Texas Mom Shoots Carjacker In The Face When He Tries To Drive Away With Her Kids

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    A carjacker in Texas messed with the wrong mama.

    Her story is a powerful example of why law-abiding citizens should always be armed.

    Michele Booker had stepped inside a gas station in Dallas when a man climbed into the driver’s seat of her SUV and tried to drive away.

    She said her 2-year-old and 4-year-old children were still in the back seat.

    “It happened so fast,” she told NBCDFW.  “Not even five minutes, not even five minutes. It happened so fast!”

    Booker said jumped back into the vehicle and ordered the man to stop the car. When he refused, she tried to push the gear into park as the car rolled through the parking lot. The suspect, Rickey Wright, still refused to stop, so Booker reached for her gun.

    “When I see that he’s not trying to stop, he kept hitting the gas, I went toward my glove compartment and grabbed my gun and I fired at him from the side,” she said.

    Wright is in the hospital with serious injuries, and he’s been charged with two counts of unlawful restraint and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, police said.

    Listen to her describe the incident here:


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      1. Did she at least give the perp a fair chance, and yell ‘pull!’ before she shot him?

        • How long will it be before some libturd employee of Child Protective Services takes her kids away because she left them in the car?

          If I had her address I’d send her a couple of 1000 round boxes of ammo from SG Ammo down in Oklahoma.

          Good for you momma.

          Keep ’em in the black.

          • No, she shouldn’t have her kids taken away from for that. However, it DOES show she is either stupid for leaving her kids alone in the car or she simply doesn’t care much about them… or both! I NEVER LEFT MY KIDS ALONE IN THE CAR WHEN THEY WERE SMALL.

            • If you need gas you have to pay for gas.

              • She could have simply locked the doors whilst she went to pay for the fuel.
                However, she is an American, so she probably wouldn’t have the basic logic in her brain to put that course of action together.

                • I lock my car doors while I’m in the car and everytime I leave the car( even while pumping gas). I have no children in the car. I’m an American and My brain works fine Troll. I hate it when ignorant people make “blanket” statements.

            • You are an ass. You have obviously never had to strap two kids in car seats or anything else. The only thing she didn’t do correctly is keep shooting, and that might have been bad for her kids ears. So I’ll give her a pass.

              • Obviously, the caliber she used was not powerful enough. Ladies, I pack a .357 or high velocity .38 or mix them both in the cylinder. A “rat gun” like .380, .25 cal. or .22 handgun just isn’t ideal. Except for rats, or squirrels and rabbit hunting, which a .22 lr work great. .380’s,.25 auto, are useless.

                • Get shot in the head with a .25 and your out of the fight which is the goal. Of course one can’t depend upon a head shot opportunity. Then again the saying, “If you first don’t succeed try try again” is why the weapon has a magazine. Regardless its bullet placement. If it will dig in 14 or more inches it’ll work. The best of handguns don’t stop well 9unless the bullet is placed well) regardless of hype.

                  • K2, you don’t just want them out of the fight, you want them out permanently. If they survive, they sue you, and that’s where the real battle begins for you.

                    • It depends where you live. Florida is reasonably good regarding that, Delaware is terrific because if your not convicted criminally they can’t sue to in civil court. I’m not inherently a killer. I don’t like violence. I have no blood lust. I’m also no victim. Whatever the result is is OK as long as they immediately stop the attack. The reality is the small calibers, lacking in real “stopping power” generally stop the attack by killing. The 45ACP breaks their shoulder hurting like hell and disabling. A hit with a .22 will either kill or paralyze or go for the time being unnoticed.

                  • Kevin2, agreed about shot placement. Most any caliber will do the job as long as you’re sending that bullet to a vital area. And Laura Ann, .22LR WILL do the job as long as you send that bullet to the RIGHT PLACE. Get yourself shot with a .22LR and see what kind of day you have. While something like 9mm WOULD be better. .22LR IS BETTER THAN NOTHING IF IT’S ALL YOU HAVE. I’m just glad that momma and her kids survived.

              • Why did she leave the kids in the car? Why did she leave the keys in the car?

                • FOR STARTERS IN THE SUMMER IN TEXAS YOU DON;T LEAVE ANYONE in a car without the air conditioning on. And you don’t take sleeping kids out of an air conditioned car into the heat. Were all you people born stupid and holier than cat poop, or just grew that way?

                  • No, we’re just smart enough to identify someone being an moron. I’m guessing you’re the type of dumbass who would leave a child alone in a bath tub because they’re in a flotation ring

              • She was too slow to use deadly force. She should have started shooting much sooner, luckily this turd was not armed too.

                • This lady is right on all counts. But I just hope she doesn’t get called down for leaving a loaded gun unsecured where children are present. Sure, her kids were in the back seat and hopefully strapped down. But when they get a little older and more curious they might explore the glove box. She needs to get a higher calibre and go to concealed carry. I applaud her bravery and presence of mind.

            • How do you know their age? Dummy.

              • The ‘dummy’ and I probably read the story, like most people that leave comments. Other people already *know everything* and don’t have to read the story to leave an asinine comment. From the story above^^^^^^^. “She said her 2-year-old and 4-year-old children were still in the back seat”. If you are looking for a dummy, you need look no further than your closest mirror. Have a pleasant day, Kate.

          • CPS will be massively conflicted, given that all involved are black, so no obvious racist Boogeyman to pin it on.

            You know…even 3 or maybe 5 years ago, I would have read my above statement as a racist “dog whistle”. But non-white racism IS a thing, it’s gaining popularity, and I don’t know how to deal with it. I have a black adopted daughter, and we agreed to an open adoption. Her birth mom has always been great…but her friends raised a stink because I chose a “white” name for my daughter. God’s sake, I named her after a Boston song! (Bet some of you can guess her name now.) Ladies…not all black females need to be named Laticia or Shatana or similar.

            The good news? My daughter is nearly 10 now…and I recently asked her if she had, in her life, run across any racism. I have taken the “color blind” approach and had never asked her directly before. She casually just said “no.” I asked again, and said it was important that I know if it was happening. “No.”

            I hope she is telling the truth and suspect she is. I know this girl inside out, and could detect no deception.

            So much for an irredeemably racist USA. Since she was born, I have not heard the word “nigger” said out loud. I have never seen an incident where any non-white person has been subjected to any worse than white people or even myself have routinely had to deal with.

            Time to shut affirmative action down. My daughter sure doesn’t need it…she scored an average of the 98th percentile on her latest standardized tests. She is gonna rock this world. Assuming the world holds together that long. Though there are plans in place for that also. She will also be a prepper.

      2. Hope they put this POS into a small cell 4×3 and leave him there till he is dead. Turn up the cold air during daytime and make it 75 degrees all night for the maggot. Keep the bright lights on 24/7 and never ever open the door again till this guy is dead. POS.

        • He will get a welfare check and disability. This episode will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

          • Until he re-offends, and he will, then hopefully the next time it be his last.

            • Infidel, that boy was already a 21-time loser. Isn’t the black ‘civil rights’ crap just wonderful? [SARCASM]

      3. God bless Texas…. (wipes tear from my eye)

      4. If that had happened here, she’d be in jail, her kids would be in the system and the thugs family would already have legal representation in preparation for the lawsuit.

        “Restriction of trade” most likely…

        There would also be a media-led vigil surrounding her house as it burned. Maybe even our Governor would show us to remind us how it’s not our right to defend ourselves. Probably visit the bedside of the attacker later that day…

        Yes, God bless Texas, indeed.

        • why are you still in jersey? i left there after high school which was 40 years ago. and stop paying those high taxes. hurry! good luck!

          • Some are trapped there, many of the jobs pay well. I was fortunate and worked along the river so I fled under the regime of Governor Florio, kept my NJ job. Best move I ever made. Believe it or not many are so conditioned that they like it there. The thought of leaving $12,000 / yr taxes is alien. The good news is if you like it there please stay there. Don’t bring Jersey out with you.

        • Jim in J: move the hell away from that socialist/Marxist state also NY, Ill., Cal, etc. folks, get out.

        • I’ve been working for decades to get my last remaining relatives out of Jersey and CT. It’s sad.

      5. Nice shootin Tex!

      6. She wishes he was dead. So do other people.
        This criminal will cost tax payers a fortune. He will be tried. That is expensive. He will be incarcerated. That costs more than college. And he will need medical care, perhaps for life, meaning he will get social security disability, section 8 housing, an EBT card; and preferential treatment when he turns over a new leaf, and goes back to school with scholarships; then emerges as a reformed social leader. Because we need another Communist Martin Luciferian King to preach to us and remind us we is racist.

        Nice lady. Mediocre marksmanship.


        • in CALIPORNIA, we just passed a law where you can get out of jail free by saying you had a “treatable condition”….and you get to pick the medical “professional” that will be your advocate! look into it y’all, i just saw this on fox bizz.

          • Mom needs a bigger gun! Get shot in the face with a .45 and see what happens. Lotta new faces here hmmmm, where is everyone? Anyway just checkin’ in while doing laundry. The long hot and dry spell is fixin to change! Still got a couple of weeks left in the mountains then back to work. I built me a little pool complete with solar heating and filter so I can sit back and have a beer and cool off 🙂 Hope yer all doing good, see ya in a couple of weeks.

            • Genius, good to see you back. You better be back soon or I’ll put you over my knee, LOL. Be careful out there, brother.

      7. Shoot to kill, not injure, but well done anyway, lady.

        • Don’t forget, In that short moment, one of the things she was probably thinking of was where to shoot Mr. S-o-b and still keep her children safe from harm. Otherwise, a double tap is always recommended. Or so I heard.

          • Depends on if you have other people to shoot and availability of Ammo. Myself I suggest, using an expression from WWI, “Give them the whole 9 yards” (That being the amount of ammo in a Biplane.)

      8. EXCELLENT.

        BUT, one needs Situational Awareness AT ALL TIMES here in America

        If you see ANY people who are Non-White, you need to constantly monitor them. Never leave your car unlocked, EVER, and if you are with children, avoid the No-Go Zones in your town (and you know where they are).

        Never get on any road named Martin Luther King, BLVD. Never go on any road with an “African” sounding name or one you recognize as “Africanized”. Soon, you will have to avoid any “Hispanic” or “Muslim” named road.

        When driving, pull up maps of crime statistics for the areas you are going. These numbers tell you the “demographics”. Best yet, never enter any “downtown” area. Never if you are White.

        I am proud of this lady and she did an excellent thing, except ONE BIG MISTAKE. The guy is still alive. Always shoot to KILL. If you are a woman, the law is more on your side. The fact that she is Black, has 2 kids, will really help her. Remember, “LAW” is based on race and gender, not “LAW”. There is virtually no Justice in Law.

        • No,its NOT excellent! It was NOT considering the welfare of her children to leave them in the car by themselves!!!!

          • EXCELLENT in the fact she shot the ahole

      9. Can’t carjackers be shot in the face, without feminism.

      10. In the back of my mind I keep hearing the gun-grabbers’ reasoning for not having a gun:

        If you do not already have you gun in your hand, you will never get it out in time

        If you pull a gun on an attacker, they will take your gun away and use it against you

        You will be so scared you will not be able to use your gun

        Gun owners in an emergency will miss their attackers and shoot an innocent bystander

        and the best one:

        Women should not be allowed to have guns.

      11. Momma Bear don’t play…

      12. And the problem is what?

        Great job lady. These situations should always end like this. After a while the brain-dead fools will learn that these crimes will not be tolerated.

      13. WHY would you leave your precious little ones outside in the car in the first place??? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!! (I loved my kids too much to do that stuff!)

        • The mom is Black. They don’t have the same genetic encoded feelings as you do. I bet you are White?

        • Anonymous give us a break about how perfect you are, so she steps inside to prepay for some gas, and it takes a minute for some a**hole to jumps in the car and now we want to blame her. Black or White how many people are going to take two babies of a car seat to run in and prepay for some gas. It’s to bad that we now live in a society were a punk can be arrest over 20 times and still be out on the street. Stop blaming the victims!!! Trekker Out

          • She left her keys in the car. She left her kids alone in the car with the keys in the car. She should have either taken the kids in, paid at the pump, or at least LOCKED THE FUCKING DOOR AND TAKEN THE KEYS WITH HER!!!

          • If she starts a “go fund me” for ammo and range time I’ll send her some. If I was a Cop and she had shot him 6-8 times and just told me she freaked out about her kids and just kept shooting I’d believe it. (up to about 50 rds.)

        • The perp probably thought they were monkeys.

      14. Don’t mess with Texas! Especially, not with a gun-toting Texas mom with her kids on the line!

      15. Hi Anonymous, how many times have you, or I witnessed people filling up their cars etc. and leave the kids in the vehicle as they filled up, and then still leaving said children alone go in to pay or get a drink for said children…lots! A 2 year old and a 4 year old are not helpless they can get out of a vehicle at least the 4 year old sure can. In any case, I am saying don’t cast the first stone. And lets stop beating her up on her marksmanship none of us where there. It ended properly, and the bad guy got a big reminder, and will be punished even more- how long do you think he will last in jail after others find out he carjacked with kids inside!

      16. Practice,practice,practice…….no repeat performance by perp.

      17. get bigger caliper….no little pimpy pistol….

      18. Since its a black womam nothing will happen to her.If it had it been a white womam who shot a black guy. The media would vilify the shooter and project the assertion the carjacker was a good boy. I leave my grandchildren strapped in their car seats whem I buy gas. But I buy my gas with a debit card. Never more than a couple of feet from the vehicle. Turn of the ignition have the keys in my pocket. and carry a 44 Ruger Blackhawk on my person.

        • Woman protecting her kids; assuming there is no illegality of gun possession no prosecutor would touch this with a 10ft pole. This being said, if it was NJ / NYC she would still get a gun charge.

          • In Wyo if prosecutor did go after her she’d have his job, if she wanted it.

      19. So…I gotta ask because…well…

        So, it’s obvious she left the keys in the car. Why? Why did she not lock the doors and take the keys with her, especially if the kids were in the car.

        WHY did she leave her kids in the car? Did she leave the car running to “entertain the kids” while she “ran inside real quick”?

        I’m not saying the car thief didn’t get what he deserved, but…wtf, lady? She’s not the great and powerful mother people are making her out to be here.

        • Asking real questions:

          Look above to “Paranoid”.

          Texas in the summer is very hot. People leave the air conditioning on and the keys naturally must be in the ignition. Myself, no, I wouldn’t. And, no, I wouldn’t leave a kid in a car, ever. But, not everyone is always doing everything exactly right, either.

          No one is saying that it’s smart to do what she did. What they’re saying is that people are fed up with criminals who take advantage of every opportunity and get away with it. What people are thinking is that people like you blame the victim. You are like a judgmental person who points out that a rape victim’s skirt was too short.


      20. Has anyone read the caliber of the gun used?

      21. Good Job.

      22. I thought the article read “TX mom shoots cracker in the face…” I clicked.

      23. How can a person leave children in a car , unattended with a gun in the car that is loaded and not be charged? She should be charged with two counts of child endangerment too.

        • And you should be charge with one count of chronic stupidity

        • Little kids strapped in the back seat are not going to break out of their seats and grab a gun stashed away in a glove box. Now if the kids were 10 or 12 I would be a little more worried about that but since they were 2 and 4 I don’t think there was much cause for concern.

        • Hinack28, some of us reside in states that recognize our God-given (read natural if you’re a non-believer) rights. The inanimate object, a firearm, was unlikely to jump out of the glovebox on its own and the little kids were strapped in the back seat. Obviously the mother needed to protect herself and her children. She had prepared with the firearm, she acquired it from the glovebox, then she dispatched the danger to her children. What’s the problem?

      24. Arrested 21 times ?
        Our justice system is broke.

        If you do not want to live by our morals ….. well ….. perhaps we should help.

      25. This is a heartwarming story. It would warm my heart even more if the hijacker was DEAD!!!!

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