Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

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    shacklesThe reports about the coming Jade Helm 15 operation across the southwest continue to suggest that this is not merely a standard training exercise to prepare our military personnel for foreign engagements as has been suggested by officials.

    A letter sent to Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show by a concerned Texas Ranger indicates that the government is preparing for a scenario similar to what has been described in William Forstchen’s recent novella Day of Wrath in which ISIS terrorists cross the southern border of the United States and simultaneously attack soft targets across the nation.

    But the letter doesn’t stop there. The Ranger, who has kept his identify private for obvious reasons and makes clear that the scope of Jade Helm is so secret that the intent is not completely clear, says that the JH15 mission objectives may go much farther than just preparing for terrorists. According to the law enforcement insider there are trains moving throughout Texas and some of them have been outfitted with shackles, presumably to “transport prisoners of some sort.” The claim adds further credence to a report about Jade Helm dissident roundups and arrests and widespread martial law declarations following an emergency.

    His letter sheds some light on the Walmart store closings, suggesting at least one may be utilized in a national security capacity as a staging point for the Department of Homeland Security, an agency that is apparently not trusted by anyone within the Texas Rangers organization, according to the source.

    The full letter follows:

    Hello Mr. Hodges,

    I have been a Texas Ranger for quite some time, and as such, I am privy to much of what is going on with regard to the Midland Walmart store closing, the presence of ISIS on Texas soil and our preparations to combat an insurgent threat.

    I will not give you my rank or location because it would not be safe to do so. It is a waste of time to try and trace the IP#, etc., as I have taken steps to ensure that this note cannot be traced back to me.  I understand and  realize that you seem to have a growing issue with people who will not go on the record with their inside knowledge or first-hand observations, but you cannot understand the pressure and scrutiny that some of us are under. I am taking a big risk writing this email to you.

    The main reason that I am writing to you is to encourage you to keep writing on the growing threat of infiltration in Texas and I suspect other states as well. The infiltration I am writing about is not just Special Forces that are going to conducting covert drills in our state. that is concerning and I agree with you this involves martial law.  For now I am talking about ISIS and the danger that they pose to all of us. Our intelligence indicates that they have enough manpower & firepower to subdue a small town. The Midland Walmart takeover by DHS is a national security move in which we have been told falls under the Continuity of Government provisions. The Threat Fusion Centers are providing related information on what it is we are facing but the information sharing is only in one direction and that is very concerning.

    We expecting an attack on more than one Texas city or town by ISIS and/or any of their partners. I believe the information to be accurate. However, this makes the covert operations of groups like the Navy Seals and others under JH15 highly suspicious. We do not need the insertion of Special Ops into Texas towns and cities. I think that you are probably right about the intention of arresting political undesirables given what we know about JH15. I am of the opinion that whatever the mission objectives of JH15, they have nothing to do with the immediate threat. Therefore, I do not pretend to understand the full scope of JH 15 because there are unfolding operational details which are almost impossible to reconcile with what I already know to be fact based the evidence for what is going on.

    Let me drop a bombshell that I have not seen you address. There are trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars. I have not personally seen them, but I know personnel that have seen this. This indicates that these trains will be used to transport prisoners of some sort. I know from reading your articles that your default belief will be that these are for American political prisoners and will be transported to FEMA detention camps of some sort. We have been told by Homeland that these trains are slated for transporting captured terrorists, non-domestic. We are not sure we can trust this explanation because Homeland is keeping a lot from us and we are growing increasingly uncomfortable with their presence in Texas.

    I wanted to tell also you that we believe that Pantex is a high value target for ISIS and much or our preparation is to thwart any action by terrorists against the facility.  I am wondering how in the hell you figured that out. Someone on the deep inside must be talking with you.

    Keep writing Mr. Hodges, you and the underground media are making a difference. As I am sure you know, Colorado announced today that JH15 is suspended in that state. Unfortunately, we do not have that prerogative because we believe that we are under the threat of eminent attack here in Texas.

    I do believe the ISIS threat is legitimate. But you are also correct to suspect the motives behind the JH15 drills. They are clouded in secrecy and we have been shut out regarding their operational intent. The people of Texas and all of the United States of America should be pushing back against JH15.

    I will support the Feds in their preparation against ISIS. But the moment that this action turns against our locals is the moment I will perform my oath of office. I am not alone in this feeling. None of my brothers trust Homeland. We will have to see where this is going but I have a bad feeling.

    You do your job and keep writing and I will do my job in upholding the Constitution

    Thank You

    The suspicions of the public are quite justified, it seems. The operational commanders for Jade Helm have compartmentalized the “exercise” to such an extent that no one, not the local and state law enforcement officers involved or the majority of military personnel, has any idea what is actually going on.

    As noted in the letter, a realistic threat from our southern border certainly exists and as we’ve written previously, Border Patrol and Homeland Security have been capturing suspected terrorist operatives crossing into the United States for years. But the Texas Ranger who penned the letter says this is not necessarily the full scope of the massive Summer exercise.

    And given that people within his own organization report seeing shackles in trains, is it completely out of the question to suggest that the government does, in fact, have procedures in place to detain, transport and imprison those suspected of terrorism, or those who may be suspected of being suspected?

    When Gerald Celente warned of the Auschwitz Express back in a 2012 interview he wasn’t joking:

    First it was the Patriot Act. Now it’s the National Defense Authorization Act. And then it was Obama’s Executive Order giving El Presidente Los Estados Unidos the supreme right to call Martial Law at a potential threat – a potential threat.

    Then there’s Big Bro over there, Attorney General Eric Holder, who just passed these guidelines that could let them listen in to what we’re saying right now, listen to you on your cell phone, watch every stroke of your keyboard, and they at the White House could then determine whether or not the algorythms add up to you being a terrorist or a potential terrorist.

    Big Brother never had it so good.

    …all aboard the Auschwitz Express…

    …That’s what’s going on here… and the people don’t see it, and they’re afraid to speak up… People don’t want to believe it.

    Full Interview Via SGT Report

    We will soon find out if Jade Helm is just another military exercise. Some are of the opinion that it could be used to facilitate a false flag operation that would then be used as justification to implement nationwide martial law and to activate Doomsday Executive Orders recently signed by President Obama.

    It may sound wildly conspiratorial, but it wouldn’t be the first time a government has purposefully engaged in such conduct.


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      1. Well thats not nice,,,

        • Where is Houdini when you need him???

          • Will my tomato plants ever see daylight again?

            • That gives me an idea, I can name my new wine “Prison Train”.

              If you allow yourself to be on one of those it’s over for you buddy. A good bulldozer could fix the tracks for them though 🙂

              • Yea, amazing what fun you can have with a D8 high track with a 3′ long ripper shank

                • I don’t know why there’s any doubt…..
                  Logic says:
                  *if it looks like a duck
                  *and it walks like a duck
                  *and it quacks like a duck
                  *as Acid Etch might exclaim,
                  it’s probably a fucking duck.

                  • There are trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars. I have not personally seen them, but I know personnel that have seen this.

                    I know a guy whose nephew’s next door neighbor heard something from a guy he works with…..

                    Yeah…that’s why

                    • Yes, and let’s not forget the “DHS Insider” reports here which have come to nothing as have Celente’s predictions.

                    • Did Hodges verify that this was indeed an actual Texas Ranger? Or is this another ‘anonymous’ email of doom?

                      Ex-con Pamela Rae Schuffert has been peddling this shackles-in-boxcar story for over a decade- but never any photos or any evidence. Just long lines of auto transport railcars with slats on the sides. Surely by this time- someone could have pix of this?

                      Wouldn’t put anything past DHS, but this one sounds like were being Pamela-hoaxed. She also claims that they’re equipped with quillotines at one end of the car

                    • Here comes the troll brigade!

                    • Those cars with shackles are the double decker freight cars that are used to ship autos. The shackles are the car tie downs. This stuff just makes concerned people look dumb.

              • Genius said: “A good bulldozer could fix the tracks for them though :)”

                Unfortunately, the bulldozers will most likely be commandeered for use to fill in those big holes filled with carcasses at the “govt detention facilities”

                • One day there were 2 hunting buddies.
                  One of them had an amazing dog that would tell you how many ducks there were.
                  They were out hunting one day and the man with the dog sent the dog out and it pointed to a spot and wagged it’s tail 3 times. The man said “that means theres 3 ducks over there. Sure enough when they went to shoot them there were 3 ducks.
                  Wow said the other man, thats amazing. This continued through the day. A few weeks later the man with the dog was going out of town and asked if his friend would watch his dog for him. He said sure I will if I can take him hunting. They agreed.
                  When the man got back from his trip he went to get his dog and the other man said “Bud I’m sorry, I had to shoot your dog”. “WHAT” the man exclaimed “Why the hell did you shoot my dog?” “Well” said the man “he was going insane, he grabbed a stick and wouldn’t stop wagging and shaking the stick and humping my leg”
                  The other man said “You idiot!He was trying to tell you there were so many fuckin ducks you couldn’t shake a stick at them!” 🙂

                  • Funny

                  • Two guys are in the woods hunting when a game warden surprises them and demands their hunting licenses. One of the guys immediately takes off running. After almost a mile long chase through the woods the guy stops, huffing and puffing with his hands on his knees as the warden catches up to him.

                    “Here.” he says as he hands the warden his license.

                    The warden, equally out of breath, yells “Well if you’ve got a license why did you take off running like that?”

                    “Oh my buddy doesn’t have one.”

                    • Ha ha ha good one reb

                    • Thanks, I needed a good laugh…

                • Then they’d better take all the tractors away from the farmers too…and tow chains, cables—oh, and big rocks too.

                  Where there is a will, there is a way.

                  • DAM SKIPPY

              • YEAH!! really, use train tracks…so ww2…can be destroyed in a heartbeat….Just pull the spikes in a turn…Dah!!!!

                • …Can be repaired even quicker. Rail is ahead of the times. Those who are stuck in unsustainable automotive and aviation mode are way behind the times, and will be totally astonished at how it will be when this stuff becomes overt.

              • Hopefully the quality will be higher than the $2.99 bottles of night train. Not that I will admit to having ever drank night train.

                • Sure you haven’t 😉 Mine is 10000% better than night train lol.

              • 🙂

              • Yup 🙂

          • After 9/11 and the subsequent government “official explanation of events” I don’t think any conjecturing is too far off the deep end.

            Weakened borders with govt orders to essentially open them wide and arrest no one; apparent govt collusion and abetting of the formation and arming of ISIS; ordering local law enforcement to let the recent riots run wild so that the populace are conditioned for the need of a larger military response for social unrest—and of course all of the bills from the patriot act to authority given to FEMA/DHS/ETC to issue shutdowns, detention and control of citizens ( not to even mention the billions of anti-personnel rounds bought by our govt for use on American soil)—if you can’t piece some of this stuff together then you’re willingly ignorant or just not very bright………….
            ………………Something Wicked This Way Comes………

            • Javelin, I agree and I’m prepared for it.

              • BH

                Looks like we might be the, “Dirty Dozen”.

                • Braveheart, Don’t be on that midnight train to Georgia lol.

                  • Genius, I won’t be on anyone’s train. I’ll be in my truck when bugout time comes. Slingshot, I’ll be honored to be part of ‘the dirty dozen’.

            • “apparent govt collusion and abetting of the formation and arming of ISIS”

              Yeah, you know how it goes. When one of our programs falls through, we say “we stopped doing that” and we RENAME the program, nothing changes. So when people started realizing “al Kaida” was made up of people that had been on the “intelligence agency” payroll for years, we had to change the name.

            • No, you’re clearly a person who likes fear. There is no logic in your position.

          • Atleast one part of this article does give a little authenticity to the Jade Helm operation. Its says they cancelled the operation in Colorado. I was wondering why they would be in a State thats become almost as Liberal as California and Ilinois. Anti-Gunners and Dope Smokers ain’t on their list. Trekker Out. Watch Out Fur Them Trains!

          • “We expecting an attack” not “we are expecting an attack”

            That’s about as far as I got reading this bullshit…


            All the effort to “mask” the email and it’s origin but no effort what so ever tp spell check…. Hmmmmm he sys…

        • You are lucky KF ; I’d bet money you won’t be asked to board a train. On the other hand I’m not going to get on myself, they can throw my dead carcass on one, I won’t care.

          • Yea, no trains here, but they could very well drag me off to a prison yard somewhere over here,
            Where in the hell did this all get so out of hand?
            IF these folks really are coming after patriots rather than rounding up illegal aliens thats some fucked up shit and they deserve whatever holy hell they get rained on them,
            Asymetric warfare

            • Ditto!!!!

            • Amen K Farmer!

            • A ton (or endlessly more) of five-pound stones per battalion? Or, the same in unextinguishable fireballs per squadron? There’s no end to that munition.

              They don’t know how to deal with plague and famine–if that’s what they want to cause for themselves. We, the people, can. No, it won’t be pretty, for those who love this modern culture and who are psychologically dependent on it, like they are and who expect that we are too.

            • Come on people, do we all believe that there is no NECESSARY need for law and order and direction of essential services after it hits the fan? I for one certainly hope that there will be some sort of effective force in place when we ALL need it and frankly the paranoia and selfishness that gets displayed here worries me more than anything.

          • Paranoid, same goes for me. I’ll shoot the bastards before they could even get close to me.

            • That’s why the census taker put your gps location in their little book, BH. So they can just type in a coordinate to their drone.

              • If that drone is within range of any of my weapons, it will be toast.

                • I wish I had some of your weapons.

        • Let me ask thee obvious question. What tee ell does Walmart ave to offer as a operations base? Free Cheetos? Free soft drinks?

          If the army is going to take over operation bases it will be local civic centers or convention centers. Just like they did when thee space shuttle blew up and they had to quickly get local bases of operation.

          Second, why should we trust anything this anonymous letter says? I think it is bullshit.

          Why would a Texas Ranger have any special authority to look inside a military train? They don’t.

          False stories like this serve only to confuse people with disinformation and create confusion.

          I will put my trust in the Texas State Guard.
          Read this: http://gov.texas.gov/news/press-release/20805

          • I think the Walmart closings are just a coincidence.
            I do know for a fact that there are 7 more Walmart stores that will be closing. Haven’t been told when or where. But supposedly the stores they closed also had a very high shrink (theft) issue and Walmart has to offset costs when they have to increase the starting pay. Which makes sense when your bottom line increases you either look at raising your prices to offset or eliminate your work force.
            BTW- Those stores that are closed will not be reopening in 6 months like they say.

            • The Midland one is permanently closed.

          • What would a walmart have to offer as an operations base? Let’s see:

            1. A fairly strong, securable building perimeter with plenty of open space inside to partition off as desired. Those buildings are tilt-ups. made with a heavy steel reinforced concrete floor, and concrete slabs lifted into place and buckled up with steel cleats. A few molotovs won’t have much effect on them.

            2. Because of the vast acreage of surrounding parking lots, there’s good visibility line of sight. Also, easy, securable access for that heavy artillery to get there from the road/train/etc.

            3. They can park just about anything they want to in those big parking lots, including tanks and other heavy artillery.

            4. Probable backup systems, like generators, frozen food lockers and plenty of storage space. A logistics and supply man’s wet dream.

            5. A centralized location, near to where they might be doing whatever they do. It won’t be hard for reinforcements to find it.

            6. Because of the way it’s set up, it is also helicopter friendly, both in the parking lots and maybe even on top of the building itself. Easy to put a few snipers up there with great coverage.

            There is more of course. They could set up a huge cell block AND have plenty of room for operations.

            It’s where I’d want to set up my AO, if I had the resources to defend it like they do.

            • I think the Walmart closings are a coincidence. But maybe not. I do know (from a very good source) that Walmart is planning on closing 7 more stores this year.
              The stores that were closed had a very high shrink (theft) issue and that they closed and are closing more stores to offset the minimum wage increase they just recently implemented.
              A Walmart could be a very good HQ or detainment center but I don’t think is has anything to do with Jade Helm. Which in itself is very odd and suspecious. I do think that our SP OPS are some of the most patriotic troops out there and will not execute any orders against the American citizens.

              • You forget, Ovomit has been removing ALL officers, from general rank down to company grade officer who don’t agree with his orders to kill Americans. Also, they are forcing out enlisted ranks and filling them with ”aliens” that want to earn their citizenship…. How many are mooslum dog meat eating camel humpers? These troops may all be loyal to DEAR LEADER and will shoot you on sight. My bet is they are going down there to help ISIS with their take over of our southern border………. RED DAWN IS HERE !!!!

            • And let’s not forget all that improved plumbing!!!!!!!

            • A “few” Molotovs? What kind? How big? How many? Where? When? They don’t have any idea of what to do about what the people can do to defend against them.

            • I hear ya…it is the perfect command and control center…

              But here is the BullCrap…..

              ISIS is a creation of the West. Our CIA, and Military train Al Queda and ISIS on our military bases.

              It’s a phony bullshit operation. There MAY be an attack by this group, and our Government is PLANNING IT. Of course our military will be there, further justification of the importance of Government.
              It is the Hegelian Dialectic….

              1. CREATE A Problem or Crisis (Created by Government….”never let a good crisis go to waste”)
              2. REACTION by the people and CONTROLLED by the MEDIA as well as the Government
              3. SOLUTION: MORE GOVERNMENT, MORE CONTROL, always at the expense of Personal Rights….you know…to keep us “SAFE”

              SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY….9-11, 2008 Financial Crisis, This is ALL THEATER….and the net result is an EXCUSE to lock down this nation with another phony crisis.

              It is time to take to arms and abolish this government as the Founders stated in the Declaration of Independence.

              • Can’t say I disagree with one word of that, Archangel.

              • Right you are, Archangel.

              • Yep, sounds like you have that about right, Archangel. If there’s anyone involved that eats “mooslim dogs”, they are mere patsies and useful idiots. It’ll be the people over Obama’s head calling the shots, whether he eats mooslim dogs or not.

        • why didn’t he take a pic with his phone? BS.

          • @D…

            Did you ever consider the possibility that he might not have been able to take a picture due to the fact that other people might have been with him that would have taken issue with that? Maybe it’s just me, but I would tend to think that could have gotten him in some deep doo-doo.

            • Some people will look for any excuse to deny what they don’t want to believe. I wouldn’t dismiss this so easily. I’m sure TPTB are hoping we’ll do just that. I hate being caught flat-footed and blind.

              • You can choose to ignore reality. But you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
                People say they are awake and open minded, nothing is farther from the truth. They will see the truth one day and realize they were idiots.

              • They’ve got their trolls on here naysaying this.

                • X2!

            • This guy sounds credible to me. If he was saying there was no story to follow, then I’d be worried and calling BS. Well done for going out on a limb. To all the haters, it’s another piece to the bigger picture. Evaluate it at face value, take a breath and re-evaluate its potential and worth. All intelligence is valuable intelligence. It the piece fits the jigsaw puzzle then good!! And if it’s false info, then reanalyse it and figure out why it was given to you. Deception and counter-deception are serious tools in the military world. Intelligence and counter-intelligence are old friends.

              • Do you guys think when they take over they will force us to get gay married and have butt sex?

        • Looks like another Reichstag operation in the works.

        • If security is a concern for this officer. Concerning communication, e-mails are collected and analyzed. Better to write a letter and stamp the envelope. Common sense folks:P

        • Here are the issues with this:
          1. No verifiable evidence
          2. The alleged Ranger did not see first hand.
          3. Vague – so specifics. Such as how may train cars, moving in what direction or suspected destination, number of cars witnessed; dates, times, etc.
          4. How can this be independently verified?

          With that said, there is great possibility that DHS has train cars like the ones noted in the article. Regardless of the source or who wrote something, do your own research and validation. Propaganda comes from all sides. Especially those who may profit from such…

        • Hodges is hoaxing again. Box-cars-with-shackles story been peddled by ex-con Pamela Rae Schuffert for over a decade. Never any pix, except of auto transport rail car exteriors.
          Pamela Rae says they also equipped with guillotines at either end.
          Hodges has become a joke- or a disinfo agent

          • Phil Schneider made the same claim in 1995. I believe he was found dead with surgical tubing wrapped around his neck, so just maybe…

            • I always felt Schnieder was “for real”. If DHS really has those cars, maybe the Ranger did hear valid info about them. In almost any operation we wouldn’t like, there would be a lot of people objecting, and having to be “constrained”.

          • Yeah and Hodges FEMA train photos show that there are lots of windows so that the prisoners have a pretty country view along the way…

        • Any military preparedness drill based upon an alleged threat from ISIS is a fraud because ISIS was created by the United States, Israel, and England. Come on — this huge army appears out of nowhere, equipped with new US military equipment, and distributes videos of obviously fake “beheadings” through an Israeli/US website (SITE Institute, run by Israeli-American dual citizen Rita Katz). If there is an “invasion” by ISIS, it will be a hoax attack starring the same Israeli, American, and British soldiers who portray ISIS militants in the videos.

          Indeed, any military preparedness drill based upon an alleged threat from “terrorists” is a fraud because there is no terrorist threat, foreign or domestic, to the United States. The “terrorists” are created and funded by our own government and its allies. 9/11 was an inside job, as was Oklahoma City; the Boston Marathon “bombing” by “Chechen terrorists” was a hoax, as was the Sandy Hook shooting. Our own government — and the international corporate elite that controls it — is the real enemy.

          The only threat to our southern border is the continued mass immigration of Mexicans, and they are being invited into the United States by the government as part of the plan — in the works for decades — to form a union between Mexico and the United States.

          On a deeper level, we must ask ourselves this: Why is martial law even necessary? We already live in a police state; the United States military continues to have a steady supply of directionless and desperate adolescents anxious to join the team and become cannon fodder; mass immigration and the union with Mexico is proceeding on schedule; and everything presented to us by the corporate media is scripted.

          While more and more of us are awakening to the disturbing reality of events, the vast majority of Americans are dumbed-down and drugged-up, sickly and stupid; “soft-kill” is working. Most Americans are unwilling to acknowledge or even consider that they are nothing more than slaves on a vast tax plantation, and many of those who are awakened still see things according to the diversionary Democrat-Republican, Liberal–Conservative paradigm fed to them by their masters. The reality is that this country is exactly where the international corporate elite want it to be.

          Perhaps Jade Helm is just a variation of the “Watch out, there’s going to be another 9/11!!!” psy-op that occurs every year and peaks in September — as Jade Helm is scheduled to do. Author Lenon Honor, in his book The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program, details how such fear-based programming is intended to produce a state of perpetual fear and a sense of powerlessness to keep us passive and compliant.

          The people at the top are masters of propaganda, masters of manipulation. They know that the easiest slaves to control are those who are not aware that they are slaves. That strategy has worked for them in the past, and continues to work for them today. If there is any purpose to Jade Helm other than as a psy-op, it will be to prepare one or more false-flag or hoax attacks to keep us on edge and encourage us to embrace even more regulation, centralization, and self-harm — perhaps a hoax “biological attack” that will have us begging for mandatory vaccinations. . .

          • Looks like you have your facts straight, JK. So it is clear we are dealing with a gov’t that has jumped the tracks. What would a gov’t like that do with an exercise like Jade Helm? I personally think their first mission is to disarm the militias, which have probably all been infiltrated. That’s what I’d be watching for as the first step towards taking everyone else’s guns.

      2. Look man, I only need to know one thing…where they are!

        • “right on, Vasquez!”

          • When do we get to put them on “the express elevator to hell”?

            • Was that acid in that video?

              • Only in his dreams…

        • Right right, man… somebody said “aliens”, she thought they said “ILLEGAL aliens” and signed up!

        • Right right, man… somebody said “aliens”, she thought they said “ILLEGAL aliens” and signed up!

      3. Hey, maybe they’re just into 50 shades of kinky? Do the cuff’s come with whips and blow-up dolls? Just ask’n

        Watch out fur them…..Wolverines!

        • TH, just ask acid. He’s the expert on such things.

        • Wolverines forever! Dam Good movie… remember a few can control and occupy a much larger force.

          Ready for whatever will eventually happen. But, God says No one knows when or where the end will come.

          • i just hope we don’t wake up some day and realize that was a training film for the “powers that shouldn’t BE”!

      4. Everyone has a great plan until you get hit in the face.

        • Ain’t that the truth. Getting hit in the face in slow motion here myself. Oh goody for when it accelerates 9_9.

      5. The one good thing I took from this is the Ranger is going to uphold his oath and so will his coworkers!

        • Don’t be so quick to rush to judgment on this one, it smells of being highly dubious. Hi there, I’m a Texas Ranger. Of course, I can’t tell you my name, rank, where I’m at or ANYTHING else about me, so you’ll just have to take my word for everything I tell you. I’ll pass on this one.

          • Hank has “deep throat”. Makes me laugh.

            • What the hell are you talking about old man. If you’ve got a point to make, then grow up and make it like a man. If you’re gonna play little boy games then shut the fuck up. Now, which is it gonna be grandpa?

              • Deep throat brought down Nixon. Can you name him smart ass?

                • Brought down Nixon? Jesus Christ, that’s ancient history! Who either knows or cares about that? I’m talking about here and now, not about something that happened so long ago nobody even remembers it.

                • Deep throat died. He admitted it was him before his death.

                  • Well, youngster, history repeats itself. If you don’t know what happened to Nixon, then you probably don’t know about the Riechstag Fire, so you probably didn’t notice when it repeated in the US on 9/11.

          • I just hope your on the “right side” of this one

          • Not taking for the truth invites catastrophe. Taking it for a scenario of the truth is a heads-up.

        • And the bad was that thing about continuation of government. If true, the trigger is pulled.

        • They are going to let ISIS take out the Rangers, then they will take out the dissidents.

      6. This whole JH15 thing is a forthcoming false flag event for nefarious ultimatum. I personally think we are screwed this summer . Fuck it … bring it on .

        • Chris 45,
          I agree time for it to come to a head! bring it on!!!

      7. Thank you Mac!

        I wasn’t giving a whole lot of my attention to JH15 due to the usual exaggeration that most employ when referring to military ops; but I am now re-thinking and re-evaluating my position, as well as steps to protect myself and my family.

        Should American military special ops personnel, retired as well as active duty decide to organize and employ against any threat, there would be nothing on earth that could stop them. This is why it is necessary to have them actively engaged as Oath Keepers or educated to their true duty. All soldiers and “public servants” serve the citizenry of The United States NOT it’s government.

        The community in which you have built here at SHTF is fantastic and many of the comments have been as fascinating, educational, and informative as the articles that you post. Thank you for this very important work!

        • Thanks for your kind words Serenabit — and thank you for visiting and joining the conversation!

      8. well, it all sounds and makes sense. ISIS has to be here, and the southern border is the obvious point into the USA. Osama Obama would love to create a situation where Texas has a “terrorist” assault on a small town, and I ask you what would happen if Pantex were attacked. That would cause such a national disaster, to have nuclear technology and scientists in the hands of a worldwide enemy. We need to be concerned as to the intent of JH15, why, how, who, when, and where. They say this is a southwest drill, but with such secrecy, it could be nationwide. I hate thinking like this, but antmore one has to think “outside the box”. Be on SHTF daily, read, investigate and read some more, knowledge is a great weapon, especially when the powers of the government, work so hard to keep us all in the dark, and hope we don’t see them for what they relly are, power brokers, money whores, and liars.

        • Irish Catholic, welcome aboard and I agree.

        • According to my sources, which are deep, ISIS is here in Columbus, Ohio. If they are in Ohio they are probably everywhere.

          • Of course they are, it’s all part of the plan. The govt. wants to cover a lot of ground with their boogieman.

          • There sure are enough Ethiopians and Somalians in Columbus to make that credible.

            If you are inside 270 when the balloon goes up, you are going to have a bad day.

            On a bright note… I took Mac’s advise, and converted some fiat FRNs into a solid asset. Ruger 10-22 Take Down. Polymer black and stainless barrel.

            “Hey honey, I’ll be right back. Gonna go buy a gun.”
            -“ok, dear. Can you pick up some bananas one the way?”

            Man, I love my wife!

          • Of course they are, I used to shop there, good deals on tin foil and restaurant supplies.

        • They’re already in the hands of a worldwide enemy..the U.S. Rogue Government, currently usurped by foreign corporate interests.

      9. As soon as I read “Dave Hodges” this story lost all credibility.

        • I understand your comment and I would also like to throw in that I too can write a letter to whomever, without giving my name. Does not mean anything I put in the letter is true.

          • Amen sister

      10. I was at a Bed and Breakfast in Maine last November and fellow running it said that he had a guest that had told him that he had a contract from Homeland Security a year ago Welding iron rings every foot around the periphery of hundreds of railroad cars. I’m sure it must just be a coincidence.

      11. As soon as you read “Dave Hodges” this story should lose all credibility.

        • Socmarine87, I don’t normally trust Hodges myself, but I’ve already had these things verified for me by some other sources I know and trust. Looks like the real deal to me.

          • I’ll take your word over Hodges anyday. I mean that with sincerity.

            You have a good one.

            Keep your heads on a swivel people.

      12. Thanks Mac
        In God we Trust all others we monitor! And with this site we get a chance to be informed and have clearer view threw the government issued rose colored glasses.

      13. So, ISIS is going to invade a Texas town, herd all the people to an area and behead them?

        Haven’t we heard about these shackled trains for the last 5 years or so? This is not new. It could just as easily have been trains loaded with Guillotines, or trucks loaded with “Martial Law in effect” signs, right?

        This is BS on so many levels. It is however government inspired though, because those dumb fucks cant get anything straight.

          • BS! you can get 50-100 people in a standard boxcar. That means you could get 5-10 million people in AT ONE TIME. Thirty trips, you could arrest the whole country, including FEMA. Nowhere you cannot get in three days on a train in the US. So that’s enough cars to arrest us all in 45-90 days. That’s also a line of cars about 1200 miles long. It takes the whole country to put all the people in the country so what’s the point of being able to arrest all of us. And, it’s close to all the usable boxcars in the US. Sorry but I call BS.

            • Anything is possible with these criminals. But someone somewhere must have PIX from a deserted train yard. W/ all the ipads, phones etc it seems unlikely there would be NO evidence

        • If there really were an ISIS camp and they objected to it, they would simply carpet bomb it and that would be that

      14. If not trains, how about Greyhound buses with manicals, now that would be a cruel punishment.

      15. Fill that train car with the treasonous bastards who would suggest this for patriots,,,

      16. You cannot have martial law unless the current government ceases to exist. If someone declares martial law, they are declaring that they are taking over government. If martial law gets declared, it’s time to take up arms against the tyrants who declared and/or support it.

        • You got it, right on.

        • That is why they called it a “State of Emergency” in Baltimore.

        • Anytime any of them come to your house or car door, or approach you or yours for any supposed “reason”, it’s time.

      17. Something peculiar about that letter from the ranger, the writing technique smells familiar.

        Is this a letter designed to instill fear or instigate an event. Which would bring about a reason for the msm to cozy up with d>h>s giving it the distinctive taste of correctness?

        • Does a Texas ranger use the word “privy”?

          • Why not? Is “privy” a word only special people can use?

        • The sentence structure in the email was wrong for an English speaking american.it was not written by a Texas ranger.

      18. Something peculiar about that letter from the ranger, the writing technique smells familiar.

        Is this a letter designed to instill fear or instigate an event. Which would bring about a reason for the msm to cozy up with d>h>s giving it the distinctive taste of correctness?

        • Does a Texas ranger use the word “privy”?

          • Texas Rangers if I’m not mistaken are now required to have under current standards a master’s degree and be bilingual. Most folks with master’s degrees have above average writing skills. If this Ranger is one of the older long term Rangers hired or promoted under the old standards of merit, he may just have a bachelor degree. As a retired Texas municipal law enforcement officer I had a few occasions to bump into a Ranger now and then. They were always the epitome of professionalism, well spoken when they spoke as most of them were very quiet and somewhat stoic. As for use of the word “privy” it’s use isn’t exclusive to military or law enforcement. I still pull it out of my memory banks on occasion and drop it into personal conversations at the appropriate times.

      19. Its get even better. See this link. You ever since Kanine, Mr M, now Ms M, then M again, know claiming in a recent post about being a woman who grew up on a farm, i know what really going on. See lastest on Alex jones showing a Green Berett challenging that prick standing up in front of the city council lying his azz off about Jade Helm 15. Lets see you talk your way of of this one Mr M, & Ms M, aka Kanine. Looks like M got got his azz put in place with this article. Thats it you azz clown, start bashing posters now trying to call BS on David Hodges. We are not fools here buddy. The article backing my link is now up in your frikin face on this page. ha, hahaaaaaaaa. Good job Mac.

        In Texas, as we walk in the sands of .223, M855-5.56, 308, 50 Cal. We know that things are going to get really bad. We are not the un armed Jews in natzi Germany. We are not rice farmers of vietnam. Nor are we the chinese people of China, who are executed by the hundreds in public stadiums with 50 calibur machine gun fire.

        I dont entice violence, but i must warn.

        To the chinese PLA that come here, prepare to die. You will die here, in the most horrific manners imaginable. You will call for sweet Jesus when the people start on you boys. As for the Ms 13, Mexican military, Nato, etc and the Jihadist, you will experince and ELE, ” extinction level event”. What ever you bastards do, dont let the people capture you, you are going to pay a heavy price.


        Do not test the resolve of the American White man.

        As i sit in my office yesterday, and a massive vibration rattled my office and suddenley i run out side to see a massive shinuk hellcopter flying over my frikin office building at the 1960 area of Houston. We hear your Jade Helm Boys loud and clear. Someone once mentioned a few phrases.

        Molon Labe


        Now its camps for me and any of us for that matter. The rat bastarts legalized a firing squad in Utah. Must be for the Mormons eh. Just when i taught that was it, a Use of a Gullotine was passed in another state. Try that crap over here, and see if we are going to put up with this crap. I have personally seen rail carts added to the regular train that runs on Hwy 90, with those same carts added in the middle of the other carts to not look suspicious.


          • The Mexicans and Central Americans seem to be doing it rather successfully, not many of them dying in the process.

            • That’s because the drug cartels have paid off the right American officials and politicians. The cartels’ workers can skip right across, and sell their drugs to America’s youth!

        • As a Black American Veteran, I am awake and also ready!

        • oooohhh I’m sure you little dick heads have the US military shivering I fright. Lets see your pistols stand up against F16s, Bradleys, APCs, tanks, microwaves, sound canons, missile drones and high powered snipers.
          You assholes should have stood up with your big mouth bravado when it could have made a difference. Even the loudest of you cowards would not have boycotted Ap 15 income taxes cause you afraid of jail.
          Pure bull crap, the whole lot of you. Little twats is all

          • We will stand and do not care who likes it. We have served we are not cowards and they may have the techno but we out number them big time and we will be fighting and dying for something they will be doing it for nothing . We will not tollerate tyranny

      20. I’ve got it figured out. Barry is rounding up all of the Gay Cowboys in the SW and bring them to D.C. so he has a greater selection of Butt Buddies”.

        Broke Back White House!

        Watch out fur them Wolverines!

        • TH, if acid finds out about that, he won’t know how to act.

          • Braveheart,

            I bet Acid would volunteer for it.


            • TH, I believe it. He would go to DC for something like that.

              • He’s probably sitting in the notsoWhiteHouse right now reading your messages and deciding how to reply

      21. Has anyone thought of making a pamphlet or letter talking about Constitutional rights and where to draw the line. To be given to soldiers and police? Might make a few of them think twice!

        • Right. They aren’t allowed to read/listen to certain alternative news

      22. I’m with Paranoid I don’t care what they do with my dead body. But that’s the only way I’ll get on the train. A lot of people feel that way in Northern AZ. Way too much crap happening. Aw the small of cordite in the morning.

      23. smell

      24. Ive seen a lot of empty automobile hauling train cars being moved about..these train cars have been made so thieves cant get in,, and that means if someone were to be locked inside them, they wouldn’t be able to get out

        there are tons of these train cars on rail sidings all around this country just sitting and waiting to be used.. for what ever purpose

        • EOTS, there’s been a lot of them passing thru Memphis in the past week.

      25. “There are trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars. I have not personally seen them, but I know personnel that have seen this.”

        Oh yeah – this is credible.

      26. No Guillotines?

        For at least 20 years these stories have usually included or been accompanied by stories of train cars with Guillotines on them.

        Makes for a much better story that way.

        • sounds like agenda 21 practice to me

        • Guillotines? Oh Oh I want one!

      27. I never heard of Pantex so I looked it up on Wikipedia: The Pantex Plant is the United States’ only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility and is charged with maintaining the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. The facility is located on a 16,000 acre (65 km2) site 17 miles (27 km) northeast of Amarillo, in Carson County, Texas in the Panhandle of Texas.

        No wonder terrorists would be interested in it.

        • Sure would be nice if ISIS would take out that NSA Complex in Utah. Trekker Out. Can You Hear Me Now!

          • More like ISIS are the NSA! Israeli and U.S. funded ISIS in the Middle East, to turn the whole shebang over there into a flaming heap. Check. Now, fly the Israeli Secret Inteligence Service (ISIS) into Texas to get the false flags started here, so they can bring down the country and round up the unwanted.

            ISIS aren’t coming across the border!!! they already here!! Probably staying at some Government run facility waiting for the Go word and kick off!!

            • They are right where all you left wing nuts put them,,, in the White House…….. Seems you too are suffering from oxygen starvation brain damage also. Pull your head out and seek medical attention ASAP before you hurt yourself,,, on second thought… Go ahead and hurt yourself,, No one will care….

        • Amarillo is pretty far from the Mexico border

        • If you have ever been in that area, it’s there because if it blows up and runt 10,000 sq miles it’s NO Loss. As far as I can see It would be better as radioactive wasteland.

      28. If ISIS thinks it can successfully attack the Pantex facility, they have another think coming. I’ve been in it myself. It’s pretty well fortified, and in the middle of effing nowhere. Any attack would be a killing field.

        • Yeah, Coach, a farn mooslim terr’ist bent on ar d-struction would have about as much chance of getting in there as he would getting in the white house… Oh…wait…never mind.

      29. Why would they need shackles, if this is just training?
        Nobody has ever said if they are going to train in the small towns with live ammo. If they are. WHY?
        If they are armed and have live ammo. The FOLKS in that area should be doing the same!!!

        • Sgt; the whole issue smells, 102,000 Boxcars give me a break. With that many one trip would exceed the number they got in the whole war. They cannot arrest everyone, somebody has to run the country. The Germans didn’t e shackle anyone, they just put two or three guards on top with guns and that was that, Why would they arrest people in small towns. We aren’t going to bother anyone. If they tried, it would get around like wildfire in a few hours everyone would know. To much foolishness.

      30. Maybe those trains can go to Baltimore and round up the real problem with this country

      31. I wanted to tell also you that we believe that Pantex is a high value target for ISIS and much or our preparation is to thwart any action by terrorists against the facility. I am wondering how in the hell you figured that out. Someone on the deep inside must be talking with you

        … that or COMMON SENSE?

        Didn’t even know what it was until I Googled it. Then I was like “…of course *facepalm*”

        Makes a lot more sense than a couple of symbolic targets.

        I’d have that sh*t so locked down that cockroaches couldn’t make it past the fence, let alone anything else.

        • Artillery and mortars make fences irrelevant.

          Anyone can get hold of these without so much as a background check involved, and modern ones could be brought in across the southern border if it weren’t so heavily guarded (they could have already been smuggled in during times when border security was more lax).

          • And that is why God invented land mines. Preferably that can be turned on and off via encoded RF or something.

            Predator drones? Hellfire missiles?

            To borrow a page from Aliens… couple of canisters of CN-20 and nerve gas the entire storage chamber if they manage to get that far in?

          • Has border security EVER been more lax than it is right now?

      32. Why would ISIS attack Pantex? It’s in the heart of progressive ideology, Tejas. Why would terrorists attack their own? LOL

        • Anyone who believes this regime is any less brutal than the last, needs to think again. Carefully.

      33. If it turns out that Wal-Mart does not have a plumbing problem and the stores are use for any purpose against the American people, I fear that some individuals may launch attacks against Wal-mart stores nation wide. I hope not!
        If trains are used to transport Americans to FEMA Camps, I am willing to bet that there are some crazies out there that may try to derail those trains. Let’s pray that this is just an exercise. If its not, a lot of people may decide to push back! The world is filled with crazy people, just look at all the rioting & fighting going on worldwide.


        I dont recomend that the try here that in Houston or its sorrounding cities, That could lead to a bad situation for the chinese, russian, nato, UN, Domestic army national guard, loyalist to the cabal, Muslim Jihadist, and other rogue countries who come to shoot us, cut off peoples heads, attack women, etc. From the moment they come here shoot us, and touch the women, its war. Only a nuclear weapon, or bio weapon is only way that they can defeat the citizenry. I know that the cabal is very confident, so confident that they legalized a firing squad under the command of the chinese PLA, under Z Xi Ping of China, who sits in his mansion in china while his PLA soldiers are raping and torturing women, and placing people in stadiums by the hundreds, cutting out thier organs while they are still alive, then executing them with firing squads could give a rats azz about you and me, who called for the disarmamant of the American people to make the job easier for the Chinese to kill & murder Americans, and his partners, the Canadian partners, that general who said that they will deal with the stupid Americans with two gun shots to the head and your wife and daughers taken to the PLA run camps to service the chinese. Yes people this was his exact words. Listen to Hawk on Stevequayle.com, Survivetothrive every Thurdays and Friday nights. So since its known who is really running our country and other countries, it does not supprise us that two weeks before Jade Helm 15 was announced, all in a sudden M855 AR ammo can pearce cops body armor and must be banned. So first if was the sandy hook false flag to take the guns, that failed, then it ban the M855. Now its them literally rolling in the tanks. Yesteraday at 1:00 pm a shinuk hellicopter rattled my office building, flying at almost low altitude over north Houston. I am also heaing military airfracft flying late at nightime 2-3-4 am all the time in Houston.

        You see, i know now that
        Mr & Ms M, aka former Kanine.

        who went on the attack against me and my sources Alex jones, Hodges, Quayle, Hagmann and others, was trying to discredit me again. Now the very link i posted is now the topic of discussions on this very website. Sorry Mr & Ms M. The indisputable facts of life is now up in our faces. The jade helm 15 is now is all of our local news papers. People are now awaking to this tyrany that you support. Thats it M, go and attack the article Mac just posted, nice try, you have failed again. SHTFPLAN.COM IS THE NUMBER ONE SITE OF THIS KIND, WE ARE HERE TO STAY SO GET USE TO IT.


        Good by M & Ms M.

        • HCKS. I agree. BTW, I also listen to Hawk every week.

        • Don’t think for a minute that ovomit won’t use nukes on the major conservative cities and communities to stop us. He hates this country and does not care about any radioactive fall out… The more dead, the happier the illegal alien mooslum dog meat camel humping terrorist will be !! Just look at all the ”house cleaning” that has gone on in the Nuclear Command….. Think about it……………

          • ..correct comments, thoughts here…but now those Nuclear Command officials are at home and what are they doing? …are they sitting around watching TV? ..are they at the golf course? No…I feel they are either leaving the country, with their families, or alerting their communities (in a covert way)..to work to shut down the U.N..the U.S. corporate fraud govt..(Ovomit)..and other activities… Never think that these fired ‘officials’ are just waiting for the glove to drop..

        • Please make paragraphs with more spaces. The words run together. Sorry my eyes are bad.

      35. Anyone could claim to be a Texas Ranger and submit ANYTHING anonymously. Where is the proof? Where are the pictures in DETAIL; location, time, identifying numbers etc.?? After all, it’s kinda hard to hide a bunch of trains and boxcars!!

        This is nothing but fearmongering just like the distillery buildings that were supposedly FEMA buildings!

        “For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolators, AND WHOSOEVER LOVETH AND MAKETH A LIE.” Rev. 22:15

        • Proof? Pictures in detail? If you wait for all of that, you’ll get it—as they slam the door on your ass in the FEMA camp. I don’t think they’ll let you keep your iphone though, and with the internet down and your phone service disrupted, you couldn’t tell anyone anyway…until it’s too late for you.

          You can’t even stand on a corner of this supposedly free country, and record your local police without them attacking you and confiscating your camera…WTF makes you think they’ll allow ANYONE to take photos of any of this, for your convenience?

          This is the same tactic TPTB have used to attack credibility when inconvenient leaks emerged. You might as well coin the phrase “conspiracy theory”, it’s what you mean…SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE GLOBALIST, ELITIST SHILL.

          Is “big O” short for obama?

          How about YOU prove this ISN’T happening?

          • Firstly, no, I don’t own an iphone. My cheapass little phone doesn’t even have a camera: $5 TracFone. I do have access to a computer that is capable of downloading GoogleEarth. From there you can follow every single railroad and pipeline across the United States and beyond.

            SHOW ME WHERE THESE “FEMA” RAILCARS ARE PARKED. I can cover several counties in a single day following the railroads and their yards to find out what is parked where. Illegal aliens know damned good and well the easiest path to the U.S. The railroads!! They aren’t shackled!! hahaha

            You want me to prove this isn’t happening?! haha Don’t you know that you cannot prove a negative!? That’s like saying prove there’s no Santa Claus!! Hell, I saw his ass at the Mall today! There’s your proof!

            No… you will have to ask my girlfriend what “big O” stands for…

            • I once drove over a hundred and fifty miles to see one of these “FEMA camp’s” for myself.

              It was a plain old military base that had been partly closed as most of the soldiers there were in Iraq and only a skeleton presence remained to keep it open.

              The preparations that were being called proof it was going to be used to inter civilians were simply reopening barracks and buildings since the Unit was i the process of returning. They didn’t even keep civilians from visiting the base, you just had to sign in when you went in and sign out when you left.

            • Big O,

              Congrats my man, you’ve effectively shut up sixpack from any further ragging. She lives to bitch, if she doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, she rags on you. When you asked her to prove her point of view, she simply disappears from the board. Cute little trick but she’s so stupid she doesn’t realize that people notice her little games. Good work man!

              • Not quite. It’ll take more than some keyboard commando to shut me up. I CHOOSE when I comment, so don’t flatter yourselves.

                • Too bad you never CHOOSE to put any brain wattage into any of your comments. Lips aimlessly flapping in the breeze with nothing intelligent to say, just endless pissing and moaning.

          • What fema camp? That is another BS story along with the rail cars, guillotines, and road signs for UN troops. I have been reading this same shit since 1995 and prepped for Y2K. Now I just prep for disasters, shortages and civil unrest. James Ricards said the economy was going to collapse earlier this month…it hasn’t. What about the extra planet (Niburu)that rotates in every 3600 years. It was supposed to be here in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, now next year. Years ago, when I was a conspiracy nut like you people, I actually visited 2 “fema camps”. It turns out one was a old overgrown WW2 detention center that has no buildings or structures left. and the other is a almost decommissioned army base with little fencing and run down structures. You fools will believe any conspiracy without actual pictures and data. Be prepared with food, water, tools, farm, ammo, Physical Fitness (for you lard asses that think they can walk a mile with a 40lb pack on trailess terrain), but get a fucking Life. There isn’t a Nig, cracker tweek, or Joo behind every bush.

            • Speaking of those UN marked road signs, the ones with the special markings on the back, I actually saw some of them.

              I stopped to examine the marking and found it contained information that would be seriously needed by the UN during an invasion.

              The Information? It was the date the sign was installed and the purchase order number from the sign company that made it. Without that information it is obvious the UN could never conduct a successful invasion and round up patriots.

        • It’s very easy to hide trains–among other trains! Do you know what’s in all those boxcars on all those tracks? Are they already shipping “missing persons” or “dead” people away? Have you never seen lots of train cars on lots of sidings, including lots of unmarked passenger cars near certain important places where they wouldn’t normally be, but, that would corroborate what’s being said about them in this expose????

          • Expose’!!?? hahaha I don’t see anything exposed except gullibility. Show me some bodies tossed in a ditch or something!!

            Yes, we have quite a lot of train traffic near here and the tracks go right through town and along softball fields also. Often stopping blocking traffic. Lots of coal trains also. They stop on the sidetracks to let other trains pass… it would be easy to jump them and hijack some coal in a real “SHTF” situation. Tons of it.

            If we’re concerned about train cars, what about tractor trailers?? Much more mobile too. Unmarked also!! Why?? I worked for Lowe’s years ago and millions of dollars of merchandise was shipped out daily thru various carriers. None said “Lowe’s” on the side of the trailers headed to the stores.

            Important places?! Isn’t that where shipments are sent to!? We have radioactive waste coming through here from Savannah, Georgia’s nuclear power plant headed north toward Nevada eventually. That’s what worries me.

            Believe it or not, companies are paid to build various configurations of railcars. WHO IS BUILDING THESE “FEMA” CARS? Where’s the contract?? We all know about the millions of rounds of ammo the Homeland Security etc. have purchased. What about transportation expenses??

            SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

      36. If they suspended Jade Helm 15 in Colorado, then when in the hell are the highways full of military vehicles? Why are the Blackhawk/apache sorties that have increased dramatically out of Ft. Carson, flying hundreds of miles off base?

        Believe half of what you see, and nothing of what you hear.

        • Agreed!
          I live southwest of Ft Carson and the Apaches and UH60’s have been flying some very unusual patterns the last 6 months or so. Ive seen them landing and taking off from the Florence, CO CIVILIAN airport. WTF is that about. As a recently retired Vet, all this shit makes me nervous. Just waiting for the fan to disperse the fecal matter!

          • FYI……The newspaper, Victoria Advocate in Victoria Texas, had a front page small article in it on 4/30/15….in which they said Jade Helm realistic military training cancelled in Crossroads. According to Victoria County Sheriff’s office, no exercise after all, cancelled in Victoria and Goliad counties. No reason given for the cancellation of excercises there.

      37. “At this point what difference does it make?” LOL
        I am taking the Ranger’s story with a grain of salt. You might want to also.
        Given the Baltimore riots and the containing of just several city blocks of protesters required and strained Maryland city/state resources, the Feds want to portray that they have adequate resources to contain the US in martial law and lockdown. Sun Tzu tactic. They cannot maintain a prolonged containment. They know this but they want you to think it’s possible. The plan depends upon the law abiding to believe that there is no threat to liberty long term and this is just a short term remediation. The plan depends upon people willing to get into the bus/rail cars.
        There just ain’t enough resources for this folks. So take a deep breath and relax a bit.

        Prep your HAMs. Get credible sources and contacts. Consider All comms will be shut down nationwide during SHTF. Establish plans for family. consider all radios will be inoperable.
        Plan for psyops type misinformation campaigns on HAm and other sources.
        Trust but Verify. The only lifting of comms-internet/phone/text/satellite- will be when the dear leader address declares martial law.

      38. Why are they waiting for the attack to take place? Round the terrorists up now.

        • …or just catch them when they’re “In Session.”

      39. To TPTB…DO NOT COME TO MY HOUSE between may and december.
        No questions will be asked, will shoot first. Thank you for the warning!!! I have broken no laws and am a volunteer with the LASO dept….also military trained “Marksman” YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so sick of these psyco freaks and all their games they play…Tyrants come and go, and ALWAYS FAIL!! All they seem to be able to do is screw up the world…Remember that Italian guy hanging upside down…This is your future!! History repeates and RIGHT ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not like your on some kind of winning streak here…Your are still at war with Korea, via a DMZ, all your high tech of the day couldnt beat a bunch of 5ft tall guys wearing pajamas, the best you could do in Iraq is hide in your greenzone, couldnt take and hold open desert in afganistain…Im telling you now…YOU WILL LOSE!! WE have right on our side and the will to win…WE are getting sick of your BS….Look at history, YOU WILL LOSE!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • HAHAHAHAHALOLOLOlololololjajajajaja!!!

          Whoa! Shit!

          I just fell over backwards and hit my head from LOLing so hard. You fucking lying turd. You ain’t gonna do shit and you know it. Sit down and shut up you spineless blowhard.


          • true enough, but it makes them feel better if they can manage an imaginary victory once in a while in the battlefields of their minds.

      40. Well after looking into this, I can’t find anything credible. One of the naysayers had a good point: ‘120,000 train cars would be over 2,000 miles long.’ That is a long secret to keep.

        Makes me more than a little skeptical, but admittedly plausible when looking at the numbers: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=number+of+rail+cars+in+USA

        I just wish the waters were not muddied by unsubstantiated claims from anonymous sources or hearsay.

        There are no doubt big issues afoot and it is tiresome to sort the wheat from the chaff.

        • The train cars are not all connected to each other.
          They can only manufacture so many at a time at the plant.
          They are dispersed around the country.
          How many millions of miles of track is not in visible sight.
          Many Rail yards in major cities and seaports.

          120,000 is not as many as one would think.

          • slingshot, There you go trying to instill critical thinking again. Worth a try I suppose but some people just don’t have it.

      41. hate to tell you guys. but the people who put this letter together is bull crap.they give you just enough to make you think you have a friend on the inside.and then even try to agree and make you feel like you got privliged information”you must have someone deep on the inside”

      42. We don’t know for sure until it happens.

        Martial Law.
        Round up of whoever they want to.
        Transport to camps
        Killing of prisoners.
        Disposal of Bodies.

        You get to see the MRAPs/White Vans, Trains, Internment Camps, Coffins, and Guillotines.

        It’s all there. They can do all this now. Just have to put it all in motion.

        • We know…dont come to my house!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!

      43. I’ll believe this crap when I see it happen.

        • The only way that would be of any use, is if they leave you unsupervised long enough to do all that.

          Better to keep a small safety pin hidden in your inseam or cuff, and retrieve it and jam it in the tooth side of the catch. It allows the plastic teeth to slip, and you can work yourself free much quicker and with less visibility.

          • Nice one sixpack. Thanks for that.

        • Hey that’s really cool. I’m changing my hiking boot shoelaces today.

          I learn so much from this website!!

      44. I believe it is a creditable story regarding the shackles info because since the late 1990’s there has been photos of such rail cars and also pics of guillotines and I have read that actually guillotines would be useful in harvesting body parts.

        Someone has written that this could be our last good summer.
        Just an opinion.

      45. Guys thanks for the sh&( and giggles. All seriousness I do believe govs would do that. As to the word “privy” I use the word myself third party. 22 yrs. in Security. I am 50 and this word was well used to describe in my generation. I do concern myself though the alleged Ranger says he has not seen for himself, a lousy investigator, what I can say, it mentioned third parties as a form of evidence. The camera can lie and have seen this numerous times before. This letter is vague lacking evidence and should this be a Ranger, his report writing is inadequate

      46. The guillotine as crafted by channel,? it was pretty cool,

      47. Hout/Cypress/Katy/Shtf…I used to live in Spring.Texas. My Texas roots run deep.

        I saw i the ads for interment camp guards with my own eyes in the S.C. unemployment website back in 2009. They were also looking for FEMA camp workers.

        Always prepare,always be ready and look t the Lord for guidance .

      48. Just how do they plan to get the Patriots in shackles, If thry fire on us it will be on and I mean big time.What do they think just because they say so we are just going to surrender. They will have to kill us and we will take the appropriate response. Then if they are lucky and kill us we will stink the place up but bottom line we aren’t going alive

      49. old recon marine bring your shit on

      50. Braveheart, thanks for backing me up. It’s seems like every time I post real facts I get attacked. Mac caught on to the BS, and bitch slapped this article right into the faces of these idiots that think they can just post crap and nullify the facts. As usual the agency has to have trouble makers on here to try to change thinking to make the new people visiting this site for the first time call Bs and go back to sleep. I wonder what they think the fact that David Hodges went on a talk show on Houston a few weeks ago that airs on the 5:00 pm evening traffic and opened a can of woop azz, and busted jade helm 15 wide out on the open that even the dumb down idoetic friends of mine that don’t prep and now beginning to prep, that were laughing at me 3 weeks ago is a asking what the hell is going on as they suddenly woke up and asking that shinuk and apache guns ships and asking what ar these jets and crap that they keep hearing at 2:00 am .the frickin dumb azzes are ordering all sorts of survival food and fear all kinds of crap and quit Walmart..a lot of people in Houston are walking up like crazy..David Hodges has delivered the kick to the balls of the globalist.

        • And the globalists will do anything to try to discredit him, or at least place doubt in the minds of the masses, so they remain inactive. Old NWO trick…VERY old.

          • Right sixpack. This has just got to be true, there’s nothing else it could be. By the way, I’m a top CIA analyst who has verified that Elvis works at Burger King. I’ve SEEN it and have it on tape! Now, I can’t tell you my name,where I’m at, or ANYTHING else about it but I swear to you it’s all TRUE!

            • No, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true. All I’m trying to say, is be careful WHY you choose to ignore information. Ignoring information solely because someone else uses the “conspiracy theory” phrase, might be premature.

              Also, just because there is no hard proof RIGHT NOW, does not mean there never will be any. I think everyone here recognizes the tactic of calling someone a conspiracy theorist, to discredit their message. Discrediting the messenger does not necessarily discredit the message.

              We do the same sort of manipulations with the words “racist” and “sexist.” We change the narrative.

              I suggest we should all have a working idea of what a “RED HERRING” is, since we seem to get them thrown at us all the time. Basically, a red herring is something that sounds factual, but isn’t.

              Remember that by keeping people confused about what to believe and what not to, they are keeping most people from reacting…keeping blinders on sheep. Hasn’t changing the narrative worked well?

              Whether you believe it (or not) TODAY, is irrelevant.

              What matters, is whether or not it ends up being true tomorrow, and whether or not we prepared for it in case it IS true.

              I don’t know if ANY OF THIS SHIT is true, but I feel there is sufficient reason to try to prepare myself to survive it.

              So stop worrying so much about how I react to these things, and worry about preparing yourselves IN CASE IT ENDS UP BEING TRUE.

              If you can’t handle an adversarial comment, then you’re in the wrong place.


              RED HERRING, noun
              1. anything that diverts attention from a topic or line of inquiry.

              • Someone got it right on another article to keep your head on a swivel.

              • Sixpack, I HAVE to give it you there. This was indeed a very well thought out and logical response, so I defer to your point as completely accurate and an extremely well put counter point, congratulations to you! But from my point of view, stories like this are way too thin to believe, seriously, this could have been posted by anybody. Everybody should require more proof before buying anybody’s unsubstantiated story, If he doesn’t want to list any details about himself, then he should keep his story to himself until such time when he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. Once again, kudos to your reply, You’ve made your point with extreme precision.

      51. The train cars are for shipping automobiles and they chain them to the deck nice try though. I like the one on youtube about the plastic coffins that was more believe able but the tptb would
        need to get the bodies in the ground to keep the living from diseases. They would not give proper burials to people they’d dig a big trench and throw the bodied in it. I like how we are screwed no matter what it’s funny.

      52. Do you remember the old saying “Believe nothing that you read and only 1/2 of what you see.” With that in mind do not believe what I am writing and do not believe the article you just read.

      53. More hogwash from Dave Hodges.His journalism sucks cause he never has proof for what he writes.When I questioned him about Guillotines that are supposed to be stored away ,waiting for the right moment to chop our heads off,his reply was”somebody saw them”……..that’s real reliable Dave.Then I asked for sources for something else and his response was “google it” Dave, Steven Quayle and Haggman are just a bunch of fear mongers,gets the folks who like scary movies,reading his site for the adrenalin rush.

      54. Seems the Chatty Cathy Ranger forgot to say that ISIS is Mosad/CIA.

      55. The letter looks and sounds legit. I cant tell you all tell tale signs of a deceptive letter but i dont see anything that would immediately tell me this person is deceptive. I could be wrong but I give it a 75% credibility rating. Who am I? Someone that is not a conspiracy theorist. And 4 years ago i would have called you all nut-cases. Not anymore..

      56. I think someone asked “Why Walmart?”

        The wealthiest family in the world, the Waltons, trace their riches to the founding of Wal-Mart in 1962.

        THEY’RE GLOBALIST ELITES. Why NOT walmart?

        • you should google the Roth family there money dates back to the 15th century they can’t even estimate there wealth it’s past the trillion’s, just saying

      57. A prepper security guard pointed me to this website and this article about Jade Helm. First its an odd code name. I associate jade with the Chinese. Oddly that is the next thing ‘James’ scribbled on a piece of paper- “Chinese Connection”; he said for me to google that too.

        Who thinks that AG Eric Holder’s job was over with in the planning of this Jade Helm? Then this woman put in his place to draw away suspicion? Do you know she a token just like Joseph Biden. Powerless talking head.

        I’ll check back another day.

        Oh one last thought as I plumb the depths of this issue. What, if anything, do the millions of illegal Mexican aliens think of Jade Helm? Would they not think a railroad with shackles would be for them?

      58. I am surprised this credible site would publish anything, or any claims made by “Dave Hodges.”

        This guy literally makes up stuff from thin air–he is notorious for this.

        Yes there are many concerns about “Jade Helm” –but Dave Hodges making up anonymous letters from a Texas Ranger takes the cake.

        • Exactly.I emailed him and asked for a source for his guillotine story and he said”someone saw them” WTF kind of answer is that.Same crap with the Ranger letter.Dave typed it himself.
          There are a number of sicko folks who get off on the fear mongering and he knows it.Keeps traffic coming to his site.
          Now I have to question SHFT credibility.for printing such garbage.Where is their discernment,aka shit detiector?

      59. Jade is the Imperial Chinese gem. The “Jade Helm” is indicative of them “inviting” or “requesting” (welcoming) their Communist buddies’ forces into America to “assist” with quelling “urban disorder” and such (to inflict martial law–“continuity of [THEIR] government”– on Americans).

      60. Really? This whole “trains with shackles” thing is such a joke. For years I have been hearing this. Trains with shackles would be the most inefficient way to move people and who in their right mind is going to stand there and let themselves be shackled. Plus that would be a lot of waisted room in a whole train car. Please.

        It’s like those “FEMA coffins”…….there’s another one I love. They have been showing that same stupid clip from that youtube video of the unsecured lot with all those plastic boxes. big enough to fit two people in it with no fork lift ports on the bottom. Not sure how you would lift those with two dead bodies in them. WTF people. Stop already.

        • You are correct Anonymous. These people are paranoid with a capital P. I don’t trust the credibility of this so called ranger. I’ve met these types before and if he is a real ranger and the fed is not sharing information with them, then they get their feelings hurt and take it very personally. They want to be “in the know” and they’re not. That’s his whole motivation for this negative story. If ISIS is really here and they attack – they are in big trouble. How stupid can they be? Attacking a state with more firemarms than some small countries?! Instead of conspiracy talk and disparaging you folks should be Supporting our troops and our government!

          • The Jews did not think they had anything to fear from Hitler either, until it was too late… You just keep your head up your arse so you won’t see it coming either….

      61. BULLSHIT

      62. You guys are wrong. b hussein Obama already knows the scotus Will force the gay maariage on us. he is sending the military down here to force every red blooded patriot man in Texas to marry another man. kiss your butthole goodbye. No pun intended

      63. The jews are making their move. I cannot wait.

      64. Please be aware that “ISIS” is a creation of US/Israel and those recruited into its ranks are equipped and funded by US/Israel.

        They are a tool used by US/Israel for their political agenda, and only attack where they are told to attack. If you take a look into where and who they have attacked, you will curiously find Israel and its territories completely free from ISIS attacks. Ask yourself WHY a supposedly Muslim militant group would not attack their greatest enemy?

        If ISIS is on our purposefully porous border, US/Israel put them there. If ISIS attacks inside of the US, US/Israel directed them to do so.

        Time to wake up, people

        • Seems you have sustained severe brain damage due to oxygen deprivation due to having your head up your arse for so long. Definitely suffering dementia and delusions of stupidity and ignorance. Seek psychological mental care ASAP, before you hurt yourself…………

        • Doug is right about ISIS. If they attack the US, it is already a “false flag” because our guys run them. Our guys ran al caida, which is arabic for “database”; it was a database of arabs we could hire when we needed someone to carry a gun somewhere.

      65. IF “Jade Helm” actually WERE what you guys think it is…I think it’s safe to say they’d have rolled it out in Baltimore…

      66. Lets not forget that the main whistleblower here, who is ostensibly a Texas Ranger…has decided NOT TO REVEAL HIS IDENTITY.

        So the ENTIRE article is based on unproven speculation. I’m not saying it’s not true (though, I don’t think it is…we’ve had these false alarms before)…but you need to at LEAST vet your sources. If they won’t tell you who they are…don’t spread their BS.

      67. Who doesn’t have an iPhone/smart phone with the a camera? Shackles? Need proof.
        The grammar of the Rangers letter is as suspect as the grammar in Hodge’s articles. Could Dave be the author of the Rangers Letter?

      68. Indigo, anonymous ID-3376652, Big O. kanine, Mr & Ms M. and the rest of your fakes. You are obviously lying and working for the agency to quell down the shft-effers on the site. I know none of this is happeing. Governor Greg Abbott called them out, and artricle for April 29 2015, was written in the Houston Cronicle about Jade Helm 15.
        So they are here to master the people eh.

        See Link boys for the indisputable sickening facts of life up in you stupid agency ideotic faces. Watch the truck driver halling azz running away when Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones caught them red handed.


        Fema mass grave Tomball Texas. Looks like the cabal has planned ahead for jade helm 15 yrs a ini advance.




        • Boom.

      69. This conspiracy crap has been around since 1995 that I know of. Rail cars, guillotines, Niburu, UN road markers, have all been clained since 1995 that I know of. I actually checked out 2 “fema” camps a while ago. One was a overgrown forested WW2 Jap detention center with no fence or standing structures. Not even a damn road into it. The other is a Army depot that is was close to being decommissioned. It had no facilities of any size and you could climb, or slip under the fence. Some of these paranoid nut cases should get a job, and work off some of that lard ass, instead of pecking a keyboard all day. Prep for disasters, civil unrest and economic shortages, Not the boogieman.

      70. You got wrong right wing-nuts. It’s not the ISIS but the gay brigade out to get you.

        Just the name alone – Jade Helm 15 – should have given you guys a clue.

      71. It would be nice if these sources had pictures of trains with shackles instead of some guy claiming to be a Ranger and writing a letter to a webmaster who has less credibility than Obama.

      72. Hey Euro, remove the American off you handle. We find it a little insulting. Euro Nato, same thing. You are just another fake. Becarefull during Jade Helm, its obvious that you will be rolling out on the streets of America soon. Hopefully your not captured by the hungry gangs of thugs who may cook you for food, post shtf.


        For educational purposes. The CNN Ted Turner mafia elite cabal tried to say on the documnet of the red blue, yellow list was a fake. Obviously trying to cover over the crime. Then “Oprah Windfrey” happend to be in one of their population reduction by any means necessary meeting, and told her that they are getting ready to kill 7 billion people on the planet and use hight tech space weaponary, bio weapons, haarp, war, etc, as she got sick, pucked on the floor almost passing out.

        Dr James Garrow then confirmed how she purchased Land in Vancouver Canada to get off the American continent, and had contacted a real Estate agent to purchase the property and has ever thing ready to bail and run from the US continent. Lets just say that you posters are real and not agency employees, and are simply calling b…s……t on the info from Hodges. Lets see how you guys will fare in the calpase when you are caught off guard. And if your agency, i guess you must have your ticked to the DUMBS, deep underground military bases. Good luck to you all. As my scientist said, you will make good food and meat products for the un prepped gangs and thugs, killers, and murderors looking for food, water and resources. You will not be in the remainding 3-5 million survivors. See link for the Jay Weidner interview with Jeff Rense backing up this Oprah claim. Add that with the environment distruction, and you have mother natures natural extinction.


        The cross of Hendi.


        You guys are not going to survive this thing that is coming as in the unprepared. Ask your agency employers if you are able to land a spot in the undergorund bases. I have new for you, they are planing to get rid of you guys also.

      73. DHS and anything isn’t good it’s owned by Zionist Jews and is Israel’s IDF here in the USA.
        If ISIS and DHS are involved then you are looking at staged Operation with Mossad and the CIA.

        Actually conspiracy has been around since the 16th century even 14th. You would know that if you knew history.

        • Do you have to work really hard at being so stupid, or does it just come naturally??? Ovomit and the dummy rat turds like you hate Israel, and to think they would be working together not only shows your racism, but your ignorance and stupidity…. Now, go stick your head back up your bung hole and finish the oxygen starvation of your remaining brain cells…

      74. And as for people who think that posters on here needs a job. I have one and work in financial services. Its is irresonsible for people like me and others to just simply work and ignore everything around me. Its responsible as i work and do my job to monitor these sites to make sure that i am updated, and kept abreast of what really going in the real world. Me like others on this site was caught off guard in the engineered lending market crash, lost my house, lost my car, ran out off food, and couldn’t even feed myself.

        I then lost my apartment, then lost that and ended up homeless for 1 1/2 years, sleeping in my car, then the car broke down and i am starving, and outside with homeless people for 4 days realizing that they had adapted to hard life and i am starving to death, running my business and living as and executive hobo. I know what its like to not eat for 3 weeks, living on just water, while every body around town in having a good time. My status was that of and elitist hobo, i had more money than all of them. I was able to build back my business, worked may azz off, got a bad azz mobile shtf mechanic, cut cost, stopped letting thieves work on my car, and got me a nice luxury apartment, pulled myself out of the crap heap i was in, bought prepps and secured my infractstucture, got the shtf course, studied it, followed its advice, bought and read Failure of Civility, Patriot Dawn, gained allies, grouped with other preppers. I have spent some really good quality time outside in the middle of the night, homeless living in my car, p……ing in public, and doing alot of constructive thinking on how to handle whats coming, and asking myself what the hell did i just get my frickin self into, i am now homeless. I realized quickly that has the calapse hit me during this time, i would have died during that time because my survival rate was below 10%. Now its over 80%.

        Once the recovery process of my sorry unprepared azz was back up to par. I Did the research on banking on the cabal elitist bastards, read over 40 books written on the bastards, by people who were victims of the bastards, what wanted to kill the bastards, then got on stevequayle.com, shtfplan.com, Hawk, Hagmann, etc. I now feel confident that when this happens, i will be preppared to survive this literal world of sh…. that we are now facing, the so called:


        Then preppers refered me to this site and told me to read the articles and comments of trustworthy posters, etc. Then i met the scientist, who told me how severe the problem was and what was coming. The calapse of the environment, that engineered financial calapse to wipe out 90% of us, then these fake idoets think that they can come on the site and post crap, to define me as person, nice try, yea right. Then all in a sudden azz clowns think that i on here for entertainment with Bs articles, yea right. Time management is what allows me to post on this site. Call me quality control at its finest. My moderation is free of cost and i weed out you usless pieces of crap trying to test intelligent people and preppers on this site.

        Its seems like we have been on attack since the “death of the main stream media” 3 weeks ago, since they began the Mastering process with “Jade Helm 15”, only to wind up forced to talk about it and showing the map on CNN, and Fox to try to keep you focust on the crap that they are feeding the sheeple, with the mind control flash frequences, to stear thinking back to a dumb down state of mind. Responsible people will monitor this site. I would suggest for you fools posting here who like to critize us, to start prepping and not trust your safety in the hands of tyrants.

      75. Another unnamed source. What a bunch of crap

      76. http://quietsurvivalist.com/mythical-trains-with-shackles-in-them/

        Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddddd for the less psychotic the truth. I see these cars all the time. They are in Texas because…….wait for it………there are car dealerships in Texas.

        “According to the law enforcement insider there are trains moving throughout Texas and some of them have been outfitted with shackles, presumably to “transport prisoners of some sort.”

        Yes the dangerous Toyota pick up and Ford Mustang, code words for prisoner used car salesmen who were caught being honest.

        “I have not personally seen them, but I know personnel that have seen this.”

        Beware the hearsay booger eater’s anonymous post

        No where in here in the quoted post is there any validation of the person claiming to be a Texas Ranger. My kid could have written this and said it was from space aliens and it wouldn’t be less credible

      77. Gov. Abbott doesn’t realize his Guard has been infiltrated by the Muslin Brotherhood.

      78. Any military preparedness drill based upon an alleged threat from ISIS is a fraud because ISIS was created by the United States, Israel, and England. Come on — this huge army appears out of nowhere, equipped with new US military equipment, and distributes videos of obviously fake “beheadings” through an Israeli/US website (SITE Institute, run by Israeli-American dual citizen Rita Katz). If there is an “invasion” by ISIS, it will be a hoax attack starring the same Israeli, American, and British soldiers who portray ISIS militants in the videos.

        Indeed, any military preparedness drill based upon an alleged threat from “terrorists” is a fraud because there is no terrorist threat, foreign or domestic, to the United States. The “terrorists” are created and funded by our own government and its allies. 9/11 was an inside job, as was Oklahoma City; the Boston Marathon “bombing” by “Chechen terrorists” was a hoax, as was the Sandy Hook shooting. Our own government — and the international corporate elite that controls it — is the real enemy.

        The only threat to our southern border is the continued mass immigration of Mexicans, and they are being invited into the United States by the government as part of the plan — in the works for decades — to form a union between Mexico and the United States.

        On a deeper level, we must ask ourselves this: Why is martial law even necessary? We already live in a police state; the United States military continues to have a steady supply of directionless and desperate adolescents anxious to join the team and become cannon fodder; mass immigration and the union with Mexico is proceeding on schedule; and everything presented to us by the corporate media is scripted.

        While more and more of us are awakening to the disturbing reality of events, the vast majority of Americans are dumbed-down and drugged-up, sickly and stupid; “soft-kill” is working. Most Americans are unwilling to acknowledge or even consider that they are nothing more than slaves on a vast tax plantation, and many of those who are awakened still see things according to the diversionary Democrat-Republican, Liberal–Conservative paradigm fed to them by their masters. The reality is that this country is exactly where the international corporate elite want it to be.

        Perhaps Jade Helm is just a variation of the “Watch out, there’s going to be another 9/11!!!” psy-op that occurs every year and peaks in September — as Jade Helm is scheduled to do. Author Lenon Honor, in his book The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program, details how such fear-based programming is intended to produce a state of perpetual fear and powerlessness to keep us passive and compliant.

        The people at the top are masters of propaganda, masters of manipulation. They know that the easiest slaves to control are those who are not aware that they are slaves. That strategy has worked for them in the past, and continues to work for them today. If there is any purpose to Jade Helm other than as a psy-op, it will be to prepare one or more false-flag or hoax attacks to keep us on edge and encourage us to embrace even more regulation, centralization, and self-harm — perhaps a hoax “biological attack” that will have us begging for mandatory vaccinations. . .

      79. …My sources say ‘insurgent extraction’…and if Texans, and other get fired up and ‘start something’..well, there will be reason for ‘the Fed’..aka ‘this totalitarian govt., with no Due Process’…to go in and extract and ‘disappear’ people. You will be on a ‘list for extraction, and re-education’…This is my info and my take on this. Stay calm, go about your life..and if you want a ‘revolution’..then you need to see Karen Hudes site..she has been working with a worldwide coalition to create a reset of our monetary system, to avoid a violent reaction to the economic collapse that is assured (with this illegal govt., corporation, Central Banks,etc.) BE SMART…do NOT be EMOTIONAL..be RATIONAL. There is a solution. See Karen Hudes site on YouTube..and until the NET is shut down, she is best source. I have been reading mountains of info for 4 years..and her plan appears to be most credible, rational way to go. She is marshaling any honest U.S. administrative people, (and all courtrooms are corrupt due to details that cannot be documented here, too extensive..just call up ‘the 12 presumptions’ and you will see)..to indict members of congress, judicial, executive, plus these shadow govt., THE U.N., monarchy, vatican, the list goes on..who have been behind ‘Agenda 13’ which is to cull and control the world population through war, weather mod, financial slavery, etc… Her plan is to return gold to all countries so that they can return to a gold backed currency, not this paper shyt that is worth 3 cents..maybe. Please, please ..tell everyone, there is a solution, but we must work hard..be focused and together in this endeavor…

      80. …Just so you know…jails, prison, shackles…you can live through them.. Everyone needs to take a tour of American prisons…They are NOT Norwegian prisons (the Ritz)..and they are not Burmese prisons (the worst)…they are in the middle somewhere. I wore shackles for 9 months, on and off…because I was in a jail in WA state..over violating a bogus ‘no contact order’ placed on my by a bitter ex..with the help of the daughter (who was manipulated, and temporarily mentally ill)..with no reason given (judge: you don’t need a reason, the victim just has to feel intimidated).. I was just trying to see her to mend our relationship, mother, daughter. I did not have the money to get out..and it’s ‘all about the money’, so ‘follow the money’ in all that happens to you or this nation. Anyway, shackles, jail, abusive guards…I lived through it all and am writing novel about it all ….A strong human being can live through the most heinous of experiences and thrive afterward…take it from me. However, we must work together, calmly, intelligently to shut down the U.N., number one, and keep our states independent, sovereign, ignore the federal govt…just ignore them…or push them back..they have no right in our state business…read the Constitution.. It is no longer in place…has been replaced by a corporate constitution, with different rules..and many govt. official know this BTW,….but again, work in your communities, make them strong, keep your militias ‘covert’…but WORK TOGETHER…inform others, but gently..as they will be resistant to listen, will go into denial..and yet must be alert before it all comes down..or they will not be prepped….take care…

      81. A Kill Zone is a LONG term plan for ambush. An area is set apart to demorize, confuse,to create poverty,restrict travel,block means to hide be it mountians,forests,swamps,restrict information and to disarm. However the zone in this case in 25% of the earth (noted in Rev. 6:8). USA,Canda,UA,EU,likely down to Panama and etc. At take down block means to escape and have victim fight victim and after bio weapon including empty cities by UN. Such a military tactic is used when the number of vicitms is far higher than the number of aggressors.

      82. For SapperE6 & Coloradokid There is a Joint Service high altitude helicopter training facility on the West Slope and the 10th SFG has a mountain warfare training area in the Mtns west of Canon. Florence Airpt is used for re-fueling and yes, Rotary wing and C-130s overfly me daily as is the occasional F-16.

        Why? Been here for decades and come spring convoys and an upsurge of air activity blossom-more this year cause the BCTs are back. Think the resumption of heavy training at Pinon Canyon and more locally Camp Red Devil and Stone City. CRD offers down range access to training areas and impact areas. There’s been a FTX ongoing for several weeks. Whatever vehicles are on the road now have nothing to do with JH15, which does not begin for weeks.

        Truth is, the military, Carson included, is undergoing a major RIF (Reduction in Force) one brigade has already folded its colors and another is slated, and a third is deploying to Kuwait. Same thing with the Guard and Reserves, drastically being downsized. Seems if the big bad Gov were about to do something stupid this would not be happening. So don’t f’n dare claim officers and enlisted are being RIFed because they won’t fire on civilians. That is an insult to men and women who have actually done something for their country. To claim these ranks are being filled with aliens who will fire is sheer and utter BS.

        True, SOF are good but 1200 are not going to take over Texas. The entire US military with the secretly federalized Guard and Reserve don’t have the manpower to confiscate 300 million weapons from 157 million legal gun owners, even if all the local, state, and Fed law enforcement would agree.

        Just gotta add what about the 27 million veterans, a good percentage are combat trained and experienced? Do you really believe they will roll over? 27 million radically out-numbers all the possible take me and my weapons to some internment camp assets, and that includes all those rumored Chinese, UN, and all them Russkies who’ve been concealed in Mexico for what, 20 years now.

        Me? Rather then getting my thrills worrying about something so remote and even if it were true something all this speculating could not prevent, I’ll do 2 things; something that’s thrilling and fun, sex and make sure me and mine are prepared for what comes be it fire, flood, solar flare, or the bearded ones.

        And before you try to impress me or intimidate lil ole me, I did 37 months where real people with real training and experience, and real weapons tried very hard to put holes in my T-shirt (if we had them) as an LRP, Ranger, sniper, and Advisor, plus six years in training or training others here and overseas. What’s your Bona Fides?

      83. Hello All!!

        Just a friendly request for you all to keep posting!!! We here at the New World Order Cyber Mind Infiltration Initiative (NWO CMII, or NWO see me) really enjoy reading these posts and watching the videos.

        Some of what was said is the truth, but we won’t be telling you. You will just have to guess then wait and see!!! That said, there has been quite a few lies. Also, some posters are spies, but I bet you can’t tell whom!!!

        As for everyone blaming Obama, I hate to burst that bubble, but he’s as clueless about the Real truths as most. We have been planning and implementing our strategies since before America was founded.

        What must of you don’t realize, and what we here at the New World Order have been trying to get out to the public for two hundred plus years, is that it’s futile to resist, that America was always planned out to be this way (why else did we purposefully make the Constitution vague), that we planned to sow anger and dissent amongst people via destroying the native Americans and enslaving the blacks. Yeah, sounds harsh? But it’s for the better good of humanity.

        So again please keep typing, sending us the laughs and info and intrigue!!

      84. Wow. And to think, there are people paranoid and gullible enough to believe this cr@p…

      85. You people are fucking idiots

      86. On seeing the JH15 map, it was interesting to note that the coloration of it was the Red State-Blue State coloring used in the political versions.

      87. One thing to think about though is what the government is openly admitting here. They openly said they had underground tunnels they will be using in the drills for a few reasons.

        But when has the government ever said “yeah we got those secret tunnels” before…

        Things are strange no matter how you look at it!

      88. What will you folks do when nothing happens? Convince yourselves your internet heroics saved the day?

        The idea that this many crazy people live around me is what is TRULY terrifying. Didn’t we here this a few years ago when they did some live training in Florida? And then in the Dakatos? And then here, then there, then everywhere?


        • Yep, they’ll convince themselves that they scared off “the man” and made sure he didnt come and get them. I know the internet can be a scary place, but I didnt think I’d find ALL the scary people in one place! Is everyone here on meds?

        • SHILL

      89. these are the trains and the shackles which we the patriots will be locking up the media whore elites in, the government treasonous pigs and the military who fires on and kills any Americans, we will put you in the trains and you will be hanged in the fema camps you built for us, and we wont leave out any treasonous employee who work for the dhs, CIA, FBI and the rest of the whore Marxist agencies they have become.

      90. No true patriot would shop at Walmart. They are helping to get rid of our constitutional form of government.

      91. It would be interesting to be able to get more information about the shackles on the trains, I’ve seen a video circulating on youtube for the past few years that talks about shackles on trains as well.. I looked into it, and read the actual requisition forms that were discussed in the video, and it wasn’t for shackles at all, but for tie down assemblies that hold vehicles and machinery in place on flat bed rail cars. I hope that this information isn’t just a rumor, as it would alarm people a great deal. More information is needed.

      92. There are trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars. I have not personally seen them, but I know personnel that have seen this.

        I heard from a friend of my neighbor’s hairdresser’s second cousin…so it must be true!1!!1

      93. o, he hasnt seen the chains on trains but knows people who have? my ass! he is a liar.

      94. It would seem that the unidentified alleged Texas Ranger’s “personnel” can’t tell the difference between shackles and VEHICLE TIEDOWNS on autorack cars. No wonder the fool doesn’t want to be identified. Nice touch, though, using a 13 year-old stock photo of an MP holding real shackles used at Guantanamo Bay.

        The photo is of U.S. Military Police Lance Cpl. Robert Devlin, from 2nd Military Police battalion 2nd Force Service Support Group, displaying restraints used for transporting detainees at Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, January 10, 2002.

      95. If you have that level of paranoia to believe any of this is true, you really do need some new parts for your brain.

        To paraphrase John Clease, “there is nothing you can do about stupid.”

        Unfortunately that applies too may times to many of these responses.




      97. I’ve seen too many 1950 western movies with the white hat and black hat guys when they start a huge fire on the edge of town and when everyone comes to watch the action, the bad guys rob the bank in town. Our attention seems diverted now to Obama’s deals with the Cubans, with Iran, with Middle Eastern leaders and climate change speeches. With the Jade Helm and martial law possibilities, we may be in danger of having our country stolen before our very eyes!

        In a worst case scenario, are the FEMA camps being prepared to become a sort of concentration camp for arrested American Patriots (those brave enough to speak out or resist) during the forthcoming ‘training exercises’ called Jade Helm? I’m sure, with the current state of surveillance, Obama knows where every one of his enemies are without having to hunt them. Especially with reports of railcars with cages and shackles? Freedom to speak? Bear arms? Or assemble????

        With thoughts of Edgar A. Poe and O’Henry and their surprise story endings, the American Indians living on reservations now, would be thinking ‘JUSTICE SERVED’. Rethinking history…… just connecting a few dots here……..
        Say it isn’t so………..

      98. Must have taken many welders, and other employees, but not one cel phone photo of a train with shackles has even been presented.
        I think Jade Helm is fishy too, but we discredit ourselves when we all hang on to rumors like they are fact.
        WTC7 collapse on 9/11 is an example of a topic for serious discussion, factual incident which supports the inside job theory.
        But shackles on a train is being floated often and not one photo has emerged.
        Keep your powder dry, but dont give in to hearsay.

        Here’s a BIG question, Of all the high ranking officers outed by Obama, Why are none of these folks stepping up to lend there credibility to Oathkeepers?
        I am waiting for an experienced leader to emerge like USMC General Mattis. I am saying Stewart Rhodes is not the man for the job.
        Great message, wrong messenger to lead the movement to stop the end game.
        I’ve come to the conclusion, in order to save America, those of the fundamental belief in a limited Republic, in submission to the US Constitution, and the Bible, those Americans who believe as such need to leave CONUS and set up a “colony” much like the Plymouth Rock or Jamestown.
        There needs to be a new “Dutch East Indies” Corporation, led by a consortium of Christian, Constitutional Businessmen who invest in families and individuals who will leave CONUS and set up a new America abroad. I Do not know where, somewhere in the 3rd world, South America or Africa or Asia I assume although I like the idea of taking Alaska and Rural British Columbia in Canada.
        America as we knew it circa 1960 or even 1980 within CONUS Is LOST. I had hope in the American Redoubt proposed by JW Rawles, but even there We will never be able to resist or turn back the tide before the End Game. The media is controlled, the sheeple have voted in the leaders they want now, Schummer, Pelosi and Feinstein have been in office for over 20 years, and the majority of voters keep re-electing them. So essentially we lost America after about the 2nd to 3rd re-election term of the likes of these traitors and that was back in the 90s.
        The majority honestly believes they want what those “leaders” are peddling. Same sex marriage, rights, abortion on demand, socialized medicine, Welfare programs, and endless wars against countries who pose no real threat to the USA.
        We here on these web pages are maybe the III%. The “Torries” loyal to the crown are the vast majority.
        We do not have a “France” to back us, we do not have a vast oceans taking six weeks to cross to put us at distance from King George.
        What we do have is more akin to Pol Pot or Stalin, or Hitler.
        in a word:


        Remember The US SOCOM is ruthlessly efficient and technologically advanced. we only have hope in winning their hearts and minds of the individual operational persons to uphold their oath to defend the US Constitution, and that’s a slim hope.
        This is a have baked thought process which I am still developing, please comment, if you see where I am mistaken or if you have something to add.

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