Switzerland Is Well-Prepared For A Civilization Collapse

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    More than perhaps any other nation, Switzerland is prepared for a massive civilization collapse. In fact, if the government itself collapses in Switzerland, most people who live there probably won’t even notice.

    A decentralized government (the kind America was supposed to have been founded on) makes it possible for Switzerland to be prepared for a collapse. The mountains and valleys mean that Swiss towns and villages are geographically independent of each other, yet linked in a spider-web of robust connections. But that isn’t all.

    The Swiss towns are prepared for water system failures, which would affect the ability to access clean water. According to Marginal Revolution, all around Switzerland, there are thousands of water fountains fed by natural springs. Zurich is famous for its 1200 fountains – some of them quite beautiful and ornate – but it’s the multiple small, simple fountains in every Swiss village that really tell the story. Of course, they look elegant, but if and when central water systems are destroyed these fountains are a decentralized and robust system for providing everyone in the country with clean, pure, drinkable water.

    Despite being at peace since 1815, Switzerland is still prepared for a war. Swiss males (and perhaps females in the future) are required to serve in the military (those who cannot pay a special tax) creating a robust reservoir of trained citizens ready to serve in case of an emergency.

    As a further example of how ridiculously well prepared the Swiss are for any and all threats, there are things like hidden hydroelectric dams built inside of unmarked mountains so that in the event of mass bombings, they’ll still have electricity from these secret facilities. And, remember, these are the things the Swiss government has let us know about. It is thought that there are probably more fortifications and hidden goodies scattered about the country’s landscape. Marginal Revolution

    Buried deep alongside the hydroelectric dams, shelters, and food stores, the Swiss also have libraries ready to reboot civilization. In one underground bunker, there are detailed instructions on how to build devices for reading all known data storage formats, even older formats like floppy disks. If that knowledge is otherwise lost, future generations can still decode our current and past data storage devices to access the data within correctly. Essentially, the researchers involved in this particular project have attempted to create a “Rosetta Stone” of data formats and are using a ridiculously secure Swiss bunker as the storage point for that knowledge.

    Not only do the Swiss have thousands of military bunkers permeating the Swiss mountains, there are also several hundred thousand private and public fallout shelters the largest of which can hold about 20,000 people. Some of the largest installations have been decommissioned and even turned into museums but there is little doubt that they could be rapidly re-purposed in a SHTF scenario. As the Swiss continue to improve their already fantastic railway system it’s standard practice to convert old railway tunnels to security shelters.

    Switzerland is famous for being the place to store wealth in times of crisis. That remains true today. The “old-rich” store their gold in heavily guarded Swiss banks, the “nouveau-riche” store their bitcoins in Swiss underground bunkers built to withstand cyber- and nuclear attack. It’s no surprise that Nassim Taleb likes Switzerland because this is a country that has made itself anti-fragile in order to survive the black swans of civilizational collapse.

    H/T: [Zerohedge]


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      1. If it all fell apart today or tomorrow I’m ready, at least I’ve tried to be ready.

        We can only do what we can and pray that God watches over us.

        Civilizations come and go, and man keeps rebuilding, and that is all we can do.


        • Switzerland is the BEST place in SHTF and I have thought more than once about moving there since I am just the type of person they want to emigrate.

          Its centrally located so it would be possible to visit some nice places in Europe from there, like Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Lichtenstein, etc.

          But I am a Patriot, a Son of the Soil of this Republic and I will live and die here. 🙂

        • of course the swiss are prepared, they have all our gold hidden in swiss bank accouts. i say lets rush em!

      2. As the Swiss continue to improve their already fantastic railway system it’s standard practice to convert old railway tunnels to security shelters.

        We could do smart stuff like that but first homeland security must be returned to local control.
        Civil Defense

      3. The Swiss are harder on Muslim immigrants than other European countries. If you want to be a citizen, you must abide by Swiss Laws. They are not going to change to accommodate the Muslims. If you break the law even on religious grounds, you are punished. Despite all this the number of Muslims has quadrupled in recent years.

        • as muslims ALWAYS do, they will bide their time, until it’s ripe for takeover. there’s no “good” muslim. there are “radical”
          “good” ones that don’t even know what a muslim is
          “moderates” biding their time to mobilize and take over

          and then there’s the “garden-variety” muslim, just “minding their own business”, until the radical ones put their feet to the fire(literally) to MAKE them reform, and become radical……………..muslims(REAL ONES) want U.S. DEAD….GET IT!

        • B said, “Despite all this the number of Muslims has quadrupled in recent years.”

          Respectfully, you know this can never be reconciled with Christianity or Western secularism.

          When they tax-and-regulate some moral vice, it is effectively legalized. When they integrate the change agents, society is ponerized.

          We are basically hearing that they have law, order, all the niceties of civilization, and those are open to ravenous interlopers.

          I am not Swiss or even sure whether I could ever integrate, there, successfully, but I would find trade to be useful with a still-clean and dignified people. Noone benefits from rank demoralization.

      4. The muslim hordes are very close by. I Hope their borders are nice and tight.

      5. All the big guys and bad guys hide their money and jewels in Switzerland. Invade Switzerland and have nasty people come for you and your family. Real quick.

      6. I have heard they also have wired all the primary in routes to blow them if 1000’s of cars an pedestrians decide they want to get in from the chaos in Europe in an emergency.

      7. The german army didn’t want to fight the Swiss citizens. every able bodied man and woman has a rifle in their possession and they know how to use them. There is a tale that a German officer contacted the Swiss King and asked them to surrender. The King said Hell no. The General stated my army outnumbers your rifles two to one. The King stated that makes it real easy because all my folks will need to do is shoot twice.

        • Old Guy

          Its wasn’t the Swiss civilians being armed, it was that wars require financing. Switzerland had lots of wealth in gold as that backed currencies in the day and was therefore a lucrative target. Swiss civilians could harass the hell out of the German Army and continuously lose ground as Germany had the air power, armor, artillery.

          Want a great insight? Read, “Trading With The Enemy”. Even Hitler had to turn a blind eye to it.

      8. the NAZI didn’t invade Switzerland because the Himmlers needed a safe haven to stash their looted booty – the fight over the NAZI treasure in the Swiss banks continues to this day ….

        • The Bank of International Settlements is located in Basal, Switzerland. That bank helped fund the Nazis. The Nazis were not going to bite the hand that was feeding them.

          • Exactly. Actually using the Rothschild Formula they financed all sides.

      9. Going off topic here.
        Mac, Genius has said he would write an article about solar power but doubts it would be read by many because of the site’s fast moving format.
        I have been writing something also about our local collapse but it will be a bit long and I’m thinking the same would happen.
        Is it possible to create a page on the site for posters to write something valuable that wouldn’t get lost in the “archives”?

      10. God will not preserve a prepared people. Only the elect will be saved.

      11. The only thing left to do for “civilization” is…?

      12. The future map of Europe will show the European Caliphate with a small island of cheese heads in the center.

        • Best part of that map is that shit and pork sausages roll downhill. The German Swiss are big on pork sausages !!! 🙂

      13. Maby we should learn from the swiss and start preparing ourselves for anything the future has in store but due to the majority of people that are soaked in the lies and the gov overseeing every move anyone makes it’s almost useless

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