Thanks a Lot, Mr. President: Single Mom’s Letter Goes Viral

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    Burroughs-VestalJust when you thought it couldn’t be tougher to be a single mom, trying to be both mother and father to her children and struggling to make ends meet, along came Obamacare.

    One mom decided to vent her frustration by posting a letter to the President on her Facebook page. Yolanda Burroughs-Vestal of Palmer, Texas never expected her rant to go viral, but it has had tens of thousands of views and is still going strong.

    Her “Thanks a lot, Mr. President” letter speaks to the day to day experiences that many parents – and not just single parents – have while working too many hours and making too little money. Suddenly former money problems seem minuscule in the face of the huge increase in expenses that Obamacare will bring, without any of the promised relief. (Most people are finding that once they make their monthly payments and cover their deductibles, they will have spent over $5000 before Obamacare ever covers a dime – and if the family is already struggling financially, who has room for that in the budget?)

    Dear President Obama,

    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done and are doing. You see I am a single Mom located in the very small town of Palmer, Texas. I live in a small rental house with my two children. I drive an older car that I pray daily runs just a little longer. I work at a mediocre job bringing home a much lower paycheck than you or your wife could even imagine living on. I have a lot of concerns about the new “Obamacare” along with the taxes being forced on us Americans and debts you are adding to our country. I have a few questions for you Mr. President.

    Have you ever struggled to pay your bills? I have.

    Have you ever sat and watched your children eat and you eat what was left on their plates when they were done, because there wasn’t enough for you to eat to? I have.

    Have you ever had to rob Peter to pay Paul, and it still not be enough? I have.

    Have you ever been so sick that you needed to see a doctor and get medicine, but had no health insurance because it was too expensive? I have.

    Have you ever had to tell your children no, when they asked for something they needed? I have.

    Have you ever patched holes in pants, glued shoes, replaced zippers, because it was cheaper than buying new? I have.

    Have you ever had to put an item or two back at the grocery store, because you didn’t have enough money? I have.

    Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, because you had no clue how you were going to make ends meet? I have.

    My questions could go on and on. I don’t believe you have a clue what Americans are actually going through and honestly, I don’t believe you care. Not everyone lives extravagantly. While your family takes expensive trips that cost more than most of us make in two-four years, there are so many of us that suffer. Yet, you are doing all you can to add to the suffering. I think you are a very selfish and cold hearted man, who does not care what is best for the people he was elected by (not by me) to represent, but more so out for the glory of your name attached to history. So thank you Mr. President, thank you for pushing those of us that are barely staying afloat completely under water and driving America into the ground. You have made your mark in history, as the absolute worst and most hated president of the United States. God have mercy on your soul!


    Yolanda Vestal

    Average American

    Vestal said she was worrying about paying the bills when she penned the letter. “It was on my mind I had to pay bills,” Vestal said. “All I could think was, how am I going to make it to the end of the month?” BizPac Review describes her situation:

    A divorced mother of two teenage daughters, Vestal also has a son who lives with his father. While she and her ex-husband work together to do what’s best for their children, Vestal said, the economy has changed, putting a financial strain on both households. She makes too much money to receive assistance, she said, but barely enough to get by.

    Vestal has received offers of help, but she said she’s not looking for handouts or charity, and that’s not the reason she wrote the letter.

    “I’m not worthy,” she said. “I’m one of millions.”

    She merely wanted to express her opinion that legislation pushed by the administration in the last few years is hurting people.

    “Right is right, wrong is wrong,” she said. “What they’re doing is wrong.”

    Vestal said she’s received a few negative comments, and some critics have made assumptions about her and her children. But she said she replies with, “God bless you,” and moves on to the next message.

    The president was in Dallas Wednesday night for two campaign fundraisers – including a private dinner that commanded as much as $32,000 per plate, according to the Dallas News.

    “One plate for dinner is equal to a year’s salary for some of us,” Vestal said.

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    Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.

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      1. Ignorance is no excuse for voting in these people as our masters. The wrath of God is about to fall on America.

        • Most of us that visit this site are preparing for when things get bad in the future.
          Let this story be a reminder to us all, that for some the bad is already here!

          • Yup, my bad is already here. I guess I am one of the first to hit bottom. Thank God I prepped. Just hoping I can hold out long enough… the wait is longer when you hit bottom first. Just trying to “survive its death” as facebook page would say.

            • After 7 weeks my boss who fired me called today asking me to come back to work. I accepted.


              • “A total economic collapse in Venezuela is now underway.”

                “…hyperinflation is a political event, not a monetary one. In the case of Venezuela, a series of incredibly stupid political errors is behind the collapse of the currency.”
                The Daily Crux

                Venezuela Sinks Deeper Into Hyperinflation
                “…accumulated inflation for the first 10 months of 2013 is … 54.3%.”
                The Financial Times

              • @ Iowa ~ Good for you, Iowa. Good point, I don’t think you are, but don’t let anger or bitterness get in the way. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Finally the boss woke up and smelled the coffee and realized you were a good and fine employee. I am glad for you.

              • Hang in there.

              • awkward

              • You gotta do what you gotta do champ, at least they want you back, prolly realized they need you. good luck man.

              • If you were fired how did you get un-employment?

              • Well Iowa! I didn’t know you were posting this publicly- You’re Fired Again!


          • Parents are going to have to go back to “staying together for the kid’s sake” or in some cases separating for the kids sake so the unemployed spouse can qualify for food stamp and healthcare benefits for their children. Some may even have to go back to the multi-generational households like before the Social Security Act of 1935.

            I’ve had some setbacks myself this year. I had to sell my old diesel truck that also ran on used cooking or motor oil because it needed too many repairs to pass inspection. The dual-sport motorcycle I used to ride to and around the retreat was stolen right off my front porch. Now we’re down to one Jeep, and I’ve shut off my Internet (using free Wi-Fi) and cell phone. We’re also saving about 20% on our heat by relying mostly on the 99.9% efficient dual-fuel gas space heater instead of the 65% efficient furnace with a pilot light.

            • Im feelin you PP, we are currently in a multi-generational living arrangement. Three families total. Makes for hell day-to-day sometimes, but we are making work somehow.

          • “Tell the truth and shame the devil!”

            Whoops, you can all argue if I’m being redundant about the TRULY destructive people in America: a single Mom trying to feed her children or a Dad who promised us change we can believe in.

            Satan HATES human beings because God ranked the angels BELOW that of human beings. So he recruits people with fake power that they think is REAL because it can CRUSH people.

            So just WHO do you think MADE you “pretty good at killing people”, Mr. President? It wasn’t you, nor those who voted for you. It was Satan. Repent now, because Hell is very real, and for eternity.

            As Gandhi said, “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” He also said poverty is the worst form of violence.

            Tell the truth and shame the devil because your silence reinforces both the lies and the devil’s evil.

            – The Lone Ranger

            “We hang the petty thieves and elect the big ones to public office.” – Aesop

        • Bless her heart, she admitted she didn’t vote for the con artist. Hope some people close to where she lives get her some help and invite her over for Thanksgiving dinner.
          Yolanda, there are others here that’ll be lifting you up in prayer, right folks?

          • Well, it’s not going to get any better after Hillary gets installed. Some people are starting that fight already.

            Here’s a link to a petition to stop Hillary from getting into the white house. It’s not a law, but it might look good in future rhetoric. It only takes less than a minute to sign Sheriff Arpaio’s petition. What can it hurt?


            • It does not matter who gets the office.This country,as we all knew it is gone. That is why we do what we do. After, we rebuild the way God intended.

              • I agree that no matter who gets into office, we’re fucked. My thought is that putting the ultimate “yes” woman in charge can’t be an option.

                She will make obummer like like a school boy.

            • Hi, sixpack.

              I tried submitting my signature to the link you provided, but it repeatedly says “Internal server error” and won’t go through.

              Anyone else having this problem? Or is it the gub-mint interfering?

              • The link came from my email and might be proprietary for form filling purposes.

                Try www(dot)stophillarypac(dot)org

                Sorry, my bad.

                • I just typed it into m,y browser and it worked.


            • She has already been Selected. The voting machines will spit out the required votes.

              • Perhaps the only answer then, is for her to be the first woman prez to be jfk’d.

        • These people AREN’T elected they are SELECTED …..

          • WELL said!

          • Yea, and not by us.

            • you beat me to it, thanks.

        • This last decade (Since Yr 2000)of Government Criminal activity, has been the largest theft and and wealth transfer imaginable from the poor to the rich. Beside Corporations getting tax incentives to ship jobs overseas, Oil company price gouging at the pump, 2 costly wars that produced nothing but more hate, and loss of freedoms andbankrupted out treasury, then these rogue corporations pay No Taxes due to Off shore Tax manipulation, then the Banksters crash the housing industry, foreclosures skyrocket, the banksters steal our homes and turn us into debt slaves to rent this property back and us poor tax payers who are paying taxes that reward this Wall Street Rip off of the American Dream. Bankster just got another Pay raise today, as record profits pour in and their stock price rises. And so what do average Americans get out of all of this. Another huge Tax Penalty Bill to fund the Obama Care slush fund of more Health care rip offs to fill the coffers of insurance companies and medical comunity who also price gouge us. Where are the price controls of health care costs? Anyone can just take a breath and smell the Ripe Air of Revolution brewing, and its about to snap, crackle and pop. If our Government wanted to improve the economy just give every household $10,000. Butthey won’t because they know we will buy guns and ammo. The Government arms the Terrorist in Syria over seas, but make us Americans go through background checks and wait 3 days just to buy a shot gun. Had enough of this crap yet?

          • I think you just about summed it up in 60 seconds or less.

        • The sooner the better…everytime she said thank you I read it as fuck you Mr. President.

          If she lived in my town, here kids would have everything that they needed…I hope Texas steps up and at least feeds her children for such courage.

          God bless her…”she ain’t going down without one helluva fight”…and most of us won’t either.

        • Yes It Is!!!!!!!!!!

        • Everyone who comes to this web site should go to her face book and offer her some help. Me and the missis di. If 500 of us who can sent her 100 bucks she could get a better car. some could do more. Lets show the world who preppers are…

        • The question of the day should be: GOT INSURANCE? Remember how the media and the hollywood celebreties were touting Obummer Care with the the statement, “Get Insurance!” It needs to be turned into a question and placed on Billboards all over the USA to remind the American people what this regime and their ardent supporters and the MSM has done to them. America needs to fight back. Enough is enough!

          Got insurance America? Wake up before it is too late!

      2. Amen. Forward this to everybody you know!

        • During some difficult times, I have had to do many of these things.

          Unlike the U.S. government, most families have to make choices and spend within a budget.

          • How many of you all out there think that the following decribes the US government and BO all too well? I wrote this awhile back and shortened it.

            What is a BEAST government?

            Whenever someone mentions the word beast and government together you probably think of the Anti-Christ, 666, Anti-God, etc. However a beast government can be and is one that is ant-freedom, anti-people, and about enslavement and control of the people. As the word beast comes to mind, evil and wrong as this is the opposite of good and fair and decribes a government that has decided to travel the wrong path towards evil and depotism or more more commonly called tyranny. Any country can fall into this chasm, and there are obvious and not so obvious signs that point to this.

            Below are 50 sure signs, in no particular order, that your government is becoming a beast or is already one that enjoys reigns of terror that only a beast employs.

            Governments that:

            1. Use deception to hide their true agenda. This is called playing the populace for fools. Lies aboard, and the truth is withheld.

            2. Steals from the people. All over the world, leaders us the people’s money like it was their own. Trust in one is suppose to be given to the leaders to better the whole country down to the local chapters.

            3. Looks for ways to supercede the original and current laws protecting freedom. The worst enemy of any dictator wanna be’s are laws protecting against this.

            4. Patronizing voters and the general public. Call it phoney, it is telling the people what they want to hear and making them feel important which is hardly the case.

            5. Puts self interest above the betterment of the nation.

            6. Design laws to protect themselves. Being above the law, political immunity.

            7. Selling off their country to other countries, including the enemy.

            8. Takes away or tried to take away people’s self defense. Tyranny and criminals take over when people can’t defend themselves.

            9. Install mass data bases to keep track of as many movements of everyone. National ID cards are a reality in some countries. Control = knowing everyone’s movement as often as possible.

            10. Makes basic free choices into what is now mandatory. Duty is usually designed as something that will better the society and is made into this false premise.

            11. Restricts public viewing of documents that would show too much. Hidden and often shredded will be anything that can be politically damaging and kept from the public on the excuse they they are a security risk.

            12. Restricts public teaching of certain subjects.

            13. Uses political correctness to censor free speech.

            14. Law enforcement brutality and unfairness given a free range. First steps towards a police state is law enforcement thuggery.

            15. Use of mass media for propaganda purposes.

            16. Other branches of government become irrevelant while even holding a majority of power in that government.

            17. Nickel and dime the people with absurd fines and penalties.

            18. Constantly testing how much a government can get away with. Turning the thumbscrews on the public is one way to test the waters to see how far they can really go in the future. Before a tyrannical power takes over they need to see how much resistance there will be.

            19. Use of new technologies, such as drones, to increase the government’s umbrella of influence.

            20. Use of military weapons against their own people.

            21. People continue to get less and less for their tax dollars.

            22. Everyday life and business become more regulated by the state. Every singles police state has one thing in common, suffocating laws. The more eggshells you have to walk on, the more control any government has over the people.

            23. Government check points. A real classic with a police state as this become more concentrated over most major roads.

            25. Federal laws overtakes state and local law.

            26. Foreign borders once free to travel are closed or semi-closed.

            27. Increase spying on innocent citizens that have no reason to be suspects of anything.

            28. Allowing poisonous and/or toxic food, household products, toxic vaccinations, to reach the consumer or even be forced upon them.

            29. Curfews and confinement in people’s homes. Another classic move by any police state, keep people inside.

            30. False accusations and kangaroo courts. What better way to get rid of any “trouble makers” than already find the person guilty?

            31. Disappearing or killing certain people.

            32. Double jeopaardy violations. Keep trying a person until you find them guilty and get rid of them.

            33. Separate people, beyond their free will, that have doen no crime. The loss of family unity is an old trick used by bad government to destroy family unity and bring about hopelessness.

            34. Total control of commerce, manufacturing, business, trade, finances, all dealings.

            35. Continuous detention of underdesirable or trouble making people. To be held indefinitely means that someone is eventually forgotten about.

            36. Special law enforcement, special police. Every dictator has their “special” goons to enforce what the regular police cannot or will not do.

            37. Mid control devices, subtle and not so subtle. This includes what is considered science fiction (fact) type brain implants in the future and of course mind altering druges disguised as therapy, shock “treatment” and lobotomies.

            38. Use of weapons of mass destruction on a government’s own people.

            39. Experimental use of toxins and other poisons on certian elements of the people.

            40. Allow and encourage foreign troops to cover some of the policing of the people. A bad government will use foreign troops to commit atrocites that armed forces of country refuse to do to their own countrymen.

            41. Allow peoples homes and livelihoods to be poisoned by dangerous toxins. What is so common is how a government will continue to deny how hazardous something is to public health and bold faced lies to the public about safety.

            42. Confiscation of personal property without fair compensation.

            43. Assigning a number to a person rather than a name. It sure is a lot easier for an evil government to kill someone behind a number such as 50,000,001 than a name with a real person behind it.

            44. Use of population’s own fear to enact new laws to further entrench the agenda of those in control.

            45. False flags and staged attacks, designed economical downfalls, other national calamities to gain support of the people. The main key here is that it is nothing but a lie and someone or many are sacrificed because of it.

            46. Manipulation of other people’s money, deception to the way things REALLY are.

            47. Intimidation tactics. Every government that is tyrannical uses scare measures to force compliance and blind obedience of the people. Another name for it, bullying.

            48. Baiting people with distractions from the truth. A government has the means of making the people follow a story, an incident, whatever around and around while this diversion is being played out, they get away with whatever they want to. Wag the Dog.

            49. Will use anything and everything to maintain control. This is the pushed into the corner, a very dangerous state that will use any and all extreme measures to keep control.

            50. Pyramid government in which a very tiny number of people gain all the advantages of everyone below them. A hierachy or oligarchy by any other name.

            There are many other examples of a beast government, including torture, dunegones, crimes against humanity, death and everything else associated with evil. The point of this list is AWARENESS of one’s government that preaches freedom such the United States, yet is on the steadfast course of being a rotten tyranny. Unless more people recognize these signs of impending beast government or one that already exists, then people are doomed to live under the thumb of one.

            • Be informed,

              Well said!

              It is sad, but true.

            • Good day to you, BI, and once again you’re right on target. [pun intended] When I read what the lady wrote, I had to get up and get away from my computer for a few minutes in order to calm down. I’ve had to do some of the things this lady speaks of back in the 80s so I have a good idea of what she’s going through. the only part of her letter I disagree with is when she asked God to have mercy on him. If I had written that letter, I would have left that out. I don’t care what God does with Obama, but he definitely needs to be removed from power. He’s destroying our nation and causing people everywhere to suffer and thinks we owe him something? The only thing anyone owes him is one bullet to the head. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • BI, I forgot to add, none of us really owe anything to this beast government as you righteously call it. Nothing they do is legitimate, period.

              • braveheart, it is legitimate evil, pure and simple. Stores like Yolanda’s has to tug at one’s heart. Doesn’t matter how she got where she is at, yet she did get negative responses which illustrates how sick people are and can be (Obama’s minions).

                • DRD5508,
                  Actually, it does matter how she got where she is today. It’s called “Personal Responsibility”. She is from Texas, odds are she voted for G.W. Bush, again “Personal Responsibility”. She is from Texas, odds are she voted for Rick Perry, again “Personal Responsibility”. She stated her income is approx. $32,000 per year, that is approx. $16.00 per hour(40 hrs per wk x 50 wks per year). She is old enough to have three children, she has had time to educate herself in order to improve her value to a perspective employer. Has she done this?? What are her spending habits? Does she smoke cigarettes? Drink alcohol? It is not the responsibility of Government( Federal,State, or local)to provide a marketplace for anyone’s skills or lack thereof. I wish this young woman well and I hope she understands that some her previous choices in life have led her to her present existence.

                  • SD Mule, I don’t know how this lady got into her situation or even if she made any bad decisions ever, but I’m not about to hold anything against her.

                  • Her point is that somebody (BO) is making it really fucking hard to get ahead NOW even if she made poor choices in life in the past. America is supposed to be about seizing opportunity and working to get ahead. Not have an intrusive, overbearing government squashing all of the common man’s dreams. Fuck Obama, fuck Goldman Sachs, Fuck the RINOs, fuck the Dems, fuck the FeD Reserve, fuck all those at the top that are growing richer and richer off the wealth that the middle class used to have. And just wait there’s more. When the DOW drops it’s britches, guess who will be laughing all the way back to the bank? That’s right, NOT middle America.

                  • Braveheart,

                    If America is ever to return to her once Grand self, the inhabitants will have to accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Anytime you are blaming someone or something for your life, you are not accepting the responsibility of your own actions. Do I think the federal government is worth a damn, hell no!! Do I think any state government is worth a damn, hell no!! Do I think any local government is worth a damn, hell no! I try not to involve those knuckleheads in my life. Show me a time in history where the government has not tried to fornicate the people. Don’t depend on the bastards and stop arguing that one side is better than the other. Get them out of your life, as much as you can.

                  • SD Mule – You have got to be one of those know it all friggin’ Liberals. You’ve got all the answers to everything don’t you? You are so fucking smart that you feel you are able to tell someone what they’re reproductive rights are? You jack-ass you are part of the fricking problem in this country.
                    I for one am an Engineer and I make six figures in a year; I live in a modest home and drive modest vehicles and even I am just paying my bills. Prior to Obama getting elected I had an expendable income….no longer. Now with Obama Care I have to give up what I have worked my ass off for the last 25 years to pay for insurance for some POS free loader that refuses to move out of his mom and dad’s basement…some A-hole similar to yourself….some fucking punk who has all the answers in life but yet hasn’t been able to get his own shit together to move out of his parent’s basement…yet he feels entitled to judge some poor single mom’s choices in life. All I can say to you is go find the nearest fucking bridge and jump off it. You have got to be the biggest douche bag I’ve ever seen post on here. If you had half a fucking brain I would try to explain to you why you’re a worthless POS, but I’m not going to waste my time!

                  • I want some of what you’re smoking. IF she is indeed making $32000 a year, I’m betting that is gross not net. So after income taxes she may be bringing home as much as $24000. So after fuel costs (tax heavy), utilities, phone (federal excise taxes on both) and rent their isn’t a whole lot left for such necessities as food, much less for any luxury items as tobacco and alcohol.

                  • Mr. T,
                    Your ignorance is showing!! If you disagree with me, I’m okay with that, but why the personal attack? Did I hit a nerve?? Are you blaming others for your life instead of taking responsibility for your actions and choices?? Time to be a Big Boy!!

                  • Any Mouse,
                    I don’t smoke, but thanks for the offer. There are plenty of people on welfare that smoke and drink and they don’t make 32K a year on welfare. The taxes on fuel and phone service have been in place for many, many years, they are not new. As a young adult, with the most basic of math skills, you must be able to understand that your income will not support a lifestyle with multiple mouths to feed and clothe. If you have a requirement of more income due to multiple dependents or a desire for a more lavish lifestyle, then you must improve your skill-set or limit your expenses in other parts of your life. I don’t understand why this is someone else’s fault, please explain.

                • DRD5508, there’s never anything legitimate about evil [except in the eyes of government officials.] I do feel for this lady. When I finished reading her letter, I had to get away from my computer for about 30 minutes. It took me that long to cool off from what that BOY in the WH is doing to our people.

                  • braveheart, I got you beat, I cooled off in 2 minutes. I know tptb want us to get and stay angry, which I won’t allow them to keep me in that state. Either way, congrates that you did cool down for hear stories like hers a lot from the truckers.
                    Stay in His Grace.

                  • The guy in the WH is not doing anything different than any other president. He’s knuckling under to the folks with all the money and we all know money runs the world.
                    Yolanda’s story is a tragedy in today’s world but is anyone asking the pertinent question? Where are all the itinerant husbands/common-law fathers? Is the state required to feed, clothe and educate these children? Just how many families sired by these romeos that are on the welfare rolls.
                    Walk into any pub or bar and you’ll see these fellows sporting the latest tattoos sitting with a drink or beer and romancing some other gullible female willing to shack up to jump into bed with said ‘hunk’. She gets pregnant and he moves on to fairer game. Next year she’s at the welfare office seeking assistance. Will I help her? Of course I (we)will!
                    I’m not saying this is Yolanda’s story but you can be sure I’m not far off the mark.
                    This is clearly a societal problem. The state has convinced us that the state will look after us, Right? That’s socialism/communism.
                    We have drifted from God’s guide line.

            • The ramifications of what has occurred – what the Government of these United States has done to it’s Peoplea (Yes, “Peoples” for we are Many)- are only now beginning to be plain to everyone, everywhere. Look upon the very face of Pestilence and DESPAIR.

              Those who have co-opted the Regency of this Land will NOT yield what they have dutifully stolen – by dint of hard THIEVING – simply because someone ask them to do so ‘Politely”. For at the root the of their outlook is anything but compassion or empathy…

              ….things which THEY are ‘genetically’ incapable of, IMHO.

              Perhaps someone here ha stopped to WONDER that the History of the World is so fraught with Abuse, perhaps not. I have dwelt on this question for a long while indeed, and, frankly, concluded some while ago that Humanity consist of two distinct groups of Human’s.

              The first group of which I speak is a group that cherishes all that relates to their own family’s, as well as everything that leads to Peace and Dignity broadly for those around and about them as well.

              The second group is ‘gregarious’ to excess and very good at seeming to be what, in fact, they are not. The over-riding dictum that SEEMS to drive these – possibly at a level that is all but unconscious in nature – is a drive to dominate all in their local environment, thus ensuring their own survival and prosperity as well. There is among this group a compulsion to seek ever larger sway over ALL of the variables of which Life consist….regardless of the possible effects this might have on OTHERS; which seems to never ENTER their thought processes.

              Is everyone following on with this thus far?

              Being explicit here, I propose that there are TWO distinct groups of which Humanity consists, on average, and that these two groups have completely DIFFERENT ‘World-Views’ from one to the other. How might this view be justified, realistically?

              Go online and look up the “Minnesota Study of Twins”, which was a true Scientific attempt to answer the question, “Nurture vs Nature”, ie, “Is the determining factor in a Human’a makeup a function of HOW they are RAISED or instead an inate result of their genetic heritage?”

              The results released by those researchers, after more than 49 years of the ongoing study are startling, to say the least. Ahh, a word of quick explanation here is needed, I think…

              THAT study examined only true ‘identical twins’ separated at, or near birth who were later adopted into SEPARATE family’s and raised without knowledge or contact with the other twin. Suffice it here to say that the Researchers found that the number of points of similarity of those twin pairs, even with absolutely no contact apriori was amazing…all the way down to specific personal habits and idiosyncracy’s being frequently identical.

              Now, we’ve all heard the woeful tales which go as, “Oh it’s NOT their’s how they were RAISED that caused the terrible problems; caused them to have SUCH difficulties in Life”, Yes?

              The study here mentioned puts this to pasture, permanently…it is NOT how you were raised…in the researchers final IS to a HIGH degree, solely a function of the genetic potentials involved, perhaps as much as to the 90th percentile, even!…. their estimation, NOT mine. THEREFOR, IF it is the case that the actual nature of Humanity is predominantly DETERMINED by individual genetic heritage; so then Ol’ Gramps and Granny were right when years ago they cautioned us all, “Don’t FOOL with ‘those’…they’re FROM the “wrong side of the tracks”…and been that way for GENERATIONS”…and always WILL be.”

              Anybody here remember how ‘quaint’ and ‘backward’ THAT seemed to us ‘enlightened ones’ years ago. Funny, ain’t it…the only problem is that THEY seem to have been PROVED right in the passage of time. How does that here apply?

              IF – in fact – the general predisposition of an individual is genetically determined, then it might well also be the case that specific segments of the gene pool are heavily biased in one direction or another, Yes? Just so…then also it may be the case that a genetic predisposition exists broadly which determines that a certain ‘laxity’ in ethical behaviour might well be a defining characteristic of a specific group…a predisposition to ‘predatory’ activity on their own fellows..species members.

              Mind you, what we SEE in the World is this: Rottweilers are NOT Shih-Tzus, Sheep Dogs are NOT Akita’s, etc, etc, though ALL are Dogs. Is it therefor astonishing in any way to surmise that Humans – broadly – are also not the same from genotype to genotype? Here, nothing ‘racial’ is implied, or should be inferred…for we see the predatory ‘strain’ appearing in ALL segments of Humanity wherever we look, No? How many of you KNOW of the presence of a ‘sexual predator’ within or near to your own neighborhood?

              To be sure here, “Predation” is not unique to any particular segment of Humanity; without THAT ‘trait’ none now living would likely be here; instead what I refer to here is the basic ability to ‘discriminate’ between ‘us and them’ …what is Human, a part of Humanity, and what is NOT. Spare me any cries arising from PETA meetings…my SPECIES is important to me SUPREMELY, so ‘can it’.

              Those who cannot – constitutionally – LEARN to co-exists with their fellows in Harmony and Equality, …those who are COMPELLED – on some level – to seek DOMINANCE over all, seem to have absorbed the entirety of the Governance of the World…or am I here mistaken?

              It IS these – who I suggest HERE – who are our proper Foes….who are the Enemies of Life itself upon this Earth, those who we must HALT…ere it ALL be “gone in the twinkling of an eye”…for we are WELL-capable of doing just that, in this day and age…

              Dwell on it a bit and see what you come up with, Eh?

              If it is not now plain…this WILL continue…until SOMEONE stops it. I believe that ‘CRUNCH TIME’ is just about here…but Hell, I could BE wrong…


              • Voice.

                We have become so civilized to our own detriment. That being so far removed from Mother Nature and the Laws of the Wild.

                We will return to them.

                • Evening slinghot,

                  All too soon I fear Friend, all too soon.


              • voice – read Dr Robert Hare.

                This is why I don’t join in the jew bashing. I actually think there is a sub-section of our society that is not human, as we think of a normal human being. Altruism and compassion are universal human traits and these individuals have none.

                Instead I think of them as a sub-species, hiding amongst and behind the much larger numerical mass of humanity. Kinda like the sole wolf in a pack of wild German Shepherds. They recognise, breed with and protect their own at our expense. For centuries they have walked amongst us undetected, although occasionally they throw us one of their weakest members to throw us off the scent of the main pack (perhaps one that is seen as genetically defective because they shows the merest glimmer of a conscience?).

                Over time their lack of compassion has enabled them to rise to the top of society, and they recruit only those who support their cause and mimic their values. Our only purpose is to act as the supportive Mama Bird to their desire for power and control over everything. In the same way as the baby Cuckoo does in nature. They are essentially parasites feeding off their host – humanity.

                • Good Evening lonelonemum,

                  In essence, “Nosferatu” indeed…your analogy here is exquisite, “Immaculate”, I think! Neaderthal utterly displaced Cro-Magnon man an aeon ago. I wonder if what we see today is not similar…in some sense. However, this too is true: Were WE gone from the picture, just IMAGINE what the reality would be…what happens to those as when the pool in which a thousand pirana are swimming…when that pool dries up in a HOT sun.

                  Needless to say, tis NOT a pretty picture. No, in truth unless the infection be stemmed -soon, I think – there is but little hope for the species. Any such group of those becoming the sole inheritors of the World, would lead to a ‘BAD END’ for all of THEM, would it not?

                  I am here mindful of the phrase I heard long ago, that the ‘Task ahead of you is LESS than the WILL which drives you”…we will Hope for now…and eventually, ACT. So it is. THIS time is, WILL be, DIFFERENT, make no mistake there…

                  …a Pleasure, M’am.


                  PS: I TRIED to leave a post for slingshot but the BOARD dropped me AGAIN…Gee, this I getting tedious, therefor…

                  Indeed Brother…and all too soon, I fear.

            • …and that’s AFTER you shortened it? Damn.

          • And unlike the govt, we can’t force people at gun point, to give us more after we squander what we have.

      3. fuck you Obama and the machine that promoted you.

      4. Letters like this just makes obummer,s day. He sees his goal is happening, hurting the people of America, destroying us and anything to do with us. freetrapper

        • Elmo never sees these letters. Staffers that make probably more than we do in 3/4 years read these and discard all bad/negative, insulting letters.
          Don’t fool yourselves.

        • freetrapper, you’re right about the pres who can be called freeloader.

      5. I was one of those who voted him into office the first term. Who was caught up in the lie “yes we can” and thought this was the man who would change the country… Little did I know at the time the change that would soon follow would be the dismantling of the Constitution, our rights and the dismay of our country. God for give me.

        • I forgive you like I had to with family members. Welcome to eyes wide open central.

          • I thought he was the antichrist when I heard obummer’s first speech. When he was elected, I knew he was.

            • Me too Six. I don’t see how people could have been so gullible.

              • 2nd that. But shit, Mc-laim or Rommney are from the same piece of wood (that fatass Christie tree). They all would love to have us disarmed and castrated if they could. Then it is easy peasy to have their way with us.

                • I can still be pretty mean without a gun in my hand.

                  • What I mean is, disarmed or not, I’m gonna fight.

              • I think because most people thought he meant what they WANTED him to mean, rather than what he REALLY meant.

                • sixpack now you sound like you’re talking about Clinton.

                  • They’re all the same aren’t they? All reading from the same PTB teleprompter.

          • Ok what do you do with family members who still believe in this POS President? Family members who are so blind that even after all that this President has wrought upon this country, they still believe in him and if you question anything he says they attack you and call you racist? I’m sorry but I can’t forgive my parents for their beliefs when they are destroying my children’s, grandchildren’s, and great-grandchildren’s futures. I just can’t do it. This country is being destroyed in front of their eyes and their own children’s lives are being dismantled and they don’t seem to care…as long as they get theirs everything is just peachy. I can not forgive that behavior.

            • Exactly. How can this shithole have a 39% approval rating? It should be 12%, or whatever the black population is. I only say this because I have only counted 11 blacks in 5 years that disapprove of Obama. Most want so badly that he be the savior. They can’t look past skin color and judge on merit. Unbelievable how dumb as a country we have become. I guess their plan is working.

        • Lots of people did the same, Mccain was known as a washington insider, and not in a good way, i think many had hopes that perhaps obummer would at least start the ball rolling in a positive direction, lots of folks will thumb this down, but obummer is not 100% responsible for any of this,
          I blame the washington Dc establishment, the deficits were already building before BO even got that winning ballot, NSA DHS etc were all already in existence,
          And any legislation that comes from DC is so convoluted and polluted it shouldnt be enacted.
          This is much deeper than one man, is he guilty by association? Yes, definitely, a bigger man would expose the corruption and such, but that will never happen.
          Washington is flailing around trying to show its legitimacy and all the while is just further clouding the view of We The People. They are out of control.

          • I think that’s how they herd is into voting their guy/gal into office. The alternatives they allow us to vote on are so repugnant that we all end up voting for the lesser of the evils.

            I’m not voting for evil anymore.

            IF I vote ever again, I’m going to cast my measly little, do-nothing vote for the guy they smeared the most in the campaigns—it’s likely he’s the only decent one presented.

            • I agree with you on the hearding thing, especially at the national level with the president, locally it boils down to whoever the unions back is who usually gets in, that has been changing to some degree because of all the transplants who now call Maui home, but even that doesnt change anything in some districts, democrats rule the scene, but in many cases they are not the same as say a democrat from Ca or Ny. The unions pull heavily democrat as you would expect, in years gone by our reps who went to Dc were always re elected, not sure how thats going to go with the new group, our world is changing, corruption rules now and distorts everything.

          • Kulafarmer I agree that it’s not all Obama’s fault, but he took a 6 trillion dollar deficit and has balooned it up to almost 17 trillion dollars….sooo yes I can blame him for what he’s done! IT IS HIS FAULT! He applied for the damn job and he PROMISED this country that he’d change things and turn things around….I for one didn’t believe him and didn’t vote for him, but he’s still responsible for the promises he made to the people who did vote for him. He does not get a free pass for the EVIL he has done to this country and to the world. He deserves a bullet to the friggin’ head!!!

            • Transparency anyone? Anyone? Focus like a laser anyone? Period.

        • KuHawaiian,
          You were voting for “change from the previous administration”, correct? That would be the Right/Red State/supposed Conservative party, correct? That would be the same party of the “lesser of two evils party” of Romney, correct? That would be the same party that put up the incompetent Sarah Palin as a VP, correct?? How about we stop fooling ourselves that there is a meaningful difference between the Right/Left, Red/Blue, and Conservative/Progressive!
          If you always do, what you always did, you always get, what you always got!!

          • Dude you’re a fricking moron!

      6. Communists have no empathy for human beings.
        You expected otherwise?

      7. @The Rifleman Next Door ……Focus should be on the machine brother. We get new poppets every 4 year up to 8 years. They are just the machine operators.

        • Its like putting Mario Andretti behind the wheel of a 65 Datsun

          • Kula, you are funny. Thanks for the laugh.

        • The machine can only be altered by electing different leaders. This has failed and will continue to fail because our leaders are human and fall to desires and greed. The only other way to change anything is through physical confrontation at this point. Not all things can be corrected through a voting booth or diplomacy. I wish it were that easy. But until that day comes, we are stuck in this eternal limbo waiting for shit to deteriorate to the point that something/someone gives. I for one can sense a lot of national tension in the air right now. Almost a calm before a storm. I wake up each day thinking, surely someone out there has had enough and has made a move. Then again, maybe I have a sinus infection coming on. Who the hell knows anymore?

      8. Off Topic…

        Unfortunately, Obama has issued a new executive order, with more government control…

        Obama Has Just Implemented a Plan for Government Control Over America’s Resources

        11/1/13, Executive Order — Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change

        • Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to hunt down and uproot all the Socialist/Communist drones that this Asshole President has entrenched in all of the government entities and agencies? It will take a lifetime to remove all of these scum suckers from their positions of authority. I for one would eliminate the EPA, DHS, TSA, USDA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, Federal Reserve, I.R.S., and Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. That would be just the beginning; all of those salaries and operational budgets would go along way into paying off our deficit. I would seize the assets of anyone or any corporation’s executive that profitted from the dismantling of our nation. Their assets too would go towards paying down our nation’s deficit. That is our way out of this darkness!

      9. Ditto…..she just said what so many of us have been thinking for a long time. Good luck and God bless.

      10. Most people would be taken aback by a letter like this and might even try to correct any wrongs they were doing. For Oshitbag this letter is conformation that his plan is working wonderfully. When I see this kind of thing I am reminded that most Americans still do not understand what these commie fucking hippies are doing. If so letters like this would not be written, they only encourage the onslaught from the shitbag. It is not a mistake this woman is hurting. Look around, its happening to everyone including me and my family and probably yourself. At the very least you know someone in great pain. Our country is already fucked and I’m afraid if a reset doesn’t come soon the frogs will remain comfortable just long enough to ensure they boil overnight.
        One good sign, I finally did hear a sheeple complain about higher prices the other day. However when I told them it was inflation they said there was no inflation. Maybe I jumped the gun on the sheeple growing a brain. Pray, prep and bring on the reset.

        • They are heartless and souless.

        • If you give a sheeple a brain, they just push it across the floor, wondering why it doesn’t have wheels on it…

          • Didn’t think of that. Your probably right sixpack.

      11. Gee you think this is the way he and his handlers planned it. Is it time to pick up a pitch fork? Let get the ball rolling. Kick them all out of office tar and feather them and put honest folk in for two terms and make them go back to the private sector.

        Getting very PI$$ed in Wyoming.


        • Yes, Obama and his minions deliberately went about creating a health care plan that was too expensive and impractical. They knew the website would be a disaster. Their goal is to destroy the economy and help usher in a one world government.

      12. I cannot believe that there are people that would pay $32,000.00 to break bread with President Obama, well maybe one or two dopes. He doesn’t have enough money to sit at my table, it is a shame the first Black President is going into the history books as the nations worst, most useless, etc… president in the history of the world.

        • think hollywood.

        • Once you realize that tptb are white, satan-worshipping elitists, who else would they put down in history in this slot, but a black guy? For the last 3 administrations at least, the black people working for the govt have taken the hits for the lies they got caught at.

          It is completely racist, but then the elites ARE racist, and they are in the position to write the history books to their liking.

          Following this idea, I think Hillary could go either way. She will be the final nail in the people’s coffin, but she may not suffer the same fate as obummer because at least she is a white woman.

          Remember, symbolism is everything to the elites.

          • {…I think Hillary could go either way.} I no longer think so, even if she did marry.

        • obeseley…. $32K is cheap. Eliot Spitzer was spending twice as much with a hocker when he was the NY AG. If I remember correcty the hocker was saying he used to keep his socks on as well. The issue is not to have such political dinners with this president…every single president follows the same marketing campaign to either be elected or re-elected. The donors are the one who has screwed us.

          • {obeseley…. $32K is cheap. Eliot Spitzer was spending twice as much with a hocker when he was the NY AG.}

            True; but then, he was keeping better company too.

        • At one of the two places he broke bread was at a synagogue. He damn well knows who is buttering his bread……

          • If a man says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar: for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? 1 John 4:20
            I guess they don’t teach this at the Westboro Baptist Church that you attend. You are a condemmed liar. Condemmed by the words of Jesus Christ himself !

      13. I’m sorry Dear Single-mom, but Mr. pResident doesn’t care.
        He actually delights in your misery. It’s part of his protocol in taking down America a notch, because we have benefited from too much bounty in the past.

      14. The best thing that can happen for those NWO folks is for USA citizens to walk around stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.

        The worse thing for the NWO is for millions USA folks walk around prepared. Be prepared–that is the key.


        Letters mean nothing. Action does.

      15. Kimberly

        you surely nailed it this time!


      16. Obamacare, so called, is really an extermination program, one that attacks Americans on many levels. The result is the same, increased poverty, more authoritarian oppression, severely reduced medical care, then death.

        • @Simplicity’s Homestead, very true. Looks like the machine was programmed well to follow the historical leader’s food steps. The target and the end result is based on:

          “When there’s a person, there’s a problem. When there’s no person, there’s no problem.
          Josef Stalin”

      17. @Highspeedloafer
        Correction sir, The wrath of God is already upon us. Consider the possiblity that antichrist Obama, and the of the evil and corrupt members of the jackass party along with the wimpy and stupid members of the dead elephant party are in power over us as a punishment and a call to repentance for our sins? We are getting what we deserve. We are reaping what we have sown.

        • True. But the end result is a one world government and the Great Tribulation. Most likely, ten years from now Jesus will have started his mellinial reign on the earth.

        • I totally agree Jeff. But, it will get much, much worse. Too many people are still living the high life, but it’s coming. I don’t think Obama is the antichrist, but a forerunner.

          Take care.

      18. Nice letter, wish I could help out directly but in the end Zero doesn’t give a flying hoot about some white woman. Why anyone would think that guys cares for anyone but himself is beyond me.

        Of course, her letter is a rant and a vent and who can blame her.

      19. “Well let them eat cake”!! I sure hope history repeats itself and some heads will roll down the street for what these asshats have done to this once great country!

      20. How the hell do you respond to that?

      21. Would it be wrong to pray that the next time the Kenyan is playing golf, that a sudden lightning storm comes up?

      22. What ? No blaming the Jews for all the problems our country is having ? Wow that’s new !

        • il do it..

          Hitler did not wake up one day and say “well, I think im going to kill all the jews” NO.. they were doing the same thing theyre doing now. being greedy, dirty banksters.

          federal reserve. Bernanke- jewish, Yellen-jewish. the entire thing is jewish and is pumping out fake money like a black lady pumps out kids.
          Fun Fact: There has never been a non-Jewish head of the federal reserve, in all of its decades of existence.

          its killing this nation, even faster than the muslim president.

          • If a man says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar: for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? 1 John 4:20
            Wow did you learn that Anti Jew crap in the Federal or State lock up ? Why don’t you save that crap for a more appropriate venue like say a Klan or Skinhead meeting.Or even the Westboro Baptist Church. There are plenty of sites for you to enjoy with like minded people who share your view. Please visit them. They will welcome your comments. Here not so much.

      23. Gee…where’s JoeinNC?

        • Who cares what ncjoe is doing as long as he stays away from here.

      24. She was forced to marry? Texas law demands all married women to have children? She wants to blame someone else for her incompetence at being a mother. I guess her motto should be: “I’m not responsible for my decisions.It’s not my fault.” What are the Rep/Con/Teas in Texas doing about men,divorced or not, not taking care of their families? In the future,if she needs help,she can call the Republican Party.

        My mother raised me without any support from my sorry Republican father.She worked hard & didn’t receive any handouts.She was a success in her career & so is her son.
        Real Americans don’t bitch & moan,They succeed.
        How many Rep/Con/Teas in Texas are receiving Big Govt. Tax Dollar Assistance?

        “$32,000 per plate,”
        What is the total amount of tax breaks & subsidies to private businesses in Texas? I’m sure Yolanda Vestal & all other Texans will be receiving theirs,shortly.

        • @TR
          Apparently you didn’t read her letter very closely. Read it again and maybe you can post more intelligently next time.

          • Apparently you didn’t disprove anything in my comment.

            • Apparently you think your comment was intelligent and responsive to the issues raised by this woman, instead of being the vile rant it was.

              Obama is responsible for Obamacare, it is a failure, causing real harm to real people, and you defend him.

        • TR, I don’t think you understand what she was saying in the letter. She’s lucky that her ex-husband is providing any help at all. I personally know single moms who don’t even receive that. She’s venting her frustrations at Obama and the system. what could be wrong with that? Also, I didn’t see any mention of Republican or Democrat in the letter. Read the letter more carefully before you post.

          • TR:”My mother raised me without any support from my sorry Republican father.She worked hard & didn’t receive any handouts.She was a success in her career & so is her son.
            Real Americans don’t bitch & moan,They succeed.”

            I’ll make it clearer. My mother was a single mother.

            braveheart says:”Read the letter more carefully before you post.”

            • OK, TR, so your mother was a single mother and managed to improve her situation; congratulations to her and I’m not holding anything against her, just like I refuse to hold anything against Yolanda. I don’t know how she got into her situation, but I’m not going to hold anything against any victim of Obama. I think she just wanted to vent and that’s no different from what we do at this site every day. We all have our own complaints about Obama. I just don’t see any good reason for anyone to attack Yolanda.

            • Different time in the country, unless your 12 years old. Things are harder to put together today. The middle class is being euthanized. I just love holier than thou types who no nothing of others situations in any great detail.

              • Gonetoolong–you can only sympathize with Yolanda if you’ve been there.

                • I sympathize with the Americans that I see everyday walk into my office. These are middle class citizens getting the shaft more and more each passing day. I do make some assumptions that this lady is in similar circumstances as those that I hear from daily.

                  • True – the opportunity to improve your situation through dint of hard work is just not there any more for so many people. I’ve lost count of the number of friends who are earning just half what they were ten years ago, and only know one youngster who managed to get a proper apprenticeship. Too many are treading water at a “McJob” hoping that things will eventually improve.

      25. She will probably get a visit from the IRS, or some black ops jackasses

        Oblaimy will not even take the minute to read what she had to say, let alone lose any sleep over it.

        I too know what its like to be a single parent for quite a while many years until I re-married ( by choice for the better environment for my child) Male and I won custody of my Daughter , I took on the responsibility knowing it was going to cost me in many ways, I wouldn’t change things one bit.
        When Mooshelle slipped one time saying she felt like a single parent , I laughed my ass off,, she has no clue..she more than likely had someone paid for by you and I to take care of any child needs for her.

        There are all types of families struggling out there, some more then others. Those Idiots in DC could care less. Until the suffering comes to them, not a dam thing will change, We the people can make that happen, but we really need to want it bad, or it never will.

        Its all by design, deflate the dollar, inflate the costs, push an unconstitutional law on the masses,all this when folks like us all need a break, not a slap in the face, sit back and watch the fireworks because this is all what they want , more pain and suffering


        • …and I wish them nothing less…

        • Don’t forget that there is a Grandma living there, to watch the youngsters…

      26. is there anyway we can send this poor woman some cash to help her out?

        • Sure. Find out who she is. Have her sell something on ebay for the amount you want to give her. She could sell a fork for $50 and you could buy it.

          • Unless they declare a new E.O defining this as money laundering.

        • The article has a link to her Facebook page. Contact her. She’s apparently turned down offers of help before.

          • “She’s apparently turned down offers of help before.”

            A little factoid totally overlooked by that shred of human debris, TR.

        • @snowman, NO. She is not a fat ass EBT user who has selected the life style of a living for free out of our tax dollars while doing her nails. She is a true picture of what is happening to our society and indeed to the world per an engineered system of human control. While I have no problem to help my fellow neighbors when they are in legitimate needs but her type is not asking for handouts. She is asking to have a better paying job to be able to provide for her kids.

          • Tactical, AMEN.

          • tactical,
            i agree that she is not a fat ass ebt person. she sounds like a solid citizen who is experienceing what many others are going through. my reasoning for helping her is to help those who are like us. if i was in her area i would offer her a job if she was qualified for the position, or direct her to someone that has a position she would be qualified to fill. But since i am not,i go by my standard credo that we should always help our fellow man/woman to get on their feet(in this case some cash since i am to far away to be of any good) i expect nothing in return because we should always help those in real need without thinking that they will owe me later.Which by the way seems to be the reason most liberals go by for doing anything to help anyone. As long as they can get something over on you they feel you belong to them.

            • We are in 100% agreement snowman.

        • Snowman, count me in on that also.

      27. Healthcare is the only good thing Obama has done for the U.S.

        The people who think it is a bad thing usually are ignorant and have been listening to too much propaganda spouted by unreliable sources or simply hate the idea that they will have to pay a little more taxes.

        They don’t care about the fact that people will finally be able to get sick and treated.

        • Angry Jew, uh, I’m not sure where you get your info about Obamacare, but it’s not the good thing you’ve been led to believe. There’s a ton of articles online revealing the truth about Obamacare that you should look at. Obama has NOT done anything good for this nation and never will.

        • WHAT AN IDIOT.

          • Sixpack:

            Most government trolls cant control themselves for very long. Most trolls like AnAngryJew finally have to show their true colors.

            You can place him in the red thumber bracket.

            Troll away, AnAngryJew. We now understand who you really are.

            • Disagrees with the republican conservatives of this site.

              Therefore must be government troll.

              I have looked for the evidence that Obamacare is bad. And every claim I have seen has been debunked to be inaccurate, misleading or down right convoluted lies.

              • AAJ…….I am curious why you selected the Angry Jew as your screen name? If my tribe was controlling the money supply , porn industry, banks, Federal Reserver as your tribe does, I would be indeed rather very happy.

                Oh wait…I got it….you and the rest of your tribe are concerned that each day people all waking up and seeing the true picture? Karma is a bitch.

                • “every claim I have seen has been debunked to be inaccurate, misleading or down right convoluted lies.”

                  That statement is a downright convoluted lie unless you are speaking about Obamacare itself.

                  Millions of Americans are getting brassed off because they are now seeing the true nature of the lie they were told, over and over and over again, in 2008 and every day to now. Obamacare is a failure from the get-go, and will only get worse.

        • AAJ…….Wow, this one is way too obvious…..Let me summarize what you are saying in shorter sentence:

          “Dear People …..Be blind and get screwed even more since my uncle at Goldman Sachs
          must make more profit”. “He loves Money. Money is his God”.

        • Got beachfront property for sell in West Texas and our Florida friends have swamp land for sell also; all of it real cheap.

          • DRD5508 …. Actually Florida Swamp Land is an appropriate place for such commentators.

            • Tac, with you on that!

        • Dear AnAngryJew. You didn’t leave me any choice. The folks like you who are behind Obamacare are very similar to the following scenario:

          I just went to a Jewish furniture store as they were offering 0% finance for unto 10 years!
          “That’s great!” I said as I signed the contract. “When will it be delivered?”
          “When you’ve paid the balance” he smiled.

        • Just when I thought people couldn’t get any dumber, along comes AnAngryJew.

      28. We have got to be very careful. The people who complain
        publicly are continuously being audited by the IRS. We can’t afford to fight them. It doesn’t matter if you are right. At this point we need to be the graymen. If we want to survive to fight another day. They can and will take everything you have. Beware!

        • Fine. Let them audit me. Let them come and try to take something I don’t have. Let them try to make something out of nothing.

          Merry fucking christmas.

        • So, complain anyway, let them audit me. I give them a copy of my tax return and the documentation and they get to argue over maybe ten bucks either way.

      29. BI, that was a good rundown of what’s got caring American’s pissed off at government and the steady encroachment of police state tyranny on every level. The u.s. government is a threat to peace and humanity worldwide. These monstrous psychopaths murdered JFK, and planned and executed 9-11. To believe otherwise is ignorance of the facts and the truth.

      30. imho…

        This is a woman who, in the aftermath of the coming collapse, should and probably will be on a local commission wielding justice to the unjust.

        I applaud her…

      31. Most americans have zero discernment skills. Although I knew he was going to be the prez, I also knew our lives were going to change for a long time to come. You all can’t cry like little babies after the fact. The one an only promise he kept: “I will fundamentally change america”, that he has – ENJOY!

        • Oh your just soooo “F-ing smart !

        • I agree 100% KM. He told us what his goals were. Most just weren’t listening. Makes me sad.

          • My ass was listening loud and clear and have seen this shit coming for 6 years. I really have a hard time understanding people that had any faith in this asshole president from the beginning. He as a person was laid out for us from the onset. How can anyone think that a coke using, pot smoking, gangsta from Chi-town who has never had a job make a good prez. And don’t start with the GW shit. He is pretty much an asshole too. Face it folks, we are up against a system and that system won’t change until blood is spilled. Who the hell knows when that will be. We might drag this shit out another 10 years.

      32. Really. Just another SHEEPLE that thought her lifestyle in dreamland would carry on for generations. A person that never woke up to reality. Now shes turning the weak minded into joining her huge PITY PARTY. She should have smelled the coffee way before she fell into such a slump. Now that slump shes crying about has turned into a way of life that has permeated all over this planet. Buck up lady and all those that had and has their head up their you know what for so many years. Stop the PITY PARTIES and start PREPPING!

        • BOO-WHO-WHO, all the lady is doing is venting about Obama, the same thing we all do on this forum every day. i don’t see any “pity party” taking place. And I think she has already “bucked up” a long, long time ago. Although she’s having a tough time, she’s hanging in there. She knows she has to for herself and her kids. i don’t think she has her head in the place you mentioned; I believe she is living in the real world. She made it clear she has no illusions about Obama. It’s true her letter won’t change anything, but whoever says she can’t vent is full of shit.

          • You know Braveheart I think if the woman was at least alittle bit prepared it would not be so hard of a situation for her. No. She was taken completely off guard of her probably Alice and Wonderland lifestyle and its kicking her in the butt. There should be a follow-up with this to see if she has learned to be honest with herself ,and thats “PREPARE”. Pity parties with out works is dead. In the S.H.T.F. way of life in a group,which is coming full bore, there WILL BE the GENERALS the CAPTAINS the PRIVATES down to the BUCK PRIVATES. There also will be the LONEWOLFES. This lady must now take responsilbilty for her actions on calling out the Pres. Will she now finally become a prepper and rally around the troops or will she still beleive the lie that kept her barking “BA-BA-BA”.

      33. Oh come on! You know, the president is a aggressive narcissistic sociopath , that’s a given . But don’t you all think it’s high time we stop looking to government to help people like this lady and find it among ourselves?

        • Agent,
          Maybe I mis-read her letter. Maybe I did not have my correct pair of prescription eye glasses on as I tried to learn this lady’s situation. The first paragraph of her letter introduces herself to the President and somewhat asks for his explanation or excuse for the current catastrophic demise of the life of people in her situation. She may not have said it that way but that is what I took from the prelude section.
          The middle section of her letter she compares the life of Barack Obama’s family to her own. She might as well have used any or all of the political figures elected or appointed as the antithesis of her contrast questions .
          The close of her letter states only the obvious that any person with half on ounce of brainpower already knows. I believe this woman wrote what she did with tears running down her cheeks.
          Nowhere did I see a request ,plea or demand for anything from anyone.
          I guess I will re-read the article and use my other pair of eyeglasses. Then maybe I’ ll see what you read.
          The people on this site are all about preparing for an extreme situation. Many have had years of time and effort invested in their journey. This poor woman is so far behind the 8 ball her future is most likely already determined.
          I want to tell Yolanda that there is love and compassion directed towards her from this site. I only wish I could honestly tell her that everything will be fine for her in the future. Unfortunately I can’t honestly say that. I can only pray for her family and all similar families.
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • She wants the Government to STOP helping her, any more help like she’s getting, she’s done for.

      34. Some may not be aware, but the founding charter for the nsa has this nice little tits bit in its wording, goes.a little like this ” the nsa its not subject to any law that does not specifically state the nsa in the text of that law” sorry if its not relevant to the story , just thought it was relevant information regardless.

      35. Voters. What are you going to do with voters? When Socialist Democrat Jimmy Carter was elected President, a survey of his voters was taken. 60% of those voting for him did so because they thought that since he was from Georgia he was a Conservative. So much for a well informed electorate. Winston Churchill said, the best argument against democracy, is a five minute conversation with the average voter. We’re screwed.

      36. 100 million American gun owners had better vote for the Retards in the next national elections or the Second Amendment will be HISTORY.

        Better yet,100 million American gun owners should form a New Patriot Party and elect Patriots to office in place of NWO Stooges.

        Get involved where you live. Infiltrate, be vocal, demand legislation based upon the US Constitution. The only thing that the PTB FEAR is an enraged, engaged electorate, targeting them.

        Target your enemies or they will target you first. 🙂

        • If you think things are bad now, imagine what it will be like if they are successful in confiscating YOUR gun. No way to bring home the bacon and no way to protect your buns.

          Engage the enemy now, while there is still time to stop and reverse the tide. 🙂

        • DK…

          If you think this can be reversed with anything short of a revolution, you are living in a dreamworld.

          For one thing, TPTB simply will NOT allow that to happen. They are fully committed. At this point they will…and have used any means necessary to insure that their agenda is implemented….right down to stealing elections.

          And if they sense that they may lose the next one, I can definitely foresee them using a false-flag to create such chaos that an election would be postponed….indefinitely.

          DK…you simply do not understand that the fix is in. Anything involving the political process for the last 4 years has been simply window dressing and a dog and pony show.

          They let you vote to give you the illusion that you can change things through the process. You cannot.

          Take Obamacare. A full 65-75 percent of the population did not, and does not want it. Yet we have it. And when given the opportunity to de-fund it…..Congress rolls over and refuses to do it. The Supreme Court finds it Constitutional due to the deciding vote of a “conservative” Chief Justice. Face it…..if the people in D.C. were serious about ending this monstrosity, they would have done it. They won’t do it, because they love it. All of their words of protest are just that…..words.

          And while I’m on the subject of the Supreme Court, it is well within the realm of possibility that the Kenyan will have opportunity to appoint one or two new Justices before his regime is ended (if it ever is). Think he’ll pick anything other than an activist-leftist-lunatic? So we’ll be dealing with legislation by fiat….by a group of 9 people who have absolutely no accountability and sit on the bench for life.

          So keep spouting your “engage” mantra. It’s so much B.S. Nothing is going to be changed through the political process. There was a time when it could have been. But that time has passed.

          I am not advocating revolution….I’m simply saying that it is unavoidable.

          While I hate to quote Mao, in this case he is entirely accurate….”Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

          • Walt.

            Bravo! Tell it like it is.

            • On the revolution side. You will be lucky to find one in a thousand that can organize a simple cup cake sale. Let alone a fighting force.

              • So very true.

          • “If you think this can be reversed with anything short of a revolution, you are living in a dreamworld.”

            Meaning no offence here DK, but I have over time come to see that Walt’s POV is likely ‘the way it is’. The PTB are at this point,- IMHO – ‘All in’, unreservedly so. Already, they are fully prepared to throw Obama to the wolves…as well pleae not e that Larry Summers ‘declined’ the job oof the MOST POWERFUL man on this planet…Chairman of the FED, in favor of Yelen… Sibelius is getting ‘nargled’ as we here speak…what’s wrong with this picture…and a THOUSABD more just like it Friend?

            Like you, I BLEIEVE that ‘New Thing’ is coming, we differ only in the manner of HOW we expect it to approach, Eh?

            While, I’m here, Howdy to ya BOTH, been a bit, I know. Forgive me my crabky pathetic ‘Net connection up here in the Great White North, ’tis the BEST I can do in the Wilderness Friends. Be Well…Be SAFE Y’All Mever give up, NEVER quit…ever.


            • Take me for example. I will never again have the person I vote for or don’t vote for picked by the likes of Fox News as they did with Romney. I am not going to vote at all in 2016 IF we get there, and IF a RINO is chosen by the elite to represent me. I am no longer voting for the lesser of 2 evils. If this shit come apart, well it might as well be under the watch of the Democrats. I personally believe there is no salvaging of America at this point in time. We must have the reset to forge a new line of thought across the people of this country. Otherwise, it is business as usual. If we really wanted the STHF, all that really needs to happen is to turn off the tap of money known as QE. We would see panic and selloff in minutues. We would see what we all know needs to be seen. Alas for now, we will wait further and just keep preparing for that which we all know will come one day.

      37. A divorced woman. Hmmm… seemed so sexy and modern to dump the father of your children at the time … didn’t it?

        Earlier generations understood marriage was an economic arrangement that provided the foundational stability for everything else. The self-fulfillment/eternal thrill concept would have been laughed out of town.

        The nice thing about this undeclared depression or perhaps the managed decline of the U.S. economy, is that marriage — and many other presently scorned moralities — will become de rigeur once more.

        The survival instinct tends to work that way.

        • You make the assumption that she divorced her husband. What if he left her?

          • I’m amazed at the assumptions that are made about this woman.

            While she may have made some mistakes in her life (who hasn’t), there is nothing in her letter that indicates that anyone else should be responsible for the results of them.

            I don’t see her asking for a hand-out. I see her complaining about a President that is creating conditions that are making it impossible for her to live.

            Just curious……are you people who are blaming this woman for her predicament going to blame yourselves when YOUR job gets cut? Or when gas is $15.00 a gallon? Or when you lose YOUR medical insurance and have to pay three or four times as much for a policy that covers less?

            Things happen to people. Sometimes those things are in the realm of their control….other times not.

            We don’t know enough about this woman to determine that one way or another. But I did not take from this letter that she is asking anyone for anything other than to stop doing things that are making it harder for her to survive.

        • Maybe her husband was a loser and deserved to be divorced. Lots of garbage husbands out there.

      38. Is anyone able to get up without forbidden coming up?

      39. I have actually spent a great deal of time in Palmer Texas. I grew up in a similar small town a only a few miles from there.

        She is one of many millions of people who this Destroyer of Lives is continuing to hurt on purpose.

        How long will we suffer this mad man ? We have the ability built into our constitution to remove him from office. He has committed many offenses worthy not only of impeachment, but likely, jail time were he not president.

        Why aren’t they impeaching him ? Because of the color of his skin and because they are cowards.

        Elections have consequences. The only solution to having spineless people in office is to force term limits across the board..

        The only real thing this man has accomplished is to make Jimmy Carter look like a “good” president.

        Impeach this bastard NOW. Enough is enough. And it is WAY, WAY past enough.

        Call you Rep’s and Senators and demand impeachment articles be filed in the House against this lunatic. He obviously has severe psychological issues and is a great danger not only to our country, but to the whole world.

        Impeach the bastard now.

        • oUCH. That bunch in DC we call congress is not going to impeach one of their own. Get real. This government has already sold the people of this country out to the highest bidder which is the BANKS and the people who own them. The federal reserve has fascilitated this action and shortly hyperinflation is going to finish us off. Most of this group won’t survive, because we won’t play like good little sheep.

        • “Impeach this bastard NOW. Enough is enough. And it is WAY, WAY past enough.”

          I didn’t know that he’s legit to begin with…When did that happen?

      40. Good for her!! I see a new career for her in telling the truth of the American experience under Obama. Yolanda your world is about to change… Good luck with your new endeavor!!!

        • Patriot,
          It sure would be great if she could wave her banner to the world. Unfortunately the present administration’s taxpayer budget only allows for pro-Obamacare propaganda to be disseminated on MSM.
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Miss Dee Dee she already has and she may be on the news soon. She has the spot light even if it’s only our flash lights!

            • Thank God for EverReady batteries
              — Miss Dee Dee

      41. There is always the extended family set up, we here already have that plan, the in-laws and a few cousins and 2 uncles, we have built on collectively to make sure none of us are out in the cold.

      42. Now Yolanda is on the no fly list, the NSA spy list, the guantanamo bay list, the extraordinary rendition list, the drone list, and the FEMA camp list.

        Thanks to Yolanda for speaking out in the face of tyranny!

        • OMG,
          Yes she is now on the same lists as the almost 7000 people that read or posted on this site.
          Funny how she is now considered guilty by association.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      43. often I think about the situation that were in and then I read the Bible and notice that in the pass the words of God have ALL came to pass, now we’re looking at the end of the book and we see One World Gov’t, One world Money, total control of the people by the Gov’t. and with Obamcare. the Gov’t will know have total control of your health.
        it saddens me to look into the future and have the understanding of what is coming into light, with FEMA and the Gov’t building detention camps all over America, buying Billions rounds of ammo, DHS ordering Armor plate mine detection vehicles. I can only imagine why??
        does any one remember the Holocaust during WW2. scary to think this way but history and a radical liberal president anything is possible.

        the only move this administration can use to keep power in place as is to declare Marshall Law… and then ..well as far as America were done. but remember .. it is ALL writing in the Bible and in order for all to come to pass.. America will fall.. and its just that easy.
        pray for souls to be saved and the quick return of Jesus.

      44. @ anangryjew,

        Fuck you,
        Dumbass,Iliterate,low information, disconnected, unamerican,unpatriotic,alien son of a bitch! fuck you! Go to Hell, Loser! Ass hole. Bang, Bang! Whats that sound? Look whats going round!

        Its coming!

        • Reel Issues:

          You certainly covered all the REAL issues…..

      45. Obama and his disciples have made economic and cultural war on the middle class of this country. I think they are out to destroy it, of this I have not even a smidgeon of doubt.

        Once destroyed by policy and apparatus left in place even after he leaves office, if not before, there will be massive new numbers of people put into the ranks of the poor and dependent class.

        I see no way to reverse what’s been done as the moochers outnumber the producers today. No politician will win office nor keep office that goes against the mooching.

        Once the middle class is diminished and disarmed it would be easy for the socialists/communists to shut off benefits to the masses and blame any traditional or conservative/group for it.

        History guides us to a conclusion something much like the 1917 revolution can be precipitated in future with a Bolshevik type usurpation by playing the millions of poor and near poor against the last remaining producers who will be demonized.

        The single mom from Texas who wrote the letter will soon have much more company due the takeover from within.

      46. So divorce wasn’t as glamorous as it looked. And divorce is usually a two-way street. So now she can’t pay for things and has to mend and patch, boo-hoo. Does she smoke? Does she drink? Does she color her hair and have acrylic nails? I’m tired of people spending money on stuff like that and then whining because they can’t feed their children.

        • Annemarie
          how do you know her ex wasn’t a wife beater? Or an alcoholic womanizer? How do you know the economy didn’t cause hardships on their relationship? In actuality you are just assuming something negative about someone without knowing anything about them. From your little rant you might be ten times worse than anything I described above.
          Give her a break she really didn’t expect it to be read by people she never heard of despite it being on the web.

      47. @ anangryjew

        There’s something happening here
        What it is ain’t exactly clear
        There’s a man with a gun over there
        Telling me I got to beware

        I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        There’s battle lines being drawn
        Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
        Young people speaking their minds
        Getting so much resistance from behind

        I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        What a field-day for the heat
        A thousand people in the street
        Singing songs and carrying signs
        Mostly say, hooray for our side

        It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        Paranoia strikes deep
        Into your life it will creep
        It starts when you’re always afraid
        You step out of line, the man come and take you away

        We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, now, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, children, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        Read more: Buffalo Springfield – Somethings Happening Here Lyrics | MetroLyrics

        • Actual Title: “For What It’s Worth’
          Written in 1966 by Stephen Stills
          Top Ten hit by the Spring of 1967. Peak chart position: #7)
          Sales Status: Gold, over 1,000,000 units sold.
          By the way, the words, ‘For What It’s Worth’ are nowhere in the lyrics. Early releases of the song carried only the title. Later, it was subtitled “Stop, Hey What’s That Sound” to make it recognizable to people wanting to buy the record.
          It’s a great song, with some terrific guitar work. And a message that’s as prescient today as was in the ’60s. Thanks for posting, Reel Issues…

      48. I await the backlash.

        I am not voting. I am removing myself from this crazy arena. There will be less jobs and more inflation. Let those who voted in Obama in, go first into the fire of the furnace. There will be more who will follow the Piper of Free Stuff till the Buck goes Bust. It is a sad letter but we are too far in the muck to extricate ourselves. The Nation is dying like a Wooly Mammoth in a Tar Pit. Beware! They will say, What are “WE” going to do about this. They really mean, What are “YOU” going to do about it. My answer to them will be, I’m doing Nothing! They have cursed you and ridiculed you and now want you to stand up FOR THEM..

        Sit back, watch and listen. Do not put yourselves in harms way over Fake Concerns for they are short sighted.

        • slingshot, well said and true.

        • Survive Its Death

      49. Those that put their faith and hope in man are foolish and will ultimately be disappointed with the outcome. All should know politicians are liars thieves and deceptive this practice has been played for thousands of years. Some never learn I guess. But then again who controls history lessons in schools.

      50. Obama is the antichrist.

        He enjoys letters such as this because he knows that the worst is yet to come concerning what he intends to do.

        There is an antichrist system which is being set up now, and this system is controlled by a demonic spirit. The spirit behind the antichrist system is manifesting itself through Obama also. There’s coming a time when that spirit will fully be working through Obama, embodied in Obama. Many, many people will die because of Obama. He is a butcher.

        Even now, with the roll-out of Obamacare, it is being seen that many people who are very sick are having their present insurance policies cancelled by their insurance companies because of Obamacare. Many people are going to die as a result of this.

        Read Revelation chapter 13.

      51. Obama was a “community activist” here in Chicago. That means he was a communist activist. He attended the black racist marxist church of the not so reverend Mr. Wright. For 20 years. Claims he didn’t see any hatred there. Obama has on more than one occasion addressed the New Black Panther Party. Go to their website if you don’t know what they are. The powers that be put him in the Presidency as a message to the rest of us, that they can do whatever they want and there is nothing you can do about it. At the ballot box, that is.

      52. Mr. Zero doesn’t care, so anyone writing a letter is wasting their time.

      53. Amerika………….SEE IT CRY!!……….WATCH IT DIE!!!

      54. I pray for an act of God daily to rid us of the scourge of the earth.

      55. He’s NOT the President, he’s the Prez! – LOL What a joke!

      56. More people having kids when they cant pay for them.Im guessing she doesnt pay a dime in taxes and get back a credit every year.

      57. Watching his inauguration, I thought Obama really might be The Messiah cuz all I could do was point at the TV and say, “Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!” You wanna know how bad G.W. Bush was? He fucked things up so bad that America elected the first black president in history. It’s like the chick who had such an abusive loser boyfriend that she became a lesbian and ate p•••y for the rest of her life.

        Nick Dipaolo
        From his comedy
        special “Raw Nerve”

        Check it out on NetFlix if you wanna hear some funny shit about Liberals, the media, Obama and the First Lady, Ray Lewis, err Mrs. O., illegal immigrants, and Muslims wanting to build a temple at Ground Zero and more…

        Definitely worth a peep!

      58. Two sayings come to mind. If you think health care is expensive now? wait until it free? And hows that hope& change working for ya?

      59. Hey Yolando
        1. Single women voted overwhelmingly for this turd. Did you? If so you are getting your do.
        2. These socialists encourage divorce and the dependance it brings. Were you fooled into getting a divorce because you “weren’t happy, fullfilled, able to femnize your husband, feel cherished, etc. If so you got your do. You and hubby could save a small fortune if you learned to honor your commitments, forgive if needed, and stay a family.
        3. Glad to see you have come around to the recognition this commie muslim is a fraud. Hopefully you will also learn to realize his and all the socialist commie agenda foisted on this nation by the left and right is wrong.

      60. thank you for the true. so many of us think the same

      61. My heart goes out to this poor woman. Imagine when the SHTF what is she going to do for surely she is hard pressed to prep when she can’t even pay her regular bills. God damned you Obama!

      62. People get the leaders they deserve!

      63. thinking about it a bit more I see that hand of Govt at work.

        Social Security — BROKE, LIED TOO,
        Medicare — BROKE, LIED TOO,
        Medicaid — BROKE, LIED TOO,
        Education — BROKE, LIED TOO,




      64. Most of us are oblivious to Fukushima, the criminals in charge, all the poisons we ingest, the fact we’re getting fucked and the planet is dying. As long as we have our McD, cellphones, status symbols and arrogant entitled attitudes it will stay this way. Who told all you assholes to have a shitload of kids anyway? Have you no sense of social responsibility? THIS is why they’re making a game out of killing us off, because ALL WE DO IS BREED.
        No; “Can I afford this?”, “Can the environment take it?”, “What kind of world will I be bringing my child into?”
        Even now, you don’t question your actions and choices. I’m not giving any pass to these sadistic sociopaths, but you are not learning a damned thing.
        Your programming (religion=fairytale) has failed.
        WISE UP!!!

      65. BTW, if you “men’ were FEMINIZED, you’d ALREADY BE FIGHTING!

      66. Obamacare = 1776

        Invest in lead, and use it for payment !

      67. Dear Ms. Yolanda Burroughs-Vestal,

        As a single mom , I appreciate your letter. I can relate to alot of what you’ve stated but now you’re on a platform and have the ears of people. You said you were offered help, but what are you going to do now?

        Have you considered of starting a 501c3 organization where the people you stated you’ve refused help from ( focus those funds into an organization to help others) and place those funds, with a board of directors and funnel those funds into a program that helps single moms acheive higher education, job placement , etc. Someone wants to give you money? Have them buy some land. A developer wants to help you, have them build houses in a subdivision, that qualified persons and their families can live rent free, with a small stipend while they pursue a better life for their families. Set up a job placement agency that will hire them after they complete their educational goals and an internship.

        You’re voice is being heard and it’s being attached to alot of people. Please represent us well and I hope that other single mother’s are benefited from your letter. I know that is not what you original wrote it for , but your vent may be an open door not only for you but for other’s. This can spawn a huge pay it forward across the nation.

        I mean you started something great. Now let’s see something come out of it that not only benefits you , but others that are in this situation. Like I said , you have a voice and a platform. What are you going to do with it?

        Your single mom sister,
        Melonie Ronita Gerald

      68. you can see the end is near as we are a divided country more so now than ever that we cant agree that this womans story is in every town in every state and spreading do to lower paying jobs,inflation,and lack off jobs after getting a degree theres no where to work

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