Systematic Collapse of Society: Manufactured Election Crisis & FAMINE

by | Sep 5, 2020 | Commodities, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 15 comments

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    We are living through the systematic collapse of society as we know it.  The elites have already planned out election chaos and famine that will destroy so many people’s lives if we let it.

    The same forces instigating social unrest and elections chaos are engineering a man-made famine and attempting to take over ALL food production. This is exactly what happened in the Soviet takeover of Ukraine. The people pulling the political puppet’s strings start by ramping up fear. They have done this by spreading fraudulent COVID-19 tests to farmworkers and meat plants. From John Podesta to the UFW, to Tyson, to the Rockefellers, The Ice Age Farmer explores the deep connections between those behind the agenda to “Reset the Table” and use food as a weapon.

    Weaponization of Food: Starvation to Manufacture Compliance

    In the video, the Ice Ae Farmer lays out Podesta’s link in this matter. This is a systematic collapse of the food supply chain. It has been planned.

    If you have not stored enough food, do so now. The time will come when there won’t be any available to store. Things are not looking like they will improve, as the control freaks ramp up their war on us.  We know this is by design to take control of our lives turning us into slaves.  We are better than this, but unless we realize that we’ve been lied to and indoctrinated into this system, there’s little hope. Awareness is the first step. Once we know what’s going on, the solutions become endless.

    Since so many people still don’t seem to get it and are ignorantly unwilling to wake up and apply common sense and critical thinking to the situation being shoved down our throats, remember:

    It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. –Joseph Stalin



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      1. N#gga-ysteria. That is what is plaguing the Western world, despite the fact blacks are treated the best in the West.

        Black lives do not matter in Africa, in Asia they openly laugh at black people in airports, in Eastern Europe they attack them on the streets. But in North America and Western Europe where black people receive free healthcare, clean water, welfare, endless support for children, free education, priority access to all jobs because not enough diversity, blacks feel the need to burn cities down and rape and murder at rates far higher than other people. That in short is a psychological disorder.

        • The Covona Bail out Bill Congress wrote in January 2019, went through 6 months of committees and was passed and sat in the shelf from Sept 2019 until Trump signed it in Late March I believe was the signing date.

          Congress knew this Corona Virus was coming to provide cover for another scam financial bailout to cover up their looting of the treasury and malfeasance over decades. While Americans sat patiently waiting to get $1200 checks, and a $600 a week unemployment, which was designed to keep Americans compliant instead of authentic rioting and a Government overthrow, which congress feared. 90% of the Corona Bail out money went unchecked to big corporations, then told us, we don’t deserve any more money because we won’t work if its not worth it for free checks. So what about big corporations, these lazy fascist corporation f*ckers don’t like to work either. They all wanted Free Bailouts instead of American ingenuity and building a great product. And all they did was buy back their own stock on the cheap. So we all have been played by this current Government. Trump was not part of the Corona Bill but he too knew, signed it because more money printing kept his Admin in charge somewhat. This entire economy has been running on money printing for decades. Its all toast and an illusion folks. Hunker down, be well armed and protect what is yours, convert all of your US dollars into hard assets ASAP, and liquidate all of your stock holdings and 401K’s now at the peak. Buy Silver, Gold, Land, Food, Guns, ammo, Fuel and tools to grow your own food, and relocate to a BOL and be entirely off their Utility Grid and radar far from any major US Cities Expect a 90% die off coming. ONLY THE 10% MEEK AND WELL PREPARED WILL SURVIVE THIS GLOBAL RESET AND INHERIT THE EARTH. This may be your last warning before they disable and crash the grid to create more chaos. When the electric Grid crashes, expect 90% die-off.

        • The Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Daily Mass and Weekly Confession. The brown scapular. Prayer alms penance and reparations.
          To return to the Ten Commandments. To forego idolatry, materialism, divorce, gay rights, sodomy, abortion. Please, pray the Rosary every day and make fervent acts of contrition. The Catholic Church really is the one true faith. It has now being attacked from within.

          War is a punishment for sin. We must be thankful for our lives.
          Free blessed rose petal at

          • that would be the church of the new world order you know the one that killed and torcherd millions in the dark ages anytime religon alins with goverment destruction follow

      2. What is taking place is the governments and the power circle that they serve are attempting to overthrow the people, which is not a revolution in any context. It is total tyranny being fraudulently passed off and propagandized as a Marxist Revolution also in full collusion with “Anti-Fa”, BLM Global Network, the Digital Mafia, the Medical Mafia, public schools and universities, the paid speech media, Wall Street, a large percentage of investors, and all branches of government ranging from the local, state, and federal levels. It is the antithesis of a revolution. It is complete tyranny based on total fraud in all areas and sectors of America and the rest of the world.

        This idea was spawned by the very same psychopathic mentally incompetent lunatics that brought us the staged 9/11 attacks and the seven wars that followed based on total fraud.

        Ideas are quite obviously not these evil, sadistic, retarded, psychopathic terrorists strong suit, in fact, I seriously doubt that they are even capable of rational thought or an original idea.

        They are fully committed to the destruction of the lives, property, and nations all over the world, in addition to theft, through deception and sheer brute force through acts of subversion.

        It is perfectly obvious that it is all that they are mentally capable of.

        They are guaranteed to meet the same fates as Hitler, Goebels, and Mengala. It is inevitable. They are still in denial. They will end up facing the consequences for their cold, calculated, pre-meditated, evil, sadistic, forces of death and destruction using Saul Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals in institutionally waged wars against individuals.

        They are mentally incapable of thought. Thinking is to them, what flying is to me – a physical impossibility. They have proven this for decades by way of their actions. No person tnat was even remotely capable of rational thought would employ the ideas, policies, and strategies that they have employed.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Yep.

          “They are fully committed to the destruction of the lives, property, and nations all over the world, in addition to theft, through deception and sheer brute force through acts of subversion.

          It is perfectly obvious that it is all that they are mentally capable of.

          They are guaranteed to meet the same fates as Hitler, Goebels, and Mengala. It is inevitable. They are still in denial. They will end up facing the consequences for their cold, calculated, pre-meditated, evil, sadistic, forces of death and destruction using Saul Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals in institutionally waged wars against individuals.”

      3. If BLM were an armed Islamic group creating the mayhem and destruction BLM is, they would have been taken out by now. So why is BLM, a violent and armed radical group allowed to destroy property, kill and hurt people, hate on white people, and commit wide scale economic warfare on the US?

        Somebody is letting them do it.

        Before he died Kofi Annan was working on the rise of black supremacism, in particular in Africa, and how it was building the foundations for genocide (something he knew about from Rwanda). BLM is a black supremacist organisation and just as dangerous as any Neo-Nazi group; maybe more so because they enjoy mainstream support and receive hundreds of millions of dollars from corporations. And just as white supremacism backed with corporate dollars eventually led to WWII and the Holocaust, so BLM is on the path to bad things.

      4. All of it brought to us by the globalists, Wall Street financial institutions, investment bankers, Silicone Valley big tech firms and multi national corporattions through their Democrat Party minions and controlled media corporations.

      5. Race is a valid concept.

        • Race is everything. It is the literal expression of our genetic inheritance. The story of our people is told through our race. It is why white women are the most beautiful and diverse: true diversity in eye colour, hair colour, skin complexion, body shape, IQ.

          Where is the diversity when everyone has brown eyes, black hair and dark skin?

      6. These psychopaths are on delusional power trips of grandeur. Wait until they wake up and realize that everyone knows that America does not have a Politburo or a Central Committee. They should have realized it in 2016.

        Andrea Iravani

      7. I keep trying to warn people that the window of opportunity for shoring up your preps is closing …and fast. I truly believe we are in the eye of the storm. Not much time left to get what you need. I think we will be facing some terrible things and the unrest will fan out into the suburbs, into every town and city and the average American will be making some very tough decisions. Survival will be the name of the game and as the majority of people have no skills, can’t adapt or fend for themselves, it will be catastrophic. I pray and I prep.

        • If BLM leave the blue controlled cities and try to move into small Town America – all hell will be paid. We all are well armed and ammo up’d. They step over the thin red line they will get very aggressive treatment.

          • @jakartaman Yes, I agree completely. Like I said, it will be catastrophic. For many.
            (I don’t know why I come up sometimes as anonymous but I’ve been on this site for years and I am Texas Sweet Tea)
            I know many are armed and ready, while others are completely unprepared. Many suburb developments are packed in tightly with small yards and cars that are not even parked inside garages. And we all know the rioters LOVE setting fires, so what happens when a fire breaks out and it happens to be a house of unprepared sheeples? Or they set cars on fire, multiple cars, and I can see how quickly things get out of hand. I don’t trust some of my neighbors when it comes to this type of situation. I know they would panic and that they are idiots. All my prepping and preparing can be wiped out with one neighbor who can’t take care of their own business.
            I also believe that we will be seeing the rioters hit the suburban mini-malls and strip centers. I believe they will spread out from the city environment because what fun is it for them when there is nothing left to burn or loot? The neighborhoods would be plum picking for them. Too many sheeples sprinkled into these area’s. I have been busy not only with the obvious things, but preparing my house quietly for more unrest. I think what we have seen this year is just a warm-up for whats to come. Stay safe patriot!

      8. You have it right.

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