Suspicious Activity Reports From U.S. Malls Being Processed By Police State Fusion Centers

by | Dec 29, 2011 | Headline News | 256 comments

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    It didn’t take long for the See Something, Say Something campaign initiated by the Department of Homeland Security last year to show promising results. According to a report from St. Paul Minnesota’s KARE11 and NPR, actionable human intelligence is on the rise at the nation’s largest mall, and it’s being cross-referenced with personal information and threat assessments via the recently made public nationwide network of government Fusion centers.

    While a mystery to most Americans, the existence of Fusion centers recently made waves when they were brought to the mainstream public’s attention by talk show host Alex Jones and former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. As we highlighted in everything you do is monitored, fusion centers are the digital backbone of the modern day domestic spying network and make it possible to track, itemize, aggregate and analyze the personal activities of every American.

    Now, those fusion centers have new intelligence assets to draw on for information – your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens – and many of them are delighted to help.

    Brad Kleinerman entered the spooky world of homeland security.

    As he shopped for a children’s watch inside the sprawling Mall of America, two security guards approached and began questioning him. Although he was not accused of wrongdoing, the guards filed a confidential report about Kleinerman that was forwarded to local police.

    The reason: Guards thought he might pose a threat because they believed he had been looking at them in a suspicious way.

    Najam Qureshi, owner of a kiosk that sold items from his native Pakistan, also had his own experience with authorities after his father left a cell phone on a table in the food court.

    The consequence: An FBI agent showed up at the family’s home, asking if they knew anyone who might want to hurt the United States.

    Mall of America officials say their security unit stops and questions on average 1,200 people each year. The interviews at the mall are part of a counterterrorism initiative that acts as the private eyes and ears of law enforcement authorities but has often ensnared innocent people, according to an investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting and NPR.

    In many cases, the written reports were filed without the knowledge of those interviewed by security. Several people named in the reports learned from journalists that their birth dates, race, names of employers and other personal information were compiled along with surveillance images.

    There is no way for the public to know exactly how many suspicious activity reports from the Mall of America have ended up with local, state and federal authorities. CIR and NPR asked 29 law enforcement agencies under open government laws for reports on suspicious activities. Only the Bloomington Police Department and Minnesota’s state fusion center have turned over at least a portion of the paperwork.

    In 2008, the mall’s security director, Douglas Reynolds, told Congress that the mall was the “No. 1 source of actionable intelligence” provided to the state’s fusion center, an intelligence hub created after 9/11 to pull together reports from an array of law enforcement sources.

    Information from the suspicious activity reports generated at the mall has been shared with Bloomington police, the FBI and, in at least four cases, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

    In early December Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the  Department of Homeland Security would begin shifting its focus in the war on terror to lone wolf attackers living in the United States. Within a couple of weeks of this announcement the US Congress passed legislation that, according to some Senators, citizens and former military leaders, allows for the creation of domestic battlefields and the detainment of American citizens without charge or trial. The installation of backscatter scanners at airports, train stations and bus depots, roving checkpoints on US highways, and biometric surveillance technology at public events, coupled with revelations that DHS is actively looking to identify those who use cash instead of credit in commerce, purchase survival gear or engage in unpopular speech, suggests that the Fusion centers may only be the beginning.

    Once the government identifies all of these persons-of-interest and potential domestic terrorists they’ll have to do something about them; we certainly can’t have enemies of the state running around in the wild. Which brings to mind another Fusion center-like conspiracy theory – FEMA camps. But that’s a whole nother discussion.

    Hat tip Dan H


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      1. I’m from Minnesota and have no intentions of visiting the MOA again. We are living in a police state. I feel sorry for the children because of the world they are going to grow up in.

        • Paul Blart – Gestapo
          Let me see you papers….

          • It’s only a matter of time until some of the OWS types get bored and decide to go into “performing” at the malls and other public places. They will hone their acting skills by behaving in suspicious ways in order to get security and even local police to respond. These budding thespians will do it by staring at the guards and police in menecing ways, looking at thier watches often, measuring out distances with their steps, photographing various sites, pretending to talk in foreign languages, leaving old cell phones in plain sight. The list gags will be endless. This is called “Gaslighting”, and as it grows, it will fill these Fusion Centers with lots of false data and the waste of “official” time investigating these incidents could be substantial. These will be nothing more than smaller versions of the “flash mob” with an anti-fascist theme.

            • The OWS aren’t worried about the police state, they just want handouts.

        • They may just come to your door for not going as this is suspicious activity in their little paranoid minds.

        • Is it true or is it an urban legend that under the Mall of America there are many levels of government offices? Seems like an odd thing to do…

          • There is a very large fish tank and storage facility under the east end of the mall

            • Seems kind of degrading for the fish.

          • Jimmy Hoffa is buried under the West end of the Mall.

            • Right, that used to be where one of the end zones of old Metropolitan Stadium was located!!!

            • And I always thought he ended up in a hot dog.

        • I don’t care if you go to the Mall of America again. I care about what legacy we are leaving our children. I believe it is our responsibility to correct what wrongs we have allowed. When you said “we are living in a police state”, you sound like the Jews who were eventually led off the the gas chambers of Nazi Germany. Are we to do as the Jews did and die in denial. I know in my heart that I owe my children more of a future that that. There are those who have died in defense of our Constitution. I believe I would too but wonder if any in Congress are willing to honor their oath of office and do the same. Our country is in such bad shape and we are responsible. It is up to all of us to make the changes necessary to assure it’s survival. At what point on that day in Lexington, did an itch turn into a twitch? When do we say ENOUGH?

          • I think saying “Enough” would be engaging in that unpopular speech they mentioned.
            They are focusing on the “lone wolf”, who… the serial killers in the US? The people that go postal in a fast food place? How about the hundreds of thousands of people victimized by human trafficking? Do we see them going after them… How many people are killed in car accidents per year? will motorized vehicles then be banned for “our good”?
            I believe the individuals taking part in this… ratting out others… are the half wit scum of the earth and I pray karma comes around 10 times over.

            • I remember reading an autobiography of a Russian who was held in a gulag for years. The resistence had a tactic to use on the people ratting others out or the guards known for extreme violence. When the police were beating them asking for names, they would hold out for a while, then wait for witnesses, and say, “I just can’t protect you any longer comrade. I have to confess that it was you who recruited me. I am sorry I am so weak I cannot protect you.” If enough prisoners did this, that particular tormenter would sometimes suddenly vanish.

            • The “who” would be folks like Timothy McVeigh. I really didn’t approve of his actions, although it did slow down the Clinton regime. Do a wiki on Tim.

            • mortimer- t.vey was/is/always will be a cia patsy

            • We crossed a line a long time ago, and let all this surveillance in during crisis. Typical. We were drunk and lethargic as a nation in 2001, and now it’ll take a full zeitgeist to undo the constant policing.

              But, don’t overestimate the powers that be. They suffer from analysis paralysis and miss things in front of their faces all the time. I have sat in these fusion centers and seen firsthand how something minor blows up into something huge simply because it’s what we choose to pay attention to that day.

              This is an issue that will take a community with conviction to make right. How do we know when we’ve gone too far vs. actually trying to protect people? It’s not even close to being clear.

              The point of banning cars and swimming pools because they cause more deaths than terrorism is not valid, however. There is a huge difference between random events and people targeting other people strategically. The idea is always present, but until we have to actually deal with it, we are prone to dismissing it.

              I see this issue as a defining problem for our generation that strikes at the heart of the meaning of liberty and the role of government in ensuring our access to opportunity.

              Honestly, I think websites and virtual discussion is an important piece of our evolution toward resolving these questions. Thank you.









        • Norse P: No need to enter malls now days. Mail order from LL Bean, North Face, Cabelas, etc. or simply enter the store’s outside entrance, not from inside the mall. I hate going inside malls; a total waste of time. I was a mall rat in the 70’s, along with my peers back in the good ole days.

        • RON PAUL 2012

        • DO you really think that will save you? They will then surveil you through your church, neighbors and associates. Like TSA, stupid, cowardly Americans thought they could avoid problems by not flying. But because they refused to stand up and demand the fascism cease- now TSA is in buses, malls, stadiums, trains and mobile scanners into your homes.
          The AMerican people are responsible for the state of the nation. They will do ANYTHING to deny this- blame media, politicians etc. But when a corrupt citizenry values the Superbowl more than freedom? Heres what you get…

        • prepare yourself and children for the coming war with our government, they have targeted all US citizens as enemies of the nation, while leaving out the real enemies of the state ( MEXICAN DRUG CARTES-MS-13, ISLAMIC TERRORISTS FROM MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA AND EAST EUROPEAN COMMIES ). our government has become the real enemy of the people and we have the right to remove them at the ballot box or by any means written in the constitution to do so, we have the law on our side and they have nothing but lawlessness.

      2. Yes, handcuff me behind my back on a tile floor, but, I will take what I want and my Facebook friends will have my back!

      3. I can honestly say I haven’t been inside of a mall in at least 15 years. I do however pay for most goods in cash. Looks like I will have to wear a disguise in walmart from now on.

        • I suppose you think malls are the problem?? You missed the entire point of the story. The stupidity is stunning.

      4. Oh crap I pay cash at Cabelas, granted I work there but that probably has me on several lists. Between hunting equipment, reloading supplies and camping gear I’m hosed.

      5. Thug: A cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum, a tough and violent man/woman, esp a criminal.

        We have to realize these people in uniforms, who do what they are told, and more, who use abusive; emotional, physical or mental force against non criminal behavior, are in violation of the rights of those they are abusing.

        If they are thugs then they need to be treated like thugs. What do you do with a thug?

        • The security guards,LEO’s and federal alphabet gang should all be aware that we are quickly approaching a breaking point, they may very well find themselves drug into the street, and hastily tried, convicted and perhaps executed by a mob. They will be made to account for all transgressions against our rights.

          • A mob of a thousand, all wearing masks(provided by Anonymous), no identifying marks..the perfect execution??

            And if that statement got me on another list..hear this…I’m gonna go to the ‘mall’, with ‘cash’, and buy some ‘bullet proof vests’, yelling ‘down with the fascist government’!!

            • You can buy bulletproof vests at the mall? Maybe I need to go check out our local mall again. I think they should be covered by medicare,as preventative medicine.

          • PAUL/NORQUIST 2012…. other acceptable vps…. jessie ventura, ???

            • How about Gary North?

          • Dream on friend, most Americans will turn you in- not support you- and that is IF- you can tear them away from Dancing with the Whores.

        • I would kill a thug if it was called for and the situation allowed one to do so discreetly, but hey, you might get the death penalty!

          Some seem to misunderstand my post on the subject in a previous thread; the point I was trying to make was that many things are against the law but if it was necessary because our supposed protectors had become our oppressors, it would be the duty of those who call themselves patriots to fight. I am sure that there are many good men and women in law enforcement who will jump ship when they realize they have become the tools of the elites against the citizens; they are not the ones I have a quarrel with. However, they will be easily replaced by those who have no qualms about being the oppressor. Those who call themselves good but remain anyway and halfheartedly carry out their immoral orders against a subject populace are putting themselves and their families in danger when the majority of the populace wakes up and views cops as evil enforcers of an untouchable elite class.

          • An American Patriot murder kills a NWO Tyrant!
            Only True American Patriots may Righteously Murder Kill a NWO – NEW WORLD ORDER Thug Cop during/ in the Chaotic NWO AIPAC ISRAELI JEW Bilderberg controlled Nation-Wide Martial Law this Fall 2012! Yes! Amerika is going to war in the Middle East again WW3 will be in Full Throttle! The NWO AIPAC ISRAELI zionistJew Boys in Wash DC are going to Kick-off some False Flag ATTACKS Bombs here in America killin’ a couple thousand Americans and then they will have NWO MARTIAL LAW! FULL SPECTRUM CONTROL of America and You! Are You Prepared?!
            The Time to take Up Arms against NWO Thug Federal Agents, Law Enforcement and the National Guard Troops will soon be here!
            Remember American Patriot when you decide to Murder Kill a NWO Thug Cop or a NWO Thug National Guard Troop you are taking responsibility for your actions! You must live with your actions and live with the Fact you have Murdered Killed another Human Being. You have taken a Life with your hands, your knife, your axe, your rifle from loved ones A father, A son, A brother, A protector, A lover, A care giver, A bread winner, A Human Life! Once Taken, you cannot give it Back! It is Done – Final!
            So think on this some before you act… Only True American Patriots may Murder Kill a NWO Thug Cop or a NWO Thug National Guard Troop and emerge from the Fight with their Conscience Intact!
            Only a Righteous American Patriot in the Right to Defend his or her Freedom against the NWO Thugs who have Pledged to Destroy Americans Common Law Sovereign Rights and US Constitution guaranteed Rights will be able to walk with their head held high in Righteous Pride once the Fighting ends!
            Prepare Now Fellow Patriots – Prepare to take back YOUR natural born AMERICAN RIGHT’s – TO LIVE FREE of Tyrannical NWO AIPAC Israeli zionistJew Banker Oppression! A Freedom already bought with Patriotic Blood in 1776! And now the Tree of liberty must be watered once again with the Blood of NWO imf cfr tri-lat CIA FBI SS AIPAC ISRAELI zionistJew Banker Tyrants and American Patriots!

            Rules of Engagement for American Patriots:
            1.) First Give the NWO FED THUG / Johnny Law the Chance to go home to his wife and kids. If safety allows it!
            2.) If he refuses to back off – remember your rules of engagement!
            a. Your threat target must have INTENT, OPPORTUNITY AND CAPABILITY to do life threatening harm or death to you!
            b. You only draw and aim your weapons when you intend to Kill! Don’t bluff or you’ll be caught off guard and killed! This is not a game!
            c. Use of Force Policy is preferred- Use only the Force Necessary to stop and subdue the threat(s)!
            d. No women or children period! If they take up arms against you! You probly deserve it! You are allowed to defend yourself and property from them, nothing more! No Raping or Molesting or stealing their Foods! If anyone is caught doing any such things then they will be Hung!

            So my Fellow American Patriots remember when you sight in the scope of your rifle upon the NWO Thug Cop or NWO National Guard Troop rushing you; your position with the intent to KILL YOU and Destroy your Natural Born American Right to live Free of Oppression; Safe and Secure in your home and possessions! Protecting your Individual Constitutional guaranteed Rights by your Voice – Freedom of Speech and Force – The Right to Bare Arms!

            REMEMBER AS YOU PULL the TRIGGER OF YOUR RIFLE! Quietly intent on Blasting! “BLAM” “BLAM” Double-Tap that NWO Son of a Bitch Cop coming to Kill You!

            “Remember – That it’s Not the uniform, which makes the man! But the Man, Which Makes the Uniform!”

            Meaning the Moment the Cops and National Guard Troops who were once our guardians; turn NWO Storm Trooper Whores and Come to TAKE from You and Yours! At that very moment They become Murderous Criminal Tyrants here to Punish and Enslave in the Eye’s of the Law; an US Constitution and therefore you are “Free to DEFEND with Deadly Force!” Yourself and Yours from the NWO TYRANNICAL OPPRESSION SWEEPING AMERICA!

            Aim carefully for that Star Badge Shield of Tyranny American Patriots… pull that trigger gently with the knowledge you are Righteous in your actions and your Conscience and Heart will be cleansed by your Actions as AN AMERICAN PATRIOT!

            Arm Up Stock Up Prepare – Preditor or Prey of the nwo, the Choice is Yours!

            (An remember if they are there, they are not there to play paddy cakes with you; too hesitate is your own death! If they have Body Armor on, shot em’ in the Face/ Head if close 10feet and if far 10feet beyond shot em’ in the Center of their Hips – aim for their pee pee! It’ll drop em’ in their tracks!)

            ~Tekroanin I am a Sovereign American Patriot… are you?

          • The Moment the zionist Cops and zionist National Guard Troops who were once our guardians; turn NWO Storm Trooper Whores and Come to TAKE from You and Yours! At that very moment They become Murderous Criminal Tyrants here to Punish and Enslave in the Eye’s of the Law; an US Constitution and therefore you are “Free to DEFEND with Deadly Force!” Yourself and Yours from the NWO TYRANNICAL OPPRESSION SWEEPING AMERICA!

            Aim carefully for that Star Badge Shield of Tyranny American Patriots… pull that trigger gently with the knowledge you are Righteous in your actions and your Conscience and Heart will be cleansed by your Actions as AN AMERICAN PATRIOT!

            Arm Up Stock Up Prepare – Preditor or Prey of the nwo, the Choice is Yours!

            • tuesday is huge RON PAUL 2012…. make it happen!

            • nina… enough of that… we can do something… and thats RON PAUL
              thats the only real hope that the people have (some, i think) control over…. no cold feet guys and gals…. no newt, no mitt….. grab you effin courage and do whats not only right, but best for you and all americans and even everyone in the world… RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL2012

            • @eeder , fine … for you … i’ll chill till they the nwo bilderboybuggers zionistjews attack ron paul at the iowa caucuses/ primary and by cheating and computer fraud – force him out… then it’s soft gloves come off and time to put on the BRASS KNUCKLES AGAINST THE NWO and the TRAITORS WHO SERVE THEM! I.E. nwo traitor MAX BAUCUS and nwo traitor JOHN TESTER of MONTANA and the rest of the zionistjew goyim traitor politicians in congress and the zionist run cia controlled white house… till then i will chill for you @eeder.

          • Funny, all these people with guns who are ready to do murder “to defend their rights”. LOL Yet yesterday, when freedom could have been salvaged, they lifted not a finger or voice to stop the fascism while it still could have been stopped.
            What a crock of $h*t.

            • “Yesterday” when something could have been done peacefully, I was unable to vote because I was too young to do so. “Tomorrow”, when mine and your descendants are in gulags/FEMA camps they will curse us for not using violence to correct the course our country was on when violence was still a viable option. No one but a few sick people sit around wishing for the opportunity to kill each other. The realists among us realize that the course our country is on has passed the point of no return for peaceful correction and the time is not yet ripe for non-peaceful resistance. If you vote, you are already doing all that can be done peacefully, and you are participating in a charade that gives our (s)elected officials legitimacy. The fatal flaw with representative government is that when elections are supposedly decided by votes, quantity will always prevail over quality. Just get the mob to the polls and you can always win elections.

            • Bestio…You know,before the age of the internet(yes, I’m an old f—k)all anybody had was the MSM. You know how that worked out.However,in the late 60’s and early 70’s the protests did help wind down the war in SE Asia.No one really new what was gong on behind the scenes. Now, thanks to Mac Slavo and others who have yanked the curtain back,we can some of what happened. Hindsight is 20/20.

        • Thug, a derivative of the cult from India known as the Thugys.

      6. WOW – reminds me of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Our techniques may be more advanced, sophisticated, and state-of-the-art but is no different from Nazi Germany as its citizens spied and tattled on other citizens and German officials questioned, searched, and challenged everyone. All this “security” in Nazi Germany and not one single person was safe (from the German government, that is). Sounds like modern-day America.

        As Ben Franklin once said, “Those willing to give up liberties for security will have neither.” Damn, he was a smart and perceptive man!

        • And Russia, China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran,…. need I go on?

        • You’ve got it wrong, Richard — this country is NOT becoming “like Nazi Germany,” because Hitler did NOT see the German people as “the enemy.”

          More accurately, this country is becoming like the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under Josef Vissarionovich Stalin, who during the Great Purge of 1936-1938 — which claimed the lives of MILLIONS — made the art of denunciation (and pre-emptive detention) a central aspect of “law enforcement.” The Soviet penal code of 1936 even included a crime called “Suspicion of Anti-Soviet Activities” in its list of criminal offenses (the inspiration for the Levin-Lieberman indefinite detention provision of the Defense Authorization Act of 2011, perhaps?).

          The Stalinist practice of “See Something, Say Something” is exemplified by the cult the Soviet authorities created around the 13-year old young communist Pavlik Morozov [1918-1932], who is said to have denounced his OWN father in 1932 for interfering with the Soviet government’s collectivization of agriculture, resulting in the father’s death. Pavlik himself, in turn, was said to have been murdered by vengeful relatives; he was then hailed as a HERO by the Soviet State, and statues of Pavlik were erected in hundreds of Soviet cities. His picture was placed in every Young Pioneer and Komsomol club, and he was elevated as a MODEL for all Soviet youth, who had to recite formulae to the effect that they would strive to be “just like Pavlik”.

          You can read about it HERE:

          There was NO Hitler Youth counterpart to Pavlik Morozov in Germany. Hollywood wartime propaganda designed to stir up hatred against the German people notwithstanding, NOTHING as structured as “See Something, Say Something” existed in Hitler’s Reich. Not even in regard to the provisions for “Schutzhaft” (Protective Custody) and “Sippenhaft” (Detention of Relatives of high-placed figures convicted of treason in wartime).

          The same people who foisted these Kraut-hating myths on an idiot uninformed Amurikan public also portrayed “Uncle” Joe Stalin as a kind-hearted, wise democrat, NOT the murderer of MILLIONS that he actually was. I can understand that most housebroken Amurikans, while they were occupied watching that work of fiction titled “Swindler’s List” and wringing their hands, still overlook the genocide committed by Stalin (with the aid of his mostly NON-RUSSIAN secret police operatives). To most Amurikans, the TENS of MILLIONS of victims of BOLSHEVISM are faceless nonentities, of no consequence compared to hale and healthy members of the Tribe who claim to be “Holocaust Victims” (TM). Nor do most Amurikans have the slightest tinkling of THIS:

          I wish that Amurikans had enough brain cells to rub together so they could distinguish between the alien tribe that has usurped control of the US govenrment and is erecting a Soviet-style police state in Amurika on the one hand, and the GREATEST enemy of this tribe and its assault on Western Civilization on the other. It seems that, for most Amurikans, Hollywood trumps actual history — to their OWN ultimate detriment, it would seem. The joke is on them.

          • Ahab, thanks for the additional comments regarding our current state. I do, however, disagree with what you said regarding “Hitler did NOT see the German people as “the enemy.”

            I’m not sure where you got that about Hitler because the fact is that Hitler was very, very paranoid. He trusted no one – he didn’t trust the German people – he didn’t trust his friends – he didn’t trust his generals. This was especially true after the attempted assassination of Hitler. If you don’t trust anyone, then everyone is your enemy. Do you understand this?

            • Hitler was a paranoid even before the early assassination attempts (do a wiki). Many of the early 1930’s things that he did for Germany were very helpful. Then you have counterexamples like Aktion T4 (do a wiki). None of this changes the fact that Joe Stalin killed more Soviets than the Germans did. They, the Germans, were more interested in killing Poles.

              Caution: A lot of the wiki about this period is disturbing.

          • Didn’t Stalin say: “One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.”?

          • ~Ahab~

            QUOTE:…I wish that Amurikans had enough brain cells to rub together so they could distinguish between the alien tribe that has usurped control of the US govenrment and is erecting a Soviet-style police state in Amurika on the one hand, and the GREATEST enemy of this tribe and its assault on Western Civilization on the other. It seems that, for most Amurikans, Hollywood trumps actual history — to their OWN ultimate detriment, it would seem. The joke is on them…(unquote)

            Good point! The truth is finally starting to see the light of day. Hitler wasn’t a military genius, but Western Civilization in Europe, likely owes him more than most realize.

            Arguably, here’s that debt…….

            Ahab, if you get a chance, research the…”14th SS Grenadier Division, Galicia” (1944)/Brody breakout.
            Pay attention to the division’s troop make-up/composition!

            Thumps up to you!

            • gunsmith-read between the lines. ahab is a shill.a troll,y’dig?

            • RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012

          • Anyone, who is interested to get an idea of what the NKVD/Stalin style repressions had tasted like should really watch three Russian made movies:

            1. Doctor Zhivago 1996 with English subtitles
            2. Burnt by the Sun (1995) with English subtitles or dubbed.
            3. Burnt by the Sun 2 (2010), two parts – Exodus & The Citadel

            • Correction: Doctor Zhivago was produced in 2006, not 1996.

        • he was…

        • Reinhard Gehlen

        • Reinhard Gehlen, the chief of Hitler’s intelligence, advised his operatives to study the methods used by the Polish Resistance. The Polish Resistance targeted for assassination those Nazis and sympathizers who did the actual torture sessions. They assasinated the torturers…

      7. Looks like people does not know their rights.
        Just say no, do not cooperate unless you are arrested.

        • You have no rights except as granted to you by the state. They have been suspended since 1933.

          • The rights of American citizens are endowed by Nature’s God.

            They are unalienable.

            They cannot be legally separated from you under any rules, regulations,legislation, or circumstances.

        • yeah-then you might want to cooperate-that angry chair is a real bitch.

      8. Suspicious behavior?

        What about the dozens who actually rioted a few days ago in the MOA..?

        Reminds me of the movie Minority Report.

        .as usual.

        Follywood gives us a precursor of reality..

        much like 7 Days of the Condor has…

        especially the closing lines by Cliff Robertson to Redford..


      9. I am just amazed at the ratcheting up of aggressive behavior by local police lately. Just watch some of the old Cops shows from the early 90’s. Way less thuggish behavior. No tactical gear and few SWAT teams.Hell, they arrested a street dealer in the middle of a sale…no takedown…even when they lifted his shirt and found what appeared to be a 45 stuck in his waistband. They even personally returned a stolen phone to the owners house!Never happen now.

        • Just watched Sons of guns where they put a grenade launcher and a browning machine gun on a police boat .They must be expecting something .

          • techincaly an FN machine gun..

      10. The biggest lie we tell our children is not about Santa, but that police officers are here to help. Having known more than my share from my work in emergency services, this is what they want you to believe so they can manipulate you. The first three rules of dealing with everyone is the same:
        1. Don’t say anything
        2. Don’t say anything
        3. Don’t say anything

        I have lost county of the number of people I visit in prison ministry who would not be there as long if they had only kept their mouth shut. Certainly, some of them belong there, but if this is true of the guilty then it goes double for people minding their own business.

        Anyone who thinks those who profile people for a living have less information about you than Facebook is fooling themselves. This is the reality of modern America. Low hanging fruit like concealed carry permit holders, HAM radio licensees, and retail gun purchasers need to have somewhere anonymous to go when things really start to get bad. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

        • Oh, you should say something…

          “I have nothing to say.”

          • Ive been questioned a few times.
            The problem is that when you are questioned, even if you have done nothing wrong, the LEO’s twist what you say and lead you to say or infer something in which you did not do or did not mean to say.
            So the best thing to say is nothing. Even if it makes them threaten you.
            Most people are convicted of crimes by their own word. They never go to court. They are just convicted because of what they said.

            So say nothing besides your name.

            • I have nothing to say.

              Am I under arrest?

              I want a lawyer.

            • Yea Joe —-I was once stopped by th LAW and asked “How many BEER’S did you drink???” So I said SIX BEERS in SIX hours!! THe Cop said “OH YOU SAID SIX BEERS!!” YEA IN 6 hrs.!! So the cop told the judge that I admitted to drinking 6 beers but he didn’t have to say “IN 6 HOURS!!! So I Learned to SHUT TH HELL UP!!!WTF!!!

        • PP,
          A very remarkable observation from your work in the trenches.
          I’ve never heard that perspective.

          • The 9th District Court says that any person who is detained is only required to give his or her full legal name.

            That is all that is required by law.

            • DK,

              Actually, what you say is only correct if you are stopped for questioning (but not driving a car). If you are stopped driving a car, then you have to show the police your driver’s license, automobile registration, and proof of insurance. This is the advice from the ACLU.

            • Just a story. Not ALL LEO are bad. I have little interaction with them. However,I was loaded down with a load of cement block several weeks ago and going 59 in a 45 zone in my truck.I got pulled over by a State Trooper. He was almost apologetic. “I just wanted to see what you were hauling because you were riding low.” He said he wasn’t ticketing until 60 mph. Checked license.Small talk about racing at track near my address. He didn’t even mention my RP 2012 window sticker or derogatory Bush- Obama bumper sticker.Or my camos(it IS hunting season).Looked fresh out of the academy.Maybe they are getting educated about the economy? Or maybe I am now on another list?

        • Too late for me then…most of my preps are bought online with CC….I have a concealed carry permit and I have suppressors on-order.

          Might as well just make a pot of coffee for the FBI/ATF when they come ‘a knockin and then I’ll do my best to try to convince them that I’m not the guy they’re looking for.

          • D&T,
            You might try saying ” I’m not the droid your looking for”.
            Oh ya,
            And try waiving your hand in front of them as you say it, I’ve heard it improves the results.

            • ;0) lmao i just pee’d myself… awesome visual. thanx @slick!

              all the more reason to ADOPT A PET FOLKS! preferably the meanest sob dog from the pound… so he can chase the fed boys ALL THE WAY back to their car after you politely tell TOO GO GET PH-CKed an slam your door in their faces!

          • My doctor gave me a used suppressor or compressor. Not sure which but they sure are quiet.

            • Are you sure that wasn’t a suppository?

          • ITS ALMOST TOO LATE… BUT NOT YET …. guys.. and gals… this isnt a joke or some dumb talking point anymore….. we need RON PAUL NOW…. if we dont get the victory in iowa…. than it is much closer to the time to go into total hiding… dont even wait for the election….. spread the word any way possible… dont let the zionists come out on top again and ruin us further… RON PAUL ronPAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAULRON PAUL

        • Exactly! G. Gordon Liddy was the main badass in the Watergate scandal and he got away with only 4 years in Federal Tennis Camp, (should have got 15 to 40 years)Why? HE KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT!

        • Don’t say anything? Oh, no! Say this as the answer to any question or command:

          “Under Common Law I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”

          Then stare unblinkingly into their eyes.

          The cops have no authority over (wo)men. They are agents of the state, a corporate fiction. When you declare common law you instantly assert your authority as a (wo)man to a level so far above what the state understands that they cannot react.

          Fictitious entities cannot recognise real people, men, women, breathing, living souls, are invisible to them. Americans problem is they don’t know who they are. They’ve allowed the state to brainwash them into believing they are fictions that the state can regulate and manipulate.

          We, as a people, need to recapture the vision of our founders. Stop whining and worrying about all this stuff. It is a pointless waste of effort. The secret the state does not want you to know is this:

          YOU ARE FREE! …and you always have been. The lie that they perpetrate is that you are not free. And, it has always been a lie.

          However, the conspiracy is that they use your fellow (wo)men to perpetrate the lie that you are not free.

          Put them in their place! Live like you are free. Know that, lawfully, they can’t touch you. Legally, however, they can pretty much do what they want.

          Reject legality. Embrace the lawfulness. They are not the same.

          • I don’t think the common law will work. At least not in a Federal Court.They work under Admirality law now.Common law and the Constitution are suspended {according to THEM}under a State of Emergency which we have been under for some time now.We may have to struggle to get this State of Emergency voided as I don’t think TPTB will let anyone get elected {think Ron Paul} the will lift it.

            • The very nature of common law makes in “unsuspendable”. I think you are right about RP. I think he will lift it.

              If Ron Paul gets elected, its is my prediction that before he is able to do anything serious for this country, he’ll die. It might not be an outright assassination like JFK but I doubt he’ll make it very far. Sounds bad and it sounds hopeless, but, RP knows the risks and we *HAVE* to try!

              I’m sure, even if he knew his fate, he’d do it anyway. What can you say about a man that says:

              “I’m not trying to get elected, I’m trying to change history.”

              Which is kind of cryptic, but, in essence, he’d trying to steer us off the statist expansion, police state, borrow/borrow/borrow, meddle/meddle/meddle path.

        • seems like having a few weapons purchased through a local gun shop might be nice to have on hand to politely hand over if they come knocking. Doesnt mean I cant have a few extras buried around the property though.

      11. These morons are ridiculous.

        Too bad they don’t have any “actionable intelligence” as me and women. But then they would be out of a job.

      12. Use cash? Wait till they start using the cameras at banks to see who cashes a check and who just deposits it! What about all those check cashing centers at WalMart? Hmmm

        • AZ – I strongly suspect they already are using camera’s at the bank for that. At the very least, there is a paper or cyber trail to those of us cashing checks as opposed to depositing them. There is NO privacy in banking anymore.

          • Daisy, you are right, every bank has cameras and every person in the banks are being videotaped. Also, all ATM’s have cameras. In fact, all the major department stores and grocery stores have cameras – even Starbucks. Most likely, every business has cameras planted inside and outside of their establishment.

            When we go outside of our house, we lose our privacy. Especially driving down a freeway where there are traffic cameras. Even in our house we lose our privacy when we are surfing the Internet.

            We are being watched and we might as well get used to it.

            • RID: Gotta disagree with you totally! No, WE do NOT have to get use to it. WE need to voice OUR displeasure with domestic spying because it is unconstitutional.

              WE need to swamp the Alt Media, The LSM, and OUR representatives offices with organized phone protests demanding that OUR liberties and personal privacy be restored, all across this country.

              This is OUR America and WE get the Administration of OUR government that WE demand. If We don’t demand change, the PTB will believe it is Ok to trample OUR constitutional rights.

              Its now or never people. Connect with a Tea Party in your area. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

              Engage your government or be enslaved by it!

            • There’s a cool website called “How to Vanish” that discusses this a little bit. The author gives lot of examples of ways to be less conspicuous on camera.

              Of course, if I go to the mall or bank in my hoodie and shades, I’ll probably draw even MORE attention than if I broke those other 10 billion rules.

              It seems tough to beat the cameras without very concentrated effort.

            • Durango,

              You say it’s unconstitutional and I agree with you. But so what? Congress and other “powers-to-be” have been violating the Constitution for over a hundred years. So, what’s so different about this?

              You go ahead and do the things you say should be done. I believe such actions will have about as much effect as a gnat farting on Congress. Nothing will change. Congress, the President’s Office, and the “powers-to-be” have been bought – lock, stock, and barrel – by the labor unions, the big businesses, and the super rich. Voters cannot change that. We see this over and over again – they say certain things to get elected and, once elected, they do what they want to do. And, yes the “people” outnumber the labor unions, the big businesses, and the super rich but they have the most effective resources – money!

              Our country is so deep “in you know what” that the only way we can change is to take it through a revolution. And this doesn’t come from me but from one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, who said that every so often a revolution is probably necessary to extract the excesses, the corruption, the violation of rights, etc. that accumulate in government. Aren’t these things prevalent in our government today?

              Just my two-cents worth.

            • Daisy, just be the grey (wo)man. Don’t be well dressed. Don’t look like a bag lady.

              I think this cash thing only has to do with big items. Anything over, say, $1000, maybe? Most everyone I know pays cash for EVERYTHING. If that makes you a terrorist then about 80% of the people in my county are terrorists.

              Personally, I pay cash for most things, even big things. 9 years ago I purchased an SUV for $6300, paid in cash. I asked the guy if that was a problem. Answer, “Not at all sir. Saves me having to worry about the check clearing.” 6 years ago I purchased a car for $1600. Nobody batted an eye.

              I think much of this worry is designed to simply scare people. I live my life like I want. I hurt no one, defraud no one and murder no one.

              The feds can kiss my lilly white, hairy, totally lawful butt.

            • NR ~ I’m usually pretty plain jane when I’m out and about, so I think I fade sufficiently well. The concerning thing is that a lot of places are using facial recognition software, which is a lot harder to trick than your casually unobservant co-customer at the mall.

            • RID: The difference now is that Americans are awake and aware and ready to do something. That is relatively new because the PTB have pushed US too far.

              Armed revolution IS an option but not one WE need to employ just yet. We have other options. Changes were made in 2010. More changes will come in 2012. The tide has turned.

              A new consciousness has come to America just as it has to the rest of the world.

              People must be free to pursue their potential and political parameters must make opportunity available to all those willing to work for what they get.

              That opportunity has been stolen to enrich the uber rich. It is unacceptable. It will not stand. There are more of US then there are of them. A lot more. The UR can share or they can receive their just desserts. Its their choice.

              The armed American revolution lasted 12 years. This one will not be won overnight. Victory belongs to those who do what they can, when they can, as they can, and refuse to accept defeat.

              That has always been so. It is true now. The Second American Revolution has already begun. Get on board or get out of the way.

          • you should see the looks i get whenever i visit the bank in my town…you see, i just cannot resist asking questions that they hate to “how much will it cost me to purchase a silver dollar”, or i see you are offering a pretty good interest on your cd’s, so can you tell me how much i must invest to get a return” so forth and so on…the tellers get these big eyed looks and immediately tell you to please wait while they get on the telephone and call for the information. yep, i guess i am on “the list”.

            • THIS IS NOT A GAME… this is real…. we do not need obama or newt or mitt…. that is the road to certain chaos and we will need our survival skills … if ron paul does not win the nomination … we are staring at a certain shtf… unless he can somehow win as an independant….which is higly doubtful….. RON PAUL 2012

            • carynverell

              My favorite line at the bank is, If you charge me $7.50 to honor your check then how much would you steal from me if I had a account with your bank? I still have never got a response on that question except the security guard that likes to watch all most all the way to my truck. As far as their BS list I made that a long time ago when I down loaded a few US army manuals.
              I really don’t care if I’m on some list, They watch and I watch!


      13. in reality, the Fusion Centers and what spawned them -the “See Something, Say Something campaign” – aren’t the beginning… the real “beginning” of such UNConstitutional measures against Americans was the creation of the federal-level “alphabet agencies” accompanied by the escalation of awarding of sweeping, UNConstitutional powers over Americans which has gone on unopposed for decades by the same… granted, many times the enduments of said powers happened either behind closed doors or during times of national distress but the conditions do not negate the facts…

        • Yes, and once they…were voted those “special powers, just during this time of emeregency” they have never been let of and have been expanded upon under the never ending “threat of terrorism”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are living in a state of affaris nearly identical to Nazi Germany.

      14. Did anyone see that video of that anti war protester lady(nice figure, about 130 lbs)get man handled by 5-8 security guards(200-280lbs each+ 1 bull dyke) I couldn’t find it, wanted to post it to show everyone what the future holds for us! If anyone remembers it, can you post a link. Thank you!

      15. Well I guess the DHS is going to have a field day in my town.
        FLAG “Cash instead of credit” …they have no choice, living paycheck-to-paycheck they can’t keep a bank acct.
        FLAG “”Purchase survival gear”… because after they’ve spent their rent money on meth they have no choice but to live in a tent in the woods.

        I think something has to be missing here because there just isn’t enough man power to investigate the purchase habits of everyone everywhere. I can see if you were to purchase McVey amounts of fertilizer, ok,red flag.
        But come on…if your prepping is done in moderate purchases there’s just no reason for me to think that I stand out any more than the lady in front of me at Wal-mart who has 5 kids and two full shopping carts of crap.
        I won’t be losing sleep over this one.

        • Wait till they drive by here and see my “Rope and Chains flag” its already red.

          • Wait until they see my flag. I don’t fly the war flag. I fly the “civil flag”. 50 blue stars in a white field, 13 red and white VERTICAL stripes. On my hat. On my house. On my cars. I also have a bumper sticker that says “I DO NOT CONSENT AND I WAIVE THE BENEFITS”

            Admiralty: SUCK IT! Where the correct flag flies, there is freedom.


            • NetRanger

              Thanks for posted that link, I will take a closer look at that site when I have a little more time. I need to head out the range and sight in a rifle today.


            • Good deal. Burned some gunpowder yesterday an a public range. Found out my $150 Mossberg slugster shoots pretty good with 1oz slugs.

              Also put my NEF break action 223 on zero at 50yds.

              Also found my 44Mag lead bullet loads (8gr Unique behind a 240gr lead bullet) shoots amazingly well through my Rossi break action.

              Hope you’re having fun! I did. Now I’m punishing steel today with rimfire stuff between the raindrops here at home.

              May your bullets fly true.

        • You would be amazed what computers can do. Instead of having an army of intelligence personnel like they did in Nazi Germany, they have computers to compile and sort data. The personnel requirements go down dramatically using computers.

          Computer algorithms are set up for sorting out the “real” threats from the “non-threats”. It’s not unlike how Amazon knows it’s you when you visit their website and when you log in, they have recommendations for you. Obviously I am using a simplistic example for illustration, but the fusion centers probably use algorithms on a much larger scale.

          I would guess all the workers have to do is input the data (or load it from the electronic source) and the program does the rest. I would also guess once a “high level” threat is identified, a person reviews it to ensure the program is correct in its identification.

          I think there are a lot of criteria that make up a “real, identified threat” but we are talking about government, so who knows…

          • Sure, high level threat. Unless you’ve just inherited a small fortune and plan on doing all of your prepping in one week I just don’t see how the average prepper would stand out to a computer. I’m pretty sure we’ve all taken a bit of time to accumulate what we have. From this point on it’s maintenance.
            The idea that everyone is being tracked is like thinking that there are little cameras in all of our tv cable boxes and we’re being watched in our homes. THAT one I would lose sleep over.

            • computerized profiling could make a prepper stand out like a sore thumb. Computer tracking of product purchases can render a percentages list of the kinds of things you buy. 0% movies, 55% groceries, 20% camping, 10% medical/vitamins, 15% hardware/auto. the lady in front of you has 4 movies in her cart (to pacify her teenager whining at her side), 3 gallons of soda pop, and every kind of Little Debbie known to man. while groceries will make up the bulk of both carts, you will be automatically tagged by a computer and she will not. especially if you pay with cash. the only manpower needed to track everyone in the store is one tech guy doing routine maintenance on the computer.

            • …but, Sandy, the government loves these little urban legends and the mystical power attributed to the criminal class, I mean ruling class. (same people, different spelling)

              I’ve been a computer professional for the last 30 years. No, not replacing hard drives and keyboards, though I’ve done my share of it, I’m a systems engineer / network engineer. Don’t let this stuff scare you too much. While the computers can do amazing stuff, they really can’t do nearly as much as they make you think.

              Its kind of like dragon speak. Ever use that program to take dictation? Yeah. They *CLAIM* all kinds of things but in reality it can’t even do a good word map. Now think of something 1000s of times more complex. I’m sure the company’s canned (conned?) demo looks frighteningly accurate, but, in reality the performance is fairly poor. Pie in the sky.

              …and then there are the doofuses that run the stuff. You think they’re all like the guys on NCIS or CSI? They’re not. They’re the guys that private industry rejected. But, they can think, a little, so they seem like super smart compared to the idiots that are the department heads and the politicians.

              Think about this: this kind of processing takes ACCURACY. Have you ever known our government to do anything ACCURATELY?

              On the one hand, government is wilfully incompetent. On the other hand, they’re only slightly more competent when they try. I’ve dealt with them on some investigations at the state and county level. What a bunch of incompetent morons. And from some fellow engineers that have worked with federal level departments, we have nothing to worry about. Sorry, but I’ve seen it from the inside.

              You people are looking at Follywood style advertisements. In reality they are way less competent than your local computer chop shop. I mean WAY less competent. The Follywood style ads may fool the general public and the terrorists but, at them, I laugh.

              Just relax. Let the fools believe what they will. I know the truth and the truth is that any information they use is analogous to hearsay in court because it is so incredibly inaccurate.

              But, regardless, as a man under common law, “attempted” things cannot be prosecuted. Things that are attempted are “fiction” and are abstractions. Men cannot be prosecuted for abstractions. This is why they have created the corporate state, another type of fiction. Only fictions can prosecute and recognise fictions, whether

            • …in deed or in person.

              “I do not consent and I waive the benefits.” then turn and walk away.

            • Net Ranger, thanks for a little voice of reason. I’m the first to admit that computers are capable of great things but they’re only as great as the human operator.
              Enough said.

        • the east german security force did the same thing. You see, the have to make everyone think they are everywhere, to install fear. They will bust a few, with false charges, it will get ALOT of press, so the others think they are everywhere. By the way, the american government hired some east german stazi murderer, paid him a million a year, to consult.(not sure of spelling stazi) LOOK IT UP!

        • Sandy you may need to read this before that great sleep. A recent Brookings Institution report has now confirmed what many have suspected for some time – that the United States government (and virtually every other government in the world) has the capability to monitor and record nearly every interaction that occurs within its national borders.

        • Sandy a little more before bed time The report begins by stating:
          An important threshold will be crossed: For the first time ever, it will become technologically and financially feasible for authoritarian governments to record nearly everything that is said or done within their borders – every phone conversation, electronic message, social media interaction, the movements of nearly every person and vehicle, and video from every street corner. Governments with a history of using all of the tools at their disposal to track and monitor their citizens will undoubtedly make full use of this capability once it becomes available.

          • Ok, but even IF it’s possible to monitor everyone, why would they care about us when they could be catching murderers, thieves, pedophiles, illegal aliens, drug smugglers….If the government was so good at this surveillance stuff, then why do we have all of these missing children & unsolved cases? How long did it take to find Bin Laden?
            It’s one thing to have the capability, but to filter through millions of people’s purchases and flag one over another? Still not losing sleep.

      16. Fence the malls and turn them into FEMA camps. The trash is already there, saving transportation costs.

      17. I wonder if it freaks the idiots who are manning the Fusion Centers out to learn that the the most popular Christmas Gift this year was firearms? Why do they think that all of these folks are buying guns? Who do they think that these new gun owners are buying all of these weapons to use against anyway?

        Pucker up time is almost here boys & girls. The party is just getting started; come early and plan to stay for an eternity. God Bless and good luck to all. The year 2012 promises to be interesting as all get out.

      18. You might be a terrorist if,…

        You visit this web site, and,…especially if you post comments.

        You have more than 7 days of food in your pantry.

        You use cash instead of credit.

        You disagree with the government about, well, ANYTHING!

        You had a circular saw accident a few years back during the construction boom, lost a finger, are now out of work, but that missing finger has all your neighbors real suspicious about what you’re doing with all that free time you now have.

        You downloaded a copy of the Constitution of the united States of America from the Library of Congress, agreed to allow the government to have a look around on your computer by using the site, and they found a copy of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE too!

        You have a Ron Paul 2012 sticker on your automobile.

        You have a shotgun rack in the rear window of your pick-up, no guns in it anymore ever since you had that “misunderstanding” with the local law enforcement about the shotgun in the window, but the rack remains, making you a potential threat.

        You fly a Gadsden flag on the 4th of July instead of the Federal war banner.

        You fly a Civil peace time flag on the 4th of July instead of the Federal war banner.

        You insist the Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor has any reserves.

        Yes, this list can go on for pages. I better get started writing that now. I’m thinking I could get several hundred pages of this shit.

        • Ha! 8 out of 12 ain’t bad! I’m only 3/4 terrorist!

          I’m about as dangerous as a newborn puppy to the general public.

          To the statist police agent doing illegal searches, well, thats a different story.

      19. They’re practicing how they’ll act after America becomes a police state. Right now they’re only investigating 1200 people a year. That’s only 3 or 4 per day. Eventually you can expect facial recognition software to identify and profile everyone. You can expect the kinds of scrutiny you’d get before you board an airplane. There’s already talk of vastly expanded checkpoints across the country. Eventually every place you go you’ll be catalogued in some huge database along with everyone you’re seen with.

      20. A mall is nothing but a recycle bin of useless toxic crap and carries as much sickness as a hospital parking lot full of spit. If you want something really nice,Make it .. Or ill make it for ya for some choclate chip cookies.

        • ya, and try to find something that is actually made in america at a mall…..

      21. Sounds like this country is about to descend into chaos.

        Oh shit…. I just downloaded the Anonymous Survival Guide for Citizens in Revolution.
        Looks like I’ve Just Been Tagged!!!
        Gotta Go!

      22. I wonder what comprises “looking at a guard in a suspicious way.”
        Some people will F#%& with you just to ruin your day. Hate to see those people put into positions where they have authority over anything.
        You think urinating on their shiny black shoes would be considered suspicious?

        • So now, instead of ‘happy federal reserve day’ to get me a ‘looky’ by the feds, I just go up to the guards in the mall and stare??
          That’s just too easy.
          Happy federal reserve day.

        • Especially a Barney Fife wannabe mall cop–“Stop or I’ll throw my keys!”.

          My advise to the mall cops and anyone who works in a bank branch is to keep a backpack full of bum clothes handy so you can try to change and blend in with the mob that assaults your workplace.

      23. This “See Something, Say Something” campaign has a few goals.

        1. To increase the size of govt (again). They will need extra staff to deal with all the investigations.

        2. To turn Americans against Americans – to create more chaos

        3. To remove more freedom from us.

        I am disgusted.

        • BINGO!

        • I think we should start complying with the “See something, Say Something” campaign by reporting EVERYTHING that we see or think we see. They want information, give ’em information! For instance, I saw Sadam Hussein last night at El Pollo Loco. Oh, and I also Osame Bin Laden two days ago at McDonalds. I also saw Fred Astair last week at Wall Mart. Start giving information until they say “stop already!”

          • Yea, but Elvis works the drive through at a Burger King in Detroit. Good idea, flood them with “information”.

          • Now that you mention it, I think I saw Elvis talking to E.T. at a bus stop yesterday!

            • I saw a werewolf drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vics. His hair was perfect.

        • Fail. Don’t mess with farmers and their fields. You screw with them and you’ll find a large 4 wheel drive tractor sized hole in the front of the whitehouse after they plow up the front lawn.

      24. There have always been snoops and busybodies. Their lives are empty and meaningless to them. They have found listeners in the thugs doing the bidding of borg leaders. The bitterness of their lives is like bile churning in their stomach until it spews forth. Thugs like an excuse to hurt people. History is filled with the mayhem these people cause.

        I live a life filled with love, beauty, joyous delight. They can pound sand. I will be happy regardless. But I will watch my back.

        • K. Nielsen: You’re right. Busybodies are also in civic clubs, churches, local vets and political groups, etc and anywhere people meet in groups. Best to never join anything or attend any of these org. Home churches with close knit friends, family is ideal; keeping a low profile with like minded people. With the NDAA bill passed, there will be even more snoops in the future so best to stay low key.

      25. I can’t help but feel that eventually, the entire intel-gathering enterprise that LE is degenerating into will seize up from information overload.

        Take one report, multiply it exponentially, multiplied by X number of sources, over Y number of years, adding Z number of false reports (intentional or otherwise) and tell me: won’t the machine eventually overheat and break down under the volume of all of these “reports”..?

        Am I the only one who thinks like this?

        • Nice thought, but I don’t agree, because while the human brain gets overwhelmed by too much information, too many variables, computers are getting increasing more powerful. There are lots of geeks out there that love nothing more than tweeking their algorithms.

      26. Well, I guess I will have to put buttons on my coat saying.



        USE CASH.

      27. If the rent-a-cops ask for ID, tell them to sod off and leave the scene, or just continue walking around and pretend you don’t hear them. No one is obligated to provide identification, talk to any “official” dressed in an ersatz cop uniform (or talk to a cop for that matter), or show a receipt upon leaving any store with your purchase. Of course if you are deemed “suspicious” they will zoom in on your license plate as you go to your car, so if possible walk down the road or take a cab out of there and go back to your car when things cool down, or just have the cab take you out for a spin and bring you right back next to your car and deftly hop in it. If you leave with any recognizable store bags in your hand they can go to the store and look up your purchase and credit card info. They have nothing better to do so will scour hours of video to find your moment of purchase.

      28. I’m so sick of being paranoid. I’ve done the best I can to be ready, but if they want to spy on me at the mall, I know I will never come out on top. The America handed down from our forerathers is OVER. We aren’t getting it back no matter how much we want it, or how much we prepare to hold out. I have to live in the real world. I have to go to work each day. I have to shop at my local stores. I’m just going to live my life ready if it comes, while wishing I didn’t know what I now know.

        • “just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean their not out to get you” I dont know who said that, but it fits.

      29. Mac,
        Thanks for the info and I’d like to add a little history concerning your article, followed up with another Suspicious Activity – sorry Mac, I had to do it.
        On March 2nd 1933 President Herbert Hoover asked the Federal Reserve Board to give him a plan that would help solve the economic crisis.
        You have got to read this as it opens a big can of worms!

        When have you ever heard of a President and Attorney General specifically and politically targeting a US citizen, state official and law enforcement officer for doing the job that they won’t?
        When have you seen these figures try everything to shut up such a person and remove him from office when he has done nothing but legally following the law? Probably never. Why would they do this? They want:
        1) An open border
        2) Grateful Hispanics who will vote Democratic
        3) Sheriff Joe Arpaio (the target) shutdown before the report on BO’s illegal status as President is revealed. This unbelievable and totally unethical (if not illegal) action deserves Congressional investigation and prosecution.

        I’ll bet a box of American Eagle 45s it won’t happen.

        You can Sign in to the Tea Party Nation to read this document. If you don’t want to be on another list, then read below.

        Obama’s war against Joe Arpaio
        • Posted by Judson Phillips on December 22, 2011 at 5:25pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

        Joe Arpaio is often thought of as America’s Sheriff. He is a tough, no-nonsense man who enforces the law and has been outspoken in his complaint about the Obama regime’s criminal refusal to enforce immigration laws. The Obama regime is striking back against Sheriff Joe.

        From Fox News:

        Dozens of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail officers lined up at a news conference in Phoenix Wednesday to ceremoniously hand in their federal credentials a week after they were stripped of the ability to verify the immigration status of inmates.

        Arpaio spoke at the same news conference, saying he’s going to hold the federal government to its promise to send 50 federal agents to do such screening in his jail. But he predicted there will be illegal immigrants in jail who won’t be deported and will be put back on streets.

        “I want to see how many agents are going to be coming to our jail,” the sheriff said. “I want to see how long it will take for 50 agents from across the country to work in our jails.”

        The Department of Homeland Security announced Dec. 15 that more than 90 of Arpaio’s Maricopa County jail officers could no longer check whether inmates were in the county illegally.

        We all know the answer to that. Obama and Holder will never send anyone to check the immigration status of criminals. They want the criminals back on the streets.

        Sometimes you not only need to know what someone is doing but why.

        From the Texas on the Potomac Blog:

        When the U.S. Department of Justice issued a report condemning Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “discriminatory” policing policies last week, some immigrant rights groups lauded it as a move toward immigration enforcement reform. Others, though, are worried it was nothing more than a conveniently timed ploy to regain support from disillusioned Hispanic voters.

        Some say the Department of Justice’s release of details from a three-year investigation into alleged civil rights abuses by Arpaio is an admission that collaborations between local law enforcement and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement can lead to discrimination. Others, though, questioned the timing of the report, which came as President Obama’s support among Latinos is waning. Immigrant advocate groups that have been critical of the president’s immigration policies, citing his administration’s record level of deportation, are asking why it took the government three years to condemn Arpaio.

        “Them coming out now is somewhat timely and looks like a political move,” said Carlos Garcia, an organizer with Puente Movement, a migrants rights group in Arizona.

        The short answer is the Obama regime is so desperate for reelection, it will do anything to appease any potential voting group. Including illegal aliens.

        This is yet another reason why we need to make certain a conservative is put in the White House in January 2013.

        Y’all Beware!

      30. Have you ever seen the hats that those MOA security officers wear? I can’t help but stare at them myself (while secretely snickering inside). I guess next time I visit, I better be more careful!

        • The mall security basically has no more rights than the mall janitor to detain or question you, but they dress up the guards in pseudo police uniforms so the dumbed down public give them the respect afforded police officers. There’s always the navy blue outfit (dark blue suggests authority), the gold militaristic officer dress uniform pant stripes, the big fat shiny tin badge, epaulettes, the highway patrol wide brimmed hats, a giant utility belt filled with radios, handcuffs and black colored junk that makes you assume a pistol is there somewhere until you take a close look. It’s all a dog and pony show – “I’m a fat slob who wanted to be James Bond, and I’m all dressed up to look like a real law enforcement officer when in reality I’ve been instructed not to lay a hand on anyone under penalty of termination because the mall can be sued over it. A psyop master security consultant, most likely from Israel, designed my uniform so you will fear the associations of the uniform, engage my interrogation and stand down long enough for the police to arrive and take over. You simply ignoring me and walking past is my worst fear.”

      31. Someone once said, the novel 1984 by George Orwell is not an instruction booklet.

        • Apparently, it is now… at least to the “Your papers, please” types.

          Thanks so much for giving us this disaster, you freaking “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters

          • i’m ignor-ant, where does “yes we can/yes we have no bananas” come from? freakin’ hilarious.

      32. I am trying to find out WHO counts the votes in iowa repub deal, can any one help me please. WHO COUNTS THE VOTES? I know it is in an undisclosed location for my own good. Any biz done behind closed doors, has to be legal, and I am sure I would approve of what they are doing. Is american idol on tonight?

      33. The meek shall inherit the Gulag.

        • “Those who hammer their swords into plowshares, will soon be plowing for those with swords.” -Thomas Jefferson

      34. If the malls are so suspicious about everyone it must be because they have intel about an imminent terrorist attack. We should warn everyone about it and not allow our loved ones to shop there to keep them out of harm’s way. You should be tweeting and posting that MOA must be dangerous to be at. In fact, it could be my imagination, but I think I recall someone saying MOA could be attacked. Now that I think about it I will be warning my friends and family it’s a dangerous place to shop at. I’m sure the mall owners will agree and want us to spread the word. To keep everyone safe, of course. Please keep me safe.

        • he-he

      35. I dislike malls about as much as I dislike flying….does that make me a terrorist suspect?

      36. #10 cans, crisp $10 bills…

        what have I been tellin’ ya?


        • You’re #1!

        • Mushroom, About a year ago, I had to take a couple of months off from the internet due to the day job. When flying home,once I got through tsa, finally got to the gate and on got on the net. Anyhow, first page I came to was this page, and you posted a long sarcastic post, I was laughing so loud, fell off the chair in the airport, laughing my a$$ off! Everyone was tripping out on me. 2 tsa “officials” were standing by some store staring at me. My flight got picked for one of those special tsa id checks, even brought out the dogs!! Thought I would share that story. Dont know why I thought of it. Thanks for the laugh,I really needed one then, it came at the perfect time! Thanks shroom!

        • M’room: I got a stack of $20’s also! a smaller stack of

          M’room: I got a good size stack of $20 bills and a smaller one of $50 bills. I use the $10 bills on take outs/eating out and bags of cat food from Tractor Supply.


      37. Markey skeptics has a good one on their site, showing the story on th nightly news that was ran the day they passed that god awfull defence bill!

      38. Occupy Wall Streeters get the approval nod from the Pres., while they crap wherever they want to, rape women, do drugs, destroy property, torment and provoke the police. (not all but most).
        However, if you are evil enough to use cash, then that’s where they draw the line. You could be locked up for having more than a weeks worth of groceries! Who the hell thinks they are going to tell me how many groceries I can buy with my hard earned money, NOT THEIRS! NO ONE, THAT’S WHO. This is insanity gone insane.

        • I don’t think the president could fill one of those there passport thing-ings out correctly in complete detail.

      39. You are definitely not a terrorist. You learned how to conjugate the verb to run in a usa state school.

      40. Mall Of America BY FAR has the worst reputation for this kind of “play cop” stuff by its guards. It also has the worst reputation for riots like the one it just had. Boycott its stores. They’ll get the message across to mall management/owner fast.

        • I think not—the idiot in the oval office has wet dreams just thinking of the kmart and Sears stores closing..his goal is to have every citizen, professional or layman, on their knees begging for food.
          Stock up—anonymous’s document said 50 lb bag of rice feeds two for 3 months…throw in a little ramen noodles, canned vegetables, canned meat dishes, juice, and lots of’re good to go..

      41. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asked the Roman satirist Juvenal (Who will watch the guards?) Erik Holder? Jon Corzine? Maybe we can get SOPA to do it…

        Look I love America, and want to wipe out terrorism. But destroying America and its freedom AIN’T the way to do it

      42. Funny thing. MPLS is the home of a large Somalian community with a lot of fundamentalism Muslims. Fundamentalism Muslims and Sharia law mix about as well with America as oil and water.



        • Paris Girl: There is something you can do since you are new here:

          “90 million American gun owners have the power to change the direction of this nation without firing a shot. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Register as a Republican in your State and vote for Ron Paul in its Primary.”

          Pass it on. Post it everywhere. It is OUR best hope to halt the economic erosion of America, and preserve the personal liberties of a free people.

          Thank you.

          • Take it VIRAL Paris Girl. Take it VIRAL!

      44. ~~~The interviews at the mall are part of a counterterrorism initiative that acts as the private eyes and ears of law enforcement authorities~~~

        Maybe ‘we’ need to put tails on those radical Muslims killing their daughters in our changing nation instead of those loving American fathers shopping with their sons.

      45. Personally, I would not answer any questions from “mall security”. They have no right to ask anything in the first place.

        • Mall Security nitwits have all of the same legal authority that you do. However, as “very apparent agents” of their employer, the mall; they do have the ability to create some very serious liability issues for that same employer. The Mall Security can very easily overstep their almost nonexistent legal authority and end up in jail themselves. They can just as easily end up making their employer, the mall, liable for some really massive lawsuits.

          Besides which; Grannie may have just gotten a pistol for Christmas. Anybody ever seen a Mall Security rent-a-cop with a gun? With nothing left to look forward to besides Depends Adult Undergarments and the day that her Social Security Check is no longer direct deposited to her bank account ……. Grannie may just ‘bust-a-cap’ on Barnie Fife. Might want to give some thought to minding your manners Barnie.

          Oh well, we do live in interesting times.

          • Wait a minute there MM! Barney had *SOME* authority and while he acted like an idiot at times, he did respect people’s rights. I take exception to you comparing this overzearlous non-cops.

            All the get from me in answer to any question is, “I do not wish to contract.”

      46. Just out on FOX news,
        OWS protesters, protest at Ron Pauls, headquarters against his desire to get rid of the EPA.
        As I have always said,
        These peaple have NOTHING in common with me.
        They are as I have stated before “socialist commie pig fuckers”!
        Do not get in bed with these people, as they are not your friends.

        • ows has been “bought” by george soros and the bilderboybuggers… and are now a weapon for the nwo zionistjews… just as they bought the tea party! And own you… fiat $$$ is the worlds most deadliest weapon… And they control the printing press’s, I hope every single ows sellout gets his gov flu and guardisill shots… they deserve whats in them!

          • These commie schills have finally started screwing with Dr. Paul.
            I think that pretty much makes everybody.
            It would be a miracle if he wins the primary with attacks from every angle by all sides.
            Guardisill shots…hahaaaaa
            How else do you stop STD’s running rampant in OWS ?

      47. Afghanistan signs first oil drilling deal — with China. Saudi buys 154 new & used upgraded F-15’s. Two major money deals! Rob Peter to pay Paul out back.

      48. Our activity here is no doubt being monitored.

      49. “Due to past examples of fusion centers vastly overstepping their original mandates, including monitoring political events, bumper sticker preferences and even constitutionally-protected protest activities, many civil-rights organizations have worked to monitor fusion centers and their activities. However, public scrutiny has proved difficult in most cases as the majority of fusion centers operate in a highly secretive manner without revealing who works for them, what government agencies they work with or what their basic capabilities are”
        Scrolling down the page you will be able to locate the closest ‘Fusion Center” near you.

      50. My comments sit in limbo (awaiting moderation) for hours and several times for almost 24 hours. Does anyone else have this problem or do the owners of the site not like me?

        Perhaps I’m being paranoid but I’ve noticed the lapsed time to be only a few minutes between someone’s comment and a comment to that comment. Why does it take so long for my comments to pass through moderation? On YouTube and a few other sites, there is no such untimely delay as I am experiencing on this site.

        I like this site because it has a lot of neat, honest, and meaningful people on it but I am getting frustrated and discouraged. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks.

        • I sent the above at 5:00 pm mountain time on 12/29/2011

        • Richard, the moderation hasn’t been on the ball over the holiday season simply because of a lack of time on my part. IF you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when you post a comment, the system will be more likely to recognize you and auto-approve the comments.

          In general, i try to moderate the queues ever 4 hours or so, but sometimes, especially on weekends, that doesn’t work out.

          Sorry for the inconvenience.

          Thanks for visiting and contributing.


          • Mac, thank you for your reply. I know I sounded grumpy – sorry about that. I’m sure you are doing the best you can and I appreciate it. I’ll take your advise and include my email address. Thanks again, Richard in Denver

            • No problem Richard…it’s a system Limitation right now that we hope to resolve with the option to have a user login in the near future…still working on it. Many thanks!

        • RID: Its either a Chinese hacker or you are on OUR list! 🙂

          • DK, now you’re scaring me!!! How are you able to place the “happy faces” onto your comments?

            • RID: its because I am so “smart”! 😉

            • And DK, you’re modest too – oh, and of course, humble. 😉

            • RID: The question is not, “How are you able to place the “happy faces” onto your comments?”

              The question is: “Why can’t you do it when Daisy and I can?”

              Obviously, you have not yet received your SHTF Plan Prepper Kit with Decoder Ring in it yet. Keep an eye on your mail box!

              MAC, has RID reached the required number of posts yet to get his SHTF Plan Decoder Ring?

            • Very funny, Durango!!!

            • RID: Happy New Year RID! Happy New Year to everyone!!! Happy New Year Mac!

              Thanks SmokinOkie you make it fun when I get too serious!!!

              Buckle Up!

              Next year will be wilder than Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Double down.

            • RID, cause everyone knows that I’m nicer than Durango, I shall give you the keys to the smiley kingdom.

              Just simple html icons. I’m typing these with a space so you can see what they are.

              : ) 🙂
              ; ) 😉
              : ( 🙁
              : lol : 😆

              Happy New Year, RID!!!

          • hahahahahahh! Thats funny!

          • I was taking a drink of coffee right when I started reading that! There’s coffee on my keyboard and screen!

          • RONNY PAUL 2012 …

      51. Gentlemen,

        This is an absolute Joke They cannot even stop cars from being stolen out of the parking lot at the Mall. So what is this “Fusion Center” Going to do. Another example of complete goverment waste & failure.

        • I have always thought these ‘implementations’ put in place to ensure our safety due to ‘all these rampant and deadly terrorist attacks’ are simply ways to get more money, greater funding for FEMA, Nappytonto, and TSA BS..

          I mean aren’t you scared?? 8 killed due to terrorist attacks(I believe since 9/11) and 29 killed struck by lightning, if I recall the data correctly.. .where would you put your money??

          • Hmmm. Sounds to me like we need a “Lighting Strike Fusion Center”. I wonder if I could get a grant for that?

      52. Fusion centers are designed to collect names and data, compile dossierre’s, and FIND something the PTB can use to fine you even if they can’t put you in jail.

        If nothing else its for “revenue enhancement”.

        Why do you think the government is now leaning to allow online gambling? Someone has to pay for Obama care ya know.

        • ~~~and FIND something the PTB can use to fine you even if they can’t put you in jail.~~~

          OMG—cousins to Kentucky DOT!!!They use the same playbook!!

        • Simple intelligence. Thieves are mostly dishonest but not always stupid. This is akin to the dumpster diving hackers do to get intelligence. Uh, so, I am, uh, *TOLD*. 😉

      53. sorry guys,, i was looking at another site,,cops get to murder unarmed peeps,,does that mean we as peeps get to shoot the fuk out of armed pigs…

      54. I’ve been thinking about this a bit more. What we are seeing is a very well laid out plan.

        About 20 years ago, the school systems went on an anti-bullying campaign (i.e., don’t learn to defend yourself).

        The end result is that we now have adults who are 30 & younger who grew up being tattletales. They were told that if someone bullied them or hit them or even if they SAW so called bullying, they were to “tell” an adult (i.e. a govt worker – a teacher). They were under no circumstance to handle it themselves.

        Now, the government is asking them to tattle on their neighbors (you know, like the communists do). This will be a very easy transition for these folks, they’ve been doing it since they were in kindergarten.

        It has been bred into them and it is exactly what the government was planning all along. A citizenry dependent on their government to solve things for them.

        • I agree with you that public schools are helping with the government’s agenda. However, in the case of bullying I’m not so sure. Kids can be so voilent these days. (Actually the violence of public school students is why I left the teaching profession.) Bullying isn’t what it used to be. It isn’t just about pushing, knocking books down or wedgies. Bullying can be very serious. I was a public school teacher for 8 years. I’ve seen some serious bullying issues.

          • I’ll take your side on this one. I remember a classmate in high school having a baseball bat surgically removed from a certain body cavity. bullying is a serious problem in school but the answer is not an everyone-tattle-on-everyone policy. A better solution would be raising children to be better people. The first community schools in America had a bible as their only textbook. Kids were actually punished for misbehavior too. detention nowdays means another hour in school watching tv, playing video games, or having sex with the teacher

        • I think it’s more the “zero tolerance” crap that’s a problem than the anti-bullying.

          ~ No matter who is at fault in an altercation, both kids are punished equally. That’s BS – my kids now if they are backed into a corner, they may get suspended but they won’t get in trouble from me for defending themselves. THE SCHOOLS ARE TEACHING KIDS NOT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

          ~ The things that can be considered weapons are ridiculous. My 11 year old got suspended for eating pudding with a folding camping tool because it had a dull blade on it(knife, fork, spoon).

          ~ They are brainwashing kids into specifically falling into place. My poor, afore-mentioned daughter got detention for walking on the wrong side of the hallway. I kid you not – right side of the hall in neat little lines. The rules just keep getting added.

          I wish I was in a position to home school my kids because the “wimping down” at work in the school system is detrimental to our future. How will these rule-following, non-critically thinking, kids grow up to be revolutionaries? That’s the plan. 🙁

          • daisy …. RON PAUL 2012

          • I am not sure if I am more aware of it now or if it happens with more frequency. Home schooling seems incredibly more popular now than 25 years ago when I was in school. Is it, or is it just me noticing it?

        • HOMESCHOOL……The most important aspect of homeschooling is the simple fact that you are
          protecting your children from the government.

          KEEP PREPPIN’

          • I really wish I could homeschool my child. At least she is in a private school, which is better than public.

            As far as my comment regarding bullying, please let me explain some bullying I have seen in public high schools. 1.) A student severely beaten by 4 boys when he came into the building to get his bookbag after band practice. 2.) A girl raped in the girl’s bathroom DURING SCHOOL HOURS. Apparently there was a rape list circulating around school with a lot of girls’ names on it. 3.) A teacher who was constantly left threatening letters, had things stolen, and eventually his car was set on fire in the teachers’ parking lot. This is what I meant by bullying. It’s a sad state that some of our public schools are in now. And it’s even worse that school systems can’t, or just won’t, kick these kids out of the school.

            I’m going to stop ranting now. If I go any futher I don’t think I will be able to stop. 🙂

            • it’s NOT the kids… IT’S THE PARENTS! 99.9 problem bullyin’ THIEVIN’ vandalism DRUGGY children are hatched from a PROBLEM ALCOHOLIC DRUGGY ABUSIVE INBREEDER PARENT!

              i live right next door to such a parent in CFALLS MT. , only a properly funded professional fully staffed police force with educated detectives can stop the growing BULLYIN’ PROBLEM nationwide , And that is just gonna get worse as towns an cities go bankrupt and cut back on manpower and resources…

              train your children too protect themselves… society will not be able to protect them anymore…

            • If you do that, NinaO, you have to be prepared to stand behind your kids when the school wants to punish them for doing so. ZERO TOLERANCE does not allow for self defense.

              I must reiterate – the schools do not want to create a generation of self-sufficient people – they want to create good little robots.

            • oh god…. i really hope you two arent on another ridiculous rant about the damn kids…..yes… teach them to fend for themselves and not be such gutless babies…. after 18 years they are adults…. why do you try to make it otherwise?

            • Ah, eeder, everytime I think you are showing a few signs of being human you crush my dreams yet again. Why? Did some kid throw up on your shoes one day? Did you sprout fully formed from the forehead of Zeus, and can therefore not relate to being a child?


            • Got a boy, now 14. Been bullied since he was about 11. Told him that violence wasn’t the prefered method of resolution. Worked with the skool on these matters. Dismal failure.

              Enrolled him in Taekwondo. Informed the skool that if they don’t stop the bullying there will be broken ribs or bloody noses.

              They couldn’t. (…of course. Its government school. They’re inept and hand tied by state and federal rules that make life foolish.)

              It happend. I roundhouse kick missed the kids nose about 3 inches. The kid jumped on my son. TKD programming kicked in just as the janitor rounded the corner. When the counselor called she said she had to put my son in detention because he was not allowed to defend himself. I told her that if she did, I’d raise a ruckus that would be a blot on her career and in the local media. She said according to rules he’s not allowed to kick or punch. I told her that she could put him in detention and then suspend the sentence. She did. I kept quiet.

              We told our son after 4 years of bullying that the school couldn’t do anything and he’d have to take care of it himself. I told him that he’d only be in trouble if he broke bones. A little blood and a few bruises is OK but no broken bones. That was at the last of last year. Nobody messes with him any more. He is now a red belt.

              When you show your ability and willingness to defend yourself you’ll find, suddenly, you don’t have to anymore.

            • And you know if you poked or teased a dog or a bear and it tore you up these same social losers running the schools would come to the defense of the dog or the bear and tell you that you deserved it(and likely you do if you poke and tease)but let a kid or even an adult suffer similarly and all the sudden it doesnt apply…people arnt allowed to fight back..they gotta be “better than that”or let the “proper” authority deal with it….is this insane or what?

            • Reb, it’s all conditioning. The NWO is trying to “properly train” the next generation to take what gets dished out. They are trying to erase any inclination of retaliation from the psyche of our young people.

              Did you ever watch that movie with Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone, “Demolition Man”? Those people were so programmed to be non-violent that the concept was completely alien to them – they were like babes in the woods when approached by a threat.

              That is exactly how the NWO wants us to be – and they are trying to create those sheep through the education system and political correctness.

              As you can imagine, our local school board just looooovvvvesss me. 😉

        • Mr. B, you said, “It has been bred into them and it is exactly what the government was planning all along. A citizenry dependent on their government to solve things for them.”

          I disagree with the former and agree with the latter. The public school systems may be trying to TEACH children they want the kids to tattle to the adults (state agents), it is NOT BRED INTO THE KIDS.

          Most of the kids I know are still willing to take matters into their own hands and keep their mouth shut to adults about what may or may not be going on. Usually these disputes are settled outside of school.

          Kids know it is better to not tattle because it usually makes the teasing/bullying worse for them (just ask any kid you know). When it comes to “getting even” neither kid wants to tattle because they understand it is better to not get caught. If someone does tattle, then as Daisy stated, BOTH kids get in trouble.

          BRED into the kids? Fah. Adults trying to “TEACH” this tattling behavior? YOU BET!!!

      55. Ok…see something,say somthing…I see obama and fellow commie bassturds and I say they are commie bassturds!….oh,wait thats not what barrys bondage buddy janet meant?,oh…well I still see it and say it!

        RANT ALERT!!

        I am already on their damned list and I dont give one either! I was born a free man Ill live a free man and Ill push up grass and flowers a freeman!

        Im keeping my gunsrck,my RP bumber sticker and my avowed hostility and disregard for this virus parisite fed gov that passes itself off as legitimate and in charge…too hell with it and anyone evil and stupid enough to try to keep it alive! It was born in hell and it will burn in hell and I will dance on its ashes as the republic is reborn in the vision of Jefferson and others!….there you old bull dyke janet put that in your file on ole REB! I will live freee or I will make those who try to stop me cease from trying!
        END OF RANT!…for now…

        • ^^^ Uh, I’m on *HIS* team. ^^^

        • Woooohooooo!!!! You go, Reb!!! I love ya!

      56. Beloved leader, illegal immigrant Obama, has had an outbreak of golfing, as he has a drill in perpetual vacations under the strain of crushing American dreams from a recovery, as deaths mount in his wars, in the collapse of western civilization as Obama society degrades from human to animal in this Trojan Obama, of “beware of globalists bearing Kenyans to a White House of Constitutional Qualifications of Natural Born Citizen only.

        • very creative. the best i can come up with is- whilst at the corner store picking up some trojans(the boys are still in recovery,y’now?),dude behind the counter-whom i suspect is an illegal immigrant-drilled me with a ‘look’,cuz i was paying in cash-like i had a virus or something. honestly,crap like this is a stain,i think it is why i’m having an outbreak of lesions.

      57. I`m a vet and I will never surrender on American soil…

        • Here is a man with balls. Follow his lead.

      58. come on guys.. lets bring it home…..we are quickly running out of time…. do the right thing.. the best thing… the only reasonble choice you can make…. RON PAUL 2012 ron paul RON PAUL

        • Sorry, but I guess I’m going to piss off al of you, but I can’t back a guy who thinks it’s OK for Iran to have nukes, or that drugs should be made legal. Where amI wrong??? Yes, I know he want to end foreign wars. Great. Yes, he wants to dump the Fed. Fine. But I just see too much baggage and plain wackiness. Sorry if my opi8on offends.

          • orwellian state
            you arent sorry or you wouldnt have such a stupid opinkon. why do you feel it is not ok for other countries to want to protect themselves from provacations?why do you feel it is ok to crack down on every stupid thing that sheep do… if you want to drink and take prescrition drugs like a stupid sheep.. thus ruining your liver… maybe you should be thrown in prison? i say if you want to do something so stupid.. than do it! its your life…. its your liver…. the war on drugs is an abysmal failure.. the fact that you support it and the money it wastes makes you a communist… you basically are in support of communism, fascism and zionism from your ridiculous remarks about drugs and iran… you sir are a sheep and a dinosaur.

            • I kinda feel a little dirty saying this, but (gulp) I totally agree with Eeder on this one.

              RP’s thoughts on foreign policy are to just leave ’em the heck alone. In what possible world is that “wacky”? If you really feel this way, you really aren’t on the same page with me, Orwellian State.

              And here’s a nifty thought – if you don’t want to do drugs, don’t do them. Teach your kids not to do them.

              Let’s spend this money on getting rid of REAL problems – oooh – make the US fiscally sound – that’d be cool!

          • He has stated only what the 9/11 Commission Report and the CIA have already stated: our provocation of hostilities is a disaster, and causing US (not Brazil, China, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, etc., etc.) to be seen as the ENEMY OF THE WORLD.

            Even the guy who wrote THE CONSERVATIVE MIND, the classic from 1953, says the same darn thing. So go figure.









      60. eeder,
        Ron Paul is the logical choice , but unless we do something about senate and congress his hand will be tied just like all the rest.


        We need to clean house. Fire them all I say.

        • Received my absentee ballot yesterday in the mail. Will wait just in case anybody drops out but sure on who I will vote for. Anybody that doesn’t vote needs to bend over, admit defeat and stop sniveling.

        • I would like to see him elected and will do my part however futile it may be.IF he wins the first thing he must do at his inauguration is pull out a pen and paper and say “With this Executive Order #XXXXX I hereby void all previous Executive Orders and restore the rule of law to this Republic.” Then sign it.You see, he can do this without Congress.

          • You sound confused. Are you blind?

            • @anonymous troll much …

        • dps…
          i have a feeling if ron paul somehow pulls it off, that the congress will be under extreme pressure to go along with many of the reforms… these congressmen are like sheep and when ron paul and the people tell them how it is , i actually believe many will fall in line…. from both sides… i just hope he imposes term limits on them and makes it so hard to reject because of the potential backlash from the people…. it is not time to lay down… we need to go full steam ahead and get these nasty bottom feeders now… there is no other choice.

      61. The last time I was at my bank, the teller started asking me how I pay for purchases and other none-of-her-business questions. I asked her why she was interested and she gave me a speech about their new bank credit card when you can pay from your bank account. Something about that bothered me though. Especially since I have started paying for purchases and even paying most bills in cash. (It’s just easier to stay within a budget that way.) Maybe I’m being too paranoid?

      62. Time is not on our side. To think that voting one man, Ron Paul, into office will save us is naive. You need to take over the House of Reps. And like I say, time is not on our side. In fact, voting ourselves out of this mess is highly unlikely. The intentional changing of the demographics is sealing our fate. Ballot box NO, cartridge box YES.

        • Wait until #1 stacks the deck on the U.S. Supreme Court and it won’t matter who controls Congress.

      63. Mac,

        Here is a good one for you if you have not already seen it. Unbelievable!

        Reuters: Obama Considers Releasing Top Taliban Detainee From Gitmo To Jump Start Peace Talks…
        WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The Obama administration is considering transferring to Afghan custody a senior Taliban official suspected of major human rights abuses as part of a long-shot bid to improve the prospects of a peace deal in Afghanistan, Reuters has learned.

        The potential hand-over of Mohammed Fazl, a ‘high-risk detainee’ held at the Guantanamo Bay military prison since early 2002, has set off alarms on Capitol Hill and among some U.S. intelligence officials.

        Read more at:

        How about that for change! And while he’s at it they throw in NDAA, TSA, SOPA, FEMA, FBI et all just to keep the change focused on something other than the economy and jobs.

        Y’all Beware!

        • that is a truly frightful website.. but its run by the same idiots from
          zionist pigs!

      64. @ms.daisy “KING takes QUEEN!” yur move ms.daisy… ;0P slurp.

        • I’m more a checkers kind of girl. 🙂 You’ll have to explain the rules of chess, Rook.

          • ahhh but daisy, there are CHILDREN who can play chess? if they can wrap their mini minds around it im sure you can. I just want you to know i am very humane and very much in support of the kids.. i just think babying them is not what will prepare them for when they become adults. this used to be how it was… you were an adult by the time you were 16… one of our earlisest presidents was only in his mid 20s when he sat as potus…. daisy, i can try and understand your point of view , however it seems we are both too unbending here.. i know you love your children… i am not disputing that…. im just asking you to think about what im saying… kids arent as dumb and naieve and whatever else you think they are … you are feeding this nonsense by not letting kids start to become real men and women instead of throwwing them to the wolves at 18 or having them at your residence until they are 50….what is unreasonable about what im saying?

      65. obama = ((+))= ‘0P , back and too the left…

        any questions ???

        time too take out the trash…

      66. there’s is something i just don’t understand BARRY SOETORO an ILLEGAL president who SHOULD of BEEN IMPEACHED by NOW! JUST signed away ALL of YOUR FREEDOMS!

        and not a single american citizen, police officer, lawyer, politician (Besides Ron Paul), State or Fed Judge or Supreme Court Justice is doing a Damn Thing ABOUT IT!

        WTF is WRONG with YOU PEOPLE!???!


        “Cheese an Crackers!” WAKE THE FRACK UP!

        Arm Up Stock Up for CIVIL WAR! The Kid Gloves are off , it’s time for the BRASS KNUCKLES! Chicago Style Revolution!

      67. OK, I have been off the site for a few days and this is my first post….where is Manos? hope he is OK. So enjoy his adult perspective on life. NinaO? really? Daisy, you are my type! Mac, can’t put in to words how much I have learned here, Happy New Year

      68. The end is near,this will all end on DEC.21,2012.The ANTICHRIST is here!!! Beg for mercy.

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