Surveillance Net: “Beyond Anything That Has Ever Existed Previously”

by | Apr 19, 2012 | Headline News | 233 comments

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    The following article has been contributed by Eric Peters. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos and follow his regular commentary on politics, world events, and alternative news.

    “Your” Car Won’t Be Beginning in 2015

    After a certain point, it’s not paranoia.

    The latest brick in the wall is the predictably named “Moving Ahead For Progress in the 21st Century Act,” also known as Senate Bill 1813. (See here for the full text of the bill itself; the relevant section is 31406.) This legislation – already passed by the Senate and likely to be passed by the House – will impose a legal requirement that all new cars made beginning with the 2015 models be fitted with so-called Event Data Recorders (EDRs). These are the “black boxes” you may have read about that store data about how you drive – including whether you wear a seat belt and how fast you drive – ostensibly for purposes of post-accident investigation.

    These EDRs are not new. GM and other automakers have been installing them in new cars for years – in GM’s case, since the late 1990s. What’s new is the proposed federal mandate, which would make itillegal to not have one – or (in all likelihood) to remove or disable one in a car required to have the device.

    The question arises: why?

    Several possibilities come to mind:

    First, the EDRs could – and almost certainly will be – tied into your vehicle’s GPS. (Most new and late model cars, conveniently, already have this, too.) Then data about your driving can be transmitted – as well as recorded. To whom? Your insurance company, of course. Progressive Insurance already has such a system in place – voluntary, for the moment. (See here for more on that.)

    When EDRs are mandated, you will no longer have a choice.

    We’ll be told it’s all for the sake of (groan) “safety” – just like the old 55 MPH highway speed limit and every radar trap in the country. Of course, it’s really for the sake of revenue – the government’s and the insurance company’s. Your rates will be “adjusted” in real time, for every incident of “speeding” or not buckling up. It’ll be so much more efficient than using cops to issue tickets. After all, so many fishes escape! With an EDR in every car, no one will escape. Your “adjusted” premium will be waiting for you when you get home.

    You’ve got mail!

    And naturally, they – the government, insurance companies – will be able to track your every move, noting (and recording) where you’ve been and when. This will create a surveillance net beyond anything that ever existed previously. Some will not sweat this: After all, if you’ve got nothing to hide, why worry? Except for the fact that, courtesy of almost everything we do being either “illegal” or at least “suspicious” we all have a great deal to hide. The naivety of the Don’t Worry, it’s No Big Deal crowd is breathtaking. Did the average Soviet citizen also “not have anything to hide,” and hence why worry?

    But the last possibility is probably the creepiest possibility: EDRs tied into your car’s GPS will give them – the government and its corporate fuck buddies – literal physical control over (hack) “your” vehicle. This is not conspiracy theorizing. It is technological fact. Current GM vehicles equipped with the same technology about to be mandated for every vehicle can be disabled remotely. Just turned off. All the OnStar operator has to do is send the appropriate command over the GPS to your car’s computer, which controls the engine. It is one of the features touted by OnStar – of course, as a “safety” feature.

    In the future, it will be used to limit your driving – for the sake of “energy conservation” or perhaps, “the environment.” It will be the perfect, er, vehicle, for implementing U.N. Agenda 21 – the plan to herd all of us formerly free-range tax cattle into urban feedlots. So much easier to control us this way. No more bailing out to the country or living off the grid – unless you get there (and to your work) by walking.

    The pieces are all coming together.

    First, computer-controlled cars. Next, widespread adoption of GPS in cars. Then, EDRs tied into them.

    Viola. “Your” car is suddenly under the control of others. Just as “your” other (cough, hack) property – “your” home, for example – is under the control of others. It does not matter that you paid for it.  Or even that you have the legal fiction of ownership. You do not control “your” property – hence it is really the property of others. You are merely allowed to use said property – under certain conditions, by the leave of the true owners – the government and its cronies in the corporatocracy.

    And once SB 1813 is passed and signed into law, there will no longer be an opt-out. In fact, sure as the rooster crows in the morning, you can bet the next step will a law requiring older cars not originally fitted with the technology be fitted with it – or else decommissioned. (I wrote about that previously; see here.) It is inconceivable that they – the government and its insurance company cronies – will allow anyone to drive a vehicle not subject to this monitoring and control. They will insist it’s not “safe” – and of course, “unfair” that owners of older cars not equipped with EDRs are able to “get away” with “speeding” and not wearing their seat belts.

    Our cars were once a tangible expression of the freedom ideal. They are fast becoming mobile cages. And the really devilish thing is they’re making us pay the costs of our own imprisonment, too.

    Throw it in the Woods?

    Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free Press, Investors Business Daily, The American Spectator, National Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  “Automotive Atrocities” (2004).  His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release in 2012.

    Eric’s been full-time freelance since the late ’90s, lives in the boonies of rural Southwest Virginia with his wife and various animals, won’t have a cell phone or get near an airport until the Submission Training goes away.

    Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos and follow his regular commentary on politics, world events, and alternative newsIf you’re interested in contacting him about a radio or TV interview, speaking engagement or freelance project, drop him an e-mail at [email protected]


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      1. Engage your managers my Peeps, or be enslaved by them. If not US, who? If not now, when?

        • dk, I have talked to my reps. till I am blue in the face. I am tired of talking and them not listening. There is only one solution to our delima and it is a bloody civil war against TP’sTB. It looks like Ted will not be the only one either dead or in jail after Nov. That is where they are taking this.

          • your reps don’t care about you. Or me. They care about getting re-elected. What “job” could be cushier than being a politician here in the good ol’USA? Good pay, good bennys, retirement plan most could only dream of. Who pays a million dollars to get a job that pays $125,000 ?? Yeah, right. They piss money like its water. GSA scandal? ha! I guarentee some joker is bragging how he blew $$$ that make the GSA crew look like rank ameteurs. How’s it feel to write that tax check and then go watch this on the news? They spend trillions, with a t. People, thats a thousand billion dollars. And I have always had a healthy respect for the military, but we piss more money away (that our economic competitors don’t), on the military industrial complex. This hardware will be used against us someday. Sorry, went off on a tangent….

            • True, they dont care.
              but, they also cant do anything about it..
              this is the adgenda , larger then them. Or at least thats how it looks

            • Yeah, thats what I said.

          • Talk is cheap, drop some cash on their laps and you’ll have their attention. You can probably even write the law yourself and they will submit it for you.

          • Ted Nugent = John Connor.

            • Ted all the way:

          • They only listen to those with money for their re election. The rest of us can piss off. Stopping sending the same losers back for ten terms is the only solution.

          • ~Highspeed~

            Damn straight, dude!

            Never lose sight of the fact that we’re gonna be forced to FIGHT!!! The only way out… thru the enemy(TPTB)!!!

        • WE must support NEW political structures: GOOOH, America First!, The Patriot Party, The Constitution Party.

          These are the avenues for Americans to pursue.

          Of course your reps have you blue in the face. Your “reps” represent the NWO GB’s.

          NEW. NEW. NEW. NEW. NEW. NEW. NEW. NEW. NEW.

          • The only thing we should be concerned with?….
            If we make it to 2013.

            • Jeb Bush is looking to be VP. Can it get any sicker than that?

          • All these third parties have good intentions, yet all fail as they never win elections and never will. Besides, the vote “counters” rig elections and have for decades; voting is for suckers, congressmen are controlled and don’t care about the people. There are no avenues to pursue except what highspeedloafer said. America is finished; patriots are few and won’t unite on anything to be effective peacefully.

            • LM: That is the propaganda of the NWO and PTB spewing out of your mouth. You are either a shill for the PTB; or defeated already.

              Either way you are a pathetic individual who has succumbed to the ideology of the elitists who want you to give up, go home, forget about it, you have no power, etc, etc etc.

              Defeat is for losers; surrender for cowards.

              Grow some balls! Get some spine! Get involved, or STFU and get out of the way.

              You are dead wood washed up on a beach, that isn’t even good for firewood because it is saturated with the “water” of the NWO.

              Go back to DWTS.

        • I agree DK

          Yesterday’s started doing a ring round for my car insurance. This is a quote:

          ” would you be willing to have an electronic data recorder fitted to your car in order to reduce your insurance premiums?” even I was surprised by that one.

          Now we touched on this surveillance thing the other day, we here in the UK are monitored from the moment we are born, I know this as fact, I work in the health sector. We are watched on the street, in stores, in car parks, play parks and on the roads. It has been estimated…I will try and get back with the reference, that an average trip to the high street has a person picked up 33 timeson cameras. On the roads our cars plates are photographed every time we go through a low emission or congestion charge zone and invoices are sent for payment to your home.

          There really is no escape here…and for what? Safety and security they tell us. This is bullshit.

          We do not solve crime or have substantially less crime than other country’s. Children are abducted and never seen again, even though they are on camera. Homes are broken into, people are mugged and worse right there on the streets these cameras are positioned in.

          We have listening stations that can home in on phones, computers, emails and texts at the drop of a hat..yet terrorists still plot and plan on our soil.

          If surveillance really meant that the bulk of crime stopped, that the coverage and the operators of the systems gave us a society where it really was safe to be out alone at night, where the rapists, killers and muggers of those weaker members of society, our elderly and our children were safe.
          Where dying 14 year old girls do not have to ring the ambulance and police because they have been stabbed walking to a friends house at 4pm on a nice afternoon, I might reconsider the value of these systems.

          Until that time I will see them for what I believe they are. Intelligence gathering systems, systems that TPTB are employing in order to know every move their slaves, sorry citizens make.

          Life tells us that things happen for a reason, this is happening for a reason, my kid knows that she mouths off at me she gets to have a very early night, at her tender age she understands cause and effect, she gets the reason behind my actions. The only reason behind the spying is control.

          The freedoms talked about and much loved by the political speech writers and makers is a fallacy, it ceased to exist some considerable time ago and it is my belief that it will not be coming back any time soon.

          Take care

          • Where dying 14 year old girls do not have to ring the ambulance and police because they have been stabbed walking to a friends house at 4pm on a nice afternoon, I might reconsider the value of these systems.

            You might reconsider, huh? Sounds like a lot of people before you thought this way already, and voted in this police state.

            YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, BRIT! You got what you deserve. Live it. Learn to love your Big Brother … stupid broad.

            • your out of line Mel

            • Do the words fuck off mean anything to you pal?

            • Mel, my apologies for the language…even if you did deserve it.

              Have a go at me all you like but to bring the murder of a child into things is reprehensible. That child did not deserve to die, no child deserves their life to end like that…you are a nasty piece of work to use a child’s death to have a go at me.

              No real man would do that. It is so easy isn’t it to sit there throwing around your theories, we all do it, but never before on here have I seen someone use a kids death like that.

              Be grateful it was not your daughter or sister or cousin Mel

          • Life in the UK.

            A family friend was stabbed outside a main police station at 2pm in the afternoon. Despite passers by BEGGING the police to intervene not one officer stepped outside that building for 35 minutes. By which time the man had been 17 times, bled out, an ambulance arrived & a PARAMEDIC had marched into the police station threatening to drag out a police officer if one didn’t step to the plate and come to the crime scene (3 yards from the station door step)willingly.

            It gets better – “lack of resources” the police bleated at the inquest. An information request submitted by the family lawyers showed there were 37 “on duty” officers in that station at the time of the attack. Despite 11 public witness statements & the usual CCTV footage, – you guessed it – the murderer has never been caught.

            This is not a rare occurence.

            In 2010 300 people died in the custody of the police in the Greater London Area. It was the spark that kicked off last summers riots. We’ve had all the corruption scandals with police taking bribes etc from Murdoch’s empire. I’m sicked & tired of being sick & tired of paying for my own oppression.

            UK police are not there to protect the public & anyone who thinks so is a bigger fool than Obama.

            So you can take your surveillance “nanny state”, stick it where the sun don’t shine & restore to me my full rights to bear arms without delays or excuses.

            ps for Burt
            Saw this the other day & wondered if it might help you

            • Lone,

              Okay..I am a bigger fool than Obummer and you are once again saying what you think the people here want to hear.

              I really hope nothing bad happens to your child or mine…but if it did we would both be screaming at the police to help us, and if they got a result we would be singing their praises.

              Yes all of our regional police forces have issues…oftentimes huge issues but not every copper can be tarred with the same brush.

              Having had almost daily contact with West Midlands police over the last 18 months I have to say they were fantastic… The result will hopefully be the bringing of manslaughter charges against those that killed my old, disabled mother. They wanted murder but Crown Prosectution wouldn’t let that go through.

              There are good police and bad police. Good teachers and bad teachers and so on.

              This mentality of assuming every person is alike in any given group makes my blood boil.

              We are both single mothers…people usually assume therefore we must be sitting on our ever spreading arses claiming benefits. I don’t, possibly you don’t, the point is you can’t paint everyone the same.

              Take care

            • Burt

              A long time family friend murdered like that in broad daylight 3 yards from the police station was a key “lightbulb” moment for me.

              The funeral of a murder victim is always much more distressing than most. I came away from the Church that day a determined “prepper”.

              My kid isn’t the progeny of tptb – I don’t expect the police to give a damn about him in an emergency.

              Individuals might be decent – but not one of the 37 on duty officers was that day. 0% is not good odds in my locale is all I’m saying.

          • Hey, I shouldn’t have said “stupid broad”, even though I do mean it. However, I don’t see how you, in particular, “Burt” can say a damn thing about the cameras and all the rest of the surveillance state, when you just got done admitting you would be for it under the right conditions.

            THERE ARE NO RIGHT CONDITIONS TO SUPPORT TYRANNY, GOT IT? This has nothing to do with some 4-year old girl and I know nothing about that story.

            It’s the same thing for the morons who were not against the TSA under constitutional grounds early on (“oh, they’re only looking through your stuff – if you’ve got nothing to hide … blah, blah) and now are pissed that the blue-shirt perverts are feeling up your 4-year-old daughters dress (for a Ruger LCP, I dunno ?? 😉 You stand for the principal in the first place, or YOU HAVE NO STANDING WHATSOEVER.

            I can explain more about the above paragraph, if anyone want to hear it.

            No, Satori, it’s not “your out of line”, and no, Burt, the words “fuck off”, “racist”, “grammar nazi”, “crazy libertarian asshole” don’t mean dick to me. I learned the whole “sticks and stones” thing back about 40 years ago and took it to heart.

            • oops, missing and end-quote in para. 3, “daughters” should be “daughter’s”, and “want” should be “wants”.

              Grammar Nazis, commence fire!

            • dang it! “missing an end quote”

              (this could keep on going … )

            • I have the right to say whatever I choose, as do you. The difference is I recognise that fact and you do not.I accept the fact that you can think me stupid and call me stupid…it really doesn’t bother me.

              What bothers me is that you use the death of a child to make a point about me when there are many other ways you could have done it.

              So do all Americans deserve to get groped by the TSA just for deciding to get on a plane? No they do not…but it happens, they didn’t vote for it anymore than I voted for cameras. Why not just grope those that voted for it?

              Why me ” in particular ” why not any other Brit with an opinion, because you don’t like my opinion I’ll guess. Well join the queue, there are others that don’t like my opinion either, and they have ripped me apart about it but they’ve never used a dead child to do it.

              I did not correct your grammar, call you a nazi or a racist…for the record I am none of those things either..but you can call them me if you’s not an issue.

              The girl was 14 mel, not 4, at least read the post properly before you start your tirade.

              Well, I’ll leave you to it mel, you have taken enough of my time..and the lower case letters at the start of your name are not a mistake, I just don’t think you are important enough to have a capital.

              Take care

            • Your comments were right on. They should be the ones to F off. With twits like Burt making up the UK population no wonder the UK is now a Muslim controlled hell hole.

          • The cameras are not for your safety, they are to control you, to make sure you are not doing something the State does not allow you to do.

          • BTB: If you want to accept the subjugation of the NWO that is your right as a human being. Others, especially here in America, will not accept enslavement and domination because We understand that American rights are endowed by Nature’s God.

            As a Brit, your rights are derived from the Crown. Sad but true. You have my pity.

            • Durango: Get real: True patriots know the voting game is rigged a circus for clowns and suckers; there has been scandals in these third party groups; they are inconsistent. I agreed with high speed loafer; nothing politically can be done at this point. Either you are not educated about vote fraud or you’re a shill for the left who control the vote count and elections. High level patriots on you tube/radio shows say the same thing about phony’s all rigged. Get a life.

            • LM: I am real. The problem has never been so accute. The American people haven’t been this dissatisfied since 1776.

              They want their Constitution back.

              YOU support the fraud perpetrated against US by not railing against it; but instead lament YOUR lack of initiative, YOUR complacency, and YOUR compliance with the PTB.

              The propaganda YOU spew to demoralize others evidences YOUR complicity with the NWO/PTB. You do not know a fucking thing about being a patriot.

              You a “True Patriot”?

              You are a fucking liar! What the fuck have YOU ever done on this site, by example, except piss and moan and try to discourage and demoralize others?

              If you do not like this country and are not prepared to fight for it, I suggest you and your husband move to Uragray.

              Its a do nothing, no nothing country which is the cheapest place to live on the planet, and you can qualify for residency if you and your spouse can demonstrate about $700 in guaranteed income.

              Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! 🙂

              Voter fraud has been perpetrated in this country because citizens have not protested vigorously enough against it.

              If Tunisans, Egyptians, Libyans, and Syrians can change their government WE can change OURS.

              You are a fucking sheeple posing as a Patriot.

            • I KNOW THEY ARE


              If you can’t understand context there is no point even trying


              I am surprised you misunderstood me I know they are there for control and I wholeheartedly disagree with this….I am saying if, IF, they gave us a decent society I may think differently .

              Take care

        • They wont mandate against those older cars without the computer systems. That would be facist, right?
          No, they’ll simply hit them with an “unsafe vehicle tax”, an “unsafe vehicle registration fee”, and an “unsafe vehicle theft levy”.
          After all, the media will be playing story after story about how these “unmonitored vehicles” are being used primarily by criminals and/or terrorists because they cannot be traced.
          Soon-after anyone still driving one will be pulled over “randomly” on a constant basis and be subjected to searches time after time because they refuse to submit to societal norms.

          They’ll make it hard to own a “free” car but not impossible. That way they can make a public enemy of the remaining hard-cases that refuse to submit.

          Laugh or cry? Im not sure myself…

          • they will do cash for clunkers several more times over the next 10 years to rid us of those old vehicles, gas will be so high ( from the futures traders)sheeple will go for it

            • My DH is an avid jig-saw puzzle fan. I lose interest after we get the border done. NCPrepper…My brain spent quite some time on ‘what the heck are they up to with cash for clunkers; what’s the real deal’.. and with your post it is like finding a puzzle piece that looks like 100 others, but fits just right.
              Sadly this puzzle is almost complete and the picture isn’t a cute kitten or tranquil country setting. It’s a horror that was once reserved for the silver screen.

            • @NC prepper whereabouts in Nc (general location) I am in NC also On southeastern side of NC myself. Nice to know SOMEBODY else in NC is preppin. Good to have ya

            • @justincase, I am from Gaston co. Are you close by?

        • I see a business opportunity here.

          Anyone out there computer savvy enough to write a program for a plug and play device that can be connected to this thing feeding it false information????

          • Not so hard to do with todays equipment. However they are putting more and more computers in cars and they all talk to each other and have individual serial numbers.
            They will just in the end put hardware in that cant be changed. EPROMS or something that will be embeded in the circuit boards or FPGAs that will just wipe their memeory when tampered with like millitary equipment does today.

            • Each vehicle has its’ own VIN.
              Not new when it comes to tracking.
              Just made electronic.
              Good thing we have blogs like this to educate.


          • AZ – great minds huh!

            1/2 oz silver per plug & play device installation ; )

            Time to reconnect to our ancestors and start riding Great Big Warhorses Norman Style – let em follow the trail of manure!

            Actually I’m slowly becoming convinced they want to restrict the movement of the common man. The methods are creeping but the eventual result will be a repeat of hat happened to those poor souls stuck behind the iron curtain.

          • You would need to know the devices’ protocol spec in order to communicate with it.

            • What spec do I need to hit it with a little 220 volt? A fried chip is good chip

          • It’ll be marked as “tampering with a federally mandated device” or something to that effect.

            It’s principally no different from illegally owning a full auto rifle that simply looks like a regular M4, so the question is, if you’re going to break one rule, why not break them all.

          • also opens a method to download/upload virus to the insurance co comp…sounds like fun!

        • DK, I have no managers to engage. I am, by the virtue of God, the supreme authority in my world. I guess you were speaking to those who have themselves and their property registered with state agencies.

          But correct you are. The only problem is getting one to speak on the record or take any meaningful stand against what they must know is wrong.

          I may have some VERY meaningful information on how to make that happen within the next month or so. If all goes well and as expected, I will be able to tell everyone how to get OFFICIAL court orders signed by a constitutional judge, enforceable by the duly elected Sheriff, without going through the corporate courts.

          If it works out, you can force them onto the record through the Clerk of Court, and in the event of failure to respond to the Clerk (default), you will be able to attach damages to their bond and collect by filing a claim with the underwriter. If the Clerk refuses to do their duty, their bond can be attached for the claim immediately. If the judge refuses to sign the Order, their bond can attach.

          I have been working on this for over three years, and have found an opportunity to try it out for real. Very exiting stuff, and a GAME CHANGER if the Law of the Land is still in force.

          Imagine a way to exercise your individual sovereignty and enforce the Law against Public Officials, removing their statutory immunity and bypassing the corrupted courts, while never having to set foot in a courtroom.

          I’ll keep everyone informed as I progress. I am working on some documents at this time, and the results should be known within a month after they are completed.

          If it works as expected according to the Law, it will be simple enough for anyone to use and teach. Then, the engagements will be worthwhile and profitable for those engaging and devastating for those engaged against.

          • Keep us informed dude, and good luck. Actually, luck is not a factor.

          • Awesome, please do keep us informed…looking forward to hearnign more about it

          • I really look forward to hearing more about this, GC – it sounds very exciting!

          • GC: I am aware of a legal move in progress against the PTB. Biden’s boy Bo is trying an “end around” in Delaware to thwart that attempt.

            Powerful forces are in conflict.

            There is much to be played out this year. I would be surprised to see Obummer on the demtard ticket in November.

            Now is the time for patriots to rally around the Constitution, organize and get involved because it IS indeed a “game changer”.

            • DK,,

              I am not working on a “legal tactic”, those are for corporations. The action will never see a corporate court, yet be backed by the full force of law and enforceable by the Sheriff.

              I am forcing the constitutional officers of the court to perform ministerial duties for me as a sovereign, with their oath and bond as collateral, outside the corporate jurisdictions and courts, in which remedy can not be obtained.

              The case involves a private corporation who illegally confiscated someones pay under an IRS levy and will not address the matter or go on the record. He sued in state court and the case was hijacked to federal court by the corporations attorney. Could have told him that….neither court could try the facts anyway.

              The Clerk of Court will be used to send documents to this corp requiring either payment of the bill (sent along with an affidavit of validity) or rebuttal of the affidavit and furnishing proof it can act as a tax collector, the tax exist, and various other Due Process fundamentals the courts CAN NOT address in tax matters.

              Success will be if the bill is paid, by mailing a check for the Clerk to forward, or defaulted on with no response, thereby validating the bill with the Clerk as a witness. Answering the affidavit is impossible, legally and Lawfully.

              Upon the expected default, which would include any attorney response, the Clerk will be instructed to issue a Writ of Mandamus forcing payment, and have it signed by a judge. The clerk will do this, not us.

              If the validated and defaulted bill is still not paid, a lien will be placed on the fixtures and inventory of the local store and the Sheriff will be dispatched under a Court Order to close the store and sell off property until the debt is satisfied.

              I have waited for a while to get the opportunity to do this, and now I get to give it a go.

              Should the Clerk refuse to perform the ministerial functions of the office, we will make a claim against the bond with the underwriter for the full amount of the bill for fiduciary failure.

              That’s the nutshell version of a more complicated matter. If the Law is still in effect, and if the clerk accepts the duties of her office under my election, it should be simple and very effective.

              While the test subject is a private corporation, it should work equally well with a public officer who feels they have authority over you.

              The solution appears to be simple. Corps evade the Law and accountability through silence and a corrupted private legal monopoly. A corporate officer acts administratively, a constitutional office acts in a ministerial capacity for the sovereigns (us).

              There is much to do, but if I can get this national corp to pay up when the IRS is involved, we are very close to a BIG DEAL.

              The documents will consist of

              A letter and Praecipe to the Clerk of Court establishing the common law jurisdiction, acceptance of oath, directions for sending the bill to the “defendant”, and what to do in case of default.

              A bill for the money taken, signed under penalty of perjury

              An Affidavit verifying the bill, verified by two witnesses.

              I’m very excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to test them “incognito”. Hopefully, I will have some good news and usable documents in about sixty days.

              If I succeed, maybe Mac will let me write an article about the process to post here with the documents, etc.

            • If voting changed anything it would be illegal.

              In China only the communist party puts candidates up for election. Your choice is communist party candidate “A” or communist party candidate “B”. Regardless of what candidate is elected nothing really changes except that state power increases & individual liberties suffer.

              In the USSA only the Republicrats put candidates up for election. Your choice is Republicrat party candidate “A” or Republicrat party candidate “B”. Regardless of what candidate is elected nothing really changes except that state power increases & individual liberties suffer.

              When the boot of government is on your neck it doesn’t matter whether its the right boot or the left boot. You want it off.

              YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE SYSTEM FROM WITHIN THE SYSTEM. The system is designed to perpetuate & strengthen the system.

              The only power you have (short of armed resistance) is to deny the system money, which it needs to finance its never ending accumulation of power and resources.

              The tax payer is tax cattle to the government. Stop financing your own oppression.

              >My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect Us.<

            • GC: That sounds interesting. I thought you may have been alluding to a similar process that has been initiated in The Hague by Sheriffs in the US to negate the Corp.

              2012 does seem to be a year of change and transformation.

              Keep US posted.

            • GC,

              Good luck and Godspeed, my brother!

              I don’t know enough to fully understand what you’re doing but hopefully you’ll get the chance to explain soon.

            • GC…This is interesting. How are you getting a corp employee(Clerk of Courts) to file any docs that will be favorable to your case? I’m assuming that the “court” is working under UCC statutes and not Constitutional law.I have always regarded the Sheriff to be an agent of the courts. He is the one that will evict me if I don’t pay my “rent” on my property. Anyway,I am looking for an update on this when it goes down.

            • I look to Hillary to replace Biden on the ticket. If they win Obama better hire a food taster.

            • Durango: You’re a troublemaker, you can’t understand what others say as you twist everything around, even tho they quote well informed talk show patriots. Youre a loser, butt head.

          • Tyrannts and dictators don’t care about your papers. Fool, Pull your head out. They have no intention of abbiding by any system except their own. They make the rules and change them when and as needed to control you. They care not about a rule of law. In their system THEY ARE THE LAW.

            When cows go off to the slaughterhouse can they pull out a piece of paper that says Oh, I’m not part of your plan you have to let me go?

            Yes, you claim to live outside the system but without the system you would have nothing. You are a parasite. You contribute nothing to this society but you leach off of it and then condem us for making the system available to you for parasiting. Go back into your cave and continue your chanting.

            • JRS, This does not involve the courts, per se, but the Man or Woman occupying the constitutional office of Clerk of Court. Whatever other corporate duties this officer has to the fictions, the Constitution is the source of the Power of the office and it’s obligations to the people.

              We am not trying to argue the UCC, or any other legal crap. Instead, we are bypassing corp courts entirely, placing fiduciary responsibilities on constitutional offices to force the silent thief to speak up or be liable, and either collecting directly from the thief or filing an insurance claim on the bond of the first officer failing in their fiduciary duties.

              It is a fact that the only persons who can file, appear, or participate in the corporate courts are fictions licensed to do so. The corporate courts can not hear the matters that are involved and being raised in this even if it wanted to. No statutory claims to relief are sought or contemplated.

              The Defendant company can either pay pay the bill sent by the court on our behalf, or the court will have record of all of the conceded facts by a non-response default. Upon the default, the bill becomes valid and payable in the eyes of the Law.

              The corrupted officers and corporation thrive because the courts enforce their silence and statutory protections in their private settings. To avoid those settings, the idea is to conduct our sovereign business directly with the Clerk of Court to force the thief’s onto the record of the Public Domain through the power delegated to the clerks office.


              In their corporate system, they are the law. No doubt about it.

              However, in Natural Law and under the constitutions I am the Law. Our Praecipe is command that the clerk follow the Law and assist us in our business, which is their purpose and fiduciary obligation to the People.

              We are not going into the slaughterhouse. We are sending it to the Defendant corp so it can be slaughtered instead.

              As for your last statement, you are severely misinformed and fully propagandized. Without the system, we would all have substantially more than it leaves us after it is finished pillaging. Both materially and spiritually.

              I feel sorry for you….

          • I have a friend who knows his stuff constitutionally…he told me the next time a public enforcer gave me grief to just look him in the eye and tell him”I intend to sue you in your “private” capacity and your wife,so go home and explain to her why she is losing everything due to your violation of my rights….people run away from him when they see its him…I dont profess to understand all how it works but I have seen the results and I plan to use it whenever I need to…

          • I’m kinda new here. Could you elaborate on just what the hell you’re talking about please.

          • Thanks for that. Now ‘THEY’ know what rules need to be changed.

            Thanks a lot!

            “What you do not know can and will hurt you”.


        • Let’s call this thing, “Skynet”.

          • Ministry of Information is more like it.Im sure the Ministry of Love is already in the planning stages.

      2. When I first heard about this on the news the other day, I honestly said to myself, SCREW THEM. No one has a right to monitor someone’s driving when they have done nothing illegal. This is the old you are guilty till proven innocent crap. How dare they try to force anyone to have something in your personal property to see exactly what you are doing. First step, then later the governments will try to shove a microchip in your body. If I ever had one of those in a car I owned I would have a mechanic remove it, then I would take a hammer to it.

        This type of garbage monitoring of people that have done nothing should royally piss off anyone that cherishes freedom.

        • GM has been putting them in cars since the late 1990’s. They are built right into the ECM that controls the engine. You cant take them out. They even have the ability to call the police on you and tell them where you are, how fast you are going so on and so forth.
          Its just that the government has no access to it so far.
          Time to fix my VW bug up.

          • @ Joe. I would think because any device malfunctions you can remove it and replace it with something that would command the engine in the same way without recording or sending out information to some satellite. I would assume that any device can be bypassed, that is I would assume. I imagine if it could not be removed, which I doubt, you could put something around to jam the signal being sent out like someone commented about multiple layers of foil.

            The frightening point of this has been made in the article that they are taking away people’s choices to whether they can have some tracking device on personal property without the full consent of the person. This has got to violate something in the constitution. We are talking about tracking someone under no suspicion of any crime at all, waiting for them to commit a crime. You would think this would come under entrapment.

            Thankfully there are plenty of older cars that can have their engines rebuilt and fixed up that will run well. Some that will run after an EMP. That is until big brother starts making it some suffocating law that all cars have them put into them. IF that day ever comes we all lose, the next step is constant monitoring of every person. You see these “horror” movies in which the government becomes a total police state and you can the foundations being laid down now for this in the future. Tracking all of us like some tagged wolf.

            • You miss the point entirely. They should not be putting these in our cars in the first place. Trying yo find a way around them is saying you give them permission to do this in the first place. The only course of action is to prevent them from being installed.

        • Read the article again man.
          Educate yourself in blind anger management.
          Most need to look at the forest to see the trees!
          Yes, they will chip one day, coming soon to ‘your’ offspring soon.
          Chattel(Cattle)and or sheep..

        • First, if you have license plates on “your” vehicle.. You have given it to the state and surrendered private property rights for the public good. You have effectively given your vehicle to the state and have agreed to abide by their rules.

          They then have the right to place anything they deem necessary into THEIR property and you have no say.

          The USA needs to get their SHIT together and put a stop to this. So does most other countries – namely UK and Canada. Canada is not so bad – yet – in another 5 years they will have to re-think their position, if the people of Canada end up being no monds ike the people of the USA.

          People of the USA – you have let this happen. You have listened to the “authorities’ for so long and have been so well programmed by the public fool system you have no idea what has gone on in your country.

          You USED to be free. You Used to have a constition. You used to have a say. That went away with the bankruptcy og the united States of America in 1933. The Corporation of the Unites States Of America was then formend (adopting the previous constitution with the provision that it was ammendable to make it have no force and effect)

          I am surprised by the people of the US when I meet them – many per week. I find that about 1 in 20 has the “right” attitude of gaining their country back – IF possible. another 2 agree that things are bad and just don’t know what to do and 3 more think there is something wrong but dn’t really know what. the rest are happy to go along to get along.. The ‘nothing to hide’ people. Next time someone says they have nothing to hide – ask them why they are wearing clothes.

          It’s cut and dried – You have something to hide, or you don’t. If you don’t that’s fine, but you also need to undestand that those who claim nothing to hide do NOT have the right to say search those other people because they MIGH have something to hide. No one has the right to do that.

          Same as You don’t have the right to steal from me. Therefore you also do not have the right to tell someone else to steal from me.

          Having one of these devices in my vehicle is in fact stealing from me and is in complete violation of my privacy rights given to me by me Creator. No matter where I live in the world. Everyone in the USA needs to say no to this. If they are indeed in GM cars – I have no doubt they are – DO NOT BUY General motors products.

          They are effectively a Chiinese corporation now anyway so even being a GM fan – I WILL NOT buy a new one.

          People that buy new cars need to go to financial school too, as they really don’t know how to manage their money well. – Those that earn enough – Ok – take the 50% depreciation hit – that’s your perogative.. but anyone who financess an new car is just plain stupid and cannot count.

          Frankly it surprises me that folks in the USA are not rioting in the streets. I see that it is starting in some places..

          There is one guy that is doing everything he can to gain the office of the President. He is the ONLY GUY out there that will have an effect on how the USA will handle itself in the coming years. That is Ron Paul.

          If he is NOT your next President – You US’ers deserve what you get. Ron Paul has too much support to even think that ANYONE ELSE is even in the running. Not even Obummer has the support Ron Paul has. Just too bad that the lame styream media doesn’t show it.

          Vote fraud – Yup rampant in the USA. Proven in the last 3 + elections.

          Get used to having your hands tied and being force fed junk you don’t want, because that is what you are in for. And the US reputation throughout the world (I know – I spend much time travelling) SUCKS. If you are a yank in a foreign nation – be aware. Watch your back. You are not loved like you used to be. You are hated more and more every day because your country is the biggest bully there is. – Well is the front man to the biggest bully there is.. the guy who everyone sees as doing the dirty work. Yes, it is the entities behind the scenes, but if there weren’t corrupt individuals in the US system, that biggest of the bullies would never have had the chance to gain what they have gained and the US wouldn’t be pushed around.

          So when are you folks in the USA going to DO something about YOUR situation. The rest of the world is sick and tired of having to follow your laws. Laws should NOT be enforceable beyond a country’s borders, but you US’ers seem to think that they are. Yet when a law is enforced against you from beyond your borders – you ignore it (Canadian Softwood Lumber – You still owe them 2 billon plus interest – judgement from The Hauge)

          Sorry folks – gone on a rant – because I am sick and tired of hearing that something must be done and then no one doing anything. I mean, c’mon – Obama? Why’d you let that happen? Bush? Same there.. TWICE maybe even 4 times. That’s disgusting that you KNEW what was going on and let it happen anyway. There were many better choices in every election. Steve Forbes, Ross Perot, Ron Paul..I think HE is the only patriot left.

          Ok – I’m done. Flame away – Sticks ans stones and all that stuff. DO SOMETHING USA… or you will be trapped in your own country. My god there has already been someone that has NOT been allowed to relinquish their US citizenship. The biggest sign of a truly free society is the freedom to LEAVE. Seem you cannot even do that anymore. Even if you have not set foot in the USA for your entire life – and are only a US citizen because one of your parents is.

      3. Don’t worry, who of us is going to be buying a 2015 Vehicle?

        • In 2025 we might be… 🙂

          • Nah – you seen how long the Cubans, Africans & Indians can keep a vehicle on the road? Our Grandkids could be driving cars built in 1973 with a little ingenuity.

            • yeah, that is if they arent all in the bone yard due to government mandates..

            • Guess you have not had the “right” to travel ANYWHERE.
              Cubans are still driving those ‘pre-1959′ Chevys’.


        • @ European American. Unfortunately a lot of people around the year 2016 will purchase 2015 models, IF the world is still around in 2016. Something like this is not just for accident recording, it is to constantly monitor someone driving and where they go more than anything. Of course in the future they will issue tickets if you go 5 mph over the speed limit at anytime which some nice GPS satellite which will rely the information to your local police.

          What would be hilarous is to reprogram some of these black boxes to tell those monitoring innocent people, that have done nothing, to go f off in a continuous loop. Maybe also in different languages. I don’t know if I am overreacting, but this really ticks me off. It reminds me of these drones that look like hummingbirds and insects sent to record good honest American’s lives just for the hell of it. It is law enforcement and insurance companies looking for the slightest infraction to nail someone with so they can stick them with a traffic ticket and or higher premiums.

          Just a sign of the times. They will TELL YOU it is ONLY used to protect the truth in accidents. HEY RIGHT. This why people have to make those that care about what little freedom is left, aware of pure smoking and stinken manure like this.

          • No. You’re not overreacting. With the EDR and GPS being tied into your computer, a number of things can be accomplished. As follows:
            -Your speed can be controlled (yes, even down to zero)
            -Your patterns and habits can be traced-including: where you go and when and how long you are there
            -you can pull-up to a pump and the pump can be overridden to not dispense fuel (even if you pay with cash)
            -BTW, as a side issue, when the above vehicles are on the road, a decent hacker can tap in and blow your engine and transmission through the control modules by turning off cooling devices and in some vehicles your alternator is also regulated the through control module (hmmm, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that)

            Similar issues with GPS and cellphones.
            By the way, you have made arrangements to send your GPS and cellphones off in different directions in the case of a bugout, havent you?

            Good. Don’t forget your laptop, too.

            So, in the case of electronic devices, you can be in 2 places at once–if ya wanna.

        • its already in most vehicles after 2005, and even some before that.

        • I forsee a metric shit-ton of used auto sales of pre-’15 made cars and trucks.

      4. This is one of the most frightening articles I have read on here. And you know what…it will pass, and the sheeple will see it as taking care of drunk driving/carjacking. There goes me ever buying a new car, going to fix me up a nice model-T. Well with the middle class declining who will be able to afford a new car in 2015?

        • I’m with you Andrew, this is probably one of the most believable and frightening post I have seen on SHTFplan. I guess requiring retro-fitting on all older model cars would not be out of the question. Like Highspeedloafer, I have contacted my state and US Congressmen many times; I hear back from time to time, and I would like to think they are trying, but…..
          Has anyone heard of Sons of Liberty Academy? Mac, have you?

      5. Said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m getting a horse.

        • They won’t let you on the FEMA train with a horse.

          • Another added bonus of having. A horse then

          • My horse can go where the Fema train can’t.

        • I have a horse, but I’m not sticking a GPS up his butt…

          • Twitter. I’m sure your horse appreciates that!

        • Make sure the horse isn’t micro-stamped.


          • what the hell is micro stamped?, im thinking of horse and screw cars

        • they will just RFID your pony, while you are sleeping under the tree

        • Must have a transponder.

        • if the horse in on a public road it will need to be equipped with a transponder.

      6. this is where i draw the line…

        phuck these traitorous nwo zionist muthaphukers!

        they’re not the only SOB’s who know how to make life very uncomfortable for others!

        i suggest everyone who gives a sheeit whats happening to their lives , to once free ameriKa starts lists of all the traitorous un agenda 21 cia zionist goyim phucks congress and senate pricks backing this unconstitutional bullshit!

        then pay the $20. bucks online too look their home addresses up online and pay these traitorous phucks and their families midnight visits in their home states!

        eventually they’ll ALL get the hint or ALL end up swinging!



        • Nina

          Well said

        • Nina

          Well said

      7. First. There is some comedy here…. by 2015 the cost to drive (gas) will be such that you have to stick by close to home anyway.

        Second. The market for vintage motorcycles will go through the roof… I have one… uh they come with a built in requiremet to learn a little mechanics…:-)

        Third. I think a motor assisted bike is a great idea.

        Forth. Prepper people will stop talking about it and start moving to or retiring to (who has a job anyway these days) a rural/farming sustainable lifestyle.

        “Winter is Coming” – Stark, Game of Thrones

      8. I’m driving a 23 year old diesel truck now so if I upgrade to a 2014 model without this box it should last until 2035. If we are still here by then I will be too old to care.

        I can by a GPS jammer today for under $100 and imagine innovative people will find illegal, but obtainable, workarounds for this too.

        Rather scary though.

        • This might stimulate car buying in 2013 and 2014 and give the economy a boost! See they really have the country’s best interests at heart. (Not.)

        • First, Way to go only thinking of yourself and your life, I’m sure the Founding Fathers would be proud.

          Second, If you are jamming a signal all the cops have to do is follow the car that isn’t sending a signal. If they are hooked into a stalite feed that counts the cars by visual means and then checks that against the nuber of signals they are receiving from that part of the road and the numbers don’t match up they notify the police.

          The police drive along and receive a signal from the group of cars on the road around them. The one not sending a signal stands out like a sore thumb.

          The easiest way to get yourself in trouble is to think you are smarter than you are and that THEY haven’t thought of what JUST occured to you

          • You sure have a goofy way of reading peoples intent…? PP was simply stating what he was doing to avoid this BS…and if you arent looking out for youself? guess what…NO ONE is!The other thing is this reoccurring theme to the effect of…(the govt is so big and powerful and all knowing,anticipating everyone and everything and so resisting them is just suicide) BULLPUCKIE! The whole idea of liberty is the idea of NOT complying with anything that neednt be complied with,you cant claim to love freedom and yet be compliant…Im not trying to beat up on you but you need to think about what you wrote…unless I totally misread you…

      9. I just bought a new 2012 Corolla, since my last car was turning into a money pit. No EDR in this one (that I know of). This could be my last new car.

        • And it’s paid off. No free money to the bank!

          • +100

        • Sorry..its got one

          here is a list of acronyms for the buld sheet
          ABBREVIATIONS A/C ABS ACC ALR CRS ECU EDR ELR EPS GAWR GCWR GVWR I/M LATCH LED M+S MAX MIN MMT MTBE OBD SRS TIN TPMS Air Conditioning Anti-lock Brake System Accessory Automatic Locking Retractor Child Restraint System Electronic Control Unit Event Data Recorder Emergency Locking Retractor Electric Power Steering Gross Axle Weight Rating Gross Combination Weight Rating Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Emission inspection and maintenance Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children Light Emitting Diode Mud and Snow Maximum Minimum Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether On Board Diagnostics Supplemental Restraint System Tire Identification Number Tire Pressure Warning System MEANING


          see it in there?

      10. 77 F150….what computer???? My “GPS” is folded up in the glove box!

        • You could also get antique tags for your F150. For a one time fee (mine was $100) you no longer need to buy tags, no longer need inspection (so they couldn’t force an EDR on you that way). My insurance is less than $80 a year.The only requirement is you can’t use it for commuting every day. You could get around that.This is just another racket to steal money from your pocket and put it in the corp pocket. The gov corp does not care about your safety.

          • already have the tags. In Wisconsin, I can’t drive it in January due to the tags. No problem, I drive the 75 Scout in January with regular tags…..we don’t have inspections (yet!) this far north…

      11. wanna know where the US is headed when it comes to police state tactics ??

        keep an eye on the U.K.

        “Roads in the UK are already subject to the closest surveillance of any in the world. Police control a database that is fed information from automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, and are able to deduce the journeys of as many as 10 million drivers a day. Details are stored for up to five years.”

        one closed circuit camera for every 14 people

        people are embracing their enslavement with open arms

        • There was a report in the local news this week and they showed a cruiser with the directional cameras to ferret out illegal license plates. Last week they busted 14 motorist with stolen plates. This car looks like a monster on steroids.

          • These requirements will be imposed on those of us who actually play by the rules. The others will be given a pass.

            In Dallas there was a short period of time several years back when the police set up road blocks to check for bogus registration and inspection stickers. It was very successful. In some parts of town there were lots of these. However, in those parts of town English was not the dominant language. The police were accused of racial profiling and the practice stopped. Same with a short lived law of towing uninsured cars and holding them until proof in insurance was provided. Deemed a form of descrimination because so many of the towed cars belonged to “non-citizens.” My belief is that another consideration is that the “non-citizens” simply chose not to pay the fines or get their cars out of the city lots, so it was a net financial loss to the city. Two of the many hundreds of reasons I moved my family 1,100 miles north.

            We are being pushed and squeezed by government at all levels to the point where compliance is impossible. Rest assured you are unknowingly violating some law or other on a daily basis. The government will only enforce the non-criminal laws agaist those from whom it can extract money in the form of fines and fees. Others will get a pass because there isn’t any money in it. If these boxes become mandatory look for a huge pot of government money to offset the cost of installation for the “disadvantaged.” Translation: you will get to pay for your box as well as your neighbor’s.

        • I’ve already decided, based on an excessive amount of double “OO” in my munitions locker collecting dust, that if the day ever comes when these cameras come to my neighborhood, and I’m not a city dweller, I will stealthfully proceed, under the vail of darkness, to empty my 8 rd magazine into each and every intruding eye-in-the-sky that might infringe on my happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

          I’m already looking for 1/2″ camera decals to stick on my shotgun butt, sort of what they stick on the back of football helmets acknowledging a “good hit”, should that opportunity make itself available. Besides, I would rather take out a surveillance monitor than something living, any day.

        • Satori, most of your post spot on…embracing it all with open arms? Not all of us my friend.

          Take care

      12. Go back into history and listen to a song by the band Rush called “Red Barchetta”.

        very prophetic.

        • Deerhunter,another one…..”Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics.

      13. I’ll disable, remove, disengage, destroy, block, smash and fuck this bullshit to hell. These bastards can fine me all they like. I won’t pay that either. Oh, want to take my license, fine, here, you can have your shitty contract back. Oh, driving without a license, I’ll take an Article III section II paragraph III courtroom setting for the win. WHORES!

        • Joe how do you beat the court if they have established jurisdiction just by you showing up for the ticket? I have a first appearance for no tags no license for my motorcycle comming up, do you have any tips for me? Also if it matters I have the manufactures certificate of origin for my bike. Any help would be amazing!!

          • Ninjas suck… GSXR baby

          • The pro se moves I’m hinting at require a lot of education on your part. You must become fluent in their language, procedure and most importantly, the law itself. If you have something coming right away, I wouldn’t attempt anything special.

            If you want to get a jump start on learning for the future, here is a good place to start.


            I am not providing any legal advice, nor am I informing you of the law. This is for educational purposes and what you decide to do with the information is your choice, alone. You should also be aware that the corporate legal system is greatly rigged for you to fail and loaded with a plethora of trickery. For me, I would tread lightly unless I knew exactly what I was doing.

            • Thank you Joe, but I have no intention of letting them take my money like this

        • I’m sure any tampering will disable the vehicle.

      14. They want us to be “zoo animals”, confined,but fed and all needs taken care of by them. Or, “tagged animals” so we feel free, but can be located whenever the ranger wants to check up. I swear, I’m “only” 49yrs old, but the pace of change and technology makes this world so unlike the one in which I was raised. Everywhere you go, everything you do, each item you buy has to have the government involved. Our children won’t even realize what it is to be free. Just like young born in a zoo. By the way, what happens to a zoo animal when the keeper is no longer around, and the cages are opened?

        • Well said!!

        • … the animals get out and start eating the zoo visitors.

          I guess, some animals (few, but very persistent) will go after the zoo keepers… to pay their respect, so to speak…

          • … especially if much harm was done to their mate or cubs.

            It’s gonna be fun. Can’t wait to see it.
            All those royalty/presidents/parliaments/CFR/Trilateral/Bilderberg will have no place on this planet where to hide from the mightily pissed off slaves.
            I wonder: do they have secret bases on the Moon or beyond?.. That would be their only hope.


            • Angry citezen,
              Do you relly think that they don’t have a backup plan or a fallback position. They have been preparing for this for a long time. they are not doing this on a whim. Of course they have thier moves, AND YOUR MOOVES all thought out. They know exactly how you will react and have made preperations for it. Tread lightly and think before you act.

        • Wonder when they start making it mandatory for people to have an RFID chip implanted in our arms! Can you imagine telling your kids that if they don’t roll up their sleeves and take it too, Mommy and Daddy will be dragged off to the local train station for a ride ….. Never to be seen again …….

          • ~Able Sable~

            Actually, the ZOG will likely hold Junior & Jessica under protective custody until mommy & daddy….get w/ the PROGRAM!!!

            …think about it…all they have to do, is to lock down the schools & day cares, w/ some seriously armed jack-booted-thug enforcers & deny you access to them….until you comply w/ their demands.

            …conveniently, there WILL be a ZOG medical-bus on site, staffed w/ smiling govt customer service personnel….for instant implant purposes….your kids will have been chipped earlier.

            …shortly thereafter…the shitheads in Congress will decree, pass legislation requiring “chipping”….in order to work/hold a job or have a bank account!
            Banks will be mandated to install “chip verification scanners” for its patrons…ditto for all commercial/retail outlets, medical clinics/doctor’s offices & grocery stores!

            …in fact, if one “war-games” this scenario long enough & looks hard at the logistics involved…you can easily end up w/ a completely “cashless society”…full electronic direct deposit & debit transactions tied to your “chip verification/ID number”….to the delight of the IRS guys!

            …an orchestrated/planned collapse of the dollar/paper currency system could very well be the prerequisite to implement this satanic agenda.


            …And lest one thinks I’m way off base regarding the above possibilities…recall former “HOMELAND SECURITY CHIEF” Tom Ridge proudly proclaiming that he’d already been “chipped”…crowing about it in various media interviews!!!

            Any bets that another former “HOMELAND SECURITY” chief….(jew-bastard) Michael Chertoff, who currently owns the company that manufactures/sells the terrahertz porno X-ray scanners, to the TSA for US airport/travel usage………….will/has a vested interest in producing the chip-scanning machines as well??????

            Wait & see……………….

          • the RFID chip law is covered in Obamacare, from what i have heard.

        • You were sold into debt slavery when you were issued a birth certificate. It’s all been downhill since.The whole system needs to be uprooted and replaced with natural or common law.

          • I agree. But who’s going to change it? Who’s got the balls to uproot anything? Basically, it’s too late. Nobody is going to stand up and demand the oppressors change. If anything was ever going to happen, it would have happened by now. And I don’t see millions or even hundreds of patriots anywhere, storming the ramparts with a copy of the Constitution or Magna Carta in one hand and a rifle in the other.
            And that’s the only way it would or could happen. Can’t vote em out. Can’t get them to do the right thing. Those running everything have all the cards. Youd need a sudden eruption of patriotic fervor before the people will ever rise up and take back their country.

            • ~Able Sable~

              Your post is full of valid points/truths!

              In actuality, at some point in the near future it’ll likely descend into a thousand little “Joe Stack” moments…a thousand small fire-fights spanning time & spread across the country…undertaken by lone pissed-off Americans…who have nothing else to lose…& for whom life under the ZOG-corp has lost all meaningful purpose!

              The regime’s definition of domestic terrorists being wholly to blame, of course!
              Their response will be brutal, coupled w/ the “final nail in coffin” freedom killing legislative edicts!
              Film at 11…..

              …expect the herd animal society to cower in fear of being caught in the middle & being forced to…..MAKE A DECISION as to where their allegiances belong….many will roll over & surrender their lives, liberties & their progeny to whatever ZOG-corp demands!

              ….never bothering w/ the idea of going after the bankers/politicians/corp CEOs/foreign diplomats & so called dual-citizenship enemies of GOD, the Constitution……..and the American people!

            • Able Sable
              I have an idea. We have to beat them to the punch. It was WE THE PEOPLE who wrote the Constitution that established the govenment. All WE have to do is abolish the Constitution and then there is no authorization for the federal government. Then WE rewite the Constitution and make it clear in modern language and a little more specificity in the ammendments that have been misinterperted.

            • Able…there ARE millions who quietly,everyday in a million different ways defy the corp…you will see more of it,they again maybe you wont see it because thats the point..theyre doing it quietly,not drawing attention but still hurting the beast…one day all these little flickers of flame may join to ignite in a conflageration that finally consumes this govicorp!

        • Actually, in spite of the many replies about attacking or eating zookeepers/visitors/etc, mostly they die, because they don’t know how to care for themselves outside the zoo environment.

        • We are free range tax cattle.

        • Quote:
          Rick:) says:
          April 19, 2012 at 11:30 pm

          They want us to be “zoo animals”, confined,but fed and all needs taken care of by them. Or, “tagged animals” so we feel free, but can be located whenever the ranger wants to check up. I swear, I’m “only” 49yrs old, but the pace of change and technology makes this world so unlike the one in which I was raised. Everywhere you go, everything you do, each item you buy has to have the government involved. Our children won’t even realize what it is to be free. Just like young born in a zoo. By the way, what happens to a zoo animal when the keeper is no longer around, and the cages are opened?

          End Quote:

          I agree Rick! The biggest problem is that the elitist zoo keepers have global population reduction goals. Scary stuff indeed!

      15. Just one little slash at freedom at a time folks, the way it has always been, slowly over time. I know that I might catch some flack for this, but here goes: OBAMA just might be the best thing that could happen to America in this day and age. A self-professed Muslim that naturally cannot mix well with Talmudism/Zionism/Judaism seemingly makes the perfect candidate to unhinge us from the control of the Zionists in the once great land. It has always been said that it is darkest before dawn and maybe that’s what will have to come in effect for this country to wake up and see the power players at work via total chaos. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t and never would vote for Obama or the jew boys, but I see how he could be use to break or fracture their control over us, especially if they tried to axe him. Just a thought.

        • Have you ANY idea of just how loathed Obama is in the Islamic World? Or even in Africa right now? Popular sentiments runs from execute him (the radicals) to let the US keep him (the moderate middle-class sheople).

          If ever a man was to be utterly repudiated by his homeland it’s the individual known as Barrack Obama.

      16. ’tis all irrelevant anyway..

        The Euro and Eurozone are on the brink of collapse, then comes the USA, then China+emerging economies, then what’s left.

        This is a global economic collapse that will take decades to recover from so who the hell’s going to be driving to work or anything else ?
        Who’s going to administer all this ?
        Data storage and processing will be astronomical and even though the US is implementing their whoopy-doo SOTA facility to do just that what’s the point !

        It’s inevitable that these EDR’s will be hacked and programmed to what YOU want anyway -nice blackmarket op there…
        Or you could just “spike it” and no-one can say it didn’t just fail randomly.

        Bottom line – we all have FAR bigger things to worry about than some pissy car movement tracker monitoring mum and the kids going to Walmart.

      17. Can I assume we were all just as worked up when radar based speed enforcement came out? How about red light cameras? Seat belt laws? Remember the riots and protests about seat belt laws? Anyone? Seems kinda ‘after-the-barn-door’s-closed’ now doesn’t it?

        The frog is just about boiled.

        Prepping should be mandatory.
        Two weeks minimum.

        Blizzards happen.

      18. Not that anyone who hangs out at this site would do this, but if you’re one of the 30 million who already has the little black box in your vehicle and you want to remove it, it’s SILVER, not black.

        • EA

          I hope some dont deploy their airbag sensor rahter then the GPS…just saying.

        • the “box” is inter connected to way too many opperating systems of the vehicle..if you disable it, the vehicle is disabled..will not run

      19. The interesting thing is that these data recorders have been installed in cars for years now and people don’t even know it. GM started issuing them across the board starting in 2001. Nissan used them in random cars before that and so did countless other automakers. I own the factory service manuals for all of my cars and one of them has this box. The disturbing thing is that the wiring harness that leads to it has yellow connectors and loom wrap. Now to those who don’t know what that means, it is a way to identify parts of the vehicle wiring that are connected to the airbag system. By law they are required to be yellow. So, if you disconnect the data logger, it throws a fault in the passive restraint system and effectively renders the car’s safety systems useless. Now, you may well think that you still have seat belts, but many times this is not the case. Modern cars use seat belt pre-tensioners. They are small explosive charges that fire to tension the lap belt when a collision is detected by the air bag system. This is why if you find a car in the junkyard that has been in a collision, the seat belt retractors will no longer function. So, disconnecting the data recorder also renders the seat belts inert in a newer car. (The older system was what is called an inertia reel. It used a small pendulum to lock a ratchet when it moved, thus stopping the belt reel from loosening.)

        Now, if that isn’t bad enough, most modern cars use highly interconnected systems-such as multiplex wiring. I tend to think the safety systems are not fully integrated with them due to the need for a fail-safe, but am not certain. Anyways, it is very easy for the automaker to cause the car to become disabled in the event that any part of the safety systems are disabled. This means there is no way to easily remove the recorder. Even if you were to convert the engine over to something like Megasquirt (an open source, engine controller), the rest of the car would no longer work due to the integration of all of the other systems into that single ECM. Even the speedometer and gauges run off of the ECM on a newer car, not to mention the radio, automatic transmission, brakes, etc. So, you would essentially have to re-engineer all of the car’s essential systems to make it usable again-and then it would immediately fail emissions. Now, I am a car person who has been playing with cars all my life and I don’t think I could unravel the mess that would come into play when it comes time to disable this technology. If I can’t, then there are probably only a handful of people out there who could. Most people will just play along and let themselves be herded to the government slaughterhouse because they have no choice.

        • So the way I interpret your post Winston, is, don’t sell the ’57 Chevy sitting in the garage?

          • 43 willies, less wires………


            I wouldn’t have known. Thank you for the info I never knew or would not havce known.

          • Carbeurators, points, chokes, and timing lights don’t seem like such a hassle now, do they?

          • The bigger problem with old cars is parts availability. The car I drive every day is a super fuel efficient model from the early 1990’s and I am starting to run up against the supply of parts drying up as they become scarce. Engines such as the small block Chevy (first introduced in the 55 Chevy) went out of production in the 1990’s, at least in production cars. Thus, the supply of junkyard parts that most of us who daily drive older models is drying up. For model-specific parts in areas outside the rust belt, this seems to take around 20-25 years from the last date of production. In the rust belt this can take as little as 10 years. Eventually, you won’t have much of a choice and will have to own one of these data logged vehicles in order to get around. That is why it is so insidious. Sure, the government will argue that driving is still a choice and that you could choose to walk or bicycle everywhere but let’s be realistic. Life in the modern world usually requires a car or truck to get your daily life going. Without it, you can’t do things in a timely manner. So, the government is essentially mandating that every productive American be tracked (eventually).

        • Great info Winston. I have worked on cars since I was a kid.When they became computer controlled I was basically f—d on working on them other than replacing parts. Too many sensors,etc to figure out without expensive data stream recorders.And yes EA, keep the 57. Besides being an awesome automobile, you can work on it.

          • The ’57 was only a metaphor. Along with my “bugged” Tundra, I’ve got a ’80 Vespa (75 mpg), that I think is bug free. Then again, I wonder about my bicycles?

          • Living on a farm and growing up working on machines,I learned to remake lots of stuff…I agree that comps are one of the worse things ever invented that make car maintenence difficult to say the least…I have however bypassed and reworked alot of the electronic junk on some relativly new vehicles(late 90-2000s) electronic speedos are tough to get around,so Ive either left them intact or drove without one…really the only way I can see is to either walk or drive an oldie…or overthrow the PTB….I do the first two and work daily at the third….

        • @ Winston Smith. Thank you for myself and I am sure everyone else for the very interesting explanations on this system. The more I read about how the government makes it so difficult to enjoy freedom, the more of a sick feeling I get in the pit of the stomach. Maybe it is better to go for the pre-1975 or so models that will operate after an EMP. Cars are your personal property and I just don’t see how this tracking, especially if sent to some GPS satellite, could hold up in a constitutional court. Of course the government is trashing the constitution all the time.

          You are so correct about herding everyone into a slaughterhouse, without any choice. I totally blame these brain dead masses of conformists that are more interested in that Kim Kardashian is going to try to run for mayor, or some other monkey chatter. The masses call all of us that see this coming control of the state as clear as day, paranoid or red neck extremists or chicken littles or nuts. These people don’t even try to see what is happening, total mental laziness. If the majority of the population said hell no to this tracking those that passes these laws would never allow this to happen, afraid of being kicked out of office. The masses of idiots are to blame for this.

          When I visit this site there are huge differences from the common gossip sites groups that gather and talk about totally meaningless garbage, the people here use something called their brains. We are cautious about much for real good reasons. The people here see the tiny chopping away of freedoms that the state does. The common idiot does not see these increments of lose of freedoms. The government is patient and as long as it introduces small losses of freedoms, the majority will not notice it. They tell everyone it will save money and make “lazy” people’s lives that much more convenient.

          You have a population that could if backed into it, accept being personally microchipped, even line up and be happy to be tracked constantly. I am just glad that I personally like others that visit this site have minds of our own and can see what is happening to our freedom.

          It is like the word freedom means nothing to most people anymore. What has happened to most people?

          • i came across a site once where mother’s were discussing the benefits of having their children (babies) microchipped. they were all for it. scary.

            • @ AnotherVoice. I would trust some extraterrestrial putting a chip in me more than I would the government. That is pathetic. In other words that anyone would trust some gray alien or God knows what else more than they would their own species’ government shows just how putrid rotten the leadership is of this country and all countries has become. What is even more pitiful I think most people actually feel the same, they would trust someone from another planet more than they would a person working for the government.

      20. Its amazing the rate at which things like this are being signed into action. Let me also point out that google has been doing testing that removes the operatior. These “Google cars” may be on the horizon not long after ridiculous things like this bill. Just imagine the tracking or “hacking” capability pointed out in the article here.

      21. I have a few classics..they will never get their hands on, I have built a hot rod doesnt and wont have one of these, and Im sure it will piss them off.
        what they will do, and they have already started (cash for clunkers) to try their damdest to get them off the road.
        the next will be .you wont be able to get insurance on a classic..”because they will say they are unsafe”.

        believe it or not..the EDR’s are on more cars and trucks than we realize…most people think its just the high end cars, or just GM because of On-Star..or ford because of Sync..or what ever they call it…I found its even on overseas is in the package sold to them for the engine, and airbag diagnostic equipment.

        And ..they dont tell you about its caapabilities when you buy the car, or truck.

        dont think your Mazda is exempt..or your VW…its already there, and its capabilities have just begun.

        GM can shut your car down..if LE wants it shut down..Ive seen it happen in a theft incident..if it can be done for can be done for any of their nefarious reasons

        • Mazda is /was run by Ford.

          • yup..aware of that

      22. Sure. And then the next time, and the next time, and the next time. At 53 years of age, I’ve seen the line in the sand move to many times.

        And here we are.

        Imagine where we will be.

        Oops! There’s another line in the sand. And another… and another…

      23. Why talk about how to defeat these devices when we should be stopping this BS in it’s tracks. What’s it going to take before we act? Cattle cars?

        • King Krazyu
          Finnaly, someone who gets it and asks the right questions.

        • The problem is that so much is going on at once that people don’t have time to react. The people trying to push these things through are counting on mass distraction to allow it to escape the public’s consciousness. People can’t focus on a lot of things at once and so they pick one or two to deal with instead. Right now, people are worried about the economy the most so most will focus on that, neglecting the critical civil liberties issues that are being forced through while they are distracted. As none of these things are being implemented today, these bills go largely unnoticed. However, one day people will wake up to a country where power has drastically shifted against them and it will be too late.

          Make no mistake: This is all part of a strategy of the ruling class to subjugate the rest of us to their needs. Slavery comes in many forms and doesn’t always involve visible chains. Sometimes the chains take the form of fear instead of cords binding you. Right now, the rope of fear is gradually tightening it’s noose upon our throats, making us afraid of speaking out lest we be labeled a “terrorist” and be thrown in jail indefinitely. That’s just while it is in the ramping up stage. Imagine how much worse it will get in a few years when these bills come into their full flower.

          Sadly though, I think there is little we can do unless a large, vocal minority of the public both wakes up AND is then covered positively in the mainstream press. The problem with that though is that the mainstream press won’t cover the control structure being put into place so most people will never realize that there is anything to worry about in the first place! A few “kooks” on the internet in a few fringe blogs aren’t going to amount to a whole hell of a lot in the grand scheme of things. They are relying on that to hold true. If it gets out of control then expect to see a call to limit political speech on the internet to only government approved sources because blogs are too dangerous due to the unfiltered opinions they feature. We will become like China all the while waving the flag of “freedom”. Think it can’t happen? Some powerful politicians have already called for such actions while others use the threat of lawsuits to shut down poorly capitalized sites that feature opinions that place them in a bad light.

      24. it’s always been about control – the power to make others do what is perceived as benefit for the controller… it used to be secretively done only now, today, here in America it’s no longer hidden nor shrouded… it’s commonplace because there are 2 basic issues driving it: 1) the rampant powerlust infecting those who shape our culture which includes both politicians and the co-conspirator businessmen; 2) the realization of how fragile the proverbial back of the camel has become by both of the aforementioned producing their effort to extract as much as quickly from as deeply as possible without tipping the scale to all out rebellion – the very place we’re headed unless this insanity stops – unless THEY stop it – and begin reversing it which we all know will never happen…

        gear up folks, it appears the fat lady is just off-stage awaiting her cue…

      25. On-Star has a capability I didn’t see mentioned here (sorry if I missed it). They can “turn on” the microphones in the car anytime they want. It’s advertised as a safety feature, of course, dramatically presented as the voice of a good Samaritan, checking to see if you are hurt in the event of an impact.

        However, this is easily just another way they can spy on the people in the vehicle – by simply logging in, switching on the microphone and listening to your every word.

        GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. we have no more money to give you , you fucking scum sucking piece of shit.go to hell about we fucking put a collar on you and track your every move.. FUCKING FAGGOT.

        • Now THAT’S funny.Say it like you mean it brother.

        • Don’t hold back, eeder. Tell us what you really think!

        • collar and ball in the mouth…bring in the gimp

      27. I suspect pre KGB cars will command a premium for a while until legislation gets passed (or executive order, we don’t need no stinking legislation) mandating the modifications for “Environmental” reasons of course. No “Reasonable” person caring about the environment can oppose this. A high speed chase that results in the death of nuns, kids, mom and one highly decorated hero will be shown on every station all day long with the state funeral for the hero thus sealing the fate for the newly mandated legislation requiring ALL VEHICLES to have EDRs to stop the carnage on our highways.

        Cleaner air complements of speed limit control, safer streets, stopping fleeing criminals; what sane person can oppose this?

      28. Short the boxes out. Create a factory recall from hell. Make them pay for this intrusion! Think outside their box.

      29. A warrior is a man with guts, a smart dog, and a brave horse.

        Time to saddle up!

        • you forgot something..can you figure it out?

          • VRF,

            A warrior is a man with guts, a smart dog, a weapon, and a brave horse.

            I stand corrected.

            • (Smiles)

      30. So play some mind games with the fuck-nuts. Spill coke on the GD thing. Park your car at Wally World’s parking lot for a week and use a bike, or switch cars amoung friends so they can’t know who’s driving what. Drive 10 mph in a 60 then speed up to 90 in the next block. There are alot of smart people in this country, anything added on can be taken off. DRIVE THEM NUTS!

        Mess with those who mess with you.

        • I like you way you think 🙂

          Or get a group together, remove dozens of the recorders ( but keep them powered ), and send them on a plane ride. Some government watchman gets to see all these vehicles racing cross country in the matter of hours.

          • it!

        • i’m wondering now if these spy-boxes have any immunity to magnetism…. we’re talking computer-like equipment and we all know that we don’t store magnets with our towers, laptops, nor digital media…………..

      31. OFF GRID has new an more important meaning now more than ever can’t track you veryy well on a motor bike bike horse etc… the more we embrace new tech the more they suck the human race into being monitored, force fed, behavioral patterns on an on. As always, be ready to jump off the GRID

      32. Notice Ted Nugent isnt in jail?
        Notice the SS didnt incarcerate him?
        Its because he’s fuckin right, and they know it

        Notice all the lefty’s the lambasted him havent come back on the blogs to to say they were wrong … or that what they wanted didnt come to close?


        Wheels On Teddy! Tell them all to go bag it,, free speach brother

        As it were, he threatened himself, no one else..the lefties were just trying to make it into something it wasnt..

        Again, as i have said, Dont start nothin’ wont be nothin’

      33. Maybe one could detach the antenna which would disable the up/down link but still keep all the other control functions such as safety and engine still functional?

        • @Skyhawk, how about 20 layers of tinfoil wrapped around the dam thing.

          • If your are talking about the EDR I don’t think wrapping 20 layers of tinfoil around it will do anything. The easiest way to disable the Comm link is to disconnect the antenna. You will lose GPS and any other features from the wireless service providers but they will lose contact with you. Just remember that the memory chip will still contain driving data such as speeding that could be used against you if the module is physically probed. But there might be a tool your mechanic has that can reset the memory.

            • Sky Hawk, discharging the battery might work – it works to clear other electrical codes and can reset most of the computers on the vehicle.

      34. …or you could give up cars altogether. it’s not impossible. i sold my car in 1997, swore i’d never have one again. i am car-less. i bike everywhere. to make this easier i moved to a location where biking year-round is normal, where everything is within reach, where i don’t necessarily need a car (no gas, no repairs, no oil, no insurance, no parking tickets, no police pulling me over, etc……and now no tracking device). i’m not a wealthy person, i just know how to live within the paradigm without breaking my back and without giving money to oil companies.

        you can do it, too. give up cars. you’ll be glad you did. it’s easier than you think.

        • Ron: It’s a great thing being able to be car free; but most cannot…hauling kids, elderly parents, groceries, stuff too much to hand carry home on a bus, etc. Unless you live in a major city with good transportation, stores close by, it is impossible to be car free and conduct daily business, errands, keep appointments, etc. The money saved (car free) as like being child free, would save a small fortune!

        • This shouldn’t be allowed as it is legally your property and is tantamount to testifying against yourself.

      35. It’s the same ole,same ole, thing that’s been going on for the past fifty years. Politicians and TPTB sit around and come up with ways to control every aspect of our lives. The rest of us common people work our asses off, to give them a hefty paycheck, while we try to keep food on the table, a roof over that table, and clothe and educate our children. They don’t think about their next meal or where their next paycheck is coming from. They are part of the good ole boys club, career politicians, bankers and lawyers (not all are bad, just 99.99%) and they are afraid of what we are doing that might upset their little party train. They could care less, that the train their riding, is a long black one and is heading to a firey hole to never return. The conducter is pulling all the levers and laughing the whole time.

      36. I see this the opposite way, as a way to generate ironclad alibis for physical crimes. It is very easy to simulate activity with computers and phones such that you appear to actively using them when in reality you might be miles away. Or buy a handheld jammer from China and be a walking zone of confusion.

        Gotta love late model cars.

      37. Oh yeah…if you don’t like it, stop doing anything that generates tax revenue (and start maxing out things that spend government money).

      38. If every vehicle is eventually tracked then the need for the new NSA center in Utah makes sense.

      39. A Country is a large group of people where most of the people have common values, like freedom and Faith.

        “Active Measures” is a method used by the old KGB, and is now being used by our Lame Stream Media, which spread rumors and fake “facts” to undermine the will of the American people. It’s also known as demoralization.

        According to Lenin, “You can not have Class Warfare, without Civil War, it is a natural progression”.

        Know what you believe is true, stand on the truth, and trust in God, as He is the God of Truth.

        If Civil War should ever come, hold tightly to our Constitution and show no mercy to thoses who would destroy The Truth it contains. Psalm 91

      40. I had a friend go on some computer hacker sites. Apparently, these devices have millions of lines of code, making them very difficult to alter. They also tie into many systems in the car which makes it a tougher project too. Note not impossible, merely difficult.

      41. Off Topic…charts so simple everyone should understand.

        Elmo Tries to Explain The National Debt


      42. I am an Accident Reconstructionist and laugh and laugh every year or so when an artical like this comes out about the dreaded “Black Box”. Don’t get me wrong, I come to this site everyday because the day of reckoning is coming, and most of the information I get here is very valuable to me and my preparedness. The time is near when the freedoms we all currently know, will be gone, and the Constitution will be just a document in a museum. With that said, I will set a few things straight about Event Data Recorders (EDR).

        The EDR or CDR (Crash Data Retrival) as its know in the accident investigation world, has been around since the mid 90’s in GM vehicles, but there was only a few vehicles that you could get any information from, until about 2003. You can go right here and see what vehicles are on the list that information can be downloaded from,

        Here is how the system works. The EDR is constantly recording when the vehicle is running, but has to have an event before it actually saves the information. The event is normally a crash. GM took a Corvette up to 165 mph on a test track, slammed on the brakes as hard as they could to a stop, and pulled the EDR to see if the stop triggered the EDR to save the information. It did not log an event. Without an event, no information can be downloaded. There is just nothing there. Its not transmitting information anywhere on your driving habits, its not recording how fast you go on a daily basis, or where you are. It simply doesn’t do that. It records information from an event, period.

        Heres how this works, after a bad crash, normally a fatal, if the vehicle involved is one of the vehicles on the list that I can download information from, I pull the EDR, which normally involves taking the car apart to get to it. Then I need either consent from the owner of the vehicle, or a search warrant to download the information. Without one of those things, I can not download the information.

        The information I get from the EDR is 5 to 8 seconds pre crash (speed, brake switch on or off, % of throttle, engine RPM all in 1 second intervals, seat belts buckled or unbuckled, air bags functioning properly…) and 150 to 300 milliseconds of post crash Delta V (positive or negative acceleration / time). Thats it. Your speed 5 minutes prior, location, communication with an outside source that can disable your vehicle, unlock your doors…, thats On-Star. I will not buy a car with that. NO WAY!!! But the EDR is not part of that. Its for crashes only.

        With evidence left on the roadway, damage to the vehicle and things that it struck… I can figure out a minimum speed and what the vehicle was doing that caused a crash anyway with Physics and good on scene investigation work. All an EDR does is make the accident reconstructionist’s job a little easier and confirm my other work.

        Once again, On-Star is not part of this system. You can legally disable your On-Star, which as I said, I won’t buy a vehicle with it, or if I did, I would disable it immediatly. I hope this helps brothers.

        • ok, how do you disable the on-star?

          • I found it, thanks

        • I believe you..the problem is this while it may not pose a threat to me and may not track me in its PRESENT configuration,we all know that its a simple tech up grade to a completely different animal…so while people may be not understanding the actual /function/capability of this box today those that value their liberty tend to have a very suspicious eye on anything that has any potential to infringe on that liberty…however remote or small it may be/seem….at least thats how I tend to look at it….thanks for the insight!

      43. The only good thing about the over the top surveillance is that it will probably over load them. They get bogged down in the massive data overload. However, it may not prevent resistance, but it will allow them to track the “offenders”. Low tech, low tech, low tech. No electronics at all.

      44. Tracking is here to stay, car, cell phone, internet, Rf card, it’s all about control and revenue.

      45. @Mac,

        I do not like the use of foul language. How does this improve the article? Next time could you remove it? I really like this site’s articles, but can do without the language.


        • I agree with you GA girl. The f-bomb was not needed in the article. Often I like to forward the articles to friends and relatives, but I didn’t this one for the same reason you cited.

      46. Move somewhere you do need to own a vehicle. Walk. Ride a bike. Use public trans. I stopped driving years ago. Miss it sometimes but love being off the grid. A car is a drain on your wallet too. If you don’t want big brother spying on you then don’t let him. Opsec always. Be a ghost.

      47. Heh, as if we needed yet another reason not to buy the over-priced junk that the car makers are spewing out now. I like my 1984 F250 more and more each day!
        Yeah, it’s a beater but it’s paid for and it works… unlike the government stooges who bring us less and less liberty by the day. Oh, I know that they are paid for too but the hang-up is the “work” part.

      48. I hope the public rises up and everyone rips these black boxes out of their new cars.

      49. This country’s government needs an enema!!
        I’ve been driving for almost 40 years with no accidents etc, I don’t need the government to tell me how to drive. Time to mount that old chainsaw motor on my bicycle! Time for everyone to non comply! Stop feeding the beast!

      50. well there is always things for inventions that we can beat the system, there is gotta be a way to fry the chip inside the black box etc, im just surprised more people havent treid to dismantle traffice cameras etc you know what i mean. its all about control for making money!!! its mainly the liberals that pass all these dumb laws. we have to let the younger people know and get lists of all these dumb laws and list them and keep track who is doing this, the GOP or Liberals.

      51. Soon they will just go ahead and demand that you will be tagged with a chip in order to keep you and society safe and orderly.

      52. Ya know, the author could be very prolific if he took 1999 articles and do a word replace with 2015 for 2000.

      53. In order to do this with old cars, they will have to get around the commerce clause first…The Government can’t force someone to buy something. With that said, The outcome of Obamacare is very important. If the SC throws out Obamacare due to the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate and the commerce clause, it will set a legal precendent…making the possibility of forcing a retrofit to older cars with these stupid boxes a tougher nut to crack. Not saying they couldnt do it eventually, and Sure they could tax folks who drive older cars with a gas guzzler tax, an unsafe car tax, whatever. They could also use the insurance companies to mandate this before getting insurance, but I think this will be a long way off…certainly not by 2015

      54. Hehehehe. <— Evil hacker laugh.

        Oh, yeah, thats me. What? Did you think the "Net" had something to do with fishing? Before I became a professional, I was one of those "evil hacker types" …the only thing I ever broke was security and I found it extremely fragile. …as I do today. Instead of snarfing passwords, today I tell people how to keep from getting snarfed.

        You must understand that if you know enough about this stuff, its not at all confining. There are tons of hacks on this stuff out there already. All one has to do is google (or gibiru) "automotive black box hacks".

        You know what they say, where it is a will there is a way. If there is a will and a way, there is almost undoubtedly a hack.

        Most people view hackers as evil, law breaking, vandals. This is really not at all true. Nearly all the hackers I have known in the past were super ethical and very respective of common law rights while being almost totally disrespectful of corporate color of law. I have always been way more afraid of the unpredictable cops that I have of any of the hacker community.

        With electronics like these, we can turn to the hackers. If you can root an iPad, do you think you can't root a GM black box? Puhleeze!!! They're begging us to root them! They're runing embedded Linux. …or basic stamp stuff.

        These are the kinds of things that keep hackers up at night. That faint voice coming from the garage.

        "Psst. Hey, Don't you wanna hack me???!!!"

        ANSWER: *YES*!

        Lots of those black boxes will be hacked BEFORE they get into consumers hands. The more complex industry makes cars, the easier they are to HACK! The reason is that they're all put together by engineers. Oh, they study security protocols but they don't live, eat and breath them like the hacker community. Of course you have the DMCA to contend with, but, to a hacker thats small potatoes compared to the thrill of "Puttin' It To The Man".

        • “The reason is that they’re all put together by engineers. Oh, they study security protocols but they don’t live, eat and breath them like the hacker community.”

          And the above is a fine example of College educated dimwits,the same could be said of Architects,how many times have i been on a job sight framing a house with master carpenters looking at plans drawn up that were just inane.

      55. Every century is defined by megalomaniacs that want to control every facet of men’s lives. The only difference from one to another is whether those men choose to be free or choose to be slaves.

        “As for me and my house,” we choose Freedom.

        Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere
        Deo Vindice!

      56. they installed cameras at my place of employment, first thought was OMG big brother is watching!! Now 6 months later finding out that they can also HEAR what we are saying, shit WTF??? BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING AND LISTENING!! CYA has new meaning now!!!

      57. They installed “security cameras” where I worked. Turns out the bosses didn’t look for thieves, they pointed the cameras at our work areas to see if we were sitting down. The result? The thieves took whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Sometimes they took entire shipments. Let’s hope the feds are just as stupid.

      58. If you cannot find a way out, find a further way in. In another way to put it, kick some ass.

      59. this is truley outrageous and just another sign o the times people!

      60. GPS’s do no receive messages for system control, in the case of OnStar it’s the OnStar receiver which controls your car through the BCU (body control unit) and other on board computers.

        GPS just receives location information and passes that on to other parts of the cars computers nothing more.

      61. I wondered why the rush to crush pre 1974 vehicles. Sure glad I kept one. No EMP worries, no big brother worries. Like it used to be, remember?

      62. I wondered why the rush to crush pre 1974 vehicles. No EMP worries, no big brother worries. Remember how it used to be? It was called freedom.

      63. Some technical issues with the above article…
        First, GPS is a receive-only deal. You GPS device looks for satellites, reads the signals and triangulates off them. It’s a bit more complicated than but the same concept as taking a bearing on several landmarks and marking yourself on a map. Key thing to know: the landmarks can’t see you.

        OnStar uses the cell phone network to carry the two-way info. Your car sends what’s basically a text message to OnStar HQ with “I’ve been stolen and I’m at GPS coordinates yaddayadda”, and OnStar sends back,”Shutdown engine.” A cell blocker will mess with this functionality.

        The article pushes a lot of concerns about the logger in your car… but misses what’s already a bigger issue. Everyone with a cell phone is tracked already. Even if you have a pre-E911 cell phone, the cell towers can lock you to within about 250-500meters in the typical city.

        In short : you’re already tracked.
        Don’t panic.

      64. Hahha I saw where someone pulled down or ran over a traffic cam within 6 to 10 miles of me..was out and about his weekend and saw it laying in the grass on the side of the road

      65. We are fast approaching a time when we will have to make a deciscion, do we fight or do we submit? We are running out of time, drones in the air, cameras everywhere, cell phones bugged, and now your car will become an informant. I fear that in the next few months all hell is going to break loose, I can’t see how Americans are going to keep putting up with this shit.

      66. Unplug.
        Just unplug.
        Get out of the “rat race”, then get off the high-tensile technology grid as best as you can. It is time for more people to defend their privacy and personal freedoms. It is time for more people to live more seriously and with a stronger conviction that supports their beliefs on personal liberty.

        So unplug. Stop being a crazed consumer. Stop complaining about the loss of freedoms that we have no control over. Now is the time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

        It’s time to walk away and and quit the game because you will not win. Don’t like how taxes are being wasted? Quit the working-grind that takes so much of your life from you.

        Unless you outwit the enemy, unplug, and build the type of network that the government will have a difficult time controlling, you are nothing more than a pawn. So quit the “lifestyle” you’ve been indoctrinated into believing is the only way to life. Develop the right attitude, and then begin anew: live simply with a renewed focus on what is truly important. Instead of simply surviving, learn to thrive with less.

        Get out of debt and stop being enslaved. Be bold. Walk away from the trappings, the slave-job, and downscale.
        Become self-reliant as best as you can. Grow your own foods, create a small community to be more self-sufficient. Change how you think — if you have a beater car, you need little car insurance (only liability). If you give up the car and get a horse, get hay instead of a corporate insurance policy. Buy a pig. Milk a goat. It’s a much better life once you unplug from the rat race and you are more in control.

        • Preach it! 🙂 …its a good way to live!

      67. Prepare for war…

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