Sweden Warns Every Single Household to Prep for WAR

by | May 22, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    The government of Sweden has produced a 20-page pamphlet which they’ll be sending to each of the 4.8 million households in the country urging them to get prepared for…WAR.

    Although they haven’t been at war for over 200 years, for some reason, right now, they want their citizens to get prepped – and fast. This goes along with an article I wrote in January of 2018 when the government urged their people to be ready to cope “without help” for at least a week.

    Shortly before Christmas, the Swedish government quietly published a paper called “Resilience.” Initially, the requirement had been for people to be prepared for 3 days without help, but it seems like that was a baby step. The government itself wants to be prepared for a 3-month long civil emergency and they’re urging citizens to take responsibility, too.

    It really makes you wonder what is looming ahead, doesn’t it? (source)

    This, however, is a direct approach, with the preparedness instructions delivered to their doors.

    Here’s what the government of Sweden is recommending.

    The booklet, titled, If Crisis or War Comes, is an updated version of one distributed in the 1980s. It was compiled by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and references several potential crises that could occur, according to the Swedish media:

    • disruptions to IT systems
    • incidents occurring in the rest of the world
    • climate change
    •  increased tension in the Baltic region

    The brochure warns Swedes of things that every prepper knows. “In the event of a societal emergency, help will be provided first to those who need it most. The majority must be prepared to cope on their own for some time.” Here’s what Swedish website The Local has to say about the warnings.

    “Water, food and warmth” as well as an ability to obtain information from authorities are the most important things in such a scenario.

    The guide provides a checklist of foodstuffs and goods it’s useful to have at home just in case, ranging from basic vegetables to long-lasting oat or soy milk, tinned protein like sardines or boiled meat, and items for providing warmth, access to communications, and for storing water.

    The booklet also has a checklist to help Swedes be better prepared to cope with misleading information and influence operations, noting that “the best protection against false information and hostile propaganda is to critically appraise the source” by asking questions like “is this factual information or opinion?” and “who has put this out?”.

    “We all have a responsibility for our country’s safety and preparedness, so it’s important for everyone to also have knowledge on how we can contribute if something serious occurs,” MSB General Director Dan Eliasson said in a statement.

    “Sweden is safer than many other countries but threats exist.” (source)

    Supply checklists are included, with suggestions for stocking up on things like mineral water, wet wipes, and tinned hummus. There are directions to bomb shelters, as well as instructions for what to do if ATMs, cellphones or the internet stop working.

    Here’s the English version of the brochure, which can be downloaded. (It was published in 13 languages.)

    Sweden urged citizens to be prepared to defend their country.

    The preparedness brochure also reminds citizens of the possibility of conscription (the draft) for anyone between the ages of 16 and 70, because everyone has “duty to contribute to total defence.”

    The mention of propaganda is repeated in this section.

    “If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up. All information to the effect that resistance is to cease is false.” (source)

    But speaking of propaganda, there’s no mention of the unchecked immigration that has turned parts of major cities into war zones. Is it possible that the war of which they’re warning could be a civil one?

    An influx of asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa has strained the welfare system and the criminal justice system.

    The crime in Malmo and Stockholm has skyrocketed. You can read about it in these articles:

    Violence against women has also increased dramatically.

    According to the Swedish Crime Survey, compared to 2015, attempted rape against girls 15 – 17 was up 46 percent in 2016.

    Rape of teens in that same date and age range is up 19 percent.

    Attempted rape of girls under 15 increased 16 percent; rape of young girls in that same age increased by 26 percent.

    Rapes against adult women increased by 7 percent…

    …The politically correct laws of Sweden mean that the perpetrators cannot be described to the public, including their ethnicity. The women of Sweden have had to change how they live or risk attack…

    The fact that much of the crime is committed by migrants in a no-go zone is swept under the rug, which is pointed out in this article in Sputnik News (a Russian government-controlled news agency).


    In the article quoted above, there are videos and quotes from police officers who are breaking their silence about the migrant crime wave.

    Could it be that the real enemies are already within Sweden? Whether their worry is the Russians, the refugees, or some other threat, one thing is certain.

    Sweden is getting ready for battle and we all need to pay attention.

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    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]</e


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      1. The Preparedness Brochure was published in English instead of Swedish or was it somehow translated for our benefit? If they can prove that global warming somehow causes the stupidity of political correctness, I might be more receptive to the idea of global climate change! Has the whole world lost their minds and courage or just Sweden?

      2. I read the article again and it mentioned that the brochure was published in 13 languages. My question was answered. When did everyone lose the courage to address crimes by Muslim immigrants? When someone comes into your country with the intent of overthrowing your legal system and way or life, that is not an immigrant but rather an invader!

      3. Wonder what role Sweden’s beloved Muslims will be playing in this war they are preparing for?

        • Make them into soap.

        • The likeliest explanation is that the Swedish NWO government will come up with as it’s enemies all who oppose the NWO, along with some kind of consolidation of power to enable a police state.

          The Muslims will continue to be the darlings of the Leftist fools who run that government. The Muslims were brought in to destroy any last vestige of male or nationalistic power in the country. If these Swedish Males are so cuckolded as to allow the massive Muslim Rapes of women, they are beyond revival. The only place the slope is slanted to is full assimilation into the full blown NWO.

      4. “soy milk”, no man or boy should ever consume anything made from soy… No wonder their men are nutless…

      5. Not everyone is asleep. Some can never be awakened. Those who understand what is happening are in the minority. These have limited choices. They can run away, or they can stay where they are. If they choose to stay, they have two choices. They can accept the changes, or they can try to keep their own way of life. If they accept the changes they will stop being what they were before. If they want to keep their way of life they will have to take action. They will still be in the minority. So they will also be fighting their own kind. If you encounter a being that has seven heads, and you cut off two, it still have five heads. You have to cut off all seven of its heads.

      6. Hhahahahahaa a little to late as everyone in the Trojan Horse got out!

      7. I noticed no mention of weapons for personal defense and of course no mention of muslims being a problem……

        • Jim, I also noticed the same thing. Had to be a PC version. Their own government is the problem for letting in Muslims and giving them special treatment to begin with.

        • “No mention of weapons?” Its OPSEC Taboo as a Prepper to blabber what you got for defenses. Its also a “Sun Tzu” strategy to keep your opponent guessing, and under estimating your defenses, and never bring out your biggest gun first to the beginning battle or conflict.

          It lets the enemy keep coming, drawing them in closer to really maximize casualties and annihilate them, and killing or wounding them harder and faster for more damage.

          Ever here the Civil War Battle of Bunker Hill Quote, “Don’t Fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”

          Boston 1775 – The Battle of Bunker Hill yielded one of those quotations that every American is supposed to know: “Don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes!” Meaning, “Don’t use any of your gunpowder until they’re really, really close, so you won’t miss.” But it’s still debatable which American officer said this, if anyone. Some sources credit Gen. Israel Putnam of Connecticut, some Col. William Prescott of Massachusetts.

          • @TSB,
            Perhaps you should go back to school and learn American history. At least the dates and major events and major battles of the American Revolution and the Civil War.

            • I agree with Wilson…….1775 sounds a little early to be the Civil War…..and Bunker Hill doesn`t sound quite right either(sarc). Dumba$$

      8. Swedenstan lost to the Liberals and Muslims already without a shot being fired. England is almost there.

        Same thing is underway here, with a bit of a Trump pause.

      9. “Diversity is our strength.” NOT

        _ First cleanse Sweden of traitors. Those responsible for opening the borders must be eliminated. They are enemies of the Swedish people. Just like the traitors within, here
        in the USA.

        A Muslim migrant was selected as head of Sweden’s Cultural Preservation. Outrageous.


        • London UK has a Muslim Mayor. Imagine that. How did that happen? Now the British get their butter knives and forks taken away. So now let them eat cake, with their bare hands.

      10. Thier (meaning the governments) perceived enemy to go to war with seems to be free speech, weapons, freedom of any kind, native swedes, and christianity. The real enemy,, socialism and muslim invaders will still be promoted and welcomed. Sweden seems to be pretty far along the NWO pathway with most of the rest of europe nipping at its heels.
        I take a cruise most every year and several years back I was seated at the table with what appeared to be an upper class swedish family. The cruise lines make the seating arrangements for the dining room. I talked extensively with mostly dad and was amazed at how much of a liberal weasel he was, oblivious to my perceived horrors of the real problems of his country. It wasnt long before him and I kept civility but barely spoke,, he had no use for his idea of a bigoted right wing gun owning american. This is why so many countries of europe and elsewhere are commiting suicide,, the people have been so brainwashed as to think the enemy is wonderful and native europeans are always wrong. Dont see it changing anytime soon. KF

        • I would have asked if his biological father was a German soldier.
          Most Swedish women are used to being raped, they must like it, as they continue to support governments that freely allow it.

          • You may be confusing Sweden ( neutral during WW2) with Norway which was invaded & occupied back then. Women from that period (40s) are in their 80s and 90s now so not likely rape targets anyway.

        • For many years, I corresponded with a Swedish woman by email, as pen-pals. A couple years ago, she suddenly stopped speaking to me. After I made repeated inquiries, she replied briefly…. apparently she had become a passionate supporter of the far left (like almost all middle-class Swedes); and she wanted nothing more to do with me because I had voiced “lies” and “propaganda” about immigrants, and I had urged her to carry a knife for self-defense.

          I was saddened by the loss of the friend that I used to know, but there was nothing that I could do to change her mind. It was obvious that she had not heard any objective reporting about the dangers that she faced…. just politically slanted hysteria about “bigotry against immigrants”.

      11. We are in the middle of a war. There Is war being waged against the White Race.

        • Amen Old Guy! VERY true!!!

        • so (((who))) is on the other side of this war?

      12. People cannot imagine it now, but a time will come when all those migrants will have to be placed first in camps and then quickly deported. The same will happen to Canada etc. When your balls are to the wall (war, civil war) the niceness ends and national security comes first, second and third. Disruptive black and Muslim morons will not be tolerated for long.

        • “balls to the wall”

          The etymology of this phrase is: First attested in the 1960s in the context of aviation. Probably coined by pilots whose throttle levers had round, ball-like tops and for whom putting the “balls to the wall” (the firewall of the aircraft) meant making the aircraft fly as quickly as possible.

      13. “Sweden is safer than many other countries but threats exist.”
        (Like from Captain Sweden.)

        There is a saying about high taxation, but with high expectations. You go from this, to a broken supply chain, in a single generation.

      14. It says on the list of food stores for emergencies, salmon balls. While I’m well aware of how salmon actually breed, seeing this has taken away my appetite. Canned fish of any kind is risky. The more fat and flesh is in a can, the shorter it’s viability over the long run(1-6 months) I have eaten canned sardines that were two years past their use-by date, and they were fine. Their food VALUE was probably degraded by more than 50%, but they were edible, and tasty. In Sweden, it ain’t the threat of war, it’s the moslems raping and pillaging their cities. They should be passing out rifles for self-defense now.

      15. Someone needs to tell the dumb Swedes that they have already lost the war.
        All that remains now is the official surrender to Sharia.

      16. Yeah. I think the Europeans have been completely brainwashed. I’m wondering what will happen after SHTF. I think a lot of people will be forced to wake up or die. And with the government out of the way the people can finally clean house. Or maybe I’m dreaming.

      17. I notice they didn’t tell the people to arm up, buy sufficient guns and ammo.

        Each person in my home has One Rifle and One pistol and 1,000 rounds of ammo for each weapon.

        • That should be the minimum.

          • Amen to that.

      18. What made the Swedes think the alien invaders were going to play nice?


      20. Sweden’s government has an ulterior motive here.
        Why would it warn people to prepare for war when it’s done everything possible to strangle the native Swede with unchecked immigration?
        Note to Swedes: THE WAR IS LOST.

      21. Swedes, which includes Swedish women, must never give up–including giving up to “the authorities”.

      22. I have an idea what is going on.

        There is a debate (most of you may not know about) concerning GLOBAL COOLING vs Warming. Those of us on the COOLING side expect next winter to be “THE ONE” with devastating effects for Northern Areas.

        Perhaps the Swedish, sorry Muslim Government of Sweden, knows it’s going to get extremely horrific, with areas cut off for weeks, if not months, with the “Ice Age” type of snow coming.

        This could be what they are trying to say without trying to say it since it is SO UN PC to talk about what’s really coming to Planet Earth.

      23. Bookmark this page and return to it anytime, there will be no more world wars. Just like all the articles on this site since its beginning.

        Has Daisy ever studied logical fallacies, or is this something beyond her comprehension? She, Mac and that Germiaha guy are loony, jump to unsubstantiated conclusions.

        Reading the authors of the yarns posted here is like watching any episode of the Beverley Hillbilies and believing them completely as fact.

      24. Currently, the head of the Turkish government is running for reelection. There are about three million Turkish citizens living in Europe who are eligible to vote in the election of which 1.8 million live in Germany. These are only from one country and include only those eligible to vote. The current Turkish leader, Recep Erdogan, would like to hold campaign rallies in several European countries (including Germany) but is banned. He did recently hold a rally in Bosnia. Overall, the Muslims are six percent of the total population of Europe but that percentage is growing. Not all of them are jihadists but the culture of Europe is definitely changing and not for the better.

      25. Remember the “duct tape and plastic sheeting” fiasco here in the USA? Millions were made by the hardware companies when all those stupid people went crazy buying tape and plastic they had no idea what for. Same goes for that war prep in Sweden. Everyone goes out and stimulates the economy!

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