Surviving The Unthinkable – Being Prepared For What Is Coming Will Be The Difference Between Living And Dying

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    This article was originally published by Susan Duclos at All News Pipeline.

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    From ISIS to North Korea,  an economic collapse to a grid down scenario to ongoing cyber attacks, there are no shortage of dangers that face Americans in this day and age, and should one or a combination of possible events occur that would throw the nation into chaos, your level of preparation may be the only difference of whether you survive the unthinkable or you don’t.

    If one reads that and sees only “doom and gloom,” rather than an incentive to start preparing, or to add to their preparations, then it is likely that the “doom and gloomer” will be one of the many that will be incapable of surviving when disaster hits without the direct intervention and generosity from someone who has planned ahead and is prepared to survive.

    Below we will see a small sample of the dangers facing America, followed by prepartion ideas, tips and links to help give those awakened to the realities of those dangers a fighting chance to survive the unthinkable.


    ISIS – In Paris, France, the terrorist group ISIS proved conclusively they are capable of planning organized coordinated attacks in multiple locations simutaneously, thowing a country into chaos and lockdown while killing and injuring hundreds.

    We also know that ISIS members and/or supporters have been in the U.S. for years, evidenced by photos taken directly in front of the White House back in 2014, posted to social media with the statements “we are here #America – near our #target.



    Since then a number of threats have been issued, making it clear that an attack on American soil is one of the goals of ISIS and after the Paris attacks, the slaughter in San Bernardino, CA and the latest Brussells attacks, we see that ISIS has not been “contained,” and they are indeed “an existential threat to us,” despite Barack Obama’s assertions to the contrary.

    North Korea: The latest threats from North Korea includes a claim that they will kill Americans than the 9/11 attacks, saying their weapons were trained on the White House, the Pentagon and  strategic locations, which follows threats from early March of a nuclear strike.

    Cyber attacks – Cyber attacks from multiple foriegn governments are ongoing as the Free Beacon explains and previously it was reported that Chinese hackers had already stole massive amounts U.S. military intelligence.

    Grid attacks – We have confirmed attacks upon the U.S. power grid, and Dr. Peter Pry, the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, warning of an EMP attack being “the greatest threat our civilization faces.”

    Another danger America faces is an economic collapse with financial experts warning of financial Armageddon as Stefan Stanford reported on April 3rd, highlighting the fact that nearly one-third of Americans not making enough money to even cover the basic necessities.



    Preparation is key to mitigate the dangers to you, your family, your neighbors and your community, should any one of the threats listed above become a reality or heaven forbid a combination of scenarios play out.

    There are a plethora of links online with prepping guides to help those just beginning to prepare and others with ideas for those already in the advance stages of preparing for disater, and we will link to a few below, but as was mentioned in an email sent to ANP recently, there are other examples that can be used to show that there are people right now that live in a manner that would give them the best chance for survival in the case of an EMP, a major economic crash where food shortages would happen fast, or a grid down scenario.

    An excellent suggestion for research came to ANP recently from a reader, via email, who stated “Survival info is becoming increasingly critical now.  May I suggest an article on “AMISH WAY OF LIFE” – how they cook w/o electric, etc.”

    One does not have to conform to a certain belief system of another to be capable of learning from them and when I started researching the Amish way of life, we see a number of reasons why the Amish methods of preparation help them to be exceptionally prepared for almost any disaster that would take down the Internet, the grid, cause food shortages, etc…

    For example we found that nearly all Amish homes have gardens to provide fresh food, many have livestock, they utilize nature for power and they have a strong sense of community where trading a bartering goods and services already put them well ahead of most Americans that are preparing for any type of catastrophe.

    One common misconception about the Amish is that they do not use power, but they do, just not any connected to the grid, they utilize solar, turbine, gas, they use batteries, and other sources.


    Survival Skills We Can Learn From The Amish

    Amishland Gardening Tips

    Why the Amish Rarely Get Sick: Things You Can Learn From Them

    Mormons are another example of those that prepare as a lifestyle and again, let me reiterate, one does not have to conform to their beliefs or lifestyle in order to learn survival techniques from them.

    For example, they teach their children, using games, survival tactics from a very young age, teaching them types of trees, how to create shelters, what belongs in emergency kits  – All geared to teach them how to survive.  They are self-reliant, masters of food storage and they pre-plan emergency disaster responses as a community.


    Self Reliance: How to Begin a 3-12 Month Food Supply

    Food Storage

    What to Store in a Food Storage

    7 Basic Food Storage Resources for LDS Members

    As always we encourage readers to share prepping tips, ideas, videos and links to resources, in the comment section, to help each other prepare.  Below are some directory pages listing some top survival websites on the web.

    Top 20 Websites for Survivalists

    Best Prepper Resources and Recommendations Page

    The Top 50 Survival Blogs!



    Whether one is just starting to plan to prepare or is in the advanced stages of stocking up on prepartion supplies, we are all human and as such there are things we miss, forget, planned to do and never got around to doing, so visiting preparation sites, learning how other are survivalists by lifestyle choice and how they live, store food, and prepare, can make the difference between life and death in the even of a major catastrophe.

    Preparing for a crisis or catastrophe is not living in “fear” of “doom and gloom,” it is actively taking steps to assure that you will survive if the unthinkable should happen… it is hope, and confidence that your preparation could very well be the difference between living and dying in the event of a major disaster.

    For more resources, important news and commentary visit All News Pipeline.

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      1. If it’s just ISIS that is attacking us, those with weapons could neutralize them. It’s if our gov’t is attacking us with ALL their resources that it would be hard to survive the attack!

        • It will be one hell of a ride either way it goes.

          • Mormons??? My friend that passed a couple years ago was a mormon and he told me that maayybbeee 15% of his ward had any preps whatsoever. He also said that the pastor told them that if anything were to happen the preppers should bring in their supplies to the church for redistribution (ha ha ha right). Mormons are more prepped than the masses for sure but also more brainwashed.

            • Genius,
              True enouth, the Mormons expect those who are prepared to take ALL food to the church in case of disaster and will receive whatever the Bishop decides to give them. Many do not prepare at all, expecting the church to redistribute everything.

        • Absolutely mate. I am completely and totally convinced that it is a massive terrorist attack coming from within our shadow gov ops. Old Navy has spent a lot of time in the intel and investigations game for many years now. Especially following NYC01.

          I am now more terrified of our own government than any would be supposed group out there. The agenda is clear, run cover for the criminal elite, no question they’re going to hit us with nukes. I am absolutely convinced that it will be our government who attacks us again. I’d bank my soul on it.

          All those missing nukes from the illegal ordinance transfer from September of 2013 which have not all been recovered, I am convinced that they’re now all lead boxed awaiting a go order. Lead boxing makes it nearly impossible to find them as the lead boxed nukes cannot be detected via their radiological signature.

          I suspect the attack is imminent and that the powers that be are now getting very desperate will all the info coming out now on them. It’s trigger time. Once they attack, it will be on fully. Internet, electrical grid, likely multiple cities being hit all at once in order to drive mass confusion.

          Be looking for cities to be hit that are all the financial centers as well as more importantly the financial centers back up locations and big data storage. They will have to run the excuse how all the financial data was hacked and then nuked and destroyed as part of their USG cover up and alibi.

          I know how all this sounds people, and many of you will color me as crazy as they come. However, all the pieces add up to this scenarios now with the incredible amount of psyops rolling out now… many just will not like what it adds up too!

          Prep hard, have a 72 hours plan, and be ready to bug out by sea if at all possible. Once this goes down, movement in the US is a death sentence I suspect. If you’re on land, you’re incredibly more likely to get picked off than if you’re off the coast at a predestined position or location.

          • Time Keeper —

            “bug out” to WHERE, exactly….?

            Those who recommend leaving the country always seem to be quite vague concerning destinations. Some mutter darkly about not wanting to tip their hand; I suspect that the more likely reason is that no Elysian Fields are to be found. The world has become too small, too crowded, too controlled, too …..everything.

            All the other English-speaking countries have far stricter laws against arms for self-defense than the USA; and many have additional drawbacks (e.g., higher taxes, worse climate, dismal food, heavier CCTV surveillance) as well. (Australia still has wide open spaces but the Chinese are buying up its resources almost as fast as they are in Africa and it would not surprise me if they have long-range plans that involve gaining control of the continent.)

            Europe had been the battleground for the last two World Wars, which does not inspire confidence.

            Scandinavia? As with most of the world, the private ownership of small arms is very restricted; add sky-high taxes, taciturn people, long brutal winters, and it’s no wonder the suicide rate is so high.

            Eastern Europe / Russia? The people who are already there would do anything to escape. The whole place looks like one of the outer circles of hell.

            Volcanic islands in the Caribbean or the Pacific? If you think supplies would be hard to come by in a long-term crisis here, imagine being stuck on Bora Bora for a few years with no supplies coming in at all, ever. Not to mention hurricanes and tsunamis.

            Central / South America? Corruption is deeply ingrained into all aspects of the culture. Many of us don’t speak a foreign language and would never be able to master more than a handful of words and phrases. And if things really do go bad, your fate won’t be good if thousands of desperately poor people in your area turn their eyes to you as the “rich gringo” (regardless of how modest your resources) — definitely NOT a safe situation. Kidnapping, robbery, and home invasions are already booming industries in this region. Imagine a gang of thugs tying you to a chair and using a power drill and a sawzall to encourage you to divulge where you have hidden the treasures that they believe you must surely have.

            Asia? Most of what I just said about South America probably applies here as well.

            So: where, then? Can’t wait to hear where the fabled Ideal Bug-Out Destination is….!

        • It is beyond handwriting on the wall. Our government, starting with the president on down, are seeking to destroy the nation and the people of the nation. They fully intend to reduce what she is to a third-world country and have proclaimed so to the world. When rogue nations like N. Korea start making threats of the nature as of late, I believe it is time to sit up and start taking notice. He’s either nutzo or a paid-pawn in a preplanned war game from hell.

      2. I think a great deal of luck will also be a big part

        • Luck and location for sure

          • OK now I WILL bring in the tomato plants!

            • Thats funny,,,

      3. Look in the mirror.

        Are you in good physical condition?

        In event of any change due to the threats described,
        Life will be more difficult than you can imagine.

        Every health condition you have creates additional problems.

        Overweigh get rid of it, for this and many more reasons.

        • One of my neighbors moved to Kentucky near the Mississippi river in 2005 and build his retirement/survival/retreat house. He took everything into consideration . Even built the house 15′ off the ground on concrete piles. Had enough food and necessities to survive a year or more with his wife.
          in 2011 the river flooded all around his house. I talked to him one day on the phone and all was well then no phone service.
          To make a long story short, his wife slipped on the stairs and broke her hip. (55yo) He tried to carry her upstairs and got her into bed then had a heart attack over the exertion. He died right away. She wrote notes on the wall next to the bed detailing what was happening over the next 4 days then she died.
          The moral of the story is you can have everything in the world to survive and still chance and luck play their part.

          • Ed,
            It seems like It was their time! Where was the hand held ham radio, the GMRS radios, the portable VHF marine radio? If you live by the Mississippi river and get on ch 16 screaming MAYDAY you will get some interest.
            I’m not one to call for help but these people should have tried, in the circumstance you describe.

            • They had radios both hand held and Ham transmitters. Not a peep.
              He was dead and She couldnt get out of bed. Broken Hip.

              • Ed, I hate to ask this but I have to ask: was this woman obese or overweight?

                Sad to hear of a broken hip and heart attack happening at such young ages. I am guessing she was his age or younger. Incredible.

                • She was perhaps a 120lb Japanese woman. The entire house was made from concrete, including the stairs. I dont think it was a simple slip and broken hip that old folks get. It must have been a pretty good fall. She was very active.

                  • Ed, thanks for the reply. Well, that goes to show that no one is promised another day or another breath. It is a surprise to hear about two people that young ending dead. Sad, sad story.

        • I read ounce how much a Olympic swimmer needs to eat in one day. Don’t get your motabilism to high. You will probably only going out to get water? Get a solid tire steel hub hand truck and a 30 gallon barrel from a car wash. One gallon per day unless it’s hot .?

        • Note from Idaho
          Good health and fitness play a part. I am studying the herbal properties of wild plants in my area as well as adding common herbals to my garden. The biggest surprise to me has been discovering how many herbs treat serious conditions. I am studying a couple hours a day.
          Food production is paramount and I increased my garden this year.
          I have a steep hill and driveway and have started walking laps on the hill, repetition because it is only about 160 feet. Steep enough though, to work it both up and downhill. For me, downhill is harder.
          Still, nobody gets out alive and you survive everything that happens to you… until you don’t.

        • @ Note from Idaho…Physical fitness is Taboo on this site, as a majority would rather trade recipes and eat goldfish crackers. The physical abilities of maybe 90% here will be their downfall if they ever really needed to be self sustaining.

          • Yummm. Goldfish crackers. Do you have a recipe involving goldfish crackers I could try?

          • Yeah …average weight, from all of that tempting food termed ‘food-stores’, just ‘calls you’ and eventually you give in. Average weight for most posters here is easily 300+ lbs is what they say…add 100 for me.

          • Fine by me. Many of these folks have such poor Opsec I know where to stop to top off my preps if I’m on the road.

            Preppers with tons of stuff and no real health will more than likely be post collapse “wal-marts” once they die off.

      4. And , there should be no doubt by now who is the biggest enemy of all, for all

        • Government,

          • Kula,
            AGREED, when has the government done anything for the good of the country or its REAL citizens? I cannot remember when that has happened it has been for MANY years now just taking more and more, unless you are dirt poor and the democraps want your vote then they have helped them!

            • One of the greatest public engineering feats of all time is the Losangeles Aqua duct and associated reservoirs. The entire project was estimated then bonds were raised by being sold to private individuals, for the most part, to finance the project. Then the bonds were paid back with interest.
              Then government got corrupt… Still is

            • What about fluoride ? Yea right.

        • satan, ussa government, islamic savages,scum illegals, global elite, scum enforcers, pope, and on and on and on…

        • Father Time. And the Kardashian family.

      5. Regarding nukes, tragically, as high as 90% of the expected casualties from the initial flash/blast and fallout later, among the affected populations, are 100% avoidable, IF only they had known BEFOREHAND what to do and not do. Google GoodNewsNuke for the empowering proof of it.

        • I was with some people looking at the Kidd Marshmallow factory in Henderson nevada in 1988. We were getting ready to install a cell tower there for Motorola. We were out taking elevation measurements when we noticed smoke rising from near there. We were joking about a Marshmallow roast but the fire was getting bigger and you could see bright orange flames. We were just starting to head over there when the chemical factory next door blew up. The shock wave knocked us all on our butts and we just stared at the mushroom cloud with awe. Everyone got in the truck and headed for the site when It blew again and the shock wave blew out all the windows in the right side of the truck and windshield and pushed us off the road. No one could hear and everyone was cut up a little. We got the truck on the road and left as quick as we could. We were about a mile from the blast and it was measured at 1 kiloton.
          I cant imagine what a 100 megaton blast would do.

          The chemical factory was called pepco. There is video online. Check it out.

          • Ed

            Thanks for that information about that industrial explosion you witnessed. Its interesting and proves to me that the old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt”. I worked in both the Chemical and Petroleum Refining industries and people outside of that world have no idea how disasters of huge magnitude come so close with 3 and sometimes 4 out of 5 variables lining up at a given time. Sometimes its just a shift in the wind that makes the difference between an oops and fire / explosion well worthy of world news and possibly of Bhopal magnitude.

            Sometimes history is erased. DuPont in Carney’s Point NJ in 1969 had 250,000 lbs of smokeless gunpowder explode in a warehouse. It killed 9 people including a classmates father who “evaporated”. OBTW the actor Bruce Wills would remember it as he lived one mile away as a crow flies. I can’t even find an old news article about it. Spooky……..

            • I still sweat a Little when I see a big fire in the distance.

              • Wow! and you’re still here. That was a big boom!

                • Yes, big boom. We were about a mile away.
                  There were actualy a lot of cars around on the roads at that time. It is weird that only one or 2 were in the videos. The videos make it look like it was in the middle of no where. But it was a little industrial park just outside of town. You can see a road is some of the videos. That is lake mead blvd and it was heavily traveled even in those days. Today the whole area is built up solid. No open spaces.
                  Yes JDG it was called PEPCON.

          • Pepcon

          • Wait… You drove TOWARD the site of a burning chemical factory..?

        • I am not so sure about the info you gave shane. Last I learned you had best be ready to hunker down, in a well sheltered place that is not open to rad just blowing through, for about 45 days. THEN it might be time to take your Geiger Counter outside or to a window to see what levels are.
          The reason for 45 days is to allow ALL of the fallout to either fall DOWN or AWAY from you …if you were to be able to rinse off everything via water sprinklers (mounted everywhere?) along with some ACME ANTINUCLEAR FALLOUT POWDER you could rinse it down, all 100 acres of it, and be just fine again.

          • Bud, Once fallout begins falling in your area, most that will fall there will have done so within about an hour. Seven hours after detonation the fallout will have already lost 90% of it’s initial lethal intensity. In another 7 fold increase in time, about 2 days, it’s lost 99%. In another 7 fold time increase, or about two weeks, it’s lost 99.9%. You could probably leave your shelter, to safely evacuate elsewhere better, after two days. Google GoodNewsNuke and then also follow link near end of it for documented details of above and more.

      6. There is no way to prepare for the unknowable. The only way stockpiling can do anything to help you is if you tie yourself to the store house. “If you cannot take it with you its not yours”. This axiom is the real truth. If forced to run by circumstance you only get what you can move. Even IF you can stay in one fixed position your stockpile WILL run out, and your “stuff” that is factory made will be difficult or impossible to replace. 99% of all “prepping” is a fantasy survival game. Almost all “preppers” believe that “they” will be the “ones to survive. Even if that has no basis in anything but the doom fantasy in there own head. If you cannot produce EVERYTHING you consume in one year. On your own and without outside input you are not “prepped” What I mean is that your 20th/21st century lifestyle is unsustainable without a working global civilization to support it, and that go’s double for the Amish who only produce 1% of what they use every day. NOPE! Everything about this “prepping” assumes that the power will “come back on in a min.”

        • Ive been telling everyone that There will not be any reset. It will not be even a 1800,s lifestyle. It will be a sky rocket to the stone age. Those who survive will be mean killers hunter gatherers with the counstitioun of Rasputen. Ive got my cave picked out.

        • It is just as wrong to think many our role playing.I have been to many place both in and out of the country and many of our SE asain friend’s have the skills to survive. Many of our South of the border friends will do fine. Many with basic skills or a strong back will do fine. The group that dies first our the elderly first no body coming to care for them,no electricity, no meds.,no EMT,just desperate druggy’s. If you do not need 24hr care you can and should survive. It will not change over night it will change over time.

        • Horsefeathers! The grid could crash tomorrow and we could continue on with just a few changes to our present lifestyle. There is relatively nothing, even fuel, that we cannot replace should we use it so you’ll have to eat those words mister Ray.
          And, it IS possible to prepare for the unknowable (this is what brains were made for and yours is not engaged at this time, as we can clearly see).
          People survived prior to there being electricity, and today they are well able to do so in areas where the stuff isn’t yet available, so we use solar, water, wind and whatever to survive in perhaps a more technical manner, yet could move into what would look like an 1800’s abode over the course of a few days.
          Why would you assume or presume that I can’t take it with me or rather, why do I have to run in the first place? And you say my stockpile WILL run out. You don’t say? Now how could YOU know that I will be unable to hunt and trap or fish, run trot lines or gather wild edibles on a regular basis any more? Is everything wild going to cease to be there on a certain date in the future?
          Would you share this date with all of us please?
          How about you go your way and we’ll all go ours, and hopefully the twain shall never meet. Have a great day. (And learn more about The Amish than you obviously do not know as of now …please).
          This is NO “fantasy survival game” and you are one of the first to be leaving us. I wish you all the best.

      7. so where are we going with this article?

      8. the vast majority will stare stupidly up wondering what happened, the rest of us will KNOW what happened and be movin’ quick.

        • Most will commit suicide I think?

      9. One thing that I can’t help but wonder. Of the plethora of dozens of possible scenarios regarding what catastrophic things might happen to this world of ours, WEEKENDS ARE PROBABLY SAFE.

        It seems RARE that earth-shattering bad things happen on weekends. Or at night (local time). Maybe big businesses DO call the shots. CNN, FOX, MSNBC rarely have news on the weekends. Just special shows and fluff.

        It is mainly during those prime advertising-dollar-earning BUSINESS hours during the week that these things happen (Natural disasters, of course, notwithstanding).

        Even the national emergency alert broadcast “weekly” tests (that Comcast likes to do DAILY) are done between 1am and 4am. Sure to disturb people’s rest. Sure ALSO to NOT bump commercials and the dollars that they bring in during those prime daytime hours. SO, if those tests are so important,why not do them when people are awake?

        It just seems a safe bet will be that WHENEVER “SHTF” happens, it will be as 9/11 was. The START of the business day and during the week…RACK IN THOSE RATINGS AND ADVERTISING BUCKS!

        Just a thought.

        • Bx: Usually the government unloads files on Friday night because they know there is going to be minimal news coverage all weekend. So much for all of those so-called 24-hour news channels. Nope. Most of the news on those channels is nothing but recycled garbage that is repeated every 30 minutes.

          I forget where I read about this but the Russians, the KGB, had a plan to infiltrate on a Friday night. Why? For all of the reasons you listed. I don’t remember what it was called or where I read about that plan but it made sense. I read a lot of different news sites and don’t always save the links so I don’t remember where I read about that plan.

          Unlike you I expect things to happen on the weekend or holidays.

          • Thanks Philosopher.

            I guess we shall see.

            • I have to lean to weekends/holidays as that is when stateside military installations pretty much run on skeleton crews or as few people as possible. Grab the three-day weekends while you can! We are just less guarded, to a degree, on weekends is the gist of it.

              • Bud: that was the point of the Friday invasion / attack planned by the KGB. That is the gist of it to exploit minimal staff and off-duty staff that were out partying and intoxicated.

      10. “A Coward dies 1,000 deaths, a Brave Man dies but once.”

        • Julius Caesar and you did not quote him correctly.
          “a Lion dies but once”.
          The real Caesar was just gurgling as he drown
          in his blood.

      11. It is about location and I’m not in a good one, only 20 miles from McDill AFB. I’m not really buying that the Arabs are the greatest enemy of the American people. This is all fabrication to continue the warmongering for Israels benefit. How did that entity gain complete control of our nation? The US funds these various jihadist groups to instill fear in our population and elsewhere. Israel is the biggest threat to mankind, yet the evil deeds it is responsible for are passed off as kook conspiracies when anybody with half sense knows exactly who did it. 9-11, completely controlled by Zionists, the evidence is overwhelming. George W’s treasonous presidency was war on the American people and Obama picked up right where Bush left off, Clinton part of the lies also. Curious how dumbed down America can’t make the truth come forward. Are we powerless to stop the lying and get to the entire truth? It’s all here on the internet. It’s like massive mind control how people just don’t believe the facts or just don’t care. Just like the over 52 year cover up of JFK’s murder, no strong enough action by citizens gets no truth. This is not forgotten history. Yeah I know I’m just barking up an empty tree. The progression of humanity is all down hill.

      12. Surviving the Unthinkable.

        All hell breaks loose and you are sitting on the Porcelain Throne.
        Out and about checking things and two Rotties run up on you and there are not friendly.
        There are riots in you neighborhood and you smell smoke at the same time the wind shifts in your direction.
        Break a bone at the wrong time.
        All get sick at the wrong time.
        You are negotiating a problem and one of your members goes BONKERS.
        You come face to face with a drone or some other cyber rust bucket.
        Armored car pulls up I front of your home. Ding Dong.

      13. None of these articles ever mention the physical condition you need to be in. They don’t describe the hardship and stress you will be under. The Amish pull their teeth out when they go bad dad does it with a pair of pliers. ive seen people complain about being on their feet for 8 hours. The Amish are hardened to handle physical labor. It takes more work to get your horse and buggy hooked up than to go and turn a key and drive off. I can tell you that our modern civil drive up window culture cannot handle the real hardship. Some people go to the doctor 2to3 times a week and depend on big pharma poison. Let’s not be lulled into thinking gear will save us from the truth. The amount of labor needed to live any kind of life will be more than the overweight masses can handle. Going from living a live of luxury to a life of a pioneer is gonna be more than most can handle. IMO the people who are used to physical labor will have the easiest time of adapting. i don’t say this stuff to put anyone down but be honest with yourself about your abilities. If your on drugs and alcohol and smoke too your already sick. Get healthy give up the addictions. You don’t need to be a slave to this shit. Just stop take the withdrawals it will suck but you will break the cycle and regain your mind and finances. You just don’t need the extra struggle of all that.

        • Asshat, I agree and already well down the path. It is more enjoyable than you think. Our modern age is over rated.

      14. Each of us needs to honestly assess our skill sets and general knowledge, our strengths and weaknesses, not just in SHTF skills but in how we deal with life’s every day trials. How one deals with a flat tire, job loss, or a failed relationship is a good indication of how you’ll deal with something more serious. Do you see adversity as debilitating or challenging? How self-reliant and resourceful are you? Do you try to solve problems by yourself first or do you immediately ask for help? Are you calm in an emergency? How willing are you to try new activities or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone? How are your problem solving skills? Are you confident that you’ve made the right decision or are you constantly doubting that decision?
        Knowing the real you is every bit as important as what you have stockpiled. Having the right attitude and self-confidence (not cockiness) allows you to take decisive action in hairy situations. Where you see weaknesses, try to improve on them. If you can’t, then try to arrange your preps to accommodate your core weaknesses. Are you a good judge of character? How’s your BS meter? If you are planning to form or join a group, be careful who you align yourself with. Are you willing to pull your own weight? If you’re lazy, if your excuses outweigh your contributions, you will be unwelcome in any group and never make it on your own.
        What I’ve outlined are mostly intangibles but having the right mindset and self-understanding will give you a better chance of survival.

        • Fox,
          Well said.
          Most people in the military have dealt with the
          challenges you mention.
          Sail a sailboat in the Pacific Northwest year round, for a few years and you will meet similar tests of skills character, and survival.
          When something breaks during a gale in Georgia or Juan DeFuca strait, it will get your attention!
          What I believe is the hardest thing to do is the group, in a situation where SHTF.
          In the military there is a self and imposed discipline that is very rigid. On a sailboat the best bilge pump or damage control is a scared sailor.
          Where I live, we live very spread out because we don’t really want to interfere in each others lives. Within a 1/2 mile radius we have a doctor, biologist, heavy equipment operator/owner, electrical engineer, wood worker, farmers, auto repair guy, cattlemen, boat-builder, surfboard maker, et al. We all know each other, but we generally don’t socialize.
          Some have guns and prep, some don’t. We can do a lot of things.
          But we don’t practice setting up defensive perimeters, or how to lay down grazing fire.
          My point is I don’t expect to depend upon a group, but I may have to work with others to form one in real time, when SHTF. That will be a test of character, there are not too many books written on that subject.

          • Thanks rellik. I think we have a lot in common. I’ve had many experiences both in the military and in civilian life which tested the strength of my sphincter muscles, often while alone and far from help. I also live in a sparsely populated area and don’t do much socializing but the few neighbors I do have are good folks and we’ve all come to each other’s aid in emergencies. We are also all used to putting up food to last until the next season. I never viewed it as prepping. It was just getting by. Knowing my neighbors won’t be a threat in a SHTF situation because they’re unprepared is comforting. We are a community of self-reliant families with shared values more than a joined at the hip team.

            • If you ever watch “naked and afraid” on discovery channel you will see good examples of what not to do.
              Falling asleep next to a fire with a big pot of boiling water on it, (with your back to it, no less!), well, guess what happened?
              Next, how many times have I seen one or both of the participants start crying over something as mundane as being “alone” (you’ve got a damned camera crew watching, idiot), or from being thirsty, hungry, or scared?
              It is reality, and these people are self styled survivalist/preppers, but they’re breaking down quickly.
              If you haven’t seen the show, you can
              “ketchup on demand”…

      15. Ray:
        I’m guessing you’ll just give up and willingly get in the train/bus. No we can’t know exactly what’s coming at us but all humans need 3 things to sustain life food water shelter. Any prepping beyond that could be considered luxury. You are correct about our current lifestyle in that it can’t be sustained without a global effort. The lights may not come back on for months even years
        That just means a different lifestyle. One that’s more self sufficient. that’s all.
        Myself I’ve prepped food water some basic medicines some propane fuel silver few firearms and ammunition.
        As well I had a bit of an advantage growing up with my grandparents in that I was taught from day one the importance of food water shelter. In the past 6 months Albertas economy has crashed I was layed off but I have my food stores that have kept me fed rather well when combined with some fresh veggies and meat I stocked up on coffee powder milk sugar oatmeal canned soups stews.its served me well so far. Two days ago I took the dog for a walk up the trails she spotted a spruce hen (small wild chicken) and snatched it up breaking its neck clean instant chicken dinner. So you see one can do rather well with a little forward thinking. Of course I have no delusions about surviving a nuke war world wide plague etc but you can survive a long long time just by thinking ahead and staying calm.
        Now if gooks rag heads or any other such nonsense starts parachuting from the sky well that’s a personal choice to fight it hide.
        Personally I’m headed into the pines I’ll hide defend if needed and try to stay out if the way
        I will say this …
        I suggest you don’t either
        I’d rather die out in the bush of injuries illness etc then to be force marched into a death camp. I’d fight that to my end.
        I will not die a caged animal

        • AB: I agree with you 100%. That is my attitude as well. I would rather die free than die locked in a cage. I will take my chances.

          • Philo, taking chances? I’m proud of you 🙂

            • Genius: ha ha. I said I am not a goody two shoes. But there are two certainties in life: death and taxes.

              I abide by the law of the land but there is no way in hell I am getting on a train or bus or showing up for “free” food being handed out by FEMA or the Red Cross or anyone else. Not now. Not ever. If nothing else I have rat traps and will eat cattails and drink filtered water. Will it be fun? No. Will I be free? Yes.

              • Philo, life itself is a chance! I take chances every day. I’ll also die free. Nobody will take me alive.

                • BH: I hear ya. I do. I will eat rats. Neighbor told me he always keeps rat traps around his trash bin and catches about 2 big ones a month. I am guessing most people would freak out. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Rat traps are cheap, too. Not very technical, either. My kinda tool!

      16. This very blog has shown that ISIS was created, funded and armed by the US / Saudis and it would wither like grapes on the vine if said support was stopped. Its a non issue. Its foreign purpose is to destroy oil rich governments and replace them with weak chaos infected governments too busy retaining control to dictate any terms to its oil buyer. Its domestic purpose is to instill fear so that the citizenry will gladly hand over freedom and privacy for security. North Korea is shaking the US down for money / oil / food; same play its been doing for years. The threats have been and are presently hollow. EMP? Remote but potentially possible as it would also be suicidal for the attacker.

        Economic collapse? A given as the road we been on since August 1971 cannot be indefinitely sustained. When? Ahhh the multi trillion dollar question. Ugly? You bet.

      17. I like a quote from a book by Timothy W. Tobiason:

        “Scientist’s Right to Bear Arms: I will give up my right to know how to construct a long metal tube enclosed on one end and capable of propelling projectiles at high velocity when they pry the know-how from my cold dead brain!”

        This quote is from the cover of his book, “Scientific Principles Of Improvised Warfare And Home Defense, Volume 1 — Basic Training” published in 1996. The first volume covers weapons from clubs to firearms and explosives. There are 6 volumes, and they can be found for free download at:

        ht tps://

        You may get on a list if you download Vol. 6, as it describes a method of producing anthrax.

        He has been selling these in person at gun shows around the country and has been investigated by the FBI in the past.

        The New York Times had an article about Tobiason 15 years ago: ht tp://

      18. It is amazing about the geniuses that come up with all these great ideas about living like the Amish. And exactly where do you get farm land that isn’t taken for a reasonable price. Many people have lived in small communities without choice. Having to work in factories to make a living while the local land was gobbled up by major corporations.

        Where I live the farms have been in the hands of farmers and cattle producers for generations. The best of the land is taken. Sure I have seen land for sale in Penn. and other places in Mother Earth News but have you got a million dollars for the farm land?

        Better learn to grow a quarter acre plot of land. You would be amazed when you learn how just how much you can harvest and store.

        As far as NK goes I hope they nuke the shit out of the government.

        • I own quite a bit of acreage at my residence. and I actually really use only three acres. Trying to get the cultivated part where it can be worked using only hand tools. Three acres that’s enough to tend for one man. The remainder is buffer overgrown fields and woodlands that are good for hunting. rough steep hillsides shoot a deer on one and it falls to the bottom.

        • “As far as NK goes I hope they nuke the shit out of the government.”
          We should be so lucky! I’d send them a donation to pay for the missile.

        • BS: that is a good question. Actually, someone wrote a book about how run a business using other people’s land. Here is a link: ht tp://

          (remove the space between the two T’s)

          This guy actually started off with no land and was able to make a profit. He talked about having a CSA farm where he was growing 90 crops. (CSA: community supported agriculture) This is the type of organic farm (or similar) where I spent a season doing an internship. The gal had more than two acres under production and it is a lot work. It uses a lot of water. It was also on an island.

          Anyhow, the guy that has the book above talks about reducing what he grew from 90 crops to 10 crops. He talks about combining growing food with spreadsheets in order to make a profit. I ordered the book and will let people know what I think of it after I read it.

          The reason I didn’t start a farm is, unlike the gal where I did my internship, I didn’t have wealthy parents willing to subsidize my farm project. Also, when the gal where I did my farm internship told me she made $6,000 year and I knew I couldn’t live on that amount of income and this was in 1997.

          So when I heard about this guy and how he was able to find land and use it in a productive I am willing to read what he says. By the way, the guy that wrote this book is also an advocate of using small plots of land and talks about the big expense of farmland being a barrier.

          Even if you do buy farmland much of the big farmers are using toxic chemicals and polluting the local water along with (possibly) your land and your crops with GMO pollen or oversprays.

          I agree that buying marginal land and making that land productive is a good strategy. Or even leasing land until you can buy your own. Anyhow, keep your chin up and I will write about this book and give my review of it after I get it.

        • Be Serious

          My great uncle Nuzio had a garden that was about 60 ft by 300 ft. It backed up to a creek. The topography looked like Venice with ditches dug from the creek to the garden. He was organic long before anyone coined the term as chicken shit and scraps was the fertilizer. Buy fertilizer? “Why I’mma buy”? He picked bugs off the plants by hand. His front yard had a patch of grass about 12ft by 12ft. He would say, ‘You no grow if you no eat”. The fresh figs were great. You knew if an Italian from the old country lived there as they all had a fig tree and were proud of it. The yield and quality of his garden was amazing. They bought only what they couldn’t produce. The guy retired from DuPont with something like $100,000 saved back in 1960. Hunted with two shells, brought home two rabbits or cursed the manufacturer, “No shot in a the shell”. The powder was ok as it was never the fault of, “Ah DuPonta”.

          Long story I know but you can grow a lot on a little land.

          • K2: Thank you for sharing your story! I love Italian food. It is simple, it is fast (most of the time) and isn’t pretentious. OMG I would love fresh figs! That sounds like heaven.

            I agree that people can grow what they need in a small area. The biggest issue for vegetables is water. Most of them use a ton of it.

            I have said this before, I will say it again: find out what can grow wild in your area. My first house was built in the 1920s and it was on 1/3rd of an acre in a small city. I found out, by accident, that I had two wild crops on that lot. What were they? Grapes and hazelnut trees. I ate both the grapes and the hazelnuts and they were excellent. Untended they continued to grow. Heck, the grape vine had thrown out vines from the back of the lot to the street, a couple hundred feet!

            Back then I had no idea and just wanted the hazelnut trees for privacy and worked to clean them up and make them look good. The grapevines had gone wild and it took me a number of weekends to rip them out and clean up the yard.

            The lesson for me is why work super hard at growing stuff? Why not just plant stuff and let it grow itself? Just mind it a few times a year and then harvest. Call me a lazy farmer. Call me cheap. Whatever. Find out what grows with regular rainfall once established in your area and make the best of it.

            • Oops, I didn’t rip out the grapevines in the backyard, I ripped out the 200-foot runner vines. Just to be clear! The vines were awesome with pruning and had beautiful seedless green grapes that were super sweet!

        • The Amish are not self sufficient. They trade with the “English” daily. An Amish farm would be .easily overrun

        • You don’t have to be rich to afford farmland. You just have to be willing to look around and be flexible enough to move.

          I just looked on ht tp://
          and found a 27-acre property in Georgia for just $276,000. It has a house, outbuildings, an outhouse, some woods, and a fast-moving stream that could be used for hydroelectric.

          There is another property in Missouri that is 80 acres for $697,000. It has three homes, outbuildings, farmland, and woods. It borders a national forest.

          So there is acreage available. A single family would have a hard time using more than about 10 acres of farmland. Extra acreage in woods would be good.

      19. RE: cyberthreats from other governments- Did you catch the first nationally televised presidential debate of the top 3 Libertarian candidates? On John Stossel’s show last night. John McAfee is running- he said that in a way we are already at war in cyberspace with China…
        Gary Johnson is running again, experienced and pragmatic. And a younger guy named Austin Petersen was really laying down some core Libertarian, Constitutional philosophies- great stuff IMO.

      20. Ok living at a bol off hoarded preps isn’t survival that is merely enduring. However if you can endure long enough to out live the 90% who will die. Then you will have a better chance forageing and hunting. Less helpless folks to worry about. Whoever is left will be healthy and tough along with crafty and mean.Then the fun begins its a Root Hawg or die survival of the fittest. And it will be a very primitive very brutal lifestyle.If your not Healthy & self reliant and have the necessary Know How you will die.

      21. Isreal is the greatest threat to mankind.

        The Balfour Declaration “gave” Palestine to Rothschild, the banking family.

        Ever since usury began, the lending of money for interest, war became profitable.

        As long as the Federal Reserve exists, the United States will be broke and in one ear after another.

        Be as independent as you can under the circumstances.

        • Correction

          As long as the Federal Reserve exists, we will be in one WAR after another.

        • Oh yea, the way those Israelis have been chopping off heads, stabbing people on the street, buying weapons while there people starve, blowing themselves up to kill as many innocent people as possible, firing rockets at school children. burying women and children alive, caging people then setting them on fire or drowning them, forcing young boys and girls to be sex slaves. Yea, those Israelis are just monsters aren’t they? What a dumbA##

          • J: thank you. Excellent points. I am concerned about many things and Israel doesn’t make the top 1000 problems that concern my life.

      22. Jimb, who are you calling a dumbass? Where the hell have you been for the last several years, under a rock?
        It’s well established that what B from Ca. is saying is that “those” people, (actually some of them) are the ones financing and helping those people you mention in your first sentence.
        Sheesh, catch up here, you’re a bit behind the curve, ya think?

        • KOD: I agree with Jimb. I am glad that BfC has shown his true colors, and so have you.

          I don’t consider Israel a problem. Not now. Not fricken ever.

          • then do a search of what Netanyahu said about us white people.
            I was a big supporter of Israel until I read plenty of articles here and on ZH.
            Search the 5 dancing Israeli’s.
            Islamic state injured in battle being treated in an Israeli hospital? What?
            Things change. My opinions do to. Adapt.

      23. Checked on my garden patch today, which is supposed to be an experiment in my lack of a green thumb. Man, my seedlings really took off while I was gone. Especially my tomatoes. Was gratified that we didn’t come home to too much of a mess here as the weeds really start to take off in Spring, and we had a tornado watch when we were gone. So, been out in the yard cleaning up and mowing a bit. Yard service starts next week and my easy season starts:-)

      24. I already believe that 50% of people are total morons. If a shtf situation should come in to play that percentage will go up to 85-90% only they will act much worst and more aggressive. Some will form gangs to survive by killing you and your families if you have anything they need or want. Are you prepared and strong enough mentally to defend what is yours? Are you ready to kill or risk being killed if need be? The right mindset is essential to survive. Always be ready to expect the worst to happen at any time. Water, food, guns, ammo in that order. Then shelter and first aid kit. Last a good self powered (no batteries) radio and flashlights. There’s so much more, but those are the basics. And if you’re just now started to prep, you’ve way behind. Any plan is better then no plan at all.

      25. The field is sown and the reaper is ready to go.

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