Texas 15 Year Old Defends Self, Sister; Shoots Burglar

by | Jun 29, 2010 | Headline News | 32 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Should you teach your teenager how to safely handle a firearm and when to use it in self defense?

    The father of this particular teenager happens to be a Harris County Constable, and it looks like he taught his son exactly what to do.

    When two would-be burglars attempted to break into a home occupied by a 15 year old boy and his 12 year old sister, rather than leaving with a wide screen TV and jewelry, one of them left with a piece of lead in his gut.

    If the four justices on our Supreme Court who support city gun bans and rejected Constitutional protections had their way, we’d be hearing a completely different news report, more than likely about a teen and his sister being tied up, gagged, beaten or worse.


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      1. Should you? Damn straight! Good on this kid, and God bless ’em. Though I would say if he hit one out of two, he needs more practice….

      2. How is it a teenager in Texas is allowed access to handguns?  This would not happen in Chicago and this is why Barack Obama is going to make gun ownership illegal by way of his Supreme Court appointees.   Police are supposed to control crime, not teenagers. 

        • Ummmm, you realize that when a disaster strikes you, you are probably going to be the first to die. Just sayin’. A real parent taking the time to responsibly teach his son about firearms is a good thing. When this country was born, 15 yr old boys were fighting wars….Please wake up.

        • Ummmm, Obama Biden in 2012 you realize that when a disaster strikes you, you are probably going to be the first to die. Just sayin’. A real parent taking the time to responsibly teach his son about firearms is a good thing. When this country was born, 15 yr old boys were fighting wars….Please wake up.

        • The boy’s father is a police officer. Cops teach their kids at what they determine to be a proper age how to handle weapons and make sure they are accessible in case of an emergency

      3. Police don’t control crime, they document crimes. My house was broken into 3 times.

      4. 8:53 since when do police control crime. Obviously this statement is an oximoron because the police were not at the house, the burglers broke in, and the home occupant did what he was supposed to do. I agree with Mayberry, the kid should get some more shooting lessons AND a pat on the back for hitting 50%. If someone broke into my home, a similar fate would be waiting, although I have handguns in 3 rooms, ready to fire, my wife would hesitate to protect ourselves. Some people choose not to protect themselves, and that is their right, and now the 2nd admendent applies as it should. Across every state.

      5. To Obama Biden in 2012,

        You must be here to just rile people up. There is no way you really believe what you are saying….

        If you are for real? I think you are the only person in American rooting for Obama in 2012, …. Even Obama has stopped rooting for himself..

        He knows he is through….

        Why do you think he gave that speech saying he would “rather be a good one term Pres, than a mediocre two term”

        Got news for him….. he is/will be neither.

        About the 15 year old Shooter…

        This kid is a hero!!

        If he had not done this, he and his little sister might be dead today…..

        This SOB will never rob again!


      6. Boy are you a misguided soul. Police do not stop crime, they are simply there to find out who killed/robbed you. When seconds count, the police are always minutes away.

        Stop depending on the government to do everything for you, including protecting yourself. That is not what they do, your home defense and your safety is your responsibility and right.

      7. One other thing… that boy is a hero! One other thing he did not reach for a hand gun, it was a rifle. Firearms are not evil they are simply tools, a chainsaw can be a deadly tool if you do not treat it with respect. Stop trying to demonize firearms instead learn more about them and how to use them responsibly.

      8. 8:53 pm:   You must be a total moron; you couldn’t find your butt with a Chinese butt finder!  Obviously you’re promoting a left wing  dictatorship gov.  How would you like it if your sister or daughter was raped, robbed or even killed?    Anyone that is anti gun and pro marxist is the scum of the earth.

      9. Yo 8:53 pm ~

        Your ‘homie’, Mr. Barkie Obungle is finished! There won’t be a second term for this nincompoop. His approval ratings are even lower than the previous idiot.

        Please enlist in the Obama Brigade and then volunteer to be the very first one in line when they come to take my firearms!

      10. Awesome! I’m just betting that  burglaries in that area will be at an all time low for quite some time.

        More Guns = Less Crime

        Statistics, logic and common sense prove it. As they say at frontsight.com: Any Gun Will Do If You Will Do!

        But, the boy needs more training for several reasons:

        A) The burglar is still alive.
        B) The burglar’s partner is still alive.
        C) The gun, after the altercation, wasn’t empty.

        The only way to spare your life is to back off, lay on the ground and beg for mercy. You will get it. It is not honorable to shoot a man that means you now harm.

        With burglars and home invasions, I subscribe to something similar to the “Roach Motel Policy”. We’ll call it NetRanger’s Criminal Motel Policy:  Burglars Check In But The Coroner Has To Check Them Out.


      11. People! 8:53 was obviously writing that to get a rise. …and, I’m proud to say, you all stepped right up to the plate! I’m thinking the person at 8:53 is probably as pro-right-to-self-defense and any of us.

        Someone mentioned the SCOTUS decision. Yeah! Well, I was surprised that 5 of them learned to read. There were only 4 of them that treasoned themselves.

      12. In the times we are heading we will see more and more incidents of this type.
        There will be no difference if the intruder is a poor hungry devil, or a determined criminal.
        I’m going to shoot whatever (or whomever) passes through my door. I also fixed a pack of shells full of salt.
        I feel sorry for the guy’s butt.
        That boy is a hero to me.

      13. Comments…..Obama Biden in 2012…your an idiot… your right this wouldn’t have happened in Chicago, the two kids would have been shot instead…

      14. “An armed society is a polite society.  Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”    Robert A. Heinlein

        Texas has a “castle law” that gives you absolute right to defend your life and property and doesn’t limit it to defensive measures only…….Missouri copied that law, and has even extended it to your auto….just  fyi

      15. Hey, Obama Biden in 2012. You obviously are an idiot if you think crime prevention is a job for the police. Their job is to investigate and apprehend. It’s up to us to prevent crime. Go ahead and hand Obama your firearms. He will have to pry mine from my cold, dead hands.

      16. to “Obama Biden….” – We know you don’t mean what you say ‘cuz you can read & write … better luck next time provocateur….

      17. A great example of how gun ownership lowers crime and protects lives.  He didn’t drop them both, but he achieved the primary objective – he and his sister are alive.  Well done young man! 

      18. Hey 8:53
        Let me know where you live, I will be happy to post your address so all can see who don’t protect his home, that way we have one less idiot, that can’t vote, as for me and my family, we all know to exercise our 2nd amendment RIGHT!

      19. O-B in 2012    that’s gotta be scarcasm nobody in their right mind could think that way….oh, wait a minute…..not only could they think that way but the DO think that way

      20. Wanna really know what happens when the people are armed?  Look up Kennesaw Georgia gun law.  This proves that not only does owning and having guns reduce the violent crimes, but keeps it that way. 

      21. I’m a social Liberal.  I voted for Obama.  I also have handguns and rifles and know how to use them.  I will be very capable of shooting some Christian Right shithead who comes into my home to take away my kids from me and my partner.

      22. kobio… So it would be okay for a dark skinned liberal (for example) to abuse your partner & kids? … That’s what your saying… Your premise is tainted… You should be willing to protect your loved ones from ANYONE… Not just one group.

      23. I agree with NetRanger: there should be two dead intruders headed to the morgue. Still, “Nice Shot, kid!” No way these two wouldn’t have taken turns on the girl …….

      24. This makes me think of a time I decided to skip school. I believe I was about 12 years old (I’m 24 now). So after my mom left for work I came snuck back home. About an hour or two after my mom left I’m sitting in the living room watching television(its great for a young mind), when I notice light reflect off of the livingroom wall. I look out the window and there’s a small truck in the driveway. I recognized the truck as belonging to a carpenter who was working on some of the new homes in the neighborhood. So this guy gets out kinda slow and he takes a few steps towards the house all the while looking really alert/cautious. He then just stands there staring at the house and I suppose looking for movement/signs of life. I could tell he was plotting by the way he was acting and he probably figured that if he didn’t do anything overtly criminal that he could easily snake away if caught. First thing I did is go and grab the .44 special from the side of my mom’s bed. My adrenaline really started pumping, but I kept cool by just staying quiet in the livingroom. So he comes a little closer, but not too close. After several minutes of him just staring very intently at the house he suddenly gets in his truck and just leaves. I think he heard/saw the TV on, but he may have sensed my movement through the partially closed blinds. I must admit that it got my heart pounding and gave me a bit of a rush at the time. I don’t think I told my parents about it for years, because I didn’t want them to know about me skipping school. Looking back I ask myself why I didn’t open the door and confront the weasel with the large caliber mankiller in my hand. In truth I was gonna let him incriminate himself before letting him know I was there. Also if I remember correctly I think I was only wearing boxers at the time. It makes me wonder if he ever broke into or stole from any other homes in the neighborhood after that. I wouldn’t bet against it.

      25. Have Gun-Will Travel. One of my favorite shows in the 50′ & 60’s. Those who will not let you protect your home, family, or life are the same people who will turn over the country to our enemies at the tip of a hat. I’m just an average person, but I would protect that individual that needs protecting and especially my family. Apparently, some people have not realize that the thief comes to steal, kill, destroy.

      26. OBAMA BIDEN, YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID. Obviously it wasn’t his hand gun, he didn’t go and buy it himself… But if you’re saying this would never happen in Chicago you’re fucking dumb as rocks. Kids get killed every day in Chicago because they’re stupid as fuck and have no idea what to do, so they make gangs and kill people. Making guns illegal doesn’t help that. Obama is a dumb ass if he actually is making guns illegal. Take this instance, it’s perfect.. What if the 15 year old didn’t have a gun.. Would you rather his 12 year old sister be raped and him killed, tortured, kidnapped, ect? Seriously? Fucking ignorant prick. RIGHT TO BARE ARMS, MOTHER FUCKERS.

      27. I have to agree with you no f### you. You make a LOT OF SENCE TO ME!

      28. “The gun, after the altercation, wasn’t empty.”

        OK, I have to admit – This made me seriously laugh right out loud, to the point where I had to explain my hysteria to my husband.

        Damn right that kid’s a hero. Nothing is sacred these days. Those two (stupid, stupid) criminals may well have assaulted (shudder) and killed both of those children.

        If I was his little sister, I’d be glued to his side for the rest of my childhood.

        Brings a tear to my eye. *sniffle* I’m so proud of this kid and Texas!

      29. Can’t decide between the mother in Ok or this boy for Greatest American Hero award.


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