless experience that catches you off guard in the worst possible way, because there’s nothing you can do about it. If someone were to mug you, you would at least have the option to fight the mugger or run away. It’s unexpected, but at least you can react to it.

    Not so if the police decide to draw down on you. It flies in the face of your natural fear response to fight or flight, because you can neither fight nor flee. You can’t even freeze up like a deer in the headlights, for that may also get you slapped with a “resisting arrest” charge, or worst. The only thing left to do is submit, which is something every normal human being should not do in any other dangerous situation. You must submit, or you will certainly be hurt or killed.

    Full disclosure here, I’ve had the police draw their guns on me, and it was not a fun time.

    Back in 2009 I was standing in a parking lot late at night, talking to a friend on my cell phone. Out of nowhere, three squad cars pull up with their lights on. I couldn’t imagine what they were looking for, but I never would have guessed it would be me. Next thing I know, I see 3 flashlights pointed at my face, and several cops are screaming at me, telling me to put the cell phone down.

    I told my friend I’d call him back.

    They ordered me to walk backwards towards them with my hands behind my head. They had me get on my knees as they searched me. And of course, they didn’t find anything but my identification. One of the officers later explained that I matched the description of somebody in the neighborhood. A local resident had called 9/11 and said that a white male dressed in black, was waiving a gun around and threatening to shoot someone (it was the first and last time I ever wore black pants and a black shirt together).

    Since then, I’ve seen hundreds of cell phone videos depicting the police and their domineering antics. None of them reminded me of that night, until I saw this footage on The Free Thought Project earlier today. The clip shows an intense exchange between Alejandro Natividad, and the La Quinta, California police. There was nothing violent or aggressive that led up to this event. Alejandro’s friend and driver was apparently stoned and a little out of his head, and had stopped in the middle of traffic. This garnered the attention of the deputy, who then approached the car to talk to them.

    After a short conversation, the driver sped up and then pulled over on the corner. They both got out of the car, as the deputy caught up with them. When he arrived, he almost immediately drew his weapon, and demanded that they lay down on the ground. Alejandro absolutely refused.

    You can see about a minute in as the camera begins to shake, that he was afraid for his life. He does everything he can to talk to the deputy, and asks him to put his weapon down. He refuses to get down on the ground as more police officers show up. He refuses to submit, even as he begins to cry. He just stands his ground, and continues to film what he must have known may be his last moments. If he’s seen any other encounter with the police, he had no reason to think that this would end well for him.

    After lots of pleading and reassuring the cops that he wasn’t a threat, the police begin to holster their weapons. He was handcuffed, but later released without charges. When interviewed by the Free Thought Project, and asked why he didn’t submit to the demands of the police, he replied “…I was afraid and if I was going to get harmed I’d much rather take it standing than on my face.”

    When the police drew their weapons on me, I did what most people would do, and submitted. Alejandro Natividad on the other hand, did not fight, did not flee, and did not submit, which is more courageous than any of those actions put together.

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website isStrange Danger . 


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      1. off topic
        but news you need to know

        Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine: People Without Symptoms Or Fever May Still Spread Ebola


        ““It may not be absolutely true that those without symptoms can’t transmit the disease, because we don’t have the numbers to back that up,” said Beutler, “It could be people develop significant viremia [where viruses enter the bloodstream and gain access to the rest of the body], and become able to transmit the disease before they have a fever, even. People may have said that without symptoms you can’t transmit Ebola. I’m not sure about that being 100 percent true. There’s a lot of variation with viruses.”

        “Why does he think the CDC would so emphasize Ebola is not communicable in patients without symptoms?

        “There’s some imperative to prevent panic among the public,” says Dr. Beutner, “But to be honest, people have not examined that with transmissibility in mind. I don’t completely trust people who’d say that as dogma.”

        • How much weight do you lend to a nobel prize winner? Didn’t Obama win one?

          • Obola won the peace prize, not the prize for medicine.

            • Laugh at.
              Soooo some of the awards are legitimate?

            • Maybe they should’ve given obola the nobel prize for medicine, seeing as how he has been such a boon to their industry with obamacare /sarc off/

            • What a joke Obama getting a Nobel Peace token for being being office a month. He had not done ANYTHING worthy of getting it. Kind of makes the rest diminished by this. These are IMPORTANT prizes not to be given out lightly,like the one for medicine. Why would the Nobel committee cheapen them all by giving someone who did nothing yet. Look at other winners; Dr.MJK, Mother Teresa, Liu Xiaobo to mention a few. How long did they suffer their non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights?Martti Ahtisaari won it in 2008 “for his important efforts, on several continents and over more than THREE decades, to resolve international conflicts” Obama won it in a month for “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” what a JOKE. I will not be surprised to find this post censored.

            • I wouldn’t use so strong a term as “dominated”, but they do need to know their role in the relationship. I thank the Lord every day I have a great woman that understands the roles of males and females!

              • @DMONIC…..Spot on post, you nailed it. I am thankful for God blessing me with a woman who understands the same thing and what He meant when He said in Genesis “help meet.”

            • AcidEtch,
              While I don’t agree with your choice of words or the article fully, I did give you a green thumb, because I hate Mac’s method of rating others posts and the end result being the minority (a single person) being silenced or posts hidden by mob rule. I believe in freedom of speech no matter what.

            • …starting with Bruce Jenner!

            • Acid, that was a sad but interesting article. Feminism is really much worse than some social experiment. I’ll give you a green thumb for it. This ‘old fart’ is also against feminism.

          • Since Obola has now started more wars, presided over more lawless scandals, set the citizens of this country against each other and driven a stake between the country and its allies abroad that we may never recover from more than than any other president in history, that peace prize hanging around his neck probably feels more like a millstone.

            • It should be a NOOSE.

              • doesn’t mr. NOBEL have a prize for EVIL?

          • so the fact that Obama won a Nobel Prize

            negates what this scientist is saying ???

            really ?

            REALLY ???

            • The enemy pig state will only understand one thing….violence back on their families and then them before their indoctrinating brainwash symptoms will subside….but by them they still deserve what they get for what they have done.

              • Their actions speak volumes about what they really think:

                Shave your head, wear mirrored sunglasses, and be sure to swing a big mag-lite around, so that your victims are constantly, nervously aware of the implied threat of violence, for a minor mis-step in how you answer their interrogation… Yeah, fear is good to keep the sheeple in line, dontcha’ know. I don’t really care if you respect me, as long as you respect my authori-tah. Bend down, and KISS that ring. And if you don’t, we’ll SWAT your ass, using our newly acquired goodies from .gov. MRAPs, body-armor and BDUs, kevlar helmets, sniper rifles, lasers and UAVs, baby. Bend DOWN and kiss that ring, ‘cause we got the POWER, and you got… what? You got *dick.* You got a dead-letter Constitution that the courts don’t even bother with any more; we’ve got the power, and we wipe our asses with your fucking Constitution.

                TELL me they’re actions don’t telegraph exactly this. TELL me I’m misreading this, and the “most cops are good guys,” though NONE of them ever turn in the bad apples. TELL me they still deserve any respect…


                • thumbs down because No Pigs haven’t been the good guys since way before the patriot act, but it took that to bring out the evil they all had.
                  if youd’ of worded it differently instead of asking a question then ya i’d of thumbs up.
                  Guy’s wrong though for we indeed are a police state just because they eventually holsterd their weapons doesn’t mean it’s not.
                  Took guts though not sure if I would have either maybe at first but then if it escalated then probably would have complied. speaks volumes good job!

                • Breathial: You don’t know what you are talking about. Seriously, you don’t.

                  Yes, Police do deserve respect. Yes, there are a few bad apples that should be let go. They do let them go when they find them.

        • Pigs and the greedy scum they protect need to be cleansed from our country. The fight is coming and we are fucking armed to the teeth too.

          • http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/27/world/middleeast/us-foreign-arms-sales-reach-66-3-billion-in-2011.html?_r=0

            Overseas weapons sales by the United States are fucking $66.3 billion; more than three-quarters of the global arms market.






            YOU PIG FUCKERS.

            • Other than the foul language I kind of agree; and of course all caps is the literary equivalent of screaming. Green thumb but please no screaming profanity.

            • This mess began a century ago, and it was the WW2 generation who handed America to the enemy. It was done long before the “baby boomers” were born.

              • JustMe:

                In 1913 it got shoved in high gear. Most people who let that happen are long gone.

              • actually it was since 1865

                • occidentaldissent.com

            • “YOU PIG FUCKERS.”

              You act like you didn’t want it.

            • Calm down AE, take a pill.

          • To: F–KING PISSED OFF

            Please think about this…………

            Not taking any sides but I think you need to think about this my brothers and sisters too.

            The POLICE are also SCARED too.

            But they have more FIRE POWER, and can MOBILIZATION real fast too.

            So I would advice you TO THINK TWICE maybe THREE,OR FOUR, TIMES before you pull that trigger.

            And then if you do do it.

            You have to ask, and convince yourself was it JUST ????

            Then you have to live with it………

            Then think about meeting the POLICE OFFICERS FAMILY or FAMILIES and telling them WHY ? you killed them.


            There are people out there just FOAMING OUT THE MOUTH waiting for the right kind of shooting to impose MARTIAL LAW or some sort of FALSE FLAG.

            All I can say is BE COOL, BEEEE COOL !!!!

            USE YOU HEADS………

            Everyone has CELL PHONES and CAMERAS, use them.

            Have the STONES to be a WITNESS.

            Because if you PULL THAT TRIGGER, EVERYONE LOOSES …..

            I am out on killing and war.

            I do not like the aftermaths.


            THINK AMERICA …..

            THINK !


            And bring our country back together again.

            And for all you GOOD OFFICERS out there GOD BLESS YOU, and may he keep you safe and us safe……

            • Nope, I disagree 1,000%. These pigs aren’t scared, they’re drunk on power. If the tables were turned, they would be MUCH politer, dont’cha think?

              • W

            • Maybe those trigger-happy cops should do as you suggest, GETTING REAL…but we all know they won’t.

          • This just goes to show, if you’re not doing anything illegal or wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Bottoms up, buttercups.

            • PGT, just what the f#$% did you expect with your anti-public mentality? Bottoms up yourself, federal POS. We the people don’t have any f#$%in obligation to you, period!

            • PGT…. I count the seconds for the day we see you and trolls like you to do the rope dance. At that moment you also have nothing to worry abut buttercup.

            • Individual liberty has been made “illegal”. That makes everyone who’s not toeing their line a “criminal”.

        • My brother had similar incident. He was out West with his girlfriend, in the car. Out of no where, they were suddenly surrounded by goon squad, weapons drawn. My brother said his first instinct was to run over them and keep going… he didn’t even know they were policemen at first. Just in time, he saw they were cops and stopped… they said he resembled some guy who had killed someone. Thankfully, his girlfriend (real pretty!) was able to talk to the cops and calm the situation down, and tell them the truth… really scarey time!

          • If the stupid fuckers don’t know who the fuck they’re after, they should not be pulling guns on anyone, until they do know.

            Pure and simple.

            • That’s right!

              Why is it that it the good people in society who’s always finding excuses and being apologists for these psychopaths goons actions.

              People need to band together like cops do and stand up to cop corruption.

              A civilian police force is needed, but to police the police thugs and put the fear of God in these SOB’s.

              • A civilian police force? Wake up and get out of dream land. Do you realize the amount of liability that the police have to worry about? Do you realize that the police work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. It’s not like being a volunteer firefighter. You have to respond in minutes at the drop of a hat at all hours. It’s not a social club. It requires intense year round training.

                • All the training you need is to fill a suit, wear a badge, and draw a gun.

                • I’ve always known cops who DO see it as their exclusive social club–as we also see in the comments about how elite the cops think of themselves as being. They therefore see the people as their lambs-to-the-slaughter and as enemies (guilty until proven otherwise–then, back to being sheep to be herded by the cops).

        • front page of today’s paper– the place where I presently am staying said the officials are drawing up plans to prepare for Ebola… no one here yet with the disease, but just the fact they are drawing up plans in anticipation of it, is scarey!!! They wouldn’t be drawing up plans unless they anticipated its coming here…

          • Anon,having a basic plan on how to deal with a problem is not a bad idea,gets folks thinking about potential issues and what might work to help others and mitigate the problem.That said,some of the answers may be worse then the problem,then it is scary and must be opposed with reason and if not enough any means necc.

          • Anon … That’s because dear leader is developing a plan to bring NON-CITIZENS here for treatment of Ebola.

            ht tp://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/28/state-department-plans-to-bring-foreign-ebola-pati/

        • Acid/eisen, I’ll agree with your post except for the part about us ‘old farts’ hurting the country. It’s the politicians, bureaucrats, banksters, etc. you need to set your sights on. You better think long and hard before pulling any trigger. We want to save this country, not harm it. The rest of your post I agree with. I’ll even give you a green thumb anyway.

        • Why bother to preserve it when it’ll be taken over by people like you?

        • So off-topic and useless as to be a time-waster. In OTHER news, you can get obola from a toilet seat, and Elvis is STILL dead.


          • Directed at Satori, with the posts that have NOTHING to do with the article/video posted.

        • dearest Acid Etch, I sort of kinda get a feeling that
          maybe you are a little bit angry …at least on the inside. Turn that frown upside down.

        • got a joke for you red thumb types

          who’s there?
          Darwin who?
          Mr Charles Darwin,I’m here to drain YOUR gene pool

      2. Will the police police their own? That would help so much.

        • You know the answer to that every time you see a squad car speeding down the road with no lights and no siren on. They are breaking the law in uniform, in a publicly owned vehicle AND probably have GPS tracking on the car which proves it.

        • That question has been asked by society over 2000 years ago with:

          “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” which is “Who will guard the guards themselves”.

          We’re still awaiting an acceptable answer to that question.

          • The video typifies why in the ’60’s they were called pigs. it also shows what happens when you resist “THE MAN”

          • Courageous can certainly get one killed
            when the sharks are circling their prey.

          • Courageous can certainly get one killed
            when the sharks are circling their prey.

          • I watch “cops” on TV quite a lot and I’m not anti-law enforcement like many on this site. But when I see them have someone get on there knees and then tell them to crawl toward them, it make my blood boil no matter how bad the punk is. Have them walk backwards and get on the ground, fine, but crawl toward them, makes me want to slap that cop up side the head. Trekker Out.

          • My grandfather used to talk shit about authority. He was fond of things like “Who will watch the watchers? If they will not watch themselves, and make enemies of us, then let us take up that mantle and become their enemies that they may not stalk the night or rest easy in their beds.”

            Got a ton of that sort written down in my common book, more than a few of my posts contain his words.

            He was a mean son of a bitch, and he died doing what he loved, smoking in a hospital, talking dirty to nurses, and cussing like a sailor.

            Another outlaw from a dying era.

            • Oops! shouldn’t have given thumbs up… good post until got to the part about talking dirty to the nurses… (as a female, I don’t like the disrespect.)

              • I don’t see it as disrespect when a female nurse talked dirty to me.

                • Actually Dave,a nurse coming home after a long shift wants to talk dirty to me not only would I not feel disrespected I might well…..,OK,enuff!

                  • If you have to talk dirty to a nurse, she ain’t doing what she’s supposed to in the first place!

            • YOLO.

              I wish I would have harassed more women. I regret letting so much pussy get past me.

              • And all this time, I could have sworn you were of the female persuasion, AE. Kids today, tsk, tsk. Boys will be girls and girls will be boys. Social engineering, common core, gmo junk food, video games, Rx drugs, facebook (for starters) pretty well fried their hormones and nervous systems. Can’t begin to imagine what this country, once called America, will be like when the AE hive reaches into its forties..

                PS Thankfully, for their sake, you let so much “pussy” get past you.

          • And the Fox said to the Chickens, Why I am here to protect you. I am mighty and strong. And if it makes you feel any better I will call out for more of my Fox friend to come and help protect you. They too are mighty and strong. But you know over time to stay mighty and strong we need to eat. And you know what foxes like to eat don”t you? No said the chickens what do you like to eat? The fox says I’ll tells ya all about it over dinner. How’s about 8pm I’ll swing by and pick ya ladies up. And can ya wear those nice dumpling ear rings.

          • JUST IN: NASA Rocket Explodes on Launch. Encrypto Classified Equipment On-Board.

            • $2 Billion Dollar Rocket lost. Spy Encrypto Gear – Karma’s a Bitch.

            • I’ll take a ticket to the encore…

        • Prosecutorial discretion and qualified immunity have killed good policing this country.

          Nothing will turn it around until until we get equal enforcement of the law and the police are held fully accountable for their actions. I’m not holding my breath.

          • Navy Vet, let me add that federal influence and funding of local, county, and state LE agencies [aka known as DHS grants and training] have also killed good policing in this country. Only a small percentage of police work has any legitimate basis to it anymore. That guy in the video took one hell of a risk. I’m still trying to put together my strategy for handling such a situation.

          • NV
            I agree that we need equal enforcement of the law. But you won’t get it until TPTB are gone.
            Lets look at what has happened this summer a White Cop kills a Black man. All the Race baiters and Cop haters what him hung. Now we find the truth that the Cop did nothing more that what you or I would have done when attacked by a 300 pound man and we had a pistol.
            Now let us look at the black man who raped and killed several White woman. Not one “F” Race Baiter has stepped up to say anything about it.
            Repeat offenders. NOW THAT IS “F” JOKE. The bad thing is that LEO’s (some not all) are becoming Judge Dred.
            I talked to a Chicago Cop not to long ago and he arrested a guy for raping a 14 month old baby girl. Out in 6 months did it again out in 10 months. Did it again out in 18 months. Three days later the father of the last victim shot the Son-Of-A Bitch 5 times with a12Ga. shotgun. The cops on the scene refused to arrest him The D.A. in Chicago had to get a warrant to arrest him and to pick him up.
            This is the time we live in. I wish and Pray that it would be better but it is not.
            So please watch your 6’s

            • Sgt … Nothing to say on qualified immunity? IMHO, qualified immunity is far more important in managing the behavior of police in this country.

              When an officer has NO FEAR of loosing his job and pension or in most cases of even facing disciplinary action in the department for simple and egregious failures, that BY LAW in most jurisdictions the officer is exonerated from, what outcome would one expect other than more and more lack of discipline and outright lawbreaking among officers that the general populace expects to and take an oath to uphold the law.

              I understand why qualified immunity was put in place. It was to stop frivolous lawsuits from lawbreakers and unscrupulous attorneys that were trying to subvert the justice system.

              However, as is so often the case with unintended consequences of a law with good intentions, qualified immunity has escaped the law’s original intent and is now used as carte blanche to allow officers to remain unaccountable for any inappropriate action they take while on the job, up to and including outright provable murder.

              • Perhaps the “qualified” part of qualified immunity is the answer. The cop breaks law, cop pays for his mistake, just like the rest of us do. Simple. The laws that THE REST OF US LIVE UNDER FOR SELF-DEFENSE are great beginning guide lines, for deciding when killing is not justified for US, or for COPS.

                Here are a few examples:

                It is never justified to shoot a handcuffed person in the back of a squad car.

                It is seldom justified to shot an unarmed person in the back, with a possible exception IF he’s a murderer fleeing the scene or something similar, and public safety really depends on stopping him.

                It is never justified to shoot unarmed 8 year olds.

                It is never justified to shoot people while asleep in their own beds.

                It is never justified to shoot dogs through the fence or on a chain, rope, leash, etc…

                It is never justified to shoot people because they said something you didn’t like.

                It is never justified to shoot the hostage.

                It is never justified to drag a pregnant woman out of her car and beat her on the freeway, because she didn’t pull over when you wanted her to.

                It’s never justified to shoot somebody for what you perceive as “destroying evidence”, like swallowing something you think might be drugs. You don’t kill over a “maybe.”

            • Howdy, Sarge. I have to agree and say the biggest part of the problem is a judicial system that no longer works as originally intended. We have to get rid of TPTB and start all over from scratch. Repeat offenders should just be shot and get it over with. I’m afraid the day will come when vigilantism will become the order of the day. I hate to see that happen and I don’t think it can be prevented.

            • I have a lot of sympathy for good cops (and I don’t care what anyone says the vast majority ARE good cops) as they just cant please everyone.

              If our society was 100% orderly a cop could be the friendliest person on earth as he/she would not have to watch their ass or be prepared for the worst. But – BIG but – cops are continually dealing with the worst 2/3% of society, the psycho’s, druggies, violent dirtbags – the people with no respect for the rights of others at all. From that environment comes the mindset they operate under – that when approaching a “situation” with a report of something bad having happened they assume those they are approaching are “possibly” part of the 3% and not “probably” part of the 97%. In my humble opinion cops are entitled to do that. A cop should still remain respectful but he/she must first secure the situation. Only then, when all possible danger has been neutralised can it be :sorted out”. Before a cop can protect the public they must first protect themselves.

              I have never been handcuffed, sat on the ground or treated badly by police, in fact apart from coming in contact with the police in our Firearms Registry I have not had much to do with them in my 6 decades on this earth and all encounters have been perfectly friendly and respectful. But assuming I was ever in the wrong place at the wrong time when something bad was or had gone down I would be happy to follow instructions knowing any confinement would be temporary and when sorted I would be on my way.

              We get a lot of cop bashers on here at times and I would like to make this one last comment – if you think it is bad now, how bad would it be if cops weren’t there at all?


              • You might see things a little differently regarding “must first secure the situation. Only then, when all possible danger has been neutralised can it be sorted out” If you were converged on, on your way to work or something, forced to lie face down in a muddy street at gunpoint…only to find out that you’re an innocent person on your way to work.

                What you’re saying is that we should be considered GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

                That’s not the way MY take on the Constitution of the United States of America works. You might want to reconsider.

            • He has nothing to say on it, because like an animal, he will do what ever to survive and protect himself and others like him

              A cop posting on an article about cops, is well, umm pretty biased.

              Yeah Yeah I know, he is a good lil barney and not evil and blah blah blah. He cannot do his job to satisfaction of his superiors WITHOUT violating mans rights. As soon as he puts his uniform on in the morning, he violates the Constitution.

            • @ Sgt. Dale….I think you missed the point… LEO’s do what they want, violate the constitution, raid wrong houses, shoot up wrong vehicals, kill everyones dogs, shoot unarmed perps and and choose not to use thier tazer against a low threat situation… ALL without the same penalties issued to US. They are almost NEVER charged with thier CRIMES inflicked on the USA citizen. That said… there are still a few good LEO out there…problem is that it is a FEW.

              • He always misses the point……by design.

                He obfuscates and ducks questions as well as any politician.

              • @Dave in ID: Great post and I was nodding in approval the whole way.

              • The main point is that LEO are inherently amoral and enforcers of tyranny via terror (e.g. threat of death). They enforce the “law” whether it’s ethical or not. Heck they enforce it whether it’s ridiculous or not. Say no to PIGS.


            • Yep SGT:

              But some lowdown dirty lawyer got his pound of flesh from the taxpayer after every incident. Judges/lawyers gotta keep them criminals circulating, great payday graft.

            • The police are a huge part of the problem. This video shows the absolute stupidity of the training and doctrine of US police. They draw guns for anything and assert authority they don’t have. If they fear for their safety have the little chickens sit in their car until their backup arrives. If he can’t handle the interview of that skinny little driver he made lay on the sidewalk he does not belong in uniform!
              The guy making the video made a complete ass out of the officers who need to be working in Micky Dees not carrying a gun.

              God Bless you Dale

          • Navy Vet

            Don’t forget the Politicians, Bureaucrats and those connected to them that are “above the law”.

            Equal Protection Under The Law implies equal enforcement and punishment. Nothing could be further from reality.

          • Navy Vet says:”Nothing will turn it around until until we get equal enforcement of the law and the police are held fully accountable for their actions. I’m not holding my breath.’

            The state protects the state’s instrument of control. That instrument is people in uniform perpetrating violence upon the tax cattle under color of law (meaning they are protected by the state from reprisal by mere mortals (us).

            There is no system sanctioned route to systemic change. If voting actually changed anything it would be illegal.

            The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must. Nothing will change until the perpetrators of violence are afraid of perpetrating the violence.

            There can be justice outside of state sanctioned courts.

            >My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

            • There is a reason why an ex-Illuminati Luciferian has come out and says that those in control (TPTB) refer to cops and military as “their dogs” and us as “the masses.”

            • If I could, I would give you dozens of thumbs up, Legion!

        • I don’t reflexively hate the police. When the police are doing good, I appreciate the police and I’m grateful that they do what is often a thankless job.

          There are bad doctors, bad teachers, bad any profession, so there will be bad police. But they have to be weeded out, preferably by one of their own self regulating bodies.

          Throw out the dirty bathwater, yes. But not the baby. We need good law enforcement folks.

          • FreeSlave, I agree. As long as LE does right by the we the people, I can support them and appreciate them. but with today’s breed of cops under federal influence, it’s best to steer clear of them if at all possible.

            • RGBH
              You are right. The problem is The NWO. have trained these kids in a way that make a human life worthless. This all started by LBJ with all the welfare BS. When you don’t have to work for anything you become a slug, and that IS what the new LEOS are being taught that they are slugs and not human.

              • How do you explain rampant corruption? To date just about every Special Narcotics Enforcement group in Philadelphia has been caught taking massive bribes actually to the pint of becoming drug dealers themselves. These guys had homes at the NJ shore that a common man could see that they could not afford. Trained Detectives in their department that can uncover the smallest economic discrepancy can’t see this? Every time they’re caught its the Federal Authorities namely the FBI that uncovers it.

                The problem is “good cops” cops don’t tell on “bad” cops which tends to muddy up the line of good and bad.

                “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

                • My héros are Fireman especially volunteer Fireman.

                  Fireman will turn in a pyromanic co-worker in a nano second 100% of the time.

                  • I had many a Cops tell me if they had to do it all over again they would have been a firefighter instead of a cop.

                    Simple facts, Firemen are there to help you and cops are there to arrest you. Public perception is huge.

                  • Kevin. FYI. A firefighter also knows how to burn a building down in a hurry too if needed. One if those post SHTF Skills if needed. A normal fire doubles in size every minute. We are also pretty good at making Camp fires so they don’t burn the place down either. I also learned a lot of good cooking skills in the firehouse kitchen.

                  • Who

                    You might be part of the problem.

                    Don’t address me with crazy talk of Fireman burning stuff down.

                • K2
                  This is simple.
                  WE HAVE LET THEM, YES WE, ME AND YOU.
                  The good thing is we will only get pushed to a point. Then the war begins. It has been like this from the beginning of time, and we are at that time!

                  • The reality is as my previous post stated this question has been asked for 2000 years and we’re still waiting for an acceptable answer. If or when TSHTF those with authority will be 10x worse abusing their power. Why? Because they can. In their absence anarchy would rein. You have the classic “rock and a hard place”.

                    This is just the way it is and always has been. Two truisms are that someone will have authority and they will abuse it. Corruption and abuse are nothing new. In that regards its probably less today due to the prevalence of personal video recording via the cell phone.

                  • @ Sgt Dale. Disagree on WE LET THEM. Laws are passed everyday without our vote. Look at Conn gun laws,and Co. gun laws for example. these laws were made by elected officials who one thier seat by the big doner companies and the Gimmi Dats.

          • FS….We need good law enforcement folks. 100% agreed but as Sarge stated above with the current TPTB is not possible. The system is forcing them to protect their interests and only their interests and not the peasants.

            Solution—-> Destroy the TPTB since they are the cancer. Destroy the system and rebuild. It is corroded to its core. As long as we have Reed’s , Feinstiens, Boxter’s, Polusi and almost all of them along with their Corporate masters expect this gets worse.

            • To have good policing we need to end the blue wall of silence,get rid of about 80% of the laws minumum,rid cops can take cash with no charges,end the road pirate ticketing system and catch truly dangerous drivers,hell,the list is endless to end the prison/court/police cartels,till then,excepting the two I personally know will view police as a dangerous enemy,and my two friends who are cops sadly agree with that viewpoint.

              • Warchild Dammit

                “excepting the two I personally”

                This falls under the other truism. “There are cops, family of cops then everyone else”. They’re not all “bad” but make damn sure they’re a gang, the governments gang. Some are more benevolent than others but they always first protect their own. Let some cops kid get in trouble and its often heard, “Lou, I only knew it was your kid I would never…..”.

                Its just the way it is with power. It can be diminished by limiting their power hence less laws. Civilian review boards DRAFTED by lottery with a single term only might help.

                • Kevin,one I knew was a CHP in the area a bunch of CHP got busted running millions in drugs.He quit,became a deputy in small town and his only viewpoint is if it doesn’t bring danger to folks none of his business.His idea of a good day is helping someone with a flat tire/giving someone a jump start for car(they still do that in region he works in!).He gave up a hell of pension and was a 3 striper who is back to just being a good old town boy local guy who will shoot anyone who fucks with the folks in his region violently.I am OK with that,would do the same in my hometown without a badge!

                  • They are no more all bad than black people are. Both however have pressures from their respective social groups not to “rat out” their own kind.

          • @ Free slave… I noticed the professions you named are also above justice to a small extent. Bad doctors rarely loose thier license… they just go to work at another hospital. Bad teachers are protected by the most powerful union in the world. And we all know the Half the laws passed by congress have a little excemption clause in it for them.

            • I agree Dave. An ethical self-regulating disciplinary body is important.

              • FreeSlave

                The fact is a disciplinary body coming from the very ranks they are to discipline doesn’t work.

                • @ Keven… Exactly.. like the Physicians board. Board of Realtors, BBB, Teachers union, automotive industry(car sales) all self investigate.

              • “Ethical” it can’t be, since it’s “self-regulating” and “disciplinary” towards OTHERS. SELF-discipline of ONESELF is the surest protection of others FROM oneself. Self-defense against those who won’t discipline themselves is the surest protection from others, including those who intend to “discipline” others.

          • That they feel they have a constitutional right to engage in excessive force is telling of the mindset of the officers filing the lawsuit. Complete ignorance of the law and clear intentions to violate the civil rights of the People under the ‘color of law’. It furthermore indicates a pattern and practice within law enforcement to misinterpret the law to suit an agenda. This pattern and practice is nationwide. With the highest office approving of unlawful activity (Holder’s participation in F&F along with his contempt of congress and then convenient resignation). Any future incidents with these officers will result in this lawsuit being used as evidence of a clear intention to violate civil rights. 18 US Code §242 spells out penalties for this up to and including the death penalty for acts of violence by officers towards The People. But I think there are better ways that using the Corporation’s regs.

            Outlaws. We need to treat them as outlaws like our Anglo-Saxon and Norse ancestors did. Outlaws had no recourse or remedy under the law and were subject to being killed or enslaved by anyone without penalty. We the People have Common Law remedy as our ancestral birth right and is supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution. That it is subverted by the very officials we have elected to uphold these laws is despicable. A jury of 24 selected individuals along with a hired judge can hold Common Law court. A court in Kuala Lumpor convicted GBush and Cheney as war criminals and the Queen of England was also convicted in Canada by a Common Law court for Human Trafficking, murder and torture of children.

            Although these are merely paper recorded judgements that will not put the individuals in jail, the historical record stands and will forever stain their immortal souls. Let the record show exactly who did what. Those names will forever be tainted with dishonor and their souls be damned for all eternity.

            • Sheep Dawg, I find it curious that any cops would claim to have a constitutional right to use excessive force when today’s breed of cops violate the same constitution with impunity whether they’re familiar with it or not. The day is coming when there will be a shooting war between the people and LE. I wish it could be avoided but I don’t see how. All I know for sure is that nobody, whether a cop or not, is allowed to hurt me, period!

          • Why we must use our constitutional rights with tools defended in constitution.

        • @ FreeSlave : It happens every once in a while. Miami, a cop got caught speeding. Tampa, cop got a DUI. But for the most part I agree. They will get a free pass every time.
          That was a real man or a real dumb a$$. I am surprised the video did not end with his assination, or at least him pissing all over himself, laying on the ground shaking from the taser hit. I wish I would do the same thing, but the truth is in that situation, I would have been pissed off laying on the ground on my face. I would have tried to get him in trouble after the fact, but in vein, I’m sure.
          Fast foward to SHTF. One of us would have been dead. I am not going to FEMA camp. I can only hope to have been gone when the other two arrived.

          • I am all for ANYONE getting a pass when it comes to corporate codes and public policies….they are not true law and are unConstitutional.

            The things cops shouldn’t get away with is nearly EVERYTHING they do while wearing a uniform serving the corp and TPTB that serve Satan.

      3. this is depressing.. the cops are such bullies. this government is getting worse and worse.
        I bet you that Hillary gets elected. that is literally the end of America.
        im not even 26 yet.
        any suggestions? move to Russia? learn Chinese?

        • Get a gun and get ready for the fight for Liberty and Freedom instead of thinking of running away

          • ….and BTW…Hillary??…that ain’t gonna happen. Barry is going to suspend the 22nd amendment, declare martial law and attempt to become president for life…we’ll see how far he can run before he gets tired.

            • Obama isn’t going to do anything… he is not in control. The maffia elite (neoconservatives/wolferiz, Brezinzki, Rockerfellers, corporate elite, etc.) decides what takes place– including whether we have democrat/republican next time.. presidents are mere puppets!!!

            • @ talon1776 : If we put Jeb or Romney up against Billary, I’m sorry to say but Billary is going to win. If we want someone other than Billary to win, we are going to have to get someone in the running that is electable. I do agree that I think Obumer will declare martial law, but only if their is someone electable put up by the republicans. If not, he will let Billary go for it. Excuse me, TPTB will let Billary go for it. If you think Obumer was bad, just you wait and see. Obumer did not have s**t compared to Billary on firearms. Billary is the most liberal bitch you have ever seen. God help us. I hope like hell that we can get somebody in there worthy and electable. Some here say don’t vote. Rigged or not, we all need to get out and vote. If you don’t vote, quit your bitchin

              • you mean SELECTABLE.

            • talon1776, I think they’re going to wait for hillary before allowing a president for life…she’s been such a good little NWO soldier.

              • Well Six…if The computer tally says so…really…why vote at all?
                If we even make it to a ’16 selection…don’t think we’ll have one.
                Eh…”what difference does it make”?
                Head banging brain rattling
                CIA HO BAG in South America
                Business’ don’t create jobs

                Live Free or Die…load and lock

        • Hang in there rediculous, you are not alone. Stay informed and stick up for the truth and justice. Yes get your gun carry permit and practice at the range. You’ll make it.. Welcome to the SHTF Plan Club.

        • @ ridiculous : Vote for the other guy. Convince your friends and family to vote for the other guy. Pray. Pray alot. Cross your fingers. Keep prepping. Stock up on guns, ammo, food, and practice OPSEC.
          PS : pray some more.

      4. I’ve had guns pointed at my hear a few times, not a good feeling at all. It will make you soil your drawers…

        • It has happened to me twice when I was in my late teens/early 20’s. Both times I was with a group of friends, and a misunderstanding caused someone outside of our group to point a weapon at us.

          Thankfully each time, fear pushed me into overdrive and I just started talking. And eventually talked down the guy.

          Not sure what my reaction would be if that happened today. I was a quiet kid back then just looking to have fun and hang out. Now, I have a wife and kids… would I step up in front of gun to try and talk someone down? Hopefully I won’t have to find out.


        • I was at the bank about 15 years ago depositing my weekly stipend. The branch that I was at had been robbed twice in the past six months. I saw the teller that was waiting on me brush the underside of the counter with his knee as he was turning in his chair. I’m thinking I hope he hasn’t inadvertently tripped the alarm. I finish my business and walk outside to hear from my right STOP RIGHT THERE! I turn towards the voice and see a pistol with a BIG hole in the business end pointed at me. The officer says “Everything all right in there?” I said yes. He waves my along. As I turn towards my car two other officers are running towards me from the opposite side of the parking lot. One then asks the same question. I answered yes again and kept walking. I get in my car and the shakes started. Completely unnerving experience.

        • I had a gun pointed at me in New Orleans and was shot by the thug when I wouldn’t let him rob me………that street punk thug was absolutely no different than a cop and what they do.

          Google “painful price Muskegon Chrnonicle.”

      5. 21 year-old Alfonso Limon was shot by multiple officers on Oct. 13, 2012. He was walking home with his brother, Gerardo Limon, after working out at Pacifica High School when Oxnard police started shooting. Attorney Adam Shea said Alfonso Limon had 16 to 21 bullet wounds.
        “Police never told us anything. Once the shooting started we were on our own,” said Gerardo Limon.
        The Police Department admitted officers mistook Alfonso Limon for suspects involved in a traffic stop.

        The city of Oxnard will pay the family $6.7 million.

        • A traffic stop suspect? Better suit up and unload!

          Rampaging murder rapists? Just gonna hide in my office and disconnect the phones.

          Cops are cowards, they always were, that’s the nature of anyone who thinks his livelong duty is to police his fellow citizens. If cops were brave, they’d give their suspects the benefit of the doubt, and let themselves be in obvious danger before shooting. That’s the reason for the high pay and benefits. Afraid of dying? Then don’t go into a field where danger is commonplace.

          • Very good post TruthIsAll

        • I’m glad I’m not a man… it must be real difficult nowdays because even if you do submit, you can still get killed…especially if you are a VET or black.

        • The citizens of Oxnard will pay the families while the LEO is free to contiue “working”. Turn the tables and Alfonso would be doing life in prison.

        • My grandfather served in the navy and after doing 20 years he joined the police force. He retired from the force after nearly 30 years of service with the same department.

          When people asked him what hid did he said he was retired navy and worked part time as an auto mechanic. He was always ashamed to admit he had been a cop.

          At his funeral I found out that while on duty he threw two kids out of the way of a speeding car and got hit himself instead and hospitalized. Award from the mayor, front page articles in the papers, etc. but he had never mentioned because he hated what the police have become. This was in 1995 and has only gotten worse.

          • @ Rebel-Thanks for the anecdote. It says something when a man who has served in some capacity most of his life doesn’t even want to be known as a cop. But I’m assuming he was of the WWII generation and those folks were a different breed (in a good way).

      6. the cop that held a gun to the back of my head had his ear drums blown out by my sister as she started steppin to him from across the street ,

        Lol ,, good times eh Sis?

        well I ended up ok , but this was before the thuggery we see today , although it was starting , this was Detroit after all, and around 1987-88 ish

        Glad im the hell out of there now.

        Yeah you talk about your blood running cold and the things that flash before your eyes ..Never got a dam thing for it either , they wanted to search my place too.. but all I said was bring the necessary paperwork and I never heard another thing about it , they got who they came for anyways and it had nothing to do with me as they finally came to realize with all the other neighbors stepping in for me ..Tenant in the upper flat wanted by FBI and locals ..Daum!…

        I know the cop hated the fact that I was too close to him before he realized I wasnt one of his buddies ..UP AGAINST THE HOUSE WHAM!

      7. WOW……those guys are lucky. If they had four legs and a tail ,It would have been lights out!.

      8. I’m advocating that LEO’s be held financially responsible when they lose in civil court.

        After the taxpayer wins, the cop gets hit with a 10% deduction on their paycheck. Continuing until the taxpayers are paid back. Wherever they work. Even into their pension.

        I’m presuming that their training has gone over peoples’ civil rights. And they have knowingly violated that and are therefor liable for breaking the law.

        Let’s see how many cops want to pay til the cows come home.

        Call your lawmakers and see if we can get this passed.

        • Wow Sierra, You mean actual accountability? Seems to be a new concept they are not willing to adapt to voluntarily, unless sued in court.

          NYPD Police Brutality, Misconduct Claims Pay Out $1 Billion

          Civil litigation provides a means for people who have suffered injury or other harm due to another’s actions to seek compensation and justice. While construction accidents, auto accidents and premises liability claims immediately come to mind, the same legal principles apply to citizens who were injured by police brutality or excessive force, or suffered the consequences of false arrest and unlawful detention.

          According to a recent report by the Associated Press, New York City has paid out $964 million over the past decade in cases involving police misconduct, patrol-car crashes and accidents at police precincts and other facilities. Among the settlements the city reached in such cases was $7.15 million to the family of Sean Bell in a wrongful death lawsuit after he was gunned down outside his bachelor party at a Queens nightclub in a hail of 50 bullets from NYPD weapons despite being unarmed himself.

          Other settlements range from $250,000 to a suspect who sustained a fractured jaw in a subway arrest, to a man who received nearly $10 million for spending nearly two decades in prison after being framed by police falsehoods. One officer was named in at least seven separate claims involving excessive force and brutality. Law enforcement officers have tremendous power in our society, and it can come as a great relief to citizens to learn that the law provides a remedy when that power is abused.

          • They ruin our lives, extort us through taxes, rob us through civil forfeiture, murder us on a whim and when they get caught use our tax money to settle things. Does no one see how insane and wrong this is?

        • Right now these civil judgments come out of OUR pockets.

          Paycheck deductions are a start… But what about retirement accounts?

          Basically, if the verdict is to make the victim whole, then the cop’s assets should be fair game.

          At least then they have to consider the reprecussions.

          I am all for it. Where do I vote for that!?!?

        • @Sierra,

          I would add lawyers to that too. Often, they (lawyers) are the ones who drag things out making it almost unaffordable for anyone to pursue grievances against government entities.

          • You can add Military personnel be held liable for corruption as well. That would save Billions of $$ annually. Instead they are promoted to run illegal wars.

          • Probate lawyers would be first on my list. They use the court system for a hostile takeover of a person’s assets, pay themselves out of those assets, and if the family objects, they pay their attorneys to fight the family, out of the assets as well.

            The probate court is by far, one of the most corrupt systems there is. Criminals get an attorney, but the elderly don’t. It mostly end up being some old man or woman alone, against a battery of professionals.

        • Sue them in their personal capacity. No Sovereign Immunity there to protect them from tort suits. They chose to step outside of the duties of office to commit a crime against someone under the guise and color of law. Sue them personally and put a lien against the bond they post as required under law for being in a public office. When they can no longer obtain a bond, they are no longer employable in any office. No bond? That’s a violation of law and means they have not met the requirements of office to even do the job – which also puts them back into personal liability and not this BS of Sovereign Immunity.

          1215(dot)org for more info. The rabbit hole is DEEEEP.

        • @ Sierra Dave : 10% ? Are you crazy ? At least 1/3. Bare minumum. Maybe up to 1/2. That is 33% up to 50%. Their would have to be a little leeway, but if a LEO did something wrong or illeagle on purpose, brake it off in their a$$.

      9. This is what our country has become. When we see something like this and one of the first things that come to mind is to be thankful the innocent person didn’t get killed or beaten to a pulp because he didn’t comply immediately to the armed aggressors.

        • yep.

      10. Ironically, it’s the police abuse that’s feeding the hostility. Creating the need for them to pull out their guns all the time.

        • The prime Police asset is the respect of the community, not their firepower.

          The Police are outnumbered, and, as of now, out-gunned.

          If the Police lose community respect, and become the oppressors, we all lose.

          • I6a
            Out numbered and out gunned you are right on that. These guys to day a scared to death, because if they do what is wrong only 1% of the time they will be crucified. Or they will be DEAD.
            If an officer draws his weapon that means he can do two things with it. Put it away or use it. and that all up to of the person at the other end.

            • Fuck you pig…..you’ve got some fucking nerve with a post like that you egotistical prick. See it is attitudes like you that make you a pig and a typical one at that.

              When the good people of America draw a gun on your fucking ass, I guess then we can say that it is up to you at the other end what happens, whether we put it away or use it.

              You are disgusting.

              • BJ, if you were addressing one of today’s breed, brainwashed, out-of-control cops, I would agree with you. But this is Sgt. Dale, an “old school” cop who is NOTHING like today’s breed. I trust him and so do a lot of others here. I don’t have any use for the egotistical ones who all think they’re above the law, etc. I hope to NEVER have any encounter with one because of what I may have to do to get out of the situation alive. Sgt. Dale is NOT one of them.

            • Well said SGT DALE.
              They only have seconds to make a judgement call which could mean life of death.

            • I’m not going to use the F-word. But I do agree with BJ. When watching the video of the Ferguson riots. I saw two groups in the wrong.

              I feared the LE with MRAPS/APCs and sniper rifles more.

              And there are too many cops passing out BS tickets to pay their salary and pensions.

      11. And They wonder why People dont trust Them.

      12. What was the call?
        I could see no reason for the Cops to have drawn their weapons.
        If they had a call of a subject with a gun or knife using it in a provoking nature. I could see them doing so.
        If there was robbery in the area and the subjects fit the description. I could see that they would be justified.
        The guy did say that there was a law that was broken, but what was the law?
        These new cops are being trained all wrong and there is nothing I can do about it and that bothers me.
        When was this? Was this after the two NY cops were attacked with the hatchet? Or right after the Canadian was shot?
        Political correctness and the nanny state has a lot of cops on edge. We have been told because of prez Obullshit breaking the law, and by the Obullshit’s thugs that he has working for him. That the Zombies and Leaches think that they can do what ever they want to and prez Obullshit and his thugs will do nothing about it. Remember which side he is on. and it ain’t yours!

        • Well Sgt. I sure as hell wish cops today thought like you did, but the ones now are complete and utter pieces of shit. Not to mention that the overwhelming majority are PTSD nutcases from Iraq and Afghanistan. Sorry, but soldiers should NEVER be allowed to be cops. Being trained to kill and being trained to police are two different and incompatible functions.

          When did you retire? From reading your post, you sound like the old guard that actually attempted to “serve and protect”.

          • SC
            I retired in 10/12/ 2008 after just little more than 20 years.
            Got hurt in 2005 had both of my knees crushed going after a bad guy by a 5Ft. cinder block wall. Took two years to get back to work, I took my retirement form the first Department, and this time I went to work for a small Department part time.
            I still do try to serve and protect. But today we can’t until a crime has taken place. But I still do things the OLD WAY. Get hell for it now and then but, I don’t care!
            Thanks for asking.

        • Sgt. I think it was stated that they ran from the original site they were pulled over from.

          • I think the Rodney King Beating was the real wake up call in America to police brutality. Oh my the power of the video camera. And why Video Taping the Police is NOT a Crime.

        • @ Sgt.Dale : I know you have been on this site for awhile. The followoing stories are from this site : Sep 24, Sep 03, Aug 20, Aug 14, and Aug 06 cop ” If Obama doesn’t have to follow the constitution, We don’t have to.”( I stopped looking, I’m sure their are plenty more stories) You don’t really have to know what the call was. The call was, I’m a armed, scared to death, overpowering, bully LEO.
          Steven Seagal : You may be above the law, but you ain’t above mine. Until we stick together and make them not above the law, they will always be above the law. I don’t think we are going to stick together until TSHTF. Best thing to do is stay out of LEOs way.

        • It started WAY BEFORE Manchurian candidate Obama was groomed to be Cheney-Bush’ go-along placeholder.

      13. That man has balls like iron! Thank you for doing what we should all be dojng. God bless you.

      14. Powerful.

        Times are bad………..
        and getting worse.

      15. “There is a very fine blue line of interpretation now-a-days in once free zog amerika, between the definitions of ‘Law Officer’ and ‘Career Criminal’!

        In some instances a street-wise ‘Career Criminal’ would be more welcome for assistance, when a person of the public is in an emergency situation, than an steroid jacked zionist israehell i.d.f. trained zog amerika gestapo dhs jack-booted ‘Law Officer’!

        I foresee a rise of anti-law enforcement ‘Vigilantism’ in amerika as the nwo zog amerika gestapo become bolder in amerika’s transformation to a very real zionist fascist controlled socialist dictatorship and in-turn the once free tax debt slave goyim and gentiles alike are further criminalized by those who would be their global zionist-freemason nwo zog masters!”


        p.s. – “.f. the nwo zog dhs gestapo police!”

      16. Someone is training these cops to perceive everyone as the enemy and don’t distinguish between criminals and law abiding citizens. Land of the Free and home of the Brave is gone with the wind.

        • i’ll give you three guesses who…

          here’s a hint –

          they have been repeatedly prosecuted for crimes against God, humanity and nature. they’ve been ‘forcibly kicked out of’ and banned reentry from over 180+ countries over the last 2300 years of recorded history.

          they celebrate and practice bestiality and pedophilia openly in their religion and society.

          they killed sweet lil’ baby jesus by bloodily whipping him, flailing his flayed skin off near to death and then nailing him alive to a wooden cross for daring to be loving caring of his fellow human beings.

          And their 3 three letter name starts with a ‘j’ and ends with a ‘w’…



          • fester….. this is hard for most Americans to admit even though they know who they are….hmmmm, it is a tribe…Darn….they run basically the entire monetary system…. they cause wars and bloodshed all over the world to keep their fake currency alive… They are good at killing babies and women while screaming for help. They hate God since their did is gold and money. Still can’t remember the exact name but their masters are located in London and NY financial districts. Can it be the Zionist Jews? If yes then I’ll get red thumbed by their paid shills in TelAviv so be it.

          • Tribalistic xenophobes gonna do what tribalistic xenophobes do.

            What I am more concerned with are the traitorous sellouts who are supposed to be our own people but seek favor and fortune from siding with those who have ill intentions towards our people.

            • SD….Very valid point and concern. All of us should expect traitors when SHTF but most importantly it would be critical to eliminate the traitors even faster than the enemy.

        • @ Anonymous : I think that because we are in a relatively small county, things are not as bad with LEOs. A few of the city LEOs are more a$$holes, but county seems fine. 1 or 2 state s$$holes, most of the rest pretty cool.
          As far as training is concerened, I think alot of LEOs now days are exmilitary. Trained killers, not trained LAW enforcement. Youi can take the person out of the trailer park, but not the trailer park out of the person ( how was that for PC ). You can take the vet out of war, but you can’t take the training, life lessons, and killer survival mode out of the soldier.

        • Most today are trained first by the wonderful american industrial war machine in the DOD. Then they get the federal mindset DHS training with our tax dollars. They also will not hire people with IQ’s very high at all…..and it is all by design.

      17. I for one cannot wait for society to implode as it will then become open season on police and their family’s. Usually I don’t make the son pay for the sins of the father, but given that police continually ruin families and kill indiscriminately I have no remorse for them or their children.

        They act like they are patrolling some foreign war zone. I guess they forgot that their children & parents live in the same neighborhoods we do. I have never met a cop that didn’t deserve to have a .40 round to the back of the head.

        • Brutal truth, although many bootlickers will think that the kids should never be in danger. We all have to live in fear of us and our kids getting shot by some Judge Dredd wannabe. In a just society, the cops would fear the same treatment they dispense on the population.

          • I would not shot a cops kid unless acting in a dangerous way towards me or my friends,anymore then I would shoot a rapists kid just because his dad/mom was a scumbag.

        • I have a list too when SHTF. Not written down of course. Bring it on and let it rip. Ok here the first on my list. Its that yellow cat across the street that likes to lay on my car and piss and spay at my front door. Poof gone!!… that bird killing machine.

          • Odd, whowuddathunkit, one of the first on my list are the DOGS!!!! Growl and get splattered!

            • I have a great blue nose pit. Anybody messes with him and they get splattered.

            • Shoot a dog? are you LEO? My dogs shoot back.

          • WWTI … There’s colony of feral cats, left over from the days when the development I live in was a farm, that have targets on them. The felines are fed regularly by some of the residents which is against the bylaws of the home owners association. The felines also try to supplement their diet with the local squirrel population, so unsuccessfully that it’s comical to watch. The squirrels almost laugh at them. There’s local dogooder organization that comes in a couple of times a year to trap the felines, then take them to be spayed, but they never get them all, so there’s always new cats every year.

            Anyway, when TSHTF, I’m going to be wearing a cat skin cap and mittens when its cold and maybe a pair of mukluks if I get enough of them.

      18. When I was about 20 walked out of a Bar, and had to take a piss, and a cop stopped and said are you pissing on my sidewalk. I said, Sir I did not know it was his sidewalk. So where should I piss? He ended up letting me go. No harm.

        Fast Forward 25 Years, I walked out of another bar and had to take a piss, I went behind some bushes, and started going, and another Cop stopped me, and wrote me a ticket for exposing myself. Well I thought how was I going to take a piss unless I whip it out? I ended up going down to the court house, and to a public defender and told her what happened, and said, well come back to my office. She gave me a Florida State Law Code that basically said, it is OK if you have to go to the bathroom that you can relieve yourself outside. She said copy this case law down word for word, and present it to the Judge on your court date. Well, Yes I did, and the Judge ended up dismissing my case when I went up there.

        I could tell the Cop was pretty pissed, so I turned and asked him, are you pissing on my courtroom? lol

        True story, however I just invented the last joke line. I could tell he was pissed though that I got out of it. But hey there is no law against relieving your bodily functions, just try not to do it out in the open.

        • Who,outside of court you should have told the cop to “Piss Off”,or asked”Did the judges decision “Piss You Off”,damn,a whole slew of endings for that scene!

      19. Little Johnny came home from school one day slightly confused.

        His mother was Jewish and his father was black. So Johnny asks, “Mommy, am I more Jewish or more black ?”

        “What does it really matter ?” his mother tells him, “If you want to know for sure you’ll just have to ask your father.”

        So, when his father arrived home from work, Little Johnny asks the same question, “Daddy, am I more Jewish or more black ?”

        “What the hell kind of a question is that? Why do you want to know if you’re more Jewish or more black?” asks his dad.”

        “Well, it’s like this dad…Tommy down the street wants to sell his bicycle for $50, and I don’t know whether to Jew him down to $25, or wait until it’s dark and just steal the fuckin’ thing.”


        • Till now I have taken a liking to Johnny and his escapades,lets keep Johnny the good wise ass kid he seems to be in the joke dept.

      20. “A Republic, If You Can Keep It”

        The story goes that as Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall at the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a woman asked him,

        “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”.

        Mr. Franklin replied,

        “A republic, madam – if you can keep it.”

        Once free Zog Amerika couldn’t keep it,

        as of Jekyll Island, Georgia back-room 12 o’clock midnight illegal unconstitutional amerika secret zionist freemason banker ‘Shadow Government’ signing of the “Federal Reserve Act December 23, 1913!

        Since that moment of amerikan political criminal history, Amerika has been a Zionist Freemason Fascist Dicktatorship!

        “Which means, ‘None’ of you are really ‘Free’!”


      21. Time and time again the all-knowing, do no wrong, elite SWAT teams have broken into the wrong home hurt, maimed, and even killed innocent men, women, and children. Sorry wrong Intel or wrong tip, if they even say that. No criminal justice system for them no sir. What is wrong they have not had any resistance to deal with so to speak of. Hey when they are not in their ninja suits they are back on patrol most of the time and someone knows their names. I’m not saying killed them, but start say with; neutering them, just the team members and sorry wrong pig (sorry for the analogy Sgt. Dale). Now if they raid the right place then fine, but they must be held accountable for their mistakes and not given a pass for Wrong Intel sorry, after all they have all the time to make sure and get it right. All I’m trying to say is equal justice for all, but I also know that will never happen to those playing the game inside the system. Soon they too will be in a body bag, because open season on any badge will start.


      22. I can understand having a beef with the police…
        But going after women and children makes one no better than them…Worse than them…The word DESPICABLE comes to mind!

        Judge the man for what he does. Do not judge a man for the acts of another.

        • High ideals, but sometimes people are fortified so well it would be impossible to attack them. Barons in high towers so to speak. The only way to make them pay or even pay attention is to strike where his walls aren’t. Same thing insurgents do in the middle east. It is foolhardy to assault a military base. But you can still win when you destroy what they love too. It’s spite, and it hurts, but then maybe they shouldn’t have started it.

          Don’t like it? Then enjoy forever being subservient. Americans aren’t some righteous force, no underdog can afford that. We’ll kill you in your sleep on Christmas Eve.

        • I agree. We must hold fast our honor and integrity. That said, ourselves, our children and wives are targets who are regularly gunned down with impunity.

          Police have turned regular folks into the enemy. We must adjust our standards accordingly. Reserve the right to refuse service. Do not associate; shun. Make it unattractive to be a POS cop so that we can someday return to a time of Peace Officers instead of Law Enforcement (revenue collection).

        • I think of cops like certain groups of people in the Old Testament….the ones who God told the good guys to totally wipe out…ALL OF THEM and then take nothing with them.

      23. ht tp://news.yahoo.com/officer-darren-wilson-missing-court-dates-131304203.html

        So, whats going on with Mr Wilson?

        why so shy?

        • ES
          Ofc. Wilson is fed up with the system. The Race Baiters along with the Feds, his Chief, The SA. wanted to hang him before all the info had come out.
          What I think he is doing tell TPTB in that area is “F” you. I’m done with all of your “BS”!
          Can’t make him go to court. So he is paying the PTB back.

          • That, and I think he is keeping himself from being accosted in public , or shot at by some nut case

            • I would say the high publicity of this ferguson thing also ruins any chances for a orderly trial,a thing that is pretty gone in todays age anyhow,one case was pot possession,end that stupid law anyhow or at least end the hypocrisy and outlaw booze and tobacco along with other substances.The biggest dealers are the pharm industry and their medical dealers.

              • DAMMIT…SO …SO..RIGHT!!!

              • Warchild, right on about Big Pharma and their minions. BTW, I’m munching on some goldfish as I type this. HARD to put down.

                • Shhhhhhhh…..,you talk like that they will outlaw GOLDFISH next!I personally don’t want to have to go to the wrong part of town for me snacks.On the other hand,a whole new black market commodity I might do well in,hhmmmmmmm…….

                  • Warchild, just got home an hour ago with some more goldfish from Kroger. As I said, they are part of my preps now.

          • His life is already ruined. What is he going to do now? He surely cannot be a LEO in Ferguson anymore. I bet every thug in town is gunning for him–all due to the race baiters, and the PC crowd. He was found guilty long ago.

        • The court cases are low-level drug stuff, and the Prosecutor is allowing Wilson to not appear as the arresting officer. The perps will walk.

          Apparently, the courthouse area is surrounded by demonstrators waiting for Wilson to turn up, so they can exercise their constitutional rights to mob justice.

          • There never should have been a court case then,end the drug/cop/court/prison cartels,keep dui as that endangers others.

      24. Snowden: We are a representative democracy. But how did we get there? We got there through direct action. And that’s enshrined in our Constitution and in our values. We have the right of revolution. Revolution does not always have to be weapons and warfare; it’s also about revolutionary ideas. It’s about the principles that we hold to be representative of the kind of world we want to live in. A given order may at any given time fail to represent those values, even work against those values. I think that’s the dynamic we’re seeing today. We have these traditional political parties that are less and less responsive to the needs of ordinary people, so people are in search of their own values. If the government or the parties won’t address our needs, we will. It’s about direct action, even civil disobedience. But then the state says: “Well, in order for it to be legitimate civil disobedience, you have to follow these rules.” They put us in “free-speech zones”; they say you can only do it at this time, and in this way, and you can’t interrupt the functioning of the government. They limit the impact that civil disobedience can achieve. We have to remember that civil disobedience must be disobedience if it’s to be effective. If we simply follow the rules that a state imposes upon us when that state is acting contrary to the public interest, we’re not actually improving anything. We’re not changing anything.

        the executive branch, by violating the Constitution, is using statutes in place of constitutional amendments to diminish our liberty.

        The surveillance revelations are critically important because they revealed that our rights are being redefined in secret, by secret courts that were never intended to have that role—without the consent of the public, without even the awareness of the majority of our political representatives. However, as important as that is, I don’t think it is the most important thing. I think it is the fact that the director of national intelligence gave a false statement to Congress under oath, which is a felony. If we allow our officials to knowingly break the law publicly and face no consequences, we’re instituting a culture of immunity, and this is what I think historically will actually be considered the biggest disappointment of the Obama administration.

        The Nation: Do you think people on the congressional intelligence committees knew more than other senators and representatives? That they knew they were being told falsehoods and they remained silent?

        Snowden: The chairs absolutely do. They’re part of the “Gang of Eight.” They get briefed on every covert- action program and everything like that. They know where all the bodies are buried. At the same time, they get far more campaign donations than anybody else from defense contractors, from intelligence corporations, from private military companies.

        • ht tp://m.thenation.com/article/186129-snowden-exile-exclusive-interview#

          • have open mind, and take the time to read it

          • The Nation is a communist publication going way the hell back. Don’t trust anything you see in there.

            • dont worry about me and trusting anything.. i dont even trust this place .. or you

      25. “This is a nation that believes in the rule of law.” And the rule of law doesn’t mean the police are in charge, but that we all answer to the same laws. You know, if Congress is going to investigate baseball players about whether or not they told the truth, how can we justify giving the most powerful intelligence official, Clapper, a pass? This is how J. Edgar Hoover ended up in charge of the FBI forever.

      26. USA Today Bureau Chief: Obama Most ‘Dangerous’ President Ever for Media Freedom

        “USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page offered some of the sharpest criticism yet of the Obama administration’s violation of the freedom of the press, saying Obama is “more restrictive” and “more dangerous” than any president in history.

        Even the Huffington Post complained that Obama’s treatment of the press was a “dictator’s dream.”

        “Earlier this year, Reporters Without Borders downgraded the USA in its World Press Freedom list from 33rd most-free to the 46th, due to Obama’s treatment of the press.”

        Breitbart dot com

      27. Snowden: In case you haven’t noticed, I have a somewhat sneaky way of effecting political change. I don’t want to directly confront great powers, which we cannot defeat on their terms. They have more money, more clout, more airtime. We cannot be effective without a mass movement, and the American people today are too comfortable to adapt to a mass movement. But as inequality grows, the basic bonds of social fraternity are fraying—as we discussed in regard to Occupy Wall Street. As tensions increase, people will become more willing to engage in protest. But that moment is not now.

      28. Cops in the big city put their lives on the line everyday. They don’t know your intentions. When cops get killed, no one cries foul. No doubt there is abuse, but the cops in big cities would be dead inside a week if they did not treat every situation as potentially life threatening.

        Cops out here in the country, would give you a ride home from the bar. Hell you could have a beer with him, he was your neighbor. His son went to school with your son. You are on the same team.

        I agree with the post above that military should probably not go into law enforcement. The local government I work for, 95% are all ex-military. Most of them are egotistical assholes, but there are a few good ones. Make no mistake, it is us against them, guilty until proven innocent.

        I was in the substation the other day, and a 911 hang up call comes in. The deputy radios in “In-Route” to dispatch. After discussing lunch plans with the other deputy for 10 minutes, he actually was. Cops are jaded, get no respect, and are above the law. Bad combination.

        Just my observations…

        • Lo is one of the safest profrofessions there is. Shut the fuck up pig lover.

        • @townsaver- Having been born and raised in some of the largest cities in the US, I can attest to city cops being absolutely worthless. Despite whatever “threat” they may face, there is no justification for their actions. They do not put their life on the everyday. How many times have they pulled a weapon out of real danger…once or twice?

          I am actually in the process of relocating to a country location full time (purchased the property last year) and I hope your description of cops is true.

      29. A very simple solution for the GOOD COPS to show that they still are on the same side with as the law abiding Americans: Discover and be able to proof the DIRTY COPS are the same as the criminals and shoot them.

      30. I tell me young son and daughter if the cops “blue light” them when driving ( we live rurally) to put on the hazzard lights and drive slowly to where there are people, and a well lite place then pull over. If they want to charge them with eluding we will expain in court. Maybe filming their speedometer would help when in court also.

        Got to have a witness.

        Never trust the cops, especially if you are a women alone on a dark country road.

      31. Off Topic…

        Please share info with family members or friends with babies.

        Baby wipes recall – bacterial contamination

        “Ten different brands of baby wipes are being recalled all from a Pennsylvania company after a possible bacteria contamination.

        The brands affected are: Cuties, Diapers.com, Femtex, Fred’s, Kidgets, Member’s Mark, Simply Right, Sunny Smiles, Tender Touch, and Well Beginnings.

        The baby wipes were sold before October 21st to to Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Family Dollar, Fred’s and Diapers.com.

        Customers started to complain to the company after they noticed discoloration and an odd odor. There was also an incident of an irritation due to the wipes.

        The company tested the product and found some of the wipes contained B. cepacia.

        All the wipes are being recalled as a precaution.
        Questions can be directed to Nutek at 1-855-646-4351.”

        MSN dot com

      32. As we find monsters in the system (TPTB), cops find and create more monsters within the public citizenry solely based on the behavior of those criminals within it. Even children see monsters in the shadows, but children also rationalize bad behavior.

        Human nature mixed with propaganda and the right/wrong training is a bitch.


        • theres only 1 cure for a pedophile

      33. It takes a special breed of person to stand up and say “yes I’ll enforce oppression and fear over my fellow citizen and family for a paycheck.” Cops are the handle of the ax that cuts down the trees of society or a dog that actively and consciously decides to turn against its pack. Anyone who compares a soldier to a cop is slandering that soldier. Soldiers do war on your behalf, cops do war against you on behalf of someone else’s will for your life. In closing I’ll state the truth, if there were good cops, if they were truly the antibodies in the blood of society and destroyed evil presences and kept us safe then they would kill the “bad cops” instead of sitting idly by while they abuse those they swear to protect.

      34. “Self-quarantine” is NOT working…

        Ebola doctor initially ‘LIED’ about his NYC travels


        Only AFTER detectives reviewed his MetroCard, he admitted he rode the subways, dined out and went bowling, etc…
        -New York Post

        “Steven Hyman of the New York law firm McLaughlin & Stern told the Bangor Daily News that Hickox will not comply with Maine’s requirements to remain under quarantine for 21 days.”

        “She doesn’t want to agree to continue to be confined to a residence beyond the two days,” Hyman told the Daily news.

        Hickox “tested negative in a preliminary evaluation.”

        “In Maine, a quarantine comes into play only when people have had contact with Ebola patients; others who’ve been to the three countries will be monitored, officials said.”
        -Connecticut dot cbslocal dot com
        (Drudge Report)

      35. State Department plans to bring foreign Ebola patients to U.S.

        U.S. taxpayers to pay for special transportation and ALL treatment expenses.

        “The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. for treatment, according to an internal department document.”

        “The document has been shared with Congress, where lawmakers already are nervous about the administration’s handling of the Ebola outbreak.

        The memo even details the expected PRICE PER PATIENT, with transportation costs at $200,000 and treatment at $300,000.”

        Washington Times

      36. I’m sorry! This is stupid advice. When the police say get out of the car, do it. When they say get on the ground, do it. If you are driving around with a friend who is “high” expect to get pulled over and searched. DUH!

      37. Why do you want another adult telling you what to do? Can you noovern yourself? do you really want to do what someone else tells you to do?

      38. arrest me or shoot me but i will not lay down on the ground like a dog

      39. As a 13 year officer i been there and know that sometimes it’s uncalled for what they do but let me say at the end of the shift i will be going home to my family. There have been a lot of cops killed by someone who said “I’m not a threat”

        • What about everyone else’ family? Are police families the only ones that count? Everything we hear, about why cops kill people, is about the cops being more important than the people. THAT’s the definition of statism–the State being more important than every individual (except, of course, THE Individual who rules that State or his or her imps that enforce it on everyone else–though, they too are expendable for that State!).

      40. The supremacy of government by others over the people will end when the people realize that they can armor themselves against the police and (coming soon) their military reinforcements. Those who self-govern will protect others by the very fact of self-governing. They can also defend themselves from those who won’t self-govern but who insist on ruling over others. They can support themselves by their own individually innovative enterprises (self-defended from others’ freedom-restricting government), to free themselves from the elites and, to deprive the elites of power over others.

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