SURPRISE! French Study Confirms Ultra-processed Foods Increase Risk Of Early Death

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    In a not so surprising announcement, a French team has discovered during a study that ultra-processed foods accelerate your risk of mortality.  According to the new research, humans face a 14% higher risk of early death with each 10% increase in the amount of ultra-processed foods we eat.

    Eating more and more processed foods, which is standard in the United States, could be a trend that causes early death from chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease and cancer. But it isn’t just the U.S.  Several nations suffer from succumbing to the highly addictive processed foods that can be detrimental to overall health and well-being. According to a recent study as reported by CNN, in the United States, 61% of an adult’s total diet comes from ultra-processed foods. In Canada, that number is 62%, and in the United Kingdom, that proportion is 63%. Much research has also indicated that eating ultra-processed foods can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and cancers, and the study authors confirm this.

    “Ultraprocessed foods are manufactured industrially from multiple ingredients that usually include additives used for technological and/or cosmetic purposes,” wrote the authors of the study, published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine“Ultraprocessed foods are mostly consumed in the form of snacks, desserts, or ready-to-eat or -heat meals,” and their consumption “has largely increased during the past several decades.”

    To understand the relationship between ultra-processed foods and the risk of an earlier-than-expected death, the researchers enlisted the help of 44,551 French adults 45 and older for two years. Their average age was 57, and nearly 73% of the participants were women. All provided 24-hour dietary records every six months in addition to completing questionnaires about their health (including body-mass index and other measurements), physical activities and sociodemographics. –CNN

    Ultra-processed foods accounted for more than 14% of the weight of total food consumed and about 29% of total calories, they found. Ultraprocessed food consumption was associated with younger age, lower income, lower educational level, living alone, higher BMI and lower physical activity level. Over the course of this study, 602 of the 44,551 participants died.  Once other risk factors, such as smoking, were taken into account, the researchers came to the determination that there is an associated 14% higher risk of early death for each 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods consumed.

    The “findings make sense, given what we know to date about the deleterious effects of food additives on brain function and health, but the effects observed are very small,” wrote Molly Bray, chairwoman of the Department of Nutritional Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin, in an email. She was not involved in the research.


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        • Amazing how much money you save when you stop eating so much.

          • If you do hard labor or extreme sports, on the food in the illustration, you will pee literal blood.

            Fortunately, I am very good at making real, nutritive food, from very little.

      1. Other breaking news:
        Water is wet.

      2. It really makes zero sense, nutritionally or economically, to out that garbage in your body. The ingredients are full of chemicals.

        Ever notice that bread from the grocery doesn’t go stale like it should versus your homemade delicious bread? That’s because they turn hair and feathers into an amino acid and add that GARBAGE to bread which makes it stay soft. How revolting.

        There are consequences to eating this over 10+ years.

        The old mom and pop restaurants who made foods from scratch tasted delicious, and single guys and old folks would sometimes get a meal that way. Now restaurant food from franchises is awful ad disappointing and expensive with small portion sizes.

        The convenience foods now taste WRETCHED. The exception was Whole Foods and Wild Oats when they first opened but who in the world can afford those prices?

        Save your money and try cooking recipes yourself…even if it doesn’t save you money, so you know how. An example of this is making croissants which takes a lot of time and effort to create all those layers. A homemade almond cream cheese croissant is absolutely delicious…but a lot of work.

        Canned soups are awful now. A frozen pizza is terrible but they always were. These are easy to make. A prepper can routinely make a delicious frugal meal in a crockpot and it is wholesome. You should practice the haybox method as that will be your go to routine way when there is no power.

        Make your own frozen desserts like popsickles and ice cream and sherbet so you put in wholesome ingredients without the goop of algae that is put in to create a fake creamy taste. Real ice cream is delicious plus kids like making it. Otherwise you are eating whipped chemical goop.

        Some churches will still have members bring in handcrank and electric ice cream makers so you can taste 30 different kinds of REAL ice cream. That is marvelous.

        • You can either eat some revolting chemical soup popsickle from the grocery…

          or eat a delicious wholesome homemade popsickle. She always has great recipes.

      3. At least once when the garden is producing, or there are deals at the Farmner’s market, make cerviche.

        It is a marvelous delicious healthy meal, typically an ordinary lunch in Latin America.

        That and fresh fish tacos is sublime with homemade refried pinto/black beans with bacon.

        You can out put lots of little sides so your family can alter the contents of the tacos, and they will want this every two weeks.

        Have a little fruit salad to finish the meal.

        • F6miiyisJnY
          Foccacia with rosemary and sun dried tomatoes with a melted cheese of your choice, I like romano. And then serve with a side of olives or make a tapanade. Perfect, simple, inexpensive, and satisfying comfort food.

          An argula salad or mixed greens with some toasted pecans and a vinegarette.

          It’s good for your soul.

          • What a crybaby you are! Hey asshat, why do you feel compelled to read my posts?

            Where are your valuable posts? Have you mad even one?

            • Why is it people feel like they have to be entertained? It’s so LAZY. It’s so childish…”Daddy tell me a story…”

              Here’s a revolutionary thought for grown-ups. In the time it took to make a worthless comment, write a valuable useful one. I know, that is too taxing for you, but you can spend the next 24 hours and maybe…just maybe…you can think of something positive to contribute.

              What a waste of my time to bother posting any ancestral skills to total fools like you.

              • Do you think Christians are mamby pamby weaklings? Hell no dumbass! Not in Western Kentucky!

                I don’t care what you think. You don’t matter.You are a flea.

                Get a life, whiner.

                If you are so enlightened, quit your job for a year and e
                devout yourself to altruism of any kind, and then lecture me, Fool.

                • Maranatha, I for one enjoy your posts and can tell we agree on a lot of things. I WAS a Christian at one time but that’s another story for another time. Just wanted you to know that at least I in particular appreciate you being here.

                • (I have spent half the day, working on trees, and have ridden a tractor, through town.)

                  m said, “Do you think Christians are mamby pamby weaklings? Hell no dumbass! Not in Western Kentucky!”

                  Yes, in Greater Los Angeles.

                  Bib overalls and workboots are a liberal, moral panic, btw. It’s work clothes. I wear that for working. It’s not a fashion statement, for the farmer dating site.

              • I am glad to disappoint you. Next.

                What a bunch of effete useless wimps and brainless losers.

                They can dish it out and can’t take it.

                • I think, we have a state church and underground church, like in Russia and Red China.

                  “…if any would not work, neither should he eat.”
                  — 2Th 3:10

                  I defy a welfare statist to preach that, whose 501c3 status is used as an investment instrument.

            • You idiot. Grownups do not care one whit if they are liked by an anonymous stranger on the Internet. You liking something I wrote, or insulting me, is devoid of meaning. It is less than nothing as you are a fool.

              You are so lazy a d paranoid, that you can’t bother identifying yourself. What a weirdo and so self-centered. You are not interesting.

              But you could be…

              People like this toad are why ancestral skills stopped being taught.

              • M said, ‘Foccacia, rosemary,sun dried tomatoes, argula’


                I have cloned oil olives from an abandoned Indian school, am propagating artichokes, learning about the different radichios and endives. Hoping my capers come back, this spring. Will eventually sell bay laurels.

                • I like the Mediterrenean diet but I am landlocked from the sea. The Italians are masterchefs and exceed the French, in my opinion, as they were much more limited on ingredients like quality beef. Which is why they adapted with veal.

                  Due to their natural yeasts that fall on grapes, I seriously doubt American vitners can ever achieve the same quality in wines.

                • Jews used duck and goose in place of pork products in charcuterie.

                  I assume that the micro-biome is regional, can be imported, or is subject to re-interpretation.

                  Say where it is from, who made it, and be proud of the work of your hands.

      4. Canola oil and whey solids combined to make fake cheese slices, ground up and processed rendered pork remnants with potassium sorbate and FD+C yellow No.5 added for baloney slices, bleached GMO white flour with HFCS, gluten, preservatives to prevent molding, and yeast added to make bread slices, spread with canola oil oleo. mmm mmm good…it’s what’s for lunch.

        • For the same price, wouldn’t you rather eat a slice of pork tenderloin with real swiss cheese on homemade no knead European-style bread with horseraddish?

          • Yea…I don’t really eat much of that stuff I mentioned. It was more like satire.

            I especially like Cooper cheese. I do grow and grind my own horse radish and sometimes make bread, but we still get a bit of the chemicals in our food. It’s hard to avoid it unless you oversee every step of the production from field to table.

            • I know, Bud. It’s just a rhetorical question.

              In the old days, ladies would wear a wide brimed strawhat to keep from getting a tan,and would soak freshly grated horseraddish in milk or cream, and use that to reduce freckling.

              They would think ladies using tanning beds are crazy.

              A friend of mine is from Austria and he said that when they have races, there will be sauage and cheese and pastry and beer out as snacks. That’s quitre different than races in America.

              • In the 100 mi bicycle marathons, there are gummy bears, graham crackers and kool aid.

                Olympians apparently eat the whole buffet with their pancakes.

                I think, people telling you to conquer your hunger, are listless, pallid, run cold, and have skinny flab.

      5. And in other news, the US Government is blocking more of it’s citizens from the in the pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

        The Socialist beat goes on and on, with more and more restrictive gun ownership laws.

        They are doing making new laws which restrict it’s citizens from owning and buying large capacity magazines.

        They are both enacting new laws and blocking old laws regarding vagrancy, camping on city streets, taking over places they do not have a legal right to live or even be in/on. This in turn enables the lazy 45% of the population, free rein to do whatever they want to.

        Most of these are on Public assistance, which provides free housing, free access to food, free medical care, and free medical. Plus they get all this to encourage a lawless group who are like a locust plague on the rest of society. They are a huge drain on our natural resources, plus this group are huge drain on our government budget, increasing our deficits.

        They take and destroying whatever they desire, take over homes, stealing cars, robbing, raping, killing, and creating riots if and when they want too. Openly robbing,shooting and killing folks who are gainfully employed, but are prohibited from carrying a weapon to even defend them selves and their families.

        I have gotten carried away on here, But I will not apologize for my beliefs. Heck, they are even trying to take away our religious beliefs and slam our right to believe in a supreme being.

        Enough this probably will not make it thru the Censors.

        God Bless you all.

        An Old Pissed Off Old Vet.

        • Pissed Off Old Vet, welcome aboard and you’re in the right place. Very good post you made.

      6. In the olden way of speaking, there used to be no difference between something that was nutritious and fattening. Have you ever carried buckets of water? Logs? Fattening keeps you from wasting. This is a thing.

        But, ffs, it has to be something more than stabilizers and artificial flavorings.

        Still-life paintings of food stuck in moderation. In case anyone is confused, this looks like plants and animals. Ideally, this goes on a plate. That sits on a table.

      7. Gee, I wonder why 100 years ago cancer rates were no where the level they are today??

        I wonder what the Illumini will use to get to their 95% reduction in humanity.
        – Manufactured pandemic
        – emp’s
        – world economic collapse
        OR some of all of the above

        • Lumps and gristle, in the aged, were not a cause for moral panic, any more than a gnarled tree.

      8. “the risk of an earlier-than-expected death”
        Looks like more BS from CNN. Study doesn’t
        mention that directly, unless I missed it, when I read and searched the document.
        Intutively, we believe that poor diet causes
        a lower life expectancy, but there is no “normal”
        life expectancy. While I’m not stamped with an expiration date,
        at my age, life is day by day.
        I will continue to make my own bread and slather it with unsalted butter. I will eat canned sardines. I will drink too much beer, I will continue to eat home grown eggs, processed bacon and sausage, and eat homemade fried potatoes. I will eat
        local grass fed beef, local raised and smoked pork, and eat my chickens. In otherwords, eat what I want, when I want. I’d rather enjoy my later years. Than fret over the amount of artificial crud in my Breyers Vanilla ice cream(a very rare treat).

        • And I’m right there with you’0l Boy. Ewell Gibbons can keep his grape nuts. What you say??? Gibbons ain’t around no more? Well imagine that!

      9. ht tps://
        Euell was a very fine prepper and mentor of wild edibles, the Greene Dean of yesteryear.

        Many wild edibles are merely cultivated plants from Europe that our ancestors brought over and grew wild.

        Nobody is saying to eat tofu (soybean curd) and seaweed and give up bacon. Heck when I fry chicken, I use LARD and it tastes GREAT.

        Around here, old timers used to say, “I want to be sick when I die…” whenever some goofy treehugger would push too far on eating some bizarre food. They didn’t want to give up eating brautwurst only to live to 90 and be mean due to deprivation.

        • Lmao!

        • Real lard is what you want. I sure do love home fried chicken. I always pull the tibbit(tail off) before anyone else can.

          • I am such a redneck that I use bacon drippings and lard when making fried chicken!

            I like to eat a toasted eggs, bacon, and cheese sandwich for breakfast.

            Dang it, I reckon I will live to be 90 and I don’t want to. I am too healthy. I got loved ones I miss terribly waiting on me in Heaven.

            • Also, the rendered chicken grease (schmaltz) is used on other foods.

              Lard was once spread on toast, in place of butter, and marrow was considered a delicacy.

              I would personally consider the animal products more healthful than crisco, margarine, or cheese product, though I am not afraid of most any edible seed, which I can squeeze in my oil press.

        • Maranatha, I’ve always been a meat-eater and will be til’ my last day in this world. You mention chicken and bacon; you’re making me hungry, LOL.

      10. If you eat a lot of fast food and processed food, be sure to eat a lot of fiber and drink a lot of water as well. The faster that stuff moves through you, the better.

      11. If you love your children, teach them how to cook and bake. Bring your children into the kitchen. Let them help in the preparation of food. Also teach them how to grow food.

        But if you don’t love your children, don’t bother.


      12. I’ve been prepping over six decades now and either heartily studying ancestral skills or teaching them…and it costs me to do so, but I emulated Jesus and my own mentors I admired.

        It’s a total waste of time to try to do it for praise. There is nothing in the Bible indicating you will ever be thanked in this mortal life.

        The same is true for helping the poor, the sick, the homeless, those in prison, the naked, etc. If you think they will praise you, you will be disappointed. Maybe if you are lucky, one in a hundred will and ten years later, one in 500 will remember.

        Ahhh the Internet, where a total slobbering moron thinks that a rude comment provides value. The same kind of moron who never actually posts anything useful or practical as ancestral skills. The same toad that never lifts a finger to help others and who might just be a sociopathic disturbed individual or worse, a hatemonger teetering on the precipice of the last fragments of their sanity.

        Are we here to help new preppers actually learn skills?

        Not for some of you. You are here to bellyache and whine. How pointless, cowardly, and childish. Really the latter insults the preponderance of children as they are typically very appreciative.

      13. The latest study with your tax dollars confirmed that shit stinks and should not be eaten.

      14. A friend gets organic red wheat from Canada that he grinds into whole grain flower and bakes bread. The bread keeps a maximum two days before mold and bacteria start to feast on it. Conversely “Wonder Bread” keeps good for weeks as no self respecting spores or microbes get near it. From this perspective we eat food that bacteria and mold will not.

        • That’s crazy isn’t it? I spotted a bag of hamburger rolls that were sitting beside the bread machine for a couple weeks. Now, I remember not long ago, if you didn’t eat all the bread in a week, it would mold. No longer. I decided to see how long they would last. Those rolls sat there for 2 months and got hard instead of molding. Scary.

        • K2,
          I get red and white hard wheat berries, soft white wheat, mill them into flour, then bake my own bread. We know how to make bread manually, but we use a bread machine. You are right in that bread made this way does not last long, so we tend to only bake what we will use in a day. We extend the life of the bread by keeping it in baggies in the refrigerator, but it really dries out that way. That is what french toast is for, old bread.
          I’m not really put off by store bought bread, but here it is almost $5 per loaf of Roman meal, and my homemade stuff tastes better.
          I’m also working on the sourdough. Once I get that worked out we will probably never buy store bought or our local bakery bread again.

          • rellik

            I remember the bread was flavorful with texture. We’re getting “frankin food”. My friend married a woman from Belarus. She marveled at the abundance of food in the US but said, “your chicken is very big but doesn’t taste like chicken”. She said the same about taste with numerous foods like eggs and ice cream. I think it’s possible that the steroids and antibiotics have been increasingly used since the 1960s (when I was a kid) and the taste so gradually changed over time that we didn’t notice. Fresh taste buds picked it up however.

      15. I’ve looked at some very old photos and my people were generally quite thin from working so hard. Sure one or two in their old age had a little potbelly.

        Our ancestors were as skinny as a rail if they died in 30s, 40s, or 50s.

        In some old photos, the photographers hand colored the cheeks to add a touch of life to older photos, and sometimes colored the eyes.

      16. Maranatha, again, I want to express how much I look forward to reading and learning from your posts in particular. The haters will hate. Keep spreading the live and great advice!

        • You are welcome, Hon. Now…share some insight or wisdom you learned from your mentors so that old ancestral skills are not lost, and so perpetuate in the young folks. Don’t be bashful.


          If I ever criticize someone, it’s because I think they need to develop backbone or have developed poor character. I like everybody and have no enemies. If I didn’t like someone, I wouldn’t bother criticizing. That’s how I was taught, and BOY I got chewed out some. Mercy.

      17. ht tps://
        A standard rice cooker will make superior rice, but most people don’t realize that it can make a lot.

        Likewise some are actually steamers and so a great way to make genuine tamales in corn husks which are delicious, steam fish or shrimp perfectly, or vegetables so they aren’t overdone.

        Personally I’d make a shrimp boil for flavor, but steaming is okay.

      18. fqhP1u17Arw
        Making homemade Greek-style yogurt in a crockpot. Don’t mess up and add fruits containing preservatives which would kill the helpful bacteria.

      19. lC9pob43tBA
        A cajun style shrimp boil will make you sweat out toxins and be delicious comfort food. Pleasant contented sighing follows.

        You could try gather crawdads(crayfish) this year and boil them up. I bet you like ’em. Don’t forget to purge them.

        Sometime take a risk and try some frog legs and even go gigging for them. Just don’t take too many when harvestin’. A frog’s a sensitive critter and will mutate when the environment is polluted. They are sentinels.

      20. E29v5rx97bo
        Try this recipe. It’s a French Country bread with barley flour added and/or molasses. ‘Bet you like it.

        Also Brioche is pretty hard to beat.

        A secret ingredient of many yeast breads, dessert breads, or doughnuts is plain unsalted mashed potatoes. If you end up sweetening it, add cardamom. Cardamom is delicious in sweetened good quality black tea as well.

      21. Good quality European bread is akin to a beer. It’s fermented wheat and so adding barley or molasses is just adding nuance to a beer.

        Since butter goes well with bread, then incorporating it just enrichens it. Most generally a European bread has an egg wash brushed on it to help develop the crust and the shine so naturally adding egg makes for a delicious bread like Brioche which becomes more like pastry.

        The Irish made soda bread and they also naturally incorporated potatoes as did the Germans. Potato bread is hearty and if the SHTF, making a hearty bread then less to prepare for a meal.

        Southern Angel biscuits have double leavening ie both baking powder and yeast and most generally baked in an iron skillet so honestly it’s replicating the Dutch ovens methodology. Those are very fine biscuits and hearty.

        • mrp-HZQ3bX8
          When you start baking biscuits like these, people stop calling you a cook, and start calling you a chef. A little orange blossom honey or fresh strawberry preserves and these are outstanding.

      22. eTii_WhCYrE

        There are two main ways to make an excellent homemade bolognese sauce from scratch. You can roast roma tomatoes or your briefly boil them, toss them in ice water, and peel them. In my opinion, the former is better and that is in the video.

        Heat up some olive oil and prepare some fresh garlic cloves by removing the skins. Now you might typically use a garlic press, but at least once, slice them with a razor, very thin, and melt that in the heated olive oil.

        Meanwhile cut some excellent quality bacon with scissors. Fry that, reserve the cooked pieces, and cook a little onion and a little shredded carrots in the bacon grease.

        Combine the olive oil and bacon grease vegetable mixture. Chop the roasted roma tomatoes and add that in along with a tablespoon of sugar and fresh parsley leaves only. Cook that down. Then add some fresh basil and oregano to taste.

        Heat up some linguine al detente, and top with the homemade Bolognese sauce, and top that with the bacon bits and freshly grated romano.

        It is absolutely delicious and not that insipid prepared spagetti sauce. Every bit of it is fresh. My kids wanted it at least every two weeks or alternate with clams if available. You can try it with fresh ground pepper too. Or roast some red peppers and serve that on the side for some sweetness.

      23. nmVPROgTNik


        The first way is how to properly fry red peppers Italiano style. The latter is how to properly roast a red pepper directly in the flames.

        The former is delicious with eggs in a sandwich.

      24. gMzcll9aJoo
        Chili Rellenos is a delicious roasted/fried pepper, typically with Monterey Jack or potatoes and beef in the center. If you are lucky, the ethnic food store or grocery will have additional Mexican cheeses to experiment with.

        You could cooks some chorizo or skirt steak with it as well.

      25. 85p_-b50QNg
        Mexican skirt steak is the diaphragm muscle. Waste not, want not.

        Grilling it with tomatillo salsa.

      26. BEGIb6BhH2M
        Easy blueberry muffins.

        You can use oil to get a very moist muffin but I prefer butter. Skip the paper containers and just grease the muffin tray as they most generally pop out.

        Don’t crush your berries when mixing. As they heat, they slightly burst.

        They are hot and moist without too much sugar, so if you have a sweet tooth,you can adjust it, or dust with confectioner’s sugar. While they cool, put paper towels in a rubbermaid container, and stack and seperate layers with another paper towel.

        I doubt they last a day as nibblers will sneak and scarf one down every time they pass by. A double recipe barely lasts 48 hours here. Raspberry is very popular especially if some melted cream cheese is incorporated.

        Fresh berries are expensive, and frozen is just as good in these.

        This an excellent snack or campfood and way better than buying some processed garbage. It’s an excellent thing to take to work that always makes an impression.

      27. RyxUH2Aw1co
        Genuine homemade brownies taste best when substituting 1/3 cup of bread flour as it disrupts the crust formation creating cracking which tastes delicious. Also, your eggs should be room temperature. The best way to melt good quality chocolate (not baker’s chocolate) is to use a double boiler as the water boils heating the inner pot. You may have to adjust the butter or oil as baker’s chocolate already has that in it. This is why baker’s chocolate is a bad deal. One could just use cocoa.

        Box brownies are notoriously chemical garbage. That is only passable emergency food.

        Some toasted pecans or walnuts kicks it up a notch.

        If you have a Joy of Cooking book, their recipe for Brownies Cockaigne is the gold standard people try to improve upon. If you only had one cookbook, that would be a fine one. State fair cookbooks are generally fine cookbooks with proven recipes.

      28. Leftists, Luciferians, and atheists should eat all the ultra-processed foods they desire.

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