Tactics to Take Out a Killer Robot and Survive: “Burn, Fry, Jam, Tangle or Run It Over”

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    This article was originally written by Mike Adams and published as his NaturalNews.com website.

    Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, there really may be a time coming when you must face a killer robot, deployed by law enforcement or the military, that may try to take you out, or haul your butt in to the authorities. Just in case your life is on the line, it might be worth knowing a few makeshift strategies for disabling, distracting or defeating a robot.

    It may not look like a scene from the Terminator, but it could have you marked in a database for deletion all the same.

    Human survival 101: Top ten ways to kill a Google robot

    by Mike Adams

    GLITCH.news has posted a timely and much-needed article entitled How to kill a Google robot.

    The article anticipates the inescapable conclusion that Google’s military robots will sooner or later be turned against the people, Terminator style. It offers advice on various ways to take out a Google robot, including running over it with your car, setting it on fire, and decapitating it.

    However, I feel like humanity needs more options, so I’ve put together my own top 10 list of how to kill a Google robot. While these robots may be working alongside U.S. Marines right now, it’s only a matter of time before they are turned against us. Remember when Google’s slogan used to be, “Do no evil”? And now Google functions as an extension of the NSA, tracking your search terms and web surfing behavior, censoring the independent media, conspiring with Big Pharma to block ads from Canadian pharmacies and altering its search results to favor pharmaceutical industry drug pushers like the Mayo Clinic.

    Anyone who thinks Google robots won’t be used against humanity is a fool. Even if Google never intentionally turns them evil, chances are the Chinese will hack them and turn them against us anyway. (Or some devilish President like Obama will unleash them against whatever political group he hates at the time… like the Tea Party…)

    So if you hope to survive the coming robot war on humanity, you’d better know how to kill a Google robot. Ready for your survival lesson? If you want to live, come with me…

    Top 10 ways to kill a Google robot

    One thing we all learned from Kyle Reese is that striking a Terminator with a metal pipe just pisses it off:

    You’re going to need something far more effective than a metal pipe. So here’s how to get the job done and save humanity:

    1) Blind its sensors – This can be accomplished with something as simple as a paintball gun.

    2) Subject it to a strong electric arc – A powerful welder / generator can produce enough voltage to fry a robot’s circuits. The hard part is getting close enough to clamp on the cables without frying yourself in the process.

    3) Tangle it in cables or a net – Robots suck at freeing themselves from tangles. Find a cargo net and try to get the bot tangled in it. Or just circle around its legs with strong cable like Luke Skywalker vs. the AT-AT walkers in The Empire Strikes Back.

    4) Throw it into water – Knock that Google bot into a river! It probably can’t swim, and if the water penetrates its outer shell, it will fry the circuit boards.

    5) Shred it with bullets or explosives – A .50 caliber semi-auto rifle should do the trick. For greater accuracy, get yourself a .338 Lapua long range sniper rifle. With training and good optics, you can hit a Google robot at over 1,000 yards.

    6) Run over it with a vehicle – Here’s the ghetto version of assault: just “vehicular manslaughter” that robot with your 4×4 pickup truck. Hopefully you don’t drive a wimpy city vehicle, or you’ll just hurt yourself in the process while deploying your silly air bags.

    7) Electronically jam its communications and GPS – For the geeks who want to get involved, you might be able to GPS spoof the robot in the same way that hackers are currently taking over drones and General Motors vehicles. Better yet, hack a Jeep and remotely drive it into the Google robot.

    8) Set off a small EMP – If you’re a total geek and know how to build an EMP bomb, then whip one together and set it off near the bot. Hey, didn’t they use one of these in Ocean’s Eleven?

    9) Attach a strong tether to it and tie it to something huge and immobile (like your mother in law) – This is my favorite trick: find some brave soul willing to run up to the robot and latch onto it with a cable and a carabiner. Then tether it to something it can’t escape… like a building. From there, you can use it for target practice.

    10) Burn it up (gasoline, diesel, etc.) – Douse that bot with your favorite combustible liquid, then toss a flare at it. (Or light it up with your AR-15. The sparks from the bullets striking the metal robot will start the fire.) Be sure not to set yourself on fire in the process, or you will wind up in a YouTube video entitled, “TOTAL MORON TRIED TO SET A ROBOT ON FIRE BUT TORCHED HIMSELF INSTEAD.”

    Beyond these 10, if you’re clever you can also drop heavy objects on them (a la Terminator Salvation and the railroad car axle trick). But this requires the robot to be in the precise position you had planned for them, and that’s unlikely to be easy to pull off.

    The best trick of all might be to just sell the Google robots to the U.S. government. Everything the government tries to operate turns to crap and eventually collapses.

    Sources for this article include:


    This article was originally written by Mike Adams and published as his NaturalNews.com website.


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      1. I’ll have know that some of my best friends are robots.

        • The same tactics will probably work on them too.

          • Seems that Speaker of the House John Boehner is stepping down “Great” so whether you vote or not it is time to call or email your U.S. Rep. and tell them we don’t want another RINO as Speaker. It is time they picked a true Conservative as Speaker to change the direction Obama is taking our country. Trekker Out. Take A Stand!

            • Anybody remember the movie Battle LA?

              The aliens employ a legged robot similar to the 4 legged one displayed above against our team of Marines. The Marines knock it out, but not before taking several casualties from it.

              Shades of things to come….

        • Tip: get a headlamp with red and white light leds. Don’t use hand torches. They tie up your hands.

        • Do all that shit to the damn robots operators too.

        • “I’ll have know that some of my best friends are robots.”

          Do your robot friends take D batteries?

          • JS. And they smell funny.

      2. 11. Teach it to love

        • Push it over sideways. Grab any wires you see and pull them loose. Hinda like clash of the titans. If possible, load it up in a bulldozer bucket and drop it into a mud pit…robots don’t do deep mud either.

          Maybe the one place it can’t get you, is on it’s own back…death from above.

          Ride ’em cowboy!

          • Sixpack, better yet, send a robot on a blind date with acid. Solve 2 problems.

      3. You’re wondering who I am
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        Machine or mannequin
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        With parts made in Japan
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        I am the modren man

        I’ve got a secret, I’ve been hiding under my skin
        My heart is human, my blood is boiling
        My brain I.B.M., so if you see me
        Acting strangely, don’t be surprised

        I’m just a man who needed someone
        And somewhere to hide
        To keep me alive, just keep me alive
        Somewhere to hide to keep me alive

        I’m not a robot without emotions
        I’m not what you see
        I’ve come to help you
        With your problems, so we can be free
        I’m not a hero, I’m not a saviour
        Forget what you know

        I’m just a man whose circumstances
        Went beyond his control
        Beyond my control, we all need control
        I need control, we all need control

        I am the modren man
        (Secret, secret I’ve got a secret)
        Who hides behind a mask
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        So no one else can see
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        My true identity

        Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
        Domo, …………..,

        (Domo Arigato), Mr. Roboto
        (Thank you very much,) Mr. Roboto
        For doing the jobs that nobody wants to
        And thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
        For helping me escape

        Just when I needed to
        Thank you, thank you, thank you
        I want to thank you
        Please, thank you, oh

        The problem’s plain to see
        Too much technology
        Machines to save our lives
        Machines, de-humanize

        The time has come at last
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        To throw away this mask
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        Now everyone can see
        (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
        My true identity, I’m Kilroy, Kilroy, Kilroy, Kilroy


        • Mac,

          Your site has officially jumped the shark, well done. 2 years ago you could leave an article up for the weekend and get 600-1000 plus posts, and that was in the days when that thumb thing was still around. When you posted a comment, it was always up on the board within an hour, never any problems. There used to be open discussion on this board, yeah, it included some trash talking between some posters but it also added some zest to the overall experience. Now it’s been reduced to a series of 3 daily articles with most of them reprinted from other websites, today you can leave an article up for the weekend and you’re lucky to get 250 comments, today you post a comment and it maybe over 24 hours for it to clear, if indeed it even does. Hardly meaningful to the conversation after that long. Yeah, this once was a good website, what happened?

          • Dan,
            Welcome to the wonderful world of net neutrality.

        • I saw Styx many times in their hayday,loved the Gran Illusion and it’s message.That song was about the time I realised was no longer hearing good tunes from them though does pertain to this article.

        • Passin, you did come up with the perfect song for this article.

      4. You would have to think that they are going to be waterproof, and have some redundant systems – but the main problem military robots have is speed relative to terrain. Unlike CGI or humanoid robots, anything on wheels or tracks has built in issues with terrain or obstacles. They cannot easily jump or climb. Hence we see slow moving deliberate bomb disposal robots or drones. My suspicion is that future combat robots will simply be more intelligent autonomous aerial drones. They will patrol by themselves until they find something or someone, then ask for permission to launch small missiles. Drones have less issue with terrain and are already well into development.

      5. I don’t think robots would handle swamps very well.

        • Or a D8H with a 1500HP tree grinder on it

      6. What about flirting with it? The reality is most robots will be made for one purpose: sex. Pleasure bots are going to be extremely popular and drive economic growth for the next 20 to 30 years. The Asians are already very advanced with this technology. Think about it: everything online porn does now but it is in your bedroom and in your hands. Like school girls?, like flight attendants?, like secretaries? All available 24/7. No reason to ever get unhappy again. Ever.

        • If it ain’t got that swing
          It don’t mean a thing

        • You are one of the most lucid
          guys on this site.
          I know how to make and program
          robots. I could never or would try
          to replicate my wife.
          One of her is enough for the world.

          • Dude,
            You better have a good backpedal plan for if she ever reads that,,,,

        • Aliens,,,,,,

        • FT, what about setting up the robot on a blind date with acid? OH, ACIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD?

          • Acid, how would you like a date with a robot? Do your “civic duty” and destroy robots. [I can really be cold!]

            • Kula,lets either have a intelligent discuassion in regards to the grey/reptialiian war being fought on our planet or lets just not bring them up!

              • Hmmm….,a blind date with a gorgeous sexbot while on acid,uh,sign me up!

                • Warchild, I meant Acid Etch; you know, the sodomite that comes on here and bashes all of us ‘old people’.

                  • I know what/who you meant,just decided to take it further,a Lyndsey Lohan sexbot while tripping,er…..,wait,can probably have her anytime I want,never mind!

                    • Warchild, I think I’ll pass on a female robot. what I mentioned with acid and a robot should be right up its, er I mean HIS alley.

        • Frank Thoughts, you mean like:

          Hey big boy, wanna jack into my mainframe? My wide open port is around back, just waiting for you to insert your long, hard python into my pseudoprivate attributes. Wanna play with my controller card? Just drop some hot solder right there…now polish my module to a soft luster. I’ll reciprocate by drowning you in all the raw data you can handle. I’ll overload your operating system, then make you reload… 🙂

          • Sixpack, I thought I was bad. I take my hat off to you.

            • Six, we need a cigarette after that post.

              • SR

                Hell, lets make it a cartoon. Hahaha!

          • I’m glad people haven’t lost our humor or our imagination yet. You guys are so cool.

        • You gotta hand it to the Japanese for inventing a woman with an off switch. The next generation of guys will have few reasons to ever even think about marriage. The femhags will hate the sexbots and attempt to have them outlawed.

          • State of sexbots today and tomorrow:

            1.0: Plastic blowup dolls. Cheap, nasty and you would have to be very desperate to choose that over a real woman.
            2.0: Vibrator-enhanced blowup doll. A little more fun but still save your pennies and get a prostitute.
            3.0: Today’s new generation of sexbots: Starting to look like real women. Come in many fantasy profiles, from school girl to flight attendant. Maybe after a few beers in a hotel in a strange city: maybe.
            4.0 (5 years from now): Custom-designed to look like real women/teens that customers provide to manufacturers. Obsess over the woman across the street? You can have a replica of her in your bedroom within a month or two. These get real popular, real fast. This creates a market frenzy and money floods into the sector, funding smart guys to get heavily into the business.
            5.0 (10 to 20 years from now): By this point, highly realistic skin and internal organs have been developed. Animitronics has advanced so much the sexbot looks and behaves like a real person. Pre-programmed but hooked up to the web, it will act and behave like a real person and respond to your kinks. Real prostitutes will be getting worried by this point and feminists will be protesting all over the place. Most guys will never go near women in a bar (legal problems being a big reason by this point) when they can just dial up exactly what they want and have it waiting at their apartment when they get back from the bar. First stories appear of business men dying from, as the Japanese now call it, Sexatoomucha, after a week of crazy, frenzied sex with robots. Marriage rate reaches a record low.

          • From what I have read, it seems the Thai’s have perfected the flip switch females and trannys as well.

            Bangkok appears to be the sex capitol of the world. Walk up and insert a 20 $ bill, and insert whatever you want, anywhere you want. UMMMM, AE would kill himself in the first week from “over-insertion”.

            By some estimates, their sex business runs in excess of 5 billion in US dollars each year. By other estimates, 10% of their tourism includes sex trade.

            The thing about Buddhism, there is no shame or conviction associated. They don’t see it as sin. Sounds like a good place for all the dikes and fairies to relocate to. Throw in some pedophilia and half the Catholic priests may jump on the plane with them.

            • I agree: I think the Thais have the right attitude: sex is to be enjoyed guilt-free and if you can make money from it, so be it. Most Asians have this attitude to some degree.

              It is people in the US (Europeans are pretty cool about this issue too) who get the most hung-up on money and sex. If a young woman is pretty and can rake in more cash from selling sex than flipping burgers, good for her. It is basically win-win: old guys get to relive their past and the sex worker gets some inflation-adjusted cash.

            • FT, careful with that post. You’re giving acid ideas.

              • AS opposed to you, whose been using his hand for the last 20 years.

      7. Revelation 13….

      8. I will say the battle of the future here,learning tech and how to bring it down the new wave of tools.I think lasers/microwave guns/baby emp bombs ect. will be replacing the gun poder devices/bombs ect.,already has to a degree.You see good tech info. print it up while you can/store on stick ect.,true with all info. that powers that want to be don’t like!

      9. If I confront a robot, I’ll destroy it any way I can. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

        • Even if it looked like Heidi Klum?
          And was real real friendly???

          • It might have a tree grinder inside.

      10. BigDog robots are so noisy for combat use. And I sure wouldn’t want to turn my back on one!

      11. I want to see an answer to Dan’s post at 3:38 today.
        You owe us an explanation, Mac. Why do many posts disappear?

        and sixpack, you gave away your position..kidding.
        We lived in Oregon for 20+ years, I used to call on restaurants in your area. Welches, Rhododendran, Gov. Camp? Say hi to Mt. Hood for me, and all those rednecks in Sandy!

        • Yep! That’s me, part of the gateway community. If the pine trees weren’t so tall, I could see the summit from my front stoop. I still could if I climbed up on the roof…

      12. I wouldn’t have any problem with robots taking out trolls, politicians, banksters, and such.

      13. Here we go with the robot nonsense. The robotics technology is way behind computers. Sex with a robot people really. I’d put the thing to work for me and use my time for more important stuff. Scumbag corporations will buy robots and use them in place of people. Robots don’t need days off or complain. Military will get em because the gov won’t have to pay for soldiers injuries the rest of their lives. Gov and corps will get them first not citizens then the corporations will sell them at prices you can’t afford just because what it can do for you. The same reason everyone doesn’t have an airplane of their own.

      14. If they are anything like most electronics all I have to do is get close or touch it and its fucked. Me and tech are not friends.

      15. Our most brilliant minds are occupied with a technology that will maim and kill men, women and children; it will displace millions of people’s jobs, swelling the ranks of the unemployed, and a few lonely and pathetic individuals will pleasure themselves with vibrators resembling something human but unable to think, love, or continue one’s genetic heritage; this is progress for a few, it is extinction for many. Decide now, the real benefits will go to the wealthy one per cent. Do you have what it takes to go to MIT and cash out as an innovative engineer, or do you own a multinational company who can bank more bucks by laying off anything that eats, sleeps, and shits; if so, you’ve won the world’s lottery. If not, you have been replaced. Go hang yourself. You are nothing. That’s all folks. The joke’s on you.

      16. Lol definetly reaching on this one Mac comon man that one is just a bad artical it might perhaps be saved if the rabblings of HCKS shows up find better articals plz

        • OK I actually just read it is this for real ? Mac are you letting HCKS write ? Seriously. I thought it was a joke the way its written an EMP bomb? Like anyone could just Google instructions? Its a bad artical and you know it. I’m starting to wonder if your even paying attention to what’s posted I noticed a lot more adds showing up too . Didn’t sell out did ya? By listing nonsense articals of no consequence. Fluff I call it

      17. John,google sucks,I use duck duck go,page after page on how to build small emp generators,just size it up for path of destruction you want,same for small lasers/microwave guns,just be careful or get shocked!Sure,you can keep reloading/cooking fun stuff but this is the new wave of items to defend ourselves to a degree!

        • Actually I was killing time writing on HCKS Lol figured for sure he’d show up on this one. But seriously thanks I’ll look into thatit sounds iinteresting.

      18. How ironic, I was just watching old episodes of “Falling Skies” (which I never saw before) and assessing all the msgs that illuminati-Spielberg was sending us… one thing that struck me was the problem they had with shooting at the Mechs, which were basically killer robots: they were made of an unknown metal which was not harmed by normal bullets. So much for being well armed!

        Knowing, as we do, that science is in reality many years ahead of anything we are publicly told, it’s easy to imagine that when killer robots make their debut, they will be “immune” from our firepower. So scratch those options off the list…

        • Yes there will be armored robots that are immune to small arms fire, but they will be heavy and will have issues with terrain. What a robot has over you is being ‘over you’ – or in other word – drones. The technology is proven, and with superior optics and laser guided missiles they can take you out as they hover way out of range of most rifles. And yes, I do see drone-to-drone combat!

      19. How come nobody is talking about a magnetron out of a microwave? These things through huge arcs when it hits metal And can be aimed

      20. Too funny! I laughed the entire time. Good job!

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