Sweden Is Burning: Migrant Gangs Unleash Coordinated Fire-Bomb Rampage Across Multiple Cities

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Headline News | 86 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Many Swedes were horrified in early 2017 when U.S. President Donald Trump linked immigration to rising crime in Sweden, but an increasing number now agree with him.

    Amid soaring crime rates, gang violence, complaints about education, and pregnant mothers even being turned away from maternity wards due to a lack of capacity, resentment in Sweden has built over the influx of more than 600,000 immigrants over the past five years.

    And tonight is one of the worst nights for violence in recent history as police report multiple gangs of masked youths rampaging across three major Swedish cities, setting cars on fire in what seems like a coordinated action.

    As The Daily Mail reports, police said they were dealing with multiple fires as dramatic footage showed youths targeting vehicles in a shopping center and hospital car park at Frölunda Torg, south-west of Gothenburg.

    There were also reports of young people setting cars on fire in Hjällbo in the north of Gothenburg and further reports of fires in Trollhättan, although police were last night unsure whether the various blazes were related.

    Cars were also reported on fire in Malmo, at the southern tip of the country, and in Helsingborg, further south than Gothenburg.

    Police report that the situation is under control and they remain on the premises to keep order.

    Frölunda: A group of about 6-8 masked youth fires and throws stones. 31 cars have burned and in addition to these 35 cars are injured. Nobody is arrested.

    Nordost: A group of about 8-10 young people throws stones and fires. 15 cars have burned. Nobody is arrested.

    Trollhättan: A larger group of about 30-40 young people throws stones and fires. Six cars have burned and another few cars must be damaged. Here roads have been blocked by youngsters and they have even thrown stones against the police and their vehicles. At the moment, identification of young people is ongoing.

    When most fires started within a short period of time, it can not be excluded that there is a connection between the fires, the case will be investigated. Polish patrons will remain in the affected areas as long as it is considered necessary.

    It is no surprise then, as we noted previously,  judging by the latest polls, the rise of extreme populist groups in Sweden is accelerating fast.

    As Reuters reports, dozens of people have been killed in the past two years in attacks in the capital Stockholm and other big cities by gangs that are mostly from run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants.

    With public calls growing for tougher policies on crime and immigration, support has risen for the ironically named Sweden Democrats, a party with neo-Nazi roots that wants to freeze immigration and to hold a referendum on Sweden’s membership of the European Union.

    Their worried mainstream rivals have started moving to the right on crime and immigration to try to counter the Sweden Democrats’ threat in the Sept. 9 election. But so far, they are playing into the hands of the far-right.

    “Right now they (mainstream parties) are competing over who can set out the most restrictive policies,” said Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin, whose Green Party is part of a minority government led by the Social Democratic Party.

    “It clearly benefits the Sweden Democrats.”

    Opinion polls put the Sweden Democrats on about 20 percent support, up from the 13 percent of votes they secured in the 2014 election and the 5.7 percent which saw them enter parliament for the first time in 2010.

    The Sweden Democrats’ rise on the back of anti-immigration sentiment mirrors gains for right-wing, populist and anti-establishment parties in other European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria.

    The Sweden Democrats still trail the Social Democratic Party but has overtaken the main opposition Moderates in many polls. All mainstream parties have ruled out working with them.

    But they could emerge from the election as kingmakers, and a strong election showing could force the next government to take their views into consideration when shaping policy.

    Their policies include a total freeze on asylum seekers and accepting refugees only from Sweden’s neighbors in the future. They also want tougher penalties for crime and more powers for police, and say tax cuts and higher spending on welfare could be funded by cutting the immigration budget.

    Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the Sweden Democratic party, has described the situation as “pretty fantastic”.

    “We are dominating the debate even though no one will talk to us,” he told party members.

    The Sweden Democrats have succeeded in linking the two in the minds of many voters, even though official statistics show no correlation between overall levels of crime and immigration. However, while the government denies it has lost control but Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has not ruled out sending the military into problem areas.

    “Sweden is going down a more right-wing path,” said Nick Aylott, a political scientist at Sodertorn University said. “It is almost impossible to avoid according some sort of influence to a party with around 20 percent of the vote.”

    Trump was right after all.


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      1. The United States has taken more refugees than any other nation including some Bosnians that Germany was abandoning. And yet we do not have the same issues.

        Why? It takes three years sitting in a bonafide refugee camp, and then being vetted by a rigorous process before we will even consider taking them.

        We have an extensive refugee ministry program that has ten volunteers for every paid person. And a huge amount of time is spent on acculturation, education, and seperates out the refugees over a vast landscape. Only fools would concentrate refugees in enclaves in high numbers.

        Europe has almost no experience with refugee mitigation, and then did everything halfway and with inadequate numbers and without vetting and ignoring just about every hardlearned lesson made by Americans.

        And look at the result. It’s a total fiasco, culture shock by all, and criminality abounds.

        Just wait, it will get worse as when refugees fail to acculturate, then then miss their old life and are prey to radicalization and especially by Wahabism.

        • Article:
          Deranged Democrats now insist America should PAY illegal aliens for crossing the border…
          08-03-2018 • ht tps://www.naturalnews.com

          (Natural News) A prominent Democrat from the People’s Republic of New York has announced that Americans aren’t doing enough to financially support illegal aliens who cross the country’s southern border illegally.

          It’s apparently not enough for Joe Crowley, who recently lost his House seat to a 28-year-old socialist, for many illegal aliens to milk the welfare system and not be deported. He actually wants to see them receive taxpayer dollars as support for all that he says they’ve had to endure under the Trump administration.

          “I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did,” Crowley, who shares the same last name as renowned satanist Aleister Crowley, stated during a recent Democratic weekly news conference – referring, of course, to the mainstream media’s ongoing fake news hysteria over illegal immigrant children allegedly being “ripped from their families” at the border.

          Illegal aliens already cost Americans $1,000 annually per household

          ***Send all these illegals to Israehell’s sh!t hole, as they created this migrations disaster as part of the plan to destroy White Cultures in Europe.

          • The Demoncrats have lost all their marbles. They are so greedy to take on illegal Hispanic votes that they will do anything to acquire them. It’s asinine and has nothing to do with morality.

            Meanwhile genuine Christian refugees desperately want into the USA and can’t get into Europe. Do you realize that the EU took almost no Christian refugees but did take economic migrants Muslims? It’s nuts.

            The way this crisis was sold initially was to help genuine Syrian CHRISTIAN refugees and they have been totally forgotten. To be frank, the Syrian Christian refugees can’t even safely get to the UNHCR refugee camps as the muslims refugees harass them. These folks are disbursed and are hiding all over the place and be aided by benefactors and so they really are screwed.

            By some estimates, it’s possible even plausible that the USA has taken upwards of ten percent of the Mexican population as illegal aliens! There is no way that can ever work and regardless, that flood means just anyone including terrorists can get through a porous border.

            The Demoncrats are shameless traitors, but why wouldn’t they be as the despise the American republic by definition?

            Refugee mitigation has always been tempered by finding JOBS for them. But we cannot find jobs for our own Millennials, so now is NOT the time to take a single refugee until we figure out way to create economic stability for our own citizens.

            In refugee mitigation, the primary goal is NOT IMMIGRATION! The primary goal is a safe and secure refugee camp with clean water and food and medicine. And then when things have stabilized, the refugees can go HOME. This has been the USA’s goal since 1945. There are only specific cases where we did otherwise when there was systemic collapse like taking Vietnamese and later Hmong, taking Iraqis after Gulf War 1 and 2. We took Sudanese Christians because of the barbarism of the Northern Sudanese Muslims who were enslaving the women, mostly young girls and killing men and boys. We bailed out Germany when they abandoned Bosnian Muslims. Wehave had a consistant refugee mitigation policy on Cubans until Obummer.

            Otherwise it’s on a case by case basis and very restricted. Now you can see when as one Muslim atrocity committed by so called refugees has happened in the UK, in France, and now in Sweden!

            The least expensive method of refugee mitigation is at the source. Sending them to the EU and America is ridiculously expensive. The costs have to be 10-20 times handling them locally. If you want to help the most actual refugees, you do it where they can safely get to, otherwise you are wasting a fortune in transportation costs. Just imagine the cost of room and board alone, and you can see I am correct.

            The EU turned this debacle into an an masse emotional appeal and therefore no critical thinking went into the ramifications of gigantic mobs of folks who have not been vetted then flooding into urban centers. We have no way of knowing these people are. But clearly terrorists are hidden among them.

            Idiots wearing their hearts on their sleeves and devoid of logic and reason are in control. That neither helps actual refugees nor the poor citizen being harrassed by insane criminals.

            • Maran: Every single word you just uttered is 1,000% TRUE so help me God!!!!

            • Not idiots wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The children of satan , and their ongoing battle . To destroy everything good so they may rule the chaos ?

            • And Soros smiles

          • TSB, our own libturds need to STFU and go f#$% themselves concerning these scum foreigners. NOBODY owes any of those foreigners a damn thing! Yeah, send all the illegals to the tribe’s homeland and let’s see how that works out.

            • I use the word ‘tribe’ and get moderated.

              • Now you know who you can’t criticize. (Israel)

                It’s how the world works, yet these sympathetic Christians and other dopey heads can’t make the connection with it. Not sure what is worse. Liberals or these Conservative Bible holding dopes. Maybe they are in a way, one in the same?

                • They can read Revalation 2:9, 3:9 and John 8:44, But the great delusions of the end times, Shows us the Tares. Bring extra oil to burn them?

          • Didn’t you prosecute a Swartz, for shooting a Mexican, within range of the US border?

            And, don’t you get mad, when Israelis shoot Palestinians, within range of that border?

            • Nope.
              There is no such thing as a Palestinian.

        • Maran: Well at least the lovely Europeans have their own firearms for self defense . . .oh darn yeah, uhhh Never mind.
          Folks in the US: Why, again WHY do you think the Left wing progressive nut jobs want to take our guns away from us? Hmmmm such a difficult question to answer – NOT!

        • You really don’t get it.

      2. Put snipers on the roofs and shoot anyone starting a fire. Problem solved.

        • I know, right??? I don’t know why people have to make things so complicated.

        • Amen do not play with them.
          Because that’s the only way problem will be solved.
          Not this Liberal Bull Shit……….

          If anyone remembers Chief Reso from Philli Pa. when the POPULATION of guess who rioted.

          He got on the T.V., and held up a THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN and said.


          AND HE MEANT IT .


          END OF STORY……………………

        • Ever notice that these immigrants do not go the commie bloc countries like China etc.
          I WONDER WHY ??????

          • Uighurs.

        • Good idea. Or just shoot all the islamic savages and be done with it.

          • “Good idea. Or just shoot all the islamic savages and be done with it.”

            Yea, that’s the ticket Skippy! It’s what a wholesome Christian does, an eye for an eye sorta thing. Here’s an idea Skippy. How about putting the blame, where the blame needs to be addressed. Government and it’s elected officials who call the shots to have allowed this to happen.

            No Government intervention in other countries, no Refugees being welcomed in with open arms from Government officials. I know it’s easier to blame these savage beasts for what they are because they don’t believe in the things you do. After all, it’s what God would want you to do isn’t it? Put the blame where it needs to be addressed.

            • If its the elected is to be blamed for all the problems, then the voters is the cause of the problems. We voted them into office.

            • RIGHT ON !

            • Yes if it means survival it does not matter what you believe in, or what your RELIGION IS……

          • I still like to do your wife or sister as you watch. I bet you’ll love it Menzoberranzan.

        • Jas: Start with that and then when they re still around: Break out the good ole’ NAPLM . . .bombs away’

        • Jas, I got one even better. Mow down the whole gang with machine guns and that will really reinforce the message.

        • “JAS”
          I will go. I have several rifles to test. I would even loans some out if you what to go.

        • Burning cars wouldn’t work out to well for them in my neck of the woods.

      3. Coordinated attacks.

        Wonder who did the coordinating?

        Or if Swedish authorities will investigate that angle to find out since the answer might conflict with their policies.

        • Probably Sweden’s ANTIFA groups are sponsored by G Soros and his cabal of blood sucking parasites.

      4. How can you find out what percentage of the Swedish population is sane and know what is going on in Sweden and the world? Easy! They’re voting Sweden Democrat! Neo-Nazis, my ass!

      5. The Swedish version of “progressives” will stifle any effort to stop this behavior and therefore it will increase in size and frequency. As they say, “a conservative is a liberal that got mugged” the Swedish citizenry will eventually demand strong action. I suspect the timing there will coincide with nations across Europe. Like a balloon popping politics can change very rapidly as the collapse of the Eastern Block culminating with the demise of the USSR illustrates.

        • I fear Northern Europeans are too cucked to fight back.
          Putting up their pathetic signs saying it isn’t nice to rape our women illustrates that perfectly.
          I don’t believe there will be a modern Charles Martel riding to the rescue of Europe.
          Hope I’m wrong but I fear I’m not.

          • Throwing up signs saying ‘please don’t rape our women’? That sounds like the French.

            • Sir, I think you have it mixed up. The French wave White Flags. These Liberal, Tolerant, Tree Hugging Queers hold up those “please don’t rape me” signs. Maybe they should invest in a Whistle if they get attacked? Then the Police will come to their add A.S.A.P

              • Anonymous, I might have it mixed up on the tactic but NOT the mentality.

              • Anonymous, I might have it mixed up on the tactic but NOT the mentality.

          • “I fear Northern Europeans are too cucked to fight back.”

            Plenty of American Cucks here too. They will do the same thing these Europeans are doing, which is absolutely nothing. All blabber mouth talk and no action. Sad what America has become, it has become completely sissified.

        • Charles Martel

          Charles Martel was a Frankish statesman and military leader who as Duke and Prince of the Franks and Mayor of the Palace, was the de facto ruler of Francia from 718 until his death.

          The battle of Tours, or Poitiers, as it should be called, is regarded as one of the decisive battles of the world. It decided that Christians, and not Moslems, should be the ruling power in Europe. Charles Martel is especially celebrated as the hero of this battle.

          • Grandee, he was called Charles the Hammer by his people.

            • “His people” ceased to be worthy of him, long ago.

      6. Evolution in Action.

        Eat or be Eaten.

        It’s the same story for all creatures,
        plants, animals, & people.

      7. You have to pit one side against the other to bring about the desired effective result of controlling and lessening the financial position of the majority of the population, the same thing happening here in America. Here both sides heading the uniparty are in agreement. How could you argue that they are not? The American people need a new party that represents their interests, not the existing entrenched war and money cabal running roughshod over justice, freedom and livability.

      8. A word of caution. The article doesn’t identify who these gangs of masked young men are. It doesn’t link them to immigrants. I suspect they are but don’t jump to the conclusion until more is known.

      9. A word of caution. The article doesn’t identify who these gangs of masked young men are. It doesn’t link them to immigrants. I suspect they are but don’t jump to the conclusion until more is known.

        • They’re identified as dark haired, that’s the traditional identifiable sign they’re Swedes.

        • Brian, that article doesn’t ID them, but there are other articles out there that do.

      10. “Europe has not yet learned to be multi-cultural. It is a big change. 3ews will be at the forefront of that change. And 3ews will be resented…

        But it must happen or Europe will not survive…”


        Sounds like a threat to me.

        __ traitors first
        __ then figure out how to deport those financially motivated migrant intruders


        • They are Invaders.

          • They are an infestation. They are laughing at and taunting the Swedes who are apparently unwilling to do anything about it.

      11. Yes the gangs might be fed up swedes burning out mudslime strongholds? Sometimes vigilantie terrorizm is the only solution! It happened here in the USA. Check out what happened to the McIllroy Thug in Missouri when the law did not do its job. Also what the white folks did at Harrison ARk back in the early 1900,s. Those kind of actions get results. Mamby Pamby lets all get along never solved anything.

        • Old Guy: And look at the overall condition of things within the U.S. now, all nice and clean and extremely safe and financially viable – yeah, NOT so much!! Folks, there is ONE way and 1 way only to deal with the “garbage” and that is to burn it period! If people do not step up, well, this country will be finished, no questions asked period.

        • Old Guy, I have the feeling there’s going to be more than a few “Harrisons” taking place around the country. It’s going to be really interesting.

        • Old Guy I remember it well, Kenneth McElroy was a thug that the law wouldn’t and couldn’t control and the people of Skidmore Missourah was sh1t full of him and finally someone took care of things, and the whole town supported the executioner, very good book on this incident, “In Broad Daylight” Trekker Out

          • Yes the federal prosecuter would question a potential witness and they to the very last person stated that they didn’t see anything. because they where hiding under the pool table. That Fustrated prosecuter lamented that it must have been the largest pool table in the world because the entire town could fit under it. Whoever the vigalantie who shot McElroy full of shotgun holes Was? The people supported them 100%. When the law enforcement commits miss and mal feasance and Non Feasance. In effect there isn’t any law enforcement. I think vigilantie justice will increase. A guy in Arizona just beat some perv to death. That perv tried to break into the bathroom stall where his teen daughter was. So he beat the perv up and that prev later died. If im on his trial I would set him free.

      12. Right off hand, I would suggest that the destruction by fire of all these cities, be met with armed combat teams, with orders to shoot to kill the perpetrators. Then I would put a notice in every newspaper (all languages) to warn the residents that the soldiers had orders to shoot the perps throwing the Molotov cocktails. Years ago, for example, in the riots following the Rodney King verdict, parts of Los Angeles we decimated by the rioters, EXCEPT for the businesses run by the Korean citizens in the rioting area. Why were their business untouched? Because they stood on the roof of their buildings, armed with rifles, prepared to shoot those rioters who attempted to destroy their livelihood.

      13. If you have never seen the Griffith three hour silent movie: “Birth of a Nation”. Also sometimes still called “The Clansman”; I suggest you do watch it from beginning to end.

        Considering it was filmed in the early 1900’s; it is remarkable.

        Although vigorously objectionable to some, this movie is an artistic masterpiece, which accurately depicts the South from a Southerner’s point of view. Sincerely portraying the events leading up to the creation of the KKK in the USA.

        As, they say: The rest is history.


        Ironically, similiar circumstances today are causing a rise in popularity of reactionary movements. Whether it is in Sweden or in the USA, burning down the city, is recruitment gold.


        • BCA: They needed someone and someway to deal with the wild, black cancer, poisoning and ruining everything it came into contact with…hmmm sure seems odd-seems some things NEVER seem to change with them.

      14. Well, let’s see you let 600K wild, black, savage Muslim apes into your country and roll out the proverbial red carpet for the sub-human buffoons- come on, what could even remotely go wrong in that picture? My God, you liberal, progressive fools deserve every single thing you get and then some. . .enjoy’
        To the completely clueless idiots within the U.S. – wake up you big dummies and see what you also have in store once the baboons decide the time is right.

      15. I’ll roll out the Green Tip Carpet @3200 Ft per second, if they ttied pulling anything here or burning my town down. 98% White in my FL county. Aint no trouble happening here. Lots of gun toating rednecks geared up already with rope. We dont call 911.

        • TSB, once I get back to the BOL permanently and if the apes come to our area, we’ll roll out our own ‘carpets’ in a shitload of calibers.

          • Don’t forget to bring your “North Georgia Cousin” with you.

            • Anonymous, LOL! Yeah right. NGIC would be a BIG help. [SARCASM]

        • Thank NATO and the Western Israehell foreign policy to bomb then displace these refugees from their own Country of containment.

          This was planned. So their would be less resistance to steal the oil resources of these countries of muslim origin.

          Cause and affect. Id round them all up and send them back. If they refuse then shoot them on the spot.

      16. Police: Get your silly asses out there with your vicious attack dogs and fire hoses, like the US used to do in the 50 & 60’s when they still had some balls and controlled the wild savage, rat, black cancer.

        • Todays police Force is not like it used to be. It’s unfortunate, because that is the last and only time the Police was useful to society. FTP!

      17. Here’s what happened. This is the unvarnished truth that you will NEVER hear on the news.

        Angela Merkel realized she had a problem. Her German citizens were aging and the younger generation wasn’t making enough babies.

        What she then did will go down in history as the cruelest policy imagineable. She and others in the EU cut the money to the UNHCR. Now this is money for refugee mitigation. And then they specifically cut the money they had promised to the WFP which.is the World Food Program. That money is ear marked for refugee food assistance.

        This is all documentable. You can look it up.

        The USA heroically has always given money to UNHCR and the WFP but increased the amount to save the refugees. But there was no way to cope with the totally unexpected shortfall.

        What happened was the officials cut the food rations in the refugee camp four times! The refugees freaked out, thought they were being abandoned, and started to flee across the Mediterrean in leaky boats and to Greece and Italy.

        The EU started the flood as if by DESIGN.

        At that juncture, Merkel STUPIDLY said that anyone who could make it on their own to Germany would be accepted.

        At that point, every economic migrant in Africa and the Middle East then just lied and claimed to be a fleeing refugee.

        Poor Hungary knew they would be swamped and clamped down.

        The EU created the largest every humanitarian crisis that had ever happened. Refugees do not flee in this manner ordinarily but are transitioned through a very intentional vetting process and transported.

        Instead, they used up their savings and had no way stations with water, food, medicine, clothing, security, etc. They just “hoofed it”.

        This is INSANE. And it seems to be an intentional ploy by Angela Merkel. Rather than being a benefactor to actual Syrian Christian refugees, she failed to help them on purpose by cutting the food rations for ALL REFUGEES and then ends up helping economic migrants who are Muslim???? WTF!

      18. Now get this, why has Saudi Arabia not helped? Why has not one single Muslim nation helped? After all, they have the money AND have a massive group of tents for the Haj. Yet they stand empty when their own people are suffering.

        According to the Five Pillars of Islam, they are obligated to help especially other Muslims.

        But noooooooo. The USA gets blamed for being cruel for balking at taking UNVETTING UNKNOWN POSSIBLE TERRORISTS. Well we are not stupid and we didn’t make this problem. Syria started this mess when they took up with the USSR and that is not our fault.

        And we have consistently been the top giver to UNHCR!

        This fiasco is the complete fault of the EU cutting the UNHCR and the WFP budgets. Well, let them fix it.

      19. Where were the police while this was going on? Probably going to sensitivity training to better interact with immigrants. If people were able to video it, surely they could have called them. At least one person took some shots, but he didn’t seem to hit anything. Needed target practice>

      20. This is coming here. It is only a matter of time before it does. Antifa can get away with murder, and the scum bags that see this will take it even further and we will see this type of CRAP here.

        Keep the Locked and Loaded. Get your groups together to fight these scum when the come to your area. I don’t think they will try to come out of the cities, but if they do. Target rich environment. Just saying.

        “Aim Small Miss Small”.


        • Sarge, it’s already here. The Muslim nut jobs in New Mexico who were training their kids to do school shootings have been released from jail on their own recognizance. They didn’t have to post bond money. The judge that released them is an open borders nut job.

          • HIM
            You got to be shitting me????
            When they pull something off and people are killed she should got to the CHAIR with them!!!!!

            If it happens to one of mine. They will start a war that the will never forget.


            • ” If it happens to one of mine. They will start a war that the will never forget. ”

              Sure, sure, sure you will. Putting your Pension on the line, just so you can sacrifice it? I don’t think that is going to happen sir. That is make believe feelings, not the reality thing you would be doing.


        • Shortage of water in Sweden? Come on, stop watching MSM and use your head.

        • That part of the world has had extremely high temperatures over the summer, too. People are thirsty.

      22. Too bad they can’t/won’t fight back.

      23. Seems the swedes are the problem expecialy in Minnisota. Muslims do what Muslims do . Swedes are traitors.

      24. People sometimes get what they vote for. Its after that they realize for the first time what the old saying that stupid hurts really means.

      25. They did the exact same thing in Greece.

      26. If leftists had a lick of common sense, they would not void legally enforced immigration.

        But they don’t. They see them as warm bodies who vote to keep leftists a political force.

        Take even the most seemingly benign immigration like foreign adoptions. Now my heart goes out to people wanting to adopt, but if you think LOGICALLY,not emotionally, about robbing healthy babies from foreign countries, you HARM their home country. At the same time you failed to help an American baby who desperately needs parents.

        Why do you think Russia put a HALT to foreign adoptions?

        The same is true for refugees. Refugee mitigation is best when it does no harm to their host country, but safely cares for the refugee until such time that they can return home to rebuild their nation.

        If you take the best educated refugees, then those are the intelligensia and future leaders and business owners and scientists who will maintain rule of law in their nation.

        If you take young refugee men who instead could be fighting as rebels to defend their nation and install a constitutional republic, then you perpetuate tyranny.

        This is why refugee mitigation is NOT IMMIGRATION as instead of helping, you harmed their home nation by imploding and by fostering a brain drain.

        This is why the USA DOES NOT grant travel visas and educational visas willy nilly and carefully inspects marriage visas and seldom grants asylum visas. Because temporary visas often are subterfuge to illegally stay in America. And more permanent visas can be a sham used by desperate people paying others to marry them to get residency. I personally know of these happening.

        With asylum visas, the US government typically grants these in order to allow a safe haven until such time that the person can return as a political figure to take back their nation.

        Regardless of all of this, the goal is for refugees who do stay and become American citizens to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and not be on perpetual public assistance.

        The problem is that since 1990, we have lost a monumental amount of the American industrial base that there are no jobs for our own Millennials, much less the standard refugee.

        You should know that the typical refugee is very poorly educated OR has such a language barrier that even when well educated, that language barrier prevents them from being hired in the area which they served in their home country. And differences in the requirements often mean their education is insufficient.

        What typically happens is the 1st generation feels crushed and lonely after the 2nd year begins as they realize they will not be wealthy Americans like the movies. They will have to settle for low paying jobs and often will end up like impoverished Americans on public assistance.

        However, their children often work extremely hard and through such diligence earn undergraduate and graduate degrees. That is where success begins. Their only option out of poverty is education so they go for it. And this is primarily Asian refugees and immigrants…not all and frequently not African refugees.

        Why? The 1st generation Africarefugees despises African Americans as not seizing the opportunity. Likewise African Americans often are very bigoted against African refugees.

        But the 2nd generation begins to identify with African Americans. Therefore there is a terrible struggle for identity between their parents and home country, American identity and building wealth, and identifying with peers even if it means notbeing successful.

      27. No sympathy for the dumb swedes.
        They are burn toast and done

      28. In 2nd img, two humanoid figures (possibly human, possibly just shapes) stand in a pink and purple light.

      29. President Trump right away did two things.

        First he wrote an executive order to severely limit actual bonafide refugees from problematic Muslim nation. In no way was he going to take economic migrants who had lied and claimed they were Syrian. And prior in open Congressional hearings, our state department admitted that it was IMPOSSIBLE to vet these folks as they have no intelligence on the ground for fact checking.

        This got immediately challenged by activist judges in the Appellate Court, but later the Supreme Court back President Trump’s right to do this.

        Next, crazy Obummer cut a deal with Australia to accept some of these wild eyed unvetted economic migrant Muslims. And President Trump was incensed that he was forced into a near immediate diplomatic debacle because his Demoncrat adminsitrative staff leaked the phone call.

        This president is not tolerating taking any cow pies from our so called allies and wisely is totally backing away from idiotic Obummer promises.

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