Taiwan Informs Australia It’s ‘Preparing For War’ As China Sends Record 52 PLA Jets Toward Island

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Source: Getty Images

    Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu in a hugely provocative interview with Australian broadcasting ABC’s China tonight program warned that Taiwan is preparing for war with China and urged its larger Indo-Pacific neighbor to help.

    Wu said his nation will repel any coming attack, “The defense of Taiwan is in our own hands, and we are absolutely committed to that,” he told ABC’s Stan Grant. The interview is set for broadcast on Monday evening (local time). “If China is going to launch a war against Taiwan we will fight to the end, and that is our commitment.” He made an appeal to Australia’s leaders for greater support to Taiwan during the growing crisis and showdown.

    “I’m sure that if China is going to launch an attack against Taiwan, I think they are going to suffer tremendously as well,” Wu threatened. It comes after Friday and Saturday Chinese PLA jet incursions into Taiwan’s air defense zone. Friday’s breaches saw 38 total jets fly toward Taiwan while Saturday saw 39.

    Though Australia doesn’t officially recognize the self-ruled island, Wu appealed to leaders in Canberra as follows: “We would like to engage in security or intelligence exchanges with other like-minded partners, Australia included, so Taiwan is better prepared to deal with the war situation.”

    “And so far, our relations with Australia [are] very good and that is what we appreciate,” Wu added.

    China has already given a resounding ‘response’ to these latest provocative statements out of Taiwan, on Monday sending a record-smashing 52 PLA jets to breach the southwest defense zone.

    Reuters writes of the new Monday breach: “Taiwan’s air force scrambled again on Monday to warn away 52 Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone, Taiwan’s defense ministry said, the largest number to date reported by Taipei and the fourth straight day of Chinese incursions.”

    At the same time, Chinese pundits have downplayed the repeat aerial incursions, which are getting bigger and bigger, as but routine exercises that Beijing has every right to conduct…

    Regardless the growing size of the PLA formations – particularly Monday’s whopping 52 aircraft – is an unmistakable ‘message’ and threat to Taipei from Beijing.

    Without a doubt, the increasingly large incursions which have seen Taiwan scramble its F-16 fighters and activate anti-air defenses – and ramped up frequency (almost daily at this point) – leaves open the possibility of a ‘live fire’ incident that could spark a major war.


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      1. Me thinks it wouldn’t be much of a war – two and a half, maybe three hours. The US won’t send any carrier floptillas, those are okay for raining death down upon the Iraqis, and Afghanis, Yemeni and Syrian; you do not send them within a few thousand miles of a adversary that can shoot back at you accordingly. It would be tragic if Americans discovered their beloved mega billion $ carrier rust bucket groups were antiquated long ago.

      2. Another thing we might discover, is that we can’t have our mega war with a mega power that makes all of our shiny plastic consumer shit, and continue to drive our mega SUV and pickemup trucks all over hells half acre (read no fuel) if we are foolish enough to start a big one. All the remaining fuel would be consumed by our military

      3. Ha Ha…more propaganda yellow man bad forever. They’re trying to manufacture consent for war just like they did with the yellow cake, the WMDs, and the man in the cave who took down 3 towers with two planes and box cutters.

        So where were these planes in the ADIZ? Doesn’t really say. But look at the ADIZ. Half of it goes over mainland China. So they could have been over China itself. Be afraid. Big bad China is flying some planes around over it’s own land. What bullshit…and people eat this crap up.

        Look, the US has an air defense identification zone too. But they specifically state that an aircraft entering the ADIZ does not have to identify itself unless it plans to enter US airspace. The US does not recognize any other countries ADIZ for military aircraft either. These Chinese aircraft weren’t even in Taiwan’s airspace because any ADIZ is INTERNATIONAL airspace. Much clutching of pearls for naught.

        • So you’re thinking that China is the good guy and Taiwan is the aggressor in the situation? That Taiwan is moving against China, not that China is moving against Taiwan?

      4. Is it a good time to have a long good time in Tiawan.

      5. What the hell is Australia going to do? Their people aren’t even allowed outside without a mask.

        • If they can’t handle a virus they certainly couldn’t handle a war. Remember Gallipoli? They got their asses handed to them by the Turks.

          Australia is already cut off from the outside world because of a virus; imagine what would happen if China did a naval blockade?

      6. Let get it over with.
        Whose ever left picks up the pieces.

        • The ones left will be the ones smart enough to stay out of it till both sides have expended their strength fighting each other so then they can then just step in and take over with little or no effort.

          They’re the smart ones.

      7. The Chinese are just a bunch of Coolie’s, it wasn’t that long ago in the course of human history that they were secluded behind their “great wall”. Smoking opium in their opium dens, courtesy of the British Empire,or beaten to a bloody pulp by the Japs in the 1930’s. The Vietnamese,the Japanese, the Koreans,now these people are true warriors,its in their DNA and its been proven in history for over a thousand years. The Chinese no so much. They are the new kid on the block,they don’t have a history of being true warrior class people. Just because you have a bunch of new toys and fancy hardware doesn’t prove squat. My prediction is when they get into it up to their eyeballs they will have their asses handed to them. Besides they were a third world toilet until 1972 when Nixon opened up trade relations with them,sharing technology with them etc etc etc. They are good at counterfeiting what other’s have invented. We shall soon see what they are made of.

      8. US/CIA/Taiwan poking China ever since Obama started the “Pivot to China” and, since then, constant aggression by the Trump and Biden administrations in the South China Sea with “freedom of navigation” using battleships in the Taiwan Strait.

        China is responding to these things by flying military aircraft past Taiwan, but in international airspace (the ADIZ is international airspace). How would the US respond if the Chinese started “freedom of navigation” drills between the Florida Keys and Cuba using battleships?

        Not the US business over there. Constant meddling in other’s affairs will be the downfall of the republic.

      9. Since China is communist I am sure many people in the US including in officialdom (officials, teachers, activists, “civil rights” leaders, business people and others are marxists even if they don’t say publicly so) will be cheering them on to take over Taiwan. But I’m puzzled, why is China being so bellicose, I thought communist ideology only promoted peace and non-aggression. The US will make loud noises if/when China takes moves against Taiwan, and maybe even make a few successful military moves, but little else, mostly because we no longer possess overwhelming power. If/when China does complete a takeover of Taiwan it will be the bellwether that signals to the world the US in no longer an unassailable fortress, that we have been living only on reputation. A new international paradigm is likely to emerge where the US will not be able to dictate to other nations to say the least.

        • One of their biggest cheerleaders can be found right here on this board.

      10. I’m amazed as I read a number of comments about the article. Still blaming Jews, Asians, blacks, Nazis, Caucasians, middle eastern, and the list goes on. Can’t we just discuss the facts n not speculate unceasingly. I’d like to know more about these events, but if your going to speculate please state it as your estimation or speculation. Thank you.

      11. I despise China, especially for the trouble they have caused in the whole world. That slant eyed pig from Beijing can rot in hell. Who the hell does he think he is telling the world that he ‘condemns’ the US and Canada for helping Taiwan? I hope their whole economy goes down. The world needs to stop supporting China. Stop buying ‘made in China’ crap.

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