Take the Fam to the Gulf – It’s All Good

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    We haven’t seen them yet, but it’s only a matter of time before reality TV picks up on this video from the NOAA and realizes how popular gulf seafood cooking specials with the world’s top chefs might become. Normally we’d opt for an olive oil butter sauce, but if Dr. Jane Lubchenco of the NOAA is to be believed, crude oil might be a viable substitute:

    And not to worry, there’s no oil on the surface and that’s all that matters, right? If we had to make a decision between swimming off the coast of Spain or the Gulf of Mexico, we’d take the fam on a glitzy trip to Grand Isle Louisiana beaches – without question.

    Of course, there are some residents of the gulf who simply will not understand that the oil is gone and the clean up is complete. We’ll chalk them up as either tea baggers or conspiracy theorists. Everyone knows that all of the econological, health and economic problems have simply been overblown by anonymous internet bloggers short selling BP stock:

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      1. Reminds me of that 3-eyed fish episode on The Simpson’s.

      2. excuse me very much but i didn’t see michelle obama and the 2 daughters vacationing along the gulf coast talking with residents and enjoying recently caught seafood.

      3. I would be interested in reading an interview with some local farmers, fishermen, organic food co-ops or the like. Are the locals hitting the beaches?

      4. Are those peole advocating travel to the Gulf also taking their families there, eating the fish and shellfish, or swimming in the water?   If not, why not?  I myself prefer to speak with trusted friends living in that area……..many there I know speak of the government with little but contempt.  And that’s on a good day…

      5. Move along, nothin to see here folks…  If ya can’t see it then it doesn’t exist.  !!??? Yah right….

      6. I live along the gulf (Fort Walton Beach) and I will NOT go in the water or eat the food. I don’t trust it…

      7. Up here in the northwest, they’ve been announcing for days on the news, that the “oil is gone”.  No one knows where it is.  Just this morning on the radio, they said that BP had paid out “over 100 million dollars to individuals and businesses affected by the spill”.

        I seem to remember saying that BP was going to get out of this.  This kind of thing is prepping you and me and everyone to what’s coming next.  They are gonna stop the cleanup efforts, and stop paying out claims, just watch.  BP is gonna walk away.

        Exxon did it in Alaska.  80% of the Valdez oil spill is still in Prince William Sound to this day.  You can go and see it for yourself.  It’s all over the place.  The “business friendly” US Supreme Court sided with Exxon, and they’ll side with BP too, if it ever gets that far.

        Obama is gonna sit there and announce what a success his efforts are and make happy talk about Thad Allen and the BP crew while BP carries out the largest financial/environmental rape job in the history of the USA.  He’s nothing but scum.

      8. Comments…..  Well no one worry about the Obumma’s going to the Gulf Coast.  They’re getting their hienys down there Aug 14 to get tourists to “come on down!”  Then guess where the Obummas are going? Back to where all the prestigious ruling class of elites play – Martha’s Vineyards. They sure do love those vacations on the backs of the taxpayers while millions are sitting at home without a pot to pee in.

        Read it for yourself:


      9. Comments….. I don’t see any government biologist explaining if corexit just degrades into harmless chemical biproducts or what. There hasn’t been any news reports of the long term effects of eating corexit tainted fish.  pardon me, but I’ll pass. I live in the Gulf coast area, an I’ll pass on the local fish. I believe all that goop was dispersed, and is sitting on the bottom of the gulf, out of sight of the cameras.  That’s why they wanted to get rid of the oil off the surface  of the gulf so fast–out of sight–out of mind.
            The spin meisters are at work, but common sense dicatates we will be living with these problems in the food chain for a long time. I’m just waiting for problems with the water supply to start. You know it’s coming.

      10. I went surf fishing on the beach at High Island Texas last week. One thing that really stood out was all the colorful hermit crab shells on the beach.   I picked up at least 150 to look at.  (fishing wasn’t that good)    None of these shells had any crabs in them.  This could be a natural phenomena but I tend to think otherwise.  I thought it odd that thousands of these shells could wash up minus the living creature.  I’ve never seen this many of the beach before.  Corexit killed them perhaps?        

        In freeport Tx everything is still OK..the hermit crabs are doing fine, we were playing with them a couple days ago while swimming and there are bunches of them..so are the birds and fish which are just hopping. I caught a few fish in the last few weeks and they were delicious..I am a biologist. I do not work for any oil or chemical company or for the government..just a retired local who is not seeing the damage in my area.. A lot of areas were contaminated, Thank God the Texas coast appears to be OK. I have not seen any oil or tar-balls. I have not done any toxicology tests, but the fish and birds are acting correctly, the tissues and organs of the fish I caught I looked at VERY carefully, and they had no signs of contamination I could detect visually or by smell.  The tissues especially the livers and brains appear not to have been subjected to any hydrocarbons, and their guts were clean and normal.  Please folks, large areas of the Gulf of Mexico (especially the South and West) were not effected by this spill, but blanket fear of the boogy man is hurting a lot of innocent hardworking families who make their living in the seafood industry who are still selling good quality, safe food.  Think about it logiclly, Your local auto mechanic who changes the oil on your car gets far more oil contamination from his work than you would by eating fish that had swam through an oiled area..the oil does not go through the skin, and even if it is swallowed, it will not end up on your dinner plate anyway, because such a fish will die before the oil gets into its tissues..Therefore it will not be eating the bait off of your hook, and it will be too sick to stay with its school so it will not end up in the nets. Now in the remote chance a sick fish is caught, since you do not eat eat fish guts (oily or not), only the muscle tissue, you would also not have a problem. fortunately, the ocean currents in the gulf flow clockwise, so we are getting clean water from Mexico and Brazil here, the oil would logiclly be stuck in the middle of the current loop or it may be headed out into the Atlantic via the Florida Strait and gulf stream.. for the oil way down there on the bottom of the ocean..it is not a problem…there is less life deep in the bottom of the ocean than there is in the desert…the fishermen do not waste time trying to catch the rare and ugly bottom dwelling fish with no eyes..There is no market for them and they are too expensive for them to catch anyway..Focus on fish in shallow water near the shore..that is were you food comes from. If the near shore areas are clean, so are the fish. We have to have balance..sure, I would not want to eat fish caught near the contaminated areas or swim anywhere east of about High Island or Baumont TX  …but we still have half a gulf that I feel confident is safe.

      12. Notice, not a peep of sarcasm or howling laughter
        from the pandering whores of the White House
        press corps.

      13. This is going to affect them for decades. When the crabs do hatch they will eat stuff with that poison and then it goes up the food chain. In 20 years you’ll be hauling those big tuna onboard and they won’t be fit to eat.

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