Texas Voters Take A Stand: 9 out of 10 Want Obamacare Repealed and Welfare Recipients Drug Tested

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Headline News | 346 comments

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    Just because one part of the country has seemingly lost its mind and is willing to give up their freedom for the promise of more security doesn’t mean everyone is on board.

    In Texas, where voters took to the polls Tuesday night, a completely different set of ideas is at play. And if nationwide sentiment is any indication, other conservative and libertarian leaning states will soon follow.

    Though only about half of the votes have been tallied so far, the people of Texas have spoken. It’s a roar, in fact. Voters are standing in unison and have overwhelmingly approved a variety of propositions that may well send shivers down the spines of supporters of things like universal health care, rampant welfare dependency, special privileges and gun rights.

    The following results speak for themselves.

    First on the chopping block is the Patient Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. Apparently, 93% of Texans don’t take well to having the federal government mandate what they should or shouldn’t buy with the penalty for non-compliance being IRS harassment and prison time:

    The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, should be repealed.


    This one might be a little scary for those folks who spend their lives on their couches smoking weed or mainlining heroin while hard working Americans pay for their dope:

    Texas recipients of taxpayer-funded public assistance should be subject to random drug testing as a condition of receiving benefits.


    You’ll never see the U.S. Congress vote for this, because they’re way too special:

    All elected officials and their staff should be subject to the same laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances as their constituents.


    If you’re an anti-gunner this is where you should stop reading:

    Texas should support Second Amendment liberties by expanding locations where concealed handgun license-holders may legally carry.


    It’s a sad state of affairs when the public has to actually vote on their right to pray in public places. Isn’t that covered by the First Amendment? Just in case it isn’t Texas will make sure you can worship and pray as you see fit:

    Texans should be free to express their religious beliefs, including prayer, in public places.


    Silly Texans. Didn’t anyone tell you that it’s government, not businesses, that creates jobs and grows the economy?

    Texas should abolish the state franchise tax, also known as the margins tax, to encourage business growth.


    Common sense laws and regulations. What a novel concept.

    There’s a reason why Americans all over the country are flocking to Texas in the hopes of finding the American Dream that has been lost in so many other parts of the Union.



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        • yall would not believe the number of wetbacks here driving new cars and using the Lone Star card (SNAP). I have just about had it… time to call these parasites out in public white black Mexican whatever. im tired of paying their way. Texas is in trouble we are bring invaded from the north and south in 5 or 10 yrs its going to be a whole different story. And we couldn’t even get rid of John Cornyn ….

          • Doesn’t matter if 100% of the entire US wanted to repeal Obamacare, or pray in public, or expand freedom of carry, or repeal tyrannical taxes.

            In their immoral arrogance, TPTB think they know what is best for the people. They will force their agenda because they have a clear vision of what this country should be.

            • “TPTB think they know what is best for the people”

              Emm no, they know what is best for THEMSELVES and the two are at odds with one another.

              • The problem is that what they consider is good for us is not good for themselves.


                • This article is very misleading, these results are for the Republican primary only. The Dem is not the same.

              • Gus, with you on Cornyn. As far as Obumer care being voted out; doesn’t matter, DC knows the majority of Texans are against it as well as other states and more and more people are awake.
                Helped a family with their taxes last night. They can’t afford Obama Care. Their income is under $27,000 and they were shocked at how unaffordable the affordable care act is.
                As for the 6 Props, both parties voted FOR. In our county (65-70% dem) the props won (FOR) in the 80% range.

                • Lest there be a double standard within the electorate, I wonder what % of those in the yellow row of votes are comprised of the 100 million Americans that are now on gubbment subsidies, and how they will really want the vote to turn out if it bites the hand that feeds them.

                  • Maybe they just didn’t show up to vote. Sometimes the numbers are what they are.

            • Included in TPTB’s clear vision is them as the ruling class. They are not there to serve but to be served.

          • Thanks for the article. It is getting more and more difficult to just get the facts from elections. My biggest concern was the the RINO Cornyn got re-elected. People still drink that kool aid, if you do not like what is going on, then vote the incombents out of office, that is our only control, though I suspect that rigging is occuring.
            A real solution would be a Lottery, that is Selection day, instead of Election day. We need to remove career politicians, the money is to good, and the corruption is to good. What is the perfect crime? become an elected official. A Lottery will put us all on the same team, no more partisan voting. It will eliminate career politicians. It will eliminate wasteful spending on campaigns, it will eliminate bought and paid for elections, it will eliminate lobbying footing the bill. Being Selected the person will only expect one term, they will focus on what is important, they will not focus on getting re-elected.

            • Paper ballots (so the computers can not silently “adjust” votes)
              and set term limits.
              Simple and they work.

              • Chads?

              • Cara, you are forgetting that “It’s who COUNTS the vote that matters.” Paper or computer? No difference.

              • Besides election fraud (who counts the votes),
                another problem is those not legally allowed who do
                (voter fraud). Voter ID in all 50 states is a good start.

          • This shows that illegals didn’t vote in this election or that welfare vote would never have passed. I guess Soros only pays for them to be transported for the big elections.

          • @ Gus McCrae,
            “Texas is in trouble we are bring invaded from the north and south in 5 or 10 yrs its going to be a whole different story. And we couldn’t even get rid of John Cornyn ….”

            Starve em’ out.

            • @ Gus McCrae,
              Drovers standing by at Trails End, Big Sky

          • Well you Texans just elected the all time illegal lover George P. Bush to office even worse than his uncle George W.. Good luck with that choice, time to face the facts that just like Calif. very soon Texas will be just another Northern Mexican state. As for Obama care being repealed shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which fills up first. Boner will never force the issue and this thing will morph into single payer. Say goodbye to grandma and pa because they will be the first targets/victims.

          • Texas is going down… no water and thus, no food… until another big hurricane comes along and demolishes it for good (and hopefully Bush bastards as well!)

            • We don’t answer to one who is a son of a motherless goat!

          • If they want to test welfare recipients for drugs, let’s start with the real welfare queens…the corporations. Get every single C-level executive in there with their pants pulled down and their weenies in a cup. For example, George W. Bush received welfare when he and the other owners of the Texas Rangers baseball team received a new, free stadium at the expense of the taxpayer. Once “W” gets his ass in to a drug testing center (along with his fellow degenerates) then we can focus on the poor people who get a measly $300/mo in food stamps. Jesus, people! Unjam your collective head from your ass. Poor people are NOT the problem.

            • the poor are much easier targets.

            • Actually, it’s not about poor people. It’s about drug users getting public benefits. You seem to have missed out on comprehension in your reading class back in the third grade.

              Unjam your head from your ass. George Bush has been out of office for years, now. Time to get with reality.

              By the way, there are no poor people in America. Most of the planet earns about $300 per year, they are truly poor. We just have less stuff than our neighbors, that’s American poverty.

              • Id like to see career welfare moochers drug tested and surgically sterilized, ( bof da baby daddy and da baby momma), when the first bastard ghetto welfare child is shat into the world. Your not my brothas, and I damn well am not your keeper, thats the prison guards duty!

          • Land mining the borders is a workable method of halting illegals.

          • @Gus, in my area of Texas it’s not so much the Mexicans that are driving around in new cars or using the Lone Star card, these folks are some hard working people, born and raised in Texas. We do not have a big problem with illegals here.

            I’ve noticed that it’s more of the 18 to 30 yr. old white folks who are having babies and voting for Obama. Living off our hard earned dollars.

            As far as the article and all those prop’s if you will notice that these are Republican Prop’s and it was just on the Republican Ballot’s that they were on, I don’t think that they were on the Dem’s Ballot. Just like the Dem’s Prop’s were not even on the Rep’s Ballot.

            Which to me is not a true consensus of how all the people of Texas feel on these Prop’s or the Dem’s Prop’s. If either party really wanted to know how we as Texans feel about the issues they should have put all the Propositions on both Ballots.

            Now as far as Cornyn goes, I truly wished we could have gotten rid of him because he does need to go. However, maybe this will be a wake up call for him because he did not win by that big of a margin, he won the primary with 59%. So in order to keep our Senate seat we will vote to keep him there.

            May God keep each of you save and thanks to SHTF Folks for this site, I learn allot from all of you.

            GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

            • I left out after born and raised in Texas “that I know and live around”, I’m sure we do have some illegals here it just does not seem to be a big problem.

              Sorry for leaving this out. No matter how many times I proof read before I hit submit, I always find mistakes or a thought that I didn’t get across just right after I have already hit submit.

        • I call BS on this “Texas is such a great state” and the politics are as well. If that were true Perry and Bush as well as the state legislature would have locked down the border with Mexico and the flow of illegal drugs and illegal aliens flowing into the US would have been stopped. But they didn’t. Secondly, if it is such a great state how did Common Core gain such a strong foothold in the education system. Thirdly, how is it a recent report came out that a voter was turned away from a voting place and kept from voting? Fourthly, Texas gave us Bush and we know that didn’t end well. I’m sure he was there to get the electoral votes, much in the same way his brother is in Florida, gotta get those electoral votes.

          All of my life I have heard big mouthed Texans and Texan wannabes brag about Texas. A lot of it was just BS. People can move there if they want and I hope they stay the hell there so they can walk around telling each other how wonderful they are.

          • Yes!!!! I want my kid to grow up and be just like Willie, in looks, dress, drugs, bad hygiene, you name it.

            • Sadly, McCornyn was re-elected Senator. No, I didn’t miss-spell his name; he’s so much like McCain I added the “Mc”. Everyone who’s paying attention knows he’s a closet democrat, big spending, big government, TRAITOR.

              Unfu*king believeable. There are aproximately 14 million elegible voters in Texas, and out of that about 2 million showed up to vote. Yes it was cold and rainy, but damn it we have another 6 years of this A-hole to deal with now.

              At least we’re getting rid of the other POS David Dewhurst who will lose to Dan Patrick in the run-off for Lt. Governor, which is the real power position in Texas. And there will be a lot of run-off elections this time, but the Senate race should have been one of them!

              We’ll see if Dan Patrick will secure the border. If he does, it’ll be the first time since Sam Houston, but we can hope anyway. In the mean time, I’ll be looking at property in Montana.


              • Hitler quotes reveal a great deal about the current administration and their plan…

                “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
                ― Adolf Hitler

                “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
                ― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

                When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”
                – Adolf Hitler

                “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
                – Adolf Hitler

                If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
                ― Adolf Hitler

                “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”
                ― Adolf Hitler

                • In every one of those quotes you repeat Hitler was talking about what the prior powers that be had done to his adopted country. Compare the economic situation of the USA today with the Wiemar republic in the twenties. We will suffer as the German people did with hyperinflation in the twenties if we do not take this country back from the same powers that be. The best hope for Texas is secession, but we have not been able to do much better with our state officeholders. No one so far, with the one exception of Ron Paul, will take a stand for the people and give up the massive campaign contributions from the corporations and the rich and powerful.

              • The state of Texas nor can NM, AZ, CA secure the border, Just another law made by the Feds for control sake that only they know how and are allowed to control (or not) a vital little thing like our national boundaries.


              • Montana’s great, WarriorClassIII, but you couldn’t drag me out of Texas with a Case 620 and a mile of anchor chain.

              • @ WarriorClass,
                Come on up, you’ll be in good company.

                • Eastern Washington is no different. We are worlds apart from the Western Liberal bastion of Seattle and all the freaks that exist there.

                  If there were ever a case for a state splitting, it’d be here. I’ll take my millions of forest acres when I look out my back door, along with the cattle across the county road, ANY DAY, over Starbucks and ‘rainbows’.

            • You would prefer Kanye West or one of the Kardashians?? Or maybe Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus???? I’ll take country anytime.

              • Vicky, AMEN to your comments. I grew up on country, especially the old country from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I’ll take that music anyday over the black garbage known as rap or hiphop.

              • Yes, Vicky, and especially Texas Country. Townes Van Zandt, Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, and yes, Willie. Even with his doped-up, long-haired, liberal self, Willie managed to help farmers a lot and get a black belt in karate.

          • Last report I read form ssa was that they had collected over 256 billion dollars from ss taxes from people using fraudulent ss numbers . They stated that it was money they wouldn’t have to pay out and could be used for pay outs to people who were actually citizens. Guess what ? Social security is broke so they look the other way when collecting lol

            • ***had collected over 256 billion dollars from ss taxes from people using fraudulent ss numbers***

              This is sooooo stupid…that new math is being used again.
              What they don’t tell us is that for every dollar collected fraudulently, there is 2 spent in welfare.

              • A little closer to a 10 to 1 ratio. An illegal alien premi costs more than illegals could earn in 5 lifetimes.

                • Bingo!

          • From your tone, you must be on either East coast or West coast. Bush nor Perry are the best but they sure beat the ones offered by other party. Common Core & Seascape may be in the school systems here, but that is why many are doing home schooling now. And as for the border, they are coming across in NM, AZ & CA also and even from Canada. FL is still the hottest spot for drugs coming into the US. No one is making you move here so not sure why all the hate.

            • How can Bush be better than what’s offered by the other party? His family are top level NWO conspirators hellbent on bringing us all to our knees. He gives the orders that the democrats follow. I hate to say it, but I helped vote him into office before I knew better.

          • But Jezebel, how can we hate a state with a town called “Cut And Shoot”? I went thru that town and didn’t even get a chance to cut and shoot anybody.

            • Muleshoe, Quihi, Whiteface, Uncertain, Gun Barrel City, Scurry, Impact, Spade, Bacon, Earth, Bigfoot, Ding Dong, Dime Box…


            • JayJay,
              It wasn’t voted on it was a poll. Tx ask what the people wanted. And no Texas is not perfect no state is but I think I’ll be staying put right here In Texas.

              CATYMF III%

            • It’s only stinky in Freeport, JayJay.

          • Common core hasn’t gained a strong foothold in the Texas education system; you’re probably thinking of CSCOPE. CSCOPE gained a strong foothold by bypassing state oversight of education materials (Textbooks are subsidized if a district chooses to use state approved textbooks, but local school districts are free choose other materials if they pay for it themselves). Since CSCOPE is online and provided for “free” unlike physical textbooks, it became widely adopted, particularly in poor districts and/or those with liberal administrators.

            • Exactly, Bill.

          • LBJ was from texas. They will be blue in a couple of election cycles, just what happened in Ca. Wetbacks vote Dem. Legal Mexicans vote is split.

          • When I hear the word ‘jezebel’, the word ‘feminazi’ comes to mind.

          • @Jezebel: You forgot to mention Perry’s initial support and signature on mandated Gardasil vaccinations. While you’ve got a lot of thumbs down, I have to agree that Bush and Perry have not historically been Patriot champions. Perry is a rank and file RHINO, while the entire Bush family is as corrupt as they come. However, its the people of Texas you have to stand behind, not their corrupt officials.

            And Texas is a pretty great state (except Houston of course)

          • I went to visit my family and friends in Texas during the last presidential election and told them I was voting for Ron Paul and they laughed and laughed. Most Texan’s think he’s a nut even though he’s from Texas. They were for Romney all the way. Most Texan’s also don’t believe in the New World Order, or that their current government as well as the Bush family are members of it, and they certainly don’t think our national government had anything to do with 9/11. It was those damn terrorists and we showed them a thing or two! The Bush family are God fearing Americans who stood up to those Muslims! A Great Depression could never happen again because we’re America dammit! There are safeguards against those things now-a-days!

            I have gone on and on trying to convince them, but they can’t bring themselves to believe it. All the NWO has to do is move slowly, occasionally waving the American flag, and Texas will stay in the pot of boiling water like a frog with the rest of us. By the time the dollar collapses no one in Texas will have the financial power needed to fight a global government.

            • California Girl: when you visit Texas you really get out of North Dallas and see the rest of Texas.

              • I’m originally from a small country community outside of Temple. Have family in Rockport on the coast, Argyle north of Ft. Worth, and friends in between the two.

                • Have you ever been out west of Ft. Worth. I know a lot of folks who are awake, voted for Dr. Paul, believe that our Goberment had something to due with 911, Sandy Hook plus others.

                  Not all Texans are a sleep.

            • You might want to insert your head into a dark orifice, wait it’s already there. I never said Bush was a native Texan, I only pointed out the obvious, he did nothing to secure the border.

          • Texas, some of the worst weather and ugliest landscape in the country. People are pretty good though but that is true anywhere even New York where you just have to know how to talk with them.

        • Next it’s time to repeal all these non-English speaking illegals from our great state of Texas!

          • You know Mclovin you are on to some thing. Ask for proof of citizenship? If you have to ask in Spanish for proof of citizenship then that person is not a citizen. Geesh, how f’n stupid can they be?

            The guy ordering in sign language buying a pack of cigarettes who just got out of the landscaping or roofing company truck would be my first clue if they are legal or not.

            Illegal’s are stealing our jobs. Worse yet the scum that hire them and are not paying into ss, unemployment, state or federal taxes and are just as bad as they are. Cheaters!


            • I grew up on a farm in Texas. My dad hired illegals to work and they’d live in a house on the back of the property. They were always very nice and respectful to all so us, but even as a kid I knew there was something wrong about it. I remember once going to pick one up about an hour’s drive up the highway. My parents actually loaded me and my 3 sisters into our car to go get the guy from a known pickup location.

          • If 10 percent of illegals were rounded up and executed, the other 90 percent would suddenly decide to go home.
            Firing squads have that effect or so I’v heard.

        • Mac,

          Great song, We ride the Harleys down to Luckenbach at least once a yr. Used to be able to go sit by the friendship ring of fire where that song was written. Good cold beers for a town with a population of 3 plus you gotta love a place where the chickens roost in the trees above to picnic tables.


          • Good Times.

          • I’ve done the Harvest Classic a couple of times myself, DPS.

        • Man, I miss ole Waylon… 🙁 still love ole Willie and Merle! 🙂

      1. I’m seeing mixed messages on Texas. They vote on propositions such as these, yet the slow encroachment on the 2nd amendment is growing there as well.

        Like these items below:

        Texas A&M law prof: Repeal 2nd Amendment

        ‘Why such an allegiance to a Constitution driven by 18th century concerns?’

        Published: 11/16/2013 at 10:16 PM

        (Daily Caller) A full-time professor on the faculty of the newly-minted Texas A&M University School of Law called for the repeal and replacement of the Second Amendment on Friday.

        The professor, Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose, made her controversial declaration during a day-long panel symposium on gun control and the Second Amendment at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford.

        UConn’s main student-run journal, The Connecticut Law Review, organized the event, according to Connecticut Public Radio. It was well-attended, primarily by law students, law professors and local attorneys.

        Texas man turned away from voting booth over pro-gun Second Amendment T-shirt

        Published February 23, 2014/
        A Texas man says he got shot down when he tried to cast his ballot on the first day of early voting in the Republican primary because he was wearing a T-shirt in support of gun rights.

        Chris Driskill says he went to his polling place last week but was prohibited from voting because he was wearing a black T-shirt with a logo on the front and back reading, “2nd Amendment — America’s Original Homeland Security, ” KHOU 11 News reported.

        SO which is it Texas? Get your priority’s straight otherwise you will soon be going the way of Californika!

        • You know what drives me crazy is when some really good law is passed and some BO appoinited judge from that distict decides against it and trashes it. It seems like the tenticles of BO are reaching out more and more in everyday lives. What you are seeing in Texas is all sorts of influxes of people looking for jobs and a red state is turning purple like Virginia did. The way the world is going we may not see any of this matter.

          I was listening to some songs tonight and this one really hit me about the way the world is shaping up for all of us.

          U2 LYRICS

          “Where The Streets Have No Name”

          I want to run
          I want to hide
          I want to tear down the walls
          That hold me inside
          I want to reach out
          And touch the flame
          Where the streets have no name

          I want to feel sunlight on my face
          I see the dust cloud disappear
          Without a trace
          I want to take shelter from the poison rain
          Where the streets have no name

          Where the streets have no name
          Where the streets have no name
          We’re still building
          Then burning down love
          Burning down love
          And when I go there
          I go there with you
          It’s all I can do

          The city’s aflood
          And our love turns to rust
          We’re beaten and blown by the wind
          Trampled in dust
          I’ll show you a place
          High on a desert plain
          Where the streets have no name

          Where the streets have no name
          Where the streets have no name
          We’re still building
          Then burning down love
          Burning down love
          And when I go there
          I go there with you
          It’s all I can do
          Our love turns to rust
          We’re beaten and blown by the wind
          Blown by the wind
          Oh, and I see love
          See our love turn to rust
          We’re beaten and blown by the wind
          Blown by the wind
          Oh, when I go there
          I go there with you
          It’s all I can do

          • BO would be wise to stay out of Texas.
            Illegals aren’t treated kindly down there.

            • O.W.
              Obullshit is running out of places to go when he is arrested. He can’t go to most Southern & Western states, and now he can’t go to Russia. He could go to some of the Muslim counties. Man wouldn’t that be a blessing.
              Just as long as the POS doesn’t come back to Illinois.

          • BI, good morning, and I think those lyrics re right on target. I think it’s most likely the 2nd civil war will get started in TX. those people won’t tolerate their state going communist.

              • Genius,

                Read the “About.” That’s a LE satire site. It isn’t hard news. But for all that, their facts are probably low. More like 75% of CT LE would be on the didn’t comply list.

                • That list will be in the paper shredder as they have special privileges.

              • Gen:
                That is good news and bad news. The good news is that the LEO’s won’t be taking guns for each other. The Bad news is that they will have to use Troops to do it.
                when it starts its going to be bloody.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL.

          • BI,
            It’s starting in NJ ,
            TPTB Battlefield prep ,


            When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political band which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitled them , a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
            We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal , that they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS , that among these are Life , Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
            To secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends , IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE. TO ABOLISH IT, and to institute a new government laying its foundation on the such principals and organizing its powers in such form…..





            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night Breaker;
              Unfortunately not enough people here in NJ are willing to fight for their 2A rights. Its sad and pathetic.

              Holding my ground in NJ


              • G.R.
                That is a shame N.J. Country side is beautiful.
                Let us pray that they wake up!

              • Im hopeful that the idiots in Conn decide to take it hot,,,
                Then get the feds involved,
                then it is open season,,
                MOLON LABE

                • KULA:
                  I REALLY DON’T WANT ANYONE TO GET HURT OTHER THAT THE BAD GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Hey there good buddy im deep behind enemy lines right with you.

                I got your six.


                • TT;
                  Copy that …. I’ll cover the western side


                  Also, for those in states with mag capacity limits I just found an M16/AR15 mag that holds 15. Made by Thermold. No idea about the quality etc, but wanted to share the info considering NJ will probably reduce capacity limit from 15 to 10 soon

                  • Ghost and TT
                    Where do you want me? Being in Illinois I can go East North, South. Wait!!! S$%T I’m in Illinois I had better cover my own 6 here. Oh well I tried!

                  • Ghost Rider,

                    I have a few of the 10 cap mags they are great for the range. They also make some 20 cap mags. But you still got love the 30’s.

                    NOMI III%

                  • GR got the eastern SNJ coastal side .
                    Like the jarhead I am LOL !

                    standing by

                    swift silent deadly
                    2nd Reconnaissance motto.

                    Semper Fi 8541

          • @BI
            This is a problem everywhere,
            To me, it boils down to lack of respect that you see everywhere else in life these days,,,
            People have no respect for anyone else and think they are the only ones whose opinion matters,
            Ill leave you alone if you leave me alone thanks, and just because you dont like something doesnt mean i have to think the same thing thanks.
            So whats going on is this left, right, whatever crap where the left is trying to make everyone be in their ideal, the right is doing the same, they are both also one in the same as all they want is control,
            I say FUCK YALL, leave me alone and is none o yo business how I live my life and I am done paying YOUR way!

            • How Libertarian Kula. On a serious note though, please write me at [email protected]. I got some questions for you about living in HA.


          • Not to mention…

            Escape From The Prison Planet

            Then against my better judgment I went walking out that door
            I smiled at one person then I nodded to three more
            One man asked me for a dollar, I asked him what it’s for?
            He said, “I have seen them.” I said, “Okay, it’s yours.”

            And as featured on the MTV, the local high school lets out
            And the town becomes anarchy
            Parties are crashed, skid marks are measured
            The story’s in the paper, you may read it at your leisure

            Get out, eject
            Escape from the Prison Planet
            Get out, eject
            Escape from the Prison Planet

            And to the tune of a billion dollars I supplied to the D.O.E.
            Some tasty little nuggets of alien technology
            And as one might expect, I’ve been harassed for years
            The Men In Black have been bending my ear
            As a matter of fact, they were just here today
            But I escaped them through a secret passageway
            Once I lived there for one thousand days

            Get out, eject
            Escape from the Prison Planet
            Get out, eject
            Escape from the Prison Planet

            I have plans for the future, guess they’re futuristic plans
            Move out west and buy some desert lands
            Or maybe up North, just past Alaska
            You know nothing of this if they ask you

            Red Rover, Red Rover, Bob Lazar’s coming over
            So honey clear the airstrip and light up that stove
            By Jove, I think it’s started, oh yeah
            Escape from the Prison Planet

            Billion people harvest on Mars
            Rebuild the remnants of the obelisk
            One mile from the pyramid

            Escape From the Planet of the Apes
            Go forth, ad infinitum
            Return the relics to the elephants
            And Atlantis rises

            Get out, eject
            Escape from the Prison Planet
            Ejector seat ignite

            Billion people harvest on Mars
            Rebuild the remnants of the obelisk
            One mile from the pyramid

            Escape From the Planet of the Apes
            Go forth, ad infinitum
            Return the relics to the elephant
            And Atlantis rises

        • So your judging texas by two incidents that you found on some online news site. Obviously the majority in texas don’t think like that, as the judging polls show. I imagine your the type of person who would argue just for the sake of arguing. Texas is doing a lot better than most states, and their priorities are right.

          • Monkeydance, welcome aboard and I agree about Texas. I’ve been thru that state several times and never had any trouble there. The person named Jezebel doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The Texans will stand up for their 2A rights.

            • @1braveheart-

              For the most part I agree, but I have worked in Texas on many occasions, and didn’t like what I was seeing. I also have relatives living there and they keep me up to date on issues as well. Things are not all that great in the ‘Great State of Texas’ as many think.
              Also not mentioned was the recent brouhaha involving the rewriting of textbooks and history itself. Is this really what Texas is becoming?
              h ttp://www.nbcnews.com/id/37271857/ns/us_news-life/t/texas-oks-school-textbook-changes/#.UxdvIYrn-Uk

              I only listed 2 examples but could have easily filled a PAGE. For brevity’s sake I kept it short.

              in my best Sgt. Hulka voice:

              “Lighten up Francis!”

              Actually, the best response was from-
              Walt Kowalski says:
              Comment ID: 2956892

              • All this “tolerance” is intolerable.

        • gotta agree STRONGLY with Socrates

          Texas ain’t gonna be Texas much longer

          and I just have to laugh and bust a gut
          whenever I hear Rick Perry talk about
          the so called “Texas Miracle”
          what a great propaganda piece

          bout as bad as the “Carolina Comeback”
          of that douche bag Pat McCrory in North Carolina

          there ain’t no “miracle”
          and there hasn’t been any “comeback”

          • Those big red state Texans seem to be sitting back muttering “don’t mess with Texas” while resting on their laurels. Meanwhile liberals have started an all out grass roots campaign to turn the red state blue – and it’s working. The liberals of the cities are doing the exact same thing they did to NY state. The cities control enough of the vote to lock it solidly blue.

            If Texas goes blue, you will never see another conservative in the WH. Wake up Texas!

            • Arkaden, I agree. the Texans need to wake up and act like yesterday.

              • gotta call b.s. we are a dying breed. we can teach our children the truth and hopefully their friends, but the sad state of affairs is that within 100 yrs the 2d amendment will be no more unless we start now, but im sure it will do no good, we are the 3%. unless a game-changer hits and makes ppl wake up we will be forgotten. this is the end of how it used to be. I am not being negative it is an evolution. religion will be a passing phase, cuz no one will remember the way it was. the need for prepping is the last stand, but call it as you see it, we are, we died, we were. we were great, but treating others the same because its a law instead of relying on facts is not the same thing. we see, we react, we live with the consequences. Radicalize, its how shit gets done, no more mister nice guy. nut up or shut up. sick of it. shoot, shovel, shut up. otherwise its just tea in a harbor. red thumbs? you are lying to yourself. imho

            • We’ll never see another conservative in the White House period. Democrats will cross over and vote for a liberal Republican in the early primaries to stop that from happening.

              • Its happening in Illinois for the governor already… Gov. Quinn’s people are running adds against the GOP’s Bruce Rauner.

                • Blank:
                  Quinn is afraid of Rauner. Quinn knows he is going to loose to him. Quinn is more than likely going to jail, watch what happens after he is out of office.
                  I’m waiting for the weapons, and mag ban to go into place here. Down State will burn Chicago down, when that happens.
                  Keep your powder dry. We are going to need it. The only thing that might save us is Rauner, and Constitutional believing Senate and House.

              • Barn Cat, you are right about that. Even the RINO’s won’t let it happen.

            • Texas already shut down one liberal group stealing votes. No doubt there will be more by November.

            • Arkaden,

              It will never happen. Pull out a map and look at Texas. You will see how much is rural and rural is red all the way.


            • No they are committing felonies as shown by Project Veritas, and registering illegal aliens to vote.

            • Truer words were never spoken yet John Bonehead is determined to grant amnesty. In truth all that will do is speed up the inevitable which is being accomplished by mass legal immigration of turning the US into a Third World country with an ignorant easily controlled population. The power elites like the Bush family really hate those who have their roots in this country and are determined to gradually eliminate us as a majority. Of course when they need dumb asses to sign up for a war that they have started then we are suddenly their best friends.

        • There is no apostrophe needed in “priority’s”. You wrote it showing possession when in fact, it is plural.
          Get your own priorities straight…like proper grammar…idiot!

          • Wow! Too much coffee? The irony of your post…
            Priorities…? Check yourself..

          • texan250,

            Maybe you should worry more about your state turning into another Calif. than some posters grammar. Typical Texan all hat and no brains. You must be one of the few that actually finished third grade and think they are a genius.

        • Socrates;None of this is going to stop until we the people stand up and get rid of 99% of the unconstitutional laws and the lawyers that keep producing them,which is contained in most local, State and, Federal levels!!
          I have a personal story that i am currently involved in i will tell you about .
          One day as i was working on my pickup i noticed a dog running across my property caring what i thought was a rabbit its mouth but as i heard it squealing i realized it was a small lap dog so i immediately gave a chase and made the dog drop the litle one,at that time the neighbor came running over on to my property caring a hand gun asking where the dog went, and i told him that he had run up through the pasture. Immediately he started to blaming my dog and i showed him that my dog was locked in the kennel. To make a long story short almost two months had went by and a knock on my door was a leo serving me with dog at large and viscous dog citations which are class b misdemeanors,When i appeared in court i was told that i had to go to the prison and be booked and released .Which i became totally aggravated at so i asked the judge if i was suppose to take my dog as well to be paw printed! He said that wouldn’t be necessary.So basically i was guilty before a chance to prove my innocents? I have a pre trial coming up so i will see how that goes ,but am i the only one that sees how wrong this is ???

        • Austin is the only liberal part of TX. The illegals are for big government and more free stuff, but not citizens. In San Antonio the majority of residents are Hispanic but the majority of citizens are white. Amnesty would turn TX blue, and have reverse numbers of what is shown here.

          • If the Stupid party gets behind amnesty not only will there never be another Republican president but in a short time they will not win elections anywhere. See Calif. for an example of what will happen.

        • You did notice that she didn’t make that “grand speech” [sarcasm off] while in TX??? The students at A & M would have boo’d her off the stage!!! She MIGHT have gotten by with it if she was in the right place in Austin or Houston, but otherwise she would probably have been run off.

          It’s getting hard to schedule a Conceal Carry class – the ones that do them are booked solid. There are 11 of us from my family that want to get licensed, and over 30 from my church.

          Understand, it’s a large state. There are going to be pockets of libs and weirdo’s…but they are greatly outnumbered. And they know it.

        • There isn’t one unified Texas. That’s what people don’t understand. There is a kind of attitude in the Big Thicket, and another entirely different one in Dallas.

          I once knew an old lady in Alpine who had four titties.

          Things are just different here.

        • Well, if it comes from Houston you have to understand that they are the ones who keep voting in Sheila Jackson Lee…the idiot who thinks we have planted a flag on Mars when we landed there. Most of us in Texas are aware of what is going on and are locked and loaded…ready for the rallying cry. “Come and get it” is our code.

          We don’t want all these illegals or democrats who want to live off of our hard earned money and hopefully there will come a day when we round ’em up and head ’em out.

          There is a lot of vacant space in Texas to get lost in.

          • ooopps should be Come and Take it…but either works.

        • Socrates: This is why we should never have let A&M have a law school. Most law abiding Texans carry guns, but they don’t talk about it. A lady near Lufkin, TX shot a burglar in her home a few weeks ago. She apparently needs to work on her own gun control because he lived. However, he will NOT be breaking into any homes for long while.

      2. The first state to give DC the finger will be Texas. This is the only state that can honestly say, “Ya know what DC, WE DONT NEED YOU, WE DONT WANT YOU, SCREW YOU WE’RE GONE!” That will be the first succession from the US, after that, all hell breaks loose. There have been whispers from many states about how out of hand this is getting and that the only solution is to pull out and try and go it alone. Mind you these are the states that aren’t bankrupt, and who’s local economies are slowly growing.


        • That sounds good!

      3. Why I Love Wyoming! After moving here 5 years ago,when I went to the election polls for the first time and as I always open carry, I took my 45 out of my holster and left it in the truck. When I got inside, one of the election judges asked “where’s your gun” and then he showed me he had his on. Anywho, I didn’t see any black panthers outside with baseball bats. Trekker Out. I Now Vote With My Gun On!

        • I love it when I hear that in some state back east, they locked down the city because someone was spotted wearing a gun.

          Here is Wyo it is not unusual to go into a motel and see a whole bunch of guys trooping in or out of their rooms laden with their hunting rifles. My former next door neighbor wore his .45 every day. I felt so much safer knowing that he was there. He was a disabled army paramedic who was home all the time (back injury) and between his military training, his medical training, and his ever-present handgun, I felt he was able to handle any emergency. (And in this small town, a mountain lion is spotted inside town limits about once or twice per year, so even if there are no human predator, there are the lions.)

          I saw a show (‘Longmeier,’ or something similar) that was supposedly about Wyoming and in it they got a search warrant for a suspect’s home and, guess what? They found an UNREGISTERED GUN in her home!!!! I changed channels. Everybody in Wyoming has unregistered guns. There are NO registered guns in Wyoming. Whoever produced that show had probably never set foot in Wyoming.

          • True story,
            Dateline: Columbia, Howard County Maryland. Suburb of DC. ( before the shooting at the Columbia Mall, with a shotgun, by AA shooter).
            My good friend had just picked up his AR 15, with a “grenade” launcher. It was cased in the trunk of his car. It was 100% legal in every way. ( I cringe typing that) . Anyhow, he was at a business/ industrial park, meeting with the owner and managers of significant commercial real estate, for contracting work.
            Now let me interject, here in commie- land, we were in the midst of having even more restrictive gun laws passed. May (NO!) issue state. ” good and substantial reason, determined by the State Police” . One argument by the government , in court, was handgun carry was not needed, because it is LEGAL TO CARRY A LONG GUN! And that IS what the law states. Now back to our story……

            So the owner of the business park ( and many others!) is in the office with his legal and financial team, lawyer…accountant.. Managers. 5-6 professionals, in suits. They decide to go to lunch and invite my buddy. Small talk, and my friend mentioned his latest acquisition. They ALL wanted to see it. ( somewhat sheltered crowd, ha!). So they gather around the trunk of the car as my buddy lay the case on the closed trunk and opened it. Ooh! Aah! Most of these guys wouldn’t touch it. One or two hefted it to their shoulder.. You get the picture.
            As my buddy put the cased hardware back in the trunk, he joked ” the police would freak out” if they saw this!! ….. At which time… You guessed it already, I’m sure,….
            First one ….. A rookie.. And he jumps out and draws his weapon …. Followed by about 3 more patrol cars…. Lights and guns drawn.. All were handcuffed, face down on the parking lot.
            The owner saying something to the effect ” I own this fucking place”.
            Well , someone had called the police and reported a machine gun. ( the well dressed gang?)
            The police looked at the gun, and admonished ” that’s definitely illegal ” . After my buddy showed the paperwork, which he ONLY had because he had just picked up the gun, a seargent with some sense, uncuffed the boys ( after running all their ID’s). Then sarge complimented the gun, fondled it , and proceeded to ream the rookie for how he approached the scene, telling him something to the effect of ” if this had been a bad guy, you would have been the first casualty, numnuts.”

            I share this because it points out WHY concealed carry is preferred, or rather , more practical. Also, the state’s position on long gun carry being legal is a farce. It will get you killed by cop.
            We in Maryland , are still waiting for the S.Court to take this issue on. Our pinko ” leaders” are still stuck on stupid. I know there are those that say they don’t allow the law to inhibit their 2nd A right. That’s a personal choice. But the State will ruin you on many levels, and you will likely be behind bars, no matter how right you feel you are. We just demand to be able to exercise our right ( inherent by existence, codified by the bill of rights, in clear, simple language) without being classed a felon.
            Maryland, stuck on stupid.

            • The east coast from FL to VA is allright. From the Delmarva Peninsula up to Canada, they are retarded.

              • I remember when it was common to see gun racks with guns in Calif. farm country. Not anymore with all the paranoid cops who think that anyone except them should not be trusted to which I respond Craig Peyer.

          • Being in law enforcement, when I stop someone with a CCW, I always inquire where their gun is.
            Those that do not have it on them I always ask: How are you to protect yourself or family if you don’t carry it? Most seem surprised by this response from law enforcement.

            I only ask this of the apparent good people which happen to be about 95% of the folks I come across.

            I find some of the CCW laws amusing. Some of the places most states do not allow carry in, are the places people should be armed the most. School shootings/church shootings? No guns allowed there.

            • My bank allows a ccw, maybe a open too.

            • para bellum says:
              Comment ID: 2956858
              March 5, 2014 at 9:04 am

              Being in law enforcement, when I stop someone with a CCW, I always inquire where their gun is.
              Those that do not have it on them I always ask: How are you to protect yourself or family if you don’t carry it?

              That’s awesome! More LEO’s like you would go a long way toward restoring the public trust. Thank you.

          • ANYTHING coming from hollyweird, and 99% of everything on TV is bullshit. If it is called Reality or Tru or History or Science, then it is NOT.

            I Saw It On TV

            They sent us home to watch the show comin’ on the little screen
            A man named Ike was in the white house, big black limousine
            There were many shows to follow, from ‘Hooter’ to Doodyville
            Though I saw them all, I can’t recall which cartoon was real

            The coon-skin caps, Yankee bats, the Hound Dog man’s big start
            The A-Bomb fears, Annette had ears, I lusted in my heart
            A young man from Boston set sail the new frontier
            And we watched the Dream dead-end in Dallas
            They buried innocence that year

            I know it’s true, oh so true
            ‘Cause I saw it on TV

            We gathered round to hear the sound comin’ on the little screen
            The grief had passed, the old men laughed, and all the girls screamed
            ‘Cause four guys from England took us all by the hand
            It was time to laugh, time to sing, time to join the band

            But all too soon, we hit the moon, and covered up the sky
            They built their bombs, and aimed their guns, and still I don’t know why
            The dominoes tumbled and big business roared
            Every night at six, they showed the pictures and counted up the score

            I know it’s true, oh so true
            ‘Cause I saw it on TV

            The old man rocks among his dreams, a prisoner of the porch
            “The light”, he says, “At the end of the tunnel was nothin’
            But a burglar’s torch”
            And them that was caught in the Cover are all rich and free
            But they chained my mind to an endless tomb
            When they took my only son from me

            I know it’s true, oh so true
            ‘Cause I saw it on TV
            I know it’s true, oh so true
            ‘Cause I saw it on TV


        • Mountain Trekker,

          The whole country should allow open carry.

          When we need to protect our lives and or family, it sure is a lot easier to pull it our of a holster that run to a safe and unlock it!

          Don’t see any LEO ask to “Please freeze while I retrieve my firearm!” Hell No! It is on their hip for a DAMN GOOD REASON.

          Y’all Beware! Hell of a GOOD fight Guns VS Bats!

          • Y’All
            Man I like you. I can’t agree MORE. If I could I would give a MILLION thumbs UP I would.
            I believe you should be able to open carry. Only someone with a forcible Felony should be restricted. (Murder, Rape, Armed Robbery. Agg. Battery with a firearm.)
            Its time to tell the Government to SHOVE IT!!!!

            • Its time to tell the Government to SHOVE IT

              they really don’t like that and seem to take offense.

              • .02
                Most of them would like it. If you know what I mean!!!!

          • Y’all I agree, we all should have the right to open carry in every state, I know some prefer conceal carry over open carry, which is fine, what ever your preference is. What is surprising to me is how they talk about how conservative Texas is, and Texas don’t allow open carry and they also still require a permit to carry concealed. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • MT,
              True story:
              Three felons broke out of prison and came across a farmer who always carried open while working his fields.

              They saw this from cover, and blitzed him from behind since they knew he had a gun. The farmer was killed.

              After their capture, one of the convicts admitted because they knew he had a gun, they formulated a plan accordingly and was able to overtake the farmer.

              I think it best to carry concealed. Thugs plan accordingly when they know you are armed.

        • Trekker,
          Thats exactly why I want to relocate there as well, people think Im nuts to want to leave Maui but they just dont get it.
          Im going to have to work the rest of my life, i would rather do it somewhere i can be free and not regulated at every turn by local or fed gov.

          • @ Kula,
            Big Sky is still pretty good. The winters seem to run off the weak.

          • Of the islands I like Kauai the best. Seems to be the most rural and easy to get away from people. Last year when we spent a week on the Big Island I noticed that in that time I only saw one cop and he was having a good time joking with someone he had stopped on the highway. Hawaii is the most socialist of the states but its’ charm makes up for it(except Honolulu) since the cleaned up Hotel street and closed the Monkey Bar. not to mention the Hubba-Hubba club.

      4. I agree with most of these. But why punish poor people even more when it’s the governement sticky fingers and lobbied politicians who cost WAY MORE.

      5. Oh and btw, I’m a Democrat.

        • Anon
          If you agree with most of these, your Democratic party has abandoned you. You should get onboard with a different party aligned with your beliefs.

        • “I agree with most of these. But why punish poor people even more when it’s the governement sticky fingers and lobbied politicians who cost WAY MORE”
          “Oh and btw, I’m a Democrat”

          No Shit?

          • You might want to rethink that “punish the poor” BS
            I pay to feed them, house them, “educate” them, phones, utilities, infrastructure, medical, etc. etc……
            Sheesh! Get a grip.

      6. Sounds as if it’s going to SUCK to be a democrat in Texas come November.

      7. Five years before I can retire and move out of my crap hole state of IL. Better start breaking in a pair of cowboy boots now so I don’t look so “new”.

        • Make sure you put your pant legs outside the cowboy boots so you don’t look like you’re from out of state.

          • Or worse, look like a sheepherder.

        • Blitz here is some advice get you a picture of George Strait or some of the Texas boys in the PBR.. Take note there is a unspoken dress code here…It’s not just a hat and boots … it’s what kind of hat and boots jeans shirt etc.. and how you wear them … Urban Cowboy was never cool here.. most Texans out from the cities can spot a want to be from a mile away..

          • Rexalls

        • Blitz
          If you can’t make it maybe you can find me when I move to Tenn. Texas little brother. Remember if it wasn’t for the folks from Kent., and Tenn. Texas might still be Mexico. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!!!

      8. Imo it will all back fire because they did their jobs to well! Most Sheeple Americans are so stubborn and spoiled that when you tell them to do something or force them.. they get pissed off like spoiled little brats, that is the flaw in their plan! look what happened when they said they needed to ban guns, people went out and bought more, the very guns they wanted to ban and even people who never owned one bought them. Mind you I’m not talking about the ones who know whats going on, even the ones who love gov bought them just because the fact they said they couldn’t have them or they wouldn’t be available to them.

        • Everytime they add something to the list of what we can’t or have to do …it puts another crack in the dam. If it wasn’t for reserve statist and funding welfare, things would be so ugly that other countries riots/protest would look like a drunken Frat party in comparison.

          • Meant reserve currency status sorry lol.

      9. only two things come from Texas son

        steers and fairy’s

        And you only got one horn .


        • @n.o. Come on down, shitface, and say that in a bar. You won’t be walking home after that. We have ways of dealing with big-mouthed northerners that leave no room for doubt as to the size of our balls or our horns. And for the record, no Democrat has held a state-wide office in Texas for over 12 years. We are solidly red, not purple, and definitely not pink.

          • dude i use to live there 2 years ;0p

            i know who and what lives in texas ;0P

            you can have it all .


            • Probably got you ass kicked a few times by the B team, so you figured you better hike your skirts and head back home. Good riddance. I hope the rattlesnakes didn’t bite you on the ass as you scuttled across the Red River. We really don’t like outsiders bothering the rattlesnakes.

          • God Bless Texas.
            Nuff said.

          • Oh my.. you know what happens when you scare the shit out of a Texan?

            You are left with nothing but boots, belt buckle and a big fvkin hat.

            • @.02 cents worth of shit…The problem there, big mouth, is that it is really hard to scare a Texan…unless you say, “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you?” Scare the shit out of King Kong.

          • The stars at night, are big and bright,

        • I think I remember some drill instructor screaming “Steers and Queers”

      10. i hope everyone is keeping an eye on russian troop movement , russian owned zog amerika debt treasuries and wallstreet .

        cause russia with china in tandem is pumping it up right now setting things up to possibly crash it … it’s a pump and dump .

        they are getting ready to possibly bail-out which will cause a total collapse of the zog amerika fake fiat dollar .

        ruissia’s putin has zog amerika by barry the fairy’s hairless perfumed shrinking marbles and is going to start squeezing them soon .

        seriously finish buyin your gun ammo preps asap . while you still can .


        • N.o.
          Just got 500 lc 13 three ot eight.
          Stuffs going fast.

          Ungraded bug out gear to kifaru express molle , kifaru e and e , lots of titanium
          Serious gear for shtf festivities.
          Total load out 40 lbs +-
          Lbe tactical tailor fight light.

          Things getting interesting in the NE .

          Prepare descretely and vigorously.


          Semper Fi 8541

          • @Night Breaker … Respect .

            thanks for the chuckle ;0)

            i’m green with envy …

            you are a lil’ more high speed than i in your preps .

            awesome on the upgrades , really . i’m still using my gulf war combat gear as it all is still very serviceable in the field .

            i chuckle cause the plan for me if i can’t just throw it in my 4×4 p/u bed and haul-ass , is all my gear goes in a lime green garden wagon in need of some camo paint and i attach / bolt that either to my mtn bike rear bike frame or if walking to myself with a X-harness over my shoulders which leaves my hands free to carry my battle rifle .

            my days of humpin a 80 pnd combat pack over mountain tops and hills are well in my past by about 10 years .

            with age comes wisdom and sore backs .

            keep your powder dry .

            FMP III%


            • N.O.
              Yeah if I had to carry what I did now in gulf war 1 I would probably not get far , still in pretty good shape can still do the same but not as fast or as far hench the more realistic 40 lb load cap. roger on the little green wagon and mountain bike , (worked for charlie in NAM ), better there than on your back. Suprisingly I did not ruin my back or knees in the service.which is a miracle in itself.

              Bug in planned till last second , roads will be too congested for vehicle egress Even for a 4×4 jeep.. Entrance to the pine barrens is literally in my back yard if all else fails. Decided to spend the assets on good gear while money still has value , you should check out the company Heavy Cover , vet owned has really neat gear The tiitanium canteen and canteen cup setup is the cats ass! I quart GI canteen in titanium does not get better than this.

              Kifaru packs load bearing harness has to be worn to be believed light years ahead of the good old Alice system. On the bright side if nothing happens ( i do belive its going to shtf soon) I have some really great gear for hurricane season and bushcrafting.

              Be prepared surviving this in the end is going to be worth it .



              Semper Fi 8541

      11. M Trekker,

        Sure must be nice! Reminds me of when I was practicin’ with my six shooter and instead of takin’ off my holster, I just removed the shells from my Colt, put it back in the holster and drove into town.

        I needed to repair a broken screw and the only place I could have it done was at a little jewelry store. I could have it fixed right away and go back to the range.

        Got out of my car which I parked a little ways from the jewelry store and walked down the busy sidewalk. Some people looked at me and it seemed like they did not even care as it was open carry 45 years ago.

        I walked into the jewelry store where the owner asked if he could help me. I told him of my problem with the gun.
        I then mentioned that it was unloaded and handed it to him in the proper manner.

        As he worked on it, we began talkin’ and never once talked about our rights of open carry.

        It was like I was in Texas. Just common folks goin’ about their business. Now, how things have changed!

        Y’all Beware! Educate some Democrats – PLEASE!
        They need to know.

      12. At first glance this is a feel good piece, but, lets take a look-see Repeal Ob care yup nothing new there Texas plus just about everyone else.
        No drugs when recieving tax payer handouts- ok
        No tyranny (two sets of rules one for us and one for them) ok that needed a vote???
        Yes to the 2nd – that needed a vote?
        Yes to the 1st – see 2nd???
        No taxation without representation- ok
        Maybe its not the time for patting each other on the back just yet Texas. If your voting on these issues that should be allready be on the books (other than Ob care and drug screening wellfare folks) then perhaps things are not as wonderful in Texas as they seem at first glance. Sorry yall just calling it as I see it, this is congratulating yourself for common sense and laws that are nothing more than two steps back after the first giant step forward, dissagree, ok then explain why Texas needs an expansion of CHL locations? My question is WHO infringed on the 2nd in Texas so much that it requires Texans voting to stop further infringement of that God given right? CHL expansion indeed. Sorry gang I guess Im growing weary of the crap but this is no cause for celebration just a sad reminder of how far we have fallen.

        • **If your voting on these issues that should be allready be on the books (other than Ob care and drug screening wellfare folks) then perhaps things are not as wonderful in Texas as they seem at first glance***

          Which is what I posted above…smells bad, huh???

          • If ya see a shit storm comin’, don’t just stand there lickin’ yer lollipop.

      13. Even in some moderate states and some slightly liberal states people are FED up. They are starting to vote with their feet and their wallet. 2014 is going to be interesting at the voting booth and there are going to be some surprises. As for all the judges…. Well some are voted in and some are appointed. Watch who you vote for and read up on their beliefs and voting record. And… keep prepping …. We may still have to take our country back the hard way…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…. And vote….

      14. Finally, some good news! Let’s see how far this goes. I’ve watched the liberals POUR into my state all my life, and now Florida is considered “purple”. Maybe in the Keys, not so much in hood’. Just one of the reasons we’re tempted leave!
        I hope the acl-yew, spl-see, new black buttfuchs, do-unjust, ect ect ect, and ect arms of obama don’t misconstrue my comment!
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • Daytona Matt: While Florida is turning “purple” on the national (presidential) level, it’s till a very red state otherwise. Florida and Texas have the same percentages of Republicans in our lower houses (62%F-63%T) and Florida is slightly higher in its Senate (65%F-61%T). Florida has only 75% of the population of Texas but we have more than twice the total number of CCWs, which is recorded, 1.16million F (v) .585 million T. That means that Florida has 2 1/2 times more concealed carriers than Texas. Now more Texans admit owning guns 35% than Floridians at 25%, but that may or may not be accurate because the survey depends upon the “honesty” of the respondents. I say it’s just as likely that many Floridians are smarter that Texans and they won’t answer such stupid and intrusive questions about gun ownership with any accuracy. Northern Floridian out.

        • You might want to consider East TN…..about 60% of the new imports I’ve met in the last 10 years are from FL….only know of two who moved here, then a few years later moved back to be with family….;)

          • Too close to Memphrica for me.

      15. It would be wise if moving to Texas to take your own water. All public water goes to fracking. A glass of radiated chemical sludgeade anyone?

        • I DONT THINK SO!!!!

          • … and it’s going dry .

            • Not where I’m at!

          • Id be real nervous if the static level wasnt at least 125 feet. 400 foot well is nothing to brag about. its gal per minute and water table that you need. Id like to send you 2 feet of snow and 4 days of rain from here.

      16. Any state willing to kick Obamacare to the curb is a good thing .
        Texas seems to be doin alot of bragging lately about how “free” they claim to be , but it looks like , from my perspective, that the libtards from cali. are really making inroads.
        On O’care , I believe it will be repealled eventually, it is absolutely destroying people. This morning i read an article at the Huff Post attempting to claim that the ACA was actually “creating” wealth. whatta laugh.
        The encouraging part is that the story was completely trashed in the comment section by the lefty readers.
        And this seems to be the norm on other lefty sites.
        So it seems that the majority have stopped drinkin the kool-aid , at least where O’care is concerned.

        • It may be temporary, but for the time being the health insurance industry is getting wealthy because of the ACA. That is where the wealth is being created.

          • They just think they are making money, wait until the payouts for all that health care for people who don’t pay for it comes around. The gov’t payments are about a fourth of what it costs, across the board.

      17. Sign me up!


      18. Please, keep this quiet. Do not need immigrants from blue states. They come here for jobs, but bring their commie mentalities with them. Libtards have already infected the governments of Austin and Houston.

        Hey, hot, humid, cockroaches, gun nuts, conspiracy theorists, ass burning chile, big haired ladies, and animal abusing rodeos! These are all good reasons why you left wing statists should avoid Texas at all costs!!!!

        Personally, I make a mean ass chile, am married to a hot big haired lady, am partial to any number of firearms, enjoy listening to Alex Jones, and have great seats at the Reliance Center for our annual livestock show. As to the cockroaches, we know how to get rid of them. Besides, we have awesome gun shows, world’s best barbecue, Shiner beer, Pappacitas, Ninfas, Chuys, Taco Cabana….Need I say more?

        What’s not to love about Texas?

        • Rattlesnakes

          • Every state has its politicians.

            Oh….you were talking about real rattlesnakes?

            Aw…they ain’t no big deal.

          • good eatin’

          • Texas don’t have rattlesnakes compared to Norther Nevada. The Reno-Elko corridor has so many snakes the snakes are afraid of the snakes.

        • yea RALPIE , that all sounds great.
          But , but , but ,do you got 4 foot snowbanks blockin your driveway ?
          Can you brag detroit is in YOUR state ?
          Well, there ya go !

        • Ralphie, consider the audience; the people coming here are the ones you want coming to Texas.

          i say all who come here regularly are welcome.

          of course texas is hot and a lot of it is also humid. truth be told, i’d much rather live in colorado; but they’ve lost their minds and i dont really want to dodge potheads on the roads. i recoomend the faithful here to come to dallas, you’ll avoid the humidity and we need some help countering the votes of illegals that some of the dim witted city council keeps trying to give them.

        • Ralphieboy

          They come to Florida to retire and have nothing better to do but think of ways to make Florida like the state they left. Taxes and all sorts of stupid laws.

          You hear them, “When I lived in New York, we had a law against that”.

          • same crap here in Hawaii,,
            Thats why the locals are so militant.

        • RAL:
          Is it ok to come if you live in a blue state but have voted Red for 42 years?

      19. Hopefully, all it will take is the people in one, brave state to set a precedent for others to follow. People are watching as others refuse to turn their guns in, and others who refuse to lay down to bad legislation. I hope the bandwagon picks up many more, on the freedom trail…

      20. Texas is much better than most states but it still aint 1870 texas where if anyone including the law beat you down for no reason they got lead poisoning with the approval of their fellow citizens.

      21. I have never been to Texas, but the spirit of the people sounds cool. Having said that, I am also a big fan of what comes out of San Francisco, which I like to think is the best of American liberty spirit too.

        Welfare recipients should definitely be subject to strict controls. If you sign up to live for free off the state and tax payers, then you need to show you are not engaged in illegal activities and are actively engaged in upping your skills to get a job.

        I also think the whole concept of being on welfare for longer than two years should be made illegal. Two years is a reasonable amount of time to re-arrange your affairs after being made unemployed and to get another job.

        The problem right now is this ever-growing lifelong welfare class that, not only is on welfare for a year or two, but for decades. It is a hardcore loser mentality and these folks drag down the rest of the population with their listless existence.

        • Welfare..get a job.. be productive..Things have changed and are going to be so different in 20 years if we don’t destroy ourselves or some catastrophic even returns us to 1800’s style living. Automation and Artificial Intelligence is making huge inroads and with robotics coupled with GPS humans are quickly becoming obsolete in the work force. I sit and look out across these miles of seemingly endless wheat fields and marvel at the thought that what used to take 8 to 10 people now takes 2 and I bet you that if we really wanted to, we could completely remove the human from the farm. GPS, AI and robotics are going to be removing humans at an astounding rate in the near future. Hell, robotics are taking jobs away from 30 cents and hour Chinese workers as I type this. We have entered a new paradigm where humans are not needed. Soon, robotics and AI will be everywhere. From our fast food to the surgeons replacing human organs and of course robots will fix and maintain the robots getting rid of our mechanics, equipment operators and taxi drivers. We need a new paradigm that allows us all to do what ever we want instead of being chained to the “job”. Call it socialism, welfare what ever; but we are going to have to do something or the riots will burn when the people are left homeless in the streets because there are no jobs. The hardest part for humans is changing the way we think and leaving old normals behind. Some call it future shock, and what lies ahead will have to be a radical change on how we perceive ourselves and our roles as humans on this rock.

          • .02, the whole scheme behind robotics and artificial intelligence has been blown out of proportion and will eventually fail. as far as a “new paradigm” is concerned, socialism has been tried for well over a century and is still a failure. I’m not giving up on the “old normal” I was raised on.

          • I read your post with interest. I look in the mirror, and see a 52 yo white guy, who used to aspire to build something. I can unfuck anything. I have owned and operated repair shops. I have a brain and a set of hands that can do amazing things. And I’m done. Fuck it. What is the point?
            The paperwork, regs,taxes and employee asswiping that go into running a business are beyond bizarre. The system right now is completely up side down and out of whack.
            I AM the guy you want running, fixing and making things. And I am ready to go Galt. Fuck me? No, fuck you , assholes. And I know I am not alone.
            Somehow, this debt based, expansion requiring system has to come to a halt. Planned or unplanned, physics and math, if nothing else require it be so.
            I don’t point fingers at who caused this. It crept up and people did what they had to do , to make it work for them.
            Farmer sells his land for development. Factory owner gets tired of the bullshit and off shores, and sells the machinery to the Chinese.
            I was raised in Baltimore. I am not that damn old, and I remember ;
            Bethlehem Steel , 30,000 jobs, GM plant. 3-5000 jobs, Key hwy shipyards, 2-4000 jobs, and machine shops all in and around the area. Little job shops, with 10-20 skilled operators, making pieces and parts for every conceivable industry. ALL GONE.
            And what’s this crap of every kid has to go to college? What about masons, plumbers,electricians,auto mechanics , on and on? Who is doing that? I’ll tell you. Better yet, go to any construction job, large or small. Private or .gov . See for yourself. Better speak Spanish though. I have no problem with an immigrant. We are a country of immigrants. But this is nationwide suicide. In a high tech world, we are giving ALL of our relatively low tech jobs away to immigrants, and telling our kids they don’t have to dirty their hands , or be without AC.
            Rant off, and as a bonus, how in see a solution.
            This fake, phony,manipulated joke of an economy has to crash. Hard. Hard reset. Some folks are going to have to have it tough. Some gonna die. If that happens before I’m too decrepit and old, the spark might reignite, and I’ll teach a whippersnapper how to lay a brick, fix a toilet , weld two pieces of metal together. Maybe. If they want to get their hands dirty. And oh yeah. Slam that goddamn border closed and tell those folks to sort the shit out at home. Can’t make it in El Salvador or Mexico? We’ll start working on changing that. Don’t come here with shitholia
            mentality. We’ve got enough problems.

            • @ Rick,
              +100 on everything you just said. If I didn’t know better I would have thought that was my post almost word for word except the locale. You just described my life and my feelings about the state of my country to a TEE.
              Well said friend, well said

      22. Not only Texas, but there is life stirring in the country.
        Which will result in a response from those in power.

        Sites like this, which do not promote violence, but public awareness has awaken thousands of unaware people in this country.

        We have taken our freedom for granted and have not held our representatives accountable.

        Looks like Texans are taking a stand.

      23. Those are some staggering percentages…
        But then again G P Bush won his race, so there’s still room for improvement.

      24. Hell, 10 out of 10 could want obamacare repealed but it wont happen. This aint no democracy. Whats wrong with everyone. This is tyranny now and until the people rise up and do more than complain, we will keep getting screwed. The destruction of America is the plan. They love it when it hurts. It aint about us, its about them. It sure aint about being fair to the working class.

        • ten thumbs up @ CALGACUS
          could not agree more , this is all planned to wreak havoc on the US economy.
          Dont ya know ? The US was unjustly founded by criminals and murders from europe , just a bunch of damn anarchist’s. ( according to Obama)
          People like BO want to see a socialist model in place and an economy much like Venesula , brasil or cuba where the government controls all commerce .
          And we are lettin them do it .

      25. I wanna know who the asshole 6,543 people are who think that members of Congress are above us and shouldn’t be held to the same standards and laws as us ‘common folk’. Those scumbags should be lynched.

        • those are your new neighbors, just moved in from California, and Colorado, new York…

        • Gov employees and/or their families… that was an easy one… 🙂

      26. Good Morning everyone.

        It is nice to see states pushing back on the infringement of government although we know there is a bunch of hurt headed our way. Obama Care will drive more to unemployment and SNAP roles. Put small business out of business. Good hard working people. To infuriate me more is the manipulation of the numbers combined with confusing projections of production and job growth.
        As preppers I would think we are sound in our decision making process. It is those who are living on the edge and still believe everything is fine that concerns me. Does it matter what takes the system down? Bank closures, Obama Care, Unemployment, Welfare State.
        At some point its done. Our discussions here will determine what we do.

        The one thing that I will never give up on and that is if I ever come across those who were in power, abused it, and made laws that were Political Correct and unsound, I am going to make your life a living hell. I have all the right reasons to do so.

        Play your silly ass games now and enjoy what you have for when it changes, I will be in the shadows waiting.

      27. Welfare, do you mean the countless trillions spent on expanding the police state to every corner of the world? Military expansion and bases run amuck threatening humanity in every land to “protect our interests”. Whose interests? Not the American peoples interests, unless you are a thieving globalist. How much does our supposed freedom cost? The amount spent on our planned demise is beyond staggering. No wonder the dollar is near worthless, created with nothing to back it up. We have become a nation accepting our murderous overseers, with barely a peep of opposition. Those at the top are laughing at our complete domination.

        • Aljamo you got it right! The problem is that knuckle dragging zombies with no critical thinking skills whatsoever keep signing up to do theyre dirty work. Brainwashed into thinking they are fighting for theyre country (what a joke) or serving the public (another joke). Or just the psycopaths that want positions of power and a license to do as they please. The enforcers are guilty more so than the pukes that make up these laws. Heres a good one for ya lol… http://www.callthecops.net/connecticut-halts-plans-round-firearms-finding-cops-state-list/

          • Genius
            Not sure if you posted that link as a joke or not but that site is a satire site and that story is untrue.
            Standing by in upstate Ny
            Creek Hunter

            • Yes Creek it could be satire but something to think about. I wonder what percentage of cops didnt comply? Interesting to see if they really do put a halt on theyre plans because of this. 🙂

      28. We also need to look at the bigger picture:

        “The far-reaching fate for a captive new human society is not being planned in Washington, D.C., but in New York City.
        That fate is no longer somewhere off in the distant future but is being made ready to eclipse all of human society—by the end of 2015.

        The sovereignty of all nations will be swallowed whole in the United Nations ‘Post-2015 Development Agenda’, and that’s only the nightmarish beginning of the coming new life on Planet Earth.”

        UN’s ‘Post-2015 Development Agenda’



        Meanwhile, all nations who care about their people should stop funding the UN. It is impossible to take over the world without money.

        UN Report (PDF)

        High Level Panel of Eminent Persons
        •Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (co-chair), President of Indonesia
        •Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (co-chair), President of Liberia
        •David Cameron (co-chair), Prime Minister of United Kingdom
        •Fulbert Gero Amoussouga, Economic advisor of the President of Benin
        •Izabella Teixeira, Minister for the Environment of Brazil
        •Yingfan Wang, Member of the Secretary-General’s MDG Advocacy Group, China
        •Maria Angela Holguin, Foreign Minister of Colombia
        •Gisela Alonso, President of the Agency of Environment of Cuba
        •Jean-Michel Severino, Former Director General of the French Development Agency
        •Horst Köhler, Former IMF Managing Director and former President of Germany
        •Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister of Japan
        •Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan
        •Betty Maina, Chief Executive of the Association of Manufacturers of Kenya
        •Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics, from India
        •Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development from Latvia
        •Patricia Espinosa, Foreign Minister of Mexico
        •Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, from the Netherlands
        •Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister of Nigeria
        •Elvira Nabiullina, Economic advisor to the Russian President
        •Graça Machel, Member of The Elders, South Africa
        •Sung Hwan Kim, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea
        •Gunilla Carlsson, Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden
        •Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance of Timor-Leste
        •Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey
        •John Podesta, Chair of the Center for American Progress, United States of America
        •Tawakel Karman, Journalist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Yemen
        •Amina J. Mohammed, Nigeria (ex officio, Special Adviser of Ban Ki-moon)

        • Can’t read that list without puking.

        • Everyone of them on that list should be on a “Wanted” poster…Dead or Alive…dont see a liberty loving one amoungst them!

      29. I have some prepping questions that I need help with, I know I can look them up myself but was looking for more first hand experience.
        1. What is the best way to keep batteries like aa, and aaa good for long periods.
        2. What is the best way to keep antibiotics viable for a long time. I have some fish antibiotics unopened.
        3. I understand that beans can become uncookable after a few years. Is there a way to combat this with either a storage or cooking method.
        4. I live in upstate Ny and getting a firearm is increasingly difficult on and off the books. Should I just go out of state, don’t I have to be a resident of a state to
        fall under the fewer restrictions there.
        Thanks for the great site Mac and thank you to whoever replys back to this.
        Upstate Ny standing by
        Creek Hunter

        • Creek Hunter

          First buy good batteries with far out expiration date. Leave them in the package until needed. I use ammo cans and store in a stable temperature area.

        • Meds in frig.
          Cook older beans in pressure cooker.

          Move to Texas!!

        • Creek..
          **batteries don’t expire–a little secret manufacturers like kept quiet(wink wink)might want to keep a solar battery charger on hand for later 😉
          **antibiotics in fridge–after opened, vacuum sealed in mason jar helps prolong(no air)—brake bleeder for vacuum sealing after power not available
          **beans cook well after over night soaking in a few tablespoons of baking soda–I have 5 year old pintos; they cook fine
          **can’t help with firearms–ours aren’t registered.

        • Creek Hunter,

          Hello and welcome!

          I have read that adding a couple teaspoons of baking soda to older beans when cooking will soften them. (I have not had to do this, so cannot verify this.) See the links below for more information on storing beans and other food.

          Prepare yourself spiritually. This will give you strength to face whatever storm heads our way.

          Whatever knowledge you have gained and items you have saved will help you and your family. Food storage doesn’t have to be fancy foods. Basic foods like dried beans, rice, oatmeal, canned vegetables & tomatoes, pasta, olive oil, etc. are least expensive and have a long shelf life.

          If you haven’t already and have the space, start a garden. This will help you in your building your food stock. (Note: You can also container garden. Fancy and expensive large containers aren’t necessary. Plants will grow in inexpensive 5 gallon containers. Add a few holes in the bottom for drainage.)

          Search out “pick your own” farms in your area. If you can pick your own strawberries, blackberries, apples, etc. and then preserve them, you will save money.

          Get some heirloom or non-hybrid seeds. These are sold as at a number of different places. For example, http://www.beprepared.com has a combo pack that is a good deal – enough seeds to plant a large garden for under $30. The seeds are “hermetically sealed in E-Z lock reusable triple-layered foil bags”. Store the seeds in the refrigerator to extend the life of your seeds.

          Can or dehydrate your food. I bought a couple dehydrators at an outlet store. They are just basic models, but work fine. I like to dehydrate food, as it takes up less space. I store (and date on label)dehydrated vegetables in empty and cleaned mayonnaise jars. Remember the FIFO rule – use older food first. I use these in making stews, soups, spaghetti sauce, etc.

          I am not an expert in this by any means. Four years ago I planted my first garden. Then, I got the dehydrators and a canner. I am learning.

          Here are some useful sources.

          Here is a very valuable book you might want to purchase: “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” by Carla Emery. It is the ‘original manual for living off the land & doing it yourself.’

          http://www.survivalblog.com/ – has volumes of free information on many topics.

          “LDS Preparedness Manual” – free download. This has lots of information about food storage and preparedness.

          How to Survive Hard Times – website with lots of useful information.

          Free medical reference book downloads at: http://www.hesperian.org/publications_download.php
          “Where There is No Doctor” and “Where There is No Dentist” are both excellent references. These are written in plain language with lots of pictures. They cover first aide, common illnesses, nutrition and a number of medical problems – treatment and prevention.

          Here is a website that I like. http://www.offthegridnewscom They have information about lots of topics and “how to do things” yourself. Type in “medicinal use” in the search bar and you will find links of many common plants and their uses. I printed out these articles and added to a binder. I have been planting and growing these.

          Hope this helps!

          Take care!
          KY Mom

          • You lost him at ‘hello’..:-)

          • Good post!

          • A square-inch piece of kombu (Japanese bull kelp) in each pot of beans softens them and makes them more digestible.

        • Be careful with storing batteries. I came across something
          A few wks back that a house fire started in a dresser with
          Batteries just laying in there.

          • I keep my batteries in a fishing tackle box.

            • Keep them in the refrigerator. They will last a lot longer as every eighteen degrees in temperature change slows a chemical reaction by half either faster or slower depending on temperature direction. Do not put in the freezer. Get the ones that are rechargeable with the solar charger and you will always have some charged batteries.,

        • I’d go with lithium ion rechargeable batteries to go along with that solar recharging unit that JayJay mentioned.

          • Slingshot, Cooking Mom, Jay-Jay, KY Mom, Anonymous, and db427 Thank you for your time and info. I have been prepping for awhile and done alot of research myself but I still like to know what other preppers with real experience do for their own families.
            Upstate Ny standing by
            Creek Hunter

        • Soak beans overnight and pressure cook.

          Batteries, get rechargeable kind and a solar charger.

          Keep antibiotics at cool temperatures, not freezing. Talk to your pharmacist about storage. You will need to rotate the stock, just like anything else. Outdated stuff is still usable, but not as potent, so when SHTF, give it to those who need it.

      30. drug testing beneficiaries of public benefits
        has proven,time and time again,to be a waste of money
        the whole thing is a blatant and often successful attempt
        of the “divide and conquer” strategy

        corporate welfare/fraud is a FAR bigger problem

        how about we drug and alcohol test the imbeciles in public office ?
        looking at the mess they have made of the country
        they have to be drunks or smoking crack ???

        or how about a ethics/morals test ???
        what do ya wanna bet
        there would be about a 99% failure rate ?

        • The only place I know its been tried was a rural over 90% white (non-Hispanic)county. That’s not where there crime problems are.

        • My money? My rules.

        • So, let’s just do nothing about the welfare class. Good policy proposals there.

      31. If it’s good enough to test a driver for alcohol, then drug testing is even more important not just for welfare recipients but every high school student at regular intervals. At thatstage of their lives they can be treated, counselled and mentored. Once they leave school they fall into the hands of harder drugs, police, courts and jail.

      32. When Texas finally secedes from the US, hopefully it will start the ball rolling in some other states.

        • The ball is already rolling all over the fruited plain…folks aint happy and regardless of what the naysayers/govicorp apoligists say…theres a day of reckoning coming very soon and TPTB arnt gonna be able to stop it…that rumblin you hear aint thunder….freemen/freedom will not be denied a place…2cents

      33. Prepper Tip of The Day
        For those of you who have a chronic bad back or muscle pain in other parts of your body get yourself a tenze machine ( sorry not sure of spelling it sounds just like saying the word tens). It runs off a couple of AA batteries and hooks up with some sticky patches you put right on the afflicted area. I have a bad neck from an auto accident and my wife has a bad back and this little machine has helped us immensely. During a shtf scenario you dont want to be laid up for long periods with muscle injuries and this thing speeds up healing time very quickly. When my neck goes out I can be in some serious pain for a week or more the last time I used this I was fine the next day.
        Upstate Ny standing by.
        Creek Hunter

        • Rednecks use cattle prods. Gets you up and running, fast. ;0)

        • TENS machine. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.
          They cost anywhere from $30 on up and they can do a great job in relieving pain.

      34. Funny how no one wants this stuff yet it is forced onto us anyway. Almost like we are being led like a pack mule.

        • Atlas needs to shrug

        • Beautiful. I already feel better.

      35. That’s nice. Neither one will happen.

        • LOTS of quake activity stateside,,,

          • @ Kulafarmer. The Drake Passage earthquake showed an increase of activity in California and along the west coast. If there is another earthquake in the Drake Passage that is further west than this one a couple of weeks ago, watch out. The past precursor earthquakes indicate something above 7, perhaps a mega quake coming in the location I gave yesterday by the first day of spring. Watch for more of these out plate boundary quakes, these should tell where the next quake(s) are coming. The Aleutian Islands and Alaska is definitely in the bull’s eye and as you know this area is overdue for a mega quake.

      36. Drug test welfare recipients? They tried to do that in Florida and it was an idea soundly smashed, strangely this state government is GOP from top to bottom, to all of it’s citizen’s detriment. This is a state with over a hundred years of Democratic leadership prior to about 1990. It has been all downhill since the GOP has taken over. The yankees and right wingers have brought this state to utter despair.

      37. All you d-bags dropping anti Texas rants…..put up or shut up. We are not perfect….we are being changed for the worse, albeit at a slower pace than the other 49.

        If your wonderful states have something to offer, then show it. Else you are just windbags.

        Texas IS showing it. Job creation, protection of liberty, flipping the bird at O-Hitler and his EPA and other tyrannical bureaus.

        Be part of the solution and quit your pansy-ass whining about Texans being braggarts. WE ARE – With good reason. If you have penis envy – sucks to be you.

        • Okay–I will give input from the Commonwealth of Ky.—
          Kentucky…must be legal resident for car registrations and licensing.
          How, you say?
          SS number to get driver’s license. If no SS number, then no driver’s license; if no driver’s license, then no insurance; if no KY. insurance, then no driver car registration.

          Don’t you love it when common sense takes place??

          Same for welfare here–now, I didn’t say the kids don’t get welfare, because if born here, they have BC.
          Then the family does reap from that birth–it isn’t perfect, but we ain’t californication state yet.

        • I aint in Texas but I have to agree…folks no where are perfect but any body or place that makes an honest effort is okay in my book…liberty is the goal…liberty is the answer…I will not be denied liberty…may even end up in Texas before its all done,regardless I will be free! “Live free or die tryin”

      38. The points made by some of you regarding the problems we have here in Texas are understood and in many cases undeniable.

        We aren’t perfect down here.

        But most of the inconsistencies that you see regarding the referendums on the ballot and what has been going on in the state have to do with the liberal/leftist influence in places like Austin (State Capital), Houston and Dallas.

        And yes…there has been a huge influx of people from the blue states, who when they left their home states to move to Texas (for the opportunities offered here), brought their liberal politics with them.

        But let me give you one example of the kind of shenanigans these leftists in our state have tried to pull in the primary races this year….

        In my district, our State Representative is Jonathan Stickland. Mr. Stickland was a freshman, having been voted into office by the people in my district during the last election. Since he has been in office, Mr. Stickland , who is a very conservative/libertarian guy, has been a thorn in the side of the Republican elite good-ole-boy bunch down in Austin, who “go along to get along” with the fat-cats and leftists.

        This is something that could not be allowed to continue in the minds of the establishment Republicans.

        So….they recruited a guy by the name of Andy Cargile (a former “educator” and school board member) to run against him.

        Now that would be fine except……In Texas we have open primaries. Which means Democrats can vote in the Republican Primary…and vice-versa. Guess who was being supported (and backed)by the Democrats? You guessed it…Andy Cargile.

        You could drive through neighborhoods in the district and see yards with signs that supported both Wendy Davis (Democrat running for Governor) and Andy Cargile (Republican running for State Rep.).

        Additionally, Cargile ran a dirty campaign from the get-go, while refusing to publicly debate Mr. Stickland.

        The good news is that the voters had a good B.S. filter and saw through the facade that the leftist establishment put forth.

        Stickland defeated Cargile by a 65% to 35% margin. Here in Texas, we call that a “butt-whuppin'”.

        So yeah….we aren’t perfect. But people are starting to wake up.

        And for all you blue state people who are contemplating a move here (because there are no jobs where you are),…if you come….leave your stinkin’ leftist ideas in your home state. If you love freedom. Come on down. Otherwise….just stay away. We don’t need anymore commies here. We got plenty of them in our universities….and in Austin.

        • It has always impressed me as to how Texans turned out to honor the casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan. Hard to believe that when I was growing up in New York the people acted the same way. Memorial day was a big deal. Not anymore and that is a shame.

      39. SORRY
        You can NOT afford my comment.
        Your cash is NO longer any good here.

      40. Like the song said. G O D – B L E S S – T E X A S!!!
        I’m LIVING IN THE WRONG STATE, BUT IF I LEAVE (WHICH I AM). The brothers in arms here will be down another one. I can always drive back.
        Texas did the right thing on all of the ballot questions. My question about drug testing welfare subject. Are they going to be kick off of welfare, or given time to clean up? If they are, for how long and or will they be reinstated? The last question is will they turn into Zombies?

        • Those referendums were “non-binding”. In other words, there is no force of law behind them. They are more like a poll of sorts that reflects the will of the people.

          I’m sure that if the one regarding drug testing of welfare recipients were put into law that some liberal judge somewhere would strike it down as being un-constitutional.

          But what I think is interesting is the overwhelming way in which these referendums passed. We are not talking a small percentage here. I think most of them were in the 90%+ range.

          I think the one about politicians and public officials being subject to the same laws as everyone else passed with over 98% in favor. (I’m sure the 2% who voted against it were the politicians. 🙂 )

      41. Funny how i r s libtards cling to the constitution when they find it convenient earning a six digit retirement.

        • I aint laffin…

        • They will have to come and wring it out of me if they want me to pay for any of it,
          And even then all they will get is blood.

        • I’ll take the fiff…just pass the bottle.

        • I’ll take the fiff…pass the bottle.

          Me and Darryl got some talkin to do.

      42. I have to be drug tested to hold a job and pay the taxes that fund the welfare system. If I fail that test, no more job. We should help the elderly and disabled, not the lazy abusers of the system. Stiffer penalties are needed for welfare fraud.

        • swinging richard

          I had to laugh when I saw your name. That “every swinging dick” was one of my dads sayings. I haven’t heard that in a long time.

        • You are a wise man, and a swinging richard

          • Wrong and Mcdave your kind words are appreciated . Glad I could revive an old memory of your dad. Maybe this forum will gain momentum and we can all work to change some things for the better.


      43. I would move to Texas in a heart beat if it weren’t for my good paying job and family here in CA.

        • The cost of living is outrageous here. The home prices are way higher in kalifornia. You wouldn’t need the same income in most other states to have the same standard of living.

          • Home prices are high in coastal Calif. The Central valley and other areas not so much but you could not pay me to move there. Once they were nice but not anymore as it has turned into a Third World cesspool.

      44. It gets real hot for real long in Texas. They got fire ants and stuff like that. But, you can shoot hogs from a helicopter with a select fire rifle. They’re ok in my book.

        • I used to build houses in Houston during the Carter administration (Recession) and those fire ants really suck. You put ant killer on them, they LOVE that shit. They will eat right through a concrete slab.

          • They hate dried molasses. Put it on their mound and they are gone the next day.

            I spread it on my lawn and get no fire ant mounds in my yard at all.

            Try it. It works and unlike the pesticides, doesn’t harm the other useful critters in your lawn.

            • If I ever am around those bastards again walt I will remember that.

            • Walt,

              Another way to get rid of those little bast–d ant is steam. Plus your yard could use the water..LOL. Its funny how when something is written about TX all the haters come out. Myself I can’t even think about living anywhere else TX born and raised. I’m about to head down to S.A to restore another cabin, while I’m down there I’ll pay my respect to The Alamo and then go kill some little piggies for the freezer. Ya’ll say what you want about Tx but last time we go stopped by the dps with the rifles in the front seat he only ask if we had any luck shooting those pigs..LOL

              NOMI III%

              • And did you see all the deer this year? They were everywhere!
                We saw about 13 run through the front pasture the other day.

                Ya’ll keep preppin’

                • Cookin Mom,

                  Its been a great yr for the deer, lots of mulies up this way. Not sure about down south I didn’t get to go this yr (Damn health problem) but I will sure be there next yr and will go get my own elk next yr. I have also seen the turkey,dove and quail have really been out this yr.


            • that is an interesting treatment,,,
              ever try spreading diatomatious earth??? a friend of mine mixes diatomatious earth and borate and spreads that around his yard,, does that every few weeks and it keeps all the stuff you dont want away including fleas and ticks and other such stuff.

              • That’s what my bug lady uses here in AZ….safe and kills everything that bites including scorpions….


            • Diatomaceoous Earth powder.
              A little goes a long way.

            • I’ve never heard of dried molasses. You make that? Very interesting.

              • You can usually get dried molasses at feed stores or some lawn and garden supply stores. It all depends on whether or not the store caters to natural gardening products.

                I’ve used nothing but chicken manure fertilizer and dried molasses on my yard for the last 10 years and my yard looks as good as my neighbor’s who is always fertilizing or spraying for something. I usually fertilize just once a year.

                • I’m gonna look for it now.
                  Thanks Walt.

          • Do you remember Gordon Kahl and his son Yory?

            • ADDRESSED TO .02.

              • I had my own Kahl experience and it is very very unpleasant. When I see/read/hear ppl saying starve the beast and quit paying taxes, I KNOW they have never been against the IRS. The IRS will shoot you in the back and never face a single inquiry. If you don’t leave in stark fear of the IRS, you are a fool.

                • live not leave.. *sigh* i was a bit upset.. sorry

                • .02
                  The beast can be put on a hard diet by ending the madness of consumerism and by cutting back on work incomes. Both are legal. Theres other ways to starve the beast and a bunch of us here are heading that route. Nothing the IRS can do except raise taxes on the working slobs or the owners of whatever property the bastards want to tax or charge fees for. Tax on the home, tax on dog license, fuel tax, marriage tax, utility taxes, phone taxes, vehicle taxes, commercial taxes, license taxes, food tax, sales tax, alcohol tax, cigarette tax, obamacare tax and on and on it goes forever. Amen.

                  So get rid of stuff. Buy things face to face with others. Or barter. End the two person income. Dont work overtime. Quit the job if you can handle living on the cheap. Get out of the stock market.

              • But yes maudy, what happened to that family was horrific. They actually chopped him up alive. Lucky for me the agents let it be known right up front what would happen if I continued on the “wrong” path. Getting rid of all the alphabet agencies is going to be next to impossible I am afraid. Hopefully they will cannibalize themselves because there is no love lost between them.

                • Stay off my path please.

                  • Not a prob, will do..after all your name IS on it.

                  • But wrong…its such a nice path…brave souls rebels and outlaws all wanna take a walk there…surely theres room enough…especially if we kill all the politicians and such vermin we find walking there?… thanks REB

                • Gordon was burned alive in a friends house and Yory is still rotting in a prison in Pennsylvania, I believe. They moved him as far away from his family as they could, out of spite. A lesson to be learned for folks that want to go head to head with the beast.

                  • It is pointed out that all official Federal Government mail is sent postage-free because of the franking privilege, however, the IRS has to pay their own postage, which indicates that they are not a government entity.

                    They are in fact a collection agency for the Federal Reserve, because they do not collect any taxes for the U.S. Treasury. All funds collected are turned over to the Federal Reserve. If you have ever sent a check to the IRS, you will find that it was endorsed over to the Federal Reserve.

                    So in a nutshell, these guys are the Jewish mob enforcers. VERY VERY dangerous.

                  • And that’s why they did it. They don’t have to burn all the villages down to make a point.

      45. Who’s the knucklehead who stated that politician’s SHOULD NOT abide by the same laws they create for the masses……?

      46. Feds to force Doctors to use 155,000 codes to record injuries, diagnoses, and procedures…

        Due to ICD-10, the “number of codes will explode from 17,000 under the current system to 155,000 under the new one.”

        ICD-10 is the “10th version of the International Classification of Diseases propagated by the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.”

        “Obama administration officials say it is a critical part of the coming reforms. “ICD-10 is the foundation for health care reform”…”


      47. This is HUGE. THANK YOU TEXANS!!!
        I am having no luck finding more details on the Internets. I saw the Democratic props too such as a higher minimum wage but did not see the details for those. Off that something so HUGE is being ignored by MSM.
        One person thinks there will be a MAJOR backlash in the next election to the communism march. Happy to report here that the commie’s who run the county school system have “barbarians” at the gate in the form of state charter schools. The working people prefer the barbarians to the commies!!!

      48. I cant stand it anymore,,,
        going to go load some more shells in my basement!

        • Don’t want to sound like a know-it all but the basement draws moisture and is not an optimum place for powder and primers.

          • .02
            Good point I run a dehydrator year round set at 45%. No trouble. I keep my primers in Zip lock bags.

          • well, is a basement of sorts, our house is 2 story and the lower level is a daylight basement,, only the rear of the house is below grade, the rest is above grade, so really is the garage, is pretty dry, magazine and loading bench cabinets have dehumidifiers in them and I run a dehumidifier in the garage off and on as well,,
            this aint my first rodeo…. said with as much sarcasm as I can muster

            • this aint my first rodeo.. of course not b/c you have never been to a rodeo b/c Hawaii don’t have rodeos but I bet you can barbeque up one mean can of Spam!

        • Kalu:
          another Frigging snow storm in central.
          I going to my man cave and rolls some more 30 Carbine. Got about 1,000 to load up.

          • forgot the word Illinois. God I hate this state. I wish my wife could leave. 2 more years!

            • Dale, we have robins since January 16th.. our last snow storm is now gone with 45 today and 50’s by the end of the week. Got to love eastern Washington.. PS, you can keep that coastal rat race.. argh!

              • .02, we’ve been seeing a lot of robins year round now. I asked a bird watcher about it and he says ours go south and the ones we see in the winter are from further north. Northern Illinois is where we are. Same thing applies to other birds.

              • .02
                PLEASE SEND ME SOME WARM WEATHER. My wife just called and now they are calling for 5″. it was only to be a dusting. SHIT!!!!!!!!!
                The Red wing Black Birds Are Back. I did see a Robin on Sunday.
                Last year I was working in my garden getting it ready to plant.
                Man I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Yea sounds like you folks been getting dumped on, friend in Wy sent a pic and they got a nice coating at their place too, we dont get snow but this friggin place is full of democrats and the free shit army, not sure if that makes the good weather worth it when they are trying to regulate you or tax you every time you turn around..

            • I just cant seem to muster up sympathy for someone living in Hawaii.. Kind of like trying to feel sorry for someone with an airplane.

          • Sgt,

            It was 70 degs here yesterday and snowed this morning and will be back to the 60s tomorrow. And since we have no humidity here I just store primers in a old ammo can. Oh yeah and took your advice and put my Nikon on the 30-06 and got it dialed in. Love it and since I added the muzzle break and new trigger its shoots like a little 5.56. Now back to tumbling spent brass.


            • DPS
              Good I’m happy it worked for you.
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

      49. The so-called “Affordable” Health Care Act has the Mark of the Beast in it– the language used is “a Class 2 Implantable Medical Device”– that it requires all Americans to have within 36-months of 10/1/13.

        It’s an RFID chip that will be able to disable your free will and control you through thought insertion, etc.

        Do NOT take the chip! Do NOT take the Mark!

        Not this American.

        Not this Patriot.

        Not yesterday.

        Not today.

        Not tomorrow.

        N E V E R !

        – the Lone Ranger

        • snopes it. exaggeration of original bill. removed from final bill. anyhoo, cell phones and credit cards already afford this and are “opt in”.

          • Plans to have the population receive the RFID chip were included in the original Obamacare bill. Thankfully, Section 2521, Pg. 1001 was removed from the final version that passed.

            However, the final version of Obamacare provides a “back door” by granting authority to “enact future regulations for smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

            I expect them to try to push the RFID chip at some point.

        • That RFID chip rumor/hoax was debunked a long time ago. Where the heck have you been?

      50. Select rulers by lottery. If you do not want to be a part of the lottery then you do not vote. Then at the end of their term have an election, yes or no, to execute them based upon job performance.

        • Ooooo, I like that. +100 Gummer

      51. It is clear to me that the “drug test those on welfare” crowd are trying to stop the truth and the acceptance of cannabis as an essential product with a myriad of beneficial uses for mankind. Yeah, what some of you call pot, or marijuana, a slang Mexican term created in the reefer madness era. The same substance that has more than enough proof revealing it’s effectiveness in fighting cancer, and a host of other diseases afflicting mankind, without the severe side effects including death of Big Pharma “medicine”. Cannabis can replace most all of the killer pills pushed by the establishment drug pushers. The best part is you can grow this miracle plant yourself at little cost. Wake up America, let the liars wither and their means of control die. Full legalization of cannabis will put the growing police state in their place, subservient to people power. Power to the People!

        • You need to wake up! And sober up! And pay for your OWN dope like a real MAN!
          Don’t like the law? You know what to do. I really don’t care about your drug problem, if YOU can afford it. It’s the “welfare” that pisses me off.

        • Yeah, so what are you dying of, pothead?

      52. Off Topic but I’m happy to hear that the 18 year old spoiled brat of a kid lost her case to sue her parents for support and such. What a piece of trash this kid is. She should have had her ass beat as a kid. Maybe even still…

        • It would be interesting to know the race and age of her “boyfriend”… It would answer many questions.

          • Bingo!

      53. The most interesting thing to come out of Texas elections yesterday is not that the Tea Party candidate for US Senate lost to the incumbent… No.

        The most interesting is that the SECOND PLACE Tea Party candidate got MORE VOTES than the DEMOCRAT who won the Democrat Senate primary race!

      54. Ya know, drug testing welfare recipients would be just fine, if you drug test everyone receiving federal benefits, including veterans, many of whom I know not only smoke pot( the ones that didn’t kill themselves) but actually grow and/or distribute(share). Also, it might be a good idea to test any government employee weekly as well,not only for cannabinoids but opiates, especially the President, because if he’s not stoned on buds, then he’s a lot more wicked than most would care to admit. The thing that really gets me,is that everyone who howls about government intrusion into their lives is ready to unleash that same monster on anyone else.Which is it?

        • The benefits veterans receive were earned. Social Securty is paid from payroll (also earned). Yes federal and govt employees should be tested because THEY WORK FOR ME!
          But welfare is a “gift” from the working taxpayers. BUY YOUR DOPE with your own money.

      55. Drug testing is ridiculous. It will achieve nothing except to skyrocket the price of baby urine in the ‘hoods. These tests are laughably easy to cheat, especially when the nurse is predisposed to help you out (read: of the right skin hue).

        • Max,
          You are probably right, soooo, keep the dope and I’ll keep the money for welfare. Hey, stoned and hungry/homeless, how bad can it be.

        • MAX
          No more urine. Hair. and with hair we can go back to 6 months. Neat “A”

      56. Texas should seceed.

        No more of this “asking permission” shit like they did last time. Do it.

        Know why?

        One ICBM can really wreck your little old Civil War. And I’m reasonably sure Texas posesses more than one of them.

      57. It is a shame but you know as well as I do, some tree hugging judge(s) will strike this all down and say that it is discrimatory.

        If was Texas and they tried to strike it down I would tell them to pound sand and get the He!! out of the state.

        If You think that Texas need the Federal Government. Thank again.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      58. It will take a large ‘Texas Posse’ with a bunch of rope to clean out the nest of NWO vipers….who do not care what laws are passed by ‘the people’….imho

      59. This article is ridiculous.

        The fact is that these are the results of the REPUBLICAN primary. These numbers only represent people who are REGISTERED as REPUBLICANS, and these are the results of issues that were voted on ONLY by people who REGISTERED as REPUBLICANS.

      60. It’s too bad that so many of the people in Texas think that giving the gooberment more control over others is an act of freedom.

        Do you suppose the people on welfare can get jobs doing the drug testing on other welfare recipients?
        Is that a good thing?

        Why don’t the people of Texas see the B.S. in creating more gooberment jobs to infringe on others?

        Where’s the mandate for that in The Constitution or any state constitution?

        Do the people in the state of Texas not realize that the edicts they pronounce upon the least among us will be brought upon us all in due time?

        On top of all that, will ‘they’ add a requirement you get a flu shot,… and hey, your other lifestyle choices are out of whack too.

        Others say so.

        It’s not up to you.

        They’ll have to set up a camera to stop you from eating BBQ!

        Do you think that is crazy talk?

        Ya. I thought it was crazy talk in the 1980’s when they told me ‘they’ would put CCTV cameras on every street corner, too. And look where we are now.

        • Where in the constitution is the mandate for welfare?
          The govt does not create jobs, if you want a job, go get one or create one yourself. Welfare takes away the incentive to work and to better yourself. I am quite sure the people here from Texas don’t want ANY more govt in their lives, what they want is to keep the money that they earned, and to make others responsible for their lives. YOU KNOW that welfare is just a way to buy votes and control the producers. It has to end. It has perverted and corrupted our republic for way too long.

      61. factchecker, get with it, will ya.

        The Republicans and the Progressives all think alike.
        They want control.
        They want power.
        And they’ll stop at nothing to get it.
        Even if all they get is the illusion of power and control, that’s what they want.
        Left, Right, it doesn’t matter what side of the so-called political spectrum they are on, they want power and control over your life.
        All of them.
        They are like zombies in this respect.

      62. the 1% that voted against prop 5 must be Government workers! they always vote for a tax hike too. Government employees should be prohibited from voting, it’s a conflict of interest!

      63. As Rush says, “Big Whoop!” The overwhelming Conservative vote on the propositions is nothing more than a head count and means very little unless the lawmakers follow through. We’ll see.

      64. Y’all better be careful flocking to Texas. After all, that is the area that was ‘nuked’ in the hunger games series.

      65. Yeah, we don’t want all you bigoted yankees down here, causing problems with our Mexican employees, they actually work and help us create what we have. They are our backbone and keep our businesses running smoothly and efficiently. Unlike all the unions you have up north with all your lazy Negroes that destroy city’s like Detroit, and others. These Mexicans have family’s and jobs, they don’t have saggy pants and they don’t rob liquor stores and kill convenience store clerks for 12.00 dollars. If you can’t live with Mexicans go back north, or stay over there. A lot of us have accepted them and have seen the value that they bring to the table. Unlike the Negroes who are a thorn in the side.

      66. It is apparent that the public’s vote means nothing. Michigan judges overturned the vote of the people on same sex marriage. I could care less of who does what and to whom but these peoples vote should take president because the vote had to be constitutional to have it on the ballot.

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