Texas Billboard: ‘Liberals, Please Continue Until You Have Left The State’

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    A billboard spotted in Texas is likely to send people running to safe spaces and cry rooms.  The billboard tells liberals to continue driving on I-40 until they have left the “great state of Texas.”

    “Liberals,” the billboard reads. “Please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.”


    A photo of the sign was posted to Facebook by Kyle Mccallie, of Fritch, Texas. He wrote the billboard was six miles east of Vega, a city roughly 35 miles west of Amarillo, on the eastbound side of the highway. Mccallie’s post, which was uploaded earlier Tuesday, now has over 14,000 shares as of Tuesday night.

    According to USA Today, the photo of the billboard shows a logo for “Burkett” below the content of the sign. A spokesperson for Burkett Media of Austin, Texas said that company is unaffiliated with the content on the billboard.

    It’s actually pretty odd to see anti-liberal messages around.  Most often, we are bombarded with leftist propaganda and authoritarian brainwashing to accept a wholly tyrannical state.

    Mccallie said he is supportive of the sign’s message which asks liberals to leave Texas. He said he doesn’t know who’s behind the billboard, which he said is located about an hour’s drive from his hometown.  However, not everyone agrees that the message is humorous or in good taste.  On social media, many have reacted negatively to the sign’s message. Mccallie said he has received numerous messages critical of both himself and the billboard, many of which have been overly obscene.

    According to ABC7 Amarillo, the billboard’s image has now gone viral. This billboard’s viral status comes just after another sign popped up in Maryland gobbled up attention in May. The billboard stated, “hey liberals, better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump.”

    There are probably a lot of full safe spaces right now because of these two signs.


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      1. Globalists play one against the other in order to destroy both sides. Liberal and Conservative is no different.

        Manipulation, divide and conquer, multi blending of cultures, enforced associations, invasions, etc. is the work of international globalists wearing liberal or conservative hats as it serves their purpose.

        None-the-less, I got a good laugh out of it.


        • I do not find it laughable. They are winning. The future for our kids is bleak if we laugh and type! Conservatives need to wake up and fight back. Why is it the left determines narrative? Trump caved because left acted and conservatives typed!

          • bunji: That is the PROBLEM! No one actually does a damn meaningful thing about it. Emails = Don’t matter. Phone calls = Don’t matter. Letters to whomever = Don’t matter. “Peaceful protests” = definitely don’t matter. Less than peaceful movements = Quite possibly matter…….Okay, so what does that leave us folks? I for one am very sick & tired of all of it and the constant ass raping we all get on the regular from the incompetent Gov’t all all THREE Levels. It is getting worse and worse as the days go by folks…pretty soon we will be just like China & Russia and the like. Think about it for a minute.

            • Concerned Citizen says:
              Okay, so what does that leave us folks?

              I think the time for talking is over and the time for action has come…………………….

            • There are no conservatives anymore.Just neocons.

          • All liberals and muslims need to leave the USA. NOW

        • Devide and conquer ? Can the conservatives and perverts unite? Soddom and Gomorrah ,we can compromise with them? The wheat is being separated from the tares? And there is a big burning coming. Fill your lamps.

        • Actually, you are only partially correct – actually only liberals and cuckservatives are exactly alike.

          The essence of “conservatism”, as an ideology – is that a conservative wishes to CONSERVE. What could possibly be more important to CONSERVE than the preservation of your own White European species of humanity? I mean, can anyone name any other species of human or animal or aquatic life – that actively works to pursue a course of behavior that will most certainly lead to its extinction?

          Yet, both self-hating, self-loathing, mentally insane White liberals and White cuckservatives (Juan McTumorMcCain, his girlfriend, Lindsay Graham, Pauly girl Ryan, ditto the entire loathsome Bush Family and their wing of the GOP, John Kasich, etc) – have, for decades – been politically fully on board with the White Genocide Agenda and the malicious reduction of the White majority population of the USA to minority status.

          No other nation in history has had it’s leaders waging a genocidal, openly declared war of deliberate racial, ethnic, and cultural dispossession like what has been going on in America since 1965. Our leaders despise the race of people who constitute the founding stock of America. I think it because Whites love freedom far too much, and the elites see that as an impediment to their evil agendas – which are all too often, lawless and totalitarian in nature.

          But, along came Donald Trump – who might be the first man to occupy the Oval Office during my lifetime who does NOT hate and despise the White majority population group – or, who does not hate America and who does not wish to continue with the destruction set into motion by the left and by the cuckservatives in 1965.

          It remains to be seen if the enormous pressure from the virulently anti-White Cultural Marxist left and cucked fake right can force Trump to join their ‘hate & destroy Whitey’ club. If he stays for two terms, that pressure will be unrelenting and it will take a man with a very strong set of convictions to withstand it.

          • If a CIVIL WAR happens you liberals will get your asses stomp.

      2. B, same here. I still hate libturds regardless. GO TEXAS!

      3. Texans are famous for their politeness. They should have said please and thank you! Example: “Please stop running until I reload! Thank you!”

      4. My apologies, he did say please.

      5. Hey Texas, DON’T send those POS’s to NM, we have enough of those violent retards here already……

        My apologies to the Mentally Handicapped Community, did not mean to offend your status.

      6. Nooooooo! Take it down! They might actually do it and end up in OUR great state of Tennessee!

      7. Should have posted the billboard on I-10, probably get a bigger response, the I-10 route west through Texas driving takes what seems like forever. Going out west from Florida turning North towards Little Rock onto I-40 is the better route. I thought I read that Texas politically has turned into a purple state.

        • Texas is turning into a brown state, more and more by each day.
          Shitskin brown that is. Mexiturd brown.

          • Name one country ruled by these Browns or whatever that isn’t a third world shit hole or a police state. White people are 8% of this worlds population. Are they going out whith out a fight? Not likely ?

            • TraitorHator: It is impossible, because not a damn single country like that exists. they ruin EVERYTHING they touch and I do mean RUIN!! Look how the U.S. is literally falling apart, eating itself from the inside out and becoming more like a “4th World” culture as the days go past people. I have noticed in my community, there are a total of 2 whites in the building all the others are trashy, dirty, worthless blacks and foreigners period! It is disgusting as the day is long. Go back 3-4 years ago when there were more whites and less of the vile wagon of filth – it was a much nicer place to live, it was cleaner, way less noise, things were pretty “normal. Now a bunch of them invaded and have completely ruined the entire stinking place!

      8. Aljamo. I’ll take this further and say put up billboards calling for all illegal aliens to leave the US. Libturds can go to either Cali or New York. They’ll fit right into either place regardless.

      9. What is sickening is when these very same “Liberals”, who have destroyed their “home” states with Equality, Diversity and Integration, move into OUR States and bring that filth with them.

        They take a 95% White area, which is really nice, clean, pleasant, low crime, great schools, great POLICE OFFICERS, and begin to demand the FORCED importation of non-Whites…..and thus destroy our White areas and turn them into shitholes like California.

        Liberals, go live with your Pets.

        • Centurion:
          You are damn CORRECT!! Hands down, 1,000% TRUE statement you made there.

      10. The larger cities in Texas, along with their major portion of the population of Texas, are all seriously Leftist in nature.

      11. They didn’t get the memo in Austin.

      12. Please add this in the eastbound lane, “Stopping in Louisiana Is Not Permitted For Liberals or Illegal Immigrants and their Children Either! Stay In Your Vehicle Until You Reach The Atlantic Ocean, Jump In And Continue Eastward To Germany!”.

      13. As a past resident of Hawaii & California, I love the good common sense of Texans. By the way, I know two Hawaiians that went to Texas that are good, common-sense Americans. Both were frequent users of our local range.

      14. They have the sign on the wrong side of the highway. It should be next to the westbound lane.

        • That was my first thought but they would be coming from the west.

      15. I wish there were signs like that in Colorado.

      16. I driven I 10 and I 20.
        Never been on I 40.
        Personally I would have put the sign at Van Horn Texas.
        changed the number and risked a war with Louisiana.

        • Louisiana Reporting: Ready for duty, Sir!!!

      17. Left right left right left. Black white. Gay Str8. Man woman. Tall short… B from CS called a duck a duck. Divide and conquer same game different names. While the devil laughs at our stupidity and immaturity

      18. *B from CA

      19. gtfo & stay out, esad/foad all demonrat d-suckers

      20. Haha That is just so GREAT!! GTFO and take a long walk on a very short pier!

      21. “Will the last American to leave ___________ please bring the flag”

        Put up a sign like this on the borders of all socialist strongholds.

      22. Champagne socialists complain of welfare cheese socialists, and vice versa, but you’re basically in a symbiotic relationship, and can’t live apart.

        Show me independent resources and thinking, and your urgency in protecting private property. Then, I won’t lol, cry, or gag, when you say how you’ve earned something.

        “Liberals,” the billboard reads. “Please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.”

        However, if your license plate light is broken, if I “see” you make an improper lane change, If I pretend to “smell” something, or my imaginary friend gave me anonymous tip, if I have an apprehension, you might never leave.


        If you do leave, you might be trafficked from place-to-place, like in ‘The Gulag Archipelago’, to manufacture cheap consumer goods.

        Have an nice day, sir, and how’s my driving.

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