Supreme Court Justice Confirms American Internment Camps Will Happen Again: “It is the Reality”

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Headline News | 377 comments

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    While President Obama and Congressional members have made an effort to convince their constituents that the provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act will never be used against citizens of the United States, the fact is that the laws clearly allow for the detention, arrest and detainment of Americans without charge or trial. The President attempted to assuage these fears of potential abuse of the law by including a signing statement promising he would never use the law against Americans, but the statement itself is non-binding, leaving the possibility of misuse wide open.

    In the event of a declared national emergency or war, when fear and panic are running rampant, the President will, without a shadow of a doubt, implement whatever means necessary in order to control the populace and maintain order.

    Detainment and interment will be at the top of the Department of Homeland Security’s to-do list.

    And if you have any doubts about this possibility then pay close attention to the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at a recent event where law students asked the judge about the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

    Keep in mind that this is coming from one of the people who will be sitting on the panel of judges who decides whether or not such an act is Constitutional:

    Well of course Korematsu was wrong. And I think we have repudiated in a later case.

    But you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.

    That’s what was going on — the panic about the war and the invasion of the Pacific and whatnot. That’s what happens. It was wrong, but I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war.

    It’s no justification, but it is the reality.

    There will come a time in America when panic grips the nation. There will be riots, violence, and bloodshed resulting from any number of plausible scenarios like the collapse of our economic and monetary systems.

    When this happens the government will implement their continuity plans. Martial law will be declared.

    The Department of Homeland Security will activate their already stocked and staffed Federal Emergency Management Agency refugee camps. We’ve seen these in limited form during major storms like Hurricane Sandy. Those who came to FEMA for help reported that their facilities were like concentration camps.

    But they were nothing compared to what would happen in a situation where hundreds of thousands of people would need to be detained under a national emergency declaration. According to various sources and a ton of research over the years, FEMA camps are situated all over the country and are awaiting internees.

    A U.S. Army internal document provides some additional insight:

    The document makes it clear that the policies apply “within U.S. territory” and involve, “DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities,” including “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.

    The manual states, “These operations may be performed as domestic civil support operations,” and adds that “The authority to approve resettlement such operations within U.S. territories,” would require a “special exception” to The Posse Comitatus Act, which can be obtained via “the President invoking his executive authority.” The document also makes reference to identifying detainees using their “social security number.”

    Aside from enemy combatants and other classifications of detainees, the manual includes the designation of “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”

    If you’re paying attention you can see the signs everywhere. The government of the United States is preparing for a widespread event that, based on their recent activities, will require the deployment of armed police, military and even a multi-million strong civilian security force.

    This is happening and a Supreme Court Justice of the United States just confirmed that there will be no stopping it.


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      1. I read this today and my first thought was that they were inferring that people such as myself who don’t like the system were the target. Then I thought maybe the Muslims and thought good idea. But in all reality it is probably people like us on this board.


        • We conservative/constitution lovers have been called “terrorists” by this rogue administration more than once. You can bet your bottom dollar that that is what these “camps” are for.

          • Probably anyone who loves freedom, independence and won’t fit into the “utopian” society the “progressives” think they are constructing will be the occupants. If you aren’t a sheep and want to think for yourself, you’ll most likely be invited right away…at 3am following your front door being kicked in. Which will make it all the more easy to distribute the loot (your former stuff) to the sheep at the trough. Happy sheep cause no trouble when they get a new tv and place to live…and some sheeple chow.
            Wish the SCOTUS was more interested in the constitution and less interested in agendas.
            I’m more pessimistic than many…we’re toast.

            • “””Martial law will be declared.”””

              It may be enforced, but it will never be declared. It would amount a declaration of war against the American people and that would piss off those not yet rounded up.

              “””“within U.S. territory” “””

              Of course, the states are NOT U.S. Territory. But I doubt that will stop criminals given protection, if not bonuses, for committing crimes against the people.

              Who knows the future of this world. Fortunately, they can only kill me once. Then I will return home where these idiots are powerless.

              • There certainly are a lot of notable people in all areas of our government that seem to be trying to tell us something as of late.

                • Beware!!! If we get to that point have your guns and multiple backup magazines in different backpacks and different locations ready to go just in case. Under no circumstance DO NOT LET them detain or even attempt to detain you in a organized roadblock taking what is yours under stresful times. Do not back down and be real and honest to the policemen or national guard what you are doing and to relax passing thru just protecting yourself. IF they try and take you down you need to do what you need to do in a breakdown. I’m being serious here we need to protect the right people/each other and the bad people need to be dealt with.

                  Do not give up your guns or your rights UNDER No circumstance!! Many will and that’s how you will be detained!!!! Get it. Just trying to help. Roving gun patrols same thing. Stay your ground and stay out of site if you can until things get to crazy and then things will never go as planned by the powers to control. God bless us all in this time and never be afraid to pull, train and retrain you need to do this and its your right!!! Its your god given rights people. if you have to bury someone, its either you go to prison or camp or you retain your freedom. Wears earplugs and goggles if you can etc for smoke etc irritation. Even a dive mask will help.

                  • Well aware that the time is nigh…
                    So, where might someone go to gain some skills in such a situation in an unavoidable confrontation?

                  • awake newbie

                    one place to train if you can is Called Front sight
                    there is a location in nevada costs a couple grand to join but you can take all the classes you want and then give your membership to some one else and they can do the same

                    there should be lots of other places and groups like front sight

                    their courses are said to be excellent and they run you through all kinds of situations

                    such as shot gun hostage training hand gun courses etc

                  • Looks like I’m going to need a bigger shovel…

                  • This supposedly conservative Catholic judge has been kneeling at the feet of the rabbis to learn how to subvert the Constiution.

                    “Conservative Catholic” Justice Antonin Scalia to be Keynote Speaker at Meeting Sponsored by Extremist, Ultra-Racist, Talmudic Group

                    “Conservative Catholic” Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Studies Talmud with Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

                    “The Jewish Week reported that Scalia is fascinated with Talmudic law and is involved in the launch of a Talmudic law institute in Washington D.C. with Nathan Lewin, Alan Dershowitz and Noson Gurary, a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi.”

                  • May want to review various evade options such as “outwitting” infrared/heat sensors. With today’s technology, it wouldn’t take them that much to “find” you…just saying.

              • It will happen very quietly with many simply disappearing. What they do with those that disappear is the question. Hold them or kill them. They are getting all their ducks in a row and by the end of the year should feel confident to move. No reason why another country cannot supply the reason to declare open war on the people. Whoever orchestrated 9/11 was a f-cking genius. The mopes never even saw it coming.

                • the reason for the NSA collecting info. on all of us…

                • Awake newbie, you can go get training but it costs a lot of money and i think you dont get a lot for you bucks in the amount of time. You know how you get good at shooting or reacting or practice a roadblock, do it with paintball guns or even mock senerio with your friends etc over and over. you can practice on your own and get experience with yourself holding your gun in front of TV or at home in the house bringing the sites up quickly.

                  Dont ever feel inferior that someone is this expert killing machine or the military is trained and can take out anyone.

                  Wrong, the majority of military shoot and shoot some more but you are not shooting every single week normally in the military you lose a tad of accuracy and quickness for average people over time. The more you shoot even with a pellet gun over and over repitition is what you want to do.

                  Practice at 100-500yars or less for most people. get to know how your gun shoots. Try it at 400 yards 300yards and so on. a .17 at 300 yards can kill someone easily in the head or even a .22 will drop someone within that too. For new shooters pay attention to the grain of the bullets and get the same bullet weight and type. For example new people if you shoot a gun with A 100 GRAIN bullet at 300 yards then change that to a 150 grain bullet your gun is going to shoot lower with a heavier bullet at longer distances you go. Depends on distance yes. Just try and get the same ammo and play with it, get to know it, clean it and do drills and you will be fine. Most important use self talk and confidence in yourself. Earplugs can help focus. Don’t doubt yourself and if you believe that you will do good and be fine.

                  • Just take a few with you,will gum up the machine pretty quickly.


                • So how’s the weather at the Kremlin? Putin still pacing the halls wishing he were taller?

                  • At least he’s got more balls than obama. That’s for damn sure

              • The term ‘U.S. territory’ includes the entire nation, states and territories. The only exclusions are embassies and consulates, which are foreign soil within the U.S.

                Indian ‘Nations’ are not excluded, they exist only at the whim of Congress.

              • They know that collapse is coming.. they know they have lost control. This is just their attempt to maintain control when things fall apart…in reality, it won’t work. Their days are numbered.

            • I’ve been hearing from a few sources lately that martial lw will never be officially declared, it will just happen between 1 AM and 3 AM in the morning. I’m not exactly a heavy sleeper these days. I have security doors on my home along with bars in the windows to at least slow down any home invaders. When I’m awakened by anyone attempting to get in, I have my .40 at my bedside and Bertha propped up against the wall ready to go. I know damned well I’ll never ‘fit in’ to any ‘utopian’ society. If I come out of my home at all, it will be as a corpse after taking some of the home invaders with me. MOLON LABE braveeart

              • Dang

                • Yeh Peterson
                  Reality is a bitch.

                  Believe me it will not come quietly you cannot hide convoys of vehicles even at night ,
                  Its time for everyone to evaluate their plans and keep your war bags ready for a quick exfiltrate.
                  Be prepared to move swiftly and silently. Remenber when TPTB’ s show of force happens just remember its a show of force, they most likely will be not a ready as they think they are . USE THAT OVERCONFIDENCE to your advantage.
                  Evade and escape when confusion reins use weather and terrain to your advantage, you know what the alternatives are , live to fight another day and when cornered fight with swiftness , and violence of action , fight through or go to the camps.

                  It’s time to reach down and make sure you have what it will require to LIVE FREE DIE HARD.

                  LIBERTY is not free we should not expect to pay any different price as others have to protect it ,It is the duty of each of us to be willing to preserve it, cherish it and utilmately be willing to give the
                  Sacrifice required to ensure that this nation of the people , by the people shall not go quietly in that dark night and perish from the face of the earth. Government serves at the consent of the governed and when it becomes destructive of all we hold dearly we the people withhold that consent , rest assured that there are many more of us out here that will put it all on the line when the time comes , we like our fore fathers mutually pledge our lives , our fortunes and our sacred honor. Yesterday’s dreams are today’s hopes and tomorrows realities.

                  You can have freedom and peace just do not expect to have it at the same time.

                  Freedom gained then lost bites with very long fangs.
                  Russian proverb

                  FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD


                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Thanks for your service Marine. And yes, I agree with everything you wrote. Live Free or Die is not just a slogan, it is a commitment to defend our Constitution which I take very personally, as I know you do.

                • Calm down and take your meds folks, no one is going to come and get you, herd you into a camp or kill you, at least anyone in power, why would they?? they would have no one to take care of you, workers want to get paid, there may be money but just like Weimar Republic , it will be worthless and there would be nothing they could buy with it anyway. I think things would be closer to that movie, The Postman with little bands sticking together, the honest ones trying to get a settlement started or keep the one they’re in going and the low lifes trying to steal everything.

                  If there was a collapse, there will be a power struggle just like any country that has a collapse,a civil war or revolution.. the people who are in power and the people who want the power will be fighting each other and will not give a damn about the poor slobs getting killed or dying in the streets, just less for them to worry about when the dust settles. Probably over one hundred million will starve in the first month, another twenty mill killed looting or trying to take what doesn’t belong to them. I would just like to be at least ten yrs younger to give advice to people living in my area, better yet be sixty yrs younger to be running with them. I’d be up in the village yelling, lets get the dance started.

                  • well said 1940! I have always LOVED that movie. So inspirational. And you’re never too old to be in that string band the town is gonna need:)

                  • 1940justme: Your analysis is spot on economically because people need to be paid and in a full-blown collapse, no one will show up for work including cops and military personnel who will instead be home protecting their own families. But lets say it’s pre-collapse, what then, martial law? Hardly! The U.S. is the third most populated country in the world and is tied for third in size with over 7 million Vietnam era vets and over 5 million Gulf War era vets. We live in a country that has between 250-300 million guns in the hands of civilians in 40-45% of all households (legal). We have more than 33,000 gangs throughout the country with more than 1.4 million members (illegal). The government with its less than 3 million service members and less than 1 million cops is powerless to subdue anything more than a city or two because TPTB are impotent. It took over 1000 federal, state, and local cops a day to look for one injured teenager near Boston. It was a civilian that found him! The Feds were nearly powerless during Andrew in 1992, I know, I was there. But they still haven’t improved because they failed in response to Katrina in N.O. and again to Sandy in the northeast. Lets face it, the federal government couldn’t find its collective ass with two hands and a flashlight!!! So anyone thinking that martial law is coming just hasn’t been paying attention to the facts of recent history.

                  • “… no one is going to come and get you, herd you into a camp or kill you”.

                    Really, still seeing the homeless in your cities? Most have already been moved, complete families, into FEMA camps – for there own safety. They are supposedly not under arrest, but are not allowed to leave. That IS arrest; taken in against their will and not allowed to leave.

                  • and historically, if it is more “economic” to not feed their “detainees,” they just don’t, and if bullets cost too much to do what it is they tend to do in those situations, well, historically, they revert to other options, which never bodes well for said detainee.

                  • 1940, agree with you. I believe the gov’ts posse is set up to keep people in the metro areas, being more of a fence than being on the offense. That said, tptb will send small groups to get a feel of how much resistance there will be and then use drones and air assault on the strong holds.
                    As far as the power grab,(no body mentions it) I imagine we’ll have a few elected reps being silenced/killed by tptb.

                  • HEY Cal says:

                    show me a link where people are being taken to a FEMA camp, I do not believe it and would have to drive there and see it..

                  • 1940, I have to disagree with your premise that they are not coming for us. The evidence is they have been coming since Clinton and his lesbian, Janet Reno, murdered men, women and children in Waco. The list continues with the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife, the murder of a Veteran in AZ, Guerra, whose whom was invaded by a SWAT team who was looking for someone else. A recent example of Mcgee(sp) in TX who happened to kill one invader before they subdued him after they LE did not follow the law which is why the homeowner was not charged with killing a LE officer. Then there is Katrina where gun confiscation was common. There are of course many more examples as this is but a sample.

                    So you can choose to ignore facts but many of us prefer to accept factual evidence, all of which proves the government has been coming after people and by all accounts, will most like continue to do so.

              • exactly. got my benelli m2 with buckshot ready to go followed by my ps90 50 rounds hollow point ready to go for backup.

                • That’s good for starters! You will need heavier firepower than a 5.7X28mm round. I suggest upgrading or adding at least a .308 semi to your arsenal as well as real body armor. Not a wimpy bulletproof vest but body armor that is rated for .308. It’s coming folks! Get ready to rock and roll!

                  Jack Hammer

                • Cal: I call nonsense on your so-called homeless round up. I volunteer at a homeless shelter and I see same the folks in the all the time, around the city as well as the shelter. If you’re going to make such an extraordinary claim then your evidence must be equally as extraordinary. Please site the cities where these roundups have occurred and provide evidence of such like photos and/or films along with several independent witnesses and the same goes for the camps where these folks are no interred. If not, then your claim gets filed along with Bigfoot, Elvis, and UFO sightings-under PURE GRADE-A BULL SHIT.

                  • I see plenty of homeless still begging at the stoplights in Springfield mo. They are certainly not rounding anyone up down here.

              • They have infrared that can see people through walls. They will shoot you through the house walls while you sleep and move on to the next location. They won’t even bother to go in and see if you are really dead. A clean up crew will deal with that.

                • No they bloody do not. I worked with IR for years and it will not see through walls. Or windows, or concrete, or curtains.

                  They are fucking with your mind.

                  IR will help you see through smoke, will let you see in the dark, but it cannot see “through” anything. It will only see the infrared radiation emitted from the surface you are looking at.

                  Some surfaces are good IR reflectors maening they help blend into the background. Mylar is one such.

                  • Maybe he means thermal. Either way, they wont have roving bands of killing squads going door to door. They dont have the manpower.

                  • You apparently worked with defective IR equipment. We used in manufacturing for intrinsically safe installs to prevent fire. The cops use it to look for meth labs in garages as they drive by. And if you still don’t believe it, put a piece of the old negative film over an IR camera and point the camera at your wife. If you point it at a neighbor you’ll be arrested as a pervert.

                • Possibly. But when the shooting starts others will wake up and the fight is on. I sleep in the basement of my fortress with cameras mounted around my house so I can “see” even in darkness. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

                  Jack Hammer

                • Are there any decent food vendors in Red Square these days?

                  With the pillow confiscations going on in Sochi, I would think that you’re hanging tight onto yours inside the Kremlin walls.

                • John: Or send a drone over your house to demolish it, another thing I heard is that sections of towns/cities would be destroyed by thermobaric weapons via helicopters or mounted on trucks, etc.

                • John W. Eagle Eye is spot on, IR CAN NOT see through solid objects. You do know that “Eraser” was just a movie, don’t you?

              • They will burn your house down with you in it. Thats what they always do.

                • 115 Million fires is going to fuck up al gores global warming.

                  • Yeah, he will try to tax those that are left living to pay for all the “carbon” from the fires caused by the criminal government.

                  • .02… PLEASE! stop your drinking…you blabbering nonsense again!

                • that’s if I don’t light it up before they do, as a distraction..Im already gone

              • Braveheart,

                I am a senior citizen who has trouble sleeping. I am awake between 1 and 3 am. When they come, I will be awake. Everyone would be well advised to change their sleep habits during a national emergency and/or post a sentry and also plan an escape route out the back door.

                I don’t think anyone would spend any time trying to find me to detain me, even though I am one of the most outspoken against this administration, as I would not be considered a threat. Old, heart condition, post-polio syndrome. Long guns are too heavy for me to handle. My hand shakes even with a lightweight revolver, so I can no longer shoot straight.

                I do have a plan. I plan to post a note on my door saying that I am out of food and heat and am going to “______”

                The alternate plan (if the emergency is a pandemic) is to post some signs that say, “Quarantine, Contagious Disease” and/or “Biohazard, Peligro Biologico.” I printed these off a site I found on the Internet.

                • Are you serious? You really think sneaking out the back door will work???

                  • To BarnCat
                    In my case, it could. I have a privacy fence around my back yard and a shed in back that has a back door that leads to the alley. Because the alley is at right angles to my house, from outside my yard, that door looks like it belongs to the house next door to me. Of course, once I am in the alley, they could find me if they are looking for EVERYBODY. But if they were just looking for ME, I might have a chance to get away.

                    Of course, the local police would know the unusual arrangement of my neighborhood, but the Feds or Chinese troops wouldn’t. I don’t think the local police (and certainly not our current sheriff) would co-operate with the Feds. Our sheriff is outspoken about what is happening nationally. That’s why he was elected in this very red county. (93% of voters are registered Republican; the rest are a combination of Independent, Libertarian, and, like Rick Perry, I forget the third.)

                • That’s all a good thought DaisyK but the facts of the matter are, none of that will stop them. Do you homework on how they kicked the doors in of old ladies, disarmed them and dragged them out of their houses. Also note how police & military were stealing, beating and raping men women & children. As far as you comment about being “outspoken against this administration”, you do know that Obama is blood related to Bush and every other president other then the 8th prez. Its all a scam, we have been lied to our entire lives at home, in school and on TV. A combination of to many people waking up to the system of world fraud & the fact that their Tech is beyond StarTrek, the time is fast approaching. Just check out your local DMV website and it will tell you how everyone in the U.S. will have an RFID chip in their Drivers License & Scannable License Plates by 2018. The plan is to have total tracking and control by 2020.



                  • ***Correction*** The first 4 lines of my comment to DaisyK are about Hurricane Katrina. You all remember that great HAARP storm.

                  • Show me the genealogical evidence.

                  • Yeah, TimeforTruth– I read all that before at other websites, about the Bush family and their connection to Hitler/Nazis…

                • Load the hoverround with C4 and CHARGE!

              • braveheart….Roger That, sir! I have always said that I’ll die on my front porch if it comes down to it…. the only thing in question is… how many of the scum can I take along for the ride…

              • And a million citizens that have the same plan,hmmm…,might work out in the end all right!

              • Hey, did you see the GA firefighter/prepper on DP with MOLON LABE on his Jeep? I can see pluses and minuses there. 🙂 funny part is he was preparing for a “Russian Invasion”. Aren’t we all!!!

            • for gods sake people barricade and really slow them down during a collapse. Most dont do this and this could save your life and possibly win against multiple idiots. Get creative. Even if you get I bolt hooks and take heavy rope and wind in side to side and at different lengths, they will have to stop to get around it, there is a few sec that can give you the shot. Take control in your home, you know it and dont let them take control.

              • If they are quietly disappearing people, would they invade your home at 3AM? How is it really apt to happen?
                If they are sending foreign troops for mass door to door gun confiscations or forced relocation to camps, then I think the only hope is for a community armed defense.
                I really wonder how they will do it. Hope they will just lie and only the gullible sheeple will comply.

                • They make people disappear by kicking in their doors at 3AM. The government can make martial law work if they’re willing to be brutal enough. All they have to do is every time someone resists they end up with a dead family member. Or they kill the whole family with the guy who’s resisting. Or with people who they expect to be a problem they just shoot tear gas inside. The guy is arrested but the wife and daughter go missing. The government can be so brutal that they terrorize the population into submission. That’s what happened in the Soviet Union under Stalin. People were so afraid of being denounced by their friends and neighbors that they would denounce them first and after the adults were hauled away, their children were left to starve to death in the streets. Everyone was too afraid to help them. Expect all this to happen in America. A lot of people here talk big but it isn’t going to go that way.

                  • Barn Cat: That Began under Lenin and Troysky, with whats known as Jewdeo-Bolshevik-Communisim.

                    Leon trotsky’s real Birth name was Lieb Bronstien, jewish.

                    Many folks prefer to begin their commie expose’ with Stahlin, since he whacked a few disloyal jews, and a few more jews he figured may try to overthrow him.

                    So thats why we always hear Stahlin did this or that. It “Fits” in with the overall premise that jews are the only victims that ever matter etc…

                    But Russian revolution began prior to him in, 1918 and was an 95%+ totally jewish russian invented-run-controled-profited from-BY jews.

                    Today more than 1/2 of world jewery resides in the usa…Most are direct decendant children and grandchildren of the original russian jewish bolshevik kommies, responsible for Mass murdering between 250-to-as many as-350 MILLION Innocent, mostly White/christian folks in over a Dozen countries from 1918 untill 1990.

                    Those who are not decendant from bolshevik kommies, never the less are Enablers of those that are and are Here. David Axelrod, is the great grandson of Trotsky!. Axelrod was hobammys top advisor for the first 4 yrs of hobbamy as prez, the Other jewdeo commie traitor advisor was Rohm Emanual, now mayor of Chicago. Rhom is also a former 2+ year IDF soldier, instead of enlisting in usa army Emanual went to join Israelis army the IDF where he was able to Murder innocent palestinian children etc.

                    Perhaps its past time overdue for american folks to research true historic facts on bolshevisim and jews, and stop allowing their MSm tv news and pastors to keep their minds pickeled in some form of BS pro jewish pro israel propaganda. Supporting or enabeling the very persons most likly to be traitors and communist’s is not a good survival plan eh.

                    Many folks today do not like to hear or read such factual truths if it involves jews…Thats Too bad eh! Facts Is facts…And bolshevik Kommie jews, like a lepord never change their “Spots”….

                    You Can Bet all you own…If america has even a remotely similar occurence of events as happened in Russia, 1918…it Will be Run-Funded-Controled-BY-For-jews Period.

                    Its all contained in their vast amounts of Zionist plans to Talmudize the entire world into a NWO with Communisim.

                    Communisim Is simply Talmudisim, but for, gentile Goyims.

                    Rejecting these factual truths will only be deteremental to You-Yours-Our nation!

              • Good suggestions! I watched a video on youtube recently on how to do this effectively and very inexpensively. I bought the “parts” needed from Home Depot and have them standing by. When the SHTF the “door guards” will be installed and the windows will be “blocked out”.

                Molon Labe!

            • You should be upset regardless of whichever group is rounded up and placed into internment camps. Support of the constitution shouldn’t be conditional. If you allow the Muslims or any other group that you don’t support to be placed in camps, then it’s only a matter of time before the tyranny will spread to impact everyone.

              Americans should be provided due process in accordance to laws based on the constitution to enure the accused their rights. To incarcerate anyone without trial, without access to an attorney, without charges, is tyranny- plain and simple.

            • Show me where in the US Constitution that any branch was assigned the power to declare such a thing s “martial law”.

              Go ahead, find it and post it here. It is NOT there.

              “Martial law” is usurpation, it IS an attack on US citizens by those within their governments – WAKE UP and READ your US Constitution (not the one Obama and his treasonous minions have been putting out).

              We are only “toast” if you do not bother to get yourself trained, work within your state to get your state’s LAWFULLY required Militia going so that it can enforce the:

              Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
              Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which is constitutional laws ONLY),
              Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
              “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

              Insurrections do include rogue governmental servants.

              Read YOUR state’s Constitution as those are the highest laws of our land and our states – the US Constitution AND ALL THAT IS IN PURSUANCE THEREOF it, and each state’s Constitution. It is the Militia of the several states that are charged with the duty of seeing that the US Constitution is enforced – that is YOU if you are able-bodied over age 18, and been trained (military or LEO training will work).

            • I have the same stomach ache as you do about these fema camps. I sense a dense cloud of oppression hovering over America.

          • The difference between a pizza and a FEMA camp detainee?

            Pizza’s don’t scream when they shove them in the ovens.

            • That was funny!

            • What does pizza and FEMA camp detainees have in common?

              Neither of them responds to reason and common sense.

          • These camps have been around through Democrat and Republican administrations. Who goes in the camp will be decided by who is in power at the time. Either way, do not get into the truck where shortly thereafter you will die a long humiliating and painful death. Instead, take some of the bastards with you if they come for you. Don’t let your wife or children grieve without the knowledge that the loyalist wives and children are grieving also.

            • Really? Where? show me one.

              • Minidoka Relocation Center in Idaho was a Japanese internment camp during WWII. Went to check it out in May 2012, and a new perimeter fence was being built. Housing units were being organized down over the hill in back where they were not visible from the road.

                • Here is the first comment on your “proof” link above:

                  C. Luke Humphreys
                  • a year ago

                  Holy smoke, I keep seeing this ONE AND ONLY POST repeated over and over by the top 30 responses on Yahoo! there’s no proof, just a map of POTENTIAL sites. sho me pictures. I’ve been stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado for 5 years, been all over the training areas, and have NEVER found any FEMA CAMPS.

                  Again, pics please.

            • Mr. West
              The Dems and the Reps. are one and the same now. So it will be people like us on this site. When they start the Civil war will start.

              • sgt dale is right, think about it, if they really were against each other they would hit each other harder with real attacks. its all a show and they never slip and say that POS or wait till I can do something to his deadbeat. Its the same lines over and over. they are the same, they may be a few in power who take less bribes and do care and are probably confused what to do for the people of america, but most but a few left are all in together.

                • I agree, I really think the coming election in nov will be the do or die event for our country we have to clean both parties out of our white house. I’m thinking maybe some kind of 3rd party may be in order Hell it can’t get any worse than what’s killing our country NOW! Either way we have ALL got to vote and not sit this very important election out. Sorry for the

                  • But Diebold does all the voting nowadays. . .

                  • Remove ALL machines if you want YOUR vote to count!

                  • Democrat-Republican gives you the illusion you have a choice, you don’t. You are owned. They don’t care about you, they don’t GIVE a SHIT about you. They are owned like you are owned by the Corptocracy.

                  • O.M.G. are you serious? People are here on websites like these, but still say stupid shit, like we must vote them out……The winners of all elections are handpicked way in advance. Go stand in line and waste your time and keep dreaming, cause you are definatly asleep. You are what we refer to as the sheeple. Wake up, the politicians are all puppets who answer to their masters.

              • “When they start the Civil war will start.”

                I disagree.

                Not a “civil war” but the DEFENSE of our nation, OUR government, OUR way of life!

                • Here here

            • If you go into any government shelter, you will be stripped of anything of value, and leave only if they allow it.

          • Keep in mind that this bill was bi-partisan. Both parties are in on it. The days of people being so ignorant as to get caught up in the 2 party paradigm are coming to an end. Only education and an open mind are required to accept the truth.

            • DeeeWight,
              Finally!!!!!!! Someone understands!!!!!!!
              THANK YOU

            • I DO agree with that Dee, but just about everything else with this “story” is BS.

            • Bang on!!

            • Don’t have such an open mind that your brain falls out.

          • And then next time they’ll be for hippies.

            Then conservatives, then hippies, then conservatives, then hippies…

            See what happens when you open that Pandora’s box?

            What a great idea that was. Thank you, George, for going there… and Obama for actually upping the ante.

            Can’t wait to see what Hillary does with it. Anything male, most likely…

            • Hitlary Clitwoman is going to kill EVERYBODY with a nutsack.

              • hitlary and pelosi

                which is the boy and which is the girl

                • That’s a trick question isn’t it?!

          • It hasn’t only been Obammy’s Communists who have been calling patriotic, traditional conservatives who are strict Constitutionalists, pro-Second Amendment, anti-NWO and anti-endless imperialist wars against every nation on the planet who Israel hates and wants the USA to attack and destroy for them, and who are also passionately opposed to open borders and the invasion and colonization of the USA by hundreds of millions of third world blood sucking parasites.

            If Me Here were to think back, I’m sure he or she will remember that during the Bush-Cheney Administration – all those MIAC reports and advisories were being released that were shoveling all sorts of totalitarian sounding horse manure on the patriot community.

            This ‘problem’ is not necessarily confined to just the evil Communist cockroaches who infest the DemonRAT Party, friends. The Republicrat cockroaches are also infected with this same attitude. And, to understand the reason why – follow the money.

            The D’s get about 90 plus percent of their funding from the jews, and the R’s are not far behind. Why is that significant? Simple answer, at least for those of us who understand the history of the former USSR, following the 1917 jewish Bolshevik Communist revolution and seizure of Russia and nearly half of Europe. What is taking place, right here in North America – is a repeat of the grandfathers and ancestors of America’s jewish Bolsheviks pulled off in 1917. These totalitarian, evil bastards fully intend to resurrect a new USSR right here in North America.

            And, the most baffling aspect to what is happening – is how many of our non-jewish political elites – in both major political parties – seem to be fully on board with that diabolically evil agenda.

          • You can bet that ordinary citizens consider some of you terrorists too.

            It has nothing to do with the administration.
            Nobody had to talk us into it.
            It’s has everything to do with YOU.

            As far as panic ….
            The right wing is already in panic mode!
            They have been since January 2009.

        • I can see that many still haven’t learned their lesson. If Americans accept an unconstitutional treatment to a certain portion of the population, like Muslims, it will spread to the rest of Americans.

          When will people learn that the constitution covers Muslims. If detainment happens to them, it will happen to you.

          The only way to prevent it is to be against it from the beginning. No matter who it is. Injustice is injustice and Americans must stand against it. Whether it against an American, Hispanic, Arab, European, and that includes Muslims.

          • Only muslims that are legal, American citizens. If they are here illegaly, not so much.

            • The constitution covers citizens and permanent residents. When the wars began, Americans as a majority accepted unconstitutional practices against Muslims. Now the unconstitutional practices cover all Americans and on top of that, the whole world with the NSA spying on everyone around the world.

              When the wars began, the government labeled people in the Middle East as terrorists. Now, they can label anyone, even a gun owner, as a terrorist.

              The same way they deceived Americans a long time ago when the wars began, they are still deceiving Americans to be anti-Muslim. This anti-Muslim cause that many people here hold also fuels the war machine. How does it fuel the war machine? Well, if your senator or representative is anti-Muslim, they are more prone to pass laws in the name of national security and they are more likely to accept additional wars.

              Has anyone thought all of this is a coincidence and planned? The blaming of the Muslims for everything is planned. Than the u.s. government got a blank check from the Americans people to pass any laws, than the loss of civil liberties. And now, any Muslim nation who disagrees with the United States is labeled a national security threat which means another country on the list to be invaded or bombed.

              It is a cycle. Unless bias ends now and people wake up to what is going on and treat others the way they would want to be treated, there can be no peace, no constitution, no justice. I am pretty much simply stating facts.

              Do you really think the boston bombings happened according to what the media and government says? If you just look at the whole event. There is no video proof of the brothers placing the backback, no proof of them killing a cop, no proof whatsoever. Than hear many people calling for his death….and a trial didn’t even start. Now that’s what I call cheering for an unconstitutional practice. Since when was it guilty until proven innocent.

              On youtube, there are videos of the boston bombings which are broken down and it proves that there was editing of the surveillance videos. Why? I think it was all planned. It wasn’t the fault of Muslims.

              Why was his throat slashed? I mean come on. There is something fishy. I think the two brothers were framed. One of them is dead, the other got his throat slashed. He can’t talk. You think it was just a coincidence? I don’t think so. There is something bigger. When anti-Muslim sentiment goes down, the government might orchestrate another false-flag to increase the anti-Muslim sentiment again…………………….And the cycle starts again. If you are smart enough, you will see it.

          • Only the west coast Japanese were relocated to camps. The rest of the country was not involved. Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Panama also relocated their coastal Japanese populations. Hawaii did not relocate, they left them on the islands, didn’t want to use the shipping in 1942 or risk sinkings by Japanese submarines.

            So that Pandora’s box was opened in 1942, and hasn’t happened since.

            Let’s not make more of this than it was.

            If we rounded up illegal aliens, we’d all stand up and cheer.

        • There will be a bioweapon or nukes most likely bioweapon first, this will eliminate large numbers of sheep and patriot’s alike. then they will round up the leftover undesireables. like Z.Brizinsky said it’s easier to kill a million people than control them. And at the end of the day folks population reduction is the plan..

        • “In the event of a declared national emergency or war”

          There are NO such (lawful) thing as “emergency powers” within the USA. Not one branch has been assigned the duty by the US Constitution of being able to declare “emergency powers” to control US citizens over anything, up to and including war. EVER! Not one branch, not all the branches together. NOT FOR ANY REASON!

          Remember, the US Constitution was created with emergencies going on all around – so it was not as if it was “forgotten”. “Emergency power” negates the US Constitution so it is not lawful for those serving within the federal and state governments to pretend that it is.

          The US Constitution is a document that created a federal government of LISTED, LIMITED, DEFINED powers.

          The congress was given the power to declare war, which is an emergency. Yet the existence of a state of war cannot LAWFULLY suspend, or change the way the federal government is allowed to operate.

          Basically speaking the US Constitution defines the emergency and the remedy that is allowed to be taken by those who are serving.

          It is all lies to control us, the American people and those lawfully allowed to be here by treasonous scum!

        • It wont be us, it will be the people who did not prepare. The ones with only a few days food in the pantry. We will bug in and ride out the storm.

      2. All you naysayers and non-believers may eat crow NOW.
        If you still don’t think it’s all starting to unravel fast…there is no hope for you. You can lead a horse to water but sometime you have to hold their under to wake them up.

        • I’d rather take a Congressman to water than a horse. Wait- there’s something wrong with that statement. It seems about halfway off.

        • Socrates, I’m not a naysayer or non-believer. I’ve always known something is coming but just don’t know when. I’ll be surprised if we make it to the elections.

          • The elections will be a waste of time anyway. The Tea Party gave the GOP the house and what did they do? Nothing and then declared the Tea Party the enemy. There is very little hope people. Probably a waste of effort to resist, as they are all in on it. This is what the majority wants and that’s what they will get.

            • The majority wanted Obamacare too…

              And now…1/1000th of the population has actually signed up.

              I have some sympathy for the politicians in a warped kind of way… clearly most voters don’t know WHAT the hell they want…

              Not much but some.

              • The Guy,
                I don’t think it is they don’t know what they want. They were blatantly lied to about Obamacare and what they got is not what they were told they were going to get nor what they want.

            • “The elections will be a waste of time anyway.”

              Don’t be so sure.


              Do you, like, shine Putin’s baby shoes, or, like, haul around his stepstool, or, like, lift him up when he needs to reach the faucet, or what?

      3. So we get to live in an internment gulag while drug dealers live in a motel quality prison that i’m paying for. Not gonna happen sonny boy.

        • Easy,stop paying for the war on drugs,just one more control freak govt. move.

          • They can call it a “War” on drugs, but it cannot be lawfully declared as one. Neither can the “war” on terrorism”. Those are things and tactics. War can only be against another state or country – go look up the definition.

            They LIE! Over and over again. (Bush family supported and paid for Hitler/Nazi, was taken to courts for treason against the USA. How quickly people forget.)

            This IS treason against the USA and the American people. Plus First degree Murder – there are NO assassination powers. We have a person acting as if is a US president yet was not a LAWFUL presidential candidate – neither was H. Clinton either – in 2008. Not a lawful candidate, cannot be a lawful US President.

            The 2008 Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) document did not include language stating that Obama was qualified to be a candidate. The 2008 Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document did, as is normal. This shows that the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified, or why change the form?

            South Bend, Indiana jury found that election fraud put both Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election.

        • +1

        • If I go down in this one, it will be under a pile of empty brass.

          • paranoid,fear not,we will utilize that brass.@ that point,see ya’s on the other side!

          • Don’t wait for them, do recog and “go hunting.”

            • HELL YES!!

        • Rednek, me you and about 30 million other highly well armed pissed of individuals. The gov is about to light off a fvking bomb they best leave unlit. EVERYONE I talk to is pissed off to the max. People are waking up by the millions daily and that is because they can no longer ignore the state of the shithole they live in directly related to the idiots in charge.

        • Redneck101, you’ll go to a gulag ONLY if you let them take you alive. I don’t know about you, but I was never created to be anyone’s prisoner. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • What’s left of them will take what’s left of me to a gulag. At that point i won’t be under my own power.

          • I wasnt either and Im ever going to fall for the checkpoint give us what you got in the car with a gun pointed. If a collapse happens and there are checkpoint and Im getting home, its on. better hope they start taking care of themselves and stop with the control orders from deadbeats above. I feel sorry for those national guards and police who are the good ones who will die, but not for the corrupt try and take what he has and keep under a collapse. NEVER STOP AND GIVE THEM ANYTHING PERIOD AT THIS POINT PEOPLE.TAKE YOUR PLATES OFF YOUR CAR, TAKE CARE OF THE CAMERAS IN YOUR TOWN IF YOU HAVE, AND MAKE SURE YOU WEAR GLOVES LOADING YOU BRASS IN CASE FOR LATER IF THEY EVER WANT TO TRY AND GET YOU.

        • “Not gonna happen sonny boy.”

          redneck101, that is just about all anyone has to decide to turn this clusterfuck around. You are saying,in effect, I AM NOT GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN.

          Does anyone in their right mind believe that troops killing their fellow Americans to follow a limp wrist crypto-communist president (choke choke)are going to be more motivated to fight like a banshee than the folks who have been mentally prepared for year?

          It was said above, the choice is ours. Die of abuse, neglect, disease or execution in a FEMA camp or leave this world doing the moral and courageous thing and take as many of the Dark Ones who choose to follow orders as you can…and inspire others to do the same in the process.

          We are all going to die some day. We can die on our feet or on our knees but we are going to die. Make your death count for something if/when the time comes.

          No one should take another’s life with pleasure or thoughtlessly…it is a grave act. But in this drama, you may BE SURE that if you do you will be acting on the side of morality, justice and necessity. Any your stand will inspire others through your unwillingness to bow your head before a tyrant.

          • It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
            – Emiliano Zapata

      4. We should all be concerned as Americans. I am not shocked but saddened that it has come to this!

      5. If there is something like a financial collapse and there is rioting. I believe TPTB will bring out the security forces to control it. Although if things are bad enough some of those forces will go home to protect their families.

        But since there is still a huge population of armed Americans there will be areas that fall into a civil war like environment.

        I think we will see the range from inner city riots to Red Dawn Wolverines around the country.

        • I will be a rabid weasel,that said,am sure weasels and wolverines will get along!

        • And if it gets really bad they might go home in a body bag.

      6. “Apocaloptimist”

        def: Someone who knows it’s all going to crap, but still thinks it will turn out ok.

      7. It may happen but the only camp they will get me in is a morgue,(soylent green don’t you know!).Red,the war on drugs is just one more control freak item,the dea biggest dealer in this country/atf biggest arm supplier to dealers,knowingly!Freedom means letting people die from drugs but taking out the cop/court/drug cartel/prison cartel profits.Keep the driving under laws ect.,then you are a danger to others,the drug war is only a danger due to high black market profits due to laws.Anyhow,I may be round up by the feds as a corpse but only way and will make it expensive.The founding fathers in today’s society would be cooling their heels in gitmo!

        • Have to agree with you on this. We spend inordinate amounts of funds to both stop drugs or save someone that’s OD’d on them. Our drug policies have failed, globally if you look at all the Mexicans that have died trying to get drugs to the US. “Hell of a price to get your kicks”. If you want to stop all this nonsense, ya gotta take the profit out of the drug business. End of story.

          • If you want to stop all this nonsense, you’ve got to get the government out of the drug business…

            • Yes, they play both sides of the game.

              From the Golden Triangle in SE Asia to the poppy fields of Afghanistan, .gov supplies the dope and then has their lackey law enforcement fill the prisons with addicts. Win-win for their pocketbook.

              • Precisely.

        • Here’s a good question – Who are more corrupt, DEA agents or ATF agents?

          • They’re two sides of the same coin, partners in crime and both just as corrupt,IMO.

      8. Wow! This is huge! Finally conformation on one of the biggest conspiracy theory stories out there. If this is true it should stop the doubt.

        • Alex Jones Alert! The last link was to infowars. That just about shoots this story to hell.

          • Hell the 2nd link is to Jones.. comon mac get real. Has anyone seen Alex on youtube @ Y2K? Go listen/watch that and then come back here and tell me you can honestly believe a thing Alex says.

            • He’s on 12.160mHz am from 11am-2pm central time weekdays. I had to shut him off today because I couldn’t stand the extreme tin foil hat stuff any longer.

              • .02 and Any Mouse, I wish the late great William Cooper was back with his program, “The Hour Of The Time”. That was one person who could run circles around Jones or any of the others on shortwave. I just recently got another copy of Cooper’s book “Behold A Pale Horse” which I will soon become reacquainted with. MOLON LABE braveheart

                • Bill was the man no doubt about that.

          • eisen, there’s one thing you and I can agree on. There’s other people out there with far more credibility than Jones.

            • As far as cred bh, this story with links to jones blew and cred that might have been.

              • I did hear the Scalia talk on the radio, that certainly did happen. He was talking about the 1942 camps as a historical matter, not as something that was planned. He did say it could happen again, in the context that the circumstances of 1942 could arise again, and there is nothing different about Americans than would prevent it from happening.

                Beyond that, the article is entirely hype and tripe.

          • .02,
            I might agree about Alex Jones, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t internment camps. I have seen the one they built on a military base in my State.

            • get a pic and post it. I want to see one.

              • .02 braveheart

                count me in as well

                jones, franchi,quayle, and others have been bleating about fema camps,fema trucks,fema trains,coffins for over a decade now without one source of credible evidence whatsoever!

                with millions of cell phones and electronic devices out there you’s think that just one could come up with proof..?

                admittedly, civilian internment positions have been solicited by the military in the past..but ..

                speaking of cooper..he was dead on in his book behold a pale horse regarding past and occurring events nowadays..

                without him,jones,beck and all their ilk never would have got off the ground…


                • Howdy, Possee. I just recently bought another copy of Bill Cooper’s book from Amazon and will “get to know an old friend again”. He was one source on shortwave radio I trusted above all others. The old “Spotlight” newspaper was another source I trusted and it’s now

        • “Wow! This is huge! Finally conformation on one of the biggest conspiracy theory stories out there.”

          Interesting twisted spelling of the word confirmation.

      9. When Obumblenuts says he won’t do something, ah, Look out…

        • Ain’t dat duh troof.

      10. I guarantee we here will be among the first groups targeted for detainment. And, I don’t think it’s far off in the future. Things can change and horrors begin in an instant. They’ll be acting on a Blitzkrieg type operation to apprehend as many of us who are considered “ringleaders” as possible. They will also make a show of it to discourage resistance. It will only encourage my resistance. I will not comply. Ever.
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • Nope, not nearly enough of them to accomplish this. Opposition will be enormous.

          • I agree, but they will try. I’m sure they know the response from most areas, but after all, they know best!
            Standing ready in Daytona

          • After much reflection, I tend to agree with you. I think folks are highly overestimating the force required, the planning needed, the timing necessary. We should be objective about their arms and training but we are talking about the near simultaneous rounding up of MILLIONS OF HEAVILY ARMED AMERICANS WHO ARE THE MOST VOCAL AND COMMITTED TO A RETURN OF JUSTICE.

            Hell, the police who know your community don’t want to come within miles of an overall weapons seizure. How confident would a guy from halfway across the country be when he was trying to make his way around my neighborhood…and I know all the ambush spots?

            No, I think at times we are practicing a form of defeatism by repeating this idea that the US military, in a running battle with tens of millions of Americans, would wipe us out with little fanfare. On the contrary, wait until some high ranking officer is captured/killed or an elite squad is overwhelmed. Morale among the “mercenaries” will be in short supply.

            Keep the faith, keep stacking what you can.You country may have desperate need of you shortly.

            • The federal leviathon eats mountians of cash daily. Without it:

              The thundering machines sputtered and stopped.

            • When the economic crash hits. You’re going to have 10’s of millions of family members flood the bases and government buildings looking for food and safety.

              IMHO, the government doesn’t have enough food to support all family members of thier mercenry army.

              The government will need to keep corporate farms going to survive. I don’t think they can air lift all that food continuously. Food convoys to the fed gov will be a prime targets.

        • Daytona Matt, DHS had better be calling for help from those foreign troops I keep hearing about supposedly in hiding somewhere on our soil already. 80-90% of the US military is overseas. I do feel MEGA-SHTF is getting closer. I already have an abundance of motive to resist. If it’s my time to go, then at least it’ll be on my terms. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Yeah BH another scare tactic that keeps being repeated across the tubes. WHERE is just ONE picture of all these massed blue helmeted troops? If there are 100’s of thousands of these troops lurking around, SOMEONE should have at least one pic dontcha think?

            • To .02 and all of ya’ll

              My first post….I have been reading all the post you folks have written…and apparently all of you have completely missed the real information..

              My Elite Friend from the DHS has told me that :

              Ireland has commited some 175,000 Leprechauns to patrol the USA in case of such events. They all wear Camo helmets THAT’S WHY YOU CAN’T SEE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              The ones in the big cities helmets look like either concrete or asphalt and have pigeon shit markings on their helmets, so when you look down you really don’t notice .

              Other countries have also commited some 50,000 dwarfs !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold your head up high My Ass. Ya’ll had better start paying more attention to those things little things on the ground !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              So if you folks have any sense, you would all pay more attention and look down more and don’t forget:

              EVERYONE IS GOING TO NEED A SET OF “KEVLAR” SHIN AND KNEE PADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

              ” Shoot low boys, I think they are all riding Shetland Ponies !!!!!!! “

          • Brave
            You know Damn good and well that is why they are here.
            Like I said a thousand times I will fight to the death.
            Take a look at the 7.62X25 round look and see what it will go through. Just like the 7.62X54 and 39 steel cores.

            • Comon Sgt, Russia REFUSED our “help” to secure the Olympic games. Do you really think Putin is going to “waste” his resources stationing his troops on our soil? Russia has their own problems to deal with, they sure as hell are not stupid enough to bite off a chunk of this government’s problems. Do you remember what Putin said about Obama? He said and I quote, “dealing with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. He knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and struts around like he won.” So, if there are any foreign troops on US soil I can guarantee they are not Russian.

              • .02
                He said and I quote, “dealing with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. He knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and struts around like he won.”
                Did Putin really say that? That’s priceless.
                Putin is a shrewd politician, but I suspect he really does have his troops here. It is too good an opportunity to pass up. Now they know so much more about our strengths and weaknesses. And when they are supposed to be fighting for Obama, they just take over. It’s as easy as playing chess with a pigeon.

                • Now they know so much more about our strengths and weaknesses.

                  What is there to know that they already don’t know? All there is to know is the US gov is a bumbling bunch of idiots with nuclear weapons, but everyone knows that. Spy satellites can see anything needed to know about anything anywhere.

              • .02, when Putin refused our help with securing the Olympics, I’m sure he was probably thinking back to 9/11, the Boston Marathon, or half a dozen other failures that our govt was supposed to be preventing

                and said: “uh, no, I don’t think so…thanks anyway”

                • Israeli Mossad runs “security” in Amerika.

              • Putin was simply attempting, in a humorous way designed to deflect attention away from what he wants to protect, to put up some cover for Obama, who is his groomed, protected, and fully controlled Red Diaper Baby. Obama is his tought-to-keep-out-of-trouble recruitment, but given the position to which Obama has risen, the trouble is worth the price. When Obama is of no further use, it’ll be entertaining, to say the least, to watch what happens.

              • .02
                Putin is smart and Obullshit is not. He knows if he uses troops from another country it makes him look week. Putin also know that his country is not about to revolt and if they do the have little or no weapons compared to the U.S.
                Putin is not paying to have his troops her You are.
                For one I haven’t seen Russian troops, but I have seen Polish troops. Remember what I do and where I live. They were at the Guard grounds in my back yard. Don’t forget
                each state has as sister country that they work with militarily. Ill. has Poland and I believe and I might be wrong but think Colorado has Russia.

            • Sarge, there’s no way the feds can carry out their agenda without SOMEONE helping them. I’m still waiting to see what Obama’s ‘civilian national security force” looks like. If it’s what I suspect it will be, it won’t be too hard to take this country back.

          • Hi Brave, I don’t quite believe the hype about the all the different troops. I just don’t know. But what I can see is bo basically allowing any foreign military to come to his aid to “restore law & order”. He’s enough of a fool to believe that no one would dare invade with him as prez. Also, the purges with military command etc. leads me to think he just might think he could. I’m not talking about millions of people, I’m thinking a few thousand to a few tens of thousands. People like Mac and alt media site owners to people known to large numbers. I would like to hear your opinion on it though.

            • I’ve seen more pictures of Bigfoot than foreign troops in America.

              • Or Fema camps for that matter.

            • Daytona Matt, I’ve heard reports of foreign troops going back to the late 80s and 90% of the reports I’ve heard I think are hyped. But I do believe it’s a plausible scenario. 80-90% of our military is overseas and won’t be here to deal with a foreign invasion. I believe they will all be ‘written off’ by TPTB. There are people in govt. who have no qualms about selling us down the river to other countries, the UN, etc. think of all the container ships coming in and out of our ports every day and very few of the containers are ever inspected. there’s probably all kinds of military hardware except for any military vehicles stored in those containers just waiting on some foreign troops to come and get them. During Clinton’s first term, he gave away the old naval base at Long Beach, CA to the Chinese along with our most advanced military technology we had during the 90s. That facility has been off limits to Americans for 20 years so there’s no telling what the Chinese have there right now. I do believe there are foreign troops here being hidden or in disguise, etc. but we have no idea how many. I’ve heard reports of Chinese and Russian troops stationed in Mexico and Canada since the 90s but never seen anything to back up those reports. Always consider the source when you hear such reports.

              • Damn, though I’m not surprised. I really appreciate your input on this. I totally agree tptb can/will write our guys off. I just hope if this ever comes to pass, the u.n. vomits will be easily identified! Thanks for getting back to me!

          • Remember, the home team has the advantage

      11. Scalia is a smart man who knows the Constitution and History.

        In context to who and where he was speaking (Hawaii to people of Asian descent regarding Japanese internment during WW2)

        Weighted in reality a justice of the supreme court expressed the FACT in times of emergency and uncertainty people do awful and UNconstitutional acts.

        Now he is not advocating this position, just merely pointing out the obvious.

        Is there anybody here who has said the Marxist Liberal Left is capable of committing the same act to conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists?

        Scalia without naming who is interring the interned is saying exactly that.

        If there is 1 justice on the SCOTUS who can embody our cause it is Scalia above all else. Now he is not a true libertarian at all but he is close to where most of us stand.

        That’s why he is the most hated of the conservative justices by the left. That should tell you all you need to know.

        • Thank you Wolf359. This was the expansion/explanation of Scalia’s comments/position I was looking for.

        • Excellent analysis!

        • Exactly what I was thinking, to whom was he speaking, and what was the context.

      12. Wow, this is like a Greek tragedy – it just gets worse and worse.

        Have a tripwire and when it’s tripped, be ready to act instantly with decisive action and overwhelming violence.

        And pray!

      13. Well of course the Army has a contingency plan to deal with a civilian population. What I don’t see is a hard reference to the FM in question contained within the article.

        As far as Scalia’s comments are concerned, without further expansion and explanation of his point it strikes me as a bit nebulous.

        • Army, what Army? Oh you mean the Army that is comprised of all our sons and daughters? I don’t think so my friend. They are not going to fire upon their neighbors. What will happen is they will fire upon their loyalist commanders first, then take their gunships and go back home to defend their family and friends.

          Don’t forget that Washington DC will most likely be nuked from one of our freedom loving sub commanders.

          Take that Obama…

          • Ha! I think you may have misunderstood my comment. I was making obvious the point that the Army has a plan and manual for everything, so of course there is one to deal with A civilian population, not necessarily ours specifically.

          • Days of Vietnam when the officers were fragged in the latrines.

          • every popos and military person i know said they would quit their job and b back with the civilians and fight back (fight for whats right)OUR RIGHTS the ones our 4fauthers signed in to bill

          • Why do you think the military ships east coasters west, and west coasters east?

            1. Isolate soldiers from extended family, making it harder to go AWOL.

            2. Force soldiers’ wives/children to rely on the army wives’ corp.

            3. less likely to hesitate engaging the “Enemy” around them as they do not know them.

            4. Uproot and disorient soldiers’ non-military support channels to be self-thinking and force total compliance to the unit.

            5. Even in basic training / OSUT, how many are shipped more than 500 miles away from their HOR? If you’re married before enlisting, don’t plan on seeing your wife while in basic / OSUT, which could be up to a year in some MOS fields. Deployed or stationed in another country, yeah rambo can’t protect shit when he’s playing in the sand.

            Oh yes, your govt. knows full well how to twist a soldiers’ mind, they have had 200 years to perfect the technique…

            • Also makes retaliation against the soldiers family harder.

          • Even IronCross can be right twice a day, and this is one of those times.

            You are dreaming.

            Never forget that Dot-MIL protects Dot-GOV. Odinga signs their paychecks, and that’s whose orders they follow, not yours. You’re nobody to them, and killing you and your dog is just a 9-5 Federal paycheck.

          • Mr.West-

            One would hope your analysis is correct. But using past govt performance as a judgement guideline..I suspect you’re pinning your belief(s) on an illusion.

            Case(s) in point:

            1.> Ruby Ridge(Idaho) & the Weaver family fiasco vs. the govt.

            All aerial photo-reconnaissance of Randy Weaver’s cabin was conducted via an USAF RF-4F Phantom recce-bird w/ FLIR & high resolution cameras…including several low altitude/high speed passes!
            Photo data was transferred ASAP to ATF/FBI/US Marshall Service…prior to Kevin Harris/Randy Weaver being shot/wounded & Weavers wife’s murdered by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who was trained at Quantico, Va by Special Forces sniper-instructors out of Fort Bragg, NC!

            Horiuchi was the son of a US Army officer and a West Point graduate (class of ’76)..he served as an infantry officer. Meaning…he TOOK the OATH!!!!!!

            ..contrast him w/ Randy Weaver..who was a former Special Forces soldier w/ an outstanding service record..who got out & wanted merely be left alone, to raise his family, away from the rotting cesspool of…multicultural Amerika!

            They him shot for it..they shot/killed his 13 year old son in the back..they shot wounded his friend Kevin Harris..and shot/murdered his wife!

            2.> WACO Texas

            All members of the ATF troopers assaulting the Waco compound..had received CQB training from the 3rd SF group for weeks, prior to the initial assault!

            ..the first casualty was the infant daughter of David Koresh..whom Koresh was holding in his arms when he opened the front door(unarmed)…impact was to her center chest via an AFT H&K MP-5..the bullet passed thru her body & struck Koresh in the bicep of his arm.

            ..after many days of siege/media melodrama..the final assault was initialed to insure there were no survivors. Modified Army Reserve M-60 series MBTs were employed to smash the wooden structure of the WACO compound & inject massive amounts of CS-gas & flash/bang fire-starters.

            ..when CS-gas burns/is ignited..the result is a hydrogen-cyanide heavily laced atmosphere…death from breathing such is ‘excruciatingly painful’.

            ..ditto, DELTA operatives were on the back side of the compound (unobserved by the media cameras at the front, filming the tanks)…to take out those who attempted to flee out the back door/windows.

            ..**FLIR video, obtained via ‘freedom-of-information act’ recorded by the circling army helicopter overhead, confirmed numerous & manifold, select-fire ‘muzzle flashes’..from multiple locations simultaneously!

            …they shot a bunch of young kids..and their young parents!!!


            Believe what you will, Mr. West. But if I were you..I’d make sure I had a ‘plan B’ also!


            **FLIR = forward looking infra-red (camera/video).
            Records/displays heat signatures of anything within its field of view.

            • Evil to the core.

          • Mr. West,

            I’d like to believe you are correct. But I don’t.

            Going back in American history from the Whiskey Rebellion put down by federal troops under one G. Washington to the labor strife from about 1870 to the 1930’s to Kent State to the latest citizen murdered by militarized tyrant’s thugs, the military and police too have a long bloody history of firing on non-violent US civilians. Our sons and daughters they are. But the “do what you’re told” mentality permeates those organizations. There’s no such thing as a libertarian trooper or police officer. Since their function is to compel our obedience, there cannot be.

            Ignoring unpleasant facts to present a rosy picture that gulls people to complacency doesn”t do anyone any good.

            Howard Zinn, A People’s History of the United States. Zinn does not give the “officially approved” version. If you want to know what really happened he’s a good place to start.

            Heavily referenced, so if someone has some ad hominem against Zinn present your sources, with equal scholarly gravitas, or button it.

      14. Alas, there is some hope. Just like all the other laws, duly debated , passed by the legislature and signed by the executive branch, the President refuses to obey this law as well.

      15. I can’t wait to get to Camp Fema! It will be warm and cozy and the guards will give me special treatment because I was smart enough to store #10 cans of ten dollar bills to tip the guards and the commandant.

        • When I was 10 I was sent to Catholic Alter boy camp for 2 weeks. We had to go to mass every day and learn Cat Stevens songs. One of the kids I went with purposely broke his finger in the dock so he could get out. They made him stay. Fema Camp has to be better than that.

        • not the real mushroom

      16. I’ve done a bit of traveling and I have used google earth trying to find these camps and all I can say is the gov must be magicians as I have yet to see a Fema camp. SOMEBODY post positive proof, then I will believe. Someone interview a FEMA guard or something.. Anything. But until then, these Fema camps are a bunch of hooey In my opinion. but what do I know, I could be wrong.

        • If you watched the Superbowl then you saw one. They might even set the cot for you at the goal line if you give them some silver coin.

          • Oh please

            • .0too!

        • I think one was on TV for about 3 1/2 hours this past Sunday. From what I saw, that prospective camp site had good entertainment!

          • Dang! CS, check out the thought and the post time on yours and mine……

            • @PO, I know…LOL

              At least we think totally along the same lines. Anybody who doesn’t realize that those stadiums are one big bunk house underneath the stands is fooling themselves.

              Those stadiums have mass sewage facilities that can handle the camp population and mass feeding stations that are in use every gameday.

              Hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the security badges are what’s on the helmets of those pro football teams.

          • If that is the case then every ghost mall, big box store (open or closed) underpass of any bridge, City sewer system,
            decent sized culvert is a fema camp. This is just stupid bullshit. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Comon people what has the gov touched that hasn’t been a total failure? They cant even whip a bunch of goat herders using home made ak47s that cant hit the broad side of a barn if they are locked in side. WTF are they going to do against 5 million Chris Dorners? Or the 14 million big game hunters with dead accurate 30.06? The gov is nothing to fear, they suck.

            • Good luck with that fantasy of yours. Better bone up on history (especially the revolutionary war) and take a good look at the patriot participation rate as well as desertion rates. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a lot of them hunters just shrugged their shoulders and stayed home.

              • Ok, lets say 10% of the hunters “have had enough”, that is 1.4 million. 3% that HISTORY proves will fight has had enough that is another 9 million. As the “war” unfolds and the droning of innocents gets viewed buy the millions on youtube the burning hatred that most the rest of the world has for this government is going to blaze hotter than the fires of hell. If these lowlife zionist owned psychopath crazy shithouse rats even think for one minute that it is not ours but THEIR back against the wall, they better take a red pill in a hot new york. And as far as being a Patriot, you seem to want to admit defeat before the war has even started. NEVER count out the American People. We have revolutionary blood lines. It is hard wired in or DNA. Behind every blade of grass is a fvkin 300 win mag.

              • Sniff sniff.. is that a gov op I smell?

                • .02 wrote, “Sniff sniff.. is that a gov op I smell?”

                  I think maybe, it’s self-preservation you smell?

                  When PO’d Patriot says to bone up on history, it’s not that easy. Some say it only took 3%. Then there’s others who say it was just about the whole of the colonies, far beyond 3%.

                  Do you think today it’s ‘the whole of the colonies’?

                  • Ok .. ONE MORE TIME.. Americans have an estimated 300,000,000 arms. 3 hundred MILLION. We have been stockpiling 2,000,000,000 rounds of ammo A MONTH. That is 2 BILLION. Now do the fvkin math here peeps

              • There was a reason why on the last census they used GPS coordinates instead of street addresses. All the talk of resisting will quickly die when they grab peoples kids at school and wives at work. Give up your weapons which they know you have and get the family back. What will you do?

                • For an up-and-coming psy-ops officer in the Kremlin, you certainly have the fire in the belly but your lack of sophistication is embarrassingly painful to watch.

                  Better hoof it back to the village and run for Head Peasant instead.

                • Id have to assume that the kids and wife are dead and even if they were not,that they would not be returned to me no matter how many weapons Id give up. Next move to terminate the person(s)telling me to give them my weapons. If I were fool enough to surrender my weapons Id have little means to resist being kidnapped and placed into a camp. Like the song in the James Bond movie, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM……….

              • .02, far from a government OP. It seems you are volunteering people you have never met and never known. Good luck with that. I will pick up my rifle and hit the road to do what needs to be done, without having to look over my shoulder to see if help’s coming. Stop casting your eyes about the skyline looking for the calvary. Best to be pleasantly surprised than sorely disappointed. Take care.

                • Patriotism is the last bastion of the scoundrel.

                  • Trite cliché that says nothing.

                    A stitch in time saves nine.

                    At night all cats are grey.

                    Anyone else want to play?

                  • Smokey, 9/11 + patriotism ring any warning bells?

        • a few acres and lots of razor wire is all it takes to make a camp. I don’t think any of the “FEMA Camps” alluded to exist, but in 24 hrs you can have a facsimile up and running. Depending on your favorite theory of what they might be used for, it probably won’t be a long stay for the occupants, so not much housing, food or sanitation will be needed. Some big earth movers might be handy to complete the process in some theories.

        • It is believed by some people that they will be in the sports stadiums and malls.

      17. This seems to be one of the most corrupt Supreme Courts I have witnessed in my lifetime. So much for the US Constitution. Also did you see the US Military Hijacking the NFL Superbowl, and spreading their propaganda? From the Helicopter fly over, to the US Military in the Stadium Command Center monitoring security which violates Possee Comitatus, as they test out all their new spy gear on American Citizens, to the Commercials from over seas troops, pure Phony Propaganda to mask the Genocide on the 3rd worlds poor, who are just defending their natural resources from the Invaders daily RAPE. The Military tested out all their latest spy gear on the Superbowl Stadium as a dry run, for when they open up the stadiums as official NFL FEMA Camps. In return the NFL keeps their NON-Profit Status, to avoid paying any taxes, and feeds the Military propagand like its American Apple Pie stuffed into a FEMA Camp MRE. Its time to shut down and close these Rogue Military bases around the globe and take the Profit out of war and Genocide, slash their budgets in half. Cause in the end, they will use all their tools on Americans, to keep their feed bag pig trough full and fat with paychecks and pensions for their own survival. Stand up to the Tyranny. Enough is enough.

      18. Great! This explains the massive amount of not only ammunition, but billions of dollars in penis enlargement mechanisms which the feds have been purchasing!

        They wish they will do better than the ObamaNOTcare health insurance roll-out?

      19. I suggest everyone go over to The Woodpile Report and read Ole Remus’ musings for this week, quite qpropo for the article here,
        the government is out of control, it no longer represents the will of the people, Washington and the federal government are under the assumption that they are the supreme rulers of all America, and Americans,,
        nothing coule be farther from the truth, The district of criminals (DC) is so corrupt and misrepresenative of the will of the people and the intent of this constitutional republic that the best thing to happen to it would seem a nuclear strike that completely destroys it and everyone in it.
        you NSA fuckers are not gonna like that but I could give a shit less what you think because YOU are trampling on MY constitution! so fuck all,,,,
        point is that if TPTB THINK they will be able to lock us all up they gots another think coming,,,
        MOLON LABE

        • Act of 1871 makes the District of Columbia a legal corporate fiction and thus is not a government of the sovereign common man but a government of the corporation and all it’s “persons”.

          This includes all .gov workers from CEO Obama down to the local dogcatcher. Local .gov is also incorporated and is just another sucker on the tentacles of DC.

          Your birth certificate is held by the corporation along with your land title and car title. All you get are copies. There is no personal ownership of property in the corporate US.

          The only currency allowed to circulate freely is their scrip.

          Welcome to the world of debt serfdom and the illusion of freedom in this open air prison.

          • Yea, wait till the federal government does a one off physical property tax and starts confiscating property to cover the bill,,,
            I just hope people have not become too passive,
            You see and hear that go along to get along theres nothing you can do attitude every day.

      20. IMHO… FEMA camps could pop up overnight. Thats what they’re made for. Emergency Management type of camps. I hope and pray that if things really get bad, the folks that end up in these camps are people that we are trying to help. Homeless and starving. The most efficient way to handle en mass would be to congregate them in one place. I think that the most likely outcome.

        • Camp Fema is only a sports stadium away……..

          • Politicians, bureaucrats, LEO, Military, alphabet soup agents would become targets for retribution so fast and would run out of places to hide, things would spiral out of control 1000 times worse than Syria in a matter of a day if not hours.
            There are lots of sheep, there are far more people who are independent and aware and hundreds of millions of firearms and such,,,
            The numbers are nowhere near being in their favor,

            • That is what I been trying to say all along Kula. I doubt any of us will even get a shot off b/4 it is over.

              • Oh yeah just like the initial thought at the beginning of the “War of Northern Aggression”. “Gonna be home in time for harvest” they said. Lasted four years. LMFAO! Take another tug on the ‘ol Seagrams and maybe you’ll think a little more clearly.

                • Patriotism is the last bastion of the scoundrel.

                  • Oooohhh…..ouch…..LMAO!

                  • If I was a gov op, I would throw “patriot” in my name somewhere.. just sayin..

                  • That would be a stretch for you. Just sayin’.

              • Yea, i seriously doubt that, it will drag on for years, and be a bloody mess, these government people who are gung ho control freaks wont give up until that slug shuts down their brain function. As strong as my patriotism and yearning for liberty is, so is their desire to control everyone and their allegience to those who bankroll their efforts.
                There is no quick road ahead no matter what goes down, but hey we are all entitled to an opinion, just know that everything is subject to change, and what we once held dear may disappear in the blink of an eye.

            • Agreed Kula!

      21. “Have an Exit plan.” In the course of history, tyranny always imprisoned all opposition & each of us are opposition individuals against USG tyranny.

      22. Well…yea! Where else are they going to put us Tea Party Folk????

        • Boston Harbor

      23. Wee Tu Lo

      24. Eise,seems a farm last place want to be,all on fed hit lists!That said,I locally support farm raw milk/eggs and though they sell beef just not for me price or practice.I do hunt bow(not very well)but have no problem with venison especially in tough times.That said,will never for most part volunteer but gladly trade skills/labor for goods.I do a lot of volunteer carpentry for animal shelters ect.,that is my limit at least in todays society.

      25. I don’t care what you eat…eventually your going to die!

      26. Again, just as soon as the news breaks that the gov is rounding people up and stuffing them in camps, (other than illegal aliens as I am all for that) there is going to be an incoming wall of lead that is going to be seeking a very few badges. Ok .. ONE MORE TIME.. Americans have an estimated 300,000,000 arms. 3 hundred MILLION. We have been stockpiling 2,000,000,000 rounds of ammo A MONTH. That is 2 BILLION. Now do the fvkin math here peeps, if we get the 3 to 5% resistance that every war has, (my bet is going to be closer to 10% because everyone I talk to is about to go kill the bastards NOW) and this is from a cross section of even lille ole grandmas, there will be no rounding up of sheep. These camps will be holding feds on trial for treason.

        • Um, .02, if the news is even still being broadcast, they will tell you they are just rounding up illegals, or some other lower caste american. You’ll believe them, right?

          I mean, you’re ok with them having the Power to round people up, and you trust they would Never abuse such Power, right?

          Even the grannies will be cheering on the rounding up. The news media whores will tell everyone the truth, like they always do. Don’t you just love them?

          • Up until the first drone strike wipes out half a block in anywhere America, and then the gloves come off. AND as far as being able to round up the illegals, that is also a joke as they couldn’t even stop them from coming in, they sure as hell cant control them now. See? they cant even control the southern border, now I am supposed to believe they can “round up” 30 or 40 million people without incident? Please spare me. Everything the gov touches is total failure. We didn’t even win the 2nd world war as the Germans blew their wad against Russia, we just came in and mopped up on some whipped Germans and crazy island dwelling neanderthals.

            • “Up until the first drone strike wipes out half a block in anywhere America, and then the gloves come off.”

              I seriously doubt that 02. Remember, they’ll make it out to be something like the Dorner situation and, the sheeple will sit around and be glad they got “the bad guys” once and for all. It won’t be pictured as a round-up in any news that gets approved for broadcasting.

              Nobody got up-in-arms over Ruby Ridge or Waco..nobody will flinch next time either.

              • Maybe you haven’t noticed, but no one watches main stream news anymore. People know when they are being lied to. In the past there was no alternative so the disinfo agents had us by the balls, but not anymore. Oh sure there are still a few senior citizens that read the paper and watch the lies, but less and less are believing them. My 80 year old neighbor came told me he feels like a damned fool for believing their shit for so long. An example of this is the death of news papers. Look at the numbers of people watching main stream anything and you will see a chart that is cratering. TV is for games, sports, netflix and surfing the web.

                • I pray you’re right.

        • @.02

          Man, you gotta get on board. Your percentages aren’t correct. Their roundups will take place neighborhood by neighborhood. The percentage of those “hunters” is negligible in locales compared to a group of jack booted thugs doing roundups.

          Heck, the TPB will shut off the local cell towers, disable cable / internet / phone service first and then do the roundups. How do you think communications will get out?

          Plus, who do you think is gonna come help? We the people don’t have the transportation mechanisms in place to show up at the battle on a minutes notice.

          As for detaining, just look at boston. That was a detainee lite scenario. Sure it was under difficult / noble circumstances, but you simply can’t ignore the fact that people were on lockdown.

          How much of a stretch would it be to implement a roundup?

          I can somewhat provide potable water, I can somewhat implement food stores, I can somewhat create energy, I can somewhat grow food.

          But what I can’t do is go all ruby ridge on a group of Jack booted thugs with my family standing behind me. I will lose….and they will be left with no-one and on their way to the camp.

          • 2010 Census number of households in the Us-114,800,000. They better damn well pack a lunch as the storming of 115 MILLION house holds is going to take awhile, Now again do the math say it takes @ least 6 people to storm a household, how many people will it take and how many years to storm the US? And if 1% of said Households fight back and kill or wound on average 1 to 2 stormtroopers, how many troops must be replaced after one year of storming? Yes, kids it is not going to happen. They will flip the power switch. blame it on terrorists and watch the US cannibalize itself. After a year without power only a remnant will remain and they wont need to round up shit as anyone left will willing give up freedom for a hot shower. But until then it is going to be interesting.

            • .02,
              This sounds like a likely scenario.

          • CS,
            That is why there has to to be neighborhood/community planning. CB radios can alert of troops coming. If foreign troops are coming you have to have a plan to derail them – take down bridges, block roads, etc. The only hope is to make it too expensive for them. Sure they have the technology to win where they use it, but I don’t think they have enough to win everywhere at once.

            I worry about that May march on Wash. DC in that they could destroy a lot of patriots at one time. It is important everyone doesn’t go all at the same time. Have staggered times for different people to go and relieve others.

          • “Man, you gotta get on board.”

            No, I don’t..sorry. you can sail that paranoid vessel, I’ll stay here.


            will destroy ya

        • America is at that akward stage, where its too late to work for change from within, but too early to shoot the bastards.

          • RE: “America is at that akward stage, where its too late to work for change from within, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

            I second that notion.

            Sucky part is, it’s been in play since the…. well, for a long damned time.
            I only wish that more people would wise up and just walk away from those bastards.

      27. In the end,any surprise?!Just live your life day to day and keep on prepping,just because a final justice makes a speech,well,you knew this already!When this chess move comes into play,fuck it!Just fight like hell!

      28. If you wanted to keep your people loyal house their families in a safe place.

      29. Don’t forget the Asian internees were not only rounded up by the Feds at gunpoint, they were demonized to the point where many of them were not safe in their own homes anymore. I suspect that at first it seemed to them to be a good idea to congregate with their own kind, even in isolation, rather than risk their kids in the general population. “Voluntary commitment”,sort of. Whatever works, to get the boogey-man put away- safety, food, health care, entertainment, employment opportunity (maybe not a big selling point that one). Of course, once behind the wire, things are not so rosy but by then it’s too late.

        • That was then before the days of the internet, wont fly this time. People are aware that OUR GOVERNMENT is the terrorists. Why do you think the number one killer of our active soldiers is suicide? THEY know. The whole world knows. Actions now speak louder than words and dronebomba has no loyalty.

          • .02 wrote, : “wont fly this time. People are aware that OUR GOVERNMENT is the terrorists.”

            I read some comments from a fella living in Boston. Seems that everyone he talks to is just hunky-dory with what went down there.

            I saw a video headline of a guy interviewing people who signed a petition to put gun owners in prison.

            I’m not so sure.

            • Again, hunky dory until their “precious” is murdered by an out of control gov/police state. Then all of a sudden momma bear goes ballistic. It might start rather slowly, but the empire will be hated and steam rolled in the end. All empires die. ALL OF THEM.

              • All empires collapse, no exceptions.

                Dmitri Orlov

              • All empires collapse, no exceptions.

                Dmitri Orlov

            • There is likely a big difference between people who live in the city and people who live in the country. How many who post here are country people. I think we are much more in touch with reality and perhaps less corrupted by modern values.

          • Internet? The internet will be turned off. Remember the executive order Obama signed giving himself control over all coms? The one the GOP just stood by and signed off on? You will be on your own.

      30. GOT .45-70 ???

        the ultimate Anti-nwo-zog-dhs-fema-gestapo killin round …

        It’s got Electrolytes !!!


        • LOL Nina… good stuff

          • Mac, was one of those guys in that video eisen by chance?

            • Forget, eisen, 1braveheart. I think that video was representative of half the population,… or more?

              I’d not seen that one. Wowzer.

              • Idiocracy

              • average guy, I have to agree. it definitely goes beyond eisen.

          • ;0)

        • Nice one Nina!!! Thumbs up!

      31. Sum Ting Wong. Ho Lee Fuk. Eisenturd Still Come To

        • Sybil E.

      32. if everyone just killed one of them as they come for you and your family …

        they’d run out of nwo zog dhs gestapo goons real fast .

        SHOOT AND SCOOT !!!

        one shot one kill @ 500 meters ,then haul ass under cover to the next hidden shooting stand is my plan .

        it should be yours too .


        • Believe me Nina, the NWO goons are as good as dead they fvk with the American people. Going to be a hard sell convincing the door to door confiscators that they have a long term position with bennies and retirement.

          • NinaO…respect. Goons are as good as dead when they come to braveheart’s humble abode. braveheart was never created to be anyone’s prisoner. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • * KILL their squad officers and sergeants first in the group , TAKE OUT their chain of command first .

          then kill one more at your next pre-planned shoot position if they pursue you … then get out of there into cover and concealment

          don’t stay to long in the attack area , 15 minutes is too long , their back up will be there by then

          do not give them time to organize and triangulate your position

          SHOOT AND SCOOT will keep you alive and in the long term fight .


          • ^this. +1

          • Correction Nina..

   them first..look for the guy that has a ‘scoped-rifle’..take his ass out first, because his job is to “BAG YOU”

            ..once he’s eliminated..then go for the officers!

        • Nina, not when they have the capacity to take out entire streets, not just one family.

          • @JJ … Respect .


            it really depends on a number of aoo (area of operation) factors

            the AMERICAN PATRIOT SNIPER attack / harassment of the dhs gestapo will vary each time

            which is why you must remain ‘liquid’ like water flow with it

            have the ability to ‘bugout’ and flee … live to fight another day

            only a fool would stay and fight or walk into a 50 man dhs gestapo trooper locked down neighborhood and start shooting the place up

            if you find yourself in such a situation IT IS TIME TO BUGOUT / FLEE to the hills and regroup !!!


            we are all different here from very different living situations , education , life experience and physical abilities … YOU might be better served to just stay in place , be passive in your resistance and not fight .

            i though prefer taking some of the bastards with me .


            n.o. ;0p

      33. As long as this military veteran lives and breathes,there will be NO SUCH thing happening here. Period.

        • Your expression seams meaningful, southside. How-freaking-ever; on a smaller scale, aren’t they already doing it now?

      34. I will not go quietly into that good night, i will fight! We are the enemy of the anti constitutional admenistraition in the the oval office. We have been under attack since before 1941.

        Take heed my friends, we are on the lists & fight loudly!!

        • You mistyped ‘1860.’

          • Unreconstructed Southron, some people say the date was 1787.

            • I can’t disagree, either, AG.

      35. Police in Detroit announced the discovery of an arms cache of 200 semi-automatic rifles with 25,000 rounds of ammunition, 200 pounds of heroin, 5 million dollars in forged US banknotes and 25 prostitutes — all located in a semi-detached house behind the Public Library on Woodward Avenue.

        Local residents were stunned. A community spokesman said:

        “We’re all shocked,…….we never knew we had a library.”

        • What is a library?

      36. hey, everyone, eisen just made a confession about himself. He says he is a shitfest. I believe it.

        • eisen, none of us have any use for a POS like you. that answer your question?

      37. What we need is a “Politicians Only” camp…..

        • No mang, “we” don’t need any stinkin’ camps, nor the power to bark people into one. But I understand your sentiment.

          Ostracizing works plenty fine n the wild.

        • 21Bravo What we need is a “Politicians Only” camp…..

          Add bankers and globalist then let me be in charge of interogations. I would wring the information of their under cover activites from them and the public would be horrifically suprised at the scope and depth of their scams. Personally I think tearing their secrets from them painfully would be quite informative.

      38. The sheeple will go willingly into the camps…. all they have to go is to tell them a new mall is opening and there is free food…..

      39. Everyone needs to watch the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone. Everyone needs to hear Denis Leary’s character’s quote about freedom its the best! Seems quite fitting to modern day America.

      40. Well under Obullshit Care the nation is going to lose 2.3million Jobs. This on top of the millions already out of work and the 20 million illegals that the S.O.B. is going to sign a order to let them in.

        TPTB know that there is going to be trouble in the near future so they are now getting the OK to put us in

        There is going to hell to pay when they start putting people in these camps. If they try putting me or mine in a camp. GOD help them. I will not go to a camp with out a fight! I know you have heard me say this before. I just pray it doesn’t come to that.


        • I wont go period.

          Most likely die of a gunshot wound or 50 but i guarantee ill take a few straight to hell with me.

          Thats a promise,

          And i dont give a crap what you pussy nay sayers out there have to say, you will wish you had the dont give a shit attitude when the time comes.

          Thats the funny thing about life, some men get to a point where they just wont take any more shit and dont give a crap.

          • I don’t take no shit, I don’t give no shit—I’m not in the shit business.

        • I’M in the same boat as you. Big mistake, if they come into my house there is obstacales they have never faced and will slow them down. People if you can try and not engage at your home, do it somewhere they can’t radio your address in for later and get your supplies, when a collapse comes, take care of the cameras in your town, take off your car plates, wear gloves loading your brass in case later they do investigations etc, try getting out of that without them stealing your stuff or you. Put major obstacales in all your entryways to stop a fast entry by the enemy.
          make sure you have multiple mags scattered in different locatios in your home. Dont stay in the same position too long. Wish I could set 100 bowling balls on top of the roof and when danger comes pull a rod and they all roll down. kind of kidding. Rebar your entryways if narrow side to side and staggered so they have to duck and lift a leg etc. or simply thick rope with I bolt hooks so they cant run in fast to your house they would have to go up and over or vise versa. Prepare and don’t be scared, if you get hit in the head your lights are going to go out. you wont feel a thing. You have to stay on target and relax and get it done right the first time not a million missed shots. NEVER STOP AT CHECKPOINTS DURING A COLLAPSE, IF YOU HAVE GUNS THEY WILL TAKE I PROMISE YOU, DONT BE STUPID. IF THEY ARE BEING DANGEROUS TO OTHERS YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE A POSITION BY TURING AROUND AND HELPING OUT. LAY LOW BECAUSE WE OUTNUMBER THEM. Don’t be the heard of sheep that do nothing but watch and hope they are not attacked by the wolf picking off its target one by one. You bet people are pissed and we need to be. This is completly out of hand anymore. But don’t go blow all your money either, because nobody knows how things could get or how bad. they have ideas but if we all ban together to be left alone we can win.
          train each other, even someone smaller in the family is better off throwing down rounds than only you. because if you are gone they will have their way on your wife’s body and your child will be shell-shocked. dont let it happen. People will do whatever if they know they can get away with it. Human nature at that point the strong survive and the smart strong are even more dangerous.

          • Cameras is town? Shit this town cant keep the town clock working. Cameras.. that is a hoot. If you live in a town with cameras. move.

            • .02 wrote, “. If you live in a town with cameras. move.”

              Are there towns without cameras at every intersection?

              I only hope that is true.

              My town is plastered by them.

              I hate them.

              If there are towns without them,… I envy those towns people.

              • We dont have any at all, some stores or shopping malls and some industrial areas but are all private cctv for security but thats it,

              • The cameras with traffic lights at every intersection are for just that, traffic. No traffic lights, no cameras.

              • My town has no traffic light cameras. They aren’t replacing old traffic lights here. They are just replacing the regular bulbs with colored LEDs. Some of the LEDs are already failing. We still have a good number of traffic lights with regular bulbs still working.

                Of course the local WalMart is wired up good, inside and out.

            • By the time anyone is checking brass for fingerprints my time is probably short,along with the few I take with me,off to the rock in hell with beer and smoke!

        • I have a feeling that at first they won’t “put” anyone into a camp. You will be “special invitation only-ed”, then later “allowed” in, with the propaganda machine in full force. Look at what drivel people fall for now. This will give the rest of us some warning, if the quiet disappearance of the more outspoken among us didn’t register. Any large relocation effort, by anyone, under any pretext should be viewed as a major red flag. Even if it starts off as a legitimate humanitarian effort, it can be co-opted by others for other uses. Remember, the Super Dome was a public shelter until you got there; then you were disarmed, and later not allowed to leave because that would be “too dangerous”.

      41. “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

      42. The government of these united states….
        is a farce, is not a government, it is a gang of thugs…

        the bill of rights is dead
        the constitution is been laid to waste…

        Through the complacency of the citizens of this once great country, the undying ambition of its politicians, and the lawlessnes of its so called Lawyers. Laws that nullify the constitution and billof rights have been passed and voted on by not only the congress, but by the people themselves!

        We the people have become we the sheeple, we the slaves to the corporate elite.

        the politicians do not pass laws that they themselves follow.

        They enact rules to govern and control the servants and slaves.

        this must be reversed, we must change this path of self destruction. the bill of rights was created as an enumeration of the God given rights we all have and should all cherish.

        our First amendment right, we on this site are exercising right now, this right is protected by the second amendment.

        When a lion roars, it is exercising its first amendment right. who will tell it to shut up?
        Who will tell the lion to surender its claws and teeth. they are its second amendment right, the lion was born with them, endowed by its creator.

        We the people, created weapons, generally reffered to as Arms…

        We the honorable
        We the willing

        We the People, must stand up,
        In the face of tyranny

        We must stand our ground
        Bare our claws
        Bare our teeth
        We must Speak out, in a loud voice

        Dont tread on me

        We must take back our freedom

        Those that would take our freedom and liberty, our
        inailenable rights.
        should be imprisoned so that nthey can know what it is like to loose their
        their liberty
        their god given rights

        jail the politicians
        imprison the president

        put an end to this tyranny

        the Watcher

        • iixsive, right off the bat you made an error. When you wrote, “is not a government, it is a gang of thugs”

          You repeat yourself.

          Gooberment IS a gang of thugs.

      43. […] detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”

        So, one of the reasons why they would detain me is because I resist being detained…

        What kind of a fucked up circular logic is that?!

        • Sorry, let me clarify that:
          1. They try to detain me… just because they are assholes;
          2. I resist…
          3. and THAT is now the new qualifying reason for my detainment!

          • And they are going to detain you or kill you in the process. THAT is our new justice system.

        • “What kind of circular logic is that?”

          The same one used every day by law enforcement.

          It’s called resisting arrest and you will be arrested for that charge whether you have committed a crime or not if you do not immediately submit to their will.

          It is as arbitrary as disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, vagrancy or loitering.

      44. I see a lot of people agonizing about how ‘they will get the word out’ when the balloon goes up. How did Paul Revere do it? Fast horseback and “one if by land, 2 if by sea” and it worked! It is without a doubt that cell towers, internet and regular communications will be shut down in advance. You need to use whatever means you have but think simple, effective and low-tech. For example- I see a lot of people fire off large fireworks on occasions…they are loud, get peoples attention and usually available all over the place. Might be a good time to stock up- (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I know of at least ONE neighborhood where the signal is exactly that. If you see a BUNCH of neighborhoods with the same signal, and it isn’t the fourth of July, then that means it’s going down.

        It might also be a good idea to have like minded people easily identifiable when meeting each other under difficult circumstances…helps ease tensions and prevent accidental shootings of the wrong people. One way is to use ultra-violet markers and handheld black lights. Just like the military uses I.F.F. (Identification Friend or Foe) to help prevent friendlies from being shot, you need a way to ID who is who. You come up with a logo, design or symbol and write it on your outer garment or sleeve. You cannot see this symbol during daylight or even regular lights…only a black light will show it up. Simple, yet clandestine.

        Ham radio operators will have an advantage esp if they have low wattage hand held units. The range of these is very good, yet very difficult for the bad guys to pinpoint with DF due to the low wattage.

        As far as early morning unauthorized entry into your homes, think barriers and booby traps. One of the easiest to do is objects that easily cause tripping or falling. Ever seen those roller bead massage seat covers that taxi drivers use? Put one of those on your floor and try running (or even walking)across it. It is very slippery! Don’t make it easy for them to get in or through anything. The seconds you slow them down allow you the advantage. I don’t give a rats ass WHO they are…if they are storm trooping their way into MY castle at any hour, castle doctrine applies and invaders get the boiling oil and fire treatment, PERIOD. >;)

        • Fireworks might not work as a signal in my neighborhood. We have some neighbors who, when you even think there might be a holiday, shoot off fireworks that rival what a small town could put together for July 4. I’ve not met them, but I think they might be okay. A couple of days ago I heard repeated shotgun blasts from their yard. They seem to do a lot of target practice.

          Of course, if the neighbors could hold it down until an emergency, signalling by fireworks could work. On holidays, you can see fireworks in any direction you look. So my area seems to be stocked up on explosives.

      45. I miss Smoking Okie’s humor. Has anyone heard from him?

        @BH…curious why the 1 in front?

        I agree Alex Jones is full blown tinfoil hat, but not much denying that a Supreme Court justice said in public that atrocities can happen.

        Another thing I’ve noticed is the increase in armed robberies, hold ups and theft crimes. People are getting more and more desperate.

        Good lunch and God Bless,

        • @Norse Prepper, no one who seeks – the truth – is a ‘Tin Foil Hat’ imho.

          Unless you’ve got All the answers, you cannot place that label on anyone.

          The bastards, what they do, what they can do,… who knows?

        • Greetings, NP, good to hear from you. Back in Dec. I had some trouble getting my posts on here so I tried something different with my name and, VOILA, problem solved. didn’t want to make any changes to the name but had to do something to get my posts to go through.

      46. In any situation, you have two choices run or fight. Soon there will be no place to run. So as we move into the future, pick your battles wisely. This judge is right in what he says, trouble will force it to happen that much faster. “No justification, but reality.”

      47. a Supreme Court justice said in public that atrocities can happen. Really? Atrocities? Oh my god give the Supreme a medal. History is NOTHING BUT one atrocity after another since before written words. Shit, the Supreme is a genius. This must be why they rule over us tards? Fvk it. I am going back to my cave.

      48. Just a hunch but, if one can’t buy or sell w/out….. a # those songs about a freedom train sounds prophetic.

      49. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        • although i disagree w/ the majority here. we are not entering a new dark ages or tyranny in the usa. imo, we are entering a 2nd great depression which may include war and 20% unemployment; but the usa will muddle thru and come out like england’s economy on the other side.

          i do respect Solzhenitsyn. the gulag opened my eyes to what people are capable of and i do think some people that talk about turning back the country when things get really bad may disappear.

      50. Everybody on this page will be included especially if you own weapons,try to go off-grid,use ham radios or support the Constitution. they are in trouble because while we are being detained,we aren’t working and providing tax money to support the system.

        • you got that right, they know who you are and with your cell phone on they got you. if times get tough watch out for any electronics, computers everything to track you.

      51. eisen needs to stay on topic!

      52. *****FLU UPDATE*****

        H7N9 cases now over 300
        67 deaths


        there have been only two cases of this
        with one death

        and already they are using the word “pandemic” ???

        China scientists cite second case of H10N8 to warn about bird flu’s pandemic potential

        ““The pandemic potential of this novel virus should not be underestimated,” said the team headed by Shu Yuelong from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Beijing.”

      53. So if it bores you its shit? Now you know how everybody feels about you….you’re boring.

      54. yeah?
        but maybe this time the camps will be filled with corrupt politicians and heads of state and all those criminals in DC..did they ever think of that?

      55. Anyone else see the news about the terrorist attack last April in San Jose Ca. on the power grid? Says it is a prelude to a major attack on our power grid. Government is trying to down play it as some drunk rednecks just out shooting. I call bullshit. Joe blow does not know how to cut telephone cables prior to blowing up 17 transformers with AK 47’s.

        On the other hand I was glad to find out that we do have the ability to build replacement transformers here in the U.S.. May disrupt the American Power grid for months or even years. Who needs a EMP or a solar flare to destroy the U.S. which up to this point I thought was the only way our electric grid could be destroyed.


        • I’m more afraid of matches.

      56. Off topic,
        Sarge, Shootit and the rest o youse all shooters,
        I found the answer to why there are different case and neck size dies, or at least part of the reason,

          • All good info. The thing to take away from the information is to remove some of the variables inherent in the loaded cartridge, you get better accuracy.

            However, sometimes quantity is better than quality, be sure you have enough ammo ready to go, match goods or not.

            By the way, for you K31 7.5mm Swiss shooters, if you want to reload, use the Redding dies, and none other. They are made for the K31 chamber. Other brands are made for the 1911 Schmidt-Rubin chamber, and it’s not the same.

      57. Scalia must be watching what the government is doing. I’m sure the timing of his statements are not a coincidence.

      58. All of this and much worse is on the books and off the books.

        Evil has no boundaries and no limits.

        Everything anyone has come to expect of human nature, decency, fairness, justice, anything that is the bedrock of what we as life forms think of humanity is totally thrown out the window in the face of chaos.

        Whatever some bastard can get away to accomplish their goals, they are more than capable of. If it means wiping out 99% of the population, they will do it. If it means enslaving people and woking them like mules hauling borax across Daeth Valley, count on it they will do it.

        Evil can be defined as someone losing their conscience and their soul.

      59. Not hiding their plans anymore…

        DEM REP: Writing executive orders for Obama is ‘our number one agenda’

        The Daily Caller

      60. It’s more simple than we realize, as we are the many dots. Our government is the tiny dot! So we CAN defend, protect, and overcome the boots on the ground tyranny!
        Our Army can’t win against peasants in the mountains with AK-47. (Afghanistan).
        We CAN overcome enveloping tyranny!We ARE the many dots!

      61. They better have real good toilet paper in those camps. And plenty of it. ’cause Maudy’s gonna have a shit fit!

        • L O L

        • That sounds like a winning strategy. Be a real pain to people who can decide to kill you.

      62. To me it looks like the Democrat Party has said (F–K) to the Congressional Process totally. They are going to legislate by Executive Orders; forget about any other Political Party. I say ENOUGH!

        ‘We will be answering the call of all of America’
        Published: 1 hour ago
        (DAILY CALLER) Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said that the new Congressional Full Employment Caucus will “give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign.”
        Jackson Lee added that writing up executive orders “should be our number one agenda.”
        “We will be answering the call of all of America because people need work and we’re not doing right by them by creating work,” the Texas congresswoman said. “I believe this caucus will put us on the right path and we’ll give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign with pride and strength,” Jacksonsaid Jan. 29 at a press conference where she and fellow Democrats launched the Full Employment Caucus.


        • The left has been governing through the court system for decades, now they have power and can’t get their plans through the House. They’ll use EO’s and let the courts uphold them. The Senate will block any congressional smackdowns.

          Just wait, the Full Employment push is going to benefit lefty college kids, minorities, urban youth. All are voting blocs for the Dems.

      63. One thing (Oh there are many more), is this: Look at any bill put to the vote in Congress, and all the Amendments attached to it, I say this is where things when wrong by allowing all these Amendments, ONE BILL (NO ADMENMENTS) ONE VOTE.

      64. I love the quote “Well of course Korematsu was wrong.” was a classic. Resisting the violation of your Constitutional (not to mention innate human) rights is wrong. Gotta love the USSA and it’s “leaders”.

        • You’re misreading the reference. The person Korematsu was correct. Scalia was referring to the case Korematsu v. US, challenging the detention policy. That is what he said was wrong, the court decision to uphold the policy.

      65. Is Obama’s Secret Army Mobilizing In The Wake Of The Dow’s Demise?

        “The Dow Jones industrial average, the stock index that represents the wealth and welfare of the Nation, is collapsing before our eyes. With the Dow down almost 1,000 points in just three weeks, I have no doubt that President Barack Obama’s personal police force, his Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), is on standby to engage American citizens in big cities and country communities.

        Anyone who believes that JSOC, which originally numbered in the dozens and is now 25,000 strong, was built up to its current size to deal with a few thousand Muslim extremists is disconnected from reality.”

        “We’re the dark matter. We’re the force that orders the universe but can’t be seen,” a Navy SEAL and JSOC soldier told The Washington Post in 2011.

        “From whom does this dark force take orders? The son of a Kenyan Marxist commands them. JSOC operates exclusively under the orders of the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense.”

        Remember… “Only due to massive Federal spending and the infusion of trillions of fiat dollars by the Federal Reserve did the U.S. economy not collapse completely in 2009.

        But the Fed and the Federal government only bought themselves some time — enough time to recruit JSOC and provide military orders against Americans.”

        Personal Liberty dot com

        • KY MOM,

          Are Navy SEALs, Special Forces, etc. generally smart, tough, highly dangerous folk?

          Yes, absolutely.

          But they aren’t ten feet tall. Panama, circa [memory fails me] 1984. Their mission was to capture and arrest the Panamanian strongman Noriega.

          Some super duper elite SEALs got bottlenecked at the airport. The not-nearly-so well trained local yokel tequilla drinkers decimated them. Reamed them new ones.

          Is there anyone who is unaware we are getting our asses kicked in the sand box? By goat herders who don’t even have an air force. But it can’t be … our super duper troopers are on the scene.

          Late one night a year or two ago I surfed a Special Forces site, by and for “The Quiet Professionals.” They had a thread where hundreds of highly professional soldiers pledged they would not follow illegal orders.

          I’ll die, yes, if I ever have to fight a dozen of the baddest of the bad. But I don’t care who you are, acting under whatever “color of authority.”

          Several of you are going down before I do.

        • FACT: There are less than 1000 at the most operators (shooters) in JSOC if at full strength. The rest are in support (U.S Army ISA and other intel units, pilots, vehicle drivers, aircraft and vehicle mechanics, admin, communication support, weapons maintenance personnel, supply people, trainers). The only up-close-in-your-face shooters are SEAL Tm 6 and SFOD-D. The Rangers and 160th SOAR are on-call to help when needed.

      66. hello guys… this is not the good ol days anymore. we need to be thinking for ourselves, because the gov is the last that cares about you!! The best thing we can do is learn how to handle any situation and survive. knowledge is power!! Here is a video that helped me a lot..

        hope it helps, good luck everyone!!

      67. Three Hots and a Cot. There’s your hope and change murica.

      68. Sigh, these are troubling times in the kingdom.

      69. The whole of the united states is on fast forward to becoming a giant internment camp. The king of saudia arabia just declared peacefull protesters will be put in a cage for disrupting authority. Obomba will visit there soon, to confer that any opposition voices will be imprisoned in our country also. Free speech will shortly be a capital offense, saudi arabia style. The 2016 u.s. presidential election will deliver the ultimate tyranny imposer, a choice between Hillary and Jeb, two members of the ongoing criminal cabal who will defend and extend the rape of our freedoms.

      70. I think it says in the Bible “and in those days their heads shall roll for their faith”.
        That is exactly what happens when you use a guillotine.
        And IF you think the guillotines are NOT here (in America) then you probably think that NDAA will never be used against American’s too…

      71. These conspiracy theories are very entertaining. Look, use some common sense here. 1)The Gooberment is outnumbered, they don’t have the manpower to carryout what many believe to be coming. Yes, I believe an unprecedented collapse is looming which is going to lead to unprecedented civil unrest. Military, police, security will be called up to restore order or at the very least protect major cities. They are going to be tied up doing that, not going door-door collecting guns or anything else. 2) Gooberment going to war with their own people? Really? The powers to be are greedy, it’s all about dollars, engaging in a war with citizens is counter productive. Can’t make money when businesses are destroyed, people fighting instead of working and paying taxes, wealthy constituents dead or hiding under a rock somewhere. Stabilization is too important, if this country becomes destabilized it’s over, we will no longer be a global superpower….the bulbs in DC aren’t the brightest but they are enough to know that we cannot become a third world nation. 3)Perhaps the most important fact everyone overlooks….do you really think the members of our Armed Forces will carry out illegal orders against the people of the U.S.? Martial law to quell a disburbance yes, protect major urban areas from looters yes….actually strike against the people to form some New World Order or whatever crap stories alarmist are brewing up….NO! I can tell you straight out, I’m a soldier, I will carryout orders swiftly even if I don’t agree with them. However, I took an oath to uphold the constitution. If I’m given orders that violate the constitution, then my oath is void and I’m no longer a soldier subject to orders. You will find that the majority of our military feel the same way. Come on, it’s bad enough this country has a bunch of braindead brainwashed libertards, let’s not have us lose our damn minds too. Be armed, be prepared and ready to protect your own home and family from scumbags and looters….that’s all you need to be worried about. Anthony T out.

      72. Anyone heard of the forced vaccinations in Maryland? Martial law in Arkansas? Recent situations like this gives me the justified right to be a “conspiracy theorist”. It makes people question. I think the government uses “terrorism” to justify their cruel intentions such as drones, gathering info from phones and computers, FEMA camps, reality the government are the real terrorists. My people got fucked by them so many times what makes you think they arnt doing it to you? Remember, if you think you can trust the government, just ask an indian, we’ll tell you all about it.

        • In Arkansas they now let the county judges get away with making burn bans punishable by law. the county judge isnt a magistrate and certainly not a legislature. Yet the allow them to make a ordinance that becomes law? Its supposed to be because of dry conditions to prevent fires. However we already have real laws pertaining to if you burn and let it get out of control. those who don’t take precations and let their fire get away can be punished. Burn bans are the camels nose under the tent. Pretty soon a burn ban might prevent you from heating your home with a wood stove? Burn bans like gun bans don’t prevent anything. they infringe on freedoms.

          • A vast majority of people are waking up, we are no longer the minority based off an idealism of “parinoia” but now the majority, the more our rights are violated the more people wake up. I do sympathies for those in Arkansas, I also wish them the best. A nation that forgot its history has no future. Even the Aztecs said every great nation has its rise, peak and fall.

      73. Ive given all the changes we are having in the last few decades some considerable study. and my conclusion is the working producing USA blue collar middle class is at the very same place in history that the native americans where in the 1800,s. We are not wanted or needed by those who control the money ,politics & power. Those same folks don’t want the taking non productive sheeple also. They want to replace both groups with Mexican Hispanic workers. And they will succeed . Why would those elete want to do it. Those Mexicans will work very hard very cheap. Give then a pittance of government freebes and you also get their votes. They are very easy to placate and will be good productive sheeple (better even than a slave) The parasite gimmies simply no matter how much you give them always want more. The working producers also are very hard to control and brain wash with propaganda and too boot they believe in the God given rights named in the Counstition. So that is where we Patriots are at. I now know exactly how that dispossed native American on the trail of tears felt. I know exactly how the starving warrior ,hunter, gather plains indian herded on a reservation felt. And I now relize that the producing counstition loving once thriving & striving for the American dream is going extinct. There is no chance for us. The powers that be only need about ten years before the baby boomers are all dead or too old to fight. after that there wont be any resistance from the brainwashed sheeple.

      74. I just came back from Mexico, Michoacan a place that is arming itself, not only against the Knights Templar cartels, but also against the gooberment of Mexico. I went to see it myself and talk to the people. They told me that they are getting ready for Armageddon, that they have news from sources that are credible that let them know that things in the USA are about to go bad. That an influx of illegals from both sides south of Mexico, and also North of Mexico is about to take place and that Mexico will be inundated with people wanting to live in Mexico to escape the governing authority’s in their homelands. These people told me that they were given directives and also incentives to protect the areas in southern Mexico. They said that men from the American government went down there and told them to stop illegal immigration as much as they can from the south coming up through Mexico because it was better that these other than Mexicans to be caught early in this scenario that is about to unfold. With special attention to middle eastern people coming through there being of the highest importance, and if caught, to immediately inform them that they have prisoners and that they would take them. They have someone that they get in touch with and let them know. When they asked about the northern border the Americans told them that they had that covered. I enquired more, but they became tight lipped after I asked too many questions. I personally don’t think it’s our actual government that is doing this, but an offshoot, a branch made up of Americans in government that are trying to save themselves and their family’s from as much pain as they can from what is about to unfold. Let’s hope this helps us and not harms us.

      75. Seems to me there is an easy fix to the mess we are in if what Alex Jones and so many others claim about corrupt government officials are true.
        all that if the banks and individuals responsible for the economic downfall of countries

      76. If the government officials, federal reserve, banks and banking officials have knowingly used their political positions in violation the laws and constitutions of countries, violated their oaths and duties, engaged in treason and conspired against the people, robbed, deceived, and destroyed economies as is alleged by Alex Jones and others whom have enlighten us of the facts, there seems to be a simple remedy at hand.
        If I understand what I read the laws and constitution correctly, and this is not the exact phasing obviously but the interpretation of of such by an American born and educated individual, Any persons, foreign state, (politician or elected officials not excluded) who willfully and knowingly engages in any act intended to or that causes economic damages, causes injury or harm to the U.S. government, to wit, the people, and or the States “United”, or any act of terrorist or treasonous act against the u.s., under the color of law or otherwise, IS an ACT of war, as stated under the original constitutions, which has not been repealed, and cannot be amended otherwise, and Bushes patriot act by be arrested without warrant and held indefinitely without a trial.
        So that pretty much covers most politicians, elected officials and individuals, lobbyist, and banks officials, who engaged in bribing government officials, each who stole and transferred U.S. assets, and maintain great wealth and financial holdings and U.S. assets in foreign countries. Like Rockefeller’s Bush’s, Chaney’s, the federal reserve, and other evil banking empires, etc.
        AS if it is life of death, and it is, as it has been done in past historical events, Sovereign people (Americans) unite (“either your with us or with the enemy”) Distribute necessary information on a mass scale, prepare filed legal documents, on set date American People march upon the Government Ordering named corrupt politicians and individuals step down and immediately be arrested. Will real cops and solders take arms against the free Americans attempting to overthrow corruption? will the U.S military engage in war against 300 million people, and destroy it’s own country, or kill their neighbors and families for the a few corrupt politicians and rich bankers. Wouldn’t be morally correct, be foolish, and I would hate to think so.
        As done in U.S. criminal courts, offer selected remaining government officials a plea bargain agreement to assist in the prosecution or be held for treason. Thereafter freeze and seize all assets, coinage, gold, residents, businesses,land,institutions, corporate entities, banks toilet paper or otherwise, belonging to all individuals and entities having knowingly and willfully engaged in illegal activities for personal gain and those in control of the Federal Reserve who have caused irreparable harm to the U.S., and all other individuals and entities guilty of crimes and treason, including the cartels and groups who have bribe, threatened and controlled us government officials and engaged in terrorist acts against the us.
        No doubt, This would result in great unrest throughout the U.S and have dire consequences, but if a new government is set in place, acting in the interest of Americans and it’s allies, the assets and financial holdings, and business, including retaking control over the food and finances might help to maintain stability in the u.s. while it collapses.
        Going to need a lot on rope!

      77. If the government officials, federal reserve, banks and banking officials have knowingly used their political positions in violation the laws and constitutions of countries, violated their oaths and duties, engaged in treason and conspired against the people, robbed, deceived, and destroyed economies as is alleged by Alex Jones and others whom have enlighten us of the facts, there seems to be a simple remedy at hand.
        If I understand what I read the laws and constitution correctly, and this is not the exact phasing obviously but the interpretation of of such by an American born and educated individual, Any persons, foreign state, (politician or elected officials not excluded) who willfully and knowingly engages in any act intended to or that causes economic damages, causes injury or harm to the U.S. government, to wit, the people, and or the States “United”, or any act of terrorist or treasonous act against the u.s., under the color of law or otherwise, IS an ACT of war, as stated under the original constitutions, which has not been repealed, and cannot be amended otherwise, and Bushes patriot act by be arrested without warrant and held indefinitely without a trial.
        So that pretty much covers most politicians, elected officials and individuals, lobbyist, and banks officials, who engaged in bribing government officials, each who stole and transferred U.S. assets, and maintain great wealth and financial holdings and U.S. assets in foreign countries. Like Rockefeller’s Bush’s, Chaney’s, the federal reserve, and other evil banking empires, etc.
        AS if it is life of death, and it is, as it has been done in past historical events, Sovereign people (Americans) unite (“either your with us or with the enemy”) Distribute necessary information on a mass scale, prepare filed legal documents, on set date American People march upon the Government Ordering named corrupt politicians and individuals step down and immediately be arrested. Will real cops and solders take arms against the free Americans attempting to overthrow corruption? will the U.S military engage in war against 300 million people, and destroy it’s own country, or kill their neighbors and families for the a few corrupt politicians and rich bankers. Wouldn’t be morally correct, be foolish, and I would hate to think so.
        As done in U.S. criminal courts, offer selected remaining government officials a plea bargain agreement to assist in the prosecution or be held for treason. Thereafter freeze and seize all assets, coinage, gold, residents, businesses,land,institutions, corporate entities, banks toilet paper or otherwise, belonging to all individuals and entities having knowingly and willfully engaged in illegal activities for personal gain and those in control of the Federal Reserve who have caused irreparable harm to the U.S., and all other individuals and entities guilty of crimes and treason, including the cartels and groups who have bribe, threatened and controlled us government officials and engaged in terrorist acts against the us.
        No doubt, This would result in great unrest throughout the U.S and have dire consequences, but if a new government is set in place, acting in the interest of Americans and it’s allies, the assets and financial holdings, and business, including retaking control over the food and finances might help to maintain stability in the u.s. while it collapses.
        Going to need a lot on rope!

      78. I don’t know… I just really don’t see this happening…

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