Taxpayers to Pay Nearly $1 BILLION For Emperor’s Visit to Mumbai

by | Nov 2, 2010 | Headline News | 81 comments

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    As tens of millions of American families struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table, President Obama and about 3000 of his closest friends and security personnel will spend an estimated $200 million dollars per day when he visits Mumbai, India for four days from November 6th through November 9th.

    Though the total won’t exactly reach $1 Billion dollars for his four day stay, it comes pretty close, and with government being government, we can always add a good 20% to 30% to estimates they put forth.

    With the U.S. already in debt to the tune of roughly $200 Trillion, the President figures, “Hey, what’s another billion?!”

    If President Obama’s four day vacation was a country, it would rank 170th on the list of countries by GDP.

    We literally have Americans living in tents, and the President can somehow justify spending the GDP of some small nations for a foreign public relations visit.

    This is what happens when someone who has never run a business or held a private sector job in his life for more than a few months becomes the President of the largest corporation in the world.

    Really, it has now gotten beyond ridiculous.

    Reference Sources: NDTV, Drudge Report, Newsroom America


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      1. Maybe he should just stay there..
        or maybe he is finding a country that will take him in after all his plundering is done

      2. Thanks for putting that right, the worlds largest corporation, rather than calling it a government.

        If people could only recognize the significance of that fact, the US government would be seen as what it really is.  It is no different than Walmart as far as it’s legal standing goes.

        It must have a contract to enforce anything against you, and what it can enforce must be written in the contract.  Social Security participation places you under a presumed contract, but they still have to show it to you.  The only requirement is that YOU make IT prove you have any obligation.

        Since you have no contract or obligation,  it has no standing and you can prove it.

      3. Some people say that Obama does not “get it”.   I say he gets it just fine. He just does not care. He has his pie and he will eat it with all the toppings he can get on it and to heck with anyone else. 
        This man has had more vacations in his 2 years in office than I have had in my entire life.  He does not care that US citizens are living in tents as long as he is not.

      4. C  You know what FINE stands for right?

      5. Just got back from voting.  What a joke!  Don’t know why I bothered but I felt I needed to for some reason.   I’m totally speechless anymore when it comes to obama and his clowns and the whole political mess.  I can’t express my anger and resentment anymore.  I’ve said it all.  We all have. 

      6. I voted.  If you didn’t, tell us, but don’t bitch. 

      7. I surprised Air Force One isn’t made by Air Bus.  Sure hope there’s enough hot water in shower on the way to India.

      8. Just goes to show he isnt for the American people…hes all for himself,Id say shame on him but he knows no shame he is a blight on our proud republic that must be removed by any means possible and sooner rather than later,thinks hes a damned king or something . HeyObumaTard…here we have no king!

      9. So his trip ONLY costs every man, woman and child in the country $3.33 give or take a few cents,  so why the big to-do?

        That’s less than a Latte at Starbucks!!  What a bargain – as long as he doesn’t come back, that is.

      10. like it or not obama is our president.he is the magnificent and glorious symbol of america -the land of the free and the home of the brave. through his magnificent and inspiring leadership he has appointed all the white house economic advisors like summers and rubin who, in concert with paulson and other  banking experts from goldman-sachs,  have corrected this latest economic bump that was delibrately caused by criminal chinese and taliban spys and currency manipulators.

        if obama chooses to demonstrate the magnificence of america by spending excess white house funds on a trip to india then he should do it without adverse comments from people who are ignorant of the appropriate festoons of the office of president of the united states of american -the most wonderful institution in the entire world.

        god bless america and god bless president obama and his administration who are working hard to restore the status of the hard workking american middle class.

      11. My kid doesn’t have $3.33. 

      12. Mushroom – how many mushrooms did you eat today!

      13. Comments…..hey mushroom, your sarcasm sometimes brings tears to my eyes! very good! You are enlightened, and fed steak lobster!

      14. At $200 Million per day, if he were to just stay there through the remainder of his term, the country would be better off considering his reckless spending would come to a halt.  I call it a bargain!

      15. $200 million a day for a few days is money well spent on BO….considering this is a one way trip.


        Here are some Bible verses that Pres. Obama avoids:
        Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”
        Also Proverbs 30:22 (NIV) which says that the earth cannot bear up under “a servant who becomes king.”
        And Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 (KJV) advises: “let thy words be few…a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.”
        Although Obama is not descended from slaves, he may feel that he’s destined to become a black-slavery avenger.
        Or maybe an enslaver of all free citizens!

      17. Comments…..Hey mushroom, have you been rolling up those crisp new ten dollar bills and smoking them?? I think you’ve been into the medical marajuana a little too much.
               I think the Emperor knows the wheels are coming off the wagon, and wants to be out of Dodge City when it all goes south. There’s just too many coincidences happening at one time for me.  Something fishy is going on. I’ve never seen a more arrogant, self centered, out of touch prez than Osama. I guess that’s the change everyone wanted.Maybe we will get lucky, andhe will stay over there.

      18. Hahahaha….I like mushroom’s wit…

      19. Judging by ‘mushroom’ ‘s rhetoric and his concise command of the King’s English I’d say that Obama is NOT his president. He comes off like an Indian national.

        Anti-Chinese? Check. Anti-Afghan? Check.

        Mushroom didn’t eat mushrooms. He ate using the WRONG HAND.

        As to Caliph Obama? He’s just meeting with the slaves to call in some markers. Probably a fine example of Chicago graft, one hand washing the other.

        You see, we pretty much GAVE our tech and STEM work to the East Injuns. Now it’s time to call in that marker.

        -Drunken Economist

      20. strange that he took 3000 people with him and 40 planes.  Does he know something that is suppose to happen?

      21. So Greaseman…..are you predicting the collapse happen now while he is gone to India?

        I know that it can happen almost at any time. Many (very smart people) here have predicted that the collapse will happen in a few years from now (2012-2014) I have a “gut” feeling it is sooner. Nothing more then my gut is telling me this. I have always felt that the govt was keeping the balls in the air until the repubs take control again then they will all fall. 

      22. Voting is giving consent to being governed. 
        My allegiance is to the U.S. Constitution, not to some political party, or political hacks.  Go ahead, waste your time going to the polls, I’m going to the gun shop to exercise my Constitutional rights.  

      23. So Greaseman…..are you predicting the collapse happen now while he is gone to India?
        I know that it can happen almost at any time. Many (very smart people) here have predicted that the collapse will happen in a few years from now (2012-2014) I have a “gut” feeling it is sooner. Nothing more then my gut is telling me this. I have always felt that the govt was keeping the balls in the air until the repubs take control again then they will all fall. 

      24. Reality sucks!!!
        Bush spent 487 days at Camp David. And Camp David is not even where the president has spent the most time when not at the White House: Mr. Bush  made 77 visits to his ranch in Crawford during his presidency, and spent all or part of 490 days there.

      25. Presidents are just puppets the wizards behind the curtain try to keep sober ( pretty much a failure in Bush2’s case ) so the can display them for public consumption from time to time.   What possible difference does it make what they do in their off time.

      26. Comments…..Every time I see this article the number of people grows and grows. It started out as 150 people and now its 20 times that size. This is the kind of over exaggeration That makes us look so silly and ignorant. This is why Miller (Alaska), Angle (Nevada) and O’Donnell (Delaware) lost all their senate races even though they were backed by the Tea Party. If anyone spent that kind of taxpayer money for a trip for his friends, he’d be put in chains and locked up for the rest of his life. By the way the National Debt is 13 trillion, not 200 trillion. I don’t think there’s that much money in the entire world.

      27. Hey Mushroom!  Are you fucking kidding me?  It’s obvious you live in a cold dark place.  Proof that mushrooms don’t think.

      28. It would be no. 61, based on the 4-day GDP of the countries of the world. His trip costs more than the whole production of Iraq in the same 4-day period.

      29. Comments…..He should have to foot the bill.

      30. Please obama, DO drink the water

      31. What’s the answer? Put a ‘real’ American in the Presidency? And which of us will know the ‘real’ American?
        and who calculate these insane numbers for his trip to India?
        Sometimes I think the people who are really making money in this country are the ones constantly rattling the sabers to keep the have-nots angry.
        I work with $20 billion+ companies that are moving ALL their manugacturing offshore. Why? Nothing to do with corruption in our government and everything to do with cheap labor and tax advantages. This also allows them to reduce the need for as many domestic managers, thus more downsizing.
        so where’s the big headlines on these well-known companies? Investors can’t quibble because they have placed bets up and down on these companies. There’s the beef and what do I hear……………..The Sound of Silence!’ Give me a break

      32. Hey Johnnymustardseed — Bush didn’t take 3000 people with him to Crawford or Camp David.

      33. Carlos, I think you hit the nail on the head!  Pres. Oreo is just getting even.  Slavery through out history didn’t happen to just people of color.

      34. The reason Africa is such a basket case is because in most cases once our leaders get into power they demonstrate similar kleptocratic tendencies.  Who cares about the state of the nation when you are indulging yourself and fellow psychophants?

        The experience with our mini empires is that they take a long, long time to collapse.

        If this is the best leadership that can rise to the surface with a democracy then shouldn’t  it be renamed “dumbocracy”!

      35. 3K people seem to be a very LARGE number of people.  Neal Boortz is reporting this morning on this also.

      36. johnnymustardseed:

        You seem to believe that if you cite to President Bush’s excesses, you somehow alleviate President Obama of responsibility for his own excesses.   It does not work that way.  President Obama’s mistakes, excesses, failures, deliberate attacks on the foundations of America–his evil–are things HE alone is responsible for.  The fact that President Bush suffered from the same or similar mistakes, excesses, failures, deliberate attacks on the foundation of America–his evil–does not mean Obama is not responsible for this.  As the old adage has it: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”  Another way of putting it is: “Two terrible Presidents does not make a good one.” So, stop citing to Bush and his horrifically ineffective mismanagement and leadership to try to let the New Messiah, Obama, off the hook for his.

      37. Comments…..If you are outraged over this expenditure why not chime in on the $3 billion just spent on the election to get a bunch of clowns elected who will do no better than the last bunch of clowns.

      38. As they say, Obama trippn! He is not for the American people. To some degree, I agree the office has changed hands and in avoidance he is skipping town- 30 closest friends seems fishy????? I don’t know what he is up to, but I don’t like it!!!

      39. Johnnymustardseed- Mr. Bush visited his own Ranch which didn’t cost the taxpayers anything. Not sure I understand your point about Mr. Bush’s time spent.

        Being from Detroit I know all too well about a certain Mayor and their personal entourages going above and beyond and spending wildly. That guy was out of touch with his people also.

      40. No sudden collapse. Ever. Won’t happen. There are several reasons for this.

        Just a slow bleed for the next few years. Many folks will wake up a year from now and wonder what the hell happened and why they didn’t take notice.

      41. Where did this number come from?

      42. Give Barry a break, he had to work 5 whole days in a row.

      43. Just food for thought…
        Pres out of the country with 3000 of his closest friends.
        Hilary is already out of town..
        This commercial has been playing much more frequently the last few days..
        Could something happen between Nov 6th and the 9th? I would say it would be a good idea to be prepared.

      44. I’m with Betty and Paul Revere.

      45. We have met our enemy & he is us.  Fed meeting soon today.  Top Gun:  He’s going vertical/so are we.

      46. Comments….. I think something significant will happen before the end of the year.  By significant, I mean something that will fundamentally change how we look at the world, or our country.  Something that from one day to the next, our lives won’t be the same again.  A game changer so to speak.
             Also, I just think it’s strange that the emperor pick now to take a trip with such a large following of associates. The timing is too coincidental to me, as I don’t believe in coincidences. 
           I just don’t think we have long to wait to find out what’s going to come about. I don’t think it will take a year to two years to happen. We are living in fast changing times, and taxpayers are in a fowl mood.  There are way too many negative vibes out there for things to keep going as they are, without something cutting loose.   Just my opinion.

      47. Greaseman….I feel the restlessness as well. I feel it in my soul. Things are changing fast.
        What is the purpose of this trip anyway…(or at least what are we being told is the purpose of this trip)???

      48. I just went out and bought another truck FULL of non-perishable groceries again today.

      49. What did you buy Tina?

      50. I’m curious, were you this upset with Bush and his travel?  If it were a Republican traveling abroad would it be different?  just asking.

      51. Greaseman and Tina,

        Nothing is coincidental. Everything has a purpose and governments manipulate as much as they can.
        Tina you remember in a previous posting that i mentioned Greece’s elections.
        This Sunday we have the regional (county) and muinicipality elections. The “socialist” government of this idiot, sees that people can not longer stand the austerity measures. Anger is visible and citizens are going to vote for candidates being supported by the opposition.
        All of a sudden (or coincidence) on monday morning terrorists send envelope-bombs to nine embassies all over Athens.
        What a coincidence indeed. What a beautiful way to extract people’s attention from real problems, 3 days before the elections. All mass media (government cotrolled of course) have news reports only on the terrorist attempts, analysis on weaponry, balistics, envelopes, DHL, mechanisms, and other crap.
        They all suck guys.

      52. Comments…..Folks, Obama was not in office when the Great Recession came upon us and the financial meltdown occured. He did not make  people buy homes they could not afford, spend more than they earn and get into debt.  He did not close factories and ship jobs to China and other foreign countries. Unemployment rate was approaching 8% when he took office.  Budget deficits, trade deficits, low GDP growth were hallmarks of Bush years.  Basically, Republicans had already ruined the economy.

        Come on, be fair. How could Obama undo the damage of 8 years in 20 months?

        Moreover, this is a capitalist country. The President and Congress do not run the economy.  Just look at the consumer goods that we buy, more than 80% of them are made and produced abroad. How could you create jobs in a country that is addicted to cheap imports?

      53. Sooo, Asim, I think we know what Obama’s ‘solution’ is:

        That’s right: 215 CEOs courtesy of the US Chamber of Horrors (Commerce) and USIBC, the Hindustani version of AIPAC, all headed to India on a BIG 4 day ‘deductable junket’.

        I do not think they will be discussing the plight of the American worker. Do you?

        -Drunken Economist

      54. Comments…..We the people!!! have put him into office, now we must find some way to pay our bills, feed our loved ones and hope for dry weather so we do not get wet from the holes in our roofs. I have worked my fingers to the bone for over 50 yrs. and will never come close to seeing any kind of monies like his one day. But  you do not have to think very hard about his choice of where to spend and get what ever may come back his way at. Just go into most any 7-11 or gas station here in OUR COUNTRY  AMERICA . Only in this country can some one from another country buy land, homes busness”s with out being an American citizen. We the people must pay them so we do not strive or freezzzzzz in the winter. Sorry about my spelling but I get very up tight when I see or hear about this type of waste, also I could not pay for better schooling. I am not from another country, or need free medical treatment. Thank God !! for being old and the fact that I will not live for ever.  Bless us real Americans, we who live and die for our great country. AMERICA ( U.S.A. )

      55. Comments…..Mr Hammersly, in computing the national debt-they conveniently leave off the medicare-social security-goverment pensions, military pensions, etc-etc-etc. If we do this in business we are called criminals.. The true debt is alas approaching a known 147 TRILLION including these little details.  David Stockman saw the problem in Regan times, it has only gotten much much worse. The fool in the white house has not a clue or an inkling of the problem..the wet behind the ears book eggheads with not a shred of real world experience are no help..Spain, Cape Cod, India… all flights from reality.. God help the middle class…

      56. I hope Johnny Appleseed screws as bad as he counts….that way he can’t breed.

      57. $200 million per day divided by 3,000 people on the trip = $66,666 per day per person? Does that really add up? I’m not sure I could spend that much in a single day! We need to check the facts. Don’t disagree with any of the comments just think we should verify the numbers. I voted yesterday too – the good feeling wasn’t there this time. Obama is now in a deadlocked game which should at least slow down the insanity. Nothing will get done for at least 2 years – maybe that’s a good thing!

      58. Comments….. Folks, try to remember this point. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s a Bush thing, or an Osama thing, both parties participated in the ruination of our country.  it’s been in the plans for years, now being implimented.  Our reps are controlled by the elites.  It’s that simple.  If enough of them were interested in what was even a small ammount of good for the country, we wouldn’t be in near the bad shape as we are now.
            Osama is just a puppet, just like Bush was.  The problema we have aren’t a Democrat or republican problem, they are a Republicrat problem.  There is no real difference between them.  That’s why nothing ever changes.  They don’t answer to us, they answer to the elites who put up the money to get them elected.  why do you think the big money donates to BOTH sides?? They cover their bets.  They are like the mafia, you either play ball, or you’re done.
               It will get interesting now, as there are a few reps who got elected that maybe won’t play ball as usual.  That remains to be seen.
          Comment to Asim,  Get real dude, Osama is just following orders. he is there for one reason, and one reason alone. That’s to facilitate the elitist policy of total control of our lives. Bush got it started with the Patriot act, and he’s continuing with the Healthcare bill.   take the time to study what is really in that bill.  it’s main purpose is control, not healthcare. There is much in the bill that has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. Wake up and smell the coffee. Nothing would be different as long as a Dem or Repub gets elected.
             My last point. Get used to the “new normal”.  That term will be used greatly in the coming months. Nothing that has been in our lives is going to continue as we have know it in the past. These changes that are coming will make America nothing like it was.  We are destined to join the New world order, and our sovereignty turned over to the ones who own our debt.  That is, and was the plan all along.  enjoy what you have left of a supposed free country, as you won’t have it much longer.
              As to Osama’s visit to Mumbai, he’s knows what’s coming , and wants to getout of Dodge City while he can.  Nothing is done by chance, and there are no coincidences.  I am definitely concerned about these days coming up, as something is going on. we’ll see I guess.

      59. That’s what I was thinking DE.

      60. Man, you people are gullible. Do the math. There’s no way in hell this trip would cost $200 million. Even if every person stays in a $1000 room, you’re still barely over one million. What are your sources? Prove it or stop purveying this nonsense. There are plenty of real reasons to oppose Obama. His continuance of Bush’s “national security” policies such as due process-free detention, U.S. citizen assassination claims, continued oversight-free spying, endless illegal occupations, etc. But do waste your time with obviously made up garbage like this and his birth certificate is insane. You people really, really need to refocus your efforts or else risk looking like total loons.

      61. Comments….. I think everyone feels the zeitgeist that something big is about to happen.  But that thing is not going to be a collapse in my opinion.

        The big thing that will happen (and this I know from the Scriptures, that cannot be broken) is that Russia, along with Iran, will try to invade Israel and God will crush them (for their antisemetism). Israel won’t do it, GOD will. Russia will not rise from this ever again, politically.

        From that point on, whenever this happens, we’ll have a One World Gov’t.


        Now, now, don’t give mushroom such grief.  I am SURE he is posting sarcasm, which on this site should have its own color of text (hint,hint).

        About the Mumbai trip, you do realize that Obama is going to address the Indian parliment for 20 minutes, with the TOTUS of course.  That works out to $50 MILLION dollars PER minute. 

        Wow, he isn’t just a silver-tongued devil, his mouth must be a triple-dipped -platinum-diamond-studded-gold-gilted masterpiece.  Pity it produces only hot, empty air!  Obama as really moved beyond the fakey Big Greek Styrofoam columns of his acceptance speech.  Moving on UP! 

        As you know he is taking the kids and the wife and TWO secret service commands and 3 Marine helicopters and the BarackMobile and 40 airplanes and thousands of staff.   Is he planning to come back?  Is their a false flag or LIHOP terror attack in the making?  Is this the beginning of a gov-in-exile?

        Only the shadow knows.

      63. You’re on the wrong site Jim.  If you’ve noticed even CNN has been taken over in their blogs.  I’m not gullible & not a loon.  Yes, I will follow up when the trip gets exposure.  You are rude.  Tell me why the POTUS is going over there being you are in the know.  Address your feelings higher up first.

      64. Comments…..Are you forgetting the fuel for the planes?  OBama is a world political whore, unfaithful to his own country and will perform any lasciviuos act for his political narccisism.

      65. Hey, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, it’s good to be *—* rich, huh?

        What a disaster!

      66. An astute reader has sent me moar info. The official length of the trip (to more places than just Mumbai). The trip is slated for *10 days* at the original $200 million per day. Blog revised:

        Info added: It’s *$2* billion. Oh, Carbon tonnage from Watts. And Moar. Wherez mah bottle of rotgut? Oh.. there…

        Sorry, I just can’t take this seriously anymore. Or the Emperor in Chief. Bottle bottle…

        -Drunky, going to hit the? Bottle.

      67. Comments…..Bix Weir of “Road to Roota” theory ( thinks there will be a massive financial implosion sometime between 11/7 and 11/12.  Then, all hell breaks loose.Who will run country, Joe Bite Me?  He also cites Geithner being in Japan at same time and hillary and Gates being in Australia.  Something’s up or at least it feels like it.  Be Prepared.

      68. Yes, many are going to Indonesia afterwards including S. Korea.  Let the good times roll.  I’m going home……


      70. Though I do not agree with the boondoggle to India, I have a hard time believing it will really cost nearly $1 billion — even if the number of people involved is 3000 (which itself is difficult to believe).  A little arithmetic shows that 1 billion divided by 3000 and 4 days amounts to about $80,000 per person, per day.  OK, each person stays at the best hotel at say $1000 per day and spends $1000 per day on food and local transportation.  Figure first class airfare at $10,000 per person or $2500 per person per day.  These figures are pretty generous, and that still leaves over $75,000 per person, per day, unaccounted for.  So where does the $1 billion figure come from?

      71. Bill,

        If you understand the fractional banking system, there is absolutely more debt out there than currency to pay it back.  Check out Mike Maloney for a simple explanation.

      72. I am not American and do not live in the US. But reading these messages and checking in on the media re. the election and Fox and the ways in which the US is tearing itself in two, is really quite disturbing. The 24 hour hate urgency in news media and the Fox manipulation of events (we report you decide is a of course a joke) and then the Obama trip to India story- wow this has provoked so much hostility. Bizarre remarks like God will protect Israel and Mushroom’s sarcasm (which some cannot see as sarcasm) and the usual fringe hate remarks from a country wich is dividing itself into pinheads and patriots (you know- you are either with us or against us, mentality) is really disturbing to me. Of course Obama could travel by bus and taxi (as befitting a soon – to be 3rd World power? 🙂 ?) to reach a country where reside a fifth (?) of the World’s poulation. In reporting the 200 M. a day cost- and I (and you too) probably have no way to find the true cost yet-we have no account of the purposes of the trip given by the “leak” of 200M $ a day, and note too the use of the word “friends”.  I was surprised that Obama would bother to even consider the presidency after Bush had blown away all US citizens money on an unnecessary war.  And the QE was begun by Bush to buy US out of its hole and continued by Obama because there is almost no other way forward – its rather like helping up the car giants- would you rather let them all collapse and really be true CAPITALISTS? Never mind the unemploymwnt that would follow that? So even capitalists can use socialist principles to save a community. Finally – as too many words in anger are used here- if Obama can restore even the image of a really democratic America that is not torturing, bombing, bribing, droning, and attepmting to force feed “democracy” down the throats of an ever growing rest of the World, he will have done a great service to America. I can remember before Bush of an America that was respected world-wide. That is unfortunately now not the case.

      73. Appallingly low level of critical thought in this commentary.   Everybody gets their own opinion, but not their own facts.  Accepting such an obviously exaggerated number with no substantiation, with no consideration that the source might be erroneous, is the apotheosis of ignorance.
        200 million/day is more than the war in Afghanistan, 800 rooms in the Taj Hotel is way more rooms than it has, and the 30 Navy ships claimed to be involved is a tenth of the Navy–all these “facts” are obvious absurdities.  If you get all your info from Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and Fox, you’ll always be paronoid and ignorant.

      74. So, now that the $200 million per day, 34 Naval ships and 40 planes bullshit has been debunked as a Fox News fabrication, are all of the knee-jerks here going to apologize?  You sorely undermine your position when you uncritically accept BS that happens to conform to your preconceptions.  Check your facts, then spout off — THAT is the American way. 

      75. Yeah, Sheldon. Way to debunk URLs with moar URLs. It’s debunked because you said so, even tho no other figures are forthcoming. Suuuuuure, it’s national security. Baaaaaaaaaaaah, Sheepo!

        The figure “..$200 million (Rs 900 crore approx)” was not a typo, and NDTV has NOT retracted the story AFAIK. A ‘crore’ is a unit of 10mil, so YOU do the math and YOU do the currency conversion. I’m sure the NDTV reporter on the other side did just that, and to me, they have no more or less credibility than the recently ousted newsflake Keith Olbermann.

        I’m sure you’re one of the sheeple who just ‘cannot believe’ anything. Like when UN Weapons Inspectors get smeared by NeoCons because they can’t ‘find’ WMDs. And we went to war anyway. Or QE2 that you can read ALL ABOUT at Zerohedge. Another fiasco, that makes 2 bill look like ‘walking around money’ for our POTUS and his courtiers.

        The facts were presented by TWO major press outlets in India who have no other agenda than to jazz up Obama’s visit by stating the figures for pomp and circumstance. That’s what commonwealth nations DO. Too bad there’s no ‘Great Firewall of the USSA’ to keep real news out, no?

        So the question is, WHY is NDTV and the Times of India publishing these, *air quotes for you libiots* “facts?”

        It’s not like Indians can’t count or don’t know how to do foreign exchange! And they’re sooooooo smart!

        The next thing you guys’ll probably do is lecture me that we shouldn’t count the interest payments on $$$ borrowed for this trip, and that ‘simple? compound interest? We don’t need those details.”

        -Drunken Economist

      76. Well Mac, you’ve set a record on this one.  This information from the Drudge report and other far right sources is so far out to not even be credible.  I’m disappointed that you picked it up and actually perpetuated it to your audience.  You remind me of Glenn Beck who I watched a bit a couple years ago until he began drifting further and further into the darkness…..don’t even turn him on anymore.  He has no credibility anymore and seems to be doing whatever it takes to raise his own banner…
        Hope you draw back a bit…you’re too good a writer to go down the road he has…

      77. Drunken Economist the myth is debuked because there is no evidence to support it, it came from a random guy on a news stations website.
        If that’s a reliable source then let me say this.

        “The republican party is secretly planning to sell the country to Wall Mart, they originally intended Microsoft but Bill Gates but he gives half of his wealth to charity, and republicans don’t believe in giving money to anyone who isn’t already rich.”
        A guy on the internet said it so it must be true

        Do you know where that 200 million bull**)$) number probably came from? Someone who knew republican would jump on it and make themselves look like idiots, thankfully the only loons dump enough to believe that where white hoods and burn crosses.

      78. You would hope that maybe this time the people who get their news from FOX would finally learn their lesson that truth is the last thing they are interested in reporting.  They’ll just ride it off as one of thousands of instances where fox opinion guys (O’Reilley, Beck, Hannity) got some wrong information… but they’re innocent of course and have all our best interest at heart.


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