Tax Collectors In Florida Openly Carry Guns, While Public Is Banned From Doing So

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    Tax collectors in Florida are now publicly announcing the values of being armed when demanding money from citizens. The only problem is that the state bans open carry for civilians that the tax collectors are stealing money from.

    If you’re leery about government intervention in your life, and you know that taxation is theft, this article will probably strike a nerve. However, on the other hand, if you revile and worship the government which steals from you and creates edicts you must follow under threats of violence using your stolen money, you’ll love what they are doing down in the Sunshine state.

    “A Central Florida tax collector says a new policy will allow his employees to openly carry firearms while they work,” The Associated Press reports. “Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg told the Orlando Sentinel that according to Florida law, he and his employees are considered ‘revenue officers’ and are exempt from the state’s ban on the open carrying of firearms while performing their duties.”

    Ready for the glaring hypocrisy?

    The rationale behind the move is to save taxpayers money by eliminating the need to hire private security.

    Know what else would save taxpayers money? No government theft (taxes), or even perhaps lowering the tax rate to the point that people aren’t willing to shoot at tax collectors over what’s obviously amounting to putting a gun to the head of a person and demanding money. Last time we looked up the definition of theft, taxation fell firmly into that category. No amount of mental gymnastics could convince a free thinker that money they made is somehow the property of anyone else.

    But, “tax collector Joel Greenberg says he is a ‘big believer in the Second Amendment,’” letter to the editor writer Gordon Crawford points out in the Orlando Sentinel. “If that is truly the case, he would know that this constitutional amendment was put in place to protect the public from government tyranny, not to arm the government” making stealing easier for government officials.

    Not that the courts have any incentive to provide for that. As noted by the Sun Sentinel in March, “The Florida Supreme Court found the state’s ban on openly carrying handguns constitutional, raising the stakes for open carry laws under consideration in the Legislature this year.” But if you work for the government, and steal from others for a living, you can be armed. How odd, right? People want to protect their lives with guns when stealing. And the constitution already literally declares that all gun laws are unconstitutional. It’s the four little words no socialist wants to hear: Shall not be infringed.

    It’s more than obvious that this kind of “action” is exactly what the founders of the nation did not intend when writing the second amendment. All the more proof that the government does not protect rights, it’s our job to do that. The government is stealing from us at gunpoint and a few even claim that as long as they throw in a bridge here and there, it’s worth it.

    But is it worth it? What would the founders do? They are probably spinning in their graves with disgrace at the loss of freedom we’ve allowed. This seems to come right out of a dystopian dictatorship.


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      1. Anyone who comes to steal from me, I am armed and will use deadly force if necessary to protect what I have. I don’t care who you are, what you wear, etc. If you have any sense at all, don’t even think about it.

        • Agreed. As a resident of the ‘Sunshine State’, I caution that ‘tax collector’ who show up at my door to remember, I have the right to open-carry within my own home and on my own land. Too, I just might be concealed carrying while out and about (and yes, I do have a valid permit). So, it’d be a wise choice to keep your fingers away from your gun when coming to talk to me if I ever happen to be in arrears. It’d be a wiser choice to leave it in your vehicle or at the office. Don’t dare think of coming into my home or on my property with a loaded firearm without my prior approval. Last, don’t forget, you work for me; not, me for you.

        • You can open carry in Florida if you are hunting, camping or fishing and I’d say a tax collector could qualify for all three

          hunting for a tax payer
          fishing for taxes
          camping on your back

        • oh please with the theatrics. Do you pay your yearly Federal income Taxes? Of course. So thats the same thing.

          • No, I never have and I never will. They are not “mine”. Never filed in 50 years, slave.

      2. Tax Payers in FL Open Carry Daily on our property, waiting for the First Trespasser to cross the Property line. Have your No Tresspassing signs up and visible at your property line. This applies to Government Officials who also Trespass.

        Know your Rights. Here are great sites out there to really know how to protect your rights. Also No Trespassing signed aimed at Government Officials, operating under the color of Law. If they trespass we can shoot them. Come back when you have a legit Warrant. However they can do knock and talks, but that barbed wire fence should stop them at the property line.

        No Trespassing Legal Info
        The Uninvited
        At the end of my driveway, there is a sign that says “private.” I despise people driving up to the house unannounced and uninvited. I like my privacy, the quiet of the birds and critters. And yet, people routinely ignore the sign. If I’m around, I greet them unpleasantly, asking why they thought the sign didn’t apply to them.
        At Volokh Conspiracy, Orin Kerr raised a very interesting question following on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision in Florida v. Jardines, where the Court “indicated that a police officer’s right to walk up to a front door of a person’s home is subject to an implied license based on existing social norms,” but that the approach with a drug-sniffing dog went a step too far. But if the approach, sans Fido, is based on an “implied license based on existing social norms,” then what if the homeowner posts a “no trespassing” sign?
        In United States v. Denim, 2013 WL 4591469 (E.D.Tenn. August 28, 2013), the district court (adopting the magistrate judge’s R&R) held that “no trespassing signs” do not revoke the implied license and that officers can approach the front door and knock on the door despite the signs:
        It is defendant’s argument that his No Trespassing signs constituted an explicit revocation of the implied license discussed by Justice Scalia.
        Respectfully, that argument stretches the Jardines opinion too far. Justice Scalia went on to say that there was no societal implied invitation for anyone to bring a drug-sniffing dog onto the curtilage. For this court to conclude that No Trespassing signs amount to an across-the-board revocation of the implied societal consent necessarily would require a court to conclude that society is ready to recognize as reasonable the expectation of privacy which that revocation entails.
        While there appears to be no rational basis for this assertion, other than the court had to reach a decision and this was the decision reached, the implication is ultimately made clear:
        A crime is a crime, and the police are allowed to enter upon property to conduct a knock and talk. If the resident is unwilling to talk, that ends it, but most citizens assuredly would be willing to talk to a police officer, and this is why society is not prepared to go as far as defendant asks in this case.

        WARNING: NO TRESPASSING: Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again.

        Or use this Sign:

        That Means:

        *Do NOT KNOCK on My Door!!
        *Do NOT Try to Engage me in any Conversation!!
        *Do NOT Try to Sell Me Anything!!
        *I Do NOT Participate in Surveys!!



        If you can read this, you are TRESPASSING and subject to ARREST, or something WORSE!!

        • I will also add I have way more ammo and various Liberty Tools that are way more effective than yours. A Tax collector may find his way in here, but will fight for his life trying to leave.

          Another sign:

          Nothing in here worth dying for. Now go home to your Wife and thank your lucky stars.

          • Let us know when you finally take a shot at the tax man (or anyone else), otherwise I’ll just file this under “internet blowhard”

            • No you will not know, or will they, when it happens. lol

              Things,…. lets say, just somehow disappear and are never seen again. Crazy how that happens. Between the Gators, Turkey Vultures, Wild Hogs and Bores in the area, not many Mammal carcasses are around long to tell the tale. Then add the snakes, insects, sun and heat..

              The RE Agent I bought it from, said my place out here looks like out of the movie scene of “Deliverance.” I said Good!! All the better!! Beware and Stay Out!!!

              Put up your No Trespassing signs with Bullet holes coming from the back side out the front of the sign. That sends a message. Don’t be stupid!

              BTW/ The Powerball for Sat drawing is up to $140 Million. I could build out, one hell of a BOL on that chump change. Bring it!!

              OOPS sorry about you folks in IL, you got cut off from the lotto. A relative I know who lives near the Wisc / IL State Line said, “The stores in Wisc near the state line, were flooded with IL people driving up to Wisc to buy Lotto Tickets. She said it was a boost for Wisc local communities. IL is so screwed. Look at now how many small business that can’t sell lotto tickets, and their traffic was down and hurts them bigtime. The Wave is coming. Collapse and the affects of collapsing states play out, watch and learn.

            • DONE .You got it MARCUS

        • If there’s a no trespassing sign up this means not even the police can legally come on the property unless they can see that a crime is in progress, or you ask them. Everyone ignores my no trespassing signs, with the exception of one group of people………..Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are very law abiding people. I have no trespassing signs at the driveway, and on the front of the house. I even have a sign beside the door that says “If you are here at my door without an invitation you are trespassing”. I think people don’t care, are stupid, or think that couldn’t mean me. They just totally disregard the signs. Wait I left out another possibility……they can’t read! The cops can’t understand why I would want this to mean my neighbors, they are the ones I most want to stay away. I have alot of questionable neighbors; the kind I don’t want to know anything about me. That’s why I put in a security video system. They do know we have guns, because my son shot one of their pitbull dogs that came after me and came after my son too. The police wouldn’t do anything about it so we did something about it. The videos saved my son from animal cruelty charges filed by the brain dead druggy bit*h. Yes, I had a special investigator from the city attorney’s office show up at my door to watch the video. I ended up getting a protective order against the druggies next door and a judge ordered their dogs euthanized if they were loose again: very next day after the order their dogs were loose. Had it on video . they immediately took their dogs away and moved within days of the event. I will not put up with these kind of people. Bill gates is an elitist liberal and we all know they lie. Waiting

        • You have put WAY TOO MUCH thought into this. I think i will ring your door bell then run away!

          • I read this story on another website. The truth is that The Tax Man gun carriers are at FL State License locations The truth is they are selling fishing hunting and drivers licenses, and to save taxpayer’s a million bucks if they eliminated the armed security company they contract with to guard offices and instead just let the Tax license employee issuers carry open instead. And its optional for who wants to open carry but not mandatory. Its to save money. Thats open carry in a FL State tax building. Not no-knock 5 AM at your door holding a gun for you to pay taxes. These stories are just hype to get the idiots stirred up. Kinda like fake news propaganda. I just told you why they now carry. To eliminate the cost of a private security and save tax payers money. Makes sense to me. Its a good thing. Everybody needs to carry. Open or concealed.

            Some fish here take the propaganda bait hook line and sinker.

            • Thank you. State employees at state office should have right to self protection.
              You guys who do this Rambo shit, do not help the battle for 2nd Amendment causes. You sound very unstable. You also confuse law with rights.
              Wave a weapon at a government employee and the swat team is there real fast.
              Use a little tact in your comments. They are PUBLIC RECORD. You shoot someone and all this dribbling will be used by prosecutor to put your ass in jail. Don’t slit your own throat.

            • YOU are opposed to “hype to get the idiots stirred up”? That’s a good one.

            • The sheriffs are at florida lic places

      3. On the up side,with open carrying collectors you know who the enemy is,not saying tis a target on them but could see how some might see it that way.

      4. Well,as they are carrying openly says who the enemy is,could see how some might see this as the agents targeting themselves.

        • yes, open carry just advertises that you are a potential threat.

          I would rather people not need me as a threat until i am killing them.

          • These scum will bring their handguns to a rifle fight and die.

            • Menzo, it’s simple. As long as no one else is ever a threat to me they’ll live and be just fine. I’m never a threat to anyone else as long as they’re not a threat to me. I never go around looking for trouble.

      5. I did a one year stint as a security guard at a hospital ER. Which is considered the most dangerous or shall we say “entertaining” guard duty you can get.

        I expected flak and fighting with drugged up rejects seeking more meds, and not a loud mouthed parole officer, whom openly bitched about having to turn in his weapon due to our ER rules, (this is why we have security and only ex-military, ops and cops work it). Fortunately our chief, (a retired trooper) was cool headed enough to diffuse the issue before he got violent.

        Some folks have no business being granted weapons in due course of their business. Just because someone may allegedly admit having an edge in being armed, it’s their funeral.

        Even so, if you use that firearm, you will be convicted of homicide. You will be booked, processed and jailed. It will cost you time and money as you defend yourself in court. Then it will be months to get your weapon back and you will have a record. Not to mention dealing with any surviving family members of the person you’ve defended yourself against. Always having to look over your shoulder.

        Yes you will be alive, at least. However, life is a game of chance. Why work in a field that increases the odds, and then brag about it?

        Most newly registered folks never consider the above. It’s not a stop gap, (I also carry, and grew up in a gun culture). But it is something to know about and the added responsibility and being a nice, level headed guy while armed.

      6. In time

      7. When I lived in Rhodesia, the uniformed police didn’t carry firearms. But the people could carry anywhere, even in banks. I walked into a bank in Salisbury wearing a 9mm. The guy next to me had a pump shotgun and a small monkey on his shoulder. One day the parliament had a ceremony and I was within 20 feet of Prime Minister Ian Smith wearing my 9mm. I didn’t see any armed security for Smith. When I pointed out to a Rhodesian next to me that any one could just run up and shoot the Prime Minister, the Rhodesian replied, “Well that wouldn’t be quite cricket”! Typical Rhodesian response. You gotta love ’em.

        • You only have to worry about being assassinate when you are being tyrannical. If your an humble public servant people don’t want to kill you.

          • “You only have to worry about being assassinate when you are being tyrannical.”

            Kidding me? Ask JFK. Many political assassinations are because they won’t become tyrannical (in sheer force or covert economic policy) doing the bidding of the real rulers. The lone nut is the least of the worry of political leaders.

          • The Government Scum is absolutely frightened that Americans are armed to the teeth and could make a good run and overthrow them. Just get the Military to turn a blind eye, and its game over for the Tyrants. Get them on the run, and they loose all power to rule over us.

            The Governments Power is a Full Illusion. They have to plant fake terrorists patsys here, then save the day at the last minute, to justify their Billion dollar budgets and massive spying operations on the American People. Yeah I’m talking about the FBI.

            The Government will find themselves face to face with, and out numbered by Americans by 250 to 1. 600 Million firearms in the USA. 2 for every person.

            After the Govn’t Agents start disappearing and never show back up to work again; will they send more idiots out to look for them, or just write off the area that you and I will be protecting, and focus on the lower hanging fruit in the cities where they can go house to house. Come out here to the jungle an play, which we know by the back of our hands. Every path, every tree, etc. Maybe we just throw you in a wild hog pen for the night, and see how that goes for ya, Mr Tax Collector.

      8. Well, since this is FL and they have no state income tax, why do these revenue officers need guns? The only taxes they collect are property taxes and auto registration. They sit in an office all day. I guess they need protection from an irate auto owner registering his car.

      9. Florida is far better than many states. As a political refugee who fled the tyranny of Jim Florio in NJ its far worse up north in the DC / NY cluster.

        • Thinking about it the Czech Republic is more gun friendly than NJ.

      10. I’d prefer to conceal carry. No sense in advertising and getting harassed. I’d rather keep then wondering….

        • Florida makes no distinction on open carry if you do have a CCW permit. It shows its a felony. That ain’t cool.

          • Kevin, UPDATE: That law changed also. Its now Law that you can NOT be convicted if your weapon temporarily shows. Like you did not pull it out in a threatening way, and it was in your holster, but just showed is not a crime any more. That want into law a few months back when we had 5 great Gun bills signed by Gov Scott. FL is one of the most gun friendly States, just short of open carry with out any permit. We are working on it.

            The hardest part of FL carry is its so damn hot out in the summer, and all we wear is shorts and a t-shirt maybe. Hard to hide a gun when wearing little. So sometimes a small carry pouch waist fanny pack works for carry. I carry when I bike and use a small fanny pack. Never know what you may meet on the trail. Animal or foe.

            • XDS 45 in a Winthorp IWB work well. I wear shorts all the time with it and it stays hidden.

      11. Apparently the guy who posted the trump cnn wrestling video ?In the past posted pictures of all the Jewish employees at cnn. The list is unbelievable.

        • All Media and Hollywood Gews are scum. They all need to be deported. They are enemies of the state and hate America. Gutter lying slime. That who the real domestic enemy is. Take a good look at them, and never forget the 5 Dancing Mossad Israeilis filming and cheering on the planes hitting the towers. The parasites should have faced a firing squad.

      12. Apparently some posters here either don’t walk the way they talk or it is a simply miraculous they are still alive.

      13. No one comes collecting taxes at gunpoint. The tax officials might be doing a asessment or possibly serving a summons. When you don’t comply and refuse to pay your taxes. After the prescribed time your property is forfeited. And you might be evicted by someone wearing a gun. I have bought quite a few parcels of tax forfeited property. Florida was among the first states to allow concealed carry.

        • “Florida was among the first states to allow concealed carry.”

          They set the pattern of “Shall Issue” in 1987. Doing so then was new, uncharted area. Rules against the weapon showing were incorporated in the law. Florida’s the rough templet. In the 30 years since States found the more restrictive parts were unnecessary when they adopted their “Shall Issue”. Now low and behold Constitutional Carry is gaining steam. Unfortunately were stuck with the rough draft here in Florida as more retirees from anti gun states retire here. Its now difficult to modernize.

          • Currently about 6.06 percent of the approximately 248 million adults in the U.S., have a concealed carry permit. That’s 14,880,000 people in the US packing heat daily. 2 guns behind every blade of grass.

            “Concealed Carry permits in Florid are nearly double that of the second state, which is Texas.” — Jeb Bush on Friday, April 10th, 2015 in a speech to the NRA

            “Today there are well over 1.3 million law-abiding Floridians with a valid concealed weapons permit, 1.3 million. That’s the most in the nation — nearly double that of the second state, which is Texas. Sorry, Gov. Perry.”

            Yep, Florida does have 1,384,756 million concealed weapon permit holders as of March 2015.

            It’s not surprising that Florida would be among the top states for the number of gun permits since it is now the third most populous state in the country. But does Florida lead the nation in gun permits and is that nearly double that of the second state, which is Texas? We were fired up to find the facts.

            In the CPRC’s latest annual report which covers 2015, it notes the number of concealed handgun permits issued that year set another record, an increase of 1.73 million permits issued, slightly higher than the previous record of 1.69 million.

            Currently about 6.06 percent of the approximately 248 million adults in the U.S., have a concealed carry permit.

            Ten states have more than 10% of the adults registered as concealed carry holders with Indiana the highest at 15% and South Dakota coming in at number two with 14.7%. Three states, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, have over a million residents each who are concealed carry permit holders. It is also safe to say that these numbers do not reflect the true number of concealed carry holders because there are eleven states that do not require any licensing.

            One interesting side note is between 2012 and 2016, in states that provide data by gender, the number of women with permits has increased at double the rate of men.

            What studies have consistently shown, since Florida introduced concealed carry in 1988, is only 0.02% of all concealed carry permit holders have gone on to commit a gun-related crime. After passing their concealed carry law, Florida’s homicide rate fell from 36% above the national average to 4% below. Similarly, the Texas murder rates fell 50% faster than the national average, rape rates dropped 93% faster in the first year after enactment and 500% faster in the second year.

            Conversely, cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles with the most restrictive gun ownership laws, have shockingly high violent crime rates.

            ht tps://

          • I was told that they do not allow it because they do not want to scare the Tourons, especially the Brits.
            But in the State and federal constitution we have a right to keep And bear arms, but we can only carry if we do so concealed, and with a permit. If you need a permit to do something it is no longer a right but a privileged, unfortunately the leftists control the Florida supreme court, thanks to Lying Lawton Chiles and RHINO Governors JEB Bush Charlie Crist, care less for the state and Federal Constitutions and more for liberal progressive tyranny

      14. An article like this is intended to inform and enlighten; or, is it?

        What you say can be used against you in a Court of Law.


        • “What you say can be used against you in a Court of Law.”
          Mr. crackskulls is screwed~!

      15. Your all a bunch of tax slaves! Get your slave asses back to work!

      16. All governments city county state and national raise taxes and fees like clockwork. Fiat dollared until death to keep them whole.

      17. Well, lets just take a step back from all the empty promises and look at it from perspective of the tax collector.
        He or she is doing their job; working for the government and hoping for the pension when they retire at 55.
        The very same government that sent them to collect the money imprint in theirs minds that taxation pays for their kids indoctrination, sorry; collage, and their paycheck. So as far they know, they are public servants doing all of us favor by stealing, sorry; collecting taxes.
        They are no more then average citizen performing his or hers duties and in the process they have same rights as all of us do :
        …keep and bear arms….
        So, what is all the fuss about?

      18. You know what, we need to do what they did in the old days, HANG these mother fucking tax thieving sons of no good bastards!! Dump a bucket of Napalm on their asses.

      19. Florida needs to be wiped off the map. Bunch of low iq scum zombies who think they are the shit

      20. Always someone watching you little whiny mouth offs. We will shear you until your pennyless. Nothing you can do about it. Sign or no sign we are coming for your money. Laughable these forums, still talking about the second revolution. It’s not happening you bunch of low IQ fat prepping morons. We own you, never forget that.

      21. All the bravado aside on the “See the Sign, I’m Gonna Shoot You Pig…”

        Here’s a practical problem. My name is Ronly Bonly Jones and the Five-Oh show up at my door with an Arrest Warrant for one Piggly Wiggly Jones who somehow got associated with my address.

        Now, I never heard of Piggly and he is a not a Relate nor friend and I say so with gusto to the assembled crew.

        Cop says he and his partner need to come inside for a walk thru to check for Piggly just in case he’s got my wife/kid/grandma in the back bedroom with a 12 GA jammed up their whatever…

        You feelin’ lucky Mr Strapped On?

        Legal minds have told me that the Warrant trumps your bad-ass signs and brave talk.

        Are you ready to die on that hill for the mistaken Piggly Jones?

        I have had friends in recovery ministry face this kind of Police harassment on more than one occasion.


      22. I remember from my airline days back in the 1980’s some Pilots commenting about airport security how they would dress down a uniformed police officer, but an IRS agent in plain clothes and armed to the teeth could walk right through security and no one dared to touch or even question him.

      23. No tax collector ever comes to your door or confronts you in person and states pay me money . They send letters, they send registered letters, publish notices in the newspapers. Possibly have papers or a summons served. After all those efforts fail then a LEO with a vaild warrant will show up.

        • You are incorrect Old Guy. Revenue Agents carry guns. The only reason for that is they confront people in person about their taxes. THEY are the LEO that shows up with the warrant.
          I have personal experience with these facts in my profession of defending people as a CPA.

      24. It shows, quite literally, that most of the people live by the hand of the tax collector — sinecures and stipends.

        • It has always been funny, to me, that this is the basis of class warfare.

          Sinecures — corporate welfare
          Stipends — social welfare

          The people complaining, from whichever side, probably owe their entire existence to these armed agents

      25. Beware vacationing in Florida. They have open container laws that include your front porch, the beach , the woods , anywhere? And many traitors to enforce these laws.

      26. The reason why they carry guns is because they are ROBBING you.

        If you read your Constitution it will tell you they are committing treason.

        Proof is the Supreme Court ruled it illegal to tax income then later changed their mind.

        Only a business can be taxed. You don’t make income, you BARTER for wages.

        And the Constitution does not mandate government create an agency to collect taxes. Only CONGRESS is to collect taxes.

        So, every time you write a check out to the private organization of “IRS” you are committing treason because it is NOT going to Congress.

        Now you know why they carry guns.

      27. No thanks! I don’t need open carry. We have concealed carry in Florida and that’s better from my point of view. Why advertise what you have? It might be good for official types just so peeps know not to fool with them, but for me concealed is the way to go.

      28. “….on the other hand, if you revile and worship the government which steals from you….”

        Mac ~ I assume you meant ‘revere’ rather than ‘revile’

        Don’t mean to sound nit-picky… actually I’m impressed with how typo-free your writing is. Lots better than mine, that’s for sure!

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