Sweden Hell: Armed Migrant Teens Roaming With Kalashnikovs; Military May Be Deployed

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Headline News | 64 comments


This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


Rosengård district of Malmö. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

As we reported last week, Sweden may or may not be preparing for civil conflict – as Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that the government would do whatever it takes – including deploying the military – to end the wave of gang violence coming primarily from young migrants in the country’s “no-go” zones.

It’s not my first action to put in a military, but I’m prepared to do what it takes to ensure that the seriously organized crime goes away,” Lofven said after the party leadership discussion in parliament, adding “it is also obvious that there are social problems… …We see criminals with total lack of respect for human life, it’s a terrible development I’m determined to turn around.”Lofven’s comments come on the heels of a spate of gang related murders, including that of a 21-year-old man in Malmö last weekend, shot in the head as he stepped out of a taxi near a grocery store.The same weekend, a 16 year old boy found shot in Rosengård district of Malmö died in the hospital next to a bus stop. Two people were taken in for questioning by the police.

And on January 3rd a 22-year-old man was shot in the Fosie district of Malmö, the day after an 18-year-old woman was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds ten minutes away in Rosengård.

In Malmö, where a fifth of the 340,000 inhabitants are under 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests. The average age of gang members is 22, the vast majority of them hailing from migrant families. –thetimes.co.uk

The increase in crime has been so overwhelming that Swedish authorities admit they are unable to investigate rape cases right now because of the enormous backlog of gang crime under investigation. “We are forced to choose between two evils,” said police.

Prime Minister Lofven’s strong language also follows an attack on the Rosengård police station last Wednesday after an explosive device was lobbed at the electric-fenced building – the latest in ongoing violence against Swedish peacekeepers.

Rosengard police station was attacked (thetimes.co.uk)

Last August, Stockholm police officer Ted Eriksson, 34, was stabbed in the neck by an Afghan asylum seeker who claimed to be 17 but was suspected of being in his late twenties. The man said he wanted to kill a policeman, however officer Eriksson fortunately suffered minor injuries.


In April, 2017, three Swedish female police officers were beaten as they attempted to apprehend a violent refugee.

In 2013, Swedish police were targeted several times during the Stockholm riots – which saw a police station burned down, several officers injured, and rocks thrown at firefighters and other first responders.

(Editor’s Note: The video below does work, despite the screen appearance)

And in 2016, migrants even attacked the crew of ’60 Minutes’ while they were filming a segment on… migrants.

Meanwhile, increasingly powerful weapons have been turning up in Swedish neighborhoods. In 2015, anti-tank missiles were found in a basement of a 36-year-old man suspected of smuggling guns from his brothers in Bosnia into the Swedish no-go zone of Örebro – considered an “Especially vulnerable area” according to a 2017 police report.

The man and five others – described by Bosnian media as linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, were arrested in a series of seven raids. Bosnian Authorities, however, told SVT News that the smugglers are not members of any extremist organizations and have no known links to terrorist activities.

After an investigation following seven raids in mid-2016, Swedish authorities dropped the smuggling charges and prosecuted the Örebro man for possession. He is currently in prison for drug offenses during his ongoing arms-related prosecution.

Police also found a trove of firearms, 16 hand grenades, the four anti-tank missiles pictured above and various other armaments.

Speaking of explosive devices, grenade attacks in Sweden have been on the rise since 2012, although 2017 was a considerably better year, at 10 attacks vs. 34 in 2016.

That year, an 8 year old boy sleeping in the Gothenburg, Sweden living room of relatives was killed by a grenade thrown into the room. “At least five children and several adults were in the flat when the grenade was hurled inside,” according to the BBCwho added that the boy died in his mother’s arms.

And in February, 2017 a man was injured outside of a residence after a grenade was thrown:

It seems, perhaps, that Sweden’s ultra-liberal, open-border, self-described feminist government is realizing they may have screwed up by allowing unchecked migration from Islamic countries associated with terrorism, violence, and perhaps containing people with an axe to grind against the West. As The Times notes:

Sweden has pursued a liberal immigration policy for more than a generation; its government speaks of being a “humanitarian superpower” for having taken in a large number of asylum seekers. After the migrant crisis of 2015, when more than 160,000 people sought asylum, the policy was abruptly changed. Yet there is little debate or reliable data about the integration of the 12% of the population that derive from non-western countries.

For a long time the Swedish establishment played down the decay of immigrant-dominated suburbs, but it can no longer ignore the explosion of violence.

It should also be noted that 70% of migrants coming into Europe as of 2015 were men of fighting age according to a Pew Research Center study.

Even Swedish Democratic party leader Jimmie Akesson “declared war” against organized crime and suggested that Sweden should deploy the military to no-go zones to counter the out of control violence.

People are shot to death in pizza restaurants, people are killed by hand grenades they find on the street,” Akesson said in parliament on Wednesday.

“This is the new Sweden; the new, exciting dynamic, multicultural paradise that so many here in this assembly … have fought to create for so many years,” he said sarcastically.

And now the Swedish government is distributing survivalism pamphlets (for war with Russia, of course) and considering deploying the military to deal with idealistic gun-toting migrant youth gangs from brutally war-torn countries.

Who could have possibly seen this coming?

Feb, 2017 – Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister, Feminist Isabella Lövin mocks U.S. President Trump with all-female colleagues – one week before donning hijabs to meet with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

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    1. Menzoberranzan

      These islamic savages don’t need to be arrested, deported, or anything like that. They need to be killed, period.

      • TharSheBlows

        Imagine how safe the US would be if we did not have any Blacks here. Just 17% of the US Population which is black commits 75% of the crime and murders here in America. Thats a fact nobody can dispute DOJ statistics.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          TSB, agreed. Blacks have always committed crimes way out of proportion to their share of the population. Black males are more likely than any other group of people in this country to commit serious and violent crimes. DOJ statistics also bears this out.

        • 2018 Is Now

          That’s crazy. I’m moving to Iceland.

          • CrackerJack

            Sweden’s ultra-liberal, open-border, self-described feminist government is turning Sweden into another shithole country.

        • DeplorableBitterClinger


          It’s worse than it appears. Blacks are about 12-13% of US population, but the vast majority of crimes are committed by males 15-45. Translation: 1-3% of population is doing most of this.

          • george Archers

            Wrong! Blacks in USA are now over 21%.Stupid whites are not replacing themselves

      • Heartless

        Also agreed Menzob. It’s long past time the world got real and declared a war of extermination on the nations of Islam. No quarter, no mercy. Total annihilation. Fond thoughts of a first strike on Mecca at the height of the hajj.

      • Jay in UK (now Latvia)

        I actually enjoyed the clip of the guy throwing the 3 policewomen about like rag dolls. These feminist dimwits need more large dollops of reality like that.

        That said, Sweden is finished. JR Nyquist argues that an enemy (Russia) has done this through fifth columnist agents to the western European nations as a prelude to war. I’m not saying he’s right, but if Russia is planning to invade most of Europe (which I believe it is), undermining society and turning everyone into distracted wimps with women doing men’s jobs would be ideal prep.

        • Genius

          “Soooo mudboy, I see your klashnikov is as big as mine, but can you use it?”

      • laura ann

        Menzo: Right, and the moron Swedes (and other EU idiots) need to quit letting them in and supporting this scum. (jihadwatch.org, pamelageller.com, gatesofvienna.net) Euro folks are as dumb as a box of rocks, not doing anything about their leaders letting these invaders in. The EU is a loser shit hole falling to Shar’iah law, thanks to the cowardly sissified EU males in pink lace with cranial inversion syndrome.

      • vocalpatriot

        menzo, I agree, on the spot where ever they are found.
        No one calls it by its name: war.
        These dumb women that “donned hijabs” to meet the “khamenei”
        don’t realize doing so shows they believe he is above them and above their nation, in the Khamenei’s eyes…this gives these savages the impetus to continue their invasion.

    2. NRP

      Well friggen DUH!!!!!!
      Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    3. Sean

      Once the skirts are gone from holding the levers of power in Sweden, the cleaning can begin. Ever think that video of the three women failing to arrest the one man shows you anything? You can social engineer the hell out of anything you want, you can’t change biology, nor society. Women do not belong in charge because of two things. They think others think like them (they don’t) and they don’t see the danger in their ideas before it comes home to roost. They will submit to islam (spit) before they resist it, and wind up slaves. Women can’t be in charge because they think men will behave. Men will never behave.

      • Stuart

        I sure won’t… just ask my mom.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Sean and Stuart, LOL. I don’t behave either. Just ask all the women I’ve ever been with, especially the young ones.

      • joanofark06

        I’m a woman, and I agree! I’m being realistic, when I say, women should NOT be in charge! Especially of a country. They are not strong, mentally or physically, to take on the challenges that are required of them. They “feel” more emotion, than men, who can keep it inside (mostly). They “care” more than “most” men! Their personality, just doesn’t coincide with running a country! It’s good for many other things, but not that! You have to be STRONG, not feminine, to do things that need to be done, to run a country…I’ll stop there, just hope I’m getting the point, to women out there (like, Merkel supporters).

        • TheGuy

          They care about themselves more than most men.

          Well sorry I see how this is played and ya’ll wanna play that way then #metoo.

          All this was about was about giving their indigenous males the finger.

          Too bad they also typically can’t see more than fucking 5 days in front of their own noses.

        • george Archers

          Lady– Most white females are childless and rather work 8 hrs aday. No wonder EU is allowing coloered immigrants. Blacks love white stupid women who get knocked up.

      • enough

        100% correct

      • laura ann

        Sean: gotcha, the she male sissy Mr. Macron of France who goes along with these female leaders. Other male leaders in the EU likewise. But where are the real men in the EU? do they even exist anymore? Nothing will be done at this point, too many Muslims there now, and EU folks are cowards.

    4. goofygal

      the politicians who generated these problems with their stupidity should be arrested and executed

    5. Medic

      Well, what Sweden sowed, it will reap. And lest we should forget that Sweden effectively and severely restricts firearm ownership by private citizens, hence an uptick in violent crime.

      Per GunPolicy(dot)org:

      “In Sweden, private possession of semi-automatic assault weapons is permitted only with special authorisation.”

      “In Sweden, private possession of handguns (pistols and revolvers) is permitted under licence, in some cases, but not for the protection of person or property”

      “Applicants for a gun owner’s licence in Sweden are required to establish a genuine reason to possess a firearm, for example hunting, target shooting, collection and self-defence (but in practice, no such licences are ever granted)”

    6. Genius

      And the dollar keeps declining (in the 88’s now) and oil keeps rising. Might want to top off those fuel supplies before the price goes up more. I remember about 10 years ago the dollar was in the 70’s, Heck it might go even lower now….

    7. Odd Questioner

      In other news, the apocalypse just got a whoooooole lot easier for the rest of us.

      I mean, when millennials are having a damn hard time mastering a can opener…

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Odd Questioner, good to see you back. I fell out laughing at that video you posted. A libturd can’t even open a can of food. That shows how they’ll fare in SHTF. No surprises there.

      • Grunty McPhereson

        Odd: that one made my day! F*cking millenials…can’t live with em…..can’t shoot em….

        • TheGuy

          “Why haven’t I been promoted to project manager yet?” – millennial at my work with 1 year work experience and one project… almost… launched… that keeps on fucking up on him…

      • Stuart

        As the rest marvel at the test in slack-jawed wonder.

      • rellik

        I still carry the P-51 I used to open C rats during my time in Guam after Typhoon Pamela recovery. TSA actually tried to confiscate it as a weapon. It is on my key chain always.

        • Kevin2

          For years a “Gator Key” was the only can opener I had and I cooked all the time.

        • Joe

          I carry the same. I thought it was called a P38.

    8. Deplorable Neal Jensen

      Hmmm, the armed invaders show themselves and Swedes do what?…

      Debate deploying the military…

      and the Eurotrash zone is worried about the “Russians”?

      Russia doesn’t have to invade…EVER, all they have to do is wait and LET THE ENEMY INVADERS do their own will…and then walk in and occupy the land the Eurotrash GAVE the muzzies…who will just go and leave after they wipe out the indigenous morons who literally surrendered themselves onto the sword points..

    9. bb in GA

      Leaving the Psychological aspects aside.

      One of the imperatives of biology is that females (as a group) have less upper body strength than males.

      You would have to specially select the females you have in the military/LEO forces to compensate for the group statistics. I suspect that some of that same selection happens in the male candidates as well, just not as drastically.

      Ironically, the weakness difference would likely increase the need for higher level or deadly force to subdue the subject of the arrest.


    10. Concerned Citizen

      WTF is wrong with these ultra-liberal nut job Europeans? World, Europe, U.S. can you not see what these filthy, vile “invading haji muzzies” are all about? My God man and now they talk about using the military for these monsters they allowed into the damn stupid country to begin with?? WTF is wrong with this picture??

      • Him

        White people stopped breeding so the Globalists let in their replacements. They weren’t very choosy. The Marxists love it. The US is rapidly approaching 50% non-White. We don’t have any room to talk.

        • Concerned Citizen

          Him: You are utterly correct! The U.S. is a sinking ship. The more foreigners and blacks and various other nonwhites that come into the U.S., well, the worse it gets, more violence, more trouble, more problems, more mess, more filth, more disease, more welfare and on and on and on…Folks you best wake the hell up and do it yesterday. This is about as serious as it can get for us Whites.

          • Grunty McPhereson

            Exactly why we prep, CC. If you’re not so alarmed at the current state of affairs that you’re literally RUNNING to stock up on more ammo, I have no sympathy. You’ll reap what you sow (in this case…what you’re not prepared for).

            When the culling comes in earnest, I plan to be on the right side of it, or at least be prepared for everything that gets thrown my way.

            God Bless, all. Stay safe


    11. Fireman matt

      Sorry you idiots gave up your guns. Reap what you sow.

    12. Concerned Citizen

      Crusade’s II are right about the corner folks. These savage rat muzzies must ALL be dealt with or else…..that is it period.

    13. Justice7

      This article demonstrates the fact that you don’t want to live in the wrong places when the SHTF.

      When this thing blows, you really want to be among like minded people. You don’t want to be the OTHER. The top three factors for survival may be location, location, location.

      • rellik

        “location, location, location.”
        I’m not exactly where I really want to be,
        But I’m darned close.
        You can’t buy the land I want.
        But I’m only 1/2 mile away from it.

    14. Him

      The US Chamber of Commerce spends tens of millions of dollars every year fighting any and all immigration restriction laws. Why? The CEO of the Chamber, Tom Donohue, says he will increase the GDP by increasing the population of the US through unrestricted massive immigration. Probably the most destructive economic (demographic) policy ever devised. You live on the corporate plantation now. This is officially, no longer a country.

    15. Brian

      “Immigrants” with guns who intend to supplant your government with an Islamic one and who want sharia law are not immigrants. They are invaders. The “no-go” areas are occupied territory.

    16. John Stiner

      Showing 5 year old youtube clips does not give credibility to this story. How about more current clips?

    17. Bert

      and these same twats want to know why they can’t get paid the same as the men. I say fire these women immediately!!

      • CrackerJack

        Women have their places. Running governments is not one of them.

    18. cranerigger

      Come on Swedes. Your country allowed the Trojan Horse of a Muslim invasion, but the Swedish citizens do not have to allow this ruin of your culture. You know what to do. Bad things happen to bad people.

    19. TheGuy

      You are prejudiced toward non-murder. Who are you to criticize their culture?

      See if you guys thought about the fucking “end game” argument before you did shit like this… sigh.

      Yeah you know what? Their culture’s a pile of shit gathering flies. Fucking nut up and say it why don’t you.

    20. TheGuy

      that Sweden’s ultra-liberal, open-border, self-described feminist government…

      Pound me too.

      Apparently they enjoy it.

    21. 2018 Is Now

      EDC in Sweden should be a flamethrower.

    22. Jim in Va.

      Sorry Sweden you are on your own……

    23. Freeillinois

      I thought Sweden was a liberal gun free zone?

      So how does a bunch of migrants get AK47 rifles.

    24. Sgt. Dale

      Sweden Hell: Armed Migrant Teens Roaming With Kalashnikovs; Military May Be Deployed.

      If they are just caring them so what. Those turds invited them there and now they are paying for it. It to someday will come to that here. MARK my words. The new Lebanon, Sweden.

      Looks like to me these folks are using their 2 Amendment if they had one there.

      Now if they are going to try and take over and implement SHITTIA LAW over our law. I say shoot on sight.


    25. Angry Beaver

      That clip of the women getting tossed around was just classic.ok so they have their gender diversity lol. No Doubt special consideration was given to thier training scores.
      ( I wanna be a string independent woman, I wMt my male orientated carrer, I wanna be in power over the male rapist culture,
      I wanna be accepted , I want respect and I’ll sue anyone who doesn’t give it I wanna have 3 kids (if it’s as timing I’ll just abort it )let someone else raise them I wanna feminized man and when he sticks up for himself I’ll play a victim and clean him out. Mostly because I blame my shortcomings and failures on misogynistic men.
      Now I’m retired my kids are strangers to me (someone else raised them)I have no husband (didn’t need one I’m successfull)
      I sued everyone I could think of I made more money then all my male counterparts.
      ?So if I’m so successful why does no one come to visit me in my nursing home.
      Lol oh that’s right I was to busy with my own selfish needs.
      Welcome Ladies to a man’s world
      You wanted equal you got it.
      Don’t just get those perks though along comes early heart disease arthritis a when host of crap.

    26. Kevin2

      They have indisputable proof that the Kalashnikovs were purchased from gun shops in the US, converted to full auto fire and then brought into Sweden and not smuggled into Sweden from the Middle East along with shipments of hashish.

      As we speak you can bet that they’re doing their best to try to put an anti gun spin on this rather than admit that the gun laws in Sweden didn’t work.

      • CrackerJack

        Compliments of Eric Holder’s illegal gun running scheme perhaps?

    27. long eyes

      Why aren’t they all at work at those low income level jobs the Swedes won’t do? Wasn’t that why they were allowed in in the first place? They seem to have plenty of time and enough funds to purchase weaponry? Imagine if we had millions of illegal immigrants carrying weapons and causing trouble here—Oh wait–

    28. Martus

      Sweden’s feminist government turned their men into pussys and have no respect for them but put on hijabs to meet with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei a chauvinistic ruled society.

      Make sense to me that they would go and search for real men who treat women with the respect they deserve.

    29. Bill

      You know what Sweden will do about the gangs – nothing. The gov’t is feminized, the men are gelded, the whole country has been effectively rendered passive. All aggression has been removed over the past few generations. The mandated inculcation to pacify and propagandize the population is so complete the people won’t even act in their own behalf for their own survival. In Sweden, the absolute most vile crime is to be insensitive, elevated to supercede murder, rape, insurrection, and even terrorism. Patriotism and speaking one’s mind are now serious crimes. Sweden is genuinely in the throes of insanity. Europe is close behind. Even the various institutions throughout the country promote promote the extermination of their own culture and gene pool.

    30. B from CA

      People are surprised when a bullied kid goes on a rampage. Whites have been taking shit because they lost two world wars and several other wars here and there. But white people are changing around the world. They’re starting to become aware of the seriousness of the situation. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy to finish off whites as it has been. There are still real men and there is a growing resurgence of racial awareness, and an interest in preserving Western Civilization.


    31. h5mind

      Let’s see, grenades, automatic weapons, and anti-tank armaments-
      maybe Sweden’s leaders want the invaders to sneak in a couple of nukes before sending in the military?

    32. Steve

      Did the Swedish government really honestly believe they could integrate these “migrants”, which have nothing in common with Europeans, that would have no blow-back effect? It’s madness!!!

    33. Kevin2

      B from CA

      “Whites have been taking shit because they lost two world wars and several other wars here and there.”

      I’m at a loss here. For the most part white people were fighting white people in the two world wars and if any other race lost it was oriental.

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