Target Is At It Again: This Time They Are Suing A Man For Saving A Woman’s Life From a Knife-Wielding Killer

by | May 22, 2016 | Headline News | 165 comments

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    target-turner(Target is suing Michael Turner for stopping a knife-wielding murder)

    If Target’s latest non-family-friendly bathroom policy hasn’t convinced you of their total lack of common sense, then just keep reading.

    In 2013 Michael Turner saw Leon Walls attack and then stab a 16-year old girl. The attack was so violent that Allison Meadows would have been murdered right there at the Target checkout counter had two other men and Turner not stepped in with a baseball bat.

    As the surveillance video below shows, after Walls had begun stabbing Meadows, Turner tackled him and then chased him to the front of the store.

    A clear case of self defense, right?

    You’d think so, but not for Target.

    The mega-retailer is now suing Turner and the other two men who stepped in to help the victim of the attack, claiming that it was their actions that led to the stabbing of Meadows:

    While Meadows thanks Turner, Target blames him. Court documents say the company claims Turner chased Walls with a baseball bat into the entrance of the store, creating more danger to those inside.

    Target filed a counterclaim against Turner, adding him as a defendant to the case. The trial is expected to being on Monday. Meadows and his family will commute to Pennsylvania on Sunday to attend.

    Two other men are also being sued by Target, however Turner is the only one without an attorney. Instead, he will be representing himself.

    Watch the surveillance video:

    Meadows and her family vehemently disagree with Target’s legal assault on Turner, calling Turner’s actions heroic and crediting them with preventing Meadows’ murder. The Meadows family has sued the store, claiming that the retail company had inadequate security, and alleging that the store, by suing Turner, is just trying to blame someone else for Target’s own refusal to protect the safety and security of its customers.

    “Suing Michael Turner is just Target’s way of trying to blame someone else for what happened under their own roof,” an attorney for the Meadows family said, “The family certainly doesn’t blame Mr. Turner and they are thankful he was there that day.”

    Via The Federalist

    Is there anyone left at Target corporate offices who has a bit of common sense?


    Undercover Video Proves That Men — Not Transgendered People, but MEN — Can Use the Women’s Restroom at Target Now

    Viral Video: Woman Chases Sex Offender Trying to Film Her at Target

    650,000 People Sign Pledge to Boycott Target Stores After Company Announces Transgender Bathroom Policy


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      1. Lord have mercy on Corporate management for their evil behavior.

        • I think that it is high past time to STOP SPENDNG YOUR MONEY AT TARGET.

          Let’s bankrupt them asap.

          • Haven’t shopped there since Target said “NO” when we asked them for help in the war with Iran.

        • I have 2 Target gift cards, each valued for $25. Anyone need them? I would donate them to the local woman’s shelter but then they’d have to deal with God only knows in the ladies room so that is not an option. Maybe I’ll sell them on ebay.

          Maybe my comments are Ha*e spe*cH???????? Maybe Target will sue me? Maybe young women brides-to-be will no longer register for wedding gifts at Target???

          • Wilson, no worry, you’re in the right place. I always make some kind of comments that some ‘perpetually offended retard’ would consider to be ‘hate speech’, but I don’t care. I don’t follow any so-called ‘hate speech’ law anyway.

            • Given that 40% of Millennials support restrictions on freedom of speech if it hurt someones feelings (thanks for the guidance Baby Boomers!), I think we need a lot more hate speech.

              FUCK AUTHORITY


              Here’s a new video from the Moly on Aristotle

              • Acid, I agree.

            • If you guys want to see real idiocy, go to that article at the federalist and read the comments section!

              • Sixpack, which article at the federalist? Looks like an interesting site.

            • Here’s an idea….for women. You walk into a “ladies” room, and you see a man walk in there….you start screaming at the top of your lungs. Help arrives, and you loudly say,
              “there’s a man in the LADIES room…a man with a P_nus belongs in the MENS room!!!” I wonder if the woman will get arrested for “bigetry”? I’m pissed tho about all this transgender sh_t. I’m gonna do it if i am in a ladies bath room and i see a man walk in!

          • Target already got the money once the cards were purchased. Get a T shirt made that states the gender neutral Target bathroom policy on the back, put it on and go in and argue with them that you want your money back. Oh, bring someone with you with a cell phone to record the interaction.

            The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I’ll bet at a minimum their corporate people will hear about it.

            • Most importantly be polite but firm.

              • Don’t forget MOST of the people are just plain old normal folks trying to make a living, it is the UPPER MANAGEMENT that is the real scumbags!!! and those are the ones who need to be TARGETED, ( sorry could not miss that joke) but it is very sad to see that type of mind set in a upper management positions!!

                • Workers don’t set policy. Completely understand. Personally I would want money back for the card. Politely being annoying helps.

                  • Kevin2, ‘politely being annoying’. Good one.

                    • See the Evalion ….the most antisamitic video ever. before it’s too late. This is world shaking.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      At the risk of being accused of being anti Semitic, and I am not as I admire the accomplishments and advances to science, technology and medicine that Jewish people have contributed and have Jewish friends, they have honed the “Politely Being Annoying” to a fine art. Italians raise their voice within two minuets in a debate. This allows the other party an excuse to end the conversation. A Jewish person will just wear you down with incessant badgering. You either give up, walk away or conceded. Wilson needs to rent one for this and video it. It will go YouTube Viral.

                • Upper management and their attorneys,
                  Add em to the list

                  • Kula
                    AGREED!!! attorneys have played a BIG part in the demise of this country in many ways!!



          ITS FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!





          • You are such a fowl mouth, disgusting, and probably the same type of person you just described. You must have a very low opinion of yourself. I pity you.




          FUCK AMERICA

          • Eh,would be cool with those that instituted this lawsuit against brave men getting stabbed,no problems there.I would though not want their kids to get stabbed unless they earned it,their parents insanity itself does not earn that action.

            • One must wonder what the scenario would be if the OWNERS daughter was the one being stabbed (then saved)?

          • Then go to Irac so you can get beheaded. I’m surprised that your rant was not taken down before it hit the masses. You are such a fowl mouth person. And you kiss the people you care about with that mouth of yours? Just remember, What goes around comes around.

        • Amen. You know, several years ago, Macy’s fired a woman for not letting a man in the women’s washroom. I went to our local Macy’s and asked to see the manager. I *very* politely, but VERY firmly told him that if that happened in our local store, we were pulling our business. I was not ranting or raving, but just stated facts, and kept it short. He actually agreed with me.

          But here is my concern. I’ll bet I was the ONLY person in this store’s area that went in and complained. Imagine if there had bee 50, or 500? And that, mes amis,is where we are losing the war.

          We do use the brick and mortar Barnes and Nobles in Naperville, IL., and once I simmer down, I am going to go in and talk with them, too.

          And while you are at it, Starbucks has an even more vile management – anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro gay, you name it. Get your joe somewhere else… please

          • I go in there, have my coffee and tell people about Jesus. I may start wearing my NRA hat. Depends on my mood. I like being the monkey in the wrench. The fly in the ointment. Why avoid when you can make the left uncomfortable?

          • Test,while I hate stars coffee and politics they still allow carry in their stores,just ask tis at least kinda concealed,tis their store so am ok with that.I just wouldn’t go there as their coffee sucks and tis over priced.

            • WarChild; “in their stores” you say? The only StarBucks I’ve seen (ever) is inside a grocery chain (INGLES) ‘hogging up’ space that was once used for hard-to-find fruits and non-GMO products (Organically Grown is what I mean to say).

              As you can see, we don’t exactly “get out” too often… for damn good reason now-a-days.

        • Another reason to boycott Target.

      2. Counter Sue.!!!

        • Regarding men using the ladies room.

          Transgender means the plumbing has been removed and reassembled. Until the job is complete; access denied.

          • Well, until I can freaking decide I’m gonna continue to piss in the women’s room sinks. Far too many men-women in the men’s room. Pedo in BOTH baths (so I’m safe on that count, and being armed gives me a chance to “pop n’ flush” their asses down the tubes.

            • There is a movie from a couple of decades ago with Christopher Walken named , “Blast From The Past”. The premise is that a family went underground in 1962 thinking that a nuclear war took place and emerged in the mid 1990s. Thinking about that, if someone went into a coma in 1960 and came out today the social changes would freak them out. I think things can’t get any more bazaar, using gay marriage as an example, and then its transgendered bathrooms and mandates from the government to include locker rooms in HS. I wonder what a decade from now will bring as we’re on Warp Factor Insanity.

              • Loved that movie. They raised a gentleman and his love interest thought him bizarre. We are a very weird society today.

              • Kevim, apropos of your comment:

                Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

                Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841) Charles Mackay.

              • Kev2:

                Don’t worry. The pendulum is swinging back.

                • B from CA

                  Your more optimistic than I. I envision a free for all social order devoid of norms that are the fabric that holds communities together. It might be in their grand plan to facilitate homogenization. Its certainly aided from the top down.

                  A friend of mine that just turned 85 said, “its a good time to be old”.

            • Bud.

              Have you been overseas where the restroom is a closet with a hole in the ground with two impressions of feet.
              Drop your drawers and pull them forward or you will “Load Up” if you are not careful.

              Oh. The Good times!

              • Yep anon. Afraid I have. Thailand has them all over the place, and I wonder if even today they have any porcelain commodes? Those peoples have been “monkey shitting” (squatting) for centuries down tiny SMELLY holes (and everyone seems to suck at aiming).

                HaHa…..thank you for the memories. :-)~

                • Adding a bit more to that, I’ve taken dumps while sitting on a thick board across a ditch (naked as a J-Bird and bring your own TP) in the poorer areas of some villages (they have power and ‘some’ running water but prefer to shit in the ditches. 3rd world attitudes/’practices’ never left their minds I suppose? *Just as NASTY as hovering over a shitty-shit hole ‘slathered’ in old urine, blood and …omg….that’s enough of that.

            • Re: Men in the women’s restrooms and now in the women’s DRESSING ROOMS

              from an email…

              “You never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
              -Rahm Emanuel

              Protect your children.
              The current legal system often gives sex offenders just a slap on the wrist, rather than the punishment they deserve.

              I believe pedophiles and other criminals will USE this new bathroom and now dressing room situation.

              Parents, I would stay CLOSE BY the public restrooms and dressing rooms (at malls, stores, etc.) when your children are there. I see preteens and young teens as the most vulnerable.

              Man Allowed To Use Women’s Dressing Room In Ross Store
              Ross store employee: “he was representing himself as a woman today.”

              “He was in no way dressed as a woman,” … “He had on jeans, a t-shirt, 5 o’clock shadow, very deep voice. He was a man.”

              Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls allow customers to decide based on gender identity, according to customer services.
              Representatives from Kohl’s say their store require customers to use facilities aligned with their biological gender.”

              “None of the companies would discuss how they train their employees to handle customers who claim to be transgender.”

              Liberal Vermont Judge suspends sentence, releases Convicted Child Rapist after 60 days.
              “When a six-year-old girl is raped over a four year period by a 34-year old man, and that man gets all but 60 days of his prison sentence suspended, there is no justice system.”
              “While general crime in that state (Vermont) was down in 2004, sex crimes rose 59 percent and half the victims were children.”

              High School teacher sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping student, Judge suspends sentence to 30 days
              The Judge said the 14 year old “looked older”. The teenager committed suicide.

              Very sad that a U.S. Judge would actually SAY and WRITE such things.
              Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’

              and this woman is running for president…
              Hillary Clinton BRAGS About Getting A Pedophile Off The Hook (VIDEO)

              “To this day, the victim (was 12 when raped) still harbors resentment toward Clinton for the way she was treated. In fact, she subscribes many of the obstacles she faced in later life to the trauma caused her by Clinton’s handling of the trial.

              “Hillary Clinton took me through Hell,” she stated in an interview with the Daily Beast. “I would say [to Clinton], ‘You took a case of mine in ’75, you lied on me… I realize the truth now, the heart of what you’ve done to me.

              And you are supposed to be for women? You call that [being] for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.”

              The Hillary Clinton Tapes

              • MOM – there have already been TWO such instances. One man was caught with two ‘unconscious, young girls. The mother “had a feeling” and upon opening the door caught him dragging her daughter into a stall and another on the floor, knocked out in some manner. So you can bet your sweet bippy the peds have been given “room to romp” …another stab in the back from our nonUSA government.

                I have to ask, where is the “line in the sand” on this, or has one even been drawn as of yet? imho ….that line was crossed the day Obama “over-reached” his authority, and with each EO does more of the same. The man CAN NOT WRITE LAWS …so why the heck does anyone remotely consider ‘adherence’ to an unlawful law? Thousands of such laws are overflowing the ‘parchment’ (and in direct opposition to The Constitution.

                I’m sick and tired of being called a frigging Domestic Terrorist when it is the opposite (yet because they are elected THEY are right and I am wrong…. mmmm, screw that too. My apologies for the rant and thanks for the opportunity to let it out! Geee-Yawd!

                • Bud,

                  Thank you for the information. I searched the internet and found several links.

                  If anyone else has links, please post them.

                  I want to warn parents of young children.

                  Thank you!

                • Makes you wonder where our do nothing Congress is in all of this? Do they represent the people or not?

            • i like to piss on the toilet paper rolls myself

              • Oh ….is that was that was?

              • You are gross!! Even if it was your half-ass’d attempt to be funny.



        • Personal injury includes psychological trauma. Many people do not want to give one third of the monetary award to an attorney or to pay expenses but that is just part of how the courts work. You either share your take or you get screwed. Mr. Michael Turner get a famous cowboy attorney and take Target to the cleaners. They should have thanked you and given you a thousand dollar prepaid card and asked you not to advertise the card so as not to encourage inappropriate imitators.

          • B from CA.

            Psychological Trauma.

            That is why the American people can not deal with stress. Everything is psychological trauma. One excuse after another.

            How much physical or mental pain can you endure?

            • That depends upon whether or not you are talking about before or after our “Nervous Breakdowns and Panic Attacks?” 🙂

          • B from CA, I don’t blame Turner for representing himself because 1., he most likely doesn’t have money for an attorney and 2., he’s not going to find anyone with a law degree he can trust. Attorneys are just like corporations; they only care about money and not people.

            • Damn, that called going “Pro Se” (representing yourself). Doing that would be similar to that commercial that used to depict operating on yourself (at home) with a surgeon on the other end of the line giving you instructions.

              If you don’t know the courts procedures, which are atrocious, your ‘argument’ as a Plaintiff would be tossed out (vacated) before you started. (I’m not sure if it is called vacated or another term).

              I hope he has about 100,000 ppl outside on and in the streets of wherever they hold a hearing/hearings (you KNOW they’ll drag it out or “move it” so that nobody ever gets to hear a word, until 50 years from now). Probably will be traced back to an Obama EO …what isn’t?

              Chances are that he’ll get his ass whooped. On the flip side, especially considering the basis of this bullshit, one would think there would be thousands of attorneys offering their services for free …just to make a name for themselves if nothing more.

              • Bud, I’m not disputing any of your points, but the odds against him finding an HONEST lawyer to represent him or astronomical. His chances with the usual type of lawyer won’t be any better, but that’s just me. I’ve already been through what he’s about to go through. I had a lawyer in my lawsuit but I still lost in court. He screwed my case and I still had to pay the damn legal fees. I wish Turner the best.

                • Assume Target wins the case. This will be even less they a pyrrhic victory – if we can get the world out. The few people left who don’t already hate Target will now be pushed off the fence to go elsewhere. The only people left to patronize the store will the radical gay Brownshirts and assorted PC leftists. Good luck running a $billion+ store with half the population hating everything you stand for.

                  BTW, Barnes and Nobles has not bought into this washroom horse manure. Last time I go in their store, or buy from them.

                  The true H8TERS are the radical gays themselves. The more I go thru life, the more I see how much psychological projection infects the human race.

                  • Test,you realise the folks pushing this are radical transgenders,perhaps with a few gay radicals and those who just want to piss everyone off and keep folks attention away from more important issues facing this country.My guess is the average gay/tran does not give a fuck about this and is probably embarrassed by it.

                    Solution is easy,you don’t like a stores policy,refuse to shop there!Tis owned privately and thus can do as they wish,which may mean and include economic suicide for said store.

                  • TEST, ALL liberals are haters. That’s been my experience.

                • Yes sir, understood and agree whole-heartedly with you on the matter.


      3. We can do our part by not giving target any of our money and telling everyone that their management is scum while we cite the many examples.

        • I wonder who owns Target .. .? Maybe the same people Evalion. Talks about in her soon to be banned racist video ?

          • The most antisemetic video ever … By Evalion..

          • I don’t know, but it seems these giant corporations are showing their true colors more and more. I do know they are run by evil people, in service to an evil thing that wants us to be as twisted and perverted as it is. No thanks.

            • If I am not mistaken, most of these huge corporations that participate in Wall Street, almost all of the DOW companies…are fed from the government and have progressive programs in place, at the behest of the government….and must document compliance in order to received the federal dollars, which essentially, are our tax dollars.

            • Watch the Evalion video The most antisamitic video ever .

        • there is nothing, i repeat, nothing I need or want at Target.

          • Period.

          • 10-4

      4. They CAN NOT TOUCH THEM for being “good-samaritans.” Period. I’d love to be their lawyer.

        And Target has seen the last of my business as well as millions of others. May as well close their fucking pathetic doors …OR, are they seeking to kill as many Americans as possible? Is it run by Moslems? Federal Facility?

        I can’t wait to hear THEIR “argument” to support their most precarious position. The people of this country are already fed up, and this may well start yet another fire we have never thought of. Perhaps it is ‘false-flagged’ …and the stabber will be out, no bail, in 72hrs with no charges filed. It’s no diff than rape, which the feds are seeking to make LESS of a crime so that the rapes on college-grounds in all states won’t have any reason to carry a firearm …cuz they’ll HAVE TO BY LAW LAY DOWN AND SPREAD FOR ANYONE WISHING “SOME”. Pedo’s …same thing. Hillary WANTS to lessen the punishments for such vile acts, is a lesbian child-lover herself (from everything I’ve read over the years, true or not I’ve no clue).
        Keeee-RIM-Men-eee!!!! This is why I carry three pistols and three SOG ‘throwing knifes’ ….as even in these small towns around me it is becoming “strained” and unpredictable. There is no such thing as NOT paying attention to your surroundings, and these days you can not trust ANYONE! Like the dad that shot his very young son for jumping on the bed. wtf over?

        • Yo Bud , it’s all over except for the bullets to start flying here

        • Bud says,

          Thanks — a salient post is one you make.

          The defenders of the girl should receive medals for their courage.

          Target should lose every one of its customers.

          Target deserves to go bankrupt (i.e., INTO THE TOILET WITH THEM).

          The attacker should go to prison for a long, long time.

          Look unto Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

        • Bud

          How do you keep your pants up carrying all those weapons? ;0)

          • lol Anon…. It is easy. I wear an instructors ‘nylon-web’ belt with ‘dual-brass-locks (in the buckle), adjustable using “hook & loop” umm, VELCRO! (for that perfect fit in a 2-inch belt. The belt holds a Glock .40 at 3 oclock right side, left side a “three-clip-magazine pouch (also velcro). I wear a “Miami Sling” for a Glock .45 which also has a dual (or you can order four) mag holder. (It has ‘grips’ to help steady it to your belt …helps with the pants greatly)! heheh… The throwing knives (SOG), are three in one, three-holed sheath with each knife graduated higher than the first (easy access by tactile/feel only). That has three different ways of attaching and most often rides ‘on the side of my right leg’ (strong side) or on my ‘sling'(just shy of topping the shoulder, out of the way of my weak arm).
            I’ve always believed in having a backup, and in having serious bang-bangs …prolly something to do with being in the military for 21yrs? Overkill? Perhaps, but it doesn’t restrict me nor is it overly uncomfortable (until you ‘don’ your bullet-proof vest …then, vented or not, wicking T-shirt or not, you KNOW you are ‘toting a load’ (and that’s nothing compared to a soldiers ‘burden’ on his back, chest, legs, arms, boots, head and ass. 🙂

            Good enough for Massad Ayoob, good enough for me. He used to carry as many as 50+ pistols …at the same time. (Got a pic too)! What he carried filled a decent sized table!

            • Sorry, add a .38 +P hang ‘backwards’ on my weak side, behind the mag holder. Just a revolver with 5 rounds, no ‘hammer’ outside and very light.

        • +1
          Will order shit online rather than buy anything from Target

      5. The only people who’d want to be seen in Target’s clothing anymore are LGB, Trannies, and Bums. They’re giving a whole new meaning the “the bum’s rush”.

        • Yep.. 2 percent of the population. Add in other radical leftists maybe 10 percent or so. Good luck Target with that demographic.

          Correction. I don’t wish you good luck at all, Target. Rather, a quick, corporate death/bankruptcy

      6. Trolls to look our for..

        Copper and Old Guy..

        These two are now took me awhile guys to figure out that this was the case, at least now we know the truth… See previous threads go see what they did and mentioned, calling BS on the economy and BS on the callapse. Calling me a liar and calling
        My sources a fake, when in fact they are real sources. I am currently monitoring 6 other Agency Nsa clowns and you 6 will get your asses handed to you soon. Keep posting make feel good crap on this site and see if I don’t our your ass and ban you phuck’s.. the country and economy is in callapse and the environment is in callapse and solar system extra bodies are affecting our planet and will escalate the environmental fallout including the recent breach of the Gulf here in Texas and Louisiana and that leak that just opened up, BP oil spill, .as they destroy our gulf and planet and drop oxygen levels to kill out the south.. Yes folks this sis what they have planned..


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • HCKS.

          Your are spending too much time being the, ” Agency Ass Clown Super Moderator”.

          There will always be those who will disagree with you. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I do not agree with personal attacks but at times they may be warranted.
          Spelling and grammar are the least of my complaints as I often commit the same crime in what I post.

          Time is getting short. If you remember the Bose Sound commercial. I am the person sitting in the chair, as all the crap flies by me.

          • Agreed.

        • HCKS. Staaaahp already. Give it up and move on.

          • I used to try to ignore his rants and look at the content of his posts. Lately it’s getting so when I see his name I just hit PAGE DOWN a few times and skip over it. Kind of like I do with GMAFB’s posts. It just gets to be too much after a while.

      7. Is guy in photo with sign one of the hero’s?I will say,though didn’t get a good grab on attacker the guy who jumps off of register counter to try and stop attack pretty damn motivated.I do hope they all get good lawyers and successfully sue Target!

        I will get ahold and list corporate e-mail contact with a live link,take a moment and write to em,keep it to just this case.Use a separate e-mail you want to get on em about bathroom issue

      8. Who shops at target?

        Correction: Who still shops at Target?

      9. I do not think the hero/gentlemen should be prosecuted in any manner. The man with a knife poses a danger and the act of displaying the weapon of any kind shows intent to follow through. Similar to having a gun pointed at you. Does one act or stand pat?
        Target is a company and in so can be a “target” of frivolous law suits by ambulance chasing dickheads. Those that give Good Lawyers a bad name. Something about technicalities and hypotheticals that I dislike.

        This bathroom problem can be solved with a bathroom that can accommodate both sexes but only one person or party (Women) can use it. Might have to stand in line but you lock the door behind you. One sign above the door RESTROOM. Hell, line a bunch of Porto Potties outside the store.

        Back to the point of the law suit.

        Should the Good Samaritan Law be denied, how would that affect your willingness to help others in danger.

        • Anon,will still try and help others regardless of how this turns out!I posted target e-mail and corporate phone # but linked live so may be in moderation for awhile.Good folks disagree with this insanity but take a moment and let company know,and,obviously,avoid shopping there!

          • WD.
            Despite what I have said before on this site I will still help others. I am so angry about how this country has taken a turn for the worst. And that I am incarcerated by the laws that hinder my attempts to set it free. Too many Laws. Laws that Enslave Us. Laws enacted by those who are incapable of acting cohesively within society. By those who have No Back Bone. Those looking for the easy fix. The easy way out.

            WD. I am getting too old for this shit.

            • Anon and Warchild, I’m with both of you. I’ll still keep doing what I’ve been doing regardless of how this turns out. Those guys are heros, not criminals. They didn’t even give a shit about the POS with the knife or the victim. I was already avoiding Target because they don’t have a damn thing that interest me and now I have another reason to stay away from them. Corporations have never cared about people, only money.

            • Anon,ain’t that old yet but have reached the age were I feel nothing to lose and everything to gain,i.e.,a wound spring.I thus try and do something fun and enjoy every day in relative peace I have till it’s gone.

        • I would still help (but I’ve got 1.1 mil in insurances via USCCA (United States Carry Concealed Association. For around 30 bucks a month you’ll get 1.1 million in coverage (all facets) and all the legal help you’ll ever need in the event you have to pop someone.
          Without it …I dunno as ‘clearly’. It would be situation dependent. If someone is being brutally raped, stabbed, at gunpoint, etc OF COURSE I’d intervene …that’s one reason I carry and I’d hope another CC would do the same for me or my loved ones.
          If it was a marital dispute …I’d prolly run the other way?

      10. WTF, who runs or owns this chain? Bloomberg?

        • I don’t know but I just read that Soros is an agent for the Rothchilds.

          • Think?

        • Dayton Corp…

          ht tps://

          • Evalion. knows The most antisemetic video ever?

      11. I stopped going in Target back when they asked concealed carry holders not to bring their guns into Target stores. Shortly after that we got news of the credit card breach where the card numbers of millions were stolen. Next came the bathroom policy. Now this. I’m fkn amazed that ANYBODY ever walks into that place anymore.

      12. No matter whether samaritan law works or not,would not hesitate beyond as acting best line of offense to use in trying to stop such a attack.You could sue me(good luck getting anything!)but will still not hesitate to help in these situations.

        Here is corporate office phone #1-612-591-3869 and here is a page to get a e-mail to target: ,tis a pain but send them a e-mail.Yopu decide to call corporate during business hours be nice to the person on other end as just a working class slob like us all,you could hope they find a better job with a better company though.

      13. Get rid of the lawyers, all of them. Then the people would not be subject to politicians and crooked judges. Is there even such a thing as a honest lawyer? Target sucks big time, I just looked through their Sunday ad, everything is grossly overpriced. They should be boycotted and forced out of business. Just another evil greedy corporation, sick on top of that. To make capitalism fair open your records in regards to profit, fairness has turned into gangster gouging despite the shape of the economic flop in current motion.

        • Alijamo:

          Drive them out of business. Could be they want to fold because sales are down. This could be real or it could be a hoax designed to hide something more. One never knows. All the world is a stage.

        • We need to go back to the “old west” justice system. Everyone carries a “sixshooter” and knows how to use it. Some idiot pulls a knife and threatens anyone, they would end up with a half dozen guns trained on them. If our idiot continues the bad behavior you send him to the great beyond. Problem solved. No lawyers needed.

        • Aljamo, I agree on the lawyers. Never met an ethical lawyer in my whole life.

          • Braveheart 1776

            You may be on to something here. ;o)

            • Anon, I speak from personal experience. I was a defendant in a lawsuit once and my lawyer screwed my case, but that’s another story for another thread.

              • I am presently in the midst of a ‘bad lawyer’. Took the bucks and did nothing but hang me out to be screwed. Thankfully a judge found their actions to be reprehensible and dropped everything. Still, I’m out 600 bucks and the lawyer did nothing to earn a penny of it. Can I sue them? Yeah, but it would cost more than I would get, even with “damages caused” tacked on. He’s on my ‘list’ ….winkwinkwink

                • Bud, sorry to hear about that, but at least you came out a lot better than I did. another story for another time. It’s one subject I’m extremely reluctant to talk about.

                • I have an old friend of 75 who inherited ten thousand dollars from his aunt. He owed credit cards and they froze his bank account before he got the money, so he gave the money to his lawyer to “hold” for him in the lawyers bank. Well, after a year he found out the lawyer spent every penny, some story about he owed school loans. Then the lawyer got real sick and died. So my friend is outa the money. He said he felt sorry for the lawyer! HAH !!

          • Braveheart1776

            Attorney’s are the feeder pool for politicians. Its like boot camp.

            • Kevin2, that’s sad but true. there’s where most of the politicians come from.

        • Say aljamo, you ‘sparked’ a thought in my tiny brain. Why not dispense with judges and simply select (fair) Jury people? As they say, ’tis better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6′ right?

          No need for a judge (since most ARE ‘proven’ to be corrupt), and (almost) above the law. (Hard to ‘stomp’ a judge even if they frigged up big-time).

          Yeah! Just have a Jury do all the deciding …a jury of “We, the People.

      14. When our family goes shopping at Target I always bring a 12 oz soda cup of kerosene with a lid and straw protruding from it, along with a cigarette lighter.

        If one of the kids need to use the restroom I give them the cup and lighter. If ANY inappropriate action is perpetrated upon them, they have been trained and instructed to remove the lid, slosh the creep with the flammable liquid, light the lighter and scream for help. Should the pervert be so stupid as to approach the kid within a foot…

      15. Hate target they are Antigun there is no monthly gun magazines. Fuck them bunch of faggit lovers all set with them I never go there.

      16. You may have fun with this. I actually did sent this to public relations manager at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago:


        Ms. Rodgers,

        I plan to visit Shedd Aquarium in the near future, and have a question for you. With all the recognition of the rights of the LGBTQ community today – which I am sure you fully agree with – I would like to know if you will allow me, in the interest of intellectual and moral consistency, to use the dolphin pool as a “washroom,” should the need arise. You see, Ms. Rodgers, I have always identified as a dolphin – I love swimming, taking baths, and really enjoyed watching Flipper as a child. I knew very early that I was a dolphin, despite the oppressive human-centric bias against us who identify as porpoises, and despite having two legs and opposing thumbs.

        I do hope you will provide the same respect to us dolphins who happen to have a human-like body, and that Shedd will quickly approve of us in the LGBTQ-D community.

        You may also wish to consider providing litterboxes for people who identify as cats – see this woman here: or this former person who now identifies as a horse

        Copying a few others here who also identify as porpoises. Perhaps we’ll all visit as a group! Please also provide your reasoning, should you answer in the negative, as I would be very curious to understand why biology is determinative for only some in the politically correct sphere, and not all.

        Thank you,

        Flipper Jim

      17. Rednek101
        Lord have mercy! You would be welcomed in my camp.

        I am sure that talking will not set a firm foundation in any form of negotiations. I believe a good ass kicking sets the foundation if people want to live together. I am not talking about world politics where weapons of mass destruction are involved.

      18. If someone came at me with a knife, I’d give him 2 9mm slugs to the head and be done with it.

        • Braveheart1776

          You take all the fun out of it. ;0)

          • Anon, LOL. If anyone else wants to beat the shit out of a knife-wielder they can have at it. Just hope they don’t get stabbed themselves. I’m only referring to any potential situation I could get into.

            • lol …most often, in a knife fight, BOTH sides do not ‘fair’ very well at all. BOTH go to an ER and bear the scars for life.

              If you know how (exactly), disarm the sob first (many cannot ‘draw’ like lightning)! I ‘think’ I’m fast …yet not fast enough if they arms-length and SUDDENLY present a blade. Instinct would prevail, I believe, and taking a knife away isn’t that much diff than taking a pistol away. Easily done to ‘punk thugs’ (which is why they tend to hold their weapons “oddly” high if you’ve noticed)? But, that’s what you WANT them to do (as they are leaving you a big hole to work with. Amen!

              • Eh bud,with two trained/experienced knife fighters usually at least one if not both bleed out.20 feet the minimum distance wanted from someone with a knife for average draw and react pistol carrying person it seems

                • Bud and Warchild, spot on. You want that knife fighter to be as far away as possible when you take your self-defense action. Tip: pepper spray will stop a knife attack if it’s all you have. I’ve seen it done.

                  • Warchild & Braveheart. Oh yes! Agreed. I am looking at this from the angle of a retired special forces veteran, so I’m confident I’d prevail in “battle of the blades” (my battle-knife is ‘dagger-like’ in that both side have blades but covers (partially) the hand.
                    A blade at The Tueller ‘distance’ (21-feet) is as close as the sob would get, if seen.
                    As for bleeding out – – that can be arranged with one ‘stroke’ in any of several places. (Blood pressure drops BANG and down they go in half-a-second). Inner-upper thigh (major veins there leading straight to the heart (and very large), either side of the neck (of course) causes near-instant unconsciousness or a “dive” directly into “the pump” always gets their undivided attention. (also lungs …hell, anyplace you’d aim for with a firearm). *This is why I favor throwing knifes, and I’ve had years to perfect the art enough to ‘trust myself’ with them (meaning, trusting my life to them). Serious shit as always….

            • No doubt you would braveheart.

              • Troll, I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to protect myself and my own family. Damn any consequences. Wouldn’t you do the same for your own family?

      19. Target should be put out of business. They offer nothing in the way of goods that any other retail store doesn’t carry. First they took away all gender labels from toys, clothing and bathrooms. Banned bell ringers at x-mas. Banned conceal carry gun owners. Now they want to sue someone from stopping a murder?! You can’t make this crap up! They have made their intentions clear and I am not spending one penny in their stores from this point.their stock is tanking but they say its not due to customers fleeing but climate change. Yep, that’s it. climate change.

        • lol ….okay, if that ‘trips your trigger it’s fine with me. You forgot one item. They have also banned God and are working on eliminating Him in everything that remains of Him and Christianity.

          Climate change? I believe you are right. It is called Nuclear Winter, and it sucks beyond belief (if the predictions are correct, the earth will not see sunlight for decades). No sun, no oxygen, no life for anyone. So… it would be foolish for them to self-destruct after working so very hard to steal all the shit they have thusfar? Or, are they content with living underground For The Rest Of Their Lives with all the gold and silver and trinkets picked off the bodies of preppers and sheeples alike? Damn …perhaps, if they are THAT insane, it may not have occurred to them …yet?
          Obama prolly believes that his god has made him radiation proof. (But not lead-proof as he did NOT swallow ANY of that water). We’ve played that over and over, enlarged it, asked an ENT doc about it (he said no way could he have swallowed as the muscles involved did NOT move. (There’s your proof ON FILM). *I’m not sure I would want to place my bets on ONE doctor’s opinion, although he’s from Bethesda, MD (military hospital) …so it would seem he’d know the diff…

        • I quit going to Target when they banned the boy scouts from selling popcorn in front of their stores. Now I have this reason too. If I’m not mistaken they are owned by a French firm(left wing).

          • @Jim, I didn’t know that about the Boy Scouts…not surprised. I have never been one to jump on the boycott movements, but at this point it shouldn’t be ignored. They are sick and I want no part of it. I love small shops where open and conceal carry are welcome and the money stays in the community. When you openly allow grown men in a women’s bathroom and sue someone for protecting another person from being killed- well, that is some sick sh!t.

            • At the risk of sounding ignorant (as it’s impossible to keep up with all the crap going down), what the hell was the original catalyst that sparked opening up the restrooms to UNISEX? Obama and his deviousness at it again? If so, it would be in line with him recently removing the ‘lid’ we had on Vietnam so that The United States can NOW COMPETE with them …because THEIR workers work for 1/10th of what Americans expect for pay (and NEED or starve). So, there is another “fuck you” from The Oval Office.
              Am I wrong? Half-right? Off-the-mark-totally or ???

      20. Anon the easy fix is socialism and multiculturalism and inclusion. It’s easy to impose laws on everyone that are designed to include all the freaks of society. Stealing from successful folks to make bums equal is the plan by tptb. Scumbag corporations are in on the deal too. It’s all part of the utopian agenda. I’m a big believer in God help those who help themselves. That is why they are blessed IMO. I’ve said this so many times everyone needs to stop spending $ in these stores. Especially the ones that promote homosexuals and transsexuals. They do not deserve a penny of your $ if there is a culture of hatred towards these groups and a feeling that this is unacceptable to support in any way. They will have no source of funding to lobby in Washington to push this agenda. Therefore they are silenced. Target has all gays working there at least the ones near me do. I cannot be shopping there in good concience knowing they support this. By faith I’m commanded to turn away from this. Im not a worldly person and do not care about vanity or the keeping up with others. I know what I have and am capable of and do not need to prove shit to anyone.

        • Asshat, excellently written and “oh so true” in my humble opinion. I also agree that stopping the flow of money is the only way to get their attention (and bring them down quickly …they have bigger bills than we do that they MUST either ‘meet or lose greatly’ (stocks, exo-investments, etc). Again, NICE!

      21. Oh Tex,it is due to climate change,in that a lot of folks have had it with all the bullshit and sick of being fucked with by cops/govt.s/pols ect.,the climate is changing all right,do believe will be heading though into a storm of epic scale,but,a storm long overdue.

        • @Warchild, you got that right! It’s coming, and to hell with all these traitors.

      22. Anyone got any detailed info on ‘air cannons’ (the serious ones)? I’ve got a great little ‘truck-spring catapult’ with the bugs ironed out, and with the payload it will hit “close enough” …something like grenades (close is fine), so now I’d like to frig with an air-powered projectile (using steel pipe). (similar to the watermelon ‘launchers’ but with IEDs)? Legal? No, but that hasn’t stopped me so far in life (and I’m innocent as can be of anything). And dammit, I just discovered that all weapon just vanished into thin air from within a locked vault (with a broken lock so you just twist the handle). heheh… Magnets convince anyone it is locked …far from it! Think about it… You can just use ‘glued magnets’, or you can use electricity and make it impossible to open the door until you shut off the electro-magnet (and whose to say where the damned switch is)? Could be anywhere!
        Plus, when on patrol, all ferrous metal will come flying at your magnetized AR-15 for easy ‘weapons gathering’ and multiple bruises. Might want to take along a couple of ‘catchers’?

      23. Partially true story. The “savior” was actually involved in a confrontation with his two friends outside the store. The altercation moved inside and the “savior” was heavily involved. He “saved” his friend. They were all shitheads and all known to each other. Target is during them and actually look up the real story. I think you all would agree with target not putting up with this bullshit.

        • If that is the case then Target could be in the right. I don’t know the whole story so I will refrain from passing judgement just yet. I tend to think that if it is an open and shut case of pure defense then Target’s lawyers would be smart enough not to proceed with something that could tarnish the company’s image.

        • oic and yes, there ARE always two sides to all stories. You placed the entire “first response” in a totally different light …and thus it now seem much more sensical …but still “oddball” (to me anyway).




        Sorry anon, trolls such as
        Copper and old guy must be outed and put in place.. the attacks on me were ten time worst 1 year ago. Since my firm responses and others noticing that something was up as I unloaded the end game and deployed the truth about the chi-coms, the Cubans, the Russian who threatened My female friend in front of me, as I accepted the reality of Russian soldiers in our cities backing up what David Hodges and Steve were disclosing, then a major attack was thrown my way…they did not want this out..i even started to get phone calls at all sorts of hrs at night with lots of hang ups, and then a Russian and chinese female showed up on me in Copperfield Houston TX at a local restaurant, .and my friends saw them watching me and had gotten so concerned they got up an left, refused to hang our me in public because they afraid and can’t handle the heat but the people who have shown themselves to me know that I will kill then if pushed so this is the only thing that have prevented them, and the fact that two Somalia types with tattoos on the face and necks then showed up at my place with a white van demanding that I open the door and I almost opened fire on both of them through the when you see me post stuff that’s my scientist friend told me, and Government source told me then you need to know that I am telling you folks things are about to happen..We will not make it to the next election without other crap taking place.

        JJ McCartney Interview Dr James Garrow 05/18/16.. listen for your self. See

        Dr James Garrow just warned us again and so did Larry Nichols. Cuban military, Nepalese mongols, tall aggressive chinese mongol soldiers are being deployed into Texas to take down this state along with jihadist, and now I saw and article about a man’s son who was beheaded in Texas..

        Copper – fusion, Nsa, cia.

        Old Guy – fusion, Nsa, cia

        Copper and old guy are trolls who are attacking my credibility to keep things quiet.. first they Attack me then, then they ridiculed me.. then months ago, other trolls, they started to ask me the address and employer of my scientists friend to gather intelligence.. you may not have been on this site long enough to see what was happening but others have. Every thing that I post is the truth and I don’t lie to my peers on this site..People need to prep and get ready, the food and water will be cutting did in the great depression and 15,000,000 people died in the cities now that population is now 360,000,000..

        Trolls such as Copper and Old guy are trying to convince people that Venezuela is not real they the videos are fake that it all bullshit. My scientist friend told me that it’s real that they the cabal engineered that callapse to use that city, as the nationwide beta test to take down the US..that’s why Copper and Old Guy is calling me mentally ill, sick and other crap, becaus the people that they work for likes the element of surprise, to maximize suffering to then launch the attack on the civilians with foreign soldiers, to then declare martial law, kill us an take the young women away.. Now they are trying to draft the young women in the military to use that as the excuse to take away the entire younger female population, never to see you daughters again.. You people on this site may not know how serious these people are that are running things.. do you expect me to post this fact and not get my ass chewed out..or called names..


        First they Attack you, then they ridicule you, then you win..

        I have won the information war…

        • Congratulations – you may have beaten a couple of trolls, but you have a long way to go to win the info war.

          • Sixpack, at least his grammar and spelling have improved. I’ll give him that. Still getting ‘hiccups’. LOL

        • HCKS. I do have one thing that I am SURE of that will assist/support at least one of the articles you have mentioned.

          My youngest sister ended up marrying a young man from Nepal (he’s 100% Americanized and not a worry). However, he just learned that two of his brothers completed training (inner-city warfare), and are being transferred in two days to an unknown destination with approximately 18hr of airtime. (Prop-jobs take 18hrs to make it to Guam, from The USA), and Nepal would be “in the ballpark” of 18hrs as well). Their Military boasts of 95,000 trained men, add the reserves and you’ll have around 150,000 ‘boots on the ground’. (They are as fierce as the Viet Cong and not to be taken lightly, so, on that, I’ve a tendency to ‘lean your way’ …so thank you for ‘backing up what I’ve now heard TWO times, from two independent sources’.
          What the hell are we walking into? Have our leaders turned every country anti-American except for a handful who have nothing with which to assist us? (excepting Canadian-friends). I would fight for Canada as I know they’d fight for us.

        • And yet… they are still able to post in newer threads. Delusional much?

      25. Let the distractions continue

        http: //

        Because this is what they really fear

        I return you to your continued enslavement

        • Thanks for that ‘addy’ there “Enemy of The State” …’preciate it as always.

      26. From here on out target should be nothing more than a toilet stop. Ahh never mind, they already have that covered…..

      27. I came across this article on weapons man site(a great site!),should give one a little hope of what folks will do in horrific tp://,space in http to avoid the dreaded moderation game,this guy saved a lot of children and no one but him and thosde who helped him knew for 50 years,this is a good read and example of what folks should strive for in trying times.

        • Ahem …perhaps we should all discuss (in detail) any possibility of establishing an Underground of a sort/manner whilst we still have the time to do so?
          Rather than no commenting on previous posts, some ‘collusion’ and feedback would greatly increase our chances of success versus ‘random’ posts (with very few replies other than to agree).
          I am speaking of “structuring” one …nothing impossible but very credible and decidedly NEEDED. (imho)

      28. Enemy and War child.. have you ever Seen me calling you guys trolls….
        That article has some serious content…these Agency ass clowns thing that we are stupid people.

        We are a very informed people.. War is coming to all th major cities of this country and it makes my stomach sick that my future in get my ass shot at, people dying around me. This is not the future I had in mind, yet its the future I must face..

        Venezuela, look at the god damn
        Phucking place.. don’t people get what I am taking about, this is phucking real people..and its citizens are unarmed.. and they are really in extremely deep shit..

        Please listen to us and prep, prep keep doing it..


        From my cold dead hands..Molon labe chi-coms.

        • No Sir
          I have not

      29. Hk,not sure what the issue is,never took you to task excepting tell us Exactly what your friends telling you,no cryptic nonsense/ect.I believe many looking @ Ven,especially as bernie claims socialism in his blend would be good for the US.

        As far as a bleak future have been faing it for about a decade,talks with me dad who was a honest man in finance(hence,why he retired though called the godfather of bond investing)told me the whole scheme was a ponzi train wreck waiting to happen,have been warned long enuff,all the other ways thing can go wrong either man made or natural,well,just keep prepping while living for today.

      30. Just have one question for the folks who run Target.
        Are you getting dumber?

      31. Target’s stock symbol is TGT.

        I would submit that with this story, the bathrooms and the oncoming recession; it’s going to drop pretty well for the rest of the year.

        You could then use those profits and send them to some support group for children that are harmed by sexual predators and mail a letter to the president of target letting him know that you made money of target while it was losing millions with its stock dropping and let him know what you spent it on.

      32. Now I know how they got their dumb name and logo.

        You got a target on you and there’s nothing you can do about it!

        Unless you need a tranny bathroom.

        Boycott this trash corporation.

      33. HCKS… I get what you are saying, helpful hint, it’s not callapse it’s collapse.

      34. I agree with those who say that this is just Target’s way of trying to muddy the waters and shift the blame. We (that’s us, not them) have had enough of this “blame the victim” and “blame the hero” crap. The idiot management at Target is saying that the sheepdog who kills the wolf is at fault because having a sheepdog is an “attractive nuisance” for wolves and killing a wolf puts the rest of the sheep in danger (just how this is so is never explained). Target is just a jacked-up K-Mart; screw ’em. Boycott their sorry asses into Chapter 7.

      35. Test, I agree. I have already stopped going to starbucks, target, and barnes and noble. Any filthy stores who try to foist their agendas will be boycotted as well.

      36. Last year, there was a similar type incident in the North Attleboro, MA Target, where a pervert was caught entering the women’s changing room. The pervert was subdued BY CUSTOMERS, NOT TARGET SECURITY/LOSS PREVENTION PERSONNEL, until law enforcement arrived. Fortunately, no one customers were assaulted and the only one arrested was the pervert.

        Used to work for a company that did inventory control work for these clowns. Target’s problems are well beyond who can use which bathroom. The web is loaded with the type of Target stories this article and I mention.

        Look at the totality here: anyone or anything can use any bathroom or changing room they want, and management placing priority on the rights of perverts and criminals over the safety of its customers. Then factor in store locations, which will be a magnet for these types of individuals and incidents. Example: the Revere, MA Target store, which is on the backside of a horse racing track that will be getting slot machines. What’s going to happen? People are going to park their kids at Target, using it as a de facto babysitter, while they go to the racino next door. Sounds like a predator’s paradise, if you ask me.

        As for all the posts calling for Target to go BK, you’re going to get your wish in the very near future. Their same store sales declined 2% YOY, and that’s not including getting hit full-force by bathroom boycotts, along with what will surely be bigger boycotts when this story hits the evening news.

      37. Target, get a clue. Your job is to provide stuff that we want to buy. Save the social justice and remaking of society to some one else.

        If you were born with a penis and testicles, then you sex/gender is male. If you were born with a vagina, your sex/gender is female. If you are confused about that or want to be some thing that you are not, you have a mental disorder. And, if you are offended by that, guess what special snowflake, I don’t care about your feeling.

        I do agree, Target can have any policy in place they want. Their store, their rules. I also have the right NOT to buy anything from them. My money, my rules. May Target get what it deserves.

      38. Target, Home depot, Walmart are all government entities. The money you spend there goes to China especially when China is fifty percent owners in Walmart. Vote with your dollar and shut down the fascist entities the government has created. They are un-American trash and need to see the bankruptcy courts first hand. When Government and private companies merge that’s fascism in your face and Americans have no clue what that means. It means the companies are sucking the life blood out of this country to enrich the government and foreign governments. Shop local mom and pop shops and you will be contributing to saving your local economy.

      39. This is a spoof, right? I’m on some hidden camera TV show, right? And we wonder why most people won’t get “involved” anymore. It no longer “pays” to be an honorable, upstanding citizen anymore. GD liberals have finally made things totally intolerable. Pretty soon, everyone will just walk calmly by someone getting their brains beat in; it’s already happening. Total apathy for our neighbors; we don’t have much longer before it all falls apart.

      40. I’ve heard of some asinine things. Target would rather be sued for a murder on their hands than some one saving someone else’s life or more. I guess another reason not to shop at Target.
        Maybe if they’re going to sue a hero, then maybe they should shell out the bucks for security guards. I do hope they hero wins and Target has to pays for his attorney’s fees.

      41. Not shopping at Target anymore!!! Done!!! Unbelievable!!!! Really????

      42. I stopped shopping at Target a couple years ago when it was revealed they had a hiring preference for Muslims. Of course most of the Muslim cashiers imediately began to refuse to ring up pork products. Target went to great lengths to accommodate Muslim cashiers, to the inconvenience of their customers. Got Pepperoni on that frozen pizza infidel?

        I was looking for old news articles on the subject but amazing all the news stories on lawsuits over hiring discrimination have been scrubbed from the Internet.

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