Take No Prisoners: Self Defense Killings in Detroit Spike to 2200% Above National Average; Justifiable Homicide up 79%

by | Feb 10, 2012 | Headline News | 280 comments

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    As the economic crisis in 2008 took hold and the nation’s spiral into the next Great Depression became more apparent, we opined that crime would sky rocket as a consequence of millions of lost jobs, falling purchasing power and outright desperation.

    The city of Detroit, which has been a harbinger for future trends soon to take hold across major metropolitan areas around the country, has no doubt experienced the worst of the depression thus far. Entire city blocks have become unlivable due to foreclosures and rampant crime, the jobless rate in 2009 exceeded 50% and a mass exodus has left the population at levels not seen since 1910.

    By all accounts, the Motor City is ground zero for the collapse of America as we know it. Reminiscent of poverty stricken third world countries, it’s gotten so bad in Detroit that there are areas of the city where police and emergency services personnel refuse to go.

    This has left law abiding residents of the city no choice but to arm themselves and start taking matters into their own hands.

    The people of Detroit are taking no prisoners.

    Justifiable homicide in the city shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year, as citizens in the long-suffering city armed themselves and took matters into their own hands. The local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average. Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force to keep them safe, are fighting back against the criminal scourge on their own. And they’re offering no apologies.

    “We got to have a little Old West up here in Detroit. That’s what it’s gonna take,” Detroit resident Julia Brown told The Daily.

    The last time Brown, 73, called the Detroit police, they didn’t show up until the next day. So she applied for a permit to carry a handgun and says she’s prepared to use it against the young thugs who have taken over her neighborhood, burglarizing entire blocks, opening fire at will and terrorizing the elderly with impunity.

    “I don’t intend to be one of their victims,” said Brown, who has lived in Detroit since the late 1950s. “I’m planning on taking one out.”

    Average police response time for priority calls in the city, according to the latest data available, is 24 minutes. In comparable cities across the country, it is well under 10 minutes.

    Citizens like Brown feel they have been left with little choice but to take the law into their own hands.

    Detroiters are arming themselves with shotguns and handguns and buying guard dogs. Anything to take care of their own. And privately, residents say neighborhood watch groups in Detroit are widely armed. 

    “It’s like the militiamen who stepped up way back when. That’s where the neighborhood folks are,” said James “Jackrabbit” Jackson, a 63-year-old retired Detroit cop who has patrolled the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood for years.

    “They’re ready to fight,” Jackson said. “We don’t hardly see police anymore.”

    The city’s wealthier enclaves have hired private security firms. Intimidating men in armored trucks patrol streets lined with gracious old homes in a scene more likely seen in Mexico City than the United States.

    The Detroit Police Department, grappling with deep funding cuts in a city with a spiraling budget crisis, acknowledges that response times are high and says it is working on a plan to lower them. But a spokeswoman for the department insists the rise in justifiable homicides is unrelated.

    “It’s not about police response time because often the act has already taken place by the time the police are called,” said Sgt. Eren Stephens. She said citizens have a right to defend themselves.

    “Anytime a life is lost, we’re concerned,” she said. “But we can‘t be on every corner in front of every home. And we know that there are citizens who will do what they have to do to protect themselves.

    Source: The Daily

    Is it any wonder why recent firearms sales statistics indicate that 2011 was the largest year ever for gun sales in America, with a record 10.8 million guns sold?

    All of us should take heed. Budget cuts, economic woes and a rising criminal element throughout our country are leaving the populace more susceptible to violent crime than ever before. Like our fellow Americans in Detroit, it’s only a matter of time before we’re faced with similar paradigm shifts in our own cities, communities and neighborhoods.

    Get armed, get trained, and when faced with a life threatening situation, take no prisoners.

    Hat tip Satori


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      1. If the criminal threat demonstrates they had the Intent, Ability, and Opportunity to harm or kill a victim, I have no problem what so ever with a victim using lethal force to stay alive. As long as the force was righteous and justified it’s no different from what a prudent law enforcement officer would use.

        • A portent of the future. This trend will move, and grow.

          Wait, watch, and see…

          • Instead of “Wait, watch, and see…” It should be breathe, relax, aim, slack, and squeeze.

            • The timing of this article is ironic. Ironic in the sense that Detroit is featured, Clint Eastwood is pictured, and we just learned during the Super Bowl that the second half is about to begin. Breath, squeeeeeezzzzzeeeee…

            • Scott is that you

          • @ Lin S, I think you’re 100% correct. It may take some areas of the country longer to experience the rising crime, but it’s coming. Of that I have no doubt. In every example of economic decline, crime is central component. Post Katrina New Orleans is the first vivid example that comes to mind.

          • It’s already begun in some areas.

            In states where one can legally shoot a trespasser merely to protect property (e.g. Utah), I don’t expect it to rise too much. Why? Mostly because the interloper already knows up-front that breaking in can carry a strong potential for getting killed. This means they’re either extra-careful (breaking in when no one is home), or they only go after easy targets (e.g. single mother households and such.)

            In areas where gun control is strongest, you get more break-ins where burglar meets homeowner and gets shot. This is because the criminals in these areas have a lower chance of hitting the ‘wrong’ house, so they tend to be more careless, methinks.

            Overall, I would strongly suggest bolstering one’s home for security.

            On my own end (and why I’ve been offline for awhile), I’m about to move into my new digs. It’s a small and somewhat isolated town, nearly 100 miles away from the nearest city >=50,000, and around 25 miles away from the nearest town of over 3,000. The place is easily securable, and my only complaint has to do with storage space (though I can certainly work around that).

            In a city (Portland, OR) where one gets to hear about multiple murders/stabbings/violent deaths on the news, and on a nightly basis? Considering that things are sliding downhill with all the subtlety of a habanero-fueled bowel movement? Let’s just say that I’m counting the days until I’m all moved out.

            I’ll have to modify a few of my TEOTWAWKI plans and preps, but not by too much. I figure once it does hit, the distances will buy me a lot of security and time… time enough for the town to get its head on and take steps to defend itself.

            Well, I best be getting back to stuffing preps into boxes marked “books” and “Xmas Ornaments”. 🙂

            • OQ, northern AZ???

            • Don’t forget your tinfoil hat!!

            • @OQ, congratulations on your move, well done, keep the magic markers handy for marking those boxes!!!! good strategy, thanks for the idea.

            • >>> ‘Well, I best be getting back to stuffing preps into boxes marked “books” and “Xmas Ornaments”'<<<

              May I suggest 'books' and 'soap' to assure the security of your preps. Of course this will be to no avail if pilfered by those of European ancestry.

            • This singlemother house hold is ready for them — Mom and kids are armed and trained! We refuse to be victims.

            • @AZ: I actually did something unorthodox, but once I analyzed it, it made perfect sense. I’ll detail it out once I get settled in, but suffice it to say that I’m still in OR, am keeping the same job, but the majority of any refugee horde would have a *very* hard time getting to this town. I kind of surprised myself when I did the analysis. 🙂

              @Anon: No tinfoil necessary. It’s a combination of two things – my desire to live among more down-to-earth folk, and simple statistics which show that the system as it is cannot keep going as it stands (at least not without radical and painful change).

              @Silver Bean: Thx muchly… I was thinking about either moving them myself, but then I got to thinking about simply disguising them. It’s cheaper (and easier on the back) to have a local professional mover do it at this distance than it is to rent a truck, buy a mountain of gas for it, hire a couple of local kids at either end, and pray they don’t break anything.

            • OQ, I only ask because your place sounds very much like where I live in AZ. Very remote!

            • Lock n load!

          • No trial, no reports to file. Go ahead, make my day. Since the cops are so thin, their crime labs are probably also just as thin, and slow to get out to a crime scene. If you shoot someone in Detroit, how long will it take for them to respond? It may get to the point where people won’t even call anymore after a justifiable shooting, they’ll just haul the body to one of the many abandoned houses and let the flies do the reporting (days/weeks later). The future looks pretty grim.

            • ‘Help keep criminals off the repeat offenders list–shoot ’em!!’

              • Any chance I can use / market your comment and send you a commission on any sales generated from it? 6417153900×48693

            • We have the distinct advantage of “outgoing wind and tide”.

          • The day is coming and will soon be here when we’re gonna shoot criminals and just drag their bodies to the nearest highway and leave them there for the road crew to pick up, no fuss no muss

            • While effective, it’ll probably cut down on the participation of the “Adopt a Highway” volunteer trash pickup groups. But it will serve as a good reminder in those areas where prisoners are used to pick up trash along the roadways.

            • Road Crew? In the county I live in road kill animals are now left to rot on the side of the road…mostly deer and their bones are picked clean by carnivorous birds and animals. The U.S. Forest Service used to pick this stuff up….budget cuts I guess.

          • Detroit is different, by being Third World. In Third World nations, the people have no confidence in the police. Therefore, the people solve their problems involving street crime themselves. Happened big in Brazil’s big cities in the 1980s when the police there “de-policed” the slums.

        • Aren’t guns banned in Detroit? Who allowed that minor oversight to occur if they are not? “Prudent law enforcement”? Do those words go together? I believe that there should be an “im” in there somewhere. After all, if they had been doing their jobs then all those bad guys would still be alive and walking the streets and they (the cops) would still have a job to do. Now they are going to have to start setting up driver license and insurance/DUI checkpoints and start going door to door to confiscate all those illegal weapons from irresponsible homeowners in order to justify their worthless existence.

          • Why?

          • guns are not banned in detroit. michigan is a shall-issue state. suppressors and full-auto rifles are legal, too.

            maybe google first?

            • its also an open carry state..

            • No, suppressors are NOT legal here in Michigan, and full auto is only legal with a Federal Class III license. I am assuming you live here with the name “ferndale”, unfortunately, you better learn up on our laws here in the state before you get caught with something illegal, the jails are worse than the streets.

              • Go Ferndale, Go Ferndale…this reminds me of the uncensored partyline, where someone will swear up and down they know this – that and the other to be true, but are usually trumped by the wise ones WILLING TO DO THE RESEARCH.

                I haven’t been back to the D since my mother’s funeral but it has been on my mind. I’ve been toying with a couple of ideas; salvage, construction, creating either the world’s largest law enforcement training facility [Quantico on steroids] with urban warfare training for the law abiding or the world’s largest movie studio [then all the shooting, explosions, home invasions, car chases… will actually have a useful purpose]. I need a way to network with members of the community on the ground as I have been away for so long that I no longer have my 313 rolodex [and unfortunately the so-called family members that are still there are not to be considered – yeah some showed their true colors at the funeral].
                Any-way, good looking out. I will now research to see if where I am is one of the 38, seeing as how CCW permits are only $20 here…and I have ran across a hand full of open carriers.

                A district attorney was the one that schooled me on that one…”You can walk down the street carrying anything you want. I’m not going to tell you that you won’t get stopped, but it is legal.”

          • @ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,

            >>”“It’s like the militiamen who stepped up way back when. That’s where the neighborhood folks are,” said James “Jackrabbit” Jackson, a 63-year-old retired Detroit cop who has patrolled the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood for years.

            “They’re ready to fight,” Jackson said. “We don’t hardly see police anymore.””<<

            That pretty much sums it up. As the saying goes 'Necessity is the mother of invention'. When folks get scared and they're walking the tight rope with no safety net they will do whatever they have to to survive, law or no law. Speaking of which, Detroit sounds like it's getting dangerously close to a WROL event. No police, no law.

            I'm not familiar with the gun laws in Detroit, but in a case of economic collapse folks will find guns anywhere they can, even if they have make improvised firearms.

            "Prudent Law Enforcement Officer" is legal term I was introduced to years ago by a lawyer friend if in the event I find myself in court defending my actions to use lethal force. Just ask the prosecutor what would a prudent law enforcement officer have done in my position?

            • I like the senior lady who bought the gun…she learned fast; don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!!

            • “As the saying goes ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.”

              Yes, that is the old version of the saying. The new version is just, “Necessity is a mother…”

            • When I was at the [SBP]Academy one of my class mates had a relative that was LAPD. He said they are taught to articulate in court that they “fired in self-defense”, “in fear for their life”,they did not shoot to kill, they were shooting to “stop” the threat, they did not refer to the loads as hollow-points, it was “controlled expansion ammunition”.

          • No, guns are not banned in Detroit. What oversight? Do you have any basis for your comments? DUI checkpoints?! What??

            • LOL, even if they were banned, who’s gonna enforce it now??

        • The cops asses are covered by their slimy AG 99% of the time, regardless of the circumstances. The average citizen’s ass is not.

          • In light of your comment, you may want to research United States Concealed Carry Association.

        • Here’s something I would like to hear: “Peace Officer”, instead of “Law Enforcement Officer”. The latter is way over the top in that it defines authoritarian government and armed minions with no oversight or competition.

        • I own a retail store and I have Mitilda strapped to my thigh. She is kicked and ready to defend her mama….her life depends on it….I live in Indiana and I wouldn’t leave home with her…

      2. 911 will not save you.
        People will have to save themselves.

        • Well, you know what they say about 911… “When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away”. That should tell a rational person ALL they need to know about whether or not they should be ready and able to defend themselves, their family, and their property.

          • I carry a Gun..Because A cop is too heavy!!

        • When I lived in California, I was witnessing a crime in progress. I called 9-1-1…first I was put on hold. Then I was told [that even though the woman in the car was being beaten while the perpatrator ram his vehicle forward into the wall and rearward into the vehicle parked behind it] that my call was a “low priority call”.

          I am certain that the woman trapped inside the car with him would not have agreed with that analysis.

      3. Shoot them up, bang, bang.

      4. first responder–lock and loaded.

      5. Lock n load one 30 round clip and scan your sector.

        • Drop and give me 20, sir !

        • it’s a magazine, not a clip Snoop Dogg.

          • LOL, and accurate!

        • i think it should be un lock and fire,, got mossberg and k9 food

        • do you mean one 30 round magazine?

      6. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

        Well in this case of Juila Brown it sounds more like like days away.

      7. Call the cops when it is time for clean up, not protection. They are there to protect the corp, not you.

        • Agreed, cops prefer to show up after the bad guys have cleared out.

          • @ T.F.C.
            Why don’t you chirp when you have something worthwhile to say? My husband is a cop and what you are saying is a fucking lie.

            • Yeah, TMFC is right, some people’s fat cop husbands prefer to show up late, if they even choose to show up at all, which they’re not legally required to do.

          • Yes… who can forget the LA cops barricading themselves in their stations and letting LA burn. Meanwhile, if they can get a little target practice on soft targets, innocent men, women, and children, they’ll do it… and get off scot-free.

            Take names and numbers.

            When we come up for sunshine and air, prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

        • GC, yes. To protect FedCo’s assets and bottom line.

          This is why the refuse to go to sections of the city. There is nothing productive there for them to do! Nobody to fine or incarcerate so there is nothing to pad the FedCo (or the StateCo or CitCo) bottom line. And since the assets have been moved out, why would they even want to go there?

          The time when “Peace Officers” even thought about public safety is long gone. The term “public safety” is word magic for “excuse to confiscate your [item]”. Where [item] can be replaced with the word: property, firearms, supplies, etc.

          “Sir, we need to confiscate your pantry for public safety. we’re afraid some of the guys that are paying us off to turn a blind eye to their illegal activities might try to break in and steal it and we need all your food and all your guns to insure public safety.”

          It does sound like, however, that the Detroit cops are fed up so much that even CitCo interests are getting ignored. When the city cops affirm that people have a right to protect themselves it must be getting *REALLY* bad!


          • you guys are clowns! While on duty, I shot a suspect that was shooting his rifle in his apartment complex in the early afternoon. I was there on time. I responded because people called 911, not because Bank of America sent me. Net Ranger, I would not want to take your food because it is obviously tainted with some sort of hallucinogen! Grab your rifle, put on Red Dawn and watch your security cameras, the black helicopters are flying and the government goons are outside your door! Wingnut!!

            • @ simple observation:
              I am with you. The disparaging comments about cops on this forum come from angry men fantasizing (along with the left) that all cops are adversarial to the public, on the take because they can be, are a true arm of the liberal criminal government, and that they get off on ordering others around. I CHALLENGE the pissy anti-cop commentators on this forum to factually justify their police bashing. This regular lambasting of police is typical male pack mentality feeding off each others’ “tough” posturing. I hope that when you guys call the cops because a home invasion results in your preps being ransacked, your wife being raped, and your kid getting shot, I hope the delay and indifference you THEORIZE about cops becomes reality, and they drag their feet getting to YOUR houses. ONLY THEN will your criticisms about cops become well founded. I hope you are left wallowing,waiting, and writhing in despair as you claim the police will leave you to do.

            • SO- You would be one of a very few in my experience that have more than 5 years of experience that is going to hustle to a dangerous call.

              GOP4- You may say what you like, no one in the big city that has ever waited for 3 hours for a cop to respond to a shots fired call is going to give a shit. On top of my wait, the Deputy Sheriff who showed up threatened to arrest me.

        • @GC,
          TYPO? did you mean, “They are there to protect the corpSE…?

        • Oooooh somebody has done their research!

      8. ferndale is an inner-ring suburb of detroit. you all will be shocked by what happens in your cities and towns. we are already light years ahead of you all in adjusting to the coming crunch. you think detroit is going to lose its mind when the balloon goes up? HAHA, all the pristine new cities and suburbs will have a far greater degree of shock.

        the number of published self-defense killings is likely far lower than the real number committed by citizens who just didn’t pick up the phone afterward. or the neighborhood vigilante whose handiwork got blamed on a rival gang. undoubtedly part of the 10% increase in murders in 2011 were cases such as these.

        • “you think detroit is going to lose its mind when the balloon goes up?”

          No, I don’t think that at all. I think that the day after it drops in the pot, it will be just another sh***y day in detroit… like all the others.

      9. “The Great Culling” begins.

      10. Interesting times indeed, i foresee a time when frontier justice prevails, pedophiles,rapists,killers and the violent uncivilized element will be dangling from trees at the end of ropes… as it should be.

        • oh oh let me add some too:
          pedophiles, rapists, killers, and…
          politicians, lawyers, banksters, corporatocrats, slave traffickers, and anyone along those lines

          • That just got you on another list, Giurza.

            • oh well,… living in Lithuanian hell that doesn’t really bother me…

          • You left out rappers,pornographers,drug dealers,race traitors,black panthers,welfare queens,and shitbags in general.

        • Umm, and who will do the hanging?

        • Yep… those who don’t die of lead poisoning first.

      11. I dont call 911
        I own a 1911

        • Spot on, VRF! I love my 1911s!

          That said, (and remembering the relatively large Muslim population in Detroit) reminded me of the following joke:

          A visiting professor at Wayne State University in Detroit is giving a seminar on the supernatural. To get a feel for his audience, he asks:

          “How many people here believe in ghosts?”

          About 90 students raise their hands.

          “Well that’s a good start. Out of those of you who believe in ghosts, do any of you think you’ve ever seen a ghost?”

          About 40 students raise their hands.

          “That’s really good. I’m really glad you take this seriously. Has anyone here ever talked to a ghost?

          15 students raise their hands.

          “That’s a great response. Has anyone here ever touched a ghost?”

          Three students raise their hands.

          “That’s fantastic. But let me ask you one question further…..Have any of you ever made love to a ghost?”

          Ahmed in the back raises his hand. The professor is astonished. He takes off his glasses, takes a step back, and says,

          “Son, all the years I’ve been giving this lecture, no one has ever claimed to have slept with a ghost. You’ve got to come up here and tell us about your experience.”

          The student replies with a nod and a grin, and begins to make his way up to the podium.

          The professor says, “Well Ahmed, tell us what it’s like to have sex with a ghost.”

          Ahmed replies, “Ghost? Oh….. From back there I thought you said ’goats’!”

          • I highly recommend Aguila high-velocity 117gr .45ACP for the cool yellow muzzle flash alone. The round is said to leave a 5″ barrel at 1450fps, actually expand/fragment unlike most hollowpoints, and penetrate vests too.

        • .45 – because shooting twice is silly

          • I like that

          • 12 Gauge – because nine (or fifteen) .33 caliber balls exit my barrel with just one squeeze

          • 44 Magnum. Four weapons in one:

            The blast will knock them down. Its like a forcefield!

            The noise will render them deaf. Its like a sound weapon!

            The muzzle flame will lite them on fire and blind them at the same time.

            …and, then, you might actually hit them with the bullet. Bystanders beware: Blood splatter stains badly!

            For those who don’t squat too pee and want something smaller than a shotgun, the 44 Magnum is just for you!

            I don’t carry my 44 magnum much. I like “squat to pee” 9mm loads of my own making. (I load them on the low end of the scale. Very nice to shoot and very accurate.)

            (Sorry ladies, but I just couldn’t resist after some guy claimed that 9mm rounds were for “Those who squat to pee” in a post under another topic.)

            There is one thing I have learned: egos and guns don’t pair well. The former always impairs the latter. Concentrate on hitting your target. .22 to .50 – Hitting the target is ALL important.

            • Eastwood put it well ” GET OFF MY LAWN!”
              9mm parabellum was designed to use on frenchmen of 80 years ago, they weighed about 135lbs.

              .454 Casull can be used from within your car.
              but you may not be able to hear after,

              • More people are killed in this country with 22LR than any other caliber.If you think a 9mm won’t kill,I suggest you put one against your head and pull the trigger,if you survive without being turned into a crippled retard,I’ll take you comment seriously.

            • Gun control means hitting your target. Accuracy is everything. One shot from a .22 in the eyeball at 100 feet is certainly as effective as a .38 in the chest from 30 feet…more so if the target is armored.

      12. I don’t Dodge anyway.

      13. Well I guess I can tell the kids that we won’t be visiting Detroit this year. Although at least there I could carry. Here in Illinois we’s jist too fuckin stoopid to be’s abel to carry a ghun. They tells us to use r kar keys or our afro pick as wepons. All you other states that allow concealed carry are wrong! Its dangerous to be able to defend yourself…..sorry,,just kiddin…very bored today.

        • According to the NGAC Illinois is the safest state in the union because, they (unlike Starbucks), do not encourage people to endanger the populous by carrying guns.

          BRF, its a beautiful state but there is a turd up there by the lake. If you could roll that off into the lake and get rid of most of the legislation it has produced, Illinois would be a much better place.

          NGAC = National Gansters Assaulting (the rights of) Citizens.

          Thats the real name. The name they give you is the National Gun Action Committee.

          • NetRanger. I had the county cops at my house a few weeks back and they were really cool. We sat and just BS’d for awhile and the subject of crime came up. I follow the local crime reports and I told the cop that most of what is reported is samll time stuff, DUIs, shoplifting, drug busts etc..He told me that hardly any of the hardcore crime in the area is reported because the local politicians don’t want the people to know how bad it really is. The area I live is near a minor shithole and the cop told me there are numerous shootings and an average of 3 murders a week. All go unreported because it happens in the mexican and black areas. Now the MAJOR SHITHOLE of Shitcago is an all out war zone. I have a friend who is retired CPD and he told me that if all the murders and shootings were all reported, mayor SCUM Emanuelle would have a serious PR nightmare. Yeah, I feel real safe in the Peoples Republic of Illinois. We have to show ID and sign a paper to buy fucking DRAIN CLEANER in this state because the fucking animals throw it on each other! You’re right though, I wish Shitcago would tumble into the lake and take all the scum politicians, crack heads, queers, liberals, and …jeez its a long list. etc….with it.

        • now come on….obama says 56 states can be wrong! or was that 57 states he had been too!

        • Before the end of 2012 the courts over stepped Illinois and it is my belief [I will research it again] that now law abiding members of Illinois have some new freedoms. I just checked here it is:

          SPRINGFIELD – In a huge win for gun-rights groups, a divided federal appeals court in Chicago Tuesday tossed the state’s ban on carrying concealed weapons and gave Illinois’ Legislature 180 days to craft a law legalizing concealed carry.

          “The debate is over. We won. And there will be a statewide carry law in 2013,” said Todd Vandermyde, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association.

          In a split opinion (see below), the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling in two cases downstate that upheld the state’s longstanding prohibition against carrying concealed weapons.

          Illinois is the only state with an outright prohibition on concealed carry. as reported in the Chicago Sun Times -Politics by Dave McKinney dec 11, 2012.


        • GLAD TO HEAR IT.

        • In that case, could you start with the Federal Reserve bankers first please? Rothschild’s, Morgan’s, etc….

      15. Hate to say this because I know the thumbs down crowd will jump on it.
        White flight over the past 40+ years has left Detroit with a 82%+ black population that are dependant on freebees and handouts. No tax base from which to derive revenue to pay for the infrastructure needed to keep the city alive. Detroit was in its hayday a model city for the rest of the planet. In 1912 the population was 99%+ white and those are who build the city to the stature it became. Now, with the “climate change” that has taken place, Detroit has become what we see today. The problem is not just isolated to Detroit, but almost every other major city where Black Run America style policies and politics have and continue to ruin what was once wonderful places to live and work.
        Sorry to say this, but look around this country and this planet and show me anywhere where black run anything works.
        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

        • I think it’s more a problem of being a “Liberal-run” city, than just being a “Black-run” city…. Of course, black run cities are USUALLY liberal cities too.

          If Herman Cain or J.C. Watts ran detroit, I’m pretty sure it would be different!

          • Detroit was doomed by free trade which eviscerated the middle class. No politician can change the mathematics conservative or liberal.

            The liberals do try however to no avail. They are be no more successful anywhere else as long as one plus one equals two.

            No industrial base, no wealth creation, no value adding self sustaining employment, nowhere to go but down regardless of administration or party in power.

            • OOPS “Will be” not “Are Be”.

              Edit w/o proof read

            • Free trade had nothing whatsoever to do with the death of Detroit inner city. Detroit was doomed by Coleman Young. The industrial base is still there, it’s just moved itself out to Oakland and Macomb counties, leaving the inner city to rot in the stew of corruption that C.Y. created. Check out Southfield, MI sometime. Look at where the newer auto plants are located, along with their suppliers.

            • OC, exactly!

              • @AZ My firearms instructor is in Chandler [turnipseedtechique com] he is white and when we met [back in the day] he said to me, “If I cut myself what color is my blood? And if you cut yourself what color is your blood? So if we bleed the same color underneath cut this crap about color”…I loved him for that!

                But shall we consider this, if you do your research there are people whom look like you that a defoliating the planet, moving major corporations that employed all races of individuals, off-shore. If someone can get a union job and someone else can’t then who has more…

                After the Rodney King incident it was reported that within the same food market chains items where black people lived were higher than the same item where people who look like you lived.

                There are the elite [whom are not Black] who want the oil, gold, gas and every other resource and are not always willing to buy it, but can buy mercenaries or will poison the land and water to make people move elsewhere so the land then uninhabitable most be free since there is no one to purchase it from.

                If you and I had a chance to hangout I am certain we could find more ways in which we are alike than we are different. And if we stop playing the hate thy neighbor game set in motion by the elite, I truly believe WE THE PEOPLE could solve and resolve our imaginary differences.

            • OC so the loss of employment from the Big Three did not doom Detroit?

              “The industrial base is still there, it’s just moved itself out to Oakland and Macomb counties”

              Newsflash….that industrial base moved a lot further than that; actually right out of the USA.

            • Old Coach: You don’t say? So, all the factories my co. used to supply in the Detroit area didn’t move to China or Mexico? Very interesting.

              Perhaps I’ve lost my mind and none of this is happening. My wife will be so pleased.

            • Kevin sounds like a Communist union thug, spreading more anti-free trade propaganda. If the entire state of Detroit hadn’t been unionized, it wouldn’t be a ghost town now.

          • Re: “Black-run” It’s my understanding that South Africa had a popular vote to bring the white government (aka Apartheid) back soon after the corrupt, incompetent “Black-run” government took over.

            • Well, I don’t know about that but I do know that Johannesburg is THE murder capitol of the planet.

              • A recent documentary related to Stand Your Ground in America stated that because of the Cartels…Mexico especially just across the border from El Paso is the murder capitol of the world. It seems that drugs have a way of doing that.

                What I can’t understand is if you kill your workers, your runners and the citizens whom you are trying to get or keep doped up how in the hell does that make for a successful business model.

                As to Africa and other places…how do so called poor people get guns??? Research: it worked on the American Indians too. Introduced to both sides by the outsiders who benefits no matter which side wins and gets / maintains control after its all over.

        • You’re wrong on that. It’s not a color thing. It’s a political thing. It’s a DemocRAT thing. Especially in Michigan and since the early 1960’s anyway when the DemocRATs more or less started running things. Detroit is a mess because of DemocRATs meddling in local markets and there wasn’t a Republican around. Not content to stop there these guys even screwed up GM. And you can easily see that this “race to the bottom” engineered by the DemocRATS all by themselves is still underway in Michigan. And there still ain’t no Republicans around to speak of as they left long ago. You can bet your sweet ass that if this experiment had turned out different they’d be right there crowing all about it. That it turned out so….predictably bad and that the Republicans didn’t have a dammed thing to do with any of it only helps heep the scorn on this despicable brand of left winged human. Talk about a failed model. Isn’t THAT the real state of Michigan?

          • Silver, I think I agree with most of that.

            It does, however, take on a color. Unfortunately the liberal/democrat induced entitlement process attracts the brainwashed masses and many blacks have been generationally brainwashed into a dependent class. The fact that they gravitate to an area like this does not mean the minority is the problem. Its the condition that is the problem, it just attracted the minority.

          • “You can bet your sweet ass that if this experiment had turned out different they’d be right there crowing all about it.”

            Yep. Instead they are right in there lying about what caused this massive cluster f**k. 🙁

        • new orleans same story 30/70 population . we have a saying down here IF THEY CAN”T FACK IT THEY CHIT ON IT.

        • AZ Ready

          “once wonderful places to live and work”

          They were wonderful places to live when they had work. Work did not leave because minorities moved in. Work left for slave labor in Asia and minorities filled the vacancy as white America took their remaining dollars and fled.

          I’m not making excuses for bad behavior but if every minority left the former industrial cities they would still be shit holes because wealth creation has fled. You would have welfare and drugs or no economy at all.

        • You hit the nail on the head. Some will spas out when their indoctrination is confronted with facts, but it is what it is. Name anyplace where whites left, blacks moved in, and things got better.

          Just ask yourself how many people want to move near Atlanta or NO for refuge from the coming social upheaval in USA.

          • Re to ignorantracisthick:I could name plenty of places where whites left and blacks took over and it got better.Botswana,when Blacks kicked whites out of control they took the Natural resources back and improved their economy substantially.Botswana is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has one of the lowest crime rate,Zimbabwe,Gambia,Namibia,Ghana,Nigeria and many other African countries have growing economies cause they kicked whites out of power.Ghana has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.America and Europe is going downhill economically and its controlled by whites.

            • they
              didn’t leave botswana. most are buried right there.also when some did get out, THEY WERE FORCED TO SELL THEIR STUFF. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS AND READ YOUR HISTORY.

        • Let is all collapse. then we’ll get all the decent folks together, create a new economy, businesses. I do have a question and this is not a racist thing..but has anyone noticed that all the blacks are not…well black anymore? They have all mixed in with everyone else. I knew a dude from Africa who said that he was really black and that many americans have had the african bred out of them. The plantation owners used to sleep with their slave women to “breed the stupid out of them”. At any rate…I’ve noticed on TV and in the media that blacks are a dying breed. So can we get rid of Affirmative Action now? I love this site as I don’t have to post my name as I could never say this shit as my “black” ceo would fire my white little ass. See how things have changed. I say…let it all collapse…then let the smart ones restart things and enslave the dumb ones, no matter what color.

          • “I knew a dude from Africa who said that he was really black and that many americans have had the african bred out of them.”

            That’s probably true, NA. Our blacks hardly ever hack the neighbors to death with machetes any more.

        • Look guys, and gals, I didn’t post this so you would think I am racist, prejudice or a bigot. I do not believe I am nor do the people around me. I am simply a realist who sees what is going on, what has happened, looks at the past, analyzes the information and draws a conclusion based on what I have learned. I have and have had many good friends and acquaintances of different ethnicity that are wonderful people. I also have known many a white person who was a waste of perfectly good skin. The fact remains however that Detroit and many other places in America have turned to shit because of a black tide rolling in and over the neighborhoods. I can’t explain why the culture seems to turn these areas to shit, but they do.
          As far a “liberal run”, they are, but they have been “over run” by the climate change.
          I like Herman Cain.

          • AZ you are totally correct, I have experienced the same as you write. What has happened with the Afician countries is happening here in our large “black” cities. It is the handouts and government “fixes” to get the votes that has devasted this country. They will be the minions of the tyrants.

          • Keep in mind, the ptb want to divide the citizens. Black, white, mexican, rich, poor, middle class, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican. Tptb want you to just pick a fucking side. They don’t care which side, just want to to commit to a side. Those that are committed to a side are now divided from the rest, because you have now included yourself in “us” and put everyone else in the “them” box. “we” didn’t cause this mess, “they” did. We didn’t do that, they did. We would never do it like they do…. This black / white divide reaps lots of dividends, and as far as tptb are concerned it is a self winding machine of division on multiple levels. Social breakdown, crime, dependence, taxation, its really like hitting a trifecta sad, so very sad that we all fall for it and contribute to it.

            • Tomas, it is us vs. them no matter what TPTB want or do. Those of us here are awake and aware of the fact that 98-99% of the people out there are like sheep. It doesn’t matter whether they are black, white or poco dot. Sure, the PTB benefit from the divide between races, but that doesn’t change the fact that Detroit and other cities have the white flight because of the influx of people that do not take care of their property, commit crime and wreak havoc on what were peaceful neighborhoods. When someone moves into a place and doesn’t take care of the lawn, throws trash everywhere, has 3 old cars on cinder blocks, breaks into the surrounding homes and attracts the same type of people to also move into the neighborhood, what do you expect the rest of the neighbors to do? They flee, and the more that leave, the more the area becomes a blight. Do these scumbags have to live like this? No they don’t but they make the choice. That’s when it becomes an us vs. them because it is just that, no matter what TPTB do.

          • AGREE! i’llbethe first one to punch a triple k er out.i’ll also put a bullet in the head of ms13 pc of sh5t. don’t EVER put up with stupid, itbreeds quickly.

        • also heard muslims are prevalent there now….yeeha

          just remember my friends we are in for a target rich environment just like Detroit….

          and buy your ammo while you still can…a rifle/shotgun makes for an expensive club and that nice pistol makes a poor rock to throw at your assailant!!!

        • You are wrong on the color thing is right. I know black people who run there own businesses and work hard. I also know many blacks in the military that do a good job .There are many good people on the planet, black and white. I am really sorry to see so many people on this site that agree with you. I thought you guys were beyound that.It is apparent thatyou have not traveled much in the world. Have you even ever left our country or been to other states and neigborhoods where affluent blacks work and live? Goggle black businesse if you want an education.
          That is what the power elite want you to do. Divide and conqure, it makes me sad. Some of you know black people. You know in your heart of hearts how people behave has nothing to do with the color of their skin. It is what is in their hearts and souls.I know lots of white people who have done absolutely nothing with their lives and do not intend to. Everyone does not suceed on this planet. You know that. If you are ignorant and uneducated I don’tcare what the color of your skin is, you will have it hard in life.
          May God judge you the way you judge others.

          stay prayed up, keep prepping. Lynda

          • With all due respect, no one is judging here. Unfortunately the facts ARE the facts. A good deal of this situation is cultural. Right behind the crime ridden predominately black enclaves is another brewing and serious ethnic problem. Research the beautiful California towns and cities, large and small and observe what has become of them since a large percentage of illegals have literally taken over. Prostitution, drugs, killings, theft and I could go on. Education, a strong moral compass and a Godly faith based individual of any race rise above sterotyping members of these groups. I, too, have traveled the world from The British Isles, to communist and mainland China, Singapore, most of southwestern Europe and beyond. If you have been to Japan, and other Asian countries, you know what their attitude is towards blacks educated or not. Trust me they don’t similate into Japanese society. The migration of African blacks to England finds a great majority of them in ghettos. Due to the turmoil in the middle east, Italy has had to enforce strict rules as they are being inundated with Tunisians. America is the only country in the world that has opened its arms and heart to all faiths and ethnic origins…and that compassonate approach has its risks and rewards.

            • Japanese society is xenophobic (just as many of you here). So let’s be fair, whites are not more accepted than blacks. Neither are other Asians.

          • They hired a nice black lady next to me. It was an aa hire. After being at my place for many decades, they paid this lady $20k more than me. She did not know shit. could not do the work. They have a lot of nerve. I threatened to walk and the whole place would have crashed without me. I demanded a title change and better pay. Folks stand up for yourselves. Note to the black folks. I am white…it is what it is…I will stand up for myself and my race. Don’t get any bright ideas…we still hold all the cards. You are still the minority here and I’m the guy that wrote all the code. NWO… we’re watching your commie plot.

          • Lynda, not sure if your comments are directed at what I said or not.
            Sorry, but not wrong on the color thing. Look at the facts about Detroit from 1912 to today.
            Yes, I have been to many other countries, and have lived in a couple of them. Same problems as here. People tend to live and work with those they are comfortable with, whites with whites, Jews with Jews, blacks with blacks and so on and so on. Drug users and dealers, alcoholics and criminals do the same. When a “black” affluent family moves into a nice neighborhood, the last thing they want is another black family doing the same. They feel they have escaped the undertow that is flowing through the ghetto they left and do not want that tide moving through their new area of residence. Ever heard the expression, “there goes the neighborhood’?
            I never said there are not good, hardworking moral and ethical blacks. On the contrary, there are many. I also said there are many worthless white folks out there wasting perfectly good skin.
            A good education would be to travel through places like Detroit, South Central Los Angeles, South Phoenix, the Bronx or any other place where “climate change” has taken place. See for yourself what the black undertow has done to these areas. Just make sure you are heavily armed and don’t get stuck at a traffic light because I would fear for your life!

            • OH, and why is it that whenever a white person says something critical about blacks, we are labeled racists, but when a black, or any other ethnicity says something about whites, it’s OK?

        • I could bring you to a fried chicken place that would change your tune!

      16. A small picture of the future, when the SHTF. Good timing of the article Mac. More ammunition to show the unbelievers of what is happening now and is yet to come.

      17. I wish we could take a few prisoners — I could use some help with the yard work.

        • It’s that mentality that has helped to create this situation….

          • I’ll bet you have many degrees.

            • That is an odd mis-statement on your part. My position on that comment is this:

              “I wish we could take a few prisoners — I could use some help with the yard work.”, is the mentality of a SLAVER.

              Slavers contributed as much to the demise of this country as the banksters. Perhaps you think it’s cool to own slaves, then I would say you are likely pretty dim yourself.

              Have you no sense of history? Every slave race eventually causes more problems for thier former masters, than they had to begin with. Add to that, the idea that you can “own” someone, and force them to do your work for you, is a display of laziness and ignorance.

              You would do well in some sort criminal regime that controls people’s lives, while you sit on your fat ass, and direct them about doing your work for you.

        • Can we auction all the welfare folks to China and settle the debt.?

        • The practical survival economics of food and water being scarce an invaluable in such a situation, will logically mandate that prisoners be killed immediately, with a knife, to also conserve on ammo.

      18. Oh, but the violent crime is down??? Why, because they classify them here instead of for the crime that got them killed.

        Some how they will try to parlay these stats as a need for gun control. It does give me a little grin on my face to here these punks are taking a dirt nap.

        • Violent crime IS down in that city–but the list for missing persons is growing!!

          • the elitists want us all dead so we dont eat up “THEIR” resources.
            and now we are doing their dirty work…it will continue to spread!


        • Dude…fix your caps-lock key…

        • Progressives? Well, sheeit-fire! You good folks DO know that the term “progressive” is just a code word for “Marxist”, don’t you?

          • pro·gres·sive
            adj \prə-ˈgre-siv\
            Definition of PROGRESSIVE
            a : of, relating to, or characterized by progress
            b : making use of or interested in new ideas, findings, or opportunities

            Since when “progressive” went from innovator to Marxist and became a curse word?
            Since MSM started feeding us s..t.
            Dare to think for yourself.

        • They who have selective amnesia are very difficult to reason with.

      20. Detroit isnt falling apart, cant you guys see that. No Detroit is a shining example of obummers socialist utopia, where hardly anyone works and everyone else is on the dole.

        • I would have to agree with you there. Actually, Detroit’s condition is a lot closer to mildew and dry rot than it is to “falling apart”.

          • Detroit has been “falling apart” for at least 50 years.
            41MagMan is correct, it’s far beyond the “falling apart” point.

      21. Carry a gun, it’s way more convenient than carrying a cop.

        • Plus it won’t get powdered sugar all over your fingers.

          • Hhahahahahahah

        • Less chance of a negligent discharge too.

      22. I just moved from a suburb of Detroit to Lexington Ky. I worked in Highland Park and my wife worked in downtown Detroit. Downtown Detroit is not too bad but if you go a mile or two in any direction watch out. It is a scary place I tell you. The abandoned neighborhoods are real. There are entire neighborhoods with no houses that are not burned. I would say the majority of Highland Park streets have at least 5 burned down houses. I was in HR there and had to hire the locals. The majority of people could not pass a 3rd grade math test that we administered. They could not use a tape measure and could not pass a drug test (we stopped giving them). I would go out every once in a while and drive around just to see the devastation. It was truly eye opening. Here is a video from YouTube if you want to see Highland Park MI a SHTF city. It is a must watch if you want to see the worst of America. This is the norm and not the exception. I thank God I am out!


        • Camden NJ has a 40 yr jump on Detroit and it’s a whole lot more difficult to legally defend yourself.

          • From what I can see, Camden is in a class by itself. Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

            • Peoples Republic of New Jersey.

          • Thats because it’s the Peoples Republic of New Jersey.

        • Hi–welcome to ky..and if you are a prepper, be sure to check out Lexington Containers for all your water and food storage needs.
          I’m in southern Ky.

          • Thanks for the welcome JJ. It is so much better in the land of the free. Very cool store too. I will have to check it out as I left my 55 gallon drums in Detroit because of the move.

        • Coming to a city near you.
          Redistribution of wealth liberal style.

        • All the white folks…all in one week buy up detroit and evict all the poor. We’ll own the place and make it our own.

          • hmmmm, if that happens, then you will be surrounded by racist in-breeders, oh wait, you didn’t already buy some land with your wife/aunt…

      23. Alright everyone is gun(g) ho to use their weapons and ammunition. Maybe there can be an article on determining friend from foe in a disastrous situation. I did read the one a while ago about the bosnian man who had to survive with his family. I think indentifing friend from foe in the U.S. could practically be a science divided into each state. Does this perspective make sense? I don’t think people should have faith in their instincts if they never had experienced a SHTF situation.

        • Anything with a corp badge, even the dogcatcher, is a foe if they cross my property line without my permission. Stay on the road and keep moving…nothing to see here. Anyone else I don’t know, state your purpose and we’ll go from there.

          • Dogcatcher sounds innocent to me.

            • be polite.be professional.and always have a plan to kill everyone you meet. you are the weapon. just ask daisy!

            • Dogcatcher = snitch you out to corp cops. Don’t trust a single person in the employ of city, county or state government unless you know them personally.

        • Determining friend from foe is not that hard. Just assume everyone is a foe, until you are positive they are not. Skin color is a big indicator. Silence or non-English answers to your order to “halt and show me your hands” is another big one. Badges, black masks, and blue helmets are generally a dead giveaway.

          • Skin color is a big indicator? Exactly which skin colors?
            Badges, black masks and blue helmets? Sounds like a movie stereotype. Although, assume everyone is a foe is starting to sound better after reading your response. Too bad silent non-enlish speakers won’t know your a foe until its to late.

          • dig a deep hole and have plenty of lime to keep the smell down!
            Most deep holes will already have the water to activate the lime.

        • If it threatens to hurt/kill you it’s a foe. If it try’s to take what is legally yours it’s a foe. If it’s armed and advancing towards you and not in a police uniform it’s a foe.

          Running from danger is always option number one. If chased it’s a reasonable assumption that those chasing you are a foe.

          If your life is on the line you have no choice but to trust your instincts. Those that don’t under the worst of circumstances will not survive.

          I read that there were more murders per capita in NYC in the late 1800s then in cities in the West. Society given the means tends to police itself.

          • I really like this response makes alot of sense. I also think it’s important to make intelligent decisions in the heat of the moment. How does one develop their instincts?

            • Experience.

          • never barter guns or ammo with ‘unknowns’…you may get the lead back shortly!

      24. Harry says “Make my day” Nice graphic

      25. And here I was planning to visit Detroit once the Robocop statue was built. Guess not!

      26. In Detroit, people are so poor they open email accounts so they can eat the spam.

        The people are so poor they can’t even pay attention.

        When they heard about the last supper they thought they were out of food stamps.

        The people use cheerios for earrings.

        When the people get mad they cant afford to fly off the handle, they have to greyhound off the handle.

        If they had 10 cent boat rides down the river, all the people could do is run down the bank hollering “That’s real cheap!”

        The people have to do drive bye’s from the bus.

        They can’t even put their two cents in this conversation.

        • You have said something I can finally agree with and laugh at. Thanks!!!!

        • you must be stupid. i bet i can buy and sell your broke white ass. for your information there are a whole lot of millionaires in this fine city.

          • Q: What is the difference between a bucket of shit and people from Detroit?

            A: The bucket.

            Q: What should you do if you find three people from Detroit buried up to their neck in cement?

            A: Get more cement.

            Q: What’s the difference between a person from Detroit and a carp?

            A: One is a bottom-feeding, scum sucker, and the other is a fish.

        • Yep and if it cost two bits to go around the world, they couldn’t even get out of sight.

        • “The people use cheerios for earrings. ”

          Those were pretty good…thanks!

        • They don’t even have a cent to make a stink…

        • AWESOME link SoCal! Thanks for posting!

        • So Cal1,

          Thanks for the link for the free downloads! Lots of great information! 🙂

          KY Mom

      27. Hey why the thumbs down? this site is pretty cool Did you even bother to scroll down?

      28. thumbs down if you like dudes!

        Gotta love ’em all. Thanks for the good chuckles and laughts.

        Y’all Beware!

      29. @ So Cal1

        Enjoyed it so much being free, I donated some $. I have all I needed on CD. Most as PDF files. Now I need to tansfer those files on cd and instructions to an iPhone. Then send them to family and friends.

        Y’all Beware!

        • When TSHTF and we have TEOTWAWKI, pdfs and cd’s won’t be of much use. Print what looks useful and keep the book in a dry place.

      30. Isn’t it GREAT that Clint Eastwood held up DETROIT as the model for the sham recvoery!!! I agree, it’s halftime in America — and we are LOSING!!!

      31. You can buy a house in Detroit for a dollar. That is even overpriced in that town. If you saw the video with Kid Rock who came from Detroit speaking of a lost town with no hope, you would understand.
        This is what happens when the goverment tries to make everything okay. When every one not matter what, must get the same thing. They must have a home, phone, cable, internet, food, and the best clothes health care etc.
        Why would anyone work, why any I working? I should do what the English have done and simply go on the dole. I did the Math and would be better off.

      32. When we authorize government to provide us services like police, we don’t give up the right to simultaneously defend ourselves. We really can do a better job if we are prepared to do so since we are there before the police, and have a much bigger interest in defending ourselves than do the police, who often just do the mopping up.

        If people recognized this, more of us would be armed and trained plus would participate in neighborhood defense efforts. This is what we should be doing everywhere, not just where the situation has become extreme like Detroit. Eventually circumstances will force us to take responsibility for ourselves and this applies to the anti-gun segment of society too if they want to survive.

        • “Eventually circumstances will force us to take responsibility for ourselves and this applies to the anti-gun segment of society too if they want to survive.”

          Considering how the lefto-communists have fockered up this country, you will have to search long and hard to find any gun-toting American who will be willing to risk life and limb defending these A-holes. Let them fend for themselves. They have well and truly earned that. At the very end of their pathetic lives, they will at long last finally withdraw their heads from their rectums. Oops! Sorry. Too late.

      33. Here is a very good BBC documentary called “Requiem for Detroit” that was released in 2010.
        *admin edit – link to video updated*: http://documentaryheaven.com/requiem-for-detroit/

        If you want to see what our big cities are going to look like in a future, take a look.
        There was also a very good article in “Time” a couple of years ago, with all the stats, etc.
        I’ll post a link if I can find it.

        • Admin (Mac?), thank you for fixing the link.

        • I bet it’s excellent, the BBC stuff generally is.

          The Internet is getting so bad where I live though – and I live about 40 miles from Google – that documentaries are out for me. Video in general is. Music videos take many minutes to load and the sound is messed up until it’s all loaded.

          The upshot is, I’d like to see a transcript.

          If the Internet is this bad for me, as close to Google as I am, how bad is it for most people?

          This is why I consider penmanship as important as “keyboarding”.

      34. crime of all kinds, particularly murder and theft, are up even in small cities and rural areas since 2008. 2011 was a rough year and it is just getting worse. got my beans, bandaids, and bullets; and i got my tin hat too. if you are not prepared, then best get that way quick as you can. i do not see improvement in the situation in the near future for any of us.

        • Even in NH, the state with supposedly the lowest poverty rate, crime is way up, particularly armed robberies and home invasions.

      35. Having been born and raised on and off in Detroit I can say none of this is new. The city has been circling the drain since the 80’s. It had a brief up tick in the 90’s but that was short lived. You can thank all this on 40yrs of incompetent, and throughly corrupt city government, and I populace that for the most part is brought up on the hand out mentality ingrained by parents and a school system that should be completely trashed, and rebuilt. This is not a racial thing. It is the same for white and blacks. Now add in racial tension between whites, blacks, and arabs, and you can get an explosive crime rate.
        All part of why I bailed out of there when I could. It is all so sad. It was a great place once upon a time.

        • From 2 million residents in the 50s to around 500,000 today, that’s tell me a lot. How is that plan going where the mayor wanted to simply cut off services to large portions of the city?

      36. excuse the thread drift
        just a heads up on some new “doomer porn” coming out soon
        trailers for the book look interesting


      37. Ahh Detroit..all those fine fortresses of stone and brick mortar abandoned..

        Perfect place for a fine group of shtfplan folks to buy up at pennies on the dollar..

        Given the armament of most of here..we could set up a perfect fortress and perfect area..and bothered by no one..


        • Possee

          Hell they had to pay people top wages to stay there.

          Who would want to live in Detroit in good times?

        • What are you going to do re: food? I doubt Pizza Hut will deliver 😀

          • You’d have to farm, garden, grow livestock, call yourself the new Boers. You’d need defense, and a SSS (shoot, shovel, shut-up) policy towards all who are not your people. You’d need clearance from the US gov’t to shoot with extreme prejudice any invading tribes. Think the Western expansion and the policy toward the “Indians” and you’re getting warm.

            Not gonna happen until Big Momma Gov’t isn’t around to get “her” panties in a bunch.

        • Not sure about anyone else, but I would not take ALL of Detroit if it was a gift. Maybe they should just nuke the place and put it out of its misery once and for all?

        • possee….Would be a good idea but the property taxes are more annually than most houses are worth. Besides, being preppers, we would be called “terrorists” and probably treated like the MOVE house in Philly a few decades back.

        • Wayne LaPierre and one of his rants again
          I am a member of the NRA and a fierce believer in the 2nd amendment
          but I get extremely irritated when he starts
          making all kinds of accusations and offers NO evidence of
          what he is saying

          if he can back his claims
          otherwise its just talk

          • Romney is no better.We will get it on both sides because both sides are one.Remember NDAA.

        • When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns…

        • “NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term”

          That seems fair. Everyone I know who owns a gun wants to outlaw Obama so he doesn’t get a 2nd term.

        • Wayne has been at this for three decades. The liberal democrats have been laying low on the gun issue with too many other problems more pressing. The USSC decisions in Heller and McDonald were 5/4 because of republican appointees. One mere vote from officially stating that “People” in the Second Amendment are different then “People” in other Amendments and ignoring every written letter in the Federalist papers not to mention “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

          The difference in political party’s regarding the gun issue is more policy. There are pro gun democrats but they by and large come from rural areas and don’t get the nod for the Presidency. Anti gun republicans are held in check by their party if given the nod for the Presidency (Romney).

          Democrat party policy is officially anti gun even though there are pro gun (rural) democrats.

      38. With the articles Mac posted yesterday and today I thought I would have some fun and post the little piece below as I like some fun during the day. Then I took more time to review the situations and talked to some friends.

        They are saying the same thing – We are close to the fight of our lives! It’s a fight for our freedom, our homes, our families and our country. So with respect to all, take care – God bless.
        Lock n load!

        We really do need a secondary monetary system we can use as a backup – if we so choose and If we still have our rights as American Citizens!

        It should be something we can afford.
        Something we all have now and cherish.
        Something that makes us feel secure.
        Something that makes you smile when it goes off!
        The new secondary monetary standard (if approved) – AMMO!
        You betcha – it’s from the American Monetary Munitions Organization.

        Yeh, I can see it now . . . walk into Wally World and pick up a six pack of cold ones and payin’ with six 3006 shells from my ammo belt and one 9mm shell from my Glock magazine. Total with tax $6.30. No spare change to mess with and best of all who’s gonna’ mess with you with a rifle slung over your shoulder?

        Current Exchange Rates
        Nickel one 22 cal
        Quarter one 9mm
        Half Dollar one 45 ACP
        Dollar one 3006

        For those that have different calibers as many of us do, to get your currency/ammo exchange rates please call; the Department of Bullets, Beans and Beer at
        If there is no answer please call 1-800-WTF-DAMN. If you still have no satisfaction then you must go to this site to submit your ammo for testing. An example of the Departmets testing methods is provided here. You can see one of the instructors from the Beans and Beer division demonstrating his testing methods. Be cautious as this might offend some parents let alone their kids as this instructor lays it to the bad guys.

        If you are concerned about a safe place to keep your AMMO other than a safe, here are two great locations:
        1. The next safest place to store your ammo is in your gun.
        2. The third safest place to store your ammo is IN the idiot that’s tryin’ to steal your stuff.

        Remember, we’re havin’ some fun now and I sure don’t want to replace our FRN with ammo, some of us may have no other choice if we stay on the BO trail!

        Y’all Beware! Got change for a 338 Lapau?

        • Military surplus rules! The shooting range in my town has sealed 440 round cans of Yugoslavian 198gr FMJ 8mm Mauser for $100. Less than a quarter each for a fine cartridge to feed my bolt-action! Now if I can just find an AK or other semi-auto chambered for it.

        • “No spare change to mess with and best of all who’s gonna’ mess with you with a rifle slung over your shoulder?”

          Uh, someone who wants a rifle and has no problem with shooting you in the back? This is where a buddy to watch your back comes in handy.

        • The ammo you use for barter will be used to murder YOU!

          • Indeed, times get that bad, I’m not trading off any ammo. By that time you should know how to brew your own beer/wine/pruno.

      39. I’m in the Midwest, not Detroit. The crime rate has been steadily rising for the last few years but the police have been denying it is a problem. Then this year, there was a rise in home invasions and people started shooting back. Once a few criminals were killed, the police has decided it needs to create a violent crime task force. Interesting how that works.

        • sounds like canada.and c10 does nothing to change this aspect, just makes it more criminal to grow marijuna than to rape a child…. theres justice for ya.

      40. Ready or not I will go the whole nine. Sick of the inbread government producing the retarded ways and means of yesterday and today. Get it, retarded non productive gov that are the same as the entitlement (useless sponges) in our society. The hairball is too tangled. Time for changes like a world catastrophe of another ice age to thin out the world population, freshen the waters, and settle all of us down that survives. Be strong, and believe in God, your moral compass, and hold dear to the one or two you love.

      41. An armed neighborhood watch could make the neighborhood much safer than any police force. In many cities there are areas that a person is not safe to walk yet the police do not allow the people to set up their own security.

        • Don’t steal, the government hates competition. Don’t defend yourself or your neighbor, the police hate competition.

        • Guess they never heard of the old rule of “Lead, follow, or get the hell outta the way!”.

      42. Remember: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
        Happy shooting

      43. In truth, our country is already a tinderbox. It will not take much to make it look like Detroit. Add to that, the mountain of other issues we face.

        Amerika, the squatter’s camp
        Someone dumped thier filth on thee
        And crowned thy good
        With gangs in yer hood
        Your demise is what you see…

      44. You mean… just ignorantly chanting “Yes we can” won’t protect me?????

        • Well, JR, it did until the hopium ran out.

      45. I don’t care what color you are – we all bleed the same red blood and we care about the same things – our families.

        We will fight alongside each other and die together in combat – that is military life.

        Americans like myself don’t like slackers or anyone who says they are owed something without working for it.

        Politicians who promise things they can not deliver to get into office and used car salesmen enjoy the same moral responsibility – nothing.

        Politicians, banksters and crooked government officials deserve the same fate as criminals – because that is what they are when they betray our trust.

        Prepare for the worst – pray for the best. Aim straight.

        • “Politicians, banksters and crooked government officials deserve the same fate as criminals – because that is what they are when they betray our trust.”

          Amen, Brother. When Dante wrote his Inferno novel long ago, he reserved the 9th and most hideous level of Hell for… the betrayers of trust. That should tell the pols what all of their scheming will amount to. I dunno… maybe ignorance is bliss and none of them ever bothered to read it. It’s a fascinating book and well worth the read.

        • MSGT, AMEN to that Sir !………….SEMPER FI !

      46. I’ve thought about giving away free food in exchange for “signing up” for a free flat screen and car give away… Requires photo id. Then take the info. to the cops…anyone with a warrant they will know where to find them. Maybe some reward money. I be this would work like a charm a few times. Another option…. Here’s a survival plan…
        Years ago I planted a garden. I planted collards. Wholly shit…they took over the entire garden and grew into the winter. I’d build a large cold greenhouse with whatever and I’d be farting all though the winter….collard powered. fpsssst … splat…opps. better check the undies. Final thought…. have a worm farm setup….if you are near starvation death….go dig worms. I read a ww2 jew survived on worms for 8 months. The guards could not figure out what was keeping this guy alive. When he was digging ditches he’s find a worm….tuck it into to a sleave pocket he rigged…then in the shitter where no one was looking in the middle of the night..he’s swallow the high protein worms. Editorial… All the TV slaves will die….little white fuckers like me spend hours surfing the survival boards going through these mental exercises. We should be ok. ps. Watch PopCorn suttons vid on youtube on stills. Good thing to learn and dump your first run of alcohol as its the shit that will make you go blind. Sell it to the NWO UN blue helmets. ha.

      47. Haha this makes me smile I always wondered there has been an increase in crimes here and I never hear old lady killed in royal oak home family fog also killed if your elderly parents are against guns make them have a dog! I have a 215 lbs old English mastiff that would deter most criminals, or at least keep them amused until the look down my barrel! There have been break ins on the street in front an behind mine and not once on my own maybe the mastiff And Newfoundland that live on the street are enough to deter criminals for now! Detroits been bad when the shtf we will probably be the ones most prepped cause it already has here! Lmao

      48. All crime and all social problems can be traced back to the monetary system and the concept of money.

      49. Another form of population control. Those that come to take lose and those that give live. This is one way to clean up a neighborhood. Those that had stupid parents that did not prepare them for the future end up losing that child.

      50. Great, everyone is ready to react to a symptom of the problem. The issue with that is that until you deal with the root cause, you will be doomed to deal with these symptoms indefinitely.

        Crime is a by-product of poverty.

        Poverty is a by-product of greed.

        If you wish to put your ammunition to the best use possible, find the greedy bastards and shoot them. What is the use of barricading yourselves in your homes because of the “bad situation” going on outside when the people that are the root cause of that bad situation get away scott free; with record profits no less?

        Stop REACTING to a SYMPTOM of the criminals of Wall Street and Washington ,and start DEALING with the criminals of Wall Street and Washington!

      51. Looks like it’s left to me to draw everybody’s attention to the elephant in the room here. The reason that Detroit has such a disproportionately high crime rate is that it has a sizable black population. Black males between the ages of 13-40 commit something in the region of 80% of violent crimes in the United States, according to Justice Department statistics. Read “The Color of Crime” report, which is freely available online.

        • Obadiah, always been that way in this Country. I miss the
          1960’s. At least they knew their place then!

          • Hey all, joke time!

            Q: Why are aspirin white?
            A: Because they work!

      52. I wonder what city will get the dubious distinction of being synonymous with blight, decay, crime and despair and incorporated into common language?

        Will it be.

        1. Detroit, as in, “Damn that area is Detroited”.


        2. Camden, as in, “OMG that’s Camdened”.

        The list of other cities which have the potential to be included in the running is growing. Seriously some city will become so synonymous to be used to describe this like the phrase “Rust Belt”.

        Anyone have a city to vote for? Keep it catchy.

      53. Castle Law for ALL!

      54. True American patriots.
        Welcome to Detroit where the weak are eaten. It is a scary place but not as scary as Detroit.
        A proud hometown boy

      55. I see the T.v. it show that Detroit is on the way up.Showing car being built ,singer’s singing etc.C’mon We need to wake up! The times are changing I hope for the better.I see this as a road sign for America.Turn around now ! Or we will turn into the old west with every one carring a gun.

      56. Finally an excellent article that says it all!
        People! Arm yourselves and get training! Your life depends
        on it !

      57. What took so long?

      58. That video of DETROIT was a bleak reminder of what happens when corruption is allowed to run free! The extremely high levels of corruption in the US guarantee there are many more such scenes and this number increases by the minute. BTW, Did anyone notice the massive chemtrails in some of the scenes in the video? Let’s face it, y’all….DEY’S GONNA BE A SHOWDOWN! Nothin’ less gonna fix our nation!

        • Kinda reminded me of the areas around CHERNOBYL….could be prophetic….

      59. Self-defense for those of European ancestry: reasonradionetwork dot com

      60. What’s interesting is that for the first time in 20 years, Detroit police are writing speeding tickets on the expressway. Commuters racing home to the suburbs don’t shoot back so they’re an easy target.

        • They also bring in badly needed income to pay their wages.

      61. Let’s just cede De-toilet to Canada and walk away.

      62. @ 41MagMan says,
        That’s why we have you, so you can cover our six.
        Plus – It’s fiction Dude!

        Y’all Beware!
        Y’all need some trainin’.
        NanO, makem’sweat!

      63. You will get better results and info from – NinaO.

        HaHaHa. Sorry y’all.

        Y’all Beware!

      64. Want to see first hand what 30+ pathetic years of rule by the democrats will do to a city? Visit Detroit Today!! Yugo, I don’t wanna.

      65. Those who would survive, let them fight; and those who will not fight, do not deserve to live.

      66. Yeah, shoot each other. the world celebrates. good riddance.

      67. i am hoping i never have to deal with buttheads like Detroit does now,,,if these things actually transpire in my neck of the woods like you suggest they might,,it will hurt me, to put a bullet in my best friends head,, who has a week ago told me that when it hits the fan he will be pillaging from those who prepare, and shooting anyone that looks at him wrong,,and he wanted to invite me along….sucks 2 be him! WE HAVE PARTED WAYS! he claims to be christian, and this is what really kills me,, his negative mark on the son of god..sorry all, this has been cooking my soul all this time. I needed to tell someone…THX

        • happened to me last year.piss on’em and move on.plenty more upstanding people out there.

      68. I am not worried. I have three guns my wife three and to each of my children I have given two guns. I also provided ammo to them and myself and there are thousands of rounds between us. Anyone f–k with us they will be meeting their maker!


      69. How about a policy of…”First” posting gets you an IP ban for a week.
        And also include inane comments like “Don’t forget your tinfoil hat!!”

        Not censorship, as they get to post their idiocy. But I’d rather not see any more of their useless posts for a week.

        Pretty please!!!

      70. Dave – We already have enough rules, police and other laws… Do we really want more? Just let them be.

        • Not to start a flame war.

          But you are part of societies problems.

          It’s a privileged to post on this site. Bad behavior should not be rewarded. You are arguing for “First” posts to be left alone. Ergo, rewarding bad behavior.

          America’s legal system has failed because it gives slaps on the wrist to really bad people.

          Well, back to my prepping.

          • Your the one making up these rules. Why is it bad to be first? Are you gonna be the one to decide what gets on the internet and what doesn’t? That makes you a bit like obama…..

      71. All this can change we need leaders who are for the nation first.
        People should be encouraged to buy local things. Local industry should be encouraged. All can reverse.

      72. My time is valuable to me. I assume that many others feel the same way about their time.

        I will read posts that disagree with what most people think here.

        But the noise should be reduced.

        • Aren’t you special.

      73. We need to know where every Congressman lives and show them that we are not happy with their Elitist ways! The we should let them know that we know where the kin lives! Then we should make sure that all of our family and kin who are in the police, military know that they can not carry out any orders from these corrupt scumbags! ViVa la USA!

      74. fuck Detroit….liberal negroid infested, jungle-culture, politically mismanaged shithole….

        America’s future under Obama.

      75. Detroit, a cesspool of Muslims and Blacks.

      76. The justifiable homicide rate hasn’t suddenly spiked up, it is only in the law changing that allows people TO defend themselves with deadly force without prosecution that has brought a rise in REPORTED justifiable homicides.
        I’ve heard a police sergeant giving advice on how to avoid harrassment from prosecution by disposing of the body of a would-be home invader in such a way as to eliminate any evidence connecting one to the attacker.
        I grew up in a slum area of Detroit known as Brightmoor. 42 years ago I watched as four thugs who broke into my home to attack a guest were fired upon by another guest, painting all the walls in blood. I also heard a cop cussing the shooter for shooting too low. And then heard him cuss the shooter all over again when he found he had accidentally jammed the gun and couldn’t continue shooting. (For those of you who might be interested, all of the parties involved were caucasians: Criminal action is racially blind)
        The only thing that will make a change for the better in Detroit is when the courts stop allowing the criminals to run free until they have actually been rehabilitated. (Look up the Detroit News Article on the courts returning bail money -Over 100 MILLION dollars!- to criminals who never appeared for trial.) That’s the stick, the carrot is increasing the opportunities for the criminals to leave their criminal past behind by expanding more job opportunities they qualify for.
        And speaking of Kwame Kilpatrick…crime doesn’t come from a poor minority background, it comes from the philosophy of “Chumps play by the rules, and I’M not going to be a chump!”

      77. so little afrika is becoming more like the “muddaland” every day…

      78. The average response time of police is over 10 minutes, IF they show up at all. The average response time of my .380 is 1000fps.

      79. Give it time and before you know it the Democrats and libs. will take those poor law abiding Americans right to bare arms and legal weapons away and imprison them while a bunch of lawyers rush to Detroit to defend the thugs, killers, child molesters and any criminal’s rights. After which our Government elect will help the mentioned scumbags su those same law abiding citizens for wrongful death. This will line the pockets of the lawyers allowing them to become government law makers. Thus enabling even more government to erode more Americans rights so as to have more power over the people. This will intern allow the government to rule it’s subjects like they did in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and stil do in China and most third world countries.

      80. The government should pay women an anual subsidy for every year they don’t have babies. Problem in the U.S. is going to be high unemployment, declining job opportunities and declining federal subsidies as China takes over world wide manufacturing and U.S. revenues decline. No point in having kids if they’re going to end up unemployed and on the dole.

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